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Wednesday, April 7, 1926


D a m s t r a W ins R a v e n C o n t e s t ./A-

VAN VLECKITES ELECT BASEBALL MEN HOUSE COMMITTEE ALL SET FOR Tuesday night, March 23, after Y. 1 ,^ of all Van Vleckites was OPENING GAME M.calleda meeting at the Pilgrims' Home for the





8S The annua l Raven Contest In Ora- ^ I w t c o Wtt8 t0ry ' h e l d I n w , n a n t s Chapel Thurs- jg April 10 purpose of electing new house com- d a y e V e n , n g ' M a r c h 25, proved to be gj Baseball, Kalamazoo Normal. 88 a oonte8t of the highest quality g SCHOUTEN'S VETERANS MUST mittee members. Bruno Bruns was April 14 throu8:hout gg FIFTY-POUR HOPE COLLEGE - Most of the orations $ STEP LIVELY; ROOKIES SHOW unanimously elected House President Martin Luther Pictures gg SENIORS TO TEACH NEXT c f o r t h e * S ^v^T.T.irvrr omlng year. Cornelius (Per- W e r e 0 f s u c h h i ^ h a n d the ora- $ EXCELLENT ABILITY April 17 ^ FALL IS PLAN cy) Muilenberg was chosen as his t 0 r S 8 0 e v e n l y r n a t c h e d that the judges $ Eaaeball, Notre Dame. 88 . ' assistant in keeping the peace on the h a d a d i f r i c u l t task in picking the jg April 23 wInner8 gg A great deal of work which is done Hope's athletic interests have turn- second floor. On the first tier of cells - When the ratings given by g Banquet Sorosis. the difrerent gg at Hope college that is seldom heard ^ e d from basketball to baseball. Coach .jack Soeter and Richard Jager, Van Judges were compared It jg April 24 Was found that the firs gg of In Holland, outside of the local Schouten has had a large squad of Vleck's promising merchant, were t award was jg Baseball, Grand Rapids Junior gg campus. Is the work of the appolntWOn b y Rus8e11 candidates under his tutelage for sev- chosen as officials of the house comDamstra and the sec- jg April 27 0 n d prize w e n t to Nel1 v gj ment bureau, of which Prof. Egbert eral weeks and, although weather mittee. In this instance It was decida n Gosten- jg College Orchestra Concert. berg gg Winter of the Educational Dept. Is * T h e first a n d second prizes gg r conditions have forced them to stay in ed by the group that the most efApril 30 gj secretary. This committee has annual• ' tht nevertheless Jack has had flcient noise makers, if placed in auth- c o n s I s t o f thirty and twenty dollars gg Baseball, Kalamazoo College 88 ^ the task of securing positions for opportunity to select some good ma- ority, would best enforce quiet hours. r e 8 p e c t l v e l y . which will be presented gg Bariquet, Knickerbocker. The S8 the seniors who expect to teach In the ' terial. third and last floor of the Home t o t h e w i n n e r » on commencement eve- gg May 1 K various schools In Michigan aftd surFor his pitching staff Jack has Al- i 8 represented by John Tysse and Bill n i n g ' T h e A - A - R a ven prize in Ora- gg Banquet, Delphi. S8 rounding states. > bers, a veteran of three years, and Hughes on the committee. Hughes ^as established in 1908. The gg May 5 88 Last year sixty-one of the ninety Cole, who looked good last year. Bek- 8 U f f e r e d a relapse upon having this w i n n e r o f t h e first award will reprc- gg Concert, Girls' -Glee Club. 08 8en 88 odd graduates were placed In the ken seems to be the best bet from P ^tion c iignity thrust upon him, ^ Hope college in the contest of to May 7 . . . . b. u t . h. a s 8 l i l„U chi t a 88 positions they were fitted for. This ^ nce recovered nicely. SI M K n Oratorical League next »o v>aoo.v. n • the rookies. Jack .« is grooming De w 7 „ .-. , Baseball, Kalamazoo College. VGar 88 year there are approximately fiftyVelder for the backstop position. De " i e r s m a was a candidate, but since * gg contest. Girls' Glee Club a t 88 fouf seniors who are working for Velder is "Experienced In college h l a d u t l e s in "square deal sailing" arc In addition to the two juniors who 88 Detroit 88 their state teachers' certificates and, in baseball, but shows a willi-ngness to ^ e a v y h e resigned. The matter of won the prizes honorable mention 88 May 8 88 addition to granting the certificates, , work and should make good. First h a v i n g fire escapes provided was must be given Lester Bossard a 88 Baseball, Ferris Institute. ® a position is to be found for each one. > base seems to be the weak spot of the b r o u S h t up by John De Bell, and one sophomore, who won third place, and 88 Banquet, Cosmopolitan t h e la8t a c t 8 of t h e 88 Twenty-three of the present class who infield due to the graduation of Van retiring presl- Jacob Pelon, a freshman, winner of 88 May 12 dent w a s t0 a ® are planning to teach are from HolLente. Japinga will probably be givPPoint a committee to fourth place. 88 Recital, School of Music. Io k lnt0 t h e matter A ® land. , en a chance at this position. Do ° more de^ a ] l gg T h e R a v e n conte8t ^ open May 13 KS A few weeks ago an annual Groot at shortstop, Elenbaas at sec- t a " s o t business were looked a f t e r c o I l e g e m e n e x c e p t 8 e n l o r 8 ^ ^ JS Baseball, Mich. State College. ® booklet was Issued containing the ond base, and Vanden Brink at third ^ ^ e n all adjourned to their sev- b e I i e v e t h a t t h e g r o w l n K l n t e r e 8 t l n !S May 14 88 names and qualifications of the v a r l . are veterans but they thl8 will contest is one reason for Hope's 88 Banquet, Emersonian. 88 ous seniors. They are sent to prachave to very step lively as May 15 high rating in the M. O. L. This year ® • ® tically all school superintendents of Y. M. O. A. the new men are pushing them hard. some twenty-five young men entered 88 Baseball, Ferris. 88 Michigan, In addition the local com« In the outfield Jack has three veteran Into competition for the Raven Con- 88 Banquet, Sibylline. K mittee Is linked up with like commltcandidates in Bovenkerk, Damson and The last of a series of illustrated test, of whom the following seven en- 88 May 17 ^ tees f r o m other state colleges. The De Pree. Hope is sure of producing lectures on the life of Christ was tered the finals: 88 Recital, School of Music. ® secretaries meet at Ann Arbor f r e a winning nine If the new men show given by Prof. Hinkamp on March 23, May 21 Henry Burggraaff—"A Corrected 88 ® quently to discuss the circumstances Aup well. b e f o . . a meeting of the two Y asso- v i s i o n " 88 Baseball, Grand Rapids Junior. ® connected with this work. clations. The views of this lecture But in oroer to cv win their games the ^ George Cliquennoi—"Your Charge 88 Contest, Washington Bust, Or- 88 Every year the number of teachers 88 atory team needs the student body at their ' l , r . a » a n d res- a n < i Mine," 88 urrection of Christ. Some of the going out from the local college 88 May 26 i games. It has been the tendency for 88 most remarkable paintings of all ages ^ r " S e v e r f t n c e ~ " T h e C o n s " « " - 88 Banquet, Dorian. mounts, until at the present time a the students to stay away from the w e r e 88 , w « w ^ thrown uppn the screen and fairly large percentage of total graduMay 28 eames and fts a resuU there Ip but a w l t h t h e m ' * * " ** Bus.e.1 DamBtra—Eaat Versus 88 88 ates have chosen that profession a f t e r 88 Banquet, Addison. hftnaful of rooters, Manager Bqven^ . ^ » wry W e 8 t » 88 beau leaving Hope. ^..1, has booked some intonAQttnrr t ' f w ' review pf the pasalon week T „._ 88 May 29 kerk Jntepepting S Jacob Pelon—"No Weapon Shall of the Savior, The agony of His death 88 Baseball, St. Mary's. In order to enlarge the scope of , • games. Hope wlU tackle opposition •8 Prosper." and the Joyousnese of his reaurrectlon A 88 Banquet, Alethea. ' when they play Kalamazoo Normal, 9§ this work, plans a r e under way for Neil Van Gostenberg—"Thy Neighwere very vividly shown by the picgg the visitation of all Hope teachers, 88 June 5 Notre Dame, Kalamazoo college, bor." tures Mr. Hinkamp showed. Many 88 Pageant, Senior Class. gg and securing written reports of their Michigan State College and St. Lester Bossard—"A New Spirit of helpful Bible passages were also gg work, both for the purpose of help88 J u n e 3i-9 Mary's, Diplomacy." quoted by him so that the true mean88 General Synod, R. C. A. gg Ing the teachers In their teaching extr> o With the student body behind the !ng of ChrJifs mission wa« shown 88 June 11 £g perience and to form closer relations SENIORS WIN INTERcoach and the team Hope will como more clearly than ever. 88 Public Meeting, St. Nicholas ^g between the superintendents of the . CLASS TOURNAMENT through a victorious season. - -ogg state and Hope college. 88 Society Schedule: 88 gg Hope teachers have obtained an enApril 10—Kalamazoo, Normal. vIable Tho Hope College inter-class bas- 88 88 % 88 88 88 88 88 88 88 88 88 88 88 88 88 88 reputation for scholarship, # I April 17—Notre Dame—there. kotball tourname'nt failed to break character and willingness to co-operApril 24—Grand Rapids Jr.—there. precedent and the Seniors copped the ate in the various communities in April 30—Kalamazoo College—here. ' tournament with a perfect score. which they have been placed. May 7 Kalamazoo College there. XRUE TO HISTORY PRESENTA- The Juniors and Freshmen were tied In sending out these graduates with 4 May 8—Ferris—here. at .400 per cent with the Sophs, trailTION OF HERO O F a Christian education as teachers, May 13—-Mich. State College. In^' at .200 per cent. REFORMATION Hope is fulfilling one of the worthy May 15—Ferris—there. The final results were: RADIO EVANGELIST DAILY IN- ideals of her founders, namely to preMay 21—Grand Rapids Juniors— Scphs. 12; Frosh 9. The classic eight reel moving picpare Christian teachers and ministers. SPIRES MANY *here. Juniors 11; Seniors 21. ture, "Martin Luther, His Life and Seniors working for state certiMay 29—St. Mary's—t ; ->re. Seniors 13; Sophs. 11. Time," will be shown In Carnegie ficates: During the past two weeks evangeMa^/81—Open. Juniors 15; Frosh 16. Hall on April 14th, afternoo'n and evAlbers, Stanley, Hamilton, Mich. listic meetings have been held in Juniors 10; Sophs 8. ening. This will probably be the only o Anderson, Margaret M., Kansas, O. Carnegie Hall under the auspices of Seniors 15: Frosh 13. 7 » » opportunity that the people of Hol"Y MEN AT SPARTA Banninga, Edith D., Grand RapldSr the Churchford mission. These meetFrosh 20; Sophs 6. HI-Y CONFERENCE land will have to see this great hisMich. ings were conducted by members of Seniors 12; Juniors 11. torical and educational picture of the Barkema, Anne, Holland, Mich. Paul Rader's mission of Chicago. Juniors 17; Sophs 16. life and times of Martin Luther. Bayles, Marthena, New Brunswick, Three Hope college men acted as Luke Rader had charge of the preach# Juniors 10; Frosh. 9, N. J. It is a true to history presentation Vilscussion group leaders at the Kent ing service, aided by Mr Johnson, Bos, Henry, Hudsonville, Mich. County Older Boys Hl-Y Conference, of a great hero of the Reformation. It song leader and soloist, Mrs Luke Bos, Wilhelmina, Oak Park, 111. Is full o(f action, dramatic, gripphig united Protestant f r o n t in their re- R a ^ r B o ioi a t held at Sparta March 26, 27, 28. The xiic — — > "wiwiai, and uiiu Mr xar Latham, 14unam a and fascinating. It brings the mes- Uglous activities. It is through t h e m a 8 t e r o f t h e p l a n o ^ of ^ ^personel of the trio was Nell V a n 0f f o u r h u n d r e d (Continued oa Pact Three) Gostenberg, Roy Nattress, and Lester ^ ^ ' " a t eftorU. of the ^ p e Oal.ege Y. M- C.




Kuyper. These men were sent out l 3 i i e ' 1 U a ' I y n e e d e , i t o d a y - This p l ^ r * under the auspices ot the Y. M. C. 4., w 1 1 1 c h * n ( * ^ ^ fl^rp of Mar ln nt jitul this is another incident qf t h , » ' « » 'lYinfJ r , ... .. ' „ . * sonallty that w ^ become a Jiving good work the college Y is dptnS. f o r c e f Q r ? o p ( i QUp c e m m u n , t y ^ not only upon flur o w y a m p u s , b„t l n o u r e w n p e r < i o n f t i Also in t h # nearby counties, , 0

the country by the "Lutheran F l I "I'm going to get an awful kick out C o , I n c . . . w , t h t Buccess .nr1 .

A. th f t t Halland peaple wU. have this rare oRpartunlty to see this wonderfu! religious, edueationai. and inspiring Picture, .







ed that the thing modem college students need is vision. Mr Rader ridin cnapeI e ercl8e9 * of Friday culed the conceit that is so often mornln « M »rch 28. were conducted by shown by the modern college man The afternooon m e n t a t i o n wiil this group. The piano and vocal a n d he strongly emph.*l Z ed the need begin a t «, clock. * r t n g all the solos given by Mr I ^ t h a m and Mrs of religious insight and outlook. His T





" "°n-

t a t l 0 n Wl11


7 1 1e








^ 0 r t " n , t y t0 appreciated Illustrations were amusing but tremevening presen- by the students, as was also the glng- endously fitting. His final appeal to

of this," said the stewd, as ho bit the strengthening the Protestant church ^ 8 0 * A d m U , ' lng' led nn thp n n u i p strengthening the Protestant church 8 l o n f o r children will be 26 cents, (tor Johnson. • — . 4 » « . > • . . v . . b,


announcer, Mr. the students was to let Christ come A splendid address was ^ ^ ^nnsi come H." ~ " Mr. j k .


THE ANCHOR vitcorfy Is none the less sweet. Why ' not have a spring foot-ball practice fer everybody? Let ua plan now for victories on the football field next fall Subacription |1.B0 Per Year Then i u c u we wc may m a j have a genuine celebra— tlon. I am disgusted because Hope x STAFF ^ u d e n t s went crazy In the celebration Edltor-ln-iChlef.^ .Bruno Bruns ^ d forensic victory and not because Associate Edltore:— fittingly celebrated. I am dis-

she teaching in the high school, on last Friday night. As she was returning to her boardlvig house thru a dark alley after dining 'downtown, she~ was on. *— fired — She was uninjured, but had a nervous collapse upon reaching her room. All Big Rnplds Is excHed about the "sniper", who has not yet been caught.

James Ten Brink g U 8 ^ e ^ because Hope students do not Arlyne Haan v o c a i i y 8U) pport their teams. Ask Jake • — — o r G e o r g e If this Is done at the games Department Editora look into your own experience Campus Pearle Leenhouta and see if It Is done before the game, Alumni Agnea Tysae There are very few students at Hope Sports Raymond Smith W ho come home hoarse from a game that -the team lost. I am disgusted beHumor— Corneliua Muilenberg, cause Hope students are all there Paul Hunter when victory seems to be .certain. Exchange Mary Crouch Then we compliment the coach. When Campusology Lillian Schmld materlal Is poor and Indifferent then Questions Lawrence Borst we give the coach the royal razz. If my statement regarding the coaches Reporters Is taken as a slur on the athletic Head Reporter Russell Damstra coach, I most sincerely retract it. Reporter William Bonnema However, it does reflect the attitude Reporter Hester Ossewaarde of laige 'mbera of the students on Reporter .Lester Kuyper our campus and it is with them that I am disgusted. So I remain, still, Bosincfls DISGUSTED. Buainoea Manager -Carl Bovenkerk o Aae't Bus. Manager-.-Peter De Rulter STUDENT FORUM Circulation Manager....William Tuttle

o Anne Voskull '25, has been engag ' Big Rapids e ( i a g a teacher In the High School, and has already ibegun ^er work. Three other Hope gradU ates, Jeanette Top, Mary Boer, and Edna Reeverts are also on the /teachlng staff there. . o Thomas De Vrles, '23, has been appointed to take charge of the departm e r 1 t 0 f physical chemistry at P u r -




A little disagreement now and then; we all relish It. don't we? And that Is probably why the "battle ot words" between Digusted and Uncle Bim has '" 'been watched with Interest by the mamajority of Hope students. Mr. Hunter is disgusted, and instead of whisper. lng it to his friends, he broadcasts It to the world at large; It is printed In the Anchor." That was final. It does :_'~T"-our hearts good to find someone with 1 courage of his convictions; some—one ". wh6 Is willing to face the consequences; for of course, a statement like that Is bound to find opponents. So along came Uncle Blm, who. In a lengthy and more flowery flow of rhetoric, attempted to answer the charge made by Disgusted. And we say "attempted" because the general opl'nlon seems to be that the sick but optimistic Uncle missed the entire point of Disgusted's tirade. The plot thickens. Wihether the affair Is ended or not remains to be seen; but one thing la certain: there Is an Inslstant and growtng demand that athletics play a bigger part in our college life, and the demand is a worthy and laudable one. It is our opinion that Disgusted meant not so much to condemn our oratorlcal celebration as to convince us of the need of more "pep" and energy In our athletic activities. And who can deny that need? After coming from a high school where those who miss a football game are slackers, and where mass meetings with bonfires and all the other accompaniments are held before the big games (and this is a perfectly normal school), It is almost enough to disgust any one to see the delegation that watches Hope's football games. Our basketball games are better, but we could show a great deal more enthUsIasm without having a bit too much. Our chances for victory are bound to improve with the growth of our desire for victory. Perhaps we, too, have missed the point of Disgusted s argument. But we still maintain that, while it Is excellent to encourage our orators and to celebrate their victories. It Is just as essential for the reputation of our college that we show more Interest in athletics. TO T H E EDITOR Dear Editor:— .. Let me repeat the letter of March 17 that brought auch a storm from Uncle Blm. "Imagine a bunch of eupposed-lo-be-he-men going crazy because a lady and a gentleman rank high among the school orators of the state. la It normal or abnormal? Doea It take place In any of the other colleges of the state? Let ua use the same energy in talking up our athletic activities. Perhaps victory Is not as pertain or the coachingaa excellent, but


added to Hope's chair a good-looking boy Is stationed. The latest book ww.. " — ^ good winkers strong e Horary Is very unique in character. y 111118 Attentive glrlg are an j s a necessary book, beginning a list ^ to ac . en g " ^ most desirable. Clever ones easily m 0Sl 0 of Proper Amusements for College «, , , II „ . , n A a a A fnrt- celude the clutch of the grasping male. Students.' The college Is Indeed fortslowjt t. . I • q,,nVi a When the game begins to go slowJ unate to be the * — recipient of -- -sucn a d 1 t t h e boys b® 8 K gift. The donors wish to be unknown, reverse, an e e . a,a. a Olrla being naturally fickle, let the but to give them proper credit modaway too easily w inked esty allows that all appreciation boys ^ ) e ^ n ^ r j e t a W y 0 U ^j r e should be given to the freshman and Women e ^ ^ the junior classes. It Is entitled, • "How game stop an e your eyee by gazing at the celling or the floor. to Play Wink." After two hours you will have spent In the preface to this book one a most successful and delightful evenlearns that in these days of pleasure ing. The only objection to the game seeking and ennui youth resorts to o anything. However, Wink is not anyWOMEN'S SOCIETIES ELECT thing. It is a most aucceasful iceDFTiPHl . i breaker, if Ice exists between college President—Lillian Schmld. ' " boys and girls. This condition may Vice President—Helen Van Eas. just be the n a t u r a l . f e a r of the male Secretary—Sandrene Schutt. for the wiles of women. Treasurer—Florence Dulmes. After two years of college life junK. of A.—J. Jeane Hlnken. s iors are tired of all amusements. The old cry of "Something New" Increases. Sorosis The "Frosh" are still new and in the President—Margaret Anderson. age when anything delights. This acVice President—Marthena Bayles. counts for resorting to primitive ways Secretary—Jeanette Veldman. of amusement, such as "Wink" and Treasurer—Mae Hadden. "Farmer-ln-the-Dell." The latter 13 Serg't at Arms—Ardean Van Arin the form of old fashioned dances, endonk. now being revived. To be beautifully o — executed, the participants must Indeed Fraternal Elections be graceful. The vocal cords are also President—Richard Mallery. given ample exercise In this splendid Vice-President—James Poppen. game. Secretary—Jay Wabeke.

due University. Mr. De Vrles, who Is only 24 years old, was a student In ^j i e j,hy S i c a i chemistry department of . ^ e university of Illinois when he r e c e | v e ( j ^he offer; He has already t a k o n over his new duties. He was v a i e j | c t o r i a n of his claos, and recelved his Master's degree at Illinois in 1924 a f t e r a year s'jent tnere- on a scholarship. During his two years there a scholarship and an assistant professorship In physical chemistry have also been granted him. • This I am thankful for a student forum year he has been working toward a in which to relieve myself of a few fellowship, an honor which was rethoughts. The first thing that hangs c e n t l y c o n f e r r e d o n h l m _ heavy upon me is the honor system. Freshmen usually feel greatly shock^ ^ ^ A ^ op_ ed the way It Is ab»sed. Sophomores p o r t l m I t I e g t h a n h c flnds._Beaeon8. The game of "Wink" calls for a are very apt to take advantage of it field. number of pretty girls. This Is esto the fullest and Juniors and Seniors seem to be absolutely oblivious to Its many faults. Probably at no college Is there such a thing as a perfect honor system but our" honor system Is abused to such an extent that it Is the same as none at all. It Is obviously unfair for the dishonest student to receive marks based not on his knowledge of the subject in hand but on his much vaunted ability to gyp. There is only one plausible solution since the present enforcement machinery has absolutely failed. Every one of our literary societies should adopt an honor code for Itself along similar and more stringent lines than the present college code. In signing the pledge the members should sign the name of their society together with the words "Student of Hope College.' This should prove an acid test for the society's loyalty to the college and of the Individual member a loyalty to the^ society. The second problem that fcapps . equally as heavy is t h e subject of abaences both unexcused and excused. This can be better stated in one questlon. Is It fair to cut tests and take a test when the questions are known ? This Is a common practice under our

Treasurer—Carl Damson. Janitor—Walter Hylnk.


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4 # 4

On an East Indian farm, where the crop is tea, a wooden plow turns up the rich black soil. A woman drives, another woman pulls—and a black ox pulls beside her.

Alumni News

Dr. E. J. Blekklnk, D. D., has recently been elected a member-atlarge of the PI Gamma Nu, a national Social Science Honor Society. Dr. Blekklnk Willi celebrate the fortieth anniversary of his ordination this year. For the past fourteen years he has been on the faculty of the Westem Theological Seminary. Helene Van Kersen, '25, was unfortunate enough to have to undergo a serious operation for appendicitis white visiting In Pontlac, Michigan, .Fortunately she Is. recovering nicely, Jeanette Top, '24, had a most unpleaaant shock at Big Rapida, where


The Ox Woman

Pre8ent 8y8tenl a n d its result9 do n o t encourage the conscientious student t 0 ( i o better work. Yours, REFORMER,

Raymond Lull Zwemer, *23, has heen appointed to a national research fellowship at Harvard University for next year. For the past three years Zwemer ha^ been teaching and doing reaearch work at Yale Unlversity, where he received a scholargj^p a f t e r leaving Hope. The fellowand g h l p a m o u n t s to $2,300 a year, ^ f o r f u l l time effort In research o k W r o

sentlal. They are placed on chairs In circu ar groups. One vacant chair should be provided, but if the game lags, two are permissible. Behind each


Six hours under a tropical sun, a bowl of cold rice —and six hours more. Then the woman goes to her bed of rushes, and the beast to his mud stall. Tomorrow will be the same.

The electric light, the electric iron, the vacuum cleaner —the use of electricity on the farm fot- pumping water, for milking, and for the cream separator—are helping to make life happier. General Electric research and engineering have aided in making these conveniences possible. A new series of G E advertisements showing what electricity is doing in many fields will be sent on request. Ask for booklet GEK-18.

The American home has many conveniences. But many American women often work as hard as their Oriental sisters. They toil at the washtub, they carry water, they churn by hand—all tasks which electricity can do for them at small cost, in half the time. The labor-saving possibilities of electricity are constantly becoming more widely recognized. And the social significance of the release of the American woman from physical drudgery, through the increasing use of electricity in and about the home, will appeal instantly to every college man and woman.







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H **


As Sheik Van Wyke Tells It I was struck by the Beauty of her hand I tried to kiss her— As I say, I was struck by the Beauty of her hand. —The Ashland Collegian. — o Ch" IIHIIMIItlMMMMIIHIIMIIIIMItHMtlllilllimiM

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(Continued f r o m Pge 1)

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In what way can the question column be Improved? To give suggestions for improvements along any single line of work or thought Is a dangerous task, because In so doing, there is an unconscious tendency of conveying a thought which would Imply that you could do better than the man who has been appointed for that specific duty. If that thought should chance to materialize we must make the logical deduction that the aspirants for the job are many. Since that is absolutely beside the question we can proceed without Insinuations. The Reporter has thus far done very commendable work; all the questions have been timely and very interesting. However, the suggestion which I would make iu that he bo more regular. Have artides in every week Instead of skipping a week now and then. —Henry Burggraaff, '27 I think the question column could be improved if once, in a while two people were to take opposite sides of a question, and write their opinions. For instance, some such moot questlon as: "Is the World Going Straight to the Bow-Wows?" Grace McCarroll, '28

Be modest in speech, but excel 1 in J action.—Oninese Proverb. The gods cannot help a man who loses opportunities.

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Is vital to the life of your garments. W e clean, press and repair them in a mest painstaking manner—The way you like it. Pressing . . . 50c,

* i



Across from Warm Friend Tavern

Vander Kolk, Dorothy E., Zeeland, 0>',ll"lllliMl,,,IIIMII'ill,",ll"l"l,1,111 Mich. Vander Ven, James H., Holland, Mich. Van Dyke, Russel L., Holland, For Blom's Home Made Chocolates at 49c. a lb. Aunt Molley's Mich. and Martha Washington's Chocolates received fresh every week. Van Eenam, Ethel M., Zeeland, Tel. 5210 VAUPELL'S PHARMACY 8th and Central Ave. Mich. Van Hartesveldt, Carol, Holland, •! Mich. Veldhuis, ChaHes, Holland, Mich. Ver Beek, John, Hamilton, Mich. OR Distinctive Stationery, Unique ProVer Meulen, James, Waupun, Wis. grams and Menus, or Fine Papers, the Weaver, Edith H., Hamilton, Mich. Holland Printing Co. can serve you best. Wesselink, Peter, Sioux Center, la. Holland's Finest Printers 210 College Avenue Westerhof, . Anne, Midland Park, N. J. Wierenga, Alonzo, Holland, Mich. Zwemer, Adrian F., Holland, Mich.

Dry Goods, Coats, Suits and Millinery •


Vander Bush, Harriet J., Baldwin, [



B^ink, Theodore


Percale Shirts UnntiuJ Designs

Brockmeier, Lois Q., Grami Rapids, Mich. Cramer, Timothy, Muskegon, Mich. Damson, George H., Holland, Mich. De Vrles, Harry, Holland, Mich. De Witt, Everett, Prairie View, Kansas. Dull, Malcolm, Muskegon, Mich. Du Mez, Mable R., Holland, Mich. Dykhuizen, Adelaide, Chicago, 111. Dykhuizen, Gcraldine, Chicago, 111. Fredericks, Sarah, Muskegon, Mich. Geerlings, Jacob, Holland, Mich. Glazat, George, Grand Haven, Mich. Hesselink, Clarence, Gostburg, Wis. Huenink, Derwin J., Cedar Grove, Wis. Keppel, Kathryn, Holland, Mich. Kleinheksel, Gladys, Holland, Mich. Klerk, Edithe, Grand Rapids, Mich. Laepple, Marion K., Holland, Mich. Meengs, Anna M., Holland, Mich. Neeval, Alwin J., Waupun, Wis. Nettinga, Dena, Perkins, Iowa. Nibbelink, Ruth M., Holland, Mich. Nyboer, Henry, Holland, Mich. Nykamp, Russel R., Zeeland, Mich. O'Leary, Millrcd, Holland, Mich. Ramaker, Mildred, Cedar Grove, Wis. Scott, Lillian E., Grand Rapids, Mich. • Stegenga, Betty F., Grand Haven, Mich. Steketee George V Hollmd Mich Tyner, Katherine E., Holland, Mich. Tysse, Anna M., Holland, Mich.




Happiness is a habit. Cultivate IL... > —Anon.










Now located in rear of our store. Come in Men! * • S

VAN TONGEREN'S 12 E. 8th St. »#•••••••••••»

••••••#••••••••••••••••••••••••••••%*••••••••••••••••••#••«•«< ^ { } S J • * Your College Florist • :

"Say it with Flowers"

The Shady Lawn Florists J O H N B. VAN DER P L ^ E G '22, M g r . } . "Our Business is Growing"

1' • VJ ^ i r; 'IT"*

Try a Collegiate Sundae '* •

V i'w



\ t-J { {



All that is new in Spring Footwear you will find at the

Enterprise Shoe Store

tlO River Ave.


Advertise In The Anchor-It Pays.

r "

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T H E LOST K E Y A Mid-Night Dramit Caste: Hero—Ted. Heroine—Cornelia. W a r m Friend—Josh. He—"Good Night." She—"Good Night". S t u d e n t s ! " All is w e l l t h a t e n d s w e l l " . T e n m o r e w e e k s Soliloquy by Hero: " W h a t a splenof s c h o o l g v e s o p p o r t u n i t y t o e n j o y t e n m o r e w e e k s did night." of g o o d w h j l e s o m e f o o d . Action scene. Ted m a k e s a grand dash for Van Vleck Hall. Our Hera CLEANLINESS, SERVICE, QUALITY stops suddenly as he reaches the third floor. Proprietor Rapid thought. My key. F u r t h e r action. Frantic search. 4 «• K E Y GONE! Hero hastens to Seminole Hall. Att e m p t to call Heroine by phone proves futile. Hero sleeps with W a r m Friend. Next Day. Ted visits his classes in his Sunday suit. Another search. Heroine finds loM key beaide armchair. M o r j ' : Don't lose your keys. TUDENTS' FOREMOST EATING PLACE"

Cir^en M i l l C a f e

Green Mill Cafe




College Inn

Gebhard doep.rt know where lights are' at Poppen's because never uses them.

Start this season right and it will e n d r i g h t . C. E . P A T T E R S O N , P r o p .

Although this is supposed to be a h u m o r column the. editors feel that at this psychological moment it becomes both necessary and expedient t h a t we should run a series of adds f o r the general financial betterment of the student body at large, or to be more explicit, for that type of nonessential student of mechanical arts who persistently peruses that well know science entllted organic F o r d ology. Petitions are in order for a new chair to seat his royal carbureter William McCullough Tuttle. We could suggest an efficient and experienced collaborating staff: Doc Galman—Racing expert John De Bell—Systematic and Scientific Parking. Tim Cramer—Rear-end efficiency. Dick Mallery—How to be happy tho arrested, etc. Laboratory fees—$.25 per hour. Tuition $1.00 down and $10 when we catch you. F o r Sale—Cheap. 1 F o f J . Good references. Registered and pedigreed. Gerard C. Pool. Call anytime a f t e r midnight. Pilgrim's Home, R. F. D. Answers to the name of David.

Corner College Avenue and Tenth Street Malted Milks ISc. W« have C a n d y in Boxes a n d Bulk. Also big line of Bars.

Cota's Students Drug Store SUCCESSOR T O LINDEBORG'S 54 E. 8th S t .

ELENBAAS & FORTNEY The premier barbers of Holland. In the rear, at O 1_ l_ I E S



Hcekstra's Ice Cream CREAM OF UNIFORM QUAUTY 65 We, 8th St.

Phone 2212


the he

—at the—

MEYER MUSIC H O U S E 17 W. 8th St. Pianos and Victrolas rented at reasonable price!*


Shoe Repairing-That'8

Our Business

Dick" the Shoe Doctor ELEC. SHOE HOSPITAL D. Schaftcaur, Prop. 13 E. StkSt.


Phone 5328

Ready Dishes, Hot & Cold for Busy Patrons

Laughlin's Restaurant 72 East Eighth St. "A Real Good Place to Eat."

Lunches put up.





14 East 8th S t .

The Folks at Home would Appreciate Your Picture. SEND ONE NOW.

T h e Lacey Niudio Fine tailoring, pressing and repairing. Years of s a t i s f a c t o r y service recommend us.

Nick Dykema



Ice Cream, Candies, Fruits and Nuts,come to A. PATSY FABIANO 26 West Eighth Street


Personal Will the man, woman, or child who took Clyde's fiat tire please give it the QJaiiiiimiiimiuniiiimuMn iiiiiifinMHiiiiiiiiiiiiiMiiiMiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiii MiHimniMHiiiMfNmimiiiiinfntiHimnimin [*} air.


Kloote: "How is the shoe business?" Hemkes: "It is very trying—off and on."


She: "And all he did was pour out sweet nothings." He: "Ah! So he carriers Life Savers too?" o Den Herder: "Say bo, got a cigarette?" Hatfield: "Sure, want to see i t ? "

Discreet revelation—-not display—is charm's secret Patrfciai. elegance in dress is discreet and charming revelatic i of the feminine figure, not a bold display. Walk-C ver shoes have that same style secret. Here is one of many smart and dainty styles, made to reveal the lithe, at ractive grace of the youthful foot, with added loveliners in the quiet beauty of clinging fit, and the unmistakable smartness of Walk-Over quality.

Next Year At Hope '28: "I lost control of my Ford yesterday." (| '27: "How c o m e ? " '28: "The prexy found out about 0 IIIMHIHHMIIIHIIIIMNtttt •||i,|,lMIMI|ff|tNllHll(t,finiHtll||NNI IIMIIIH0 it." o QJlllllllllllllllllllllllllilllllllllllNIMIIIIIilllMlllinillllllllllllllllMllinilllllllllilllllMIIIIIM milllMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlfP The lowest man I ever knew, Eorrowed my teeth, and asked for a chew. m


1 You get the Best at The Model | 1

Victor and Brunswick Records


G r u e n ' s Watches K n o w n the w o r l d o v e r as t h e best. WRIST WATCHES

Geo. H. Huizenga & Co. JEWELERS

Opp. Warm Friend Tavern• IMMIIIIMiillMlllltiillltlMmiiMM'Q


Spring Suits & Top Coats Now on Display

only difference graduation in a man is t h a t "this blamed place" becomes the "dear old Alma Mater." o Kllley's In love!! IMAGINE THAT!!!!??




50 E 8 t h St. iMpn* Phone 5445


Advertise In The Anchor-It Pays.


**11 Pays to Trade at the Model" QMIIIIIHIIHilHIIHMiMHH

36 West Eighth Street •IIIIMMMIMMIilMMiilMillMMHHII.llllllMIUMillHQ) "O—

1 m aThe kes

33-35 West 8th St.


Reporter: "Whose funeral Is t h a t ? " Bystander: " J o h n Brown's". Reporter: "You don't mean It!" Bystander: " W h a t do you think he's doing—practicing?"

KEEPERS Home Cooking 29 W. Eighth St.

rvm* t '

Spocial Chicken Dinner Every Day

RESXAU RANT Home Baked Pies A Specialty Holland, Mich.

• •; / ?