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Hope-Albion Game Friday

Pap Rally Thursday Night

e Students ot Hop« Colleg* trtHolland.

HOPE INCREASES De Graaf Heads Summer Session

Changes - What 'n Where

While most people were think-


Ninth St

ing of holidays and lazy days by

A 0

the lake, some one hundred f i f t y veterans, grade-school teachers and


Dr. Charles Wimmer Heads 1. Van Raalte Hall 2. College Chapel 3. Grave's Library 4. Voorhees Hall

other students attended an intensive six weeks summer school



course from June 24 to August 3.

^ P r e s i d e n t ' s Home 6. Science Building

TWrtH» 3t.

Courses were offered by each of

7. Van Vleck Hall

the various departments with additional classes available upon the

8. Gymnasium

request of six students.

9. Columbia Hall

The subjects offered were all


taught, as f a r as possible, by the same instructors teaching this fall.


Classes were held in the new Sci-


ence Building and it provided a


cool, delightful





even when the thermometer soared


into the nineties. T - a n h sr

For six weeks, except for Thurs-


day, July 4, the classes met each


weekday f r o m 8:30 A. M. to 11:45! A. M.; and from 1:30 P. M. to I


4:30 P. M. Most of the students j


gained six credit hours with some of the science students earning seven credit hours. The library was


Milestone News

open the entire day on school days Distribution of 1940 Mil E S T O N t S while tennis courts and recreation Ls delayed indefinitely due to printing difficulties. at the lake were also made availStudents interested in working en able. Dr. and Mrs. Irwin J . Lubthe 19 7 MILESTONE staff will bers gave a lawn-party for stumeet in the Tri Alpha room in the dents and faculty on the lawn of basement of Van Raalle. Friday, their home and the school spon- 11:30A.M. sored a beach-party on the afternoon and evening of July 20. Explanning was under the supervision aminations were given on Friday, of Dr. Clarence DeGraaf, head of August 2. the English department, who was The successful organizing and the Summer School Director.

Leenhouts Becomtf' ,** -V.. Doctor at College Dr. Abraham Leenhouts, local physician f o r f i f t y years, has been appointed c a m p u s Hope College.

physician of

All his equipment

is moved to the infirmary in Tay-

Guests will be welcomed by the lor cottage which will be used exLeague Advisor, Miss F l i * a b t t h ^ u S i > t i y i f o r h e i l l t h « V Lichty, and the W.A.L. president, Dr. Leenhouts graduated f r o m Elaine Meeusen. Pianists Prudence the University of Michigan Medical Haskin, Marian Ter Borg and Betschool, and later practiced in Chity Van Lente have arranged a musical program while faculty mem- cago while he took graduate work Hope s t u d e n t s had barely left the c a m p u s last J u n e when bers Mrs. W. Curtis Snow, Miss an a r m y of c a r p e n t e r s and r e p a i r m e n took over. S u m m e r Laura Boyd and Miss Metta J . in eye, ear, nose and throat a t the Chicago University. In 1916 he school s t u d e n t s walked t h r o u g h piles of p l a s t e r and lath t h a t Ross pour tea. Phyllis Haskin, a Holland senior, is chairman of this did f u r t h e r graduate work a t Co-

Remodeling, New Barracks Add To Hope's Appearance

lay in the- d r i v e w a y s and w e n t to classes in t h e Science b u i l d i n g to the t u n e of b e a t i n g h a m m e r s and w h i n i n g power s a w s . N o w much of the work has been completed and t h e college can r e p o r t i n f o r m a t i o n of i n t e r e s t a n d p r o g r e s s to the m a n y r e t u r n i n g s t u d e n t s as well a s to all new Hopeite^. The first barracks building for bachelor veterans is now c o m -! pleted. The building is " T " shaped and will provide accommodations for seventy men. In addition, four other dormitories are now under construction and it is contemplated that these will be completed and ready f o r occupancy by November 1. These buildings are located on the Columbia Avenue corners. For married veterans the College authorities are providing six buildings, each composed of four apartments. These apartments will be one or two-bedroom apartments and are also scheduled to be ready for occupancy by November 1. Office in Van Raalte Then there is Van Raalte Hall. Offices have been built in this building; the corridors have been widened; and there is a new entrance on the north side of the building. New floors have also been laid in the corridors. These changes have resulted in a much better entrance to the building and interior changes have provided additional classroom space. The college office will be located on the first floor of Van Raalte Hall, together with the offices for the Dean of Administration, the President and the College Treasurer. In addition to these, this building also houses the Registrar's office and Admissions office. But, there must be music! And for this purpose Walsh House, next to the Pillar Church, has been procured and is being fitted f o r the School of Music. Now added glory to Hope's already fine record in the field of music is expected. Dining Hall for S50 No, the needs of the inner man have not been overlooked. Two floors of the Temple Building have been rented and here a dining room has been equipped to seat three hundred and f i f t y students. Future



traditional tea.

lumbia University in ^New YoTk?

League members have outlined other activities for the year. In October, a rollicking ol' fashioned Hallowe'en party will be arranged by Iris Vande Bunte. During the Yuletide season Phyllis Dietrich has been selected to direct an allcollege Christmas party. Norma Albers and Laura Johnson will combine ideas to plan a bang-up all-night P. J . party f o r dorm and town girls.

He is a m e m b e r E m e r i t u s Cluff at the University of Michigan, an

plans call for a recreation room in this sa m e building. Additional girls dormitories shall also be needed, and the east Junior High School building on Graves Place has been leased to provide h o u s i n g accommodations. This To break the tension a f t e r sebuilding will be known as West Hall. mester exams, Marjorie Voss and Vada Mae Efird will center activity about all All-Girls Masquerade P & M Schedule Lists in the C a r n e g i e Gymnasium. Throughout the year Harriet Muyskins has been chosen to schedule Program For Year S t u d e n t vocational conferences Anne Van Derveer, president of which will be led by experts in Pallette and Masque, announces various fields of occupation. A that P. & M. will s t a r t a personal project to boost W.A.ll finances contact system for membership this will be sponsored by Marge Luckfall. She stated that experience in mg. .. 4 t some form of Dramatics is not a In the far-off Springtime, Kathnecessary requirement for new erine Lock will assume chairmanmembers, but it is desirable. ship of a Senior Girls' Tea; Betty Extensive plans f o r the year's Timmer and Audrey Reagen of Ilactivities include plays f o r campus lumination Night; and Glsnna Gore functions and also f o r organizaof Hope's traditional May* Day. tions outside of the college providThis year's W.A.L. booklets were ing opportunities for directing actdesigned by Mary Alice Van Dyk, ing, a n d stage c r a f t f o r one act, a Junior f r o m Rochester, New three act and radio plays. York. Informal meetings in the form of picnics or workshop nights are listed in the program schedule. The Blue Key Store Reopens group also will make trips to Grand In Van Raalte Basemei^ { Rapids to observe various stage plays. The Blue Key Book Store sponMr. Edward Avison directs the sored by the Blue Key Organizaclub in its activities and presen- tion, an honorary Senior Men'f tations. Organization on Hope's Campus will open in the very near f u t u r e .

Anchor Staff to Hold Meeting September 30

Don Ingham and Al DeVoogc} will act a s co-managers of the store which will be located in the T h e r e will be an Anchor Staff basement of Van Raalte. meeting for the old staff a t 4:00 Football programs will be an P. M- Monday, September 30. A t added f e a t u r e of the Book Store 4:30 P . M. a n y new students who which will also handle books f o r are interested in news or f e a t u r e class work. The Student Guide, diwriting, business, or circulation rectory f o r campus and home adshould meet in the Anchor office, dresses, will be published by the second floor of Van Raalte Hall. Blue Key once more. ^

honorary society for g r a d u a t e s of fifty years.

Dr. Dwight Yntema Replaces Dimnent As New Economics Department Chief With an enrollment that is expected to be over 1,100, the college officials have added fourteen new faculty members. Heading the whole faculty is Dr. Charles R. Wimmer of Barbourville, Kentucky.

Wimmer He will fill the newly created Col. and 12th Dorm position of Dean of the Faculty and will teach a few chemistry Beach Cottage courses.. Besides being the former Taylor Cottage Inf. Dean of Lfnion College in Barbourville, Dr. Wimmer also headed the West Hall department of physical sciences Walsh Music^&all and was a professor of chemistry. Dr. Wimmer was graduated from Fairbanks Cottage Allegheny College with the class of "23," received his M.S. from Ohio Men's Dormitory State University, and the degree of Ph. D. f r o m the University ol Men's Dormitory Cincinnati in 1932. Dr. and Mrs. Men's Dormitory Wimmer with their two children are living a t 103 E. 10th Street, Men's Dormitory the former Pyle residence.

W.A.L. Orientation Tea i To Be Held At Voorhees Freshman co-eds will be entertained by the Women's Activities League members at an Orientation Tea on Thursday afternoon from three to five o'clock in the Voorhees living room. This tea provides an excellent opportunity f o r all women on campus to become acquainted with each other and to greet women m e m b e r s of the faculty.

Enlarged Faculty As Dean

Dr. Leenhouts

also commissioned


in the Army

medical corps in World W a r I. Clinical hours will be held every morning, and Dr. Leenhouts will be available f o r consultation a t a l t Mk* times. He will be assisted by two graduate nurses who are a\so students at the college.

There will

be a ward f o r men and one f o r women of the campus. ^ Active in civic affair8, ; Dr. Leenhouts has served on the Board of Education f o r twenty years, and fathered t h e . Q > m m u n i t y C h e s t movement in Holland. His appointment a t Hope College is another added facility to campus students.


An addition to the German department comes in the person of Rev. Henry E. Schoon, a g r a d u a t e with the class of "15." Previous to this time he attended Mission House a t Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Yntema Of late years, he has been principal Of interest to Hope's students is of Pleasant Valley Academy, a the appointment of Dr. Dwight B. Reformed Church Academy at GerYntema as the head of the Eco- man Valley, Illinois. nomic Departments ^replacing Dr. Bouvy Dimnent. ! ) £ Yntema is a gradu-

ate of Hope of 1926, and he receded his Ph.D.' from Yale University. He>cemes to Hope from Washington^ D. C., where he was in the federal employ as an economist. Dr. Yntema is the son of the late Douwe B. Yntema, who was professor of physics at Hope. Dr. and Mrs. Yntema are making their home a t the old Yntema homestead on the Zeeland road. Geerlings Clyde A . ' Geerlings will fill a new position this year — t h a t of director of public relations. H ^ will also t e a c h an aeronautics course, which is new on Hope's campus. A f t e r his graduation from Hope in 1927, he studied a t the University of Michigan and the New York State College f o r Teachers. Mr. Geerlings became an instructor in aviation at the Univerfaty of Grand Rapids and followed this by instructing a t Hope in the ASTP during 1943. The past year Mr. Geerlings has been employed at the Holland Furnace Company. Folkert From Overeisel comes another of our new instructors. J a y Fol Rfert, who will join the mathematics department. A Hope graduate of 1939, Mr. Folkert was awarded a scholarship to the University of Michigan, where he later obtained his master's degree. Before entering the service he also did some advanced study at the University of Chicago. While a member of the armed forces in World War II, Mr. Folkert received a lot of experience in meteorology, and received special recognition because of his achievements. Steketee

Another addition to Hope's faculty will be Charles Steketee, who hails f r o m Holland. Mr. Steketee will join the ranks of mathematics instructors here a t Hope. A graduate of Hope with the class of "37," Mr. Steketee received his M.A. Mrs. Edith Walvord, Director of f r o m the University of Michigan. Religious Education a t the First The past few years he has been teacher and principal a t Howell, Reformed Church of Holland will Michigan. address Kappa Delta a t the meet-

Mrs. Walvord Talks To Kappa Delta at Osterhaven Home

ing on October 17. Her work as director will enable her to speak

Kleinjans will add her name to the staff of English instructors. A Hope graduate of 1943, Mrs. Kleinj a n s received her master's degree f r o m the University of Michigan. At the present time, her husband is a member of the Christian High School faculty. While she was a Hope coed, Mrs. Kleinjans was campus queen and a member of the Sibylline Sorority.


A course in the Dutch language and literature is again being offered at Hope, and will be t a u g h t by Miss J.M.C. Bouvy from the Netherlands. Dr. Bouvy has been an instructor a t the University of Leyden, and she is contemplating returning as a member of its staff. Miss Bouvy attended several of Hope's classes last semester as an observer of American methods of instruction. Cook The music department has also added to its staff Miss Helen M. Cook, who will teach voice and also conduct a choral group. A g r a d u ate of Manchester College, Miss Cook has been studying under Mr. Theodore Harrison of Chicago. In addition to being a brilliant soloist and voice teacher, Miss Cook is also an accomplished pianist. Holleman A graduate of Central College, Pella, Iowa, will join the ranks of the Hope faculty in the person of Miss Jantina Holleman, an instructor in piano. Miss Holleman hails from Springfield, South Dakota. She attended the Music Conservatory at Morningside College and received her M.A. a t Columbia University. Miss Holleman is known as a brilliant pianist and has had two years' experience teaching at Sioux Center, Iowa. Van Wyk Another well-known Hope graduate who is making his debut as a professor a t Hope, is the Rev. Gordon J . Van Wyk of Waupun, Wis. The new instructor in Bible received his B.D. degree f r o m Western Seminary following his graduation f r o m Hope in 1941. Rev. Van Wyk did g r a d u a t e work a t the University of California, and received his master's degree f r o m Yale University. A t the present time Rev. and Mrs. Van Wyk are under appointment a s missionaries to China, where Rev. Van Wyk plans to teach in the Christian University a t Fukien.

Masten brook One of Hope's 2 1946 graduates. Miss Marian Mastenbrook, h a s been added to Hope's library staff a s an assistant to Miss Gibbs. Miss Mastenbrook spent her summer a t the J b r a r y School of the University of Illinois. While a student a t lope. Miss Mastenbrook waa president of the Elementary Teachers' Club and waa a member of the Thesaurian sorority.

An addition to the English deauthoritatively concerning the re- partment is Miss E m m a Reeverts ijtrirementp ifSteriSbr, for; a Chris- who will become associate profess o r ' o f English. Miss Reeverts is tian worker. also a g r a d u a t e of Hope with the Mrs. Eugene Osterhaven, wife class of "20." For the p a s t f i f t e e n of the college pastor, is the coun- years, she has been on the English selor f o r the group. The meeting faculty a t Berea College, Berea, will be held a t her home, 86 E. Kentucky, and was in charge of one of the girls' dormitories. She is 14th S t Schoon making her home a t the present The Kappa Delta organization time with h e r sister. Miss Clara Mrs. Henry E. Schoon, wife of was formed last year by a group Reeverts, of Holland High School. the new German instructor, will

of girls who banded together for Kleinjans the purpose of fellowship and the study of various fields of ChrisAnother of Hope's well-known tian service. All girls who desire alumni, Mrs. Everett Kleinjans, the to do Christian work may become former Edith Klarren, is taking her a member. place on the Hope faculty. Mrs.

do some part-time teaching in education, training elementary teachers. Mrs. Schoon is a graduate of Western State Teachers College in Kalamazoo and she has completed work for her master's degree.


Hope College Anchor





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Portraits A r e the Most Personal of A l l Christmas Gifts Materials are s c a r c e so make that A p p o i n t m e n t early








•« Center Theatre




Call 2 6 6 4


P. S. B O T E R & C O .





Library Page Two

Hep* Coltag# Anchor

Frcthman Forecast

IfaUt* O n Being Educated With the opening of another college year, we a s a group are bound together by our mutual strivings for further education. We extend a welcome to all new students to join in our quest, still remembering tiiat education in itself is no more important or vital than each individual makes it. A person can accumulate credits, but still not acquire an education. It is only by evaluating standards and, if necessary, revising t h e m to meet the new demands t h a t progress is made. The college faculty carried on a project last year in which the aims of the college were considered. Now it is time for us, the students, to continue this study and apply it to ourselves. With the administration, faculty, and students ail striving for a common goal — that of making higher education function as a service for the welfare of the general public — that we can achieve the goal that brands us as being truly educated.

Grandstand Courtesy


Hello everybody — back in the old groove again and isn't it WONDERFUL. And again this year will give forth with the Yak-Yak on what's going on about the campus so watch your step. You never know who's going to write this column. From all reports everybody had the best summer yet and plans to keep the spirit up through the school year. That means things should really be poppin. The most recent news up to date is the new title Chet Droog acquired the 20th. The coveted title of " P a p a " — the stork delivered a member of the f a i r sex early Friday evening and with her came instructions on how to bring up your girls to be good Hope co-eds. Wedding bells chimed loudest this summer and the Yatita is glad to pass on the news of marriages of Peg Bakalaar to Floyd Dorenbunh (both in Colorado now), Mary Liz Aldrich to our Student Council Prexy and basketball star, Gabby Van Dis (Gabby is incidentally a Kalamazoo boy), exqueen Libby Komaine and our Boy Bill Hillegonds now of Holland, Michigan, Marolyn Sulkera and Benny Weatrate, both of Holland, and Red Wagner and Donna Eby. If we missed any it's purely accidental and we'll give you a plug in the next issue.

W i t h football g a m e s a weekly h i g h l i g h t t h i s fall t h e r e is an added responsibility of ail s t u d e n t s w h o a r e s p o r t f a n s . C o u r t e s y is as i m p o r t a n t a p a r t of w i t n e s s i n g s p o r t c o n t e s t s as it is a t o t h e r social f u n c t i o n s . E v e r y t e a m n e e d s t h e w h o l e h e a r t e d bac king of an e n t h u s i a s t i c crowd of s p e c t a t o r s who s t a y until t h e final w h i s t l e blows. It is u n d e r s t a n d a b l e t h a t a crowd r e m a i n s to w i t n e s s t h e end of a h a r d f o u g h t c o n t e s t when t h e score is close. It is equally u n d e r s t a n d a b l e t h a t t h e f a n s s t a y to keep up or revive t h e l a g g i n g s p i r i t s when the h o m e t e a m is behind. But, w h a t reason is t h e r e f o r leaving a g a m e e a r l y j u s t because t h e home t e a m lias a big lead? T h e f e w m i n u t e s gained by d e p a r t i n g b e f o r e t h e end won't m a k e t h a t much d i f f e r e n c e . It is only a c o u r t e s y and t h e r e f o r e a responsibility, not only to t h e team, but also to o t h e r s p e c t a t o r s who would like to see all of t h e action, to s t a y Pigskin Preview until t h e final whistle. Joe College was at the football We h av e only had one g a m e so f a r t h a t t h i s b r e a c h of game Friday night sporting Miss c o u r t e s y h a s been noted. Let's m a k e t h i s a personal respon- Hope Co-ed in the usual way and I noticed the stadium seemed to sibility to see tiiat t h i s s i t u a t i o n is remedied.

Van Loo and Marge Lacking and the buzzer. In f a c t , m'ladies, that

Hope students working a t the Castle this past summer declare it a haven f o r f u n . We understand Howie Koop finally wore out the c l a s s i c expression "dialing 0." Rusty De Vette made a spectacular return to civilian life. We'll probably be hearing more from him.

Better Homes and Gardens Maga- no one realizes it more than this

Lou Hemmes hit the jackpot and spent their honeymoon in New York City as guests of the Honeymoon Couple program. They received everything but a house and the kitchen sink but nothing is stopping them but the O.P.A. Can't say much more about you all except here's for bigger and better news coming up. If you feel like writing, don't wait to be asked —an inspiration is all that's needed — no cost, no pills, no money back — just make it good and we'll be glad to accept.

Reminiscing By Nat Bosman Throughout the years September



For Good Service




Post's Barber Shop


- 3 Chairs -

Makers of

Conveniently Located at 14th and College Ave.


8 S 8

^ ^ s

8 8

S ^ ^ 1 A ^

8 8 8 8



wishes for Hope College and The Anchor

PhatO'/inUhing, Framing and Otfu

the Success it Merits

10 E. 8th St., Holland, Mich.


zine, scrutinize its pages, then your room. If you don't find the slightest resemblance, don't be surprised — there isn't any. But don't give up yet. There is personality in those four walls — they just need a little encouragement. There, you've got the dresser

Alumni Harve Koop and Mary scarf on the dresser, that ruffled

Hope College Anchor

Give it a Trial

The other night I cut across the tennis court lot on my way to the e x - F r a t e r house and was I surprised when someone jammed a hammer in one hand, a bunch of nails in the other and by the time I got to the corner, I'd put window panes in all the windows on the east side of the barracks.

sound may be music to your ears in a few days. The room takes a great deal of consideration, it's small and the bunks are in the wrong corner, but dears, take it f r o m me — Get out your latest

Welcome Students

The Best in Home Cooking.

I realize the atomic bomb hit J a p a n months ago but w h a t happened then takes second place to what has happened here on Hope's Campus. I'm not saying it isn't wonderful but when a senior has to inquire what street West Hall's on and where Van Raalte went to, things are really getting t u f f .

they could tell the story about Jack leaving Gene stranded in Kazoo one night when he was supposed to drive him back. Gene decided the bus was good enough for him.

has been a starred month on the be grinning from ear to ear since calendars of many thousands of its bleachers are packed again and young people. This ninth month the orange and blue is kicking up has marked the beginning of a the proverbial dust. Of course I was going — I threw new life. It meant in most cases A new y e a r began a t Hope t h i s m o r n i n g with the impres- my clothes a r o u n d the room, leaving home, old friends and familiar places f o r a great new sive Convocation exercises held in t h e College Chapel. Many couldn't decide on which pair of adventure — College. shoes to put on and, "what on new s t u d e n t s w e r e p r e s e n t and we w a n t t o seize t h i s oppor- earth did one wear to a college It isn't my purpose to philosot u n i t y of welcoming t h e m into o u r midst. g a m e ? " — I ' d never been to one phize on the comings and goings We w e r e glad to see you in Chapel. We hope to see you before. of people to and around the colm l I'm The brown suit waved an enQwy ieg» enmpuees of the t h e r e r e g u l a r l y t h r o u g h o u t t h e school y e a r . We hope to sleeve at me, I slipped it on, here m an Old Grad no l l 1 M ^ see you r e g u l a r l y a t all of t h e school's activities. You know, tripped into my shoes, grabbed a review briefly my college experiit is t h e little t h i n g s t h a t b r a n d one's college education as a purse, and arrived five minotes ence at Hope. success or a f a i l u r e . It is e n t e r i n g into t h e s p i r i t of y o u r a f t e r the kick-off. I crept past the Back in '42, green as the grasses school to t h e f u l l e s t e x t e n t possible. It is g a i n i n g t h e ability long line of people waiting to get and innocent as the flowers bloomto meet and get along with y o u r fellowmen. It is becoming in pretending to look for someone ing in Spring, I entered Hope's liwaiting f o r me a t the head of the brary with a pencil — and several a c c u s t o m e d to m e e t life as it p r e s e n t s itself in its ever c h a n g line. I was successful. I don't hundred people — to put my name ing complexity. Books a r e a source of such knowledge but know who it was but they let me on the dotted line. With this acc o n t a c t i n g life and people about you is an equally s t i m u l a t i n g in the side door. Maybe it was be- complished, I emerged from regiscause my excitement showed on t r a t i o n — still green, still innocent and r e f r e s h i n g m e a n s available to you. So, newcomers, a big welcome and we hope t h a t in t h e me like I was carrying an Anchor and in addition — scared. Convocain one hand and wearing a Hope tion, Freshman tests, sessions in d a y s a h e a d we may count on y o u r u n r e s e r v e d s u p p o r t in banner across my chest. the Library, much study, Sorority e v e r y p h a s e of college life. Best wishes, good s t u d y i n g , and I wished I had been when I got meetings, more study, professors, m a y a well rounded education be truly yours. in and waltzed past the football much more study and heaps of fun bench where forty-four grotesquely filled my f i r s t year at Hope. And R. H. h a n d s o m e Hope players were I finished my Freshman year in seated. I heard the loud speaker June of '43 — still green — still insay, "Bill Draper just blocked that nocent — but no longer scared. run" and everybody yelled — that's The next year saw me in a SophMember where I came in. It must have omore Slump. A lowly f i g u r e to been a good play because a couple A s s o c i a t e d GolIe6*ite P r e s s the upper Classmen but a little of Ferris men took a short nap out higher than the Angels, the incomSTAFF on the field. ing Frosh, t h a t is. Registration VIVIAN DYKEMA Kditor-in-Chief Emery kept the game exciting, and Convocation were old stuff Kenze L. Hoeksema 1 and Timmer, Higgs, and AppelHoward Koop 1 Associate Editors dorn kept the men in the box busy t h a t year. I had gone through Lois Van Wyk j talking, and the whole team kept them before. The answers came Louise Ter Beek Business Manager Ferris on pins and needles. Rangy easily and I f e l t t h a t I really knew Joseph Palmer, Jr. Assistant Business Manager Abe (manager) kept bringing our the ropes — all of them. I was fiboys water but I'm not sure they nally convinced by the upperclassF e a t u r e Editor Barbara Bilkert needed it. The Dutchmen sure look men t h a t I was wrong, needless to Society Editor Glenna Gore say. Hope shrunk t h a t year and rugged this year. our men enrolled in the College We won of course and then purPublished every two weeks during the school year by the students of of Military Science. Curtains went Hope College. sued the mad rush to the gate and Entered as second class matter at the post office of Holland, Michigan, downtown. The students t h a t saw up in the Chapel to cut its size in at special r a t e of postage provided for in section 1103 of Act of the game are all pepped up f o r half, women were the athletes, Congress, October 3, 1917, and authorized October 19, 1918. Friday's game, the f i r s t M.I.A.A. women, women and no men. As a PRINTED AT OLD NEWS PRINTERY game. If you, too, want to feel natural conclusion then, I ended that way — you don't have to drink my sophomore year — not quite so alka-seltzer — a l l you have to do green, or innocent. The next two years flew past is put in an appearance a t the pep-rally Thursday night a t 7:30. very "beaucoup" f a s t I learned $S.SO M e a l T i c k e t $S.OO


I Don't Believe It

Yes, we know just how you feel Freshmen. All summer you've been waiting f o r this moment. All your new dresses are hanging in n e a t rows in the diminutive closet, the beds are made in your room but the trunk is only half unpacked, the walls sure do need All other news is comparatively some pictures and t h a t huge desk dull, but other people have been in the corner could stand a little keeping cupid busy. Gene Barendse exterior decorating. and Jack French made a well beatYou'll get used to the rooms, en track to Kalamazoo to see Mary your roommate and the screech of

to get along with people these years. College extra-curricular activities entered my life with a bang. I knew what I wanted in my studies, and I worked toward that end. June of '46 rolled around and misgivings about leaving Hope entered my mind. I finally graduated on the nineteenth, no longer green, but wise to the ways of the world. (So I thought).^. This fall, I started to teach English (see? still no imagination) and I find that I love i t Yet again September is here, and a new term at Hope has begun. My thoughts are here on campus and I wish once again to be a Freshman — or anything — just to be a Hopeite. Since this is no longer possible 1 wish you all — new and old — the best of luck. Here's thinkin' of

d e s e s s e e s s e e e e s s s e d e s e e e ya'.

lamp shade is cute, the perfume smells divine, and who on earth is t h a t handsome man in that 12 x 12 f r a m e ? I knew he was from out East. They don't grow them that way in Michigan. The white ruffled curtains are nice but why don't you have a colored tie-back. Yes, a blue one to match the bed spread. Remember? Page sixty-seven said harmony and vivacity are what count to liven a place up. Now you've got the trunk unpacked, the books lined up, the ink on the desk, the rug on the floor, the radio looks good by the bed and the chair looks real cozy. Now all you have to do is put a couple plants in the window to make things gay, put a f i f t y cent deposit down for your key, put your name on the door and it is yours f o r a year. Not bad, is it? Just like the room at home. Your roommate not so easy to handle? No, leave that "Analysis of the Personality" book right on the shelf. It won't help a bit. This is your roommate — she's human, you can't pin her on the wall as much as you probably will like to •ome day. I know you've had a rooin yourself all theae years hut now things are different. She's awfully nice and real pretty and she's just aa scared aa you are. All you have to do is get on some subject you both like — f o o d or men are usually good topics and when you find out you detest spinach and red haired men, you're all set.

Yes, a new era has hit Hope and year's seniors. The peace and quiet of the war years is gone (thank heavens), G.I. Joe is back in full swing in the form of sport jackets, bright ties, a "butch" cut, a football team and all other sundry necessities and the blissful co-ed goes around singing "To Each Her Own." I went down and had a meal at Hope's downtown cafeteria yesterday and by the time I walked back to college I was hungry again. It's g r e a t to be lost again. I was looking at Van Raalte with bewilderment the other day and some freshman came up to me and said, "Are you new here t o o ? " All I could say was, "No, but I wish I was." I didn't think it showed that much. The buzzer systems have already been overworked and I understand they are going to install bleachers in Voorhees. I notice one girl in Columbia cottage has a sign on her buzzer, "No more d a t e s accepted till November 1st." I can remember the time when I knew just about everyone on the campus but now it's just a bumping acquaintance with about 900 and the other 100 I meet nothing short of an embrace to show how glad I am to see them. The usual remark to them is "Oh, you're still going here too, h u h ? I hadn't seen you for so long I thought you'd quit." Natch, it's good to be back again even though everything is so new jrou wonder whether you're in the right place or not a 44 Stick by Hope and youll get into the big time." Oh — oh — there comes a freshman with a puzzled gleam in her eye. The question is — will I know the answer?

3888888888888888888^888^ Now you're all set in the dorm Headquarters for . . . but where do you go from there? That's the best part. It's a good idea to say " H i " to everyone, ask ROBLEE, AIR-STEP all the questions you want, and t r y to act as gay and confident as you don't feel. A f t e r the first few days A N D BUSTER B R O W N the smile sticks, the hands stop SHOES trembling and a f t e r your knees subside a little you can walk up straight. If you get lost — don't ask me! I'm new around here, too. J u s t stick with the mob and chalk up what happens to experi- «8888888888888888888888. ence.



Did you ask me what my name was? J u s t call me "A Senior" — It won't cost you much.

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Hope College Anchor Jfi r a t e r n t t i r s Emersonian Alumni of E m e r s o n i a n F r a t e r n ity f o r m e d a New York Alumni C h a p t e r of Phi T a u Nu a t a dinn e r m e e t i n g held recently a t the H e n r y Hudson Hotel in New York City. A c h a r t e r m e m b e r of E m e r sonian, Dr. H e n r y W i e r d a of Long Island was u n a n i m o u s l y elected president of the A l u m n i Association. Rev. S t a n l e y S l i n g e r l a n d will serve a s vice-president and Donald Cordes will act a s S e c r e t a r y - T r e a s u r e r of the newly f o r m e d group. D u r i n g the w a r years, Hope's f r a t e r n i t i e s w e r e not organized due to t h e lack of men students. However, with the return of the men E m e r s o n i a n was reorganized a t t h e close of l a s t semest e r and looks f o r w a r d to a " b a n n e r y e a r of service" under t h e present leadership of Keith S o d e r b e r g ably assisted by Glenn B r u g g e r s , as Vice-president, Bill D r a p e r , secret a r y , and Gord Brewer, t r e a s u r e r . Plans are being f o r m u l a t e d in cooperation with all f o u r f r a t e r n i t i e s t h r o u g h the I n t e r F r a t e r n i t y Council. Emersonian e x t e n d s a cordial welcome to all new and r e t u r n i n g men on Hope's C a m p u s and hopes to become b e t t e r acquainted with all during the coming semester. Fraternal

t o f u n c t i o n in spite of t h e loss of t h e i r house.

Equus Trouble . . . By Peggy Prins I n s t e a d of a w a k i n g n o r m a l l y t o I used t o adore horses—especialthe c h i r p i n g and t w i t t e r i n g of ly in the movies. I used to even wish I could ride o n e — when I'd birds, a t 6:00 a. m. the f i r s t sound t h a t would reach o u r e a r s was t h e seen t h e m in a p a r a d e . Of course clashing of pails and p i t c h f o r k s all my dealings with o u r equesclosely followed by the " g e n t l e " t r i a n f r i e n d s in t h e p a s t h a v e been prodding, coaxing words and u t p u r e l y on the long d i s t a n c e basis, t e r a n c e s of the stable boys. and if t h e y (my dealings with h o r s e f l e s h ) had remained on a noIt d i d n ' t improve my s t a n d i n g touch, no-smell basis I would prob- with h o r s e s when I learned of one m ably still a d m i r e t h e m very much. | y r o o m m a t e ' s devotion to R05 Sadly enough t h i s s u m m e r my Rogers and T r i g g e r . If only she a f f e c t i o n f o r mares, nags, t r o t t e r s had stopped at p l a s t e r i n g his loveand what-have-you h a s become ab- ly f a c e and the horse's all over solutely nil. You see this vacation the room. But she had t o s i n g to I s p e n t living a m o n g s t these m a n - us, while s t r o k i n g her nose, such ly c r e a t u r e s of intelligence. To g e m s a s " I ' m Back in t h e Saddle make myself clear I lived above Again, J u s t a Whistlin',- Rovin' the s t a b l e s while e a r n i n g my bread Cowboy" and " H a v e I S t a y e d Away and b u t t e r . I'm not complaining, Too L o n g . "

cial, and intellectual. The f o r m a l i ties and rituals t h a t are traditional of Knickerbocker will a g a i n be revived.

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Delphi S u m m e r . I t came, it saw, it conquered us. But like e v e r y o t h e r good t h i n g , it had t o end and a g a i n f a l l is here. Fall and school and football g a m e s a n d sorority and r u s h i n g and Delphians, g a t h e r e d to g r e e t the welcome t a r d i n e s s of O r i e n t a tion Week. With t h e s e n u m e r o u s activities all j a m - p a c k e d into a very f e w weeks, we know t h a t t h e 1947 college y e a r is u n d e r way. T h i n g s really got s t a r t e d f o r Delphi with the o v e r n i g h t p a r t y planned by Elaine Meeusen. A cott a g e a t Mac was t h e scene f o r t h i s " g a b - f e s t " and every Delphian w a s p r e s e n t and accounted f o r .



$T. - 1 6 6

W. I J " '

Dorian Eagerly return the Dorians for a n o t h e r y e a r of f u n a n d , who knows, possibly a little s t u d y , too. Under t h e leadership of M a r i a n Korteling, p r e x y f o r t h e f i r s t t e r m , we plan t o have t h e c u s t o m a r y h o u s e p a r t y , teas, a n d o t h e r fall activities. However, believing t h a t m a n y of the c r i t i c i s m s leveled a g a i n s t sororities last y e a r a r e e n t i r e l y j u s t i fied, we hope to m a k e up, in o u r jwn s o r o r i t y , some of its e r s t w h i l e shortcomings. We hope also t h a t with t h e inr e a s i n g e n r o l l m e n t and t h e n u m erous c h a n g e s in t h e college, we nay f i t into the total s c h e m e and •o-operate with the o t h e r sororities and f r a t e r n i t i e s and c a m p u s o r g a n izations to build t h e ideal Hope of t o m o r r o w .

Prexy E s s B o g a r t took c h a r g e of the business m e e t i n g and rushing plans w e r e f i r s t on the a g e n d a a f t e r welcoming back Sorosites Holleman and H o s p e r s following their y e a r ' s leave of absence. A n n e V a n d e r J a g t , vice-president, preSibylline viewed the meetings to come and A c o t t a g e provided the s e t t i n g Gwen Lemmen i n f o r m e d us of the for m e m b e r s of S i g m a Iota Beta financial s t a t u s of said o r g a n i z a i s they renewed last y e a r ' s f r i e n d tion. ships with t h e s a m e s p a r k l e , color, m d liveliness as displayed in the Thesaurian fire b e f o r e which they g a t h e r e d . T h e t a G a m m a Pi g r e e t s all new It w a s g r e a t f u n — a t t h e a n n u a l s t u d e n t s with a " W e l c o m e to pre-school h o u s e - p a r t y — to reHope!" We are h a p p y to adopt you pledge loyalty f o r b e t t e r , benefiinto the Hope f a m i l y . H e r e you cial p r o g r a m s and to r e t a k e the will f o r m l a s t i n g f r i e n d s h i p s which oath of the " d e v e l o p m e n t of the will be p a r t of t h e Hope s p i r i t body, e n r i c h m e n t of the mind, and passed on to you. the s a n c t i f i c a t i o n of the spirit — T h e s a u r i a n also believes in serv- to Sibylline." ice. The sorority h a s helped to E d n a Van T a t e n h o v e , t h i s t e r m ' s make b e t t e r ties with o t h e r s which president, f o r m a l l y welcomed t h e will not soon be f o r g o t t e n . But g r o u p



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service f o r self is no service. We believe in s h a r i n g w i t h o t h e r s who are less f o r t u n a t e t h a n we. May you catch a s p a r k of such service from this year at Hope. W e owe o u r devotion to Hope whose a n c h o r is t h e Rock. W i t h such f i r m f o u n d a t i o n , we f u r t h e r welcome you to o u r A l m a M a t e r and wish f o r all n e w H o p e i t e s a y e a r of success w i t h t h e f u l f i l l ment of y o u r m a n y d r e a m s .




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Cosmopolitan A f t e r the long y e a r s of w a r , o u r m e n are r e t u r n i n g to the c a m p u s in n u m b e r s which would have s t a g g e r e d the p r e - w a r i m a g i n a t i o n . A m o n g these a r e t h e Cosmos, who, a l o n g with the m a j o r i t y of f r a t e r nities in colleges and universities all over the land, disbanded and joined the g r e a t f r a t e r n i t y of f i g h t i n g men, m a n y of whom g a v e t h e i r lives so t h a t o t h e r s m i g h t p u r s u e t h e i r education in later y e a r s . The Cosmos were, and intend to be a g a i n , a g r o u p of s t u d e n t s who enjoy good fellowship and t h e helpful advice of one a n o t h e r in t h e i r studies and personal a f f a i r s . Above all the a i m s of CosmopoliSorosfo t a n are to promote Hope College you u n d e r s t a n d , a b o u t our q u a r t e r s P e r h a p s I'm being u n f a i r because The a n n u a l Sorosis " A r e n t c h a ' and the theory of C h r i s t i a n educa'cause they were roomy, clean, and 1 they a r e lovely b e a s t s — intelligent glad to be back a t H o p e ? " P. J . tion which il s t a n d s for. c o m f o r t a b l e — but the h o r s e s — j too, so I'm told. I'll g e t used to p a r t y c a m e off as scheduled TuesTo e x p l a i n : 1 them too, I know I will. Knickerbocker day, S e p t e m b e r 24, w i t h Sorosite ssssssss Gwen L e m m e n in c h a r g e of t h e 2 & & & & & & S S S S S S S S S S S S 8 S 3 8 8 S S S 8 S S S S S @ S S S S S 3 The Knickerbocker Society will event. Bedlum reigned f o r the f i r s t bo reorganized a b o u t the nucleus several hours, or r a t h e r until every of f i f t e e n v e t e r a n s . The o r g a n i z a "WELCOME STUDENTS" "hello" and " f a r e w e l l " was duly tion will be founded on the old s taken care of. Knickerbocker t r i a n g l e : moral, so-

We are optimistic about the f u With the largest g r o u p of men t u r e and are p l a n n i n g a new proever to assemble at Hope College g r a m which will allow a l a r g e r and with added facilities f o r meet- j m e m b e r s h i p in accordance with the ing, F r a t e r n a l Society expects its • r u l i n g of the i n t e r - f r a t e r n i t y coung r e a t e s t y e a r . P r e s i d e n t Art Tim- cil. mer s t a t e d t h a t a p p r o x i m a t e l y } We anticipate the closest co-opforty men will be back f r o m Serv- e r a t i o n with the college and t h e ice, and O.K.E. will continue to be o t h e r societies to m a k e this a "Red a leader in c a m p u s activities. Lai- • L e t t e r Y e a r " for Hope College and est plans call f o r a room on t h e 1 this society. Notice of the f i r s t c a m p u s to be used as a meeting m e e t i n g will be posted on t h e Bulplace, and F r a t e r n a l will continue letin Board in the n e a r f u t u r e .


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Michigan Justice, J. Prins Speak A t 81st Convocation The Convocation exercises this morning, September 25, a t 9:00 A. M., officially opened the eightysecond year a t Hope College. The speakers f o r the occasion were Dr. Jacob Prins and • the Honorable John R. Dethmers. Dr. Prins is from Grand Rapids and is well-known as the Minister of Evangelism of the Reformed Church. He is the Vice-president of the Board of Trustees of Hope College, s Dr. Prins presented the devotional meditation f o r the chapel program. The Honorable John Dethmers is a Holland man who recently was appointed by Governor Kelly as justice of the Supreme Court of Michigan. Mr. Dethmers attended Hope College for three years and then became a law student at the University of Michigan. He received his Bachelor of Laws degree with the class of 1927. Mr. Dethmers began his practice in Zeeland, but moved to Holland in 1931. He has served as prosecuting attorney of Ottawa County, Chairman of the Republican State committee, and part of one term as state attorney general. While at Hope College, Mr. Dethmers became a member of the Pi Kappa Delta. He is especially interested in all that promotes the civic, social, and moral progress of the community, and he is highly regarded by fellow members of the legal profession in Western Michigan.

Beach Party Begins YM, YW Activities The Y.W.C.A. and Y.M.C.A. activities begin this year with a beach party for all new students, freshmen or transfers. Transportaflbn is provided, and trucks will leave Graves library Wednesday, September 25, at 3:30 p. m. Group and team games will off e r opportunities f o r getting acquainted with fellow students as well a s working up an appetite for the weiner roast and s i n g i n g around the campfire which follows. The transportation, food, and recreation is in charge of the Y.W. and Y.M.C.A. cabinets with Miss Margaret Gibbs, college librarian, and Rev. Eugene Osterhaven, college pastor, as the group advisors.

Musical Ar+s Sponsors Vesper Concert Sunday

Musical Arts, an organization )f students participating or inter>3ted in music, will present its first in a series of five of Vesper services next Sunday, September 29, at 4:00 o'clock in the Hope Memorial Chapel. This Vesper service will include, among other selections, a vocal duet, organ solos and an organpiano number. The sen-ice is open to students and towns people alike, o f f e r i n g a few minutes enjoyment with the musical talent of the college. Mrs. W. Curtis Snow and Mr. | Robert Cavanaugh are the faculty 6 East 8 t h St., H o l l a n d , M i c h . 1 advisors for the organization.

Visscher-Brooks INSURANCE

Curriculum and Classes Enlarged To Accommodate Hope's Record Enrollment

Social Calendar

Monday — September 23 Freshman Registration Tuesday — September 24 Registration of Upper Classmen — Sorority House Parties. Wednesday — September 25 Convocation, 9:00 A. M., Hope Memorial Chapel; Y Beach Party, 3:00 P. M., Pan Hellenic Board Trucks Leave Graves Hall. Thursday — September 26 Classes Begin at 8:00 A. M.; Sets Forth Rules Orientation Tea, 3:00-5:00 P. M., Voorhees Living The following are the Sorority Room; Pep Rally, 7:30 P. M., Practice Field. Pledging Rules as compiled by the Friday — September 27 Football Game 8:00 P. M., RiverPan Hellenic Board: view Park, Hope vs. Albion; Dorm Pal Party 12:00 1. All sororities will have a Round Midnight, Voorhees Living Room. Robin Tea on either the second Sunday — September 29 Vesper Concert 4:00 P. M., Hope Friday or Saturday of the Fall semester. Memorial Chapel. a. A uniform price will be set Monday — September 30 Anchor Staff Meeting 4:00 for this party at an early P. M., Van Raalte. meeting of the Pan Hellenic Tuesday — October 1 Y Meeting 7:15, Pine Grove Board each fall.

/'s Schedule Hymn Sing N. Ritsema Announces ror October I Meeting Koffee Kletz Manager Alcor, the Senior girls honorary "Music is the r u s h i n g wind society, and A.D.D. the Athletic through pines Debt Digers, have combined as the On the crown of the hill." co-operators of the Koffee Kletz That is the setting of the hymn for this year. The Koffee Kletz is iing planned by the Y.W. and Y.M. the place for food, fun, and relaxaorganizations in the Pine Grove, tion located in the basement of Tuesday, October 1, at 7:15 P. M. Van Raalte Hall to be opened soon. Special musical features are a Nellie Mae Ritsema, Alcor presiq u a r t e t t e and instrumental selecdent, has announced that Luella tions by several students of the Pyle will be the business manager music department. Musical devotions, singing of fa- for the year. New equipment has been added vorite choruses, and effective closing moments all carry out the idea to accommodate a larger faculty and student body. of worship and praise by music.








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Member t T. I). .4. Washington S q u a r e

1. HOLLEMANS, Prop.:

Paone 76 54

232 River Ave.

Open Saturday



Welcome Hope College Students


b. All sophomore and new junior and senior girls are invited to this tea. c. A mimeographed sheet of announcements concerning pledging will be given to each guest by the sorority with which she has tea. 2. The following Monday, the sororities will meet and make a list of the girls that they would like to bid. a. The number of girls t h a t each sorority may choose is unlimited. On Tuesday all sorority lists must be handed in to the faculty committee.

Hope's incr^ised enrollment has greatly enlarged the number of classes in most subjects to be offered to Hope's students this fall term. Plans have been made f o r 18 sections of Freshman English Composition. These sections because of the scarcity in rooms available will be spread throughout the day and will necessitate Saturday classwork. In the language department, a third year of Spanish, Spanish literature, will be offered and will be taught b y . Mrs. Peter Prins. Miss Bouvy, from the University of Leydens in the Netherlands, will teach a course in Dutch popular with many students of Hppe with Dutch ancestry. Greek instruction wjll be given by Dr. Kuiper and Dr. Oudersluys, also professors at the Western Theological Seminary in Holland. New in Hope's elective curriculum is a three hour course in aeronautics and a one hour course in flight training which will lead to a government pilot's license. The Hope College Choir will have a regular school hour for practice. Try-outs are necessary for new members in the choir. Also in the music department, a piano ensemble course will be given by Miss Jantina Holleman plus a four student plan of teaching so each can benefit from others criticisms while playing for the instructor.

4. The girls wishing to be pledged must also have their choices in on this same Tuesday. a. Each girl is to list three sororities in the order of Other departments are adding her choice. b. If a girl does not wish to be many new courses and sections to pledged, she must hand in a accommodate all students if possible. The Northwestern Associapaper saying just that. c. Girls not joining a sorority I tion of Universities and Colleges in the Fall may be bidden las enlarged the quota for the and initiated by sororities number of students in classes allowing Hope tp remain on the same any time during the year, d. If three sororities are listed, high standard .during the emerit should mean that the girl gency period. is willing to join any one o( these sororities if she is not ' orities with each other. f o r t u n a t e enough to be bid9. The Friday night following the den by her first choice. day that the acceptances of the 5. A box, for the reception of bids are received, all sororities these choices, will be placed in will hold a welcoming party f o r the college office. The deadtheir new members. line will be 5 P. M. Tuesday. 10. All sororities will hold formal fi. No girl who has not made at initiation on the following Frileast a "C" average in her day night. freshman year will be eligible a. There will be no informal to be bidden by a sorority. initiation. 7. As soon as the faculty commitb. Following formal initiation, tee has completed their matchsororities will go their indiing process, they will give the vidual ways for the rest of sorority the list of their new the year. members and the bids from each sorority will be sent ^ t the same time. igjp&i 8. From the time the choice lists . All Kinds of are handed in until the accept- </uance of the bids are received i« &. a silent period and all girls arflr j w , 1 7 7 > College A v e n u e honor bound not to discuss sor-


Are Awaiting You at

FRIS BOOK STORE 30 W . 8th St.

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HOPE DEFEATS FERRIS 38 - 6 T Formation Is Successful

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As Hope Builds Up Big Lead The first Hope football squad in three years played the first Ferris football squad in three years and when the final gun sounded tlie Dutchmen had chalked up a neat 38-6 victory. Coaches Al Vanderbush and Russ Waters whipped together a smooth working aggression using the deceptive "T" formation, and ran rough trod over the hapless Ferris crew. From the opening kickoff the Dutch had little trouble, Coach Vanderbush using all 50 of his players. Hope lost the flip, kicked off to Ferris, who moved the ball down to the midfield stripe where a third down fumble gave Capt. Art Timmer and his boys possession of the pill. In four quick runs off the " T " the Orange and Blue chalked up three f i r s t downs, with the plunge over the line from the five yard stripe by Dick Higgs, an all MIAA back of the 1942 squad. Higgs converted and Hope led 7-0 a f t e r 5 minutes of play. Another costly fumble on the kickoff following the touchdown set up Hope's next touchdown. Capt. Timmer went around end for 15 to the 19 yard stripe, and then on a beautiful off puard through a battleship hole over the goal for the second score. Higg's attempted conversion was blocked, and the Dutch led 13-0. Ferris attempted to move the ball down a f t e r the third Dutch kickoff, was unsuccessful, punted, only to have the kick blocked and again Hope took possession on the Ferris 35. On the f i r s t play Emery ran off tackle the distance to the poles, a deceptive pass from Higgs to Yonkers f o r the e x t r a point, the gun sounded the end of the first quarter, and Hope led 20-0. The next touchdown march for the Dutchmen began on their own 35 yard line. Kraii smashed through center to the midfield stripe for a first down, Hope's f i f t h ; Emery on an off tackle canter moved the ball another 15 yards to the Ferris 33; De Vette was smothered for a loss on an attempted pass, and Hope had the ball on the midfield stripe when Emery broke loose around right end for the longest run of the game, a 50-yard sprint and the Dutch's fourth touchdown. Ferris threatened just before the half ended, moving the ball to the Hope 1 yard line, but the gun

tution by both coaches. The Dutch scored first in the third period, a f t e r Buter had run the kickoff back for 25 ysrds to the Ferris 40. Timmer scored on a wide end sweep of 30 yards, and Hope tallied up fi more to lead 32-0. Ferris' only touchdown came a f t e r Hendrickson intercepted a pass on the Dutch 35; a pass from Hanson to Hendrickson landed the ball on the 8 where Hethering took it over around right end. The sixth Hope score came in the final frame, again the result of a Ferris fumble. Koop moved the ball down to the 28 and another first down, the 11th for the Dutch. A beautiful pass from DeVette to Kempker brought the pill to the 5; Koop smashed through center to the 1 foot stripe, where De Vette on a quarterback sneak brought it over. The kick was blocked, the ball game was over and the Orange and Blue had chalked up another win, their first since downing Hillsdale in 1943, 13-6. In the first non-conference game Hope showed up well on offense, with beautiful ball handling by the quarterback Yonker, a former Big Red from star-studded Muskegon. Higgs, Timmer, Post, and Bill Emery all did some fancy stepping in the backfield, snatching up the ball f a s t in the quick moving " T " formation. Big Dell Koop, Draper, Dick, Cornell, Schriemer, Buter and Ladewig played a fine offensive game on the line for the Dutch, opening up huge gaps for the barkfield. The Dutch were weak in their aerial defense, and may run into trouble in future games if conference teams take to the air. The Ferris squad also showed little class and no deception, something

Timmer Is A t It Again

It sounded and the neon read Hope 26, Ferris 0. Coach Vanderbush's boys had chalked up 8 f i r s t downs to two for Ferris, and had made their first 20 points without once having the ball in their own territory! The second half was a sluggish a f f a i r , with a great deal of substi-

which every conference club will display as well or better than Hope. Albion, with veteran coach Sprankle, will invade Holland Friday evening with an odd

Profiles of Players

| Dutchmen t o M e e t Strong A l b i o n T e a m Dick Higgs, age 23, weight 185,

height 6 feet, a junior, married, a marine veteran. Dick is the only player on the squad who made the all MIAA team of 1942, as a triplethreat man. He showed up well against Ferris, making one touchdown, a conversion, and passing for another; he's still triple threat. Art Timmer, age 25, weight 165, height 5 ft. 11 in., a senior, married, a marine veteran. Art is another f o r m e r Hope stalwart, a sparkplug of the 1940 team, another running back. Art played an unusually smart game against Ferris, scored two touchdowns and figured in a great many plays. Watch him this year. Len Dick, age 23, weight 170, height 5 ft. 10 in., a junior, single, air force veteran. Len is a line man, and the best; a former Hope endurance man of- the 1941 and 1942 squads. Watch him clear the spots this year. Bill Draper, age 23, weight 202, height 6 feet, a junior, single, a marine veteran. Another potent player on the line, Bill figured in as many tackles as any man on the gridiron last Friday night. A Hope letterman of 1042, watch him this year! Jack Yeomans, age 24, weight 180, height 6 feet, a senior, single, an air force veteran. Jack, former Vcorhees roamer. lelterwinner at Hope in 1941 and 1942. tough lineman, lots of spirit, drive. Don Schriemer, age 22, height 6ft., 3 in., weight 195, a senior, single, marine veteran. Don is an end, and a good one; played a year of football for Hope, and a year at Denison college while in service. When and if Hope takes to the air, watch him.

The Dutchmen's next opponent, j Albion college, looms as the posI sible MIAA champs in a starj studded conference. Coach Gord , Sprankle, who witnessed the Ferris-Hope contest, will bring to Holland a large squad, composed of 16 lettermen and as many war veterans, many of whom have seen service action. His backfield is fast, probably a bit f a s t e r than the To refresh the memories of those Dutch, his line is lighter, but experienced; in coaching experience former men of Hope now back, and there is no better man in the conto acquaint new students with ference. Hope football, we go back to 1942 In the thre o seasons prior to the and the last Dutch squad to sprout war, Albion defeated Hope in 1940 the padded garments prior to serv6-0; in 1941 the score was dupli- ice. The Dutch were a pre-season cated, and in 1942, it was again favorite in the conference but as 6-0. All were tough defeats. For- luck would have it, injuries hit the mer football coach Milton L. (Bud) squad. Two s t a r t i n g backfield men Hinga. now Dean of Men, recalled were knocked out f o r the whole the 1942 contest, when Albion in- year, and Coach Hinga had to shift vaded Holland for the Homecoming his starters about to get a passer contest on a balmy Saturday a f t e r - and kicker. noon. Starting her season at home the The Orange and Blue, in the second period, had the ball on the Albion one foot stripe when the half gun sounded, and later on in the contest the Dutch did score, only to have the play called back. Such will he the contest Fridav evening, two old opponents battling for possible leadership in the MIAA circuit. Hope to avenge the past three defeats, Albion to continue their winning streak against the Orange and Blue.

Hope Recalls Gaines

Dutch battled to a scoreless tie

Of Previous Season

trip to Ypsi Normal was not ad-

with Grand Rapids university. The vantageous, f o r Hope lost 13-9, and her first conference game with Kazoo was no better, and the Dutch lost 24-6. The next game was Hope's only victory of the year, a win over Hillsdale; A l b i o n downed them the following week 6-0, then another tie with Grand Rapids J.C. 7-7, and finally the rout by Alma 20-7. Two Hope players made the all MIAA team, Dick Higgs, now playing halfback f o r the Dutch, and Harve Koop. It was a tough luck season, with the waning spirit of fellows about to leave f o r service.

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16 lettermen,

plenty of power and the urge to win their first game in three years of competition.

Hope is off to another big season in sports, the f i r s t big season since 1942 when the Dutch participated in all m a j o r and minor sports in the strong Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association. And back in the conference is Adrian college, who withdrew from football due to lack of interest, or men or both. All six teams in the conference are hot, with the nod f o r top power going to Hillsdale, then Albion, Kalamazoo and Hope. This is not a personal observation. However, with football coming into its own f o r the f i r s t time since '42, how anyone can even venture to guess as to top squads is a problem in itself. Even the coaches are new in every school but Albion, who has a veteran Gord Sprankle, a Briton of some 12 years standing. Alma has Sebo, a former s t a r from Michigan State, Hillsdale has Nelson, a U of Michigan player, Abbot is at Adrian, and Kalamazoo has Nulf. Of course the Dutch mentors are Vanderbush and Waters, both Grand Rapids men. The last MIAA football champion was Alma, who knocked out Hope 20-7 that year, but pre-season boosters don't even give them an even chance to oreak out in the first three this year. Quite a number of veterans are expected to report for football A F T E H the first game has been played, according to Coach Van. He was able to contact only those lads who were out for spring practice, but many are due in school for opening classes. Among them, and this is red hot, is Bill Holwerda, a Grand Rapids South all city s t a r ; he s sure to spark the Blue and Orange, which are Hopes colors incidentally. You probably won't see the colors on the field all year, as new football uniforms aren't arriving as expected. Heaviest man on the squad is Dell Koop, who tips the scales at 270, a f t e r knocking off 15 pounds in practice sessions— and he's a married man with a namesake. Lightest man is Al Vande Waa, an Orange City, Iowa, lad who weighed in at 140. The crowd who showed up for the first football contest in Holland this year was the largest f i r s t game mob ever to grace the stands for a Hope contest. At $.60 a head the gate receipts should about pay for Dell Koop's specially fitted uniform! Unique, but not funny, is the f a c t that Hope is the only MIAA school which does not boast a band to give the f a n s a hand at the games. Uniforms and instruments are in mothballs, but no players. Let's do something about it. A good football game can be best only with a band, blankets and food. So, on with the sport. All over the country the greatest game has received impetus never before shown a sport; all University of Michigan games are sold out; lets get behind the little Dutch at Hope and shove.

* GLEN WAGNER University of Illinois graduate, former Ail-American Football Star


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