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the anchor Upholding the principles of a free press

Pepsi wins in Hope cola war by R i c h a r d B o u w ^ n s staff writer

Students who had planned to Safety in their attempts to find a use the library or the c o m p u t e r computer they could use, were told center in VanZoeren over Easter that Public Safety did not have the

purchase all fountain syrup from Pepsi Cola for three years as a

"Personally, I like Coke better than Pepsi, but it really doesn't matter." The bidding process, which actuated the switch, is nothing new

business decision to cut costs.

to food service; conversely, food

Seeking to obtain a better price on the soft drinks they serve, the

service obtains bids on each product it serves. Without soliciting bids

f o o d s e r v i c e s o l i c i t e d - b i d s in January from both Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola. T h e C D S board of

on each product, Melchiori said that f o o d s e r v i c e c o s t s w o u l d be

directors, after discussing the bids that both companies has submitted, chose to implement Pepsi's offer.

explained: "First, students should understand that the bidding process

Not o n l y did the campus^" switch from Coke to Pepsi products

is a fact of life in the food service W e bid every product.


Phelps manager Chuck Melchiori said, "Service, marked superiority and program cost. Those were the three criteria we



W e bid orange juice....It is by far the most effective means we have to control costs. Let's face it."

were looking at. And after we reviewed the bids, Pepsi Cola was substantially more competitive." Besides o f f e r i n g the lowest price, Pepsi will place a designated amount per gallon into a marketing allowance for Hope College. The marketing allowance will allow the food service to do promotions that might offer such prizes as tickets to the final four or tickets to anywhere in the continental U.S.A.

'...[sjtudents should understand that the bidding process is a fact of life...' --Chuck Melchori

weekend found t h e m s e l v e s authority to open the c o m p u t e r rearranging their plans. labs. T h e library closed at 5 p.m.

Phelps has new Pepsi m a c h i n e s , photo by Rich Blair






new While

students have noticed that the ice machines are more accurate, they have also noticed that the dispensers require two hands. Jun




" T h e [ d i s p e n s e r ] m a c h i n e is inconvenient with the button up there." While Melchiori concedes that the new d i s p e n s e r s a r e less convenient that the previous paddle

Q u e r i e s have been m a d e regarding the accommodation of

the switch-over was inevitable. The old d i s p e n s i n g model w a s not

both Coke and Pepsi beverages in

h y g i e n i c a l l y s a f e b e c a u s e the students who receive refills might

Also, for three years, Pepsi will donate one thousand dollars for student scholarships on the three campuses that CDS services.

beverages could be purchased, the campus would lose the benefits and e q u i p m e n t that the s o f t drink

dispenser where syrup accumulates.

Creative Dining Service had

companies provide, including the

S o m e states already have laws,

determined to solicit highly visible sodas rather than just any generic soda. Melchiori said, "We feel they

soft drink dispensers. Melchiori explained, " n e i t h e r of the

which prohibit this type of selfserve dispenser.

companies are willing to participate on campuses [that purchase from their competitor] to my

To summarize the switch-over f r o m his perspective, Melchiori

w e r e both products."



According to Greg Maybury, Saturday evening and did not reopen d i r e c t o r of Computer and until Monday morning. VanZoeren I n f o r m a t i o n T e c h n o l o g y , their w a s locked S u n d a y , p r e v e n t i n g policy is to have the computer labs access to the c o m p u t e r s in the open when the building is open. building. A c c o r d i n g to Provost J a c o b This marked the second time in Nyenhuis, decisions to close are the as many weeks that students were responsibility of the Director of unable to access these resources due Libraries. He also noted that the to holidays and breaks. Students Library C o m m i t t e e is currently returning from Spring Break were e x a m i n i n g the l a r g e r i s s u e of limited to the c o m p u t e r s in the closing hours during vacations.

Students to help clean up community areas (HOLLAND) - Approximately 100 Hope College students will help clcan up the Holland area this weekend.

fountains, Melchiori explained that

Phelps dining hall. W h i l e both

S t u d e n t s d i f f e r e d in their response to the change. Joe Miklosi

knowledge....Service is a m a j o r problem with two companies. They

('91) said, "I support Melchiori's m o v e because it was a business

are not going to bid for half your business."

library since all other t e r m i n a l rooms were closed Students who contacted Public

Craig T o o m a y a n ('93) said,


Volume 103, Number 21

by Scott A. K a u k o n e n n e w s editor

money. Besides, I like Mountain Dew."

Calvin and Adrian, commiued to

Bulk R a t e U.S. Postage PAID Permit #392 Holland Ml

Closings limit availability of library, computer facilities

decision, and it will save the school

Creative Dining Service (CDS), which services Hope,

P. 15 P.18

--Page 17

r w y t

Aprils, 1991

P. 12

contaminate the dispenser if the g l a s s they u s e c o n t a c t s the

said, "We made a business decision that we feel will b e n e f i t the students, the c a m p u s , and each campus [Hope, Calvin and Adrian] in years to come."

The event, scheduled for April 6 and coordinated by the Student Congress, will start at 10:15 a.m. with an address by Hope College President John Jacobson outside the DeWitt Center. Subsequently, students will be going to places around the Holland area to do pre-assigned tasks for residents and organizations. Nearly 30 tasks have been a r r a n g e d , including raking and miscellaneous yard work, washing w i n d o w s , r e m o v i n g debris a n d moving furniture. It is expected that two students will work on each task, but several c o l l e g e groups

have signed up for larger joos. These include the Sibylline S o r o r i t y (raking and c l e a n i n g Prospect Park), Student Congress (raking and cleaning Lake View City Park), the Delta Phi sorority (raking and cleaning Municipal Park), Alpha Phi Omega (working at the g r o u n d s of the C a p p o n House), the Cosmopolitan fraternity (painting curbs and fire h y d r a n t s f o r the city's S t r e e t Department), the Dorian Sorority (cleaning the grounds at Windmill Island) and the Centurian Fraternity (raking at Herrick Public Library). Several other jobs have yet to be assigned. Joe Miklosi ('92), vice president of the Student Congress, has been organizing the evdnt.

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April 3, 1991

the anchor

News English profs edit C.S. Lewis book

State trims college scholarship packages

H O L L A N D - Peter J. Schakel

" any other collection

imagination, critical acumen and his

and Charles A. Huttar. members of

craftsmanship as a writer.


that has so far appeared" on C.S. Lewis.

College, were the editors of "Word

T h e 16 essays, most of them


by Scott A. Kaukonen news editor Roughly a little over




and Story in C.S. Lewis." published


privtate institutions in Michigan

this month by the University of

demonstrate how an a w a r e n e s s of


have an excellent lobbying firm

Missouri Press.

Lewis's ideas about language and

contributed one of the essays:

n a r r a t i v e is e s s e n t i a l






that has done a "tremendous job"

T h e b o o k enlists well-known

Hope students returned from Spring

the past f e w years in helping to

scholars to examine Lewis's ideas

understanding and appreciation of

Break to find that the State of

avoid these cuts. For at least the

about language and narrative, both


Michigan had cut their Michigan

past three years, schools have lived



under the threat that such a cut

e x e m p l i f i e d in practice.

could occur late in the school year.


second semester by $100. Part-time and three-quarter-time students also saw cuts of $25 and $50.


cut in aid have little recourse but to

students who receive the aid are full-

come up with the money on their


own. "At this late date in the year, to


Hooyman, director of Financial






to a f u l l

t h o u g h t and w o r k s . By a p p r o a c h i n g L e w i s as an




"A with

Language: C.S. Lewis's Poetry." "Word





Christian apologist, the essays o f f e r

Hope-Geneva Bookstore, and has a



list price of $37.50.





not j u s t


Barfleld. in the afterward to "Word calls



L e w i s " will be a v a i l a b l e in the



In addition to his







Students who have received the




the book included writing the text's

H o o y m a n also said that the



Schakel's responsibilities with

Hope professor publishes travel journal guide

it's going to be up to their own resources." said Hooyman.

Aid. the cuts were primarily the





overseas study, to make writing-and

Europe, and her own experiences




College, has written a guide that can

the thinking it d e m a n d s - a n integral

while on a 1989 sabbatical traveling

resources to make up the $100,000

make travel journal writing a more

in Australia.

State must project the number of

in aid its students have lost.

meaningful learning experience for

part of international education. "The Travel Journal:

people who will come into the

Adjusting loan awards would have

students studying abroad.


system, meeting the requirements

been an alternative, but according to




Hooyman, "Even if it had been


H o o y m a n says cannot be done accurately. Before the State can finalize the



s u m m e r p r o g r a m s in J a p a n and







Nancy T a y l o r ,

result of "oversubscription." The







Her guide has since been adapted


for use in all overseas p r o g r a m s


Study" is a development of Taylor's


for O v e r s e a s

use of journal writing both in the

Colleges of the Midwest ( A C M ) , as

earlier, most banks wouldn't make

Study," was published in January by

c l a s s r o o m and w h i l e c o - l e a d i n g

well as by a variety of overseas

that small o f an adjustment (in


study-abroad tours to Yugoslavia.



The system was refined following

including Hope. Taylor has been a m e m b e r of the Hope faculty since 1966.





Tool on


Educational Exchange.

aid distribution, it must await

According to Hooyman, the

guide is designed to p r o m p t and

fiend-testing of its techniques by

enrollment lists from the schools.

State is saying the maximum will

assist students to evaluate and record

colleagues and their students during

This is why students did not learn

be $2150 for next year. "I'm feeling

of the cuts until mid-March.

more optimistic for next year," said

According to Hooyman. the contributed









U. S. Goverment text highlights political perspectives


budget situation in Lansing also







response to the cuts said, "I realize

Hooyman defended those involved

it's only $100, but for some people


in the decision-making.

who count on it, it is a hundred

Perspectives," written by current

Elder, Holmes and Zoetewey

arena. Approaches studied include


and former members of the political

are professors of political science at

c o n s e r v a t i v e , liberal, libertarian, populist and Marxist.

"I wouldn't want it to reflect negatively






Zoctewey prepared the instructor's

government and how the approaches

manual for the text.

are c o m p r o m i s e d in the political


Students seemed confused about

science faculty at Hope College,

Hope. Engelhardt is a former Hope

They're faced with real difficulties

why the cuts had occurred when

has been published by M c G r a w -




they did. Kevin Kar ('92), said it


professor, and is currently leaching

"Everybody i n v o l v e d has been

was, "Just a bummer," recognizing

The authors are Robert E. Elder

trying their hardest for this not to

that there wasn't much he could do

Jr., Michael J. Engelhardt and Jack


at this point.

E. Holmes. In addition, Dr. J a m e s








at Luther College in Decorah, Iowa. The



alternative approaches to American

The textbook has been developed over several years with the active participation of H o p e students.

Education Department loses NCATE accreditation by C y n t h i a T a n t y


staff writer



teacher in


training U.S.


a c c r e d i t e d by this o r g a n i z a t i o n .

students, Dean Nancy Miller says,

the team and they should have

r e l a t i o n s h i p with

"Failure to receive reaccreditation is

i n f o r m e d the d e p a r t m e n t of its

affiliating instead with professional groups that are more committed to



a disappointment for we know that

shortcomings so they could begin

The Education Department

Accreditation by this organization

ours is a program of quality, that it

working on them. Dirkse believes

supporting and improving teacher

teacher education program was

is sought by institutions and out of

compares favorably with programs

it is unfair that the department was

e d u c a t i o n at the u n d e r g r a d u a t e

not given a chance to work on the

level," said Miller in her letter.

shortcomings that were found since

So, it does not appear as though

they have been previously accredited by NCATE.

the d e p a r t m e n t is overly worried

"Although our Education

"I was alarmed at first, but






by for

the the

Accreditation of Teacher Education


in this area, only

16 elsewhere." are a c c r e d i t e d by

or 17 NCATE.

(NCATE) through a process which

There are five reasons It is not known how this

listed in Dean Miller's memo from

about losing this accreditation.

occurs every ten years. The bid for


reaccreditation December.

Michigan has an interstate contract

did not receive reaccreditation. The

with other states, so problems for

team from NCATE which cafhe to


students are not foreseen, according to Dirkse.

campus to evaluate the education


program was looking for specifics

program for its students, we too


and details. "So much depends on


might reflect poorly on

the make up of the team and we

affiliation with N C A T E is the best

students when it is the faculty's

know that all teams do not operate

w a y to e n s t n e e and insure the


the same way as others." said

strength of that program. W e are,

standards for accreditation," said







"I don't want people to be alarmed, w e didn't l o s e our

effect education


accreditation. W e have Michigan accreditation and a very sound program




the Dr.




"We are disappointed that w e didn't receive it. We feel our program

is just as strong as

Dirkse. Chair of the Department.

before," said Dirkse.

According to Dirkse t about 5 0


In her

to all education

NCATE as to why the department

Dirkse fell the situation

could have been handled better by

is the

committed best


now it doesn't bother me because


Hope is still accredited by the





c o n s i d e r a t i o n to d i s s o l v i n g our

It bothers me that this

to k e e p major

Whitcomb ('92).

Hope up





April 3, 1991


the anchor

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Stanford shifts emphasis from research to teaching ( C P S ) -- In w h a t could b e the start

But a m o n g o t h e r t h i n g s , the

He has d e f e n d e d other bills, saying




by a $ 5 million g i f t f r o m Stanford

of c h a n g i n g the w a y p r o f e s s o r s are


thinks Stanford included

they w e r e appropriate b e c a u s e they

1990 report said that nearly half the

trustee Peter Bing, designed to o f f e r

h i r e d a n d p r o m o t e d a c r o s s the

items like f o o t b a l l t i c k e t s in its

were for his Stanford residence

nation's college teachers believe

better incentives to d o a good j o b


overhead charges.

w h e r e he h o l d s o f f i c i a l f u n c t i o n s .

their scholarly writings are merely

teaching students.

Officials denied any connection b e t w e e n t h e i n v e s t i g a t i o n into


counted - and not evaluated - when

research abuses and

for those challenged charges.











emphasize teaching over research. The

effort, Kennedy


w o u l d help p r o f e s s o r s break out of


Kennedy's would


withdrawn a b o u t $ 7 0 0 , 0 0 0 in bills

"I bet you anything the faculty

T o k e e p faculty m e m b e r s from

"This is not s o m e last-minute


similarly caught

O t h e r o b s e r v e r s don't think it will.

personnel decisions are made.


emphasize research.

the "publish or p e r i s h " s y n d r o m e and let them focus on teaching.





T h e p r o p o s e d limits, K e n n e d y

(at S t a n f o r d ) are l a u g h i n g , " said

said, w o u l d " r e v e r s e the appalling

R o b e r t B l a c k b u r n , a p r o f e s s o r of

belief that c o u n t i n g and w e i g h i n g

higher education at the University of M ichigan.

p u b l i c r e l a t i o n s g a m b i t by any

research, K e n n e d y would limit the


The reform could spread.



n u m b e r of scholarly writings that

evaluating faculty research.


maintained Stanford spokesman

the c o l l e g e will c o n s i d e r when

have f o u n d that faculty at research

Richard Kurovsky.



u n i v e r s i t i e s m a k e these k i n d s of







S t u d i e s B l a c k b u r n has d o n e

deciding w h e t h e r to hire, promote

institutions d o care a b o u t teaching

c o m m u i m e n t s to leaching, it has a

or grant lifelong tenure to faculty

and think they do a g o o d j o b at i t

m a j o r impaci on higher e d u c a t i o n , '

members. A faculty advisory board










a d v a n c e m e n t of Teaching, which in 1990 published a report calling on

must a p p r o v e the change.

Kennedy said the yacht charge was a simple accounting mistake

Education observers long have claimed




'The faculty don't see a need to do better w h e n they already do pretty well.' --Robert

"The faculty don't see a need to do b e t t e r w h e n they already do pretty well," he explained. N o t d o e s Blackburn think the


changes will really happen.

colleges to reward teaching skills as

m e m b e r s , d r i v e n to

much as they reward research papers

p e r i s h " to get tenure, p a y more



followed through on their plans, he

w h e n d e c i d i n g to w h o m to grant tenure.

"Kennedy announced this April 5, b e f o r e this

K e n n e d y hoped his initiatives,

investigation ever


"publish or



" Many schools h a v e said such



In a d d i t i o n , K e n n e d y urged

came about,"' he said.






faculty c o m m i t t e e s to value "forms

O n a smaller scale, C o l u m b i a

He waited until n o w to unveil

of scholarship related to teaching"

University has established endowed

p r o g r a m s and i n c e n t i v e s , w o u l d

the specifics, Kurovsky said, partly

such as t e x t b o o k s , i n s t r u c t i o n a l

chairs for outstanding teachers and

" i n c r e a s e the r e s o n a n c e b e t w e e n


s o f t w a r e p r o g r a m s a n d b o o k s or

the University of P e n n s y l v a n i a has

teaching and research."

occupying so much of his time.

even videos geared

a n n o u n c e d that all n e w l y hired

which included s o m e $7 million in







federal probe was

T h e probe was opened last year

to p o p u l a r






S t a n f o r d ' s o w n research p r a c t i c e s


are being


r e p r e s e n t e d the O f f i c e of N a v a l


separate federal agencies, including

R e s e a r c h on c a m p u s s i n c e 1988,

e v a l u a t i o n s of t h e i r t e a c h e r s , as


o n e c r i m i n a l investigation by the

found bills for a wedding reception,

w e l l a s o n g o i n g e v a l u a t i o n s of


U.S. Naval Investigative Service.

f l o w e r s , a n t i q u e f u r n i t u r e and the

tenured p r o f e s s o r s , w h o n o w have

Franklyn J e n i f e r March 5 unveiled

T h e investigations are focusing

depreciation of a yacht a m o n g the

"little i n c e n t i v e to attend to the

a p l a n to m a k e H o w a r d a "top-


o v e r h e a d costs Stanford asked the

i m p r o v e m e n t of teaching."

flight" research


i n v e s t i g a t e d by




costs" Stanford billed to the federal government for research projects being d o n e on c a m p u s .





H e a l s o p r o p o s e d faculty peer

federal government to cover.

Kennedy announced a half-

K e n n e d y said the yacht charge


to s u p p l e m e n t s t u d e n t

dozen p r o g r a m s , the largest f u n d e d





emphasize University

faculty research.

c h a r g e it f o r o v e r h e a d c o s t s --

RING for the NURSE

administration, libraries and s o m e student services and u p k e e p -- that the




incur that

while may

doing not


d i r e c t l y c o n n e c t e d to a s p e c i f i c federal research p r o j e c t

Wear a handsome, personalized school ring on the h a n d that holds the hypo. And is that you behind the mask? Wear the emblems of your hard-earned achievement with a school ring, a distinction in fine gold. By Jostens.

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Extention campuses in Cleveland and Detroit


Two distinct counseling toth clinical and pastoral

4 I S ~ "

Master of Divinity Master of Arts Doctor of Ministry

Ashland Theological Seminary 910 Center St.

Ashland, OH 44605 (419) 289-5161


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and Mug Rootbeer











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a m o n g o t h e r things, e m p h a s i z i n g

was a s i m p l e a c c o u n t i n g mistake.



institution by,

W a s h i n g t o n allows colleges to utilities, building


Page 4

the anchor

Jews for Jesus

April 3, 1991

Tongan journalist visits Hope College Shelly

Christian Jew re-enacts Seder supper

culture, we have to respect them (on


the air)," Fifita explained.

Staff Writer

Fifita's Nanise Fifita, journalist for j o u r n a l i s t


for Tonga



Radio goes

R a d i o T o n g a , visted Hope C o l l e g e b e y o n d what most radio personnel last week to "Experience college in are the M i d w e s t . "

expected to do in America. A s

Explaining to m a n y one of the e i g h t journalists which

how censorship has affected her work, inform all of the Tongan Islands, she she c o m m e n t e d on the f o r m a t of collects, writes, produces and presents

by C a r r i e M a p l e s associate

American journalism. She said, "The all of the news. The formal of her ( A m e r i c a n ) f o r m a t h a s s o m e station is similar to most American similarities, yet it's freer. It's open." formats. It includes music, news and


Jhan M o s k o w i t z , director of the C h i c a g o branch of J e w s f o r Jesus, was on c a m p u s last week to present a






P a s s o v e r f e a s t w a s r e c r e a t e d in D i m n e n t C h a p e l . photo

C h a p l a i n ' s o f f i c e brings s o m e o n e in

R a d i o T o n g a is the o n l y c o m m e r c i a l a d v e r t i s e m e n t s . The station in the T o n g a n Islands and is n e w s a i r s e i g h t t i m e s a day g o v e r n m e n t o w n e d and o p e r a t e d • p r e s e n t i n g l o c a l , international and Ccr.sorship is a factor, but Fifita docs P a c i f i c stories in T o n g a n and in

four cups to celebrate the deliverance ten p l a g u e s visited on Egypt. Ten not believe it p l a y s a negative role. English. M o s k o w i t z said he w a s going to out of E g y p t a n d , a c c o r d i n g to drops of wine are dipped out with the N o one on R a d i o Tonga, h o w e v e r . Also quite different from ihe explain t 4 how the d i f f e r e n t elements M o s k o w i t z , r e d e m p t i o n in J e s u s little f i n g e r . "In that act of pouring A m e r i c a n r a d i o is the female (of the P a s s o v e r feast) point to the Christ. out h i s wrath ( t h e p l a g u e s ) G o d d o m i n a t i o n of the journalistic field. T h e f i r s t c u p , the c u p of d e m o n s t r a t e d his h o l i n e s s , w said death, burial and resurrection of our Of the eight j o u r n a l i s t s at Tonga Lord Jesus." T o do this he set out a sanctification b e g i n s the feast. Jesus M o s k o w i t z . "His holiness demanded Radio, only two arc male. Passover table in the Chapel with the referred to this c u p early in the last that sin be judged and at Calvary that Additionally, Fifita said, "There is no supper. traditional elements. sin was judged." b a r r i e r b e t w e e n m a l e and female Moskowitz explained the Reading from Exodus 12 The c u p of redemption is the third e m p l o y m e n t opportunities or pay. If M o s k o w i t z told a b o u t the original traditional P a s s o v e r f o o d s of bitter cup. T h i s is the c u p Jesus passes to you possess the proper qualifications P a s s o v e r c o m m a n d m e n t in E g y p t . herbs, horseradish, mortar (a mixture his disciples. " J e s u s took the very and d e t e r m i n a t i o n , both men and " T h e f i r s t P a s s o v e r w a s e a t e n of f r u i t a n d w i n e ) and H a g i g a h matza (unleven bread) that represented women receive equal treatment." standing up...but t o d a y , to show the (roasted egg) as symbolic of the trials his body..!and broke it and gave it to A r e c i p i e n t of a Neiman contrast, the feast is taken at ease," of slavery and the destruction of the his disciples," said Moskowitz. Foundation Fellowship for said Moskowitz. W h i l e the Jews were s e c o n d t e m p l e in 7 0 A . D . The The fourth c u p is the is the cup of journalists, Fifita was one of the 22 e n s l a v e d in E g y p t t h e y w e r e not l a m b ' s blood put on the posts and p r a i s e s . A t this t i m e o n e of the people to receive the honor this year. allowed to eat reclining comfortably. lentil of the door at the first Passover children opens the door for Elijah to O f t h e 2 2 , 11 r e c i p i e n t s arc In J e w i s h h o m e s all f o r m s of d r i p p e d d o w n t o the t h r e s h o l d c o m e in. If Elijah appears it m e a n s A m e r i c a n s and 11 are people from l e a v e n m u s t be r e m o v e d b e f o r e forming the shape of a cross. that the Messiah will c o m e this year. Third World countries. Additionally, P a s s o v e r . A f t e r the w i f e docs her Moskowitz explained that John the N e x t c o m e s the H a g g a h a h or the F i f i t a is s p o n s o r e d by the Asian s p r i n g c l e a n i n g the h u s b a n d will telling. A y o u n g child a s k s f o u r Baptist w a s the Elijah w h o c a m e N a n i s e Fifita Blair photo Foundation. symbolically and spiritually cleanse questions b e g i n n i n g with, " W h y is b e f o r e J e s u s to signal his c o m i n g . w o u l d be a b l e to speak the way Under the Neiman the h o u s e of l e a v e n . T h e leaven this n i g h t d i f f e r e n t f r o m all o t h e r T h e m e a l is e n d e d with h y m n s of A m e r i c a n d e e j a y s speak, Fifita said. F o u n d a t i o n , s h e c u r r e n t l y attends r e p r e s e n t s t h e sin t h a t m u s t be nights?" These questions are answered praise. Since the government is a Harvard. H e r g o a l s a r e to removed. by the head of the family and result " Y o u should walk away from this c o n s t i t u t i o n a l monarchy, there "...experience journalist skills which T h e P a s s o v e r S e d e r b e g i n s with in telling the story of the tradition of e x p e r i e n c e c h a l l e n g e d to love G o d exists a king and m a n y noblcpersons. the Americans have." This the lighting of the c a n d l e s , the onl Passover. more," said Moskowitz. " T h e law can Every Tongan is raised to respect the part of the S e d e r p e r f o r m e d by T h e s e c o n d c u p is the c u p of c o n d e m n us but n e v e r c h a n g e us, r o y a l t y . T h u s , " b e c a u s e of o u r See T o n g a , ' P.16 w o m a n . T h e P a s s o v e r consists plagues and is in r e m e m b r a n c e of the grace can change us." to d o this every four years.

Campus P a p e i i > a c k Bestsellers

1 Th« Suence of the S6 95 P& » a r * e Bak« t


•"•a-.-s St M a t - s P-ess ^ ^

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8 Wiener Dog Art Ga'y ^A'icr Mo»e far Soe ia-vxrs.





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il nivm >uii • A n A. i i i u i H u n t i l . a n l - f n r ' L x n ai . V t i o n H a n L M mui l i n n > ui

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iht- C l K H L S ' u r

^1'iK" U i u - 4 M g i u . • V ' u r lir«.i 5 0 c l i c c k a I f t - t .

• IX

OlMOHcr^HmCxpooeor MR^Rncned • w r i u - .S I n - r i h c c L (».-r m o n l t i • No iiiiiiiiiiuin lialanre r n j u i m u e i i l * .

tai tJ» Car vasne-ns. anc Germe ci'e^iu v^a.-ie- Si 95 The nory c* r * sor c* a cong i m t o poat-, ' a — - v i Deru. r Daseoa: - a ic &»««; cw as one ff r * r_*- r^foes c ry z n " -

Vmi II l u u r i i n - i r m i u m o l t u v i i i g > l , u f t m i i c i i t v M n ^ J'' "uni

Stormy L*9« ana All !>, Svttyis ££ 9C<xh< ano ccrrov^-va o e a i ^ w r v x a i s to? - &ens»ye saoes as see" r r o o g - r « voe-^y K - a t c ^ c M«»e Lax Animal U b e n t i o n ^ f-Be- Sige" A o r S9&5 CXVs s o r e hy-na'ie » j 6 o r s c w * - ^ s oecc^* a prwcy^KJ env*cn^eoa. soc « a x ' " c a svje L O x n u K M . u t o c u n o o ' ca-Ka »•««>

ami an

u, vuut n i u n r y

N " ! * I " a m I Mil K i - n i n l l i c e i „ o . i \ l o r .u t a i i v ( » m v y o u

N o w

T h r u

S a t u r d a y

an V h u n b a n L M c - n J a m i . V i i u u I m i i k Q u h m i ^ . vm. 11 m - v r In- m .j,,,.

7 : 0 0 p . m .



& 9 : 3 0 O C O L D I ^ E I V T


Page 5

the anchor

April 3, 1991

RAPE: a reality, a dilemma Hope graduate discloses account of her two rapes by J e n n i f e r H e i t m a n

sexual a d v a n c e s .

guest writer


He verbally


having were common

It w a s t h r o u g h c r i s i s

for rape

long, gradual one. I slowly b e g a n


counseling with J o y c e that I c a m e

survivors. Another feeling surfaced

to tell c l o s e f r i e n d s w h a t h a d

p r e s s u r e d m e , w o u l d not let m e

to learn what had happened to m e is

at this point - anger. H o w dare he

happened and occasionally learned

Jennifer Heitman

l e a v e his a p a r t m e n t , and f o r c e c

called "date rape" o r "acquaintance

force himself on me?

graduated f r o m H o p e in D e c e m b e r

himself into m e e v e n as I said -

rape" and that all the feelings I w a s

1984 and is a past-president of the

and screamed — the w o r d "no" over

W o m e n ' s Issues Organization. She

and over. T h e pain c o m b i n e d with

is currently a research associate at

fear made m e feel like I was going

C o m m o n C a u s e in W a s h i n g t o n , D . C . , an e l d e r at the Capital Hill

to die. After the rape was over, he got


is a

u p and took a s h o w e i and I w e n t

volunteer m e d i a contact person for the D.C. R a p e Crisis Center. Ms.

home. I felt ashamed, embarrassed, afraid and dirty. A t the time I did

H e i t m a n w a s invited to w r i t e an

not c o n n e c t the w o r d s "rape" o r

article on her experiences as a two-

"date rape" with what had happened

t i m e survivor of rape.

to m e . T h e y w e r e n o t c o m m o n l y

Editor's Note:




I h a v e t w i c e s u r v i v e d the

used words eight y e a r s ago. I felt

v i o l e n t c r i m e of r a p e a n d h a v e

that I had d o n e something w r o n g -

recently begun to speak out a b o u t

that it was s o m e h o w m y fault. I told a few friends when I got

m y experiences in order to help m y

hospital because those worn at the

by C a r r i e M a p l e s associate editor




lime of the assault will be kept as counseling include meeting with a evidence. The victim should also write f e m a l e c o u n s e l o r at the C e n t e r When a woman becomes a victim of down everything they can remember meeting with a Sexual Harassmen rape the first thing she should do is about the assault as soon as possible counselor if the assault was campus^ related; j o i n i n g the S u r v i v o r s ol| report the rape. I f the rape occurred on- to aid police in the investigation. The Police Department recommends Sexual Assault support group; ami apartment-ihe rape should be reported several things to avoid being in a meeting with "a peer who has been lo Public Safety. If ihe student was position vulnerable to rape. W o m e n trained in counseling are just a few of






off-campus when she was raped the should avoid going out alone at night, the options available. There are also groups based in the Holland Police Department should be lake advantage of ihe escort van or call a friend. Avoid walking in dark or H o l l a n d c o m m u n i t y d e s i g n e d to notified.

sensitize others to the issue and in

say. I w a n t e d to curl up in a ball

the hopes of p r e v e n t i n g e v e n o n e

and sleep f o r a week straight, but I

rape from happening.

I tell m y

had classes to think about. I tried

The most important thing to do is strange areas. When going out wilh provide counseling and support to notify the authorities immediately, s o m e o n e you d o n ' t know go in Helpline can put a student in touch before doing anything else. A Holland groups. Watch the amount of alcohol victims of assault. The counselors at police officer would either take the consumed by both you and your dale. with the counselors at the Center for

stories here not to s e n s a t i o n a l i z e

to study b u t couldn't c o n c e n t r a t e .

victim to Holland Hospital or meet

the issue, but to g i v e you a sense

O v e r the next f e w d a y s , I had a

of where I've been. I'd also like to

n u m b e r of long crying jags. I went


to class but really don't r e m e m b e r

Health the victim there. If Public Safely was also provide called Ray Gulknecht, Head of Public defensive position. If assaulted run and D e p a r t m e n t c a n information and counseling to victims Safely, said, " W e would assist in scream.

processes that I've g o n e through to


Community offers rape victims options

supportive but didn't k n o w w h a t to




o t h e r s w h o h a v e survived, to help








h e a l i n g p r o c e s s , t o reach o u t to



My healing process has been a

m u c h of February. I was miserable and needed to

s h o w you w h e r e I a m now. T h e first t i m e I was raped w a s

talk to s o m e o n e .



with the c h a p l a i n , a n d a c t u a l l y

s o p h o m o r e at H o p e and had met

dialed the p h o n e n u m b e r , but w a s

Mike through friends. W e left a

too embarrassed and a s h a m e d since

party together and what could have

I thought m y p r o b l e m w a s a b o u t








enjoyable evening



t a l k i n g and g e t t i n g to k n o w one

I wanted to talk




T h e bottom line was that he did noi

director of c o u n s e l i n g , which w a s

listen to or respect mv "no" to his



Hope's I


There are a number of counseling of s e x u a l a s s a u l t as well as geuing the victim lo the hospital." According lo the Police Department options open to students w h o have information about legal action. "What we try to do overall is give it is very imporiant that the victim been assaulted. " W e try to give as many options as possible, both on and students choices and to help them evidence can be lost this way. The off campus," said Darrel Schregardus, make choices for themselves," said Schregardus. victim should lake extra clothes lo the Director of the Counseling Center. not shower or change clothes because


a n o t h e r t u r n e d into a n i g h t m a r e


When walking to the car at night carry Women in Transition. The C o m m u n i t y Mental keys interlaced between fingers in a

former towards


(Just S o u t h of Bob E v a n s )


CONCERNED? Pregnancy? Birth Control? Sexually Transmitted Diseases? AIDS? Call ext 7585 Confidential counseling Free pregnancy testing HOPE COLLEGE HEALTH CLINIC

Prompt thoughtful care of: Colds, Flu, Allergies, burns, infections, lacerations, breaks, sprains, etc. Licensed Physicians on duty Immediate treatment of Illness or Injury General medicine and minor emergencies Minor Surgery X-ray on premises



CO 0) D

No appointment necessary-competitive fees

10% Off

Hope College Discount •Students



Urgent Care Walk-In Clinic Hours: Mon.-Fri. 7:30 a.m.-8 p.m. Sat. 9 a.m.-5 p.m.

392-5555 6D7 Heritage Ct.

personal checks accepted Blue Cross/Blue Shield MESSA/SFT

I ^ u t n n •

-rryi *


April 3, 1991

the anchor

Page 6



Operating hours need student focus T h e a d m i n i s t r a i i o n and c o m m i t t e e s of H o p e C o l l e g e need to overhaul policies regarding the hours of operation of c a m p u s facilitier particularly those facilities crucial lo the academic life of the college. An poorly publicized and questionable decision to close both the library and c o m p u t e r terminal r o o m s in the past t w o w e e k e n d s left many students upset and unprepared (see story, P. 1).


T h e c o m p u t e r s were closed all day on the Sunday following Spring Break and, along with the library, on Easter Sunday ( M a r . 31). T h e s e same facilities had limited hours over Spring Break and on the Saturday before Easter. O n the last S u n d a y n i g h t of S p r i n g Break, h o w e v e r , only the library was o p e n , m e a n i n g that for those students w h o had papers d u e immediately after break, just 12 c o m p u t e r s were available. There was, in fact, a line of students waiting to use these few terminals. Students f o u n d themselves in a similar situation a week later -Easter w e e k e n d - with another closing of the library and c o m p u t e r facilities. A g a i n , m a n y students w e r e unable to c o m p l e t e projects or papers. M o s t w e r e completely u n a w a r e that the facilities were to b e closed, b e i n g that the college had not declared Easter as an o f f i c i a l holiday a n d had not widely publicized the closings to students or

Students' postcards boost morale

faculty. Certainly, there are legitimate concerns for the security of college buildings and the expensive equipment they contain. T h e r e may also be

T o the Students of H o p e College:

belong CORPS






You are all hero's in my eyes, for


s u p p o r t i n g the A m e r i c a n way of

Additionally, it is

Recently m y battery received a

understandable that the college may have wished to give its staff s o m e

p a c k a g e with post cards from your


school. T h e y w e r e signed by many

A i r b o r n e C o r p s Artillery).

of t h e s t u d e n t s .

been here f o r n e a r l y six m o n t h s

Freedom foi all.


Your T r u l y ,

a d e s i r e to s a v e s o m e m o n e y by limiting hours. time o f f , particularly on Easter Sunday.

M o r e importantly, h o w e v e r , this college's reason for being is its students and their academic pursuits. Decisions to close the library and c o m p u t e r terminal rooms, especially o v e r the past t w o weekends, did not reflect a concern for the students. College facilities important to the academic pursuits of the college should be open regular hours on all days during the academic year that are not specifically scheduled holidays or breaks. T h i s would include c o m p u t e r terminal rooms, libraries, N y k e r k , the m o d e m and classical languages lab and any research labs. O v e r breaks, facilities should be

M y n a m e is

Joseph C. Sanchez.

I'm a P F C


XVIII I have

It helps us all to k n o w that

(private first class) in the U n i t e d

w e are backed by the people of our

States A r m y .


I'm 2 5 . 6 ' 3 " . green e y e s and 2 3 5 lbs.

I'm writing to show my


E s p e c i a l l y the y o u n g e r

P F C Joseph C . Sanchez

generation which I am proud to be a


part of.

Joseph C . S a n c h e z


glad I h a v e this

opportunity to defend the rights of


I a m part of a h e a d q u a r t e r s

our country, and those w h o are our


battery deployed near the border. I

allies. T h a n k you for your support.

APO N.Y. 09776

appreciation for you all's s u p p o r t

open for limited hours. It is easy enough to arrange for student staff m e m b e r s to work as a skeletal staff during limes when college staff does n o t , for w h a t e v e r reason.

In this w a y . facilities could at least stay o p e n .

This could

also i n c l u d e c o l l e g e o f f i c e s , such as the business o f f i c e , the career

Congress Corner: Congress funds two sand volleyball courts

planning and placement office and the mailroom. A l t h o u g h an institution of higher e d u c a t i o n . H o p e College, like any b u s i n e s s , has a clientele.

S t u d e n t s w h o c o m p o s e this clientele

by J o e



$ 1 , 6 0 u a n d will

have schedules and needs which are unique. T h e s e include irregular eating hours, sleeping habits and working times. T h e decision-makers at H o p e s h o u l d m a k e p l a n s w h i c h a c c o m m o d a t e a n d respect t h e students' requirements. A s the most recent closing determinations have







Student we


p e r f o r m e d t w o m a i n duties: O n e , sand volleyball courts and for four


The anchor editor in chicf associate editor news editor asst. news editor arts editor campus editor feature editor sports editor photo editor asst. photo editor ad managers copy editor managing editor cartoonist faculty liason





Beth Pcchia Carrie Maples Scot! Kaukonen James R. Hall Jini Monnett Hope Oscar Sharon Roebuck Dan Combs Richard Blair Lance Evert, Jr. Christi Humes Tanya Cail Christa Aronson Tamara Bleit/. Wade Gugino David James

Staff W r i t e r s Rye hard Bouwens Jill Sander Tim Shaw Cynthia Tanty Shelly Venema Typists Eric Aronson Tonja Anderson Marybcth Davis Meredith Downer Lori Polaski Distribution Joe 0 Grady L a y o u t Staff Maria VanVaren Steve VanDeWal

portable VCR's. Secondly, w e have p e r f o r m e d two more organizational reviews




Amnesty upon


r e p r e s e n t a t i v e s of T h e Pull and

event that succeeded quite wcil was

f u t u r e May Day l o u r n a m e n u , D r

their letter writing campaign lo free

inirai ural sports and for a fun

political prisoners. It was reponed


by alt students.

that a couple have been released due

Student Congress also allocated $ 1 1 7 5 . 0 0 for five portable, e n c a s e d VCR's. T h e V C R ' s will cost $ 4 for o n e 2 4 hour period (With a S6 late fee) and will be able to be checked out in the e v e n i n g s f r o m the Kletz attendant. Students who use the


m a c h i n e s will a l s o sign a contract A f t e r this s u m m c r , s i u d c r u s will be able to play beach volleyball on two sand volleyball courts j u s t off

well as f u t u r e goals. O n e rccenl


w e h a v e allocated f u n d s for two

s h o w n , such courtesy is lacking.

Hop€ College


to be liable for them. T h e should be available by late April or early fall.

in part to this campaign. W h e n C o n g r e s s reviewed ihe representative of the even year Pull a n d both the e v e n and odd class representatives


d i s c u s s i o n q u i c k l y turned towards the issue of integration. Since the C a m p u s L i f e Board will be making a d e c i s i o n in early to mid April concerning Congress

C o n g r e s s has a l s o r e v i e w e d


this will

issue. be




r e c o m m e n d a t i o n to them ai our next

14th street, on the grass lot next to



m e e t i n g on T h u r s d a y , April 4ih ai

the S i g m a S i g m a house. T h e y will

r e p r e s e n t a t i v e s f r o m T h e Pull and

8 : 3 0 in M a a s C o n f e r e n c e Room.

lie n o r t h


Nykerk in the past two weeks. T h e

Please c o m e with an opinion. Have

professional measurements. The

leaders f r o m A m n e s t y International

a good w e e k , Happy Belated Easier

courts, which were organized a n d

which is a world wide organization

a n d r e m e m b e r , together we can

coordinated by represeniative T u n

expressed their areas of specially a s

make a diflerence.








Kinky kewpie kindergartners kill kaleidoscope kiwi

Quickly, quietly quasars quench quack quintuplets

Zany zoological zephyrs zip, zig zoomingly. ZAP!

-- Wicked SteDmother

- The Tramp

-- Pluto

Hope College

the ranchor Degrading

Due date

the tradition

of slanderous,


yellow iournalism


ranchor reporting raunchy, radical -- revolting? Kettering has compiled evidence that the co-editors of the ranchor. Barb Perskill and Jay

did was under Jay Monet's sole

going to hurt the people involved.

straight." "On the other hand. Monet said

leadership when they j u m p e d all

That isn't the paper's intent, and it

in response to Davis' comment. "If

over the college for not divesting

students and administrators didn't

Monet were intentionally building a newspaper styled on the Enquirer.

it's investments in South Africa.

can be l e s s e n e d through good reporting."

That story c a m e out right on Critical Issues with Allan Boesak

They don't have good reporting." said Jan David ('94) a

was on campus."

coalition member and a member of

after the radio station, saying no


their specifications. It's going to

one listens."

stop now." Hype College's newspaper, the ranchor,

has been a c c u s e d of

sensationalism and poor journalism by a coalition of c a m p u s leaders and administration. T h e leader of the coalition. (a

"Just look at these stories,"

D u r f e e hall representative) John

Kettering said, "They challenged the Board of Trustees' Buildings and G r o u n d s C o m m i t t e e decision to




Kettering ('93) said. "For the last three years the ranchor has been a g g r e s s i v e l y g o i n g a f t e r other campus



It's a

"Probably the worst thing they

group that didn't act according to


that sound worse in print.

a newspaper that reports news. The problem is doing things right isn't often news. R e p o r t i n g n e w s is

by G e o r g e Saurat

reporters j o b to get the meanings

try to deny knowledge of an event at the beginning of the interview they won't look so stupid in print." According





Congress member, in an executive Student Congress meeting,

editor Perskill said that she and

reporters print what people say and

Kettering accused Monet of being

reject the (A.J.) Muste sculptures

M o n e t were j u s t continuing the

installation in the library.

work of the past two editors Brad Brawn and Ernie Shotpoor.

not w h a t they m e a n . A good reporter asks clarifying questions to help the people being interviewed

the main problem. "John said Jay


administration departments. Every semester there's at least one front

accused Student Congress officers

page banner story about the some

year. L ast year, the ranchor

of sexism.

And that's just this went

the S t u d e n t M e d i a C o m m i t t e e . In response to these charges, co-

"The ranchor

isn't a public

relations tool," Perskill said. "It's

"Too often the ranchor's




Monet was



so that what they say is what they mean to say.

See 'raunchy,' Thumper

W e all say things

Talented team trying to trim trees to transmit terrific topical talk and was unavailable for c o m m e n t Voltage and Timber

finding enough Stupid Congress

Groaningiwice, Special Plebe lo All Quarterbacks, said ihe cutting

appropriate for the task ahead of ihem." Males are to wear tuxedos

Congress of Hype College today

was hard work, but had gone faster

and females are to dress in formal

began to cut down trees in the Big

since they sharpened the Phelps


Space in the Middle of Campus

knives they are using.

by J a c k i e A n d e r s o n investigated editor In a dating move, ihe Stupid

Where You Can't Play Laser Tag or Golf. Quarterback Brainless Voltage said, "Our aim this entire year has been lo improve communicalion among students. W e had a vision lo improve the vision of students who couldn't envision or talk to each other through all those trees." Backup qualerback Jolt McLosthishead agreed. "Our aim this year has been lo improve communication among students. We had a vision to put human

S t u p i d C o n g r e s s Q u a r t e r b a c k Brainless Voltage and Special Plebe Timber Groaningtwice return from a tree-cutting expidition. p h o t o by Carol Alt

kiosks out there and there just wasn't room with all those trees." Third string quarterback Jeans O'Squeal, whose common sense was damaged when he left the lid open on the copy machine and looked straight into it, has spent , cnost of the .year on injured reserve

, 11 JVHIL

i-^ lis'ai


â&#x20AC;˘ "'â&#x20AC;˘

"You know," said

members who own clothes

"Il has been proven that people can't act professionally unless they

Groaningtwice as he sawed at a 70-

dress professionally,"

foot pine, "students just don't

McLosthishead explained.

appreciate the difficulty of our job.

One of the first human bulletin

How would they feel if nothing

board volunteers was Polly Less,

ever got accomplished? At least we're making decisions and doing something."

representing Gilmarred Hall.

Meanwhile, McLosthishead has been lining up other Stupid Congress members to lake part in

be. Wonderful, thing wow a what," she said, asking that the ranchor be careful to quote her properly. ifi-

his round-the-clock human kiosk project.

Aimed Stump, palatial mansions representative, has also

Il is expected that members vyill roam the Big Space Without

"Gee, this is wonderful thing such a. I'm doing so excited this lo

volunteered. An international

Trees Where You Still Can't Play

studies major, she will be translating all of the bulletins into

Laser Tag or Golf with signboards

Pig Latin for those students who

and assorted bulletins pinned to

don't umle-stand English. As usual, most Hype students

their clothes. "Unfortunately, said McLpst|iishcad, "I'm having trouble

seem to not have noticed this most recent act of their Stupid Congress.


John & Jeanne

the ranchor


Living luxuries lessened, locals leery lately by W i n n e f r e d


a couple of years," said Debbie

staff u r i t e r

VanDyke ("92), "but I planned to live o f f - c a m p u s my senior year.

"Hype is a lotally residcnual collcge."




N o w the c o l l e g e is telling me I can't do that."

Director of Housing. "And a^s such

"Requiring 200 credit hours for

ihe adminisLraiJon has decided Lhai

permission to live o f f - c a m p u s is

all students with less than 2 0 0

just ridiculous. N o one is going to

credit hours will be required to live

earn that many hours in four years,"

on campus for the 1991-92 school vear."

said Pete Macintosh ('93). "I don't know how they could expect it and

The intention to force all full-

I think it's only an excuse to keep

ume, part-ume and non-tradiuonal students to live in campus housing was



a letter

students a c c o m p a n y i n g informauon.



us all on campus." Those most affected by the policy are non-traditional students who are working parents.

"I have

three children at home and I work

Since the addition of Van De

weekends just to make ends meet.

Meyer Hall as a dormitory the

The idea that I have to live in a

college has had trouble filling all

dorm away from my family is too

us c a m p u s


ludicrous to even consider," said

Meyer has a capacity of 8 0 0 and

Joan Evans C94). "If we can t work










classmen on campus.


The theory

the dorm



I am



transfer to Grand Ditch." When



demolishing several cottages was

possible financial reasons behind

that students in the dorm could be

this policy President Jon Jacobski

forced to remain on board.

said, "This certainly has nothing to

"We simply want to see Hype

do with finances. living

community for students and the

possible situation for all of our

best way to accomplish that is to

students "

students to live on










campus." said Robert Hail. Dean of

students to live on-campus would



Many unhappy

students with






We feel that

b e c o m e a united and supportive

require all




housing to about $ 4 , 2 3 9 , 0 0 0 .



has been suggested that some of

"When I came to Hype I thought

this money would go toward paying

living on campus would be OK for

off the remodeled Kletz.

Saints celebration •ensions rose on c a m p u s this post w e e k as p e o p l e tooK sides following t h e De:z oecision to swiTch "Milier Bite." Fortunately, no one was injured a n d "Chartreuse A-rpthrew a really great party afterwards.

seriously shuts school by S u s a n


staff writer

It's not like I needed to get into the library to finish my research or anything," responded Liz Peatch

In observance of St. Patrick s Day, much of campus was closed on

care because they had started earlier. said, "If they are g o i n g to close Still others didn't even know about campus, they could at least have a it because they owned their own parade with l e p r e c h a u n s or a

- Z

. I

('91) whining passionately. Along with the library, all the

computers and libraries.

Sunday, March 17. "We decided to

terminal rooms were closed.

respect the Irish on campus and


honor a saint of theirs by giving the


campus a true day of rest," said Vice

speaking out of luck and unable to

Public Safety reportedly received

President Bernard Anderly.

work on their papers or any other

numerous calls requesting them to

projects requiring a computer.

open terminal rooms. However, all

This new college policy closed






the library at 5 p.m. the Saturday before St. Patrick's Day and kept it closed on through until Monda> morning. "It sure was nice of them to announce this c l o s n g an^au of umc.



callers were simply told. "I'm sorry, "This new policy would be just fine if my Monday off.

professors gave


However, they didn't

and I sull have two papers due," said another Jisgruntied, poo:


i t s c o l l e g e policy.

We have no

authority to open anything, not even a can of tuna." Many students strongly disagree -Aiji the t n sr ^


Others d i d m

i *')» 1 1 r t n *

reenactment of St. Patrick driving "I hope my professor realizes I the snakes from Ireland." had no control over the situation Thus, in this writers humble this weekend. If he doesn't accept opinion it d o e s not appear as my paper a day later, somebody m

though these new c o l l e g e policies are a success with the students.

the administration is going to hear about it," said Ralph Halloway (*91)

"The Administration needs to ask themselves who the college is here

spouting out more frustration as he

tor-- t h e m s e l v e s or the s t u d e n b 0

finally finds something tangible to blame for his low G.P.A

How would they feel if they had a

Dr. Chuck O'Henry, an English professor leachmp Irish L*:craiurc

paper due Monday and the library was closed all day Sunday 0 .' said Joy Whine (^2).

« j, : • • u rr. « « : i m u x .



the ranchor

Rhett & Scarlett

Swing swiftly sweet safety servant

Sledge slammers shatter by Nathan Drake staff writer As a way of curbing sludents' illegal parking violations, the Public Safety Departrnem has q e a l e d a new system for r e p r i m a n d i n g such violators. Explaining that "illegal parking is on the rise" and that "ihe traditional ticketing system is loo lenient," the adminislralion gave officers the power to destroy any offending vehicles and haul them Finally, fast w o m e n f o u n d o n c a m p u s . Natural Geographic Interested. (Photo by You)

Raunchy Continue-! from

Clarifying what he meant by

P. ?

aggressive, Kauffmann said that the personal

co-editors are always bringing

editorial soapbox," this Congressperson said. "Il got bad

rumors that need to be tracked down

newspapc i

from there." rancnor


" u>



to the staff meetings. "They're actively looking for


ne w s Lditor Sam

Kauffmann C91) said t'v. ranchor co-

news," he said. "When you're looking for dirt,

editors were firmly ir charge, but

you're going to find it," Kettering

that opinions in the editorials were


not anyone's opinion, but the

can't find it" Dean of Students Robert Hail

majority opinion of the Editorial

said the accusations against the ranchor are serious and will be

Board with consists of the writing editors. "Sure,



"And they make it if they


controversial," Kauffmann said.

investigated. "The ranchor

"More than Half the staff was

definitely aggressive," Hail said.

personally recruited by Barb or Jay.

"But whether or not they are

And then people who don't agree with (the co-editors) aggressive

sensationalistic and/or antH.. > i". College is purely a subjective

style don't stay on the staff. So it

question that needs to be examined

could get more aggressive."

in an intelligent fashion."

co-editors are

opposed. It is significant to note that 26percent of the students polled have automobiles on campus. There is one problem with the




around campus. Their demolished and spray-paintec unusiia ^ slogans like Take this

cars were w th


V3 coppers! and Got you last.


policy, though: the newly-found zeal believed that this vandalism is a of certain Public Safety response from those students whose Some have been seen to total cars vehicles have been ticketed througt o f f i c e r s ,

when ihey weren't even parked the new policy. illegally. When one officer was The Holland Police have received queried about this situation, she numerous other reports of similar replied, "To the owner of that new "parking lot vigilante" action in the grey Trans-Am, we are extremely last week, and seemed to be stunned, sorry. Be assured that it won't happen'One of the officers remarked, "I can't away. understand i t - we've never had any Public Safely officers have been again. complaints about Hype students in the issued a special sledgehammer to this past. end, wilh the tool in question being Jane Fonda of the Psychology first approved by the Board of 'It lets t h e officers Department lauded the new policy Trustees. It is interesting lo note thai r e l e a s e their p e n t - u p because "it lets the officers release over the last week, the number of e m o t i o n s without f ltheir Ilcll ^ p ei nn t, -uuyp e m o t i o n s without illegally parked cars has gone down, harming peers." She also while the number of applicants for directly h a r m i n g peers, recommends this program for students Public Safely officer positions has who are frustrated about their exams increased dramatically. --Capt. Darrel Gaets, and papers, or seniors w h o are Ray Charles, Head of Public


agonizing over their future. A spokesperson for the One Public Safety officer, whe Environmental Issues Group pointed asked that he remain anonymous, out that any automobiles which were eloquently explained his reaction to unusable after being "ticketed" should the new policy: "At first I was be moved to a local scrap metal yard, apprehensive. I mean, what had these where the vehicles might eventually cars done to me? But then, I realized be recycled. earlier issue of the ranchor. After R i c h a r d S i m m o n s , D e a n of He further explained, "In other that this was my duly. words, this program is sort of a s h a t t e r i n g the f i r s t c o u p l e of students, summed up the situation well when he commented, "I think the double-whammy, and kills two birds windshields, I knew I was hooked" In addition, some students have program is working very nicely, wilh one stone." A poll was taken to determine the taken the law into their own hands by though w e need to do an extensive student body's opinions on ihe matter, damaging any automobiles which study of the program and its effects and the results were mixed. 74 occupy parking spots where they b e f o r e w e m a k e any c o n c r e t e percent of the sludents agree wilh the wanted lo park. And several public judgments. Still, I think the violence policy, while only 26 percent were safely cars have also been sabotaged is a little excessive."

Safely, noted the dual purpose of such a policy: "We hope it will discourage p e o p l e w h o p a r k illegally in designated areas, as well as cure the problem of slicker fraud." The second infraction was in reference to the ticket-purchasing scandal covered in an

SUidmfa The AAT Fraternity is offering a new stress reliever basket for exam week! The basket is chock full of items guaranteed to relieve stress and e * t e n y i $ C you.

You will recieve: -Exotic fruits and nuts -A connoisseur pack of prophylactics in a variety of colors, sizes, and flavors. -A can of grade A whip cream -A bottle of lotion to sooth aching muscles -A pack of chewing gum to substitute for cancer-causing cigarettes

The proceeds from this offer will go to the Safe Sex Coalition. (SSC)

Don t let your parentsfiiveyou just any fruit basket To order call: i


1.900-SAFE SEX $ 2 . T O ^ m m u ^ u s t o N



ri , <

• ». »- t '


After raising tuition each year since Alexander the Great came out of the closet with his elephant, the Board of Distrustees voted to stop fooling around. Tuesday, the day before this great newspaper was put to bed and read a short story about parasaillng, the Board went straight to the heart of the matter and began sucking students' blood directly. This move is Intended to solve the Board's Dracula Complex which psychology professor Dr.Antoin Meijers says is bigger than George Bush's ego. (Photo by Public Relations, the happy people)






Wicked Stepmother lhe


Fred & Ginger


dire, demand By Baruka Brown staff writer The Dykstrah Debs have graced our campus atmosphere and are now appealing to their fellow students, college faculty and administratoin to help them raise funds for their benefacial societal activities. "It has gotten just a little e x p e n s i v e , but it is such an important group. Sadly our credit cards have been taken away and our main source of money have cut most of their funding." said Debs chairperson, Babs Gallagher. T h e D e b s main s o u r c e of funding, Blair Gallagher (and Babs' personal tennis pro), have claimed that the reason for the cut in the Debs' funding is because they want the girls to be able to b e c o m e

Assifieds & Impersonals NEED SOMEONE 10 write and type your research papers? Me too!

responsible and seek other sources. "We won't leave them out in the cold," said Blair Gallagher "We plan to give them - $500,000. -half of what we usually give. It will be hard I know, but my little princess and her friends have to learn some responsibility ." W h a t do the Debs think of this? "I think it's an absolute injustice," said Aurora Charleston, a general member. "Our mommies and daddies won't supply us with the f u n d s that serve such a good cause." And what cause is that? "Why, beautifying the campus of course!" Aurora added. For this good cause, the Debs look towards the college c a m p u s with hopeful hearts and would like nothing more than to

reccive the full support of their colleagues. When asked what the campus would be funding, Babs said that there is a p j a t need for a Chicago mission trip. The mission would i n v o l v e a visit to F a n o f o l o u s b e a u t y salon for pedicures, manicures, haircare, facials and Revolting Makeup, not to mention a visit to t h e p r e s t i g i o u s Doomingsales for the purchase of complete wardrobes. They may even stop by a conditioning pet spa for their poodle mascot Fifi. The fundraiser will be held in the Famsay Bland in Bland Sapids at 7 p m . Hor d'oeuvres will be served

Hype Student Scott Cocaine of IntesUne, Mich., has announced his engagement lo Jill Biker, a Roads Scholar from Philadelphia, Penn. He wishes to thank the college for its off-campus, on-the-street-comer program through which he met Ms. Biker. Such programs have helped hundreds of Hype students fulfill the requirements for the MRS deerec within the "Four-year Plan."

T h e Debs urge e v e r y o n e to come "It's a matter of life and death - it really is '

ITS 4 a.m.. Where's Jim?

H Y P E - H O B B E S tickets now available. First come, served eventually. See Jan Halfmon when she's not on the phone.

FIRST-YEAR students Buy your computers now! They'll be in by the time you do your Senior Seminar paper. Contact the office of Lack of Computing and of Misinformation Technocrats at once.

WANTED FRESH batteries for wind-up, inflatable Susan doll. IT'S 4:15 a.m. Spitwad?


DON'T whenever.


I T S 5 a.m. diploma?

Where's my

Columbian Wanted! $500,000 reward!

, This paper is produced in a completely satirical 0 entire| 3 1 H o n A r^i! ! Any hy the staff of the 9 6 tS™?? y relationship to e a d n e a r or far ' ' ''table or .despised is either colncindental or deserved 1

good friendships with both sexes in Mo/ale.

Dear Editor,

Nykerk were segregated. It's hard to believe students just like me

Frankly, I was shocked and appalled about last issues ranchor








of T o me the

heart of the Pull and Nykerk is the Tradition of Unity in the class. Yeah, we feel good, oh we feci so good. Sincerely, Jeff Vander Kluge C92)

In the Ten Years Age

section there was a mention about

Lizzie Borden Charles Manson Idi Amin Ted Bundy Nat Turner John Gacy Green River Guy Hillside Strangler Jack the Ripper Typhoid Mary Jim Jones Hannibal Lechter

I made

Just ten years ago the Pull and


^Ringleader [Helpful sharpener l International affairs [Multimedia presentations (Morale coach [Children's page (Environmental writer [Rural correspondant Medical expert kFood editor •Food tester [Home Delivery

females in those groups.

No, not Nykerk, Please preserve Pull


the '82 M E N and the '81 W O M E N w i n n i n g the Pull and N y k e r k competitions.


It's hard for me to believe that & only ten years ago Hype College still had all c a m p u s events that were segregated by sex. I can't imagine a Pull without both men and women on the line.



One pit a woman, the next a man. All pulling together for unity of

Plays were written for male and female casts. And what did Song sound like without deep basses? It's hard to imagine.

Being in Morale for either Pull or Nykerk must have been lotally different Having done both Pull and Nykerk Morale, I wou^o't hayc

•The Place to go when you


want to get well!

•When suffering from Bronchius or the Common C o l d - - receive a free bottle of

the class. That's what the Pull is all about. And Nykerk? Women playing the roles of males? That's stupid.


V 0

d 0Ol

* Sudead •Pills available in a variety of colors M-W-F — P i n k T-Th

— Green

Call xDEAD ask for R.N. Death £ 2 •v t. iv » « . . . . with i t tammmttA mmm m mmm*

- •> 4

? !


Mikhail & Raisa


the ranchor

Van Rotten

Twins twice

Browbeat Browns bypass better Buffalo babes said.

by E s t h e r O b a d i a h


"It came as a complete surprise and was lotally unexpected/' said

She hopes they will agree to

arts editor

do a colloquium in Nykerk the day The Grand Performing Series announced the addition of the punk group the Ramones to their spring season. Dr. Michelle Highbrow, the

Holmes. Charles commented, "When I was a kid I always wanted a brother.

head to the G P S ' s p l a n n i n g c o m m i t t e e said the their April

of the concert "I think it would be good for our music m a j o r s to speak to musicians who have made it in the real world," she said. The General Manager


campus radio station W R A P , Pam

And now I've got one!" T h e s e long lost twins were

concert with the internationally a c c l a i m e d h a r p s i c h o r d i s t Bruce

Otter said she's pleased with the


Rabelinsky had to be cancelled because Rabelinsky gouged his left buuocks in a fly fishing accident in

reservations initially. "Obviously, since we play 24

England. "So the c o m m i t t e e met to

preferred a culturally aware band


anonymous Charles.








T h e letter stated that

Charles' mother had unknowingly had twin sons.

One of the sons

Ramones selection, but had some

our rap music, w e would have like Public Enemy.

On the other

(Holmes) was adopted by a couple

In the time of four fife, five - so \hz\ in tfiat wondrous time ou shaff not a d c f t o m i s e r y and"somw of tfte worfcf, But shaff

unable to have children. As with other separated twins, it is still possible to sec they are twins by noting their similarities.

smife to the infinite defigftt and"m^ster^ of it. WifTiaLi. -Jaioyan. $uest wnler from his pf?v

For example, both are closely in touch with the wilderness. Holmes

Ray Charles

Sherlock Holmes

is Colorado and Charles in Siberia. They have a similar, conservative

by I m a D e m a k r a t

taste in clothing right down to their

staff w r i t e r

black shoes. A startling discovery was made

small doubt as to the legitimacy of them being twins is the fact that

representative suggested that GPS bring the R a m o n e s to c a m p u s

Otter said.

Charles voted Democrat in the last

instead. Highbrow refused to disclose

good show.

It'll be good to see

"He's slightly misguided, but

to myself that 1 found in him," said

now that I know he's my brother, I

"Personally, I'm looking forward to

Charles. The only factor which leaves a

can straighten him out," responded

the idea, but she did mention that one or two buildings are named in the member's family honor. T h e R a m o n e s are a British


was surprised at all the similarities

Director of P u b l i c

S a f e t y Ray

They learned they are

Holmes to this information.

draws cwwd, c/mlwietM/

punk quartet acclaimed for their intellectual, pro-establishment, prodown-home American values and trendy fashion sense. "1 understand, the Ramones are

As the school year opened here at Hype, faculty and students alike awaited the opening of the new Detz

very Republican and have lunchcd at the White House," Highbrow

lounge . Overwhelming response by the campus community has kept standing-room-only the norm on many an e v e n t f u l night.. Events planned for next semester include: Strip twister. Tournament Tiddlewinks, Steeplechase for b e g i n n e r s and B o g g l e f o r the



Enlightened. Detz manager Karen DeDcDann said, "We really wanted to create a facility for the students to relax in and just have a more fun than a pig in a , pa'law." The o v e r w h e l m i n g response of - students has forced the Detz to hire a larger staff to meet the needs of the cliental. There are now 70 students who work days, nights, weekends and Sunday mornings in the Detz. Students seem to enjoy the new * relaxed atmosphere. "I just love the . new c h a i r s , t h e y a r e t e r r i b l y comfortable. I've missed more classes because I have fallen asleep while ( studying in the Detz," said Jake Cousins ('97). Some students, h o w e v e r , wish , the Detz had r e m a i n e d the same. "How is a person supposed to study ' when they are c o n s t a n t l y playing stupid g a m e s ? I really like the way you ah*** Imi ptace


"The R a m o n e s should do a Dimnent Chapel filled with GPSers w h o aren't retired," Otter said.

professor Sherlock H o l m e s and

twins who were separated at birth.

harpsichordist who got the hopk,"

the name of the alum w h o pushed

"When I first met Sherlock, I


hand, we weren't too hip about the



last w e e k by p o l i t i c a l

discuss options," Highbrow said. " W e l l , o n e of t h e a l u m n i

hearing their classic 'I Want to Be Highbrow



Rabelinsky will be able to come play next fall. "A few shots of penicillin and some stitches and he will be up and banging the keys again. Highbrow said.


All roomless Hope students your housing problems are solved!!!!!! Build your own appartment kits* H


A capacity crowd packs the new Detz for an exciting game of Strip Twister, photo by Frincc Andrew Does this compromise students in the Detz when you needed to get away from housemates and who use the new Detz? Some believe roommates," said Lissa Meiderman it does. Joanne Lourds ('94) said, "I feel we should protest this horrible ('95). lack of concern for the environment. Reportedly, the college financed the renovations by cutting back on The college should know better than budgeting for cleaning products and to profit from such distruction. The toilet p a p e r but these allegations best thing students can do is boycott the D e t z u n t i l t h e r e is f u l l proved to tell only part of the story. The real money behind the Detz disinvestment.' T h e Admisitration took their lies in investments in two nuclear power plants in France. The plants ai*i favorite stand on the issue and refused producing high dividends dispite the to comment on anything at all except large .amount or toxic material leaked to say that lhe President was feeling iji(d t h f ncigMx

g area.



are now available at the bookstore



plus tax

Extra options available: • air holes for air conditioning • carpet to cover the dirt • double occupancy for warmth • roach motel • easy access to public restrooms • must have 200 credits to be eligible < ;\

The Tramp


Charles & Di


Stream —


W W W ^










Maintenance manages media, markets mainstream mnsic (mainly Manilow, Madonna)

This month the Presidential Lecture Series will present the following professors and their lecture topics. Beer and donut holes will be provided.

by Cassy K a s s a m Hi. I'm Cassy Kassam. And this is American Top-40. In an effort to save the Hype College image, the administration has plans to seize control of W T H S - F M (89.9), the campus radio station,

development in that process." Outfall from the leaked reports has been swift. Local media critics

h eals

and just bumped it off. We ^ Ibink — D C f f y our


expect the change to have a great

audience wants the overproduced,

impact on the type of music played


by once-progressive WTHS. Some






and has vowed to place the student-


run organization under the authority

s«ch as Mike m i U * M e c t a k . .

of the Maintenance Deoartment

the Cars, and Bruce Springsteen-"a

rock and artists

. professional sound of the

D . They want to turn on their

radio t0

and hear a more natural, down-

- e a r l h ' old-fashioned, distorted

f ^ '



nrr • i


o m

""" ™

• J s e e m e d 1 0 ** the availability of

much more blue-collar sound" said Dr. John Travolta o f H v P e ' s

h ^ ^ ^ b o u t

Communicalion D e p a r t m e n t

. "nChor' has lean,cd that Jacobski has ten of his own which he thinks are still f i n in

A 'ranchor' reporter overheard

good condition though he hasn't

President John Jacobski talking to

played them in a number of years.

Dean of Students Robert Hal in the

In an informal survey among Board

men's bathroom D O

of Trustee members, officials found

at Parrot's

reasons why the administration should take control of the station away from the students.

Hi. I'm Cassy Kassam. And this is American Top-40. Debate they could have at least 13 m o r e -

targeted audience of the station 0





providing a variety of styles,


f "'' ^ ^ K ^ U I ^ a n c e » ^ c i a l s privately makes

not listening to the station, then


Jacobski. "Since I don't listen to the station (they're not my style), I figure no one else must"

Provost Abraham Elghthuls

has existed on campus over who the

Hi. I'm Cassy Kassam. And this is American Top-40 "If I'm why would anyone else?" asked

about w h o ^ ^ colle«e station will t a r g e t - t h e Freedom Village crowd.

Among the artists were Johnny Mathis, Bing Crosby, Jim Nabors,

"This is an excellent chance for the college to improve its image


Student who,



Englebert Borculo has






Others wished to know if this "Why Hype C o l l e g e Is the would affect tuition. heaven of the basketball A senior admitted that she universe and Hobbes College didn t care. "I'm ou;. of here in a few Is the hell."

"If maintenance is in charge, we can technical with





community which is nearly ready to

The bottom line is the college just

large sums of money wilh which to

When asiccd f 4 bout student reaction, Jacobski, s p r i n g off-the-

is not seeing a significant profit

increase our endowment," said

record said, "Why should we care?


Forever DeOld, who is responsible

Most of them are gone within four

for begging for money for the

to five years anyway. We're the

station in a m e m o to Jacobski

ones who have to listen to it yearaftcr-year."

nosmeamjiioMa) Let's not kid ourselves. In times of economic hardship, such as we are currently experiencing, we have to do what we have to do. And that includes the radio station." Hi. I'm Cassy Kassam. And this is American T o p - 4 0 . The

was errantly left on a

Macintosh hard drive in VanZorcn.




an "alternative" listening experience, WTHS will broadcast solely from 8-tracks, b e c o m i n g the only station in

campus and we just felt it was time

Western Michigan to do so. W e


nents. "We see the about the comments, 'We see the station as a l m o s t a natural

this has been American Top-40.

unique and maintain its license

will be given authority over the station. Maintenance has done a fine job with the work they do on

operations," said Provost Ovid N y e n h o p o l i s , when approached

"The Importance of the chl square value on the spurious or causative relationship between the Income of alumr^ sociology majors and the number of sociology faculty.

Hi. I'm Cassy Kassam. Anc

In an unusual m o v e which officals hope will define WTHS as

Maintenance Department apparently

for them to expand t h e

. any more of my money anyway."

'kick o f f and could leave us with


Dr. Roget Tarheel

weeks and the coMege ain't getting

While the 'ranchor' reporter cowered in his stall, Hal admitted.



clue, "What's an 8-tnxk, dude?"


community," continued Jacobski.



demostrated he still c.idn't have a

professionalism damage oui nure



mixed. Said one first-year student

can't afford to let their lack of



Humperdink and Philharmonic.

just leaming radio and we

just b l a m e difficulties."

"The Administration's Icarus Dilemma as it dwarfs the campus and heads toward th sun."

which would make any station jealous."

Besides, I'm afraid of students messing up. Let's face it. They're

and pristine image

rLyrical Marxist progressions »f *1 Got a Gal In Kalamazoo."'

- f

last Thursday evening. Jacobski told Hal there were "numerous"

Dr. Maynard Ferguson



.® 0 t b 't0 sk

3 a


don,t lhink fair

Dr.Mike "The phototroplc effect-of nallucinagenics upon 'brain' cell m i o s i s in the Unemployment Planning and Welfare Center."



'" said luncheon of old, rich

w h o nockied in

"Puberblc developmental d dysfunction Instigated by £ hand to e y e coordination.

a g ^ e n t (or sleep; it was difficult to tell.) "The cassette followed so closely on its




r n * * M

Dr.Jane Fonda

wrnTTTrr r j

f The Sorcerer's Apprentice

the ranchor

Mr. & Mrs. Howell . The unidentified source also told the ranchor of some of the perks

by Joe J o c k sports editor

lhal Hype has received bccausc o f P O l i t j C Q l

P U O C h

Once again, every 1 h i s a 8 r e e m e « t E . c n , o « h a s s „ r e , > p r o g r e s s j v e basketball fan at Hype College feels lhe frustration and wonders about Over t h e past few what could have been if it were not rears, H o b b e s h a s w o n thi by S a m u e l P. H u n t i n g t o n for a certain team f r o m Grand [majority of the g a m e s Pi S i g m a A l p h a S t a f f Rapids. Well, the ranchor h a s ilayed. With a mix of '608 radical learned that there might be a reason liberalism and '80s punk for the early ending to this year's basketball season. ^ noticed the improvement in the food l i b c r t a r i a n i s m , i n f l u e n c e d by An unidentified source has this year compared to last year, touches of Far Eastern-Western told the ranchor that within the last Hype and Hobbes arc sharing the Theomatic Reconstructionism and ihrcc years there has been a secret same food service that Hobbes used bits of moderate conservatism, "The c o n t r a c t s i g n e d b e t w e e n top last year. Hobbes did not have to System Works!" has hit the college o f f i c i a l s at H y p e and H o b b e s a g r e e to s h a r e f o o d s e r v i c e s . political-musicical scene with a Colleges. T h e main point of the Another thing is the continuance of force unseen since Barry Drake. M a n y of t h e s o n g s a r e contract is an agreement between the nursing program that Hype and the two schools to never allow one H o b b e s share. Our source said autobiographical as the group copes or the other school to move too far Hobbes was considering quitting the through its lyrics with going ahead of the other in wins or in program a few years ago, but has through middle-age as political total points scored between the two agreed to stay in it because of the science professors. During the day, all f i v e men are p r o f e s s o r s of schools in this classic rivalry. contract political science at the local Hype A second point in the Our source revealed that College. c o n t r a c t h a s to d o w i t h an Hype's basketball coach had never T h e formation of the group agreement that says that, for the been pleased with the agreement, c a m e about as the result of a right price, Hobbes will be allowed especially this year because of the coincidal meeting at a Sanitation to win the more important games, terrific team that he had assembled, Blarmy store. "We realized then played between Hype and Hobbes, The coach almost did not hold up what we had to do. That's why we for five years, starting in 1989. H y p e ' s end of the agreement, but started the band and are donating all By looking at some of the the source said the new 1991 Jag the proceeds to the Hype College trends in the rivalry in recent years, has cooled off the coach at least . Faculty Retirement Fund," said the one can sec that there might be some until next year. g r o u p ' s s p o k e s p e r s o n , Pill Q. truth to this report. Over the past A l o n g with the m i n o r O'Kimskivanramsmaonen. few years, H o b b e s has won the p e r k s that h a v e been a l r e a d y "Four Average Guys and One majority of the games played. T h e mentioned, our source told us of Guy with Big Feet" opens the overall record in this rivalry has been some m a j o r deposits made into album with fool-stomping rythms made much closer, recently, with S w i s s b a n k a c c o u n t s . These and vote-getting vocals. Hobbes now holding a slight edge in deposits are made into an account A m o v i n g " T r i b u t e to a total points scored. named Wait Till Next Year two or Drooling, Drugged Orka" will bring Last year. H y p e lost two three times each winter. They are tears unseen since T i m m y said g a m e s on last second shots, one thai deposited under the code n a m e good-bye to Lassie. did not count for us and one that did Victorious Again. "We're So Messy, We Should ' for them, and then Hype was beaten No o f f i c i a l s from either Hire a Maid (But W e Can't Afford handily in the p l a y o f f s . T h i s school cared to c o m m e n t on the It, S o We H i r e Students)," is ' season, H y p e won both regular allegations. T h e governing board dedicated to their groupies, who call • season games, one in o v e r u m e and of the NCAA Division 111 had said themselves "Tlic Slaves.' one big win at Holland, only to lose that they were never informed According to research done by ' to the Damesals one week later, at any such goings on between the band members Bobby Younger and • home in overtime. That makes two two schools. They also said that Sherlock Holmes, the album should years in a row that Hobbes has won they will begin a complete and sell well by about May. This is ' ihe game that counted more than the thorough investigation into the w h e n a p e r i o d of e x t r e m e :rs matter when they get a round to it. introversion will align wilh the selfish qualities of presidents over six feet tall during a carpish market.



p O C R S


e n

t j



p r O f e S S O r S

p l d t i n U m


The System Works!' will kickoff their first world tour, featuring s o n g s from their debut r e l e a s e , "Cycle Swings", during Family Night activities at the Oakbrick Apartments in Rising Church. Va. The tour is s p o n s o r e d through a research grant from the U.S. government.

"I'm pretty much a moderate with conservative tendencies when it comes to the album," said Jimmy Zuits, lead pan-flutist. "There are parts I like and parts, well...." Stefan Delilah, a visiting band member, will onlv be with the band through April. But he has been pleased with the opportunity to photograph his students while on stage. Reaction from the critics has been mixed. Kristina Shori, a former collegue of Holmes, said, "I've heard him sing in the shower ^nd I wasn't that impressed. I certainly wouldn't scalp tickets twice in one weekend to see them, like I did the 'Blue Girls.'"

photo by Michael Dukakis

llll Lita Tuutinuzzi shrieked, "I wouldn't listen to this band even if I created it." When pressed further, she admitted, "I don't know why. That's jusi what the NY Times said." Scat Bishop-to-Queen's-Eight has earned the coveted position of road manager. "They even gave me a personalized bench to sit on during the concerts," he said. The band members did wish to thank Katherine ElevenHakken and Burb Livebry who as we went to press were still retyping the latest revisions to the lyric sheet. "We just hope our album sells better than our last book," said Younger.

Contract calls close contests II Classic confusion confounds caped crusaders

n. i Currently the N C A A allows hands, a drum is a child's dream and schools to pay only for athletes' tuition, room and board. Athletes a parent's n i g h t m a r e : a noiseare not allowed to hold part-time making machine of epic potential. jobs during the school year. An art exhibit by U-M graduate Objectors to the bills in each [students at the Rackham Building of the states note the NCAA could [and an exhibit on "The Female respond by placing sanctions on Gaze" at the U-M Museum of Art schools that comply wilh the state laws. [also will be held. The conference fee is $25 for Georgetown University closed students and $35 for faculty who 'its programs in Turkey and Italy, register at the conference. The 'and told students studying in Israel c o n f e r e n c e s c h e d u l e will be land Cairo to c o m e h o m e even H O L L A N D -- In the wrong



W'Xr. or •

IR/* '



*2 - v--:


(before hostilities had broken out, •reported Georgetown spokeswoman

Admissions office recruiting techniques have changed with the times. Here, a sibiling says, "Wow, Mom, I want to go to H ^ g e T

l ^ n n e Jones. Moreover, the school suggested that students in all other study ibroad programs come h o m e as Iwell, but warned Ihem not to be on


- 335=.= = = = € = = 5 ^ 5 ^ a ' i l t L ' t W =c ==5 55 £ 5 5 2 = 2

lirplancs if war broke out.

available during registration in the U-M's Rackham Building lobby. To i-re-register, call (313) 763In F e b r u a r y , the C o l o r a d o Senate killed and then revived a bill to pay stipends to student athletes at state universities. . .4 ^ a i no \ U o ! :

-v b w o M

Although none of the group s five members are music majors al Hope, each has been playing a musical instrument since elementary or j u n i o r high school. Often involved with other musical groups as well, they enjoy the challenge of performing as an all-percussion ensemble. Officials at all the colleges said they were closely following State Dcparunent directives on whether it was safe for students to travel and stay abroad. "They do a terrible, immoral thing by refusing to have a record," he said. Some students, however, apparently have dccided to stay overseas, foreign study officials report unuiM




Lucy & Desi

the ranchor


Recruiters ride roughshod by P e t e y A r n i t

S o m e soldier privately claim that

Lou Holtz, coach of the Notre

consideiing dropping the U.S. f r o m

s u r r o u n d s m u c h of the war itself.

staff w r i t e r

the miliary was ready to move back

D a m e football t e a m , d e n i e d any

eligibility f o r its annual r a n k i n g s .

T h e Iraqis a r e c l a i m i n g that the

in O c t o b e r , but w a n t e d the extra

knowledge of use of steriods among

Even though these ratings p r o v i d e


m o n t h s to a l l o w its s o l d i e r s to

his players who are in the R O T C .

only "mythical championships,"

attacked on Jan. 16. Instant replay

they are used as the standard guide

has proved inconclusive and so far

around the world.

the play stands as called.

Cleared by Iraqi censors

"peak" After

















S o m e claim this was to strengthen

military have to forfeit the win, but


the s o l d i e r in c a s e they had to

it has been banned f r o m appearing

a n n o u n c e d that the U.S. military

e n g a g e in h a n d - t o - h a n d c o m b a t ,

on live television or in a n y bowl


the c o v e t e d

head c o a c h o f the Iraqi forces,is

would have to forfeit its victory in

while a few whispered that it w a s

g a m e for the next five years.

n u m b e r - o n e ranking in both polls

u n d e r fire f r o m his o w n p e o p l e ,

the Persian Gulf. .

for vain reasons.

for the first lime since early in the

i n c l u d i n g m a n y r e c e n t alumni of

S c h w a r z k o p f and C o l i n P o w e l l ,

Vietnam W a r .

what was only recently the fourth-

who stood

to r e a p m i l l i o n s in

rewarded the U.S. the n u m b e r - o n e


rescued their

endorsements, disappointed but so

position following P a n a m a , A P

Hussein has r e c e i v e d criticism for

officials, which found that the U.S.

w o m e n from the Iraqi marauders,"

is C N N , the network which rose to

j u s t r e c e n t l y r e p l a c e d Sri L a n k a

reaching into the high school ranks

had violated several N C A A rules in

said a sergeant from San Diego as

the forefront during the entire e n s i ?

wilh the U . S . at the top slot.

to try to b o l s t e r his p r o f e s s i o n a l

building the n u m b e r - o n e r a n k e d

he flexed





Not only are Generals Norman


"The U.S. soldiers wanted to

following the release of lhe results

look good when w e marched into


Kuwait City and


announcement investigation



F o l l o w i n g the Gulf W a r , the had



A P a n d UPI are r e p o r t e d ' y

M e a n w h i l e , S a d d a m Hussein,

W h i l e U P I had








military in the world. A m o n g the c h a r g e s a r e the following: h

N u m e r o u s i n s t a n c e s of U.S.




military p e r s o n n e l w h o failed to meet the N C A A m i n i m u m g r a d e point








Ground troops must mainlain a 2.0 (on a 4.0 scale), while fighter pilots must maintain a 2.2.




On \oC3\ IrtDinoplfiobes


3(iii (tw M s

Iken rtpu*ito(lvbirfk,ia*u/ IpiHrntirn M

Icoutttjdcjnfty, litf (W* poUtl A i k t t S w y i s fw.11 o u l i r t t i i i . t i of j-oflidhiK itfity hid Men lutf fir lanutVj Iricte.

^ ^ ain't

There w e r e

found n u m e r o u s violations of this p o i n t "We are n o longer producing


a military man (or w o m a n ) , " said


B o b b y Knight, head coach of the

(• SO WHO f





({'J i)


"We are just producing a



it's o.k.

Indiana University men's basketball team.


Ol WUofcW

IIS Vio ^0






-riiAt K>OU)?



The U.S. military was also found



recruiting regulations.



Reports of

alumni providing potential recruits with p o s t e r s , s w e a t b a n d s and Tshirts in an e f f o r t to e n c o u r a g e


(jdcm -Ik

N $ l X f W f ••

i'd C i U f c t a b I W ^

them to enlist abound. O n e retired m a r i n e f r o m H o u s t o n , T e x a s , is

fp i|uil




reported to have given away nearly

Ai\J ( u m {Kr c n h t i l j w a t o w A

$5,(XX) worth of sweatbands al one

fp-fixru*- rni| ( a h 3 1


local high school. U.S. had often recruitcd before and The

&ui bvAef^,

ftwnV. vjou f«>T ijour p p m rvniwl


M (jivtv AU

Sm.V >


of b u l IW

jlfWf r«lli|



Put I'll iv"

lilwU Unff i p V ' f l f 11^106, M IT UBKS U K IT5 FROM A

T h e report also said that the after recruiting deadlines.

(fu) (* * * * '

1 o*

lOUfn I ( ^ 3 ' ^ m i j hesd FI6URG''

Erwlitui uy

l"]hi f.Kia'es.

fjuv pf

N C A A docs not allow o f f i c e r s to contact potential personnel between

mv \

August 1 and D e c e m b e r 31. This allows the recruits to concentrate on

m m

their s t u d i e s w i t h o u t the added p r e s s u r e of


f r o m all

military branches calling every day at ail hours of the night. / e r r y Tarkanian, coach of the University of N e v a d a - L a s Vegas men's basketball team, called these violations "an outrage, an affront to the spirit of fair play."


is e s p e c i a l l y d i s p l e a s e d ha zing

So pur j>rpi^icTi3l ii<ide iwiniij n ikirilf ijUrS HPu! So if UCU {infit I'm owrhea tke life Jdort PuC uhiH if Jci* J Vulture fiiTi iuWim J Fcr krniifVj Ari5 {fn ter 5c> ikfij (j* few*tt*saw deff loir 4* Jiojij God's {rueBut Ct Ivt/e ho rhyme or rttOl, U tJte mtoit (hsm nwiuiom, ihty uni fhjf K'v leu ClrdffCid ihf doer. /\nJ roh< our Cufiuse.And [jou ytjiiij tnov u)kj(<> Pont lucrry cause 5orelj by better.

I'll Ix hun<j for Irea&n.

apparently lost his lone


starter f o r next y e a / , A l e x a n d e r Hunt, to the A r m y .





"I just t h o u g h : the only way to get the recruiters to stop calling me w a s to j o i n t h e m , " said H u n t , proudly d i s p l a y i n g his white wristbands with " A R M Y " stamped in green. The





charges of widespread illegal drug use at the front, especially steroids. %

" - r ' .i





« *'•* X ' ^ ' -v


Page 15

the anchor

April 3 , 1 9 9 1

Opinion "Il all passed s o quickly," Ruth

All these big events h a v e a f f e c t e d

a retirement community.

If she sees these words, I'm sure she'll shake her head and dismiss il

a month f r o m work and they went

f u r n i t u r e selected f r o m her house.

all saying, " W e just lived."

She sleeps in her o w n bed.


to Europe. Silling al her kitchen table,

U n i v e r s i t y of Illinois on a d o r m

Ruth recounts the trip day by day.

table d o w n in the dining room with

dale n i g h t

She takes m e to S w e d e n , N o r w a y

her new friends. A rose passes from


and other countries. W e take a side

table to table wilh each meal. T h e

d e p r e s s i o n , R u t h lived wilh her

trip up to see the little v i l l a g e

rose signals which table can get in

f o l k s on a dairy farm d u r i n g the


line first. Don't stop her when the

w e e k w h i l e John traveled selling

T o g e t h e r w e slay al this " a w f u l

sieel for U . S . Sieel. O n w e e k e n d s

little place."

R u t h d e s c r i b e s the

She plays bridge every Thursday

he w o u l d return to C h i c a g o and

d i f f e r e n t p l a c e s in detail nearly

night with her closest friends. She

Ruth would join him in their small

thirty years later.


lhal trip is far clearer than my own

also c o n t i n u e s wilh her "once a month b r i d g e club" at "the club.'

m e m o r y of M a y term in L o n d o n

They play f o r money.


Married six days before the Crash



Her h u s b a n d died o v e r twenty

But it's a d o w n housing m a r k e t

years ago. T h e y had been married

Ruth c h o o s e s to w a i t rather than

since 1929.

sell it for quite a bit under what the

"We were


six d a y s

a d j u s t e r thinks it's worth.

alone in t h e i r s e c o n d Pittsburgh.

h o m e in

T h i s o n e sits a t o p a

hill and l o o k s o u t o v e r a golf course.

T h e c o u n t r y c l u b is j ust


" W e w e r e lucky lhal John kepi lhal I could live wilh m y parents.

Ruth just turned 88 in March.

Since John's death, she had lived


his j o b t h r o u g h those years, and

b e f o r e the C r a s h , " Ruth told m e with a smile.


T h e y w e r e married in

1929 in C h i c a g o .


Otherwise we could never have


afforded t w o households," Ruth said W h a t does a n y o n e my age know about being 88 years old. It's




g o on to college.





Her m e m o r y of

w a l k a s f a s t as s h e used to, and

They n a m e him John. Ruth doesn't j u s t go on with her

getting dressed takes loo long, she



c o n t i n u e s to live.


She still loves

Last fall she m o v e d out of the

P i t t s b u r g h wilh J o h n ' s t r a n s f e r to


realtor has listed the h o u s e as. Far

the B a b y B o o m , t h e turbulence of

the h e a d q u a r t e r s of the c o m p a n y .

more than J o h n had

the sixties, W a t e r g a t e , the R e a g a n

S o o n the girls w e r e married and on

manage. Ruth

years and u p through the Gulf W a r .

their o w n .

M e a d o w s a b o u t ten m i n u t e d r i v e



paid f o r it in


Y e s . I k n o w , this t o u r n a m e n t is j u s t f o r a f e w w e e k s and the


players carry lighter academic loads d u r i n g the season. B u t they


h a v e to carry at least 12 credits to b e considered full-time students and

Organic chemistry

b e eligible to represent their school before




audience. A n d it's not j u s t d u r i n g the


t o u r n a m e n t run that such d e m a n d s are placed on the "student "-athlete. T h e y ' v e b e e n playing g a m e s since S o I'm sitting h e r e w a t c h i n g

T h e n try to l a k e all lhal work


w i t h y o u a s y o u fly a c r o s s the

basketball c h a m p i o n s h i p (of course,

country playing t w o to three g a m e s

I don't h a v e the time) and this

a week, engaging





thought crosses m y mind. "When does B o b b y Hurley find the time to study for Organic Chemistry?" N o w . I don't k n o w if Hurley is a c h e m m a j o r ( p r o b a b l y not), but

in p r a c t i c e s ,

interviews, and the general hype and e x c i t e m e n t of t h e " R o a d to the Final Four."

n o w . they've been jet-setting around for nearly half the academic year. I k n o w they h a v e their fringe

It w a s l o o big f o r her to

Anyone would.


she'd rather be with John. She tells m e and my b r o t h e r how m u c h she w i s h e s John could





have k n o w n us. W e miss him too.

S o m e of us e v e n look f o r w a r d to

c o m m u n i t y . A pair of them got

them with a m a s o c h i s t i c sense of

into a d e b a t e c o n c e m i n g Division I

f u n . But w h e n w a s the last l i m e





D a v e , a high school teacher,


a r g u e d t h a t they s h o u l d "call a

interview of having been fatigued

spade, a spade" and make Division I

f r o m being u p all night finishing


an explication of a S h a k e s p e a r a n

" p r o f e s s i o n a T - d r o p the farce that it


is a m a t e u r , an







Or heard a coach explaining that his star w o u l d be u n a b l e to play b e c a u s e he was taking the LSATs? Most c o l l e g e sludents spend a minimum asked.


four years


" S o . w h a t d'ya w a n n a do

with your life?" Did you hear Billy Packer

ask any

of t h e U N L V

p l a y e r s this q u e s t i o n ? Of c o u r s e




activity. T h e r e are true student-athletes even at t h e Division I level and p o c k e t s o f the original intent of c o l l e g e a t h l e t i c s can probably be found. T h e N C A A is quick to point out the e x a m p l e s of those who have d o n e well on the court and in the classroom.

n o t T h e y all w a n t to play pro ball,

But a s a general rule, w e see

r i g h t ? N o n e of them m i g h t b e

little of the student and tons of the

considering giving up the lights and

athlete. I see little which allows me

H o w would you make it to lab in Raleigh when you're sitting in a

attendance requirements, cars, c a s h -

t i c k e r - t a p e of t h e N B A to w o r k

lo c o n n e c t with them as a fellow

holel room in Indianaoolis?

and m a y b e that's w h a t bothers me.

a m o n g the p o o r of El S a l v a d o r ,

college s t u d e n t

T h e y don't get to fully appreciate H o w would you concentrate on

Think of all the w o r k you've had to d o in the past f e w w e e k s (and you

p h i l o s o p h i e s of M a r x and Lenin

lo d o in the past f e w weeks.)

all hours of the day and w e e k . By

And she'd rather be in her house

light c l a s s loads, tutors, lax class


k n o w h o w m u c h w o r k y o u ' v e had

of televsion h a v e them p l a y i n g at

b e n e f i t s that h e l p t h e m get b y -

tell m e , w h a t e v e r the field, h o w d o these g u y s find the t i m e to study?

December and the increased demands



John fiercely. But she lives.

have lived through t w o world wars,


Her mind is sharper than mine.





rose is at her table.

It does b o t h e r her that she can't

By n o w the family had moved lo

h a v i n g b e e n b o m in

Three limes a day she eats at her

b e f o r e my o l d e r b r o t h e r is b o m .


down the s t r e e t

shaped a p a r t m e n t is slocked with

last year. In 1967 John dies of cancer right


They had two girls w h o w o u l d imagine

Her L

might say. In the early 1960s John look off

her life.


from "the club" and her house. It's



w h e n s o m e guy f r o m C B S want s to k n o w what vou had for dinner?

M a y b e we should call a spade,

w h a t it is like to h e a regular, run-

right? W h e n I w a s h o m e on Spring

a spade; a student, a student; and the

of-the-mill college student.

B r e a k , I s p e n t a n e v e n i n g at the


For e x a m p l e , a l l - n i g h t e r s ? A

high s c h o o l g y m p l a y i n g h o o p s

l e a g u e s . Q u i t lying to ourselves;

true m a r k of a c o l l e g e s t u d e n t .

with s o m e of the "old men" of the

quit lying to them.





5 0 , 0 < - i S £ T " m i S . . . IT'S MATT gtfT MASTE£S6M P< •• AkJD. <SfeT THIS, O kT, WE'iEE UP A^VfJST AMP WEfee ALL AT THAT


c o e e A L


m a m e p

a f t e r

m e

. . .


Students spend Spring Break building house additions Sharon


f e a t u r e s editor

Circlcville, West Virginia received 18 Hope students for the 1991 Spring Break C h a p l a i n ' s Project. The group, independent of an advisor, drove down in one van and a car and headed towards a week of manual labor. "Part of our philosophy is that, for (students) to develop ownership , and leadership, we should not go along. Otherwise, if a problem arises, they would look to us to solve it," said Scott VanArendonk assistant chaplain. According to VanArendonk the students have handled such independence well on past projects and the Circleville group were no different. They carried with them a check of around $2,000 that had been r a i s e d for H a b i t a t f o r Humanity in Circleville through

the Bethlehem Fund, connecting the fund wilh the spring break project. Working alongside Wittenberg University students, Hopites were put in different teams and assigned to p r o j e c t s or cases by staff

'Part of o u r philosophy is that for ( s t u d e n t s ) to develop ownership and l e a d e r s h i p , we s h o u l d not go a l o n g . ' - S c o t t VanArendonk

members of the Almost Heaven Habitat, which is a chapter of the international organization Habitat for Humanity. Valerie Kuyt '(91), said that work involved pulling up dry wall and ceilings, building additions onto houses or building an entire house for low-income people.

As for the student's lodging, a cement building with two wood stoves and running water according to Kuyt was a p l u s - most of the f a m i l i e s did not have such a commodity. Kuyt said that the families had pipes in the mountain ridge that drain water into a waiting bucket. They use the water for cleaning, cooking and washing, the necessary things. The student's lodging w a s located on a campground which had been sited for college groups lo use upon arrival at Circleville. The Circleville townsfolk have made a place for the h e l p of willing sludents and according to Kuyt and Greg Million ('92), received the students in a positive m a n n e r , "They're not the type of people that would come out and say thanks but they showed us in different ways," Kuyt added. According to VanArendonk,

one student had found lhal the work itself d i m m e d in the light of relating to their West Virginian hosts and meeting a need to quell their loneliness. Million added that the group not only gave their help but r e c e i v e d much f r o m the Circleville families in turn. He and Kuyt also witnessed the importance of family among the

of family importance lhal the West Virginians have. VanArendonk mentioned that the Chaplain's O f f i c e hoped the sludents would get an exposure to what Habitat for H u m a n i t y is a b o u t , that the students would continue to be involved in it after they leave Hope and that they form a chapter on campus. The City of Holland already has a chapter but there are individual college chapters also. The student group lead chapcl on Monday, April 8 at 1 lam.

T h e y ' r e not the t y p e of p e o p l e that w o u l d c o m e out a n d say t h a n k s but t h e y s h o w e d us In different ways." - V a l e r i e Kuyt ('91)

residents. A family that Kuyt had worked with, had originally lived in a bus. Much of what she observed made her appreciate what she has, but she especially admired the sense

Rape c o n t i n u e d from

form work wilh a cold and was awakened by a loud noise. When I


that friends of mine were survivors, loo. I joined the Women's Issues Organization on campus and fell empowered




leaming about women's issues. I helped draft a sexual harassment policy for the college. I went through




organization Women in Transition and was a volunteer wilh women and children who had been abused. For





though, I really didn't fully deal "head on" with the rape. It wasn't until I was a graduate student in Ann Arbor lhal I began to really come to terms wilh the rape. I attended "Take Back the Nightmarches, talked openly about the rape and began weekly one-on-one counselling f o r the first lime. When I moved to W a s h i n g t o n , D.C., I joined a support g r o u p â&#x20AC;˘ through the D.C. R a p e C r i s i s Center. It was there that I came lo think of myself as a survivor rather than a victim. It was only after the support group that I was able lo tell my family about the dale rape. February 9lh of this year marked eight years since the first rape. The "anniversary" is still a difficult day filled with painful memories, but it's also a day I reflect upon and celebrate how far I ve come in these eight years. This April marks the second y e a r s i n c e I w a s r a p e d in Washington D.C. I had been married in September, 1988 and bought a house in February 1989. On April 4, 1989, I stayed home

who was there to serve lunch to

back to health. I was overwhelmed wilh the outpouring of support. I

went downstairs lo sec what il was,

elderly people in the neighborhood held by hand and prayed with me

I confronted two men in my dining

and for me. She held my head to

room. I screamed, but no one heard me. They beat me, forced me upstairs, tied m e up and raped me

her bosom and didn't even notice that the blood from by head stained her dress.

and letters - love in all f o r m s available. I had never been loved so well by so many people. I have been very open about

in my own bed. They confessed that they were looking for money

I reported the crime to the police and went to the hospital for

what happened to me this time. I began the healing process wilh

educational opportunity is one in

for drugs. One of them said "This

15 stitches in my head, full x-rays, and to have a sex crimes kit collected. (That is where they take

viewing myself as a survivor from

lifetime for Fifita.

the day of the rape itself. I reached

was brought to her station manager'sj attention, and he asked Fifita

is the crazy shit drugs will make you do." I thought they'd kill me if they didn't find any money - we had literally $ 3 in the house.

swab samples and hair samples to


compare your fluids and hair wilh

gave them m y automatic money

any that the rapist may have left on

card and explained how to use i t

your person.) I was at the hospital for about six hours and was made

T o this day, I'm convinced that move saved my life. After they left, I waited for an hour to make sure they had really left and weren't coming back. It was the longest hour of my life. I could tell from how red my pillow was that I'd lost a lot of blood. I forced myself lo stay conscious, pictured the faces of all my women friends one by one, and prayed over and over "Lord let me live." When I was sure they were gone for good, I untied myself and crawled down the hall to the phone -the cord was c u t I went down the stairs and out the front door turned to lock the door out of habit and asked the first person I saw if I could use her phone. She shook her head and kept walking. I panicked - would anyone help me? I looked up and saw the church across the street and it was my haven. From the church, I called the police, an ambulance, the Rape Crisis Center and my husband. The whole lime, an older woman V â&#x20AC;˘V3

to wait two hours on an examining table wearing nothing but a paper

out to all the available sources of help - my friends, family, church, co-workers, the D.C. Rape Crisis Center and a weekly counselor. I took a self-defense class and learned how to physically fight back if ever confronted wilh another situation. And I've become a media contact for the D.C.Rape Crisis Center,

sheet - the only ob/gyn on duty was delivering a baby. I had been

which has lead me to interviews

taken to the city hospital since i

wilh newspapers, radio programs

was a crime victim. Luckily, a "companion" from the Rape Crisis

and T.V.

Center met m e at the hospital and was wilh m e through it all. Over the next few weeks I was consumed with the case, giving the police a seven-page, single spaced statement with the most minute details. My way of f i g h t i n g back was to remember everything. I gave them lists of the specific items that had been stolen from my house, I went to line ups, I met wilh a sketch a r u s t Hard as I tried, I was unable to remember their faces. To this day, no suspects have been arrested. Regardless, I'm still glad i reported the crime and actively pursued i t R e c o v e r i n g from rape was much different this time around. I stayed with various friends for the next few months and was nurtured


received calls, visits, flowers, cards

shows, including "A

Current Affair," and "The Jesse Jackson Show."

C o n t i n u e d f r o m P.4


The fellowshij

Fifita submitted a sample]

work of a program she produced] which won her position. Thus far, Fifita said she hasj learned that persistence is a key u American journalism. She lauglu as she explained her reaction toj television reporters: "They attack th( speaker." Fifita's trip to Hope Colleg( was a r r a n g e d through the Asiai "oundation as a study tour.


docs Hope compare to Harvard? Fifu happily replied, "Hope is nice. It's

My l i f e has c h a n g e d an enormous amount during the last two years, partly as a result of dealing wilh the "fall out" of the

much more friendly than in Boston] Tongans like to make friends."

rape and partly because I was ready lo move forward wilh my life. I have moved countless times, have

sidewalk reading. I don't know il they have much fun."

changed j o b s to one lhal I love,

Tonga is a country of small islands in the Pacific Ocean near Ne\

have separated and divorced, was ordained




Presbyterian Church,




She also noted, "Harvard u intense. Everyone even walks on th(

Zealand and Australia. The leadin] industry is tourism which brought ii

engaged to a wonderful man and will become a step-mother to his

over $15 million last year.

two girls this Spring.

n c l u d i n g a rain s e a s o n November through May.

My faith

has deepened and although I still have flashbacks and rough times, overall, my life is better than it's ever been before. For this second chance, I thank God. J. -4


islands experience tropical weathei




What docs Fifita's f u t u n "I want to g o back u

onga, she said. "I love it there an( miss my family."

Page 17

the anchor

April 3. 1991

Arts Association evaluates dance department The accreditation lasts for either and video collection), curriculum, being accredited to dance m a j o r s . " W h a t I like about |Hope] is that you four or ten years, depending on the f i n a n c e s , a n d f a c i l i t y . M a x i n e because it practically insures them get to know the professors . . .the

by J a m e s R. Hall assistant n e w s e d i t o r

quality of the program.

This year, DcBryun, Professor and Chairperson acceptance at a graduate school. She

personal level is a big factor.'

. h The Hope Dance Department, after the department decided to apply for a of Dance, said, "They arc looking for said, "We can guarantee our graduates William Crowley ('92) praised the being accredited for a little over five ten-year certification bccause it will an overall quality program which can going someplace" providing they have worked hard at Hope. variety of subjects taught, because it years, is undergoing a quality check. be less work in the long run. The be maintained." The evaluation proccss consists of T h e department is applying for a results will be returned this fall, on two parts; checking the insutution's renewal of their accreditation, which September 18. a T h e N a t i o n a l A s s o c i a t i o n of " s e l f - s t u d y , " and m a k i n g is an official certification that H o p e Schools of Dance checks five main has a quality dance program. This review is a normal procedure areas, and a flaw in any of these will which all dance departments are put resui: i . no a c c r e d i w i o . and p[.cc through, though only a few actually ,|.c institution in a "holding paltem." receive the agency's approval. In When a school is put in a holding

k n o w

visitation. T h e self-study is a thick book of r e c o r d s and o t h e r data compiled b , the daoce d e m e n t o . e , several years as t h e , evaluate and improve their own program.

t h e y



e offers something for everyone. Cxpl



r c a

f f i

m e d

(he Dance





meHis throuEh their



He . '

1 W l t h i n ltsclf


„ . .


" T T t " 7 " ' l " 8 e r schools don t have an l Christy Guth ('92), noted that accredited program, DeBryun no g r a d u a t e s c h o o l s c h o o s e v e r y that it could be for any number of carefully and a school like Hope with reasons, but it all cotnes down to

The five areas checked are faculty of the dance majors. (quality and diversity), library (text


they didn't ^!"® ' ^ m u c h about the accreditation '"cred.Wy diversified


pattern it has a one to three year time T h e v i s i t a t i o n is an a c t i v e p r o g r a m s ( i n c l u d i n g all s i z e limit to make the necessary changes i n v e s t i g a t i o n of the i n s t i t u t i o n , d i v i s i o n s ) in M i c h i g a n w h i c h b e f o r e it can b e considered for including a scrutiny of the facility, the faculty, and even academic records currently has this accreditation. T h e accreditation University.

d a n c e

inlerviewed) and

fact, Hope is one of only two dance

other school is Western Michigan


a good program will be respected dedication. She said. You can nave m o r e t h a n o n e s w i t h o u t s u c h a viable program but not receive cerufication.

DeBryun pointed out the value of

S h e also emphasized c e r t i f i c a t i o n b e c a u s e you d o n ' t

the c o m m i t m e n t

of the faculty: care.

Movie examines Hollywood blacklist at a crawl b y Jim M o n n e t t arts editor A rising film director returns

'408 and early '50s is a fact of U.S. history. These hearings were the

war protestors during the Gulf War.

life are ruined since he cannot even

Bening (last scene \nThe Grifters).

Though il should be seen, it

launch pad of Joseph McCarthy and the destruction of many people in

isn't as g o o d of a m o v i e as it should have been. Robert De Niro, who may b e the best actor in film

get a job making TV commercials. T h e problem with Guilty by

Bening is established as a strong single mother but quickly dumped

Suspicion rests firmly on t h e shoulders of debut writer-director

by Winkler into Merrill's cheering section, wasting the whole point of

Irwin Winkler. Winkler has had a long career as a producer, where his pictures have received 39 Oscar

her character. Another wasted character is


as Merrill's best friend screenwriter Bunny Baxter. Baxter is supposed

f r o m location o v e r s e a s to find

H o l l y w o o d , B r o a d w a y and the


Guilty by

literary centers of the day. No one w a n t e d to b e s e e n w i t h a

Suspicion plunges David Merrill (Robert De Niro) into a Hollywood

"subversive." This topic is volatile and has

where no one can mist anyone else.



Blacklist where people w h o didn't

entertainment beyond a few madefor-TV-movies and bestseller

give names of possible communist




in the

m i d s t of a

communist witch hunt.














(Director) bores the audience by working the same point...through five scenes.



which saw overblown script. D e Niro cannot

careers ruined. The Hollywood Blacklist that

be seen because most young adults

bring life to the apolitical David

are unaware of what happened and



because of the recent cries of "Un-

Merrill who is a flat hero character. Merrill never changes. He refuses

investigations that ran in the late

American" that were thrown at anti-

to name n a m e s and his career and



Ac tiv ities ( H U A C ) f o u n d their




The Right

pictures Stuff


and last

year's GoodFellas. But as a director, he bores the audience by making the same point that Merrill

to serve as a foil for Merrill. As


going to give H U A C what they want is obvious long before the

find a j o b



different scenes. An entire twenty minutes could

today, isn't even enough to save an

the story from an authors point of view. Guilty by Suspicion would



Cheer's star George Wendt (Norm)

have been cut by eliminating a trip to N e w York and s h o w i n g it through dialogue with Merrill's exw i f e played s t i f f l y by A n n e t t e

Merrill's career disintegrates, so does Baxter's courage. That he is

court climax. The court climax is good. But it comes too late to satisfy. Guilty by Suspicion's

merit is in its topic.

It's failure is in its presentation.

Actors carry courtroom drama but fail to pull off plot T h e cliched story concerns

b y Jim M o n n e t t arts editor The





Hackman as Jedediah Tucker Ward a flamboyant, hard working lawyer in class action lawsuits against

Powerful Film of the Year. T h e ad lies. At best Class Action is

ending. Class Action isn't a b a d movie for what it's worth. But without

Class Action isn't a bad movie for what it's worth



wouldn't be much.



T h e audience is so

lawyer games before the judge and

firmly entrenched on Hackman's

strong and growing. Her heroine is

jury. On the other hand, Hackman

side of the case (the side of right)

last year's The Abyss was a solid three dimensional character w h o would have been sorely welcomed

{Coal Miner's


wants in

s h o w i n g W a r d ' s f a i l u r e s as a husband and father. The conflici between W a r d and his daughter Margaret is supposed to be lied to his adultery and her hostilities to

Mastrantomo as the father-daughter court room arguing little person vs.


Hackman is

pathos that director Michael Aptcd

Gene Hackman and Mary Elizabeth lawyers on opposite sides of the

great in the court room playing the


never pulls off the attempts at

television's Equal Justice with gcod acting or last year's Presur. Innocent without the sex and shock

Apted never bothers to try lo

wasted in the movie. Her character is a cliche where it could have been


corporations. Hackman puts in a solid performance wilh the flashes of the Lex Luther sardonic humor lhal were the best part of the first

this treatment of her mother. This personal, action

(Mastrantonio's) character is a cliche where it could have been strong and growing.

supposed to be played out in the

that Apted fails lo show the down side of being the "tireless defender

court room where Maslrantonio is defending ihe.corporale people that

of the people." A s for M a s l r a n t o n i o , she's


into Class Action. Instead the audience is given the stereotypical woman


tricked by


boyfriend/boss. Everything is far too serious in this m o v i e . Even H a c k m a n ' s grandstanding in the court room is weighed d o w n by the supposed pathos of his failed marriage and the crumbling of his relationship wilh his daughter.

Page 18

the anchor

April 3, 1991

Sports Briefs Swimming teams fare well at national competition in Georgia The Hope C o l l e g e men's and w o m e n ' s s w i m m i n g teams recently competed in the Division III National Championships and both teams fared well. The men's team finished in sixth place with 215 total points, while the women's team look ninth place with 131 points. Many individual swimmers did well for both teams. men's


had eight different s w i m m e r s




recognition, which is an eighth place finish or better. Some swimmers received lhe honor in more than one event. For ihe women's team, six different swimmers received Ail-American honors, with some of them also receiving the honor more lhan once.

So ftbailers begin season at .500 The Flying Dutch softball team opened up its season wuh a successful spring trip, going 6-4.

Fhe team lost iheir league openmti

doubleheader, however, losing at Adrian 5-0 and 4-3 in 10 innings, teams overall record is 6 - 6 and 0-2 in the MIAA.

f'9.3) t h e finish line a h e a d of Jeff B r o w n ( 9 1 ) . B o t h r u n n e r s a r e e x p e c t e d l o play key roles t h i s s e a s o n l o r t h e F l y i n g D o l c n m e n . Z t T Z

i rack teams looking for improved finishes by Dan C o m b s Sports



After a third place finish last season




Intercollegiate Athletic Association (MIAA),





women's track teams are looking to compete for the top of the league this year.

A l s o , botf; s q u a d s are

looking to q u a l i f y a fair share


their members for the Division III Nationals at the end of the season, Mark N o n h u i s is the coach of the men's track team.

This is his

third year c o a c h i n g

the F l y i n g

Dutchmen. finished




in third place each of his

first two years coaching. This year N o n h u i s wants more. "We're s h o o t i n g f o r s e c o n d place or potentially first. A lot of it is going to c o m e d o w n to the first place finishes in races. Right now we have a few g u y s that are injured who could help our depth when they r e t u r n , " said N o n h u i s . N o n h u i s believes that his team is strong in m a n y d i f f e r e n t areas including the t h r o w i n g and field events.

"I think that w e are strong

Jrom the 200 meter on up, so just about all of the r u n n i n g events," said Nonhuis. "I think that w e have good first place finishing potential m ail of those." Coach N o r t h u i s n a m e d s o m e




Winter sports awards given out Recently, a w a r d s for outstanding a c h i e v e m e n t s for the past winter sports season w e r e given out for men's and women's basketball,


country and track for St. F r a n c i s

competitors. "Phil Cratty ('93) is a

High School for three years. I was

good runner. Jon Slagh ('94) and

pretty lucky to get this position."

men's and women's s w i m m i n g and also for cheerleading. E n c Elliot ('91) was the men's basketball team most valuable p ayer and Colly Carlson ('92) was voted the teams m o s t inspirational player.

On the w o m e n ' s basketball team, Lissa N i e n h u i s ('91) w a s

Jeff Brown (*91) are good sprinters

The w o m e n ' s team will be led

and J.R. S c h o o n ('91) is a g o o d hurdler."

this season by co-captains Barbara

chosen as the most valuable player, while Missy Hargreaves ('92) was

Boss ('91) and Mary Beth Herin

chosen as the team's m o s t improved player. D a w n Moving ('94) and


athletes are

Jon Hescott ('93) w e r e voted the most valuable s w i m m e r s . Lori G a n o

team will not miss the loss of eight

Marsha Vandersall ('93), Abby Van

( 9 1 ) and K e v i n B u r k e ('91) were the t e a m s ' m o s t i n s p i r a t i o n a l

or nine contributors f r o m last year s

Duyne ('91) and R e g i n a Switalski ('93).

swimmers. Kelly DeWitt ('91) was voted the most valuable m e m b e r of

N o n h u i s hopes that this year's

team. So far, the team appears to be doing fine. " W e h a v e had a c o u p l e of



"I'm hoping to do better than third place this s e a s o n . W e have

I think that we're

some strong ladies, so il would be

ahead of where we were last year at

nice if we did. I know that w e have

this t i m e , " said N o n h u i s .

a few athletes that could m a k e it to n a t i o n a l s , " said Bishop.

outdoor meets.

There are slill a few questions for N o n h u i s to answer. "I could always hope for more jumping,

women's toughest challenge also

high j u m p and long j u m p .


this year. Coach Bishop is not too

couple of the f r e s h m e n w h o were

sure about the other M I A A teams

supposed to be out there are injured and that hurts us."

because this is her first season.

T w o teams that Northuis expects to give a c h a l l e n g e to are

Dutch so far this season is the loss of s o m e of its m e m b e r s .

Albion and Calvin.

Northuis said

realistic goal n o w is f o r this team

is d e e p e r t h a n the

to do what they did last year. I lost

Flying D u t c h m e n , but he hopes to give them a tough meet.

another girl yesterday and I m i g h t

that C a l v i n


has. hurl

be losing another.



She has stress

year coach Karen Bishop is looking

with 2 6 girls a n d w e m i g h t be

at a team that has 14 r e t u r n i n g

down to 23. That hurts you."

2. while the w o m e n ' s team is 0 - 9 .

S a t u r d a y at O l i v e t , w h i l e the w o m e n ' s t e a m b e g a n l e a g u e play yesterday, versus Olivet. Their next match will be torporrow at Adrian.

Baseball squad sweeps Siena Heights in doubleheader T h e H o p e C o l l e g e m e n ' s baseball team r e b o u n d e d f r o m a Spr

h o m e m e e t one w e e k f r o m today against A l m a at 2:30.

Both t e a m s have played tough

higher division opponents. The men's team o p e n their M I A A s e a L '

Both teams will have their first The meet

Eaton is on sabbatical this year. I

will be the first o n e on a n e w

just moved here from Traverse City

metered track that was installed this year.

in A u g u s t and I c o a c h e d cross-

â&#x20AC;˘ 1 0 0 1 T h c H o p e C o l l e g e m e n , s 11,1(1 women's tennis teams s t a n e d off J e 1991 season m opposite directions. The m e n ' s team is currently 4-


fractures in her legs. W e staned out

Said Bishop, "Coach (Donna)

Tennis teams start new season

Calvin is e x p e c t e d to be the

On the w o m e n ' s t e a m , first-

l e t t e r w i n n e r s f r o m last s e a s o n ' s team.

the cheerleading squad, while Scott Porter ('93) was chosen as the most inspirational cheerleader.

3 L d 3-0



y A ( l n a n




a Pair of w i n s o v e r Siena

Tric scores of


doubleheader were 8-

g es


With the wins, the team imprpved its overall record to 5-11 -1 against Ferris s,atc

^ in' T h e F l y i n g D u t c h m e n wil1 â&#x20AC;˘hi! ^ e n open their M I A A season k this Saturday, with a pair of g a m e s at Olivet.

April 3, 1991

the anchor

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Colleges take on NCAA (CPS) - Stale politicians joined the college sports reform movement in rccenl weeks.

The new law could leave Nebraska schools that violate the NCAA aid rule shut out of NCAA telecasts, revenues and even games wilh other NCAA-member schools. Reformers hope the N C A A will lift the limits on helping athletes before the law goes into effect on June 1,1992. When he signed the bill into law. Nelson expressed "fervent hope that this voluntary national organization will do the right thing and a l l o w both needy and a c a d e m i c a l l y talented y o u n g Americans lo draw all the student aid for which they qualify." Al the same time, Nevada's Senate is debating a bill that would require the NCAA lo hold recorded hearings and rule quickly when investigating whether a school has broken NCAA rules. Many in the state were upset with the way the NCAA handled its investigations of the University of Nevada-Las Vegas' (UNLV) men's

Legislators in at least three states, some angry about the way the powerful National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) has treated schools in their districts, introduced some bills that would e x c u s e local c a m p u s e s from following some NCAA rules. Supporters of bills in Nebraska, Nevada and Colorado say certain N C A A rules abuse college athletes and coaches. "They really don't do their jobs very well," Nevada Sen. John Vergiels said of N C A A officials. Most recently, on March 1. Nebraska Gov. Ben Nelson signed a law lhal w o u l d let Nebraska colleges give athletes more aid lhan just sports scholarships. The N C A A limits how much aid students can get from other grants if they accept athletic scholarships.

Classifieds & Personals






1 ^


. 4-

€ by Steve Moore



Hold on there, boys ... I was in the wrong chapter "

basketball Coach Jerry Tarkanian and"histeam. L a s t y e a r the N C A A ' s Committee on Infractions barred Tarkanian's team from the 1991 Division I championship as a penalty for alleged recruiting violations going on since 1977. After hearing new evidence in October, the committee postponed the punishment.

campus, state, national and global

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Glass A t o m

l U i l

WVk >'••<}« J Laplace Transforms 1 3 1


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Maunrush LC

• •

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CorTipu,er lnc ADDl • lhe 'OflO. and Macintosh are r e g i s t t r t d trademarks ot Aooie Comouter. inc and The o o - e r to De your best are i r a d e n w K * o l A n * . r n , MS-DOS .s a registered trademarx ol M.crosoft Coroorafon OS/2 is a registered trademark o» mternal-onal Bus-ness Macmnes Corporat.on "ademarKs ol A o d „ Compoter, mc