Pollock Journal | Issue 3: Where the Wild Things are

Page 12

The Wild in our Schools

“During the past couple of years, the Marshall Learning Garden has been revived by dedicated parents, teachers and young gardeners. Classes have been heading out to the garden during the school day for mental and physical exercise such as planting, shoveling mulch, tasting fresh vegetables and herbs and planting a wildflower garden. It has been a community building experience and many families have come to volunteer on weekends. Currently, the Marshall PTA and volunteers are working on a project to build an outdoor classroom at the garden. It will be finished this spring and the community looks forward to celebrating with live music and fresh veggies in the garden!”

Jennifer Pisani Marshall Elementary Parent

"Our "kindergarden" began in 2008 during our first year teaching Kindergarten. We built some rustic garden beds with the thought of planting bulbs in the fall that would bloom in the spring. Little did we know that the deer really liked our tulips! Over the years, our little plot of land morphed into much more. With the help of former Team W parents, we applied and received grant money to build new raised garden beds with fencing. We began planting a variety of crops (lettuce, kale, spinach, snap peas, radishes, carrots, strawberries and herbs) that would sprout and be ready to sample before our little ones left for summer break in late June. We created an entire curriculum around our garden, including a unit on composting. Our students have learned to plant seeds, weed the beds, harvest the crops, and compost lunch/snack scraps over the last decade. It is amazing to see how excited our students get when it is time to get ready to garden each week!"

Serena Watkinson, South Mountain School Parent