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The Anchor HOPE COLLEGE. Holland. Michigan. Oct. 3. 1923

Volume XXXVI

FRESHMEN VICTORS IH ANNUAL PULL LARGE CROWD WATCHES ANNUAL FROSH-SOPH CO N T E ST Sophs Take to the Water A f t e r Hard Tussle A f t e r a short but hotly contested struggle last Friday afternoon, the Freshmen quite easily pulled t h e Sophomores to their side of the river in the annual tug-of-war f o r supremacy. The victory was doubly an achievement because thw North side, on which the Sophomores pulled, w a s generally conceded to have the advant a g e of position. A large crowd of both students and townspeople gathered on both banks of the river some time before the first whistle blew. Twenty men pulled on each side as representatives of their respective classes. The Freshmen, owing to the larger numbers from which they had to choose, had the heavier men, outweighing the Sophs by about five pound apiece. The usual f r a n t i c kicking and dirt throwing accompanied the diggingin process. When the whistle blew f o r the "pull-off" each side took up a foot or two of slack and then set£d down to wait f o r t h e end of the rty minutes of "hole-pulling." A tentative "heaves" were made, it was evident that the coaches •e saving their men f o r the final, ical struggle. A f t e r the signal given to rise, Iwwever, the F r e s h immediately began to take in They were well coached and heaved steadily while the Sophomores were disconcerted from the first and on account of the yelling of the crowd were unable to get the signals f r o m their coaches. In seven minutes they were all in the river and, altho they hung on gamely all the way across, were soon pulled thru. The coaches f o r the Sophomores were: Prins, Fell, and Ridding; those for the F r e s h m e n : Ottipoby, Reimersma, and Irving. o JUNIORS CELEBRATE P U L L NIGHT AT L A K E S I D E INN When the shades of night descended and old Mr. moon smiled upon the Lakeside Inn, he witnessed a spectacle which made even him laugh with delight. The "pull" was over. We had completed our task, and the Frosh had successfully bathed the pitiful Sophs, under the leadership of our • f a i t h f u l classmates. Why shouldn't we feel elated? In this spirit, the class of '25 collected a t the rendezvous to enjoy, (and enjoy they did), the annual Pull P a r t y . Vim and vigor were there with their colleagues Hopeism and pep. With this addition to the crowd the inevitable result was: f u n and sociability. The eats, as ever the attraction of the evening, were r a t h e r delayed, b u t truly they were worth while waiting for. All decided t h a t they were the best ever. A f t e r the spread, the old adage, "Eat—drink a n d be m e r r y " w a s followed and the president turned the remainder of the evening to the program committee. Then a program of singing, music and readings, capped by brief speeches by the chaperones, was earnestly appreciated by the class. That the evening was too short was proclaimed by all, as the I n t e r r u r b a n a r r v e d to carry us back to old—not V i r ^ i a , but Holland. o Don't tftiss a very important p a r t of your college education: Lecture Course.



The following rules shall go into effect on Friday noon, September 28, and continue until Wednesday, November 28, a t 8 o'clock P.M. H O P E I T E S M E E T AT 1. No Freshman fellow shall ap"MAC" FOR ALL-COLLEGE pear on the college campus or on the GET-TOGETHER streets of Holland without wearing on his head a green F r o s h Pot. Laughter and h e a r t s so high 2. No Freshman girl shall appear T h a t the spirit flew off f r e e . on the college campus or on the L i f t i n g into the sky, streets of Holland without wearing Diving into the sea." around her neck a green ribbon, one With gleeful h e a r t s hope-ites all inch wide or wider, with a bow in ,. . * ^ * f r o n t , so tied that the whole ribbon is m e t o n Michigans short f o r the firs time this year. Anticipation and visible. 3. No Freshman fellow shall have w o n d e r b r o u g h t l a r e e . n u m b e r s o f f r e s h m e n there, and as f o r the rest. a date with an upper-class girl. a 4. No Freshman girl shall have a t h e y k n e w t h e y ' d ^ good t , m e 80 the f ml33ln date with an upper-class fellow. y took n" * « ,t5. All upper-classmen shall be "Eat8'" tht Vflf0' every man,s life w e i e given preference in entering all build' ^ d o n c e . Of course 11 i s t 0 b ! e x ected that some ings except dormitories. ' ' P 6. Resolved: that a hat day be always get More than their share, and established as becoming traditional the social committee is not to be blamwith the institution upon which day e d w h e n a n over-willing truck driver the F r e s h m a n rules shall go out of c a n n o t a e c o u n t f o r t h e ^ a p p e a r a n c e force, and the F r e s h m a n class shall o f P i e 3 - However, all were well filled, burn upon the college bon-fire the 8 0 m u c h 8 0 ' i n f a c t ' t h a t s o n g s o f a Pots and ribbons they have worn. P e c u l i a r n a t u r e ' a l m o s t ""known at Ho e before Exceptions. P » m i x e d ^ady with the No F r e s h m a n rules shall be in breezes' With colleges of renown, p u t t m g on force on Sunday. No Freshman rules shall be in contests—oratorical and others—in addition to a newly instituted " S t a g force on Society nights. College," which "pulled off" the clever stunts, of course, t l f i e went F R E S H M E N HOLD quickly. By the light of the moon F I R S T PARTY A F T E R P U L L and a large bonfire " u k e s " accomJenison Park was the scene of a P a n i e d t h e s i n S i n S o f " I n t h a t d e a r hilarious good time Friday night M t o w n " a n d o t h e r P o n t e s , and t when the Freshmen, ably chaperoned w e a ^ ^ ^ s ^ a d b e e n a d a y which wou d ever by Mr. and Mrs. J a c k Schouten, ^ bring j back happy memones. gathered there to give vent to the

THE ORANGE AND BLUE • o Proudly we wave Hope's banner. Orange and Blue; To her f a i r , shining symbols We'll e'er be t r u e : Orange f o r royalty. Blue f o r true loyalty F l i n g out our banner f r e e ! And sing out anew:— Chorus: Orange and Blue! To them we'll e'er be true! We'll keep them flying. Forever flying. Together cheer and shout! (Yea! Hopeites). Orange and Blue! Raise the song anew. We'll ever hail our glorious Orange and Blue! Like her we show the Orange, Proud let us be! Children of Alma Mater, Royal are we! Blue is the t r u s t of youth. Honor, and love, and t r u t h . So let us wear them both. T h a t all men m a y see: — Of life's unfolding pathway, little we know. Yet, over all the journey Hope's light shall glow. When sinks the closing day. Over the fading way. Then we shall see its r a y . F a i r glory bestow. o HOPE HAS FIVE NEW INSTRUCTORS —o— Many Changes Are Made In The Personnel Ol' The Faculty

enthusiasm and pep which has charOnly p a r t of the pleasure of our acterized them ever since they came S E N I O R S GO TO OTTAWA BEACH r e t u r n to college this fall comes f r o m to hope, and which reached a climax on F r i d a y afternoon. To score a Six-thirty and last call for busses! the meeting of old f r i e n d s ; the new Fo acquaintances a r e j u s t as interesttriumph as they did a t the Pull would * the Seniors w e r e ^oine t0 0 t t a w a put life into a wooden Indian and Beach f o r their class p a r t y . All ing. This year we a r e looking forwhen it comes to Freshmen—be it w e r e there with more than usual pep. ward to many happy relations with our new f a c u l t y members, new a t sufficient to say t h a t Joy was ab- A s k 8 o m e o f t h e f e l l o w 3 i f t h e b i b 8 o f solute monarch. the Lampen kiddies didn't come in least as our teachers, if not entirely h nd s t r a n g e to Hope. The first thing t h a t happened a f t e r a y - T h e n s u P P e r - u m - m ' w / Miss J e a n n e t t e Vander W e r p of the all the ribbon-bedecked crowd had as- actually had a chicken supper. Afclass of 1920, has spent two years sembled in the pavilion was the serv- t e r t h a t all scrambled f o r a seat on ing of a delicious supper which to all t h i | o r c h of the lovely big cottage teaching in the mission school f o r Indians a t Jicarilla, New Mexico. She appearances was immensely enjoyed. N e l l * o l e secured f o r us. A f t e r the last slice of watermelon had Cornie " s t r u c k - u p " a tune and sing is to be instructor in French and w e d d disappeared and a general get-togeth' > u n t ' ' Harvey favored us with Latin. a er had taken place the class was hair-raising story which made us Miss Nella Meyer, studied f o r three a11 r u s h for home Yea eata! Yea years a t hope, a f t e r which she comcalled to order to listen to an unpep! Yea Seniors! pleted her course and graduated a t usual program. the University of Wisconsin. A f t e r The first event was Si Wiersma the two years as teacher a t Ypsilanti, she class prodigy who made an edifying SOPHS MAKE MERRY speech of some length. Then came D E S P I T E D E F E A T is to be instructor in French. G a r r e t t Vander Borgh, r e t u r n s to other numbers—a few tuneful selecHold Class P a r t y in Cottage a t his Alma Mater as instructor in tions by a uke trio, two pleasing vocal • Macatawa. Mathematics in the Preparatory solos by Cornelia N e t t i n g a and other School. Graduating in 1920, he served short talks from J a c k Schouten and After a aeemin 1 class men. ^ y woeful defeat as teacher in our church mission in A f t e r the program an old-fashioned the Sophomore class gathered to- India. A f t e r his r e t u r n to this coungood time was indulged in and f a t h e r f o r a class p a r t y , consoling t r y he studied a t Columbia UniFreshies grew voung again in " L a t e themselves t h a t there were more con- versity. test8 in the f u t u r e m whlch they Mr. Irwin Lubbers, i n s t r u c t o r in f o r S u p p e r " and "Wink." could rove English, a f t e r his graduation in 1917, But time is relentless and every P their mettle. This gathgood thing must come to an end " i n g took place a t the Mary J a n e spent two years in the Western Theosometime. The F r e s h m a n p a r t y did C o t t a f ? e l o c a t e t l o n the shores of logical Seminary. The n e x t three with much regret on the p a r t of the B l a c k Lake. Mr. and Mrs. H a g e r years he gave to the work of our were "guests " * n v ^ d t o accompany the p a r t y church in India, p a r t of the time as as Everybody now: chaperons. It was about eight Principal of o u r " v e r y own" Hope e o t wel1 u n d High School. L a s t y e a r he spent in Long live the livest class t h a t ever 0 ' c l 0 c k w h e n t h e ^ f wa a,ld shortl entered Hope! Yea F r e s h m e n ! ! y y a f t e r w a r d s refresh- study a t Columbia University. ments were enjoyed by all. Some n Dr. Gerritt Van Zyl, a f t e r graduatsought the romantic r a y s of the moon ing f r o m Hope in 1918, comes to us BULLETIN BOARD with which to enjoy their r e p a s t by f r o m three years as instructor in the Wednesday, Oct. 3rd. seating themselves and their f a i r University of Michigan, where he has Anchor. p a r t n e r s out on the pier. Others were completed his work f o r the degree of Synodical Conference. content to enjoy themselves inside Ph. D. Thursday, Oct. 4th. within a closer r a n g e of the electric Dr. Albertus Pieters, our new 5:00—6:00 Y. W. C. A. Meeting. piano which played steadily. L a t e r Professor of Bible h a s served so well Friday, Oct. 5th. games of many varieties were en- • as our "embassador" in t h e J a p a n . 5:00—6:00 Home Volunteer. joyed by all and the p a r t y adjourned mission t h a t we all think of him as 5:00—6:00 Student Volunteer. in good season. an old friend. We expect t o find Saturday, Oct. 6th. o much pleasure and profit in associaFootball—Hope vs. Junior College. BALANCED RATION FOR tion with a m a n whose missionary Monday, Oct. 8th. W E E K - E N D READING work has proven so original and so 7:00—8:00 Y. W. C. A. Cabinet Beebe: The E d g e of the Jungle. successful as to win world-wide rec7:00—8:00 Y. M. C. A. Cabinet Norris: The Pit. ognition. Tuesday, Oct. 9th. Andrews: His Soul Goes Marching 7:00—8:00 Y. M. C. A. Meeting. On. Boost the football team.

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Number 1

HOPE PLANS BIG YEAR IN ATHLETICS FOOTBALL G A M E W I T H J U N I O R OCT 6TH, O P E N S ACTIVITIES Season Tickets-Now-On-Sale E v e r y t h i n g is in readiness f o r one of the biggest and best athletic seasons ever enjoyed a t Hope College. W i t h seven veterans back f o r football, 5 f o r basketball, 8 f o r baseball, 5 f o r track and a score of likely looking material in the Freshmen Class, Coach Schouten is well supplied f o r material. Splendid schedules are being arranged and coupled with g r e a t amount of pep shown by the students a t the first mass meeting, makes all indications point to a banner y e a r in athletics. So let us all get on the m a r k , get set, and go. In other words, everybody get your season ticket, keep your work caught up, and go to the first game on S a t u r d a y Oct. 6th, when Hope plays Junior College of Grand Rapids, and keep on going to every athletic contest that comes along and you will surely be a winner. I t is the duty of every student to purchase an athletic ticket and to support the teams by a t t e n d i n g the games. Every y e a r some students ref u s e to buy these tickets, but let us be different this year and everybody buy one and come out to all the games. Season tickets cost only |5.00 and they are a mighty fine investment. Football is first in the line of athletics. At the beginning of the season things looked very doubtful f o r a winning team, but seven vetera n s have returned and several others, who have had some experience, a r e t r y i n g f o r positions. Van Lente, Doekson, Van Der H a r t , Damson, Van Den Brink, J o n k m a n , and Van Der Meer are the veterans of last years t e a m . R. Fell, a member of the 1921 t e a m is trying out f o r a position. Van Veerst, who played l e f t tackle last y e a r , is expected to r e t u r n to the t e a m this week. E s s e n b a g g w s , Van E n a a m , D a m s t r a and Ottipoby have had some experience. While t h e rest of the material is mostly green there a r e same good looking candidates a m o n g them. Athough conditions are n o t as bright a s they m i g h t be, chances are t h a t a good team will be developed. Lets see every student and Faculty member out to the first game, Saturday a f t e r n o o n a t Waterworks Park. Subscribe f o r the Anchor now. o •IN MEMORIAM All the students and friends of Hope were shocked by the news of t h e sudden death of Dr. A. T. Godf r e y . To those acc^ijamted with Dr: x <Jodf/ey in his work in the D e p a r t m e n t of Chemistry, the loss is a double one. During his long period of f a i t h f u l service a t Hope, the Dep a r t m e n t of Chemistry has become one of the s t r o n g e s t of the institution. Through his efforts m a n y men obtained scholarships a t the greatest universities of this country. All these regard their early training und e r Dr. Godfrey as invaluable. By t h e spring of . 1923 the Chemistry Dep a r t m e n t had become so s t r o n g t h a t it was enabled to organize a Chemi s t r y Club which was due largely to t h e interest in t h e science which had been aroused in the minds of the students by their teacher. Surely Hope will always remember and appreciate t h e conscientious efforts of this professor.

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of Detroit, was elected president of TRACK OUTLOOK DECIDEDLY F A V O R A B L E flower, or to feel it in the swing of the Classis of Kalamazoo, t h i s sumthe spheres,—that would make our Hymen, God of M a r r i a g e was busy mer. Indications Point to a Winning Team degree worth working f o r . The this summer. This Year George T. Kots who graduated in Clarence Laman, g r a d u a t e of the Published every Wednesday during the capacity f o r knowing is of more acCollege year by students of Hope Col- count t h a n knowledge. And as we class of 1923 and Miss Bernice J u n e , has been tendered a three year lege. When Coach Schouten sounded the learn to widen our interests we must Mouw of Holland, were quietly m a r - appointment in a college in China. call f o r men to come out and uphold learn to enlarge our sympathies. We ried a t Kalamazoo, August the tenth, BOARD OF EDITORS Mr. Milton Van Dyke 1920, a r - the banner of Hope in that most John De Maagd EdItor-ln-Chlet come to school with a certain stock by Mr. Laman's brother. Rev. J a m e s W i n i f r e d Zwemer Associate Editor of them,—we like and admire such Laman. Clarence has signed a con- rived a t his home in Holland in healthful branch of athletics—track, .William Hllmert Associate Editor and so many folks. But our view- t r a c t to teach Mathematics in the August, a f t e r completing a three he was not disappointed in the reJean Kuyper Campus News and Hackley High School in Muskegon f o r y e a r term of service as instructor of sponse. For, a f t e r only a week of the Jeanette Top Exchange point will be hopelessly bia&d tela P r u l m , Alumni limited untiUwe learn to appreciate this coming year. Biology in Canton Christian College, new school year has passed, there are Jack Veldman Athletics the psychology of another man's bealready a dozen men in regular t r a i n the largest college in South China. Harold Lubbers ing. Among these are five letterhavior. We are going to make a suc—o—— The Rev. M. Adam Westmas, SemiLambert Algiers Prep Editor cess of this g a m e of living in j u s t so nary graduate of the class of 1923 Winifred B u r g g r a a f f , class of 1922, men who have taken p a r t in the Cross f a r as we are able to sympathize with and Miss Nellie Koppenaal, were now a second year student a t the Country meet a t Lansing, one of BUSINESS D E P A R T M E N T John Ver Meulen Business Manager another man's hopes and ambitions. united in m a r r i a g e a t the bride's Seminary, conducted services a t Mar- them having r u n there twice. The Harold Wlerks Circulation Manager new recruits a r e showing excellent Let's get it a t Hope! home in Holland, the 23rd of August. tin, Michigan, this summer. form so f a r and there is no reason o Mr. and Mrs. Westmas have already —o— Terms ^.$1.50 per year In advance Single Copies F've Cents T H E ORANGE AND BLUE Dr. M. J. Flipse, Hope g r a d u a t e why we should not put it across this sailed f o r Amoy, China, where they will serve the Reformed Church in 1917, with Mrs. Flipse, formerly year and come out ahead, since last Accepted f o r Mailing a t Special R a t e "Proudly we wave Hope's banner, Miss Alice Raap, have l e f t f o r year Hope finished within one point mission field. of p o s t a g e provided for In Section 1103, Orange and Blue; Miami, Florida f o r the winter of second place and within eleven A c t of October, 1917, a u t h o r i z e d Octo- To h e r f a i r , shining symbols we'll ' When we hear any mention made months, where Dr. Flipse will prac- points of first place. b e r 19, 1918. e'er be t r u e ; The management desires the supof Mrs. Thodeore Yntema, Mrs. John tise medicine. Orange f o r Royalty, Blue f o r true port of the student body as a whole Dr. Gerard Raap, class of 1916, and Dalenberg, or Mrs. Alfred Scholten, Loyalty we will not have to think back many his wife, will also be in Miami this behind this branch of athletics a t Fling out the banner f r e e ! And sing months when they were just Kath- winter where Dr. Raap expects to Hope which calls f o r a proportional out a n e w : — " amount of sacrifice and effort, on the erine Vander Veen, Helene Van specialize in X-ray. work. . Thus runs the first stanza of our p a r t of the men who participate to, Raalte and Grace Spies. Grace Spiers college song, lauding the beautiful any other branch; and it is only was a Hope graduate of the class of Rev. H a r r y P. Boot missionary f o r symbolism of her colors and pledging 1923; Helene Van Raalte of the class the Reformed Church in China, .has through this support t h a t track will eternal loyalty to the principles 1921, and altho Katherine Vander returned with his f a m i l y on their remain to be 'one of t h e f o u r ' at FRESHMEN RULES which they represent. And, surely, Veen was a graduate of Simmons third furlough. He is a graduate of Hope. the symbolism of her colors is worthy college, she attended Hope f o r two Hope and Western Theological Semiof a little thought on our p a r t . The years. As a general r u l e , ' l i t t l e at- nary. Mr. Boot and family will reLast week at our mass meeting the SUBSCRIPTION COUPON Orange stands f o r Royalty—not the tention is paid to the grooms, b u t we side in Holland, occupying the misrules presented by the student council old, obsolete, autocratic type t h a t will j u s t say t h a t in every respect sionary home donated by Mr. H. G. Harold Wierks, as tentative Freshmen Regulations passed out of existence with the abthey were true Hope men—'nuff Kollen on West 15th Street. were unanimously sanctioned by the 2 E. 10th St. dication of the K a i z e r — b u t r a t h e r than student body. The f a c t t h a t there t h a t it is a Royalty of the Intellect, said. Enclosed find $ p a y i n g my were no dissenting votes cast is good ruling the Kingdom of the Mind—the subscription t h r u the year '23-'24 Any and all Alumni news will be A t a luncheon given this summer evidence t h a t no one of the rules is Super-government of the World. The which you will please send to most, most acceptable by the Alumni unreasonable nor too difficult to be Blue h a s long been recognized by us A u g u s t the first, honoring Miss Helene Van Raalte a n n o u n c e m e n t Editor, Isla Pruim, a t Vorhees Dorkept. They are, in t r u t h , only very as the symbol of t r u t h and loyalty. was made of the engagement of Miss mitory. moderate demands in the light of The combination—Orange and B l u e Lucile Heemstra 1921, and John w h a t might justly be made. stands f o r the principles of love, St H a g e r of Patterson, N. J., class of But, if we remember correctly, the honor, and truth—all t h a t is grand Don't miss a very important p a r t -Ci|ty rules last year were also passed by a 1922. and good and beautiful. Rev. Henry J . Veldman class of '92, of your college education: Lecture very large majority. However, altho All t h a t and more is the sentiment State p a s t o r of the F i r s t Reformed church Course. student sentiment was so generally in expressed in our beautiful college f a v o r , as expressed by . the lifted song. Learn it—not merely the hand, it failed miserably of backing words, but also the sentiments exup it's sanction by co-operative police pressed. We would not like to see anaction. Rules were openly violated other mass meeting pass by without before upper classmen and even* bethe singing of the Orange and Blue, f o r e Sophomores without being reeither because the song is not well ported or personally challenged. This enough known or because of lack of year the same thing will happen unpep. Learn it and sing it—it is your less we have real co-operation on the privilege. p a r t of all students. We know well t h a t 95% of our Frosh will observe TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN the rules because of their respect f o r the honor of the school. But it is up Old Van Vleck, now the most to us to see t h a t the outlaw 5% does pleasant residence of twenty-five not outrage t h a t honor by breaking men, would like to serve notice to those rules and GETTING AWAY COUNT RUMFORU Hopeites, old and new, t h a t it is no W I T H IT! That means, too, t h a t up1753-1814 longer a rendezvous f o r any and all, per classmen r e f r a i n f r o m exorting Born Benjamin Thompson in b u t one of the most complete and Massachusetts. Charged with Frosh to show their spirit by violatmodern dormitories to be found anybeing a Tory, went to Enging, not the rules of the Sophomores, where on a middle west college land, and became Under-Secbut those of the whole school. Don't retary of the Colonies. Later, in campus. B a v a r i a r e o r g a n i z e d the revenge your personal injuries on the T h a t the money so graciously given military department and was college. Again, don't fail to report f o r remodeling may not have been made CountRumford. Returnviolators because they are your ed to England and engaged in given in vain. Van Vleckites have friends.- No college can stand f o r scientific research. Founded become a self-governing body with the Rumford professorship a t many times the blow a t its prestige the following rules to guide them in Harvard. which comes f r o m failure to enforce their conduct and to preserve the Frosh rules. Hope comes before perbuilding f r o m unwarranted deteriorasonal concerns always. " D o . i t for tion: Hope." 1. Observe quiet hours 1—3 P. M.; ALUMNI NEWS

Qtyf Antljnr

He watched the pot as it boiled

Thousands of people had watched the boiling pot, but Count Rumford wondered why it boiled. He did more than wonder; by scientific research he found out for himself.

8—12 P. M. 2. Social hours 5—8 P. M. 3. Quiet hours on Sunday 2—5 P.M. One—two—three—barjg! The pistol 4. Building must be kept clean. cracks and we're off! / S e n i o r s have 5. No smoking in halls or recepone more sedate lap to make; Juniors a r e r u n n i n g on their second wind; tion room. 6. Hall l i g h t s out a t 10:30 P. M. Sophomores find they are ready f o r a s p u r t ; F r e s h m e n come up to the mark and f r o n t door locked. 7. No electrical appliances of any in fine f o r m , f r e s h and uninitiated. In the distance glimmers the much kind allowed. 8. Person or persons, who, in the prized goal, the sheep-skin a t the end opinion of the House Committee, perof the course. Not one of us but remembers our sistently violate these rules, shall be ambitions when we enrolled. A pas- ejected f r o m the House. A committee of five, known as the sion to belong to it all filled our F r e s h m a n souls,—to clap the fellow House Committee, has been apnext to us on the back, t o nod to all pointed, with J a c k Prins as chairman the Seniors, to have the Faculty all f o r the ensuing year. I t is the hope of all who are now smile a t us,—in a word to stroll enjoying this dormitory, t h a t it may across the campus with the sublime confidence of knowing everything and not become the place it was, but everybody in the catalog. But a f t e r r a t h e r the place it should be. Good all a college education does not stand Old Van Vleck Hall, o primarily f o r a stock of accumulated r T H E N E X T LAP

knowledge neatly pigeon-holed f o r f u t u r e reference. We will leave school hopelessly uneducated, our course a dead loss unless we have broadened our interests and enlarged the range of our sympathies. The world is trembling on the edge of the discovery of g r e a t new natural laws and of vast unexplored forces. To appreciate t h a t force in a growing


The White Cross Three experienced Barbers. Hair Bohinga specialty,

And Rumford laid the foundation of the greatest generalization the human mind has yet conceived—the law of the conservation of energy.

The General Electric Company, by continuous scientific research, has developed new and better ways making electricity of use of ma to mankind.

Scientists in the Research Laboratories of the General Electric Company are devoting their lives to pure research, carrying on the work of Rumford and other pioneers of modern science. B y methodical investigation, the frontier of scientific knowledge is being pushed steadily forward.



THE ANCHOR CAMPUS N E W S A glorious summer it was—and an eventful one, f o r some, if we m a y judge f r o m the r a t h e r personal incidents we've heard of. At any r a t e , we all must have been impressed by the several unusual and momentous occurences t h a t l e f t their m a r k on the history of the age. Many a day, the newspapers were as absorbing as our private letters. o—

FOOT= WEAR S. Sprietsma & Son, HOLLAND, MICH.

A f t e r everything has been said and done, we've come back again to find the improvements cited in "De Hope" and "The Leader" as being numerous and noteworthy in recent years. The interior of Van Vleck, the Sentinel said, is like a millionaires' palace. Voorhees was decked as a bride— t h a t is, with flowers—for over a week. From new. law-mowers to new cement driveways, everything seems to have a f r e s h n e s s and an exhilarating effect t h a t indicate a wonderful year. As a climax to these businessman-made changes, we are passsing thru the time when N a t u r e does her part, and the ivy grows red on the library wall.

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orchestra, t h e meeting moved on rapidly and business w a s dispensed with in a manner which speak's well f o r our new chairman. " A f t e r a few yells led by Yellmaster Damson " J a c k " Ver Meulen was introduced to talk Anchor. Then as 'President of the Athletic Association Jack introduced "Si Heemstra who a f t e r his usual explosion urged us to buy our season tickets early and give our moral support to make this a victorious year ^


Hope. Next F r i t z Yonkman, one of our warriors on the football t e a m , urged us to true sportsmen in the comn ear an assure ' £ y ^ d us a g r e a t year in athletics if we keep up our pep and back our teams. Then Harvey brought us to the real business of the evening " F r o s h " rules. These were received with but little discussion. A lively discussion ensued when the rule

Hair Cuts

S t r a n g e things do happen. There ties to-day than "vision." And it is Citz. Phone 1208 are three families represented here because of this quest of vision t h a t by three members and one repre- students are thinking with a clarity, sented by f o u r . In the F r e s h m a n a degree of penetration, an inclusiveclass t h e r e a r e two pairs of twins— ness, and an earriestrfess of purpose we might say two and one-half—since which did not characterize preceding MODEL LAUNDRY one twin left his brother at home. generations. Underneath a certain d7-99 E. 8th St. Citz. Phone 1442 —0— surface lightness engendered by the Our Motto Many f o r m e r students who . have h e a l t h f u l , give-and-takd. of present missed a year or more have returned day campus life, t h e r e - i s developing Qulity and Prompt Service to make Hope their Alma Mater, a f i b r e which wiil stand the t e s t of* Sometimes memory carries them back the epoch upon which the world is enin f a c t as well as in dreams. Then, tering. * ^ * ,, * too, we miss several who were here The Red Cross, national and interlast year. tional, recognizes the f a c t t h a t in the —o— American coleges and universities of Of course, we are not a t all sur- today is t o be found its leadership prised at people's memories—pleas- f o r tomorrow, in a work which perant and otherwise—if they held as haps more t h a n any other is inter, . many ducking-parties as the F r e s h - pre ting to the world a t l a r g e the f u l l men and Sophomores are holding in- scope and meaning of the ideal of the Night Sittings by Appointment ter se. According to latest reports Brotherhood of Man. Consequently it one Sophomore was ducked to f o u r voices a t this time an appeal to t h e Freshmen—which should never be. students of America, not only f o r All Kinds o) Copying & Enlarging ^ —0— support in the oncoming American Ph. 5338 19 E. 8th, Holland, Mich Music will charm many people to National Red Cross Roll Call, Novemchapel this year. At least, chapel will ber 11-29, but f o r serious construcalways be interesting if Freshmen tive study of the work and methods continue to serve as pianists under of the Organization, looking t o w a r d Dr. Nykerk's direction. Helene Van the day when they will assume their Kersen played " H a r k , H a r k , the r i g h t f u l positions of community. L a r k " on Friday and on Thursday the s t a t e and national leadership. college sang " P r a i s e Ye the F a t h e r . " The demands of the time are in—0— creasingly complex, and the f u t u r e is It may interest some Hopeites to heavily charged with forces which as know t h a t P r o f . Ludwig E. Eyme is y e t d e f y analysis. It is not by chance now teaching a t Kansas State Teach- t h a t you have come to your high er's College. He was the " h e a d " of p i a c e n life. We believe t h a t it is the French Department, and it m a y f o r a purpose, and t h a t without the Woys— Girls—Barents shock you a t r i f e to know t h a t he b e s t e a c h one can do in service to his was, technically speaking, the last, f d l o w m e n , all life must be poorer in Lately they haven't conferred the the end. nominal title—one of the peculiarities yjiw y 0 U n o t therefore, stand w i t h of our organization of course. the unconquerable will of a Sidney — the $3 Pen, almost like the Lanier to the - ideal of service? $7 Duofold made especially for the younger folks. The F I R S T MASS-MEETING Through years of poverty which he IS F U L L O F P E P . could have changed by sacrifice of his ideals, and through a g r e a t e r number —a brand-new, high-grade, of years of illness f r o m tuberculosis flashing black pen with a beauAll Classes T u r n Out to Consider which he had not the power t o tiful fluted grip at a price that F r e s h m a n Rules. won't break your Dad if you change, the beloved poet of the Southhappen to lose it. A pen so good A f t e r lying d o r m a n t f o r t h r e e land struggled on, until with a temyou hand it down to the next in months, Hope pep was suddenly re- p e r a t u r e of 104, and while to weak to your family-line when you're ready to b u y the famous leased on F r i d a y night. A f t e r t h e feed himself, he penciled his last and lacquer-red Duofold with the opening d a y s have passed and the g r e a t e s t poem, "Sunrise," a f r a i d t h a t 25-year point Freshmen have begun t o think he would die ere the completion of The "Tarktr D. Q.," long or shurl.Luxf tm* or pocket-clip, "Hope is a dead place,—the old stu- his t a s k ; at $i—lhe finest pen ever dents to say, "school's not t h e s a m e " "Knowledge we ask not—knowledge produced for the money. Come in and see it today. it surely is a blessing to have a Thou hast lent; grand and glorious, full of pep, Mass But Lord, the will—there lies our meeting. b i t t e r need; Opening with a harmonious, con- Give u s to build above^a deep intent, 8th S t . a n d Rlvtr Ave. glomeration of sound by Duke's J a z z The deed, t h e deedl'l


The House of Service**

9 East 8th Stt


H. HEEHCS, Pre,.






r e g a r d i n g which side the Sophmores should have in the pull. FinalD V M E Z BROS. ly the m a t t e r was decided by a flip Dry Goods, Coats. Suits a n d of the coin. Millinery This seemed to settle things down HOLLAND, • MICH. and everyone filled with pep responded to Damson gymnastics and W h a t bothers the old girls is how made Hope campus thrill with t h e some of these new girls get all their feeling t h a t her old p e p . and spirit Vander Floegs 'dates' on their calenders. You see, a t last returned. He compliBarber Shop for m a n y reasons a dormitory is the mented on the splendid support given ^ Cor. College Ave. and 8th St. manibest place to be. W h a t say you. Van the course and the - interest fested by all the students and HolSterilized tools. Vleckites? Strictly Sanitary. land people. No one can afford to miss the proNow t h a t bows are known to get around even the necks of the F r e s h - gram this year, f o r it is of first * man girls, we all sit up and t a k e class brand. A lecture course is p a r t DISEASES OF THE notice. When they blossomed out of the educational p r o g r a m offered a t EYE, EAR, NOSE It is a real educational Friday noon, everybody gasped a t the Hope. and T H R O A T : t i striking simititude of the wearers to f e a t u r e this season. The business 22 West 8th S t r e e t , Above F i f t y - t h r e e litte kittens who wore m a n a g e r says he believes the course Woolworth's 5 and 10 Cent wil go over bigger t h a n ever before. green ribbons Store W h a t now shall the darling d e a r d o ? Office H o u r s — Why, sweet little kittens, keep on C O L L E G E S T U D E N T S A N D T H E 9 to 11 A. M. R E D CROSS your ribbons 2 to 5 P. M. There is probably no word h a r d e r , Or we'll all raise a bullaballoo. S a t . 7 to 9 P. M. worked in the colleges and universi-



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W90 R Correct Engraved Stationery and Dear E d I t o r : f P Printed Matter that Expresses Character Well here we are back on the old job. Old r say, because it takes an old man to think up new jokes every HOLLAND*! FINEST PRINTERS a i t C o l l e g e Arc* week. To the new students I would .us — say, t h a t if any left home with t h e ambition of some day writing this column, let them s t a r t now. There is written in the pages of the J o k e Editor's ' m i n u t e s " the life history of RULE BOOKS GIVEN A W A Y a certain Tut. Not King Tut " H a m anlamb" who thought it was a grave m a t t e r to be brought up before the eyes of t h e people, who was of no earthly good f o r the last two thouTO HOPE COLLEGE STUDENTS sand years, but a T u t well known AT amongst the annals and channels of Hope. This Tut after suviving f o r six or eight years, established 2o6 River Ave, a precedent and now in order to be joke editor six or more years of col- * lege life is required. Well, as I said, the summer is over. Good t h i n g too, f o r as the old saying goes, "Town chickens are j u s t like Also Confectionery and Fruits. those f r o m the f a r m . If you allow 26 West E i g h t h Street them to run around to much they get tough." Yet " H e r k " Damstra says, that this summer has convinced him • * of one thing, namely, " T h a t of all his * wife's relations he likes himself the best." When are you going back " H e r k " ? We know every once in a while a man loses his best friend by m a r r y i n g her. Every man has his troubles and they usually wear sldrts. W v x That's perhaps the reason t h a t so l l r o u s e r many men are homeless, but I noticed y Suit 5 t h a t m a n y men are home less than others. I wish t h a t in the school year the spring would come first and the fall at the close, f o r then the editors would have more material to work with. There are many falling r i g h t * now I noticed, but it will not be until sufficient ambition springs up in the hearts of these gallant Hope knights, that they will make things interesting. Many of those t h a t started last spring had to leave and now they are turning red or dropping, and all the jokes t h a t we do see don't help us FOR out, because they are not printing the Anchor in t h a t color ink this year. But Connie Hospers is back. Say Ed, I heard t h a t the first night he w e n t to see Ruth she asked him whether he Always large selection knocked before entering. "He said, to choose from "Sure, w h y ? " "No redson" she replied, "only I was hoping you would enter with a ring." . So Duke's Cafe changed hands. Well t h a t ' s another theory proved. 18 West 8th S t . Our two orators are finally convinced •-that " m a n cannot live by air alone." "HarvejVs H a s h " and "Si's Soup" . I B — B S — • S B — • S B • BB—•••—•SB"Handled H o t " and "Served Satisf a c t o r i l y " t h a t ' s where I imagine the students will go. Seeing as how Harvey was joke editor once and landed in this, I wonder where I'll


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Well, I'll end up here f o r this week. I expect to make money this year, writing short stories. I'm going to write one to my dad to-nite. And Ed. if a t first you don't succeed, t r y some one else. From your old Rock, Roland Stone. L E C T U R E COURSE PROVING P O P U L A R



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Reports indicate t h a t the Hope College Lecture Course this year is very popular. The p r o g r a m is of an ideal nature, consisting of three special numbers, one of which in itself ranks as the foremost of its kind. The first number comes on Oct. 16. This is the famous Charles Marshal Co. Mr. Marshal is one of America's leading tenors. He brings with him some of the best opera artists f r o m Chicago. Single Admission tickets f o r this number will sell a t $3.00 and $4.00. Several salesmen are selling the season tickets. An intensive drive is under w a y with the result of a successive sale. Mr. Harrington, an official of the Redpath Company and under whose supervision t h e business m a n a g e r went out last summer, w a s very much pleased with the reports of the Hope Lyceum course.



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