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HoIIaod. Michipn.

May 23, 1917



. More S.cho/~f" .GLORY DAY CLOSES . .;. \ ~~~ps ~bt~lne4 by WITH HOLLAND CmZQI~J' "':,lJr. Godfrer... MEMORABIl 'MEETING




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Caesar n'llO - l'o'mptT won tbeir vic· torlee and paraded down th cobble Itonea of Rome in trlumph'a1 prC)('e.. ion; but tbis time it 'was our turn. Alter , , e!, f a yClU', re?I!IIf ~ith "!e\orl Alma MaleT III basketball, ,,' debato! and io oratory, what eould b. morQ 6tting, in eclebratlon of this nscend· ancy than lile Olory Doy' pnroae'" of May ~, It ,,'II 0 real parade,' -fegularl ' or· a beau 't "u, g nnized, well' vlnnne, " I ' '-an r, attrndive. The participant' coogre· P · . gatcd In frollt of tb. Hope rIDhug Omce to form h, line"lllld ' stnrted the march down Tenth street. "


Gtrard • Baap' '16, •I Gd Ta, ' 11lpi8 ,




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blullt munl" Olle of theml No "Deller than tbe reali-and th e damogb was ' und'er way . .. f Do you kn ow why you orc tAught not to apologize' BocRuse we know mor~ _• 1 • ,t, ,. , now thnn did those Romnn.. We dJ The ndar bi~ of 'h e evcning "ns . n not · respon(' 1, or 8 hau Id no t , t o f a Ise ' ef . sebolnr .1' nud l1i~atcrl)' '~ne en• ittetl, tU8ions. , • . ...... w. r. f • t " Oratory nnll ib·c Statn.;' \, wo deli". ' . eould be seen ma rsh1l.Ii,ng", ,the , .\ , ---. ,. ' b ' ... .' So, wh on 1 t eol th2t in n senKO t. IIIUst . ered by thjl H q. A. P. "Ohn 80U, ;Cditor into line . \. L ,. • LORt Tllesday evenii.g nt the hOllIo of tho drand1l~IUdi' Nows: make OXt'lloee, 1 do so with rcr erva: Dowo Tenth Street, College ArvQnue, of Mrs, Maggi c V.,.meulen, weddin:: Whenl on e' I'llnsltlers- the ' ta tha t tiou, I make them knowing tboy are an.d E 'lgb tb the "'rocessioll palus, beUs rang tor Henry C. Jacobs, ' 14, I ' ' d . ' bl d ' coni .. " . best- understanding, Y t ,~.s rarlo an re.mar It 0 pro petillO _ ., cd w,,' th Iho • b"od pla.nng its nlost in · ond Miss Cora Vermeu!fn, ·Pre\l. '09. f aod buous. you know that in ~ J' ",as wr tt e~ tbe hoprs , 0 I 1'1 it It. JlIIi' wa vi n:; Tbe ceremony was performod b~y~~t1!~le~~.A:'· .l(.':"...t.':;""'lI.~~H'""lfIlT ,~.",rt.u.._ lt1t'~:-4a)"! __ baTll-'HttJ -trill spiring mc lod it.... el'er,....,..l!Ye. • --. + IIb"c- . .T. W; 1rea~jr iee, r., delivorcU ho reollzes that it is uril?,,81!;' to p:cpnre for anything but what id The V ·let·or'· - har,'o' '~iJl time mod1 dant-EmeriCns of the Westorn Theolog, •. I I II ..... , T expre:e~ 01 us by our eount.ry. ., •• hc od. 1--· Seminar)' . }'or a number of vcau ute to pro 10 .t too. ', I:l. ~J' to I Y00 are en t 'tl' . t0 0 fled t.O a vi torio, bear ng OOt ora n, "*' • dress Is printed iu nllridged fotm in , eu on tb''8 oeroslOo Miss Oeegh, and Messrs. 1..lIbbe!s nnd pnllt Mi .. Ver'l' euleu bas been a teach· this i•• ue. earefully prepnred disc'ourse on the " .t in the publie II<' hoolsllf Holland. j,e t' f II I GI d I Th Seholten. was followed "y au 011 con· Th e 'allowing were nWRNled medals ople 0 ' e, o~'. . ory ay e d th t " ery well known iu tbis city and is , ' I . II II . . th taining tho della ters an e mem le'~ iI," omtory : Miss Mary E. Oefgb, .'20, very IIMlle 'lUp, es a lere 18 If! e O uuiversally respc"'ed nnll admired. .. 'Id ' 11 ' I t ' I t ' d t f the taeultY. . J . L II bb era, '17., WI est Ig I • 0 r Ie gn e on ora ~ry , Mr. J'ol'OllIIl .ll! One of the most 'lIol.e<l Si DUX F0 II 8, 8 • D • ; I rwm Next in lin e <INno the rOllrpony of em· Ced ar Grove, Wis.; E!I'w . Rrd! R. Koster, And still, I atond before you unprepa~ . OmtOr8 e" er grnduated frolU Hope. Hi. d t I 'U t tI h ' .... 1 bryo soldiers with " .ta 'J8, l;IQllnud; and Wolter A. Brholt cn, e 0 ascen( WI I YOIl 0 'C1!0 e "". rt d teeent re('or!! i. still .fresh in tbe mj ll (~ uad t d d t I'" II I I r al ·(t , marChing in pert~d , or c~, a.n . 1 ' I , Vnlle v "'''rill'''', S: 'Dnk. . am no reBKe 0' we II t 10 re m~ .., . • 0'£ Ufe presell t student generation. ne ,"I' &~ h t I '1 b ' A d h ehowing remark ..ble eu'clene)" Co n8'Y' Debating medols were awnrMd to w ere ora ory S elllg. n .w en • rt WOK the winner of the loeal Prohibition 'I I' tring the 'ew drills it hod rceel\'. . the following: O. Mhrvlll ' Bi ower '17, I an)' that, mean that or~ ory, In a tl R \ ' 'oll test ill 191,~ , nnd subsll<)uelltty won . . It ' Ih' rt Aft er the 801(li ers cnme ,e e( ro~!. Hamilt OIl; Jam ea Burggrnalf, ~i9"Hu(\. sense, ' 8 all Immneu a e cover, a 10" . I bl tt'.. S.tllt e ..aIUlEastern Interstate 011 · I tit ' tl tt' b Tbe Red Cross gn 8 were o. eapa e a so oville,' Jay Flipse, 'J7, Hollond ,' t ,a ("a. K WI • a .~ lUg W cre every TI tesu and "'.s awartled sel'ond p:nee ir. , '1 b f I d t I arn .eame p Walter GII:11Ige r, '17, Hollnnd; EIIITeti douu IIIUSt e per eet y 011 accura e y squad all eal' be found . , d ' tl R I the National Oratorieal COli test n.t To" I .• h th tl t' t equod of f emin in't y gO'Wlle III .e el, 0 .. K.illzMgn, . '1 8, MU8Kegoll ; Zellll 8 Z. eonSl( 'reu, w ero e es Ie Ie mee. White Rnd B)lIe, BII '~rLi.tlir nn~ potl'i6· nekn, Kan.llI. . ' Luldens', '17, HolJou'd; Bernie Mylder, thc rcal in 0 most perfect organllllD anJ On August I he will aasume the P08' d th t . . . ._ tie group. ' I Wa It"or ' A. Bel10 It e~, 'I~. , un Cr e 1II0S oU!l)llelous c.reums ... ne. tora!e of lho Sixth Reforllled r burch ' 18; Zer IaliI; The peregrinator. eOlltinuer! up Ri ver ANY k Vnlle.y. Sprirtgs, S. D.; Paul '-ISI. eg~an, es. a ~enue and dowlI Oollege aven ue, an,l ot IballY, ew or. 17, Holland', Millard Van oer eor, The best wishes of tbe An rbo r loll ow , , theD won bo~k to tbe High ~ol. . 17, Orand Rapid's,' Artbur H. Voer. him nO(l hia bride. We predict rarel , We ore lIeariug the time when there They created much favorable comm eot man, 'I , Paterson, New J e'tJe",' and 8ur ..stlll coree... tor tbem bofh . , is much for tbe orator to do. We ard among the el'Owds of people lill ed 011 Cornelius R. Wierengn, ' 17; Cbicago. lleoring the time wben u!,on him wh~ the .id e w Iks. 0 Those MYarded balfk~t balf' '' H 's" has t.he gift of Wordl and exprclBiOll The second section ot the porad?, were: Co.ptain Marillu! Van Putt ell, .. ill fa:1 tbe responsibility of muster. egnsining mainly of ooats, WII . led by '17, Hollnn(!; Lowreoeo H. Dahnan, ing into oeti im all tbe. good instincts the fife lind drum eorps. Th e fl oats 't7, Hollan!\; P et er N. Prins, ' ' 19, Hoi. of mankind'. We are lIenrillJ Ihe land; Tellnis W. Prins, '19, Ho:tond ; were attroet"'e and omusi llg. Ther~ time when onl)' be will bo caUed an or· was tbe K&iser inrnrcerated In 0 cage Harvey J. Ramok er; '18, Cednr Grove, ator ... ho has the strength of mind and drawn on-a plalto.m wogan. There was Wisconsin; and }'red Voss, 'I , Powers courage of Jleart to go out and do. a float bearing moidens clot bed in be· Ll\ke, N. D. r tee I it a greot rctJponsibi:lty to ad· witcbing attire, representing 011 th~ ---:0::--dress mell and womon at your tltago countries ot the Orient ond of the Oe· of lile Like human ; ponges, yon ridenl. There was lhe treasu, y dray, absorb ond assimilate, and I d'o nOl p'arded by soldiers with loaded shot· want ' to bc the one to lead you to lee guns, tran sporting f our potatoes ex· things other tban they are. Tho e of poted to tbe gaze of tbe wondering you who bave brot bonor to Hope thru spettators. There wos a wagon behlnJ 8e,elMen Will Oompef4r ', or to glfh wbleh ' 00<1 has given you, must which marched farmer maids p.oparer) Follow Xute, WSenaia, 8\eIIIiiIIer Itnow that you have develop~d' .IIem for duty witb Iroe and spade. Then, o! aDd Labbten. thru a highly organIZed procell, and eourae, there was tbe canyaU ca rrying The strongeet loul oratoriChl contest from impre_ioos gained in your eon· the modern old·fashioned belles of tong of the ye .. will 'be held Tuesday (Wen. taet with wiae teaeber,. It i. their ago. Last of an. eame the lown, wbo lng, May 29, at 7 :30 in Wlnllots Chapel. victory,-not yours. It i, their eu?" greatly amused the children ",.th bis Thle meettbe annuat Raven Contest and tropbie. over wblch you are prooll, clever Irieka. -d'eeidn "ho shall be Hope 's repr~. oot yours. Wh ..t you have given .be And ao lIilpe Oollege st.aged nnolher sent.ative In tbe next state oraloriesl world you have gained In lbe &'betract. triumPhal parade in honor of tbe vi~. eonte.t to 'be held at Kalamazoo in What you will give after you leavft tories brot to ber by those of ber SODS March, 1918. here yOU' ...iII live from your own atore and daugbters wbom she delights to The rank. of our oratorl ha,'e been and from out of younetv ... honor. IOme ..hat depleted 10 that the rub U you .top with yoor valedictory, Some of the cbief charactera In Ihp of the' United States Army m1Jht ba yon will be of no credit to Hope. It pande "ere .. foUow" MiN Columbia filled. There are many who Intended you stop "Itb your clall oratioD, YOIl1 -MiN FlorelH:e Vyu, 'llf); UKle Semprtlp&ria, for thl. COIIteat of word. who» n&me ml,lIt AI .. ell Dot have bll. til· Zell.. Z, Lilldens, '17; John Bull-lLa.y are now eDPied In prepvlng for a rolled oa Ita record.. U YOIl CO ont In J. B-, '17; The Kaiaer-John Tim· eODtlllt of ...orll.. NeverthelHl, there ute &Del ••re:y talk without IOn!, me., '18; Vlvi&lll-Tooll Baker, '20; i, eueUeat material lett, od the wi" · out "III, ~I'bout 'courap, 10U mlghl. u CIo'tnI-Gerrit V&lI Zp, '18, "ell have laved 10tuMlf til, arcl_ (Ooaunfd on Lu& PIp)

80r NyklU'k. re"'oSd-c'd with n Ie' v words expre~ h's 'heartf~ lt thauko • for the c1egaut.Jgin, hlB neep Affection fo< a:Jl of hl8 .t.udOllts, and his !larnedt 1'l)r,1I08O to do all ill! bis .power to Ical1 Hope t\l alill greo ter triu niJi&i!. I

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Raven Contest Set For Next fuesday Ch&ac~

will be out

Wit of boeomlllg a ' learllld man or learned "oma'!._ • '.

By A. P. John80n, Editor 0; the Grand By oat canrlnr 011 YOIn procr_ a' . 1 Rapidl ~ews . '17, WiD Awards 1D. eJu~try. • me , JoIIII_. H,.er)r;, and :a Lov. Hope you contradict younelf. By . o"'a fI\, ' Raaj1,".'16, 'n~ la.v Fii,_,·l ICJup, Ftpre ~ Glory ~a,. . AddnIa dell1'lnll as ~ Olot)' 1M, ing content with the b-'-d,e YOll '11, bave -lieen honored ~ rrel¥in; I .• ,. ' CelebraUon. . celebration In WlnaDta Chapel" ThD1'1l- bave obt.a14e~, &lief <by keeplA, 1$ seholarahlps in the Medical DepaHment da, .velliDl, Kay 10, ., . .. . ... ... .. .... .. . t yourae:f and by yourself, TOU are J. of t11 1t Univenlty of Cin iQPPtil Th-"'6 - --. One of th e first things you /lre taugbt the 811l11e position with thOle of o~ alII> ;ble young men, b~au;e~ f ihe diligent l;verybody know, \hat ally tim. by your in'stru tor in oratory is not to izeos who at this time".are,rlUiDr ... and excellent work which they hay~' Prof. J ohn B. Nykerk.JI.eslres 10 leaN apologize for yourself, for SOUt su'bjett content to keep their freedom to tla~• , dooe in the hemilitry Department n! Hope for 1\ "lor o .Iue'a;ive position in or for y our vi w•. 'Vou ar . taught that • eh 'ea , wbile other nationa and . Ho.p.e .College, were telldere~ thea') 80me ulli ver.8it or )scl\Qol of Gralary nil thnt. is' required i. confidence In pe6ples are Ihackied in Ihe· bondata_ awards two weeks ago. This hono r has tq do ia.•IQ /!II):. the word ani yourself; in your topic, and in yOIl~ scl .t the place. n WAM thrrefbre al· 'beliefs. Still, it. i s but .human and the tyrnnt, 8nd elave. to b'urtauuatk· ro millg to .Hope lI1>ca. k s we II to. r , t' rul e, : ilL. Sciene. Deportment and shows Hope to tog ler fitting alld I'roper that, at tho nalural 10 apologize. Sometimes we It waa tbe philosopher &erUe. be a school of .uperior ad,'a utage& in elose of tbe retent Glory Day, Yay,1, apolo~i.e in the fear tbat we will not • sajil: lilt there •"ere a,man ... ho W this line, t.hesc being the fourth an I the ~ud~l1l1 expresaod their aptreCla. get t1w credit that we thbile is due us ' s u&ieot lorce be would shako oft aIIil 6fth scbolarships W01) Ihls year. tion . pf tbo ·Ilrieel""• • s61'vkea , f th~ without a Iitl:. symvothy. Thes. ,.ward. each amount to .15~ ilion . whonl some of us know or!l th~ M.ork Alltoll), made the most soeeeS3. break thru and 'escape , from all tll18; per yenr tor. fol\l' yean. They opdn 11 ;1 re l bf liS believe is the" greate.t ~e9' 101 npology in the hi.tory of oratory: bo 'WOuld trample UlId:~ ~oot aD lona\a, I las apd spells and cbarms, aad ,all' \jgrprollIuting cn reers f or· th err . I" I en I s cber!of orotory in'lho CO'll'ntrY/"bypru. "'1 8m no orator, 88 Brutus is./1 ,.... pred',~, sent;na ond if post inditatIoos jUfltuJ ..... ~iDl ." ith a beautiful' sllv r 10,Y' ' Humility •WOI his cli n~hlng I bold IIIWI einning aga;'net natllre. tbe QV' k d ' C liP standing dl<lntfitt.e~h inches tions they will surelr ma e goo In. , • I upon the hearh of the Rmoans. With would. rise in rebelliil~ \lver 11I, .... d lie tbeir chosen profesiiion~. " high. The Hon, O. J. Dlckem" ' 1, it hc unlocked .th r fl ood gates of their Iigbt of natural jURIC<! wO.lI1d .~. . : .1'" :0: mode ,lhe pres nt.atiow: lI\leeeh. Prates· sympathy. And tben that ,', plain forth./1

Th e procession ",os ' led by Oenerul "'··blngton and Geneml ~~e'I t1re~sB.1 n .~ ... In tbeir old colonial costu mes. }'oIlQw, ' , ,: ing thcm come the 8t~lwart , Unc;c·Sam , ' , Bud the beautifut Miss COlUMbia ill . . • Ibeir time·bonofed gar'll. ' Octosionally . fWi __ A. .~, . .. Cor' tbe Ubiqujtous -br wer cb,c, \0 B "'as elU7 .O:r'" ' . ICO.... '1" .. _ .. ... ......w. In coollnaod of tbe whole eompany, VenneuI en, -u ..... .'N> "v, t)'-, ........

o, )!





~ .. 1', f



$1.50 Now, $1.75 After Publication.



We . the people ,,60 ~ve ' tll'lt (orce. We are Ihe people wllo 'lIlIiet 4ba1<e tbe ahlUl,ltlca from the. worl" '~eI aet it free, UJl!ln you "ill tal\' h. greatelt resp011libillty in t~t wiler. talti.ng. You are living i,. no or~ time. You are living in a _eDtolll time of h"'tory, lioch qf halVe learned you muet di~r~..,..J'\I. put 'bas been a tailure except, ,,. j$.llu proven " thar tbe )laasione of, ~,ptn" . callDot 'malte tor a better .oel,ty. "'" must. adapt youraelves to a .0.... ()l tbinp. VOII lIilIII' o a ae1\,.,6rmiila'Of ~rI:tt:~=~ national and IOclal ~. ... -build on the of biltory a _ and bellcr worTd. . V ~u moat lean &0 dlstingUisb 'Dlltween oratory &1Id IC' tion . You must learn that to lay it ~ do. r , ,




From the standj>oint of rlll1llt.1, Obrid was tbe greatest orator that '"~ han over kllown. ' He lived! hit oratory, .W. have bad altogether the conetp' tiOD of the orator. I ODee hpard L1a. cotn's Oettysburg addreu re~ned to a "muterl, 0...1100II," In the II_ that it was meut, LiMolll ..... ao Qt. ator at all, When he had made that speech be · . t down 'broken.hearted, thinkhig beea11l6 ot the d~d .llellte that followed it he haa DOt . rewed tbe people. But no mao livu., eoaId have made such I. speech had b. aot lived it. Washington "u 110 OrM« '" in tbe sence tbat "e r~. eloqueu. In our day, And yet, his farewell to biI rifled, 'Wornout army b ou ·of 1M eornerllltones ot our repnbUeo taitl;,


/l'he rIDln who no" holda ollr dutial In h·i. hands wu the objeet alx montba aro 01 the most Inbuman abote. Kula of it wal oratory. TODlgbt we thallk Ood that He ' lent lOeb a man ill of oeed. TOni,bt we pra)' that be _y be spared to leaa o. ad CUIa. u whUe the doudl hanr low. Our hean• . , beat with hi, and "e feel tllat _ ahare "itb bim tbe common touell at • . hundred millioa free'born who are reid)' not only to defend their freed_ bllt :.' to carry It to aft parte of the I8I'tla. He a1ao, b ID orator, It __ tat w:ben ProvideD'" ehOle him, He cUd Wfor,et Paul aDd Boetat. and LaUaet and Oalvin anti WHI.,. tlae • • .tate, cbol'llh, ad phlIo.aph7, wile W the power of ezpre..... '1Ie1r til. 10 that al\ mtcht lIDdentaad. Bat lie Ia an orator who .tuda t.6 of wllaa lie .y" IDd who Jail wotcl8 "ttll deecla. Kay Ood P'" 1IlII atnqtII to etaoc! by aael 11014 &0 nW aM .... of tile lIew clay . . . 1M . . have harud ttl 'but .,.. tIae ......~ ,






of tile put, aa4 .... 11&1"


tW pdau,lt " . . . . wll1ell . . . all u _ On of tM OtI-Il-.,.. . . (0.. . . . .


horlson h.. vulohed and ... e luIow u· letly whit the rovernment iI rolng to c)o, It II tbe duty of every loyal elt· PlllIllaIaecl .v.,.,. Wecla..aay durlnr Ua. lien to perform ble daily work In 10 .oU.Ye&r by.tDd..u of Bope CoU.,. eommendl'ble I manner that ...hen his country .lngles b lm out for 'Peeial aOAaD or DlYOU Idllor ...... WALTIR A. BOBOLTIN, :1: IOrriee he will le.ve behi nd him a 1.__ 1&10 EdIIOr .••••••• P.1er Ooopot, 1 record without a stain.

m~t Ant~llr

LIIorar7 Edllor .•• •O_do B.b........ 0011.,. "porler ••.. Arthor O. Kald.r, Albini. Edllor ...• B.rD.rd D. Haith.. Each ...,. 141Ior ••• . J.... Kunuburr, 1.1.-1 Idllo....... ... AIl•• E. Bup, • . ••• Jlarc14 Jl. v.14Iua, (Jaapuo IdllO........ Haul., Z. Boltor, •. • • •• •P.1or O. Bolter, Rapid rill E411or•••• 11Ia.11" V"pll~ .• Job L DoI •• borr,

'18 '10 '18 '18


....... _ _,


"t '"


V ..... r • ••••• ELDRED 0 KOIZENO'&" : a ~

A.. " B.. ID... IIV..• Bb.o. D•• UJ~ 'P, 8ubocrlpllo. K,. ..•.. Chari•• D.Vrlet. 'ail A.. " Bub. K,...• Oler•• " R. JI.....lr.. '10 I

'1... - ,1.i5 per year III 14. . . . _ _ Ooplel - - - - ftft ••••rod

a.u ....,.4041_ po.t thl


0lIl. 01 HollaDd, 111.. 1... maJJ .atter.

o Lll'l". !BBAB FROIl YOU. Del Bio, Tnu, and Portland, Malne, are 3000 mll81 apart, bul those two , . h cities are the extremities to ... hle Hope men have departed to serve their country. Tbe Ambu:a~e Corps and the Coa,l Guard , the Cavalry and the Heavy Artillery, have all made tbeir exactions upon our ranks, and 800n we may u · peet still further brancbes of the ~er­ vice to claim reeruits from among our number. We are alllO i"for .... I1 · by a 810uJt Oity, Iowa paper that tbe members o! tbe contingent wbich left here to farm in 1/ God's country " have all obtained employment. Now tbat so many ot tbe boys ave 10)'&lIy ruponded to tbe call of the rake Bnd the riOe, why nol have a column or more in the An~hor devoted to r orre9)londenee from them. You tel:ow8 in Iowa, Ten., Main ~, New Jersey, Virginia, and! p088ibly be-


tore long,


• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •• "I ~ IIlIuuaaD Ubenf .. I ~ t.lIe Yiu of ut•." -Woodrow Wn.on.


••••••••••••••••• E'l'IQUlI'l' At dinoer several days ago, anum · ber of upper clusmen were having an interesting dilCulNlioo concerning a Dlioor rule of table etiquet. 10 a for · mal debate tbe qneltion might have beea etatad after tM. tUlliOD, IOlved, tbat it is perfectly proper t o sub-divid"e ooe's portion of rOBlt beef into small pieces 'before attending to the bu.ine.. of its coosumption; consti· tutiooality conceded. " ,Now, it is a fioe tbin g to ~now just wbat to do &nd wheo to do it. In ils final analYlis, bowever, tbe wbole ques· tioo of etiquet resolves itself into a matter of common lense. For after all, many of it. rules Rre of no impol'taoeo wh.tever. In our opinion it is of ab IOlutely no consequeoce whether a mall take. bl. rl ... in his right band or In hil lett, wbetber be encloses a atamp wbeo he wtitel a frieod or wbether he dos. DOt, wbether he tie. a girl's sboe· lace or wbether he leta ber tie It her .eit. The world it not 80 mucb iotere.ted 10 ho... a man .ela 81 it ia in wh.t be doea.




Profeaor John B. Nykerk entertain· ed with a delillbtful dioner party la3t week Tbursday. The guests were: Mi8:1 Durfee, Mill Hunt and Mill Vall Raalte. The party motored to Graod Rapida wbere tbey bad! their dlnoer In tbe Paotllod botel.


Wedneeda" May 9, tbe Juoior Clan had a farewell party for the boys wbo left tor tbe front. They went to Maclltawa and had a fine time at tb~ U·atlelt Cottage.

The Store That Sells Socielll Brand Clothes

Tbe . Sopbomore Clan alao had a party for tbe membere wbo left la~t week Monday. Tbey went down to Maeat..wa on Monday atternoOD &OJ at night went down to the dock to aee thei r . lalJllmates off. -:0:Tbe MiasCl M'IIrguerite and N ell~ Meyer and Ida and Lavina Cappon at· tended the May F8Itival at Ano A,bor a week ago lut Saturday.


The Delphi Bociety had a party at "rite U8 for pu'blication. And yall 1.facatawa \'ast Friday. It was a lIne girls, and fellows, too, who ~re still day and &11 the girls bad a good time. here, if you ha ve a letter whieb eion · tains any information of greAt inter· est, ban() it in. ncr The guest Rev. at A. Voorhees Hall,was Wedne8a din- ; Wlltrh next week's An chorl Be sure to read tbe new oolumn,-1I From had a party at Barnyard alld Barra b." -0. da: Senior Macatawa I&st week Wednellday. Ed o d h· Faith', Creed. I' fi Catlleart showe Imse. a. very no What does it matter if you never muml direetOT aod also a grand eo· know, toruioe-. .'rom whenee you came or whitber YOII -:0:Mn. G. B. MoCreary entertained for musl go' Mias Eva Te Puke last week Tuesday Whell thnt dread silence broken bv afternoon witb a delightful birthday your binth party. The room9 'were beautifully Redai .. s the 8pare ,ou OCClIpy on decorllted witb spring 1I0were, and earth' dainty refreslYmenls were served. What doea it rnaller! Tbis truth i8 . clear : Beroie Mulder'a life reminds UI, You'r. ift the tell_.." banda both That it does not pay to linger. tbere and here. Bioee he lett, a sparkling di.mond -,Anonymous. Glitters on Min Weave r 'a finger.

O~~o~-;nraad I<b;;;;~i.:;;




Herman Ter Borg, Prep. '19, .. Doe". Rui .rd, Prep. '19, Artiwr Be~reur~, '20, anet James Muilenrbulg, '18, have gone back to tbe farDl. - :0:'Wednesday Dlorning e~ apel '\"Puhippers were instructively eote uined witb a ten·minute talk on Army Y. M. O. A. 'Work by J . W. p qe of tbe Un;" versity of MJehigan. ¥t. PGe !'POke briefly concerning the work wh.itlfl tbe Y. M. C. A_ is doing in Fraoce, aod gave a short prospectus of tbe contemplated work among tbe soldiers h. the American training umps , -:0:00 Tueeday morniog of laot week, the Bev. A. W. Benjamin, who w.. a mentbar of the elan of '72, but whJ tailed to complete his coune at Hope, oonducted our chapel wou1!ip an~ , gav~ a short but Interesting intormal ad~re~s on the" Unity of tbe Cburcb." I Mr. Beojamin Is now editor of the Western Cbrittian Advocate, published at Kansas City, Mo.



We ... ere glad to welcome J.me~ Holfman, !l7, back to IIlhoollaat Mon. day morning. .. Jim" baa been aerving bis couotry I< so .... ""ere in Overll' el " duriog tbe paat ten etays, but be bas returned to bring bill yeer to a wbirlwind fini.b. -:0:Benry Boeven, '18, journeyed to the home of Ford De V rie., '18, in Overiael latt weelt. Botb gentlemen weot fi.hing Saturday morllio lit odd. were with them .nd 00 ataUti .. were reported .


. t3 and Prof8ll0r Pattef800 ...118 b8ci cotta io Jultlee Bobin80D" eoort Ian Monday Glorning for rin1lll hie bie~le 00 tbe sidewalk. Prof8llOr 1111 Fiehioi la coming ioto lu own tbe'le dayl. La.t Baturday mornu.g &evera! of our worthy men took the G,85 for Macatawa, ...d reported utraordinary

_eu. (Ooatinaecl .. Pap 8)


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-.a.mber da" .Jun. 61

'. the ~uty of the colonnga add to the inspiration one gets .from the style of this Golf Suit-an inspiration to 'get 9ut in the open; to ,!onquer "Colonel Bogey." Come in and try on one of these newest creationsbe first on the links with this smartest and most pra~ tical of all sport models. •

Whenever in need QfToilet Goods, Candy, Dru~s, etc.


1I'0111cwhcre in France,"

o Y. ~ O.IA. The week.l)' Y. M. O. A. prayer meet. ing was c""ducted Tuesday evening, May 15, by Jay M. Dosker, of the Sen . ior class. Mr. Dosker albly handled th~ them e, ., Uhristianity-a Neeessity." In tb. course ot his address he comparea the various religions of the world, and explained why Christianity IS the only religion that r ail satisty the needa of the human bea rt. The 9)leaker a~ pea: ed to all of the b4)ys to remem. ber ill tbOOr prayers the men Irom Hope who have left for tbe front. Only God Himself knows the t emptation ~ they will ha ve to faee, and only 00,1 o ean suatain them in their hours o~ "BVOELB DOWN ,.0 BUBINE88" trial • . ' There Ie doubtle .. no One at Hope Teulli. W. Prins, '19, rendered a wbo hi Dot lIpen t much Ume a8 a Ipec· beautitul 1010 just 'betore the meeting tator of tbe wor:d '. championsbill bout was given over to tbe a550cialioo for berween Sam Wilson of Waahlngtoll prayer aod tealimony. and WilbelmltrlllS. Bill of Berlin. We o have leen rounds enougb to know tbat Y. W. O. A. tbe boy from Junkertbum is a lroel, II Whal a re we fighting for'" waa and tbat tbe lateat bulletin Ie ablOlut&· !be topi<: for the Y. W. C. A. !laot Iy correct when it aays tbat I I after Tbursday. The leaders were Min Ger. tbree rounda more tbe light will ri ' trude Keppel and Miu Rutb Blekl\ink. lolve ihelf in to a ero!S~ountry run. " Aher tbe devotion'llla, led by Mia. Soon many ot ua may be ~al\ed upu~ Koppel, MilO Blek'kink 9)loke of our to a.iat , in removing from the mat ~he Oght tor Oh r"'t and the diffieulUes wa limp fo~ of the Les Darcy of interna. musl overeoms. tion'a l POlitiCl, and we ,ball be glaa Tften Mra. W. B. Pietenpol eJtplalneJ ; and proud to aid in the perfortnanee to the Y. W. girls a very interesting of the grewsome but necessary bUll· way in wbicb lhey migbt make tbemDe.I.· Meanwblle, h.... ever, it 11 oor . ,s.lIv.!S more ur.etul. TW, is tbru tbe duly to aee that the bumdrum of lItu· "Eight Weeks C1Qb" organiud- by dent life it obt neglected. Now Ie ~be tbe girls during vae.tion time in their . time ~ comp'lete tbat. outside reldine: o"n home towns. Sbe galle us inter. noWf ••I. tile time• to blab thoae l.bo ... • ettiog exampl .. of clubs her friends '. tory uperlmeDt.; DOW is the time \.(' bad formed, of the problems they had r8"Vl~... t~a.ef)' t', POe~ In tbe optllillil to meet, and of tbe benellt~ received by • day. of tbe WIJ' tbere wal verbal" aU tbe melllberi. The aim of a cluh 80m. e\rea.., liIr 'devoting m~re time to of thi. character is to overcome any turrellt e1t.au tbal\ to current r~lta · lpeeilll probtem of a community, &ad tio ..._ It WII weII-oirb impo.. ible for ita motto I. "Do Ye the Next Thing." III to eooc8Jltrate OII,r mind. upoJi thft Tbe girl. became 10 Inte ed tbat tllla,. that have 1I0 rel.tloo to the aboat a doZ81l 8III8elves a' pr_1 IituatiOL Bnl DOW that tb. leade ... .... w~1I taaporarDy obleored .ar ~l'. It, '18.


HE ORIGINALITY of T •. ,the fabric designs ...



The Er.ooomic PriDting Co., added to lu pnaelll oipmeat &II EmOOaing Machine &114 WhtD yoa ....lIt Card .. AnnOllnCemtota, Programa .Iat to leok )00 per cellt bet~ than Printing, ala price that will comt In and _ what yoo can t Leaye Ihl. clau of work at home formerly beeJl HIlt out ofto~'&IId help thOle merchant. that belp Y9a. The Ecoaomlc Prillting Co. hll.tuod back of you whenever glvtD.n opportunity. Now .uad back of

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You'UEnjoyReadilg if yOll Wtar a pair of oar apertJy ~lected rt- mOQllted 10 humoa~ wilh JODr fatura. For Uale q:pert ~ice JOD will be Wed to

MY only a moderate fee, not

at all c;,mmealGf1l!e with the benefit YOD ~III derive.

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See the liberal, flexable (ontrad , the Northwestem before ,ou bu,. C. A. BIGGE llllaN« , .

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The Bev. H. Kollema, '07, of Vrle~· The Rev. Dirk J. DeBey, ' 70, of land, Kleh., h•• received a c.lI to tb~ Lanling, haa presented hil Iibrar." Reformed ch!lreh of Spring Lakr, to tho Weatern Throl'oglcal Scmillary. },{Jeh. I It eoulill8 of over IGur hundred lorty volumes, many of wbich are of greal On lilt ThulId.y evening, MI.Y 17, it value. The book I are now being elabthe Second Reformed chureh 01 Kal.· lOed and cntaloged, and mark ed with m.zoo, Henry A. BUkerl, '14, or· the Itamp of the seminary Dlld Ihe dU ll. d.lned' • misllon.ry to Ar&bla. or'" nante. Those volumes whl r h are -0dUi/lle"l. OIlC. will be sold to th e st u· • Theodore F. Zwomor, '16, has Leen dento{, an(1 tho money accruing t.her~· .ppol\lted Prlnolpal of Cedar Grove from will bo ule(1 to purchase '. ew Academy, to .ueeood Prof. W. P. Von books to fitl gapB in tbe Seminary col· der tun,. '05, wbo)Jas realgned. • leetlon.







The Rev. M. Fllpae, '86, bas left lor Mi I Estber Forluine, PrPp. '04, i the E ••I in order to altem! the meeting of tbe Hoard of Superintendent! tbe Orst " daughter of Hope " to I nil to, of New Brun~k Theological Semin. France UI a IWd Cros nurae. Mis }'Ot· tuille is a memller of tb e hO' IJi lal unll .ry. ot tbe Pre byterian hospit al of New -:OtTbe Rev. F. Lubbera, '96, and Dr. York 'Ity, where she received het A. Vennema, '79, have been elected training. lI er sueces. ful poa nge th.u Pre,ident and Viee·President relpec. th e "borred zone" infelrtcd by the lively ot tbe Partienla.r Synod ot Obi· Kai.er '. IUcc bo!1icnl Bea·lion s, Is al· cago. most a ured, inasmu ch 0 8 tho . tenmer on whieh she sails is being con voyed by Mill Susanna Soerena, '13, uf M" three warship. . M.i.s Fortuinc '. lIIon y Kee Academy, Kenln.e ky, bas been ap. triends in Holrnnd are lI' ishing her 8ue. pointed u he.d of Ibe Germu ud ees. and sDfety in tbis brove unde •. M-.lbem.tiu Dep.rtments at Cedar laking in behalf of her eounlry. Grove Aedemy, WiL



The &v. P. Moerdyke, D. D., '66, Prelideot of the General Synod of tbo Retormcd ,cbureh In America, baa returned to hil borne in Holland after 'Pending tbe winter months in Cali· for niL Tbe ordination of Herbert Van Vran · ken, '14, II a foreign missionary took pl!lte on the 18tb day of May in the Second R.~fomned Church of Schenec· tady, N. Y. Thil ehnf'C!b has pledge,l hie IUpport in tbe foraign field.




Rev. H. HOlpert, D. D., , 9, has been bonored wltb tbe Prelldeftey of the Bo.rd of Superln1udenll of th~ Weatern Tbeologlcal 8eminarY1 The Rev. A. Va.ndenBerg, , 5, "81 elected to tbe olllee of Viee·President.







l'BEpyAN CONTEST On last Monday night thc Frc.hllle" wore duly ioitiat ed illio the rnnk. of Rope '8 oratorical 'battalion. Tho or<'os-

ion was the Freshman eliminotion cou. telt, whel> two oro tors were choseu 10 represent the ClaSB of 1920 in th e on. nual Raven ont e.1. There were four eonle.tRnta, and 011 showed hy their "x. eellent work, not Ihat Ihey nr ~ 'olll erd, but thnt Ihey are already real orator3. Tb e I peakera • of the evening wc r~ ~r~IISf8. WeotlllallS,-8<>hreur., Ol"!l!' a.hl Froger, all of whom are enpnble o~ represellting tho cla •• a,lmira1.ly in the final eont esl. But a. tnte <lesirc. 10 have ii, 0111 · two lIIay be chosen ' or that bigh honor. The lwo winn er•• wero MeMrs. Hager nud We8Imao<, tbey ~' ioning 11,.1 and seoolllll,lo "es r~ . speetively. The Freshm en IIUIY \\'ell be proud of tbeir r'-"l'resenlaliv ~s AII,I lIlay exper t them to gil'c Ih high r r elaltflmclI n r lose rO('e tor high hon. or. . J . A. S., 'I .

Henry V. E. Steg.man, '12, one t.bil year'l graduatel of tbe Weltern 'rheological Semin.ry, will be the firRt 9f five elaJllmatel to be ordained a tor· . ,I~ minionary. HII ordination will o J.~e place in. Ihe First RefGrmed 8'1'APLEltAJ(p ,WINS PREPARA· ehureh of Holiand lomorrow evening, TORY ORATORIOAL OONTEST M.y 24~J __ The Preparotor." Oratorical '0111 ..' WedneJday evelliog, Mol' 16, wa. beld Mr. tebba.rd Steg.",an, '13, one of Aope'l lebol.raMp men in Chemistry, won by Judson Stal/lekamp, S ID cmb r, 'It the Ohio Slate Univeraity, at Colum· of Ihe "C " ~ la ll8. H e \I'IIS n"'arde I ~UI, Omo, where he bas been takin~ Ih e prize of Ove dollars ill gold. Sec. work in cbemulry tor tbe past four olld place wenl to Winfield Burggroalf, yea .., haa been elected to the chair af of the "B " Cloll. The 01 her con. phy.ieal chemillry In Ihe Slale Uni· lestant! were Belljamln Veltman all,1 Willialll De Ruyter. verally of Washington. -·:0:Announcement h... been reeeive~ OAllPUS NEWS. bere of Ibe engagement of Miu' Beuie (Cootinued from Page Two) M. OlrJlbury to Prof. Herman Renlkt~ Th e Koiekerboeker society set ;, '0 • 'Ilhe coming wedding will be ~h. splendid example by contributing $1 00 eutmi,ation of • rom.nee a'larted on tdward Red CrolS Work. Fine worl:, the m~ion field In Ohin. leveral yea .. Knic41 Mr. Renakera is now Prelideot or ' Hope Coll e!!~ The new officera tor tbe Talm.ge Colleg. in Amoy, wbile the brlde·ta-be has been a millionary in Debating Leagne aro PI follow.: Bernio Mulder, '1 , President. Amoy for many yean. Peter COOjHlr, '19, Secretory. - :0:Eldred Kuizengo, '1 , Treasurer. Tbe Rev. J. P. Winter, '91. of p.ir· view, 111., Ihe Rev. A. Bolendabl, '97, Tho following Hope men arc enro:led of Leighton, law., the Rev. F. Lab· eRvalry. bera, '96, of Sioux Center, 10.... tbe under tbe Stars and Stripes' men, and are now litationed nl Fort Rev. A. V.nden. Bere, '85, tbe Rev. S. Dol Rio, Texu, aw.iting the nation's Nelling&, '00, of Grud Rapidl, .n1 Ihe Rev. H. Hueneman, '00, aUendeoi el.lI to a tion: Elmer E. Jowell, '19. Ibe meeUne of the Board of Superiu· Peter PriDI, ' 19. tendent. of the Weatl'rn Theololl'iul Coruliul Standard, Prep. '20. Semin.ry here tbe week 01 lla.y 8. Fred De JODgb, '19. CorDeliu. DORer, '19. The Bev. John G. Fag, '81, hal beEn Ralph G. Kortcling, '1 .' ea:Jed MIove to • bI ...ed rew.rd. Ho Bernie lCuIder, 'IH. departed thi. life on tbe 3n1 day of Fred Vo., 'l • May at hll home Ia New York City. D Dr. Faa wu v~ prominent the 'l'IUI Ia ......... to . . 'fnIe. wort of tbe OInam, the Mlddl~ John Steketee (Irl.nll.tinl LaUn)CoHeciate C1auft'b of N ... York u putor ud wu aIIo at tile t1.ae of hi. "Thrlee ~Id I I~row my Arm, aroulld d ea., t L P _u t 0 t Uae Board of For. I Iher ntek. Th.t ••• lar u I gol, Pro' If eIp MWou ", 1118 Olnardt Ia AII.nea. J wu III •• o~eh, 100.)

B eware at this eolulIIlI; wo bercby worn you, gentle reader, we heroby warll ynu!


Simon Dooker Den yl:- " I have J fri end Ihat su!!'ers lerribly from thr heal. " Teunil Waye nberg Prins:-" Wb. " does he live ' " Simon, e t~., et c.-' , n e isn t living. If -0-

Ma r v Brower saw tiomething green; bo thought ' lwos the :F'reabman OI88B . Bul when ho (Irew ueorer ho saw 'twOl o lookillg g:OS8.


Bemarkable Bema.rlta by Remarkr.blo People.. Irwin Lubbers :- " If you ca n '. caleb the boll, use your hoad. " L. Kl e inh ~kse l : ,. All hand we nt aahore 10 slreteh thei r legs l " Morg 1'homosnta : " 11 8 farm er took his 0lli oll9 10 ma rket ill a basket woulrl Ih basket bal lf" JMk BoolI: " DolI ' t tell tales in bug· gi c!I, h('('ollse th e horscs enrry storicH. U Submorinu. Von Put-tell:- " .F'igures eonllot li e, but t1",~, may bo pndd oc1 to Ihe limit. " HA r riet Bakor: " !:lhe got grnnulated eye· lid. from looki "g nt lhe . uga r stock re l ~o rt 8. " Blllllln lIockje: II Oh dcnr; those dread. ful exnmllBtiona a re lIeariug; r do I.ato them 80." Prof. Dillln cllt: " Eat, drillk, and be lI1r- rry, for tumorrow we enlist."


Pruf. It eusi nkl-eld, in Ame ri l'D II Lit. - ' . 0l'er's fnt" er was a DlOII of edu ('ali on,- aud his mot her loo.' Th iK was foulld in the Anl· hor hox ill Vall Rnn!te HIIII. We wish to elleour· ag " Ih e 8tnden t. Bnd Prep. to cOlltrib. ute j okes, hut if a ny more like tbi. on ore fortlwO IHillg'- - - . I


Wnit er :- " It o\\' II ill you hal'e YOll r st('ak , ir f" : Prof. :M~Cre. r)' (n hsellt lIIilloed ly)•. Well do nc, th ou good a lld faithful









._r. en


World'. Larcert Direct laltaUen .f Fmaa - - -_. -

Hope Co~ege AND

Preparatory Sehool


CHARACTER AND ADVANTAGfS An Inslitulion of lhe Reformed Church in America.

Careful IUpenllloD of the hMlth .Dd moralt of the Itndeats. Floariahlag YOIlDe Men', ... Young Women', Cbriatlu "-cIao tiODI. Llteruy Societies for mea aad women. School of MuaIc-yocal aad Ia· atrumenta1. PriRI. Scbola.nblpL Lecture Coane.

Established. maintained and con· trolled by the cburch. Open to all who delire a tborough PreparalolY and College education. C~ucationll.

Christian bul not aectarian Bible sludy.

"Micbigan should know more of thil inltitution. Only_tly ban I _ to a 1D0re comprehensin undenllnding ud appreciation of tbe apleadkl _k donc bere. I bave leuned th.t pat of Dine Rhoda Scholanhlp ell,fbI. Ia - t~t S _.... e _ grMIuaWHf C.,II........ ' - 111"........ 11 . . . . . . . Sleere, of Ihe Michigan Supreme Court, I haYe the alatemeat th.t Ihpe CeI leGc Is d~ing the higbest, tbe bett and the moat perlect work of III klaclla America. I tbd you rank amoDg tbe world leaden bere In the cl.mea ..


Ex-Gov. CIW& S. 0.-.

s(' r\' OIlt. "


The Western Theological Seminar,

Jlli • Dr". e: " Wie Komm. 1 du lTerr ' !:lt ein inger: .. NollO,ly. 1 cOlllb it lilY, self. If •

of tbe Refolmed Church of America II Ioca.ted hi BelIaad .do


joining Ihe College Oa.mpus. Corps of Esperlenced laltruclon

( A Ge rman shark, I gu ess--not. )


Pruf. ." k rk- " Mr. Wie"I., plense pu t ."our feet in I he window or 1 wm 1II0rk you nbselll.· ' - :0:Dr. Boardslee: li lt so."s in the en. liu el tbot Prof. Nyk erk is going to lick Ie MOlher Enrll. until she smil es uj) ot him." Dr. Kui ze uga- I I Well, Nyl:erk is just at thnt age when be will ti ckle Anything to get a I mile. "

- - -0'---


. Holland.' Micbipn


MODEL Laundry For Goociud ProlDpt Smite

It Pays Citl. Phon.e 14~2

'I Ie H I G A N

Holland is a cily of 11,000 inbabita.nta; OD M.callw. Bay, 01lelliDa late L..ke Micbigan; good boating, betbing, fishing .nd .katine; bea.1tbfal clliaate; picturesque Icenery; auperior church pri.Uqea; boat Ilae to Cblc:ap: la~ electric line to Grand Rapids; main line Perc Marquette RalI Ra.d frvm Grui4 Rapidllo Chicago; good connectionl to all otber points. AYE VENNEIIA,

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8kI1Ied WorkmIIlud tlIe - - 8aDitarJ lIet.boda BmpIoJed I • •.., RepJ.r Diaaer IDd Sapper



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Short Ord....


.&!fORO& ORATORY AND THE STATE (000110 ••4 from hi Pap>

free peop:e ill "freedom of speech." Tbat la Iho refined. way of putting It. "To talk and find somelbing to talk about" would more IL'pUy apply to our time. Wo Americana are tbo ebam· pion talkers of tbe world. To be able to talk i8 the .Brllt requlsito of an omea bolder. He mUlt talk to get :nt~ omra. Ho must talk to keel) nls "b. ADII when be il thru ho talks abo~l It to Iii. " dying day. If all tbo enorgy ,Uroete« into t hllnnell of America n Mnvoriatlon wore eon.ervetl for a c" 08tru~tivo P"I' pOle, thlft eo untry would DI·.,i the wor:d and 1111 tbat is in It. Wo Illlk Ikl mu ch thnt un enterprising c.,.np03~ ' made holf a million dollars thru wri~­ iog a song entitled, "If You 'fnlk In Your leep, D"n't Menti Jn My Name." Aud mudl of wh at is said tonight lIIight os well be said by 0 somnambulistic ornlor to on e(iualiy be .1· leBS audiOll'c e. Thot i. a wonderful laetor in our Are Registered national life. Wo should all .10 more II ,"U "aol 10 koo" all aboul Ihem motaphysi t"al thinking. We .houlJ baoe our thot s upon those prine!I,I.s of ASK MB life that are higher in n. liGn nn,l fln~r ;n nature nnd 1-1. ro ~ ler tha ll the lIIe ro WfI. J. OLIVE, Geaenl laelt. IOWII1I. IIICI gratificatioll of fIIollle n tary in'Jlul~e. ' .... IIU The scient·. of bei ng is not ro nrined to " our individual selves. It eon'plcte. oo r O. J. DI.koml. Pm. H. J. Luld. n•. Cubler 80cilll ond national existence 3 0 weil. Wm. J . WOII...r. Aoot. Cubl.r Our country will be what 11'0 make it. Il it i. gOI'erned hy n li.i nk ' ,,!! p'! uJlle, it will be superb r t ~, nnd nigh e,' ill n " deparlmeal tion and endeavor, thon will bJ Capital. Surplus and undivided profits tb e countries go,·ernc.1 by ti.e peor-Ie ., $127,000.00 who eilher do not think or whu., Deposita ,1.450,000.00 thinking i. donu tor them Iry king! Cor. lib St. &lid CeDtnJ An. Hotland. Mleb s.1I1 I'~tenlnt e.. It mnk e. Dol Jiffcrentc

Rockingchair 4'Onderwear

tak.es of t be old: ' world. We are tar from a sottled people, but ono IMng i. settled, Dud that ia, wo will for all timd govern ourae:ves In abeh a way al 10 Vrovo to the world that 8elf-gover,,ment 18 a 8top toward the elimlnotioll of orgoniled mife; tbat it brings with it presorvation of lifo ratber than de· struction, lIlat it brlnga bapploess in tho world-not grief, lu"'orlng and


Thoro is an orator whose oldquence like the allvery-tones of a slivery b oll bos melt ed OUi hearts for more Ulsn II hundred years; whose rb etori c i8 fault lell!, aO(l whose di et.on is aft puro n~ the new-fall en snow. For 1II0re than a hun!lrc<l years I110t eloquonee llU ~ proved tho gORp.1 of Chri8t and Uld philoBol,hy of Socrates, wben tllo oll e Stlld' LOI'o one anolher" alld tile othe~ snid , "Ho 1108 tllo first plnee in tho senl of hnppill ~ss who hos never known viee ill hiB soul.' Thnt orator is our count.ry'8 flog. For more thnu n hUlldrCtt yrars il hos turued bnck Olen 's Ireorls to primitive truth8, to th e thougllt thot we were all creat od eflllOI, thllt discord, possioll aUll strife hov e no ploce ill th e _iety of man kind. n represenls, my f ellow·mon, U.e clo(IUcn~e with which yau mu·.t gi"l yeurself in th o life thnllies boforo you, tho eloqnonco whi/.:h goOl be· yond alld benealh mere words to deed and actioll, Iho eloquence tlloL speokl not only from tile Ups but from th e hea rt nnd from th e soul. B eside it onr praiso and tr,butu, our mnnifestations nnd declaration., 'ore but (\i8eo"lnnt lones that rasp ogainst the so un lling boo"l of truth W oro slruek dlllllb by tho wcolth of whot we ca: 1 Ollr tbinki :t!!. Phy.!.·! Ilmt for wbieh it sl4lnd8. Wo are awe<l bj' ond metophYBics, th e lower nnd th e th e responsibility it holds brfore u.~ , highe r, Ihe materinl ~r.d tho spirit ual, as wo Jlroy that ove r wo may live anti I need your ront~ lIIl'lnte nil tl,nt IIInn kuolV. of tbe 90 deport ollrselv.s that no 81.ndow uuh-crse nud renlity. We C81l1 ' c.l kno \\' from our thotle 8I1CS' .nny eve r lall it we do no~ think. We CAnnnt ju.l:,:e upon its elollu ent folds. exeept u"on Jelilleration. All" we Witb nil our nlll'oneolllellt, our ncti v· s hould not 'ulk without fir~t knowing ities of lIIind all(1 tonguo, with nil 0111' that whnt lI'e say tIIeallS BOlll othing. highly' organizod oneollrse, our philos:rhe min(1 i. ilion ' s In8trument fo t ophies nn [l creeds, we bow In vcnerntion intelligent n,· tion. It defines to its spokesmnnship. We heed it3 C. l ...... c.Alor ,-. ~ ""_.""tc.Alor his rolalion to so iety to his voi.·o as the child heeds Ihe voice of coulltry, nlld to his goverUlllen'. It its rnotb er, nnd a. a 8011 the tender ia tbe mi.d that gOYOTIII,--nOt the call of his fnth or. body. It i8 the lIIind tllnt "penks,-not Whll1 shnll we say in rellponso to i~ . Capilal l$SO,OOO.OO : the 1II0uth. 11 is the mind thnt ereat - ~nll! What words shall you chose, you •• • hi I e8 and deftnes i.. ues. 'rho mitHl, a iiI" who havo brollght the bonllrs of elo· HoUed M10 I . . . lIlg, ex lllhIIg, s)lmtua tilin g, .. 1.lc (I"enee to this hriotian hool, ns n _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ first to recogoiz!· a fact. Jt rI'.e, :rol lribute to tbi. spokesman of a bundroj 1try 10 mov o th e mounlnin. It gles to milli 0)1 80ulsl Scorch in your books, WHO MAKES I it. 0 should !we be.lieve in our cr..:" in ~' our minds, nnd in your henrts, "lnd I try. Firstf No,-Illwnys. It stnnds seek for tho m08t beoutiflll thot th~t and should stnnd 1I 0X t to Uo.!, IIn .1 to bo. founu nn etho on hurnan lips. An f. • those wlw 1,0 not helieve in :1 Iud ot whon you hov c &.und it rni8e YOllr any killd it should slalld inron'parobly honds 10 this flog nnd repeat with Ilbove everything else. Ruth: " Entrenl me 1I0t to lenve the n, Desliny has placed IIpon th e Unite 1 or t o rot urn fronl following aftor tbee; I Stotes lDany tn. ks which it hopes to for whither th ou goe8t I will go, onJ perform without war, wilbou t strife, whore thou 101lgest, I will lodge. Tb y . a n[l without bloodshed . Our f oreialh people . hall 'be my people ond Ihy Gdd . ers cam e bere poor, hun led crenlurei. my God. Where thou diQllt J ,li e, and th ere will J bo buried." n Remember N ational Beglstntlou of war. During the Ihreo eentnri 06 CI't'Izens •Ph one '1470 day, June 51 f 0 II OWlDg . tb C d'Isco very 0 f A ' 1 . It~tI " n

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every nation in Eu rope was etll!a~e'l ill armed conlliel. Thero were IVnr' ol'el' religi on, over b orde r lines, o\'er ')WUcrahip a nd control, o\'er c\'(lr.\·thillA lhat bureau eroti e gOI'ernment coul,1 filld co ncerning wh;cb to to offor "I ' human blood. Th e~' rome frOID all parts of the ·world witll nil kind s idea:s and idens. Truly it is Imt. ·sur· prisi ug or unforgiv3b le if at times we f orsake trad ition, no maller how land abl e that tradition .nny be. It is nen III be wondered at if occasionally ove ure IHlte erratic. Bul in the freed maD'$ blood was born n dcsire for a now da~. T hat day i8 ourl. Row it i8 'pont ali'I What it will accomplish depfuds upon how f re8h in ou r memo ry arc Ihe mls·

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RAYEN OONTEST SET FOR NEXT TUESDAY (OontiDl.ed trom l it 1-.Ir' ) ncr, wboever he lIIay be, will have t. do hi. utm01lt. The orators hove already propnre 1 th eir oratioDs and are busy p~ rtee tin!: Ihe (l eli very of Iheir production8. Besides th e honor eonaected with winning Ihis eODtest, t here will be 8 fi rst prize of $30 and a seeond prize of 20 eatablished by th e )Jon. A. A. Raven el Brooklyn, N. Y. The co ntestants are as folloW8: Ar.ba. J. Dunnewold, ' 1 , Ja me8 A. Stegeman, 'I , Walter A. hoaen, '18. Jame! Burggra."', ' )0, Peter Cooper, 'Ill, Harry )Jagor, '20. aud Adam West-


E. J. Mac Dermand's Studio •


Waganaar &Hamm I:'~eo~o:~~gOfa;:~·:r~w~adh::~~e,~ II;~n~~ 66 West Eiihth Street

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Your Portrait A Gift that money can't buy, Hut for you to give. Your Portrait will carry a message that is next to a personal visit.


mans, '20.

P-ersonal Engraved Cards . . . .'" II )

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-.J. A. S., '18. o Farmer', Love Letter Do you earrot all lor mol My heart beet8 for you. My love i8 s trong as an onio n an d. 8S sofil as a squash. You are a peach !!'ith your radisb hah a nu t urni p DORC. You a re the app le of m~' eye, 10 il "e ean'lelope t hen lettuee ma r ry a ny how, tor I k now "e " ould make a happy pear.-Ex.

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