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The U. S. Navy by Adam Weitmus -Pqe3

Hope" Ancbor:a

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Volume XXXII


HOPE COUEGE. HaIIud. MicIqu, Wed.....,. June ... 1919


Hope Loses To Seven States SCHOOL OF MUSIC Vie in O;ato1]) GIVES ICITAL Kazoo Here, 4-2 aa.ooB K. ..ILII8, '110. HOPE'II OBA'fOa ,ua'1'BHf'NTBD !KWBIGAN




fADf1Ln AND l"IlD1m8 PAY ftDOTB to

In- tbe tlhirel pme (It the _IOn Rope G1JBft'I ,tJlD JIom. . . . . . lIDBoven state., sh: 01 nich repreeent. READING, VB~ DPPEL came bMlk to their old fOIln and htld ay A" :woKAIf'. Ll'fIIaiA8Y HOPB'8 jBlIJW DBA» to(} tb& We.tern Diviaion agalnet lone pLUJlSOGMB 8t114ellta 01 Kn. IW. II'tIltoD, iII&'. 01· Kalamazoo. Oollage to. . ·2 IeOre. MJchigtll1 of the Eastern Division, WIrlI. Hope we. 011 tbe abort enel of ear 0 - &114 7roI. JInIIlo STABS OF GOLD took put in the IlIter·.eet:UJnal oratorthe 1Ie0re Ibe _ aut excellent warl<. PR' .1lI~n'1' PaoeP .M Ktillelta JIIl~ ical collllest heJd at Oreigbtoo Urii· "Arry" Roo.en did tbG boxwGrk Priftte WlWIm A. 1&I11III& UId 8erversity, Omala, Neb., Friday eVll'Ding, 'l'b M ' tal f tb H Col. for .Rope and did be do it wellt .Toet Of UIe ill . - a - p .... ~ ... elUie lng, May 23. Kicbjgu was bile on I)' & ay roo 0 e ope 11160 IW__ 011 tile ask aoy Hopeiie """0 wal taere. .-te .In th 0 E.... .. t -lege 9dhool . of MUlle which took 0\aII of '110 ............... Dort .... IlD,ern D·... I,,!11. On •<un place In Wln&Dt. Chapel Wedneeday "Arry" lJ\yuvk out four men and held 8\'aged a eontest thl .. year. • rvenlng. proved to !be a great lucceu. tho. reet to sIx hits. ErroTl ow the lI'he mlllllor'ial services io, bonor of 'nIe tollowillft statee with repreeentthe tmo Hopo College students wto atives spGke lit Mder: Dllnois, repre · Alt.bo the evening wa. w'arm, tho at· part &f our mtIeld in tbe ~arly part of Il'he ilUmilaoble spirit of Fatber dil'<f in tho aervice, Print. William sented' by Paul !t(cKoo of Monmouth tration 01 Iho audieooo was 'beld thrn· the game gavo the lead to Kazoo. 1& Knicketl>ocker and his protegee. and Jantma and Ser.gealtt Ooorgel Boosen· College, on "FUIGllmenit of Time"; out tbo long proram of vocal, violin tho seeond! Inning Hope itre~ened taelr fair go.. u~led .iD The olld by meGllII of g!lod hitling and _eraad were fi'LLingly conducted 'under M'i98onri, re'presented by Fred Oornn and piano selecliolll. Woman '. Literary OIUI> rooms ThU3Tbe 'VOrce depa.rt.ment. under the rifiee brot home bwo _rca for ns. dlay evenln" lla.y l1li, for the ten(b IAtbe direction of Prof. Hinbmp on of Drury Oollege, on "Progretls of Du· enpelble direction of Mrs. William Fen- From tban. on the game became ilt- Dive_lIT llanquet 01 the KaiakerboekThursday morning. mae.. ey"; Iowa, reprClented by wru. iii' The third or lOeiety oct Hope College. Wit\ Il'he quiet hour in eTiapel, with the Purd\le of Wesleyan CoUetge On "Pit· ton, preeen'led Mias Harriet Steketee, ·tensely intere.ting. sev8lJlh inning, Kazoo managed to item spirits removed, th& lOod Father and roratives and- IriC1ld.a 01 Sergeant Roo· faJJ~ ef Peace"; Kanns repreeentedl by who sang, "Thl) Pino Tree," 4>y Seiter, put ono !Core aCross eGeh time. Atter Piled beni(nlallltly aa hie drilcheu ga17 sl!llnad present at Lhe exerniaos and C. W. Schcrwingerd't of B&'kA!r College, and "A Burst o.t Melody," by Beile.r. Lhe enrly part o.f the -game our IDilield met, wert Introduced &Dd bantered the calm reverent atl'itude prevailing Or. "lProvidence of History j " -Nebra ... AltIlo IkOt p08!181111ing a powertul voicc~ Miss Steketee BhOiWew good eontrol. battery and outfiel" worud iu bar· eaeh other in tII& )lig receptlOD lIQOlU. made the aJfair moat impressive. ka reprOlMlretediby T. J. YeGo"ern, 01 :Prof. Reusln1cveld- fittingly opened Creighnton Univcmnt,. 001 "Our Fu- Mills ~io Danbof, the weli knGwn mony an.d Kazoo had to work for their He \oud1ed tbe heart ot ,''IIh ana evt'be prOfTam with a dirge on the plano. ture lJPoD the Seas;" North Daketa little singer OIl the JuniO'!' elan, very _rea. ory one with hie wand of mactC'. pGIWiMuyakeJlll ,tarred at second with 13 er ...d joT, Jlowed forth ill .wondreul Tbe seleetion wus mo t adequ,ately reprelM'nLed by Aleoxand r AM of U, ncceptalbly sang, "illy the Watent 01 by LIeurance, and aMiot.. and two pu touts. IIepe bae a way.. He _de ggbt ~he tonen of rendCTed and t'he audience was pat in oC N. D. 011 "Ohallenge of Civiliza· Minuetonllo," "Madcap Majorie," hy Norrten. The basti>alb team wh~h with proper Iup- maiclen fair and freed ~e wice 4Il th. proper mood fer the oecasion. tien' '; Mi C!IIi~n represented by ROB' , ,P rof Hinknmp then Bpoke and paid COO Molt Gilee of Hope 0011ego on Missee E. Keppel and H. Van Bnalle port from .fudent bGdy 4nd faeu1ty man. He Jloated m-errilr hither and rrndered' ~ d'uet "The Heralda of WGuld be a ma~h lor tbe best t8lm. of thither, le&di", and gnidintr, nnlt! lIbe n splendid tribute to the memory or "Demooracy or Demonocmcy.'" Spring," ~y Coob. Their voices tbe .tate of iWhich Kazoo is one. A laltt yielded to the traternal aplrit and the two youn.g soldiers. Wit1h a IfPlen · The Jud'ges fer tbe conlest. were did nnd vivid world ·pi clure b~ depiel - Dr. Lewis Pilger of the Departure 01 were well mll\.lehed! and adapted for a sm~1\ crowd wabeb.ecJ Uhe -game and tbe all were 0_ in ht.a fOOd GmcII. . selection of thi. oort. "My Heart at cr_d- Wat cooipoled lD/)!jtIy of telwns- A pr~uquet prGgram _dtereil ill ed Private Jan&mn on hi. cot in Liver· Rletory, U. of IoW1l; Chu. M. Blae!<· pool, England', away from tho Iovine mar, At-torney, KaDll88 Oity,- yo.; Tby Sweet Voice," t;y Saint&eu, peepll\. the rllCeptio. rGOID eonai8ted 01: Where were the Hopeit.., care of a falher and molAler and tbr Lieut. Himatoo, Prin'eipal of Oen'trai was IIIIDig by Mi .. Heo,rietta Bloomen· Piano Solo-l'Vallle Ardlelque," dal 1I1l0 po8lcssee a powerful IIOprano • •• ......_______.,.-iHftly Holbb&er rolicitudo of brothen and ooIsters. High 8e'hool, Omaha, Nd>. " Bill" had high purpose. in life and The folLcrn-1n'g took first, second, and "oiee of good control and 11Inge. The BeacUnC-t'The Deat1lll&cl .t Be•• as a metnber of th e Studeltt Volunteer third placu: Win. C_ Purdue of la!lt V\l81 s~1 Lion wat &ivc-n by Mr. iliet Araold," __-Benie lRl4ar Teunie Prins, tbe only m1P.le singer on ~aridl"W1l, planning to enler fortign "Alia a IMellilDe,':_~_._ Iowa Wtsley, T. J. Me Govern ef 4wionary sorvice. " But alLho Pri· Oreighton Un;vemty, and Pau~ Me lbe progNm, wlto .ant, "/llhe Orange Bofgen, llIlllanber.. :W:-_ar vnte Jansma did n.Ot enter on his grent Kee of Monmouth CGllege. Mr. Gilee, Garden" y Wbilcbmbc, and "WheD Thla eDjoyed ID'd c01lllDdecl "HarCA.B&Y DB. ,AlO) ,JaB. aAIIO'BL life', e<llIing, he (}jed in> the service or .epreeentin-g Miohigan, wu unfortun· I get bac.k to England!" by Gilul. mony" Vo_wl aDd .fr\••cl ltd ill a ;IlL ZWBIIBJL AlfD i8BV. AlfD 'l'be violin depart>ment prcecnted Mr. his God; he nnwwered- the call of duty ate to sulrer from acute indigeetion on grDel lUrch and tih8lllee into the baalB8. WAlI.NIB'OU o.AP11YB Ed Steketee wbo pl9.yed "Concerto ~nd' that i! all that God or DIan reo ~he evening of the contest. and so did quet han. The roOlD wile & verltabk '1'0 CIliir&AL PAU quirl'8 of anyone." Prof. Hiukoml' IIOt do justice to hilD!lel'f or the stute. No.1 in A Minor" by Aeeolay; Mill garden. All the wan. Wile covered th en lfPoke or Sergeant Rosenraad, Realizing that we are liVing in daya Harriet Z. Baker wbo rendered, "SonThe Student Volulllleer Band! captur- with llittice wol'llj iDtenwlotcr wIlk whom the Proteeoor knew personally. In wbie'll history is being OI4de 110 ata 5, Op. Mil by Von Beethoven; a diog'Wood. From ~e eeiIio& h1llll He told of George '. work in the S. A. 'hpidl), that his winning oration in violin quartet eolll'jlooed at Prof. Meln: ed lall Monday O'Ven.lng ~he. stalf of &eke, Miss BIlker, Mr. Steketee and the Arailian and In.iIian MiBllioDary myriad. oct potted ferna ando deverly T. C. and bow he was 8D'8tehed away the stnie alrendy proved' to be behind conltrutted b&al<eta of do,-wood Pi Misa E. Zwemer who gave "Fant.ise movement oct the Refo'imoo cburcb. by deatll bcd'ore m09t Gf us 1cIlCIW ef the times, Mr. G;les todld gre5t paiM to eedar. Streamers of green erlilpe interEI~ante" by Donezetti.einge]u. Pro.t. The eaptives were carried! to Celltral his iIlMBS. "BuL we are glad Ulat he \\'l'ite his new oration on a very up to bwfned to maleh. BG.rd .ebemea were had at lea!l the consolation he died date subjC<lt.His addreae proved quit~ Meineke is at tlie bead! of the violin de- Park, a fire w .. kin'Cl\ed on tbe bea~, mby and blftk, wi.t'h ru1ir oudl.. aad under tbe) roof where his babyhood superior to t'he oration. that won kim parllment and hiB work a. an Instrnc· ~nd without any regard for tbe e&llOe. shadea hlilt burned Iii. & bed at tulips wae eradled and hie xunhood nourish- honor in Mle sbate eon test. In the ior in thIa braDc.b of musro, hae always bbat softly ,Uded over a bay, ldued been I)f !'ho bigbeet calibro and order. by the I~ed raye of tbe .lllJllet, with & baal guard of bl'adt. The en~d. He. closed hill eyee Gmong bls interscetional contest he wa. awarded UDder the direction at Mr. Olear the band aetbled d\lwo, for a gl'&lId, old tire lCeoe reaeat>led ute olel hOlDe 01. loved onC1l and, we are glad be bad fifth place. Fath,er "KAiekerbocker. Lhis privilege." OrCBS, the piano department preoented rally. ~I~.~----fl'he li8lluMill!l Gertrnde 8tepbOJl wbo played We aro a1,.,ays bapp)' when we can :Mr. William Vander Werp tben Wafere "Mazurka, F' Minor," by Lesebter.lty, bid farewett to one 01. our members, Stra'll4lorrr CocktaU read a letter sent from Din's motber, OUVII Nuta Baca.. tcllillig of Bill 's early ife a;;d hi. life and "RoDl8nee d 'Arnor," by Scibue\t. al he 0.1 she lOe. to tbe far Eut, but iBoullioD Oraebrs pu 1'po!M!3. By a unanimous vote of tbe cOlllgre· " Rondo Car-riccioso" by Mendeluohn uovertibe1ees a fooU., Gf .elsIelll Is Alpal&C\l' Tout Prof. Rnap then read anot'her letter gation of !'he Pre,!'yterian ehul"!t. 0' was very well rendered by Milia Sara'lI alwaY8 mingled with snch joy. When, WbipPed arfrom Mrs. Jansma sent to the Coame· Gra nd Hnen, a call to the pulpit 11'05 "elllman. Mi86 Neila Meyer played however, we have In our mlcht re- Oolree P&J:falt Chlckeil. Fr"-e, BrOwn Grny .by StojoWllky. turned hero~ sUe'h as Dr. and )(rs. polita .. Soeicty, of \\'h;eh Pvt. Jansma extended to Rev. Verlle Oggel, eha~ "Ohant dI' Amour," !Malbed Pautoea Peu waa a member. It wat writien in lin in rbe U. S. Army. ilev. Oggel is and "ll~oluUonary Etude," by Chop' Samuel 1l. Zwemer and ~v. and lira. Iiolla BNWII Bread Dutch and the Profeesor read it in tbe now stationed wilAl the regular troops in. Mi.. Martina De J ong e1osed! the Warnsbuil then our joy ia ~I&te. i'ruit Seiad Wafen original and tiben translated it into at Camp Mills, L. 1.• ~nd hil cieeision prGgram hy playing three aeleetions. iIlelere tb& evening WIS Ip8Dt our Oalte English for the benofit e>f those who in this maMer will loe nW1 : t ~d with uo "Blac!kt Key Etu'de," Op. 10, No.5, by eapUvee had captured III and would Knl. e bdloeker Ita Orllllll !IId:l1l intere t by tbe Grand Haven Chopin, "Lotus Land," by CyTIl have carried DI aU b&ck had not a could not UlIderetand Dutch. Colf86 Bea BOD Stort, aud: "Prelnde in G Minor," by few been tortnnate ~noUB'h to mlu tbe The College Quartette, cemprioing cOlligrege tion. Prorr __ elLl_ e .Rov. ()g\g<)1 has be~n in tbe r.rmy tor R.C!lmIaanolr. Ihe Prig brotlhero, Peter Baker IIId The piano departmeM; bas been Berale 1fialclier, 'l'oaatmu'ter lt wao an Ideal night and we enMarcus MuileDberg, then sang "TIle a year and! a half and prev ;o ~~ to tbat Vancnnt Chair," and their rendition 'serviee he ~ld Ihe psatorate of the nnder the direction 01 Mr. Creaa for joyed an. ideal party. We ling DlU1 htroilQCtory BeIoIarU. _ __'l'outa:aater ~ hurdh at New Paltz, N. Y. His 'boy. tho pest tour years and under bie care· songa nd Dr. Zowemer cra't:\led joku Prehlde.-J' Hunllm&n'll IH"I' was very crediit*le. "PaIIInc Do." g 8. Quartd lMiu Mary Geeg'h followed on the hood home was in Holland, and he reo rul supcrvlalon it bas produced many unti. hi. ftngent bepD to acbe. Nor C'Xcelten't anel creditable pupil •. lIemGrieL..1lev. O. p, D_, K. 8. 'lJ did we need to slJbm8l'.ge into !.be sl\program all>d in ber own iDlpreaeivc ceived his training at the BrunllWiek '11he only reading on the progl'1lm v8I'y bay to ~t.tn retrelhmeDt. "The DaY' 'RIat Be"_-Chrla DeJolII way read the lotter which Bi .. nUTle aem.inary in New Jeney. He has octu· wrote to Mrs. JanllDla. The letter I,ied the pulpit in the Prell)yterian waB given by Mila Vera Jane Keppel, lIt was Indeed' the eo,d of a perfeet " . 1l.orrow"_.~_.l'rtd To. it de Corpit fI"~1l DeaUyl jold oct the seldier's apprC<liation. of t hureh il> that eity till bwe oocaaions, who reail "The Man In tbe Sbadow," day. Its mamory will be .... eeter as .. Woman, God BI_ Her" ____ 1 'Vcry kindnelll ohOlWn h'im, o.f hb eour- one very recently, and !.be enUre con· -by Biobard Child. Hel good stage ap' tbe daY' go by. lJ'berefore we bope ~ ______ _lI. lli1ton Vu Dyk. age and twtitude, wbieh remained to b'fetg8tion bas been grea lIy impresllCd pearance and well adlapted aui- modu- and pray that al.o In !tH. lDatter h1a. tbe very last. f'lith his ability and hie personality. lated voice held the attention of the tor may repelit itaell. -. Vd N., 'to. Varlly .Rev. H. Hoffa, g, S. ''14 SGClety 80., __ .-0.-,- &all Br&tUn au'Clienee till tho very "ndl 01. tile read11Iere W88 little question but that a IProf. Wichers ipOke of the personal .A feature ot the pr&gr&II wu & preI~ fe of Sergeant BGaenraad, and' 01 his cail would be extonded illy the eIIurcli. ing. 00.. Keppel is a pupil of lIin Miaa 1l1.. Boer8ll. It l\Iowly replnhip ideafs and con_rallon -to bll Lawrence Dalman, '1'1; and EeLward Ethleyu Mets of t'he Hope College ill« ber old time atreDigtll anil wa hGpe pbeer Gf tile p..... t lDelllMn a lJIIO, flathed 0. 11& ICreeJI lifter 'ehan,terII&Ie lia.ter. TIle family Ie well-beWD to DiepeOllhGrst, '18 have reec!lved rene,,· 13ebool OIl Expreaaion. 10 ICe hu 011 the OII8p1IIIOGn, all of !tIelr ICbolarehipa in .. hpmiltry The Hope OoBe,e School 01. Mualc, _ r b b, tbe toaabll&lter retatl.. to the PrefOllor and Wl learned a great hand wdtillc the . .n. deal of personal interetl trom the In: 1(1 New York Unlver.;ty w.th ,75 ad· Coun.ded and fo.tered by Prol.. J. B. iMlI8 Gertrude Mn1lJ'lDP 01. tbe tNvieWll, especially with the mother dUional.A.t the time they were olrered N~erk, bal bom year to year proThe buqllllteen c1.WM'a.d,.IIter tu dI.... lbey were forced to forge !tie ciuced IUny doe musici..... The pro- elaII of '18, It hete ta 1pIIn4 • t"; ...,. n.aq bft. .etioa uc1 o~ 1'1" rd George, re&vM4 to WI opportunity to enter the natlona} ler- gJUI preaellteil thi. rear by it. paplll weeu wi UL her old fri.1IC1I .ac1 (f>. er P. J. Blegen, Pretideut Gf the JunW. lurelr .-ir. ' tuto wh. It IIbocle Ia Eo 8. lalII, _"*I Wt&ll Ior C\uI, 01. whle'll both boy. were ',;ee. lJ'bey will ~ill the)r .dunud Ih. . jult what It i. dohllf t& raiN comOl to jewelry. OoapaRlatio_1 Me..v UIil ~ elLtbu. members, paid efoquent tribute t& the ,tudy nert. faU. lilt muleal lWidard' oct lib. eo11"., (Oo.tlallt4 CIa "ap .)






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alia .Uellt.

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TB1JlU8 BAUa, '20, WBJ'l'IS nOM RUOI:


When in need of anything in Drugs, Candies or Toilet Articles, Call at

Candies, IceCream, Sod.., Hot Drinks, the attitude of IludenU at l4bat aer· Soa ...nd Toilet ArtlelH "iee I I aile of ,Gnuine .Ureerit,. and (Sor,eant Peter Cooper bas lrindl,. .....1IoMt ••..,. w......., 4u1. . tk. 001· Anythlnglhat can be bougbt at • .... , _ ~J 11.40... or Hope OOU.... allillnimou. re8pOn&e. We were one in contributed tor pwbtieatiolll Lbe folloow· atore drug cur IOrrow, one in our devotin, Onc in lnr very intereating'letler trom hi. 2 Welt 81h Slreet • .o.uD, 01' Bl'fOU l incerit)'. trlend, "Tut" Baker, who ,baa been ___.._..,0..,__- 1'. 1. •1........... , .. ............. W .., witb \.be Medical Oorps im France for ....... O. '101_ . ••• • .. ... ..• .Aa_1 'lOme time. 'Many Ropeitee remen\fler IIoIoa II. Boll .................. · LIM'I" for class and society !'Tu~" as 'fomh ruetnber 1'_ O. JIlt., ........ . ... .. .... Bopo,lor In a rcee'llt ' lBlue <If tho A11antlt of tho 00<:0 near-iIlllIOlllt Prins·Baker and bunch parlil's lit I • • Jl. 11_ •.... . ..• . ..... · .4tklo&l.. A Policy with the there il a wonder· Moul!hlr 1.... H " . ...... A ........ Kaelwa• • qunrtet. llis lett r is fldl of allusions LuUo a-alrl •• ••••••• ••• • •• ••• 411lOlAi (ully reJre6hing article,. " The Oreen tlwtt cannol fail to inleresl!lll Molenaar & De Goede Gorin40 PI.I. ... ...... .. .... CamP" N.w' Hill Far Jor.va,.." In' theae times ~f tea. 1'_ J'r1M ....... .......... VI.. P" Nlw. 1918 biggest in the history April 17, 1919 ru.h Jobn Oalawortll 'brIngs US 10 Ibl lIania DI :woU .. .............. Bop14 'In Dear Frater Ooop: of the company. 1919 going quie~ af nature nndl tbe quiet of mind Dlporlal..1 Your very Inderestillg letter rooehCtI AND OXFORDS Try The HOIl" &Ibbou ................. _ •••.r Ihat 900tbe8 and Bets US right .f.or a stronger. Consu lt 010 Bailie t~ ago a nd I 511 re WfIJI glad Ho." Il0l .................. . .......lIt.. 1 nl'!W start.. Phone W. V..4" X e......... ........ 0Ir.. I.1l0. 11 is not th e purpose 0'1 111Is e~.i to rin : to get a line from Illy ol ~ Sutphenite 1124 Hulland. Mlrh. 1.... PoIII ... .... ........ ....... """IoIa.1 in aom poor manoer 10 rClproduee hi buddy. You ond I SDT have drifted 210 Ri Yer Aye. sOllie distaneo apnrt silleo thnl Sundny :-_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _;..._ _ _ _._ _ _ _ __ _ sf'DlimC1\\! . Ever)' shldent ought to ~_ .......... ,l.aO per JUl' III ad..... rend the orlicle bimself ill a bait ilour lI igbt when we stood! on tll o COrtlor of ...... 00,uo................ rt.. 0..." when' he can tear lllm&ell loose fronl Sum1ll.er street alld d elded! ,,·het her -w Wall ted 10 grt inlo tlhe game. !Do Aon\>I04 ror Ibllla, al & ..1&1 Il&le '01 bia aurroundlJl.ll'l. ,..Iop proyld.d !<Ir 10 SKllo. 1108. Joel Wo havo smiled' M the old philoB- you reme.nber the nighl o( ....Vell 1 811re Of 0.I0Il.., 18n, 1.lboTI"4 O. lOber 18. glad thai I did II t into it and 1 1111. phe.nt who 83t aud IboL nnd You're assured of the best when you buy your JeweJt·y don't regrel for a minuto nnythlng It,ot alld saL, till their livelt were Blltr· here. We ore careful in our selections and we offer you All eopy for pulllieatiou in the An· cd oul with th e world not BO much I've gOlle thru. ;El'ell t.ho you II vcr only lhat which is worthy of your consideration. ohor mu.ot be in Iho band. of tbe editor it go t over I 'm 8ur~ you reel Lhe 8umc bettor tbal~ th e y found 011 Lbe Frida,. noon preceding the date From tho looks of Perbop. w i Lh 'u er uus, wny :¥bout it. of poolieation. things it III~ be a long time beJor. theoy smile a t us, tryillg to ••• aChieve the irnpoBsi4>le by Our- exer- we'lI see euch oth er Ilga iru to lnlk 0" NonCE tions, II'llb aH Ollr >I~rri e8 IIl1d fol .igur, er old! LImes olld unnoy 1I"re nn(~ YO Il 24 East Eighth IRay evell uen'lllle U!lck illio eivi~" . W. 'l'hl ADchor 8i&ft' takes genuine witb not el'en lime to think. The prl'VailiJllg call i, to do, to a re tnking in aout :l5 [Jlltienta a day pleuan 1JI 1III101111Cin&' to rea4en aDd f'rieada of \he ADchor jthat \he JIAIxt ifI· !Ilrive. The colle'ge student find s il aud el"lleunle lob so me nnmbe r. The aue w11l be the lIIIIual "XMMngen of true. li e mu9t bo u soeinl illdividunl, population of th e howpilo l 'hovers 1I.ope" IIIIJIlbe. For the benefit of hc lIIust l.a ye a elenn strong ,body, hr nround 250. 'Arosl of the trooJls or in Anything inlhat line at Ihe u.e rea4en who ban JleTW bad hold must streIch his "'iL to en leb fijI illK faet nll of Ihrun in Ihls ec lion ure la b!llij~Ii",. alld u I.>\)od Dlony of ' : "' r 01. fOlII' of u..e . . . we state tbat tile li ng 01 !!Cion ., he IIIUst worllhip his ".'.Inc- of Hope" nomber ifI at God. He slriv"" to do tbis IAveoty - Ihelll " sh ines." The Star arUJ' l$\ r,pe' 206 River Ave. 'aya nil tho Combnl dh' isioas witl .be pat'UIIOWlt lJItereat iO aU ,atwlenta and I'hree bounl 11 cb:ly. Postri bly be sleeps home by July but that dO Il't .treet frlellda of the tnJt1tutl.on cont&lD1Dg tbe other hour, p058ibly be doesn'l II it cIoIa 'II'Ord from JIIIA7 of the lead· But h""y otten the aluMnt lacks per- us nny. One of I-he most per$illleat IDe a1mIID1 of the collece &lid " record 'Peetivo ond intelligence in b i~ id 01- rumo", ia thut the }'relleh will hke of their 'II'Ork.....lIDpe'. &lorloua Pllt ism I. If only he would meSSure hilll' t'hill over for tI civilian hOspi tnll ns Ihere ure a great 1II0lUY ci vilian s r . mnat be "" beIoeon1lcht of the fUture • ell by the mensure of tbe universe, Becollll lIC4luamted with 10ur collelc .f ho would thi~ throngh for hi mself lUflling to Verdun and ,·ie inity. How30me of tbe mighty problools, il b, cver tbot doern't 8eOlll li kely ns long tIIroIIill ita lloeta p4 ,AlJunD1 who • mad, it famoue lin IIWIY lan.d8. Bead would, reme n~ er 1"'3t th e wells of 1)(loW- .s l.h~re nrc so mnoy soldi ers here. So all we enn do is 8it tigh nnd wnit u ~re not lobe d'rhing, ru sbing hour. their 1UPIrini warda 1JI the next 1saut but those "' h6J\J be looks himsclf ill th r ror tlho finol "Roll pnek8." of the ADchor. face and tben dreams or th inks 01 W,,'vo bee a llo l'i ng 80me migohty lTorsh ips, he would get a better grip rooe wealher up until a f_ week.~ ngo. HOPE'S;HDO DEAD on tife. Now we nre havi ng more AROW nnd On last Tbursday morn ing, fnclI'lty [t is a beautiful ideal for every lII~n Mill thon 1\ 0'I'e hod all winter. Did and friend s of Hopo gathered ill the to ha'\'e his own" Green Hill, " some tell you tbol 86me of our fello\\'s nre ~bapeJ to pay memorial trlhU'!~ tu ,:be ""here in Ihe nature thnt God enlled alie'ndir,;g Prelll!b Unh'ersi ti 8' My at two Hope men whoso supreme .,aeri Re. good, some spoL ",hNe he eBn be alo ne fr iend Snyder ( I tbink l'l'e told ~'o u in the great eaU!& is designate I 011 our wit'h hims~lf, 'in tbe primilive on,l abou t him) i. atlend i"lr the Unh'ersily service fiag by two slar·li'ke rlll ehe, natu ra l, order of existence, tbe mind • , N"Alley . At le~sL two years of col· of gold.The 8en'ices were in I caliv" and hea.rt boye n grealer breodlh on(l lege work wus required so I couldll't of bhe esteem and th" re, e r~lIt'· depth. The college mon IIIUst hav, Dlake it. One o{ ou r fellows i. at at prices that are right amounting almost to worsbip in wbich his" Green Hill," aetual- or imogin Lyon, three at P ori. ond MOUt Iwe\\'e we hold our fallen be roes. It i~ gold· ary. J;f be is to bo WOrth,. of his len .t Nancy. Aool;her .friend of lIIine (n like for a man to iny down his lifo in I.. lellis he IIIUS\ '00 moro tho ll ono of ~'re&hmnll frOIll Albion') nnd I put in II.-----------"""~r------------_r tbe "ibli nd mouths." -Some people our at>J>litat ions to go to 8ebool nt a great cause. When Private William A Jail."," !ream, .orne aet, a few do neitber and tbe A. E. -F. University at Beaune. I ¥ta 8ergean.t Oooogo R. R1tenTaod a f~ do botb .The college man must elieYe that's wbere Obarlie Devries is were .till with uS we tho\lg<J1\ tL '. 1 no Jo both. Witbout tbe dream. and I h ~ stationed. My fIrl clld's application difter.nb and no better than ~nyon e visions and the perspective from th , come back approved but I never heard -ANDrlse. At least we nevcr ecnlemplo1erl ., Green llill," his is a balf deve loped /:0111 mine. No comJ)l'ee wby. From / life. them as pottDtiot heroes, sou", who the letterB I reeeil' from tllCTe, all L, would willingly sacrifice all for n not as rosie as you ml(ht suppose. ireat ideal. We never dreamed tha i When my fri end got tJlie.r e h(\< nnd nll on day it wu going to 'be Lbeir blesse,' the others hnd to hill 12 mile", 10 an, r rivilege to la,. down their Ilves rOI other town and hcl p put up b... rr:l~8 i umanhy. But Olll rnst Friday- Ih , Th~re were no f1 oo," in tbe bu ildings new Memorial Dn~-th e whole nol ion they 81e'j) in. 11 0 eOls, no wind ow)! and 19 E. Eigh th Street Cilz. Phone 1582 n.-II!1gelaer Polytechn i.c In titut e .t the wbole civilized world in reeogni II. rleeide<l lock of ,brMd' nnd' 01her cat!. tion of the service th ey have perlform Troy, N. Y., is ngil"tinll lOr Ihe s He tell me th ings nre coming 010111( l d bowed in deep dC"otion and rever Inblishment " f a ,branch of the R. O. nicely now, ,howe,'er. In S1litc of all T. O. r nee at tbeir temlbs. that I wisb I could' lmvo gone. Any. At tJbe service Thursday morni ng, il for n change nnd nll~' wny I 'm Ihing Students olld facnlty of Cen1rnl 01· leemed to Ua more of tbe txue Hop" 'nrC it would hO" e becn n worth whil e :<!ge <lbsen-ed Campus Doy;' Mn)- 16. !!pirit was in evidenco than at an)' ~erifl 0 nlld help lIIe brush up Il R -0etber oeension we hlliVe witneesed ttis An' unrxpl'eted gUt of $750 is Ibr tew of my stud ie8. Next month I 'll year. We - bll've baa d<!mo"~~ation. nueleus 01 8 fund frolll ""Ili eh IIi lis- be entitled to nnot"'er ten dny 10:I\'e. Jewelers, Optometrists in honor of our athletes and our oro ' b le College bopes to build· a new gym· but aN of t·he otber fellows hlll'en't -'. Wo have lun'g Iheir p.aisC8 lind had thei r finlt onc yet so I gucss I'll n..'lsiUDl. :eeounted \'Peir tropb ies. But Thurs ho"e to wa it Mvbile. -0eay morning the unpretentious, solemn Have yon heard about the two nIYW 1A'f1 c-r a long and 'bol li er battle, th e lervice, so cfi fterent in tOile from nny aoeieties on the ca mpus ot Hope' Th e ' tu llents of Allbion College hnve de· 18 west 8th street we have experi.cnced before seemed t, Bol. hevlks wbo are in (.ovor of trlcnd,' -id ed upon Purpl e nnd Gold B8 th e touch a deeper cord Dnd e,'oke a nlore ~irlll, and Ib e ·W. W. W.'s-Wo Wu't college colors. II!DU ine ruponae. -0The old WOllle"" lIPeaks for i~1if. Tbe tOile of tbe sen 'iee was .ub tudools of Lawrence College pre- ba kot ball learn sure i. goiD'g some. I clued and quiet. traco to face wilh sented an Mny 216 an elaborate Mny- lIndcrstand IAInt two 01. the team are -I he porlrait cJI. our heroc. gh'ing theil DlY PagMnl , " Tho Olorlous Down ." Freshmen,-which looke prelly good livea for a great ideal no other atti· -0!or the lul'llre. Well new! is mighly tude would have been filting. Bela," Willia mett" University is ru!lbill( rcaree ao I'll ha~e to fini a. a seene tJhat Iw truly g reat, a IleCnr pkl ll~ to. a historical pIIgeRll t to be By the wny, mho i. lho nmse w1lO bhat i. truly ndille we aro opeechlct8 'given dUrlnog commocneement aeBtIOn, in ncloecd the note' Where ia lIhe from' and aw~rieken. We are laid that honor of its sevellty -fifth nnniversary. Wh'a t Is she 'like' lJ'ell mo .omeLllin.g Almerlo.... aold'iers relurning to our -0lI/boul her will you' I took tbe tiber. .horee .tter "avlng planned a great " The Weekly Alman;an" has comr ty of onnrering her note ",thout your . hontin·g aDd demon.tration when th. out reoplen<lenl with green Ink in ita eontlen.t. Hope I'm not tNlpGlIIln' on ~atne af ~rly should ' come into "O rten cap" edition, in honor of the priva~ propert,.. Fraternally, view, apoa Ilftlng it were lpeeehlHl Fr.......<.'tI. "Tut" B,ker.

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01. I_<dale memof7. liots tban _lie la ereolletlt. Lower !.ban !.bree ia pOor.

Guarantee in .Writing.·

.1dl3 123~

burdeD of hi. mell&.ge 10&8' Lo urrr Oil Br 8eiamn fL. Wetltmaa. , 1284G where thetle have /lnillhed their ter· ~. LOOk! at each 'Word beJj,w and caU vice. out the opposite. Thia must take on., In every situation ioyolvln,g the big :M:ia He\ene VAn ll!aalte \.hen tang power. of tho world tbe navies hye with m·uch tocllng "In F'landers' t bree second.: D. T. been Lho finL 1lO1n1& ol eontaet and Fields." Socrates they allwnys reullLin to the 'rery ood a Rev. Hamloling of Zcela od, Sgt. Ancbor very ;1Jtj>Ott.a~ owr. ThIs Irujt Roosenraod's pastor, cl08edl the pro· School. grent war was no exeeption. Tho fint gram wilh a mosL fitting addrellS, tol· 4. A nswer the loUowing quccUon. ehoL fired by Aim flcans _" /Ired lowing Prolt. Wokamp'. prayer. It very briclly: from allJ Anlerican ship. Tho first wu impr d upon us lilnL thc 8Reri· a. ,\Vhnt Is ice whon tfrozen' totl taken from iho Oermons WnS tak · fICO of life b onrs lru'tion and thnt lb. Givo tbe th eories of Archem e· en by tJ,O United tat oa Navy, and the '0 youl14: DlCD IiRVC not died In des, Nero, Oolvin, Gallleo and tho first ",tIS by no m(!jlns tbo In.t. "nin. fJ11'0 prlnciplo of dying to livc, Dlmnonl. Moreover the deep-<hreallhed sigh of reo pnrSmoWlt in tho Chrilltian faith, ba c. If -it lakea a yard and a halt of lie f accompanying the word lh~t he ~een ex('tnpliOcd in tho death oJ. OUf we.1 mlter to make 1In over h08 "arrivod sololy overse48," is but two follow·8tudents, who gn,'o Lholr colrl for a eodfutb, how long .... bomely exn mplo of tho woJ'kl ot Un· nil bhat IlllDlonity and t1u~" rid might 'WiLl it tnkn for a IIRrdine wdth L:tC Som's "Gobs. " livo. Our need is visio n nnd a BOWIe a wooden 101: to kk k an ele· Frem lho Limo lhaL Lhe rnw rooruit of duty. It wo hnvo tho d';on ond phant'a ear full of ocollnr but· henrd 1,i. /lr.t "You'IYlike it" and fail to answer the call of duty we nre tons. Illustrate with graph. reeeiv~tl his fiMlt shot ill tlte nrm un· 011ly drrllnlllrs. Lf wc do our fllsk U e [ration method . til h ngoin <lonned his" civies," tho wHl,out vision, drud)ll'Ty. rOBults. The -0gonl of every ,YOuld 0 snilor was to Iwo must be matett to mako the com· t 1:he jDorm ! 1"'"0 · 10 sen nod many ditl get to s 0 it . plete lifo ond ono tbnt will cou ut lor " We're good tri&n<i'.!, tetl me bow On Lho trAnsj>Ort, 'b nttleship, gulllboat, God nnd hUJUonity. you like 1Ily bat." (le!nroy~ r, su(bmnrinc, s01tJ·rJlnser ilnd ,pro! Hinknmp I>ronounce(\ tho hene· 1/ WI.)" not rentain good ~.ieud8' " I).' t rol boo Is, the sea hou nds rough t diction. -Po O. '20. -0-the s~a nnd uti Ihnt therein was nnd - tl1oy proved Ll,e'luseh'cs m~ stors. Mot hc.r to lIOn--" E<lwnrd, i L 's t illle to go to bed. ·Gct a 9Cllt (Jf coal nnd On "hirl'on~d th work of the in(lI· vi unal is lfwallowed up "lor the good go to bed." Son-" But Uta, L'm not <l bit tired." !"If tho llhi,,:' On I): tho record O'f tbe ship is illll>ortnnt nnd that is why in· Ml>ther-" Thcn g t UI) two !feut · divitlltal rr<·OT!\s nrc so Beldom noted. t~es'" -eThis i~ more than cOllllt~rl\",lu ll e(l(I, h(Mel·cr, by the co mlllon pride and in· Some ouo wn~ko(\' into nouk e lful· terest OC'eR lon~l\ by tho mutual hard · at They ta.ble wero J. diseuSl!ling college·course. !ler's rOom o nd not.iced tlrat he was Tho firemcn , ships nnll 1"",,0 es. HGaik"-" y, Rokken, in wba t lodking u.p ·worda in tho dictionary . "wny 00\111 ben en t'h tJ'e gralcs,' course do you i. te nd l'o gmduILte'" This perSOIl osked Bouke Of be W NO stnggcritlg on n rO king, 1>ln ngin~ plat· , , II a'k.· '-Er-n!l-I-" mnkijng up n speecb. He answered, fo. m, begrinlmed, ond scort hed \\;L1. Alico B, (eagerly iutcrmptiug)II No, I'Ill t rauslating t·h e 0 11 0 I mnde tho billsting h~nt is working 1/ for the "Iu Ihe 'Course of time, isn't it, H«Lk '" in cl'ocutiollJ yostcrd'ay./I 'good of the ship." Tho 8eaman as h ~ -0-0tands I.is walt h on tbe deck, 00 tlbe no (just returuOOI from overoelL8)(enter first o~ 8OCond wntehes) brid'ge or in tho croW's n est in Cnir "Myl bow you hBvo chBllgedl" 1st wa toch-I/ H olY is tt tbllt Mike weather or in foul; tllo wirolCtiS opera· She (coquettishly)-I/Thr belter or tor M he lislen. in on the me uges of Sehuurlllon. 'CU n j ump so bigh' worset" 2nd wnlch-l ' H e's !been <lrinking tbe world! nround b im, all r<,main on He (gnUnutly)-"You, dear, could 11'e 01 r t "Jor tJI good Gf till' ship." 8prin g wolcr nll hi, lite." chnuge ollly !lor Iho 'belterl" .....-exeunl. Tn th e whlll'l nlld chart roums, OVe'T


. THIS is the whole story with the exception of the fact that the wear and the service are guaranteed in writing.



. ,. -- -.,.




or a mong tho Chart., re· -0r~·itlg nnd • IId ing llI e SlIges and sig. How's Business IInls and in toucb with nil purts of the " Busilless i. all write," "Y" the 9hip, tho navigntors, t:ho eyes in the An chor r porlN. dark,·the brn in of th ship, plot an I "[ will ulRk e both ends OI C't1t," saya plnn logeLl.cr " for the good of Iho FranCe<!. hip." 41 ~ry 1J11 siiu~ss i9 ouna," snyS' MM. Ooly th e l·lIst and silent deC'I' 'k"ow l<'pnlou. "Picking nl>," says the 13u itor. nil of th<l heroic deeds of tlle ,boys in blue nnd only l~lo VIl t nnd sileut -()c:e<"p knows all of the heroic work Dn 'ker-I/ peaking ot ele·c.\ricity, thnt thoso boys still do, but t,hou, 0 tlral makes 1110 tltink." D cp, know est thin e 0"", nnd will Hnkken--" Isn't ;. rcmorko.'U le wbn t protect them ns a lon n. The Illre of electricity can do'" th e scns, t.he e:>U of the dee p ore Ml -010 bo forgotten b~· thoee 11<11 0 ha ve Sallngs We Shall Never Forgst hca rd it. lIeusie--" lIe ~vas In love witb being Jlecoming n eil' ili"n agnin the men in dove. " in blnc take with them a priceless in· Nykerk-" They out·Colvin Oawin." I'eri t nnce in mind nnd body. And the Meineeke-" Hunn n naturo is al· Nnvy elnims to bo 'un,iqu r nn ll tri'ply ways ~Iltl ally tbo slLme." tortunote in bnl·i ng such distincti". Miss BrulISe-" Haud"s." f'1~) nation fiS uOoL", l iar," ttsnil· -0cr," II shipmate," :and II Jnek, h Rn d Rapld Fire ~ntallty Test Ihe memori e thnt go \\;tq, tbem. Af'ter mnn)' 1II0nths of study we have ol'o\'ve<1 Ihis Uleu~olity te t. Thc per· S imon Den yL a nd J ohn Dalen· ~on " 'bo pn , es highest will r eceivo A ·1 <'Tg I~ere lh e gue&t of Mrs. Durfee leu per cent discount on any standing nt supper lost Wedn esday. he wish . 1. Wi th tho aid of your pencil (Itl pen may Ibe used) )eron out all tho 3'8 in til 1 ro.1>ll.'On below. Lf it V3k08 morr than a ll hour Y'OO wJll g~t free room and ibollrd ILt a 4lne pl~ce in Kolam'azoo. OM6M210l!MOO1 90


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"0. A. NO'fBS

'fh e Y meoting ()f lut Tuesday was of nnusual interest. It wa. Inrgely illtende<l for the partici pation of Sen· iora ond was loll by Ralph Kortcling, whose comrndl!1lhip we all learned 10 appreciate duriag his four yenrs on I he enlll'pWl. The topic of tho evening WIIS "Whiote at Hope, What'" ScI' ral of !.ho Seniors 1'old of tho influenco Ihot the Hopo spirit hud bod upow tbcm and how Lhey wero determ· ined in ottor lifo to carry it Into the world. PrC!!. Dimnent paid the A !IOciation a visit and in bia talk to ~he boya 'b. told them of tho big job 'b efore them, to live up to tbe stnndard Hopo bas sot in thl) yca" gone by. Thore were no tllgging momeu ts. The meeti ug of last Tuesday was grCllt. The other. will bo 1t8 fiuo. Why not 0 lIigger a ttondnnee, ],'ellows, tho Y meetings aaord tJte best trent you e"cludget ing inyoor dbligations. eon yourIIcademic eolillge course, not You call't niford to miss the bellt. So let '8 COIllO oul to tbo Y more regularly. -Po C. '20.

••• Y. W. O. A. NOTES


The regular moeting of the Y. W. A. wus huld Tburodny a,fternoon. in the chapel Tho meeting wus quite well attouded ill spite 01 the irresilllnAlle rnll of the Out·ol·doors. The nm me ting w ill be the lost regular meet· ·uoged to attend. inglTho of leo this year thewore girrsFIO arc deT8 ol OlId \.his all weCik! r· euce Vyn lind Anlla Am Ie. The topie " Alfteo- CoUogef-What'" W'BII 1Ih1!)" handled' by 'Miss VYll who gave ua a vivid picturo of tho many opporLuni· ties awaiting th e college i radua t ce of today. Tbe Med for leader.. ie g reater tban ever bOfore and the ,world is 100ki1lg -hlwarda 1)()Ucge gi rlll \ 0 at ep ill alld dll t bo 1'ICIllcles t1!tat a re _ open. The challenge ia belore ai' ShaU we a-eeepU Vita liario »aabot .nng "The Lord ia )1;, 8 hepherd," il1 .,e'eiaJ requetlt.


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Ha:nm, 5, W. 8th 8 t.

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23 Wts! Eighteenth S reet


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Capital $100.000.00 Surplus and Profit!,

Boquets for parties Decurations for festivities

SUO.227 .7 ~



Twelfth Street Floral Shop PJuim


Interest paid on Time Deposits Compounded Sr.ml · Ann ual!)




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1lie Home of Quality


Cit •. Phone ISl2 50 E. Eighth , t Olll h to '2 3.m. HolI.nd ce ours I to b p. m. Mirh .



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F you were studying by an Old smoky oil lamp and suddenly a modem, sun-like MAZDA lamp were thrust into the room, the contrast would be dazzling. That instant would unfold the result of thirty years' development, research and manufacturing in electric lighting. And this development commenced with Edison's first lamp-hand-made, when electricity was rare.

The General Electric Company was a pioneer in foreseeing the possibilities of Edison's invention. Electric generators were developed. Extensive experiments Jed to the design and construction of apparatus which would obtain electric current from 'far-away waterfalls and deliver it to every city home. With power lines well distributed over the country, the use of electric lighting atended. Street lighting developed from

the flickering arc to the great white way. Electric signs and floodlights made our cities brilliant at night , searchlights turned night into day 3t sea, and miniature lamps were produced for the miner's headlight and automobile.



before leaving for the summer


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19 f. 81h SI.

T.lephone 1149


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WEAR ~------_ _..!

General Co General Office

Electric. '" Scheriectady.N.Y.



in diseases of th e Eye, Ear, Nose

WooI."lh', 5 "d 10

,,"I '

Office Ho urs, 9 to II A. M.

2 to 5 p. M. Tues. and Sat. 7 to 9 P . M.



I have r esum ed my practice

iI ~~:~'

Holland, Miob . pata-i rs ) :::



.. and Throa t at 22 wes t 8t h St.,


While the making of the electrical industry, with its ~ny , many interests, was developing, the General Electric Company's laboratories continued to improve theincandescentlamp,and manufacturing and distributing facilities were provided, so that anyone today can buy a lamp which is three times 88 efficient as tbe lamp of a few years ago.


OffiCI 72 W • ST.


The Story of Your Study Lamp


We M.rt All Boats and Train ,

II · ~


Cib. P.... 1442


Dr. A. Leenhouts


A Good Manager ; •

is one who knows that the spending end is more oiIplpor. tant than the earning J,d of .' his work. The best way to keep the ' earning end up is to keep the I spending end down. That is just what a savings account in "

~:;bank does.

Start oneto:'

S.SpnBtsma &Son Peoples State Bank' HOLl A~D, MICHIGAN

Holland, Mich,

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