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The A n c h o r VOLUME XXXVI


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October 1, 1924 NUMBER 27





CLASS OP '27 HAS NEVER BEEN FERRIS WILL OPEN THE 1924 WH nd and weather conspired to SENIORS, JUNIORS, SOPHS AND CHILLED BY BLACK RIVER GRIDlrioN SEASON THEN | T h e H o P 6 College Y. M. C. A. was make Thursday, the twenty-fllfth of WATERS FROSH HOLD GET-TOGETHER successfully launched upon a new . September, an ideal day for the Y. AT RESORT Every Hopelte will be needed on year of work Tuesday evening Sept. Unfortunately, the waters of Black C. A. beach party. A temporary the Football field next Saturday when 23, when the annual fellowship meetRiver did not part for the F r e s h m a n warm spell between two cold waves After the pull Friday .Immemorial class of '28, as did the waters of the enabled the girls to sit on the s a n d i Ferris Institute, from Big Kapids, Ing was held In the chapel for the 1 e UB 7om ^ r e a T h " T ' T & Ked Sea for the Israelites in "ye of Lake Michigan without discom- sends her pig-akin toters to Holland, purpose of welcoming new students, some resort for t h e flrat c\Ls bttrtv o clash with Coach Schouten's hope- The large crowd t h a t turned out was of the year goode olde days" and as a result the fort. royally entertained, the meeting b e . The walls of Lakeside Inn o h . , newest Hopeites came through, on the A special car. leaving for Macata- fuls of the 1924 season. ot a great deal is known as to the Ing featured by an excellent program more resounded with the gay and North Bank, very much the worse for wa at five o'clock, was found inadctheir valiant a t t e m p t to wrest the quate to accommodate the large num- s q u a d ^ h l ^ e 8 t r e n e t h 0 f „ t h e F e r r l a a n d a n I n 8 p i r l n 8 t a l k ^ F r e 1 Yonk- merry conversation and laughter of the class of '26. Fvprv Sophs f r o m their stronghold on t h e ] ber of girls who wished to go. It is q ad this season, as no advance dope man, president of t h e "Y". S ^ ) U h ' l 8 h e t ' ' b " t 11 l s ™ f e to As each man arrived he was given full of "pep" and ready for a rellly North side of Black river. j eetimated that at least one hundred ^ay r t h e 0 r a n g t This victory was made all the more and fifty gathered on the pier near I n d p w * . w® T a g b e a r l n B 1,18 n a m e a n d t h e n a m e s o o d t l m e - A f t w a hearty aupper the sweet for the Sophs by reason of their the Life Saving station. For a while cross their 1 g o l l ^ n e t h ^ v 1 0 f 8 0 m e P 0 8 , l t l o n o n t h e f o o t b a 1 1 ^ a m Program was given. Jack Veldman led ar hard pull to victory over the present the girls were left to their own det, , ' . .. , ' La8t suoh as "center" or " h a l f b a c k " . t h e class and college yells, during JuniOr class last year. The Seniors, I vices: the more daring ones climbed th? i A 6 r e 0 a I " n e f o r T h e s e t a g s m a d e 11 e a 8 l e r for the new w h l c h the building truly trembled who of course coached the second Angels' Flight or walked across the year men, wear a joyful expression "piles" (a proceeding which result- Hone has an p i p p I I i h ™ ^ ****' i n t h e e v e n i n g d i v l d e d t h e men Into 0 U 8 readings, and Adrian De .Boem's 3 0 e Very g r 0 u p 8 t0 be mor because they have established a rec- ed disastrously for one F r e s h m a n girl man out for a halMntl ^ e easily taken car J b u ( t e e t brought f o r t h peals of laughord that no other class can boast of. I who found Lake Michigan very wet) previously starred "either w k h 0 ^ ^ ^ S0Cial C O m m l t t e e ' IT' ^ "Calm8d They lost their pull when they were while the others wandered about t h e 0f VlBltlng t0 the or High School eleven. With Vanden a n df T 3 8 h 0 r t P e r i 0 d T " T 'SWeet " P r o s h " but won in their Sophomore beach admiring t h e sunset. Soon the Brink Vandpr n..i k " handshaking, Fritz called the v o l c e s o f t h e Senior girls' . ohor^i. year. Last year and this year they call for dinner was sounded; It needt h e <leV0 ing, Damstra, and Kl'els as'the^brig^ ' T T ^ ^ - l l T * •• h e have contributed no little-bit to the ed no repetition, and In a very few est backfleld prospects, Coach Jack J T ^ ^ l n 8 P l r ' " 8 '; a 8 S ' m a d e a S p e e c h w h , c * ' a r o u « d C 0 l n g t h e n e w 8tudentf winners, 'for this ' c l a s s coached the I momenta "weeners* 1 were burning not .worrying, as all can be counted ; " > a n ^ h / r c l a l s 8 P l r t t f o r ' h e last school., The class of '27 both1 this and last 11year— merrily'In the flames of the bonfires, on for v a r d a r e when it . . , 1 1 1 6 0 explaining in detail the work carried y Program was . conclude^ * • • Lr k.- ' * •4' * • •" , 09t need b5r t h e S e n l o r a record to be proud of.• which ' t h e social, committee had 1 v T T . T - on each year by the " T " Fred's ' " e n ' s quartet. u,e ed. Vanden Brink and Kleis are espe^ ' * * .. . lnter8 er8e As to the pull, t h e r e was very III-1 started. cialiy good at circling t h e ends a n d T P ^ P 6 timely ^ six-flfteen a special c a r contie to m a k e it an exceptional one J . When everyone's hunger had been both can gain through a broken'fleld l l l u 8 t r a t i o n 8 f r o m the gridiron. H r e y e d t h e J o l l y j M l o r s to t h e i r - r e n 9 Both sides gave •. spasmodic heaves I satisfied, the girls seated themselves while V a n d e r ' M e e r and Damstra will I e X p l a l n e d t h a t J u s t " a good kickoff d ®!." V0U9 a t t h e M a r y J a h e Inn. Altho during the half-hour Interval. When on^ the hillside. Janet Albers. aided 80 commlt in all probability do most of the line m e a n S m U C h t 0 a f 0 0 t b a I 1 t e a m a g 0 0 ( 1 t e e had been at 8tar 8 work re arln this was finished t h e Sophe had gain- by the ukulele orchestra, led in the plunging. Kleis and Ottipohy t means much to the Y. M. C. A. P P S the "eats',', things and ed about a foot of t h e coveted rope, singing of " A b i e " , / " T e l l Me Why," H e S P O k e al80 0f t h e V a I u e of t e a m qUlte ready 80 Damstra can s n a r e in passes so Hope I^ ' thercompany but when the whistle to stand up and I and other Geneva classics. From these can be counted on to give severil ex W O r k a n ( 1 0 f p a y l n g a t t e n t l o n to the te er8ed un P t " the call f o r dinner ex- I l t t t I e t h i n g 8 a 8 w e I i ^ t h e b i K t h i n ^ I w a H (aanpH _ . pull sounded, the Frosh pulled that | \ h e y went on to teach the audience foot back in short order. Coaching I some Negro spirituals. The favorite Pointing to the new "Y" banner on told, however, and In a cool and co.l- was: Coach Schouten. however has a u ^ t e r V h i 0 h ' 8 w r l t t e n . " J e 8 u s Christ is I """• l u o r e a K o n : their tete-a-tete^ on , lected manner, the Sophs pulled^ r e g - i •^ in w.gonjui lay down my sword an* a task on his hands; when he must K l n g 0 f t h l 8 FrUz urged h e p l e r - 'J Vh ® n t h e " e a t s " s e e n ^ d to g0ne, the Jun, ra ularly and hard, and it was only about | shield id an h a t we make this our motto ffor or the 9 ascended to ; the find an end. end, two two t5iPH»= tackles, and a guard, I tthat t h r e e minutes more before the end of second floor for games and o t h e r enhat will be the equal of Doeksen. coming year, not only In "Y" but in (Oontlnned on F i f e Three) n ; Ssoon, 00n t h e rope came hurtling over the joyment; clock ' however, the Fell, Van Verst, and Kempers, who society, on the athletic field, in chapel 1_ South Bank, with t h e F r e s h m a n a n tlme f0r the Par graduated last year. Jack has g o o d | a n d i n e v e r y p h a 8 e o f c a m P u 8 l i f e - t v T ^ h ^ ' chor attached to It. Fred,s 0 Up a n d a f t e r a l a 8 t l0()k id with n fair earnestness made his talk ^ ' . material on hand, and a Did you get your athletic ticket Dripping, but nevertheless, good at the stars on the lake, the Juniors line, Ferris wdl undoubedly swallow yet? Of course it/Would be usestarted for home. sports, the F r e s h m a n , under C. Hill, defeat—If— less to tell the older students the (Continued on Page 2) shook hands with their victorious riThe Sophomores perhaps had the And that "if" is the one thing that value of this ticket. Some of the vals. headed by E. Fell, Immediately best time of all; there was a good reaalways has to be put Into any article a f t e r which the rest of the Sophs | Freshmen, however, may not know son why .they should be In t h e best that pertains to the gridiron sport at dragged the rope f r o m their team- | all the privileges that go with the of spirits! Jenlson P a r k w a s the Hope. It has been hammered Into mates. and hauled it over town, cheer- : ownership of such a ticket. In the scene of their gaiety. After t h e f o o d 'i ' the student body for the last four ing and making all other sorts of : first place this ticket allows the had been disposed of—^and "pulling'' or five seasons, — ' but ^ — vIt*v will •» stand oicwiu some aume i I la a , , • noise to show the sedate townspeople f owner to see any home game w h t s o n e for appetites— is .a , 5good whetstone more pounding. Many Hopeites will GYMN'ASU'M SCENE OF BIG MASS p ° ° ® t ^ a p p e t i t e s w owner to see any home game that w h a t it means to win two straight p 8 d travel to neiehborine towns t o w n , tto „ .see J MEETING ^ ' e n t Ted Luidens made a speech travel to neighboring Hope plays of all sports. It pulls. , . | o f welcome, which was followed by a * their favorite high school eleven also allows anyone th6 use of the A f t e r the pull all the classes held : , . „ 1 Wednesday n i g h t t h e gym. Walla I short and snappy program p ay bu t w a l k 8 two blocks to see witnessed a pep meeting which t h r e a t 4ithn f h ' parties at the resorts, accounts of j Gym. and the'equipment in It. This . . . . . . . I s : means that „all 11 i!_ 11 i l. their own team play? Never! Gridiron ened the staunch timbers of the build-1 . the spirits of the Freshmen w m 0 football men. track which wJU undoubtedly be -found In da prospects are particularly r M y this ing. At least there were many sug® n„t ™Pened. a peppy spirit men, and those using the tennis other columns of this issue season, and if you want Hope to be- gestlve noises noticeable during the ^ ^ ^ t e l y upoiT courts are required to have a come better each year in this Amer- singing and yelling. All t h e students W e r e S e r V e d i T h ! " . e "ea{," ticket. Included among the many Whlch d U e t 0 lh icin sport, it is up to you to be on seemed to catch the spirit of t h e meet- L , t h ! T h ^ ' ' ® ^orts privileges is t h e services of our Dekker the field, cheering, next Saturday. If L g and joln^l themselves together as W e r e very p X a b l ^ ' athletic director, Mr. Schouten. a poor crowd turns out for this game, real Hopeites. Palatable. Surely all these privileges are Jan:ie8 Te :t will discourage coach and team The program followed as soon as n Brink, class president, worth more t h a n five dollars. The l n f o r m e d alike, so let's see all real a d h e r e n t s of the noise had died down Three o f | the class tha/t the b a n n e r ' " money raised by the sale of these MEN S GLEE CLUB AND HARMONY the Orange and Blue out ' f o r the the fellov™ gave a clever little sketch was perfectly safe. The fellows and tickets Is about the only means of CLASS INDICATE INCREASED Ferris g a m e Saturday. W h y ? To put which was greatly appreciated, judg- girls Joined in some peppy * games, financial support for College AthINTEREST IN MUSICAL Hope on the football map of Mich- l n g b y t h e h e a r t y I a u g h t c r a n ( j a p . and each F r e s h m a n met t h e other letics. Every loyal Hopelte should AFFAIRS igan. It can be done this year, so p f , . . l a u s e w h i c h o l I o w e d T h e P l e 8 h fellow. Soon the party a d j o u r n e d to possess a ticket. you do your part. m a n welcome wag extended by Marlan wait f o r t h e ferry, and slmultaneThe Girls' Glee Club of Hope ColoVan Vessem. GerrIt Wessellnk gave a I 0 U S l y ^ b 0 W a j k ^ a r r o w club--'was lege has had a most successful career, Dr .Nykerk in Chapel: "Mr. Fair- t•on, formed. . alk on oratory and^ debati w h l. c. h . already two years' long. Last week banks conducted an 6rchestra on a a8 well sea80ne<1 w)th an abundant As the .various bands of Hopeites about fifty college men met to organ,outh African steamer, plying between s u p p l y o f h u m o r o u 8 s t o r i e 8 GerrIt returned to town, their feeHhg Vas: ize a Men's Glee Club. Fred StegNew Vork and Rio de J a n e r o . " „ e e m s t r a , President of t h e Student "None could but be gay, ' gerda, '25, was elected President, Rov , ,: In such a jocund c(JTnpany/ " " ^ I Council, presided over the meeting. Nattrcss, '27, manager, Marlon Pen- ABLE LEADERSHIP AND E X P E R l Dr. Paterson says that a large part T*„nr,x n. i t. The Freshman Rules were presented nings, '26, Secretary. and Walter | ENCED MEMBERSHIP AUGUR of the brain is composed of cavities. k„ ir u a ^ f ' ^ Jeanette Veldman, Secretary of t h e JUNIOR CLASS ELECTS OFFICERS . 4 Roughgarden. '25, Treasurer. WELL FOR GOOD MUSIC That may help to explain some of the q f l l H p n f ~ . „ . . • .• , s t u d e n t Council. There was consldMrs. Fenton, head of the DepartFreshmen (and others). V I ,. erable discussion concerning these and At the Junior Class elecflons 'last m e n t of Voice, will conduct the Glee I The College Orchestra began its several changes . were made and Monday the following officers were club. The Club will meet for prac- work last week. With Mr. Harvey Pianist—James D®. Pree. a m e n d m e n t s added until t h e y met elected: * " ' *' tlce cach Friday afternoon from four Fairbanks. Instructor In Violin, as i, J First Violins Cathaleen Mersen, w i t h the approval of a .plurality of President—Dwight Yritema. " *. ' to five. So far t h e membership Is cdnductor, the orchestra is at last Edward Fieldhouse, Natalie Reed, the student body. The Sophomores Vice-President—Jerry Pool.' ' about equally divided between tenors, under really able leadership. Chester Second Vlolins-rJacob Kobes, Wll- U d Freshmen were denied the right Secretary—Carol Van Hartesveldt. I arltones and basses. Yntema was elected President-ManHam Klerk. ^ p e s h m a n rules. vo e on r Treasurer—Delbert Kinney. Another step forward in musical ager, and Natalie Reed, SecretaryC l a r i o n e t C o r n e l i u s Mullenberg, e t on the program the rules f o r N X Student Representatives—Ted Egeducation at Hope Is the organization Treasurer. Raymon Klaasen. . . W a r were read and Coach t h e T u g 0 senbaggers, Jeannette Veldman. of a class in Harmony, consisting of The orchestra numbers at present C o r n e t - H a r o l d Beurn.nk, Marion g c h o u t e n gave a short talk concernten members. Regular credit will be about fifteen pieces, but more reDe Young. Ing the Tug.0..War> Then the meeti glven for this course, which Is taught e m i t s a r e expected. The following Is Dr. Nykerk in Chapel: "The regisC e l l o - C o r n e l i u s Hospers, George adjourned and it is reported t h a t t h e by Mr. Oscar Cress, of the School of the composition of the orchestra as far t r a r desires to meet all F r e s h m e n - ^ Mere. Sophomores and F r e s h m e n engaged In Music. I as it could be ascertained to-date: taking History at t h e assigned hour Trumpets—Margaret Hondelink. • | "outdoor sporti." on the bulletin board."


Music at Hope Steps Forward

Orchestra Year Looks Bright



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that i n this w a y . we can "wash our hands" of the whole matter. This Is a grave mistake. We cannot repudiate our responaibilltieB by not assuming theip. If we h i v e too much responsibility and shift some of It, It Is still for us to see that It Is done by the next person. Responsibility Is like pleasure and happiness; when It Is shared It le Increased. We should welcome responsibility (or It Is only In that way that we can grow and find out what we a r e made of. Hidden possibilities may be discovered and f a i l u r e ' t u r n e d Into success. And so ^hls year let us all meet our responsibilities half way and make this a banner year for Hope.

Jack Veldman Head Reporter Silas Wiersma, A. J. Ungerama, Katbryn Keppel, Amanada Zwemer, . Henfy Burgraff. Richard Mallery ? Business Gerard Pool Business Manager Joahua Hogenboom Sub. Manager R a y ^ n Zoeren Copy Accepted for mailing at apeclal rate of pf postage for Section 1108, Act of October,'1917, authorized Oct. 19. 1918. "ATMOSPHERE' Doea the Chapel exiat for the aake of the atudenta. or the atudenta for the aake of the Chapel? You anawer. " W h a t a ridiculous queation! Of courae the whole purpoae of t h e Chapel la to be of uae to the atudenta!" Then why should the atudenta be debarred f r o m uaing any or ail facilities offered by the College for their legitimate puraults? We are told that the Chapel is too sacred a place to be uaed for so profane a purpoae aa a maaa-meeting. In moat fields of life we have gone beyond thoae careful diatinctiona between aacred and profane occupatlona. We reject the idea t h a t religion, like the old-time Sunday suit, la to be carefully laid away on the shelf during the greater part of the .time and brought out for an airing only at stated intervals. Not so long ago, 1 our religious forbears would have been horrified at the idea of a violin In a church; now our most prominent churches contain everything f r o m a kitchen to a gymnasium, yet we do not conalder t h e m profaned by such close contact with "worldly" things. Paul's Idea Is • more nearly ours: "WHATSOEVER ye do, do It as unto the Lord." A "religious a t m o s p h e r e " which can be destroyed by the mere fact t h a t a pep-meetlng was held In the same room the previous night, seems too artificial to be worth keeping.






It Is to be hoped t h a t our young F r e s h m e n have been so taught th? f u n d a m e n t a l s of "table" manners that the correct use of knife, fork, spoon and fingerbowl Is almost second nature. In case there are some things which has been overlooked In their training we will drop a few gentle suggestions from time to time. This Greek's Installation will no doubt prove helpful to t h e dean In her efforts to train her latest arrivals. We would suggest a game which may be played when t h e r e are visitors at the dorm. Call the game "Boner." It consists In watching the visitor closely all during t h e meal In order to catch him In any breach of ettlquette. As soon as the guest makes a mistake the first Freshman to discover It points an accusing finger at him and i h o u t s "Pulled a Boner." The F r e s h m a n discovering the greatest number of "Boners" during the evening is rewarded a prize based on the following points:

j damping with as good spirit, and bet. ter t h a n we ask of any t e a m which Is Hopeites will doubtless like to know pulled through. Hughes, 162, was the standing of weights of the two forced out because of his h e a r t and teams which were Concerned In the onscquently only nineteen men pull. Therefore for your benefit they pulled. are compared as follows. You are en158 titled to make your own conclusions The weighs quoted are those handed 170 to the captains by the men and those 160 are the weights by which the men gained a place on the teams. Here are 162 V/ \ the weights of one team that has never 162 had necessity for towels at the pull 174 except for the convenience of their opponents. ... 170 Sophomores 165 SI'S STATISTICS

....170 ....163 ....175 W. Peelen ....175 ....166 166 Van der Woude... 164 166 167 161 155 172 160 167 165 Klelnheksel 175 Vant Hoff 175 169 175

WHEN PIGS IS NOT PIGS. "I have often t h o u g h t " says John Ersklne In the September "Bookman," 'that we might examine all the students at the end of the sophomore /ear, and those who proved their ignorance we could present with their A. B. diploma and send home. If one Is doing nothing but accumulate college life, two years will suffice to If the guest has dirty hands, f) Points accumulate It all. The other stuIf the guest used wrong fork, 5 Points lenla, who had learned something, we 'f the guest chokes on bone, 8 Points might keep on for the four years, and If the guest blows on soup, r> Points at the end we might give them too If the guest drops silver. 3 Points their A. B. diplomas. The difference T f the guest spills on table, 10 Points between the two diplomas would be Tf the guest spills on self, 1 Point much as It Is now." .Perfect Behavior.—Chap. 9. This leads us to wonder just what Watch for next Inotallment! 3186 our diplomas do mean. Is It four years of fun—of parties and society, Average Weight ... ...167 3-5 football and basket-ball, "dates" and Marriage is an incident—divorce a The names following are the names "spreads"? Or Is It four yeans of of the men who took their forced co-incident. "grind" of memorizing what Is * taught In "your .textbooks and given oyt in your classrooms,-—four years punctuated by examlrtatlons and tests, havIng'rpassed which one sighs a sigh of relief and promptly forgets everything? Or is it a combination of t h e two? If that Is all a college education means, then higher education Is the most stupendous waste of social resources In existence. In that case, a college diploma Is merely an artificial means of entering a social class a little higher than the one ^In which you would find yourself without it.

OCR RESPONSIBILITIES As we begin another school year, It will be well to remember t h a t we al have responsibilities. Some of us, of course, have more than others, but we all have them In one form or an

Van den Bosch .. Kole

3207 ...168.71 IN CHAPEL AND CLASSROOM. Prof. Wichers In English Constitutional History class: "Now by way of introduction I hope this confounded nuisance will stop pretty soon." Prof. H i n k a m p tells us that Venus sprang f r o m the head of Zeus. You can't kid us; we didn't t a k e three counses from Prof. Wichers for nothing!

The diploma can only be, like the Sacraments,—"an outward sign of inward grace.' If the Inward grace is lacking. It Is not worth the sheepskin It Is written on, even though the words, " S u m m a Cum Laude" be Inscribed there. What will be the value Irvln S. Cobb, but—diplomas is not diplomas. o

Clark University Is to Install one of of the largest and most powerful adlo outfits In New England. It Is But, granting, for the moment, the planned to have men of nation-wide advisability of keeping the Chapel importance speak f r o m this station for religious purposes—where does The station will be known as station ' that lead us? Will Dr. Nykerk henceW. C. B. T. forth allow only psalms and hymns to be recited In his Public Speaking Columbia opens for Its 171st year. classes? The wildest stretch of Ima-

gination will hardly let one consider • the recitation of "The Charge of the Llfeht Brigade" or the delivery of a painfully clever toast by some s h a k y Senior a religious exercise. We must find some other place for our public speaking classes. Our debates, too, take away from the "atmosphere" of the Chapel; so do our oratorical conteats. Even parts of our morning Chapel exercises might have to be abbreviated if we are determined to keep the sacred atmosphere.

165 164 162 162 156 160 162 150

Beacons of the sky

(Continued from First Page) doubly Impressive. The program which followed was thoroughly enjoyed. First In order came Ted Luidens who sang In his usual fine style, "Open the Doors of the Temple" and "Smllln' Thru." Jack Soeter accompanied him. Josh Hogenboom for the seniors. Del Kinney for t h e juniors, Tubby Damstra for the sophomores and Dr. Pieters then spoke a few words on the subject, "What Y. M, has done for me," Kenneth Mook, of the freshman class, next appeared and proved to be a talented violinist. He played "Largo" by Handel and "Intermezzo" by Mascagnl.

The last number on the program other. When we fall to attend class meet- was an explosion of "Bill's Bunk," an by Bill ings, debates and other school actlvl- original play dramatized t.es, we are dodging our responslblll- Maat, Clyde Geerlings, Jacob Kik and t.es. When we fall to attend footbal Jay Wabeke. The play was very games and give the team our needec amusing and brought a hearty laugh. The program over, the men groupsupport; when we fall to do good work ed together according to the posiIn the class-room; when we refuse to use our talents and ability for the tions stamped on their tags. The halfgood of Hope, we are not accepting backs, by a sweeping end run, won our responsibilities. We are respon- the right of being the first to receive elble for our silence, our laziness, our their apple pie and ice cream and a few minutes later the meeting ended Ignorance and our indifference. We all like to shift our responsl with the singing of, "The Orange and bll.tles upon someone else thinking Blue

Between Cleveland and Rock Springs, Wye., along the night route of the air mail service, tall i


beacons have been placed every twenty-five miles.

i This achievement hat been made possible by engineers of the Illuminating Engineering Laboratories of the Qenertl Electric Company, w o r k i n g with officials of the Post Office Department. A startling achievement now will be va commonplace of life in the nej0 America which you will inherit. If you* are interested to legra more about what electricity ta doing, write for Reprint NoAR391 containing a complete set of these advertisements.

. <

Revolving on great steel towers, General Electric searchlights, totaling 1,992,000,000 candle-power, blaze a path of light for the airplane pilot. What the lighthouse is to the ocean navigator, these beacons are to the conquerors of the air. *5.910DH




S C H E N E C T A D Y ,



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THE ANOHOB Of t h e light t h a t shall

Continued from, Pa^e One





Down by t h e riverside; Ain't g o n n a s t u d y - y w a r no m o r e . " F r o m these s p i r i t u a l s to t h e f a m i liar e v e n i n g h y m n s was a n a t u r a l transition, and everyone Joined In "Day Is dying In t h e W e s t , " "Now t h e Day Is Over," and "Abide with BUSINESS SCHEDMe." Presidervt Agnes B u l k e m a t h e n I M P O R T A N T c^ad t h e 19th P s a l m , a n d , a f t e r a few XTIiED F O R T H I S Y E A R s h o r t p r a y e r s had been uttered, gave a little t a l k In which s h e welcomed The S t u d e n t Council held Its first t h e n e w girls Into t h e fellowship of m eeting of t h e year last week Mont h e Y. W . .v day f r o m f o u r to five-thirty. The " T h e g r e a t e s t Inspiration In t h e m eeting opened with t h e r e a d i n g of w o r l d , " s h e said, " c o m e s f r o m t h e t h e Constitution, a f t e r which c a m e t h e realization t h a t we a r e d a u g h t e r s of T r e a s u r e r ' s r e p o r t and t h e m i n u t e s of t h e A l m i g h t y K i n g — t h e C r e a t o r of t h e previous meeting. T h e officers these stara, this lake, these hills— were elected, a c c o r d i n g to custom, and t h a t H e h a s a work for each of f r o m t h e t h r e e u p p e r classes. R a y us to do. To know Him b e t t e r and mon Van Zoeren is Vice-President, to b e t t e r realize His plan for each of J a n e t V e l d m a n , Secretary, and Clyde us Is o u r aim In " Y " . We who have Geerlings, T r e a s u r e r . had t w o or t h r e e y e a r s of " Y " would The Freshman R u l e s w e r e read not e x c h a u g e o u r experiences t h e r e f o r a n y t h i n g else, and we welcome and accepted. It was decided to call you, new girls, to t h e s a m e fellowship a mass m eeting on t h e following and Inspiration t h a t we have found T h u r s d a y f o r t h e i r consideration. there." The S t u d e n t Council expects to hold

Student Council Meets Regularly

The v e s p e r service closed with t h e singing of t h e Y. W. h y m n : "Follow, follow, follow t h e Gleam, Visions of w o r t h , o'er all t h e e a r t h , Follow, follo\v, follow t h e Gleam,

r e g u l a r meetings t h e last T h u r s d a y in every m o n t h . The most i m p o r t a n t subjects for consideration and action in t h e n e a r f u t u r e will be t h e H o n o r Code a n d t h e Point System.

Consult Us About Your Eyesight —and for—



2 4 Eaat Eighth St.


WELCOME TO HOLLAND You will meet your class mates at

N. E. Cor. 8th St. and River Avenue

Exclusive A g e n t s for G i l b e r t s F a m o u s C h o c o l a t e s **lt Pays to Trade at The Model"

-•i - t

Before You Try The Rest TRY THE BEST—Strickly Home-cooked Food BEST COFFEE IN THE CITY

Laughlin's Restaurant 72 East Eighth St. Lunches put up.

MAKE OUR PLACE Your home for Kodak Finishing, Framing and Gifts GLAD TO S E E YOU


Be it here enacted, a plurality of this s t u d e n t body c o n c u r r i n g herein, t h a t these rules be accepted a s a g u i d e f o r t h e c o n d u c t of F r e s h m e n . Resolved t h a t t h e following rules shall go Into effect on Monday noon, S e p t e m b e r 29th, 1924, a n d shall coninue until Wednesday, N o v e m b e r 26, at 8 o'clock P. M., a reasonable a m o u n t of time being g r a n t e d t h e F r e s h m e n f o r t h e p u r c h a s e of ties, caps, and ribbons. 1. No F r e s h m a n fellow shall a p p e a r w h e r e v e r h a t s and ties a r e to be worn w i t h o u t w e a r i n g a r o u n d his neck he u n i f o r m green W i n d s o r tie, and on his head t h e u n i f o r m green pot; t h e tie m u s t be tied in a bow so t h a t t h e e n t i r e bow is visible. 2. No F r e s h m a n girl shall a p p e a r w i t h o u t w e a r i n g a r o u n d her neck t h e u n i f o r m green ribbon, one Inch wide or wider, with t h e bow in f r o n t s o tied t h a t t h e whole ribbon Is visible and t h a t t h e bow is just u n d e r t h e chin and next to t h e neck. 3. No F r e s h m a n fellow shall bet w e e n the d a t e s a b o v e mention have a d a t e with an u p p e r class w o m a n . 4. No F r e s h m a n girl shall between the dates above r e f e r r e d to h a v e o d a t e with a n u p p e r class m a n . 5. No F r e s h m a n girl or boy shall a p p e a r on t h e s t r e e t s later t h a n 10:30 P . M. 6. All u p p e r classmen s h a l l be given p r e f e r e n c e in e n t e r i n g all buildings except the dormitories, (upper Massmen h e r e being i n t e r p r e t e d a s J u n i o r s a n d Seniors) and all F r e s h men fellows m u s t tip t h e i r h a t s t o u p p e r classmen. .. 7. Resolved t h a t ' t h e day a s . established last year be -continued by t h e institution upon which day t h e F r e s h m a n R u l e s shall go out of force, and t h e F r e s h m a n class shall b u r n a upon the College bonfire t h e collars, lies, and ribbons t h e y have worn. ,. Exceptions No F r e s h m a n rules shall be in f o r c e on Sunday. N o ' F r e s h m a n rules shall be in f o r c e on Society n i g h t s or on t h e n i g h t s of t h e LyceTmr Ctmrtre nmnberg; Be it resolved t h a t t h i s m a c h i n e r y f o r t h e e n f o r c e m e n t of t h e F r e s h m a n r u l e s be established.

D. J. DuSAAR •I -I



A Gentle Hint Before Buying Fall and Winter Coats See DICK MALLERY 22 Van Vicck Hall

The Addison Socdety held a m e e t i n g last T h u r s d a y evening. Theodore Gleblnk s t a r t e d t h e p r o g r a m by telling a b o u t " T h e Sinking of t h e Lusit a n i a . " " W h a t will t h e A c h i e v e m e n t of t h e World F l i g h t Mean to t h e F u t u r e G e n e r a t i o n , " was explained by H e n r y Nyboer. Aaron U n g e r s m a ent e r t a i n e d t h e g a t h e r i n g by a musical n u m b e r , a f t e r which J o h n DeBell concluded t h e p r o g r a m with a n u m b e r entitled "My T r i p H o m e . "




T h a t a n y i n f r i n g e m e n t of a n y of t h e above rules be reported by a n y m e m b e r of t h e S o p h o m o r e class to a c o m m i t t e e of justice a p p o i n t e d by t h e S t u d e n t Council out of t h e Senior class. T h a t this offending s t u d e n t be given t h e right of d e f e n d i n g h i s o r h e r self by s e c u r i n g t h e best s t u d e n t lawyer he can obtain a n d fighting prosecution, t h e t i m e limit f o r c o u r t t r i a l s being a s follows: each l a w y e r eight ' m i n u t e s t , five minutes f o r " his witnesses, and t h r e e m i n u t e s f o r his own plea. T h a t in event of conviction by t h e Senior c o m m i t t e e , t h e chief justice shall Impose a sentence on t h e guilty s t u d e n t a n d have f o r his a u t h o r i t y t h e assista n c e of S o p h o m o r e officers of J u s t i c e . Resolved t h a t a n y e x a m p l e of f o r c e in enforcing t h e s e rules by t h e S o p h o m o r e class w i t h o u t t h e a u t h o r i t y of t h e Senior c o m m i t t e e of J u s t i c e s h a l l be reported by a n y m e m b e r of t h e F r e s h m a n class, w h e r e u p o n t h e of f e n d i n g m e m b e r of t h e S o p h o m o r e class shall be b r o u g h t b e f o r e t h e Senior c o m m i t t e e of J u s t i c e with t h e privilege of t h e most c a p a b l e d e f e n s e o b t a i n a b l e in t h e Student body, a n d convicted or exonerated a s t h e c o u r t decides, and punished or f r e e d as t h e cour t decides, t h e court h a v i n g f o r Its assistance t h e aid of a c o m m i t t e e of F r e s h m a n officers of Justice.

The Model Drug Store

''A Real Good Place to Eat."


The weekly m e e t i n g of t h e E m e r sonian Society was held Thursday evening Sept. 25. T h e m e m b e r s of t h e society and t h e visitors a t first enjoyed a n u m b e r entitled, " H o p e College and t h e F r e s h m a n . " . T h e second n u m b e r was a s t u d y of " R a d i u m . " The Emersonian Orchestra then entertained t h e society. H a i r splitting laughs c a m e next and b e f o r e long we learned a b o u t t h e c h a n c e s of o u r football t e a m f r o m a n a d d r e s s entitled " H o p e College Athletics-Football.*


Equipment Foot Ball Gym. Tennis, ett

KNICKERBOCKER Knickerbocker h e l d ' . t h e i r regular meeting last T h u r s d a y . A f t e r words of welcome extended to t h e visitors by the president, Russell Van Dyke read several Chinese poems. Thomas Weler, in a w e l l - w r i t t e n p a p e r , discussed t h e P r e s i d e n t i a l c a n d i d a t e s . A violin cello duet by E d w a r d Fieldhouse and N o r m a n V a n d e r H a r t was then enjoyed. George V a n d e W o u d e f u r n i s h e d genuine h u m o r on " T h e P r i n c e of Wales as a ' W h a l e of a P r i n c e ' . " T h e concluding n u m b e r w a s a reading 'The Shooting of Dan M c G r e w , " by Ray W h e l a n , '24. .Visitors a d d e d spice to t h e p r o g r a m by i n t e r e s t i n g talks. o


Goldsmith Guaranteed SUPERIOR CIGAR CO. < il •


CAMPUS COMMENT Cynthia Melpolder and J e a n Ruigh were in G r a n d R a p i d s T h u r s d a y to bid goodbye to J e a n ' s m o t h e r w h o is on her way to J a p a n . • : > *



S. Sprietsma & Son,

'Some hidden talent in public s h a k i n g and s i n g i n g was discovered at the mass m e e t i n g last W e d n e s d a y evening. o— ; ' •' i


At least one F r e s h m a n girl h a s been properly Initiated. Helen Z a n d e r slipped off t h e "piles" at M a c a t a w a pier d u r i n g t h e course of t h e Y. W . roast T h u r s d a y , and got fairly wet. -o

Get Your Eats for Society affairs at

Molenaar&De Goedef •'

Grace McCarroll and Matthew Peelen got c a u g h t In. t h e s t o r m last Sunday when t h e y were out at t h e P a r k . T his is a " w e t " school . ^ c •. ^ o —.— ^ y; T h e days of R o m e o a r e not dead. Monday night t h e boys f r o m Van Vleck s e r e n a d e d t h e girls a t Voorhees Hall. It is s a i d t h a t t h e simplicity of of t h e stage effects and c o s t u m i n g was unique. o Blllle Reed h a s a d i a m o n d r i n g but she w e a r s it on her right h a n d a n d says It's a gift f r o m h e r m o t h e r . o Alice Van H a t t e n h a s bobbed h e r

14 E a s t 8th St.

rt xh

The Students Barber j

CASPER BELT Now located at Ollie's Sport Shop



H l i aa ii rr

fVnl lfl aS



Barber Shop Cor. College Ave. and 8th St. •

Sterilized tools. Strictly Sanitary.



o T h e Y. W. C. A. Cabinet enjoyed a house p a r t y at Albers' c o t t a g e last


week-end. o Doc G a l m a n spent a n e n j o y a b l e a f t e r n o o n S a t u r d a y on h i s m o t o r c y cle. A heroic a t t e m p t to r i d e a w e t car rail had t h e s a m e r e s u l t a s a pedestrian in contact with a b a n a n a skin. Then e n c o u n t e r i n g " B i l l " Klein and A. J . U n g e r s m a on bicycles, he persuaded t h e m to e n t r u s t t h e i r lives to his t e n d e r care. T h e velocipedes were tied t a n d e m to t h e motorcycle and t h e t h r e e proceeded t o t6ur>We8t Michigan. All w e n t well u n t i l Klein's f r o n t wheel collapsed a n d U n g e r s m a ' s tire experienced a n a t t a c k bt fiativitls. So t h e y c a m e h o m e , " d r a g ging t h e bikes a f t e r t h e m . ^ t

3. •

22 West 8th Street,


Office Hour*— to 11 A. M. 2 to 6 -.P* M. Sat. 7 to 9 P. M.


~ •



Citz. Phone'


[Night Sittings by Appointment •

The Lacey Studio All Kinds oj Copying & Enlarging Ph. Sm 19 E, 8th, ^ Hotldnd, Mick.


i *




Dr. F a u n c e of B r o w n University welcomed a F r e s h m a n class of n e a r l y f o u r h u n d r e d strong. Physically t h e class Is b e t t e r t h a n a n y of the p r e vlously e n t e r i n g classes since s t a t i s tics h a v e been compiled.

Dry Goods, Coats, Suits and Millinery HOLLAND, i /MICH.

Trinity college h a s a n e w prodigy in J a m e s Mills H a r t l e y , of Rldgewood, N. J . H e Is f o u r t e e n y e a r s old. Tho excellent r e c o r d he established f o r himself at t h e Rldgewood High School enabled h i m to e n t e r T r i n i t y w i t h o u t any entrance examinations.


The White Cross Three experienced Barbers. Hair Bobing a specialty,


• four



gi; •



•> •"

J' '


Marcel Waving—Scalp Treatment — Manicuring—Water Waving—Facial Massage—Shampooing—Singeing —Hair Goods—Hair Bobbing 17 E. 8th S t [2nd floor] same stairway as Lacey s Studio HOLLAND, MICH.


4 ;4»

31 f,

Green Mill Cafe These brisk days when the leaves begin to fall whet ones appetite. Treat yourself to the best

Neatness, Service, Quality


Green Mill Cafe


We Cut Your Hair any Style You Want it for 35c. Try us! FORTNEY'S BARBER SHOP,

7 4 X East Eighth



A STANDARD OF SERVICE Our idea of printing-house service is that the purchaser is entitled to entire satisfaction with each order.

Steketee-Van Huis Printing House Successors te Klaaten Printing Company

9 E . lOthSt.

Complete Service


Holland, Mich










VAN TONGEREN'S 12 East 8th St.


Players, Victrolas and Records — a t the—

MEYER MUSIC HOUSE 17 W. 8th St. Pianos and Victrolas ranted at feasoneble prices.

REMEMBER, HOPEITES, For the best In sweets and lonches


JACK'S JOKES (To the Tune of "Row. Y^our Boat") Pull, Pull, Pull the Frosh, Roughly through the s t r e a m ; Slipping, splashing, slopping, gasping, Oh! how wet they seem. o Van Vleck Gazette At elections, last week, of Van Vleck's famous society, t h e "OogleOogle," the following were honored with positions. Walt T o u g h f a r m High Kleagle Casey Dykhouses Main Gazoop Jerry Billiards Main Stoker Al Shwa-Shwa Big Bull John DIng-Dong....Keeper of Archives o Lary ate some of Walt's wafers Saturday. o Head-Ache Tablets All marriages are not failures— some of them are only conditioned. A Frosh asked us, the other day, "if Custer's last Stand was a f r u i t establishment." Co.:—"How ya' feeling?" Ed:—"Rotten!" Co.:—"Whassamater 7" Ed.:—"Got Insomnia!" Co.:—"How c o m e ? " Ed.:—"Woke up twice In the Dean's lecture this A. M."—Penn. | State Frosh. "This Is another " f r a m e - u p , " protested the crook as they hung his picture in Rogues' Gallery. o The chief of the bureau of vital statistics is a lucky fellow. ^Though he figures in a lot of accidents he is never seriously hurt. Torlcelll, the first man who made a vacuum, -was the only fellow who produced nothing and got credit for It. Scene from "Romeo and Juliet Act 23—Scene 13 Scene—Garden, about midnight. E n t e r Romeo with tenor banjo and mouth-organ. Romeo—"Yoohoo—Yoohoo!" Juliet cometh forth upon balcony ^ I with flashlight in hand. J u l i e t — " W h o yoohooeth beneath my bay window?" Romeo—"'Tis I*—little one!" Juliet—"What ho—does your mother know you're o u t ? " Romeo—"Fear not, fair one— mater h a t h gone forth from town on a vacation." Juliet—But-—sweet grease spot— thy f a t h e r still watcheth o'er thee!" Romeo—Nay, nay, he hath dashed forth to the Rotary club this fair evening!" Juliet—"Ah! 'Tis so! Come let me embrace t h e e ! " Romeo climbs up a step-ladder ind sits on balcony railing. They embrace. Romeo is overcome with onion aroma and falls from balcony into a briar patch below. Juliet—"Thou art so clumsy dear!" Romeo-—"AwJieck! Come flee with me!" Juliet—"How canst I dearest. I have a date with Julius Caesar for tomorrow night!" R o m e o — " B a h ! Foiled again." Takes sling-shot f r o m pocket a n d j j , commits sewer-side. T i s sweet to love, But oh! how bitter To love a girl. And then not gitter. —Georgia Yell Jacket. • 0 ALUMNI NEWS Peter Baker. '20, led Chapel for us on Monday. Pete has been serving a ?hurch In Clinton, N. J., but is now on t h e way to Brazil where he I n t e n d s fo do missionary work. John Hager has left for Ann Arbor to take a course In dentistry at t h e University of Michigan. o R u t h Broekema sailed on the 20th, on the "President Wilson" from San Francisco, for China, where she is planning to do evangelistic work.

Have Your Suits Made at 0



Arctic Frost Bites 5 CENTS The Boston Restaurant 32 WEST EIGHTH ST.

Our Patrons are Satisfied

You Try Us

N. HOFFMAN & SON, Proprielors

K e e f e r ' « Restaurant 29 W. Eighth Street

BERNARD REEFER, Prop. ^merican Same*


Photia 5445


Ice Cream, Candies, Fruits and Nuts,c6me to A. PATSY FAB1ANO 26 West Eighth Street


$25.00 $30.00 $35.00

P. S. B O T E R & C O . BULK


Hoekstra's Ice Cream CREAM OF UNIFORM QUALITY 65 West 8th St.

p h o n e 2212





We have many Different Styles but only ONE Standard of Quality THE HOUSE OF EXTRA VALUES

Vanderlinde & Visser 50 East 8th St.

With Purchases of $1.00 t h i s Week

Lindeborg's Students Drug Store 54 East 8lh St.

W A T C H Watche^.



18 fine W a , C h R e p a i r i n E b o t h


American ind Swiss

PETER A. SELLES, Jeweler 14 East 8th St.

NEW THINGS ARE ALWAYS FOUND AT RUTGERS CO. New Patterns in College style Chp», Diaeonal strine. in R™. t i Imported English Brnartcloth Shirts for $3 00 We carry a complete line of Phoenix Hosiery.


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