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Vanderbilt Master of Management in Health Care

The Vanderbilt Master of Management in Health Care is a one-year graduate degree designed especially for managers, health care practitioners and executives in health care organizations. Through classes one night a week, one weekend a month, the program equips you with the business fundamentals and interdisciplinary leadership skills to become a robust organizational manager. Ever-changing environment. There’s one constant in health care today. It’s changing. In this rapidly evolving environment, big-picture management expertise is more valuable than ever before. And those who have that expertise are more valuable to their organizations than ever before. Our Master of Management in Health Care program puts it all within your reach.

World-class business school located in a vibrant health care business community. World-class program. The Vanderbilt Master of Management in Health Care brings together a combination of exceptional strengths: the highly ranked Owen Graduate School of Management, Vanderbilt University Medical Center and Nashville’s dynamic health care business community. As a result, this program equips you to understand the business of health care from a variety of perspectives—and enables you to apply that knowledge to benefit both your organization and your career.

A program centered on you. The program’s unique schedule—one night a week, one weekend a month, for one year—lets you gain the knowledge to become a high-level leader without disrupting your daily work or career momentum.

master nagement. Table of Contents Curriculum .........................................................2-3 Capstone Project ...........................................4-5 Leadership Development Program ......6-7 Faculty ............................................................... 8-9 Peers & Teams ............................................. 10-11 Week in the Life..................................................12

7:30 PM Students participating in core management simulation series.


One night a week. One

One big

Over a one-year period, you participate in core business courses one night a week, attend intensive health care industry-specific courses one weekend per month and work in teams on a health care consulting project throughout the program.

The unique schedule of the Master of Management in Health Care program assures the highest quality educational experience without disrupting your job responsibilities or the day-to-day operations of sponsoring organizations.

“As a mother of 2 young children and working full time, I was concerned about having the time to commit to pursuing a master’s degree. When I found the MMHC program, I knew it was the perfect fit for me because of the flexible schedule.”

“My journey through the MMHC program has mimicked the stages of metamorphosis; I arrived here barely knowing the fundamentals in health care management, but now I am confident I possess the tools to navigate the complex and everchanging health care ecosystem.”

“It was beneficial to find out how the curriculum at Owen tied into my day-to-day work. I was able to expand my knowledge at school immediately into my day job.”

Michele Hesselrode Physician Liaison

Romeo Clinical Entsuah, Pharm.D. Pharmacist

Lynette Baker Director Materials

Vanderbilt University Medical Center MMHC | Class of 2013

Baptist Hospital & Saint Thomas Health MMHC | Class of 2013


Management NorthCrest Medical Center MMHC | Class of 2013

weekend a month. One year.


in your health care career.

“The powerful contacts and networking in the fields of medicine, insurance, business and leadership have been unsurpassed. I feel that this networking will be the most valuable asset that I gain from this wonderful program.”

Mod 2

Core: Managerial Economics

Core: Leading Teams and Health Care Organizations

Industry: Economics of Health Care

Industry: Strategies for High-Performance Health Care Organizations

Excel Spreadsheets for Health Care Analytics

NorthCrest Physician Services MMHC | Class of 2013

Mod 3

Mod 4

Core: Operations Management

Core: Managerial Finance

Industry: Configuring and Optimizing Health Care Operations

Industry: Health Care Finance

Spring Break


Winter Break

Capstone Project and Leadership Development

Spring Break


Mod 5

Mod 6

Core: Financial Managerial Accounting

Core: Marketing Management

Industry: Health Care Accounting

Industry: Strategic Marketing of Health Care Services


George Dahir, M.D. Orthopaedic Surgeon

Mod 1

Winter Break



Curriculum at a Glance— 30 Credit Hours

Capstone Project and Leadership Development (continued) Each mod is 8 weeks in length. Management Core classes meet one night per week; Health Care industry classes meet one weekend per month. * Graduation celebration immediately follows successful completion of the program; dates for Vanderbilt commencement exercises are established by the university and may lag. Schedule is subject to change.


With the Vanderbilt Master of Management in Health Care, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and skills to make a bigger impact and advance your career. From the first week of the program, you and other team members will work on a Capstone Strategy Project to put that new knowledge to work on behalf of your organization, your patients and your career. Meanwhile, your organization will gain leaders who understand how all business disciplines work together and who can effectively drive the entire organization forward.

make yourself

more valuable

to your company with A

Here’s a sampling of some recent Capstone Projects: n Vanderbilt HomePath

Diagnostic Management Team The HomePath Capstone team is helping the HomePath DMT— one of the seminal initiatives in Vanderbilt’s innovation portfolio— develop a plan for regional business expansion by determining evaluation criteria and analyzing the opportunities in each region of Tennessee.

n Maury Regional

Medical Center Management Team To alleviate the effects of a physician shortage and improve access to care while decreasing costs and patient wait times, the Maury Regional Capstone team evaluated the feasibility of creating a telemedicine network.


n NorthCrest Federally

Qualified Health Center The NorthCrest Capstone team was tasked with finding a large number of vulnerable patients who have no insurance and minimal access to health care (frequently relying on the ER for service) and to primary care in order to reduce ER utilization. The team implemented the Federally Qualified Health Center, to document cost savings and increase reimbursed billable accounts, and pursued federal grants to offset the cost of implementation.

Capstone Team Composition


Put everything you learn to work. A Capstone Project—one of the hallmarks of Vanderbilt’s program—brings together everything from your experience. As part of your Capstone team, you’ll apply all the management concepts and tools you’ve learned to a significant, strategic business initiative for a health care organization— most commonly your own. Our students (and their sponsoring organizations) find this real-world, Capstone learning experience to be an investment that pays both immediate and long-term dividends.

Cross-enterprise selection of team members


Physician Leaders

Clinical Leaders

Key perspectives within core pillars of the organization

Nonclinical Administrators

Capstone Team

4-5 team members n Average 15 years of work experience n Age Range: 30-50 n Mid-Career

capstone strategy project. Huntsville Hospital Management Team. The challenge: The organization’s Capstone team was asked to evaluate the potential impact of a new Madison, Alabama Hospital on the existing system and propose an effective positioning that would result in incremental growth. The team: Members of the team included the Director of Medical Staff Services; the VP of Operations; the Director of Finance; and the CEO of a hospital affiliate. The solution: The team identified an opportunity to utilize obstetrics services as the leading edge attraction for strategic expansion in the market. In addition, they recommended that existing facilities align their marketing efforts to reach and attract new and growing families to the enterprise.


Don’t just learn to Some people are born leaders. For most of us, leadership is an acquired attribute. Our program offers you personal coaching and other resources—including best-in-class tools used by Fortune 100 CEOs—to assess your personal leadership style, identify your strengths and challenges and help you gain the skills to manage people, projects and processes.


Our Leadership Development Program, which is woven throughout the program, includes both an executive coach, who will help you develop a personalized leadership development action plan, and a team coach who will work with your group throughout your Capstone Project.

“With all the recent changes in health care and all the upcoming changes, I felt the need to learn more about the overall effect it will have on my facility and how I can assist in adapting to these changes.”

Leadership Development Program At A Glance An open door to the tools and support needed to learn, practice, modify and grow leadership skills.

Cathy Malone

Administrative Director of Cardiovascular Services Maury Regional Medical Center

Executive Coaching

Individual Development

Be paired with an Executive Coach who will help you explore your personal leadership DNA as well as identify critical leadership skills and actions against those skills that will help you achieve your leadership and career goals.

Build personal accountability by taking independent action on those critical leadership skills to help drive toward executive success. Apply in the program as well as on the job.

Anne Marie

What does an aeronaut planes at Boeing) do wh fundamental career cha case, she came to Vand goal of pursuing a strat summer, she’s interning department, a perfect p background, she says.


Assessment and Insights You will have access to several best-inclass diagnostic assessment tools used by Fortune 100 companies. Also benefit from coaches who are seasoned in the health care industry.



to lead.

“Working with a seasoned leadership coach, using validated techniques, I was forced out of my comfort zone and I now have a better understanding of my personal leadership style, strengths and weaknesses.”

e Mills

Oran Aaronson, M.D. Associate Professor of Neurological Surgery, Residency Program Director, Vanderbilt Medical Center Chief Neurosurgery, VA Tennessee Valley Healthcare System Dr. Aaronson has certainly mastered practicing medicine, but he needed to learn the “organizational and managerial aspects of daily medical work.” He’s now receiving the formal training he needs in the Master of Management in Health Care program where he says he’s “gaining the skills to lead more effectively in his multiple leadership roles.”

Master of Management in Health Care



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Professors Larry Van Horn and Luke Froeb collaborate on research to determine the impact of health care prices on consumer purchase behavior.


Business faculty

with a faculty for the

health care business. Our faculty for the Master of Management Health Care program draw upon extensive experience in health care and business, along with insights from their leading-edge research. You’ll also learn from health care industry leaders—elected officials, policy experts, CEOs, entrepreneurs and health care practitioners—who bring their up-tothe-moment knowledge of the field into the classroom with you.


All of the students in the Master of Management Health Care program have significant health care managerial responsibilities. But they don’t all come from the same background. You’ll be part of a diverse group of peers who include physicians, clinical leaders and nonclinical administrators. Their professional expertise and diverse backgrounds mean you not only can study with outstanding colleagues but also gain new insights into health care management and delivery.

Learn from your not just Professors. 10 12

peers, your “I have learned so much from my fellow students. The mix of all disciplines of health care is truly unique. We are all in this together, and by ‘this’ I mean health care. We all want to make a difference and we want to make it better. Each and every student adds a different perspective and I have gained insight from all of my classmates at some point throughout the program.”

Rachel Goodman

Infection Preventionist & Lab Coordinator, NorthCrest Medical Center MMHC | Class of 2013

13 11

One Week in the


Tim Stafford MMHC 2013 Director of Operations, Vanderbilt Kennedy Center

Thursday, 7 AM

As on most weekdays, I spend an hour studying before leaving home and arriving at work by 8:30AM.


At lunchtime, I like to take a walk through Vanderbilt’s campus. It’s a beautiful place and the strolls and fresh air help me relax, think and be ready for the rest of the day.

Thursday, PM

Owen Friday, my wife and I have a tradition of watching “Jeopardy” at 6. Then I enjoy working out on my treadmill or riding my bike if the weather’s nice.

Class day. Some weeks, I meet with the members of our Capstone project team in the late afternoon. Class begins at 6, and we have dinner at Owen. It’s the longest day of my week, but also rewarding.


On Owen weekends, the mornings involve visiting faculty members or guest speakers such as policy experts and key executives from major health care organizations. If it’s not an Owen weekend, I’ll work on a project for school or do some production work in my home recording studio.

Friday night

If it’s an “Owen weekend” (once a month), I stay after work for evening classes. Thursday nights focus on business fundamentals. Weekends are about the business of health care and how theory meets reality. If it’s a non-


(Tim, a drummer, plays around Nashville in an Americana band and has produced an album, “Rock Island Line.”)

Saturday night

Date night! My wife and I go out for dinner and music (3rd & Lindsley is a favorite spot), Sometimes we go to hear our son, who’s also in a local band.

For the past 11 years, Tim has directed the operations of Vanderbilt’s Kennedy Center, one of 14 developmental disability centers in the United States, which includes about 100 employees and 50 research assistants. “I considered business school a long time ago,” he says, but his career took him in other directions. “Now that my kids have gone to college, I thought it’s now or never,” he says, so he pursued an MMHC. Here’s how he describes a typical week in the program.

Sunday, PM

I’ll spend some time in the afternoon and evening studying. Or if I’m caught up on my schoolwork, I’ll get a head start on the work week by reading and responding to emails.

Monday, 4:30 PM Capstone team meeting. We’ll review our progress, discuss the next paper we’re working on, or plan strategy. The five members of our team (they include a faculty member

Monday, 6 PM

in hearing/speech; an administrator in women’s health services; an administrator in a practice management project; and a nurse in a transplant center) are working with a local health services provider on partnership creation.

Supplemental sessions with our program’s tutor help us enhance what we learn in class about business fundamentals. In particular, the Finance sessions are always jampacked as we prepare for our major projects and exams.


Our Capstone team submits a paper every three weeks or so. The teams are designed so members have complementary experience and skills, and editing is one of my contributions. So for me, Tuesday is often editing night.

A distinguished school. With some

distinctive differences.

We’re competitive, not cutthroat. We lead with ideas, not egos. We take business personally. Our professors will know you by name.


Vanderbilt Master of Management in Health Care

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