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Anchor Volume XXXIII HOPE COLLEGE, Holltnd, Michigan, J u n e IS, 1921






The " Y ' ' girls held their last weekly meeting for the year on the yellow TWO.HUNDRED GUESTS PRES Surely the alumni of Hope are ENT sartda of Mac at a Wa beach. With tiie EXERCISES BRING MANY loyal to their Ahna Mater. Tuesday goldien sun slowly sinking into the FRIENDS TO THE CITY afternoon at 4:30 o'clock the class SECRETARY OF PROGRESS CAMamlber tinted waters of Lake Michi- Dr. Van Da Vries Is tka Principal of '96 presented an steel flagPAIGN GIVES .TIMELY gan, 80 girts, with EW^beth ZweEUven , States \and Two Foreign Spaalcer pole to our college. Dr. Dimnent MESSAGE mer as aongi leader, joined in singCountries Represented In Class and Dr. Van de Vries were the only in|g old liavorite hyimns, and listened of 1921 On Wednesday evening, the 56th two memibers of the class present. The 5&tih Annual Baccalaureate to Prances Thorns and Jeanette Van annual Alumni Banquet was held in Dr. Diirtnent presided, while Dr. service was held! last Sunday evenThe fifty-ftflth Cotfnmencelmeint ex- der Ploeg, as tlhey spoke with mucfti Voorhees Hall, as has been the cus- Van de Vries gave a short address. ing at tlhe Third Church, in spite Micisea of Hope College were held imjpressiveness of the joy and inspir- tom for the last few years. At 6:30 His speech was to the point and was of the warm weather, the auditoriom .Wednesday evening in Carnegie ation and practical benefit that the the guests assemlWed, the associa- an inspiration which aroused an ap- and the gallery werefilledfifteen Gynuiasium. There were a host 01 Y. W. C. A. haid given them during tion being larger by flfity-one grad- preciation of the big things of Hope. minutes Ibefore time. The usual Hop® friends and relatives present to wit- their four years at Hope, and of how uates. A bounteous repast was The flag-pole was erected in honor Collegie Processional, ^ T h e Son of ness the conferring of the degree of tihese influence should serve to make served under the direction of the of their deceased class-mate Harr> God Goes Forth to W a r , " was song Bachelor of Arts upon the ftftiy^one- tlhe girls who graduate, stronger and College Y. W. C. A. J. Wierarum, who was one of the by the graduating class as they memlbere of the graduating class. nofcler and finer women. marched into the building. They Arfter the dinner the retiring Hope Messengers to Araibia. The procession marched into the It was a meeting, which mingled president. Rev. C. P. Dame of TrinThe President of the Student remained sOanding in the pefws while audiftorium singing one of our Pro- sweet memories of past fellowship ity church of this city, took chaige. Council made a few remarks. He Dr. Dimnent pronounced the invocesfiionaJfl. The one used was writ- and friendships with present regret MIns. Reuben Maurlts of The program was arranged on the said that Hope College was not only dation. ten several years ago by Mrs. Mar- at severing these friendships. To Grand Rapids sang " S o n g of decade plan, a speaker from every for the denomination, but also for garet B. Sangsiter after paying a the Seniors who are leaving us, we class haviing t h e numeral one. The the country. Speaking for the stu- ThaniflBgiving'> by AlUrton. Then visit to Hope College. The words wlho remain, extend our dearest wish- first speaker was the Rev. John Hoff- dent body, he thaniked the class of Dr. Vermema, President Emeritus of are sung to the tune of (4 The Son es for tiheir success and true happiHope College, read the Scripture, man, Class of 71, of Holland, Michi- '96 for the gift. of God Goes Forth to War.'* Con- ness in the future. As they have a Miss Jennie Euigh and Henrieitta f t e r which Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Pengan. Rev. Hoffman is the only livstituting the processioni were the guided and helped us • while they ing memlber of the class of 50 years Keizer sang "America, the Beauti- ton of Grand Rapids sang very beaumembers of the A Class, the Seniors, were with us, so shall our memory of ago. The class numbered seven,— ful. " The raising of the flag was in tifully f r o m Mendedesohn's "Hytnn , the Faculty, and the Council of the them be an inspiration to us in all men. charge of Wells Thome, Aas't Scout of Praise." Dr. Saimiei M. Zwemer CoUege. After all had taken their striving toward the goal of the Blue The class of '81 was represented Master of the Holland Boy Scouts. wtoo has just recently returned from seats Rev. A. Oatarhof of Thayer, Triangle. by Dr. G. J. Diekema of Holland. Because of the rope« and taoldee, he %)ypt and the Near East, offered Indiana, pronounced the invocation! He gave an interesting speech in his had some difficulty in raising the prayer. .The offering f o r the even. The commencement program was Mail Hope High School pledge to usual happy srtyle and paid a very flag. A1 Kingana came to the rewue ing was g*ven f o r Hope College. A very much like the program of Garret De Jong, Orange City, Iowa. fine compliment to Mr. Riemerema, Dr. Dimnent expressed his hope qwlartet consisting of Mr. and Mrs. other years. There were addresses principal of the Holland High school, that the claas of '96 expected to be Femton, Miss Mjyrtle Beach and WiU given by memlbers of the class. SevHs Dieketma sang "The Still Small whose father was a chassmate of Dr. with us a t least another 25 years. FRATERNALS ENJOY ANNUAL eral moisical numlbeirs were also renVoice," by Hamfclem, whale the offerDieJcema. BANQUET dered. They were: A vocal Trio, HOPE PREPARATORY SCHOOL ing was received. A t this time the Rev. John Van der Meulen of Misses Olive Boland, Margaret and HOLD CLASS DAY EXER. audience was given an oportunity to Louisville, Ky., was to have spoken The Fraternal Society dedicated Grace Peet; Piano <tolo, Eleanor Mc OSES relieve A e prewure of crowded pews f o r the class of '91, but he was units eigtoty-seventh annual banquet Kehrie; Vocal Duet, Misses Lucile by riding ami singing) a hymn. aible to be present so the class was this year to tfie relief of the Chinese The animal program of the A Heetmatra and Mabelie Mulder; VoPresiden/t Dimhent presented the unrepresented. wiho are srtSll in such dlire need of class was given Monday afternoon cal Solo, Miss Helene Van Raalte. speaker of the evening in t h e peraon iRev. Wayer of First church of succor. With the conviction that before a spliendid audience. The The addresses were varied. They of Reverend John A Ingham, D. D , Hoilandv was the speaker for the there are greater things than sumpplay which the class had prepared dealt with several phases of life, of New Y o i t City., He announced class of 1901 and 'he gave an assurtuous feasting, the Praters, young was not given as planned. I t was a looked at from different view-points! has text as John 1-14, " A n d the ance of the loyalty of his class to its and old, joined last week Thursday comedy "Ici on Parle Prancais", Martin De Wolf delivered an adWord was made flesh, and dwek Alma Mater. evening, in sacrificing the usual elaband had been coached by Miss Helen among us, (and We beheld hi# glory dress on "Dawn Cometh not Twice The class of 1911 was representorate arrangement In order that Bell of the faculty. Because of the the glory as of the only begotten of to Awaken Man." It was an appeal ed by Rev. E. O. Schwitters of some of our starving brothers might death of Charles Loomans who lost the Father) "ftjll of grace and t r u t h . " for a personal devotion of energies Grand Rapids, Michigan. He spoke be saved from a famine death. As a his life in the Kalamazoo river last The theme f o r the evening was, "Edto the cause of Missions, especially of the meimibers of his ctess but said symbol of our syimjpathy in their sufSaturday, some of the members of ucation and Incarnation." Dr. I i ^ . in this time of opportunity. "The that so many were present that he fering and our share in their burden, the cast who were close friends ol ham apoke in j » r t , as follows;' Cause of Manlkind," spoken by dared not say which were the shina very Simple menu of chop suey, his, did not fee) in a mood to preJohn R. Kem/pers, dealt with the les" Education of man l*d a f u n * , ing lights and which were the ''bonerice, and tea replaced the customr sent a comedy to the puiblic. Miss mental place in Hie purpose of God sening of obstacles on the path it heads" of ten years ago. Ethelyn Metz, of the School of Ex- from the very beginning. Cod it ,1peace. Mias Gertrude Pieters in her ary richnefis of the board, and made The present Senior Class of '21, possible gifts to -the Chinese Relief pression, was secured to give a few ways giving expreauon of HimeeLf. address presented the claims of both had f o r its speaker its president, fund totalling over $150 by the active selections. She interpreted several He haa done this from eternity fc bethe individual and the masses askPeter J. M/ulder. Mr. Mulder than'k, , and alumni memjbers. ing the question "Man or Mass? of Riley's poems. The balance of grnauig. ' ' I n ^ beginning was the ed the association for the very fine The decoration scheme was purely Suggesting education as a proper the program was carried out as Word1, and the Word was with God entertainment and assured the soil for devetopment of Democracy, Chinese, and tlhe naieve and beautiplanned. Processional—"Manch and d the Word was God." Now this Ahimni that although he could not ful effect obtained was made possible Christopher Walvoord delivered his Chorus f r o m Tanhauser, w Theodore education of man wWch wwa always yet say what his class would do in message on "Education for Democ- thru the generosdty of the Chinese Top, and Aftny Zwemer; Invocation, i" ^ e p h o a and purpoees of G o ^ the f u t u r e , he could say that in racy. Miss Jessie Hemmes spoke for caterer and the kindness of friends Dr. S. M. Zwemer; Class History, A. reaches its high Water mark in Jesus spirit and true loyalty the class of in Holland. Co-operation as one of the essentials P. Zweimer; Violin Duet, Natalie Chri*. the onBy begotten Son of the "21 would equal any other class ever !f anything was sacrificed, it was in the ujpfward march of the race. Reed and Oscar Holkeboer; Class Father, full of grace and troth. And graduated from Hope.^She had as her sulbjedt "Co-opera- a hundred times repaid the society in Prophecy, Stanley Hiuyser; Vocal ev?.n as Jemm was the incarnation of The principal! speaker of the evention in the Business of Human the spirit that .prevailed thru the Trio, Jennie Ruigh, Henrietta Keiz- theeg' g'loiy of .the Father so you are to ing was Dr. Van de Vries of the M evendng.FrUters Dr. Samuel M. ZweLife. er, Amy Zwemer; Oration, Delbert go out, embodying in yourselves United States Ohamlber of Commer, who had j(U8t returned from the^ Kinney; Reading, Natalie Reed. Theodore Otte Ynitema delivered some of that qririt which is the riory merce. He gave a very fine address Near East, Dr. Henry E. Dosflcer of of the college. a beautiful valedictory, of which on Education in its relation to busithe entire class may weir be proud. the Louisville Theological Seminary. " I n the story of man's progren, ness. Among other remarks, he MRS. DURFEE ENTPERT AIMS THE Rev. J. De Kraker of Grand >Haven It was a fair diacussion of the con there are easentiaHy two chapters. stated t h a t the preachers are not SENIOiRS and Professor W. Wichers r ^ o n d e d conditions of the times, tracing the The first chapter is fte pre-human keeping in close enough touch with with toasts that enriched the life of cause f o r t h e unrest to the heart, chapter. ft is the story of Ood'i the world outside of the church. The each one present with a wealth of and offering ^TOlution. which by its Pronxptliy at 8:30 A. ikL. Tuesday process of meUdng the magnificient association was fortunate in having laughter and albo with true messages, very n^Uife can 'heal all our dismorning tlhe Seniors might be seen background ready for the final apDr. Van de Vries present. deep^elt from the heart. Prater De e a s e d In bidding a last farewell to pearance of his greatest creature, /Besides the speeches, beautiful wendin gjtheir way to Voorhees DorWolf acted as toastmaster with hapcitizens of Holland, the Council jnan. Notice a few of the outstandmusic was rendered. Miss Helene mitory. A f t e r congregating in the py introductions and keen, repartee, of the College, and the faouty and ing facts concerning this great backVan Raalte and Afr. Teunis Prins reception room and exchanging while Praters D. Van Putt en, R. students, he spoke very thantafully ground whfich God prepared for husang a charming diuet, and Miss greetings with one another, the comBlocker, and T. Yntema, on the part of the influences which their assoThere is His great power, EHzaJbeth Zwettver gave a violin solo. pany moved to t h e dining room, of the active memjbershap, played the ciations had hiad upon them as indiwhere M]% Durfee had arranged to seen, for example, in the imensity of wit and orator with equal facility. viduals. I t was a very fitting close to Mlnil Hope High School pledge to entertain them with a sunnptuous me sun. In round figures, the sun Praters Bloemendahl and Teunis the program. Garret De Jong, Orange {City, Iowa. spread. A f t e r full justice had been gives forth two thousand million Prins rendered vocal siolos that it A f t e r coniferring the degrees of done to the breakfast, t h e h o s t e s times as much as the earth can possiWas sheer enjoyment to hear. Finally Bachelor of Aits upon the graduatarose and gave a short talk in which bly catch. The workfc upon world# the new P r a t e r s ' Song rang out with ing classi, Dr. Dimnent announced The large attendance of alumni, sflie reviewed briefly t h e history of ****> inhabit infinitude are aH exthe good, vigorous enthusiasm that that the Council of Hope College their generous contributions and the class, and wished them Godspeed examiples of His great power. There aDways chanacterizes the 0 . K. E. was pleased to conier the following their enthusiasm, the 'Vast-master" on "their way. Thereupon all ad- is also the varsatiKty of God's intelSome sought the lap of Morpheus honorary degrees: Ma«ter of Arts, wit and deper current of service at journed to the entrance of the build- lecfcial life. Wh*t a variety in naat once, while others lingered to pay James Stegeman, John Klaaren, the bamquet—bill characterize this ing where Paul Coster was waiting hire! When we lay hold of God, the their vows at the shrine of Venus be^ John Mulder, James Burggraaff, A. reunion as one of the worth-while to form a lasting impression of # the wprty of variety is iHtmdtaUe. And fore a last "Good night," . (Continued on Page S) experiences of a college course. «h«n, think of His wooderful sense of class of 1921. (Oontlnufd on P«ft 8)



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B.S'oni,il08,l,Art .'.tborlMd October 1«,



is the address, given by the valedictoriaro. Perhaps tlie reaeon f o r this foiige)tfiuln.ess is legitimate. lit seems — a 8 if the average valedictorian is not tb# Col- c o n E | c i o u 8 0 f ^ ^ whiich hlas been Ooliegs. ^ ^ of hi8


l9 8


The need of the hour is not more factories or materials, not more railroads or ateamBhips, not more armies or,more na^i®, hut rather more educ a ^ion .based on the plain t e a c h i n g of Jeaus. The profiperity of our courttry (kipeowfa on the motives and ^ peoipOe. These motives and purposes are directed in the right course only through religion. -Lecialatiion bounties or force, are of no avladl in d e t a i n i n g man's attitude toward life. Harmony at home with "the world will only and peace be determined in the same way iReQigion, life, everyt|ung else of Value, must fbe taught. I t is possiihle to get .more religion in ,indutry and buauiess only through the dewelopmant of Christian education and leadership. With t h e forces of evil backed by men and money, aystematically organized to destroy, we must back toymen and ononey a campaigms for On-i^tian Education. We are wilhng to gave our property and wen our lives when our

beamed to aMweciate and love, and will dherish long in mieinory. Ufidombtedly they will come back again to visiit those ckssroomB and hallh, Dark is the veil of gltoom now drawn hut the old perplexing student-prohave vanished. fe6eor O'er all our hearts, so laitely glad— arahdp. I n mlany cases it is an a/t- They willl have become ' ' o f the temipit to overwhellm the audience in- world ", and srtudente days will have And those who knew him, now are to foumble sulbanissiveneas by a flow become a part of the pia»t. sad, . . of words and phirases which, while It is to the Senior that .the Ancihor For, lo, the lighlt of life hiath gone. they may savor of acholarshiip as tar extendb its most meaningCul "au reas rhetoric is comcerned, yet are voir. M I t h o p e s to see you again. It fearfully ladking in plain eommon- will be under a new relationship, it Gone is the gmilte that lately shone. sense supported by a deep heart- is true, but thds new reilationshj|P canfeeKnsr. not obliterate the oM comradeshiip of Gone is the greeting, kind and clear ^ . . , the days that are gone. spoken for the ^ T 1 > e valedictory A t h e oth<.r d a y iGone is (the helping hand, e 'er near, ela9S of 21 t0 our , in<1 8 v e r y ' "' , dcmarked that "it w^s sftiU the same example of « vakdjc- ^ Gone is a friend—I'm all alone. a n ( j e^erything-wasn't 1 1 18 n o t 9 0 luch " ^ beautiful . t , , , H e ^ it w i t h a amile| ,but it ph™«.n® and good vocabuJary tha ^ dei^Wtfu! .mile. a ^ Gone is a man who walked with God; M p r e ^ e d us, as .the ,t was 0 M c o u l d r e a < 1 o n fcu face th€ ex/prereion of a burdened SOT . t h a t ^ . l g 3 m e o l l d singing" wts Who often in a lonely hour The because he ha a r e ( m i n ( i g c m t o f hajwy Chapel hours m e ^ g e . He M not have a message o f y e a r s g o n € b y ^ u s g)lad; Talked with a heart-reviving power b e c a u s e h e h a d t o f | p e a k o n t h l S OC ' we thought that some day we wanted casIon . . . . to come toadk, as he had, to hear tfilat 9 And kept me true to his owm God. There are a few expreaaons which o W ^ n ^ i n g " a l? ain. We know w i t h us 9peaker h«ve that yo«, the CJass of '21, will want id the ** of the race ay toi t o o . The sun/beams glitter thru the trees, in the Potency o f t i h e i d e a l which the An revoir. race had set for itself. If that ideal The birds on wirtg are ibKthe and gay. is imipotenit, it naturally follows that ^ uplift is not felt. The condition Y. M. C. A. While J u n e ^ sweet flowers both 0£ w o ^ ( j today is so sad because Although examinations wer3 pend- night and dfey people - are finding out the im{potency ing, and, in spite of the fact that Force every human to his knees. old gods, and the t h e r e w a a ^ of t h e i r ideals. o f w(>nk . ^ ^ d o n e i a a l j t a r e ( a , n d ghrines are falling away, , n(urn|be(r o f c a m e to ^ t h a t the world has nowhere to lay t h e ^ m6eting of the 9chool year. And so I kneel, for kneel I must: the burdens which are bending it ^ w a s a S e n 5 o r m w t i n g ^ le<1 I t seems there must be some One . i i despair. ^ . low t is a t m e of by Sen or H e n r y Mol( there M gented t0

^ his

(po,int ap(pea,)

s h a k e r jprewWclh w e wou,ld



God .might be heard by the whole


I t is a n a(ppeal of w h i o h p a r t

Flikkemt and Ted Yntema. u s ^ p l a . n wor<jai

w,here t h e y









country c a l b in tune of war. Ved o f ohriatian ministry seems to c o u r s e M 1 0(f t h e g o o d i n f l u . ^ c a l l of Christian education is to- ^ s h a m e d . If they are not aslhamed e n i C e ^ t h e Y m i d i t s m e e t,ing8. All day of e v e n ^ e a t e r j p o r t a n c e than o f i t > w h y d o w e n < ) t h e a r i t r n o r o u n d e r e l a ^ m e n t o a t t e n d the wad ever the call of the army or QHd gods and altars have Y meetings regularly and take pari "toy. I say this because we shall f a l l l e n a w a y . T h e i d e a l s w r e f o u n d ^ one ma.n i one main nerer live, to see America attacked to be insufflciertt. Why not return . , w h i c h all wiahed to express was from without, but we may at any to the eve<r sufficient Ideal as found this, "Wake up, if you have not altime see our best institutions attack- i n j g ^ s ohri^t? But this was not ready done so." If you have been efd from within. all. There must not only be a renegligent in attending the Tuesday I am not offerinig Ohristian ednca- turn to His Manhood, and His sermight meetangs in the past, wake up, tioM as a protestor of property be- vice. This is all well and good as f a r and take an active interest in it. Do cadse nearly all the great progres- as it goes. * There is more. There not wait until you are Seniors to sive and liberal movements of his- nuuat be a return to the bleeding to wake up and realize what the tory have been bom in the hearts of heart of the Atoning Chrisit. There Y means. Get the most you can out Ghris&iani educators. I do, however,, is but one Gos(pel: Repent ye, repent of your college course. Another in«at that the safty of our sons and ye. , , thing emjphasized by 'Fllik' was to daughlters, as they go out on the This is a message not often found Q ^ H , , ox ^ rn ln streets this might, is not due to the in a valedictory. " T h e Atoning r ^ ' ^ . influence of the policemen and law- Ohrislt,'^ "the Vicarious Jesus,"— ^ u*g wi o . You may thinlk yon are gaining by a makers, hut rather to ministers and these are not 'valedictbory tenms.' few minntes of extra study while ' teachers. Yes, the safety of our ma- But we are tremendously thankful chapel exercises are heing held but tieft,'indu ding all groups, depends that they have been uttered.* The in the end your the one on ohxistian education. Furthermore, Valedictorian of the CHass of '21 that is losing o u t . One at'no time in our history has it been has placed a worthy ideal before his Y more needed. claaamates. To use his own words, ^ ^ ^ We insure our houses and factor- we hope that the d a s s of '21 will i ^ ^ ^ ^ r ies, our automobiles, and our busi- '"Live it out." The potency of that urey t e is a ^rcat 0r e00 11,1,011 0 U r c a m f f > u s , meases throngh mutual and stock inr • Suf!i|cient Ideal is great'enough to , : 1 V i...x *iu U grow and spread its influence suramce companieis, but the same save the worldnot only upon the staidemtsi here but amount of money invested in Chrisupon the world at large. In closing AU REVOIR tian education would give far greatthe President, Winfleld Burg'graaff, er results. Besides, Christian educaWe suppose sophisticated old Solo- t a n k e d the Seniors f o r their testition can insure what mo corporation mon would have said on this occa- m)0<r&r a n d the influence they have cam insure—namely, prosiperity. ^S.-ttee. gireat Hfe insurance com- a[on'> W T h e r e i 9 a time for meeting, Jjiad u P o n ( > u r l i v e s and expressed a paSjes a r e spending large sums on a n , d a t i m e f o r and a time d e f & r e w h l c h was suggested a few agf) doetore, scientific .inve^tiigators, and f o r meeting a g a i n . " We doubt, how- ^ was tliis,''Uet every Y ever man di^trictt nurees to improve the health ' whether he would have added for the other Y men every his of the nation, so we business men "Vanity, vanity, all is saiv Tuesday night during the s u m m e f / ity Surel 0 cards should spend huge sums to develop •" y h e would not have said P^'n'ted at tihat time read a s fol| tlhoSe fundamental . religious qnali- ^ a t of college frien^hips. They lows: t 0 0 TeA 1 0 0 3Ur e f < o r t h a t ties of integrity, industry, faith, and *** *> ! '» in the Lord Jesus Chri it service, whicih make f o r true prosiper- S ^ ^ o n was too old when he made Saviiour, I pledge myself as a t,h| t Tn,en )er o f ity, I repeat, the need of the hour a "vamity" comdusion, and per^ ^ Y. M. C. A. of Ho )e hap8 in is-rhot more factories, or materials, ^ aibsemtHmindedneas forgot Collcige v or a moni€!n mot more railroads or steamships, not ^ ^ those dear old friends ^ ^ ee tP ^he morning watch every me,t more armies Qr mavles—Ibut rather ^ ^ school. Or, perhaps, , 0 re a more christian education. This is them the exceiptions ^ ' ^ "W Bdible and pray ry ay not the time to reduce investmemts in proved the rule. Anyway, we ^ ' are cer schools amd collejges at home, or in ' t a m he did not deem them ^ influence my comrades for Jesus Y. M. C. A. and similar-work in. Chi' Ohnst; But T o kee, na, Japan, Russia or South America. ' tbere is that time f o r parting. P myself morally pure. o r lnos,t 119 r This is the time of all times to in- ^ ^ merely a brief P ay for my college associaton eve,r crease such suihstcription. * vacation and then the "meeting y Tuesday might wherever I may —Roger W. Balbon. again," but f o r others—and they are f , those to whom the partingi seems the help Me God. w Y me THE .VALEDICTORY saddest—the au r e v o i r " has a deep« lei us remeber this pledge er (>r There is one number upon every significance. It means a last ^ the swmtner months and let us Comlmencetnent-program, to which " a d i e i " to the halte and classrooms come back in the Fall strengthened every one looks forward, and of that, in spite of a pretended amd in our flaith because of the orther feJwfcEch the leJast is rememibered. It lighft-heaxted' dislike, they have loW3 prayers and our own.

T W " ^ US and our soul's happineBa.

(For He of Death the Victor is. ^ n d of D e a t h s death the dirge doth drum.

j know he lives, he is not dead, fMy faith can see beyond the grave To wihere the soul-«aved victoa^*,. Wave The vector's wreath placed on their head. —Winfield Boirggraaff PLEASES LARGE Hope Students Can

AUDIENCE. Still- Speak


On Monday night t h e Ulifilas Society gave its annual program before an audience that filled Carnegie Gytmnasium to more than capacity. Each year, except last, the Holland speaking students of the college prepare an all^Dutch program for the benefit, and in honor of the older Holland people of this community. In years past, women were denied the privilege of participation in this program, but this year President Dimnent asserted that he could see no reason why they should he excluded, especially when they could make the program more attractive. Educational Secretary * Raap, formerly Professor of Dutch • language and Literature, had charge of the program. During his absence however. Prof. Welmers, and Dr. "V^ho speaks through all this nature Hospers took charge of the training. fair, The program was opened by the And bidls me kneel—me, common audience singing P&alm 68, v. 10. dust. The Rev. Mr. Nettinga of the local seminary then offered prayer. . In My heart would fain commune with his opening remarks, Prof. Baap~ ' God, gave a resume of the Dutch activiOf life the genesis and end. ties upon the camipusj and of the attitude of the college in general toAnd yet, my proud heart will not wards the Holland Language. He bend further promised t h a t the program Before Him—I, an earthhound clod! would never again be skipped so long as the people of the community showed as great an interest as they For, tell me, dees love reign in death did that night. He extended them a ? hearty welteome next year as well Is love supreme o'er yonder grave? as this. The program rendered was Why did His great, good plan not as follows: save Quartet Him, whio to tine was more than Recitatie—"Een oer op Reis".... breath? Miss Jessie Hemmes Recitatie—"Eem Half Uur Achter But as I cry in wretched fear, Slot" Full soon a soothing calm there Messrs Adrian De Boom, Meinta comes. fSchuurmans, Henry Haarsevoort As in my heart, it seems, there Oratie—"Socialisfene' \ 4 hums -Henry Haarsevoort .A The voice of him I held so dear. Quartet Mengelmoes He speaks to me of love in death; Benj. Mentink, Meinte Schuunmans lOf love supreme o'er yonder grave; Recitatie JMarinus Arnoys Samenspraak—"Kort van Memorie" That at the time God took, God Personen:— gave. Van Dinlgen—iRentenier But still my heart rehelious saith: Justin Hoffman Dora—Zijn Dochter Nellie Kole Mijnheer Ziwam Richard Blocker " H e took? He gave?—worst nonsem - Dorus—IBeddende Jacolb Schepei se known" 4' August—-Kantooilbediende ' 'But hush!'' God said, " list now to t -..Bert Brower me: The quartet was composed of Winiln taking him, I gave to thee field Burggraaff, Francis Ihrman, Richard Blocker and John Flikkema. A Beacon light to yonder throne." They rendered some very fine and unique selections. "He trod one time the self same The feature of the program was the Dutch play "Kort van Meanorie. ,, road The Master trod. He longs for Mijnheer Van Dingen insistedN^hat his daughter, Dora, should marr J thee Mijnheer Zwaan, when he had a l To foHow on. Albide with me; ready approved her engagement to I'll heltp thee bear thy load human August. Mijnheer Zwaam arrives, and offers the audience many a load.'' hearty laugh because of the ridicuSinJgout, sad hearts; not all is sad: lous things he does. He is " K o r t van Memorie." August beigins to scheme to get Mijnheer Ziwaam out "Tis but a veil that shuts off One

of the. way.

By taking advantage

Whose love, immeasurable as the of the stupidity of has victim he finally succeeds and in addition wins sun. Cam overwhelm, and make all glad. Van Dingen to his side. Dorus, the

servant of Van Dingen, comes In with many a laugh by his strange Sing out, nor let Death's veil e'er come

cap rs and in his attampts to find

what an " hoedanigheid" is.







' LOSES .LIFE WHILE AT ANNUAL'•BUST", , . • ' lit is with extreme regret that the Amidhor r e ^ r t s the death of Charles Loonuane, a member of the " B ' ? class. Whtile attemdlng t h e annual Meliphone Buat at Saug^tucOc k s t Saturdlay he tried to learn to swim, and go(t into water beyond his depth. He down ianniedfiately, and never ag-aiw rose to the surface. His body wias fbund withSmg ten minutes, and wortceid over for two hours, but to no avail. iHe was brought to Holland w'here Mr. Dyitefcra took care of the corpse. Aittar a shont service Sunday evening: at 10^30 o'clock, the remlaina were shipped to his parents at Wisconsin Rapidb, Wiaconsin. Joshua Hoogenlboom and Jack Veltonan accompanied the body home. Ctoaries came to Hope Preparatory school in the falll of IS 18. Altho a little older .tWan the other boys in hds clasfi, he always enjoyed being one of them, and used his added years to good advanltage among the younger cl'asamates For two years he was a member of the track team, and was always interested in athletics. A few months ago he won first place in the preiparatory oratorical contest, a con/test in which he won second place last year. He was a member of the Meliphone society, and appeared in a play given by that society la^it Friday night. His plans were to enter the Goapel ministry after completing his course here. iLoomana was a "ery pleasant person to meet. He had a very remarkable sense of what wlas right and true, and dared a t any time to defend the right either in word or act. Those who knew him at all intimately, feel ihis absence very deeply. The entire college mourns Ms loss, knowing that one of its most promising Mtuden/ts is gone. The aymipathiy of the entire body and faculty goes out to hds paremte and family.

PAOI n u n


*******' v h ' ^ is rumiored, has be- Jonge of Zeehind; Rev. Wiliard D, come mi heir to a very large floitune. Brown-, New York City; Rev. Jacob Two r^porteirs of New Yoric newnpa- Vander Meulen, HoUand; Rev. J. pers etigjaged themselves to the man- Carleton Peferim, Frankifort, Ky. igement of the neweipaper In this Bachelor of Divinity—John R. country town, promising that Ha Mulder, Ailba J. Dunnewold, Gerrit bamnem would inicrease. Glaring J. Tiinimer. hemlines on the f r o n t page of tne The following prizes were givenEvemng) Dbily, tell of the flortune to The Geoi^e Birkhof Jr., EngJdsh which Jenkins has (become heir, and Prize, $25, Richard J. Hager. imdnednaltely he is idolizied by a/U. His The Geoi^e Birkhof Jr., Dutch credit is good everyiwihere, and busi- Prize, | 2 6 , John R. Keimpew. nesa betfns to .pdok up. About a iMrs. Samuel Sloan Foreign Misweek Jater it is ditfcovered that it sion Prize, ?25, Jessie Henunes. vm aM a flake and that Jenkins had The Van Zwalenbui^ Domestic not fallen heir to a fortune. This is The Adelaide Prize in Oratory, a big diaappoinitonent to Jenkins, but $25, Maxine McBride. Mr. Ohlarles Oilehaan, the preaddent of Mission Prize, $2i5, Winifred Zwetlie U. S. Plow Co. comes to hds as- mer. sjstonice and promises to suplport him The Raven Prize in Oratory: 1st in his businese venture.. place, $30, Winfield Burggraaff; 2nd Conaiderable talent in dramatics place, $20, Maurice Visscher. was shown by the dafferenit members The Ackenman Debating Prize, $50, 0 f thecafilt a n d with a littfle more de- to the following college debaters:— velopmemt, they should be worthy ol Theodore Yntema, Richard Blocker, attention by the dramatic club. The Anthony Engelsman, Maurice Viscast follows in order of appearance: scher, Winfield Burggraaff, Dan De ^Larry liangldon, generally useful Graff, Peter De Vries, Jerry De about the hotel, Theodore Luidens; Vries, William De Ruiter, Jack Mr. Charles Oleham, the president of Prins, Abraham Rynlbrant, Harvey the U. S. Plow Co., Jodhua Hogen- ^ Weerd. boom; Jeremiah Jenkins, the lucky The Henry Bosch English Prizes— 11 lsr W * Raymiond Kuipere; Philip Ant Place,$15, Helen De Bruyn; 2nd la<;e drews, the blaild-heoded villian, Del- P » ? 1 0 » Jeanette Veldman. bert Kinney; Alfred S'aunders, re^ ^ e Gerrit H. A#bers Gold Medai, Gertru PPflter of lihe N. Y. Journal, Elwood d e Pieters. T h e Mar Geegh; Thomas Taylor, reporter of y clay Albers Silver Medal the New York Times, Wells Thoms; » Henrietta Keizer. T h e 1>an C William Elroy, editor of the Even* Steketee Prize in BIWe The ^ Daily, Frank Huff; Peter Bates, ' o d o r e Yntema. TThe K n pCoopersville Men's A Adult Bimlanager of the Evening Daily, Chas. — Ijoomans; Enoch Williams, manager We Class Prize in Bible, $25, Jameo^ the hotel. Pater Vos; James Fair- W. Neckers. The John Plasma Memorial Prize banks manager of tlhe department store, Guatave Schroeder; The De- in Bible, Wells Thoms. The Vander Weip Prize in Engtective, with a tin star, Walter Boliks; Henry Richfield, a New York banker, lish, $25, Miss Katherine Schmid. Adelaide Missions Medals, GerCheater Ynltemia; Charles Famsworth, a lawyer, Rensa Dykstra; trude Pieters, Martin De Wolf. Payson Wilson, a stockholder, Nichojas Brunnix. (Continued from Page 1) /We wisfli to Congratulate the Meldphlones upon their success and hope beauty. Ail mankind is as one pertbat they will continue to uphold the son expressing the feeling that God principle f o r which their sociejt^y cannot make an ugly thing. He is PPREPARATORY SOCIETY DOES dtends. the Maslter Artist. We can also men/ S E L F CREDIT tion His great generosity. The vast ^ expanse of sky and Water are weak Mkil Hope High School pledge to ^"Vparisons of the bounty of the The Mediphone Society opened the Garret De Jong, Orange pity, Iowa. F a t h e r ^ blessdngs. These are all Commencement Festivities by giving factors of t h e pre-human chapiter in their annual program to a packed the history of things. EMERSONANS HELD JOLLIFICAhouse in Oamegjie Gym. Ajfter Dr. iBut there is also jbhe chapter reTION MEETING H. J. Veldman of Detroit pronounced corded since man came upon the the invocation, t h e president of tka scene. Hds processes did not stop at The Emersonian society held its Society, Hi Elwood a oshort x w u u u \Geegh, j ^gave l a v c ci fMlit A y the creation of man, but rather wen; address of welcome. Then, according r f e » u ' a r Jollification, meeting, and on with ever-increrasing greatness. to the time-ihonored cuatom of the e l e C l t , 0 n o f 0 ^ n Thursday after- And the high water mark of His Meliphonians, a budget was given %noon. Instead of going tto the so- process is reached in the full and and the ears of the audience were ciety hall the fellows iboiarded the 3 comiplete disclosure of Jesus Christ, sttrained to hear what kind of a joke oTdock car f o r Macatjawa. Street His Son. Hee 18 is tthe of our r U climax Lcnmax 01 our would be told about their sons, dothes were changed for swimming c u m*c .u l u,m' " He paraphernalia and soon a k i « e num•. ^ end of nephews, grandsons or friends. Staivthe educational process of the world. ley Huyser had the pleasure of giv- ber were taking their semi-annual m Jesus Christ, the Eternal Word maning this ibudgelt and he showed very the-cool waters of Lake Michigan. ifest in the flesh, is Himself the Maskeen wit in his jokes. A program Skxme, beginning to Shiver, started an t e r Teacher, and is Himself the curindoor UaadbaU game to warm up. without music wuld have been lige a Ajflter a short time the social com- ricuton, and is also the ideal, the without music would have been like a mittee arrived with a flivver full of goal, ithe end of it allL If you have dore Luidens feifl the task of giiving eats. The life siavers then ferried ever come f a c e to face with the Masa vocal solo. He sang a very beaueverybody across the channel. At ^ T e a c " e r » a s 1 trust you Wave, you tiful selection, entitled 'Rtose O' My , m r e i y s e e n 1116 ttawa Beach a bas&all game was ^ 8' l o r y a n d ^ a c e Heart, with a violin obligfcto by John playeid hertween the Sophs-Seniors aTWi t ™ fch w h l i c h r a d i a t e 8 f r o m H ™ . Kuyipers. It was pAeasing. and' Frosto-Juniors. Owing to the His glory is in His character, and A farce comeldly—•' 'What they did poor umpiring of Jack Soheipel the His work, ami His sacrifice. And His for J a n k e n s / V consisting of three grace. His winsomeneas,—I bid you undierclassmen came out ahead. The AIIV ac(s wass the tnefimaH nnau number nuimoer on on the ine pro pro- .. , , QeoV aio« ^for ^the rremeirnhpr e , m e , m l ) € r fhnf 181 e e k also that. i. 7 ' others took out their grudfees on Jack remember t* ' ^Seek also for the 1(, . , gram. If one couM judge from the , . , , . .. truth which fimria iinn H l l m l t s bi.e ^ u u j. by afterwards electing h m president ^nattention given it by the audience m , . ning and end. ** .i_ i ^ i •. I n e elecition was held after the eame o«d f r o m its heiarty laugl®, it was a , ^ ^ ^ In addressing the graduating class, an,d t h e folk)Wl decided success. ^ Mr. Mr WirtfieW n « officers were electTo Dr. Ingham stressed the truth that ed: Buiglgraaff must credit be given 15or as they graduated, their college was President—Jacob Schepel. the success of the play as it was unenjtrrusting to their care the tradi'Vice-Pres.—Stanley Sthipper. der his direction that the play was tions and ideals which were the glory fiecretiary—Harry Lousma. presenlbed. The individual members of Hope College. The spirit of Hope Teas.r—^Menry J. Harsvoort. of t h e oaat are to be commended for is the spirit of hope not only, but K. of A.—John W. Elbers. the good wor kithey did, as this was also the spirit of love and of faith. 6. at A.—Irwin Borgman. the fiiiat time that most of them ever • The message was sjpoken with that Janitor—Adrian p e Boom. apfpeaired before an audience. Lacey's clearness and simjpleneaB which orchestra played some very beautimakes it pfleasant to listen to Dr. (Oontinaed from Page 1) f u l selections between the acts, giv- J. Koliyn, William Westrate; John Inlgham. T hose of us who heard him aer ing an added delaghlt to the play , ® ' Leonard Yntema, E. Cath- last wSnrter were pleased to have this The acene of t h e action is in a cart, L. Dalman, J. P. Viaacher, E. second privilege of hearing him menB' writing room in the hotel of a Dieipenhorst, A. J. Dunnewold, Otto Arfter the addrew Frank Kleinhek small town, amd undoubtedly, was a Huntley, W. A. Scholten, Gerrit sel sanfe a soJo, "Come ye blessed " very familiar scene to those who Timmar, Gerrit Van Zyl, Arthur The doxology was sung and the come froin. Iowa. The plot centers Voennan. benediction was pronounced by Dr. around Jeretndah Jenlons, Raymiond Doctor of Divinity—|Rev. G. De Ingham,

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'There isntt much use in writing a column of bunk this week because almost evieaiyibody will be gone anyway. We heard of a good joke on i0««« Frank Huff but we d a r e s n t print it for fear hefiU giejt huffy. Guess we'll Just gejt out last week's editions of "Judge" atDd • L i f e / ' copy a few joloee and hand the stuff in to Pe|te. Then if he doesn t like it and tree to bawl out, he can fiil the column | himself. None of you can tell us how rotten this is because we 'il be home beifore you get a chance to see the Anchor. We'll take a chance on your having foigortten this by next faH, anld then we can start out new again. 'Bert Kempeate and his girl were coming from the park one day last week. Bert askekl the conductor if » the car stopped at 16th street. ' 4 No,' 1 said the comductor, 44 But we stop twice on Sitjh street. Perhaps there was more truth than fiction in the words of the hymn that sung in Y. M. C. A. at the Senior meeting last week. The song was: "We've wasted many a precious year, now we"re coming home. They teAl us one of the girls went into hysterica last week worrying over examis. Isn't that just like a woman? When the bunch were standing on the boat-dock last week, malting to get on the boat and fltait their Journey for home, the captain called out: 4< Get aboard." Bill Brown yeiled Wok, "Wtort size ftoard do you wanit^? Preparing, for the long absence from their loved one, the fellows who Have "steadies" (with apologies to Miss Iconoclast) serenaded the doranitets last week with the following songs:


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I. Dohno. I>ol*no: Tired of waiting J>thel Newiland says she learned to WHB in a big hath tub. It must have been a big one all right. Milton Kettette;—I pulled a " G " from Dr. Godfrey in chemistry. Can you imagine that?*' •"Picky" Roosenraad: Yes I can imagine it, but I do«"t beJi«ve it. 19 Weat 8th St. Dyke: What does W-O-M-A-N Holland, Mich. ^pell? " T u t " : Trou/ble. Thu Week'. Dormitory Poem Back in the loitichei), a maiden fair, Out of the has#) was picking the hair. •We dtont see why the girls tn the dorm don t have their clothes made of banana Ains. They would be so easy to slip into in the morning, When they get up at seven a i d try to be down for breakfast ten minutes later, Medium Shoes Underwear Suits '-nc of the giris told us h i if the wo'ner, only loved the perfect men, Holland, 27 W. 8th St. there wouldn It be much love. Mich IWe heard a peach of a Joke about mucilage; it's a sticker. We heard another about mustard; that's a hot one. We might write a lot of good jokes for you, but what's the use? You Id only laugh at them anyway. HOLLAND, MICH Well, guess well quit for this year. So long, eveirytoody, see you in the Thanks for your patronage fall. If we d o n t see you then, w e H Capital $100,010.00 for the past year and will se you in Dutch, so we'll get you Suiplua and Profits $85,000.C« be ready to photograph coming ami going. Now for home and _____ you upon your return. three month of recuperation" from studies and musing. 4 interest paid on Time

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Van Zanten, chairman of the Y. W. C. A. Publicity Comfcnittee, has dmige of the book, Francis Ihrman hlas been wearing a Soroeis pin (tfce laat week. We wonder what Prof. Wichere means when be qpeaks of * silent metmbers of the firm'. But tihen, congratuliattaofc. Our ataff reporter announce*) the marriage of James J. Burggraaff to Miaa Maig<arite Vtonder Wiere of Grand Rapids. They will be at home HOLLAND, MICH. ailter July l*t at Williamson, N. Y., w<here Jim has accepted a call. Tbe THE Anphor wishes them success and happiness. Ten Senior men have been spending tihe past weak at Maettawa Park. BARBER SHOP They are aH looHng fine, and seem is the place to go if you want to be none the woree for the exper- service. Three experienced barience. We mean the experience of bers. eating the food wWch tbefr own master hands hare prepared.




The Y. M. C. A. are preiparing a hamfcook for the use of the new stuDU MSZ BROS. denitis next fall. It is a diversion MODEL LAUNDRY Dry Good*, Coati a a 4 from the usual handbook, in that 97 M E 8tK S. Ci.. Pk IM^> C,U P h o n 1442 there are to be no add, in it, and ^ , ' Cloaks and no memoranda pages. It is all printOur Motto MUliaery ed matter, containing socfa Inform*- Quality and Prompt Service HOLLAND


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