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The Anchor

''Show Your Colors''

The Anchor


\Ye h a ,·c r ece ntly recP.ivt-·d ~n ew a .. so rtm en t of H o p e C ollege PENNANTS and PILLOW TOPS. New s tyles and ideas. B e su re and see th e m .




Sping Oxfords in a Week or two WAIT KLEYN'S

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DE P ART 1\11 ENT S :



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J. l .l. Den E1erder, 51 UDIES I N GHAMMAH SCH OO L .!\ND COLL t:..GE.

An c ie nt and )t nch 'rll

T.:u t ).!ll:t;!C'!' anrl L l t•• raliii'I'S; l.111!k IO~t•torlc unci F.l •w•• t lotll •s u ud A ,..t ru n <HIIY; ( ' lll'ud-.t r y Ill Ill (j •nl u;r y: Th t• H lu l uJ:k:a

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it i zeus Phone 5G.

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_Our~IT £ f:.?.

And P e d tLJ:O;!Y: ll r.\>Yin g a.ull )1 u sh: .



g rot phy at COURSES: Ct .Ass t cA L,

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TI'\COI<XJ leal Department.

The W este rn Theoln~lcal ~(' ll. lllnry h :LS 11 l'll llr:-e n r I'll ucly I\!' full pr~ctl cl\l a l'l lt!l s ls t u r :Hwtit~a.r lu · In •· • ·~ Wt>:.t.

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Tn· our dutch s kat s

corps ot D<perienced Instruc tors.


LOCATION : -On the P o re ;\11\rqu tt e railway , 160 miles fr tlm ' hlcugo, 2~ tull utfru m Grand ltapld . Expenses Moderate.- F n r t urthc> r tnfn r m u.llo n n r · ~t-IHogut- np J>I Y tu




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Graduate io t.he Hoot. uod '-hoe A n..

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KOLLEN, LL. D., Pres .

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The An chor


You Like

Shakespeare's Plays


Yo u like the m sPwed up o r alm os t nn~· way-in tlt p fo nn of phamphlet, hand.r hoo k, o r a !F •at rl'tartn ,·o llliiHL fli s plays with the ir d ee p htlll':lll h <tc kgrnund. fasc in at nncl 111strnct t.he mo· t care l •ss read~r. SJI.\KE:O:I ' I·: AH E II"'. X n PE:·. Jt. I ha,·e th em-o n • finC' st•t in 1 ~~ ' ·olunlC's. whi t· h Bold form rlv at 8:?:?.00. a. (• rf'd it. to art \" lihrar\". Yo n tn :.t \ ha,·p it for $0.(10. The TI~Y \~( Ll".\ll·:s, th t• i·:J Jpu T • rry~ ~h :tkP ­ spe:n e. Y on cnn pnt th Pm in .vnur p1)C kC' tlmo k o r mull', and rt•ad them on the way. n ly 25l' a volum e (lr 5 f, ,r $l .I HI. • All th t:'~e at your fri e nd


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If those arti t ic pho tos, cli stributC'<l by th e gradnnting c las of '(17 pl eased you we cord ially irl\·ite y o u to Yi.,it u s wh e n in n eed o f photos

Wqt ®ruilt 1\. ~illrtt


THE GILBERT, 122 Monroe St., cor . of Commerce Grand Rapid , Mich. F . M . VAN CAMPEN, Artist an<! Oper:1.1or Special raws to . tuden ts at all Limes

Chas. Hubbard Umbrella llepairing, New Cove rs , Ne w Ifandle s, e t c. CITIZENS PHONE. 11-'5 6


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The Anchor

~tand~ t c tht· ta s k :-; th:tt alway:

await th e h o u s cwi ie . be :-; h ~.,· 1 ~1 th e easte rn homl' o r in the ranch hnu sc o n th e frunti cr. ~h ' brnu ght out ag-ain. f< r the hundre dth ti me it s<..'t' l11<.:d t' , her. thl· ll't tc.:r that wa s catlin~ h e r hack to thl· ~~ ran ge h o m e· ;:tr <t\';;'1 , . . .'It l' rcac I aga ltl . t Ih.' word:-:: ··Y o n h a,·t·. cka r .:\l arg-a rd . nothing- to li u· for Clltl then: . I cann~ '.t tl tuk r ,ta nd why ynu :--ho11ld ha,·e '-'ltt)Cd a w a y s•· l• •1:g. _ I hat ".•l- calkcl fascinatinn rh at tho:--<.' wrdd1ccl prairic.-l:.t ".t· '''r _\'( u ~~ uttt·r ly n w 1sen:'icnl. :\ o n c ig-hi H · r~. - 111) fricnd~·n:r ca11l.' a~ ... pl· iatc:.; th l' wild ruffian ;-; )Oll dle~ u:-.l' to c a l l mc: n. a n d an ncca=-' ional n \-c: n,·<,rk\.·cl ran c h - w om an ? <)h . .:\1ar;'1. ka'·'-' it all r!lld l'• l llll' hack 111 u~ . Y ou :=llrt·lv cannf1 t l1l' sc: lf1~h l' ll<'ugh tc1 h:nl' ~c \Ur nnly child grtt\\' up .an ig-n )r~t!llt t~. R l·m<..·ntlwr .'·~.>u r duty t o her. ii \ P tl will ~etri,shh· rt·Jll :lin l din cl t n y c.u r du t y t u w a rd yoursl· l i. and tl !". .. .

J t · :-; j i ~ t i ' r y e r t e r ~a y t h l' w u r d . I'll bel. Th t: r<.: ·s j illl ~urth ;!s woulJ g iv · hi:-; l'Yl':-;·· "That'!:' all fo r n u w. pkasc, ;\ I r. 'addy. I kttll\\' that y ou n1 ean w<:ll. but y u nnt s tn't say all that yuu mean. ~lr. :'\, rlh ha:-; been kind. ,·cry kind. in thl' pa~L five year-; si n ~.:'-· T~.> n t died-but why nul? 1 lc wa s Tum's bes t fril' lld . l~ul nuw Tnm· .... ... i"tcr has written for me to come back to Illin o is. ~h e h:1~ \\':l.ntcd tlll' cn.: r ~ inrc TDm went aw<ty. hut- 1 cuuldn' t lt: a c it alt.-hut n ow I must gi,·c up. ii o nl y for my child';-; :-;akc:-.he must go t o ~\:h lOI and g-ruw up a;-; >thcr children." "\\'al l. 1 calls it a dum ~ham<.: r ·r all.\'t) Jll' tl'r It t.: \ ' tt.: r g-i\' ( u p thi :-; .' ' w ~n· ing; hi:-. arm t ) ward the prairies . "jist fcr a kid'::-:chuolin'. Kan't ycr teach h er? Yer ri g-h t smart yc.· r=--d·. why n o t? \\'a ll 'tai n 't none o ' my biz. Hut. s:-ty . :\ li s ' :\an :--c n. I ji s t h ea rd thet th ' Cnrby thra:o;hin' crew ,,·uz nn th . booze an' air he-ad e d thi : h e re way. Seen's as T wu z rum min' this h ere way. too. tho't I 'd ji:-;t stop 111 an tl'll ycr .

Ill ig- h t y

w l' II t e r h '-' \· y '-' r :-; t a y.

.\largarl·t :\an~l'll :-:at :'ta r in~ intn ~ pac e. lt~· r hand ~..~n t :'lt l llg' the.· h·tkr :-- hl· lw ld . ~l· lli:-.h : I lad :'Ill' h n ·n ;- Yl·s. sll v ...a w it <1l l n n\\' .· :-· !1 l' 11 1 II " 1 ;..:. 1· ,.l. up t Ill ' 1t•'rnt· t h;n :-: he and T. >111 had mad• ·. II t ' Ilac I I Hl ll ;.:c H I< I t o h l'r- nh. \ 'l:-- . alwa,· ... ~ . he: had hlTll :--ll yc,un~· wh ·n tltt·y ,,~.,· rc.· marri .'c1 ~ )le \\ :t ... ,, Jc h: r- ~ l':1r:-- nlckr- an d h i ~ \ · ·" 1in~ h a d hl'l"ll a m<Hurr.' man · ... \\ lining : and =- Ill'. _"<lllllg' gi rl that :-; Ill· \\':t"". h a d IJc l\n·d bc.·io rv ~ti:' t~nwa\Tri.llg tl vt~ · rlllillati••ll t 1• makt· IH·r. t ht· ,,r pha n l·tl ward Ill In~ fatht' r s hnll ' t'. h i~ \\ ift·. . \nd :-:•• it had iJl't' ll. l it.: h ad k it lwr widP\\' l'tl. :tt tlw ag-l· 11i t\\l'llt_, - ti ,·v. ,·,ith a tinv ..·ir L . ,.. . . ~ :t :--t't'l ln n t • l a..; tt:n ih- . tilt :ddt· land :t .... c ~ •:dcl J, l. iCittnd . and :1 ~tr l' ll[.!· th " i c h a ra ~· h r llllll""\l :d itt :t " t lJI J: tt J. ~ lw h:ttl g'tJJh ' • •11 ~n th l· , ,· a.\ ... }1\· h: ttl h: a r nt· d t 1• J,,,t.. lll<l!!:1ging with \\ •tJ l ·krrlll l·ap:thi lit y tht· r:tnclt k i t in lll·r carv. L'11til IH •\\· noilt i n:...: ... •t·nJl·d t11 lt :J \ ~· l1n·n l : t cki n .~ in hl' r li il·- ... Ill: lw"d be~..- 11 lta p p~ : tt ld l'\Jlllt.:llt. \ tu l n •)\\ . \\a~ :: he: to g-i,·l· it atlup a n <l [.!•• \tl a :.: tran !,!'l' h n m l' and a -.trallg"l' JH: opk? Slw '-'a t with hea d ll ttr ic.: d in ht·r ann-., llltlrtlltlring- hrnke nJ _,. tlw \\' flrd-. ,,j rhv 1'-.;tlmi-.t: .. ~hn\\ llh' th.' way:--. < > .h: hu\ ah. Tt·a c h m~..· th .' · pat h-..··

r )lks ?" "Hauling wh ea t to ·<Jtby . hut they will be back hc.·inn·

\\' han~·:-; yer men

nig-ht." ''\\.all. by g u m! h at ' !'i ter l<..'a \·c y<..'r h ere :d o n e . with t hat thar bunch ran ..g-i But I :-.. rrot t ·r r-n·it (oil)\' ~ n' aro un' l oo~c. • 'inre ni g htfall :-tn' 1 k :-t in't s tay . but I'll se n ' Jim along- t>\"l'r . I I e ' s all done harvcs ti n · an' h e mi g-ht as wd 1 be here as t h a r. .. "No. 1\lr. Caddy, d o n't d that. lm n ot afntid . The boy~ wi ll be back before night . And. bes ides , thcrcs r eally 11 1> dan g-er fro m the men: th . . y w o uldn't h a rm a w o m a n . :\o w est t•rner e\'er thinks o f m o lesting a woman. \ o u know that. i\1 r . Caddy. ' ' "Yes . ma'am. l kn ows it, but I kn o \vS thet a in't white fo lks . th ey is Grease rs. an' a rcascr:ll will rai se Cain. I mean. whether its a wumman Qr n wn pic-faced s pecies. S< yer kin jist expect Jim

th ese hcn: raise th' me o ' thei r n\·c r hy e'n

. 'long. " ' h e watched him ride away. d wn the s lnp': watched th e cloud o f du s t his h orse's h oo fs rai ed , when h r ;-;c and rider were n o lo nge r <..lis tin g uish a llc. and there wa s left o nh· a r o llin rr mass o f s m o k e-like s t in the di tan ce. r\t le ngth , with a s ig h , s h e turned and w e nt into th t· h o u ·c . T o day it s ccm<:<l that :-; he could n o t put her mind and


rhe Anchor


Thl· ~.: hild hur~ t illltl tlw r .. nm. c ry ing n tlt ;.!l n :iulh : ·· .\ I :t 111 a . 111 a 111 a. '' ' t' t h 1..· 111 a 11 ~ t \ tllllll i 11 · up t h · h i II. T h l' v··11 l11· in;.: hah _,. :'t>lltl'lin g . maylw . Tulll! T11111! a nd :-- t't' th ' tll3 t~s ... ~1:-trtktl . the.·

\\ttl11 :tll

\\'l'llt qu ickly to tltt· cln••r \\':1\ . Th c r \·

The Anchor


fhe Anchol"

th e \· wen· . riding i 11 riCltt=-'l_\'. y ~:lling- and qu:trn: ling-. 111aki ng an :twful din . heard di:'tinctly a q u:trter o f a mill' away at _th\· lop of (h e hill . wh e n : the ranch - h n u :-:e sto d. ller facl' paltng, \larg-aret .:\anse n s natclwd the child from the k onr :ut<l cart·.,· .... <l . h er into tlH.' inn e r n•o m. hl'r u wn c h amiH·r. !'lac ing thl· lit\,.t ll' 0 nc in h LT c rib. !'h e sa id. g-<.·ntly. "Thl' n ·. . I ) o II .".I \\ ' ill hahy stay h ere llntil mama c nn n ·=-- and g"<.'~s h e r : _I want t<• talk to the big- men b e fo re th e y =-- ' my _ lt~tl ' g-!r!'~· That'_;-; 'l ' ru..;tin n· t n the chtld =" untatllltg' nhcdt 1n a 111 a · s. }'ttl" t .... I·t • <l)· • .. ~. t·nce. :-;h e hurri e d frn m th e r nnm. She knew that t lh.' u nl.' wa ,· t o appca!' th<.· whi ~k y - m:l<lckned cn· w. if th ey c:tlllL' t11 the- ran c h. w 0 uld h e t feed th e m gctH.'rnu=--ly. and tn_t s t tc• keeping- th em thu s t.•ngag-ccl unt il - n h. why had s h l' ni>J<.'C tc d to Biliv addv's se nding- :\lr. ~ ort h tn hcr? l' ~: rhaps h '-· "·ould ~end hit~l despite h e r fooli !'h ( bjecti o n s.


wit h l,l ·tjo' i:1 g- eyes. h e r hack turned toward the mner doo r Slinking slo wly toward h e r , the brute laughe d lo udl y an d jabben·d unint e lligible i\lcxican. ~uddcnJy, with a yell. onl' •Jf the 11 11.' 11 ran t o w<1rcl th<.~ o ut s ide dou r. L oo king fir!-'t out f the windiHvs, the o thers ru s h ed fro m the h o u se. Not n o ticin~ •Jr see ming- to care, the beas t rai ·l· d an a rm to st rik t> rh · child fr o m th e w om an s arm s. :\ -h ot r ang o ut. and t hL· arm fL· Il li 111ply b\' his side, and th e i\ lexican ru s h ed blindlv . t o ward [ he d oo r to enco unter a few well-aim ed. well -rhn:.:en ki c k lhat c;e nt him spra wling in a he ap o n the g-ro und hl.'lo w. .\ 111an tra de into the roum ju ~ t in timl' t n break the fall ui the swnoning- w o man: it wa ~ hut fn r a m o ml.·nt. :1 nd \Vh<..·ll .\ larg-arcl i\"atts t·n opl' n ed her <.' .Yl'~ :-:fh· In, keel up into thC' far . .· , ,f Jim !\ <? rth. bending a n :"\i •u s ly n , ·t•r h e r , with tlw li ttk g-ir! , t and ing wonckringly at hi s :--ide. :\ Jarg-a n : t tri'-·d t o ~pea k . bu t !\onh intc rruptt·cl la· r .


:\lcanwhil e ~ h e was pla cing- UJ H tt the table till.' f,n<J pre ~hnrt time tlw pa red for her ow n men. ~ ottc ton !'O< tn. fo r in :\fexicans r o de n o i:.: ily in among th e ranch lnnld tn g-:' . and sh~~ could hear t h em swearing a nd quarre ling-. l're:'<..'nt ly nne ot t h e m bro k e a\\-a , · t o ward the hnu ~e with a Y'-' 11. and t IH.' re!'t io ll o wed after. i·hev came ~tamping- pcll- mcll into thl· runm . . ' eeing the , ·ictuab ~n the tahlc. the first one in ru sl~e d tn it a nd began h e lping him ~ l'lf. Like s heep th e other=-- lolln\\Tt~ hi s example. hardl y n o ticin g- :\I arg-arct. ~he was g-bcl. It o nly . o mc o ne ,,. nld cnmc. s ome thing would happen t11 turn their attenti< n in some other dire c tion. She filled and rd11kd the plate~ of bread. d ug-hm1ts and c ld m •a t- ancl s till the~ ate c \·er) thing- set hefon· tlH'm . ra\'cn o usl y . as tlHHtg-h tht·~ had n ot touched f o cl for clays. Finally n ne !'hoved hack hi :-. chair. and. lee ring- at :\Jargaret. said: "Now. ga l. g i,·e u s a ki=--s an' we're d o ne." He got up and sta rted toward her. hi s faCl' n.·pulsive and lh> rrihle in it!' animal-like xpn.'!'sio n. :\t thl· !'amc moment the bed-roo m d oo r )pence! ancl the little :\larg-arct came nu t. ''Has the man s d o t a present ft)r IJa b y :>" .


~U Oh' tinw y1>t1 may tdl lltl' al l. h ut n u w l am go ing tn han: 111y ~a_r. Thi~ l·nd=-- it all. Y , q :! r<' n o t g-c! ing- tcJ • t:1y lt\.· r~.,.· ai'Hll' an •H ill·r nig-ht. It ha;.; h<..•t·n ti,·e year~ s in ce T om h a.· g()n t· : lh ' wa!-' my fH· ~t fri'-·nd: ;,.:· tlt at r eas( n I ha,.,. waitld. \\a iled l"ll;.!'. bnt nnw I ... hall !'flt·.d, I han· fu q c; ,J y o u ~tl1Cl' tho..· t1rs t d ay Tt m .'\ :tll ... t·tt I r••u;!ht ' 111 1 herl'. i\n •>ttc.' knt·w: 1 tft Htg-ht 1H 1 «~11\.' ~ h~t uld c.·,·c." r k n n\\ 1:111 t11tby y n u ~ !t al l ltc.·a r me -:ay it. l i Y' ' u Ctll. i i y rm w il: tn· tn ran: fnr m t· :1 link a ... ,.,,tl d id i••r T•lll•. Ill\ lt ntll \' ... hall bt· your:-. . .. ":\ nt ·n ow , little \\'Uillan .

.\h! :\ lar~:t n·r .\: :t ll"'l'll : i .... t hi~ th · c.· , p hnt:t ir •ll ,,j tlt :tt rt •...,tk-.... IlL''~ . tlt:tt rt·hdlion. th:tt ind .... ci ... i. 11 t•i : 111 h t •llr :tg .. : \ \ ' It•. k 110\\''-:.

SONNET. \ !:t:-- ! h• >" . many human li\' L'S an: pa:-;=--t..·d l .ikL· somL· ..,mall s hip ttpnn an ocean T n..,~t:d tn and fro hy every s t o rm and I )i~hl':trtl'twd by c.: ad1 c o ld and hitll' r \ \ t · ~ trugg-le. of t ft>r~l'tting that at la~t. II w c hut t r u ~ t in C nd. in 1-1 i m a bid c fll' tt~' \'l'r will fc)r s akc.·. hut KL'ntl y g-uicht )ur barqttt.' to ht·a ,·c.·n· -: qua .' . Th .... ll lr ·t

The i\ I ex ican turn ed t o w a rd the child. shaking- n ntenal· tng- fi s t. "Here. bra t. !'bet ycr m o nth. or l mek tl' ntlturcs a prese nt o f ye r carcass. ''

'The men lau g h ed a coars e . brutal laugh.

\\ ith a cry thl· mother flew to h er child. clutched it to her hr •a s t. and s tood

wi d e.· . tidt•. hl:-t ... t

,, ... c:t-- t

T h e A n c h or



· C()llt •nt to h e \ l n I I inl ou r can:~ ail <l s tnn.~ . . . . k' 10" ( t h <.:r!-' h:1ppy. hnng-tng- Jn) . . Tn m.l 11 :-.. . . , c np.:}wcl w 1th ~ril·i. T o t1 11 :-.:c a r O tlt HI u ~ w 11 .\1 c · Fn rsooth. all ~:~dll css th e n fr n m u s :-.: lt all tle~.' ,.<> t r·>tt b!c s hall di~turh. no k:tr ann o ) . ' 1 . ·h all h 'l\"l' r est f\IH 1 :;wee t n •l ief. •-' lnstca< '' c !-' • ' -PREP. 'oR.


rtH.: m o rial hridgc across th e P o t ) mac t o . \rlin g-t o n. a nd a driveway to ~It. Verno n a long the ri g ht bank o f the maj c · tic Potomac will add t o the att racti,· e ne~s of th e pilgrimag-e which e \·t-ry o n e wh o ,·is its \\ a s hin(l"to n makes. Th e much talked n f illlpro ,·ement!-' ri lo ng- th e av e nue arc too far in the dim fut urc to s pt·a k nf. a lth n ngh T d <) uht not they \\'ill co m e 11 1 time.

The P r esid ent. IMPRESSIO NS OF WASHINGTO N. :\lcn tt D ic k cma.) ·' 1-~. . \larv . ( • ( n•y 1\l . . 1 1 T h l' \\a. htn gto n h a!" >t g


:1nd so tl



wh o



i t y n L' a l tt i i u 1._.. . .• , .. ., t) lantll'd 11 man)' ) ca r. a ..... .

c a I k d .. The

I t )chv t in t \\ ':t..:huq..!,t,,n r · ·d a"' full\' a s we ( l • • • 11 I mu ~ t 1a ,·c r ca tz c • . • t , ·t ·ountn· in th l· \\' IW t . 't·tl o f th e n-rea l: !' c . was to he t 11C capt , :-. 1 \ l build t\ )0 stru n g 1y pr ·1 1 . )· trht theY c o tt C 11 Thev ('\' H en t ) t .nu:-. , , · It' •..: t 111 '-' tnn t~> tht.· 1 1 t an d fn Ill tb cat ~.:. . . wit h t on mu c h t l O U ;,! 1 • ' ·I t l · r 1 If .-tolll', i r n n ot· . IIi- st ru cture . ' ' te H • • p r e!-'ent clay c ,·er) pu > . • 1' t f 1Un cl at io n s . whirh ''ill n •Jt . I I e r ect t•<l o n so H < • ~ratllte . 1a ~ >cc n . . • 1 c h ·u 1 ,,.j 11 ~,. ~-l't H.: ratll > ll ~ . · . I as..: tn g y ears ~t 1H • :-. :-.. • c rumbl e wtt 1 t 1lc. I_>• . . .. • k t h e 1ntio nal cap tt:d Jll)t o nl ~ ,~ . s tnnnCT t o m a e • .. [hey a r c n O \\ · :--. . the ( ] ttet' n pf c tt tt·..:. . ·r I 1 tt r en"ltlam ur 1>am . the ctty bcautt u · n :-. t nkt· \Y a:-- h lngl4111 · · " ms n o w t 1)C 0 t1 • · Their great am 1>1lt<>n .· c. . E . the soc ial ca pita! t~f til .. . I t Pan s 1S to ·~ uro pc. . I . tn /\menca w la • . . l 1 ··tuty· t.) f c u1Lur , an< <)I .n 1t the center nf tas t e an( >c. • . and it is o nl y ·on con t llh. 1 • • f 1. 'ct.., tl)r o f th e w o rld s as u o n s. a rt t 11c (}t •• • . o f o ur g·,l\'~ rtl . . , \'o· .. 1 111. . w ealth and ~r ca n t!-'s s istcnt wtth the c ~ } · • • cit\' o f m atrnthc t.· n t . 11 haY e 1ts scat m a , r-ment that tt s 1l O U t . , . ·. . · . y·cars in which it ha .... . t. Dunn•T the p.ts t s tx . 1 a p p tnt m c n s. :-. . j c a c h w i n ll.: r h L' r · . t 1 c . '1 c t o ~ {>CtH.l a p o rt t n c, . h cc n my pnn cg . 1,, 1 The 11 \.:\\' l' n 10lt 1 . , hc~cn m ost mar ... c < • . im prO\'CtllCnts la\ C 1. t • f \\ hic h j ;-; ill 1H.: J' It:l'\ . . . ~ >1cted th e arc utcc urc t. Statl ) 11 , JUst Cll ll11 • . I ' 1 r ,. . is a m a!.,!'nilin· nt :--lJ'llC harm o ny with ut her pul>lt~..: Htt ( tn g :-., . • . . . 1· ....... , th and w e ll w o rth\ (I I tt :-- p .tu. ture. thl' g r eatest o n carl\ .'. c t tltat thL' . l1L'\\ ' ~l· n a ll' and · dt:li•rht tu luok up un. - 1· 1 Tn ' l < 1 1t 10 n ° C a n c ar the ap t > • • 1 I [ o u s Office lhtil<lin gs an· n ot t..>•_t y c; l ' 1:-.l . .,. . .. , ,,·ell a:-. . . , a-.. we ll. 1 hcsc Hll < tn:...s • •• . hut m deb o f ultht) . . .· 1 llo td art: all l u~..:a tcd ott , l ' \ V cu nc rre:-.:- IO tla ' .. on gre~s II a 11 . t 11c allv intt'nd...-d t t l h . . I lh n t \' was o rtgt tlc .. a t>it u1 11 tl 1. ,,. lt:re \.' " ·f 't • • . ,,. • <1 :-. ,kncli d 111 11 ... 1 · 1 t' •t r n t u r c • • lJ uil t: and pcrhap ~ ttl l lL' n • t..

1 h e men





.\ l o rL' interes ting. p e rhaps, t han the c ity it:-;L'if. is the fact that it is the h o me o f t he Prcsideut and the sca t o f ·<J ngress. .\:o d o u h l \\' e h a ,·t: a ll h ad expcrit·ncL'S in o ur colleg-e day ~ , j dass fig.h ts. \\'h e n th e r e \\'a:' a difTen.•tH.:c n f >pinio n a s to clas:-ltunors. \\' h ich ha n~ been fo ught o ut \\'it h in co llege walls and t hL· \\'n r ld heard n nly distant rum o r s o f tt·oub1 c. ~ o it is . o nl) i 11 a 111tll'h g reate r d cg r cl', h ere p• Jii t ically. Th e pres id e nti al pot is fa irly s e et hing- and bo iling-. The o ut ~ id c ,,. rid kn o w . . p ractica fly n o thin~ of \\'hat is gc ing· o n in th is matt e r here. J»oq r Tt' ddy! ". \ pro pht· t is n t \\'ith o ut h o n o r sa n ! in h i:-11\\' 11 cou ntry .. (c ity ). surely! The l're~i clc n t i ~ a ttackL·d front Ln. ry qu:ute r . north and ~< uth . t'<1~ t an cl w es t. by \\'hite ClJH I ·nlun ·cl. · Re p u hi ka n s a nd D e m o crats. capita lis t s a ncl lal)(Jr nnio n ..:. :\k n :'t' l' 111 to io rg-l't l h at Th ee d u re H ntbl' \' L' l t is tltt.· flrt·~i cltnt ( l i tht· ir cnuntry and that as ~ uch h e is L'lltitled t n l h t i r r l's pec t i ul c n tt s i d c r a l i o n . E \ ·e 11 fro m t h L' h i ~ h pI act· .. l'l ) llH' thuncll-ring dcH\' 11 the \\' o rds nf pra i ~ t' l ) r cond •tnnation as the o n e \\'h ' utt e r s them St't' :' tit. . \ iew years ag-o a Presi de nt i L·II under the as:--a;o;:-.: in 's hniiL·i. ancl th t• act ,,·as · harg-ed to tlt••st• ra,·ing- L'l'itics ,,·h u had ri dicukd and aiHJ ~t'd him unt il tlw p as;-; iun 11f h asL·r fl) lk had bee n a ro u ~cd inti) thl' conuni:-- n qj a hiOlH iy dL'L'<I. YL·t ['resident :\lcl,inl<:y \\'as n o t s nbj c ,· tt·d to "' u c h mali ·inu .... a h u:l' a~ is Prl'sid ent l<oosc \·(· ]t n O\\'. ' l l•t_· \\ :!:-.hi n gt•) ll :--t· n t im e nt i~ n o indc.x t o the lo ,·c a nd cst e L' II I " h it· h th~..,.· co untr_,. I {·ar;o; t o ward R ou~c,·c lt. ~either prai:--v nd r aht tSl'. h• ,,,. l' , ·t·t·. ~<:c·u 1 t o ,·ary him a hair';-; hrL'aclth frolll t lw line uf pu b lic duty \\'hich he ha!-' hlazccl o ut. E\·en \H1111l'll art' s e ' 11 in ;.,:-rt)llp!-' di sctts!-'i n g- th t.• p rl'. id t•n tial ~ ituat i •Hl. \\ ' hl'n tnaking- a f~, ,· lnal ca ll r cl'c ntl y a ,. ry pnnni nent \\'t~lll:tn turnc·d tn llll' tlnd sa id: ":\ Irs . Diekema. \\ h n is yonr man ~ .. I \' L·r_,. pr'>mptly rl'pli ·d. "~L'l.'fl' ttl t·y Taft." :'Il l· thre\\" np hl·r h;tnd:-- in h 111T111' ancl ,-~..·p l it.·d. "()h. n c . " '' !

The Anchor The Ancho r


Let u "' ha \ ' t · Fa i rha n k~ a 11 d ~~..·tt k down on Ct.' 11111rt.· and It :1 v, · pcac<.'. \\·c arc tir~cl o f war." In L o ngn:.. the fri<.·t~d: c•f tl h' ri,·al ca ndiclatl'!' a rc daily nPmiua ting- them fo r l'rl'~lll c nt. l·. n:rv cia\· \ ' ( H I be ·o me Jll llrc and nH r c ·· ·uvinccd (,i tl h iact that. e v c ;y .prc:'ickntia l calldiclatl· in lht.· •ti ·ld Ita :: man:· -.trnng- c haracteri s t ic:-;, and hence :--launch admirl'r~ . Til • ·am pa ign Itas aln·acly bece>llll' n·d -h n t ltt·rc, and \\' l' ar\· in tlt \ 1 ; 1 icl~t oi a ~ea o f po litical agit~ti m which wil l :-ol)• ltl ....,\'''-''-· :,

. '"l r the whnle country. Society.

To me. h owcv~..· r, thl' n10. t interc:-;ting- icaturc o i \\'a hing to n life is the social side. S l •mctimcs we g-ru\\' tired <Jf ~ocicty. but there i~ n o danger of it ~ bee ming- tiresome here, f u r t h en· is so much Yariety. l t is the ,·cry ht!art o f everything- ""oci~l. the center from which everyt hin g- !lows and t o which c\·ery body comes. There is hardly a day in th e w •t·k that one d' l . ... not ha ,.c the: oppo rtunity of mecti ng ~om<.: r ca lly g-rca t JH: rsoa . The\· arc sometimes cxtn.: mcly plain, a~ is :\1 i s~ I Ia! ·, dau~ht cr •>f E~dward Ev ·rett llalc. S he is neither young- nor hand ~ Jll (' . nor e\·en bcautiiully gowned, hut a mu t d<:li~ht iul con,·er!-):t tionalist. General ~herman's oa ug-h ter is a bu n ·ry plain looking. One day recently I met a :\1rs. F uslcr, \Vhl) ~tu d law and practiced ht rc with her husband for yc:\r ·. and n . ·, made campaign spet·chcs for the Republican party all u \·l-r the countn·. and who knl'W l\J rs. Bradley (the w ollla n wh• • k illed Se n ~tor Drown ) . \VclJ, ~lrs . Fo~ter b IHJW duin ~ ~ome priso n w o rk fo r the Government. She is a IHJhk w,,ntan . who is lidng fo r the betterment of hun1anity . It is a rare treat to he able to call on the mcmbt rs f tlh· C abinet. to sec their h o mes , \vhich arc for tht! mo:--t p:l.rt magnificent; to go t o the homes of the member, of the .'u preme Court, : c<: ho\v they live, and to m eet these p ·oph: who ha,·c g r o wn u ld in the service and wh o arc posst·s:-;cd oi :-:uch great know ledge. rare culture, easy grace and true rclith·· ment. ~I any o f the senato rial homes arc palaces, full n f b ·:ltl iful paintings. oriental rugs, and artistic things from all o\Tl' t he world. ~ o t long since I called with a friend on :\1 r~. John A. Logan. who was rccei,·ing with her <.laug·ht cr. l'v1 r:-- . Tucker, and when my name was announced s he ren~ i,·cd m · most graciously. say ing- =--he had a very dear friend hy th l


11:tnH' c1i Dit·kt•ma. and was a g-rc:1t admirer fli th~ J)utch. s•• \\"l' wcr~ Ct llg'l' tJial immcdiat~ly . Sht• is a n · markahle w n m an. ' I I bri[.!'ht and w~ll informed. and h c·r mt.·mo ry ~ cs hack O\Tr ... 1) m:llly hi ·t()rical t' VCJH~. uf which sht· i:-; nH st willing tc• talk. She has sct!n so much. ha,·ing- travelled all nvt"r tilt.: world. a II o i which ma k<:s ht·r \·ery in tt·n.·st i ng-. f u I J o f I i fl· a nd a nima t i n. and w on(lt·rfu lly k een. I th oug-ht her thr oa 1 '' P tdd lw tirt·d. :1nd told hl'r ~(), hut sht• assurt·cl m~ ~he wa:-used to it. as ~ h e wa · a grt·at t alker. She :-;aiel am o ng- otht·r 1 hing-s. that :--I H.: wa.- writing- ft, r I k a rst's 1 ap c r in ~e\\' Y urk . nett l.Jccausc ·he likcd his po litics , but becans'-: shl· \\'ant ed 1hl· money. This saml' afterlltlOil \\'e called at 1 ht• "hint·~l' L~~ati <lll. \\ ht re tht· ladics wen: n·cci\·ing their iricnd:-: i lr tht.· la ~ t tinh · prt.' Cecling- tlH:ir tkpartun• l(l the ()ricnt. This w:ts on l)f th t· 111n~t int~rcsting- n ·ccptions I haq• bl't'tl ltJ rhi:-: wintl.'r. :\J r:--. t ' how. \\ ifc of tht• Char~e cl'.-\ ffairt·s. \\·a:-; dre~:--ed in h t·r 11ati\''-' C<•:::\tumc of pale hlut• ~ati n. clabl) r:ltcl.v cmbruiclcr l'd. :tnd Wt:aring- many jt' \\'t•l;-;, and :\lr:'. Y ung- 1-\.wai. wiil· i th e l·ir:--t Secn·tary. wnn: a b<.Toming- g-own of pink hrocack t rintnh.:d in whitt• lacc. ~J r. 'h•H\' and ~eYc.: ral ..., f the youn)..:· 't'Crt·ta ri~~ o i the h:gati 11 assi:--tc I h ospit a bly in the rcccpti n1. '' hik the prcseucc of H'Vt.:r a l o f the children o i tht? kf'Tati•Ht :-~;l\ ' l: a dclightiul to uch of info rmality tn tht· o~casion. l 11 "Pile.: <Ji the fact that . Irs. h o w ln<, kcd iike a child hcr~el t. ... he a:-::ur ·d u~ of tht fact that it wa' ht·r baby whn wa!' at· tracting :-;o mudt attl'nt i >ll. It \\· a:-: illtt.· rl' !--tin~ to tnt· to knu\\ that ~ lr~ . Yung J..:wai n-:t-; an .\ml·ri t" art g-irl. who md h vr hu:--IJand \\·hilt: h c w:t:-- a !--tll d t•llt at Yak and ha:-; spe nt th e ;.:, r l' a t c r p a r l l ) i h c r m a r r it·d I i k i n \ \ · a :--It i n g- t c 11. l le r c h i I ur l ' 11 = ~rc :\tnLri~.:au IH>rtl and ,- ~ry g-nod·looking. It ct:rtainly was a treat to :-;ec them. \\' c \\' · r ' t o ld t o g-o intu the dining- room . which was n~ ry attractin~ with it:' o riental furnishin::!':. an d was t hro ngc<.l uuri ng the calling- hnu r~ with repn:~cntativt·-­ nf o fficial and r esident ~ •cicty. \\-t· wert· wa ited nn bv 'h i· tH.' sc scn·ants. and in addition tc, thl' c m\·entinnal .\ mcrican delicacies many hinc~e d i ~hcs ,,·<..-rc scnT<l. I am hllcl th at ;\ ·linistt' r \\·u is now on h i~ wa,· L 11 \\' as hin;..:. t(1Jl ,,·ith :--ixt,· JH'\\' m~mbt·rs of the ion .

I must

111H clo~c

\\'ith ut :-:pt.·aking- n r t lw F:tirJ,ank..:' d in ·

The Anchor

The Anc h o ..


hran: .;t rray of flag-:' up o n the wall ~ in the s tately corrid ur. r c.:a_n d11nly rcm emb r tht..: time when I \\" Oulcl ha,·c been a ... wtld as the girls were o,·er t h e gold lace and brass butto n ~.

ll l·r. whil·h :'hine:- Pill a:- c.tll' uf 111~ h :tppi t 't t'~.JH ri• ·:tcl· . . ,, ; t h~..· winte r. I c:l1111(1\ l • ~..·gin 111 (k:'c rihe the h111~H·. lt !'itnp ly gnr~·c::c > ll :'. ' l lwrl· \\ l ' n' I hirty di-..ti :t ~tti ... }H cl ~ t t l -..t ~. amon(r \\'h(/m \\t'rl' .\ !n h:t:---:t d,, r :tn d \lr:-:. l~rycc. ,, JJt, It :: ' h<.-en Ja,·i.:"hh· <.' tlll'rt aincd thi-- :'l':t:-1111. ::nd in ,,·h ••'l' h •nl ,; murc dintH' r~ h:l\'l' hl' l'll ~i ,· l· tt 1h:t11 it l r any ',t!t-..'r d ;J,Ic :ilt:U Th<.· .\mha:-::-:ad\lr and hi:: "iil.· :trc l.'lrt:til11~ clnrming JH.' 1plt- . 1 wi;.;h 1 had the ability t tl (k:-:crih<.· th e di ntw r. It \\ :t ' 111:1r '· l.· lt~u:->. J.::,·t·n·thing \\:t:- ~l·n·l'd irc1111 ' ih·<.·r pl:l!l'-' \111 •1-.· r;l<.'a il . t h<.· china. :ttllj t h l' mu:-t indl''t·rihahk l•1l ni titin~.:" lt~ t· :tt! l: ut • • • ' () , . ,. 1.,. 1> 11 , ,. tn·in• .. t•, h<.· cnt · nainin~ !11 th<.' tll:tt t '' 1il1 f ) 11 t.: 1:-- :-... :-.. w h om ~ h<.· .,.(.> <.':-> Pt;t di1111t' r th:tt :-> h<.· h:trdly knc. \\·.... llln\· tlh· lund ta:->ll':'~ to :-;:t .\ ' nothing ni ck:-:crihing- it. \lr .... ,F a irh:w kI. . . ha:-> tht• n:ptttatinl1 elf :-;en·ing- \' <.' t'Y <.'Jahnrat<'I,Y. :11111 "' " l' ,.., . 1 mo:'t ch:trmi 11 g- hn:'tl':':'. llcr di;.;tingui:->lwd htt 'l,and. '" i't: ir om being e n id ancl di:->tant. i:' a pt-inc<.' uf h,1~t~ . full "i hll lll ' ' • :\llcl pk a~ing an <.'<'d•> t<.·. \\ I t•, mat..::c:-; nne f ...... e I ., • t h"n~~ · :t n d :• · l':t~c at once. Thott"h the :-'<.':t:--Pn kl.·t·p:-' <Ill at a merry p:~n·. --~·,· v r:d •" :-I t hl· l<'ading· ~h:uact<.' l':' in \\' :t:-- hingtun':-- ::;ncial ~lrama t:'.' <.' t<.-11: pnrarily Y:tni:->ht-- cl frn111 th<.' :--tag<.·. han.• pnck <:t~.· d th· ·. 'r d•' 11 • J.;:e,·:-' and :-:tolcn away t" P:tlm lkach. ratlw1· <.·arltl' r tll:1· t n:-~Jal. 1 think . Th l' iact tlt:tt :hi:' '-'<.'a:-:•m b ·~·an und vr a li P al' · ._·ial clcnHI ha :' n n t :-:n·l1 Jl·rl tc1 intt•rfere with it-.. :H'l'\1'-'I •I! H· ·d

Congress. The greatest intellectual treats which the country<.· the set spt..:ccht..:s <kli,·ercd by t h e lcadt.:rs in . o np·rc.:":-:. .I'IH.:y a Iway:-; w h i:->pe r to t hi r f r inds j U'l \\'hen th<·y w i JJ per l• ~rm. and then the rus h fur the galleries beg-in::;. T o :-:ee 011 c · d the g-reat orat o rs in action and to h ea r the lo ud dem on:-:tra1 inn:-: l>( appnH·al ( n unc side ni the c hamber. \\"hih: the other .Jjd ·' in .:"ttli<.•n :-:ik· nce. t'xccpt w h e n llas h e:' oi wit and h um o r. :wd great bursts uf cluqtt<.' llCl' compl'l ;.!"L'Il<.' ral an:la111ttliP n. is an t·xpt..:rit..:nce which alone is well worth comin!..!· l 'l \\ ' a:-:hing-ton fnl'. I d o5e by ~aying- that JH o ne whn ca~1 : :((prd t() <.:nnH.· (() \\' ashingtnn :->huuld neglect to dn ~tl. ft ,., ill makl.' hint a better citizen and a truer patri ut.



b rilliancy.

White House Reception. Tht..: la:->t ,j th<.· :->tak rt:~~..:ptinn:-> \)i th~..· \\ int~..· r l• Hl k pl:ll.: v la:->t Thursday night at th · \\' hill' II u~ ·. "hl·n 1h v ,,m~..· ·rn f the ann ,· and tta,·y \\·t..:rc th~..: principal ~ ll l'!-- l :--. Thi:-- i-al\\'a\'~ u n~..:~ of tht.: ntu:- t c ro\\'ded r~..:n:ptinn:-; llf th l.· :-<.·a:-;1)11 . . · <! nd :;c.:cond in bn·1 1tai1C) cltl 1y t c• t 1t<." 1-H:-> t Il"\ <.T "i t h <.' ... l. r i ~..: =- . \\ h en th~..: ' diplc>matil· Cllrp:-- an· the :-> tar g"tt<.':--1:->. The ann.' and na,· v \\'~..:r~..: \\Tll n·pr~..· :-:l· ntl·tl. and thcr<.' \\Trl· l'llc>u;..:.h l.Ja,·k ...: at<.·d ~-iyilian:-> t•> 111akl.· a :-tt l,:-'tal1tial had..::~r., un d i11 r thl.. · · ·· , ' · · I I t t t ml >~ • 1· • • i w <.· II <Y itttCl"lll"' at'J':l\' co\· \\11\llH'lll:-. . \ 11 \11111:--\1,1 l""'t :-• • 1 drc:'sed and prl·tt,· girb llcl" ng- lt• army and na\y ctrc l':-, :u t 11 iour or fiYe :' qua~b ni girb innn t h l· :--t..: minaril·:-- ncar \\' ~ i n g·t 0 11 w e n· It a , · i n g- t h c.: t i nt<.' u i t h t..: i r y u 1111 ~· c x i:-> t<.· 11 c L' . r Iw 111~1:->ic was li\Th· and in :-' piring. a nd in additicll1 t,, th<.· :--itllpl< 11 c r a I t k cur at i u ~ 1.... tt :- t t: d a l t h <.' \ \ · h t L' 1Ln tt :--<.· I h v r v \\' :t =-- ;.l I

., h· •tt gTl·at dd<.·ndcr ui th\· party 's cause. \\ ' h n " ·idde:->t thc,ug-ht like li q uid drop:' ell g-•tld~<' n ta.:"tcriul. :'O :->trong-. ~o firm. :->o bold. .- ., l:tll ni Zl·al ltl :--hapt' thy country's la\\'s! . ·, lllll.' !--ay thy \\·nrk is \\Tak and full o f Haw:'. TIH·y h<..' ap upon thee :-; landers manifold : I I Ii II :-> t II <.' i r Ill i n d :-;. \\" i t h f L' a r w h e n t h c '· a r L' tn Id . ' fltat li:'t .ning thrnng~ oft hrcak in wild appl~U:--l·. T h.''<.Tit i:-- lik<.· thl· mdlow lig-ht of me rn · rltat tl-l.'llthk:-: c1\-r a pea<.:t:ful, s leepy ~ca. c lr !i!..: <.· tltv tlltllt<kr uf approaching storm. ( ir like.: 1 he h:trpi:-t ':-; plainti,·e melody. ... i .1\ jH1\\1...'r:-. an.· g-i,·l.' tl t11 ~.· ,·c ry g-reat refurm. \lllllcn \\'ill , .l'l gi \l' he nor tttlt O thee. - I'H E Jl. 'oR


THE LECTURE COURSE. William Jennings Bryan. Till· J,ill;..: -expcctcd \' i:-> it lli \\ ' illi c.un Jt·nn ing-.. l:n·an too II.,Jianrl 111ok placl· • ) 11 F<.·hrttar.' q . Thl' ln· tun.· "ltich 1!~..:

The Anchor


The Anchor 16

ill t ilL· \'\ \.·ning- i n CanH·~ il' Ilall \\'a!" a g-rt·a t tre at. ll•• t 11ttly tc• th'-· :'ttuk nt ~ u i th e col kge. hut al s o tt > the c: iti ze n :-· •i ll ol la nd . :uHI to a larg L· tltlmber of peopl e fro m many po int :-in \\' t·~t'-·rn .\li chi~an . lli~ lecture. "The l'rince u f l'cacc .' ,,a;-; dcli,·~.· rcd " ·it h that ma~tcrf ul st yle \\·hi c h has wt:ll earn e d t h l' ":-. iln.· r - tungu ·d o rator" th e hi g-h place which he h t •lds a : a --peak~.· r. wlten·,· ~..·r hi~ nam e i =-- kn o wn. .\l .r Bryan s t ee red l· kar nf any ~ttg'g"L'"'tinn o f p o litic;-; and th e impressin n h e left 1111 hi;-; audi ·tJc · w:t:-- that ui a iearlc:-;~ ' hri ~ ti a n man. n nl :t:--h a ml'd nf hi;-; n·lig-ious c< tt\· ictinn ~ . hn1 din~ preciou~ tlw i.r ttth o f th e l~ihk :1 ~ th e inspirl'd h ouk ancl hran~ ly . h o win;..! hi:-: colnr;-; o n the !"ide o f truth and lo yalty. .\len o f all partiL·:,iu:-- tl y unit e in h o n o ring \\' illiam j e nnin g-s !~ryan a;-; a n exattt l' lc ni an h d lll.: :-o t ' hri s tian gentleman. ck li \ ' t'f't•d

A DIARY. . ! : .)

l· · ·r -- ·o~nv t'l t \ ., ; 1·tt .., II • . n. ::,, ·n tit•·' J'l . l lJI . • •r a t I )r•nnle_,. I I all • • 1 · ' " ' L' a I\\ a .' .. I u ' II :--'. ..... ~,.·· u tn ll' I ..... :tJ !d l'I•IJ .... t ·qtt l. !ii h I \\'a..: Ill'' ::-u rpri .... \·d '' 11~.. It '•II<.: da ,. h ~­ h :t :l d u I IIH' a :--Ill a II l.c Htk . . I IL· );,n ~ · hiP"h -.·11'1 1· .. ·1 • vat 1 .tt: I ·· ....... - · • · lil t! Ptl j Ill IIIIL' I tl' th t• h:t-- !O:<.'l~ ." j I

· ' ~ '· •· .: <t 11 lilt ; i 11 i. 11· ·d d i a r" . ~·· ' l ' 1 · =it' ' ,j l l 11. ~ •rirt' ..: lt .. =tt l )d -..- t 1!.. l ~ ttt .. , IJ. ,;I t H ' \ t· J· ;!'C<:rt '! llt{ ·I . l: u t I h:l\ L' r~..· ad it:.-.,._ ~ r ~ tl I j Ji l l'..... :t II d t ft j II !' j l 0 II " . l i til' tl! a r ·' '' II -..h fl llld 1'<.':11 1 it t• u: .\i"ll . ) l' ttk:-- ~ Jt \it:' a hftll: d "·t,·. ., • ' l · u t I 11 Il l :-- I l l • l tJ .... l' ..., f;t 11 g·. 11 c I l I ' l 'I · .Jl ,' .... \ ' t ' J'\' iJ J)' )IJ't •JH r ;, ,.. • ·, rl . · ' :--- "'· I agn.·v ltean tl _\' \\ i tit l a II l J' j "\ \ It j ..;. l JL' 1 1 • I

The Katherine Ridgeway Company. ThL· month o i F ebruary, I<JOR. will 1 n ~ be n·1tH.' Illh~r'-· d in tht: hi ~ t o ry o i H o pe's Lecture o urse . l~e :-: id c;-; tht· g r eat · · ratur, \\' illiarn Jt.'nttin~~ nry a n, wh o spok~ o n th ~ t: \' l· niu g- t\l F~hruan· 14. th e mauag-L!ment were fo rtunat e in sec urin g- tit~.· I' at herine R idg-L·way ·ompany fu r February 2 L E ,·cry n u ttl her was r cce i,T cl with well- merited applau ~e . :\1 i;-;s Ridg"L'way. hers di. hy her charm and grace o f mann e r. in c r e a sed \Itt: appreciatio n and respect which the peo ple o f H o lland han· long- fdt fo r ht·r . I I e r readings were cle,·er and wd1.- render c d . a;-; ~ht: chaug~·d the laughter of the audience into tears and hack again with her magic power. l\1 iss La G range, tht· piani~t. and ;\l r . C halmers, the basso, as \\·ell a s :\1 iss Ridge ,,.:1?·· will always ha\·e a warm welco me in the city o f Tfo lland wh e n e ,·cr they n:turn.




: - - , _\


"t' "II II


.. · llttr· ·


nrd a g-irl "·:ut u..:t· ' ·lh' ll ... Jt~..· i..: nnd ~ I t d u t':'ll.t :'t~lln tl ...., ) had .\ . lll;t tt 111<1\' - :';\ -\ ' Jllct:-.. t a ny !"'II t

all y


thi ng\

\\' u 11 , a 11 111 :1 ., • 11 L' a 11 :--... • , r,. ' -~, . tt t hy t' ll,tc 1111 ...,!Jt• j .,. h; und 1 1 1 ht• a IH'ift 'L' l lad\', .\ !ld --lt v nru..; n' t ln; •f:t• a :'OtttHI I • . ' I! ' ll :'( Jvt :o-O i li L'IIJ i ilg' ftaJ >J) eJJ \ . ' I,,~.. tt t Ilt' r<' ."" ll ••h••dy ar• •ttnd !" I It :1 d ll 't I( II I k t' d ;l t ..•• Jt":-.:--1 . ~ ) ll . l~n· :-- it· i..: k: d' ironn :\~,.,,. Y o r k ~~· h~· i' >••k np til~.· lir:'t h our~ ~ · rank tra n , latt' d 111_, . ( ;~..· r man lu r m e. I t·xpcctcd tn flunk in ~-: n ~li:-- h. I didn't. tltc lugh. J'ro lt·:-:., u r :\ . didn't ca ll o n me . . TtH.: ~. The ~ tudt· nt ;-; a rL' mak lll g' g r e at prcparat icllt:' fo r thv :' tate co nt c:-- t fu r a Jnr :-n-e n u Ill 1) l' r n f <1e leg-a t c :-' an: e =-- p c c t c d . ,


The An c hor


-.- l'l e Anc hor

19 I

~irl 111 c•:lk~(' ,,IJ,, l'll\ l'~· l:' ill l \\'C t t t l" lllt t!T t•f

t.' \ "11.' ' .

J. eao Y t•:tr? I

tllg" ~:· · llt.·.~·t.· unit · ... .; Y••ll c:tn l•ccrnnt.· t.'lt;_:;:gl'd? . ··nn•·!.• .,· <h l! l'a·ttlt...\· llll'lllht.·r" IPok :\'-' tll t•ll:..: J,'l't.'ll in . ll thi . . h;HI :tl\\a,·-.. .. ;,.n·t. 1 t~.· rl'. 1\·rlt.ip-.. tlli .... i.... \\hy t•llc - i••llrth ,.j tht.• l ' antlty :irv 1•:1\·IH.It •r--. \\ ' ~.. 11. " ' any r:ttt•. \\'t.' ct: t l1an .· u nckr ... i.tlld ing--.. . Thur...:. .\tll:ndu l Y . \ \ ·. l ·.. \. tc ciay. 'lit\.· a-.. ... "l'i<tl icn! i~ cl. •ill:.... .:• g-rt.·a t \\·.,rk. I :till ' \.·n · nnu:h intvn· .... ad. ·; her~.· ; .... !• • !,._. :1 •j,,j 11 rt.•u·~>tie~n Jtl''"L \'.n·k. I \\l'lHkr ii \\l' ,,jJI ila\t' I i•• ,,.: :·ll trn at It il ?' I ;un thPr•JUgllly t"llll\ i:tcl·d ilnt !"f lllll.' j·\·••p k lh '.t' r \\\'l"l' .\'tt tl lt :..:. l ' ti. ; :.)• ' 1' . .\1. ! ::111 ;:!! r • :lll.' ir11~ tlt t.· :·rat par t y. ~ · :1:. ~: . \ . .\1. I h ''1.' jtt . . t r du ·11• d ir••lll dtl.' !•:tny. t rit.d 11 :-. "l' t 111 :ti t;·P:Ii\c . J . u~ :1:~.· d··•· r \ \.t·· lc .l."kt. d. ! Ill'. tri,,J thv lirt.· t.· .... ~.·:sr• . ·1 L ·.· \, i :: l· . . , ., :t, h , . l 11 ,.. ,J. .\ l ;t rl ~ l' i::· ; ... ;~,d tll::t l ·-!:c .t'!ci ... ; 1. 1: d ~It · 11 i:,.: I;~ \ i tit I hT. I did 11 't g ._ I 'I Ill• •1'1!11: . ;.: . , .. 'll!t' llll 1 j


ill;.· )Jl..,.l )tot•ki: ·:.,: llll'll. \ l. t.·a p Y~.a r. and 11111y ll'll ll i •l! tl lt ~ kit!




Jl a r k ! llt'a r ~h1. J da lrt~ n· ~ airy tn·a d. I .... l'Jli''''l' -..I ll' i ... It ~ an.: t•i 11 • wc •:lch-r "lt::t prn\\'iing ;trc lt:lH I tn ''- v I Ilid I .1•.:·1 ~ lt L' \\' 1 , \11 d :-a y i i ~ It 1.' c :Ill;...: h i I Ill' ~ I ~ Il l. t llc 1i . .... h l' 1.': 111 • \ :-- l' \.' th i~ c..:andk. \\.t.·cl. l'c. ~ i t i\T h ncllhin;..!' d"ing-. Thnr. J>r.,fc.·-..-."r ~. i ... a <kar. llv t :tlkc.·tl ti n: "ltnh: IJ":1r Ill ciPClltirotl and ~d I \'. a ~ ~an·d a llunk . It i~ inh't.r ... till:.,:· t•• hl'ar al>tlltl C:unln·id~s-t·:-- p~.· cia l ly "h~.·n O IH' i ~ 11.t pn. parc.·cl. \ \'urkerl <l ll Ill \ ' n r :tti1111. (J ,,\\. I h :ttl.' c1rati cn 1.... ~ ( ;u~.·-.~ I'll hand in the 1111<.· F ra n k g11l 1·: . c1ll. \\'clntkr i t I can 1-! \ 'l a :\ 1. o n it? l : r 1•• . I r. 1·'·I~ ~ ll l' I1 :\ kllt ll'kc r. I ll' take.· ~ tl v l i.~·ht in -.. Iall imingo th l' g-i rl :-' ~o c..:it.· ti\.• :--. llc.· ~ay~ we.· h :,n· n't c.•\' \.'11 a snntt' 1• His ~<>e icty ha ~ one . u f co ur:--t•-"Fl'\\. ln tt cll t~ ... \.11 ... l •ut I a111 . un•

lt I

~ •• I

Tl 1v di:tn. \.'lid" a l11· n:•!h. ltt. r1.:. \ \ h «· :--h:rll ... ,,. \\ 'a.; i l : •, ~·: 1 : i ... t • 1 l1 t · !-! i r I It · cl I ·~ :·• 11 ~ 1.·. l : r 1.·d c i 1I: ~.· .d i :t r y . . • •i' ~·I a ·,. i t ! ~. . ·::ll·t· ! II ;.: dt·:t JI l ·l.'t.tll!l' i !r\·d 1•i tsto.: ·, u : !1· n· c: l 1 !Jl· clt;t l'\' :' ! 1ll\ ~,·,~lit.··~: ·· irl -.. :!'-' \\l·ll :! ... , irc;. llh l •:t~·· "a' a talc ll ·a:. i-.. l•·ld ... :-.. :---.



Sir Ga!ahad.

a \\ l':t l'\' d:t \' )J;t'-' ~ir ( raJah:tcl . " t~ lll' n i t)H I'-'l' \\ ltc1 :I ll.' in . \rtllu1··-= l!:tl l. " p t' r-i--tul i11 lri :.- quc:-;t ni t h ~..· 1 fo ly I ;r;t il. and at l ~l~l t he 'i -..i :lll ht·:t 111'-' lh.: ic• rt· him. \\ 'a tt " . the :tr t l:-.1. n ·p rt " ' :t t:-\ h irn at thi:- J,J '-''-' lll<lllll' llt ui hi :-; iaitllful "l';tn: lt. l : l:t-..!J i n~ hr i~ltt llll h i~ ~ il\ c.T :ilmn r. ;..:kan 1 ~ th · ket' ll ligl:t : lin~ · ~ ~l:tn· . l ' r· •lll til~.· dark. :-t~gg: gn• ttiHI - 111tl::o-~ at hi :-. itT t ri ...... · a Cl.'n:ury ·.... r a 1:k grc '"tit c· f t.' Jt tan glt·d trL· <.· ~ ;u:d ,· ine ~ . "hilt: h l're and tlt t· r~..· a nllting- trunk Jlan·~ lik~..· a pillar \l i tl a 1nl' at car II lu r i.! 11 a" It. T! i c.· h 1.' a .J Pi t h l' i a it h i ttl "\\'hi t l.' ~.·hargc.· r i" pr~.·-.. -.. ~.· d c J,, ... ~.. t •> hi. tna ;o;t \.· r·~ ~ide. ~l.' ·king th t' cnrni 11 rt a 11 cl p n ll l' c t i 1111 w It i d 1 l.' ' t.: n II i ~ h r tt t ...: It t.' a rt n 1.' • d ~ i n t h i s it-a r :--nllie place. l:ut a1nid all thl' :--tctrtll an d <kcaying- n>ttennc ~;o; . t·; 1111 \\ ith th e it-ark:-;:-; p o~ c.' ~>i JHl r t'- nlind c cl y c• u t h, ~ l a nd..; l ;;!Ia had . " ~ t:unpccl." a~ T t.' Jlll: ~11 11 · a.' ~ . " \\' i t h th e ima g-\.' l)i th · king. " Tht.: purity and \.'X trl.'ll ll' y llu th oi tltc kni~ln g in:- hi ~ iacc that g-e ntl e. womanly c~pre ~~ iPn ~l'L' ll in fact..: ~ 1' 111!

o n e think ~ ~n hut tht' lll :--<: h· c.·~. ~at. .\m tcH l tirl' d 111 wri te. I du~t\.· d my r\u• m t•I(Ja,·. ~ttn. Enjny\.·d tilL· :--t' J'\' ll't..: imm l.' n ~~..:h· . :\I r. ·1·. :--a t Jlc.·::-.. . t 1111

1\ H.' .

H ead :.-c• m c fc1 r my reading li ~t. ll a\'l' li ni ... hL·d " . \dam· ~ Dia ry" and rl'ad a nanicll' in the Lacl i~..·=' · l lt•l11l' J •' u r ll :tl. Th e cnur ~ c i ~ \'t' ry int crc:-;1 in g·. Tut·~ . :\o t' ng-a g-t.·ntellt :' ! That i ~ Pn:x i\.· · ~ lat c-..t dn-rt' \.'. f t h ink ~u ch rttlt.·:-' outr:tgl'o tt ~ ! \\ ' lw.t i ~ th t· tt --l.' u i atl\.' 111 1:\Jon.

111:111 '.'

' •

The Anchor


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tht· katun.· ~ frt1111 ~ IY ~.tnin : C\' , :tr~: :--c ·n tit~.· n r :tltlin~.· -..:-- an d \al,,r l•t·litting 1h~..· 1 • • : .l ~. ... t 11i ~·lrr 11i d l i,·:tiry. < )Ji L.' i11t~t pn: ~ --~.· ~ in rn-arcl. and I )IJ i,i, 1 11a il~.d tlliglt :tr<: ~.·1 : !:--l'Ld hi:-- earnLl hand:-: in a11 t' C:-.t a ~.·y , .f ~.· , n lt lll \ d l · li:-· ~. l ~u t it i. tlh· ian· an d pui:--c 11i thl· ht·ad itl "irich til· t'_\'t' i-.. :1ttr:H: kd . I ii:-- hcad. LT••\\n<:d \\' i th a :--ll'lg;..:_, lr:dtJ pj lr ai r. i-.. li i tul. '' hik h i..; ~.- k a r. ~..·n r~t p t url'd t·yt· . I Ltliii n~· "it II thl' light 11l :--:tt i .... liu l l•nH.. ing-. l,t·h ·d d Ill<: "l'Jl' 'i t~i hi ~ n-t·ary d ay:-: t•f di:-:app•• in ll.'d \\':tiHk ri ng: . . \11 tilt· rv-..i l v-..~. 1111'-':Jti:-'li ·d _\'l'.trni! J..: and l"ng·i n .~· . tht• pain oi aL·Itingl!t: :-. lt. tht• lllnl'lint::--!- :t1 ~ d i:t iitJn· . lt ;, ,·L· I It tht· iacl'. a11d in thvir !' I. : ~.· ~.· a r "· :-. 1·1 111 p (.' d t h l' I : l i :--... a 11 d L' c 111 t l' 111 m L'll t () i ( ; u cl - n · n- a r< k d ljlit:--t. \ \ ' ell h :t:-; \\ ' a t t :-: p:tintt·d ~i r ( ;;tlahad . a~ till' t:rnbudi llll'l: l ,,j all ih :t t \\' : t :-' p11rt• :tn d high - Jili lldld in kni!..dlt -ltT:tlltr.\ . ir~ tiH· lciJi;._:·-a g u day:' \\ l1 v tt Jll•·n '.\'t' rL· l•ct!d :t 11 d Ll'nl till ll !.!~i t l II~ Ji l'l !-l' . Lut


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The Anchor

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Landscape Near Chantilly.

·,q·, ,t. lllt· gn•;t t l . : nd -r:q>~.· p :t i n~c.: r . ha:-' painted a d:lillt,· little :-'CL' llt' in tht· Ui:--c d i-.. trit·t in l· rancc. , ,· hl'rl' "· ~::'til t· ht•llll' t•i L't nHk. ;iiHI tht.· i:l\·11ri1L· n ·:-:.,n ul ~l••llil'n: . h: aciilt'. La Ft,nt ai~· n~..·. a nd t~l lt t• r :-'. I it·n· i:-- :'till t n : u nti:tctur~.·d the i·"l'l'll<t ttt a:H I la ce in r " · hi e h l: r a nel' i:-: n oted . In h i:' lancl :-t·:tpc. ht· J>tT:-:cnt:-- a :--ky ll l'l'n·d \\'it h flu(fy. :-:umtl1L'ry r lP tHI :--.!-llC h :t :--ky <!!" t clll ) >t~ th e l:t z y ri~ lt ~.·rtllan tu li:-:tk· :.-~ly drop hi :-t t :d antl ~ lretch a t t'a:--l' n n till' yi~.· Idin g- g-ra:--:' \\'ilh hat pnlh:d ., ,·l'r :-'kl')>)' l'_\'l':-' . to \\'llilc a \\'ay the d r •l\\':-'Y h l, llf:' in tht• drl.'<llll t· it i t· ~ ,,1 till' cluud~. ( hTr th l' ~l' l'll L' han g:-: th at g"l.'nth: h azy :d llllhf h ~.· re. g-a z ing lhruu~h \\· hich. II IH.: :-'l't•:;. ll t >t rough. u g ly 1 r n ::-' a 11 d ~ 1• 11: l' :-: a n cl " .., r k ad a y p l' a :--a 111 :-' : b u t t n• c ;-:; a n d ~ t unl' :-' which :tl'l' t ltl· h llllll'.' n f 11_\'tllph:-- and dryad~ . and l' \' L' n un cntll h pl'a:O::tiJI...; :--u: m tu \\:tlk a:' king:' and (jlll'L' J l~. \\ ' hat n1att<: r it ii <me IJt' ruo r and lu\\'ly- IHil'll o n :-:uch a day ancl in :-ouch a place a:' tlti~? Tlw \\' t•ary t11il<·r. tHI\\' pau~ing· under till' iurl.'lt tCl~ t ln'l' to :-:lraig-htl' ll nut hi :' tirl'd ktd,, lnok:-' a~rn:--:-: thl' gently li ~ pin g- rippk :-: ni tilt• ( >i:-'t' rin.T at hi :; il.'c l lu thl' nldi:t:-- hilltlt'd hr idg-t· IJl·yn tHI. \\' It er<' thl' ri,·l'r cun· ~.·~: o r up int o till' !-- hill l iiHTing ll' a \·e:-' ahtl\' t' hilll. :tJJcl think ~ that. n-it h all hi ~ a c hin g· tuil and the p ai n of p n \ erty. t h e r e i:' a (;od and that (;"d i: g-Dod . .\ncl IJl' hind all th i:; d reamy b eauty 1:-: a La,· kg-ruund of ta u ~kd , ·inl':-' and tn·t• trunk ~. th<.' h aunt:'. per-


hap:-:. of l'h t·~ . that u' night~ creep do\\'n t o t h e sleepy , ·illao-c tu ~tan !~ the pl·a:-:ants of ' h ant illy an d \\'hi:-:pc r in the ir ca r ::; <,f ~t rn 1 tge iairy ck:' ign:' f,H. their bu:-:y l acc-lnom~. This i ~ th e "'Cl·nc n t: ar l'ha n ti lh· .

GIRLHOOD. The College Girl. " The Cnllq:,!'l' (;irl !" T h e term h a . l o~l its ne,,· n ess. bul

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has it lt >:-' 1 it:-: charm. or h as she? Once thr r c w as a t i me " · h e n ihc r~ \\' t·re Jl(l cnllt·gc.· g irl s. \\ ' h at an aching , -o id there must h:t\·c bcl'll in thi:-' world nf o ur:; then. Truly this is a . in g nlarly hk::-:ed ct•n tttry . and let him wh o enjoys the society of c.,Jirg·t• g·ir l:; du ly apprt:ciate hi s h appy slate. \\. ho \\' Ottld ltke lc) im~<gi n t· "( >l d I lope" \\'ithout the g irl:; ? H_ pe p e r so nifi ed l :' a \\' • 111nn. Then: fn r c. the yo ung "ll o p r:; " s h ou ld prope rly !•c gi rl s. I :urry up. O ld I fop : g-i\·c u:-:. s me m o r e o llege ( i rl~ . \' n ttr r ank:.; look monnton o u~.

1 h;~ ,- · pnncll' r c d muc h u po n thi:-: "Co ll ege .irl' ' and it i~ 1·n !-lll:tll t a:;k to dt:scribc h er. Xt>\\' she is sobe r. nO\\' \\'ild. 1' ( I \ \. :-;:~ tl . II ()\\' h a J>J> )'. 11 0\\' :-' h (' i:-' cJt: \' e I'. a 11 cJ Jl (J \\' :; h C "fl t1 11 k, .'' \\ ' h a t a character (Jf extrl'll1C'~! Y et :; h e ha~ h e r tro ubles. t oo. .~ he

d oc:- h :ltl· to ~tu cly n-h e n th e re i ~ a bas k et-hall g am e . S he

d t><.•:-: kel had \\'hl'n s h e "llunk:-:."

~h e <I nc~ feel ~0 rry wh e n

~ h e doc:-: n ' t go t o c h ap~ !. Hut trn uhles a r c bubble: \\'hi c h :.- h o uld he hl o\\' 11 away . and thi ~ th e ··college \.ir l" learn · to dn. T.l'l h l' r la u g-h. laugh. lau g h a n- ay her care.- and h ea rt:tch c:-:. for a lau ~·h :-:a ,· e~ ma tn· a h art-ache.



nut ll't u: oh:-;c n ·c h e r more clo:;el .

Th ere is somct hin a in h er hc!' id c m ere lau g ht er. Surely a girl !"'ttbjcc t to the inAuL' n ce ~ ~ h e i:-; in college, fo r fnur. or pt:rhaps e ig ht yea r~ . cannot ia il t o han' a c h aract r \\'hich i ~ :-:.lron g-cr an I a life \\'hich i: rich ·rand ittlkr. than the g irl dcpri,·ed o f thi~ liic. \\' o rk \\·ell dnnc ca nn ot hut help t o make u s better and forms fo r u s a habit ni prec isio n and carcfulne~s whi c h clings f r li fe. There arc sn m l' \\'h o will n ot a nd ca nn ot sec t h e , -alue in a o-irJ ' co ll ege training-. and \\'h o in r eg-arding th e st udi es , he is pur:-: uin g ~cc littl in i t n-hi c h \Yill he f ath ·a ntage or practical u:; e fo r h er. hut they forget th a t it i:; afte r a ll n t Latin. (; r ec k. or mathematics . h e is st r i ,·ing a lo n e to attain . but the "




The Anchor


The Anchor

The Old-Fashioned Girl.

education and training which ~ uch a cuur~c an: •ltllpli~ht.·"'· Education i=-- tH1t nH: n : ly htJ(Ik - kn•n' kdgc. It g• •t.':-- d~: {' PL' t· tlt:1n the nH·re int~lk ·t. It rcachv~ tit~ lt~,.·; trt a11d tll:tl.:~..· =-- lJt tr Ji,·c~. The ·ollcge ;irl =-- ha:-- laid up fur h l.' r:--vli a w~_·alt h whit.:h cann()t equally be t•.xc h: tng-...:d ft•r anytlting· ,,j 'altJL' in C llri ~tcttclt>Jtl.

The inllucncc u f the many ntln·r l i\T~ \\tth \\hidt :--It~.· daily comes in co nta ct cannot iail lt > aid her. ' Jla.· , ·inut=-' c1i so m e c a n 11 o t h cl p b u t ~ I i Ill i 11 a tc t h c i au ll :' • 1i 1 t1 I h • r ~ . U t It 1..· r Ji,·es. as it were. rclk c t u ur;o; tn ;o;uml' ...:xtt·ttt. \\ c ~·~~·n kan t the thing-~ which arc appro n :d a nd tht• .... c "hich are di"'appro ,·cd. Th ·n, t oo. th e CuiiL·gt· (;irl'!-\ Iii<: i:' a IHt:--y. acti\l' c11H'. and in acti , . j ty there is he a It h. E.xcrci ~<. brings ;o;t rL·ngth. The g-irl wh use liie i~ an acti,·e o ne dPl'=" 1111t yit.: ld ~n r~· adily t•l temptation , first. ht·c:Ht :'t' h t· t· tintl' i=-- wt.·ll lilkcl in. and ~ ·condly, because th<.: w o rk ha:' madt· her s tr• lltgc r . Thl' ~ocial sick of a girl";-; culkgl' lii~..· i;-; nCil to lh· u \'L'rlookecl . .\ny girl ~eck;o; ~ympathy. It i;-; ht·r naturt·. I do th >l think there arc many girl~ wh•> w u u ld wi~h tt1 he i:-.<.Iated and alo ne. There is a ~ay ing, "That h e wh o It a~ a t lt uu~a nd friend s has n o t a friend t o ~ pare.'' and I think t hat girl:-; feel the truth o f thi s c;o;pccially . The girl wh > mi~:-.L' =-' 11r •wgkct=-thc :ocial ~ide o f college life mi ~;o;cs half of her a<h· a ntag-t·~ . Plca~ure and ,,. rk arc n o \\·h c r · ~o happ ily intt·rmingkd a=-- 111 a college girl"s liic. Li,·e o n t ht·m. () 'q JJe g · (;irl. fur truly you were b o rn under a happy star. Sing u n with o ur p oe t. \\'ho s an·r: "'Then why pau~c \\'ith in dcc i ~ i l tl, \\ 'hen brig-ht ang-d ~ in thy ,· j~ion Decko n th ee t o fields E ly s ian ?


:,:,, " . C•> nf~ ' '· d <:<.' p d <• \\·n in y n ur ht·art o f heart:-;. y o u Jo ,·e the u ld -fa~ h iP t h' cl girl. J l o w many tim es lnl\'t' we laughed at hl'r Iunny clothL·;o; ! I l o w o ft ' 11 ha,·e \\' (• been pn.H·oked at h e r pr~..· ~..· i ;-;~,.· i•k :t :-;! l !ut in ~pitc of it all. \\' l' Jo,·e h e r. \\ ' c rare ly li l l 'l' l he r tll l\\·a da.'·' · l1ttt wh e n we d o . ~he is s o delig-htfully n·f r<'~ h in ~ t lt ;~ t \\' L' nncu n :-=ci n u s ly wi~h \\'l' wer<.' m o re like h e r. I :-. ll!'l " "" <.' t ht· fir~t thing- t h a t <. c c ttr"' t o u~ wh e n \\' e thin!· ( ,[ " " • dd - ia::h i1111 vd ~i rl i:' h e r cl "t h c ~. Tht.·y arc funny! Th e y ''L· n · pn >L:tl .!y cut f r: nn tlt t· ~a m<.' pa tte rn t hat h e r g-randmot h e r tbc d. :--l ~t• ti-.. IJ :d h · \\T;•r:' ~Ta\· o r hl a ck- thinkin cr n·r ccn o r . ~ "'"" :-., n ·d far t•H• ;_!·;,y inr h~· r. l~ut. b~· iu r~,.· \\' l ' r e aliz~ it. we arc thin k i n~· ~~~ l()lt l :--n nH·thing 111 11re than h e r clo th e ;-;. . \nd t h e ~ : r:tng-e p :t r t , ,f it all i~ that her cloth e;-; ha,·e , ug:g-c~tccl it. Tl ta t " :- c• nh.· hi ;H!' . .. j.._ he r C() J11 lll <l ll S t' ll "'~' . In t'\·en· cktail d n \\' l' fi n d tlti ... t nt •. ~hl' 11L' \'l' r Wl'ar" any torluring-ly tight co lJ:;r:'. II ~· r " ;:i -..t tl ll':l "'ltrL.' pn>hably <.·x n·~·d s t \n.· nty-o ne inc h e~ . I ·U t \ \'1.' ll t tht a c k II O\ \ k dge t ha t h e r lin: a t hi ng i~ c rrect and \lt:lt ~I!~.· ll :t ~ a fuil ch c:-- t as a r e;o; ul t. I lt.•r shDt':" loo k rath e r l:! rge . a n d tltt.• h ·e )~ are uni J<.' Ct• m i ng-ly ln w . hut her g-ait ne\·c r :- tlg';_!"L':O: t"' t h e n~· <.· d nf a c hir, p c~ di::t. Tl w n ht..' r m a n JH.:r"'-". h n h :l:' n o t e tt ,·ic d her? She i: c1 ig l'ifi~..· cl . ln lt nett :u al l prttd i:'h. ~· hL· is q ui t' l a nd una:';o;uming-. ll c r qua int "\' ~,.• .... ;-; ir" and " :\•). ma ' a m" arc r e fr e shing. and lll:1kt· n ur ~l h rt 1 )>1 "\'e~ .. a nd ":'\u " ~u und r a th<.·r h o ld and 1 d [~· JJ,i\· e occt:-- icm a lh·. ~






o ur c.lcl -fa s hi t)Jlt' d g-irl h:1;-; nne quality which makes 11~ all Ju,·c hl'L It i~ her mPth e rlin (':s. \\ ' hat a blc~:'i ng she i:' to lll tH'"'n nw :t nd 11 , , m c -~ick r o ll q ..!·~..· girls! Dn we half apprceiatc thCI:'<.' :--acri licing nets CJf her:'? True. ~he think;-; she is c!Pin~ tH thing a t all when . h e lt>"'l'S h e r rest t o nur~c so me :-.ick iriend : wh ~ n ~h e "'Pe•HI:' h e r time ancl en e rgy straig-htening- n ut a mi"'...:rabk pro blem. o r when she makes a cup o f c h11C11latt.· fo r :-:• 1111 • t i reel s o ul.


ather, then, at h fl o wer that gr >w s. \\'hen the y o ung heart ,·crllo\\'s, To embalm the tent f sn ws.

Y e~. :he i;-; a hlc;o;;-;ing-. .\fcl h o w much g-ood we all c o uld d > ii \\' \.! \\'ere j u ~t a \\'eC hil l,ke til t• nld-fashionecl crirl!

Bea r thr u g h . o rro w, wro ng, and ruth. In thy h ea rt the dew o f yo uth, On thy lips the s mile o f y o uth.''

The Outdoor GirL )utdt H r (~irl is merely :1. mild e r name f 1r what u sed tn he dc c ri~..· d and ~c< • fl'ed at as t ltl' :\cw \\ 'oman. he ha 'The

-S ) lH )S L . '09.



The Ancho •·

come tl' :-;tay. ~he ha:-; itntncl e•ut that a hackiH•:trd ·utd .... kil l ttl ll "dk\\·o rk d\l ll Pt in thl'lll'L' Jn:~ Cllll'lltllll' tlt1.• JH.' ril' L'I \\'uman. ~o :-:he has :-.L·n:-.ihly ca:-.t tilt· hack h":trd le~ tht· " ''"ulpllc and g-un..: tllltdoors to ln·ca tlte ire:-.1! air \\ itlt tlttcratnpnl Jun~·s :1nd cntttpetc with ht·r hrtJthvrs 1111 the alltktir lield. This dues nnl tncan that :--lw ha s J,et'tltllc a \\ ild·. utllamablc . \ mazon. '' lt1) clcligltts to )lt':-.tridt· the lnt d,ing· hrl•l1chu and n~\\·ig-ate thc pathlc:--s prairil·. :\11t i11 tltl.' ka . . . t. ~ltv 111a.' get to that stagL· in c'•ttr:'c ni titue. i11r pet~pk arL· pr .. nc t ., t·xplore ,,,nit cxtrem ·s 11i all thing:-. i>L· i,n't' tht·y c a n l1L' t'IJJt ll'lll \\ith the pro:a ic 111iddlc grout:d "i uncc•nttn11tt --t·t t--t·. \\'n mL'n arc making rapid pn1;._:Te:--s in ci,ili z ati , •tt. Tht~ 111 a y e ' ·c 11 I> •c n me a ::; e nl i g h t e 11 ~.· d a:-. t h c ' 't h . . · r :--L' .\. i 11 t 111 H: . l1 1 sumc places they arc ~l:-.:--L· rting- their righ t lt> lt"'l' \1 1han··, in p \.1 b I ic pIa c c s. I t is ll nl t h l' n ll t d n t 1r g i r I:' \\ he • d' ' t h _i. . . : 1 h ,_.: htt\' mqr~_· sense . It is the sucit·ty machine:--. '' hu a rt· dri,·v n to death fnr sPtlll'thing- n c \\· and ,,rig-ina\ tll dn. The true o utdw>r girl i::; a ,·cry rati una l J,l'ittJ-!. ~hl.· n·c l l g 111 z c ~ t It c i a c t t h ;1 t t h c unl i Ill i l1.' d q u a 11 t i 1 il' :-. u f in·:-- h a 1r . pure watc 1·, and :-;unlig-ht. \\'l're prc,,·itkd fnr u :-.L· . attd 11111 nH.:re h · to cle<.:41ratc the uni\' L'r sc . . \girl 11i thi-... typl.' is apt to h<l\·e ,·cry dcci(kd npininn:-; 0 11 the s11hjt·ct tli ,· ~.·ntilatinn. ~an i tation. etc. It i:-; to be expected that pt•opk will call It er a crank. She habitually :-;it:-- hy an o pen \\'indt~\\'. l'e<•pk less ntg-geclly constituted nhjert. ~he ol>jl'ctS to thl' ohjecti 11~: she knows what is gnnd fur her and l hink s n t11U:-'t be good for th c r people. if they nnly knc\\' it. I ~ c i n g a I \\'a y s \\' c II. s h e i s a F l to I> L'l i e n .· 111 ·11 r i =' t i a n Clt:11Ce. II c r mode o f I i i c ex p a 11 cl s h c r 111 e 111 a I c h est a 11 d :-; q u a rt' "' her mental should rs, just as it impro,·cs her phy:-,iral health. The \\'ind~ so< 11 clear the cob\\'ehs out of her brain. and shL· looks the \\'oriel squarely in the face and think ~ :'traig-htfnr\\'anlly. and to the p o int. Sh · is apt to talk as she thinks . and p eople st H l lear n t call h er hlunl. ~he dol'S ,·cry I itt I · that is not t o a purpose.

It is n ot necessa ry fnr her to make a huge fuss alH


her rig-hts. and pcrpctnally cry for suffrag-e. ~he knn\\':' \\'hat her rig-ht~ arc ancl exercises them. \\'ith ut a:'king any questi on· of anybody. It is h ers to cc mmand and mak<..· other'


The Anchor

• .J>~.·y. \\'hid t

25 th~·y arL· usually glad tu d e) , iu r alutt~ \\· ith her

physi~al hl.'altlt sh~.· has l c·u1 unconsciously dl!vcloping per-

·•'llal t:t a ;._!J~l · ti :-11 1. \ IH·:tl1hy hudy \\'ith a big· Sl)lll and a -. trnng \\ill iii it j . . . :111 itkal i<~ t·t,.ry iur p~r:;t·•n;l mag-ne.tism. fn :--lli•rl. Jt, tnt· t• tttd• :nr g-irl i:-- tll'.> rc lik ~ a n ·'-·cllc than ilt:ythittg· l·l.:-~.· in llt~.· ,.,, ·rid. :'It'--' ha:-. th'--' phy~kal and mental .. t.rt·n;,.!th ,,j . . . , ,.'- !, t !t ~· . . . l r;tig-lnft,n\·ardnc:'s burn u i tit~.· courage · ·I lt~.T L'llll\' il.:i iPth. :uul hc.·r intt·lkct i::; bright anti k ee n :-ts till' l! l' l.: dl~.· p• •int it:-\..·li. S hc ean he as usl.'ful as the n c L·d lt:. • h e : ... \\· h:tt ...;Jtl· :-h u ulcl lh·.



t h e :\I >~krator Topics) . :\li:s




:. Krell.

fli:--l lJ r.' prc . ~t:nts the n oted Catherine II. o f Ru s ia. the I' a I riot ic 1'.1 i/a bt·t h and the pu rt:-hcart <..' d \'ict uria o f Eng-land. a~ powt: rful t•x:unplc:; teaching- rcgpcctively the necessity oi ~.:xe cuti,· ~.· ion: ~..·. of entire dc,·otio n to nati o nal \\'elfarc, and of t:oble cundut· t. \\'hen \\'Oman \\' L•ar:-. the crown of highest :tUth u rit , .. Efl'ccti,·~.· JlJjccl lc.:':'Oll~ in lo,·ing- sy mpathy and needed as:' i~tanCL' fo r men who ufTcr llh:ir li\·es that nations may sur' ive, ha,·t• heL'Il g-iven by Fle)rcncc :\ightingale and Clara Barto n . :'\atiunal purity and indi ,·idual restraint h ave been emp hasizc.:d lJy Frances \\'illard. Careful analysi!-, uf cha ra cter iormation, clear exposition ,,f the iniquity of opprc ~ion . and beautiiul portrayal of the a_ff.cct ions, hav e exerted wide inHucnce as presented by Georg~.· l·.hot ( :\1. Evans), Harriet Beec her Stowe. and Elizabeth Darrl.'t t Browning-. Amid national conflict, when faith waned as ,·; ro ng <:c.:m cl alm os t triumphant. Julia \Yard llowe enabled dt•sp<m clcnt patriots t o s<:c th at "Gud is marching on.'' fndin: ctl~ tltc. L' " ·nmcn and others less famous h ave aided in the advancement of humanity. In a less individual manner 1)ur atten tio n may be called to the educational forces mon· t>fte n con ~ide rcd in system izcd fo rm than when appearing in ~u \·e rnment, literature, and song. In an address at the N. E./\. in 1905. Pre ident Roosevelt ->aid, ..The mo t cltar:tctcrist ic \\'ork o i the Republic i=i that


The Ancho r

don hy the teacher. Fir~t. 111 ;unalg;tn:atin;..! in t o n tH' h umo •re ncn us bod y natin: and fo reign childn.· n .- lll :t king l ' nitcc l ~tate: citizen~. ~eco nd . in g-i,· ing- an idt.:al c1 i dc.:,·c, ti.m tn w o r k fu r wo rk·~ sake.- a tum - matl'riali ~ ti c ideal. ~ o llh: thin gs ar~· better than wealth.,. IIi ~ first statement is unques tioned . Th e ab ility nf thi:fH.' pi . t<) untly s many differe nt natiunaliti\·:- . ;.l llfl tl11ts cattS\.' the cn: r- i m:rc..· :! ~i n~ 11 um her of i Ill Ill i~ rant :-. h' p nc k t h c..·nt:-.e h ·c ... il jHi ll t h t·ir llC\Yiy-g-ainecl c iti z en~hiJ.l. is la~~~·ly i~ n n t ahs o lukh· clq H.:ndc nt up o n kn u wlcdge gatned, <~J>IIl l lllh ltll'lllc..·d. a n d ,en s~· of c..•quality dc..•ycJnpcd in the comnH)Jl :-dt••<d. whc..•r ·each ·hild i: muul cll-d hy the <knwcratic and p~ttri. ,ti c: inlluc..•ncc..·'~·llaraclt'ristic o f uur educational w u rk .

The Anchor


q f trad e :-:ch ools; ·second, ton great a p e r c t.ntag- o f \\'oma n teacher.. I Jad they f rg-o tten that ,,·omcn arc s aid t o co ns t itut c a majority o f th e instru cto rs in the puhl ic c h t)ols oi t heir \\' 11 pro ud 1:\nd? i\ot co nte nt \\'ith the fir~t exam; nati n o f ou r m ct h ocl ~ of in st rn ction . a .:=-ec nd :\I )~e ly commiss io n is Jwn.· fo r th e sa me purpose. Five h undred Engli~h. :-1cotc h. an cl Tri ~ h teachers. in clud ing- colleg-e prof cssors and t achers in . ccondarv and clt'mentarv !-.Chools-. are sc rutiniz tng o ur school syst ·m fro m th e kin de rg-arten t o th e uni,:c r' ity. and w e eag-erly a\\'ait the sec md o ffi c ial jtalg-m c nt. J

Thl! pn•s idcnt's second st atement that. "The..· t c..·achv r g-i~· \.·:­ :tn idc..·al of dc..·,·ot illll t o w o rk for work's ~akc..· .-:t "' lll -llla ~ . ten.a li:-.tic id ~ al," is true of all who remai11 long in th e \\ ll rk . I Ill· t'CC\.' llt ·ar 11 c..· gic g-ift o f ~10.000. oo "to pr• n·ic k pt.' ll:-'it~ns f., r pr fc:-;~or~ in uniYer: ilics. cnllcgcs, an<ltcchttcl! c,~i.c~tl ~c huul~ . \\·ithnnt n :g-ard tc t racc..·. :-;e:x. o r ' re e d."' is a rcc· ·~ llttt n n c1f tillideal n f dc..·,·otion tu \\·o rk. .\larylancl. Uhi11. and \:l'w Jersl.·~ 111 ak c a s imilar ackn >wkd~ntc..· nt hy pnn· iditJ ~ lpen:-iun~ pai cl J 1y the ~tat{'. R<.·cl'ntly ~·Hil l.' of' ttr larg-c.: r uni n: r~itic..·s. - 1 lar,.~1nJ. Prin ·'-·tnn, Yak. l 'n rtlt·ll, the l'ni,·e' o i Califnrni :t . ~! tHI the J{and ,lph - ~lac"n \\'oman':-; (lll<:g't'. utH kr , ·arinu , • 1 n tcliticms, ha,·e g-ranted rdiring; all o watH' t·' tel pr•,it·:-s•lr ..... \w•tht: r fqrm 11f appreciati11n is :-:hnwn in tit\.· ~ .t hha tical =--.' .., _ t\.' tll. ,,·Itic h grant~ a prnk:-::-;or ll'a,·t· nf al'''-' ll t'l' •1 11\.' year in -..e \'t.' l!. and u s u:tlly ntJ hali pay.




fn sc.:<.· kin~ t o c..· s timatc the , ·a luc u i th (' tt• :tdt~r· ... \\ork. 11' ' :d>solutc s tanclard ma,· he u s ed. ·c,·cral Yl' <H:-' a~n ~upt. ( ;"' ,.. ,,j lknYc r· sch no ls ~aid. "The teacher's wc 1rk cannclt h e t\.':- t \.·cl 1)\· immediate res ult s. Th .... mlY p o~s ibk intl·lli;.!t'tll mcasttr,· dj· the..· quality oi a teac.:hcr's \\'<.;rk is- the cklib<: ratl' j ud ~~JH·nt .,fan intc..·llig-c nt ;u luh . twenty y e ars aftc..r ka,· in~ ~c h cHll.


Thl! total kaching- in r ce in l'nitcd . tales nu m b e rs -+S<J.727, and o f thi s number \\'11111111 C')ll:"lit ut cs sc·;c n ty-fi ,·c per cent. This prepo nderan ce c~ w o men in the pr ,fc;-,sion is th\.· l,asis o f the ~lo sl· ly commission cr iti c is m t o the effect that t he intell ec tual and Ill Jral fa c ulti~.·s (,[ hoy ~ ag s tud e nt s n t' ed a g-rcat...:r ·forct', clcri,·ed fr11 m the inOu c nce o f men a ..- in stntctn r!-'. Th<.' \'aluc o f thi s s tatem e nt will pr,)hahly h ' a s ubjc..:cl ..o r indi,·idual ju<l!.!'lll~nt h a...:c d up on u h :-;t' n ·ati·•n a nc.l cxperic..· n c c..·. P n~:-:i hh· the H riti:'h ,· i:.: i tnr~ wn uld It , ,.e h t•..· n mtor~o.· i a n l r a I> Iy i m p r c ~' c..· d. had t h l' i r ' · i , i t nrc 11 r r r d t w L' n t y ': e :t r. :tg-<), when f<,rty- thn·t· per cent 11i all te :tcht·r .... t h;.·n in thi' co untn· wen.· llH' tl . };,- ia r the.. hr·....··\.·r nstmlh·r 11 :' ·xcP ! 't:li teac h e r~ are i(lllll d in primary and ''-'l'•l:J dary :--ch'"'i:.: . ~ c·t ;n u ur (>07 hi;..!'lH'r institttti c.ub n f learniJ!g' h:t\·ing- ~t 1\lt:tl ~·-·:~ ..:hi n git rc~ c i 2t$_(), \\' Cil11 t ' n con~t itut c tWl' !tty Jlt·r \·, ·nt ln TR ~J ;-, lati :; tic ~ g-a,·l' two hundred fiity -..; i:x \\' O liH: n : l ' r u:.mty ed ucat ional offi c ials. c.•. i ghkt.' ll :~:-.c i ty ... up ~ r i nt 'tHi c· nt::. and tw o a:-> tatc :-;ttpl'rinH'tHknt :-.. Prc )h:tb h · th,· t wo ~ talc:' thu s h o n o r ' ll;.!' \\'lllltcn. thcn a s ntn\ ",.: n : I clahP and -nlorado. ~lor'-·

than :;o uer cen t ui all c1ttr \V OlllC' ll graduates enter t he..· t ·a c hing- prufc..·:-s it ttl. T IH: ir a\·crag(' length of :-;c..• n · icc i.:11 . 1 \·cars: the..· a\·l'rage kn g th uf s-c..•n ·icc g-i,·c.•. n h y lll<'ll is 1-J../ ,·c. · ar~. in c inn a t i ltas the..· highest averagl! se n · i...:e, t o.~ year.- . ·· i" llct\\'t•cl I)\· l~tt s tl)n·~ a\·cragc o i I ;).J year:-> . . \ s an i nchtc~llll'll l t• • l'l'lll;t in in the..· prufc~~.. io n \\'t.: 111ay nute that th (' ;Hl\·ancemo.:nt in higher c du c.:ati o n o pen:; annually n <:a rly n nl' t hou .·and new placc..·s f<lr te ac hers o f eith ·r :-;ex whu ma y be promotl'd ir11111 ''-'l'o ttdary :o;clh'•'l.:-;, if pro p <:rly qu:tlifi'-·<l. Th :: i:t ct t hat \', 11111 <. 11 ar~ Cllt('ring· thi :-; JH·nfl·:-'-. i• •ll in c..; . ,n~tan t ly inrrl·a.:i11g· tl tt tnb er" i ~ b11t a p a r tial iudit·a ti utl ,. , ll -: ~ :.!'~'''' -.-

That tlw educational wnrk in the L' nitt:cl Stall·:- , .... r\.· all.' tllllC\\'t>rth,·. nntwithstan(\in~ acJ,·c..•r sc crit ic i:- tn. i:-- :--h•IWll 1>.' J·: nglarHI' s - clc s in· tn :-' tttcly ~ l\lr ~chc ~t ll ' : ' l\·111. Tlt\.· .\l,, .... d.' t'Olll tni~ s intl ll j nr itish h .'aCIJt.•r :-; wh it·h \ j~i t\.· t\ I I ' tftru• .\t.' : ll· .., :q.~·CI, fcluncltn:.~ny ··:xct•lktn f\.·atun·~ itt •tttr -..dt , ud-.. . hut ll lltt·d twn t hin g' \\'hi:·h : hc.·\· rq~·artkd ;p.. cki Tl': lir ... l. t ill· ah-..c.•tJ c•·




The Anchor

ing- !-pirit p j :-~· Jf - n: l i anc..· c..· manifc~te I h) the.· ~.noo . c l(>o , ,f ,,. clln~· tt cti thi~ C..'IHllltry \\'hO l'\llllJl · t<: \\'ith fi\ l' tillll..';-' thc.: ir 11\llll)W !' "f l l l t' ll :l:-' \\'a~c..· .:arnc: r:-.. : ~nd \\'hn an· qttic..·k tn t' llh' r ;1\' l'll\h .. atY.,rdi ng 11\llfl' ,,r lc..' ~:-' inckpenclc.•nce . .\l t •rc..· iully than atl) clthl..'r fl:ltic>fl \\' L' :11'1..' l'lltrtt:-'tillg' thL' c..·dttC:ltiull \ lj tl\11' intttn· citizc..' tb tn w••ml..'n: hut tlw~· art· c•nly tilling- th e.· pl:tn· .... ahan dnnc.·d l>y 1111..'11. tr1 ·. dlolll cnmnH:rc..-ial and prc\ic..':-':-'iunal intc. rc..•:-.t . . . ,.ff<:r lllllfc..· pvrmatwnt. c..·.,ngcn i:tl and tTlltttnc..·rati\·c: c..·tttpl".'-


Hepe Celleie, Helland, Micla

lllC..' ll l.

That any tc.·achc..·r c1r g-n up c\i tc..a c lh.: r" l':tn he.· iniallihl~ \\'1:-'c..·. C:lll c..·xc.·rt :tli ck:-.irc.·d intlt\l·nc.:t: ct\' c..·t· irllJH't•:-:-.iclllabhyclllth. is a nHuliil':-'t illl)HI:-':--ihility . The g-rc..·:t tc..·r df'nrt and final hurdc..·n 11f n•,..;p, •n:-'ihility 111\1:--t rc:,..;t \\' ith l lh· iwli,· idna. The :-'lPr_, . ni hm nan ach·ancc..·n tt·nt " ·ill t' \'t·r prt·-.,•nt )H: r:-'ttn:tl i:lilnn: and :'tH.'l't.':-'"'. ;tn,·cmtpanit·cl hy g-rit·i u r .i ~~~ . lllcHl ili c..·cl J,_ , tlw intlttt'tll'<· , ,f aCl' tlln ttlatc.·d r:tl't: l' Xpc.·ril·lln·. and tht· :tcticllt .. r tlw akrt mi11d '' h iclt .... c..· izt· ...... r tn :tkc..- .... " JIJHII"tllni t _,..



l':·lltor- !n- Cb h;t l .•te:ll 1-~it.clN \ .H ist.aot Edi to:-s 'itwiety t : dtwr \. !umni T•Ali tor

Ellzabetb L . G r·o t.em a L H dt•'lt' Keppel , .Jas. D)·kcma W .\ :u.c.l \\" lcberR. A. 0. 8 ch-.tcr - ~Iiltoo J. Hoi'!'Loao - .ruho J. Vander ~cht.Wf H •rmaa ReoAker-:~ H enry A. Vr-uwiok Teuu l s E. Gouwena Frank K. Wyola

lt:xt"hanae t-:cll t.or ' t hlt Editor

.,.,b.Jcrip t.ino :'d::ina::c r liusiocNs Manager .~~ i> ot UuRln0sA ~a na~•; r

Vic1.0r w. Blekkiok ,_.I N<l I . I'C Co Pli!:JII' I() CII:~IJ

Add ro ~all communlc u t io oot t o Top; .4. s c n u &. Hnpe Collo.-rc. Rolland. Mlcbl~llD . l•'or AdYertL in.r H :t W-4 :tP llly t o B u N i D~!o\l't M~&noa trt>r . l!:c~rec-l

a t \he Po:tl. OOk1·


H ollaoll. Mlcbhruo. as s Poond-clnss mBll

EDITORIAL. Jay a~ide our c:di t, q·i;tl pen 3.11d turn on~ r our w rk to the new editorial ·tarr \\'ho arc a! n.·ady at work on th~ April issue. \ V c ha \'C t ricd , luring- the past year to gi\·e our readers the bes t college paper v hich it was in our power to publish. \Vhether we haY<.· h<:t'n suc~cssfu l o r not, we lea\·c it to the read er to judg\.'. \Vc..· have r ecei\'cd the usual amount of criticism. both fa\·orablc: :1nd othenvise. \\'hen this was given in the spirit of helpful kindnc ·, we tried to p r ofit by it. \Vheu it wa given with a spirit showing a mere desire to '·knock·' and not t n hd p . we tried to bear it patiently and still look happy. \V e want to thank all who ha\·e helped u s . bo th w it lt tio ns and material. Dusy a s the best writ ers o n tht· '-·ampus arc, they have never been too bu. y to ht:lp u ~ o u t ,.,-hen in need . The staff. especially, have · hown th\.· mo. 1 c..·o urtcous and hclpful kindness a lway · in doing all they co uld to make our w o r k. a s l' dito r. a ~ ucecss. \ V c want al:-'n tc• mention the kino treatment received from ur printers , th{" \\' i 1h this number o f the Anchor,




The Anchor ·

The Ancho,..


t·cn<krcd. which !-'huwcd con~idcrabk tal nt u11 the p t rt r• J the mt•mhcrs. :\ ftc r thi!' a w 11-preparcd lllt'lltt \\·a: sern.·<.l. The hall was \·cry allracti \· ly dec o r.\tcd with pcnnant~ aml t he :\lcliphone C()ln r ;o; . . \ftcr the banquet a tla :-:h lig-ht pictur~..· 1 'f th e cnmpany wa~ tak e n, and ~oon t h e fiity-l ir:-;t an nu :tl ban q u et was only a pleasant memory.

Holland City Kcws C mpany. wh o ha\.'e aide d u s 111 nutn' \'\ay: · ·~ide rr0 11 ' th e Jll Cr{' wnrk o f printin g-. \Ve regret that the . tate Contes t c o m es a few cl:lys t on late to he written up in thi s i ~s tH.'. \\' e s ho ul cl ha ve lik ed t <• ha,·c g-i,·c n our r ead e rs g-limpse:-; n f this g-reat CYc nt. hut ui nccec;;~it v ,,.c mu s t lea ,·c it fn r n e xt 111 o nth. The present numb e r, we promi ed, was t o h e a Girb ' ~um be r. It has b ee n sug-~c~tt:d that w e c han g ~ th e n ame t •• the •· .rippe Number.'' 'Thi:-; mi g-ht h e an impnl\·cmcnt. for ,>wing- to the great am o unt of sickness. <luc to o ur friend, th • Bacillus JnAucnzae, it ha s hct•n ,·cry diffi c ult tn g-et o ut t hi:-number at all. Howe\'Cr, w e have dnnc what we co uld d·, nnder th e circumst<UlCC=-'. and \\'hn w o uld a!'k mnn.' l f I l op~.· l'O-cds?

Y . M . C. A . The Yuung- M e n's C hris tian :\ sso ciation hq~· ins a n t \\ year o f actiYity next t e rm with th e f lin" ing- Il l'\\' nfficc r~ :

---------- - ----


... SOROSIS VS. 1'~1INERV A. Score- I 1 to 10. n Thursday c \·c ning, February 20th, was played ne ,j the m os t hotly co nt e · t ed ganH.·s o f the season. The ~oro. itc~ had a cce pt e d a c hall nge of bask r-b:tll fro m the ~I in cn·i te :-a nd both s ick s w e re o ut to win. It was a fi g ht from start tl •

Pre ·i<lent-John .\. Dykstra. Vice-Prc~idcnt-:\1 ilt o n I Inffman . ~ccretary-:\ . Tc Paske. Trca~ttrc r-\ ' ict o r UJ c kk ink .


lini ·h and hot h sides arc t o be congratul a ted fo r th e ir g-oud wo rk. The fir!'t h a lf, the ' o r o sis o irb w e r e a ln:ad. Thi:-;. h o w c n~ r, did n u t sa ,·e them fro m a ny wo rk in the :o;econd bali. Th e ;'\) inervas were th<:rc cn.! ry minute, and at o ne t im e b ro ught th e scor e o ne r t\\'C' p u ints \'C: r th e ~u rusis' s con..- . It scc.:md r a ther doubtful flu· a time as to which =--irk \\'ottld w in . and th e ~orosi. finally w un hy one p o in t. Tht· iact that the score was not large r is du e to th e exceeding-ly line ,,.l)rk l)f the ).lin c n ·a g uards. The lineup io r the teams is as inil(•\\ -. : So ri)SJ~-Fo rward s . r>cli:t 0:':-'e\\'arde and ({n th . ·hl'parcl: ·ente r, Anna Bo::;s: gnanl;; , .\lycla D e Prcc and Des:-. i~..· \ \ ' iersma.

Thl' Cn:-:mnpnlitan ~ocicty and their g irl irit·IHI :-; c njny vd :t '"-' lig-htful cn' ning- nf c nt c rtainnwnt nn F~..· hruary 2 1. J• )O!'

.\it ('r a prog-ram. brimful nf j"kcs. clcYc r !--pl'l't'h l' ~. and ~ \\'l'l' l llltl !'i c. a hatl<flll't \\·a:-; ~c n· ccl. IH Je~~ pka~ing· t n th ose \\'II• • were pn·:.:l' nt. .\11 tht· .g u est~. " ·h n were h cull •rt•cl ln· . in,· ita tinn:-:. agn:c that th e ('n:o; m opolit a n ~ocicn· J..:nn\\ :-; ll n"· t" l' llt(.'rtain their irit·nd..: \\'it h all th::t t I!' h :q>t>.' and ~..· n j,y;t Hil in t h ~..· " ·a.\· " j an :~11 - rtHIIH I ~Hid time.

THE MELIPHONE BANQUET. T\1\::--da,· .,.._.11ing . 1-'l·hruan· 21. the tllt·nda·r:-- , ,j tlH· \kllphot)(.' s fll..'icty. \\ ith tltl·ir girl fril..·lld'. :l'!--l':ll hkd in tltl· i t' !t al l 111 lTkhrat (.' th~..· ir a n 11u:d h:!tlljlll'l. \ ;..!'' "'d Jll'"l-!'~':lllt " ;, ...

M inen·a-Fo rwards, Hatti Hicks nand :\li~~ \\'c urding : c enter, C lara ll o llcman : guards. l.u c rctia .arlil'hl an<l E,· ~..· lyn

< ln

<) 1t man;-;.


The Anchor

The Ancho•·


ll(lw tiH: y all impn.:~~cd h er-Brush and ~~ i:':-; 1.. : n·ll. YntcJila and :\ykcrk , 'utph 11 and H.aa p. Fqr, ii I began. I could nc\·e r =-'t p.

SAMANTHA AT HOPE CO LLEGE. 'Twas ~ ix \\'ecks up to the , ·cry day Since Samantha ..\lien h:t d been aw~ty, \Vhen before the fire one e\·cni_ng . he sat, Her f ct on the t o \·c. her chair on a mat , i\1 ending- J osiah's, her husha nd 's, clothes, :\nd darning the g-aps in that o ld man's h n . . . l

Then. after chapel. s he entered eac h room. . \ nd th e re many ~cencs did bd >rc her loom. l~ru=--h sco ld e d his classes for comi ng late. Prof. Yntcma of " t. john· uft did relate. l'r11i. :\ykcrk much f !\lachcth would talk . . \nd =-- he saw him the "light fanta · tic trip" walk.

.\ st range Ill'\\' idea th e n . truck her h ·ad . .\ nct a 11 t hon gh t s o f <Ia rn i ng- quck 1y Ill-d. :-:;amantha had tra\·clkcl much in h e r da) . ~~en much of th e w 0 rld ( ' l ) authors say). (fad spent a whok yc:ar (tn the OC' t'an· ~ :-;and .... fJad e n jt~yed Jnany mnnth" Clll unkn 1) \\'tl "rr:t~t.f ...

l'\·c ning to dinner s h e went at the D rm . : \\' it h pkasu rc ~ h e a tc, l•ut she f ·I l fo rlorn. . \ nd al the 1ug-h ~I am a (~. w as kind as cott ld b~. :--;;: mantha did n H icc) exactly irce. l ~ u t. ncn.!rthcl s~· . though s he acted q u cer, Those m ode l st ud e nt · nc,·cr did ~ nc e r. .\ t

T, ?\ . ,,. Yr.•rk Cit,. h :t d purcha~t·d r~n1nd i; t r l·. f I ad taken a rick in a "mcrr: go s qu ~H t·. f:ut nn\\' ~onH.· thin~ 111n el an d r<':tlly TH' \ \ I lad •.•fH:n d i t"-t'lf tn ~am :u nha·~ ,. it·w . Thi=-- g reat i,J ca w.b ~c .;n.: l..'rnin~ kn< \vh-d ;..:·c :--he'd t:!kl: a trip tn old I lnpt· Cc,llcg~.· ! ~<, c.' Th: Jll(lrllill ~ at l·ight in hl'r ~uncby ;.!• ' ' ' 11. ~he arri\·l·cl at <.'h :1 pt La n d !--;tt lwr::--df c!o\\ 1 1 Hi ~ ht Ih'ar th~: prqJe ~ :--or .... in tht: front n• ,, . Th a t tnorning- in JJ u to r J..:c Jikn 's :-; pc(· ~.· h Thi=-- tt:'L'ittl l<::-'!-.1.>Jl lh: :--t rrwc.: t o t each : "Ent;tn;.:ling- alliann·!-r de, lltJI makt:. :\. •r uath:-; qj allq~ianc ...- :-.h•Htld yuu ta k ..·. l· ur the· l HJ_\"~ :111d g-i rl " who l'IHTrt In n dk;..:\· ~h''"' --i~r~--o ,,j lad.-in;..: a ;..!rl' :tt clt·alni kn • •\\ kd~~.· ..

~he nc,·cr had worried so in her life.

. \ ncl in h er excitement s h e dro ppl'd h er knife. ll cr fork quickly f Jl o w e d h e r si h ·e r spoon . . \ nd some of her soup followed that rig-ht soon . . \ t Ia · t of her eating- ut en:il=-' hen· ft. She fo und her elf with but a sa lad fork left Tn stir h e r coffee and eat her mince pic. .\nd, quite w o rn ut, s h e aro~e with a ~i g-h .

( Ji '-'' •llr~·· :c c•,Jkgt· t! .at ll ' l 'd Sitch rult·. T,, :-:;:unatlth :.· .., Jlli11d . . . nrpa !'>:-; ~,·d all scf\,,11'. ( >i l'n ,ic:·::--~nr l~ t·ar.J . . . ItT ... Jll' l'llllldn't wt'!l :--:•.'. ~-'••r h · !--t'\'lllt · d qui tl· . . . trang-t· II J lu:r th .tt 'b.'. Hut hi ~ til· ca p ti,·:tll.'d ltl· r \\t >TH it-ring- v~l . . . . : \nd tlti:-. \\':t-., ,iu" t uth · , ,j hi ~ hundn ·d ... t l\' lt tiv-. .

t" '''lt l'c t~tld

I r i~htly ! t· ll

after all'cl dined and scattered aro und . Samantha with introduc t ion~ was drowned. She couldn't keep faces or name5 apart .\nd always said "\.ruuink'' wh e n s he meant .. J>ikaarl. .. . \ nd then (b ut this I"d better not ~ay) \\ ' hen ~ h e meant ' '\ \ ynant" s h e said ··De Pree." TfH! Il,

\\' h e n the cl ck on the mantle st ru ck se \'en. h ali-pa:-t. \\' ith amazement she =--aw all va ni ~ h so fast That . he turned in dismay to good r..1ama G.. \ \ ' ho explained. ":\ rttlc of Hope Counci l. you St'{' . .\;-; tired, but happy. she pinned o n h e r shawl. She sa id. taking leave o f the Dorm and its hall. "0 f alI places I \ ·e \'isited . H pe is the best. :\ow h ome to J os iah. my mending-. and rest!"

Till· ~a~ I)Jlt' ..,Ill' ~;t/.t'd at thi:-. llh' tnc•rahk llt••l'lt \•\ ' :1:-. tht: 1\\<.' llt\·- tifth lw'd th:u \\· n · k , ·,.n t. :\ " " · tH ' \ t ' r


... •

The Anchor

The Ancho ·



SnufT! :nufT! \\ ' hal is the stufT! . \h -sh c m! .\h -shn,,· !

:\h -shuff >!·

I )a ,·il··s i k:tl nf \\"Umanhoo cl! It is truly to uching in o ne so young! Ike ( in (;r311<l f~a pids ) : " 'That ~ o ldi e r~· 1 t n mc ' s a pre tt~ 1\.· ,.: ' l it pl :a·l· ic• r a Jll:lll and hi. \\·if t o end thei r clay tn . .\1 i • -"l!ug-h! :'\ut ior min(.· ! \ "orh (•cs and \'an \"IL·ck r ~· had ent ntg-h . ··

Srt~ILES .


ll atl t11 thl.' ~t.· nior~' "Hail! llail ! llail!" ~nnt>z~ !"

nsed t n -;a' In J..:l<:iny's r oom. a ll throu~h tht.• day : nut 11 0 \\' if \'till :-: hnnld JWtl !"t'. upn n th~· l11·n· / ~·

"StHH lZL'!



Y' nt tna -,. Ilea r



\t ll "l 't.' l'tllkgc: Tht.· thing· mo~t The thing- ntt '='' Tilt· thin :--o· Ill 1:-'t Till· thi ng 11111-.:t


al1 -v111 hr a ·i n!.!' .

:'ll t.' t.'Z t '


lt:ttl'd ! st icl-;ing- ~ fatt.•<l! c:ttchi ug ~

"La (;rippl· !" "I )"n· ='

n·:t d t 111 111c , .. _ ., 1 . " ~ tt.·p 1 111 hi-: tail- he'll bite! ·ru s h hi-: h ea d wit h your h t.T l- lh: 'l! 111•t l i~ht." - · H > t

Th l' ,. mark\.·d him third. .\nd "n h · a few <kmtHTl·<l. , l ie \\' t.'llt int,, it i11r iun. l~\l t '"l lan nil·" 'llft.' had "' 'n ." - J,·Il n i ..:. Yandl·r ~ c haai. t ll\.· ~n11d. hn·t~nH' :' \ · andvr '.pl i ll\'L \\ · h·,·~ ht.'l"l\ t•' llill ~ dalc: :- Thl· Juni u r-.! \\ "h•• ,· ~..· 11-.. i11r l lill~dak: Tlw Juni .. r ..: ! \\"h•• c ril• ~ ir,•m ll il l:-:.dale: Tht.· Juninr~ ! Tlw iJwvitahlt' thrt.•e: • .. llan ni\· ... Jim and

l·:tl111 :-.llJ eriurity! 'oR 'tlltfcssccl brains! O<J. lhtdding youth! 10. Daring- inia ncy! J 1. " .\ dn:;qn pf f:l ir \\' f ) tll (' tl r· ):ykerk ... \ rc·n· cl i ng- \· i~ w !" Y n tcma. "J[,,p · in t lw future! " :\l:tcLan: n. "S ' C l l - Y d ttnsl'\.:ill§Z !'' D imn c nt. " ( ;l> l1kn l);l!H•rtuni t y !" ( >ur Pn: sidc n l. " ll ere : l i t· n~c= \\'here: \\' hence?'' Klci nhl'k:'c\. ":\ lay : lkautiful :\lay!" Vander i\l e ul c n . "E.· ll' n si ,· ' ratlh:r th a n intensi\'<' !" ~tti7. <.' 11 " :t . .. (Eagle) -ist ic. not egoistic!, ncard:;lcc. " .\ builder oi castles!" 'u tp h c n. "\\"ith m :t ny tung-ucs!" Brush. I i a co-ed m cet a co -cci 'om ing t ld Hope. :'\~: cd a co-ed a~k a co-ed. "I [a,·c you u sed ~Pa ir' s ' :oap"?

~ ,· it : l;l i.


Prof. t..:ui s in g-a \\'as co nducting- th t' Snphomnrc l~i hk ·I a ;-;:-. \t a q u a rt e r t l' f, )rL· nine . :\l is s Thurhl·r came ;; i rollitt !.! li t. The pro f ·s:-:o r luo kcd at h e r a mnmt·nt. ancl then turn L·d ~ ~:t ck tu thl.' cla:-.:-:.. . fter cia:-;:' td i~s ThurbL' r cxcit crl ly a:-:.k l·d " llt.' nf tht.• g-i r ls: "Do I h a ,·e to te ll hi m I \\'as late?" .\ Fn·:'hn :an ha:-. th~.· ie llo wing ~uur.· c : .\n ah-tical c ;t·t>mctry. · lil'g-L' .\lgehra . and Trig-on' •Jttct ry . :\l> \\"ond e r h i;-; name is "Driy ... Y o un g men. do n ot seck ilt \· itat io ns irom your yo un g la d ~ fr iends. It may gn with Y n ll :ts it di d with thl' lll:\11 in the it. li ~ \\"i ng- incidcnt:

The Ancho r


Y <m ng- L a dy- " :\rc y o u g-ntng- t o tak e di111wr an' " lh·r,·

thi:' c\·cning?" Y ounf ~J a n (expec ting- att inYitatio n )-" \\' h y - nc ' ... \" ung Lady-"~ 1e rcy ! \\'on't \ ' fHt h ' hunrr :...... n. · llltll n tT• ' " ntr 1T'11ing- ! .. .,;

"Ar c yu u g o mg t the 'Bell Ring-e r~.' Pl·tt·r·? ''\\.e ll. not eaxctly: l'm g-oing t o :'e<' a bt.: lk." .\ pec uliar leap year incident ! . \ !"k .\Jr. J:ttliL ':-' ::I ,. I t1 I i I.

J)\'1-:L· ttl:t

Prnf. nru ~ h ~ai d : "\\'cl1 , I don't ktH l\\ anything ahllll\ I lt l' t:x changing- of ring!'\ bet ween t' n;.!:t~ed cnupk!'. :\I a y J,, ''lllll' clnt· nf }'1111 ktHI\\' nHlrc ahout it." <Jut·=--ti o n : \\ ' hy did J o hn Pla!'m an·=-- ll ;tncl g" IIJl J ll ... t at that lll•llllt'nt ?

Want Ads. .\ l i:-- =-' K r · ll -~nml' clll C t o ll!"C t h e.: cli ct ic ,nan. l'rnf. I ~ nt :-; h - ~ollH' ~a n li nt• :'and w ic he.::--. . \nna f~, ,=--- ~nmc n n <.' a:-' t a ll a:' :-'ht· 1:-- .

I )a lc.: nbct·;.r-.\ h air-c u t. l 'c tc.: r (;t•hh a rd- . \ twent,·-nint·r . ll an·l·y < )Jtlllan:--- . \ n ekin g chaiL \gnt's S t apt·kamp- . \ ph o nr lg-ra ph ( \ · ic t• •r f'rt· fl·tTl·c I I . . \ug·ic \ ' t•t•n k er- Frct• tran :-'pn r tatir~tt 111 ( ;r:tncl 1\ :tpicl-.. . I •1h n l'la s m a n- . \ rn:-'c.:. lles:--c l Ynt c..•ma- . \ :'tt·ach· .. . ~ e ll " iu .. · r ~- ~ll llll' n nt' at w lt nm tn ...:mik· . . , \· u n i ~

C ; fl tl\n· n ...:- . \

... .


ra \ ' l'll .


I. Thrr •ugh

"(. ·~~m ingI i a ( · ~~-l· cl llltTt a Co-ed Ill i II g- t (I ( ) ) d I I () Jl ~· . I i a (·n-ed k i:-::-' a Co-l·cl (


1 \y~· . " )

. I)

:\ <:t· cl a

·, •-l· d mopt•?

The Sorusis Raskct Ball Team

<>h. tht• st· Cn- t•d:-; a r t• :'n tllc )dt•:-'(: <>h. tiH' Y a re =--n s hy : I :ut i I a ·u-c.:cl kiss a Cn-c..·c l. :\<.Tel a ·n -ed t·n · :

The Anchor


lf a ni o- Uny meets a Dig Doy Cum ing to Old H o pe: Jf a l~ig n >y says. "1J e llo boy, .. P.: ccd a H ig Boy mope? E \'l'ry Big- Bo y knows s o m e Dig Dov. Dig Uoy. do n' t be ·ad, F r if a I ~ig- Uoy say~. "l~lell o, boy," Uig Uoy. don ' t get 111ad.

1f a Big D y meet a Co-ed Coming to Old 1 Lo p e ; 1f a Uig Doy say~ . " Hello , girl.'' · X eed a C -ed mo pe? Fathc1· .\dam met a o -ul. " I low d ·,. do?' ·ays h e. The rub Ia)· not in saying "h o w dy' ''Twas the apple tree. ltig- noy, o-cd. a ll togclch r Coming- to ))d 11 pc.

L ca ,·c yo ur fears and he right friendly. :\ o nne need to m ope. 'Cause we want to be so happy, Ju~t chuck full o f jt y. kiss each o th e r. m o dest Co-ed Say .. 1 I clio,' 11ig IJoy.

THE SWEETEST PRESENT For a box of choice cand ies go to

Th6 rataG6 Of SW66tS


w• Gf\ LKIN

Citz. Phone470.




206 River St .

The Anc hor


------------------------------------~--~--- ·------~9~-------- I.I• y ()

j ) ()

T he Ancho r


T I I :\ T

1\.· ..' '\.. <> \\.

For Up-to-date Picture Framing ht• \\" 1 tr l.l - i ~ t I:C' m o~ t dl· l id o u ~ ll l.t J" l'-t · l k ii 0 \\' 11 to t h n · • IH' Ill and I e

TI IC' p r i ze' to:t:--1 n f



·. I


i;ullau~ i.J{u!d~ H 0 L LAND,

LUYTJ~R 'I'll ~



l\1 1 C HI G A N






T he la tes t in le v cry d e part m e n t a t p o pular pr ice s ·Oppoc;itc City H o tel


tT eweler

Is n~eut f or L . E . Wat rman nml .Joh n I I ullawl

F tl ntll niu Pen~:~

There's No Strain on Your Purse Strings



' Vith S a vings Depa rtment . Uapital ~ 50,0011.00


For n ni l' , f n·~ h h11x o f

fl . Michiga n


C. Blom, Jr.

- A ~n-


The 11-1 \V Ei gh th

a tttly ~t . ,

~l ak e t.

H oll and, .\ l it:h .

E \'' E rl YT.II l ~ Q I ~

T UI•: JJRl-G LIXE, A ~ D P E RFU ~I E '

Ghds. D. Smith, Druootst [) East Eigh 'th ., trec t,


~ ~ i<: h.

i tizens rh one 1:?05.

• ·n LI'al a \•c nut•·

Boone's Livery, Bus and Baggage Line



Sa\·e time a nd m onf'y by h avi n g you r ph otos t a ke n at

LACEY'S, 19 E. Eighth St , Holland, Mich. Special pr ict s to Gradua t in g Cla sses a nd Cl ubs o f a ll ki n d s .


00 'I ll


t "o r . J·: hchLh strc t•t




\Y./e Appreciate Your Trade

If y ou buy your jewelry and wa tch es of us. We carry a n assortm ent t hat h as a ra nge of price to su it every purse a n d t he s am e price i nducem enes a re offered on t he cheaper goods as on the more ex pe nsive. W a t c hes from $1.00 up.

reler, Hard .a:e, the Je-..-.: •"


~~~~~~ ~~~ "~~

. ...

0. A. Stevenson, The


~ · Uorn e r Eig-lt t h 't rect aml Cent ral r\ '"e. ,

DYl~l~)f -'\ ,


Tromp' s Piot-Lzre S t ore ,

•. st.

r~~~~~A::~~ : FJ R81, ~'l~ArfE BAN ({ ~

([ untpun!J



209 Cen tral Avenue.

C itizens Phone 34.

B ell Phone 20


Dr..TAMES 0 . SCOTT . Dentist. omco over Doe sb urg' s

O ru ~ St.n r e .

Eve o iOJ.rS by :lflllOI DLm e nt .


P booo H l

The Anchor



One of our handsomeSpring Suits will tell the world just what you want it to know about you. If you have pride about your appearance, you shou ld form the habit of coming here for your clothes. We avoid the very cheap sort of clothing because its bad for you and

ITS BAD FOR OUR STORE We have choice Spring Suits- the sort that tower head and shoulders above mediocrity, at prices ranging from

$1 0



up to




The Spring styles are conservative a nd attractive. The fabrics are neat mixtures of new coloring in stripes and checks. Coats fitting easy to the form and of medium lenbrth. Trousers easy, shapely and graceful. Come in to see what's new and talk over the Spring Suit proposition with us. We're always pleased to thow.

But at your pleasure.

The .Lokker-Rutgers


Clothing, Shoes, Merchant Tailors and Gents' Furnishings • 39-41 E. EIGHTH ST.