VKFW Magazine - Fall Winter 2017

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As you have likely discovered, if you are a parent, soon to be parent, or like us designing for people with babies, designing a room that both looks good and functions well can be tricky. Now lets add in doing it at a reasonable cost and things get even more challenging! With a few simple tips and tricks, it is easy to create a space that is functional, optimizes storage space, and will grow with your baby into their childhood. Even the smallest space can fit all of the essentials if it is designed efficiently. Here are a few tips we take into consideration when designing for our clients:

DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY AND SPACE ON A CHANGE TABLE If you have limited space, why waste room on a change table? One easy solution – buy a dresser that is at hip height and place a changing pad on top instead. It is very simple to secure the change pad to the back of the dresser for safety and you can use on of the top drawers to store the diaper changing essentials. We love the Calla 6 Drawer Dresser, $297.

PURCHASE FOAM FLOOR TILES INSTEAD OF A RUG Gone are the days of tacky foam floor tiles and in are hip new patterns and products! Floor tiles add a fun design to the room, and double as a play space and soft cushion for your soon to be crawling and playing baby’s knees. They are easy to maintain, and disassemble quickly and easily when you’re done with them. Since they are great for playing on, they help reduce the need to have a play room in addition to the baby room. With smaller spaces and condo living at a peak, making the most out of your room is essential. Our favorite playmat is Skip Hop’s Playspot Geo Foam Floor Tiles which come in different colors, and can be formatted in many different patterns chevron being one of our favorites! One pack retails at approximately $95 (you may need two packages depending on the size of the room), but that is still cheaper than most area rugs. These are a must!