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r:Two Heads are


Better than one




\Vhen you \Vant an excellent line of reliable stationer·y, kindly favor us with your order and we will guarantee you satisfaction. -woul\1

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to yo11 to o ' .1 li F antn.tn Pen that y ou couhl curry around in your poC.'ket or btig 1n uny po<~i­ po~itiTc

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posaibly l eak out. This pen i~ alwo.ys really tor instant " .:w, and tbe momen\ it touc h e s tho p ttpcr, writes, without nnv prehwlntLJY shaking w i1t.~lev"1', Furthe1·more, it wlll cu.r~ all grades or iuke, incJcUillg Copy. log ancl Indialnks. fl. There are nanny different klods or :ronnluin !>ens on t.lw

market, bot

i:. only oue tb!lt ie absolatel1 :mt h:lfllrtory, e.od that itt Mowc'a Noo·l.edual:le.




\Vh y not bring yours and ours together and d ecid e what l<ind of a . uit, ovr•rcoal or shoes you w iII st·lcel for your Fn 11 and \\' inh·r wea r


H. R. BRINK, The Bookman 48 East Eighth St., HOLLAND. MICH.

tht· deei s ion i ~ up to you .

\Ve' ll sell

But our t·Xpl' rit>nee derived front the

study ut' l'asltion':-.. trend and your individual needs



\Ve carry the best line of

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or eours. \\'a nt it.

Bring us your wants in engravings. Ask to see Aamples of the work done.

Kodak and Memory Books

DD ·1 y<>u nothi11 ~! unless you're ~alisfied 1hat you really

We have some very choice note paper· with envelopes to tnatch, with or \Vithout initials.

ance tba.t it wouldn't l eak?

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enable~ u ~ to vol u ntccr helpful suggestions.

DO Suits $10 to $25 Overcoats $8 to $30 Shoes $2 to $5 DO The Lokker-Rutgers Co. ~E:=:=::3E::S:'t=u=d=c=l=lt='s=·=l~l~~=·a=d=q=u=a=r=t=c=rs=·=aEr:==:~=:~




NC'll OR


Lincoln Office Supply House

Hotel Cafe

It East Eighth Street


S E. Eighth St.

Special Dinner Everg Dag SOc


Service a Ia Carte I



Special Dining Room for Banquets and Parties Open for inspection at all time.

All Supplies Subject to

10% Discount

~Jway~ Open.

JOHN HOFFMAN, Prr: ,·rietor

as per Contract


The Boston Restaurant

Hallowe'en Goods


Decorated Crepe Paper, Crepe Pap.,. Festoon.·, Garlands, Caps, Napkins, Plates, Favors, Lunch ets, Gummed Seals and Place Cards.


Meals Lunches Catering Cut Flowers Milk and Cream

All kinds of teaks

Citz. Phone t 041



Molenaar & De Coed, Props. PHONE 1129

Canned Goods of Every Vuricty


For Your Blow Outs

Same Old Place



Fris Book Store Pl enty of Whinnies



N. HOFFMAN, ProJ. Hav your Watches and Jewelery re_ paired at

Wykhuizen & Karreman Next to P. s. Bater & Co. 14 W. Eighth Street


A~( 'llOH

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William of Orange

Don't Hesitate Abo11t Coming to Look

William o( Oran~e. Holland's noblest s~n! . Huw ri ch how stron~ thy character shm_es still, E 'en as in days when Alva wrought the Jll. Though faith and Jon• and mercy were u~d~nc; . Thoug h powers would force thee to sub~1JSsu~n _prone, Thou ~ h "pain h er soldiers sen t thy sons to kJil_, l Though t rcach~ruus rulers tried th~ love to .~hd ' Still thou wert calm, unmoved, 0 SJlent One. God shone clt>ar in darkest hour, Tl 1y f .at"th ·n 1 ll Thy richl·s , honor, ki ndred . blood, yea.a Was gi ven to thy country, :ln d th y pow r Was con secrated to Cod's IH ghcst call. Where ~ ervicc could be given, thtrc thou wert; Ne'er didst thou waver, ne'er s hook fear thy heart.

OccasionalJy, a man will teJI us that he felt sensative about coming into our store simply to look at and try on a suit or overcoat. We always make haste to inform this type of gentleman that we find particular pleasure in waiting on and sho\ving our merchandise whether or not the one who is looking intends to purchase.



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BAGATALE. II. flarn·, sec what a nice brown ha~ t-- fl Pa tin :-... n in the water! Do g-et it fur llll', it " · ill he :--n nil·c t<~ put in my playhnu ~e." "I wundcr what it l·an he ? I 'II g...:t it a :-. :-;no n as it Auat :-: ncar tht• bank." llany Colby. a he~y 11f ele\-en ,.<.' :tr:--. and ),j .... :--ister Luc-ile. a~ed eight. wen: playing u n the l>a;,J,;.. . 11i a . . lllall :--trcam that ran thn~ttgh a liclcl ncar their hc1nH.'. w hen J.th·ik saw a brown hand hag flnatin g· in the \\alcr. ll :un j., 1111 .J :t long :--ti<.- k ;tnd \\'aitcd fnr tltl' hag to l'llnH: \\'ithin r ca.ch. ~ 111 , 11 the water carried the hag nca r shnre <lnd with the aid 11 i tlt(· ~ ti r~ I larry hrnught it up te~ th e hank. \\'here Lu r ilc ~ra"pccl 1t \\'lth eager hand s and lifted it up nntn the g·rct·n hank . .~

"Oh. I larry, it looks ju:--t like papa's hand bag. 41llh· it p .. uot sc1 hr<~wn and the buckle:-- arc 11c1t a~ s hin,·. J ~\' o tHi e.r hcH\' i t g-n t i 11 t n t h c w a t c r ?·• "Someone mu st ha,·c drnppecl it o fT the train while "nino· I J'...l :-... :-... o\·~r t 1e >nug-e. Let'~ open it and sec if there i:-; anythin g in it. f f tt ~foes not belong to an_nmc perhaps mama will Jet nm keep 1t tu put y o ur doll clothe~ in ." -

Tit~ children dragged the bag further up n n the hank and :tft cr a ~1ttl~ tu~~Jc with the cta~ps and :--trap=-- I lar ry succl'cckcl Jn npcn1ng 1t. J h •rc were some nlcl dnthc~ in it. ancl n n takinn these n ut. the~·. found only an o ld o\·cral l suit and a piec-e c~ black d o th. I hc;-;e they thre\\' upon the hank. and a!-- tiJ<.'\' found • no name of anv .. · . 1>n ttttll · ..r kind in the h·t"" •:-...· llarr\· • . \\.t...,d dnsc tt \\'hen they were startled tu hear a ,·oicc cum i 11 .. f rum within. :-...

. "Oh. l!ttle hny and girl. I am ~<, g lad _\'till ~a,·ccl me frcnn hclllg earned ~Jy ~he stream into thl' ri,·er. ~tt re ly 1 \\' ~t tdd han.' ht•cn earned 111 t<1 the Ia ke and lt~~t 1',- t J1e n· \·er had guttcn hold of me.'' The chi l c~ren \\'ere frightened. Ila rrv took hi s hand off the bag- and Luril c cra\\'led c:lo:'l' up behind- him . ''Do

11 11t

he afraid, f will not harm you .

"\tV hu arc y o u ?'' asked I J a rry.


.. l am J o hnny 13rownbag-, and now that you ha\'C been so kind tn me. 1 will tell you the s t ry of my li fe if you wi h to hear it." "()11. please do." an~n-crerl the children. "But do not get ton ncar to us. fur mama once tc , lcl us a s to ry o f J o hnny Brownleg:-:. a had iairie \\· hu pinched little b oys and g-irls in their . . lcep. and we arc afraid you arc hi s co usin because you are ca lled J oh nny Brnwnhag-." ··lla,·c nn fear. I am afraid I will die soo n. and because _,nu ha,·e been :-:c1 kind t c1 me I will tell -nnt the ~tnrv .. o f mylife anrl a :--ecret whi c h I ha,·c kept fnr many years. .. :\ly lirst home \\'a :' in l'hiL·ago. One m o rning-. while I ,,·as s tanclin g- ()Jl a ~ hclf in a :'lc •rchtlll :'e on Euclid Street. a man L·;une in and t11uk me dll\\' 11 frnm the shelf. h,uked me O\'er and :--a iel, 'That's a pretty g11ocl-l< P king hag-. guess I'll put it in the ~lc ·aull'Y s hipment.' lie then too k m e int u a nuther roo m and ..:.ct nH' dt )\\·n on the flw 11· a mnng a num her of o ther bags, suitL· a~e' . ancl trunks. \\'hat a buzz nf ,·u ices a nHlllg" those differe nt hags and s uitcases ! .\11 were wnnd ring what was to !tappen. I wa ;-; :--c1 frightL'ned that J nm ld n o t talk. Soon I sa w a man picking up the hag~ and putting- them into a large box. •\ft cr we were all L·n,wded into the box he put a co,·er o \·cr u s and. my! htl\\' dark it wa:-- in the re. \\"e all huddled dn:::e t c,g thcr and wcmdcrec.l what ,,·as t o happen. when all o f a ~ ucldcn we felt uur~ch·e:-- tumbling- o\·ct· and o \·er. Finally we cea~e d tumbling and it seemed frnm the jarring- as th o hgh \\' t were hein~ carried on a wago n . r do not know hnw long we rode n or whct·e ,,.c ,,·cnt. A iter what ~eemed an age we again went tumbling t>\·cr and nn..•r. when we heard someone po undin g on the box and the L·n,·er wa~ taken off. I l o w glad we were to ~cc the lif,!'ht: hut we :--till hud'<lled do se tog-ether. for ,,·e did n u t knu\\· where we were. :\ man began t o take u s irum the box. and when h e tnok me o ut he du~tcd my nice bro wn coat and brass btH.:klcs. and carried me up~tair~ into a large rnnm where 1 was again placed up n n a shelf. "I heg-an to lunk around me t o sec what my new home was like . ,\11 ahuut me 1 =-'a "' hand ha gs.- hig bag-s, sma ll hag ~ : thin hag ~ . fat ha gs; green hags. brown hags. black bag:;; and ktM s ,,f en:ry kind and dc~cripti11n . '\\' ell.' thuught l, 'thi 1 • •t guutl ly c nnpany u f bag~ ~o 1 think L will stay here . i .r [




knn\\ I ~hall J,~.,.. l1app_, .· . \ " t ht· day-.. pa . .: . . cd hy I hcc:une .u.· q \1 a i n t l' d \\ i t It t It L' , • t 11 1...'1' h:t;.! . .... and tllll...' tnld llll...' that Ill\'- new llelllll' \\a...., c:t ll l'd till' 1\c• ... t·nth:tl l~a ~ ancl Tru11k IIP\l"t'. .. :\I y ~lay in my Ill''' It• •m-.: wa:-' nc•t a It 111~ ••111...' . ( )nt• ll'' •rn111)..! a young lllan cant<.: in and ~aid Itt: wantt:d a hand ha~. II-: \\:t...., plann i n ~ cttl takin;..: a tr ip a tTtl:-':-' thl' lak1...· te• hi~ cdd h•>lllt'. • I II d ~ i II l'(,,' h l ' \\' tl :-' I I Ill Y ~ I I j II ;._: j t ' J' a f e \\' d :t _\' :-' Jt 1...' d j cl Jl I 1l \\' l :-' Jt t I ) take a ...: uit ca~t· . ;t ... t ha t ''' ' uld he t e~ c• l•ig and tn•uhk:--ome. The ~.,.·Jt:rk t1111k m~...· dt~\\' 11 irum the :-:hclf. and ac; T likcrl the appearance ,,1 the~ cHtn;..: man. I tried t c• lnnk 111\' he .... t. llnw 1 jHtiTed nut my :--ick~ t11 make my hl'tl\\'11 .... ,,at ~lee k and :-:mnnth, and ht~\\' I :-'parkkcl my bra-..:' hurkk:-: in the :-'ttnlight that wa =-:--treaming in thn•ugh the "indtl\\'. The _nnmg- man lo o ked ;11c <n·cr and my hl'art n .·ry nearly lcapl.'cltlltt nf Ill \ ' throat fn1· jtty when he ~aid.'( ;uc:-:~ I'll takL' thi:-: one; it ltlllk:-: iike a pretty "OU<I Inn· :--. :..... .· "lie paid the ckrk. \\'he> th anked him ancl huwed ~racunt~­ ly . picked me up. and :--tarll'd nu t ni the ~tnre. Su jaunty wa~ hi:' :-'tep and llll'I'J'_\' hi~ \\ hi-..tlt- t hat I \' 11 \\' l'd r \\'Citt ld dll Ill\' hc:-.t tu pka~l.' him. .\itt•r \\'t' had heen walkinn f11r alunt-l ;-.. t\\ cnty minute~ ,,.e ~ t t~ppl'd heft~ re a large. g-rey ~ tone huildtng. The )'Pttng man rang the dnur hell and ~uon a ~en·ant appeared . .. 'llere. Jim. take thi~ hag up t11 m,· re~1lt11 and put it on my tahlc.' ~aid my 11<.:\\' ma~ter. "'Thl· ~en· ant totd..: me. carril'cl me up t\\'11 flight :' nf ~tair:-. and. •• pcnin g a de1or \\'hid1 ll'd int• • a ~ma ll l'tHint , he p lacccl me un a tab!<:. \\ ' h~...·n the :-'t' n ant \\Tnt 11\lt I ht'•"an to h'<•k ;-.. :dH 1tt t me. The r1Hllll \\'a:' tlc•t a \' l.'l'." large c1ne. hut it " ·a:-- ,·en· lll'at and ta"'tl'ittll) arrangl·<l. < )n thl.' wall:' were pictun·~ an~l banner~. and 1111 a ~heli in t)Jll.' ct~r nc r w ere ~e,· cral trP phy ntp" . . \hu\'C: the bw •kca :-- e \\·ere arrangt•d in the f(lrtn of the ktter .\I. t\\'n ha~chall duh ~ and a hn1ken na r. Frmn the appearan1..:e ni the rn11111 I judged that my new ma~ter \\'as a l·nllege man ancl hacl ht.'l'll ;tc ti,·e in athktic:-'. \Vhile] wa:-. l11nking around, my gazt• fl.'ll upun a picture that hung- cliret.·tly ;d"''l' the table liJH•n ''hil'lt I had been plat:cd. It \\'a~ the pinun.: 11l a yo un g gir l :--carn· ly t•Ut ui her teen :-:. \\ ' hile I wa ~ lo k i 11 )..!' a t t IJ e p i r l tt n :. t II e d 1 11 • r t , p t ' Ill' cl a 11 d m y m a :-- t e r "' t e p p c <i :n . 11c placetl ~u me buntllc ~ u n the table, t uok 'JlT hi::; hat and

coa t. threw them on a chair and came n\·cr a nd pit-keel me up . r\iter lt~uking lllt' .,,·c r ag;tin he t 4111 k a pen and in:'icle. ju:-:t J,eld\\' my ni~...·e :-'hiny lt~ck. he printed· the name 'I farry ~u lhy.' "I low quec1·," intl'rrupll'cl llarn·. "that i:-' my name and 111 y rather.:'. t ()()... ~




' t I







. . ~


"~o it may he. hut ytllt knt~\\' th ere :tre many oll)\·s :tnd I Ut) n u t dnuht but that th~...·rt• ar~...· many llaJT)':-'. "T,l J..!'l 1lll with Ill\' . 'll•n·. - llarn·. i11r ~~~ I ~hal l 11tn\' t'all my new nta:--ter. th l'll pl:h:l'cl till' little pal·kag<> \\ hid1 ht.• had -'

J,rcntght within me. Th t.•J'l' \\':t-- a litth.• ~ ha\\ I l11r hi.; muthcr. a pipe iur hi..: iather. glt•\T" it•r hi~ ~i~ter. ;1 bt111k, writingpap.,. ancl a pu...:tal allnttn i11r hi :-- lilt le ln·t~ther..... There was u Ill' 1i tt It.: p a~...· k a g t' a II ''t' r y l.' a r l' i nil y \\' r a p p t' cl a 11 c1 t i e cl a n d I t' utdcl :wt ~ee \\hat wa' in it. I imagined it "a:' :-'wnt:th in g ic1r the girl wiH I:-'t' pi~...·tun• llltltg· alHI\' l' th e table. .\fll'r putting in a f.,,. h:tndk~...·rcltiei-... tie ~ . and a l'1tl lar ur t\\'t>, I larry cJu....,l•d a nd Jp~.,.·kecl lllt.' and s~...·t 111l' dnwn IH.' :-' ick the 1>1 u ,kca~e. " .\ fl...•w hcntr~ lalt'r I larry pickl•d tnt' up and \\' l' :'tarkd fc•r the boat. \\ ' 1.. • had t11 take a car. and after aiH•tJt a hali ht~nr' "' ride we ~ut tilT and then· I :--a\\· thl' lake it•r the lir:--t tinll'. ~ l y! how hig it clid ~ec m! .\t lir:-- t I was :-'tHllt'\\'hat 1ri~htl' lll'd at the tlH ittg'ht ni :-:a ilin g ,,,·er it. 11 11\\' l'\' l'J'. when I :'a\\· the hig IHla t that we \\'l'r · t•• ridt• in I dicl 11 11t fed :'II afraid. and '-JtH'e I wa~ with ll;u-r,· I tru . . tccl a great deal in him. \\ ' t• Wl'nt al>11ard and it was 111 •t lc lllg' IH:i(l n .' a whi~tk bc~an tn bit~\\' and a ht·ll t n ring. and the \\ hnlc boat beg-an ttl quin·r ;l:-' though it \\'l'l'l' ali' e. Th~...· l>~•at l>l.')..!"an t•• 11111\.t' :-:lt•\\·ly and ..,IHlll \\'C \\'ere c•ttt nf tilt• cha nn e l and intu the lak~...·. \\ ' hen \\'C ~ut 11ttt un the lake the huat 111 0\' l.'cl =-- till ia:-:ter. I \\'a~ pka~ed with the lltH' l'Ity c1i my lir ... t h• •at ridl.' and it-It jtt:-'t a:-- th uu~h I were an ul d :-;ai lur. The lakl• wa~ ni cl.' and ~mllnt h ancl the .... un wa...: ju~t 'lroppin~ helcl\\' the wall•r like a hnge hall ni lin·. "I larry tt lok me up t1 • hi ... :-' t 1 tenl111ll .... ct me cluwn un the bunk. and th~...·n went 11t1t j,,~...· kin )..!' the d t~t•r hl.'hind him . I ~~~~·n 1 •11 :.1 ~ I c c p a n d a i t c r I h a d I> l.' t•n a...., II...·~.· p i 1 1r :-on m c t i Ill c I a \\' c•k c with a jump. Sum-.:thin;.:. ... l·emed t 11 h~...· t11 :-':-' ing- me had..: ancl it~t·th and. uh! IHH\' my ... id'-·...: and ~tnmach did acl11...•. I became .: 11 di zzy I nntld h:trdly -.ee. Jtbt t hl'll llarr.' canw in . .;e t me un th~...· fl ,,ur. and :--aid ttl ltim :--e li a.., he wa :-: gl.'l tin g int11 the bunk, '( iuc ~~ it "ill he a prctt) nntgh ni g ht.' I did 1111t ~ J eep



·' .

the rest of the night. .:\Ty head ach d just terribly and T held my :-\ides as tit!"ht as I l>os:-:ihl)· cou1cl. T thoucrht mornino·~ ~ ~ w o u I d n e \' e r come. but fi n a II y. j us t as r f c I t t hat I could not stand it much longer. lig-ht began tu come in at the windnw and the tossing and the twi:-:ting- seemed to stop a little. After a little while the whistle began to blow and I thought that we must he ente1·ing- the harbor. The hell began tn ring the sig-nal fur slow speed and with a g-rating suund. as thcmgh it were rubbing ag-ainst sunH~t h in g. the b(la t stupped. There was a hurrying and scurrying llf feet o\·erhead. and I knew that we had cnme to our destination. ''!larry jumped out llf his hunk. dre~sed in a hurn·. grahhed me and ran up the :-\tairs to the main deck. Lnnking ahuut he spied someone duwn on the wharf and. wa,·ing his hand. he mad fnr the stairway leading tn the gangplank. lie was ,·ery anxious to get ashore, and in his cagerne:-\s he even hecame sn rude as to justle the women folk quite roughly. As he mad his way u\·er the gangplank. a young woman. smiling"'weetl_v. came to meet him. I recognized her a=-- the original uf the picture which hung lH"er 11 arry·~ table. . s I larry went lorward to greet her I turned my eye=-- away. for I kn w that it was nnt p >I i te to lnnk on when lon:r:-' meet aft cr an a b:-\cn ce. "\\'hile we hurried tn catch a car I d u sed my eyes and t.ars. fnr I had been taught that child'ren :--huuld he ~een and nut heard, and e~pecially when f()nd. young- hearts arc talking ...;wect nothings. \\'hen we got ttl I larry's home how pleased they all were t<.~ ~ee him. :\ftcr exchanging greetings, I larry opened me and tl..>ok nut the little remembrances he had brought. Such 'Ohs' and ':\h;-;.' and ~uch hugs and squeezes 1~ !larry g t from his hrnthers and sister. The neatly wrapped package !larry deitly slipped into hi~ pocket. and J knew it was not to he presented in the presence of the others. :\I r. Culhy immediately filled his pipe. =--at down in his easy chair, and as he blew ~moke ring-s h e saw hi~ dream=-- abuut hi~ son materializing. .:\lr=--. Colby'=-- eyes tilled with tears as she stn1ketl her shawl, and. going intu the kitchen. ~he buried her head in the =--oft ful<.ls oi the shawl and quietly began tu cry. ieeling that I larry wa ~ fulfilling her h(lpes and that he had ll i 't betrayed her mother- lu\·e.

I •







"Th c t """ cia v~ that II a rry wa~ to ~tay home pa!'. ed 'tttickly. ancl we w. .cnt hat·k t t l Citicagll. \Vithin the next f~w rear ... llar-r\· and I made numcrnu~ trip~ and l g-ot to be qutte a golld :-.ail:.r. ( >ne day. in the fall. I larry came t his r om .til <.' xt·itcd and. putting a few dirty n >llar. within me and a "rinklt•d lll't·ktie ur twn. hurried tu the boat. On hoard the l)ll'tt he \\Till immccliateh· tl> his :-\tateruom and. opening me, lu: .put :.1 littl~ square packag ·away down in one corner. After that 1 did n•>t lea\"l' his hand~ and he carried me wherever he "alked ,,n the deL·k. I wondered what could be the matter; "Jt,·. inst ·ad 11i dean L·,,Jfar:-- and prc~~ed tic~. he had taken the dir~ ,. 1111c:;, and wll\·. sinn: he had placed the little package ithi;lc ui me. he ha;l not let me out uf hi~ hands. ·ure1y he had ncn.•r at·tcd thus hdnre. \\' hen we gnt to I larry's home, ~.,·,· ~.,· n· •ntl' cxn·pt the ynung· lady. whu had met us at the hoat and .an·t~mpanit•cl u=-- t() I larry's humc. were surpri~cd to see It i m. ~he h lu=--hcd a ncl d n >pped her eye~ as II arry ':-; muther ~~ ~~·k~o.·cl at h~o.· r. llat-r\· c\·a<.ling all quc~tion~. took the little pat·kag-e uut oi mt·. ~..·ailed· the young lady a:o:.ide and takin~ her : 1rm. k·d her into the parlur . father Colby winked knowmgly : tl :\Irs. Cnli>L .\fter a ~hurt time I larry came out of the par1 11 r "ith tl~c young lady leaning on his arm. She_ was :o:.miJing happily and tt•ars. tell - tales of joy. were g1is~entT_lg 01~ her l'YI..' la:-.hc=--. In the j,1lcl=-- ni I larry·=-- :o:.lee\·e she tned 111 \"~111 to h.ick a 1ittk d ia mnnd that II arry had just placed on her finger. 1 tarn· hlu :o:. hc<l like a small b11y caught at some mischief; lli..' \Tt: hd,,re tl(lr aiter ha,·c I :-;een him ~o Au:o:.tered. (;uing up tt 1 hi:-- tlltJthcr he ttulk hl·r hand and in it placed the hand ,f the .• irl at hi =-- =--ide. ~ nt a wurd wa:-\ ~puken; word:-; are inadequate ~ . \\ lwn heart.- arc welling •n·cr with JUy. "II a 1-r,· ,,·cut h:u·k to ChiL·ago the next day, happy and thinking oi· the few n· mainin~ bachelor clays hefurc him .. The d:t\"" ancl weeks pas:-.ed. and with the c o ming of the s~>rm_g I n...:L'i' cd a new mi:--tre:-''-'. I larry and his wife went to ~~~-e tn a littl. h,tllll' that I larry had iurnished on the North ~ tde. I "a:-- J•k:t :-.ed with my new mi:--tn: s~ and liked my new home. 1 , 11 ~.,. da,· Jlarrr ramc ht,me all :-;mtle:-;; he was to ha,·c a twu "cT k-..· ~· ac ati 1 ,;L That ni~ht at :--upper it wa~ planned tn ~pend ~~~ ~ , a '"' ati 1 ) 11 at 1 Jarry· s 1dd home at-rn:-'s the lak.c. :reparat~ n s . I ' ~' 111(1 tJ1••...,e 111(! a :-, "TCat dea) tJI patn; hut ~ lllCe ' e re n1auc '- · l ..~ lU Sed ·



I lt:t\·c.· reJ'••in:d uft<.'ll ),et·,·ttt-.· ,,,- tlt t· re-..u Ih "'- t I!at pa111. · :\Jr-.. lla rn· ntl a lt"lt· in my lining. ju-.t IH.· I••\\' 11tll' t•i 111\' =-- nap ~. and madl' a :-- mall Ju•c kct th<.:r ·. She \\'a-. real ic111cl t:i !"\)\\ ing and =-'\\'imming . and sa id tll;tt \\hen t ltc..· ,· \\'11lllcl "t• t 11 thl' n ld l1c:tdt \\'ht'l'e :-. Itt.• a-.. a gir l ltacl lt·anH.:cl- t11 :--\\'in~~ :--he \\'llll~~l JHt~ her d .i:tmciiHI in the little p11<.:k<:t i"r -..ait· keeping-. l>unng· tltc11· \':tcaticllt ll arry and hi" \\'iie •,jtt·n \\'ent t , , 1ltc ht.·:ll·h. and t~nt• clay a:-- they \\'ere gc1ing llllt j,l("water JiliL·-.. ~ I .- .... _ll:~rry put _Iter ring in the lit tiL· p.,ckt·t and lc..·it me t•• kct.·p tt -.ale lt•r hL· r 111 tltc ~.·lu:c k-rcHII11 . \\' hilc the,· \\'erL· "tl lll' ; 1 man l t~t•kcd in :t t t h~.· \\ ind tt\\' , :-.eeing- the cl<: rk .Int-. \' an7I ,, ith hi~ ha~.- k turned. th~.· m a n reached thr(ltt .~h the \\'i;tdt~\\. tc 1uk IJ,dd •~~' 111<' and madt• 11IL I :-'t·reamccl as l•nHI a-.. I c.·" ulcl f .. r hl•lp hut tllt o ne sel'l11l·d ttl hear me. The man l>nardecl a l·: 1 r. :tnd \\ lh.' tl \\'l' h.·tc l .L.~'t •' tlt' .·t 111 1·1 c c1r 111•1rc \\'e g<Jt 111 I" J H.' f 11rt' a -.. mall. tttmhle-<1••,,.,1 It c) tt :--c. · Iw 11· I. 11 ( II < e 11 .111 1'11a l' and e Iclc r lnt-..lw-... C >nee in the Jt.,n:-'c . the man broke 111\' luck and IIJll' ll.cd me..•. I d:e\\' the little ptlt' kl't a~ far undl'r tl~e -.nap :t"' ~ ~>" ..... tJ,Jy cuu ld. ll1r I did n< 1t \\'ant him t •• lind the ring. Find rn g· ''nly the t\\'t' bathing ~ uit :-' and a ic\\' tt~ill't ar t il'll'._, the man '\\'nre and. g·••ing ups tair=--. thrc\\' me intu the attil'. .. ·. \ Ja,.' tlh•ttght I. ·n,,,,. my day" of :--l'n· in· an_• <.'. IHiccl and my ni L· c hnt\\' ll l..'uat and my :--hiny lntl'ldt..·:-' ,,·ill 111t•ulder ancl !·u .... t in thi:-. dark plal·c.' Still . I n .. j• •il·l·d at Jta,· in~· =-'' l·an: fulh· pn •t cn cd th · ring·, ancl I , .,,,,·ed that I \\'uuld e \·c..·r· kcl'p m~· ~ 'l'l'l'l . That night I l't •ttld Jl(lt go t11 :"-lt-cp. and \\hil l' I \\'<t-s th inking ,,f \\'hat had h:q>penc..·d . a littl e 111Dl1 :-'e came r unnin ..· l,y. \\ ' hen he -..a,,· me..· Itt..· "t11ppt..•cl and :-'aid,.. '( ;1111d t:n.: ning. :-.t ran .~t·r. It o \\' arc you:· .. ·c ;.... d <.:\· cnin~· -..aid I. ·J 3 111 1111t \'t•n· \\' l' ll. th3nk \ 't l\1.


t ltl'll

tar~e man with' c.:r_,

dark hair anclct~mplcxitHt. \\' hilc he wa:-' i ·~~·kin;...: an•tlltd he ... pied me and pi~.· ked me up . lie turnc..·d me up-.iclc ci11\\JJ. thn·,,· 11lll till' littiL· lllil·e. httlllt' a nd all. <tnd car• icd Jt tc d 11 \\ n :- tai r:-- . li e then gt•l a :-'l'l'e\\' d ri,·cr and fixed my i••l·J, which had hccn lll't1ken all tll c:-'c year:-- and had cnu~c<l me t' tllttinual pain. "Titat ni gh t the man put within me the..: ti\'Crall :-.nit and 1i:t rk pil'Cl' "i rJ,,tJt '' hirh _,,,u ha\e ju:-'t thrll\\' 11 thc..·rc upnn th e :.!~'"lllld . . \ J, .. ut 111iclni ~ ht he t•11 •k me and \\'l' 'tartcd 11ttt into 1 ltc.· ni;...:ht. It \\':t " a n : ry dark ni~ht and I l'ttllld nnt ~ce \\'here \\ l' werL· gc1 in ~· . . \it er \\'l' had g"lllll' ""me cl i!" tancc the man :--lc•ppcd. t•'' 1k ••ut the dt1the .... and put th em •lit. The black ~'~••tit lrl· put arc• Uilcl hi-.. i :tl'<..' . ka\ ing- jtt:-'t e n ct u g h :-.p&lt..'C to louk tltr c• Ui-:11. I th l' ll JT:t li ;~~.: d that the man \\·a .... <t lmr ~lar. (;t~ing :t l ittk furtltL·r. ltl' hid behind a building- and \\'aitcd . li e mtt ~ t lta\·c knii\Ul that ... , , m~.·h ,Hh· \\a:-- l·oming that \\ay. fnr it \\'a :-. lltll hIll !..!. en I hea r d j,,. ~t-:--tl')l-.. and S t 1111<..'• •ne talkin g. Tltc hurgl:u.' jumped , ,ut and in a gr uff ' '"ice t old them tu h " ld up tltcir hand-... It \\'a-.. a \ ' llllll:.!' man and lady . Th e yt1un g matt 1utnpecl it•n\·ard t• • prc•~el't thL· lady ancl the burglar :--hnt him. ·, ;r;tl1hin~ me. th e httr~lar ran ancl c\id 1111t :-- t••p until he had , u 11 a J,; 11 g di-..tan ce fn•lll the pla~·l· 11i t he ht ,Jclup. \\' hen he th~~u~ht that hL• hatl ;..,:e~lll' a ... a i • d i:-- tat n- e he -..t"ppcd. t~tnk pfT the , ·, ,·l'rall-. a nd ldack ~.:lc1tlt. put t he m \\'ithin me and \\'ent un


agatlt .

.. Finalh· \\'l' ~.·a mt.' t 11 a irt..·i~h t yanJ . . and there the man g •1t \\' h e n \\'C ramc t o tlt i-.. 1111 ; 1 traill ~hat ,,a ... ju .... t gni n~ tt lll. -.. tn·a 111 h L· th n·\\ lllL' , ·, (( tltt· trai n . and a:-- I icll int•) the \\'atl'r I th t~ tt "h t th:tt m,· l ' tH i lw d L·••llll'. : \ " ' ' that _,.,,u ha\e l•c ~.. n :--n 1 ind~ 11 me and -... ;l\ ~,.·d me ir"llt clnl\\'lling. I \\'ill tdl ~ uu uf the ,el-rt·t that I ha \L' :..!U:trkd i••r :--n many year:--."




.. ~I 1·. ~ I• •ll ... <.· tIt t: 1t a:-- ked \\'hat t h c t n •ul, le w a:-'. an cl I t, ,J d !tim my ... t11ry; IHJt I \ \ ' <1:-- \cry careiul 11 11t t u nH'Jtti•Hl the ring-. i I< · "_\' lllpathized \\'ith me. a nd ))(.·it~re he lcit \\'c had hel'1111ll' qu itt: irit:nclly . . \iter th;tt tltt..· 111fltbC l>l'callll' a regular ,. i ~ it11r and I ),l.C41 111l' quill' j.,nd ,,j hint. I in,· itecl him tn !>rine r 11 \·c..·r lri ~ i:ttnil_\ and l•, li\t..' ,,· ith 111e. F uurtecn h111g' yt·ar-.. I lay t ia·n· in th<· att il· . a nd I ittrni :-. lh·d a IH•lllt' it•r· :\ Jr. :\ft~u ~c and :dl ,, j lri "' dc.-... t·<'tHI:tnt -.. ir••lll thl· clay I had in,·it ecl ~Jr . ~l tl ll "e t • • n .rn t • ; 111 d I i ' l ' ' ' i t h 111 c·. < J t w (· \ ·c 11 i 11 g· t Itt..' a tt ic d, H 1 r 11 p l' Ill' d . 11d .t lllall l' alllc..: ir1. 1111t tiH: man \\'htl had :-: tctl e n nw. hut a









ltt't then !larry heard hi-.. lll t~ thc r l·a lling him and. pick ing ;,p tlt c.: bag. he and Lu l· ik -- t:trte<l aLTtl ;o.:' the rtclcl ftH' h(llll(.!. ·1 hL' \' Jrad ) 1 l·c.·t~tl1L' ~~~ iutcrL·-..tcd in the :-' tt•ry that th ey had n<~t 1111 ti~Td that t he :-- un had :tlrl·.tdy :--d. llu rrying tc ~ \\ arcl th_etr 1J, 1111 L tl 1 ~,.· ,· 1nct t hl'ir iather and m• •thcr \\Ito \\'cre Jll'.. t :--e ~llll f..!' ••U t lt• lut-,k i11 r t lit.: lil. ~~.ciu:~ t he ha ~ !l arry ha_tl. \lr~. oil)\· l•" •k it ir,• •t t hi:11 ;t:td :t ked lt: lt t \\ ltc..:tl' Ire had lut111d 1t. . , ; , d 1 ildt en Jn~g an t11 t ell th e.: '' ll tHkriul :--t ury \\ hich the h a :· l.,uJ



t o ld them , wh e n l\ J rs. ~aid,-

'olby gan; a littl··'" :-- t ar tl ec 1 cry anci

.• \ \' hy · Papa. lnnk ; t IIi:-- i!'- y<~ur ul_d ha .~ . ...:L' t'. hl·rc j .., p <Ht pf your nam e sti ll ,·i:-.il>le! I WI tJHi cr If the ring i... :-- till hcrt•? ()h. Dear, here 1't I· S, JU · St " :hl're I put it tilL· day \\'(' "ent lll. \I{ 1.1·:~ ~Tc > p 1'1·: 1.~. ·1.;.

THE ~ARABLE OF THE PRODIGAL FATHER. (lsctl hy . ' 1. nn u r · \ S:--lll'IHltll . . n Pr t::-- ... ) · l>l'rlll .l!":--

L'Fl'T \ 1' 1 f ~' 1 . - ~m an had t\\ o :-otllh,' .· tlt<l tl 1<: yc lllllgcr

t .•em ~aid to hi~ father. •·j;,.tlll''"' r. gin: llll' th e portHill of thy tim e. ancl tty I attL·n t ittll. <ttHI thy cu mpaniunship. and th ,. t o me.' ' " Cll tlll !'e 1 "'h ic It fa! kth


he ))a id the I

·· ·i\.ln_d he c)i,·ideu unto them his li,·inn in th a t !" >Ills and setlt 111111 • r-sc hool. and t 1 ·· · · tu a sckrt prcparat11rv ° C ancJJJ~· schon l ·tn d t II • belie,·e that he \\ ..lS cl ·. I. r' 1. fl l'P L'ge and tried t•• ~ . oJng- lis u I duty hy th e hn\'. . .\ nd not lll «t ny clars after. th e iath .. ... .. . . . es t !-' and aspirat' . : I . . el r--.tlh<.:led all IJJ:-- Inter. lOll!' cliH amh ttt on s and t k I . . . . a fa r cuuntn· int<' ·t l·tlt I f k no tb J•'urney lnt n , • .. c < o s t• ,l. . -.: · 1 1 1 1 and o ther thin~,.s \\'hJ. . · . · • IH >nne s and st:curi ti cs ~· c.: 11 <1o not Interest a 1 .• . \\'a~ ted hi . I .· . . . ( Hl) • ell)( 1 there he ~ >rccwus <1]>portuntt)· 11f 11 •• .. . . . so n. elll~ c.l c.: 1ll1111 t u Ill~ 0\\'11 >Oj

A nd when he 1la( 1 :'pent tilt: \ ' CJ'\' best f I . . r f ga in ed m o ney hut had fai led t " r .'f. :•. lis ' c and llaci mi•Thty famin e i 1 I . . I til< . •ttt:-- .tctt()ll, there aruse a r-I 1 1:-- lCart; and he heu·n 11 t 0 I . ~y mp a thy and re~tJ Clll11 l >' • . ~c >C 111 want of c:: cllliOIIS 111J> . And he \\'Cllt a nd joined him self to I ' f I ·I co_un try ; an(~ t h cy cl Cl' ted hi 111 C ha i rm ;l ;~l:()(; t~1 ~c ~ r::~;;ell f l hat mtttee and l resident of the Cluh ·t nd . , t I . ()111 nd he would fain h·t,·e ..,.Ltl. . ,. I I·. !"lf<.:n lim to ongres~. ~ ...... s Je< lllllSe . 't l I I o ther men did ca t ancl 11 . " ' 1 t lC tu :--ks th a t 0 lnan ..·a,·c tt11t, 1· ~ s hip. r-< 11111 any real friend -

I: ..

But when he came t o him!"clf he s·tid .. of m y acquaintaJH'C ha,··· I . ·, . c ' ll o w man y men "' H ') :-- w tom t ftc · 1 wh o und erstand them . who t ·tlk . I t I . ) unc er!'-tand and · • .t >o u t 1c 1r bllr s · 1 · w tt 11 their hoys 'tnd see n f ,., · ~•n c as son ate • c • 1 per ec t 1y lrtppy in tl o f their so n and 1 perish 1 . " H: comrades hip , . lere \ Jt 11 1lcart hun o•,.er ·I 1 \\· 1·11 an. ·e



and gn t o my son . and will say unt him . ' Son, I ha ve sin ned against ll ca,·en. and in thy sig-ht; 1 am no more w rthy to be called thy iathc r: make me a:' nne of thy acq u aintances.', .\nd he aro:'e and nttne to his snn. Rut while h e was yet aiar 11fT. his so n saw him and was mn,·ed with astonis hment. :tncl in stead nf running- and fallin~ nn his neck. he drew back atld \\as ill at ea:'c. .\ncl the father ~aid unt11 him. "~un. 1 ha,·e ~ inn ed again~t I kan: n. and in thy sight: I am no more worthy to he called thy father. FPrg-i,·e me nnw anrl let me be y n ur frie nd ."' But the son saici. .. ~nt :--o. I wish it were possible. hut it is l• 1" late. Th ere was a time when 1 wanted to know things. whl'n l wanted companionship and counsel. but you w ere too husy. l got the infnrmatim1. a nd I gnt the compan i on~hip; h ut I ~nt th e \\'nlltg" kind and now. ala~ . lam wrecked in ~nu l and in body and there i:' nothing yuu can do for me. 1t is too late, too late, too late ."

IJL:\KE \\·. l~ODFRE Y. Brooklyn.

REMINISCENCES OF A PIONEER. () · want m e to tell you about o ur ~ettl1ng here? \\'ell. perhap:-. it w u nlcl be well. Y uu ynun~ people. li,· ng- in luxury. little real ize how we !'- trugg led. suffered and sacrificed , that you mi g ht ll(l\\' cnj()y what y~1u ha,·c. <>h. no. l han~ ne,·er regretted it. hut J can n o t forg-et ho\\' ,,·c kept :'tcaclfastly u n thrnugh hardships and clisappointn1ents ior th e ~a ke of o ur children. " \Y e l l. cnnrlitinns w ere n ot \'<: ry pru~pcrou:' in th e Xctheria nd ~ and did n o t promise tn heL·ome much better. so some of us began t o talk about emigration. \\· e thought uf the Du t ch East lndie~ and of 'ape uf ( ;n<'cl I l ope. but after we had ~cnt twu men t o in\·cstigate. we decided to go to America. A cn mpany t> f about fiity :--ailed in September. lt 46, on the ·southerner,' a brig. ancl we were on the ocean forty-~e,· en days. Dan~erous? \' cs. 1 suppose it was, hut we were so full nf hope and enthusias m that w e :'carccly th o u ght uf that. FortunatL·ly we hacl 111 1 s e\ ere :' ltlrtll :' . "\\ ' hen \\'C arri ,·ed in ~ ew York, we didn't know exac tlY

THE I fi



\~( ' lJOH

i11r eac.·h (lthcr and putting their money into a l·ommon fund ' ' ith whil'h t '' htt\' ... upplie-.. . \\' c huilt a 'cnltllly store' from '' hidt pr~~, · i .... i•tJb. h•ntght "ith this m•tney. wen.· ~i,· en nut. ' IIJ:tt \\';t .... n••t :t -..Ul'l' l':--:-- and Ja...,ll!d ~ran·l·ly a year. :\ 'ndony 'l'"'"'l.. i' ''a-.. lh111;.:.ht 1111 the -..a me prinl·iplc hut that. too. wa~ n i:tilun·. In additi•llt t• • thi :--. 1111r ignnran rc and lac k nf cxpcri·ncl' ca u:-:t•d tt:-- tr••tthll'. inr we th()ught we cnnlcl rcpru<lucc c, •t HI it i 1 111.... n f t h l' \.' l ' t lw rIa ncb h c r c . an cl w c h u i It a \\' i 11 d m i 1I nl·:tr thl· <;rand ll:t,·cn l,ridgl' and latct·. ;t wat •r-po\\'l't· mill. I ;,,th ''ere Utt . . . tH·n· ... -..iul ancl y••u l':tn imagine how all thcst· lailtttT . . dr:tilll' d the l't)J,,ny ,,f lllttncy.

\\ lw 1 , • ' ' •' • , \Trt · g ttlll ~. \ \ < · It~ 1r 1 Jll' ' '~tl~ · I •• · il· .'.l··t.· 'll':\.;t ... .\1 i, 111 :.· :111 \\ '. . 1 .• • 1.... t . I t II ... Ill I tl I I \ \ :t. ; Ill t) \\ I •II d t . l'l' d \ .. j 1\ i ll.' ·' • :: I: : Y .. 11 ,,,., .. ''~' It :u I 1111 .II I t•:t 11 r I I I( ' ... .J:;t( • 111. ll tt· , 11l1 1 •••• \ \ \.: l ! rk


\\ : t\ '" lklt ,•it :tlld \\aited tiH·n · a it:\\ d:t~ · \\ . :; , l )r. 111 1\ :t:tltt·. ••llr lt-:ttft.r. dt ·l· id<: d "lt<' rt: t• 1 ~'·· l.'" in...: t , tltl· \ · ' I• '"' ~' 1 d. 11:" i ;..~: tl i 11 11 i t " :1 .. i IIIJ ' • •"" i I d (· t • , ~. , I a ·' , •II rl .\ I ; ; i....: a n . ..... \\\ ' \U' III Ill) Ill r:r:wl, l.:tk(·. \\ llidt IJ<.: tl l.. tt ~llt \\:t· t' tl' Ill ·t "-llil :tf,l,· J·l:tn· f,t.'l':llt "-<' .. r 1ft,. r icl1 ..,,,if. thl' L'' •l11t llcrci;tl ad·.alll:tg t·.. , .. n·l·n·d ''-' 11:" i,;..::tti••ll. tltl' pn·~imit _, l' • t it· lakv . "'iridt """ld "'"clt-r:ttl· till' tvntp c.·r:ttun·. and l,t·<·a u-..,· ,, j t l c iatt tltat il '':1 ..., :t ..... , .. , \\lll'l'l' 111:111." ''"11ld l•L· aiJit: l•• litH} " " "" \\ itlt••lll d:llt"''~' .. r "'"lttc.-ri"" , ...··" 1_, Ill • tl I(• -..prtll · ~ 11)· 1K-1/ · - \\l' :trt ·l\t· d :-• :--· 1 Ill· l' · t'" Ill i II ,;..: hY till· \\ a _, " i . \ lie~ a 11 • \\ It l' r c \\ l' IL·it t h e " ll lltl· 11 uutil ."'' ,·.,ttld prc.,ide "'ll llll' -.. IH: lt er j,,r them . . \ part~ ,,j . \ltll'l'tt' :t lh \tdtttttccn:d t11 ''"llll' " ·ith u . . t" tca l· lt u-. It" " l•• ,· ll•'f• lt'l'l' . . . J,uild f,. ,;..: IH'" "''"' :111d t1• m:tkl' r";tel ...... j, 11 • ,,l. kill'\\' ll' l_\' Jittll' :tlHIII( :-.llcft tllilt g...,, :111d. 11 f l'lllll'"-l'. tfte re \\l'l'l' Jill clv:trillg ...... 1111 11••tt . . l' . . . illld 1111 n •;~<l ...... l.'xn·pt lndi:tn t rail-.. . until \\t. ' lll:ldl' tltl'llt. < >ur li r-..t ... f1l'ltcr \\':t-.. put up 1111 t ill· !till l':t .. t .. i II .. IJ:tnd . \\llt·rc \\l' tl1••u;.:.l1t till' city \\'t~llld IH: . It \\:t .... a \t'l' \ cr11dl' :1f'fair hut it ...,l' f'\' l•d until "t· ct~ uld make.: a hcttl-r llltt• ancl it ":t:-. illll'n·:-. t in~ in ln·in~ tltl· pl:t~..·c.· \\'hl'rt' the fir:--t 11i 11Ur ltlltllhc.T dil·d ;tnd tltl· lir:--t dtild \\'il' h11r11. "l ' 11til \\'l' l'11t1ld l~t1ild a cllllrcll. \\l' hl'lcl ...,l·n·icc.::-. out-nfd1"11·. . . . \\' l' ~· ttl clt•\\11 :t lar~(· tn.·L'. Lhed till' :-- tlltltp a-., a pu lpit :t11d tltt· !..,;..: lnr :t h~..·ndt. Y11u think it htllttrl rll tt :--. pt·rltap:--. IHJt i 1 " :'"' :I ''l' rY "'l' r i111 1~ :t fT: 1i r t 11 ll ~. ( • h u r d 1 "'l' n · ir l', It ad ttc.· , ·c 1 llll::tlll :'II llllll'lt lc~ IIH' ;1~ lltt•tt, \\ IH·n \\'l' wen· mt·l· ti 11 ~ di :--:tpl.~~~~~~lllll'llh and dl:--l'II LJr:tgl'lltt·nt 1111 all -..ide" . and mi ~ ltt lta\·l· :a tll-d. lt:td it n,,t hl'\'11 i••r tltl· ltc.:lp .. f ,, ur c;"cl. " \\ ' c.· :--'""' n·:tli ;~ c.·d that \\'l' tH't·ckd .... lllll' itll'lll 1 ,j ~CI\' l'l'll 111l'lll: :-'tl a~ \\·c.· n•ttld 11111 hLTIIIl te citizlth in tllll'di:t t ch·. \\l' ~ c.· . . .··h l'd ••llr~l· h· t·:-- int" a kincJ .. r dl'llllll'ra cy . gn\'l'r ni 11 ~- a;c,•rd tll~ l11 tltc.· lll:ljttrit.' rule.-. C >ur lliL'etin,;..:..., \\l'l'l' knuwn a:-- '\ ' 1dk-..\Tr~ : tclt-rittgen' :tlld tltc.Tl' \\t' di ~t· u-.. . . . l·cl and regulatt-d l al~tn· :tttd \\ :tgl':-', tkcid('d l1• l~tt i ld r11:trl.., :1 11d hrirlge ...... 11 rganizt'd 11 ur ~~.·~lt~td and L'\' l'll . . . l·ttlt·d Jll'l':-.fltt:tl .~ril'\:llll'c.·:-- . ~lany :-'tr:tlt_t: . tlllll .;..!:-- \\'t'l'l' hrtl\tgllt up f,,r di :-;~.· u ...,:-- i .. tt and tllatl\' ltl':ttl·d ar ~ u lllt'lll . . . lll'ld . . IIIII

"( >ur littk ct~lu11y \\ ;, . . . jtt:-- t likl.· tiiiL' l:trg l' i:11 nih·. all can 11 .. I



"In the lattl' r part ,,j that summt•r. when\\'(' tllllU~ht we ,· .. uld ... tand 1111 ll11tl'l'. malaria hr11ke 11t1t and the C(llt~ny :'on n !wl·:tme 11tH.' hl·d 11i ... ickttt'"''· Th e ~ trange dimatc. the undraitH'd mar ... lws. llll:-'anitan· t'llt tdi t ittllS. lad.: tlf mecliral aid . , 111 d ni l':'o\pericnl'l' \\Trl' t11 I> Ia me f( •r the ~ prca<l uf the d1:-'case .ttld the grea t 1111•rtality. I'll nc\·(·r furget <.'ntcring :-'O lll uf tftt,..,t• crtt\\dt·d hut .... whl· re l'ach iamily was iun:ed ttl accomllt••dall' it-..eli tn a il'w .... quart' icct. \\'here ht~tl!-.ehnld dutic~ "l' l'l.' IH·in~ ..:arril·d 1111 :tmicl :-- ie kiH:. ~ . clcath and the drc~s ing­ ,.j ,·,•rp~l·~. <>h. it \\'=t' terrihll'! \\' c were ncar th point of <il•-..p:tir. "lwn :-- tHl<knly the \\'Cather changed and we were """' t•tl. Tlw autl\11111 and ''inter were ~tl mild that we could wnrk ,,ut~idl· lllt 1S lt li tltl' time and the in,·:did:-; ~tHl ll rceo\·ered. " .\t thi:-- time \\'l' :-'hll \\·ell anoth r· one "r l1Ur llnllancl tr:tih. altlt••Ugh \\l' did twt kn''"' :tt thc.· time that it was pec.·u lt:tr t11 u~. in t·hc ercdi1111 11i a ·\\·cc::.-huis.' an orphan -a~ylum . \\' l' \\'t' r. ttl't'lt:--lt,mt•cl t 1• lta\T t lllt' in the ~cthcrlancls ancl ct' th m:tl:tria ltacl kit m an \· L'lti ld rcn urphan~. \\·e tnnk thi ~ mean ..; to l' :trt' f111' them. It ha-ppened that the children were aduptcd hy t: 1111 ilie-.. ancl that tht• lntilding \\' :t:-' nc,·cr tt:-..ed f.,r the ()riginal purp1•..,l'. but it :--h11\\ ed 11ttr :-'pirit. at least.

"( >t 1c thin ~. \\~hirlt \\'ill "'hn\\' Y' ' u the incnn,·enicnrc:o; and rkpri\:tlillll~ \\.' l.' \\'l.'J'l' itHTed t ll ~ttf>m it til, \\'a~ thl' dil'ti c uJ~y ,u• lt:td j 11 ,.J 1tainin g 11l11' ... uppli c~. Thc~c hacl t o he hrnug-ht 111 1n, 111 . \llq.~:r 11 hy ~~~ - team ttr .-~,metillll'..., l'\' Cil till hack " ' ·cr tht· , ,·ry p 111 ll'l''l ni r .. ad'. \\ .l' ren·i,·ecl mai~ only n n_l'C' a \\· ~ · k . t••r that ltad t•' l,e carril·tl in t•n hack a dt-..tanre ol h ·. n 1111le..:.. Y 11 u c ;111 inta~inc what an i...,1,Jatcd iccling- that ~a,· c u :-- and •



h u w w elc me some new:-; \\'a!' from those whom we had le ft behind. ''.-\ ftcr the lir:'t trying year~. condition=-- grad ually grew better. < >ur g-nmnd was in a fai r runditiu n. we had uur l·r• •P=' · and ead1 family . excep t th e ncwl·umcr'. h acl it:' u \\·n h o u se and ra rm. O ur hupe wa:-; n.·,·i ,·ed a nd we went about o ur wnrk with rene\,. d cneq..~_,. and determinatiun. \\ ' e all felt that a ~ ~ real deal nf credit i11r 11t1r s u n: t· =--~ wa:-' dut• n ur minister and icader, Dr. :\ . C. \ ' a n l~ aalte. ior uftc n his rourag-e and pcr:-;l·, ·erance. cheered and sp u rred u s nn when we were <•n th e p c1 int 1f g-i,· ing up. But the prc~ent de,· elt~pment of the coJ,m,·. it :-:. material pru:-'perity. and in tellectua I a ncl Stlt: ial c l e,·at i, 111 which ha:' raised u s innn the immigrant:-; 11i 1H47 ttl th e :\m erira n t' iti ze n s of tnclay. mu:--t i>l' attril ntt ed largely to the fact that we hacl t:•• m e h ere wi t•h th e definite purpos e ni bettering the ecu n u tlli e. ~ucia l and religit•us cu nditi1m s. nut :--o mu ch fnr o ur s l'h· e~ . hut for our pn:--terity. ' 17.

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THE SACRED BEADS. 1. S :\ B B< >TT. h a , . y n u m e t o ur n e w lmarclcr ?" EleaJH )r .\ bhot h•t,kc<l up into th e beaming. go< d-natnrccl iare oi her landlady . "Ynn mean th e forei g ner. I s ttp)Hl:--C. :\lr:-;. \\'illi am:-;. I han! lltltit:cd him. hut nut t a lked with him . I le i . . a (;ree k, isn't he?" " ~o; an

Armenian. I am !"n so rry f11r the pont- fellow . Yuu ~ee . he !cit :\ rmenia thinkin g- that he could g·t·t W1 >r k here a t ~ n ch high wa ge:- that hl· \\' ~t Uid bec ,mle rit:h in a s h ur t tim e . li e is sn pentliar. huwe,·cr. th at he has ft•und :-;carceh· - an,·thinu· :--.. lt> cl\1 , and he finds it hard ttl li,·e . :\J r . :\l iltPn ha:' g-i,en him a )11 1-.;i tillll in hi :-- gTt'enhtHbe IJUW. hut th e p:,l\· is \'(." ry Sllla )J. f du \\'i:--h that Yl• Lt co ul d sec so m e uf the jewel ;-; he h a :-' . I'm s u re he r•ntld sell tJIH'lll. hut he <luesn't see m t n care t n. or ~t tlt cr wi se his pril'e:' 3re t nn high. lie ha:' a :' trin g uf bead..., th at is hea uti iul." :\1 i: s :\) ,hot finished h er s upp <."r and r e tirC'cJ t o the library. ~ h e wished s he might s et: th ()St: jt:\\'cl s . f,,r ~t)mehu\\' . --he wa s al\\'a \· ~ ia!"l: inatecl hy l tdcl, peculiar ur nam e nl s.




··Sec. :\J i:'s . \!,hot. here an: the beads f was telling you alHntL Ill· didn't like t11 h:l\e me take them. hut f promi!"ed t11 l11·ing tlH.'lll right bark . . \ ren't they g-rand?" .\nd the landlady ' ..., eye-- ...,Jt"nc with admiration. Thl· ~irl llttcn•cl an cxdamatit~n uf delight. She had n e ,·er ·.;et•n anything ""''l' xqui .... itc. :\ dtnthlc :'tring of beads of a 1110~1 lll':tutii ul :--hack ,.j red: ca1.: h head perfectly can·ed and perfe t itl l'I J tllt~lll' and \'lll t• r . and till' da:'p a rare design in dull g ld. ~Ill' e'alllilll' d tltcm l':trdully. and then handed them back tu ~dr'. \\ ' illiam'. \\ ' hat ran· \\t~rkmanship! ~he \\'anted tho:e i1eacb. and\\' ~'" gtting tu ha\T them ii sudt a thing were po ~ ­ .... ihlt:. The pril·e might he ah"''c her mean:-:.. hut she was ~uing tu tn· tu 11htain them . The next C..'\' l'Jling l·:lt'annr .\hhnt waited in the libra ry until the i!lreigner had ~· · ne int11 the dining-hall tn s upp er. There wa s s •• llll' thing pathetic in the littl e man's appea ran ce. IIi..; iace wa:-- thin and haggard; hi:- eyes Wl'rc :-' unk en a nd dull; and. a"' he walked. he I•H•kl'd ~o: on:'tantly abo ut him, as if fearful that :-'•tlllelllle might be j,.J]It\\'ing him. :\li:--"' t\hhnt w nt in and t•u•k a :--eat next l11 him at the tab le . "l.a ... t night :\lr:'. \\' illiam :-' s h 11 wcd me the beautifu l string,,j l>t•ad..- "hil·h Y• lll hr" ng·ht with you from }'llllr home in . \tne ri~.· a l ha,·e nl'\Tr "'l'l'll anyt h ing- ..;o 1\n·cly . You don 't 1.: ar~.· tt• :--l•ll t hem. c\11 yt•u?" The man's dark eyes brightened an in:-'tant. and he n odded. "Y~o•s? F••r ho\\' much?" Tltt· man ln. .·:-'itall'<l. .\ s hrc \ ·d light s h une in hi s eye. " l·•>rty !" .. F ortY <], ,]}a r ~ ? Tha (:-' tn n mudt. l ' :l n 't pay it ... . \ gain tltl' man he:--itatcd. "Thirty." he :-.aiel. The girl 'hut •k her hl·:td. ··l·: ,·en that i=-- ton much . I'll .. i,.,. '''u twcnt\·- li,·e d,dJar' i••r th em . Twent\'-li,·e dollar~ l a . . h . Du \ ' I l l\ UIHkr .... t:llld ?" The .\ rmenian n.,ddcd . " \\' ait!" he ~:tid . ancl ran up the .. tair'. Uuickly hl· rctllrnecl. carrying a :-'mall package. J le lllt•ked ... tc..·althily al>••ut i1 1r a llH>mcnt. and then handed th e pa~.· k:t g l' t11 thl' girl. ~he t~J>l'nl·d i t. and ~aw that it t·•mtained the head... . Then .... ltl· , .• ,unkd 1111t hcf,,rc the exei t ed man ;--.




L\\ t..'n t y - ll,·e dttllar:-- . .. Y !l \1 tll tl ll:ll; nnt :--a,. where you buy!" :-;aiel the man .



ln her rt HJ lll that t'\'Cning the gi rl ag-ain examined the head s. "I s u re ly clid ~. ct a har~ain. and th e m n n cy will la ... t th e pc111r fl'llll\\' a l"ng timt·. I \\' n tHkr \\hat the hc:-tds are. and wh~· r :: lit.: ~~~ t thc111 . I l c ;u: t t'd :-'11 str:tll~eh· :thtllll my kll ill·~· \\'hcrc I hcnt g •llt tlw m . I wcntcl<.'r if h e ~.: uuld han: \\ ' t'IJ, l'n· gtlt the IH.·ad :-'. and th ey're perfect beauties.'' The head s . he 1\n.· ,·er. did tl tl l prnn.> an entire enjnymcnt. F,·e ry time s ite wort' thl' lll .... ,,mcthing· unfnrttt11:1te lwppened . { >ne dity s h e 1« >:-- t ht•r k ey..;: an n tht·r :--he hrc •k c a mirr(l r . and this mis i11 r tunc \\'as foll••\\·ecl h.r the u s ual ruuncl 11f an·iclcnt..;; then h e r leadin g :-a k •.., Jady left \\'ith u ut gi,· ing notice . and tltll' t>i the otht·r clerk's -.; lipped till the :--tait·s ancl s prained her ankle. :\ I i .... f" r t llllt' f" ll 11 \\' c d 111 i :-- i" r tune. a n d a I \\'a ' · s \\'hen s h c wo n.· tlte . \ nnenian heads . . \ s s it ' walked t el\\ ani her hoarding- hou se one nt )oll. -..c ,·eral \\·ecks later. :-- lte ll(ltic:ccl. in the square. t\\'n foreigner s e:agcrly <:cltl ,·crs i ng. Site It H 1kccl at them l'l t~se ly. fnr s h e th uught that n tH.' 11 i them mi g ht I>L' th e .\rmcnian. but sh e "a "' Lhat th ey \\ e t·e s tran~ crs. :\ -.. :' he p:.t:"'!--Cd. they turned :1nd l11uked at her. at \\ lti (' h tltll' uf them spc.kc a it•\\· hurried \\'urd s in . t>mc in re ign t•m g uc. Th e ~irl's curit •sity \\'as arnusccl. hut ~ It ' \\'alkcd on. Sc,·cral clays pa-.;~ut ancl th e .\ rnwnian had left the c ity. Then. one m ur n i tl g', the t Wll men s lt ' had :-:ct· n in th e sq tt:t t·e entered her s tnn·. lt >okecl ar()ttnd. and \\'alk •d o ut a g-a in. ~hl' paid tltl att e nti cm tu th l'ir al'titlllS. ftll" :--he thnn .~·Jlt that thc..·y had m a< k s o 111 e 111 is take. :\ g-ai tt and ;1gain :-:lt e :--:1\\· thc..·:' c t\\'o ftlrcignt·r:-: ah tl llt th e c: ity . Tht·y seemed t P f1•llnw ltct·. t •• watch h er. :111<l niten they pas.:-.cd by Iter s tt ll'<.'. and :--tupp L'd lt• lt~tlk in thro n~h the \\'in dnw. lntt their a c tiutb \\'t' re p<..' t' llliar. ll tl l tlhtlttXitlltS. {)nc e\' <.•nin g-. h ,,,,.c,-e,·. ~Itt• attended a reccptittn and . a~ s h e \\':t ~ \\alkin g- dt l\\' 11 the hall inHll the clre:-:~ ing--rnom. ~ ht• s aw. t'tlllling ttl\\':trd h er . ntH.' ,,f the icltTi~· n<..'rs . . \ . :. he pa:--:--c<l. hi"' g lance il'll npnn the IH:ad :-: "hi~- h she \\'t•n• abt~ ttt her neck. :tncl s he "':t\\ :1 peculiar. ~ in i:- t~·r l c~ttk in !tis e y es. Slw \\' o ndcred ,;,~ttl';.\' \\hat t ha t ' "" k l'tl ttld m c:tP Lut .... ,Hill fttrg •'t ahuut th~..· i Ill' i d l' Ill. "I he th '~ l aitl'nttultl. :\I r ..... ( ;,,udrich. the ma\ t11'..; \\ iic, v11tered :\li s~ :\h bllt's s t• •rL'.


T If J•: •\ ~ (' II 0 H

OR fREOf RI CK GORDON WAIDF. Pr •1.-s<:(lr v'

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DR G. BOONE 'tcC REARY Prof•,sor of Phlln'lnph) lin d R1bl.-


"l .lt"ttllttr. lt:t\l' ~··u ltl':trd tht· -..tran~c . . t11ry ahn ut th~ \ 1111\'lti;ln .... ~ y,.ll Ita\ 11.1 ~ \\ ~:11. it 'l'l'llt .... that a \l':tr ag11 a ~lt ill;.! ••i -.an·~..·cl l·~..·;tcl--. '' lti~·IJ IHIII!.! i11 a temple i1~ . \ rm~·nia. \\:1-. 't•dt·IL Tltv tlti~:i \\:t .. :t peculiar 111;111. :111 \ rnwni:tt l. wltc • ir:td '•ll t t~..·l~t•\\ h~..·c••lltt· \l'l'_, ttltll·h )'n:juclin·d again--t tltt' :.!"''ll'ltlttl' llt :t11d r~..·li!.!i"" ,.f \ nllt'tlia. and till· c•piniclll \\'a-.. t ha t IH· tlt 11 11 "1t l l•• :1\ l'll!..!l' llillt .... elf •·i '"llll' int:t!_!i n an \\ rclll'' In· --t~..·al ­ "1',.: tit"· ·-:t, ·l\ d 1,~..-:td-- . \\ It~. :1 th~..· thdt "a-. di .... c"' l'l-:~1 t.hl' man l1: 11 I Ik d . :t 11 d it \\ :t ... 111 Ill• 11 l' d t h a t It 1.. had ;..: ~>Ill' t " . \ 111 c•.' ric a . I"'' ••I tlt~o.· ll'lllJIIv !..!ll;tJd-. '''"k ;t , , . " t•• l'l.'l'(t\l.'r till.' head-... :111d th~..·_, {.. JJ,,,,v,: t hl' tll:tll . It 'l'l'lll-.. th a t be \\l'llt lir .... t t11 ~l'\\ ~ oork: l•ut \\ lt~o.· ll hi~ Jllll-tlll . .... arriu•d h~..· h:tCI llt••,t•d \\' l· .... t \\:trd . . \t la-..t till'_, tra~..·cd lti111 too thi-... ~..·ity. hut hl.' had ldt 111.. i11rc till'.' f, tltltrl him . .. It 'l'l' 111 - . It"'\' v' v r. l l1 ;1 t 11 , · It a 1 . . , 'I d t 11 t· h l' a d ... tc1 :--• 1111\.' \\lllll all hl'l'l'. It llltt .... l lt:l\ l' ln. TII --•IIIII' ••Ill' -..t:L.' in:..:. :tl till· ~a 11 it•tlt\1111 • r till: T:t\l'lll Thv t"" klllplo..· !:_ liard-.. lt:\\l' IH..Til ;jloolJlld IJI..'IL' j,,J' -V\\.I:t) \\l'l'k-.. :tlld Jt:t\l' todd Jlll IIIIL' thl'i l iou -itn·....... lllltil ·' c..·-..fl·rcla_,. '' lll' tl :\It·. ( ;,.,,driclt a-..k"·d tlt~..·IIJ "hat :Ill' ck-.incl in ooui· ,·it_, Th~..' ~:~,- ~... 1111 ,k-..crip ti••tl ,,j tltl' 1 •l':td --.• tlld dv-ir~..·d '''' lll·lp in ro..·l·••'.l'rin:...:. tltl'lll. 1.... 11·l it lilt ' .tllll .'". FIt: 111, 'r :\\ h l ' r, · d i d ' ' •ll 1111 ' ' •u r Ill' " J, L ad . . . ~ \\ "ul• 11.1 it 1~~..· --t i'.tll~ l ' il !lt• ,-v \\ e : L· t it~.· --alTl·d hl·:tcl<·" l·.ll':lll••r \J,J,~ , ,- .. i:tco..· ttlrttlcl r~..·d :tnd "hite in tu rn. Tl1e j,v,· llli :tr a,·t j, 'II' ,,j tlto..· i••r1.. i :.~ th· r-.. "1.. r1..· l''l'!ai11vd: thl· 1111..'11 had l\'11 hvr ""':tr tit~.· J,~... ,d . . : h:ul '-l' ..... J•o..·,· tl'd lwr. lnll dl·-.ired ' " l•1..· .tJ, ... ,J utl'l.' ,-~,. nain l11: i"rl' tl · -~ :ttl, · l~ll'tl·d t!tl· rn·,., ~..-r~. l~ut :\! 1. . . ( ;r:th:tnl 1t:11 ... t ,,, •l I It••\\. ' I Lo..· ~. ttl l.tu:...:.lt L·(I. and :I l l ' " l..'ro..·d: · \\ .. uldn't i t :- !~ut tit~.··· ~.· ·- II " d:tl~ :...:. vr :th .. tlt t hat. :\lint· :tiT In Ill I I Ill' :J n.... ' .• I .... t I \ ltl..';I d... .. .. :\ I ' l1u . . J,: 1111 I . . ; Ji c: t il :11 It l' 1l! i nJ, . . 1h ~..· " "m; t 11 It: 1.... h: it tlw l ' lt~.. \·Jn~..· 11ian-- t•old i. i1 11 tl t:ti t il ' ' d" tt"t think"'· and • Il \ . ":t\o..' ltiilt tllo..·ir ,-. .. nl ,, j Jt .. n, r th.tt thv\ ""uld lir-.t J,l. I IJ l' \ , l'll.tolt 111 l'l'!.!:trd ' " tho..· ,., It~.. rl':tl• .. tlt • "i Lltl' l•l· :t.J ..... and " ••uld tlto..·lt l•u' tlto..·111 l•o~~..·l. Til~.·_, ... ;,id t : tl..'~ , .. ,,uJd d•• thl· t l!i~..·i w• 1.11111. i••r tlto..'.' ),lJil'\ld l11ttt itt . . :tlll. Tht·ir ••nl~ ck-..tr L· \\:t ' l•• "' ·,,,vr t lt1.. lol',ttl ... '1tl ••ttl tll:d,in:..:. th1..· --l·•l'\ public. and t hen \ II IVIllrtt l11 . \1111\..'llia ." I . , \.' Ill !tl' l' -- ll)'pt·r I' :"--lit' ''a -.. -.. url· that 111..'1' !



were the sac red bead!-i, and just as :'Ure ,,·a ;;, !-ihe that the .1\rmenian!-i knew that she had the heads. \\'h at wa!'i she t n do? There was o ne thing upo n whi c h s he was fully ckcidcd . - ... h e was ~oing- to keep those heads. She w o uld not wear th e m ag-ain in public for a lo ng- time, and then perhaps th e men w o uld think they had made a mistake . That nig-ht !-ihe wrapped the heads in a handkerchief. anrl put them caref ully in a little wicker tea-po t in her honk -case. For the next two days !-ihe !-ia w n o thin g- of th e Armenians. Then. n ne afternoon, ~lr~. c;ondrich ca ll ed aga.in. ''lfave you heard anything- m ore of the beads?" I·: Jeanor asked her laughingly. "No. J ha,·en't, aud Mr. (;nodrich h a~ n·t !'ieen the m en . either. 1 wonder if they ha,·e left t o wn. The,· mav ha,·e followed the woman wh o hough t the heads. -\ \' e prnha hly ne,·er hear o f them again." That e\·ening ~Ii !-i!'i :\bhot atte nd ed a cn nc crt. Sh e re turned t o her roo ms and retired at o nc e. Somehow h er mind constantly re\'crted to the r\ rmenians, a nd the s t ory nf the beads. \Vhen s he tinally fell asleep, it wa!'i t o tlrea1~1 that a man. fearfu 1 in s tatu rc and fea tu res. entered her room. wa Iked direct ly to the b oo k-ca:'e. took the beads from their hidinn·place, and left the room again. She awaken ed with a start. a 1~d !:omething- pro mpted her to g-o to the bo<Jk -casc, and sec whether the bead~ were !-iafe. She rem oved the co ,·er frnm th e tea -pot. and a sheet nf paper, tog-e ther with a r 11 of bill~. fell out and lav at her feet. The he~d~ w ere go ne! Slowly s h e pit-ked up tl;e paper and <1pened tt . "' he turned up the g-a~ and pcru~etl the n o te. whi c h read as fa llows:


"Yo u buy sacred beads. \V e take heads back to Armenia. Leave money. You kee p m o ney, we keep beads.··





NEW YORK AND THE EUROPEAN WAR . Ill·: write1· nc\·cr fully apprec iated \\' o rd · worth's lilll::->, ' 'Jny wa:-- in that dawn tc he ali,·e; But tn h e young- " ·as ,·cry hea,·en, .. until this pa"'t s ummer. The lir ~ t new~ nf the l·:ur"pt·an war pn..;iti\'{~ly hypnotized the uneasy JtH: tn•p .. ti-.. 11i ~(' \\. Yt1rk . .\ t ••ne time. the cruel magician. \\ ' ar. \\c•uld wa\T hi:-- wand and 1111 the penplc. en masse , with "' (' r huhl>ling cnthtbia"'Jll. and then again the more :-.erious a" ptT t the dread reality .,j the atruciou~ butchery w o uld ~: au .... c the fc•lk t u st11p and c"n"'ider. It wa"' a t'cl ll1l1111W s ig•h t t 11 sec. standing in front o f the clilYcrcnt ·.,n:--ttl:ttc ( >t'fices. hand:-- nf patriot:'. many in uni iul lll . eagerly a\\aiting· t e• return tn their F atherland. The \\ ritcr rec all" a typi l·;tl :--l' l' llL'. Fc•ur hundred ( ;erman s were -- tandin ;.:, in fnHtl e1f the <;l·rn1an l·: mbas~ y urtic:c- an e uthu sia!'t l,t·~an :--ingin:.:,· the "\\' adlt ;tm l~hinc"- immcdiatcly the moh '-a u ght up the :--train a nd th ey -..an~ it with a zest that thrilled th e I• -,·:-- ta ndcr. Prcst·n t h. ·. their zeal lead them to man: h tltriiU !-!11 the :-- t rt'l' lS -..till :-.in~ing thl' '"\\.acht am Rhine" and '' l kut .... r hland L'her . \JJe ..... " In unc c•f th e :--ide :->trccts. their ... ,,Jig:-- n .:-l'dtc .~..·cl th(· ··~I ar-..cilk ." ior h e re tht•y pa~:->ccl the I; I'L' lll'h l'nnsulatc t1t'lin.:. in in111t t~f whil'h were just a:-; many ca!-!cr Fren c h patriot". ~u l·h clcmnn s tratinn augured ri u t and the pcdil'c:. 'l'l'ing this. :--ttclll put an end to it. Thi :-:. t~..·n s~..· e,l·itcJ11L'Jll. a few days later. t cu •k on the form 11i "cn uinc kar and thi"' e:-'JleL·iaiJ -,· amlln:.!.· the J)tHlrer clas:-'e:--. Fl·ar eli !c-:--ing t:t~..· lll cl llL'Y \\ hich they had dcpu:->ited in the ~a\ ing-. 1;:t11k:-:.. inr tilL'." rca,.,nc<l thu s : l·:urnpe needs m el!le\' te• carry till thi:-- \\ar. ~he will hnrrow from .\m crlc.:a. :\m erira will pt•Ur c1ttr harcl -earJH: tl m n ney into l ~ un1pe and wh o knc•\\ :-- then what will happc11. The hazard is ton g-reat. Such '"";-. iL· kacl maltY - tu "run the hank." One o f the ~trong-cst. if 1111l the lirml':--t ~a,· ing .... Bank ~ in the city. had th e unfortunate name "( ;L·n nan ~ ;l\ in~:-- nank." This hank cine:' l>u:--incs!' in tit L' It c; 11 t e, i t h e ), •\\ e r c.: a . . t :-- i clc . . \ r ume •r r a 11 riot t c 1 l h i !'i e IT e c t th at the.: c ;e r ma'l ~;" i11 ;.: .... l~ a11l had "llercd t11 the Kai :--er <•I! < : i ..tl 111 _, l h c i r c 11t i r c capi ta I. an cl t hal t hi~ m on c)' w a~ t • ' J, c ~





~ hipped t, !tim in a fe\\' clay!". The next lll ll rJiill ~. :t d .. uhk line '''e hJ,,~· ~:--.in length was a,,· aitin~ the "IH:nin~ ,,j th1.. l•ank· ~ "".''~"· ~llllllar in cident:-- C<lll"l'cl the banking .. n il· i:d-. t " , 11;tl' l ··, 1:--.ty clay law s:· whirh prnn.'cl a lik- sa\·t:r it~r n t:tll\ a lt :lttk which nthcrwi!"c Wllttlcl ha,·c ~"nl' t•• the w;dl. · Tlte dtlsing ur the Stuck J·:xdt<lli.L!C SllltllCkd till' kth.' ll l••r IJti'.)' \\'a ll Street. The t·nmmctHiahlc il'atnre 11! tltl'" l' tn in !.· cia)" "a:-- tht· rapidity and sauencss 11i the acti11th a11d clt.l'l·k·,· l'.rc•ught ahnut by the .. men higher up... I lad ll11l Lilt· ~t .. ck l·.xchangc IH~cn cl"scd . mall\' and 111any :t nwn ,, .. uld "·" IJt'l'll rccluccd t11 paupcri:--m. ~ . . \1 11 n~ th.e onrc hu!"y ri,·er fr n nt. LIILTL' \\ :t ... littk a ~.· tittJJ. \\hat a "ad :'!gil t it \\'a!" to !"l'L' dc•zcn:-- uf "••n:an ~n· ' ll•otlttd-.·· !~udcllt·d together in dry clod.;:! ~~~t a -.ingk (· ;~..·r;ll:tll .. )111 , tlared l~a,· e the llud so n. inr tht•_, knew that ~~ ut .. itk ~; 1111 )\ ll ""k. l•rt'IH.· h aucl l·: ngli sh rrui . . cr~ were 1~ in~ in \\':tit. · . \ It hI Ill~ h t It e !'-- c i ll r ide ll t :-- \\' (.' r l' ri II e d \\. it 11 l' .': l" i ll..' I l l • . II l . \ l' t ~ltcy ~\'l're of a cruel and biting nature a-- '' L'll . Tllt·--L· a r~· :t ll'\\' 11 1 tilL· man~· incident!' which made an i~trklil•lc itnp rc --.-. i,, 11 lll>tlll an eye wttness. ==..;;:~=


< ; I ~ C>I{ < ; 1·: S T 1·: I \: I \: < ; 1·: I\ . · It •.

The Pine Tree Each y ear I see one lone outstanding t n ·t·

the garment uf the s ummer .}Jfl.:-> 1, Dry,. wan, and s h ivering in the wintr!J blast : ll u.n_ll 'n ot pay the season's riyht(ll l (i•c, l~ 1u1l~ not .set i ts f rost-seared lea (am: fn'€', J~u t l1ke some greedy m i!'ler, all aghast, Who hordes his dirty treasure to th · lw·;l It .'Jighs, it moans, it sings in sullen drcc-.' 0 (o~lish tree, to dote on summer gone! 0 }a1thless tree, that never feels how s JJJ·iug Co.'!lCS to the world to make a leafy da w 11 , Brmg rccompen..c;e for all despvi lnwn t bred.' 0, .that ~~night, when youth and beauty' .., ..,11 cd, Wtlh f a1 lwg hands to its vain semblnn cc: cfiuy.' Clad in

Kdward Zagtrs ' IX



lMPRESSIONS OF THEY. W . C. A. CONFERENCE AT LAKE GENEVA. ){( )\\'I)S of g-irls came hurrying from the train at \\ ' illiams· Bay and piled into the waiting hnats. l·: , ·crynne wa:-- eagct· and expectant. c uri lm::- ahtnlt the experience!" and the fun w e wer e to ha,·c. Th~..· lake trip t o the :\ ssoc iation amp. just at :--llti'l't. wa" a ,·cry )en-ely introduction to tim. e piv:t"tli"L' "· hut 11111 .. t ni all we enjoyed the g-Jimp~c:-- nf th white ''-' lit .. am .. ng the tree ... thl' buihlings upon the hill". and th , ).. pin!.! w:1tL' r fr~tnl ni the camp itself. The lirst thing- th;1t \\'C n"ticed \\:t-.. girl". jthl girls. <~iris here and girls then.•. in ~ rt • liJl ' and al e•ne. all ready to welcome the newcomers :tnd tn ;.! ttick th 11p the hill t11 tlw large. airy dining-hall. There \Yl' \\vrv intrctclucvcl all arcm ncl. and prepared tu enjuy ourscln:s t. I t h L' ill I 1. . \ t the lllt' l'ti11g in the laq~e . ope n atr auditorium


night. \\'l' "at din·c.: tly behind snmc rnws of ~ hine:-;c s tud ents. ~ n '-·r;tl , •i t hL''l' girb had hecn to ( ;ene,·:t hcfnre. and all 11f I I11.' 111 \\ ... r l' II right. h :t p p y. a 1l c) f lt II () f fun. rll d e d. \\' e snn 11 l••ttlld that they laugllt•d most ni the time. It wa:-; a plca:--urc t .. ~.·,· th e ir animatt·cl ia~.·~,.· !" and to hear their queer. garbled F ll ~· l i-. h . c>th' t ' hi11e-.~..· gir l wa ;-; the teacher ur a mi:-;:-;ion stucly ,· I:J .. - :tlld hl·t· 1'1141111 \\'a .. always cru wdcd with l'agcr listclll'r". \\. ,· .... ,,. 11 het·;une an·n;-;tnmed to the n)u t iuc of Clas'-'l's in ti lt' llltlrttill g . n : rn·ati••ll t~f =-'••me surt in the aftertH on. ;ltHl a . . vn il'L' iu thl· :tndit~trium at night. <>ur day \\· a ~ hegnn hy the ntt ~ lll g •• ; the ri!" ing hell whkh sunncled thrllugh the t•ntirc l:tlllp . ttnlc'-':- we had ht'l'll pre,· inusly a\\'akenecl hy the l ight t' ctllllll~ in under c•ttr tc11t Aap:-- or the singing of the l>ircl...; in thl' t r t·t·-- tll..':trl,_,.. Thtt!"L' t•arly mornings were wonderful. The I llll dt •\\ 11 the hiJJ til tht• Jake. the clear. pure air. the rush rtlr ltll':tl.d a -. 1. ancl the "II"ly. ll oly . ll oly" we sang hcinr" the nH·:tl. lillvd ti' \\'ith the zt':--t nf liie and prepared u s fllr the clay':-

"• ,rJ.:. .\ncl it \\':t"' \\e~rk. th ough delig-htrul. f-irst, th re \\'Cre our l~ihll' ,·J:t .. -.('""· t ·.. u,·,c-. Wl're tdTcrcd cc>\·cr in g c,·cry part .. r tltl' )~ ... d, . ir .. m prt~phet..; t•, epi :-- tl c :--. \\' ords fail me to tel111i Jt,," \\tllldl'rilll t iH'""t' da..., ... e , were and what they meant t•• all



of u ~. 'T'hc chici attrat·tit~n of thl: L'cmkrence. hnwt.•\·t.·r. was the !'eric~ uf lcl'turc-.. Clll .. Th e l ·:~~cntial~ •• r th e Chri ... tian Faith ... gi,·cn by PrCJfc:;,nr I .ung:tLTl'. Th i:' '-'t·ril·~ wa :-- pureh· intcrdcn• •minatic•nal in charactl·r and \\' a' ciL·:'ig-ned ic•r l'\' Cr~· g-irl alike. They prci\' Cd ,·ery in!"trttcti\·l· and helpful. .r\itt:r the lec ture came ••ur \· arit~u"' mi :-;!"ic•n !'-tlldy cla...;:--c.-.. ,, hich were ,·ery intcre=--ting. :--ince the lt';tder~ \\'en.· ~ ttd1 line. ctpai .Ic l11l' ll and \\'omen. The dili"t·rent lL'l'llllil·:tl cu un c il-... •• i,· in" ll ' prac tiL·a l hint~ c•n . \ ~ ... "ciatie~n \\·11 rk. lini:--lll:d the me~rning. Tht.• aih:rtlcu•n \\'a ~ cle,·c•ted tu reLTe:tti1111. Thl'll tlwre were l> ua ting-. :'\\' i111111ing-. and w;tlking. J,e:-ick:- all kind:- 11i game:--. <>nc clay all ,,j till: -..c,·t·n hundred and twc• girb \\Vr(' taken fnr a h ua t ridl· arPund the lake. :-topp ing i .. r an llc•llr at <;l'lll'\'a City. The -..hc•n \\':t~ lin ed \\·itll heautiiul h"n1 .... and l'Ulllltry palaL·c:-: \\ hich we~uld han: heen \\'t~rlh :t lc•ng trip tc) :-l'C. \\ ' call enjc•yl·d it thuruughly. :\ne~ther tillll'. l'\ en l~cHh· went in relay:-; t c• H'l' thl· famc•u~ YL· rkl·:' ••h:-;en·at c•n· . -" hil·it contain~ the larg-e:-:t reirarting ll'k:--ropl· in the ,,·ur l;l. Fir-.. r there \\'a ;; a ;-;tcep hill t11 rlimp. and thl'll \\'l.' :-ucld'-· nh· l':lllll' 11t1t un the len:! ni the great huildin;.,!. l'h t~te~grap\t . . . ~·,j th e -..n 11 • llltH J il. and ;;tar:' were :'hll\\'11 u:-;. :t11d then up thl· \\ inding :-- tairl ' a;-; c \\' e \\ e 11 t t' 1 :- t· e t h l' g rca t t c ll' :-l.·l 1p l'. ( >nc c ,j t h l' 111e 11 t h e r l' ga,·e a :--lh lrl. L'Xpi;IJlatt~ry talk. made the fl•H•r ri:--l' and th · <I tlllll' r c \· u h ·c. a 11 d :--lll'l' e l' ck d g c Ill' r a II y i n g l'lt i 11 g u :- in t n a 11 :,\\·eel frame Pi mind. The ,· icw t~i the \\ h• de l:tkl·. :--pr(·ad llllt ;)dorl' u :-: a:-; \\' l' ~!lHtd nn the platfc•rm at the h;t-..c 11i tht.• cle~nw, wa:-; \·cry line. ~


.. < >n that ~ame clay. the ( ' ltinl·:.;e girl:-; ga,·e a little party. I he wckumc :--pt:el.·h \\':t :' in thL·ir nati\·c tc•ngue. <.'hine:-\l' :--•t JJ g.; \\' L're ~ un g-. a l'hine..;c .. , tunt" \\'a~ gi,·t:n. and l'\·cn ( 'hi nL''l' reirc:--hmetlt:' \\'ere ~l'J'\'l'd. There \\'l'rl' ,,thcr p:trtil':-:. tc111. <)ttl' day all oi the g- irl ~ nwt at a rcl·cpti111l 1111 th e :--paci" u ' I:t\\ 11~ tH.:ar the lake. and at an11 ther timl' the r l· \\'L'rc dili'l'l'l'tlt detl t~ lllinatinnal n .!l'l'J>tiun:--. Then tht:rl.' wa-.. an aitl'l'll•H •ll ;--, ·•i\ en up t1> \\all'r :--pe~rt;-; . ...,\\'i111111ing and h11at r~tn·:--. and iatll'\' di\ in~. flcrhap :-; the bc:--t time \\l' had. hcl\\' l'\'L'I'. '""'' ' "-\\'hat \~· v calkcll'c,J]cgl· l>ay . Thl'll allt•i thL· g irb in t~ llr n·ntr:tl lil·ld came lll:trchin g . dn·:-.-..l·d in \\ ltitc \\'ith \·ari -l·cdllrcd . . . a ... Ju•..., t•• ll.'JH'l'.-;l'11L tltL' dif'fl'rl·nt -., tall'-... -.,i n gi 11 g "ur -.. t:ttl' ...,,,ng ...... Fach · t~tle ;-;an~~ her :--clllg' dut in .~ a pa11l11lllina: rcpn' "'l'lll ing it . and



then all united 111 a r >Und. The field · ecretaries had a funny, little pantt~mim . ton. The four Japane · e girls bowed and -..crapcd in a dcscriptiun t fa fashionable call in Japan, and the ' hinc:-;e g-irl~ made a reali~tic Chinese school, in which everyone shuutecl a;-; hJUdly as she could. The moving-picture man wa ;-; kept hu~y that day. In this \\'ay our aftcrno ns were kept very full. The e\·cning:-' \\'ere spent in a Yariety of ways. Once we had a bt>autiiu1 ,·cspcr ;-;cn· ice nut o n the hill in the moo nlight. Then we had \'ariuu;-; add rc;-;ses. one hy Re\' . (;a nt-ield uf \ Viscon ~ in. anuthcr by Professo r llcnderso n, and still ano ther by the oniL·rcnce exccuti,·c. Ralh· evcninu· wa:-' the m os t excitine-. Then we all lined up an· ordin~ tn del g·atinn:-;, ' ith banners and color flying, and man:hccl u\·er the hill tn th e auditorium to the music of .. ( >n \\'a rd. Chri;-;tia n Sold icrs ." The hu ilding was decorated \\'it h kmncr~ a ncl Ao\\'cr~. and e\·eryone was in the best of ... pirits. The program cun;-;isted of Yari o u · rep rts from the dificrcnt tield~ oi As:-.llCiation w o rk. ( ne girl talked f the ,,· ,~ rk dune in the rural di~trkts hy the Eight \\'eek ::; lubs, and ui the g-ood they \\'ere duing. A representative from India tuld t•i the :-;chou!~ in her country pro,·ided for by the Ass ciatiun . :\ Jnpanc~c girl and another from China made their appcab fur help and in~piratiun and told o f h w much American cullcge \\'omen had meant to them. One of the girls from .-\ rmcn ia de;-;c rihcd in halting Engl i:;h the awful i~ola tion and dc;-;pair ;-;he had kit \\'hen cumpc11cd to wait for seven long clay =-- at Elli:' ) ;-;land. when :-;he fir:-;t came tn our country. ~he -...aid ;-;he had thought the American people "the cruellest in the \\' u rld:· hut added quaintly that ;-;he didn't any m re. She gave \\'!tat \\'a;-; pcrhap;-; the best idea of \\'hat o ur A ssociatio n may mean tl> n girl. in dc:-crihing her fir :-;t experience and her feeling that .. the \' . \ \' . wa s hack of her... The whule eYenincr was iullui inten ~e intl'rt"'t, and we \\'ere all ~orry when the meeting dt,;-;ed. The final ;-;cr\'icc wa=-' c )nducted by our conference e:xecu. C, ·''1 .1:-\:-\ l. l1 t1 L" r • After her beautiful addres~ the \·olunteer tl\' .,



chuir =-' Ut1U', "Peace 1 lea,·e with you. ~ly peace g ive I untu yuu. ·



aod th e l'nnfl'rl'nc · \\":t:' l'IHit'cl. :\ u. lhJt l'nded. iPr it ~ till li,·t•.:; on in uur heart-- and. I ht~pe . in t•llr li,·e-.;. \\' e cannttt 1.1:--t' the \\'IIIHl<..·riul in:--piraticnt g i\ en u :-.. :tlld we \\'nuld ltttL if we <..'c•ulcl. Till' ''newish remain .;. that many lll• •n· g-irl~ may g-n ltl' Xt year t11 g<..· t a glin tp:-.<..' ni till' di,· inc \' i:-.ic•n. a:-. \\' l' h:t\'l' glimp-.,ed it then.·. ~ . \ R .\ .\ . \\ ' 1~TEl~. 'Jr,.

IMPRESSIONS OF THE LAKE GENEVA Y . M . C . A. CONFERENCE. Ill ·: intp r t.•..., .... j,,lt:-- n ·cl'i,Td at l .akl' ( ;l'IH' \·:1 :1n' dt•<·p ancl )a .... t ill;,.!. Thv_,. :trl' nc•t rlittin g :tnd t.' lllctticnt:tl. l•ut .... tr ik~.· dl't.' p int••tltl·hL'art. It ctnll••t ht· ct!lll'r'' 1... l ·. Tit t.'l" l'. \\ Ia t'I' t.' n :t t u r l' h a ... p: t in tv d It t.' r 111 .... t l'11antlin~ and :tpprt~pri:t tl' :--Ct'llt':-.: thl'rl'. "l~t• rt.• l:tkl.' and ""'"'cl. hill :tncl ,·alky ;tlikt• knd l'1ll'h:tnt 111l' ltt: thl' r~o· . \\'hl' r t.• ll:Jtll rL' and man It:" L' cctmhinecl t' ' "":t l i-..h till' nt'L' d :' a11d dl·-..i n·-- .,j l11•th thv ~.· :trl·-i n· <..· and tltv IHtrcknt·d ltc:art: th<..TL' hc:t' l.' ll 'l'l'lll-.. tc1 ht.· n<..·arc-..t till· l':t r tlt: thl·n: man .... t:111d" ''11 :t p:tr " · ith m:tn. :t nt! Crl':ttt~r ancl t.'r<..·:tlltrl.' \\rt• ... tk . 111 d \·, 11 nn111nl' : t ltc r t.' " t. · Ii n d t h l' I .:1 k l' < ; L'lll' ' ·a l ·a 111 p . \ \ l' l':tllll ll l IIIII ht.• illl)ll'l' ....... l.d "-" th<..· dt't.' Jl and t_!l.'nlli 1ll' l~.l'li11 :~ 1•i i~.·Ji,, " .... h l)l til:n p~·nad~.·- tltL· l.':tlll)'. Tit ..: gra-..p ,,j al1 ~. · IJ: t 11 cl 1 • I i ~.·IJ, '" . ., "' , •l II l'l' i 11 ..., t i t ut i, 111 .... i.... a .... " ~.· h..-" lllt.' :t .... 1.... 1h :11 ,,f ''llr '' "" llll'll . In \\1•rk ,,r in pf:t_, : in din in g lt: tll. :tttdi t ~·rit1lll. o~r t1)11 11 tlt t. :tlltk1ic li l'ld. all llll'l.'l up"n :t t.'ctJllltto~n h:t .... i"' . \ II jlt.'tty p r~.·jncli, v-.. and r~.· Jj ~ j,,u . . diffL'I't.' lh'v- :1 ·,· l,f,tllul ••llt )! , l lh· t lllt.' flllll .:t llt<..' llt:tl prillt:ip lt· .. j un it\ 111 ;, 1 l . ,,llllllt ll l':t1t-..t.'. t ' IJ itlt.' l'. lndi:tn . _l :tp:tl tl''t.'. \n lt.·ric:tn :tncl l .:11i11 \ nJt.'l' i,·:lll \\ :tl k :tnt! t:tlk l ''~ t.· tltt.•r . -i ng and pr:t.' t ~­ - t· II 1t • r. :!II d 1111 i tl' i 11 1h ,_· ... I' i r i t 1,j :1 ~.·, 'lltttll 111 Jlt.'t.· d t 11 :1 t n ll1 .. t ltl' · .1 t i · Ii l' •I " • llll' t.' t 1IJ t.· d 1.' m : 111 d . . 11 i 1h ~.· " 1•rIc I. \\ · '-' ,: a t ..·It t it t. i d , : 1 , ,j :t ~~ ~,·:t tl' '' " "lid th .t n tl\lr •• \\11 n:tiTt•\\ -.. plll'rl' 1 i a~.·ti,it\. \\ ,. t.' \.J 1 t.Ti t.·1 h't.' :t i~·rl'- l.t-..t~.· 11i a \\~· rid Jh ,qJt ,.:rh~·~·~l. \' ·\.. \.tt ,·IJ .t 'i-..i, •n ,,i thl.' ... n J,Jinl t.' lll' ..... 11l :1 t r uh ll t•h k I'i.l'. J,, "·"111 in ..: Ill Jl t.'l" :--•>~t: d \·, •llt.t,'l "itll tlh· ~rt.':lll':-- 1 lllt. ll i, ~ n r t ~.."li :.~ u"''11.1: 1111.'11 \\ it,~ ... ,· ii, ~.· ... I l l ' .111 in .. pi r: tt it~t1 t•l t ilt.· lt.•lJ ,. \\ .... t11tl .t I ' lll ·, q.- itl~ )'•' \\t.J' I•• t) h• \\ lll't .. t ltl'.\ ... )!l':lk. :' 1h ·IJ .I : \. t I11.' i q ·' "l' .... I i 1.1 I Ill :I " l' I It l. i 111 )I:·, . ..., .... i •11 ... ' i I .. I k \.. lll'll t.'\.1 truf _, J. l . . . t in:~ .. 1 n:.tttt.·r , ,( tit~.· h l•:,•· t r. llhl.' r tlt: tll ,,j 1:11.' 1









·--- ----

mind; an l'l"ft·l't h<..' tt<..-r felt than put into s many w o rd;-;. Do , .• ,u wc•nckr we n·cnnlllll'Jtcl Lake ( ;enc,·a t o the f llows? l'RED DE J O~(; , 'l G.


Th l' thi11g that impres"'ccl me nH>st at the ;enc\·a ,< nfcrl'1H' l' \\':t..., til at re 1ig it HI:-- :-.pirit that pre\·ailcd throughout cac It day·:-' \\1 1rk . . \t nc• timl' pre,· itltl:O: had J been at a place wh ere '' r11ng d11ing w,ntlcl he - " nut uf o rder or where o ur tri\·ial mi .... d<..· me;tn,,r..; :-.<..'<..'Jncd ....,, great a:-:: at tl1i ~ confer ence. It wa-.; a ... if L'\·cry iellt~\\' eamt• in ttl touch with th e )j,· ing Chri;-;t. :\ll·n wiJ,, 11<..' \<..'r hc.:ic•rt• had ielt th e ir o wn spiritual tH.' ·d-.;. lt<'t' :tllll' CII IH'<..' rtH'd nc•t 1111ly aluHlt the ir ow n hut abo ab o ut the •lt't•d ... c•i t~th<..•r:-.. The <;en .,.a cunfcrcnce is n ot mere ly a rt'' j, al. hut it j .... a pl:tl"<..' where.: each man mu s t meet him ~eli i:t~.·c · t•' i:t t'<..' :11ul I ltc.:n: dt•l·ide \\'hat part he i:-' t o take in tht• ~ l'l':t t \\'c n·ld- \\' iclt· l':\. p:tn :' ittll ni Chr istia nity . 'The rei igi .. n pre... t·nll'cl there i:-. a pr;\\: ti c:d n·ligit~n iur o ur e\·ery day l iie. [ -., iall' t.' rl' ly :t<h· i-..t• e\ cry ~ tllciL· nt at ll()pe to attend one ni these t.t•llil·r 'lln· ... during hi:-. cttlll'ge life.

DOL'\\'E DE BOER . It i ll••t p r,,J,:tllll· that a ny tllle ui the tight hundrccl -lifty lill 11 \\'ltct "t.'tll it• l .akl' ( ;l'llL'\ a " ·ill C\' et· iurg-et that trip. The l .:tl c· <; ' Ill'\ a t "•n li<..·n ·ncc 1<..-a,·<..• :-. an imprc.,.siun \\'hich cannt't i,t.• "ra . . t·c l. < >l h ' ,···talcl ll• 1t ,·en· well li:-'ten t o such men a" i:i .... Jt,. p llutd t.r-..c •ll . H i.., h~tp ~,f<..-J),l\\Til. }{IIbert 1 ~. ~J>L'Cr. ])ad Fl li••tt and hv t ltL· .... anw man that he \\'as hcfnrc h e \\" Cnt. I he l .:tkc I ;l'1h'\ a l"c•ltil'n:1We la ~ t June hn •ught men in t11 " , ll ..... t.·r li\ in~ rl"la ti••l~"'>hip wi th their ~a,· iuur than they had ,., t·r t.'X fll'ril'n n·d hcic •n·. S11mt' \\"hn had ne,·er hcf,,re ad, nc•\\ lvc~ ;...: t.·d I lim :t..., their S:l\·iPur. among them sc\·cral il)r" i· : n ... ttJCIL-nt-... :t\.·'-·cptl'd II im there. ( >thers whl> had cxperil"ll.-<..·cl that rcl:tticnt-..hip. l';\)leril'necd it th ere a s the\· ne,·c•· did ln·t••n·. ·nw k~.·yt t~tl' t•• thl· :-.u~.·ces:-:: nf the ·nnicrcnce. as all oi till' tlll<.. ~: :ttt.· · \\ill agrl'l' . \\'a.; prayer. The delegates sa\\' the ;•• •\\t'r ~ · i pr:t .\1 '1" iJiu ...,tr:ttl·cl in the li,·es uf the lcacler:-; a ncl . , .. :d . l·r .... . ~tt td : tlm 11·~ t <..'\Try (klcgatc felt it s influ ence in hi ~ II\\ II Jifc . .,.hl' intltJL'IH' I.' 11 i t he l' tlllfcrcn <.·. c \\'as , and i:-: felt. in th e liic



ui en.· ry dcle~atl'. hut it i~ going· f:lrlht· r than that. rt i~ gui n g141 !Jl' il•Jt in a)) the CIJ!)c..·.L 'l':-- n .'))J"l':--Clltt'cl there. and it j ~ :--.. uui n :--.. ~~· ·~ l• • lH.' fc..·lt thrnugh 1111t the '' ht~lc \\"t•rlcl. The La kc ( ;cnc..·,·a C11n il'n·nrL' i ~ an e,· iclcnrc nf pr1 •gres~ in Chri=--tianit\· and ci,· ilizatinn. Ju =-- t a~ the ~ lt~gan 11f th e leading captain..; 11i indu ...;try i=-- "l·:rticicnc_,.... :-on abll i:-- the ,~ll"·l!"· ,,rd 11i Le tH·,·a "l·:nicil·n cy." The ~cnti m ent ui th c, .. ,jl'l"l' lll'l' \\:t--. admiral,)_,. l'X J>I"l':':'Cd hy ~l r. 1·:. T. l'tdttlll \\hen he ... aid."( ;,,d dt~L''"' ll11t \\·i:--h t11 put a nttlncl man int 11 a --.c pta n· hnk... ~ Ia ny h ;l\·c..· t h••llg h t that Cc..•ttC\':t ·=-- ~ole 11h j cc..· t , ... t11 pl:ll'l' men hc:hincl thl' pulpit, hut :--uch i=-- nt•t th e ca-..<.'. ' I he..' primal purpt•:--c ,,j t h e..· ~tudcnt Cc•nfcrcnrr i:-; t •• :--hll\\' men ll~t· "idc..·r mi:---..i1111 ,,j li ic and t•• teach the principle 11f lllht·lii h nt·:--:--. \\ ' L' kn u \\' that the.· qtt<::--ti t•n n[ :'e lf i~ tran scl'nded 1he m•nnent a man allie:-- him ~ c..·li tu a g-rea t ra u :--e. lll·rc..• lie ~ ( ;l' llv,·a'...; tl)lJIPr tunity . L' p••n that t:ampus u tH.: meet:-- men wlh1 ··mh··dy th e..· 1r11c..· t 'hri:--tian pri t n·ipa l ~ and idea b. tHll' hear-.. JH':t k l·r...; \\'h11 ha,·e a real and Yital mt·=--~a~e t11 dcJi,·e r. and lrc•lll a ll thl·... e kadl·r:-. ,,j a ~rl·at l':tll:--l' thc rl' radiate:-- a :o-t~ me 1hing "hi,·h ,·r"·:ttc..•:-- the..· :tllllt1:--phcre 11i <;l'lh:\·a. \\' c kc..·l and l,llll\\' that tlw ~la :' tl'r i:-- 'milin!-!, 1111 l .akl' ( ;Clll'\·a and that her llltll r l' - ll l'l'l'=-'"" j..; a-- =-- urcd . l .:tkc..· t ;~,_. , w,· a Ita ... bn •ad l'lH:d my ,-jl' \\" ni rclig·i11n. It h:t ~ 1: 111 ~ ht llll' t hat rcl igi,,n j .... u11in·r -..:t1. Thl·rc 1111 cli:--tinctinn wa -. lll :tdr lwt \\'l't·n the..· J:tpa nt --v. the..· Chine:-;c. the..• II inclu . the !l:t\\ :t iian. the lll'gru . ur the..• .\mcricall. Then· lltl di :'titH't iuu ,,;, . .; m :1d c..· l)c..'l\\"l't.'ll :\kth .. di ~ t. Ba p ti =-- t. lxcfurmed. •>r any othc..·r , k 11" 111 i 11 :tt i " " . \ \ · e a II a p pea rc..· d a=' t >llL' un i t l' d c h u r c h . n- 11 r kin .~ t111'-l·lli:'hl_, i••r lllll' gn·at \la :'ll' r. ThL'rc tH> di=--tinl·tia•n \\:t -\ m:tde het\\"t:l'll rich and )HHtr. t~ld and ytntng-. tt.·achcr and pupil. \\ t.' \n~t'l' :til ;..:.:tthc..·n·d t c•g·c..·ther tn plan a united line uf att;tl·k. \\' t· :d l :--t'l'llll'd til hl· in ... pirc..•d with thl' heliei that \\"hen on • :dlil' . . ltitn-..l'li "itlt a grc..·at "·at1"'l'. =-'l'lf nnt :'l he trall :'l'C tHll'd. and tlt:tt "'' mu ... t h:t\l' an tlll :--l'lrt ... Jt u utl .... k ll) Hil l liic. It \\:t ~ thi :-uni,c..•r:-;:dity "i rl'ligi••n and tlw un ~l· lti-.hnc..·:-.=-- .,f e,·ery lllll' there tha t impn•-..-.'-•d me..· lllll'l . . t rcn lg ly at ( ;<'lli..'\' : t.




Expcril'tH'ing l•tlly. i:-- hl'lil' \ ing 111 t ;c..'lll'\ a. Y11u gl' hc~ · an l' c•tiH'r-.. :-.ay it j .. ;~•uH ) rl'alh f11r .... t'li--..ati--iac..·ti"n: a nd \•• lt l·•• llli.'l,ac..·k ha\ing pJt.a ... ;tntly di...,app••illlL'd yuur~cli. (; ,,,,c)

ltlll . . . ic i . . a grL·at in ... pirati •• ll. and ( ;l'IH:,·a·=-- ...;1111g~ ar~.-· nttt:'ic in dl't'tl. T" ltl·ar in1111 a cli--t:tlll"i.' tlt:tt mi!.!hty c••mpany in the . \11 't lt~rilltll ~ in g "1.-aitll 11i l >ur F;tthcr . . ," make..•-.. a man llll.-ry I•• ;..:L'l tltvn·. \\ hvn Ill' ~d.., tltl·n· lh· -..ing . . IH'l':tll"L' ltc..• l·an't 11c..· lp it. lll·.tr tlH· qll :trtc..' L :--in;..: "Tiw lx ic.. hl·- ,q- ( ;r:tcc in Chri . . t k .. t1 .. . .. :til c) -\ Ill! li :1\ l' I I h Ill ...: h t ... iII r .t d ;I -\ . ~ I a k l' a 11 l'lr n t " It'· =t r i 1 lll' ' t ' c..·a r. .\:\ Til< >:\Y \ ". \ :\ \\ " I ·: ~TI ·: :\I:L'I\(;, 'J (,_ II

l.:ckl' c;l.lll'\:t --:tid t11 n1c..·. "\\' h:tic..•, c..·r '"ur .,rcupa til lll 111 I til' i ....... j,, :-... I• • J,l. ..'1111 c:tll ll• lt :....."L't :tl .. n :-..·• \\'ith .. ut ..,·.. ur il·JI,,\\·;--.. lll:tll. 11~ :tltc..·r c:tll he !.!l"l :tl u ng \\·it he •u t .""ll: ..... , 1 it'-.. up t11 _ , ., 111 t• • m:tl v till Il l •--t 11 i -'••11t-.c..·li in ,,rcll'r L11 ltl·lp him t11 IH' at hi ... i J l_. , t "It l. ak \•.. <Il l ai;

ll .J' t tl "l' t o tiH· :.... ti.·:tll·--t t't!tnla·r ,(mc..·n. I>, -'"u \,ettll t•• IH· -...uclt a nt:tn ? · : hc11 -..tli\t' l ' dt.' H'I"p aJJ .. i .'""llr i:Jl'llltil' ... ~pirit11al. l'lty-.it·a ) :.11d ltttc..llc..·\tllal. .\ ,.,jd J,liilg •IIH'--...irll'd. I>" '' '' t n tlt i,:ttc..' : 11111 ' I' i 1 i t u a I 11 ; t t 11 r 1.' : l l t It c..· c..· ...: p l'll ""l' " i -' 11t1 r 1, It y ... i~.·a I :t n c1 i n I t !k,·tu:ti. IIIII' \ :tJllL' tltl• l~t•cJ_\ a11d 111i11d :th11\ l' th ' ' I Ilii. " 1\ t.•t-r'-:ttittll. l'du,·:tti"n :tlld l'ttn-..ecrat i,•n thl'-- c..' arL' th, i r1111l_, ',j 11· .J,Jl· lll:tllh• 11HI. I i -'"'Ill "llt.''"·l'c..·cl in k l'epin~ tJH' ,l' ' n pr••Jwr tt.l:ttic•n I•• c..· :tch 11tlll'r. -'"ll \\ill CttllH' nearer,,, tltt• • i : t 11 d :' 1 d -..v t tl) 1 J, _ , t It t. · p c..· ri t.' · t Ill a 11 • Jt.: .. u -. l ·It r i... t. T It e n . :, 11 d 1i. c· J1 ••ttl_, , \\ill _,,,II lind y•t~ tr trne nicltl· ill thi -.. ,,Jd ,,,,rJd ,,f • .u 1 ·- . ~ \ · t ' it t. · a It L' r :t II. i · :t l1l :111 -... It i ~ h v-. t .-:til i n g ... 't ' ' ••it T !

! 11:111 ... ,,.

l•l' IIi tilL

Mr\HI JN GOS ELINK, '15 I t i... 11t• r It :t 1' .. ;1:- i 11 t i k i • •r u ... '\ It • • h :" c..• I , l'l' n a t t h l' I .:1 J.: e 1, t il \a l ·"n;,.l c..·ll. l'. t·• t ··~ t" :;·,.,:tl.;: l'll <·n t hu-.i:t ... lll ant•1ng '"II '" h:l\ L' ""t l•t.'t' ll t!t .: rl'. hy tc..·liin·..:. "i it-. \\ 11111lc:r-.. a-. it i'"' i .. r tit• ·· ,,)t , , lt:tq· ,;IIIH.' l· ur·•IH' .. tt• Jt, ,Jd th ""'t.' "h" h:t\"l' nc..·\er !1 1 ··n v:t · l ,,1 (hi.-: .~ ~~ t·nr: tptnrvd. J,_, tt ·c ••tllltin~ the..• 'l'h ·nd"r "" · ·i ,: ,~ 1 1 !· 1 \\",, rJd. I~ .. Lh lllll--t Ia· t:'-)H 'l il' th' l·cl t•• II(: ,,j · it:tl illll ,. I 1~,:: \.~· lt"i''-' I•• :trr 11 t' <'11"11 " lt in ti.Tt·-- t :11111111g 11t1 r : : .• t d t.• "' · U i"\ :t b r:·,• ikll' ":ati••ll tlti-. yv:tr. l.:r,t _, t·:tr lt.l· ,._ ' ''":·..: ll••ll· ll ··J•I..it... . . ~~l theY . :\1. t ' .. \ . t 'll llil ·rc n,-,.: thi -..




- --------------------------- - year we l111pl' f,,r

that numlar. ( ·,.n ... tanr pe··...,,.n:tl l'll llta c t f,,r l<:ll <J;n .. \\ ith nH·n \\ IJ,, ... l' pcr .... •n1:tliti"·- an· -.atur:llul '' ith Chri-..tianity: <tcldn· ...... l ... J,y nH.· n '' h" n ·:dii'\.' ;1 ... it· \\ r], '· the need-.. :tnd ••pp•• rtunitil. .. ir~r --t·n i'-'l' : intim:ttl· :t~ · quaintan ~· <' with 111l' ll irum many ,·.dll·:..!t·-. and ll lall.\ l:tnrl ... : t iH:-.t· arv till' thin .~ ... that gi,·e t!Jt, ... l. \\ 11., h:t\ l ' l•ev11 : 11 ( •l'1l l:\ a. Ill' \\ , 111 h u ..,ja ... m. 111..' \\' idea) ... Ill'\\' t' •tll\ 1CI1• IJI "'- , IH.'\\ )'111'1'• ... l .... l\\1 t' l '



1>1 :

)~CII ' J\.

Tlfl~ _1-\ .NCIIOR. Published by TilE AN 'HOI{ ASSOCIATION, llope College, Holland, Mich . 80Att.U Of' ED ITORS

t-:ditor-in-Chicr ,JO liN J. DE BOER ' 15

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,\ cldn· ...:-alll'"llllllllllit·atiun-. lll '1'11~: .\:sc · tii•IC. llllPl'



HolhlDU, Mich igan.

Jo'ur .\ll\ •· rtl ... ill~ H:t t t• .. :tl•l'l~ tn 1\u-.in• ·..... ~laua).!•·r . Ent.t·n·tl :11 tlw l't l'-t t Hlk•· at I Iuliano. M il'hi:.!:IO. a M' t·oml-l'ltl"'" mall matt.c-r.

d~tor~al . \ nH•:--t IH.:art.' \\'t:ktllllL' 111 llt~Jll.' and the wi:-:h fur a happy. -. uL·ce:--... iul. and bu--~ ~ t::tr. tht: .\m:h•lr Stair c~tend:-; to proll.·...::--,,r ancl :-:utde nt. \\ ' c iL'l.'l that the larg-l! heart uf our Alma \ latl·r i:-. largl! l.'lltlttgh it•r all and that thc strang-e feeling~ :111.:illl! nt t•• L'llllling t•• thL· l·11lkgc ''ill :--tHlll gi,·c place to the · pirit 11i it-ll""·.... hip ancl ;..!'H'd will that ha:-: e\·cr characterized t:ll.' :-.CilaHii. lhll \\ ith thj.._ lir...,t i:-::O:UC uf thl' .\nchnr We feel tha t it " · ill 1111t hl' ami:'-. t11 :--uggl':-t a it.:\\ ni the things which ;tit: \\'t>rthy ,,j tht~ugltt and ~un:'idcratitm in mind, whether tlti-.. year j ... the lir:--l at ll11pc ur nut. :\la1l\· ,,j the :--t udent;-; ha,·c found out in the Senior year tltat tht'\~ ha,·l! mi:--... cd tllll' nf thl· grcatc;-;t priYilc~es of their entin.• n~ur:-l' hy 1111t makin~· iricnd:' uf thl!ir pn)fe. :-:or~· , t a lkiu~ "'' l.'t· tlt\.·ir plau s and ga inin g· many timt:s the \·cry su g~es­ ~i,·nt:-- whiL·h \\1>uld h~t\T 111adc the ye:u·... mu c h pleasant r. It may be the ,·ery mean~ h .. which the dirticulty in ·o mc branch

T I rJ•; :\

~ ('

II 0 H

··tud_, 111:1_, ''l' ...-l,:tn:d up. ,~,.· .... ultill~.:_ i11 tiH: e.: ni••' llh'rlt .. j .... 1111..· 'lll•jt·~. t '' lti, II )',.,., i••u ... J_, lt:td .. ,T111Vd dull :tlld. ciirticult. Tltl'll :t~:ti11 tiH'I I..' ll:t\\.' ltl.'\'11 -. ttlelc: llt-. :11 the: .. ,·It~·•d \\It •• •• ' · 11 11..·d u 11 a I d I.' t • 1 I i 11 d 1 11 c: 111 -. ~.· I ' l ' .. a 11 d .... i 111 p )_, d r i i t c: d :t J, " 1~ · JJII•IIth :titl'r lll••lltlr :tncl p• ·r11:rp-. l' \ l' ll _\'l:tr aitc.: r _\c.::tr. 11:t\ i11:.: ''" d~..· lilli tc· :ri111 l• •\\: t r d '' lti,·l1 ' " ""rk and app:trvllth ,." ttll..'tlt \\ itlr tltv llt• ·r ~,.· p:t --~it t ;..! lll :t t J.: in tit . .· -..uhjn· t. :'tH.: II. --tude.: nt ;,.t\1..' lt••l , ,,JJ_, \\':t-ll.'cltll~..i t ''"'' tillll'lllll it:t\1..' lr:tcl :t ckcidvdl,· dc:trinr~..·rJtal ittllllt'11l'l.' liJ'••II ••tllc:r ..... \\ ' 11\ tht·\· .... h .. uld ,_.,v 1 J,-c.: ' • •llt~..·rJt " it It t II~.· lltl'rt .•cc idt·tJt:tl 1,,.,: 111 ,.,:lilT' ~ ,j t l1v cia, . " It~.·" !ti• · \\itlt it-- :..:n·:tt :t llcl ~l:tlld ''Jli'Pitllllitiv- j-. cilli::::~,jilt:_: tht· i t J'l'l p:tt at j .. ,, a11cl ,·J., ~,.... , <tJ•Jd i, :tt i1111 .. : tIlL' 111rli' idu:tl t" \\J l.,lll 11:1\l' htTII :tfi'., rcl vcl t h c: .tc h:tnt:t:..:t..-- .. ; the • ili!..!ltl'r vdt ~t· a ­ 1


ii••tl. j .. ind~..· ul -.tr:tn.:..:t·.

F~.IJ." -- t111knt. \\lll· t h . .·t .'•Ill 1!:"' cnntllcd in t ltv ~. · .. JJv ~:c: ••r i11 till· prvp:11at"r.' dl'JI:trfntvllt. J:t _, . . ,c:r_,thi~t ;: 11111h:r trihull. t h1..· l~t•ur -. "'l'l'tll i11 '-111dy. tlh· ttlllc liJI''" 1ltv :ttllll'ti•· ti• ·ld . tl:v )'ri' ill · ;. : ~.·-. ., f tit~.· l iln·an· and tiH· ••cid_,. :tnd dt·ntand th ;t t tlll.-. l' -.IJ:tl l r~..·tunJ te~ , ... u .. t;ch r~..· .. 11 Jt-. : 1 ' I': t Y. ., II . .- i 11 ' . ....... 111 ! v 11 1 1 ' I l i Ill .._. cl' .. . _. n c: .. j 11 .. t ~ 1.. r \ ·: t1 ~ 1 n· " a r c1 . I tl H' 111\l--lllllllt . . t .. (.Ill.• •·!. 1lltllll.'\-. l.'\' l'l'\ J,j, ,,j \\hidt lllll-..1 i'r"dll c t· r~,.· . . ult-- ••r l~t·l~~-- t. ~~~ a :.•;~in t•• · :1\- !1 and L' \l'l'\ ""l.' ._, . . . ltid ~~ 11\·:trt_, \\e.:k 11 111 ~ t•• I ha r ( Hd ll ") 'l'. ,,j h·h, --t ,;am~..· :tlld ll..'l'"' d "car ..· I""' tttcl. a11d "1..· uu--t that ~hl· ma,· l'll lllll "'' L': tl· h and all l• • up iJ,.Jd tlti -. inhcritan~..· ~..·.



111..'1..'11 lll:tcJ...- I ll tllL'll':tdlill~ j, , l'l.l' 11j "' 'l't.' "lit-~ L' ~ llll"l· I:t -.. t Jt 1111..'. \ \ e d v .. i n · t" g i , . . . . \ n...-1 11 , r r L': 1c1 l' r ~ ~ 1 \\ttJ'd llj illiiiJ'IJl:t l it~ll \\ itll ll..'g:tl'd ltl l..';tdl llj tilL• --i~ 111..'\\' tl.':J t.'lle 1 .. t l1: 1 L It :1\ I.' ...-' 'm L' t11 • •tt r 'l'Il", I. T II t...' 11 L' \\ II L' a ci " i l It c 111 11 d c r 11 I: 111 !..! 11 ; t ~! .... d .... p a n ll l l' Ill i .. :\ 1r . i·:d\\anll ·:li;t-- . . \),-. 1·1· · I' nt--:--la · a1u 1 "-L'ntrt·d hi-.. ·. 1a:-- \\';, .. I ••'I ll til 1..a1 h educ:ni. nt tht.:rl..' in tilt• JJ.,...-h ~dn1k and !~cal ( ;nnna:-- ium . . \it er graclttatiun ir• 1111 thv latkr in:--titutio 11 he tr;t,· ~..·krl i11 Frann· and acquired :t fir:--t l1:111d kil ll'.\' ll'dg • ltf the Frl'n ch iangtt;t~e. pl'nple and c u ~ t••llt'- . Ill' thl'n ,... ,~, ... t 1 , the nitl'cl State:-- , ancl . aitl...'r hi~ .! ..:racltt:tti'"' irt~tn tlw Kan 'a"' ~tate Nnrmal Schu•tl, t· ~ tahli ;-; hed th · 111•tdl.' lll languag·t· cll•p;trtmcnt in that culkge and tau gh t tlrc.:rl' i"r =--~·\ 1..11 ~car -... I >uri 11 ~ thc -..l' ye<ll :· ·I:\ l'.l:lll,:..:l' '




ltl' t••11k a ~..·c• ur-..e i11 lll~tcknt l:tn :: u;q.,!t':-- at tilt· graduatc;dHHll t'i il:tl\arcl l'ni\e r-.ity. lie- .... crund ltj .... ma:-:tt·r· .... <kgrcc fr••m th~..· ~:t;tc luatc ~,·h•Hll

"i l ' hir:tg•' L' ni\1..'1:-:ity .

.'car~ he ha:-- taught tllt~clcrn lan ~ uag-e:--

lhtrin;..:, tilt· la-.t ei.~ht at Jlur<itH.' l'ni\Tr:--ity.

I aia,·etll..' . Indiana . In l'n,ft·:--:--ttr 1-:Jia~ thL· .... ttuknt:-- pf ll t~ pc i1:1\ e a g-enial frit'tHI and a th••n •u:..:h. cntl:--cientit lll:' tc.:achl'r. I >r. ( ;_ nlllllll' ~kl'rL'<l l~ 1111\\ head:-: thl' philn~llphy departilll'lll c•f ll"pe . l>r . :\kl 'reary graduatl..'cl fn11n :\tu .... kin~um l 'cdkg('. <>hi ll. in JXCJ:; and innn the .\ lkght·ny Thet~lngind ~enti11an· . l'itt-.IHtrg. in l~'>K lie then had itntr ~ l.'ar:-: ni --tn·nllflll'- hut 'aluahlc ~·~pl'rit' lllT UJ>''" the hnme mi-.-.:-.inll lil·ld-. in K:tll'-:t=-' a11d < )klahllma. in l••calitic:' that Wt' re tht·ll ju .. t l..'lllerging fn1111 J,arhari,nt. IIi:-- graduate w11rk ha=-- het'll 111 II i .... lttry and < ;rel.'k at Chi ~..·ag-n l'ni\ cr-.ity and in l'ltitn~nphy at the ( ;nn'l..' l'ih· ~dl tt~ •l 11i l'hiltl,ctp)l\·. IIi:-- dPt.:tt~r ' :-- degree wa ' r e~nfcrrect In· (;nn·L·l ' it,· L't~lkge in P>l3 . l>r. :\h-Creary l'11111C.::-ln u-. fr"m- L'11npcr ·(~lkge. ~terling-. Kan::--a:--. where he \\a:-lcll.· at •cl :'ince )C){)/ . \\'c h:l\e already i"l11HI I>r. :\kl'reary ltt he an e~ccllcnt teal·ltcr. an ahlt.: cc•un:--l'llllr. a11d ttlll' wlttt "ill he ,,f ~real help t•1 the n ·l ig iou:-: urgan iza t it~n :-: ui the I..'Pllcge. I >r. Frt•dcrick <;Prcl"n \\' aidl' t:' in chaq!,c ,,j ••llr dcpartllll..'llt nf J·:ducati•1n. Dt-. \\' aide \\' <1:-- horn in Lnlldctll. ( lnt:uin. clllf I a f t l' r g r a d l1 a t i 11 g i 11 I ~()() w i t h h ()Ill I r :-- i 11 l h l' l ' )a :' 'll.' a 1 ( ·~~ ur :--t· fnllll \\ '(':'te rn l 'ni,· cr~ity. I.•11Hl11n. ht· pur:--Ul'd gradu;1 tc "-lllth· at llan·ard. lie wa:' Pr11ic:''ttr tti <..'Ja,.;ic=-- at Kin g ( 'nl kge .- Tcnnt·=--~c<.'. 11>02- J<>O-+. Fellow in Peclag·"!-!Y at :\ e\\· Ycn·k l'ni,·ersit,·. 1'>0~ - 1'>07. and Jlrnit'~:'nr ,,f lli.,.tnry a11cl l·:cl uct t icnl at the .\riztlll:t ~tate :\Prmal. l'J07-JC)1-+. The clcgret•-. c•i \1. Pel. and Pel . D . \\'ere grnnted him hy :'\e\\· Yurk L'nin~ r­ _-.ity in 1'>07 and l'Jll re:'pcctiYcly. :\Irs. \\' aide ...·ume~ from a S o uthern iamily of Tyler. Tc~a~ . ~he i:' a grad ua tc nf the State n i ,·cr~i ty nf Texa .... ancl hold:-; a ~l<t:'tcr':' degree from the Sdlt1C1l of Pedagogy, ~ew Y nrk l'ni,-cr~il\· . Dr. \\' aide prnmi:--c ~ t11 gin; our Department of Edu...:atio n the standing- i l ought tu Ita ,·c.






.\Ji,~ .'\ Ita Lich i~ a graduate •tf till' l"lli\t'r""ity ••i \Ji rhi~an

( Jf)1.1) . ~he i~ flllin~ the pn'-'itillll nr itl:--trttt'tiiJ' in l·:n;..!Jj ... lt kit ,·acant b ,- :\Ii~;; ..\Tonrc. \\"c ha\T " '' dc•uht that her WCJrk \\ill l1c dnnc with thoroughnc ~ and "ki lL ( >ur faculty ha~ been ... trcn .t.: tiH: ncd much in the J)(.T:--• 1 11 11f Jllhn Tillcma- of the da"' 11r JIJI-L IIi" influt'tHT a ... ;, ...,tu dcnt alllflllf.!' ;-;tudcnt..; ha~ l>ct·n prai""C\\·••rthy ;ttHI \\L' :trl' l'flllfidcnt that the growth in thi' :--amc clin'l'ti"'' will illlTl':t ... <.: . .\I r. Tillcma wa~ h o rn at l ~:t:--t Clint,.n. Ill. lie n ·n·i,·l'd 111 ... prl·paratnry arl(lccdlcg-c tr a inin~ at ll11pl'. The .\n clt11r takt· .... plc·a .. urc in referring- t o him a~ it' i11rmer l ~di t llr-in-l'hief.

\\'t·r; ttt·--da ' 11l•1tllitt:.,:. ~ljHt·mht· r ltl, n-;t ... tht• gnat annual ,;d; , d:t\. '' ht·i~ al ltht• ll "pcitt'""· iull"i t·n thu .... ia :-111 :tncl in high ')'it:it-.. . -~~;ttltt'l'l'd i11 tltt· t·lt;tpvl L" cht:c r "C >lcl ll"pc" :tlld tc1 \\L·k~trllt' ~. ld irit· nd .... Tlw largt• lllllllhcr 11i IlL' \\ :--Ludt:nt ... '""" l":lll :.,! hl the "J>itit 1 1i g'""l \\ill and irit..• tHiline-...-. \\itlt \\hidt they \ \ l,' l\.' -...1 ill.':t rtil.' ' '':kc~tn t·<l. :\Jan\" irit·tHI-.. and i11r111l'r :-.tucknt-.. [ 11"1'~ \\l'l"l' tltctt · 111 li .... tl'll t11 t ht· a tldn· ....... 11i the IJ,.tl. ( ;_ J. 1 >ic·l, t·tll:t. and t•• lltl' \\l'kllllll' ;,.!i' l ' ll l1~ l>r. \ . l'lllll'llla .

\I i..;:-- .\lay Loui:-:c ~ru:-::-:t·. dattt!htcr nf llt~pt·. )<)()7. i:-. an.,tltl'r . tclditinn tn our i~tcuJt,- . .\li:-.=' nnt ... :--t· wa:-. hnrn in Zcclancl. r ccci ,·ccl her pn: parHt11ry training in< ;rand ll:n·t' ll and t'ctlllpll'tcd ilt'r cnur:-:c at lln pc. ~he ha' tau ;..: ht j,,r f11ttr yt·ar..; in the :\",.rthwc~tcrn :\ cadcmy. .\1 i ... , Uru :--='t' ha~ alrt•ady g.ti 11 u l th t• l"<• lllidcnt·c o f man\· and we rcjnit'l' t11 11:1\·t• her with u:--.

Y. M . C. A . TOPICS. The fnJiqwing i:-- a li:--t of the t "pit·:-- and ll':tcll'r~ f11r t ltc Tuc ... d;l\· ...... 11f the Ycntn"· - C\' Cnin<r ~ mcctin ~ ~ \Jell·~ l'hri:--tian . \ . . .. "'"t·ia tinn fnr the fall term: ~~cptt•mhcr 22- Lnoking- l'ntu _lc :-: u :-- ............ ... I . De 1: 1•LT ~cplt'mbcr 2CJ-:\ (;nod Bc.~inni11g ...... l)rl'-,iclcnt \ 'c nn enta ( ktnbcr 6-- ·a II of Chri~t ( Cllrht'LTa t ic111 \ lct't in.~·:-.) ........................................... ""····················· ........... \I . ~tt' ;.,.:.l'tt:~ <t ( ktr1her 13-

Jnint Reception.

\li=':-:i n n~ ................................... l~t'\" . \ ' an 1-..:t· r:--l' ll ( ktr 1hcr 27- Thc (;rca t llltt!--illll ... . . ........... l'r11f l'''t w \: ,·ke rk ~ ,,,· ember 3- ld cal~ YCr~u~ Rcaltit::-- ........ ..... - ....... T. l' lllt-r \:,,,·ember 10- \\'cck of Pran.·r. \:en t'll11>cr 17-Per~onal Influence ............. ............ <;_ ~tciningcr \:o,·crnbcr 2..J-- . o d'~ ~ift:-: and < >ur ( ;ratitudc .................... . .....................................................................: r. \ ·an \ V c~tcnhu rg I )ccc 111 her 1- Ch ri =' t ian i zing R eJ i g-illn ........ 1~ l ' , . . \ ' an Zo me rl' 11 f) cccmhcr 8-~1 i~~innary ~1 Cl'tinr..,: .. ........ .. .. .... C. Stoppt· l ... I )cccrn her 1 ~ -True L oya lty ( Cun~t'cra ti cm \1 ·c t i n g) .................................................................................... II . .\1 aa!'-:-.Ctl < >t· t<1 ber



T Itt• tl H ' 11 tl·l' i ..... I I j. t it l' y I I un :~ \ll' 11..... :t ll d \" llllll g \\. l l 11 H' ll.' l ' Ill i , 1 i a 11 . \ ..... i; 1t i • .J 1.... h; 1\ l' I H.T 11 \ c r y I H t ....' • t h c..-... L' I i r -.. t w c l' k "". llhvl;n:_: ti ll' tll'\\ ~ tlllhtll .... 111d lwlpin:_: tllt•m ht•t"lllll' iamiliar i"qlt \\ itlt til· -...-It ... ) and -...clttud Iii~·. ( >n the lir ... l Thur ... day : 1 itc.·t tl••" i l ,,j ,; , .... llt..' \\ \t':t r . theY.\\·. t ' . . \ . :_::t\ l' a rn.· ·ptie~n i ll tlw IlL'\\ :_:it!.... l ' lt l: \ c..:a tht·r \\a ... ~"'l'l')'ticlll<tll) lint' :--11 that 1 iJ .... 1;t \\ 11 p: 1rt _, \\ a .... j u -. t 1 It L' t It i 11 :-! . I ; t 11 t · ~~Ill'!-! t' :111 cl I \ r cpa r a 1.. n. .. jr l ... " 'l't' ,, .... 11 rvpl'l' ' l'llll'd and a h:tppy aitl'rll11un W:l"' I ....

~ l

1 •


' )1\"111

t ll~lt l h·r.

Tu ..>d:t' ni ;....lt \. ~t·pt v lllht• r _2CJ. \\·;, .... till' rt•l·t·pti"n l'\·ening •d tl'l' Y. \i. t .· .\ . ' I h~..· ~ ·•ttn g lllt'll ~ ;t\"t• tllt'lll'L' h'l'' up to a 1 ~.11_, . "' 11 1 timt..· :tnd tlt,n·· .. 1111 dt~ttllt :thc1UL till' fun 1.'\·cryonl.' • ' •r t t ;11I' ' , 11 .. ' ." 11 • <1 I :--. ·,,1 .11 ·, ,1 :-.. ' ....... I l,llo. ;,I >r . \ l'llll• · n 1a ,L' .~ a , ...· . 1 ""ll


a.t.: n··. vpl j,


at .. · q •i; t~..· th e tit in !,! . 111 tlH· l~..:g i;tnin :..;: II: 1: . • 1\_ • ...,\.·1 1( .. •I ..· · \.. •·1 · t • , · 1'1\\ ··I I tltt tH'\': -..tuclvnt ... int1• tla· l'll llv ~t· :i · t i-. ;lit·-.. :ttld t • 1 -..1t1 '" l h ~·tn 11~,,.,. l ruly \\ t'k1•lllL' tht.•y arc. ~, ,, t..·t. tl .... , •cidi c:-- l i:l\ .... l' lll l tt:ti tll'd i11r tltt'lll. J>a rti ....



r >11




11 ....

'- •

~\c..nin !.~

ai tc..r tltt' pull. t he \lim·n·a g·irl-.. ga,·c :til l l ll.lll"l11 : tl tc .· .·; otillll I lclt: 11 '\\ l'repar:ttllf'_\' ~jr) ... in till' ! ·••l'll•i l••l\" I ,;, l l • I . \lt~· 1)(' .... 1111 it·lt at h11nH' i11 the l·h . .·t·ry , .,.' 111 i n i•11 :t ~ .. , i:tl •" I I ·rltimt•. Th, · \lint:n·a ... 11 I i ' I •I I 1I ·,·,·.,. I ,..., •· '• ttl•! • 1 •' ': 1 •. \ :\' 1 ' •1 ,· • ••·. I 1 • j•l t ,, l ic la i ll" \ <'tl t11 l1v quill' thv a tt r;H·tiun .•I 1 ·II •' l ' \ • 11111 · ~. I 1,, i 111 ·' r ... i r t ' ~ i tn.t·nf :- \' < r l' 'L'r \ t d. ' · .~II . . _. \ ·l l ' t y · ~ ··• , . L• .·1 , •.. ,,.1_ ,. t•• t It•~' llt'\\- ~ irl .... \ \ ' t•cl• • I It' I) , . I Jllll













nesday c\·cmng-. September 23. The hall wa=-- decorated in a mt~ ." t unique way t d l':trry (• Ut the eff<:c t oi an an·tic party. ~u it li·~llls fallin.,· •• littcrin u· !"now and c\·cr•rrccn bran c he s :--... tlll ....... In thi:-. way. ~:t \ ' L' a :-;pk nd id rcpn •dudit~n ui a lliH·thcrn zt •nc. ill • atm• •=-piiL·rc with••Ut wa :-; kL·pt irc=--h and e<H>l. while within. a warm \n:k• llllC mad e cn: r_\Uill' feel happy. ~




Till' Philatlll·a ~··cict\' als11 l'lll crtained the new girl=-- with :til ini•.nnal party in their StH:il· ty hall. :\n interes ting- program \\ ~1 :-' ~ 1\' l' ll, aitl·r wllicll tile girb :-.pen t a dclig·htiul :-.ucial lh.ntr tug e ther. On the c\·t·ning- 11i September 2R the . ~nrn~i:' . tWiety cnt rtaincd tl1e Ill' \\' girls. \ ' oorh<:cs rec c ptiun hall wa s a merry pi:ln· tlJat C\' Ciling. f"r thl' j11lly ~pirit nf the girb WaS quite ~·a t c hing . The n•t)lll wa !' arranged in the coz iest way. On ,•itller s ide 11f th · lireplac<.>. the ~ea ts were decked wit h pil,.,"·s. Till..' nttlllL'rnu =-- lHntquets 11i s ah· ia ~ added still mure t o till' l'llt•cry atnl"=-'phcre. l·:n• ry g-ir l went away \\'ith th e mL·J11 • >rY t •i a happy c ,·e n i ng.

The 1\c \. . \l hL·rt ()Jtlllan. ·,·3. a11d l1i .... i:tmih· ha\e macll· tln:i r trip te~ Japan "''' iar in ..;.aicty. :\li s .... Janet-< >ltm:tn. '1-+. \\ill teaL·h in Jap an. The 1-!cY. Ja l·"l ' I l<:cm--tr:t. '10. whu rt'l't'nt ly gracluat<•d lrnm thv \\ 'l· .... t ern ThL·.,J.,g iral ~cminary. kt"' l~t't'll in . . . talled a~ p:t:-.t"r ni Trinit\· - l~ei"rmcd Ch un·h ,,j l'hi,:a"t•. ~



all th e l'\' t:n ings fllr a guod time. the Friday nig-ht after 1lle pull st·~.· nwd the , .<:ry lll':-. t. !·: ,·cry cu ll ·gc cla:-'S indulged in :t party . Thl' Fn·sll mt•n and ~~~phclll111l'l'S dL'l'i(kcl t11 remain in ttl\\ 11 that tlwy might he ncar l':tdt ,,ther. \\'hilc the Juniurs =~nd ~l·llit•r:.: sp nt the l'\' cning· t•ll th' beach at :\Jacata\\'a. :\ . . . k the ~~~pllumc,n· s ii they like icc-cream! The hay- rack 1 icl · ni till' .Juniurs wa :-. quite a 11 11\'l'ltL E,·eryhocly cnjuy ' d hinh<:lf thllrt Jttg hly. < )j

Thl' t'ulh: gc Y. :\f. C. :\. des ire:-; tl > announce that ~Jr. l~c gi nald Buchanan. "hn is the traYeling !" ·c rctary tJf the Student \ 't~l unlc cr :\ln\·e mcnt. \\'ill !--JH.' IHl <ktt,ber IXth and JtJth at tlllr colll' ge. :\lr. Ducha n:lll is a graduate of .:\ld~ill L' ni\·t•r:-'ity and lluron TIH~ 11logkal ' u llcgc and is precmilhlltly wL·Il litt<:d iur \\'ork am(lng s tudents. \\' <:may therc i"re L·••ngratulatc o ur:-;lc\· :-; upun our good i•,rtune in hl..·ing;tldt.: tt l SL'l' tiiT a Yi:-.it irnm him . lie \\ill htlld meetings with t h c Y . :\I. l'. . \ . a nd Y . \\ · . C. . \ . and t It ' \ · u I un tee r Han cl. a s n :- 11 a " pcr :-.t~nal inten· icw s \\ ith thu se interes ted in the lield ui mi s:-. i••n .....

\\ ' ith ""IHTII\\' \\(.' l'l'l'lll'd the ck:tth ttf tell(' 11i II li i' o )d est :tlnmni. the l~l'\ . \\ ' illi:tm :\l t~vr d~· k. D. D .. \\'ltll pa.- ~c cl a\\':t_\' ••n tlw 17th ,,f l:t !-- t lll«~lltlt. :titer "t'\·er;tl m •• nth-.. 11f iliiH· ........... l >r. :\ I n e r cl y k w a.- a m c ml n.: r c •i t 11 L' Ii r :-. t c Ia . . "' g- rad nat l' d f n •m IJ .,pe. and abn t 1111k hi-.. thclllog ical training lll·n·. lie scn·l·cl :c--. p:t't"r 11f . . . l.'\·e ral ni th l' \\.,' ... tent chttiYht·"' and 11111y lately n·mn\cd t'' llt,JI:tncl t•' ')H'IHI the re-. t c•i hi .... Jiic.· in n•tircment irc•m :t c ti\e :-.vn· i~.·v. Thn·u~ l.c•tt t hi ... liivtinw. l>r. :\lt•t·rd~ k 111 :1 i 11 t :t i Ill' cl a I i 'T h-· i 11 t <: n .... t i n It i... . \ lm a :\ I at L' r. -=-' l' n i 11 ~ ... a "' a •lll'llll•er .,j thl' Cttunril at the tim e 11i hi .... ckath. Thl·rc 1111\\' • c 1ll a i 11 h n t t h r e c 111 ('Ill h l. · r-.: 1 ,j tIll' o I cl ·I a !'--..... " i I X(,(, . \\' h i c It u rt :-.. • .. in:tlly numhl.'rl'd eight m e n .

:\11'. IIL·:.:sel 1·:. Yntc.: ma, ' 12. :'ailed





2J f,H- l·. n g-

i:llld. " · herL' h e will pnr:-: nc a t hrt'l' _\'l..':u· .... · rc•lli'!--C ,,j "'t udy at t l:dt~rcl L'ni\·L-r:-.it\'. :\lr. Ynt<:ma i!'- the ""l'CIIIlll f{h ••ck . . ~ dt•tlar \\ hcl Ita-.. g••IH' t•ttt f1c1111 ll ••pe l'tclkgl'. Dr. \\ ' illiam lh· Kl ·inc. '( J~ . "h11 ha ... IH." Il a prc•mincnt 1•1..' . . !,· ian in (;rand ll:n ~.·n. Ita-.. ~ i n.• n up hi .... pr:h·ti.-v thcrl' .11ccl ITllln\·cd \\'ith hi.- iamih· t• 1 . \1111 . \ riHII'. \\hen· he \\ill clu tu• ~ t - g radn:tll' \\urk. Thl' 1\l'\'. J. 1·:. l"uizL·nga. 'tJfJ. h:t :-' a);.:,, l'l'l1111\' t'd \\'ith hi-.. 1a 111 i I~ t u . \ 1111 . \ r I J 11 r. \\ h l' r ~.· h c \\ i II .. t 11 d y i 11 r a y t ·a r.

\\ · c n ·~~ ITt t"

1111 t c

I 11 ~·

1, a . . '· i 11 !-!'

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Ill ' r


I 1.. 1H' •....

.\ lnmni, !.r. IILIII ic tl "' l: :tr••tl ,,j tiH· cl:1 .... .., coi 1~/ :;. l>r. l~arlllt \\:t ·, ,,,r nt:lll_\' yL·ar-.. a -... une .... siul ph~ --ic ian a t :\lu--kegt,n and




l:t tl' r :tt 1\·ll:t. Inn-a. ''hen.· he n·...;ickd at thl' time


hi!' death.

1' !;\' 1\c\ . \ i,· t, •r \\" . l~ l~..· l,kink. '01), ha-. gi,·en up lti :-. "''rk .. t It'll ;.! l~t:ttll'h . \: . ,1 .. 111 t :d.-l· up hi " Ill'\\' pa .... t11rat ,· at l':tna J••h:llic. :~. Y . \Jr -. . l~h· J,kink \\:t:-. \li:--:-. . \ ~IlL' .... ~taplekamp 11i \ it l ' ~. ; I ... ... I j I I I( ,, l . I

1\~..· '·

J)irk lh·k . ... tr:t. 'Ol•. h:t!' retunH..'d with \lr:-.. lh·k . ·· tr.t t <~ thl· .\ r:thi:tll mi...;-.j,,,, lil'ld. after :-.JH'llding ;-;nmc tim e in t h i~ ~·it~. \\' hih· h l·n·. \J r. l) yk:--tra ;-;t u cliecl :tt the \\ 'L·:-.tl·rn l"hc • .J,,:..:i"·:tl ~ vminan· . . lini-.hin;..! . thl' l'l' la:-.t \1:1\·. . \J r ..... Fr:tlll''' ' l'hl'lp' ( lttv. ·~2. ha~ re turn ed tn her htlllH' t l \ lh:tn.'. \:. Y .. :titl'l' '-}H'tHlill;.! the ~ttlll nH·r at l ~a--t ~~~rth­ :J l' ld. \l:t ... ...;:h.'hll .... l'lt:'. !'r, i. I k r hl·rt t ~. K~..·ppl·l. 'Kq. Ita..; rcturnl'cl tn < ;:titl<.''-\·ille. F!. •r id a. \\ lh:rc h~,.• ' l't' liJlll.':-- :t l·h:tir at the ~tate L'ni\' l'r ... it\'. \ l r. J.(q p t•l 'JH.' lll t h t• :--ummer :ttlti...; htlllH' in Zcl'lancl. . T il t• 1{\'\. J •dl n \1. \ ' an der \l l' nl cn. ''JI. ·II· l~•llli ~ ,· ilk. 1,, ·:1 th· k~. ~ J• t'I! t ... \'\l' r:tl \\'el·k .... 11i the pa:-.t :-.nmnH·r in Zt•clalld . tit' ! I J, •II :t tl• ! . I ) u r i 11 ;..: l h l ' 1111 111 t h 1 1 i . \ u g u "t. I> r. \ · a 11 d l' r ~. ! ~,. u :~.. ,1 · ,'\llj'il d hi ~ i" r llll'r pulpit at llt1pe Ch u rc h . ·1 :: l "~,.·,. < ; '- rri t J. 1\·nnin;..: .... ·o,;. , ,f . \rahia. \\·a ... a recl'nt j , ;l :· : :1 : >i - ...·i n . \\ h i!:..• lwn· he adclrc,-.cd t he ~t tHknt ' at l'h l·

· :: :1 \\. \ \ :\.·n ~,.· · · .... '1<1. 11 i /.el'l:tncl. had platllll'cl tc 1 t!•• i: . .. --:=::: ·· :. · t:": .: .. : ~tu d _,. t iwre. l~tu ha..; hel·n c•~mpellvcl ' ~--.

· · .. :· _

.. ·>

:~ :t • ~·~~u tll



I . • ... ....

i t h ~· • 1t1 t h rea k " i t It e

h :t . . ki t

c~.· tltr:t I

1·: u n

1H.' an


Jla rk. \\ h('l'l' he

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. 1 .•·r;l

'11 / .

h a ... a c l' l'JHL· d



p•• ~ iti ~t n

111 the

at llt~pc Ct~lkg '.

Dnn1thy Trt~111JH.:n. teal'hin~ at 'cdar (;run: .\ l.'adcmy. \: c llil· J. \ ' andcr \ ' L·ldc. ta king a training l.'nttr:-.c in Y . \\' . l ·.. \ .at l>ctn•i t. . \ dria11a ll ammck t HI I. tcachin;.:; in ChiL·<tg-o Public S chn()l~. l~uth \ ' a ndcn Bl'rg . teaching· in Zeeland II igh. ~ina L ind e m an, tc;.u:hin:.!" in Cu11pcr:-.\·ille ll igh . Cooper:-.' ille. ~ I it-h . I lai'cl l'lctncnt!'. tcad1ing in Dangnr II igh. Bangor. ~Ii ~._·h . I kkn f{ llc) .. i .... at her ht\lllC in .\ m:'tt•rdam. ~cthcr1ttnd" . l ' h;.t r1t~ lk Dl.' l'n:t·. at her he llllC in Zccla nd. 'nrnc li a J. ( >ltman~. mi ... ~ i .. nary tn Japan. . \ r tiJLtr \ ' i:--:->cr. l'ni,·cr!-'it \' "f l n\\'a. ll t•tJry l; iJkcrt. Prinrcttlll ~cminary. I I c r h c r t \ · a 11 \ • r a 11 k c n . X c \\' U n 1n ..:. \\' i r k S e 111 i n a r y . l·:d" in 1-( ~,c:.·ppc. tcaL"hing· in ' cdar (;run: .\ c::Hicmy . \\'i:--. Jul111 Fli ~ ht. ll artfe~rd Seminary . llcnry \ ' an ll u ute. t eachi n :.!" at Tall Timber. ~l ontana. l'ltarle:-- PeeL teaching at ~l arinn . Ky. l .cpp•• Jl, ,tgictcL tcat· hin).! at c;L· r man \ ' a ll ey. 111. l{nbct t K '' H •d:-.ma. Pri nrct••n Semina n·. J • ~hn \ ' an Stric:.·n. ~ c"· Brun ~ \\· id.- SL·minary. l'a.' llltiJHl l.uhbcr" . t eaching at < )rang·c Cit\'. Iowa. I knr~ Tc r K cur:--t. lll ino i ~ l'ni,· cr~ity. Cyru s l> n•ppcr'. L'niYcr;-;ity nf l n\\·a. I·:J m c r T c r \ I a a t. t l ' a 1.• h i n ;. .: i n C c cl a r ( ; n n · c . \ L' a cl e m y . \ \ · i ' . ~ idtt t!a ~ ~ic h tl·rnw 11. f'rin cc t(l\l !-'em ina n ·. II. \1 ichavl \ ' een:-.rhntcn. \\· c~ter n Thc<~lngiral S e m in ary. II a rry II• dT'. \ \ ' e..,tcrn The1 ) l n~ical ~em i nary . \\' illiam ( ;reenliclcl . L'ni,·cr;-;ity ni ~I ich ig-an. l'tti'Jlt'iitt:-- \Ju ...;te. ~e\\· nnt ll:'\\ ick ~e111i11ary . ' lart·tH' C l .nkkcr. L'ni\·cr:-. ity

I f •••• .'


In . . , • .J


til l·


::~ ..


l'l:t~ - , ,j

l.''' r :


-:\lichigan. Jlcnn· St•minar\'. .. .la ruh~ . \\' l':'te nl Thc•.J,,~j~._·al . .. ( ·,Hlrad Jnn;. ::cwaarcf. a:'~i:'tant ~ccrctary at Dattlc Creek


1• •

THE CLASS OF 1914. • c· i :t ,. J,,,.n :ti,Jc t,, a-..n·rt:titt. the 1' 11-t :tr c·

l· ·~·: ll c· d

<·.. rnc·li:t

~~ ~~ um :t. t< ·a ~· hi n ~~

Kat h n

I '1 ·1~~ r i 111.




y. :\1. l' .. \ . nH· ml >l'l'~

in the itt llll\\ill ;-... " td :ll' "-'"" thi ""

in !lull lli glt S,·h""l. !lull :t t IH.: r IH 11lll' i 11 I J., I Ia 11 d .

Ia .

Clan:nn; JJ , ,J Ieman. \ \ ' c:'tcrn Rcsen·c

· n i \' Crsity. Clc\·c-

ia nd. Jnhn R icmt·r~ma. L·n i,· cr~i t y nf :\1 ic hi g-a n . Ja~.·nh . \It h u i:-:. \\' c...;tcnt Thcnlngica 1 ~em in a ry. J 11 h11 ~1uy ~ k c n '. tea l.'h in g- al {)ran~c City .\ radcmy, I u w a .

Joh n Till cma . in ~tr urtu r at I lope ' ullegc.



l.c••tt .:\luldl' r. \\ ' a-..ltiugtt•ll l'ui\·L·r:-;ity. lll·nry l'"PIH: n. l'rincl't tl ll ~l'minary.






lntL·r-cPih:;...:iatt• atltktil·:-: did we want. fcllc•w:-;? \\'ell. in tcr-c,,J Jcgi ate athktic:-. \\'l' han:. with the t' ~<:c plion of ft~tJtl>all. ~~~llh.' 11i tt ::. :-;till ha\· ~·. "a :'edt :-pc1t in u ur heart:-." fnr the grea t ;.: ante ancl ft~r u s it j ... rather :--tran~c llclt tc) h t·ar tltt' ~.; -x-t - hut "hat i:-; the U :'t: - :--cl it ha-.. J,ct.·n decrct.•d and :-;11 it is. Hut ''ur l~t,pc:-- it•r a l>alllJcr year in athletic l' P llt<>t =-- arc nut at all !dPtlt'd uut. Th~· prc,:- pt.'l't :- iura winning basket hall team ar·c i.rigltl. \\ ' ith 111• •:- t . ,f the ,,Jcl men had' and a few high Sl'hPcll -.. La r.... i 11 c1Ur I i Ill' - ll p. \\ l' \\ i II :-' u r d y It a v t• a t cam w h i c h w i II lltak,· a ;...: • IIH) :-;ltll \\'illg \\'itlt tilt.' clthl'r t.•ullcgc team:-;. Baseball aud tr:H·k \\' t~rk \\'ill he g i\en Jll11rc attentinn than hert·tofc,rc. · c• tktt in th .. :-.t· l•raJlt'ht.•;-; ni athll'li c;-; \\'C \\'ill abt> I>\.' well rcprel' nll' d. T e nn i ..- i :-- I ' c l' nm i n ~ a r a t It c r p •11ntl a r g a m c a 11 d w i t IJ :\lr. \ \ ' iut~T a:-. lll:tnager wc n eL"d n c1 t feat· that the cc•ttrb will :Jtlt I>L' tal\l'tl ca re oi. :\I r . \\ ' inter \\'a:-' elected t o rill tlte \':tt:ant:v l<Itt:-.cd ),y the n·:-;ignatit~n 11f :\I r . < ;el>harcl. I i at hI c tit- g an H ..·:-; are pI a y L'cl • •nl y in r t II c pIty =-- iL' a 1 de' ·c l11 plllcttt tlt c t.'tlntcstant JTcci\'l':-. it is d"uhtful \\'ltcthcr thl')' arc worth '' hilc. There i:-; m c, rc to be ,,htaincd. T o win with fair ••r fu ttl mean :-' :-ht mld 1111t he ttpp crmc•;o-;t in utt r minds. hut to pla) the game iair and then win i;-; a nol>lc practice. \\ ' e hc!ic\ l' that II up~· 'nllcgc ha- t a k en a step in a<h·anre. \\ ' e need nu longer pIa y i nd cpen dent lea m :-:. but nuw it i :-; o ur p ri v il cgc to play m urc college lcam:'. ~len wh u think the ~amc as we do. wltn:'e )Htrpu;-;c in life is the :-;amc as nur~. and who e~pcd u ~ to he gentlemen alway:-;. will no\\· meet our team . Let tt:-:-.how them, tllcrcfllrl'. that Jl.,pc ·~~liege studenh arc true :-' J><lrl~mcn - willing to light tt~ the end and if defeated t u take Jcfcat like men.

"The ~nplts mu:-.t he beaten:· :-;aid a Frcshic. the lir:-.t time lte put his f11nt ou I lnpc l"ollt•g •: soil. 1t is :-;aiel the lir~t man t•1 he elected at the Fn·~.hman clct":-. meeting- \\a s the tug of \·. ;•r captain. llardly "·.,ttld tl11.:y wait fnr the L'\Cnt. E,·t-ry .:ih·tn"' ''l. '' L' c •• ulcl :--l'C th l' ll• in : r• •up:-: cd twP ••r three m arch:•t · ,.(( lt~ --••tllt' :--L·dudc d ;··• l 1 prar t i,·e. It is :-aid th at in titc ''ut-kirt:-. ••i the rlty hardly a t ree i-., k it :--ta nding. all lta \ing been pulled hy the amhitit~u:-; men . . \t e~at·tly -+ 11\·lnrk the battle wa.- t11 comme n c e, and it \\as u nly the fault 11f the pis ttd that it didn't. .\11 pistc)b ccmed to he he\\ itched on tha i day . . \ ftcr a minute or twu. the tu "n in" ;-, was a"ain started and this time :-;tarlccl for g nod . inr it seemed as if the cncl wcntld ne\'Cr come. The Frcshic~ ~a in ed rope. The ~~~phs immediately drew it back. The Snphs shifted plact•:-; . The Frcshic:-; cheered . Uut n u t so s oo n , \ ' tilt newcomer. for the Sl'Ctllld \·car men arc still ali,·e. F nr thirt,·-three minute=-- the :-'ee-~awing- game L'nntinued . and th e n tite r~ wa:-' nn more hope fnr the ~uuth-hank protertnrs. Lik wat ~r rah thL'\' followed. u ne aft e r the other. There is tHl han1t dunl'. ~n,;hs. ycnt had a hath; the Fre=-- hie=-- didn't. If y o u can hear all defeat;-; a=-- y o u ~t u ncl that u nc. y u u may boast a ~M



"I.-he tug-- c• f-war wa~ :-;upen· i~ed by members o f the Scnin r cla~s. The S ophomore road1 wns J. ~l ot~re. while \Jr. <;i)hert And :\1 r. Drew held the reins for the Fresltmett. :\II mu~t he ;.!ivcn credit for true spt~rt:-.man~ltip. and the large crowd that witnes~cd the light :-.ay it was the best tug- u f-war in years.



ni the latc~t hat~ ah-.:.urd ?" Lockhnr~t-''Yc.:.. hut when . . ,,me people put them o n, I hl:_\' cit 1 It H 1k ...," appropriate." Rhea-''1\ren't


Dr. \ "cnncma (in d1apel) - '"Th c Juni urs may ncc upy the ~cttccs in the rear.'' .\ :--idt• from Jt~hn s t lll -- · ·1 like ..;e ttcc.:. better than anylhingcbe.'' Dr. r ~ tia.:. l·:tnw t, , iantlty mee ting- and rrpnrt ·d the lat c ..:.t \\';rr nt' \\S. Ill· -..aid. " I -..a,,· the .:.t~n: ·sl'e ell- " ai-..cr.' (C. De K<.•y..:.c r) .

I,, 11 d.::-.. J•n,f. l·: lia :- " J rel'CI IIliiii.' IH) Jclill!-..1 111·.., l·:tt l'.\l.') t1 pl'cli ;t. tltink \•Ill \\ill lt:t\ l' 1111 cliflintlt,· in rc tllt' llth cri tt~ the natPt·. "

~..· nn·

Uttt..·:-- ticllt . \ n-..\\t' r

\\ ' II\· :-- !J,.ttldll't t iH· Fn·:--lt ie:-- ~ ~~ lll':tr tltt..· pa r i-:? J: n·a u -. ~..· tlrt· -..q ui iTl' l"' tll i ~ ltt get th <.: nl.

A New Wrinkle. I lc nn· \\a -.. 't·n· prt~ucl 11f lti-.. kittl'll .. and lll' ll tl~ht tltc Ill t•' l11 ''' t • ' t II e ' i ·· i t 11 r. I I i.. 11 111 t h u · h e a t d t It l'tll c 11111 i 11;..: ;d, •11 ~~ tltl' ktll and .. rl:rrm td at the nt•i ... l'. r alkd ~ · ut . "l>"n'l lturt tltl· kitlt' ll :--. llc11n· !" ":\••. ll ll• tl r ~..· r ... came tlte ~ tn:--wer . "I'm ~.·ar' ·' i 11 ~ t I t~..· 111 J, y t lw :-- t c 111 .... ..

l'n•f. 11:rttcr ... ,.n fa tn il) .'. T <.· l. indc "(>It! arl· a \\ a,· ?"




th e


I k~· Ill i;t

lakin ;.! c:arc 11 i it "!tile tit<.·,· an.:

A Little Misundertsanding. Tlt e jan it••r ,,f tltl· prilltar.' -..cit",.] w;t .... a fit..·n·t· '"'l),ill;.! tllatt. \\ ' illit.· l'u nTII had -..pelll lri:-- fir-..t day in :-- c ltct~ll. a11d -. u r pri . . l.'rl lti ... tllr•tltt.·r • 111 cttntin~ ht~me hy hl·in ;...: \' <.'. ry :--i lt· nt ;rnd llt •uH h ·. Tlt1.· lll' ' l lllclrllill g Itt· n:iu s ed t11 gtt tc1 :--l·ltt~t~ l. \\ ' ltl'll :--Ire tr it..·d l 11 take !tint tltt·rt· ltc kicked and sq uirmed until :--he i...- l It i 111 .., t a y at It t11lll'. . \ l II till 11 ~ It l ' t 11 J d It j ~ j at It Cr. " \ V It at'S tltt..' mattl'r. ck;rr ?" a:-kt·d the fat he r. " \\ ' t~n't .nnt :-. ...II t n sdt(lu l if ntamma tak~ s \ ' til t ? . . . . ~~~. 1111, daddy. 1'111 afraid. Y c th'da,· a hi ~ J,j~ tll:tll c:t llll' int" :--c ltt11d with a ladd l' r- and ill' '''""~·cl :trtlltlld ~ 1rtd Itt.· -..; t id \H.' \\'CIIt't lta11g tltt•nt toda,·\\ ·'lJ hang tltl'lll t tlntiiiT\1 \\ _''

S t t • i n . ( t h c d a ·'· a it c r t h c .. P tt II .. ) _ .. I h e a r \ ·u tt It 1=' t \· "'t e rda ,. ~ ..

Hazel Fortuinc-"I should s ay not.'• Stein. "I nw:111 ,·n u r we cream. II ~17t·l - "( )h! ,- ~Il l. An Advertise1nent. " \\"antl'tl. a nu1m i11r a gentleman twenty-eight feet lj)n g;rnclt\\l' lll_\" -t\\ •• ic~..· t \\ide. ( l>i c k Sm:tlkg an m:ty apply ). Jus t a Mistake. .\11 lri-..ltman l' :t111 < ,,,. ·r ltl thi s l'lll111try t•l rrnd hi.:. brn th cr. Ill' lt:tcl th<' lltllltlH.' r. 22<n nrll:td\\'ay. a nd a-.. he \\":lS \\·alking d"'' n l:n.ad\\:t_\' he :--a\\' a tr• lllcy -ca r g-~• hy. < )n it he read. 22U J l~rll:td\\a\". "\\"ell. \\ell." he cr i~..· cl. " t lwn.: '..:. m,· hn •tht·r'..; h11u..;c r unnin g away.'' ~l ax


(c:tJn·a=--sing-) - Tn a lms\· <l itnr-·· .~ir. ..· h ~· nld like t•• ctll ,.,lltr a ttentiun tn ~little \\~1rk I han.· here." B11-..y l·:ditclr - "Yt>--. \\.l· ll le t m e ca ll ,., ,ur att e nti11 n t•, a "Jt,,J.... l11t "i '' 111 k I han.· here.'' (I w~ • IHkr ii ~Ia~ -..11!<1 :t hoc•k) . Cass e for Worry . .\ quaint Picl tH.'grtr ... tl' pped up t11 tlte ti c k et wind tlW and llll r r il'd h · di.·Jll:t ntlt-<1 a ti t..· kct i11r l' i~i11u t Jun ction. " ll ope ch• tt :.irt "':n · Ill' 1•111 !.~ l'lltllin·:· he ..;aid anxi"u . . Jy. "~ly nt..·pJw,,.· ... ,e·, ),,,,.... " .\J,,ut tl'n minull':--. tu wk ." the c lerl· r ea:--.. ur ctl him . Till· cl.tr J, _, \\t.·ttt t• • tlt<· plati••rm and :-:.tudit..·d th • nul11.'1 it t-!111:11 t1 '1 r~ ...;c rilltt--ly. Then he n. turned t u th e wincl 11\\' . .. , >id ,·p u -.:1 ' tn,· train ,,.,,uJd be 'J ,ng- in tvn minutes . -.:.ah 7'" he





Patronize Casper


asked anxiously. "Yes. un cle." "Jest axl·d ynu, sah . 'cause <lat dere hoard says all train:-- o11 t ime \·cpt nne . and I wa~ jt·"t li g-e r in· d at d at d c r ' ,11 e w o ul cJ he m i 11 II t ra in s nn t im . :-.0111e n ne has tampered with the nulJctin-fluard." l'XcJa imcd the cl erk. and he rushed nuhide. li e stared f11r a m nmcnt :tl


Lhe s ign and then at the ncg-r(). Slt1wly hi:-. ian.· rel;txul intn a hrnacl gTin. The 13ullctin-IHJanl rl·ad: " .\II trains 1111 tinw Sept. 1. ··

Hardie Should Be Your Optician

e: · ...\

··E,·crybody o ut hut th e wash. ;mel that':-- g-c,ing m orn 111g.


Because he has had 18 years of Optical Experience. Because he uses the most modern methods Because he has the most completely equipped Optical Room in Holland.

in the

Stranger (a t fn>nt doPr) - "l'cll ikc tc• '"'P<.'ak 111 \J r . Jnnc:--:· :\laid- '' li e's uut. sir:· Strang-er- " .:\f rs. J o n es will <IP then." ~I aid- " Sh c ·s u u t. tnu ... Strang-er (after due cnns idl'ratinn and matured (k lil> cra tion) - ''\\ 'cl l. I'll ju s t sit dt lwn In· the lire and wait ttntil the\· rl' tll rn ." ~lai d -'· J'm :'orry. s ir. hnt the lire ·.._ 11llt. tcud" (in Cerman cb~ ;; ) -"~lr . \\"intl'r. :tn . . . ,\er thi: quc~tiun in ( ;crma n : \\"ic ist < >tt', ~·· :\ rt- "( >tto ist nicht hicr. ahl·r <.: r i'-'l -..cr warm ... ~lis ~ lmmink- "\"c~ . but th at's hardly an an -.. \\Tr tu m,· question ... :\rt- ''\Yell. yuu'rc ;; upposcd t u tt:-.c Ynttr imag-inati 11 11 .

Nearest the College

Your Eyes Examined without Charge.

H. W. HARDIE, The Jeweler 1$l W. 8th St.

Toilet Articles that are Right

:\Ji~~ lmmink

----Sold At-----




Soaps, Taloums, Combs, Brushes, Etc. We Appreciate Your Trade


Vaupel! & Aldvvorth

Model Laundry

Successors to Gerber Drug Co. (;o•ncr S•h !!i•r.-..-• &

(;.-n•rul Av~.


llollond .. !\lieh.

Ne.,.•· 1 4.. iran in un (,ld ~funcl


Phone • ., .. :a

91 99 E . 81h


Come in and Get Acffllctinlt•d

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute


SCHOOL of ' '




The Holland City News does a whole lot of work for people who

appreciate Good Printing





Dr. James 0. Scott Evening Appointments Tues. and



Are Regh:dered


Geo. H. Huizinga & Co. :;f,~-~~i~~~" 38 E. 8th Street, Holland

If you want to kno w all about them

Main Street, Zeeland


WM. J. OLIVE, General

Phone 1124

,)ewel ry




first Class


ctt. from 7 to 9.

:J:! KA ST hth ST nEET,

• .

--- - -- -



l 30 te 5 p a


II ..

_DENTIST IOD«S-1·30 t• 12 I



We MaKe a Specialty of



---------------------------------------Make Appointments Now



Correct Photographs

for Your Holiday Photos.


By sn doing, you get better se r\'ic c and avoid the worry

anti ru sh of the Holiday bus111ess.

Don't decide until you have seen what we have to offer.

Best Work at Lowest Prices E. J. Mac Dermand


Up Stairs

STUDIO Zeeland Phone I 07

Peoples State Bank Holland, Michigan Are8CI Vuacher, President B. D. Keppel, Vice-President

C.mmm:ial an• SavlnC Departments

Capital $50,000.00 John G . Rutgers, Cuhier Henry Winter, Ass't Cashier

41 on Time Depeslts





Have your Orations, Debates, Theses, Etc. TYPEWRITTEN All \vork done same day received. 40%Discount to Students.

. ••




In q uirP of


S ix B eautiful S t yles



4 1 East 10th St.


Warranted for 20 Years

Waganaai-- & Ha1nm

__ ,


Ma nufacturers of

Calkin's Ice Cream

Terms to Suit Buyer

Private Orde rs Promptly Atte nded T o

Citz. Phene 1470

51 W. 8th St.

Holland, Mich.


-. - .

Big Bargains in slightly used Pianos

Meyer's Music House

- · ·-----



We welcome you at our store where you will feel at home

Nick Dykema Tailor : HaHer : Men's Furnishings


17 W. Eighth Street

Barber Shop

Our Work Speaks for Itself

Holiday Goods Cameras and Supplies Pictures and Post Cards Pillow Tops and Pennants Albums and Calendar Mounts

ENUFF SED . . . .

6 W. Eighth Street Next to Van's Restaurant

Coster Photo Supply Co. 19 E. 8th St.

Phone 1582



C: J . D I E K BM A, Pre"itJ~: nt



1! . J . I.UIDE NS. C uhic r

\\' ~t. J . WESTV I·. EH. A u1 . Cu .. hier


and Preparatory School

With Savings De~artment


C:\PlT \I .. ~l fl<JILUS aut! lJNDIVJPEil P HOFITS, $127,000.00 DEPOSITS $1,45··,(;00.00 Corner Eighth Street and Central Ave.




An institution of the Reformed Ch urch in America.



Established, maintained anrl cont rolled by the church. Open to all who dt:sire 3 thorough Preparatory and Collegt- education. Co·educational.

Barber Shop

Christian hut not sectarian

Everything Sanitary

Bible study.

Care-ful supervision of the health and momls of t hf' students. Flourishing Young Mt>n'!> and Young Women's Christian A -;ociations

Literary Societies for men and women School of ~~ usic vocal and instrumental. Prizes. Scholarships. Lecture ('ours.-.

Agency for the Baxter Laundry Company



Phone 12 t 0

198 River Ave.,

In the Preparatory School three courses, Classical, Latin and Normal Scientific. The last n::~med is planned t>Specially for those who wii'h to tit t hems.-lves for teaching In the College tivA courses. - the Classical, Philosophical, Natural Science, Modern -Language English. and Modern-Language Mathematics. Students enrolled in any one of the five groups may fit themselves for teaching, and obtain the Miciligan State Teacher's Ccrtifkale without further norm al school attendance.

''GYM. SUITS. '' Shirts, Pants, Shoes, Stockings, Supporters, Etc. at


L 0 C A T I 0 N:

Seminar y

H 0 L L A N D, M I C H I G A N

Holland is a city of 11,00' inhabitants! on Macata~a Bay, openin~ into Lake Michigan; good boating, bathinJ!, tishtng and skating; he~lthful ~h.mate; pictun·sq11e scener·y;s up('rior church privile~es; !'o saloons; boat hne to ~htcago; i n tf'rurban t-lt>ctric nc to (;rand R~p icls; matn hnc P~>re Marqu~ttc Ratl Road from f~rand Rapicls to Shicago; good connt>ctions to all other pmnts.

DU MEZ BROS. Dry Goods, Cloaks, Millinery, Carpets and Groceries Holla nd, Mich.

C it izens ' P ho ne 1028


of the Reformt-d Church of America is located in Holland adjoining the Cullege Campus. Corps of Experienced Instructors

H. VAN TONGEREN The Sporting Good's Man

31 a nd 33 E. Eighth St.






D . O.,





Let Us Save On Your Fuel , Bills

Daily Service Between Holland and Chicago

You will find the Holland Furnace is not like other makes. It is simpler and easier to oper ate, nwre economical in fnel consutnption and special construction and materials where the strain is greatest make the Holland give longest service anti satisfaction under the manufacturer's double guarantee which we stand back of also. The Holland burns any fllel-soft coal-slack screens-bard coal-lignite or wood, with the least waste. Patented beat radiator in Holland saves heat&moke travels twice as far. The Holland is




Gas and Soot Consuming



Double grate sur·facepatented cored a ir- admitting double firepot, burning fuel from sides and top, nature's way, are special patented features we want to show you. Come in and see the H olland of jus t the size suited to your pla~e, or_ask us for catalogue, wh1c~ "111 solve your beating questtons more economically.

LPaY l" llnlland 8:00 p. m. daily, going via St. Joseph Leave Chicago 7:00 p. m. daily, going via St. Joseph LOCAL PHONES: CITZ. I UBI: BELL 78 JOHN KRESS, Local Agent CHICAGO DOCK FOOT OF WABASH AVE. Chicago Phone 2162 Central

Call Today


Holland Furnace Co. Holland



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