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The Anchor Volume XXXIII H O P E C O L L E G E , Holland. M i c h i ^ M a r . 16, 1921


N o a b a r 23


this girl fall in love witlh him anf? STORY OF HOMELY PHILOSO- propose to him P H Y AND MANY LAUGHS Nat goes to Radville WINS AUDIENCE





Contribution* to Rcljef Fund For Starving Totals Nearly $3So es on8 Ini t)he rresponse to the the plea plea ior /or the the P e to






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as soda clerk in a drug store be- that evening, Hope College has gen ^ longnng to Samuel Graham, a kind erousiy .give; for tire X of I old gentleman with no business abil- destitute among the Chinese. Wu's

Bud and Midge Take Leading Rolei Jns^hll10 ^ —Acting of Entire Ca«t Un" ,. ^ r r n h un usually Good


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" w , l , h " Arti.tically Drama^ ALM


ch00 these columns . ^ o o for Delphi, choo choo we <*, an appeal whieh aided by r «h, r a h , - t h a t ' s the way the fellow.


— Vhitort^ Minus Son.. . — Regnlari Work Hard But Not in Hope'f Claft

daUgh f6lt abo,it ter s t r i o h i " ^ 88,6 a n d t h e i n ^ r a t i 0 " ^ " ^ Saturday 3 mea8age in little to e ^ h ^ n - v. ^ ^ , ^ of the work. What was it all about? W0 On the evenings of Marx^h 8 and "ttle to eat .because .her father is the owl I . e r 13 TThe h e S ii lb>y y llliirne e ss t took o o k aann o voevl T wWhen h e n becomes'amhV / ® means the owl was 3 hooting at so 0013r NNat a a t twitWI I, the Hope College Dramatic Club P *-. JNat t becomes becomes ambitious, ambitious, rere- of of contributing contriibutini? thru thru the fhp Droceed^Hf light licht (and ranH the rain ^ i.. for of the Ath-• S torrents) and the hour h o u r was ^ a s t ^ e n T TAJ, ,liee llaasstt scheduled i .•esented • . the benefit : . e n. a t e s the store,' works up " r a" big a delightful reception whieh wiucn together togetner xorrenis; and the schetiuied game wnni« of «.# •u" 3season e a a o n wwith i t h Aim. letie Association, the popular four- business, kves up to Kellog's rules with their personal gifts amounted torrents) and thp t, * sness, kves up to Kellog's rules with their personal gifts amounted torrents) and the hour was sevenAlma was ft feather C q U U l n t e d with JJosie o s i e tto 0 3some 0 m e s sixty-five i x f i v e d odollars. lla 8 ^ct comedy, - T h e Fortune Hunter," - 1 becomes aacquainted Z other otherthirty, tZy forty Zt h e hZlZ* Hope "onnet s S e t s T I T* * ^'T? m l n ^ ^ •• • The an-J Z lT7 l by Wmchell Smith. Much credit f o r Logwood, daughter of "Blinky' ' societies contributed very liberally Deltjhi wiirw-im t T f. Wghest score of th ^ " t e r e d the 01 the success of the p.ay must be g i v Lockwood, the village banker. Josie from the means at t h e ^ s a S p e S Z Z Z L T i n r l ^ en to Peter Baker of the Seminary becomes infatuated with Nat, pur- and some members from dhe means around the camp fire o f the DetoM A l m a C a m e d o w n w i t h « ^ 5 " ^ 0rd and for his splendid coaching of the s u e s h l m constantly and finally pro not yet at their disposal—to the ad- maidens. Yes sir the old ^ ^ t i o n and minus a con ca3 oses 0lcl rece tl( tP to him. Nat, feelinc that HP vantage of this good work. ' ,. ' P >n pi e 0 f ' h „ r m „ n * " , , 113 a C O t t ' has Two frien the Catt of Characters tricked her into caring for him, ^ of the school united f o r e ^ t ^ t h ^ t U M - f y < : 0 I | y e r t f d ^ go back with any few J ^ )erm in t h e {t to t h e ex fcheir re Bobbins, the Butler. .John Kempers l i t s an engagement, altho he & * t e n t of ten and er the tom toms^d ^ PUtation looked acutllv' vS« newsboy A. Daane ^ not care for the girl. In the dollars each.. All this ^ i t S and ^ ^ " the l e ^ t t t ^ l, 13 l n a d l t o o n d o w n Georgee Bumtom, me.ntlme, . s .been b , , , , msending to the the liberal liberal check ehedt sent maiden* ' .wh L i 'Z ' ' « second eecund place „ | , „ linn L 4 i n i ^ l t U l l d . ' s mot Bum-ham, .a promoler., promoter.. meantime, Nat hhas lit- » in adition to , the t h / tl tf 7f tle some A Anthony Meengs Betty to college. When she comes time since by the )/. W. 0. A. T-^T ' A. Q u e a t i o ^ h e r e w o ^ a T h l s 13 8t,and in 016 M James Lon, Lawrence Miller, two home for vacation days, Nat sees "ot published f o r publici- f u l a n d entertaining I n T * - !• A A if ahe w ^ ! t y 8s s a kt e b u ,,,, 8 a n pr<>8ram a Wall all Street Men, Herman how beautiful, sweet and kind she is ^ ' hutt only only to show that the iLn "w w h hi ^l ht 7 hh rpT ^ ^' / ^^ ?r1 ^ T ' ' i ^errtber? menHber? " 3 , 1 6 ^" " 0 Beuker and Dyke Van' Put ten a n ^ he curses himself for not having h < -' a r t s l n old Hope are ever alive f rr roomm r r , m , f p l | „ . 0 H l a t h a w a taien The visitors were W € r e outolavpH in known Vio and ready in the need of th u Longfellow's poem was dra. o k a y e d in e v

• ™ s.,k., Willie Bartlett, a millionaire's son — - »wxv*c mou ^ a iM. Van Oostenfburg ^ t is a crook and an escaped New WE HAD A GOOD TIME, WE DID! Nathaniel Duncan, the fortune I ' o r k bank cashier. Nat does not de- . — an And 1 W o n d Hunter Martin De Wolf d « only too h a W y when « Who We A r e - D o n ' t Jo3ie blea You? " W a t t y , " the tailor A. Kingma k s the engagement. When " H i , ' , the old i n h a b i t a n t . N a t explains everything to Betty and B^ert Brower ^ e r that he cares f o r hjdr she Hetty Carpenter, the boarding gently '• I've l o v e d f i T f r o m . ^ Z T ,


Betty Graham, ' y ; o ,, , "





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Mr. 'Loclawoodj the b a r e r . u rv tit

You Jcnow I have " ave * t



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Hiawatha, his training and the hnnf^ o u r ^ u a r d s an <i time a f t e r time we t h e bal1 mg with his bow and arrow. And ^ away and with a iu»t 01 ail ine f e w clever last of all the journey the iar far , passes jumey into tne t ^ ^ - o puahed ^ a u r u the cne ball oan country and the * u/iKtin/r o u t the h e r irini?. n through KirlrA* wooing of the fair ^ ^ - Kirker starred f o r 1 ,, ALriLa — '• and lovely Minnehah^. making all of their pointa, on Then each youth and maiden was e i g l h t o f ^oula. OBpt J a ^ in a H a i ) e le<l bowed and arrov^d and the entire ^ ^ the acowng -with a 0 tt oo tt aa ll <* 1 88 Pointa; ^ Allowed the' t r a i l ' t t ^ t ' TeTte VanVan Pu^ten tribe followed the trail that led to f V ™**; Putten waa made visscmer went with them. That w a 3' s r era d" b e i f < ) r e ' r l i c i c u i e x e a s i 110 i ^ ^ maue 2 aQn/ nd is nice. Vera ^ot ^rvnH a P them. After Ais > Schuurmana competed the th#







l a y

^ a s u < : c e 3 s { r o m Start J " d ®ot third place. That is not so ^ n g w W l ^ e 8 0 ^ ^ DelPh H SarlSense a n d ^ j M l ^ o m Altho a roarine: comedv nice. We bet the neo^p thnf o-nf while the echoes sounded and 11M % 4.u u _« ^ Alma f r o m

' J h e r e WUS g 0 0 d h o m e l y ^ilosophy i„' fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh p l L Tracey Tanner"," Tanner, ' t h H w e r y l ^ r 11 a , l d a l t h 0 t h e c ! wen sson on.... worse than we do. R a y Zwemer Z " " " T , ' " T l i a u l e naudience ' t went into into ^ S 0of f lau-tphtpr. th^ro •nm** i throes MJnnHau nin-Kf «,« i Sam ^i_ Graham, the d r u g g.i s t . . . f ] ^"©hter, there were many Wdnfield Burggraaff Roland Barnett, in love with Josie Maurice Visscher Josephine Lockwood, the bank- •• er's daughter-. .Colomlbe Bosch Angie, the friend of Josie


the vales and ^ ! 3 p e c , a l l y l n t h e d o ™ 'corridors. ^ u t alas, the warning sicrn for de-


^ng s h t S ' w S ^ " ««med tbem

T t0UCh'ng incidents dr^w 8 ,enCti We hired three floors and " ^ ' ^ i T * T e n l " " " T t o the T h € c alv..« «vi*:i0 were were well wen selected, ^nk. ^Nobody uI t i•s nn ae oe Ad j] e s s„ ^. - followed followed and and seven « .. h 4acters 0 o iy came came who who was was not not ^ ^« points piled u p the a y the leading roles being carried by l >1 ' e9erv t. The eats were in honor of . A ,, ? ^ before Alma started on a foul wKp' t h o t h m a e l v e s t l l e th Se l>est if those dramatac imImOrators but they did not get all , HT*!! ® — Dick went f o r a little walk Th* ? .Ijest ^gifted t e d with dramatic agination and suitable personalities.

« •- Now ^ » • " « wltt". ^ Mr. Siperry, tflie drummer . Teunia B a t e t . „ d E . y Z „ r a e , ^ - - star3, .Ranald Fell watch out e're going to start a new 28-2. • • • | | | | | M i d g e wi Pete Willing, the sheriff t h her young, eager, lov- P ara g: ra <ph. Duck Bill! 'Between halves the crowd waa faDAY OF PRAYER TJle Tunds Baker i n g « >erso n a lity had the voice, the Woman's Literary club, that ia vored with a couple of selections by ACT II . presence and the mysterious some- where we had our •party. iparty. Vera and ACT I V a „ „ . , Day o , P „ y e . . ^ Jud led the Grand (March. Scene—The living room of Harry thing that won her audience. Bud 0 Bud,' 3so keenly alive alive and and blesseu blesseu "And when a man can live apart Kellogg's bachelor apartment in keenly s a holy day at school. This day repetition of the flrat, only with wit New York City. Time:—June, h a fascinating voice, produced 1'loan girls, on theologic trust, day has come down from oux fathers more fouls. Soon a f t e r the start 6:30 P. H. acting of a unique and individual I know the blood about his heart ahmg with other sacred trusts, and is Coach Schouten sent in the sriNti ACT I I type. IPeIs dry as dust. Western tirte* aand n d Titt ' w a s du'ri observed in W e s t e r Michigan as a tutes was d u l i Z J^ l < W r i n K 61,18 dday set asidS for noaitivB n r . , , . , P**10*1 Scene—Samuel Graham's cene—Samuel Graham's Drug Baker, Zwemer, Visscher, Kingma, Anna Nomous wrote this. This fitted a y set asidS for positive prayer f o r that Alma got her o n e f n d Store in Radville, Pa. Desolate Brower and Elizabeth Hartgerink, '"to our party very well. She is a G o d ' 3 t ) I e s s i n « "P 011 work of the baaket on, a I n r f c ,i.„f ^ 1 and dilapidated old store. Village e a v e t h e l o c a l color to the play. sister of Nonda Plum. hugbanefman. The regular duties at retrulara wont • ^ n t®# agam street backing. Time—Two months J e s s i e 1 I e m m e s a n d Colonlbe Bosch, G«mes followed the Grand March, school were suspended, aod all of naar clawA t-h f WMM6 >008 n later. the country town vamps were enough ^ h what a girand month is she. All the students were invited to attend our total ' t' *' ACfT III to make any young man satisfied to the couples got together in circles, wrvdees a t the churches in town, mark T**"* ive n a simia 6 B Scene—Samuel Graham's drugstore, * - / ^ village. We ^ ^autfh^ .. - had — lots of ^ fun. iu». We we did uiu not not wait wait ^here is something about a day like ter was over u n l t i l llif e and 'the Cleaned and .painted, well stocked, Winfield Burggraaff and Richard ^ -tlhe joyance of youth this that we like. Too much of the T*,* * « , B and doing a good business. ^ t k e err tooth sshhoo ww ee dd ^good o d dramatic l e 8C0re W88 " f 0 l l 0 w > : ahlldt dramatic isis gone. gone. Again Again we we are are in in that that time time ao cu ^c ce si »s in m the tne world worm is claimed by aHope a oo ff tthe h e yyear e a r wwhen hen Alma ACT IV IV; !t \ /y ' ,v, ., „^ everybody isis looklook- mmen. They are are com(peting comiDetinflrwith with eachea^h.Wassenaar nr— everybody e n . They TT « . p. ' Kiiker John Vander Ploeg, Harry Boers- mg f o r her. other as to who pute out the best V a ^ t M House and grounds of Samuel Gra U S T01 d M a U r i C e h t i n 8 g r e a t C i t y W h a t n i ham. - d r : - r kt ^ » h t ? fertilizer, the best plows and tracL. P . Howe y n t h e P1 ,y L ' J " " a ™ i S " ' i r ' S J e S ; W e " i T T "T T " ' 7 * ¥ v S . „ XT U. ^ T Duncan, " ^ a pleasure-seek' Nathaniel managers: C Wagoner • ing mever Z t r., t * . ' r . d ^ s . r t r , ^ i t a i ood ^ — careless young man, who w w —w l>tidkB to a Jo/b and is always broke, « . r m o d toe. Only S S T " ALUMNI NEWS rs, v aa nn fi. G. Van Page finally becomes disgusted ttllU and tells did this uiu wus becloud oeciouu our minds. Our clr•^ ' ^ Weatenlburgi ^ eaceniDUPg, ''16, i e , who tn^p wvwauvo Ul^glUSUCU ICJIS i u„ii j . u e r 1r e6 6e h*a io s l>een wii their joy. — ^ t i n g in Holland f o r a O g j his wealthy friend Harry Kellogg, that The engagement of Miss Mildred cles went merrily on with WIWI tneir Witlh f ee ww ww e ee ek s h a s r 0ng iL. G. Scott he miglit a s well steal or turn the Snyder, and Mr. Peter G. Baker '20 With ^omjplexion com|plexion like the rose in ' ^' has 'returned to her home in N e w ^ , Mc Nauhton gas on as to try to earn money. Kel- has been announced. ' : ' the snows. Due to powder on her a i k , N. J. T — ^Baskets Japinga 8, Van Putten 7, logg tells Nat of a acheane by which """" — ^ nose. I suppose, j She twirls upon a n a a r 6 ffltr. Oswald VdsBcher, '01, of Chi- 1 ^ ' ^ h o u r m a n s 9, Klrcer he can be worth a million dollars in Rev. G. Harmeling, '88, of Zee- her toes. ^Til her weary eyelids 2 in 4 , " . - V a n Putone year He must go to a small land, Michigan, has received a call close. With the Crows. Our girls cago. 111, visited his mother. MM. t n n Kir er 8 Arend Visscher, last week. „ . ' ' ^ in 11. Personal Z " 1 3 t 0 R 0 S e l a n d R r f 0 ™ e d ^ u r c h , Cm- did not do this. These are some oth r ouls—Jaixinaa 1, Jolderfmm Q g^rl whose father is very wealthy, cago, Illinois. er girls. We did ttiis because it He must follow instructions and Mr. C. Even, '10, has aocepted a S " " " 1 ^ M c Naughton 1. Time rheimtned. A good time was had ; Scorer—Mol. position as Educational Direictor with rules which forbid him to swear or ReV. Henry Veldman, '92, of New- by all. n the U. S. Government, and has left use alang smcVke or dnnk, but which kerk. l a , was a Holland ^ s i t o r on demand that he go to church and Friday. On SuthIbv . for Waahingiton, D. 0. I)o,:o that he find a job and stick to it. the Reformed church of r u t f •? t h y Hunt, former student here — Wa9 tlie r l w t of Hele Most important of all he must make from which he has received « . ! n n * * 7 Y o u r $1.50 to T h e B u s ! caiI • » f o r several days last week. ^ M 1 1 1 * — B , a i i m m 11,11,1 M





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Paffe Two



worry lest we overatej) the bounds of But I dp not believe it is overdrawn. correct speech. On the grounds of Each Sunday I go out with one oi the popular usage a certain Chicago missionaries to Amoy city, and after Publtohtd •••17 W«dnMd»7 during th* Oolite* ytar by «tud«nU of < Hope College

BOAHD B«rt Van Ark

don't" It d o e s n t make any difference to him that these forms are OF EDiTeKS grammatically and logically incorJOSHGZ I t Besides, saya the Chicago Trlbun ^uSS ^> "It's I " sounds decidedly ego^ tlatical, while " I t d o e s n ' t " (it duz-

Helen Smith a5)ent a few days at her home in Grand Rapids.


^ ^h«8eL

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homes, usually homes of the heath- last Tuesday evening were en. Tho I cannot yet speaik the Chi- ^ X ^ L o ^ Z o S % ^ p S nese, it gives me an opiportunity to Herald Velal . a r . la know M people « 4 t t a r ways. E a c h time I come home heart- t » aicflc at the conditions I have met B o ] a n d aoent the week end



Get Your Eats for Society affairs at

Molenaar&DeGoede 14 E « s t 8 t h St.

ptfhhptip sense sav ifcS nw;, — i/vmi i^uemnrc iu n u c uiiav vrninf* . ,r y 0r •'C'est moi ; an-d we ourselves— Vas never in greater need of help history as a re etter « .e® f 11.60 vw T* * ** Copies • * * * staunch, insistent ^correct sipeech"- than it is today. China has, indeed, things: the first ^ gay "it won't" when - I t been roused from her lethargy. The Fever, the last b a s k ^ a l l game of erg jUsceoUd for Mailing a t Special Rate of be the legitimate expression used by one missionary, the season, and most memorable 0 p o i U ^ provided for fn Section 1108. Art willn't" should ef October, 1»17, a'irtlwtlwd October 19, contraction. Tlhe purists come to the - C h i n a is not only crying, she is all, a Faculty meeting,—t e irs 1018. rescue of the maltreated phrases by screaming for help," is most fitting, since Christmas. saying that "It"si m e " derives its Everywhere a n d ' i n every walk of - — — NO MILKSOPS NEED APPLY " popularity from mere carelessness, life one finds that earnests desire for I 'The <• THE opportuniliea of thia day much as does, to a lesser extent, the something higher and better, everydouble negative; and that the French where there are indications of diswill be aeised J>y the young men. do not say "C'est m o i " from a prop- satisfaction with, present conditions. . Of iron will 9 , er regard for modesty, but rather Education for both girls and boys is Of granite principlea, BARBER SHOP from~a fine regard for euphony, becoming a common thing, and the Of antiseptic passions, "C'eat j e " (being euphoniously im- standards of the schools are con- is t h e place t o go if you w a n t Of thoro training. possible. And wherein is " d o e s n ' t " stantly being raised. Among the ed- s e r v i c e . T h r e e e x p e r i e n c e d b a r Of undiscouraged enthusiasm. HOLLAND, MICH. m o l l y c o e d l e s ( d u z z e n t , if you so please) any more ucated class it is very difficult to bers. The milksope and barbarous than - does" (duzz)? " I t find idol Worshipipers. But the deneed not apply. 11 willn , t M moreover, is manifestly im- ploralble fact is that this class are e f • • largely Can you see me wiuic possiole. largviy non-Ohristian. iiuii-^unsuun. ^au yuu oc^ ' The T h e world belongs to the white possible. souls, clean minds, strong bodies and And so the battle rages, the " I t ' s what this will mean for China's futsteel wills of the soldiers of Jesus j w e r 3 a n ( i " i t d o e s n W r s seeming- ure? What surprises me very much Christ." ly having the advantage at present. i 9 that people of all classes are so • • » • • If the battle is fought to a finish and amenable to teaching, so willing to May many Frank Cranes rise and a decteion is achieved, the fight shall listen to the message you bring, so preach this virile gospel to growing n o t fceen in vain, for then this e a g e r to hear more of the good a** • 1• * aiV\ Oil point of linguistic propriety shall news. Can you realize something of young America. Dollar Day Specials in Stationery Find the rest of this message in have (been desftnitely decided, and the the tremendous opportunities which vanquished banned as wrong. If, offer themselves to the missionary Association Men, March 1921. however, the quarrel prove Irish in under such conditions? its indecision, it will have a tendency Another thing which has become 3 M THINNING THE COLEGIATE ROW to emlbolden the " i t ' s me ers, hith- more real to me during my short g erto sulbject to the emjbarrassment of s t a y here, is the wonderful power of There has been a universal slump impropriety. As a loyal " I t ' s T e r th old gospel, the glorious transformT TJT T X i r ^ D V in the quality of student and the we deem this latter contingency a i n g power of Jesus Christ, as the 5 result which is rightly to be avoided. Savior of men. The lives of many a | \ Y l . U L J * v j H 1 1 1 LJ IN I j l V I standard of worfc iproduced in our Tlhis matter, however, higher institutions of education, a • iis not to be Christian here are the best and most ( proot I1 know Know of oi the tne truth truin s slumip doulbtless arising in common taken altogether iestingly. A con- convincing proof STOP AT . . . * A.: 4 V w J •fXw»c»a t with the general relaxing of rigor in sideration of the/ forces that made o f Christianity. When you consider | all fields, 'but none the less to be the " I t ' s m e t e r s strong enough to ^ d e j p t h s o u t 0 f wttiich they must | dealt with f o r that. In addition the risik a battle reveals an evil which it b e d r a w l l humanly speaking, the facilities of the college and univers- were well t o ' eradicate. The only Qh r i s tian life would be impossible, g ity are now taxed beyond the limit reason that the " I t ' s me 'ers ever I t c a n o n l y exjplained thru the of proper effilciency in many cases, achieved noteworthy numlbers is be- recognition of the work of a higher | OPEN DAY AND NIGHT and we must seek relief. In larger cause the. first of that tribe was not p o w e r t h a n n i a n t Qn the other hand, fe the part^ of Buddhists appropriations and endowment the promptly smothered -under an air the .u- efforts on aU principal means of dealing with the tight ban of disapproval. We hear and Confucianists, and even some situation must be oirtained, for with a person make an error in grammar Christian missionaries, to bring the larger percentage of students or punctuation and smiling in albout social uplift, to educate withmatriculating and with the corre- wardly perhaps forthwith ore It, out bringing Christ, are such miserLadies' and Gentlemen's AH Wool aponding promise of the more gen- either out of courtesy or indiffer able failures that one would thinik D r J I a r Suits made to order. With a $30.00 .1^/Uilil.l suit a pair of not IIC1H help but realize — tihe eral dissemination of knowledge, the ence. If it is done out of courtesy, men „ i e i l ccould u u m IIU0 ^ Trousers Free system of education would he culpa- out of the desire to save the speaker 9 t r i k i n g contrast. To me, the most U a y or for $25.00 with Choice of a nedcbie if it did not in the best measure a bit of embarrassment, it betokons deplorable thing ahout China today o • i tie serve the greatest number, if it did at best only a superficial courtesy. i g t h a t m U ) c h o f t he Christianity with s p e c i a l s l With a $35.00 Suit, we give you a not seize this o p ^ r t u n i t y for intel- It were an act of true courtesy and ^ i c h China is .presented is Christchoice of any $3.50 Wilson Shirt leotual expansion among those for friendliness to correct the speaker, | e S 8 thinU® she is getting food, For Real Bargains Stop at tho in t h e house the first time in position financially in order that he may avoid f u t u r e er ^ | s being fed on husks. Oh, THE CO-OPERATIVE TAILORS to enjoy its Iruits. rors and embarrassments. To allow o h ) fellow-volunteers, don't ever let Let the seeker find and the askei the mistake to pass uncorrected is to a n y. o n e ^ y 0 U t h a t you are not 11 East 8th St. Holland, Mich. receive in .the fullest measure what invite its repetition by some of those n eeded here. The need for those 22222? '22222SY?????????777WW???7????Y????W????Y?yWY??' curricula and their (usual- comply- by whom it was heard; and soon the ^ to proclaim salvaare mentary features can provide, ibut let error, if it have only the slightest f r o m sin w a y of the Cross of the intellectual parasite go—nobody excuse for being, will have a whole Christ is overwhelmingly great, and needs him. The self-squanderers trifbe of disciples. cannot be emphasized too strongly, may have their own colleges for the Let us be careful not only of our f o r the Chinese people, if one cultivation of the non-essentials and o w n speech, but also of that of oui a n y heart at all, one cannot help the non-cultivation of the essentials, associates. but love them. There is so much Have you tried the new resturant? The best meals but from the body of students they about them that is attractive and must go, and that, before they enand lunches in the city. The prices draws out one's sympathy. They are croach still more upon the rightful so eager to learn, so humble in their are right. privileges and opportunities of men service, so loyal in ttieir love, so with purpose and ambition, who, warm-ihearted and symlpathetic, that D. T. MILLER, 72 E. Eighth St. working side by side with them, must it is a pleasure and an inspiration to Amoy, China, , canty always the burden of th^ir dework with them. Holland, Michigan Jan. 31, 1921. —Tena Holkeboer. pressing effect on the class. The • • ? I t is impossible for me to deman who attends college merely to scribe adequately the life of the seek a p 1e s a n t diversion Chinese (people, to picture to you MISS DOROTHY PIETERS TO ought to take the quickest way home GIVE HOPE C. E. INTERESTvividly the conditions with which I and make room for the better man. ING FACTS ON J A P A N have come in contact, or to make The survival of the fittest, or more NEXT SUNDAY you realize the multitude of varied pertinently, the non survival of the which and unexpected experiences purposely non-fit must obtain rigor ^ v..w — Miss Dorothy-Pieters. f 'lB, wiho 8 o u a l y ^ w e " h a p e t o ° V u r ^ ' s t u d e n t come to the new missionary. If I Ousiy n/vii 1/1only /\r>lv talk +Qllr to you, vmi. instead .infltea of go- very recently returned from four .. . , . m . n t a l D a r a . cooild life from the social and mental para We from the ^ ^ thru this tediow. p r o c e . of writ- years stay in Japan, three years as » t e , if we hope to raise our stand ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ institotion teacher in an A m e T l c m ards and en'arge the scope and eff c- ^ t h e ^ ^ impression9. t l l e r e and the remainder in connectiveness of our intellectual training. ^ ^ ^ t h e j e g ^ y o n , t h e tion there and the remainder in con 1





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IT'*? emptiness, the moral rottenness, the nection with a business firm in Kobe, "DOESN'T IT" OR ' D O N T IT 7 ^ a n d h o p e l e e 6 n w 0 f has consented to tell some one of her . heathenism cannot be imagined hy experiences and impressionB from o l . n , f ' a k e a n y dif Perhape ,t d o ^ t m a k e ^ n y W o n e w h o ^ n e v e r ^ The talk w.ll be A d d to the land of flowera. 0 ferewce to : , t < t h i s t h e s q u a l o r , tlhe poverty, the lack of an educational nature, and inter a d of should Bay -It's I - ' ^ " J e d L T o n , tte suffering the un- esting to anyone with half a Jikmg Undoubted^ ma«y w o ^ d be ^ J ^ { o t n e w s f r o m .eyond our horizons f

content to have ^ t h " S

w %


^ n." -


and y » h . v . .




Remember i h e f e e , 6: e 0 P. M. next

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singe our suipepficial selves. Why do men enlist for definite service for Master? Is it because^ of the 14'' The first' time I read it I was That is the greatest thing only for the romanice; the opportunity for travel; standing in front of the Holland sta- those whose pride is their shame, the fact that one's friend plans to tion of the P. M. Railway. It was and whose "fGod isfchearbelly." But go; or the d'amnable idea that less about li2:4<5 oVlock on one of the for the real and the true the greatj- brains are required than are requir- hottest nights in August. The train eait thing is life,—life flowing (kep ed in the secular professions? I g was late, as I had expected. And so and strong in the channels of the hear of one man who planned to en< I spent the time reading Emerson's Eternal. And a onian who is in earn- ter the ministry that he migihit eas eas- g * m• T^..X I\ 1_ — 1 A J TT A J Essay on ''Selfl Reliance."" The only est seeks after that life. But how ier win the lady he loved. He did thing I rennemlber of that essay is a shall he find it? The comipany of n o t win her, so he gave up the minc< s e n t e n c e i n t h e i a s t paragraph; But his own san-seared conscien^ di istry. It would be laughable were do thou—dela with cause and effect, rects him to himself. And he fol- it not so tragical. If the cause for the Chancellors of God." lows that direction. But the more entering His service is so superficial. For every effect there is a cause, he seeftts, the farther he goes,, the w h a t effect shall it produce? Even This is a simple truth simply stated, riiore hopelessly he wanders about in i n the choice of professions cause but seemingly not understood in its the desert of his own moral destitu and effect are the Chancellors of deeper relations with life. Even in tion*. This is not mere dalculation. Qod. ^ ^ * the secular realm of the physical it It is a recorded experiment in life s We might go on infinity far. A w in of pmerffed from an adum- laboratory. But how sha^l he find m a n cannot waste the years of brated state of existence. The an- that life? school life effered for the sake of cients traced every effect back to ^ ^ a g o a s c o r n e d a n d d e s p i B e d growing Borne deity as a cause j o a ce n something which ^ ^ c a n n o t s o w w iid oats y extent they were right, fo stated as being final on this subp-oiden erain for ' causans' is ultimately a de.ty, « T w n , ,ose his life ^ whatever conception of deity one ^ ^ Planter ^ a n a n e s . it „ I t is j u s t a t this J e ^ . 1


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may have. But with the ongoing years men have craved a more e^. nite statement of certain acts in the universe. And so the eclipse of a heavenly body is not due to the gigantic proportions of a dragon's mouth and his c a n i t y for swallowing sunS and moons, but is due rather to the temporary intervention of another heavenly body. There is a cause for tne the eneu-u effect. The historian, too. has only r e cently come to the decision that historv is more than a mere chronicle of events. For, the value of past records U, the present generation is that they furnish causes for the that tney The story

^ m e | n r e f u s e t 0 accept the ^ o f c a u s e a n d e f f e c t in, t he realm of life. To theun religion must e sent in showers from above. They expect character and nobility - of manhood and womanhood to be gently poured upon them in some sprinkling-cam performance. They think that in a moment they, ,will be . ^ble to grasp the ungraspable. In o r d e r t o flnd my life must I loose it? Finding through losing? This is an intelledtual farce. It is logically im possible. But now, as always, it 1 to listen to the authentic w h i t e r mgs of nature rather than the pea, n ut-like rattlings of the intellectuals.

Z Z : Luther and the reformation cannot toe bounded within the tion cann ookine inliml f 0 i l t s f ' i ^ ' s microscope,

For the author of life knoweth of what nature his creation is. And what He stated as a truth in regard to the spiritual life. He has already

0 {


^ ^ ^





mecnant v\t of untruth ^ o f p a t e rulleg a l l loado{ God a r e w h a t U e s h i d d < ; n 5n folds





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will reveal. His are cause and effect. a n d inexorable. It

is firm as Gibralter, and the ravings ^ to the c o n t r a r y are like t h e t t e r i n g o f a m a t c l h held next to ^ ^ of V e g u v i u s N o t on,y ln n a . ^ ^ i t h o l d sway> b u t in e W T y experience of life, beginning at through the night d and on ^ .n e t e n i a l d a y W i n f l e , d Burggraaff, '22.




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T r u l e vZJ oiSrooly Who left the little village of & by^ England, were more than a gr P discontented They were

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I go with a frieoid into yonder orHe told us that life is a battle field ^ ^ a e q U ainted with the art and the struggle is at most times pah a n d h e t h e t i | C i H ( ) W e v e r ) w hen a young man ^ W e g o i s at college, he is conscious of his

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f 6 " T r e l t F i n i T h e r had to work from one tree to anther, and from powers and is sure of victory The tory s gre ^ ^ ^ cutg a t w i g s a n ( 1 m o r a l a n d r eligious side of his na ye s many ^ . ^ a n u . branches At last we come to a ture cause him the most trouble. He n . , „ i . „ „h.ch ^ . . d » I* • "» ^ ot „ „ „ 1 > e d w ot l n r t . " " n f w h i c h W iii be that the effect of wWch wiU b e ^


branches as eomlpared with the many faith in God. ^ o t h € r t r e e s A n d ,he a p € a k s ; T h e a r m o r that






o f ' S n g t t ^ ^

A n d yet, while men will generally loa^ which

consent to this law in t e rea m tl

n a








^ t.onalg)





l l "



protect a stu-

, . . ,, , . m o v e s " "Two years ago this was the most dent against the fierce dart of tne T0 BuJ 1 the l a V o f cause and effect "is beautiful tree in the orchard, wicked one is the whole a m o u r of - 1 l i p to more than the mere Branches and leaves there were in God as outlined for us in the last applicable numbers. But in fall: time chapter of Ephesians. Are we conAt d " T " . " 1 * l Z t i t e S and S L . . . no t r . l t . The p . r p . . . «t Ih.l w . . r . cl.d In Ih.t .r1 " " J " " ' . t h i j l ( r s A 1 i j-oads in Eu the tree is to bear fruit. That was mor, dhe only armor that will avail " . L £ 7 i R ™ " h . . t h e , it. lite. And a. I pruned, and be- K a « all . h i . n . l . n e h t . at the pnnnot end there F»r beyond Rome cause of the loss of most of its evil one? S r ' i . A t S . . d Bah'^lun and h r . n . h e . it ha. tad ll.e, Lo, the Eden history's birth-place. And so, luscious fruit. . # f ^ ^ the Rome of life's material things The analogy is no pe ec , or e rpjjlose 0 £ ^he girls who missed Y. is not the end of the journey.l Be' spiritual cannot be exactly Wtmred ^ ^ T h u r s d a y afternoon lost an yond it there is the Athens of soul with t e p of which hour of quiet com(panionship and inbeauty, and f a r beyond that there is ttie/less, of a fact the truth of w^ch 4 of ^ v A o n • the City of the soul's d e ^ i n y , - t h e has been proven in the lives of men R a t i o n ^ Kinn g City of the Great King. In the and women. During the war there ^ . G u k l i n g G i r l s t o chrlisouVs struggle toward it. goal, the were law of cause and effect are appic were


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Red young g i r l s ' l i f e toward highest wom-

£ t i to the realm' of the su- Crss men. losing themselves in their an4iood Wilma emphasized the task not apply it to the r ^ ^ e y found from the point of view of the play^ f o r (>thers> themselves again. Life wa* found thru losing it. Raising this truth out of the sordidness and hum-drum of every day living into the pure white y ^ e the

ground director or eocal service worker. After a solo by Lucile Heemfltra. in accord with the hour, Marguerite Van ^ e took up the discussion and passed with us a

^ i ? g s v Edena^ind whkh ^ 1 1 1 We Chri^ian's statement 'that only as the way from the Giggle-Hoi ow history s Eden and ^ c h •„ t h i s w o r l d ) s h a l i a n < 1 "Doulbting" stages to the late.r F o r o n e losefi hi3 m l^Tg after histoiys final y ^ ^ find . t r e n e w e d a n d m a r v ek) U S ly periods of development. Marguerite ivlne that " f a r off teT11 J 0T . a i and beautiful, hid in God through Christ, had been dmpreesed by the possibihnrach the goal o I t w o l r i d b e interesting to follow ties of touching the girl thru her the P y l r v^torv of the Sons of out the law of cause and effect in home life. Both agreed that the i „ e of the^vWory What is the truest type of womanhood can be ato t l h e r 3 p h eres of life.

God over th§

. p


" t d ^

ings of the 3 'nt« the ftre until

k "


universal unrest and tained only thro the best mfluenew.

It » t h . ihdividnal. U . - at eve^- period, ahd that t h . „ o . l



t o M i I t o n . g a tan:


this develop^

am hell." What, is ment are love and sympathy, and 4hat within the only cauBe for peace and God- the example of a sincere, Ohriatian left the naked reality life. ice anan's inner being certain little Ukenew Albout thirtyfWe of the refpr esented Hope at the ion held fly


"Which way I powerful factors





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r a

peflnatural " ^ the Chancellors C T r H n the affairs of humanity's 0 ! J how much more must days and y , jj j the they not be His Chancel ors


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