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Let the Holland Citg News Print it And there will be no disappointments





Resolutions of Faculty and Students The fal·ulty of Hope College, feeling deeply the loss of a kind fril•ud and faithful colleague in the death of Prof. James G. Sutphen, wb.h t u <'.Xpress tt> his bereaved wife and to all the sorrowing family and rclati\ cs their 3inccre sympathy in this hour of trial and suffering, assuring them that becuusc of the companionsh ip of many years the hearts of his fellow-teachers go out to them in their affliction. The faculty also desire to give expression to their admiration and love for the departed, being very thankful to their Heavenly Father for g iving them the inspiration and help of a life so completely ~onsecra­ ted to true lofty scholarship; so very faithful to the many duties of the teacher; so en tit·ely devoted to the college which he loved and to which he ga,·e so freely his noble talents. As his colleagues who knew him the Faculty feel that Prof. Sutphen had much to do with making the classical department of the college known and respected, and that the results of the life which he gladly and loyally invested here will continue for man y years. For the Faculty. JOHN H. KLElNHEKSEL, HENRY BOERS, JOHN E . KUIZENGA. Holland, ~lichigan, Dec. 16. 1911.

HAPPY NEW YEAR We swing into 1912 with a determination to discount the past at every point, and keep this the best Clothing, Shoe and Toggery store in Holland.

Mag the recollections of the dying gear live as a pleasant memory of a time that is gone. Andso"ow-mayit be buried by the goodness and the joy which the New Year has in store for you.

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To Mrs Sutphen and family: As students of Hope College we wish to express to you our deep sorrow at the death of our teacher. Or. Sutphen. At such a time as this words must fail. We would only voice our thankfulness for having come in touch with a personality who, in his labor in the class-room. never compromised with duty, and by his faithfulness taught us to be faithful. We take thi opportunity to express our recognition, aiJove all, of the imprint he has left upon us as a man. That, we know, can never be:measured. We feel keenly that one who was both gentleman and friend has left us. May the belid that a larger and nobl~r work awaits him who has alrt!ady done a man':; work, and a trust in the ultimate Jo,·e and kindness of God, help rou to bear this bereave ment. STANLEY T . FORTl fNE HESSEL E. YNTEMA Committee Students' Council llollauJ, Michig<w. Uet· 15. 1911




A BRAVE HEART. l-1 E ~ team-yacht ·' Iris .. was leL urely pl o wing its

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.J A N U A A V ,

1 e1 2

WAS A GREAT TEACHER. (Fro m City Pres ·.)


Perhaps icw ll n lland peo ple reali7..c that in the death o f Pruf. Jame ~ (; . utplu.: n nne o f the greatest h:achcr ~ of Latin in the s tate u f ~I id1igau pa~s ed away. One man wh o is intimately acquainted with Pruf. ·u tphen ·s re 1.1rd and with ed uca li n nal matter ~ th r o u ghnu t th e : tate, clecla res con fidcn tly that he wa~ witlH>ttt ex c"' ptio n the grcate~t teacher u f Latin in i\lic hi ga n . Tf e d o e n u l make an xceptio n e\·en in the ca~c o f the \·ctcran Dr. D'Ougc, the dec ca~ d pro fe ·sor's per~o nal friend, a nd head of the Latin department o f the Un i\·ersity o f :\1 ich igan fur m any year:' pre\·io u t u hi: retirement. Onlv th o ·c who ha\·e come into co nt act with Pro f. Sutphen a ::, ~t ud ~1t s can fully appre c iate this :--tatcmcnt. Tn pcc• plc in ge neral it d o cs n o t m ea n mu c h more than di:-.tinctic n in any line o f " o rk w u ul d mean when the tatemcnl is made that a. man ha rea c hed a \·ery high p o int in ·c h o lar::, hip. But tho~ c wh o haYe at in Pro f. utphen s cla s~·- roo m daily fo r fo u r o r fi\·e o r s ix year can reaiJy fee l the ignificance o f the ~ tate­ mcnt. It is bo-i\·en t n \·ery few to rea c h the hei g ht o f le arning .. in any line and it is w u rth a g-reat deal t o ha\·c kn o wn tntt ma tcly ~o mc one who had reached th o ::,c heights but wh o in s pite o f it was a s m o de t and kindly a s a little child. ~Iany o f the b oys and girl s-men and w o men n ow for the m ost part- wh o vis ited hi ~ class r oo m ha \ e forgotten a large part of t!heir Latin ; o ther intt!re s t~ ha\·e c r u wded o ut much of it. Bu t mos t o f them t o day have a deeper re ~ pect fo r ::,c h o lar~ hip becau s e th ey were tau g ht hy a truly great sc h o la r, and few there are of them today wh o are n c• t better me n and women


way throu o-h the blue waters o f the S o uth ea o n a h o t eptember afternoo n in the year 1856. The pas · enger.~ were rec1ini ng in comfortab le chairs under the awning n f the upper dec k , sc m ~ reading, o ther~ ia::;t a !-- leep. .\fr. hamber~. the u wncr (,f th yacht. w a · a wealthy ca pitali!--t fr t>m ~ew York, wh o wa::; g-i\·ing thi~ plea. urc trip for th e benefit o i a partY o f irie nd..;. . \ t thi :-. parti c ular m u men t he wa s leeping in, his ~·ha ir. 1 li;; d:ut g ht er ).lab el w:~ ..; e n g-nged in reading a n o \·el. S h e \\':1 -; th e 11n ly c l1ild . I fer m o th l.."r w:1 c., d ead, n nd. c:. he ruled IJc::r father h y he r ..,Ji ghtc;-;t wi s h . Nu wo nde r s he was her f:1ther' s prick.- tal l. with dark hair a nd eye.; to m atch, with an impurlent l ittle n n:-;e a nd a firm c hin, s he wa: a c harmin g maiden t n beh u lcl . On this aftcrn o n . he wa unu :;ually bea~­ t i f ul , d r e. . e d i n a w h i t c a i I n r- .... u i t , wi t h h e r h a i r co i 1e d bel·omingly u n her s hapely head. The ''eternal feminine'' wa s ,·cry pro n o un ced in h er a nd had cau~cd m any n young man tu fall deeply in lo \·e with her. O ne u f these y o un g m e n was jus t then ''IHHtndi ng u u t ·· a popular t un e o n the pian o in the :-;a loo n. After a few minutes ~I abel threw he1· b ook a ide a nd tripped lig htly t n the room whence the mu ic came. "J ear m e. I, u hcrt, h o w can y o u he so indu :' tri o tL o n u ch a warm aftcrn nn n ?'' s he a s ked. a :-; :-:he .:;at clo wn in a c hair

Rl) l>ert a1bwered n o t a w o rd, and kept o n playing. "Ans we1· me. y o un g man. o r I'll thruw a pill o w at y o u : · ~ l1 th in g

daunt c rl by t h j.; thrc:t t. t h e " y o un g man·· re mained !--ilent ancl -;t u c k c.l,•ggcd ly t n hi s playin g. Thump! . \hu g e pillu \\. hit hint -.q u ar cly 111 t h e bac k o f h i .... head. The playin g ceased. and with a m oc k bnw he r, .;e i1um the p1an J:-- t o l and began : ..Inasm uch a .... y iJ ur grac io u s hig-hne~ . dentaJHl-.- :· hut at this jun~ture he wa s io rced tn d o d ge another pill u w . \\hi ·h mi:'s.cd him hut hit the cn ptain. \\'h n jtJ-.t t h e n <' tltt·red thL· rnt• Jn .


because they learned to love him as a true Kentleman. •

' '\\. ell thi!) i:-, a ti ne welco me . rthy.

r tlltl .:;l

~ay ...

cxcl:timrcl th :tl "


··uh. 1 beg- ypttr pardPn. t·aptain.




I didn't mean



yt •ll; I \\'a ... aiming at Rt~hcrt ... R •l h c r t 11 a d m a d c 11 i .... c ... c a p c . h • •''· c ' l ' r. p u r .... n ~ d \\' i t h ta tt 11 t .... ••i "~.,··· "· ar<l .. and "qu itter.· · "l.aptain ... t· ~daimed ~lalH:- 1. "d•• ~ 11 ll think "e"ll han:' a l·lwn~c tn ,· i-..it an_, ,.j tl1e:--c ~~·uth ~L' a i ... l;uH{ ... ; .. "\\ l'.ll pa-.. . . hy -- ~~ me ,,j them:· all--\\ c1Td thl' ~..·aptain ... J,ut I guc:--:-- "c 'd hL'ttCr 1111\ ~·· a-..h •• rc. ·1 hc--c i-..la11d ... ar1..' lilkd with -..a,· a~c--. -' " u k11 •• ''· and I'd hall' t• ' L'lh."•• llll ll..'l' all~ ,,j them ... ·· I ·d ju--t I•,' c 1' , g. , a .... h t • r t .' · 1..' x ~..·1 a i llll' d 1h l' g i r I. · · I \ c n .:ad a ;-. "•~t~<l clcal latch- ah••llt thL'--L' i--land-- and \\' t• ulcl lik~..· , , , "lll ~.:c ll11C a~..·r"'' "'"lllC rare ... ,,~..·~.-·imcll, \1::--ll tllle Ill' l\\11 . I Jlli :--. ',f fl uwcr:-- l• •r my )l .,t :tll\ ~..· • .tlc ~..·ti o ll. \\ ' e \\t•ttldn"t mt·t.: l all\ --a,·agc... . 1·:, l' ll ii \\ l' c1 i d . 1\ " I •ll I d Ill' l' ~ l' I I 111 ~ I• I tl'l I :t I" d I I laH:r~··

T h c c ' c 11111 g- " a ... ... p e n t t 11 m u .... 11.• • :..:, a lltl· ... . a 11 cl ... I• •r y -H·lln1 ~ . The captain rL·latccl :--l'\·eral ... l•• ric . . • f Jti ... t•xpL·r iL' lH'l• ... ~~, :t --ail •· •·. and parti L· ttlarl~ did he <h\cll 11)1• 11 til~..· \\i ld h~..auty •· i thL' ~uuth ~ ca 1-..land-.. all .. i " ·hid1 -.. ti ·nulatccl \laln·J"-. ~.k ... ile 111 ,-i-..it them . lklc lrl' retiring·. the l·aptain p r L·di~..·tcd that ••11 t he 111• tiT!I \\ the_, ,,., •ttld pa:--:-: ••ne ni th ~..· i-..lancl--. II j .... prl'd i~.·ti••ll " ·a ... trul'. j,q· h_, 11 11 .. 11 11i the nc~t da~· a -..mall i,Ja n cl I'L'l·amc , . j ... jhlc r111 till· ... tarll• •ard -.ide •• i t he h••al . . \ .... the ,- j~..·w became ~..· lt• arL'r. \lr. Chamber:-- g:t\L' .. nkr-. that th~..: ~a d11 ... h,,uld pn •cccd lll•ll. l ' ..... }tt\Yh·. Trttpi ~..·a l tn·e-. \.'lltlld he -..el' ll. \\'hile h er~..: and then· ~' hu~c r• •l·k hrt~kc thl· ••tttlillL' ••i til e l'IIH:--t. TrulL it wa ... a bcautiiul i-..Jand. \lahcl ,,a .. eager 111 g-•• a:--h u rc .hut her iatltl· r lirml~ rciu ... L·cl. ~.·~~n -..ide ring the 1i-.k 1•11 • ~reat.

"Plea.- . papa .... , .. p the b n at and kt me g t• ~t ... h11re a lillh\\"hilc. There arrn't any -...;l\·:tge' there: I"m quite p u .... Jt l\ <· there are n·r.·· \l r. L'han1i>c r -. wa:-- ,-L•ry anxinu:- l •l pll':l'l' hi ... ,{aug·lnl'r. h u t he:--itatcd tt• L"t1111ply \\"ith her rcquc--l. llut. aitL'r a ll. \\'hat c t~ uld he the harm in aiJ,n,·ing her t• • ~· · a . . . h•ll"l' a littk \Yhil •. J.!. (•bert .\in:-- let \\'t•ttld al·company her. Tht> i--lantll ~~" I.;C'd ..,,) pcacdul in n-... MrcL·n ic1liage. that hl' fi nally l"•• ll ... nted t•• ha'e ~l al>el





"Ro iJert will go with me, won't y o u?'' a ked the g irl. gh·lllg him a sweet s mile. The y o ung man had been debating with hitn elf whe ther the ri~k \\"ere n ot too great fo r any one to go a hare. The girl :-;aw the lnnk of s ligh t he ·ita lio n o n hi face and aid: "Oi cuurse, if y o u're afraid, uncle Jack will go with me:· The~e \\" u rrls !'t un g R o bert. and he immediately agreed t o acc o mpany the girl. The boat wa~ stopped. and after a fe''" preparati t~n:' the y o ung couple were ready . .. -:'\: u w d u n 't wa ndcr too far in land.'' ad ,-ised ~ r.-. Chamher;;. •·and \\"hen y o u want t u return. signal to us:· ·· \\"e'll l)c careful. papa dear," said ~label. gi\'ing her iather :1 ki:-:--. "R ~J hert will take care o f me. w o n't you?'' Thi. la:--t remark \\·a:-- accompanied with :tn admirino- glance at the y o ung- d o ctt )r ·_ :::-talwart fu rm. ·· 'T ru:-;t me." an:'wercd the y o un g m an. .\ ~m a ll IH•at wa:-; I lwered. and a :::;ailo r r o \\·ed the y o ung pe11plc u • Lht: i:--land. R o bert took his rifle and cart ridge-belt with him fo r . afcty ';; sake. The distance o f half-a-mile was :-- ut m pa:-;~ed o n~r. and after the tw o pa · seno-ers had landed. the "'aiJ n r rU\\"Cd back t o the boat. :\label wa · a~ deli o-hted a - a choolgirl. while the y o ung d o ~t lr wa-, :o;carcely le;;s pleased. The ~hade o f the tropical tree=-- wa:- ,-ery weko me after the h o t ray~ o f the sun. The girl ran ahead fru m time to time a · her eye caun·ht . igh t o f rare hl u:-;:--c nll:-',, \\"hile Ainslee f )ll o wed m o re s lowly. feeling ,-err well c u ntenled with himself and the w o rld in (YencraJ. Farther and farther they wandered with ne,·er a th o ught o f din·ctilln. Finally. tired of walking-. they ~at down under a huge palm and ta lk ed a~ o nly h)\· er · can . . \ t la:--t R u bert rn:-e and said. "\\' ell. :\label. I think we •• u ght t• ) return. Jt·~ gettin~· to be quite late.'' "( )h! 1 hate t u g' haL·k." replied the girl, "but I !:-Upp ~.. ,~e we 'II ha ,-c t u .'' "Ct• mc u n, thi:-- way.'' co mmanded the d octor . --x,,. we came this ""ay; f'm sure \\"e did." .\:-; u:--ual. ~Jahe1 had her way. and the y o tmg- man r e lu ~..· ­ tantly ~·a,· c in. I Tc touk her arm and beCYan t\) wa lk bri.;kly. aiding- her cl\·er r o ug-h places . The way became r Ou <Yher a;; they proceeded; huge r ock · barred the way. fo rcing them tu

T B ·.

A:..:t· H JR


·- - - - - - -- ----- - -- mak<-- t1 t••llr .. . F.•r llll•l't' than a h:df-h•lllr ht·' wandered :d\tlllt. and th\.•n till: .' " un~ 111:111 pau-..l·tl. " \\ L' t.: an't h:\\l: g• •lll' :--•• i:tr inl:tnd ." .... 11d hl·. "!"Ill airaid


takl:n till· '''~'•·tt~ ,,a_,. .. . llardh \\' L·r~· thL· " " nl-.. 11ll l · •Jill . . lll• •ttth. \\ht:n the pa1r lrc:ard :r ti~..'r"· ~· H·ll: .11HI J,. .. krn~ l·~.· ltind 111\· m. thty .... ;."· a numIJt:' r .. i lr :tli- nak~·d '· "a~~.· ... runnin~ t••\\ard-.. lwm. The~· had 11 cl:l1 ,Jr .. \· .. ,~·rl· d ''·' lh:tk ... ~ :\,, · •r rlinar.' dangl:r thi-... :tnd \\1..:ll did .\ in-..k'-' J.;n " '' .t lr:rt " ' ' 1111..' 1\.' l' ••uld ht· ~:xpc~.· cd iro m il l C:--\.: ~.· rud llati\l'" :'\l''' \\:t:- tlrL· tinll.: 1" :t\'t. :1nd a~..·t quickly. \ J<.'\\' r·•d:- :1\\:t\' hi-.. kL'c:ll 1.'\l.' ..... a\\ a pik " i J'• )\·k--. "'' ' arr:1ng-rd ; I ... t o 1 11\ :t k \· ;I I ; :t l ll r: tJ j • q· l .I C: l I i • •11 • \ \ . j I i1 .1 "' I I' j I k h (' "-1..' j i' (' d till' .,irl in Jti ... :trtll .. . it~ntrHkd 1• •\\ :rrd-.. the l' • ll·\.; -.., alm n -..t l.ru:-.... tall\· ptt ... Jt('cl )t~· r o •\L' I' th1..• 1 1 •\·).; \hj \·Jt Jd t •(').;('rJ th(· l 'lllt';l lh't•. : 11 cl:tlllhl'rrd :ritl'r h"· r. \ .. lh" did ..:,, :t --IHH\' l't' .,j arrn\\':; irll ;tr••ntHih inl. and It~· i~· l t a :- ll:••·J' ting in hi ... nc ·k . ln c;tan tly In· kilL'\\ th:tt It~· had lll'l' ll \\tllltttkcl. I k had hn:n t •"'~ ld that th('-..(' I h ·ak-- ,J •. •t t h~..·ir .. Jllall l''' i" •th d :tr: • ''' ... ''-" mrar1-- ,-,; hh i p ~ .... . a n d II c I, tiL' ' ' t h :t t h i .. " · 11 11 d \\ :1 .. ..l. r in u :- i i nn t i:ttal. Cardulh h1.· --i~ht('d :tl' ' ''~ tltc "=•' n ·l , ,j hi-- rifle. \\"hich It~.· had n·taill('<.l in Itt .. lli:!hl. :tnd tin·d . .\ .' rll ir.\1•1\\'C'd. "t;,q that t ' IT:I I li i' L'. :tll_\'\\:ry." ht· lllllllCrCd. Tit~· ·•id l:t' \·r· ·ttl.·lt ...·d l•~.·lrincl t it~.· r ~~~·k "hi,:h :--crved :l' 1 h c i r I l r 11 t ~ ~• t i, ,11 ~ \ .. J, •tt ~ a .. h l' h ul k t . . . I:1 " 1 l' d h (' con Id k e e P h e r ... :11 c: . I : \I I " lh· 11 h i . . I a ... t I H1 11 (' t " :1 .... ~ ll ll ~ . a n rl n i g- h 1 It n cl i:tlkn - - : . \ ~·:rin lti..: ri ll (' ldaz('d. lie.• ''" ' rL~ .... ,itly. li e h:ld mi~ ... ccl. . \ ~nin anci a~ain 11~.· fin·d. Jh' L·riug rauti•"'~ tt~ly thrnug:h an tlpcn in.; . \\'hrr th~.· n \·J,;, m~Hk :tn ill-litting j P int. The ..:a\' :1!!'-'' h~.·lcl their gr••ttncl ht i .. n: Jti .. r:tkin~ ti rL' . and :tn-..·w errd "'itlt. -.. lh l\\' (' r-. ,q· :nnn,... \ tt~ rrihk d:tll;.! r t hrc:ttr· n~rl. hut ~hL· nHt ... t n• •t Ill· iri~lt t t' ncd ttnduly. The p:tin in hi .... ned' \\' :1-.. intt'JI-.c. and :t --tr:tn~t· ierling n i langll• ·r \\':t ... Ct• lllitlg' " 'er hint. hut .. It~,· mu .. t ll• ' t kn••\\ . :\i;.!·ht \\' :1 . . . . ).1wly hnt -.ur<:J ~ \·,,111ing 1111. Tit~ lin;._!l.'ring- tr(lpi\·:tl I \\ iligllt might at any m o llh' ttt chan~><.• ittlll clark ni~ht. ~"iith ll~..' !· laded :tnd fired hi~ :-.... . r i 11 e . I I i .. 1:1 .. I h 11 I k t n: 111 a i ttl·<I. I ~ :1 n g ! \ ." l' ll - 1 h (' n ~ i I e n c: c. II~..· thn:\\· tlw tlll\\ u ... t:k ..... ;._: 1111 :t--irlt?. ll-:tnl'd ,. . ,. CL and ki !'~ed :Ill' ~i r l tl"llckrl.'. \\' ith "· , , ncit~ ring· r _,.l' ' -..11<.' ), ~~ked at him. tltt~ n ... ndd~.· nh· t hrl: \\' her :lltlt-- :u-11 tn d him nnd hur'l int o te:tr5. " ( Jh. :tll m,· i ;1ult." ' hr mn;111Ni. " T \\':1~ rlrt c rminrd



1\"' )




to visit th is place, and thought I knew the way back bettetthan yo u did. ' "Never mind, dear it'll turn out all right. Your father \viii soon rescue u " Ah ! brave heart you knew rescue would arri,·e too late fur you, perhap~ too late--. Robert clenched hi teeth helple .. · ly and drew the tremuling girl m o re closely to him. "Darling, ' he asked. ''can you pray?' HYes," simply. Together they kn elt on the rocks. 'Vhen they ceased prayin a, n ight had fallen.








The next foren oon the re, c:uin,.,. party came upo n R o bert's hat where it had fallen, and finaJly they disco ,·cred the rocks. There they found ~label, a Jeep o n R o bert' brea_t. A calm look was on hi ~ face . but he was dead. 1I. J. P., '13.


OF HET BESTAAN ONZER REPUBLIEK BEDREIGD. ET behoeft geen betoog. dat rcgecring ,·an welken aard uuk. haat· he taan te dankcn hecft aan wetten; hctzij wetten zo nder \Tijhci d. waan·an he t re:-;ultaat is tyrannic; hetzij wcttcn gcpaanl

met vrijheid, \Velke uitloopen op een democratisch gou,·ernemcnt. D nch Yrijheid zo nder wctten g ceft regecring- den d oodsteck en haart anarchic. Indier~ dan regeerin~ haar be~taan te danken hceft aan wetten, zoo ,·o]crt het on\\:ill ekeurig-. dat de natuur dcr regecring bepaald wordt d oor het karakter en de o ndcrh o uciing- der

wetten, uitgevaardigd door de regeering. Alleenlijk \Vanneer de wetten de vrijheid de ,·olks \vaarborgcn, en met gc trengheid ten uitvoer georacht \\"Orden, kan een dcmocratLch gou vernement be taan . Indien goede en welonderhouden wctten de scherincr en in s lag van een democratisch crou ,·ernemen t ui tmaken, zo o leideu WlJ daaruit af dat schending dicr wcttert een demo-


' e 1~



cratisch gou vernem en t o nd ermijn t . ja, haar b e taa n b edreigt. Daaro m h e cho uwen wij de h cde nd aagsc h e \VCtteloo. heid als een e bedreig in g v oor het g eluk van d en indi v id n ,·an de welvaa r t o nzcr m aa Lchappij , ja. yan h e t bcs taan o nzer di crbare repu bl iek. \Vaar op enbaa rt zi ch die losb a ndi ~h c id? \Val is ha a r o01·s pro ng ? Ji o e kan z e in b edwang g cbrac ht w o rd e n ? Deze gecst va n w e ttel oo heid b eer c h t m ee r o f mind c r o nder aile klassen. O nder de s traa tj o n g en : . di e b enden vormen ; onder v ro uwen , g edreven d oor de begecrte voo r hare exe het s temrech t te v erkrij gen; ja, helaa. zc lf~ o nd e 1· de geleerden ' 'an o ns land, die krachte ns hun ,·erhe\' en soc iale p ositie, den allerdiep ten eerbied voor wet en geza g dienden t e t oonen openbaart zich deze verfoei e lijkc g ees t. De tneer afzichtelijke vormen, waarin d ezc gee. t zich openbaart, beh o even wij u niet voor oogen te s t ell e n. \Ve behoeven u niet te herinneren aan land o nteercnd c werks takingen die in de laats te jaren m en ch e n in dui,·el. e n \ Ve rks tra ten in bloedi CTe s Ja crvelden veranderd hebben. s takingen die o n ze sch oone vlag bezoed eld hebben met h e t bloed hunner slachtoffer~ . We behoeven u niet te herinn ere n, ho e onze breeders in het Zuiden , door de w oede des g epeupel overmeesterd, wetten uitgedaagd en het r echt gekruis ig d hebben. Tevens openbaart deze g ees t zich in minder afg rij s elijke, d och meer argli s tige vormen , op he t terrein der handelswereld . Go mpers, l\1itchell en l\forri o n , h oo fden van de U nie der Amerikaansche werklieden staan n o()" o nder be- chuldig ing ' 'an \veer pannig heid aan de wet. Ziet h oe de co rpo ratie d e wetten · uitdag en, en onze natie berooven van haar blo ed, de bloem der jeugd. Ziet h o e ze handel en bedrijf s tremm en. Gelukkig heeft ten Iang en' laatste het gouvernement de vlerken van een dier heerschers gekortwiekt. Wat is nu de oorzaak van de open baring dezes gees tes ? De statistiek beweert dat negen tiende van alle "vetteloo heid gepleegd wordt door personen van tusschen 18 en 25 jaar. Daarom schrijft men de openbaring dezer los bandigheid toe aan de levendighei& van de natuur der jeugd. D o ch indien de jeugdige harts tochten de schuld hiervan zijn, waarom openbaarde zich deze geest dan n,!et vijftig jaar geleden, waar het




g·eta l jcug-d igcn ni et aa n mcrkcl ijk Yc rgrool i~? Doors taal de ~ l o u de. pri nc i pc den proc f de~ t ij d::; n ie t? "Onderw ij st de n J OI~gc i·J ·ng de cer..:te hc~rin:-'el cn naar den ci~ch zi j n~ w en· · en a l,a :-- hJJ man gcwcll·dcn i:-'. zal hij claan·a n n iet afw ij k en .' ~CCII. wij gc lo11 \ en . dat clcze ln. handigheicl niet tuege:--~:hrcn:n lllcH.'t \\ (Jrdc n aan de gcc~tkracht dcr j cu CTd . tnaat· aan hct n:rzuim 'an n u der:; en o nrlerw ijzers o m dcze gcc~tkracht in de rct·htc kana lcn te leiden . Dcze gec~ t \.Vo rdt ,·erdcr gcprik kcld dno r de Jicht,·aard ig-hcid w aarmede de per · de open baring- dczcr ' ' l!lteloo hcid ,·oo r. te lt . D och daar de ,·cr waarloo. de n]H·ocding reeds ecn zwak hn lwcrk i:-; tegcn W\!ttcloo::- heid . zoo w o rdt het nt g- zwakker, d oor de opcnharing- \·a n dezcn l u~handig-e n geest onder ~· tu ­ d c n tcn. waard ou r de jcugdige aanclrift nog- aangchit~t w ord t. D cze Iosha nd ighcid tinder manne n n1n wctc nschap wu rdt Ycrcrg-crd d oor den d u hhe len ~la ndaard ,·an rec h t. welke gncd k cu rt in ccn man ,·a n wctcn~ ·hap n-at hij afkeurt i n ecn hon:'wic h t. J>icnlcngc ,·ulge wo rde n de ,·ermog-ende k rach ten ,·an den :--ludccrcndc en gcprtlmo,·cerde tcgen wettel oshe id n iet o ntwikkclcl. muar ,·ce leer Yerzwakt. Dezc wctte l nu~hcid ,·inclt haar ourspru ng nict all en in gchrck aan k \\·ccking in de eer ~ tc heg-in"elen ,·an g-ch oqrzaamhe id teh uis . m aar uu k in het wa nbegrip ,·an de functie::> der w cllcn. hctwclk gehorc n i:' u it YlH.Irn c1c md gehrck, o mreden dat mi :--,· cr~tand ten n t>zidlle d r \\·etten o n\\·il lckcuri(Y ::. wcttel o o~hci d baa r t. En loch i:' de tlll\·nlcluende UJ)\·nedinu· crehecl en al :.... n iet :-., n~rantwuordclijk , . (1111' dczc hedcndaag~che n pcn haJ-ing· ,·an w cttc loo::;hcicl. \\.cl is waar hccrscht c1· on der de Ja n·crc k las:' en ,·uoral ec n wan he g-rip a a ngaa ntle de f unct il::' dcr ~

wetten, maar het behoeft ook geen betoog, dat andezijes vcle

•• •


\\-ette n ,·ija n delijk zijn jegens hct n.tk. \\' ic wccl n ic t dal \\·etten in hct hclang- ,·an hcl wcrl·ndk hc~trcclcn en. indicn gcpa:'sccrd, g-c~chnndcn \\'llrdcn doP r de kapitalisten ; u·e,·allcn • \\'Ctlen u i tn·cJeo·d \\" ic \\'CCt niet dat. in \"CIC 1'-l :"') ::. \\ nrden ten gun~tc \an de CtJ rp u rati c .... ? Y erwo ndcrl hel o ns da n n ng. dat hct w crk ,·p}k tnt n p:-;tancl tcge n de wetten w u rdt aan tiezcL? Oat zc tl ll de bh1edig\! wcrkstaki ng den tuc,·lucht nem cn ? D at zc u nwcltig lijk hchandeld, mel hct rcchl hun u n tzegd ook u n welt ig lij k <.le ~ll:i\ a mara's u nderslc u ncn? Is





het \vonder dat ze alle banden ,·erbreken, wanneer kapitalistische geldzucht cle wctten maakt, en de rijke minderheid' . chijnbaar de natic rcgecrt? 't l:' waar, n ndcrzoekcn zijn gedaan op k o. ten \'an het publi k, maar . lephen:on en Lorimer zijn n og niet ,·an hun "almachtige dollar'' troo n g-c:;tooten. \Vaarlijk de liefde to t g-eld is nog de wortcl ,·an aJic kwaad. IToe m octcn wij dczcn g-ec~t nu bed wing-en? 1 c functic~ der \\·etten kennendc. m oeten wij to e. temmen. clal cleze zoo algemeene schcnding- der wet een kanker i:-:., knag·cndc aan hel merg onzes nationalen lc\'cnl'. en tegclijkcrtijd ecnc luide roepstem om o n te Yerclcrligen tegcn de dreigende anarchic. Teneinde dezcn gee t in bedwang te breng-en, moeten wetten eer t eerbied inhoezemen. Dit zullen zij d nen eerst dan, wanneer een sy. tematisch onderzock van indu trieele hygiene en geschiedeni. yoor altoo. clit d oodende c n:en·ati _me uil onzc wetg-c,·ende kamcr: ,·crbannen zal cerst dan wanneer de wet tel ooze . tudcnt en de b onswich l, de ''n o nunion" werkman zoowel aL de pre~idcnt ccner cnrpnratie op gelijken \'oet zullen staan in het gerecht~hof. ~Iaat· bo Ycnal client de ,-olksg-ee. t uil den Iangen f..laap wakker gc. chud, want de y oJk _geest is bij . lo t ,·an rekening de behouder ya n wet en \Tij heid. De onderzoeken heden ten dag-e i nge~lc lei zij n hewij zen van de mach t yan een on t waakten Yo lksgee. t. \ V ij moe ten daarom een enliment onder h et Amerikaansche ,. Jk ( pwekken 1 hetwelk alle wctteloosheid veroordeell als een misdaad tegen vrijheid · ecn sentiment. hehvelk den nalatigcn beambte zijn post ontneemt; een sentiment, helwclk cen ban legl op ieder n ieu w blad, da t de j cug-d tot wettcloosheid aanzel. AIJeen daardoor zullcn d s aamg-epakte w ))ken van wetteloo:heid verdwijnen voor den heerlijken o-J oed van de zon der volksgee t. En dan zal het kostelijke chip onzer natie veilirr tus -chen de ,·erraderlijke cylla en Charybdus van anarchie en tyrannie doorzeilen, al het voorwerp Yan de afgunst der natien. HAR Y IIOFFS, '14.


If yov can keep you.r head w hen all about you Are losing theirs aM. blaming it on you; If you can trust yourself when all men doubt yott, But make allowance for their doubtiJtg, too; If you can wait and not be tired of waiting, Or being lied about, don't deal in lies, Or being hated, don't give way to hating, Atfd y et don't look too good nor talk too wise;


If you can- drea1n and not make dreams your master; If you can think-and not make thoughts your aim · If you. can meet with 'Iriumph and Disaster. ' And treat those two impostors just the same· l[,you can bear to hear the truth you've spoke~ Twisted by knaves to make a trapfor fools; Or watch t he things you gave your life to, broken, And &toop and build 'em up with worn-out tools·•

., r.

If you can talk with c~·owds a1td keep your virt ue, Or walk w ith Kings- nor lose the common touch lf nei ther foes nor lov ing friends can hurt you, ' If all men connt with you, but none too much· If you, can fill the unforgiving minute ' With si xty seconds' wo·r th of distance run Yours ia the Earth and eve·rything that's in And- which is more- you'll be a Man, 1ny ~on!


Contributed by John Vennerna, Prep. '71

'·e TI-IE ANCHOR. Published bv THE ANCHOR ASSOCIATION, Hope College, Holland, Mich. 80AR.D OF EDITOR.J

E diLO r-in-Chlc C IIENR\' V. E. STEGEMAN. ' 12 uaiet.anl. Edlt.Or!l

Stanley T . Fortuine. '12 Clnrence Dame. '13 Socie ty Ellltor Ascnes S. Vissch •r . ' l:J ~ubscriptlon ")11\nlli!Cr

J oh n Bennink , ' 12

Lo<>B I Ed 1t.Ore H el ene De Mnn5rd, ' 13

A lumni E1lito r Gc •·trud ' J . H oekj (', '12

Le ppo Potgc te r, ' 14 Aa.hte c.lc Edlt.or J ohn J . Rie mersma. '14

Exchantrc Editor W . W:tll:tce Visscher. ' 12

A !'lq~.

Muna.: r Anthony Lu iJens. '12 nusinc



in~ tt


Gcrrlt De Motts. 'IS


Starr Art ist . Hc ndrinc E. ll ospers. 'l:J

r\N<; Il U H . Hop,• l'oll '&!~. llollund. M i cb li!tm . I•'or Ad vcl'tlsl n~ ICn tt•:t lli'\• IY to U usl n• ·~.;; l\la n :l:,:ct "I ml\lt.er Ens.c retJ nt. t.!le p 0 ..,c. Ol1ll"l" :11. H oll and. ~li ch il!nn. a-. ... ~ com1-c 11\ Rs tnlll ·



to be repaid so easily. As we consider what \Ve have gained from his splendid instruction, and as we seem to feel again the glow of his genial and gentlemanly nature, we must affirm that by his life o ur lives have been enriched. As a school 've can perhaps pay o ur debt best by guarding Dr. Sutphen's memory well in years to come, and by maintaining that high ~ tandard o f work in the La t in department which is largely due to hi effo rt . As - tudents who have studied in his classes, we ca n repay his labors in a mea ~ ure by being careful that the w o rk we do in the future shall reflect credit on his discipline and teaching. Dr. u tphe n's work at Hope is done, but our work goes o n, and nurnero u duties press hard upon us. Yet, however lost we may he in busy ro utine, let us not fail by loving tho ug ht o r appreciative \vord t o b ring some tribute n ow and then t o the mem o ry o f this efficient teacher and lovable man .

AI!Jress nil communi<:n~ions 1.0 'I'Jn;


If•..•. J. -~"'::.A·'"' I



• .J

. ·. ,. 1, .· r.,.;.~ I




I' I


t t::~.-.b___:~ ~~J •




S at urda,· ai ter n ttun. Dec. 1 >th. the ~t uclcn t~ and teacher:: (J i llt)pe Cililc~e p :m !"cd in the mid:;t of their m a ny ta;o;.k :-; tn p ay l t~ \· in g- hunnr tn th e m e m o ry o f _Pro_fe!-':;or Sutphen. \\"h n . :tftcr t\\"cn t ,·-:--i x ·c ar~ nf ctlicient !-'e n ·tre tn o ur ~choo l. p a~...:c<l in 11 n eartltl-,·. !"tru~g ) c...; t n h i:; eter n al rc;o;.t . Pro fe5~U r 'ntphen's interc:--t~ w~rc d n:-:c l\" h u nncl up ,,·i th th w-e u f the c )li ege. and , ·it h hi . :. deat h a prl':· i on ~ l>11tHl ""a" ~c,· cred. Thcre fu re ~twa s n t•,~t littin g tha t we !--ltPt!ld m ake a f•)nn a l cl e m Dn:--tratwn o f ,1 11 r ~ratit u<k i•n· \\·lta t lt c h a~ b ee n and cl !l nC. J~u t the tkl.t ,,e lJ\\"C t11 llr. Sutphen wa :-; n ut di ~rharged :tl thl' 1l111t11Cttt ,.i hi~ functal. Lli;o;. :-:cn·icc · w ere lt lU great ( ) 11


•• •

Jio w w o uld it he to haYe a little variety in o ur chapel exe r e• e ? The present manner o f conducting the e services has the ~ a n c t io n u f years and i5 to be comm ended for its simplicity. Bu t it i possible that to many of the students this program has become so fa mil ia r a to be only a formality, Jacking the s pit-i t o f ,·ita} devo tio n. We do no t propose that this order o r thi kind o f exerci e · hall be do ne away, but we suggest that no w and then a solo o r quarte tte-selection might be effectively suh ~ t i t uted fo r the hymn , and that at intervals, members o f th e fa c ul ty n1i g ht give what are known in some sch ools as Chapel Talks, whi c h \vould help them to enter m ore deeply in to the l ive ~ and need o f the students. An occasional change ui ~ome . o rt will naturally re\rfve appreciation. and the chapel cxen.: i.· e:-; in general will po .. il>ly come to mean m o re to us all. There is a s li O"ht di co ur tesy which is too prevalent among u ~ . That is the practice o f t udying durin_ one class-period :-;uhj ects which pertain to another ho ur. Tho e who do this ;o;.ho ul d imag in e them eh·e in the pro fessor's position, and co n · id e r ho w it mu . t feel to ha ve o ne's efforts thu s disregarded. N o t dwelling on the fact that often much that is ,·aluabl e is lost by lac k o f attention to the proper \\·ark , and





th at o ften th e c u tom cond e mn s i t e lf by bein a fo llo wed on th e s ly, w e m·ge th at t he ~ tude nt s di sco ntinue thi s prac tice f o t· the ak e u f co ur tesy. fo r the s ake o f bein g- truly ge ntle-

.e I




m~nly a nd lad y like.


O UR FLAGSTAFF DESTRO YED. Th e C tl lle~c n ag:--t~ IT h a:=; lo n g· b ee n a n u hj el·t o f pride, but ,,, . j ts g-lt•ry i:-- 11•, n hWC . In t h e ca 1'1 y h o u rs o f Frida y, 111 :\ ,l,.. 17 t h. hca,·y ,,· inds hrc1 k e t h e p u le at t h e g r o und a nd J 1 r u tt<•h t it ttl earth. T hi-.. c \·cnt n ut :-ccl u s t n think o f o th e r :-. d a , .:-' . ,, f t h e t im e "h e n th e :-t aff '' a.;; pre:--c nt e cl t n th e coll e g-e 1>\ -- t h e 1a t c I I n 11 • I :--a~ r l' a p p o n 11 i I I • d I a n d . A day o r t \\' o <tfte r the p•.J w a :' ra i:--cd. a fl ag was g i \ e n t n th l.! l'ollege hy t h e l'll'llllll H' Ii ta tt ~nrict y . I t wil l l1c uf intere :--L t11 qu ot' fro m The Anchor o f D en.: mb cr. l ~' Jo: " . \ p atr i,1t ir and kind fr ie nd 11 i the in :--tit u ti u n h a d p n : :'C ll t d th e l·, .Jicgc with a n e w fl a g-pt,Je- th e lin c:'t in t h e c ity. Th e p 1le \\·a .; to h e l' tl mpl e t e d and cl e Ji,·c r e d n the ca m1>U:-. by No\'. 3, bu t th e r e \\' tl' a g-reat ne ed (J i a la rg-e n e \\' fl ag-. Th i:-; w a;o; m e nti o n e d t u n n e n f th e O~ m o po lita ns. a nd th e :'nc ie ty qui etly b e~a n t o r a i:'e t h e ne ce ~ :t iT fun d:' . T hey w ere ..;;n ,Hl .,. r a ised a nd th e fl ag was

' *\.

, I




ua th o f a ll cg iatll' C ta k e n . T hen


t u den t ·v o lun tee 1· ~J o ,·e m e n t , \·isited II n pe o n T h ursday a n d F r iday . D ec . 7th a nd t h . ~~ h e add res_ ed the girl~ o f the Y . \ V . C. A . and a lso spo k e t o t h e st u de n t-h u dy in chape l. D u r in g Friday ~ h e h e ld priY ate c o ns ul tat i (Hl ~ \\'it h ~ e \· cra l o f t h e y o u na ,,. m e n a n d she rcpnrted fi nd ing c o nsiderab le interest in the mis:-' in n ary ra il :1111 41 11~ the girl~ . \ Ve feel that ~T i::;. ~ -:\Iekher i"' a ,-cry ca p able "' <'C r e t ~H\' i11r t he g-r eat m o \·e m ent which ~ he sen· e ...


t h e c hape l.


Lerc the prc :=;c n t at i n t o k plac e. th e rc s p o n e, Pro f. D cPYCJl .:-' e lu q u e n l add re~s . so me e xq u i~ i tc . in g ing-. lu . ty cheerin g- ft1 r the d o n o r~ . a c kn o wlcd g nH' ll t u f th e bl c:;si n gs o f the . \l111ig'h ty. a nd th e d u ti cs u r t h e d a y \\' C J" C d o n e. Lo n g will i l be reme m bered .


.. j

"T he n ag i:-- .1(>X 27 feet lll .~ t z e .

O n N o \·e m bcr 29th the . t u de n t s were fav u red w ith an addres;o; b y H e,·. L e wi ~ T) . hambcrla in o f the r\n:ot :\1i s ia n in In d ia. :\fr. ' ha m her lain di sc us ed I ndia's unr e~t. ~ h n wiug th at i t was nt•t d u e t u Bri t is h mi s r u le, a n d t h at it wa · n u l so mu ch c.:cu n umic u r u cial a;-; i t Web :-- piritual. Tl e :-- aid, fu r the r , th at t h i:' u nre:'t in I nd ia gaye h er a g reater dai m u p u n u s. In a .::. t ru ng p lea fo r w o rk e r ~ . h e :--a id that h wh o h e lp . [ n dia a t thi s t im e will m o. 1 h elp t he ring-d u m u r (;o d. \ \'e are grate ful fu r ha ,·ing h eard t hi s ~· ch o l~r l y ad<.lress . i t wa..:; in~tr u c ti \'e a ncl in ~ p i r in •r.

l\Ti. :.; :\I ar o-ery :\I e lche r. tra,·elin g s ec-retary o f the


th ey adj o urn e d t

inscribed the letters I I - 0 -P-E; abov e t his is a ball a foot in diameter." Abou t nine yea r s a go t h e uppe r piec e of t he p o le was destroyed by lig htnin g , b u t thi s w as soo n r e placed. W e h a v e a fine new flag n o w, but n othin g u p o n w hi c h to h o is t i t . We cannot affo rd to d o wit h o u t a p o le, becau s e e v en c o llege men and w o men ar e o ft e n 111 n eed o f p atriot ic in spi r at io n.


.. .:\ cl ay ,, a:' a p 1H , i 11 t c d 1m ',. h kIt th e Aa~ a 11 d i t~ b c a ut if ul ri u·rrin n· \\' Ct c tll h ~ J>r e:--L' n t ed t n t h e t.'"ll cge . T n a dd lu ~ tre t n th e o c casi,m , a n<.l , im: icl c nt cdly . to :'lt u ,,· wh at th e fla g- mean s a~ t h e r a llyin g ce n ter uf ircc cl ll m, t h e m e m bers o f t h e lo cal c; . .. H. P u:-t w ere re qu es te d tn ta k e t·h a r ge o f t he rai . in g . .J\nd t he ht)\' :' d id it in true m ilitary s tyl e . . \ :--alu te wa s g i,·en by th e ga th.e r e d peo pl e a nd



purc h a . e <.l . I"> ~


The p u le is 130 feet in

lt t·i·:-.··ltt ' t' l'\1 \\·n e d 1)\· an a rru w ,; /1 ~..!. fl.' et lUJH!". ..

(I ll


\\'hic h are

T fl all Jn ,·cr:' o i mu:-- ic and e nt e rtainment the third numb er o f u u r L ect u re C o u r:-'e \\·as. parti c u lar ly plea:-;in cr. The .-\n ita:'. a s inging c u m pany. g-a,·e an excellent pro gram of o rc h e~t ra l m u ~ic . in:::tr u me n tal and , ·oca l solo s. a n d r eadings h e fo re ~n int ere~ t cd a u di e n c e o n \\'edne d:ty e\·e ni n g . Dec. 13 t h . \ · a ri et y cl i=--t in g tt i:-' hed the pru gra m fr u m beginninrr t o "

'I J f 1·.


, I








. .. ...

·r: '; . ••

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ll j• ' I •

~ IJ• 1 •.•, 1t )]t~f:

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,, ,,, .• l:tlll ll

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N ( • I I r J 11

L a II 11 '"


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.. 1.,.

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IJ J,'IJI ," I' " • ' II • I II

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i·.=- ·~ i ' t:l 1 1l llH.:d t·l ntrc h .,; l' t: lla. l u wa. ha-- taken 1~~:\· .

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mi ~~ i () nary


curred at that time, which resulted in the death of Rev. John E .II ail one of the party. 1-~ev. J-Ioekj e is to teach in Steele Acade1ny in Nao-asaki during the co ming year. The following churches are glad t o haYe obtained pastors: Rotterdam l{an as-Rev. John II ffman, '71; Cedar Grove, Wisconsin- Re,·. . J(uyper '9 1 • Trinity, rand RapidsRev. R. II. J o lders ma, · 1; ~ixth, ;rand Rapid ·-- Rev. Wm . J. Duiker, ' 6. A new h onk hy A. J.... and . 1\f. Zwemer, · 7, ha been published. '['he title of the book is- " Ziazag J o urneys in the ·amel untr) ," lW 11 r\rah1a in Pit'lure. and Story." DL Bernard C. D e \·ries Prep. '06, left fn r Berlin in December ''' J,cc"me a . c)ciated with a pr 11ninenL American (jrthudet~ti~t. Sine, hi ~ gratluatiutt f1 u m the L ni,•er · ity of \ I ichi ." all la~ t y •at·. h · ha:-> h ·e n :.t ::-> i:-;tant in dinil·al dentistry :.tt that in . tilutiutl. ~lr. :\tilton J. I Iuffman , ·o~ vts tt d n >llege and led chapel <:XCITt:;e:-; un December 13th. ~h. ll nffman i ~· ~pe nding a hort \':tcatinn in America befure returning to xford. \Vhile at ( ):dDrcl he \\·un three cup:-; and a . ih·er medal in rowing conte ~ t.. l\T r. 11 o fTman has hecn studying theology, and his vacatiun . have been :pent in tra\·el o n the continent.


: ::··,- ,,,«·\ ' '"''·d l1i nt i:1 "' u; :-:.· · _, :.:• I • I • I :t I ·, \ l· JnL t·r. \\ "1 1 JIJ:tll \\ illl ),j .. Jt







pa: t u r.



·1; ': i Jrn<:- , ,f 1<<; \". II cnry !Jc Pree, Re\·. 1 I. B oo t. i" r: \:J · i' ::~. I:~rrc: n •an, "03, d.ncl He\'. B. Ro ttschaefer. '06. :. ' . ,. • r·c u: · l) ;..•ladrl<.:nc:d by the birth uf daughter -. A ::o n has , ,.,.; l, ::1 .,, 1\ t: . 1;. J.Jt Young, '07. !

r ! ;.tp<:l l" Xt:rc i'-t:-. werc.: Jed em ~ u \· ember 16th In· Rr,· Gerc t ! l •J ' Jt!<:!iJJk . '(J(): r111 1\" fJ \·cmber 27th by Re\·. P. (;..r ll 'ter.::. . '03 . <)n Frida,· c,·enin ;.,!'. 1)cc. Rth. many ,[ the c o lleg-e girls with their l't~:-\·lll,.pt~litan iriend~ gathered in the(;. A. R. Hall, ancl ~pent the e\·ening- at an init~rmal banquet. This year. a . c1ften bd• ri' C. a)J th e g·uc-.l:-' agree that the · o~ m politan tnen han: pn 1\·cd t h em~ e h ·e' t n he 1-~·t~n cl lto~t~ a:-; well a. clever aiter-<l inner ~pctlker:'.

.' J.- _I,,JIJJ \ ' tnnt·ma. Prep. 71. wa: h u n n red with a ret:ep·i· 1 1u·ld 111 h i- h1111ur a t Pre~icl en L \ ' ennema·~ h o me _:\! o \·emL ~ · · 17 h. JSIJJ. 'J Lu ni ~ (JIJU\\"cn --. 'O'J. and \ · erne Oggel, Prep. '07. were

•nrl•· nt n ·prc t:ntati,· e~ c,f the Xew Brun~wick ~eminarY at a • ''" f t·' <:Ill c r ,f 1n r,f c ~~~ · r~ and :-t u d en ts o f t hen lng-ica I !'em 1~1 a ri e~ IH ld <tt Y;tlc JJ j, inily . ·dHH,J :\(J ,·cmher 20-22. 1

I< ' \". \\ "illi . r;. ll oekj<;, '04, ha~ rcc o ,·ered fr o m injuries n·i \'cd w IJ ilc dim bin g l\1 t. A . am a. . udden cru ptio n oc-


-.·..lJ... ....



~li ~ :-- I.ulu \lartill ui Hellc\·ille. ~. Y .. :'pent the week hefure Tltank :'l-!, i,·in:..!" a t \ · ourhce:-; ll a ll. \·i:-;iting :\Trs . Durfee.





~Ii s Eh·a F

rn cro k, fo rmer in tructo r in Elocutio n and Expre ~. io n at 1 fu pe C Il ege, came fro m Kalamazoo, where s he is connected \\"ith the \ e . tern tate N o rmal, to spend the Thank. <ri\·ing \·acation \\"ith ~lrs. D urfee and friend s in Voorhee. 1Ia11. O n Friday e ,·enin g, Dece mber 1st, many o f lVIiss Forncroo k 's f ricnd s were de 1igh t fully entertained in her h o nor.


~I u nday en~ning. D~ (.:. 4th, th e men o f the ' B" class gave a spread in ~II'. C. \\ ' ier •nga':-- room in \ 'an \ l ee k I Jal1 in h u nc,r 11 f th~e ir former c i a:--. m ate. ~I r. nan. Deileman, wh o

\'i :-- itc:d ·• dlt:ge f"1· a few d ;t ' :--. ~l1 :--. l>uric:• a nd till' ,,,ung· laclies n i \ 'o(lrhe es llall enter-

tain e d t l1 · n 1em la •r-.. •·f the: f' \'C'nin g . Nr,\t:llllH'r 2:; 111.

Fr:11ern:tl . ,·u.: icty

fJ ll

S a turday

the c' t:nin g c1f ~ ~n e llllH.'r 20th the m e mb ers o f the Fre:-. hman d a~~ ~ u cceedcd in "clri,·ing dull c are away ' ' at o ne o f th eir ru u ~ in g c lass p a rti t::-;. The Lit rar.r J lall w as chosen as the :-:c<:ne uf the ie. ti\·itit•s. 1 ·~\-en· n n e is r e p orted t n ha\·e enj11yed him :-c li imm e n ~e ly .

o ppo rtunity fo r pre. enting- the lite rary e ffn r t. o f_thc ~ tudentry. ~ uch as p Pe m : . e:-.:--ays. and !'- t n ri e5. ~ t ill, if yon Ilk' the_weekly fn rm be:t. O liv et. we wis h y :1 tt good fort un e, a nrl gt\' e .r lll e\·e ry en cn u 1·agc 111 en t. The W allace World uf 1\a . . )l\·ill c. T ntH.>:--ce. prc ~e nt s a n-cclitahl appeara1we. The cclit ,,r nf t he Ext·hang-e _Departm e nt m a k e~ an apprnpt ialc ••h:--en·atiPn "hen he :--a ·s. 111 ciTe<·l. that c ritici: m !--llottld he in,· i tecl hy any !'-chnc d papeL \\'e know thi" tc1 be the attitude ,f t1llr uwn !--tafT. and we kn ow fu rther that \\'C ha,·e lllll infrequent ly pro fited frnm ju ~t . u c h cri t ici:- nl. \\' ith re~~rd tn the co nt ents >f the '' \ Vallace \Y o rld.'' \\'C Wl•u ld m erely ~ay tha t t h e d epartments are ,·cry brief.

L nth The Cue and The Red and Blue prcal'h tt. the much ne edecl g-n:pel ,,f ··(lriginality" in literary effnrl. ~f ,~· e w~re e\·o luti 11 ni · ts we \\'Pllld -..ay tltat it ~ho uld he o ur pn n ctpal ~1m to en h ·e new " typ e:-. Bnt int· u :-- o f . In n-er. mnre 1umhenng ~ait, it mus t ~ u nit·c 111 attain the g·rcate:;t eflic iency in the form ' that rna,· . be .~in: n ll ".


The O livet College Echo, the we e kly puhli hed by th e : tud e nt: oi O Ji,·et a ll ege, gi\· e ~ an intere tin g reco rd o f college e \·ents . \\' e cann o t pa. · upo n the relati\'e m erit. o f a weekly and a m o nth ly co ll ege p a p e r , ina. much a ~ a weekly has n \·e r been trie d o u t at 1 fu p e. Yet o n e adva ntao-e a l way appears in s t r~Jn g relief fur the m o nthly, namely, the add ed


Psycholog-y l1<1 ld s a prominent place in the mind s o f th.e :-.t u cle nt'-' of the r.:lankato Normal School, to jud g·e h y the arttt· lc!-- in thei 1- j 11urnal. ( nc !If the:--c treat~ of e m nt io n _ and the 11ther c•f the p .... _n·hli i "~Y l•f infancy.

( J11

The St. Paul C . I-I. S. World is o n e o f th e best exc han cre that \\' C ha,·e rc..:~·e i \·t: d in m on th ~ . Tt is exce ll ent n o t o nly in ti ll departm ent Lut in a ll. There i.· n o crowding- o f the materi a l in any dt:partment. ~ot that w e ~ h o uld ad vi. e c\·ery ~c h nu l peri o dit·a l t o ha\·e a v o lume uf s ixty o dd page., but th ere i:-- certainly nlllch admiratiun and re s pect due t u any sdH,c,J and any ~ta li' which ca n i ss ue a paper o f this .~ ize. Fell u \\'s, luu k at the cart<.>Un: in the s ame paper. ui\ little non :e nse, n,,,,. a nd t h en, is re li s hed by the he. t o f men."


The Comet ,,f \lilw a ukc e . \\' i'-' .. is a \·cry prctc nti n u " journal; hnt it '- p1 etcn ... i•"l:-- arc ju:-.tificd .


\\'e ic(> ) ~11re tlt~tt The Keramos nf l·:a:--t l .ivcrpe~ol. >hin. \\'ill he tltankfulh· I'(.'Cl'i\ e el h) c•ur . . . tuclcnts. Tlte u ~c o f m ore t h a 11 , , Ill' k j 11 c1 (II: t ·' p ~ d, 1 <.' .... 11 c t1 c nmm e 1H 1 i t ~ e If. T h c ' ' ~ I i : u n d cr:-.tancling " i~ a g-ood story.

Was It Big amy? "What' ~


the c harge?'' asked the judge. "Bi gamy, your h o n o r. , rep1ied the cop . "Two '"q. ves, e 11.?" "No, three." "Th at i ~ n't biga n1y ," rep l ied the jud ge; "that's trigonometry. "-Ex.





·rhursday e\·en1ng-. J) c mbcr 7th. with the Crand Rapid Battali o n~. lt \\::1!' a \en· •l llC- ..... ided Cltllte:'t and fn•m the ,·cry beginning it wa:-- rltarly ~een that the (;rand Rapid:' team wa:' • • ull: la:--~cd in all plta'-e"' 11 f the game. The fa!'t play~ of the II PJH.' "''.'"=-- tnnk thci1· nppn11e111" niT their icct. ancl a:' a T·e-..ult a large -..c11r(' """"run up. The ll ••pc }, qy~ played in fine form a :-. a n · . . . u I t • ' i n 'Ill pl't t • 11 t l. ()a d 1 i n g . · !" ! 1 c i e a t 11 r c "' •' f t h c g- a m c \\lTl' the ha-..kl· t - ~ h·u,tin .:.!' 11 f ~~ g-cnga and the dc,·cr pa ~ :--ing­ nf Kl cinhek ... cl. F,.JJ c ,\\in ~ arc the men and their pn~itinn"':

Basket-ba ll Schedule, 1911-1912. Thn · u ~h the carne:--t elr11rt~ of ~lanag-cr \ "an ~tricn. t here h_a.:-. l>:cn !>".(l.hl'd the :--~J~IIngcst ~chedulc in the history of I lo pe l u llc:-. c Ua:-- k ct-ha ll. I he : t rc •ngc:-- t teams nf the middlc-wc:t a1~pcar on the ~c]1ed ul c. fn n n L"ity in .:\li ch igan can its c itize n . Wl tnc:s such a ~er i c:- (li lir:--t-cla~s ga m es as arc sc.: hcdulcd to he played o n o ur fl oo r . Th e man a.~cr ha .. ; s pared n e ither time n or m o ney in makin .~· the ~d lcdul e \\'nrthy u( the s up pcn-t o f C\' Cry . tudenl. F n ll o \\ in g- is tht• =--c.: h cdulc : (;rand J~apicl s Ba ttali n n .-.- at I lnpc .................... D cr. 7 ~.lt. Plca:'a lll ~ nrmal s - at llupc ... ..................... Dcc JX (,rrtnd l~ api d s ··y··- at (;rand Rapid-. ............. Dec. 2R Jad~ . nn ··Y"- at Ja cks~tn .................................. .. fan. 2 .. agmaw .r\11- tars- at Saginaw ...................... i a n. 3 ~It. rlea. ant K o rmab--at ~It. Plcasant.. ....... ."Tan. 4 A im ~ "ol le:t!_·c- at 1\lm a .. . ......... ............. ...... .......Jan. 5 L e w 1~ Tn ~ t t t u t c- a t l 1o p c... . . .................... _......... 1a 11 • 12 R ~y l ~s o f Dcln it- at ll npc .............................. .... -Tan. 19 1\ft ~ ht~·an J\~ricu ~ tural n ll eg-c- at I fope ....... ~fa n. 24 Ch1cago Un l\·ers tty - at fl o p e ............................ Fch. 3 J!c k s o n 'Y"- al I l o pe ......................................... Feb. 10 I ~ ,· anston Red. - at I I o pe ... ................................. Feb. 17 Not:e Dame- at I Tope ....... .............................. Fch. 22 Sag maw All- tars- at ll n pc _............................ ~f ar 2 \Vhea1u n o 1J cgc. 111.- at ll npc ................ ........ l\Iar. <) De tro it Athletic · luh- at ll o pe ................ ........ l\far: 1G ~ eel and O I_vm pic C lu 1>- a t II npc ........................ :\f ar. 23 Z eeland O Jym pic Club- at I1 upc ....................... :\T a r. 30 Grand Rapid . ·· Y '- at J Lc pc ........................ Datc n ut set

Hope, 77-Gralid Rapids Battalions, 13. The fir s t bas ket - ball ga m e uf t he seas on wa.

playe d




I I 0 P 1~ . \ · an < l ..... tt:nJ ,cr;.,! ....... _. ... 1~ . F . .. .............. ........ .. -. Kie inhcks cl Harne: .................... ............. I ,. F . .................... L nkker-Da lm a n . .................................... ... tc~cnga " 'Cl" :"'. • • • • • I'\' I I:--, P . < ;_ ........ 1 fe khtti s-\ ' cr fl ock( ; ill in- \ · r u wink (;. , ~ tege man !I ann i:- It ........ L. < ;_ ........... ....... \ ·an Dr o nkhor ~t ~ttltlman l ; it' ld l~a ~ l, t· t -. ll t~JH~ . 3(); B atta lions. S. Foul !: :1 :-.kl'l :-- II upt'. _; ; I !at ta li• •11 ..... 3. H.cf cree- De J(ru if. 'Ti mckcepcr- \ ' an ~tricn.

Hope, 63-M t. Pleasant, 24.

1n a ' en :--1• •\\ game 11f ha:'k<.:t-habll played :\l rmday. I )ecc ml>er JRth. ll••pe defeated ~lt. Plca=--ant by the score o f 63 tn 24 . The lir-.t half wa .... playccl fa·-l ancl wa:' marked by cJc,·cr J>a:-.!' in g ancl ha--kl'l · ... h~t t tin g . The 1a:-- t hali wa~ an exact c rHlt r as l. w 1, i l'l• ma rl t i t , · t· r y .... 1ow . The li g- h tin g- ~pi r it n f o u r hoy:-- :-l' L'lllcd l •' h e Jackin~. Their frequent fumble · were l arg-ely the cau . . c .. r ~lt. T'lea .... ;lllt·=-- ~c rc. F t.! lo\\ing· j ... the lineup:

-:\IT. PLE . \~ . \XT.

11 1~ .


F . ....................... K.leinhck.el ~fnrri,nn. \\"righ t.. ........... 1.. F . ....... : ........... Dalman. Lokker Dit·kcr:--un ......... ..... C . ................................ ~ tcgcnga D a,·idsnn . . .... . ... R. ( ;_ ......... ~tcg-emm 1. \· e r IIoek Frazer................ . .. ...... L. (; . ..................... Va n Bronkhorst Summ a ry: Field g-Pab- li Ppc 30, ~It. P l ea~a nt 10. Refcrce- \ ' an rtutcn . l "mp irc c Kruii. ~c orekeeper-IT ol ­ leman. Timekeeper- Van trien. R a \ ' lll li iHl.. .






- - -- - - - - - --



--- - - - -

Thu r~day

c,·e nin g-. I ) ece mhc r 7 th. \\' it h t he ( ;rand R apids Batt a l ion~. J t ''a ~ a ' e n · • l ll C- ..... idcd cn n te ~ t . and frnm the ,·cry hcg-inn in ~· it wa!"- ckariy !-- Cen tha t the ( ; ra nd R a p id:-; t eam \\'a:' ,, u td.a:--!--Cd in a ll ph a . . . c:-' 11 i th e g a me. The fa~l pi a .\':' n f the ll n p ~· "' ')"" tnn l· t he ir tl)lJ Hi tlCll t:-' n ff t h e ir icc t. a nd_ a". a rc, ttl t a lan.!l' :--C f lrt' \\'a" r un up. T he i I••P • hny ~ pl ayed 111 l111 e fn rm a:-- a ·n · ... ul t ,,j c•• m)' <:l l' lll cn;~ ~.· lli ng. The iea t u re" 11f t h e g-a me \\ l ' rL' the ha-..k ct - ~ h •~ttti n g- ,,f ~ tcg en ga and the rJc,·e r pa-;!'-ing,, j J~l e in h ck . . . cl. ).'II JI II \\ ill ~ a rc t he m e n a nd th c ii'J)I I!'-i ti n n-; :

Basket-ball Schedule, 1911-1912. T IJn, u ~h the earnc:--t eiTtl rt :' nf :\ lanagcr \ ' au S tr ic n. there It a!-- b ee n b11ukcd the :' lrn ugc:-'t :'chcd ulc in th hi:'tory o f I lo p e Cu ll cg-e Ba:-' ket-h:l ll . The ~t n•ng-e:-- t te am s o f t he m id d le-w c .· t a ppea r o n the. c h cdu lc. fn n o c ity in ~li ch i g-an can its c it ize n . \\'itn c~s s u c h a ~c ri e s u[ l ir:-'t-cla~s ga m e.· a:' a rc ~c h e<.lul c d to b e played o n o u r fl oo r. Th e m a n ager il as s p a r ed n e ith e r t ime n o r m o ney in m a kin g t h e ~c h c dul c wo r t hy (I f t h e s upp n 1·t o f c,·cry ~ tud e n t. F o ll o win g i ~ th e : d1 c<.lul c : (;rand f~ a pid !'\ Batta lio n : - at rr IJ> C . ....... . . ...... ... D ec . 7 :\ J L PI ca!'a n t ~ , ,r m a Is- at II o pe ........................ D ec. 1X ( .ran . ?O... <I I) ' a p.tC ,:-;· · \···- at (.. ra n df)'\<1 )>1. <, ..- . ............. I )cc. _, J ac k !-'cl n ·•) "'- at J ac k=-o n ................................. ... j a n . 2 .. ag in a w A li- S t ar~-at ~ a g in a \\' ............ ...........J a n. 3 l\ft. Plca. a nt J\Tn rm a l!"- at 2\It. .Plca!:-a n t.. ........ Jan . 4 Alma 'ol leg-c- at 1\lm a .... ................................ ...J a rl. 5 L c \\' i. I n =- t i t u t e- a t I l o p c. ... . ...............................J a n . 12 Ray 1es o f D c trn it- a t ll np c .................... ..............J a n. 19 l\Iic higa n i\grieultu ral o ll cg-c- at TTn p e ......J a n. 24 C hicago lr n i,·cr~ ity-at Tl o p e ........................... Fe b . 3 Ja c k~ o n uy·•- at Tl o p c .......................................... F h. 10 E,· an ~ t o n R cd. -at lJn pc ....................... ~ ........... F c h. 17 N o tre D a m e- a t I To p e ... ......... ....................... . .. F ch . 22 Sa o·in a w All- ta r: - a t Tl o pc .......... ....... ............ :.\1a r. 2 \Vh ea1o n n ll l!gc. TIJ.- al ll o p c ........................ ~T a r. () D ct rn it \ t hl et ic "luh- a t I To p e ..... .................. 1\Ta r. JG Zee land O lympic Club- a t ll c,pe.............. .......... :\far. 23 Zeeland )Jy mpic Club- at Il o pc ........................ ~f a r. 30 Grand Rapids .. Y ·- at 1 Lc..p c ........................ D a tc n o t . ct

Hope, 77-Gra~d Rapids Battalions, 13. The fir s t bask e t-Gall ga m e u f t he .:caso n w a

pl a y e d

(; J-\ .\ \:1> 1-\ .\ l'li>S.

I lOPE. !{ . F. .. ... ·- ... -· ........................... . K k


inhck!--c l l; a rn c:-;. . ..... .. .. ....•. . .... . ... 1.. F. -···· · ··· ·· · · ··· · ·· · l . n kk er- D a I man l\ 11ge r:; ....... .. .. .. ....... . .. .... .. ... .. .. . .. .. C . .................................... ~ tcge n g-a 1~. C . ........ 1 Tckh u i ~ - \' cr JT oc k ( ; iII in- \ · r tt \\' i 11 k ( ;_ Steg-cn1 a n r.. < ; , ... . .. .. .......... V a n B ru n khors t ll anni:- 11 I IPpc . 3fl ; Ha tta l iu ns. 5. F o u l ~ u 1 11 111 a r y : I: i l' I d I ; a " d . . . Referee- De K r u if. T im eJk-t....,kl't~ fii i )H ' . ~ : J; ;Ht al i t~ ll " . 3. k ccp<:r- \ ·a 11 ~ t r ien.

H o pe, 63-Mt. Pleasant, 24 . :--1•' " ~a m c ,, f J , a ~ k e t -h a bll played 2\ I P nd a y . l)erc m her JRt ll : ' '' ')H~ .clc f<.·at ccl :\I t. I l ca~a n t hy the sco re o f 6 3 tn 24. T h e fir ... l hal f w a"" play e d fa =-- t H t H l \\'<.l ~ m arked hy cJc,·cr p a :--s in g- a nd J 1a ... f,ct -.. hc" ti ng·. Th e la:--t hali \\'a~ an ex a ct cnn tras t. \\'l ,id 1 m a r'l' it \' t·r y ,) o \\' . T he li~ htin g s pirit n f o ur . . Th e ir frcctu c n t fumb les were h o \·:-- ' l' l' llH.'t 1 l• • I 1(' I :tc k·1ng la 1::-. ... l.h. t ilL· ca u -..c "f ~ It. Pl ca:--a n t':-' :-.C ()rc. F c•! l ll \': ing j .... t he l in up: I r )P £. :\ I T . P LJ ·: . \~ . \~ T . ...•.....••.... I~ . F ...... . .......... ...... lrleinhek. el R ay m " nd. :\T nrri,n n . \\' r ig lt t ............ 1•. F . ... .............. 1 a lman. L n k k er D ic k cr:-.1111 ( · . ............ · · .................. tcgcn g-a . ........... R. < ;. ········- S tcg-cm;m . \" e r l ioek D a,· id : n n .......... -- · ·· ····· Fr·azcr........ . . ... . . . ....... L. ( ; . .................... Va n B ro nkho rst S um m an· : Field g-Pab- Tio pe 30. :\[t. P leas a n t 10 . Refc r ce- \ ' a n 6utt ' l l. ( ~m pi re-De K r ui f. S co rekc:eper- TTo lle m a n . Ti m e k eeper- \ ' a n t r ien. Jn a





\ C J'\





from the iacult Y.

Or. Bro wn is the choice for

Pro fe~~o r:' Bea~d s lee



and Yntcma are picked for half-backs.

llj• ~ pcr~ .

at Cusm o· banquet: ··Say. Verna, don't ')., . wi-..h you h ad bro ught y o ur f o untaltl pen . \li~ . Schultz: "\\·h,·~·· ~li ~~ II. : ··.·l y u u could u s~ Dro ppers.'' \I i:-: ~ S .: h. n o . we are all ·elf-filler. 1terc.' ' \liss

Bilkert. calling- ''11 \li ~s S - - (to Van Zyl ) : ·• av d o you wan l my room n ext year: .. Van: "\ hy, d o y o u want my r oo m?''


\1 rs . Duricc: .. ~lr-. \\' a llinga. d o you think the expres!:- in u 'in great icather' i.; slang-?'' \\' allinga : .. :\ft ? I cio u· kn tJ W. l ain ' t \Cry \\ell al·quaiutt·d \\ ith ..,Jang."

Prof. Nykerk got S1 Hne pi tc h o n hi ~ coa t while lea nin gon a fe nce, and a.:-ked a d1)rm. g irl ho w t o remove it. he an ~ wered: ·• lleg in to ~ in g . fu r y o u ahvays gel o ff the pitch when y o u ing .''

J l o tr~ . at the ~ upp er tahlc (ahnut t u drink hi s co ffee): ''1 fcr e 's to the girt ~ u f the \m erican h a re, I Jo ve but one. I Jove no m o r e; ~ ince s h e 's n o t here to drink her part. J drink her . hare. with all my heart." (\Ve w o nder wh o .)

1\hvu :-- hur gcr (rnn :;ing) : "She's pretty to walk witt ~ r<• talk with, and plea sant, too. to think upo n ?'' -

~ o ph n m 11 rc: " l •oo l ~

Pyl, debating

nual life annually


English cia _~ : ,·cry grea t. "

\ "cr na:

·· f t 's a :-'hamc Brus h ha · to come to . choo l when

~ irk:·

:\finnic :

.. \\' h y. h '' ,. ·s t h at ?'' ·· r le cnmc:-- in e,·ery m orning "'' ith the grip ."


of an-

Jo ngewaarcl, after th e Anitas' concert: "1 think t tat these girls were b etter than the Co Jlecre Singing Girl o f 1 s t year; these were not s uch ki c ker ." One of the students has picked


that he wa s g o ing with a girl and needed m o re m o ney. aid his father: ' 'O li,·er, Dro p 'er." n .)n't \\"l)rry. 11ernice.

\ " lTll:t :



< >li\·cr ''n ne )H) nle

" \Vh at i" there c ~ pecially cunous

~Jr. \V aalke!--: ''A ' ltinaman is a c uri 11 tt ~ s pecimen humanity, hc ca u ~e h ha s a h e ad and tail n the same end.'

a s k questton s w1se men ran t an s wer. l· t·e"hm:ut : .. >h. that' ~ why we flunk. "

he':-B oe r~ (in llistnry): abo u t the ' h.inamcn ?' '


>i :til ~ ad W•·rd" 1.; rn ng-u c n r pen, tht" "l .ig-hr... (• llt :tt ttll . l

;:;a drle ~ t

are the1:;. e :

r .Jp pc u : •'Titat' ... ah ·ay" the way. men want C\·erything tilt\ ca n ::-. "t'L a rHl \\"l tlllen \\anr e\·eryLhin g they can't ~et.' ' , ]J,-, ,, ah···u t it. ~ina : ~ ~· h·dtcn :

l .q h c r :

··J·m ~n <li7.7.y. I can't s ee . t raig-ht." · · \\' e II. j u · t I 0(, k t hi · way .' .

\rin:t (_ ... c:t· in ~ pi rk lc...; nn th C' table):


nu1 ~ t




lo ts o f fu lk ~ here all' tlli~ w ay r·




Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

It '' 1..' .




'T u c r a m " r n•' t t 1 ) c r a 111 . t II a t i ... t lit· q t H · ..... t i , 11 \\'hcther 'ti . . . ea .... ier in till' ria:-- . . t.~ t...' IHIIlr~.· Th e pain and tt~rtllrt...• , 1i appallin.~ flunJ-. . . . . 0 r t a k c u p ;~. n11 .... a ~a i 11 ..... t a 111 ' n II..' ' 1 i I, , " d..: .... :\ n d I ,y .... t u cl_, i 11 ~ t ll~...·nt. k a r 11 - " l1 a t : < ; t'l'lll a 11 • F r e Ill' It . ~ ~~ m '•re ; and ),_, a lit tit..• ...,Jeep. '' t. .· - ~ '''" i~~r~t· t Tha t c ; <: r 111 a 11. F n ·Jll' h . t h.... 1),, u ... a 111! • •t l1 \· r 1h 111 ~ ... Th at \\ l ' lllll ... l d e• 'ti .... :t l l' ' ll lt Entirch u nl1utkt d j .. , . ')'.1 plu ~. t• • ).. .nt ·. T .. plug! p ·JI,,q,- '" l l : t ltl; ·.!•. IIJ:tl . " i•d•. Fur \\' ht: ll \\t · , .. .. ,k ... ,, IJ,ud . ,,11:11 g., ...)' ·''' ····fill' \\h e n \\C can· ll •d at :dl i"' al l tl1i, t t lfi' S t.• I (' t u ... p :1 11 -..e : t h t· n •·... a rc ·a ... ' •II \\' Jaicll mak l.'"' 11tt r --t ud~ in~· ... ,h· lt ~~ 11 i~tl. F ,.-"·It,, ca 11 he<ar th t. .· -.ctnn,,f .~ur " l'l' J:tt lll.' . t ~' l' ·" t· ..... ~ The pr ui~ great '"' ' ng. the \\:t_\' t ht·.' pilL· it till. The pru~ pcl'l "i t h " ' ' F re th.' It rt' )l • • r t :--. Th e terr,H· ,,j '-=--am:--. and threatt'll l'cl ,·,,n ... T h at cumc ll)l •ll l u-. utlck-.~..· n l.'d. \\' hen \\'C c..·xpt...'ctl'cl 1 ~· ... Frl• tll all the pr• · i-- ~ \\ It" l· . . uld th<'l ' trial -. l•1.ar. Tn gru nt a n d :--\\ L' at a \\ L·a r.' hu u r .gu t that tht i l· tr ~·i ..... ttal hin~ ""r ... t. TJ t,,-. e ;J.\\·iul lll:ar J, ... . F r111ll '' hi ch tltl'rl.'· ... 1111 .... ,·;a p e. dt~th n r~t...· u .... t•ll • . \ nd mc.tkL:-- u ... t.ttllll lll':tr tht...· tt ial-.. \\ t' 11:1\ l' Than fl y t•• th ,•- c \\C kll••\\ tl tl l ,.j~ .'<J tlli-.. 11 t1 r llnll t...·-t re-. ...Jut HtJl . 1:-. that 11i 'ut tll11:-ot g t t...al a \ t: t ,j .. n And d• Jc IH •t prt•mi:--e grand re .... ult :--; But :--ttft t1 11\\· . tlt u-. l.' tHkdt...·tll my nt~n}.Jaint.



Ta ke

h t~ r

a box of

Gunther's Hand Rolled Chocolates AND





Gerber Drug Company

CIYII, Mechanical, Electrical Send fora Cata logue.


---------------------~-~----------------------------Establis b ccJ IH92

Stephen Lane Folger



Club and CoiJege Pins and Rings, Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals t. 0 Broadwny, NE\\ Y RK




Ncc kw f'a r Shirts I Iandkrrvhi fs



usp nd r~ Cnff Links

White \: ests

I IosP Gloves Stiek Pins

Silk Scarfs

''Our Motto is Satisfactionn

Vander Linde & Vissers 4 W. 8th Street, Holland, Mich.


-~· 2 up.

Our postal cards s1ze at '10 is the best ever.

Not only do\\' h, \' l e\·erything Photographic, but also C Y(3ryth ing in th • \\·ootl burn ing lin<•. ·ou\'cnir r artls rrom l c to 25c earh .

Get intt ·n·

· t<~d

in Photograph y.

Coster Pl1oto Supply Co. 2 1 East Eighth Street

Phone 15






Casper Belt's Barber Shop Everything Tot'lsorial

The Jewelry Centre of Western Michigan

Sanitation iu 1'(1etbods


c. tablished n arly fifty

Dr. James 0. Scott

a rs a g o and in this line our narnc has hccon1 ~ kno\vn for rl pendahle goods , absolutt' reliability :11Hi d i.. tinC'ti\·c servi ce. Such a r~putation is n good thin ~ tn talc~ inh consideration when purchasing Dian1onrls , \Vatches or Jewelry. ":-r'

I> ENTIST IIOftS- 1 30 t• 1Z t 1:30 t• 8 • ·

:t ! E AST



Society Pins and J evvelry t ynur leisure

Actual Pl1ott)graphs of the Orig· inals in our Catalogue

Do you Know?

Yo urs, ru r th e As king,

HARDIE, The Jeweler,

That nothing appeals more to a College Student than a

Nice, -warm Bath Robe

Also a full line of MEN'S FURNISHINGS Bool<s Stationery Posters

Penn:1nts Fountain Pens Souvenir Articles


r RlS


30 W. Eighth St.



91 Ottawa St

For quality, reasonable prices and assorttnent, the place where you find then1 is at NICK DYKEMA Cor. River and Eighth Streets




Our Society Pins are now ready· for your lnspectioa 57 Monroe St.

Courtesy ia Treatment Around the Corner

Where the othe r fellows go

RESTIGE in trade is only attained by a long period of successful business in a con1n1unity. w~ wcr~





w. el strttt





---Go to the---


F irst Class Rtlpairing

P. S.---As k ror o ur SATIN ORIENTAL BOUDOIR ::;\ve llest creation of the year.


~~ ~,·(·

.v· u r

238 River St.



,, a tch_es and Jewelry pa ired at


Wykhuizen & Karreman 14 W. Eighth "t. Next to P. s. Boter &


T 1L E




l . 11 0 I\.


--- - - --





Are missing murh if you're not eating P.olland Rusk. The Rusk of golden brown, crisp from the ovens of the largest bakery of its kind in the world. No other food has the quality of Holland Rusk, something better or just as good is impossible. Get some forlny.

L"ok fm路 fh r wind'"' "


!Itt' Jnu路l.. o!l''

Holland RLzs/( Compang Holland, tv I ichigan





91-99 E. 8th Street

Cltz. Phone 144,

When your Room needs Painting or Decorating - - PHONE-



PHOI'\E 1573 or 1491


Are what we are looking for T is to be regretted that there arc so many I of that sort tnis day and age, but they 1nust be ca red for, and we are fully equip. ped to do it. No matter what you think the troubJe is do not do a thing till you come to u .

It Will Cost You Nothing to Know And It Is a Duty to Your Eyes






Registered Opticians 38 East Eighth St.


Charter's Barber Shop Our Work Speaks for Itself ENUFF

SED . . . .

6 W. Eighth Street The Athlete's Barb r The Prof's Barber

Th 路 Ora tor's Barber

The Studenfs Barber

and Your's after a路 trial

Dogger & Thoms

Next to Van's Restaurant

FRANKLIN POLICIES Are Registered If you want to know all about them


ME ~

\VM. J. OLIVE, General Agent

Phone 1124







Boston Restaurant

High Grade Pianos and Organs and a full line of

Violins, Guitars and Mandolins o ·1 hand to select from

Ty us Once, you'll conte again


in Footwear that has merit in it-as to style, cotnfort or service, can always be found here at ri2ht prices


18 W. 8th St., Holland

Opp. Interurban Waitia& Room

Basket Ball Goods

Every Ne'W' Idea \.


Meyer's Mt.tsic House

For Good Service, Good Meals, Good L•nches, Good Caterin& and Good Location

34 West Ei&llth Street


S. Sprietsma & Son

Whea yoa have your claaa partiea out in the country, let ••

H. Van Tongeren

]as. A. Brouwer

take you there

BOONE'S LIVERY PHONES: Citizens 34: Bell 20

209 Ctatral AYIIUI

,., .

Rockey, Karsen and Imported Dutch Skates

Furniture and Carpets

Special prices to Students

212-214 R iver Street

H. BOS, Student Tailor

Arend Visscher. Pres.

113 River St. B. D . Keppel, Vice-Pres.

See Chas. Garvelink, at the Holland Printing


For year Priated., Ea&n'fei or Die Statioaery. Finest liJle of aampla. ZOI CoUeae l'fe. BoUaa., Nick. --GO T O - -

A. C. RINCK & CO. For your Room and Society Hall Furniture Cit.z. Pho11e 13.10


Citz. Phone I 0 57

p E0 p L E

S 1. . A T E


CAPJTAL $50.000.00 Commercial and Savings

John G. Rut(Iers, Cas hier



Henry Winter. Ass't Cashier


4 per cent on Time Deposita

Why not send

a nice

Photograph Home to the Folks ? Always something special for the student


Kanters' Block Holland


,. THE





HOPE C0 L ~L ECi f

E. BthSt.

The College Shoeman Graduate in the Boot and Shoe Art




N D,



Dick Tuiner Make Your Suit Now

HOPE C OLLE G E Ask the fe&Jowa

207 RiTer Street


See our new line of Hope College Basket Ball Pillows aad Peanaats Have youseen our Pennants with the reproduction of

Winants Chapel, in orange and blue?

DU MEZ BROS. Students!




For a 4 month guaranteed water-proof and wear-proof soltgo to the

ne Electric Shoe Hospital C..




Eacliah-Modun Language

J7 E. 8th. Street










I. &mitlfs lmg



The Western Theological Seminary

Hot and Cold drinks all winter·

Hotel Block


of the Reformed Church of America is located in Holland .._ johting the College Campus. Corps of Experienced lnstructon


REXALL Drug Store


s• lt.,


Cha. Plao. . 1131

Ou the Pue Marquette Railway, 160 miles from Chicago, 26 milet from Grand Rapids. EXPENSES MODERATE. For further infonnation or year book apply to

Dainties for You and the Lady




Pies a Specialty




O . D.,


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