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Hope College, Holland, Mich., October 5,1938

Senior Practice Class and Spirit Fraternities End Teachers Begin Rushing Season Make All-College Observing Work Announce Pledge Mixer Success Undoubtedly you have noticed some of Hope's illustrious seniors scurrying hither and yon from t h e campus. F o r y o u r information, these are practice teachers, who, at present, are observing in their reClass spirit, rivalry, and general quired grade or subject and will be exuberance prevailed at the annual teaching within a few weeks. all college Mixer, sponsored by the The elementary teachers are as Student Council, last Thursday follows: Angeline Dornbos and Hesnight at C a r n e g i e gymnasium, ter Soeters at Longfellow school; which celebrated the occasion of Thelma Kooiker, Edith Smith, and Katherine Van Raalte at Washingthe frosh donning their green. ton School; Alice Munroe, Beatrice Bill De Groot, Student Council Fairbanks, and Lydia De Vries at president, and Thelma Kooiker, Van Raalte School; and Cornelius A.D.D. president, adorned Bill Tap- Hoezee at Lincoln School. pan, f r o s h president, and Beth The secondary teachers are as

Contest, Frosh Humor, and Games Provide Entertainment

^Marcus, f r o s h Student Council rep- follows: In the Junior High, Peter resentative, respectively, in the tra- Stielstra, George Hyma, Jean MacNeil, Marjorie Vyverberg, John ditional manner amidst much booWybenga, William Heeringa; in ing and cheering of the spectators. the Senior High, Jacoba Dalebout, The fine success of the Mixer Loraine Pomp, M a r g a r e t Berpen, may be directly attributed to the Mildred Kirkwood, Margaret Allen, v a n Hoven, John Justema, combined efforts of Ruth Van Pop- J a y Margaret Laman, Orville Beattie, ering, general chairman of the and Marinus Pott. affair, Don K r a m e r and his "Campus Cats," Dean Dykstra, m a s t e r TO V O O R H E E S W E GO of ceremonies, and Bob Bonthius, who was the surprise hit of the evening when he rendered "Small F r y " in the swing manner which college students love. President Speaks President W i c h e r s took the opportunity to advise the f r e s h m a n class as to how to make the most of their college years. Loyalty, mutual confidence, democracy, good sportsmanship, and constructive efforts, were some of the qualities stressed as essential to success. Prexy counseled, "Make yourselves a part of the college as soon as possible and know all the people you can. Select your friends for personal worth r a t h e r than social background. Remember that the three graces. Good Sense, Sincerity, and Simplicity are the gre a t factors in character building." The e v e n i n g ' s entertainment opened with an informal autograph game which admirably served the purpose of getting acquainted. Norma Becksford and Bill Gannon emerged victorious from the contest and were awarded a litle grey kitten and a tin horn for their (fforts.

Everyone is cordially invited to attend Open House at Voorhees Hall following the HopeGrand

Rapids Junior college

football game this week Friday, October 7.

Benefits of Morning Chapel Explained To All Hope's Freshmen This article is especially written for the newcomers on Hope's campus, to explain our chapel customs. Of course, c h a p e l does s t a r t promptly at eight o'clock every morning. The exercises are usually in charge of one professor. Every Tuesday chapel is led by officers of the Y.W.C.A. and Y.M.C.A. and special music is provided. Quite often we are privileged to hear some prominent speaker who is available. The chapel choir plays a valuable part in leading the singing and in presenting special music. At the last chapel of the year, scholastic and athletic honors are awarded.

Be sure to read "So You Pledged," a student editorial well worth your t i m e and of especial interest to freshmen men. Closing a two-week rushing period Friday, September 30, Hope's four fraternities extended bids to heir rushees. Although replies were due at the college office by noon Monday. October 3, Dr. R. Shackson. i n t i r f r a t e r n i t y faculty ?dvisor. reports t h a t all answers have not yet baen received. The k t c s t avnilab'e report was released yestsrday afternoon; the following men have accepted their bid: To Cosmopolitan Willard Albers, George Baron, Gerald Bax. Dale Brondyke. William Coons, Kenneth Deur, Robert D3ur, Robert Emmick, Ernest Ensing, Gerald Gilmore, Paul Harrison, John Heitbrink, Wesley Kraai, Julius Karsten, Delbert Knooihuizen, William Miller, Elmer Morgan, Harold Rozema, Charles Stoppels, Donald Van Ark, Kenneth VandenBerg, Gilbert Van Wieren, Chris Westhof, Fred Winter, Harold, Julius Zagers, John Visser, Raymond Meyers. To Emersonians Richard Aardsma. Walter Ambler, Milton Denekas, Charles Friede, Harry Frissel, John Hains, Richard Hanson, John Hoover, Blase Lerai, Vernon Meerdink, Raymond Mnoi. Maurice Nies, Forrest Pi indie, Beryl Salisbury, Milton Scheerens, Thomas Slager, Dayton Smith. Edward Sottolano, Charles Sterinb?rg, Jay Witte, William Wormuth. To Fraternals Leroy Alder, Robert Arndt, Alvin Borr, Theodore Cimock, Edwaid DePree, William Hakken, Howard Hoekj 1 , Donald Lievense, J a m e s McGregor, John Palmer, William Tappan, Maurice Tardiff, Ward Toner, George Vanderhill, Ray Van Ommen, Loren Brinninger, William Gannon, J a m e s White. To Knickerbockers Edwin Carlin, Merle Eilers, Robert Ferris, Morris Gardepe, William Mclnnes, John Justema George Nordhouse, Harold Tjepkema, Ralph Wallace, Nevin Van Anrooy.


Sophomore girls continued the practice set up by last year's sophomore class when they initiated the freshmen girls by sending them down the fire-escape a f t e r the allcollege mixer last Thursday evening. The picture shows sophomores Bilkert and Jacobs paddling Ruth Vander May, frosh, as she finally arrives at the bottom.

Year's Forensic Program Planned At the annual meeting of the Michigan Intercollegiate Speech League held on the campus of Michigan State college last Friday, the faculty and student representatives from the various colleges and u n i v e r s i t i e s of Michigan arranged a complete schedule of forensic activities for the coming year. First, in order of priority, will come the extempore speaking contest on November 22. At this contest, which will be held at Western State Teachers college, the men must speak on subjects related to "The Economic and Political Isolation of the United States," or "National Minorities." The women may choose to speak on either "Socialized Medicine" or "The United States and the European Situation." A local contest will be held on our campus in the very near f u t u r e to determine Hope's representatives to the state contest.

Tappan Heads Frosh; Nafe, Wishmeier, Shuptrine, McGregor Are Other Officers Chairmen, Plan ; The f r e s h m a n class held an Important meeting last T h u r s d a y for the purpose of electing several of their number to be leaders of the class of '42 and of campus life for the school year. ; Bill Tappan, of Holland, is t o lead his class as president. J e a n Shuptrine, also of Holland, was elected to the duties of- secretarytreasurer. The class chose Bob McGregor to fill the position of vicepresident. Beth Marcus, of Holland, and Blase Levai, of Passaic, New Jersey, have taken up their duties of student council representatives for their class. Ken Vandenburg will captain the f r e s h m a n fellows in the annual pull across Black River. SENIOR CLASS O F F I C E R S Heading the senior class this year as its president is Bob Wishmeier. Ollie Lampen assists him in the capacity of vice-president. As secretary the class chose J a m e s Hallan, and Harold Leestma will serve as treasurer. J U N I O R CLASS O F F I C E R S At a recent meeting the junior class chose members of their group for the leadership of the class during this year. Dean Dykstra was elected president. The combined duties of secretary and t r e a s u r e r fell to the lot of Martha Morgan. Ruth Van Popering is to be vicepresident. SOPHOMORE CLASS O F F I C E R S Paul Bethka steps forward as president of this year's sophomore class. To assist him are: Ruth De Young, vice-president; Mary Bolema, secretary; and Henry Voogd, treasurer.

Fifty Students Plan To Form German Club

F i f t y prospective members of a German club to be formed under the name "Der Deutsche Verein" are looking f o r w a r d to the German singing, games, and entertainments which are to be p a r t of the club's program for the year. Under the direction of Miss Boyd and the advanced German classes, plans for its complete organization are being carefully made. All those who have completed one year of college German or its equivalent are eligible Debate Question Chosen for membership. Classes Entertain The question selected for both o Don Kramer's "Eleven Kittens men and women to debate this year Women Participate In with Their Horns" rendered "Now U N E X P E C T E D S E R E N A D E is: "Resolved, that the United W.A.A. Breakfast Hike It Can Be Told" as the first numR E N D E R E D DORM GIRLS Announcement was made today States should cease to use public ber on the program, with Jack Held Saturday Morning that Dr. John M. Hapler of Michi- funds, including credit, for the purJalving, sophomore blonde tenor, pose of stimulating business." All The night ot the All-College gan Department of Health will adThe athletically-minded women vocalizing. The sophomore class Mixer turned out to be a big night, dress all students interested in the men and women interested in of the college left Voorhees Hall on then demonstrated their dramatic what with the sophomores sending science and health on Monday, Oc- debate will be called out very soon Saturday morning, bright and early, talents in an opus entitled "The the frosh down the fire escape, and tober 7 at 3:30 P. M. in Mr. Hil- to prepare for a full year of debatfor a b r e a k f a s t hike. It was sponFatal Quest." then an impromptu serenade by the mert's room. Dr. Hapler's topic is ing. The state tournament for sored by the W.A.A. under the Ken Pelgrim presented a treatise Fraternals. Loud fire-crackers drew "Science and its Prevention of Oc- men will be held at Michigan State on the S t a t u s of College Life in the Voorheesites to all the couit cupational Diseases." The science college on February 10 and the leadership of Catherine Marcley. The four-mile furnished the behalf of the senior class. Jean windows, where they were enter- department, under Professor Klcis, women's tournament will be conscene for the activities and the lloekje wrote a hilarious sketch on tained. Much enjoyment was had j is sponsoring Dr. Hapler's talk ducted at Western State Teachers breakfast which the girls cooked "Our Freshmen," which introduced by all, and the girls are looking i here and invites a large turnout of college on February 17. Many over a camp-fire was delicious and Fritz Bertsh as " F l a t Foot forward to more serenades in the students hear this timely and in- other intercollegiate debates are plentiful. More activities of this also being scheduled. I structive lecture. Hoogie," Gordon Pleune as the typ- near future.kind are planned for the f u t u r e , and ical country yokel. Ken Miller as The oratorical contest will be it is hoped t h a t an increasing numSally Vander Rand and Rose Tenheld at Calvin college on March 3 ber will participate. inga as the "Date Girl," and Edthis year. The orator selected last o die Dibble as a trombone enthusiast. year, Dean Dykstra, will represent Don Kramer furnished an unexBand Receives Praise Hope at that contest. The peace pected treat when he played Fred contest will occur on April 14 at A tug-of-war, a fight to the Waring's theme song, "Sleep," and At the second football g a m e of Central States Teachers college. Duke Ellington's "Blue Prelude" river, a struggle of the classes, a— will be the division of the juniors the season the Hope college band All those interested in interpreon his new, beautiful sounding in other words, the annual pull on the frosh side and the seniors tative reading must be prepared to proved to be one of the highlights between the freshmen and the soph- on the sophomore. The juniors, of the evening. With their excelvibraphone. omores, is just around the corner, having once tasted of the river at read two selections within a five- lent music, their formations, and Frosh Give Skit and if one turns left on Thursday the hands of the present seniors, minute time limit this year. The their splendid uniforms, all HopeNot to be outdone, the f r e s h m a n he'll come to the Black river on and having passed the drinking cup interpretive reading contest will be ites were extremely proud of them. class displayed their ability to en- Friday. on to the sophomores, are more conducted at Kalamazoo college on This year, according to one of May 5. tertain in an amusing play, "The Two spirited classes renew the than eager to have their younger its members, the band has approxiLamp Went Out." Great f u r o r enRound-table Groups rivalry of the lower classmen on brothers, the frosh, introduce a mately doubled in size with a total sued when the tables were turned An innovation which will probOctober 7 when they face each beaten sophomore class to them on enrollment of f o r t y members. to reveal a large "42." Ken Vanably become very popular in speech other across the cold waters of the the frosh side of the river. But Plans are also being m a d e by denberg, f r o s h pull captain, then work will be introduced this year river north of town. Here, late in the seniors, too, would be pleased which our band may travel to Kalmade a touching speech to the in the f o r m of round-table discusamazoo for the Hope-Kalamazoo the afternoon, the decision of the to meet a dampened class of frosh sophomore pull captain. Bob Dyksion groups. Representatives f r o m on the soph side and give them the game. strongest, best-coached -team is stra, and presented him with the various colleges will g a t h e r in old line, "We told you so." The one aim of all its members made when one weary, blistered necessary equipment to cross the groups and discuss in a conciliatory is to make "Hope band, a better squad gets a cold bath by being For the information of the Black River on foot. Dykstra, howrather than an argumentative manband," said Cornie Steketee, direcever, stalked to the microphone dragged through the muddy waters freshmen there is a reward for the ner various national and internator. to meet their conquerors across the and warned the frosh t h a t the winning team—not a gold cup, but tional problems. sophomores have just as much way. a privilege. If the freshmen win This schedule will provide a full The Women's Athletic Associaassurance of t h e i r success on FriAiding the brawn of either class they are under no f u r t h e r obliga- year f o r all those interested in tion will in the near f u t u r e give a day afternoon. will be the beauties who a t t e m p t to tion to " p o t " the upperclassmen, forensic activity. Hope college h a s Roller Skating Party. A city 1 The evening closed with Bill De see t h a t their support is more than although they continue to wear always been active in forensics and block will be roped off and it will their green. But if the sophomore has won many honors in the interGroot, football captain, introducing be an all-college affair. The date moral, by dousing the perspiring class wins, its members have the collegiate activity. An opportunity wil be scheduled when J a c k Schouthe team to t h e college. Marty t e a m s , with w a t e r and stuffing right to command the f r e s h m e n to to participate in forensic work is ten makes the final arrangements. Bekken and J a y Witte led some their mouths with lemon, sugar, "pot," j u s t as the juniors and sen- given all students who care to rousing cheers f o r the team, and and such energy-providing foods. iors have the right to make such develop t h e i r speaking ability. J a c k Schouten made the evening Many a h e a r t is won by the care demands. So to the freshmen, Those representing Hope a t the Hine, Mildred Mulder and Theodora complete with an informal talk given during t h i s trying time — beware the soph s t r e n g t h or you'll Michigan Intercollegiate Speech Meulendyke. This league is comabout the team. The climax was f r e s h m e n take note. be-wearing t o the green and pot- League Friday included Dr. Holland posed of the various colleges and the singing of the Hope song and Lining u p as cheering sections t i n g your natural enemies. p a r t a k i n g of refreshments. Shackson, Don Van Liere, Orville umversities of Michigan.

Science Students To Hear Talk|By Dr. John Hapler

Bitter Enemies Meet Next Friday Over Black River for Annual Pull


Frosh vs. Soph

Number 2

• 'WTW


. A . -

For Homecoming All-College Banquet Will End Crowded Day's Program •' The program f o r the 1938 homecoming week-end of October 22 is already well under way under the direction




Nafe and Bob Wishmeier. A general welcome is planned for the alumni on Friday, but the highlight of the day comes with the evening parade of floats and the succeeding meeting of pep around the bonfire. House and dormitory decorations will be additional campus attractions. Cliff Marcus, Bob Bonthius, and Virginia Ellison are in charge of the open-air meeting while co-chairmen N a f e and Wishmeier will direct the parade. The bonfire is also the occasion f o r the award of float and house prizes. On Saturday morning society b r e a k f a s t s and f r a t e r n i t y stags will be arranged in honor of the alumni. A parade of the college band and organization floats will lead the way to the football field f o r the game with Alma on Saturday a f t e r noon. Traditional f r e s h m a n field activities p r o v i d e entertainment during the fifteen minutes between the halves. Following the g a m e the f r a t e r n i t i e s will open t h e i r houses to all students and alumni. The all-college banquet, which will be held at seven on Saturday evening, will serve as a finale to the events of the week-end. Music, fun and entertainment are promised for the occasion under the management of Gordon Pleune, Dean Dykstra, M a r g a r e t Allen and Peg Bergen. Bill Jacobs, John Olert, Kit Van Raalte, and Mildred Mulder are m a k i n g a r r a n g e m e n t s for the banquet proper. Other committees are underway on plans for the week-end. The campus decorations are in charge of Jimmie Hallan and J e a n Hoekje. Betsy Race, Mary Frelick and Marjorie Mulder will take care of the outside decorations f o r Voorhees Hall, and Dorothy Bonga, Caroline Kremers, M a r g a r e t N a g y and Ruth Vander May will work on the inside. The field decorations are in charge of Althea Raffenaud, Harold Leetsma, Dave De Pree and Lucille Kardux. Decorations f o r the banquet are in the hands of Gerty Visscher, Martha Morgan, Bob Vandenberg and Don Saeger. Jack Schouten, Bob Dykstra, Bill T a p p a n and Mr. Leon Moody will direct the f r e s h m a n field activities. The publicity committee consists of Cornie Steketee. Bob Powers, Bob T a f t , Dorothy Vanden Bout and Teddy Meulendyke.

Anchor Room Moved To Education BIdg. • *

Because of crowded library conditions resulting f r o m the successful book drive of last spring the Anchor was forced to move its quarters f r o m the basement of Van Raalte Hall to a room in the Education building. Thirty-three candidates f o r positions on the staff turned out a t the first meeting of the year. In order to cut the staff down to a number of good writers. Rose Teninga, editor, plans t o conduct a series of Anchor classes on alternating Satu r d a y mornings. One of these classes will include a t r i p through the printing plant in order t o acquaint the staff with the conditions under which the Anchor goes t o press. A t t h e end of this aeries of lect u r e s all candidates will t a k e a t e s t and those receiving the highe s t r a t i n g will be plaoed on the staff. " I n this way, it is h o p e d / ' stated Bliss Teninga, " t h a t t h e Anchor will be able t o give you a better college paper t h a n preceding yeprs and still keep our expenses down s o t h a t we will n o t upset o a r budget"


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Hope College Anchor Ent«r«d at the Post Office at Holland. Michigan, a t Second Claai Matter, Acc«pt*d for mailing at tpaclal rat* of ixxltage provided for In Section 1108 of Act of CongrtM, October t . 1917. Authorised October 19. 1918. STUDENT ADMINISTRATION

campus h a v e been i n q u i r i n g


a poetry column. W e will gladly accept a n y and all original pieces of poetry w r i t t e n b y Hope s t u d e n t s or professors, and hope in t h e n e a r f u t u r e to have t h i s colu m n as a regular f e a t u r e of the p a p e r .

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Let the Sparks Fly

Several students around t h e

.Nelvie Vanderbilt Olive Van Eenwyk Maynard Van Lente B e r t h a Vis Anita Vogt J o h n Westhof Joyce White. M. Van Lente N. Vanderbilt T. Meulendyke

BY J . H o e k j e and B. Van P u t t e n

Students: This is your column and your chance to air your ideas, W E A T H E R N O T E : T H I S I S know why the freshman girls don't be they grudges or bouquets. All T H E T I M E O F Y E A R W H E N have "big brothers," instead of letters are welcome and the best ALL N A T U R E c h a n g e s f r o m green "big s i s t e r s . " are printed. to brown, e x c e p t the apeciea Two-heads are better than one Dear Editor: H O P E U S F R E S H M A N U S , which —specially when you're tossing a L a s t F r i d a y night I was comcoin! has j u s t t h e opposite inclination!

into t h e possibility of having

Offerings can be humorous or serious and may be placed in the Anchor room on the second floor of the Columbia building. They should be signed b u t the s i g n a t u r e need not be printed if .the w r i t e r does not wish it to be printed.

Vogue Sponsors Contest; Senior Girls Are Eligible The senior women of t h e campus a r e eligible to enter Vogue Magazine's f o u r t h annual P r i x de P a r i s fashion contest. E n t r a n t s have to a n s w e r five questions and write a

So You Pledged

thesis on a designated topic.

today's gain a truly liberal education and paper a p p e a r the choices of f r a t e r - to make f r i e n d s ; the loss of these nity made by you, the new men of leaves him with, not a rounded, but Hope's student body. The selec- a sort of two-dimensional collegeexperience. tion you have made is an i m p o r t a n t This editorial is addressed to one in your collegiate life; for you, the new f r a t e r n i t y men, with your f r a t e r n i t y will be either an the one desire of stimulating you enriching experience or a restricting one; either an ever-broadening to an evaluation of your f r a t e r n i t y avenue to g r e a t e r e n j o y m e n t of in t e r m s of its relative place in your f o u r years here or an ever- your college life. As h a s been intin a r r o w i n g road towards the dissi- mated, the f r a t e r n i t y is one of the pation of this valuable college expe- subordinate p a r t s of the institution, rience. Of course you desire your and its function is t h a t of "an new-found brotherhood to make life avenue" to f u l l e r u n d e r g r a d u a t e fuller f o r you; yet it is up to you, living. But there are other "aveindividually, to desire which p a r t nues," also, f o r you to t r a v e l : those your chosen f r a t e r n i t y is to play. of religious participation, athletic A f r a t e r n i t y , by definition, is "a endeavor, forensic activity, musibody of men associated f o r their cal essaying, and other roads. All common ple a s ur e " ; in other words, have contributions to make to you, a f r a t e r n i t y is an i n s t r u m e n t , or as a g r o w i n g personality. Is it not means, of enjoying common inter- wise, yea essential, t h a t you make ests and f r i e n d s ; an avenue, so to good use of several of them; for speak, to a f u l l e r college life. But your u l t i m a t e growth is dependent all too often f r a t e r n i t y ' s real mean- upon a three-dimensional developing is lost as the "pledge," excit- m e n t : intellectual, social, and spiredly enthusiastic over this new itual. Assume the t r u e perspective experience, invests his ALL in the of your f r a t e r n i t y ' s position: one society. In doing this he sells out avenue of development. his shares of Enriching Collegiate F r a t e r n i t y friendships are a subExperience. F o r the true perspec- ordinate p a r t of the campus brothtive is lost and the f r a t e r n i t y , per erhood. The f r a t e r n i t y man who se, is viewed as the one and only lives up to his title is tolerant and E N D of interest, instead of one of friendly t o w a r d s all. Is it not wise the several M E A N S of obtaining to make f r i e n d s both in and out of g r e a t e r benefit f r o m u n d e r g r a d u a t e the society? To restrict your life. Almost unrealizingly are friendships in any way is to dwarf buHt, upon this g r a v e error, inter- your collegiate experience. ests and f r i e n d s h i p s circumscribed The selection you have made is, by the f r a t e r n i t y affiliation. And indeed, an i m p o r t a n t one; and, like such a mistake is as ruinous as it every g r e a t decision, it brings in it insidious. F o r all too often the new problems to solve. What part error is not realized until a f t e r the will your f r a t e r n i t y play in your f o u r years are p a st and, in s m u g life h e r e ? Will it benefit you or complaceny, the society zealot is h a m p e r you? Think on these graduated, not f r o m a college, but things. And may the outcome of f r o m a f r a t e r n i t y : for he knows your t h o u g h t lead to the construclittle but his own group. Yet he has tion of a g r e a t e r personality. missed the g r e a t opportunities to — R. H. B, In




And w h a t will the lucky winner receive?




HOPE COLLEGE and wish f o r it only continued success. As in the p a s t , m a y its influence f o r good become


offered a y e a r ' s employment on the staff of Vogue; six m o n t h s to be spent in the New York office, and six months in the P a r i s office. F u r t h e r information can be obtained f r o m The Anchor editor or Dean Lichty.

pletely disgusted in t h e g a m e a g a i n s t Albion. T h e t e a m belongs to t h e school, not t o the coach. T h i n g s m i g h t have been d i f f e r e n t if t h e s t u d e n t s would have h a d m o r e school spirit, t h e t e a m m i g h t have won. It is true, t h e yells a r e not of the best, but a t least God gave us a mouth to yell with. T h e high school I attended had 100 girls a s a cheering section, a g i r l s ' drum and bugle corps and a band. When a player came on t h e field he knew he was p l a y i n g f o r the couple thousand s t u d e n t s and not f o r his f u n or n o t only the coach. The crowd yells to let him know this. How can a player play his best when nobody is pulling or cheering f o r h i m ? A n o t h e r thing, everybody c a n ' t f o r g e t that so and so belongs to this or that f r a t e r n i t y ; t h e r e f o r e he receives no backing f r o m the s t u d e n t s who are not in f a v o r of his f r a t . I recommend that everybody coo p e r a t e and g e t some new yells and t a k e the old ones and print them and give each student a copy so he can really show he or she is a t r u e blooded Hopeite. J . L. S.

A R C T I C — P I C T U R E S COLD products are cold, delicious and palatable. Our ice cream is t h e quickest help-out in a social emergency. W i t h all w e have a warm spot f o r "Hope." ARCTIC



Holland, Mich.


too, to air for

the benefit of the freshmen that old college superstition: It's unlucky to borrow your roommate's clothes —if he's bigger than you are. PICK-UP: Ask a girl to t a l k — If she's talkative. Ask a girl t o w a l k — If she's walkative. Ask a girl to dance— If it's permissible. But never ask to kiss h e r — If she's kissable. Cornie Steketee has a new car. It runs a little, then sto^ys, runs a little, and stops again. A spurt model. Dr. De Moore, however, h a s a Chevrolet, and a nice one, too. Although we can hardly see what good it's going t o do him if he keeps locking himself out of it as he did on the second day of school! (Absent-minded professor joke No. 5,674!) Two freshmen met on the campus last week ami the following dialogue took jdace: Hi, kid, watcha know? Don't know it. Watcha gonna say? Can't Ain't feelin'?

say it. Howya doin'? been doin' it. Howya

Ain't been?

been feelin'

liks it. Howya

Ain't been up to it. Well g'bye. G'bye.





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Old Man Star Says— Hi G a n g . , . Welcome back.

As usual, we u r g e you

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about t h e a w f u l s l a n g of t h e mode m generation, but we j u s t laughed and laughed and l a u g h e d , because we knew t h a t Elizabeth B a r r e t t Browning w r o t e a poem called ' T h e Dead P a n . " REVISING THE POPULAR SONGS: 1. For the movie fan—"I'll be Don Ameche in a taxi, honey." 2. For the tired father—"Come to me, my yellow colic baby." 3. For the fisherman with the one that DIDN'T get away— "Small Fry." LOGICAL I N T E R V I E W S : NUMBER I "Yes," shouted t h e Voorhees senior above t h e r h y t h m i c blare of the radio and t h e c h a t t e r of t h e eight visitors in h e r room, "I'm s t a y i n g in tonight to get some real studying done—careful, don't sit on the potato chips. A n d , " she added virtuously, " I ' v e really decided to get some decent m a r k s this year . Oh, excuse me a m i n u t e ; I've got to go and talk to my honey. I promised to call him up every fifteen minutes tonight . . ." Revise your vocabulary with these: POINTSETTIA—A hunting dog. PUNT—Something essential, as in "I don't see the punt." POISE—Something in which to put money. YAWL—Southeryi form second person pronoun.



personal service we can r e n d e r . "

CONVEY—Desiring permission, such as, "Convey have late per toC U T E S T TRICK O F T H E night, Miss Litchty?" S h a k e s p e a r e had a word, or W E E K : The f r e s h m a n p r e s e n t i n g words for e v e r y t h i n g . Even colBob Dykstra, sophomore pull-capyums. In T W E L F T H N I G H T he tain, with rubber boots and a life said, " B e t t e r a witty fool t h a n a preserver. Second cutest trick of foolish wit." the week: F r e s h m a n Betsy Race, of Herkimer, N. Y., who w a n t s to Just what does that make us? for it—ask any sophomore.)




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R. Rawson Recovering Dates Drawn For Dr. Dimnent Will Speak Prom Appendectomy "Get Acquainted" To Authors' Association R o b e r t a Rawson, b e t t e r k n o w n as " B o b b i e " h e r e on Hope's c a m p u s , w a s t a k e n to the Holland hospital T u e s d a y , S e p t e m b e r 27, w h e r e she w a s o p e r a t e d upon f o r appendicitis. F r i e n d s w h o h a v e visited t h e p a t i e n t r e p o r t h e r condition as i m p r o v i n g rapidly. A l w a y s an active figure in campus life, R o b e r t a ' s p a l s h a v e m a n y i n t e r e s t i n g p l a n s a f o o t to aid her in

Society Parties


t a k e n to h e r each d a y by two memb e r s . The idea is t h a t " a s u r p r i s e a day keeps the doctor a w a y . " Flow-

T h e Pan Hellenic will meet every o t h e r Monday n i g h t , a l t e r n a t i n g with the Alcor.

ers and o t h e r g i f t s will be s e n t by o t h e r s of h e r f r i e n d s .

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C.W.L. Hears Dr. Moore Speak As Season Opens The Christian Worker's league held its first m e e t i n g of the semest e r F r i d a y , S e p t e m b e r 30, a t 4 o'clock. Devotions were in c h a r g e of Heath Goodwin, vice-president of the league. Albert Shiphorst, accompanied by H a r r i e t Lemkuil, s a n g " A t the End of the Road." The speaker of the a f t e r n o o n was Rev. B. J . Moore, a P r e s b y t e r i a n missionary f r o m J a p a n . The title of his inspiring a d d r e s s was " C a s t Not Away Your Confidence." He brought out the thought t h a t we can put no confidence in material t h i n g s because they will fail us. The new officers a r e : President, H e n r y Bovendam; vice-president, H e a t h Goodwin; secretary, Eloise Boynton; t r e a s u r e r , Ruth Knickel.

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Mr . Osborne will give a n o r g a n recital on S u n d a y a f t e r n o o n , October 9, a t 4 o'clock. T h e f o l l o w i n g n u m b e r s will be p l a y e d : " P r e l u d e , F u g u e , and C h a c o n n e " by Buxteheide; "Toccata p e r I'EIevazione" by Frescobaldi; " C a t h e dral Prelude a n d F u g u e " by Bach; " S y m p h o n y C h o r a l e " by Ach; "Bleib M i t einer G n a d e " by K a r g Elert; "Ronde Francaise" by Boellmann; " H r a u m e ( T r i s t a n and Isolde)", W a g n e r ; "Sonata da C h i e s a " by Andriessen.




Music Notes

DORIAN SOROSIS SOCIETY T h e s e t t i n g s u n ' s l o n g fingers S i g m a S i g m a h e l d a business touched m e e t i n g as t h e i r second m e e t i n g T h e brilliant a u t u m n t r e e . of the year. M a r g a r e t Allen, presiP a i n t i n g e'en mor e glorious still d e n t , and L o r r a i n e P o m p , P a n T h a t bit of h e a v ' n f o r me. Hellenic r e p r e s e n t a t i v e , p r es en ted J u s t such a picture w a s b r o u g h t m o r e detailed p l a n s of t h e nonto t h e mind's eye of t h e Dorian r u s h i n g s y s t e m . P e g B e r g e n , w e l i t e r a r y society on W e d n e s d a y eve- r e t a r y , read t h e ^ constitution, ning, S e p t e m b e r 28. A f t e r t h e busi- according to the t r a d i t i o n of the ness m e t i n g m e m b e r s w e r e t a ke n society. t h r o u g h a f o r e s t of b r i g h t - h u e d T r u d y Visscher w a s appointed a u t u m n trees by Nelvie Vanderbilt, float c h a i r m a n f o r Homecoming, « • • who w a s in c h a r g e of the p r o g r a m t h o u g h the rest of the committee T r y o u t s f o r Men's Glee Club f o r t h a t week. h a s not as yet been n a m e d . Student took place last night. Beneath a " T r e e of H e a v e n , " Council p l a n s f o r Homecoming • • • Hulda Rigterink opened with devo- w e r e discussed and Gladys Van The choir p e r f o r m e d t h e i r first tions, a f t e r which some old songs, L a r e was placed in c h a r g e of the n u m b e r in the chapel services this beloved in a n y season, were sung. e n t e r t a i n m e n t of the S o r o s i s m o r n i n g singing " F i n l a n d i a " by Then Emily Bielefeld r e a d an alumni f o r Homecoming. Sibelius. a p p r o p r i a t e s h o r t story. T h e s t r a i n s T h e m e e t i n g w a s a d j o u r n e d with • • • of " S e p t e m b e r in the R a i n , " s u n g the singing of the Sorosis songs. A g r e a t deal of m a t e r i a l w a s DR. D I M N E N T by Nelvie Vanderbilt, were heard o shown in the G i r i s' Glee Club t r y f r o m the shade of a weeping wilC O S M O P O L I T AN SOCIETY outs an also f o r t h e Fenton Schollow tree. While enormous red Monday evening, with r u s h i n g urday. At this time the office of arship f o r men. W i n n e r s will be apples were being munched, the activities in f u l l swing, a fine proDr. George Sprau of Kalamazoo announced in the next Anchor. wind in the old m o a n i n g pine made g r a m was enjoyed a t t h e Cosmowill end. Dr. Dimnent has served * * • a spooky background f o r t h e ghost politan House. Gord Vanden Brink The Chapel Choir has entered the group as vice-president f o r the s t o r y told in the candlelight by s a n g several n u m b e r s ; Cliff Marcus its h a r n e s s and is busily at work. last two years. Ruth DeYoung. provided some of his super-subtle E n t h u s i a s m and interest on t h e o Music for the occasion, which p a r t of all the new m e m b e r s as wit, and Bill Jacobs read an a d m i r ALETHEAN NEWS will bo in the n a t u r e of a dinner well as the old is f o r m i n g a promable and i n f o r m a t i v e serious p a p e r On Wednesday night the Ale- on William Randolph H e a r s t . Remeeting, will be provided by t h e ising outlook f o r the Choir this t h e a n s met in t h e i r room, which f r e s h m e n t s and an i n f o r m a l g a t h Hope d e p a r t m e n t of music. Dr. year. h a s recently been cleaned and re- e r i n g climaxed a most e n j o y a b l e Dimnent will speak a t the meeting. Election of officers was held last a r r a n g e d , f o r an i m p o r t a n t business evening. T h u r s d a y . The following officers were elected: President, A1 Ship- meeting. Reports were m a d e by On Wednesday evening, m e m b e r s h o r s t ; vice president, Lois Voor- the r e p r e s e n t a t i v e s to the various of the f r e s h m a n class were ag ain h o r s t ; s e c r e t a r y , Beatrice F a i r - organizations and a general outline the guests of Cosmos. Harold ARENOSHORST banks; treasurer, Bob V e g t e r ; of the coming activities w a s given. Leestma, motivated by the critical Plans were a r r a n g e d f o r the m a n a g e r , Clifford Keizer. situation caused by the Czech-Gerp a r t y which is to be given f o r the m a n crisis, reviewed United S t a t e s f r e s h m e n and new girls next policies d u r i n g the last World W a r T h u r s d a y evening a t Voorhees hall. in a p a p e r entitled " W o o d r o w WilSee us f o r y o u r Accessories, T h e r e being no definite p r o g r a m son and His Ideals." J i m A d a m s planned, an i n f o r m a l time w a s enand Bob V a n d e r L a a n , as loony a Gloves, Hosiery, P u r s e s , joyed by the m e m b e r s , which closed p a i r of buck p r i v a t e s as ever went with a n u m b e r of rousing and on parade, with Mai Baron as serpeppy songs. Blouses, H a n d k e r c h i e f s , g e a n t , farced t h r o u g h a w a r scene in which the enemy was finally put DELPHI Brassiers. o u t of action witK a f e w lusty L a s t Wednesday evening Delphi p u m p s of a flit gun. Cye Voogd, roses, rosy-cheeked f r o m a s u m m e r accompanied on the piano by Cliff of recreation, met in a rose a r b o r Keizer, slid the doors s h u t on the w e a r i n g rose-colored glasses, to be p r o g r a m with a trombone solo. Res p e c t a t o r s to a p r o g r a m entitled f r e s h m e n t s and bull sessions occu" T h e One Rose," under the direc- pied the r e m a i n d e r of t h e n i g h t . tion of vice-president Lois VoorOn F r i d a y n i g h t , despite the horst. The soil w a s cultivated by Albion victory over Hope, a h u n g r y Delphian Van Raalte, who read the and spirited crowd milled t h r o u g h p a r a b l e of the Sower. Sunshine the Cosmo house, e m p t y i n g the 15 West 8th St. was added by Delphian Boven in a cider j u g and the cake tins. HOSIERY SPECIAL )€autifully rendered piano selecA t intervals t h r o u g h o u t t h e week, tion. Delphian Marcley f r o z e the i n f o r m a l m e e t i n g s were held, f e a ALL N E W FALL SHADES. SIZES 10 E a s t E i g h t h S t r e e t Rosebuds with a humorous p a p e r t u r i n g t h a t incomparable flre-eater, 8.2 t o 10.2. P U R E SILK, F U L L which was very much all wet. Del- Bob Vander L a a n , ar s o n is t e x t r a FASHIONED CHIFFON. Kodaks and Kodak Finishing, phian Voorhorst impressively read special, who nearly singed his vocal Slightly i r r e g u l a r s of the the creed and explained its t r u e cords, and m a y soon be h a v i n g a F r a m i n g and G i f t s $1.00 quality. significance. " R e m e m b e r Rose" was fire sale. HOLLAND, MICHIGAN Priced at 59c p a i r . the title applied to a musical skit T h e r u s h i n g season is over, but enacted by Delphians Morgan and regardless of f r a t e r n i t y connech o t t e r . Delphian P o t t e r s a n g a tions, m a n y new f r i e n d s h i p s have clever parody of " R e m e m b e r Me." been formed, and m a n y good times n conclusion the " L a s t Rose of enjoyed. 13 W e s t 8 t h Street S u m m e r " was b r o u g h t once again rom the rose bowl as several Delphians reviewed experiences of the past s u m m e r . The previous week Delphians had unofficially opened their social season with a slumber (more or less) Have you ever tried our Economy Fluffed Dry Service at p a r t y at the Boven cottages. Since they succeeded in a r r i v i n g a t con9c per pound? Sample B u n d l e : 3 s h i r t s , 2 d r a w e r s , 2 u n d e r s h i r t s , 1 p a j a m a , vocation on time and in good order, .5 pair socks, 6 handkerchiefs, 3 s o f t collars, 3 towels, 3 w a s h they feel prepared to s t a r t a n o t h e r big year, full of f u n , f r i e n d s h i p s , cloths. A v e r a g e weight, f o u r pounds—36 cents. NOTE I. T h i s is probably less t h a n the parcel post c h a r g e and f r e q u e n t s t u d y i n g (of course).

Dr. E . D. Dimnent, p r o f e s s o r of economics a n d philosophy, is scheduled to head t h e Michigan A u t h o r s ' A t the l a s t r e g u l a r m e e t i n g of association a t the a u t u m n m e e t i n g t h e P a n Hellenic, lots were d r a w n of the g r o u p which will be held a t a s to the d a t e s f o r the p a r t i e s f o r the W a r m F r i e n d T a v e r n on S a t all new g i r l s . E a c h society will give one p a r t y in Voorhees Hall. T h e e x p e n s e s a r e not to exceed $20. Alethean d r e w the first week, Dorian the second, Delphi the third, Sorosis the f o u r t h , and Sibylline the fifth.

Angeline Dornbos was elected s e c r e t a r y - t r e a s u r e r of this organis i s t e r Delphians h a v e planned to zation. Miss Ross and Miss Boyd m a k e up Sunshine Boxes, one to be were re-elected as sponsors. h e r period of convalescence.

Pig* Time



with e v e r y t w e l v e p a i r you b u y .


Flo-Raine Beauty Salon 210 C O L L E G E A V E .

79c to $1.15

JEANE'S SHOPPE E a s t 8th S t

Telephone 2170


Welcome! Students of Hope!



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Women's Furnishings.


30 E. E I G H T H ST.

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Hope College Anchor

Page Four

FROSH OPEN TONIGHT; VARSITY PLAYS FRIDAY Frosh To Battle Hope Wins; Loses in Opening Games Tough Alma Club of Gridiron Year at Park Tonight

The football season is well u n d e r recond. T h e Dutch opened w i t h a housing 20-0 t r i u m p h over F e r r i s Institute of Big Rapids Sept. 23,

Ccttch Jack Schouten's 1938 edition of the f r e s h m a n football t e a m wilf .make its bow to t h e students

and last F r i d a y night lost in t h e opener of the Michigan Intercollegiate schedule to Albion, 3-0. In

and gridiron f a n s of Holland tonight.

The coming-out



scheduled f o r 8 p. m. a t Riverview





power enough to t h r e a t e n any t e a m in the conference this year. In the opener, Hope opened t h e

Tap-k under the lights.

SPORTING JOTS By Boh Wishmeier _ _ _

MIAA SUndings W L

A recent m a g a z i n e article took p a i n s to describe t h e various way, and Hope college h a s a .500

Outstanding Yearlings to Mix in Tussle at Local Stadium

List MIAA Tilts Hope and Junior for Second Week Meet in Red- Hot

football abilities of one E r n i e Lain. . . Evidently he is t h e Two-Ton A l m a Tony of t h e gridiron. . . At a n y r a t e , his 230 pounds is j u s t 40 Albion


Grid Tilt Friday








1.000 1 0 pounds more t h a n the heaviest of Hope's football m a t s r i a l . . . T h a t Hillsdale 1.000 Kalamazoo 1 0 is, unless P a l m e r Martin is proven eligible as this is w r i t t e n . . . .000Hope 0 1 M a r t i n l e f t H o p e as a " s k i n n y " sophomore two y e a r s ago, and the Olivet .000 0 1 other day showed up w i t h a p a i r of shoulders as broad as t h e beam Adrian .000 0 1 The Michigan Intercollegiate on a Fall river flat boat. . . He tips t h e scale a t 212. . . His a rriv a l recalls the w o r k of his b r o t h e r s . Dean in football, and Don in t r a c k . football season is u n d e r w a y . Already t e a m s have t a k e n places . . . Don broke three records a t the M.I.A.A. t r a c k and field meet in in s t a n d i n g s , b u t as yet it h a s been 1937. . . impossible to m a k e any predicTonight, t h e f r e s h m e n a r e opening their football season. . . F o r tions or s t a t e m e n t s as to t h e relathe first year in the h i s t o r y of the club, the t e a m h a s b u t one Hoi- tive s t r e n g t h of the teams in t h e

contest by letting t h e F e r r i s boys

Name Lineups for Scrap Under Lights Here at Riverview Park There will be a hot t i m e in the old town F r i d a y n i g h t ! Grand Rapids J u n i o r college and Hope a r e m e e t i n g in a n o t h e r chapt e r of long s t a n d i n g gridiron rivalry, and according to t h e best of indications t h e Battle of Bull Run wouldn't hold a candle to the s c r a p t h a t ' s going to take place. The t e a m s are scheduled to meet under the lights at Riverview P a r k next F r i d a y night a t 8 p. m. The contest will be Hope's last non-association a f f a i r this season.

lander in the s t a r t i n g lineup. . . He is Bill T a p p a n , who, besides be- conferenee. K a l a m a z o o ^ ] 8 T T d ® f e ^ " ing champion; Albion and Hope apstrike f o r a pair of first downs, ing center on t h e f r e s h m a n club, is president of his class. . . He, with Schouten has been whipping his p e a r to be s t r o n g ; Alma is t h e f a v but a m o m e n t l a t e r t h e whiteMorris Tardiff, scoied p e r f e c t scholastic records in Holland high orite challenger, and a hunch squad into s h a p e with favorable reshirteo 1 ads took the ball, and used school. . . Robert Ferris, f r o s h back, w a s never assigned to block in chooses Hilsdale to be t h e d a r k sults. Backfield m a t e r i a l has been j u s t three plays to score the first plentiful, and the squad is the l a r g his high school football days a t Shelby. . . Ted Cimock of Jackson, horse in the race. Olivet and Adrian Grand Rapids J u n i o r , this year, touchdown. Brannock made t h e are weak. est to report in the history of the f r e s h m a n , never carried t h e ball d u r i n g his senior y e a r. . . Incidenboasts of one of the best teams in So f a r , Albion defeated Hope, 3-0 school The frosh will exhibit a last lap on a 28-yard cut-back. The tally, Bob V a n d e r Laan, r e g u l a r varsity q u a r t e r b a c k , carried the ball in a closely f o u g h t battle, each the school's history, and f a n s here f a s t c h a i g i n g line of average goal was missed. or passed on every play d u r i n g his senior year at Union high in Grand t e a m collecting eight first downs. can bet t h a t nothing will go w r o n g weight. Brannock set the s t a g e f o r a Rapids. . . Cimock was medalist in the s t a t e high school golf t o u r n a - In last S a t u r d a y ' s tests, K a l a m a - with t h e i r attack on t h e local gridThe lack of reserve strength is iron. On the other hand, Hope feels second-period touchdown with a m e n t two y e a r s ago and runner-up a y e a r ago. . . Loren Brinninger zoo beat Adrian, 45-0, and Hillsthe only cloud evident on the sky capable of meeting some p r e t t y 45-yard j a u n t down the sidelines to dale set down Olivet, 32-7. f o r tomorrow night's game, for reof Allegan has 15 prep athletic letters. . . This w e e k , the conference tough competition, and the stubports a r e t h a t the new Alma f r o s h the Ferris 16-yard line. A f t e r a In the Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association, directors swings into its second week Fri- born Dutchmen are expecting to coach, Hank Lowe, f o r m e r l y of St. first down, Marcus passed to B r a n last week k e p t the wires hot. . . Both Olivet and Adrian petitioned day and S a t u r d a y . Albion meets s t a g e one of the best g a m e s of the Joe high, has a squad of sixty boys nock over the goal f o r the score. to be allowed to play f r e s h m e n , because varsity m a t e r i a l was too Alma a t Alma Friday night. Kala- season h e r e Friday. w o r k i n g under him. Out of the scarce to w a r r a n t playing regular games. . . R a t h e r t h a n call all mazoo will f a c e Olivet a t KalamW h a t has set the s t a g e f o r this Once more the kick was bad. aKgregation, he oup:ht to be able g a m e s with the schools t h i s y e a r invalid, directors voted f o r a threeo u t s t a n d i n g bit of rivalry is a long F o r the third q u a r t e r touchdown, zoo F r i d a y night, and Hillsdale to pick a team with plenty of y e a r rule. . . It reads t h a t t h e schools can play the f r e s h m e n , but will tackle Adrian S a t u r d a y . series of Hope victories over the s t r e n g t h , an have reserves in abun- Hope recovered a F e r r i s f u m b l e Grand Rapids outfit. J u n i o r has not t h a t the boys will be ineligible for play during t h e i r senior year. . . o on the F e r r i s 10-yard line, and dance. The football often has some hot political discussions, J a y Van beaten Hope in football since As the t e a m s meet tonight, Hope a f t e r two plays, Vander L a a n W.A.A. Board Announces Coach Bud Hinga came here f r o m Hoven holding up the Democratic a r g u m e n t s . . . When newly-appointwill put on display a promising plunged over the goal. The kick ed Athletic Board S e c r e t a r y Bruce M. Raymond b r o u g h t home Sen. Inclusive Sport Program Holland high school seven y e a r s q u a r t e t of backs. Bud Morgan, was low. ago. In a n y time b e fo r e t h a t , J u n A r t h u r H. Vandenberg's latest campaign story, M u r p h y Man Van Coach Bud Hinga's crew seemed Herkimer, N. Y. boy, will be a t t h e ior was able to count but t h r e e vicHoven took a beating. . . Said Sen. Vandenberg, " W e don't w a n t At a m e e t i n g held in Voorhees quarterback post. Most f r e q u e n t l y ready f o r a n o t h e r touchdown in the tories. people in this state g o v e r n m e n t whose pores expand in s y m p a t h y hall Tuesday night, the Board of he will call the signal of Loren fourth q u a r t e r when Vander L a a n every time the president perspires. . ." This y e a r Junior college feels the Women's Athletic Association Brinmnger, f o r m e r Allegan high carried the ball to a first down on capable. Coaches Mike Steele and made general plans f o r another boy, to run. pass or punt. Brin- the f o u r y a r d line. F e r r i s held f o r J o h n n y Regezci have whipped a y e a r of athletic activity f o r t h e ninper with Ted Cimock, Jackson downs, however. As LeSeney a t f a s t and heavy squad into good earco-eds on Hope's campus. Plans high school s t a r , will be at t h e tempted to punt f r o m behind his have been made f o r the organiza- ly season shape, and t h e eleven alhalfback posts tonight. Bob Brown own goal, Ken Honholt raced in to tion of a hiking group which will ready has counted a win over an of Ionia has shown the driving tackle him for a s a f e t y , and two hike to places of interest once a M.I.A.A. a g g r e g a t i o n by b e a t i n g more points. power needed at the position to pulling f r o m their holes f o r fifteen week, and within the next f e w Olivet, 27-6, in the opening tussle. Sophomores, f r e s h m e n and t r a Scoring was not so easily accomcarry the vote f o r the job. minutes. At the end of this period, weeks an all-college s k a t i n g p a r t y In preparation f o r this outfit Ray Meyers, Grand Rapids; Bud plished in the second game of the dition will a g a i n hold sway this a one-minute rest will precede the will be held. which outweighs them in every posyear, in the f a m e d and f u r i o u s pull season—the opening g a m e of the Ferris, Shelby; and Ed De Free, final pulling, which has to be done ition, Hope last Monday got severacross Black River. R u m o r has it Basketball, swimming and bowlHolland, are boys who will get into M.I.A.A. season, with Albion. In in a standing position to the end. al new plays, and w e n t through an t h a t the river is unusually high ing are activities which will come the contest for plenty of backfield the first q u a r t e r , an aggressive AlAny man who does not remain in a f t e r n o o n of light signal practice. and cold, m a k i n g it a highly unbion club caught Hope flat-footed l a t e r in this athletic p r o g r a m which action. a s t a n d i n g position a f t e r his team is to include every girl in school. Tuesday t h e boys g o t in some Tonight's s t a r t i n g lineup will in Dutch territory, and Callahan, pleasant spot to linger in. Combinhas stood up will be t a k e n f r o m The board also voted t h a t each rough work, and today t h e team probably see A1 Borr, Zeeland, and 200-pound tackle, drop-kicked a ing this with a large a m o u n t of the rope. If the f r o s h win the scrap girl who participates in this pro- will begin to taper off f o r the conTom Slager, Muskegon, at the field goal f r o m the 18-yard m a r k - class spirit should produce a roarthey will not have to pot to sopho- g r a m m u s t present a doctor's cer- t e s t . ends. Dick Hanson, Alma t r a n s - er. The goal was the m a r g i n of ing fight to s t a y dry. mores. tificate of examination. Hope's lineup will find Captain fer, and Ward Toner r Shelby, will victory. L a s t year's struggle was a In the second q u a r t e r , t e a m s Captain f o r the sophomore team Mill DeGroot at center with Bob be at the tackles. Bill Hakken, t u m m y - w r e n c h e r , lasting n e a r l y Wishmeier and Bob Powers probaformer Grand Rapids all-cit(y played more evenly, and t h r o u g h - two hours, the frosh e m e r g i n g de- will be Bob D y k s t r a , f o r the f r o s h . bly g e t t i n g the call as g u a r d s . Dent choice, and Bill Gannon of F r e - out the second half, Hope outplay- f eat ed and v e r y democratic in Ken Vandenberg, with c o a c h e s Norlin and Elmer Ridenour will mont, will be a t the guards, flank- ed Albion. Twice Hope was within appearance. It w a s a g r e a t battle, Gord Pleune and Don Cordes, replay the tackles, and Ken Honholt ing Bill T a p p a n of Holland at cen- striking distance, but each time however, and one that t h i s y e a r ' s spectively. The feminine bearers of scoiing plans were blasted. and Cornie Pape will line up at the ter. f r o s h will find h a r d to duplicate, mercy, water and oranges, and the In the third q u a r t e r , a steady ends. Linemen sure of action are Roy committees s e r v i n g to make the with the exception of the d e f e a t . Alder, Gil Van Wieren. Less Wal- march to Albion's 18-yard line set e A shoulder injury, received in the In an effort to keep the pull v e n t a bigger and better one will lace, Gerald Gilmore, P e r r y Dfng- the s t a g e f o r Marcus to pass over within a reasonable time limit, the be: sophomore, J e a n Wishmeier, Albion g a m e , may keep Paul BoyF I N E FOOTWEAR man, Jimmy White, Bill Van Oss the goal line. Gies, Albion center, ink out of the game F r i d a y night. rules were somewhat changed, and c h a i r m a n ; Ruth S t r y k e r , Marthene intercepted it, and stopped the and Elmer Brandt. A possible s h i f t in t h e backfield several judges added to the execu- Van Dyke, M a r g a r e t Bilkert, MarIn scrimmage the frosh have drive. positions m i g h t move Bob Marcus tive list. The event is intended to ion Tysse, Phyllis Newcastle, Ruth Within ?. few minutes, Hope was made good showings against varsito half, and put A r t Kronemeyer in proceed as follows: A whistle sig- Klassen, Doris Van Lente, Mary ty men, but the yearlings still lack i again ready to score, and this t i m e the fullback post. A n o t h e r move nal will warn the teams to p r e p a r e R u t h Jacobs, Tess Van Dyke, and the perfection that experience will a place kick by Houtman w a s would p u t George Heneveld at The f r e s h m e n blocked. Passes throughout the to dig in. One minute l a t e r another Helen F a i r b a n k s . bring later, in the season. half and leave Marcus a t full. Lee signal will begin five m i n u t e s of p i r i s w ill be B e t t y Race, Mary FreFollowing the Alma game t h e fourth o u a i t e r failed to click. Brannock will play one half, and digging in, which will be followed lick, J a n e t Shiptrime, Beth Mar- FOR THAT NEW DRESS, Summaries; frosh are 'slated to meet Grand Bob V a n d e r Laan will play q u a r t e r 6 6 G 2—20 by a five-minute rest. Then, one cus, Jean Price, P e g Hadden, Ruth Rapids Junior College's first g a m e Hope back. COAT OR HAT 0 0 0 0—0 minute a f t e r a n o t h e r w a r n i n g sig- Williams, J u n e Baker, Betty Domen here in another night game. F e r r i s Hope is anxious tc- send the nal the pull will begin, both t e a m s herty, and Donna Zwemer. The local boys will play games a t s t r o n g J u n i o r outfit back to Grand 0 0 0 0—0 Albion and Kalamazoo early in Hope See Rapids on the short end of the Albion 3 0 0 0—3 November. score. Hope defeated J u n i o r , 14-0 last y e a r. A bonfire and pep m e e t i n g in Grand Rapids will p r e p a r e a crowd to you HOPE1TES of more than 600 enthusiastic Grand Rapids rooters f o r the conY o n k e r s I n v i t e s e a c h of test. They will all be in the stands you to c o m e i n a n d see when t h e t e a m s trot onto the field here n e x t F r i d a y n i g h t . o u r large s e l e c t i o n o I Hope m e e t s Junior in the last of merchandise. the first series of home games. The Dutch t r a v e l to Adrian next week SPECIAL— in the first daylight g a m e of the Cascade Stationery season. 6 East 8ih St. Phone 3 0 5 5 F o r the last two weeks, Coach

Committee Revises Pull Rules To Insure Well Run Contest

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