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Volume XXXVI

H O P E COLLEGE, Holland, Michigan, N o v . 28, 1923


Number 9



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SEVERAL LETTER MEN OF LAST SEASON OUT First Game December 7 Basketball is the next major activity on the calendar of sportdom to attract the interest of Hope Athletic fans, and Coach Schouten's proteges are scheduled to play the initial game here Dec. 7. against the Ottawa Leather Company from Grand Haven. This team is composed of a number of Michigan's collegiate stars which entails the need of some real Playing on the part of the team and real support from the students. In negotiating for games the manage ment is following a policy of s e l e c t ing only the best teams. A continuation of this policy will assure the students of a series of militant games which will be of premier interest

Prayer Groups Meet

Holland High team of two years. Kempers also has had three years on the reserve team. Kuiper is a prep star and has been with the reserves E33enbagger8

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man of tu* ^ ^ * time v n ^ ' eer V s Damstra l ^ ; ° ' . Lubbers t h e be8t 7 - Van Der " S t a r , n h'S P r e P a r a t o r y

The Personality of Christ was the them of Hope's annual Prayer Week. It was undoubtedly the premier event of the year, and has left an indelible been 0Ut bef0reHe impression upon the studentry. Many a g r e 1 v e accepted the Great Friend as their f hard-working guard lf 1 1 8 Str0nK bid for the Savior, more rededicated their lives ^ v ' to His service, and all were inspired J e a r aT Z T Ws P Wlth as a result of the speakers' graphic Calvin . T T J , ^ P yS a con8sitent and convincing portrayal of Christ's . personality. The testimonial talks of T " . T P 0 3 ' ^ Lubber8' Fora m S t r a a r e a11 n e w men the students, and the attendant spirfnd h PraCtiCe itual atmosphere of the prayer group Uokine i Z ^ P f ^ L o o k m g l n t o t h e f u t u r e 18 8 meetings. The theme was divided ink . rather hazardous to five parts and dealt with in the occupation at this pre-seaf o r a winnin following manner: There is a wealth of material avail- teamTrl' T PT0SVe* « OUtIook i8 CHRIST'S PASSION able this season. About thirty men I , oT*' Christ's Passion was used as the have reported to Coach Schouten dur- S ^ W c ^ S ^ the material LET £ subject by Dr Pieters, speaking at mg the past few weeks. Captain S i l f V " / " T * COmthe first meeting, Sunday night, be» Irving and last year's captain Riem- i i - .-T" f ® the brand fore a capacity audience The doml' ersma have been out for several £ t ^ Table' a 0 m e c ( > m nant note of his address was an apweeks and are showing even better f J Pla,nt in f ^ n0t 8 peal for honest sincerity and total form than the last two years. Then L L • ^ ^ Percen a<fe earnestness. He began by defining with the conclusion of the football T J ° f l t 8 * a m e - This zeal and complete intensity, Christ's Passion as being synonomseason Yonkman. last year's pivot v, h T ? ^ " alWay3 played CHRIST'S LOYALTY atate and in the ous with extreme intensity and heatman. and "chief" and Van Lente for- w . ^ ^ in Monday morning Rev. J. A. Dyked fevor. Christ's Passion he attriwards, also are out. With these t ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ buted to his knowledge of God, of sin, stra of Grand Rapids, spoke on Every Week He Asks Four Per- letter men Schouten has a strong and of eternity. He continued In Christ's Loyalty. His pcrnivn was one aooEPieked alRandora.A Question nucleus. He will undoubtedly shift of beauty and conviction. He spoke in thought as follows: these men about as there are strong Just as Christ's fellowship with thought as follows; candidates on the reserve team of God antimatd his intensity, so our We know of loyalty in connection T H E QUESTION: fellowship with Him results in growth with our school, home, church, and of soul, depth of love and height of nation. We associate loyalty with un ou aspiration. Socrates and Hanabel, whose loyalty ^ ^ t e d l y make a strong bid for That a knowledge of sin influenced would not permit them to disobey the FIRST DEBATE WILL BE T H E ANSWFRC!. ^ n t e ' " H i s P l a y i n e i 8 much faster Christ is evident in his impassioned law. But all such loyalty is gathered HELD FEB. 15 "Angel" Ai^eV8on, 2(L Yes, I do. ^ 2 denunciation of the sinning Pharisees. up and expressed by Christ's loyalty A knowledge of the tragic reaches of to the eternal purpose, to God and to Since the Pi Ka the a l o ^ t " of tofastT^?8 / 0 e X e e l l e n t C 0 U r t P e r f 0 r m e r - J o h n A1P P a D e l t a has taken sin effects a passionate hate for it. man. I ^ u ^ i c L t as othe thin.' M ^ers. forward on the reserve team and charge of the forensic activities" The popular blind belief in the exJ u s t as the Japanese are attracted S1C f o r m e r means as much to us a . n t w !! Holland high star, will also which were formerly handled by the alted goodness of man causes cold- by Christ's loyalty, so we are chal8 U P and the tachers should know v!! ' J " ' / 3 t r 0 n g fight f o r o n e o f t h e l i t e r a r y societies, there has been an ness and frivality, the most danger- lenged to loyalty to Him. P03itionS much time is soend on if nnT ' H e i 3 f a s t a n d i n c r e a 3 i n * i n t e r e s t shown by the' ous of all sins. CHRIST'S HUMILITY Wel1 a fine e y e H o p e i t e s f o r d e b a t i n ^ f ^ ^ ^ s o ***> thirChrist's vision of eternity also reTuesday morning Mr. George credit accordingly lor the basket. Pleune plays a con- ty-six men from every department in 0 sulted in a deeper-rooted sincerity. Schuiling of Holland, discussed the have 1 "cast the die" to put v 8istent game at guard and with more college Insincerity comes upon exclusion of humility of Christ. His was a very C. B. Nettinga, '26. Music is an e x P e r i e n c e ought to make the varsity Hope over in debating this year. The hope of eternity. When once we real- convincing and practical viewpoint. art, and it requires time and practice ^ u a r ^ s work to hold their positions, manager has worked out a splendid T h e res ize the responsibility of having an He told how Christ revealed his hu- to learn it well. One of our great e r v e team also has some fine program, both from a local and interimmortal soul, we will answer that mility in his life by his trust in, and musicians has said, "If I fail to S e r i a l in Van den Brink, Kempers, collegiate standpoint. So f a r the responsibility by a life of passionate submission to the Father, when he practice one day, I know it, if I fail Essenbaggers and Kuyper at guards, class of candidates have had three or bore the form of man. Christ's teach- to practice two days, then my friends w ' 1 ^ e Lubbers and Doekson are vet- four regular meetings in which they ings are clear and unmistable in this know, and il I fail to prcatice three e r a n A w a r d s with three years ex- studied the principles of good debatpoint. He tells us to- pattern our days, the public knows it." Let's give P e i ^ » c e on Hope's floor. Van Den ing. This week they will have some lives a f t e r a little child, for a child credit for musci at Hope College, to B r i n k will also put up a great battle practical debating experience. A is trustful, without malice and with- encourage the study and appreciation f o r v a r s i t y position. He played a squad for the varsity teams will be out pride. Of such are the kingdom of the beautiful things. strong floor game last year with the selected from this group before of Heaven. Then Mr. Schuiling —o— * v a r s i l y a n ^ w a s the mainstay on the Christmas vacation. brought his message home by telling 0 The F. J. Hinkamp, '26. When we w - w n m rQuestion is; "Resolved: that wnen we us that humility is the beginning of Congress enact a law embodying the O—discipleship. In order to be followers essential provisions of the Hnber UnFIRST COPY GOES TO ENourselves up and educating ourselves of Christ and therefore true leaders, employment Insurance Bill, constituGRAVERS ON DEC. I to a higher appreciation of good we must be humble in our class tionality conceded." —o— music, as our English course does for rooms, upon the campus, in our lives. Here it is just Thanksgiving, but The Michigan Debating League literature. Music is one of the greatSchedule. already work on the new Milestone is We cannot achive great things with- est means of expression we have, out humility. progressing rapidly. In order to efWeek-end Feb. 15, 1924. and every means should be usd to enfect an early completion of this year's • Hope meets Albion, negative, here. courage its study at Hope. AMSBARY, WELL KNOWN annual, the staff has been busy since Hope meets Kalamazoo, affirmitive, LECTURER WILL ENthere. school started. The initial copy will DELEGATES TO NATIONAL STUJames Vander Ven, '20. Yes sir. DENT VOLUNTEER CONVENTERTAIN be sent to the engravers December 1. Week-end Feb. 29, 1924. Credit surely ought to be given at TION ARE CHOSEN The editorial staff is hard at work on —o— Hope meets Western State Nonma Hope for music. A music atudnt puts —o— .. . .. hum* On December 3rd, the Hope College l , affirmative, here. the literary content of the book. The nill Hope Will Have Nine Representatives Hope meets art staff promises many unique cuts o t h ~ L l h V U S i C . f S . 0 n any ^ C t U r e C0Urse ha8 a tre&t in 8tore Michigan State Nort h e l t S p a t r o n s T h e m a l and colorings which will enliven the develonmpnf f closing number » negative, there. Al : The delegation for the Indianopolis development of the individual and " ~ season pages. Several innovations both of this Also aside from these regular convention has been chosen. We will music is an important factor in that literary and artistic are assured and Bruce Amsbary, author League Debates Hope will debate this f Wallace be represented a t the conference by development. and entertainer lecturer. Mr. Ams- question; "Resolved: that the United all indications point toward an annual a f u l l quota of six delegates, besides which will bid fair to compete with bary's wide knowledge of literature States should enter the World Court our college pastor and two Chinese university year-books. League of Nations, at once." Last Friday evening some of the his twelve years' experience on the students. Arrangements have been sta e a The c a l l ' f o r snappy "snaps" will *Freshman .lauuittii girls g i n s were given a "good » " ~ Portion of which time was Hope will meet M. A. C. in January made for the group to drive down to ( evo soon be issued as will the call for time" party at the home of Miss Lil- ^ ^ exclusively to, Shakespearean o n ^ i s question,' During the Spring Indianapolis by automobile. subscriptions. Although the Milestone lian Schmidt Those present were r o l e s » h . a v f « i v e n ^ his work, an un- v a cation Hope will send a team to the The representatives will be: is edited by the Junior class, a sucRuth Hyman, Marie De Cook, Frances u ® u a l d i s t i n c t i o n in artistic effect. National Pi Kappa Delta convention * Rev. A. Pieters Fr0 1 the sini le cessful book entails co-operation of Dulmes, Helen Van Ess, Henrietta ? P smiling French ^ debate this question. This team Minnie Rozeboom Khun Chiu Canadian the entire studentry. The staff, howBuyers, Mildred Webinga, Ruth Mar^ Kipling's "Tommy Atbe composed of veterans of last Nelle De Valois Delbert Kinney ever, entertains no doubt as to th cotte, Harriet Heneveld, May Hadden, k i n s ' " c h a r a c t e r s are presented which y c a r ' s League teams. The probMary Siegers Jack Peelen hearty support of all. Marcelle Galentine, Kathleen Mersen J i n g e r I o n g : i n t h e memory of - the ^ i l i t i e s are that the three men with, 1 Sipfung Cheung Henry Korver and Lillian Schmidt. hearers. highest destinctidn in the Pi Kappa (Oootiaued on Page 2) Delta will be chosen f o r this team..






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itoriaL OUR PILGRIM HERITAGE Thanksgiving day reminds us of the Pilgrims, those stalwart nation-builders who laid foundations for greater things than they dreamed. They camp to America because here they found freedom to do as they saw fit. We who have inherited this freedom must be vigilant lest it slip from us. The Pilgrims were imprisoned in England for not worshipping in the King's way. Nowadays, our worship is not restricted, but there is a subtle tendency toward restriction of thought of which we are seemingly unconscious. During the war, we were made to believe in the sacredness of the Allied Cause and the deli ravity of the Germans. The Boche were despicable dogs, while the Yanks and Tommies were heroes to the last n a n . We were forced to believe lies by the wholesale. Perhaps t h a t was justifiable. But did it not also restricted the democracy of our thought. To often conventionality and custom frown upon our beliefs; to often we bow to them. We permit ourselves to be bound by these character-killing, personality-stifling forces. Too often we submit to the mass mind. It is the psychology of the mob ruling our thoughts. To us, our beliefs should be laws, and we should obey them. Rather than be false to their convictions the Pilgrims left their England home. Is it but an accident that we cherish the memory of these leaders ? Or do we show what we are by what we honor?

article. First, what are the student activi«»ct ties? They are: Football, Track, Basketball, Baseball, Debating, Oratory, Society, Y. W. C. A., Y. M. C. A., Dramatic Club and probably some others that have slipped from our minds. Now, are these of such a number as to hinder a student in his class work? Is there no chance for a student to take part in a number of these activities and still do justice to v his work. I want to admit here, that the student activities may seriously hamper a student's work—if he will allow them to. A sound minded stu• dent will go into such activities as MlLLarONES l will allow him to do justice to his « studies and no more. . .. ~ 7~ . . . . I think student activities such as f ge tt,n (e y,n them3el es ^ ^ . ° f' :! ^ ; are on the Hope campus are essential. f me 0 S U< ll n( ere ore a ai h ^f , f. J They are beneficial, educational, and * Ksiitui chance fto profit by the instructions of . I * u i I f ^ constitute the spirit of the school. H—..i the Professors who will not go with ,. , • ^ i.. i, ,, , . .. „ Whatx kind of an institution would we il them "out of colleges." i u • i . . . ,i . . . . ,. .. nave if Athese were in a large sense r v ., School Activities Others maintain that athletic acti- . . ,, • o , . abolished. One can hardly conceive v l ... ties are Aii-u u ... unnecessary, because in- . . ... ' .. A1 hough most of us are too com- s t e a d o f c r e a t i of any mst.tut.on at all There coul h ieal v i m a n d p'etely wrapped up in our school v i t a I i t t h not and would not ex.st any school onl increase the size of a c t m t . e s that we seldom or never a w o m a n , s f e e t • a n d a ( i d f r o m 1 2 3 3 s p m t whatsoever. We cannot m eduthink of them as mjunous to the real d3 to ]25 8 d s t ( ) h e r a v e r . ca .onal inst.tut.ons of any age. deunderlying purpose of our college life, . v r e w e velop master intellects, without develand much jess that they are a hindr- ' N o w o n d e r g 0 m o f U 8 h e a r t i l y opjng physical beings and the social ance to the successful accomplish- a K r e e d w i t h Dr. Greffin when h e * " the md.vidual. We must have ment of our work .n the future. s a i d > ^ a balanced rat.on m educat.on as anystudents t h r u coll Nevertheless as broad-minded Hope b u t c o l l e g e d o e s n > t g 0 t h r u t h thing else. and students, we are duty-bound to con• 4.u *. n j* —A. S.-'26. .. , • the sad fact is that our college dipsider the of those whow are i show, u i.how well « we t.have .1 . • opinions j uie ii o «m a s merely thus minded. , , . DRAMATIC CLUB m ,, , , , , , succeeded in "hobbling along on the a S U a S crutc es /. 0 h T j . ^ superficial societies." —0— frequently been lectured and reprij New students!—Now is the time to A h yeSf f e l o w s t u d e n t s > b r o a d is manded by various members of our .|. e w a y t h a t l e a ( J s t o f a i l u r e a n d d e _ stop, look and listen. Perhaps you faculty, who have had greater op- f e a t a n d m a n y t h e r e a r e w h o f o l l o w have not heard of the Dramatic Club portunities for higher education, a i t . b u t t h e p a t h t o a " U t ( ) p i a n C o l . but do not wait a day longer in bewide experience, and a broad view of leg:e»» i s s t r a i g h t a n d n a r r o w a n d i t coming acquainted with one of the world problems, (great and small), l e a d s t o e v e r i a s t i n g s u c c e s s and happeppiest societies on the campus y than we have. And AnH thprpfnra Pollmw . rpi „ of- friend- . , therefore Fellow piness. There •is „a strong *..1. feeling students these lectures and exhortaship and true Hope spirit among its Shall we give it a fair trial? tions are worthy of our careful conmembers, which is felt by any one who —D. N.-'2G. sideration and study for the only is brought on contact with its worko logical conclusion of such action will FRESHMAN GIRLS ATTENTION, ings. Some of the meetings are held bring untold happiness to ourselves. ' PLEASE! at the different members' homes. The following paragraphs are exDuring past years rushing has been which adds so much to the social side tracts in which are stated the es- "a thorn in the flesh" in the Girls of the club. sential idea of a few such discourses. Literary Societies on the campus. The club is planning . to do big Prof. Wichers: f'Young man have Last year an attempt was made to things for Hope this ye^r. A play is you ever counted the cost of your better conditions in this respect. The given every year, the proceeds of ducation and thn asked yourself the societies adopted unanimously a set which are used in different branches question. Am I putting my time into of rules prohibiting any rushing or of the collge work. Several outstandworth while things to get the most pledging.. These rules were voted a ing plays are under consideration for out of school?" If not, do so im- part of every constitution and have this year, but as yet none has been mediately and eliminate the unneces- in no way been repealed. Some decided upon. sary things. In conclusion. Prof, society members having a sense of A very clever one act play "Folks Wichers added, "This lecture is free honor and principle have refrained is Folks", was given Monday evening of charge and if I can win only two from rushing new girls and as a con- by the Dramatic Club for the • memor three converts I'll be a happy sequence the girls have received the bers of the century club under the dih™"' impression that they are indifferent, rection of Mrs. Frances B. Yoemans. rof. Welmers: "Today I've come Girls! The motive which prompts The cast included Isla Prium, Colombe to conclusion that I m a total failure this action is not indifference but Bosch, Jan Kuyper, Angeline Popas a teacher; and the more I think of loyalty in upholding the constitution pen, Grace Gardei, Marthena Bayles tie modern system of education the of their Literary Society, and re- Ranald Fll and Paul Van Verst more I am inclined to believe that it member that any society member who Not every one is talented enough is all nonsense. Students want too rushes you is violating the constitu- to belong as its membership is remuch for nothing in four years. They tion of her society. stricted. However, every one of us want to carry on important business can watch the Dramatic Club this transactions, they want a good time year and witness larger results than P.—B.—G.—V.—*25 most of the time, they want to beeven come engaged, and they want to Heard on the Campus: "The stuf

philosophy or a ^Get-By" theory of life. But does it not also resolve itself into the lack of that sterling quality—continuity ? Fortunately the word continuity is growing into favor. It is a word which should be written on the walls of every college. It should be emblazoned upon the mind of every student. Every real achievement accents its value. It is the "sine qua non" of success. First, there should be continuity of ideal. We all have a sentiment for the idealistic, but some have a greater sentiment for the easier thing. The ideal should be a light which we follow unconsciously and continually. The ideal is a flower of religion. It is this flower that we should wear with continuity. Second, there should be continuity in the expression of our resolutions. From the meetings of Prayer Week, there resulted a wealth of inspiration and determination. The sad feature of it all lies in the fact that many of these resolves will be short-curcuited upon inactivity As students of Hope, we have in our chapel exercises a source of infinite power. But the danger is that we forget that this power loses its own value if not used and results in the perversion of like subsequent emotions. The story of the French woman who wept over the misfortune of a character in -the play, while outside her coachman was freezing to death, is an example of such a travesty. Remember that it is only as we put those beautiful sentiments into actions that we weave the tapestry of a noble character.




——o The Sophomores wish to commend the Freshmen on the splendid spirit expressed in the party of Dec. 16, and in the editorial on "Hope First' of last week's Anchor. It is the purpose of the Sophs, to reciprocate in this attitude of friendliness and co- graduate with a college diploma." dent activities on the Hope campus has been ill for the past week. We operation. furthermore some of our highly ;ire so numerous and take so much of all wish her a speedy speedier respected students argue that most of the students' time that they seriously speediest recovery TO OUR TEAM our social functions should be elimi- hamper his scolastic work."' The _0_ Basketball Men—upon you there nated on the ground that students writer of this articles does not see Miss Alice Addison spent the week (Continued f n m Page 1) will soon be centered the spotlight of take too much time "giving" instead this in the same l i g h t - t h e r e f o r e the -nd in Ann Arbor. student attention and interest. You "A poets' need, is that a poets' will be praised and critized—someheart should read." True interpretatimes intelligently, often ignorantly. tion of literature—depends upon one's But with all the criticism, all the reknowledge of the spirit of the poet. bukes, remember that Hope is for Being 4 poet himself, Mr. Amsbary and behind you. has acquired /this spirit and an inexMake your fight on the floor, a haustible enthusiasm for the treasvictorious fight, and know that Hope 8rr* 3 ures of literature that unfailingly Hearts are beating with you, every communicates itself to the audience. EIS grinding minute of the game. £& Criticism and defeat are for your £3 M making. They are for the stimulaEXCHANGES tion of a Win Spirit. Hundreds of eyes will watch you, read about you. Very Best Chocolates Milk Chocolates Assorted Yours is the responsibility, yours to The discovery of the presence of 1 lb. and 2 lb. pkg. answer. Cream,Caramels,Nougat, Almonds, three Freshmen in Chapel one day Filberts $1.00 lb. A Masterpiece last week, has confirmed Dean H—'s CONTINUITY Panama Chocolates contention that interest in religion White Ribbons Assorted and the ministry is developing at The leaves have., fallen, so have with a sweet blended coating $1 lb Assorted Nut Chocolates many of those beautiful resolutions C—. The authorities are waiting the Delicious Chocolates Creams with which most of. us enrolled 8 reappearance of the trio before preFruit and Nut Chocolates Assorted Creams $1.00 lb. weeks ago. Yes, many of those firm dicting a complete revival.




resolves to make this year different and better, have been honored in the breach. A . cross section of our achievements, or lack of them, shows that >ve are traveling the old ruts of shallow thought, wasted time and opportunity misuse. The cause of this reversion has perhaps in the increasing hold of an I-try-anything-once

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Tl,ken Fr0n, ,he Anchor8 CHRIST'S MAGNETISM Which Were ,S8Ued M o n t h , in 188 Rev. Abraham Klerk, from Grand y 7 Rapids gave us a very vivid concep. „• 4 .u AND COMPARED 'on of the great magnetism of ^ n e t e r S '87' is t e a c h i n » neUr 0 r a n g e City Christ's character. It easier he said ! ' I o w a - One to thrust back the Nigara Falls to / m' 0 W m g t 0 a b l i z z a r d his scholars turn aside the ocean tides, to ' re fu . t 0 a P P e a r - W e i m a g i n e h e spent a y ln verse the law of gravity than P h i l o s o Pbic soliloquy. SUITS AND OVERCOATS Christ to draw one of us to himseW • J t 0 h n B - N y k e r k ' , 8 5 ' t u t ^is Wh 0 h O T b e e n 8 e v e r e l HOLLAND, MICH. And yet so great is his power that wJi, y 1 hiillions are ready to die for him fn typhomalana, is gradually reVanderlinde & Visser, 50 E. 8th St. i J.y. Th. , . « a . . . i t • e n e a found m His divine love. His words n •~0~ *' 0 n accou were few and simple, but full of svm n t of the drought this sea- . pathy and compassion, his works were t S t e j r e m a n ' 8i) not opened 9 ber s , , o p i n V a n Vlet, always planned so as to be m J f • k Hall, i> hlpful. The supreme sacrifice of His e ~ ~ 6 he enter HOLLAND. MICH. for us is the terrible evidence of i.- J . P " 8 i n g students nappe(1 a c a l f a n d a His love for us. And impelled by this ' ( mule from one Capital 1100,000.00 C t ZenS 0f H o l l a n d a wonderful unbelievable divine love we ?. ' ' . nd housed Surplus and Profits $86,000.00 m ln t h e rooni are drawn to Him. ' s of two of the 33 Years of Satisfactory Service Christ's Friendships P r e s s o r s . Great excitement preAoflnierest paid on Time The meeting on Thursday was in " 7 / O Deposits c - ' j ^ n . u . l l r charge of Miss Ruth Miller and Mr M ~0~ Jack Prins, presidents of the Y w ' , N e w i 3 l n 8 ' ' n S books are badly needm C. A. and Y. M. C. A. respectively ^ C o l ' e K e e h a P e l - (Thirty-six — e n o t im r 39 EAST EIGHTH STREET • Miss Miller presentorf a n appealine ? US P «ved them PP ,!lt,,er Picture of Christ as n f r | e n d -' — 0 — a perogative of true friendship, she "The House of Ssrvice" The roll call-shows an attendance said, to penetrate deep into one an' • V * 1' CLEANING ind STEAM PRESSING of U2 students, Grammar School 9;), others spiritual experiences. And HOLLAND, MICHIGAN while human friendships are limited College Department 39. by the very fact of their human orgln Hon r T r v T 0 " " . we can have a perfect friendship with > . 1 / D,ekema has just t0 the State Christ. Earthly friendship is merely . ^K'slature l i m a reflection of the divine T h T t e s t ^ ' of friendship is our effept on o u r t ~ o Goods Called for and Delivered fnends. Our lives should be a mirror -ri 1900 Ph. 1528 9 E u t 8th Stt 6 a r e 14 ( , o m i n e s , is just a name for the best all around refiecting Christ's friendship with us i . ' sons in C I. NEEHGS, tny Stil1 l t 8 n 8:ood cla8Sl Sweet Shop in the City Mr. Prins' address was a passionate e ' : " i S 0 < i appeal for a more loyal friendshln r u . ~ ~ shor with Christ. And though he admitted . ^ t « carryall beats EAST EIGHTH ST. t h e C lrS ver t,lin that we make sreat mistakes ' ® y ^ b u t time, unworthy of a friendship with Christ "tu ~* 0_ ~ 0 W n e r of t h e m i t t e n s f o u n d he held before us, the example of d I >«> TRY rofe8S0 Peter and of Judas to show that even , , ' ' Ny^^k's pockets can have em u on The White Cross they were at fault In this respect I f , P "PP'ication," was the amus Uf nutk e r we make a mistake, let us repent and " ' ead in chapel. Truly Three experienced Barber*. SOunds like r *o on more nobly than b e Z e 3 " '""an«Hair Bobinga specialty, never hide behind the excuse of our . —0~ y cvemn8: IS A PRECIOUS INSTRUMENT human limitations. Ruth's and Jack's ' Meliphone AnnU 1 C ntei tainme earnestness could be felt and all real- n-'T'' ' ' ' " t - Hon. G. J. Have yours examined HERE occasionly to find out 8ma w i m l more clearly what Christ should ' " he master orator. whether or not they are giving you maximum efficiency mean to us. —o—

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1903 CHRIST'S INTERCESSION „ The last meeting was led by the f u T ! a n d W e l m e r s , 0 3 . a r e g^ing 3 eottaBe at Rev. Leo Dwight Potgeter. This was p Central Park, n 0 t f0! t l l e m 3 e , decision meeting, and marked a great " v e s however. decision for most of us. Mr. Potgeu; , • "Q~ ls ter showed us how Christ, who lived to Princeton, n0teS 8 n d 8,l, with us, suffered with us, and became one of us, was now thru his dearly , ~ 0 Prnt M . bought understanding, interceding for n. •. . . y . k e r k l , r o n o u n e e 9 Mrs. Rev. a us. By his very sears he pleads for • 8 ' K e s t o r e r the best in the us to the Father and attracts us to m a ^ k e t • Himself. Several decided for Jesus „ ^ ~ 0 ~ u n no at this meeting, ireshies, there are no bears on the campus, only professional o Bugbears.



Cor. College Ave. and 8th St. Sterilized tools. Strictly Sanitary. — "

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DISEASES OF THE EYE, EAR, NOSE •nd THROAT , , , 22 West 8th Street, Above Woolworth's 5 and 10 Cent Store Office Hours— 9 to U A. M. t to 6 P. M. Sat. 7 to ST P. M.

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Mnnv . V. nrhp u i ? , " 8 ! P a c k a Kes invaded Voorhes Hall last week. We thought some one was trying to blow us "out Of house and home," until we discove let it was Nelle De Volois birthday. H was Bill who "blew himself,"

Speaking of birthdays-Janet Veldman had one too. Ask the Sorositesj

1906 'his institution have just printed a remarkable number of the Anchor. Congratulations girls' —q— Prof. J. B. Nykrk '85, has been granted a leave of absence for one year to pursue a course of study at The




lJniVe, 3i

' ^' E n g , a n d ' J "

1'aul GabhardTays" he has a "char- H Ho horse". We wonder if that is a New Y S " bicycle.'"6 ^




^ Some Freshmen taking German have commented on how the mark has dropped in the last six weeks. __o_




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Mary Waldrun has gone to her T 0Ut a n u m b e r of the home at Yonkers, N. Y Here's a w i s h . A M c h o r ' w h i e h p r o v e < l v e r y interest- ( i f we get that part of the 4 k e y ) that she may soon be well enough to come back. school. In a recent letter he said that he has studied more in the short time ALUMNI NEWS he has been there than in the "fifteen years" he spent at Hope. That Hopeites do not soon forget their Alma Mater is evidenced by the organization of a Hope Alumni AsMiss Vera Keppl '21, played the sociation in the city of Chicago. It leading role in "Mr. Pim Passes By" has decided to hold meetings every given by the Penn. State Players at three months. At the first meeting, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, last MonMr. Gelmer Kuiper '96, was elected day night. Miss Keppel is the youngpresident, and Dr. John H. Hospers est member of the faculty at Penn. '01, secretary. There were fourteen State college and is the only woman Hopeites present. instructor in the English Department. f u t ' Baker '23, is teaching We wish every one success in setPhyscis in the Momence, Illinois high tling the Turkish question.

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He lived alone, the mighty lord Free from all earthly cares. His voice was high and excellent Like those we hear in prayers.

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She was a mighty mistress bold Fearing not God or man. But always ready to dispute As only females can.

t For your metis and lunches while in Holland stop at the

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One night he left, the mighty lord Ne'er to return again. And now his tieeds have all passed from The memories of man.

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A. C. N.: "I believe it's getting colder." M. D. C.: "Yes, I think that next lime it rains, it will snow." Dr. Patterson: "From the biological standpoint, what is the harm of two pople drinking from the same glass?" M. D. Y.: "Well, if you and I were to drink from the same glass, you'd get microbes on you, and I'd get your crobes on me.'


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in recognition of the services of the regular business department in financing this issue.

These two have lived, and ruled, and died Like all th human rcae He was a cat, and she a dog They ruled my neighbors' place. —E. G. Schutt-'2G. o That old pessimist, George Vande VVoude is considering going up in an aeroplane to see if it's true that every cloud has a silver lining.

A. W. and J. H were walking thru the park, enjoying the beauties of nature. Ann, suddenly: "Jack, this view strikes me dumb." Jack: "Let's stay here awhile."






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She too, a fate like him has mot And now has ceased to be. So she is in her grave, and oh. The difference to me.

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P h c n * 1445

C. M.: "Do you use Cologate's Dental Cream?" W. T.: "No, I room with Jack Soeter. Ethel Alki Hall's advice to the Lovelorn: ' Dear Ethel: Two men proposed to me, a rich man and a poor one. Which phall I marry? Door 0 Thy. Answer: Marry the poor one, and send the address of the rich one to me. Dear Ethel: My girl hasn't written to me for two weeks. What shall I do? J. D. B. Answer: Wait two weeks longer, then, if she doesn't write, quit hei before she quits you. Freshman, examing suit of armor: "Say, what is this thing?' t" Soph: "That's Tin Lizzie's husband." —o—— Frosh: "tyiw can I find the college orator?" Soph: "Well, go up to very fellow and ask him the sum of two and two. If he says four, he is not the college orator. If he says, "when, in the course of events, it becomes necessary to add the digit of the second denomination to the number two, the result, I can safely say without fear of successful contradictions, will inevitably be four." o Cars have trouble climbing hills. When loaded down with maids. Maybe that's the reason I, Cannot make my grades. —o— The pin is mightier than the Ford. Classes always giggle when the word "love" is mentioned in a classroom discussion. College men and women of average intelligence cannot even bear the word spoken without yielding to half-concealed blushings, eye-rollings, and boarding school snichers. Lack of experience often will account for this childish reaction to a serious subject. Many of the children in College classes hardly have been through even the mildest form of puppy-love; from their own experience they consider love a very gigglesome and not a nice subject.


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' «a


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