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Holiday guide & Events Summer 2012

The bank in Val Gardena

We wish you a restful stay on your holiday

WELCOME Welcome to Val Gardena! Useful information, contacts, phone numbers and interesting details about the history of the valley - our holiday guide offers all you need to know to plan your holiday in Val Gardena with suggestions for a relaxing and eventful stay. Your host and the staff of the three Tourist Offices in Val Gardena would be delighted to help you with advice about events, hiking and ski tours. Maps and access to an extensive range of books about hiking are available for all guests. The staff of the Val Gardena Tourist Offices welcomes you to the land of the “Pale Mountains”.


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Bënunì te Gherdëina!

ORTISEI w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t

Ortisei (Urtijëi) Leisure and activities - Ortisei (1236 m), the capital of the valley, blends the potent silence of the mountains with the bustling gaiety of a hub of culture and events. Here are the roots of famous local personalities like Luis Trenker and Giorgio Moroder, hence the town looks back on a long cultural tradition. However, opportunities for sport and nature lovers are numberless. Ortisei and the three hamlets Bulla, San Giacomo and Roncadizza, with a direct lift connection to the ski and hiking areas in Seceda, Alpe di Siusi, Rasciesa and to the ski circuit “Sellaronda” is the right place for a recreational break in the Dolomites.

Inhabitants 5.791

(including Bulla and Oltretorrente)

Population Ladin German Italian Guest beds Overnight


82,32 % 12,13 % 5,55 % 5.770 ca. 870.000 stays/year

S. CRISTINA The sunny village S. Cristina is surrounded by gentle alpine pastures and rugged peaks. Situated at 1428 m, it is a very popular holiday destination. As S. Cristina is the gateway to the Nature Park Puez-Odle in the Dolomites, which was declared a world natural heritage site by the UNESCO, and as it lies at the foot of the mountains Sassolungo and Sassopiatto, in summer it is integrated in an almost unlimited hiking net and in winter in the world’s largest ski area Dolomiti Superski. The great blend of culture and natural experience creates a space in which families and mountain enthusiasts feel at their ease, but also all people looking for a healthy and active holiday in close touch with nature. The trafficcalmed village centre invites to delightful strolls.



Population Ladin German Italian Guest beds Overnight

92,00 % 5,00 % 3,00 % 2.730 ca. 340.000 stays/year


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S. Cristina

SELVA GARDENA w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t

Selva Gardena (SĂŤlva) Selva Gardena is located at the end of the valley (1563 m) surrounded by the rich flora and fauna of the Dolomites. The Unesco Natural World Heritage peaks watch over this charming village, an excellent meeting place for families, as well as a starting point for sports and outdoor activities. There are several opportunities for hiking and climbing, for exciting descents in the Dolomiti Superski area, for adventurous rock and ice climbs, for mountain biking and snowshoeing. All year round, Selva Gardena offers a comprehensive range of carefully planned activities to make you experience unforgettable moments in the mountains.



Population Ladin German Italian Guest beds Overnight

87,84 % 5,97 % 6,18 % ca. 8.100 ca. 1.000.000 stays/year


GEOGRAPHY Val Gardena is a side valley of Valle Isarco, in the northwestern Dolomites of South Tyrol. It stretches for about 25 km from Ponte Gardena (471 m) up to the Sella and Gardena Passes. Some 10 km after entering the valley you enter the Ladin-speaking area, which includes Ortisei (Ladin: UrtijĂŤi), S. Cristina and Selva (SĂŤlva). The narrow area of Pontives forms the Ladin-German language border. The Plans de Frea form the eastern border, and westwards the Pinei Pass divides Val Gardena from Castelrotto and Laion. To the North, the valley reaches Alpe Rasciesa and Funes, while Alpe di Siusi marks its southern border. From a geographical and linguistic point of view, the hamlets in the northern side of Alpe di Siusi belong to Val Gardena. However, some of them have always been part of the municipality of Castelrotto. Bulla is a separate parish.


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NATURE RESERVE PUEZ-ODLE w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t

Nature Reserve Puez-Odle The park is located at an average on 2500 m, and has a surface area of 10200 ha. Its rocky upland features a number of geological peculiarities: natural bridges and amphitheatre-shaped karst landforms, steep ridges and rocky towers bear witness to the geological and morphological changes that this mountain massif has undergone over time. The local flora and fauna are as diverse as the landscape. Many deciduous trees grow in the valley, like sycamore maples, birches and aspens, whereas the high mountain slopes are covered with needle-leaved trees, mainly spruces and larches. Above the timber line, mugo pines and junipers mark the end of the conifer forest. Rhododendrons and small high mountain flowers blanket the areas up towards the scree slopes. The edelweiss, the pink cinquefoil, the yellow alpine poppy and the devil’s claw grow here, together with several varieties of primroses and stone-breakers. The less fertilized downhill slopes are dotted with asteraceae, bellflowers, gentians, orchids and faboideae. Numerous animal species live in the park so you are quite likely to spot hares, squirrels, chamois and marmots, or follow the trail of pine martens, badgers or alpine ibexes during your walks. Butterflies flitter over meadows and birds fill the air with their song.



The park’s top priorities - besides research and recovery - are nature protection, landscape conservation and environmental education. Further information about the Natural Park, natural and botanical guided tours and wildlife watching are available at the Tourist Offices in Val Gardena and at the local Alpine Schools.


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The rocky area is often populated with several singing and gallinaceous birds, like the little owl, the long-eared owl, the craig martin, the alpine swift and the red-winged wallcreeper, whereas the rare golden eagle can be spotted in Vallunga.

KEEP THE VALLEY CLEAN w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t

Keep the valley clean We are all responsible for protecting the environment. We can choose to help safeguard it, or damage it. It is therefore in everyone’s interest to minimize waste and to correctly dispose of it. A few simple rules help us protect the environment and its resources: - Always keep to the marked trails and paths; this helps prevent damage to the meadows and alpine pastures. - Do not pick protected flower species. - Respect the habitat of animals, do not make any unnecessary noise. - Do not light fires! -

Do not litter! Please take your rubbish with you and dispose of it according to local regulations. When you buy something, choose loose products or items sold in reusable packaging. Your shopkeeper will be happy to recycle packaging for you.

- Avoid disposable items and buy drinks in returnable bottles. - For dog owners: please dispose promptly of your dog’s waste properly. If you have any hazardous waste, like drugs, batteries or aerosols, hand them in to your host or to shops that sell those products. Attention: Please note that in Val Gardena each household or business is provided with its own waste container. Street-side bins are for recycling only (glass, paper). Ask your host for any further information.


HISTORY OF SKIING The world-famous skiing and hiking region offers an area packed with recreational opportunities for active, sporty and trend-conscious guests all year round. Val Gardena looks back on a long winter sports tradition: the first skiclub of Val Gardena, named “Ladinia”, was established at the beginning of the 20th century, only a few years after the first wooden skis were introduced to the Alpine valleys from the northern countries. The initial scepticism quickly turned into great enthusiasm: in 1908 the first ski races were held through the Danterceppies wood, down to Selva Gardena. In the following years, many ski fans were attracted by the ideal conditions of Val Gardena. The valley has produced several outstanding local skiers, and many winter sports successes have been recorded over the years: • Vinzenz Demetz, 1937, Nordic World Ski Championship in Chamonix, two bronzes in cross-country skiing (50 km and relay) • Karl Senoner, 1966, slalom World Champion in Portillo, Chile • Pepi Ploner, 1985, cross-country relay Vice World Champion • Simon Demetz, 1991, biathlon World Champion • Peter Runggaldier, 1991, downhill Vice World Champion; 1995, super-G World Cup winner • Karin Moroder, 1998, bronze in cross-country relay at the Olympics • Isolde Kostner, 2001, downhill World Cup winner, several medals at the Olympics and in the World Championships. A remarkable year in the history of local ski was 1970, when the Alpine Skiing World Championships were held in Val Gardena. Ski legends Karl Schranz, Patrick Russel, Jean Noël, Bernhard Russi and Gustav Thöni all made their mark on that particular occasion. A tradition was thus established, and it is so far unbroken: every year, in December, the best Super-G World Cup and men’s downhill skiers gather from all over the world to compete on the renowned Saslong piste.


w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t

The history of skiing

SKITOUR GARDENA 1970 w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t

1970 World Championship Skiing Tour You can start this exhilarating skiing tour either from S. Cristina or from Ortisei. If you choose Ortisei, your tour begins with the 6 km-long downhill “Südtirol Gardenissima” piste, which runs from the Seceda high plateau down to Col Raiser. An underground funicular railway connects the ski area Sochers/Ciampinoi with Col Raiser/Seceda, thus making the climb much easier. If you choose to start from S. Cristina, you ascend to Monte Sëura, and on to Ciampinoi, Plan de Gralba and Piz Setëur, in the ski arena between the Sella Massif and Sassolungo. Afterwards, you can enjoy the run down to Selva Gardena on the piste where Karl Schranz won the giant slalom World Championship in 1970. The tour continues with “Cir”, the piste of the women’s downhill World Championship race, and with the “Saslong” downhill slope, which saw the success of Swiss skier Bernhard Russi in 1970. The tour ends back in Col Raiser, on the pleasant 9 km downhill run to Ortisei.

Endless Winter Global - Ski Experience “Leading Mountain Resorts of the World“ is a network of tourist resorts offering top quality holidays all year round. Besides Val Gardena and Saas-Fee, it includes Åre, Banff Lake Louise, Bariloche and Queenstown. Val Gardena/ Alpe di Siusi season pass holders are granted a discount of 50% on lift passes until 14 days in all the network resorts. For further information visit


SELLARONDA Nothing compares to the Sella Group ski paradise, featuring 26 km of downhill runs. Allow 6 hours to complete this unforgettable tour, either clockwise or anti-clockwise. It offers different grade runs and the opportunity of expanding the tour to include more runs. For instance, expert skiers can enjoy the demanding World Cup downhill Saslong.


w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t


SKI MOUNTAINEERING w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t

Ski mountaineering Breathtaking views of the valley, challenging slopes and steep gorges: the Dolomites offer a wide range of opportunities to create tailored ski tours. Local mountain and ski guides are available to help you plan your tour. Hire one for your safety and peace of mind, especially if you are skiing off-piste. Collect as much information as possible on the piste and snow conditions and on possible avalanche risks before undertaking any tour. Suggested tours: • Downhill run Pordoi Pass - Val Mezdì - Val Lasties start: mountain terminal of the Sass Pordoi cable car lift grade: difficult • Ski tour to the col Forcella Sassolungo (2686 m) descending through the col and passing Plan de Cunfin with arrival at Monte Pana and/or Sassopiatto ski tour (2958 m) • “Forcella Roa” col ski tour (2617 m) Uphill climb from Col Raiser in 2.5 hours, Downhill run to S. Cristina or Longiarü. Details and more tours on


tel. 0471 271177 or tel. 0471 270555 • Catores Alpine School Ortisei - Stetteneck Square 5 tel. 0471 79 82 23, fax 0471 78 13 91, • Val Gardena Mountain Guides Selva Gardena - Nives Square tel./fax 0471 79 41 33, 14

CROSS-COUNTRY SKIING Monte Pana offers 30 km of well-marked trails. The recent 8 km loop to the Palusc meadows is ideal for leisure skiers, while more expert skiers can enjoy demanding climbs and challenging downhills by combining the 2.5 km, 3.3 km, 3.75 km, 5 km and 7.5 km long trails. You can then reach Alpe di Siusi by either an arduous trail or by bus. Selva: besides its magnificent scenery, Vallunga provides cross-country skiers with 12 km of trails. At the “Carabinieri� sports centre you will find a cross-country school and ski rental shop. The trail starts here and goes all the way to the end of the valley. Pinei Pass provides learners and advanced skiers with a further 4 km long piste. It is located just 5 km off Ortisei, towards Castelrotto. Alpe di Siusi offers more than 60 km of trails for ambitious skiers. A gondola conveniently connects it with Ortisei. The cross-country skiing, winter walking, snowshoeing and sled trails map (1:25,000) with detailed guides is available at the Tourist Offices.


w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t

Cross-country skiing

SLEDDING w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t

Sledding A daytime sled ride is a great experience for families. In Alpe di Siusi you can even enjoy the thrill of sledding by night, under the moonlight, or else you can wear a head lamp. Packages include bus transfer, snowcat or snowmobile rides, sled or toboggan rental and dinner. Suggested sled trails: Ortisei: • the toboggan run (6 km) starting from the upper terminus of the new funicular railway Rasciesa in Ortisei has been equipped with snowmaking facilities. As there is an intermediate terminus, it is possible to enjoy the first part of the run several times in a row. All those who don’t have a sledge can rent one at the lower terminus of the funicular railway. • the trail through Val d’Anna in Ortisei (1.2 km) Alpe di Siusi: • Molignon Hut - Saltria Inn, about 4 km long • Williams Hut - Saltria Inn, about 4 km long • Spitzbühl • Bullaccia • Panorama

Beware! Sledding on ski runs is forbidden. TIP: All winter walks in Val Gardena as well as opportunities for snowshoeing with detailed descriptions are contained in the Tabacco map: cross-country runs, winter walks, toboggan runs and snowshoeing paths on a scale of 1:25.000.

Enrolments for guided winter walks can be made in the Tourist Offices and in the Alpine Schools. 16

Lifts available for non-skiers: • Gondolas Ortisei - Alpe di Siusi (I), Ortisei - Furnes (I), Col Raiser (I), Saslong, Ciampinoi (I) and Danterceppies (I) • Cable cars Piz Sella and Furnes - Seceda (I) • Chairlifts al Sole (Alpe di Siusi), S. Cristina - Monte Pana, Piz Setëur, Cir and Fermeda • Underground funicular railway Gherdëina Ronda Express (I) • Funicular Rasciesa (I) Snowshoeing in the Puez-Odle Nature Park, Dolomites – UNESCO world heritage site in S. Cristina We start the excursion at the parking Praplan (1780 m) on Plesdinaz, where we take the snowshoeing trail to the Gamsblut hut (1952 m). From there we continue on the small roughly prepared forest trail past the frozen lake Lech Sant in order to reach the Refuge Curona (2200 m). Duration: approx. 2 hours


Winter Walking and Snowshoeing

Discover Val Gardena on foot in winter, through a wide range of hikes, pleasant walks and exciting snowshoe tours - either on your own, or with a local guide. Enjoy unforgettable moments in the woods covered in thick snow and in the crisp mountain air of the Dolomites.

w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t

Winter Walking and Snowshoeing

VALLEY WALKS w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t

Valley walks • VIA CRUCIS DAUNËI - VALLUNGA At the end of the children park near the ice stadium you take the street to the right till House Paian (Daunëi) The way conducts to the Saint Sylvester’s Chapel (Vallunga). It is also a path of meditation, with 15 Stations of the Cross. Time: 1 ½ hours • S. CRISTINA - RAIDA DL LUECH The new path begins at S. Cristina Church, following the old railway tracks towards Selva and then in the direction of Piazza Dosses until it reaches the centre Mulin da Iman: stop for a while and admire the biggest handcarved wooden crib in the world. Continue on the path, passing by Monte Pana chairlift, walking in the direction of Soplases, passing by a waterfall, and then slowly going back uphill to the church. Time: 1 hour • Val d’Anna - Ortisei From the valley station of the Seceda cable car, cross the wooden bridge and walk alongside the stream until you reach the huts in Val d’Anna at the end of the valley. Take the same path back or go along Troi de Gola up to Col de Flam and along the meditation trail back to the centre. Time: 1-1 ½ hours More information about interesting walks in the walking map of Tappeiner (available at the Tourist Offices).


DAY WALKS The famous Dolomite peaks in Sassolungo, Sella, Cir, Puez and Odle offer a breathtaking background for a number of unforgettable hikes. • sassopiatto Cross a grassy slope towards the gravel path, which leads you to the Salei hut; continue on the Friedrich August path in the direction of Sandro Pertini refuge and then turn right over a grassy slope until you reach a mountain pass, then cross a loose gravel road until you reach the western flank of the pass and continue on the marked path until you reach the peak of the Sassopiatto the small counterpart of the more difficult and challenging neighbouring mountain Sassolungo. To descend, just return along the same path. Estimated time: 6 ½ - 7 hours. • Piz duleda From the mountain station of the Col Raiser cablecar start walking along the slightly uphill path which leads to the Rifugio Firenze Hut, following it in the direction of Sieles wind gap. Continue northwards over the arête, then continue towards the foothill part of the arête and over the ridge uphill until you reach the Nives wind gap. Footprints lead to the peak. To descend, just return along the same path. Estimated time: 5 ½ - 6 hours. Walking tour books, brochures and further hiking suggestions are available at the Tourist Offices and on


w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t

Day walks

FIXED ROPE ROUTES w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t

Fixed rope routes Via Ferrata are steep routes through the mountains that are equipped with metal cables, ladders, staples and even bridges. •

Pitla Cir (2520 m) and Gran Cir (2592 m) climbing path Difficulty: easy Start: Gardena Pass (2121 m) Facilities: inns at the Gardena Pass Elevation gain: approx. 500 m. Climbing path: approx 150 m.

Sass rigais climbing path (3025 m) ODLE PUEZ Difficulty: moderate to difficult Start: upper terminus of the cableway Col Raiser (2107 m) Facilities: Refuge Firenze (2037 m) Elevation gain: ascent: approx. 1000 m, descent: approx. 1000 m, Climbing path: approx. 500 m.

Pisciadù climbing path - Via Ferrata Brig. Tridentina to the Cavazza Hut on Pisciadù (2583 m) Sella Group Difficulty: difficult Start: car park at the ropeway conveyor valley station (1950 m), halfway between the Gardena Pass and Colfosco Facilities: in Colfosco (1615 m) Elevation gain: approx. 600 m. Climbing path: approx. 400 m.

New: you can find more details about the via ferratas on More paths and detailed descriptions in “Climbing routes in the Dolomites” (Kompass). More guides are available in German and Italian.


Val Gardena walking award Hikes, stunning views, a sensational holiday! Great! But wouldn’t you like to have your mountaineering achievements certified? Of course! Then go for the “Cristal d’Or”, the Val Gardena walking award. Your personal walker’s logbook is available at the Tourist Offices. You can gather points by having your logbook stamped at every hut along your walks and redeem the points for a pin at the end of your holiday. The pin could be gold, silver, bronze or rock crystal, depending on the amount of points you have gathered.

Mushrooming Mushroom pickers in Val Gardena must respect specific local regulations. You must be at least 14 years old, and you are required to carry a license which can be purchased at the Tourist Office in Selva and at the Post Office in S. Cristina (8 Euro per day). Mushrooming is only permitted on even days, and the maximum amount is 1 kg per person. Mushroom picking is forbidden within the municipality of Ortisei, in landscape conservation areas as well as in areas where the landowner has erected a respective sign.


w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t

Val Gardena walking award

Cycling - Mountain biking w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t

Cycling - Mountain biking The Dolomite mountains are the ideal place to test your limits. Keep fit and enjoy the view on the network of routes for all levels of ability, both for mountain and racing bikes. The Sellaronda Bike Day will take place on 24 June and 16 September 2012. For two days a year the four Dolomite passes - Gardena, Campolongo, Pordoi and Sella - are closed to cars so cyclists can enjoy this beautiful scenery undisturbed by motor vehicles. The Südtirol Sellaronda Hero, the hardest MTB race in Europe, will take place on 23 June 2012. For information visit: and Sellaronda Mountainbike: put your bike on the gondola and ride around the Sella Group with a local guide. Riding clockwise, the tour is 58 km long and you can start in any of the four villages around the Sella Group. The elevation gain is about 3,400 m, and most descents are on single track. You can do it in either direction. Please note: there are several mountain bike rental shops in the valley. Ask for the new guide “Bike paradise Val Gardena and Alpe di Siusi - 33 touring maps” at the Tourist Office or buy it on the online-shop. You can carry your bike on some lifts, the lift facility can require an extra charge. Actualized information on Georeferenced MTB itineraries in and around Val Gardena Ambitious bikers will have the possibility to discover a large and extensive area on their beloved bike: Val Gardena, the Alpe di Siusi and the Sellaronda with their breathtaking natural landscape are made just for this type of tour. Thus, forest roads and paths which are suitable for both hikers and MTB enthusiasts have been selected. As of now, all 33 georeferenced itineraries can be found on and downloaded on your own GPS device. On this website you will find furthermore: roadbook, tour information and detailed description of each tour, maps and altitude profiles. From now on it is forbidden to transit with bike where not especially indicated. Have fun discovering the Dolomites by bike! 22

PARAGLIDING - NORDIC WALKING Discover the Dolomites from high above during a thrilling paragliding tandem flight. Don’t miss this unique experience! For more information and enrolments see on page 63.

Nordic Walking The “Nordic Active Park” in Vallunga - Selva Gardena is an innovative sports centre where the Nordic disciplines can be practiced all year round. The crosscountry skiing and snowshoeing centre is set in a natural park, and it meets the quality criteria established by DSV, the German Ski Council. It is the ideal location both for your favourite winter sports and for a snowless full-body Nordic Walking workout. Discover the stunning scenery of the park along three specific routes. You will be able to see the ruins of Wolkenstein Castle, St. Sylvester’s chapel and part of the hand-carved Stations of the Cross while exercising in the crisp mountain air. Sign up for Nordic Walking classes at the Tourist Offices.

Slackline Park The first official Slackline Park of South Tyrol in Selva Gardena offers a total of 13 alternatives to mount Slacklines: starting from the beginner line to the Rodeo Line. The Slacklines won’t stay mounted, but have to be provided by the Slackliners. Slackline-rental at the Tourist Board Selva Gardena. Information about beginner-courses at Val Gardena Active - Selva. 23

w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t


CHILDREN w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t

Child friendly holidays Plenty of fun and adventures are awaiting your children in Val Gardena. Let them play and enjoy special trips and activities. Everything is ready for the perfect family holiday. Childminding (L/6) in S. Cristina, str. Chemun 13, is offered to ensure that even the little babies are well looked after. Children from 0 to 3 years of age are minded by qualified personnel (up to max. 20 children). The diversified programme includes among other things walks, creative works, many game facilities and a controlled nutrition, with flexible working hours. More info calling tel. 0471 793013,

Programme for children Verdebello in Ortisei (only in summer) tel. 0471 796153, 335 7882246, fax 0471 797907 Monday to Friday: 9.30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Animation programme for children and teenagers up to the age of 4. Trout-fishing, barbecue, we pick berries and built little huts in the forest, visit a farm, sport-day with minigolf, adventures with horses, elastic springboards, highwire adventure course. At bad weather alternative programme. Information and registration at the Ski and Snowboard School Ortisei, Str. Rezia 75/a, Miniclub Selvi Day care for children from 0 to 4 years old, Mo.-Fr. 10.00 a.m. - 3.00 p.m. Ski- & Board School Selva, tel. 0471 795156, Val Gardena Active Tourist Offices of Val Gardena, • Selva Gardena tel. 0471 777906 • S. Cristina tel. 0471 777800 • Ortisei tel. 0471 777600 24


The Val Gardena Family Weeks (from 2 June until 6 July 2012) are a supervised programme for children, with guided walks and entertainment, games and children’s parties. During these weeks there are special children’s rates for accommodation (minimum stay of 7 days) in the hotels/guesthouses which participate to this offer. There is no charge for children up to the age of 8, sharing a room with their parents, and a 50% reduction for children aged between 8 and 12. There is also a 15-30% children’s reduction in apartments. The Tourist Offices have all the details.

Also in winter Val Gardena offers everything the kids’ hearts could desire in the way of sport, fun and games with “Val Gardena SuperKids“ (from 17.03.2012 on).

Children’s playgrounds

That leaves their parents free to hit the slopes themselves in the knowledge that their children are being well cared for in the children’s ski courses, ski kindergarten or at the daycare centre. The service of ski kindergarten is offered by following ski schools: Ski and Snowboard School Selva Gardena, Ski and Snowboard School S. Cristina and Ski and Snowboard School Ortisei (page 51).

See the symbol on the map Ortisei on the Luis Trenker Promeneda, str. Promeneda, str. Grohmann, str. Mureda, str. Scurcià, str. Nevel, on the Annatal Promenade, at the Tennis-Center and on str. Sciron. S. Cristina at the Iman Center (behind Hotel Cristallo), along the old railway line (centre and Soplases), at Plesdinaz (“Praulëta”), below the Parish Church, at Plan dala Sia (Soplases) and on Monte Pana - horse riding school (subject to fee). Selva Gardena below the town hall, on Daunëi direction Vallunga, La Sëlva, La Poza, behind the Sportstadion Pranives, at Plan da Tieja near Hotel Wolkenstein.

Children’s parks • at the horse riding-stable Monte Pana with children’s playground, minizoo and pony riding, open winter and summer (subject to fee). Information by calling 348 9290027, • Children’s Park Plan da Tieja (subject to fee). 25

w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t

And those wonderful winter weeks


Cuisine Val Gardena offers countless and unique eating experiences. Several varieties of “Knödel” (bread dumplings), strudel, traditional farm food like the buckwheat mush, delicious puddings and healthy mediterranean dishes. A tempting combination for your holiday meals. Want a taste of South Tyrol at home? Try our tasty “Schlutzkrapfen”:

w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t

Schlutzkrapfen Ingredients: Dough: 250g rye flour, 250g wheat flour, 2 eggs, 2 tbsp oil, lukewarm water, pinch of salt. Filling: 800g spinach, 4 tbsp parsley, 1 small onion, 40g butter, 1 tbsp flour, 1/4 l milk, 1 tbsp parmesan cheese, salt, pepper, nutmeg. Knead the flour, eggs, oil, salt and lukewarm water to a smooth dough, working the mixture with your hands. Cover the dough and leave for 1 hour. Meanwhile, prepare the filling: chop the onion and fry in some butter until it turns golden. Add the flour and hot milk as well as the washed, boiled and finely chopped spinach and the finely chopped parsley. Then add grated parmesan, salt, pepper and nutmeg to taste. Roll the dough thinly, cut into pieces and put some filling on each one. Push the edges together to form crescent shapes. Boil the Schlutzkrapfen for 5 minutes in salted water, then sprinkle with grated parmesan cheese and finally drizzle with hot butter.




0471 796021 I/19 Elegant ambience with refined cuisine, reservation required Str. Vidalong 3 0471 796315 H/13 25 I ANNA “STUBEN” Gourmet Restaurant, tyrolean dishes and wines, Monday closed Str. Sacun 107 0471 796344 G/20 20 I ANSITZ JAKOBERHOF Cosy atmosphere with panoramic view - Please reserve ANTICA OSTERIA TRAUBE Str. Rezia 51 0471 774444 G/13 40 Gourmet temptations in the oldest “Stube” of the valley (since 1779) P CASCADE Str. Promeneda 1/1 0471 786465 H/13 48 Typical specialities, vinotheque and pizzeria with terrace CHALET RESTAURANT RASCIESA Mountain Restaurant 0471 798259 60 On Thursdays: ascent with the new funicular and dinner at the mountain hut CONCORDIA Str. Roma 41 0471 796276 E/12 60 Local & international dishes prepared by the chef Rudi. New: outdoor terrace! Str. Setil 1 0471 796464 H/13 30 ICOSMEA Bar, Café, Restaurant, local dishes and snacks DOLOMITI MADONNA Str. Rezia 267 0471 796207 H/15 30 Delicious dishes of the local, the Tyrolean and Italian kitchen, smoking room GENZIANA Str. Rezia 111 0471 796246 G/14 50 Local specialities, mediterranean cuisine, terrace GRIEN Str. Mureda 178 0471 796340 E/6 15 Vegetarian and gluten-free dishes Str. Pineies 18 0471 796488 J/1 20 I LA CORT Traditional restaurant; venison and mushroom specialities, open all year LA 0471 796253 G/12 60 ROSTICCERIA SOTRIFFER Str. Rezia 38 Restaurant with a unique atmosphere, open all day DOLOMIT Str. Promeneda 2 0471 797352 H/14 100 P MAR Italian and Tyrolean specialities - large choice of pizzas from wood-burning oven P MAURIZKELLER Str. Rezia 32 335 5255714 G/12 Tyrolean specialities, pizza from wood oven, ideal for families MESAVIA Bulla 14 0471 796299 B/2 25 Tyrolean specialities to order in advance, homemade cakes MONT SËUC Alpe di Siusi Top Station 0471 727881 170 Fantastic view, local dishes, ice cream, pastries PASSO PINËI San Michele 37/1 0471 700009 J/1 80 Bar, Café, Restaurant, Tuesday closed


w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t

ORTISEI Restaurants - Pizzerias tel.





Pizza shop P FLY PIZZA Str. Purger 181/c Culinary delights to take away and ice-cream



PONTIVES Pontives 36 0471 797091 F/1 70 Home-made“Schlutzkrapfen”, large choice of local dishes RODES Str. Digon 10 0471 796108 H/6 30 Culinary specialities: reservation required for groups and families P SASKIA Str. Purger 71 0471 796576 G/10 Ideal meeting point for those who love cakes and pizzas baked in a wood-burning oven STELLA/STERN Str. Gardena 83 0471 654165 B/4 30 Bar, Café, Restaurant, tyrolean dishes STUA CATORES Str. Sacun 49 0471 796682 F/16 Bar, Café, Restaurant, tyrolean dishes; Tuesday closed SUREGHES Str. Setil 5 0471 796256 H/13 50 Bar, Restaurant, tyrolean dishes P TENNIS Str. Arnaria 5 0471 798018 H/4 70 Pizzeria, Café, snacks, pizza after 5 p.m., open all year round, big parking P TERRAZZA Str. Sneton 9 0471 796366 F/12 100 Local and tyrolean specialities, cheap menu of the day, pizza, ideal for groups Str. Trebinger 22 0471 796879 H/15 80 I TUBLADEL Rustical ambience, local dishes presented in a stylish fashion Str. Val d’Anna 39 0471 798643 C/18 120 IVAL D’ANNA Restaurant, inviting wooden interior, ideal also on rainy days P VEDL MULIN P.zza S. Antonio 142 0471 796089 G/13 Restaurant with culinary specialities, Pizzeria, ideal for groups

0471 786568 G/7 Seating

GASTRONOMY ORTISEI w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t

Bars - Cafés - Pastry shops


ADLER Str. Rezia 5 Bar and après-ski - snacks, drinks and cocktails Str. Sacun 107 I ANSITZ JAKOBERHOF Cosy atmosphere with panoramic view BAITA PAULI Str. Val d’Anna 24 Barbecue specialities - Dinner on request CASCADE Str. Promeneda 1/1 Coffee bar, ice & more with terrace

0471 775563 F/12 42


0471 796344 G/20 20 339 3238833 D/17 35 0471 786465 H/13

P = Pizzeria = glutenfree cuisine

I= barrier-free

Après-ski and night life see page 54.



Str. Rezia 74 0471 796269 G/13 60 CORSO Pastries & cakes, wide choice of wine & grappa, terrace, COSMEA str. Setil 1 0471 796464 G/12 30 Coffee, snacks, ice-cream, home-made strudel DOLOMITI MADONNA str. Rezia 267 0471 796207 H/15 30 Rustical ambience, smoking room FEVER str. Rezia 228 0471 797556 H/14 40 Bar, snacks, smoking room, Sunday closed GENZIANA str. Rezia 111 0471 796246 G/14 Pastry, ice-cream, cocktail bar, terrace HAITI P.zza S. Antonio 116 0471 796290 G/13 59 Café, ice cream, cakes, snacks, terrace, après-ski str. Pineies 18 0471 796488 J/1 20 CORT ILA Typical tavern, open all year SIGLU BAR at Cavallino Bianco str. Rezia 22 335 5280120 G/12 Après-ski and disco-bar, different parties, open 3.00 p.m. - 1 a.m. SUREGHES str. Setil 5 0471 796256 H/13 50 Bar, restaurant, tyrolean specialities str. Val d’Anna 39 0471 798643 C/18 120 D’ANNA IVAL Restaurant, inviting wooden interior, ideal also on rainy days VINOTHEQUE CËRCIA str. Rezia 30 0471 797970 G/12 21 The ideal place for a glass of wine and local specialities

w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t




GASTRONOMY S. CRISTINA w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t

S. CRISTINA Restaurants - Pizzerias


Str. Cisles 5 0471 793463 P/6 30 I ALPENHOTEL PLAZA Comfortable Restaurant, Stube, fresh trouts, South Tyrolean dishes, fondue BISTRO SUSI Str. Dursan 45 0471 793703 O/6 30 Restaurant, snacks, sale of speck and cold cuts Str. Pana 44 0471 792062 J/11 80 ICENDEVAVES Tyrolean style, view kitchen, sun terrace with beautiful view of the Sassolungo CHARME HOTEL URIDL Str. Chemun 43 0471 793215 K/5 24 Local dishes, the oldest restaurant in the valley, Stube 18th century, near the church P DA Str. Chemun 52 0471 793335 K/5 63 PEPPI Restaurant, Pizzeria and Tyrolean dishes PIL FUDLÉ Str. Dursan 86 0471 790255 P/6 60 Restaurant with local home-made dishes, pizza also at noon P LA Str. Dursan 13 0471 790063 N/7 80 TAMBRA Restaurant, Pizzeria, central position, own parking RESTAURANT BLUE Str. Palua 40 0471 774444 H/5 30 ISMART Traditional and modern dishes for smart prices - 1 hour Wifi free SPORTHOTEL MONTE PANA Str. Pana 45 0471 793600 L/11 100 Restaurant with sun terrace at the foot of the Sassolungo P STEAKHOUSE USTARIA PIZ Center Iman 0471 793793 O/7 88 Coffee bar, ice & more, beer house, vinotheque, smoking room

Bars - Cafés - Pastry Shops Str. Cisles 5 0471 793463 P/6 I ALPENHOTEL PLAZA Homemade pastries, snacks, ice cream, beautiful sunny terrace CAFÉ ANDY Str. Dursan 9 0471 792097 N/7 Art exhibitions, ice cream, snacks, nice atmosphere CAFÉ CALÉS Str. Val 55 0471 793471 L/5 Homemade pastries and ice cream, snacks, beautiful sun terrace Str. Pana 44 0471 792062 J/11 ICENDEVAVES Bar, Café and pastries, sun terrace with beautiful view of the Sassolungo CHARME HOTEL URIDL Str. Chemun 43 0471 793215 K/5 Terrace with view to the Sassolungo and Sella Group, art exhibition CRISTALLO Str. Dursan 84 0471 792099 O/7 Snacks, home-made apple strudel MARINA Str. Dursan 335 5392110 N/7 Open daily, bar, coffeehouse, aperitifs, ice cream, snacks SPORTHOTEL MONTE PANA Str. Pana 45 0471 793600 L/11 Bar, Café, pastries, panoramic terrace TOURING Str. Dursan 17 0471 793119 O/7 Bar, Café

Après-ski and night life see page 54. P = Pizzeria


14 42 80 50 12 40 25 80 15

I = barrier-free



Str. Dantercëpies 65 0471 795298 F/21 150 */ ** ALASKA Typical Tyrolean dishes Str. Mëisules 43 0471 795555 E/10 20 ALPENROYAL GOURMET Gourmet Restaurant, valuable wine, Sunday closed, 2 forks Gambero Rosso Str. Mëisules 195 0471 795400 H/16 100 ANTARES Bar, Restaurant, local dishes, international cuisine Str. Mëisules 161 0471 795347 H/16 40 ARMIN’S Grillstube Mixed Grill P BELLAVISTA Str. Mëisules 168 0471 795232 H/16 80 Fresh fish Str. Plan 45 0471 795165 N/22 160 CASA ALPINA Plan de Gralba 37 0471 795274 N/19 80 I CHALET GÉRARD Local dishes - fantastic view Str. Mëisules 157 0471 772700 G/16 70 DES ALPES STUBEN Chateaubriand, fondue, Des Alpes plate Str. Ciampinëi 42 0471 795273 K/19 30 ELSE Change of menu daily Str. Nives 50 0471 795157 I/18 50 EUROPA Hot food served all day, sun terrace Str. Frëina 23 0471 795110 J/18 100 I FRËINA Large selection, fish and game meat specialities Str. Nives 11 0471 795210 G/16 100 GRAN BAITA Change of menu daily P L CIAMIN Str. Mëisules 64 0471 773362 F/12 75 Pizzeria, Restaurant P L’MEDEL Str. Mëisules 22 0471 795235 F/8 80 Typical local cuisine with pizzeria, wine bar, terrace P L MULINÉ Str. La Sëlva 104 0471 773293 H/5 50 Local and national specialities Str. Mëisules 287 0471 795208 J/19 80 *P LA BULA Pizzeria, Restaurant with Tyrolean specialities, pub Str. La Sëlva 39 0471 795004 G/13 La pineta P MACIACONI BRAUSTUBE Str. Plan da Tieja 10 0471 790257 E/1 80 Restaurant, pizzeria, wine bar, beer house, smoking room

w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t



SELVA GARDENA Restaurants - Pizzerias



GASTRONOMY SELVA GARDENA w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t

Str. Nives 4 0471 773329 G/15 60 I NIVES Specialities, stube, wine bar OLYMPIA Str. Nives 41 0471 795145 H/18 20 Culinary specialities: cheese, meat and soup fondues Str. Mëisules 140 0471 795151 G/15 120 *|** I OSWALD Homemade specialities in an elegant atmosphere PASSO SELLA Passo Sella 2 (2000 m) 0471 795136 100 New management plan de gralba Plan de Gralba 3 0471 795135 N/16 Local dishes Str. La Sëlva 51 0471 794138 H/8 30 I pozzamanigoni Reservation required; change of menu daily Str. Nives 17 A 0471 795303 F/16 78 P PRANIVES Pizzeria, Restaurant: homemade Schlutzkrapfen, local dishes PRA VALENTINI Str. Plan 4 0471 773328 M/21 36 Local dishes, specialities P RINO Str. Mëisules 217 0471 795272 H/17 75 Pizzeria, Restaurant with local dishes P Sal Str. Puez 6 0471 773153 G/17 100 fËur Traditional cuisine, pizza from the wood oven Str. Dantercëpies 34 0471 795202 G/19 40 ISCOIATTOLO Restaurant with rustic ambience, traditional dishes and culinary specialities *


P = Pizzeria = glutenfree cuisine * possibility to see SKY-TV (Italian) ** possibility to see SKY-TV (German)

I= barrier-free



*|** P SOCHERS CLUB Sochers Top Station 0471 792101 K/6 Bar, Self Service Restaurant, Pizzeria, on the ski slope SPECKKELLER Str. Mëisules 300 0471 794657 K/20 55 Local dishes, Sunday closed CENTER Str. Ciampinëi 18 K/19 50 * P SPORT Bar, Pizzeria with wood oven, take away pizza P SUN VALLEY STÜBELE Str. Dantercëpies 7 0471 771508 H/19 50 Pizzeria with wood oven, rustical restaurant, terrace, mob. 339 4959944 TYROL Str. Puez 12 0471 774100 F/17 30 You will treat yourself to some local Tyrolean and Italian dishes Str. Val 2 0471 795467 D/21 25 IVAL Only for lunch: Ladin dishes, local specialities and homemade pastries and cakes VALPUDRA Plan de Gralba 15 0471 794015 O/17 70 Restaurant

w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t




GASTRONOMY SELVA GARDENA w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t

Bars - Cafés - Tearooms - Pastry Shops tel. AARITZ Str. Mëisules 231 0471 795155 I/18 80 Pastries, snacks, ice-cream, salads, bruschette, sun terrace ADELAIDE Str. Mëisules 23 0471 795290 F/8 24 Ice-cream, pastries, snacks, Thursday closed ALPINO Str. Plan 71 0471 795134 O/23 Bar, cigarettes sale BAR LA STUA Str. Frëina 4 0471 795072 J/18 80 Snacks from 9 a.m. until midnight; café, après-ski, beers, terrace Str. Dantercëpies 4 335 6849031 I/19 30 *|**I CAFÉ SALTOS Aperitif bar, live music GÉRARD Str. Plan de Gralba 37 0471 795274 N/19 80 ICHALET Home-made desserts, terrace with wonderful panoramic view DES ALPES Str. Mëisules 155 0471 795501 G/16 50 The cosy café on the square is run by the third generation owners EUROPA Str. Nives 50 0471 795157 I/18 25 Renovated restaurant with panoramic terrace, ski-bar, appetizer FLORA Str. Mëisules 127 0471 795131 G/14 Bar, café GARDENA TRAIN Str. La Poza 25 0471 795432 E/7 The old Val Gardena railway: ice cream, snacks ... open from July to September Str. Mëisules 266 338 9379002 I/18 80 IKRONESTUBE Bar, après-ski: snacks, beers L CIAMIN Str. Mëisules 64 0471 773362 F/12 75


Après-ski and night life see page 54. = glutenfree * possibility to see SKY-TV (Italian) ** possibility to see SKY-TV (German)

I= barrier-free



MEDEL L’ Str. Mëisules 22 0471 795235 F/8 Coffee Bar, ice & more, new terrace, beer house, wine bar BULA Str. Mëisules 287 0471 795208 J/18 80 * LA CIAJOTA LA Str. Val 30 333 5217201 B/22 Hut at the entrance to Vallunga, homemade pastries MACIACONI COFFEEBAR Str. Plan da Tieja 10 0471 790257 E/1 Typical bar, smoking bar, wine bar, beer house with terrace MONICA Str. Nives 47 0471 795516 H/18 Bar, café: ice cream, milk shakes, pastries, terrace MOZART Str. Mëisules 204 0471 795550 I/17 50 Delicious pastries, crêpes, chocolate fondue, fruit salads * I NIVES Str. Nives 4 0471 773329 G/15 50 Home-made cakes and snacks, ice cream parlor, wine bar, terrace PASSO SELLA Passo Sella 2 0471 795136 100 New management PRANIVES Str. Nives 17/A 0471 795303 F/16 78 Sal Str. Puez 6 0471 773153 G/17 100 fËur Str. Dantercëpies 34 0471 795202 G/19 35 ISCOIATTOLO Bar, café, snacks SPECKKELLER Str. Mëisules 300 0471 794657 K/20 55 Str. Val 2 0471 795467 D/21 25 IVAL Home-made desserts, snacks and ice-cream, garden and children’s playground VALPUDRA Plan de Gralba 15 0471 794015 O/17 30 Coffee, pastries, ice-cream Str. Dantercëpies 66 0471 794339 E/21 40 I VILLA FRAINELA Tearoom, homemade pastries and ice cream, snacks, sun terrace LOUNGE BAR Str. Mëisules 244 0471 795255 I/17 50 * YELLO’S New lounge bar, top cocktails and champagne, nice atmosphere

w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t




Shopping in Ortisei Fashion ALL’ELEGANZA str. Rezia 112 - tel. 0471 796363



CREATIV str. Rezia 69 - tel. 0471 796317


Diesel/Miss Sixty/A. Morato/Marlboro/Penny Black/Phard

w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t

EXTREME SPORT FASHION str. Rezia 129 - tel. 0471 786399


Liu Jo/Ralph Lauren/Denny Rose/D&G/Converse/Armani

HALTI STORE str. Rezia 121 - tel. 0471 786411


Halti winter and summer outdoor fashion

INTIMISSIMI str. Rezia 13 - tel. 0471 786328 PIEDIA LA str. Rezia 125 - tel. 0471 798311

G/12 G/14

Children and women, Eureka/Geox/Giesswein/Naturino

MACIACONI PLANET KIDS str. Purger 2 - tel. 0471 797322


Wear for kids 0-16 years

margherita str. Rezia 55 - tel. 0471 797707


Fashion for kids 0-14 years, Liu Jo/Giesswein/Blauer/Fracomina & Tyrolean fashion

MARINA’S KINDERSTUBE str. Digon 4 - tel. 0471 798502


Everything for mother & child: fashion, care products, accessories; buggies rental

MILLEFILI MANUELA str. Rezia 169 - tel. 0471 796095


Underwear, Emporio Armani/Lejaby/Triumph/Petit Bateau/Sissi, wool, yarn

MODASPORT ELSE str. Purger 1 - tel. 0471 796199


Loden Steinbock/Moda/Trekking and more

MORODER SPORT str. Rezia 28 - tel. 0471 796192


Allsport/Trezeta/Olang/Cape Horn/MDC/Advantage/Tortuga Academy/Steffner

NERO FLUIDO str. Rezia 171 - tel. 0471 797035


Pinko/Guess/Nanni/Who’s Who/Vic Matié/Moschino/Mazzi

PIZBLANC - ALPINE str. Rezia 37/a - tel. 0471 797914


La Martina/Armani/Roy Rogger’s/Woolrich/Blauer/Colmar/Goldwin/Kjus/ZeroRH+

PIZBLANC - LIFE str. Rezia 34 - tel. 0471 781697


Moncler/Montecore/Santoni/Jacob Cohen/Incotex/Etro/Blumarine/Cucinelli

PIZBLANC - OUTLET Piazza Rezia 73/d - tel. 0471 786397 Big brands - little prices




Fashion RABANSER JËUN SHOES str. Rezia 28/b - Mauriz Gallery - tel. 0471 797934



RABANSER SHOES str. Rezia 63 - tel. 0471 796176




Spyder/Aesse/West Scout/Geox/Canadiens/Brunotti

SPORT GARDENA str. Rezia 14 - tel. 0471 798348



SPORTIVO str. Rezia 131 - tel. 0471 797220



SPORT SCHMALZL str. Rezia 71 - tel. 0471 796572


Top mountain shop winter and summer

SPORT & SHOES LA BOUTIQUE MALSINER KLAUS str. Rezia 117 - tel. 0471 786550




w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t

SPORT DEMETZ str. Rezia 56 - tel. 0471 796341


Food stores AVESANI PRIMIZIE str. Rezia 106 - tel. 0471 796330


BUTËIGA BERNA str. Roma 2/A - tel. 0471 796419


BUTËIGA DL MOND GHERDËINA str. Sneton 15/a - tel. 0471 786427


GRUBER BUTCHER str. Pedetliva 36/b - tel. 0471 798404 KASSLATTER BAKERY str. Purger 135 - tel. 0471 797899 MASO DELLO SPECK str. Rezia 165 - tel. 0471 798612


LANGGARTNER CAKE SHOP str. Rezia 15 - tel. 0471 796474


PITLA STUA str. Rezia 206 - tel. 0471 798511


SUPERMARKET CONAD str. Rezia 227/d - tel. 0471 786225


TROCKER BAKERY Plaza S. Durich 2 - tel. 0471 796104


ÜBERBACHER BAKERY & PASTRY SHOP str. Pedetliva 36/a - tel. 0471 798663


Local specialities, grappa, Gardena speck, cheese, vinotheque Local products, speck, cheese, liquors, wine

w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t

Products from all over the world

G/9 G/14

Speck, sausages & other meat products manufactured according to old recipes Confectionery, own production, bred, local products, pizza Delicacies from the Dolomites Groceries, specialities Masterhand’s bread

Own production and 50 choice of bread, cookies, gold medal for „Schüttelbrot“

WINE & BEVERAGES RABANSER str. Arnaria 41 - tel. 0471 796075

Wide choice of wine, grappa, beverages of South Tyrol and Italy



ANTIQUA PASSION FLOWER str. Rezia 225 - tel. 0471 796074


antlaries snc str. Rezia 11 - tel. 0471 797533


ARTEJANAT DULEDA str. Rezia 70 - tel. 0471 797600 ARTIKUS by FRANZ CANINS str. Rezia 6 - tel. 0471 797758


ATHESIA BUCH Little S. Antonio Square 82 - tel. 0471 799007


Jellery, watches, presents

Sculptures, toys and reproductions of old wooden toys Bookshop, stationery store


BERNARDI HERMANN - CRIB WORLD str. Arnaria 27 - tel. 0471 797593


BUTËIGA DL MOND GHERDËINA str. Sneton 15/a - tel. 0471 786427


CHEMIST SELLA Rezia square 73/b - tel. 0471 796125


COMPLOJ ALBERT - Woodcarvings str. Rezia 52 - tel. 0471 796624


COMPLOJ FRANCO str. Rezia 181 - tel. 0471 796272


COMPLOJ FR. - VALERIS str. Rezia 73/c - tel. 0471 797868


CONRAD MORODER WOODCARVINGS str. Rezia 198 - tel. 0471 796187


Visit the crib exhibition, big parking World shop

Homeopathy, farmacy

Own laboratory for sculptures, nativity scenes, wooden toys, e-shop, Scultures Artistiches 1929, Gardena Art, Thun, Scultures Artistiches 1929, Gardena Art, Thun Big store of local arts and crafts


w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t

Art presents, pictures, mirrows


Specialized Shops


Specialized Shops DOLFILAND Str. Digon 26 - tel. 0471 796239


EDITH BRUGGER Str. Rezia 233 - tel. 0471 786038


ELECTRO RADIO WALTER Str. Rezia 12 - tel. 0471 796588


EXTREME SPORT FASHION Str. Rezia 129 - tel. 0471 786399


FLAIM Str. Rezia 110 - tel. 0471 796295


FLËURES str. Roma 7/a - tel. 0471 796038


FLOWERS INGE str. Pedetliva 15 - tel. 0471 796691


FLOWERS LA FLËURA str. Lip 6 - tel. 0471 786266 FOTO GHERDËINA str. Rezia 265 - tel. 0471 797606


Wood carvings, furniture, home accessories, wooden decoration and toys Furnishing accessories, furniture, textiles, gifts Home appliance, TV, HiFi, Photo, Phones

w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t

Gardena shop

Glasses, jewellery, watches, giftware Your florist in Ortisei

Potted plants and cut flowers, floristry

Photos in 30 min., digital lab


FURNITURES GOLLER str. Purger 32 - tel. 0471 797188


GALLERIA GHETTA str. Rezia 59 - tel. 0471 796557


SOTRIFFER G. str. Rezia 38 - tel. 335 5328676


HERBERT PRINOTH - Bottega artigiana str. Rezia 255 - tel. 0471 797138


L’ANTICA S. Durich Square 4 - tel. 0471 798522


FLAURA LA str. Rezia 160 - tel. 0471 798457


LARDSCHNEIDER DRUGSTORE str. Rezia 28/b - tel. 0471 796242


L GULËUS str. Rezia 211 - tel. 0471 796166


MARIA str. Rezia 49/a - tel. 0471 797047


Planning & consultation, own carpenters Contemporary art gallery

Wooden toys and handicrafts

Sculptures and furnishing, Tobaccos, newspapers, books, stationery, toys, Lotto Towels, bath carpets, quilts and duvets Colours for artists

Tyrolean specialities, liquores and wines, sweets Table clothes and other souvenirs

MARINA’S KINDERSTUBE str. Digon 4 - tel. 0471 798502


Everything for mother and child: fashion, care products, accessories, buggies rental 40


MILLEFILI MANUELA str. Rezia 169 - tel. 0471 796095


MONIKA TOYS str. Rezia 220 - tel. 0471 798020


MORODER PETER - ANRI SHOP S. Antonio Square 122 - tel. 0471 798131


NUOVA RUSINA SNC str. Rezia 66 - tel. 0471 796119 SHOP GHERDËINA PC str. Stazion 10 - tel. 0471 789399


Beauty, personal care, baby, household pets Underwear, Emporio Armani/Julipet/Lejaby/Petit Bateau/Sissi, wool and yam Hello Kitty/Schleich/Haba/Götz Dolls/SIKU

Anri woodcarvings, Sevi wooden toys, gifts

Computer, accessories & software – Let us advice you!

PEMA WOODCARVINGS Pontives 28 - tel. 0471 797175 Sculptures

F/11 F/1

PERFUMES THALER str. Rezia 77/a - tel. 0471 796903


PIZUELA str. Rezia 50 - tel. 0471 797318


Perfume, cosmetics, ambiente Handicraft



MARKA DRUGSTORE str. Rezia 173 - tel. 0471 786383

w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t

Specialized Shops


Specialized Shops ROBA DA SE TRIPÉ str. Rezia 115 - tel. 0471 796319


Specialized shop for toys, Toto, Superenalotto

RUNGGALDIER M. & Co. str. Rezia 92 - tel. 0471 796149


Jewellery, watches, glasses, gifts

SARTËUR str. Purger 28 - tel. 0471 796170


w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t

More than 75,000 different articles (e.g. carving tools, hardware)

SCUDELA str. Rezia 279 - tel. 0471 797298


Fissler/Napkin, home and kitchen accessories, household appliances

SENONER TINDERLA str. Rezia 162 - tel. 0471 796551


Shop specialized for soft furnishings and wood carvings

TREND PRESENT str. Rezia 54 - tel. 0471 798376


The ideal gift

VINATZER IERACE MARTINA str. Rezia 4 - tel. 0471 796228 Feather pillow, curtains, blankets, stuff, household linens, lampshades



Fashion ACTIV SPORT - INTERSPORT str. Dursan 106 - tel. 0471 793114



Shopping in S. Cristina

Freeride, Skitouring, Ski & Boarder’s Shop, Outdoor, Climbing & Trekking (Center)

BOUTIQUE LA Parisienne str. Dursan 117 - tel. 0471 793334



GLAMOUR str. Dursan 27 - tel. 0471 790248


GLAMOUR TRENDS str. Dursan 37 - tel. 0471 790013


Fashion for men and women - always ahead of the trend

MACIACONI FOR KIDS str. Dursan 93 - tel. 0471 790048


Wear for kids 0-16 years

MACIACONI OUTLET str. Dursan 91 - tel. 0471 790267


Big brands - little prices

MARKET COMPLOJ SOPLASES str. Gherdëina 8 - tel. 0471 793213


Typical local products, biological products “Red Rooster”, souvenirs, tobaccos

Mode SPORT A. Perathoner str. Dursan 98 - tel. 0471 793232


The shop for sports equipment, leisure time and elegant fashion

SHOESHOP MALSINER str. Dursan 38 - tel. 0471 793083



SPORT & SHOESHOP MALSINER str. Dursan 52 - tel. 0471 793350



Food Stores DESPAR str. Dursan 3 - tel. 0471 790012


Supermarket, department for fruits and vegetables, wines and gastronomy

GLAMOUR GOURMET str. Dursan 51 - tel. 0471 793699


Food specialities and wine store

MARKET COMPLOJ SOPLASES str. Gherdëina 8 - tel. 0471 793213


Typical local products, biological products “Red Rooster”, souvenirs, tobaccos

ÜBERBACHER BAKERY str. Dursan 16 c - tel. 0471 793661


Wide choice of whole meal breads and cakes, 43

w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t

Fashion men & women, personal styling, private shopping


Specialized Shops ACTIV SPORT - INTERSPORT str. Dursan 106 - tel. 0471 793114


Freeride, Skitouring, Ski & Boarder’s Shop, Outdoor, Climbing & Trekking (Center)

ANRI 1912 str. Dursan 99 - tel. 0471 054150


Production and export of exclusive wooden carvings

antiK Y RARITEIES str. Dursan 113 - tel. 0471 792161


Antiques and art, the shop with the special giftware

w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t

CHIPWARE str. Dursan 29 - tel. 0471 792405


Computer, phone (TIM Center), TV, digital cameras, games

Comploj GIOVANNI - Soplases str. Gherdëina 45 - tel. 0471 793356


Valuable woodcarvings, handicrafts

COMPLOJ MARGHERITA str. Dursan 5 - tel. 0471 792112 DEMETZ ALBERT snc str. Val 63 - tel. 0471 792024

N/7 M/5

Painted wooden objects and furniture, Christmas decorations

DEMETZ PATRICK str. Dursan 37 - tel. 0471 790174 Wood carvings, furniture



Demetz PATRICK str. Dursan 60 - tel. 0471 792054


Wide choice of wood carvings

D’UNI CULËUR str. Dursan 63 - tel. 0471 790002



Specialized Shops

Fax service, fotocopies, photographic shop, stationery and toys

FLOWERS PASSIFLORA str. Dursan 94 - tel. 0471 790111


Flower compositions for every occasion


Snow clearing equipment, wrought metalwork and stainless steel products

INSAM RINO str. Gherdëina 7/a - tel. 0471 793540


Wide range of wooden items and furniture

MARKET Comploj Soplases str. Gherdëina 8 - tel. 0471 793213


Typical local products, biological products „Red Rooster“, souvenirs, tobaccos

SCULPTURES NOGLER str. Dursan 53 - tel. 0471 792164


Own production of wooden sculptures, hand-made


w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t

GEIER str. Pana 8 - tel. 0471 793506


Shopping in Selva Gardena Fashion ACTIV SPORT - INTERSPORT str. Mëisules 171 - tel. 0471 773083 Arc’Teryx/Montura/Vuarnet/Zero RH+/Burton

Alex Giorgi str. Mëisules 276 - tel. 0471 794212

Sportswear and equipment of the best brands

BOUTIQUE ERICH DEMETZ str. Mëisules 156 - tel. 0471 795281 w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t

Armani Jeans/Andrea Fenzi Cashmere/Morgan Shirts

DOLOMITI ADVENTURES SPORT & FASHION str. Mëisules 242 - tel. 0471 770905

H/16 I/19 G/15 I/17

Clothing and sporting goods for skiing, snowboarding, biking and leisure time

EXTREME SPORT FASHION - GARDENA CENTER Church square - tel. 0471 795213

Liu Jo/Ralph Lauren/Denny Rose/D&G/Armani/Converse/Scervino

EXTREME JUNIOR 0-12 - GARDENA CENTER Church square - tel. 0471 795213 Fashion, sport for kids

Maciaconi str. Plan da Tieja 6 - tel. 0471 793110 Sportswear and equipment, shoes

PLANET KIDS 2 str. Mëisules 104 - tel. 0471 795340 Fashion for kids 0-16 years

SHOES Pitscheider str. Mëisules 182 - tel. 0471 795163 Tecnica/Scarpa/NeroGiardini/Jack Wolfskin/Tommy Hilfiger

Sport Bruno Riffeser str. Mëisules 131 - tel. 0471 795141

Bogner/Fire & Ice/Patagonia/The North Face/Salewa/Ziener/Halti

Sport Fulminino str. Mëisules 325 - tel. 0471 795424

Ski equipment and advice from a ski instructor and former ski racer

Sport MODE Schenk str. Mëisules 235 - tel. 0471 795238

The expert for sports fashion for men, women and children

Sport Walter str. Mëisules 257 - tel. 0471 773189

Sportswear clothing, equipment, shoes, ski, leisure time and mountain



G/17 E/1 G/14 H/16 G/15 K/20 I/18 I/18

AUER B&M str. Mëisules 160 - tel. 0471 795143


South Tyrolean Speck, typical bread dumplings, mushrooms, wine, grappa

AVESANI PRIMIZIE str. Mëisules 237 - tel. 0471 773079



Food Stores

Wine and grappa, local specialities, Speck, cheese

I/18 G/17

Supermarket Despar, more than 3000 food products available

Grappoteca & mORE str. Mëisules 185 - tel. 0471 1703863


Specialities, wine, grappa, chocolate, speck

Maciaconi str. Plan da Tieja 6 - tel. 0471 793110


Local specialities, enotheque, liquors, sweets

Mussner Adolf str. Nives 71-V. Rita - tel. 0471 795027


Homemade products

PERATHONER GUIDO CAKE SHOP str. Mëisules 175 - tel. 0471 773177


Own production -

PramStraller f. & Co. Butcher’s SHOP str. Nives 49 - tel. 0471 794250


Butcher’s shop – Delicacies

Senoner SartËur str. Mëisules 111 - tel. 0471 795128


Supermarket Despar, local products, Italian specialities

VINOTHEQUE RIFFESER OTTO str. Mëisules 49 - tel. 0471 795159-794293


South Tyrolean and Italian wines and grappas - Tasting possible


w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t

Costa BAKERY str. Mëisules 258 - tel. 0471 795132 GARDENA CENTER SUPERMarket str. Puez 1/A - tel. 0471 773331


Specialized Shops Bazar Moser str. Mëisules 129 - tel. 0471 794042 Books, ski and walking maps, calendars

CËSA DA PAUL str. Mëisules 117 - tel. 0471 795530


Decorative articles, souvenirs

CHEMIST DOLOMITI DR. BERDOU str. Mëisules 246 - tel. 0471 795142 DRUGSTORE GABI str. Mëisules 189 - tel. 0471 795413 w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t


I/17 H/16


ERSE - GARDENA’S ART str. Mëisules 25 - tel. 0471 795288


Anri wood sculptures, cuckoo clock, antique dealing

FLAIM OPTICIAN - WATCHES str. Mëisules 251 - tel. 0471 794391 - 796295


Pucci, Gucci, watches, good-luck churm of Val Gardena

FLËURES str. Mëisules 132 - tel. 0471 773289 FLOWERS ANDERGASSEN str. Mëisules 52 - tel. 0471 795545

G/15 G/12

8 a.m. - 12.30 p.m. - mobile 360 320534

foto planinschek str. Mëisules 166 - tel. 0471 794606



GARDENA CENTER SUPERMARKET Church Square 1 A - tel. 0471 773331 Hofer group str. Mëisules 200 - tel. 0471 795243

G/17 I/16

Bathroom accessories of the best makes

Laurin str. Mëisules 136 - tel. 0471 795277 Linder Sculptures str. Mëisules 221-Elise - tel. 0471 795388 Wooden carvings and toys, souvenirs


I/19 I/17

Maciaconi str. Plan da Tieja 6 - tel. 0471 793110


A house full of gift ideas

Minishop str. Mëisules 254 - tel. 0471 794085


Superenalotto, Totocalcio, Win for life, Tris

Mussner ANDREA str. Mëisules-Rustikal - tel. 0471 795414


Specialized Shops


Valuable wood carvings from our own workshop



Radio-TV Ivan str. Mëisules 177 - tel. 0471 794437


Digital photos, DVD rental, mobile telephony (TIM-Vodafone), household appliances

ROWI SCULPTURES str. Mëisules 56 - tel. 0471 794569 Senoner SartËur Mëisules 107 - tel. 0471 795530 str.

G/12 G/14

Home textiles, tobaccos, Lotto, underwear


w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t

Perathoner L. Eredi str. Mëisules 103 - tel. 0471 795286


SKI & SNOWBOARD SCHOOLS w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t

Ski & Snowboard Schools Ortisei SKI & Snowboard SCHOOL ORTISEI str. Rezia 75/a, Mar Dolomit, Seceda bottom station and Alpe di Siusi top station tel. 0471 796153, fax 0471 797907, SKI & Snowboard SCHOOL SASLONG str. Rezia 10, tel. 0471 786258, fax 0471 789457, S. Cristina Ski & SNOWBOARD SCHOOL S. CRISTINA Center Iman and Dosses Square tel. 0471 792045 - tel. 0471 790202, fax 0471 790053, SELVA GARDENA Ski & SNOWBOARD SCHOOL SELVA GARDENA str. Dantercëpies 4 & str. Mëisules 178 tel. 0471 795156, fax 0471 794257, SNOWBOARD & SKI SCHOOL 2000 - The young ski school str. Mëisules 275 + 244 tel. 0471 773125 - tel. 0471 795255, fax 0471 773283, TOP SKI SCHOOL - VAL GARDENA str. Mëisules 274, tel. 0471 794099, 51

SKI & SNOWBOARD HIRE w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t

Ski and Snowboard hire and repair ORTISEI


ALPINE RENTAL str. Setil 5/1 H/13 0471 797986 Member “Quality Rent” - hire, repair, depot, sport equipment CARLO’S RENTAL TEST & SKI SERVICE str. Rezia 71/A G/13 0471 798225 Ski hire and service, ski boot repair, new: heated storage room for skis and boots EVERESTSKI BY HANNES str. Rezia 224 H/14 348 2323585 Member “Quality Rent” - hire, repair, depot OLYMPIC CENTRE str. Rezia 75 a G/13 0471 796153 Hire - ski service of the Ski School Ortisei OLYMPIC MAR DOLOMIT str. Promeneda 2/B H/14 0471 796032 Hire - ski service - ski deposit of the Ski School Ortisei OLYMPIC SECEDA Seceda Cableways E/14 0471 786242 Hire - ski service - ski deposit and repair of the Ski School Ortisei PETER S.Antonio Square 128 G/13 0471 796185 Long experience in rental and service of sport articles, touring ski SKI & BOARD BAMBY str. Setil 9 H/12 0471 797971 “Quality Rent” member, hire, depot, repair SKI & SNOWBOARD RENTAL SASLONG str. Rezia 10 G/12 0471 786258 Your ski rental, advised by the ski instructors of the Ski School Saslong SKI SERVICE THOMAS str. Setil 3 H/13 0471 796065 Hire of the new Atomic’s and Salomon’s models and repair Sport & Ski Hire GARDENA str. Rezia 14 G/12 0471 798348 “Quality Rent” member, hire, depot, repair and sale S. CristinA tel. ADOLF SKIService str. Dursan 108 P/6 0471 792199 Salomon, Völkl, Atomic, Rossignol, Head, Fischer INTERSPORT-RENT SYSTEM str. Dursan 49 P/6 0471 790015 Top Quality Rent and Skiservice, Völkl, Rossignol, Atomic, telemark hire Klaus & Rino str. Dursan 38 N/7 0471 793083 Völkl, Elan, Salomon, Tecnica, Dolomite, Atomic, stroller Klaus & Rino str. Dursan 52 N/7 0471 793350 Völkl, Elan, Fischer, Tecnica, Head, Atomic, stroller Klaus & Rino str. Pana 45 K/11 0471 793452 Ski area Monte Pana, ski depot, Völkl, Atomic, stroller Rino ski str. Dursan 78 O/7 0471 792140 Skiservice, Atomic, Nordica, Fischer, Head, Elan, Dynastar SKI RENTAL RUDI str. Dursan 81 O/6 338 7682273 Hire & repair, Völkl, Salomon, Tecnica, Blizzard, near the ski pass office SKI school s. cristina str. Dursan 74 O/7 0471 792045 Ski service, Salomon, Völkl, Rossignol, Atomic, Head, Lange, Tecnica SKI school s. cristina - Dosses str. Dursan 83 P/6 0471 790202 Dosses branch, rental and service ski, snowboard, snowshoes SMART str. Palua 40 H/5 335 257215 Skiservice, Elan, Atomic, Dynastar, Nordica, Fischer, Head

Ski & snowboard lessons S. CRISTINA tel. RABANSER SNOWCAMP Str. Dursan 78 327 8370119, 52




Plan de Gralba 15 O/17 338 7038838 BDSC Ski & Snowboard Val Pudra Welcome to the ideal ski service for all the skiers str. Ciampinëi 5 J/19 0471 773242 S SKI Service Toni For individual consultation, high quality and safety SKI-SNOWBOARD VAL GARDENA str. Mëisules 275 J/19 0471 773125 BD HIRE Test Center Rossignol, Völkl, Salomon, Burton learn to ride STELLA SKISERVICE str. Mëisules 283 J/19 339 8214305 At the hotel Stella, competent consulting, repair, demez.g@alice .it ski service str. Mëisules 274 I/19 0471 794300 BC top Lacroix, Emporio Armani, Völkl, Head, Atomic RENTAL SKI SCHOOL SELVA str. Dantercëpies 4 I/19 0471 773402 BC QUALITY Atomic, Völkl, Dynastar, Salomon, Head, Fischer, str. Dantercëpies 1 I/19 347 5575562 BDS SKI CENTER Selva Quad rental and evening outings, ski repair and delivery service str. Mëisules 261 I/19 339 7822513 BDS SKI WORLD Atomic, Völkl, Dynastar, Fischer, Rossignol SPORT WALTER str. Mëisules 257 I/18 0471 773189 Skiservice, Völkl, Fischer, Rossignol, Dynastar, Head, Lange, Salomon ADVENTURES SKIRENTAL str. Mëisules 242 I/17 0471 770905 BDSCA DOLOMITI You can choose from 100 ski models of 15 different brands, online booking str. Nives 53 H/17 338 4381418 B Nives Relay on our quality, long experience and professionalism str. Col da Lech 98 F/16 335 6078376 BDSCA WALTER Hire, repair and storage Olga - RUNGGALDIER KLAUS str. Mëisules 201 H/17 347 4817616 Atomic, Völkl, Blizzard, Elan, Fischer, Head, Dynastar Bruno EXPERT SERVICE str. Mëisules 135 G/15 0471 795141 BSC Sport Climbing gear, prams and child carries, ski wear str. Mëisules 130 G/15 338 7038838 BDSFC SKI & SNOWBOARD Lukas Welcome to the ideal ski service for all the skiers Plan da Tieja 37 D/3 339 4655527 BSC SKI LEO Right on the piste SKISERVICE SASLONG str. Ruacia 12/A F/1 0471 790104 Right next to the valley station of the gondola lift Saslong

B (also snowboard), D (also ski depot), S (also toboggan), F (also cross country sci), C (also snowshoes), A (also touring ski)



SELVA GARDENA (starting from Plan de Gralba)

w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t

Ski and Snowboard hire and repair

APRÈS-SKI & NIGHT-LIFE w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t

Après-Ski and Night-Life Snow fun on the runs. And afterwards? Val Gardena can really turn on the fun. Charming ski huts, good company, tasty food and quality wines. The best way to end a day on the snow!

WHERE THE Après-Ski IS: Ortisei tel. str. Rezia 5 F/12 0471 775563 ADLER bar and après-ski - snacks, drinks and cocktails str. Val d’Anna 24 D/17 339 3238833 BAITA PAULI barbecue specialities - dinner on request str. Rezia 116 G/13 0471 796290 haiti cafè, pastry-shop, ice-cream, snacks, big terrace, après-ski str. Rezia 32 G/12 335 5255714 MAURIZKELLER dancing in Ortisei - from 11.00 p.m. D.J. & smoking area Siglu Bar AT CAVALLINO BIANCO str. Rezia 22 G/12 335 5280120 après-ski and disco bar, various parties, open from 3.00 p.m. - 1 a.m. I VAL D’ANNA str. Val d’Anna 39 C/18 0471 798643 après-ski in good company str. Rezia 30 G/12 0471 797970 VINOTHEQUE CËRCIA the ideal place for a glass of wine and local specialities after a skiing day


= glutenfree cuisine

* possibility to see SKY-TV (Italian) ** possibility to see SKY-TV (German)

I= barrier-free

dancing Ortisei tel. MaurizKELLER str. Rezia 32 G/12 335 5255714 Disco dancing from 11 p.m. SIGLU BAR at cavallino bianco str. Rezia 22 G/12 335 5280120 après-ski and disco bar, various parties, open from 3.00 p.m. - 1 a.m. Selva Gardena Dali-Disco Dance str. Dantercëpies 7 H/19 0471 795069 open in winter, mob. 333 5217454, smokers’ room



*/ **I CAFÈ SALTOS str. Dantercëpies 2 I/19 335 6849031 Aperitif bar, live music Igloo Plan de Gralba N/16 0471 795135 open only in winter Kronestube str. Mëisules 266 I/18 338 9379002 open all year round: 10 a.m. - 1 a.m. Bar La Stua str. Frëina 4 J/19 0471 795072 Tuesday and Thursday traditional music from 8.30 p.m. l muliné str. La Sëlva 104 H/5 0471 773293 during winter every Sunday afternoon live music Luislkeller str. Mëisules 270 I/19 0471 794109 après-ski open every day: 3.30 p.m. - 1 a.m. with D.J. MACIACONI BRAUSTUBE str. Plan da Tieja 10 E/1 0471 790257 open all year round, après-ski bar, for smokers with restaurant * I NIVES str. Nives 4 G/15 0471 773329 winebar PRA VALENTINI str. Plan 4 M/21 0471 773328 après-ski every day: from 4 p.m. Yello’s lounge bar str. Mëisules 244 I/17 0471 795255 new lounge bar, top cocktails and champagne, nice atmosphere

w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t

Selva Gardena tel.

SLEIGH-RIDES w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t

Sleigh-rides Enjoy a charming ride at any time of the year. On a horse-drawn coach, among the flower-scented alpine meadows, or on a sleigh in the snowy landscape glistening in the sun. Sleighs (winter): • from the cable car mountain terminal in Alpe di Siusi Fares: 30.00-50.00 Euro/hour for one sleigh • from Monte Pana horse-riding school c/o children’s park tel. 348 9290027, Fares (30 min.): adults 10.00 Euro, children 7.00 Euro Coaches (summer): • Daily trips from Monte Pana to Alpe di Siusi, with lunch in the Tirler Hut. For reservations, call 348 9290027 Fares: adults 65.00 Euro, children 45.00 Euro, possible also without lunch, • Panoramic tour of Val Gardena. For details, call 338 2430900


The opening period of the refuges tend to vary depending on the season and weather conditions. Ask at the Tourist Offices for the current details. The mountain chalets and refuges are always open from the beginning of July to the mid of September. Phone Beds/Dormitory Open Nature Reserve Puez-Odle and surroundings Chalet Restaurant Rasciesa 0471 798259 6 - sum. + win.


Mountain Huts and Lodges

Thursdays: ascent by funicular and dinner at the mountain hut


0471 794576



sum. + win.

Col Raiser

0471 796302



sum. + win.

Alpine hotel with wellness area; daily fresh homemade pastries and cakes


335 8060345



sum. + win.


sum. + win.

Typical Tyrolean food with absolute alpine atmosphere


339 5208704


Cosy alpine hut, sophisticated cuisine, fantastic location,

Daniel DantercĂŤpies Fermeda Firenze Gamsblut

335 6482660 0471 795222 335 7061089 0471 796307 338 8601244

- - 12 20 -

- - 8 75 -

sum. + win. sum. + win. sum. + win. summer sum. + win.



sum. + win.




Typical hut with local specialities and panoramic view


335 8082321 in winter: open in the evening

Lech Sant

338 4914549

Cheese alpine hut: production and sale of cheese and dairy products


338 2005571



sum. + win.

Taste our typical Tyrolean dishes in a cosy atmosphere with beautiful view


335 7073056



sum. + win.

- -

- -

winter sum. + win.



summer, refuge with table service

Pastura Pauli

338 3172653 339 3238833

Barbecue specialities - Dinner on request


0471 798093

Homemade products: cheese, speck, cakes


w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t

Tuesdays and Thursdays: candlelit dinner (summer and winter)

Mountain Huts and Lodges



338 3853629


333 6202884

Puez Ramitzler Rasciesa

0471 795365 340 2420649 333 3380868

- - 26

90 - 10

summer summer sum. + win.

Sangon Seceda Top station

339 5737568 335 1255501

- -

- -

sum. + win. sum. + win.


339 7069018










sum. + win.

Fresh milk and yogurt, homemade pastries and cakes


Accessible by car- playground - Thursdays: open in the evening (winter+summer)

Fantastic panoramic view

Highest located sun terrace in Val Gardena.

w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t

Sun terrace with panoramic view, local dishes, ideal destination for families


335 5271240



sum. + win.

- -

- -

summer sum. + win.

Mixed grill, wine bar & champagne

Stevia Troier

0472 844111 339 8212373

Enjoy the breathtaking view on the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage natural site

Val d’Anna

0471 798643



sum. + win.

- -

- -

sum. + win. sum. + win.

Sunbathing lawn, playground and a lot of nature

Sella Group and Sassolungo Chalet Margherita 333 9878926 333 5959277 Ciadinat

A traditional alpine hut built 1857! We organise dinners on request.


335 6159953



sum. + win.

338 3293620 0471 794121

6 -

- -

summer sum. + win.

Sun terrace and playground

Col Rodella Emilio Comici

Winter: fish specialities, apéro, special evening events -Summer: herbs, cake buffet

Federico Augusto Gran Paradiso Maria al Sass Pordoi Passo Sella

0462 764919 0471 795248 0462 601178 0471 795136

40 - - 60

15 - - 20

sum. + win. winter sum. + win. sum. + win., new management, open in the evening

Piz Setëur

335 6139112




0462 602300



sum. + win.


A very special holiday… at 2225 m




339 5458656



sum. + win.

Self Service Ciampinoi Toni Demetz Vallongia Vicenza

0471 792104 0471 795050 0471 794071 0471 792323

- 10 - 20

- 10 - 46

sum. + win. summer sum. + win. summer

Alpe di Siusi Contrin

339 5223054



sum. + win.

Dibaita Snc/Bullaccia

0471 729090



sum. + win.


347 8368154

Icaro Mahlknecht/Molignon

0471 729900 0471 727912



Mountain Huts and Lodges

Homemade products



sum. + win.

30 30

- 11

sum. + win. sum. + win.

Mont SĂŤuc/Top station 0471 727881



sum. + win.


338 7604693



0471 727830


0471 727966

Sanon Sasso Piatto

0471 727002 0462 601721


0471 727005

Sole Tierser Alpl/Alpe Tires Tirler Williams

0471 727000 0471 727958 0471 727927 0471 727899


0471 727947

Small traditional alpine hut featuring high quality - Unique panoramic view, culinary specialities, ice cream, cakes





sum. + win.



sum. + win.

Idyllically located alpine hut, homemade dishes served Closed on Wednesdays The perfect place to relax for hikers and mountain bikers on the Alpe di Siusi

- 30

- 30

sum. + win. summer



sum. + win.

Hiking and enjoying at the Sasso Piatto Refuge South Tyrolean plain fare, sun terrace, petting zoo, playground

90 33 33 -

- 43 - -

sum. + win. summer sum. + win. sum. + win.



sum. + win. - Ideal place to relax for mountain bikers and hikers -


w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t

Enjoy local dishes and homemade pastries and cakes on our panoramic terrace

WALK & MOUNTAIN GUIDES w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t

Mountain Guides Val Gardena Mountain Guide Association • Selva Gardena - Nives Square 2 tel./fax 0471 794133,, Winter: daily 5.30 - 7 p.m. and during the openings of the climbing hall Summer: daily 5.30 - 7 p.m • S. Cristina - Tourist Office, tel. 0471 777800 July-September: Mon. 5.30 - 6.30 p.m. Catores Alpine School • Ortisei - Stetteneck Square 5, tel. 0471 798223, fax 0471 781391, - Summer and winter: daily 5.30 - 7 p.m. • S. Cristina - Str. Dursan 49 - tel. 0471 793099 Summer: daily 5.30 - 7 p.m. MOUNTAIN GUIDE MAURO BERNARDI Selva Gardena - Ski School Selva, str. Mëisules 178, mob. 340 2429752, tel./fax 0471 794232, Summer: daily 6 - 7 p.m. NATURAL CLIMBING WALL In Vallunga (Selva), in the Stone City (Passo Sella) and at the Sella massif (at Miramonti “Cansla”) Highwire adventure course EMOZION COL DE FLAM • Ortisei - Val d’Anna, tel. 333 8806080, E/14 CLIMBING HALL • Ortisei - Tennis Center, tel. 0471 797275 H/3 • S. Cristina - Iman Center, tel. 0471 777800 O/7 • Selva Gardena - Nives Square, tel. 0471 794133 H/14 You can rent the climbing equipment in specialized shops.

Walk Guides DOLOMITEHIKING Tel. 331 9400222,, organization of guided walks in winter and summer in the Dolomites

Mountain Rescue


The volunteer experts of the mountain rescue service JUDACRËP of Val Gardena are active year-round. The operations of the rescue helicopter of the air emergency service AIUT ALPIN DOLOMITES are at the patient’s expense and charged by the provincial air emergency service., tel. +39 0471 797171 60


Sports Angling

01.05.-30.09.: trout fishing on Rio Gardena: day tickets are available at the Val Gardena Tourist Offices. Guests from abroad who possess a foreign angling permit can purchase a local angling permit (validity 3 months) at the Tourist Office S. Cristina. Fish ponds tel. 0471 794138 H/8 • Selva Gardena Hotel Pozzamanigoni tel. 0471 794071 • Selva Gardena Vallongia

summer only: Mon. and Wed. 5 - 8 p.m.

tel. 333 1499949 B-C/3


• Ortisei - Tennis - Center Roncadizza tel. 0471 797275, 392 9471582 H/3 open all year round: Mon. - Sat. 01.06-31.10 from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m., 01.11-31.05 from 1 to 10 p.m., bank holidays and Sundays closed;


• Selva Gardena - Sport Center, str. Ciampinëi 18 4 fully automatic lanes; daily: 8 a.m. - midnight.


Climbing walls

Tennis Center - Roncadizza tel. 0471 797275 H/3 • Ortisei New boulder hall for sport climber, 220 square meters - with more than 1000 different grips and 1 unique big floor of protection, open all year round: Mon. - Sat. 01.06-31.10 from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m., 01.11-31.05 from 1 to 10 p.m., bank holidays and Sundays closed; Iman Center tel. 0471 777800 O/7 • S. Cristina 01.11-30.04: Tue. and Thu. 8 - 10 p.m.; With a mountain guide (Catores & Val Gardena Mountain Guide Association) you can enter every time; without a guide: key at the shop Activ Sport - Intersport (open from 8.30 a.m. to noon and from 3 to 7 p.m.), entry 5 Euro, at own risk, tel. 0471 794133 H/14 • Selva Gardena - Nives Square opening hours: summer: every day 5.30 - 10 p.m. winter: Tue., Wed., Fri. 5.30 - 10 p.m.,

Extreme sports (Canyoning, Rafting, Tarzaning, Zipline, Bungee Jumping)

• Tourist Offices of Val Gardena in cooperation with Autosella • Selva tel. 0471 777906 H/17 • S. Cristina tel. 0471 777800 M/6 • Ortisei tel. 0471 777600 F/12

Fitness Centre

• Alpin Gym Fitness Centre tel. 0471 797275 H/3 Ortisei, Roncadizza, c/o Tennis-Center tel. 392 9471582 open all year round: Mon. - Sat. 01.06-31.10 from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m., 01.11-31.05 from 1 to 10 p.m., bank holidays and Sundays closed; fitness and gymnastic equipment; bodybuilding. • FIT 181 - Fitness & Wellness tel. 0471 797006 G/7 Ortisei, str. Purger 181,, Fitness & Wellness, Sauna, Solarium, Beauty 61

w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t


I• S. Cristina - Sport Grounds “Mulin da Coi”


Funcourt - Beachvolley

• Beachvolley Tennis Center tel. 0471 797275 H/3 Ortisei, Roncadizza, open all year round: tel. 392 9471582 Mon. - Sat. 01.05-31.05 from 1 to 10 p.m., 01.06-31.10 from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m., bank holidays and Sundays closed;

Golf: alpine golf

• S. Cristina, Hotel Diamant, str. Skasa 1 tel. 0471 796780 D/4 Driving range, putting green • Selva Gardena, Rest. Gérard - Alpine Golf tel. 0471 795274 N/19 about 3 miles on the road to Passo Gardena, driving range, golf course.

w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t

Highwire adventure course

• Emozion Col de Flam tel. 333 8806080 E/14 Ortisei - str. Val d’Anna, Opening times: - June 10th-30th: Wednesday - Friday - Saturday - Sunday from 10.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m. Last admittance at 6.00 p.m. - July 1st to September 11th: open daily from 10 a.m. to 7.00 p.m. Last admittance at 6.00 p.m. - September 12th-30th: Wednesday - Saturday - Sunday from 1.00 p.m. to 7.00 p.m. Last admittance at 5.30 p.m.


• Horse riding center Gardena Cowboy Ranch tel. 338 2430900 H/2 Ortisei - str. Passua 6 - Visot, Individual lessons, western, children and adults, riding out, horse house • Horse-riding school Monte Pana tel. 348 9290027 L/11 S. Cristina - str. Pana 47 riding out - 1 hour, half day, full day, private lessons, pony-riding, carriage-rides including lunch in a typical mountain hut, sleigh-rides (in winter), trekking, horse-boarding, dog-boarding, children park, minizoo, open winter and summer • Pozzamanigoni FISE Horse-riding School tel. 0471 794138 I/7 Selva Gardena - str. La Sëlva Individual tuition, riding out, trekking


• Ortisei - Car park Setil (cabin Alpe di Siusi) H/12 Ice rink, open every day, skate hire, winter only; • Passo Pinëi - 5 km from Ortisei tel. 0471 700009 J/1 Natural ice rink: ice skating and curling, winter only; • Selva Gardena - Sportstadion Pranives tel. 0471 794265 F/16 for further details about opening times, please call the number above or the Tourist Office Selva; • S. Cristina - Iman Center tel. 0471 777800 O/7 Winter only, skate hire at the ice rink, natural ice rink opening times: every day from 3 to 6 p.m.

Kneipp cure trail

• Ortisei - Val d’Anna E/14 The Kneipp hydrotherapy is an excellent way to maintain your health and to boost your energies by bringing your body closer to nature with every step. The treatment harmonizes the following elements: water, plants, movement, nutrition and balance 62

• MTB School Val Gardena tel. 339 2547921 S. Cristina, str. Iman 16/a Guided mountainbike excursions with qualified MTB instructors • Nogler Emanuel tel. 335 6496502 S. Cristina, str. Chemun 22, qualified MTB instructor • Val Gardena Active Tourist Offices of Val Gardena, • Selva tel. 0471 777906 • S. Cristina tel. 0471 777800 • Ortisei tel. 0471 777600

N/5 M/6

H/17 M/6 F/12

Mountain bike (hire and service):

• Olympic Bike-Rental - Ortisei, str. Val d’Anna 2 tel. 0471 786242 E/14 tel. 0471 770905 I/17 • Scott Bike Test Centre Selva, Str. Mëisules 242,

Nordic Walking

• Val Gardena Active Tourist Offices of Val Gardena, • Selva tel. 0471 777906 H/17 • Ortisei tel. 0471 777600 F/12


• Fly 2 - Flying Association A.S.D. tel. 335 5716500, Tandem flights with examined pilots (all year round), gift voucher • Parapendio Club Gherdëina (info only) Heinz tel. 339 6709659,

Sauna • FIT 181 - Fitness & Wellness tel. 0471 797006 G/7 Ortisei, str. Purger 181,, Sauna, fitness and wellness, solarium, beauty • ”mardolomit” Sauna - Ortisei tel. 0471 797131 H/14 str. Promeneda 2, Opening hours: 26.12.-09.04. daily 1 - 10 p.m.; 10.04.-22.04. Thu. & Sun. 1 - 8 p.m., Tue., Fri. & Sat. 1 - 10 p.m.; 25.06.-30.09. Tue. & Fri. 1 - 10 p.m., Sat. & Sun. 1 - 8 p.m.; 01.10.-06.12. Tue., Fri. & Sat. 1 - 10 p.m., Thu. & Sun. 1 - 8 p.m.; 07.12.-31.12. daily 1 - 10 p.m. Admission (sauna & swimming pool): Euro 18,00 (from 25.05.-30.09.) and Euro 20,00 (from 01.10.-22.04.), cheaper block tickets (5 entries Euro 78,00). Keloblocksauna, Alpine bath “Brechel”, stone bath, vitarium, Finnish sauna, different Turkish baths, whirlpools. 63

w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t

Mountain bike (excursions):


Minigolf (summer only)

• Ortisei - Park Minigolf, str. Promeneda tel. 335 8352080 H/13 July and 1st - 15th September: daily 9.30 a.m. - 1 p.m., 3 - 8 p.m. August: daily: 9.30 a.m. - 11 p.m. (depends on the weather); • S. Cristina - Monte Pana tel. 0471 793600 K/11 1st July - 6th September: daily: 10 a.m. - 6. p.m.;



• Selva Gardena Pranives Sports Stadium (air-rifle) open every Tue. in August.: from 8.30 p.m. to 11 p.m.



w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t

• ”mardolomit” - The family- and adventure pool in Ortisei H/14 str. Promeneda 2, tel. 0471 797131 Opening hours: 26.12.-09.04. daily 10 a.m. - 10 p.m.; 10.04.-22.04. daily 1 - 8 p.m., Tue. & Fri. 1 - 10 p.m.; 25.05.-20.06. daily 1 - 8 p.m., Tue. & Fri. 1 - 10 p.m.; 21.06.-09.09. daily 9.30 a.m. - 8 p.m., Tue. & Fri. 9.30 a.m. - 10 p.m.; 10.09.-06.12. daily 1 - 8 p.m., Tue. & Fri. 1 - 10 p.m.; 07.12.-25.12. daily 1 - 10 p.m.; 26.12.-31.12. daily 10 a.m. - 10 p.m. Admission: free for children up to 3 years, children from 4 to 14 years Euro 5,20, juniors 15 - 18 years Euro 6,70 and adults Euro 10,00. Cheaper block, season and family tickets (parents with 2 children from 4 to 14 years) Euro 24,00. Sole outdoor pool with streaming, foot-reflex-massage, neck-showers, big whirl-pool. New: steam sauna in the indoor swimming pool area.


• Ortisei - Tennis-Center Roncadizza tel. 0471 797275 H/3 open all year round: tel. 392 9471582 Mon. - Sat. 01.06-31.10 from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m., 01.11-31.05 from 1 to 10 p.m., bank holidays and Sundays closed; 4 indoor courts with sliding roof, 2 illuminated outdoor clay courts and 2 illuminated quartz sand artificial turf surfaces, tennis lessons • Selva Gardena - Sport Center, str. Ciampinëi 18 tel. 340 9269085 K/19 08 a.m. - 10 p.m.; 2 covered tennis courts, only on reservation • S. Cristina - Iman Center tel. 0471 793525 O/7 01.06.-15.09.: 8 a.m. - 10 p.m.; 3 illuminated outdoor gravel courts, lessons


• Ortisei, at the playground str. Promeneda





Climbing, hiking, ski tours, ice climbing, guided walks, snowshoeing, excursions • Catores Alpine School tel. 0471 798223 F/12 Piazza Stetteneck 5, Ortisei fax 0471 781391, summer and winter: daily: 5.30 - 7 p.m. • Climbing with Mauro Bernardi mob. 340 2429752, tel. 0471 794232 • Dolomitehiking tel. 331 9400222, organization of guided walks in winter and summer in the Dolomites • Val Gardena Active Tourist Offices of Val Gardena, • Selva tel. 0471 777906 H/17 • S. Cristina tel. 0471 777800 M/6 • Ortisei tel. 0471 777600 F/12 tel. 0471 794133 H/14 • Val Gardena Mountain Guide Association Nives Square 2, Selva Gardena fax 0471 794133, summer: daily: 5.30 - 7 p.m.; winter: daily 5.30 - 7 p.m. and during the openings of the climbing wall Summer S. Cristina, Tourist Office from July-end September Mon. 5.30 - 6.30 p.m. tel. 0471 777800 M/6

w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t


Getting around w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t

Getting around Fancy a convenient, car-free and eco-friendly holiday? Val Gardena Card is a personal, 3/6 day pass which allows unlimited and free access to all the lifts operating in summer and to all buses and coaches within the “South Tyrol Pass” network. It is available at the Tourist Offices, at your host’s and in some gondola terminals. The Val Gardena Card can be acquired only by those guests who are staying in an accommodation facility which is a member of a tourist association of Val Gardena. The card can be purchased only with the special voucher or the Val Gardena Active member card. Val Gardena Card lift network: Ortisei • Ortisei - Alpe di Siusi (I), Ortisei - Seceda gondolas (I) • Rasciesa funicular railway (I) • Fermeda and al Sole (Alpe di Siusi) chairlifts S. Cristina • Col Raiser gondola (I) • Monte Pana and Mont Sëura chairlifts Selva • Ciampinoi (I) and Danterceppies gondolas (I) • Forcella Sassolungo cable car • Cir chairlift


Getting around

In Summer 1. “Val Gardena Card”, the tourist pass which allows unlimited and free access to all local lifts and to public coaches in the area of the Mobilcard “South Tyrol”. 2. “Ortisei Summer Bus”, “Selva Summer Bus” and “Summer Bus Plesdinaz”: local bus service from mid-June to the end of September.

For dog owners: on public transportation (cable-cars and bus), dogs must be muzzled and on a leash. Public Transport The coach service is operated by SAD (Freephone from Italy 840-000471, from abroad +39 0566 76234, ). Tickets are sold on board. Route maps and timetables are available at the Tourist Offices. For train timetables and information call 892021 from Italy, +39 06 68475475 from abroad, or visit Nearest train stations: Chiusa (20 km), Bressanone (30 km), Bolzano (40 km).


w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t

In Winter A ski bus (Val Gardena Ski Express) is available for all our guests (weekly pass 7.00 Euro, daily pass 3.00 Euro). Buses run every 15 minutes, connecting Ortisei, S. Cristina, Selva (Plan) and their hamlets. Please stamp your ticket the first time you use it.

TAXI AND BUS w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t

Taxi and Bus Taxi-Bus: • Ortisei S. Antonio Square (G/13), Stetteneck Square (F/12) and valley station of Seceda cable car (E/13) • S. Cristina Dosses Square (P/6) • Selva Gardena Nives Square/Cultural House O. v. Wolkenstein (G/15) and Hotel Stella (J/19)

AUTOSELLA TAXI & BUS round the clock - comfortable, safe and reliable Radio-Taxi-Headquarter tel. +39 0471 790033 fax +39 0471 790034, A wide range of comfortable vehicles is available. You can choose among cars, minibuses and buses from 9 to 56 seats. We arrange transfers to/from railway stations, airports, ski runs and famous mountain resorts. Enjoy our organised tours, business trips (including to exhibitions and meetings), shopping and eating tours all year round. Choose your destination and relax. We will take care of everything, including transport access for ill and disabled people. Luggage transport is provided. Join one of our summer tours: you can try rafting and canyoning, carry your bike with you or take one of our buses to concerts and sports events. We are happy to drive you safely and comfortably to your destination. 68

tel. +39 0471 796544, fax +39 0471 798463 (round the clock),



Luxury cars, transfers to train stations and airports, guided excursions and tours, access for people with disabilities, transport of injured, service with your own car on your business trips.

Kasslatter Manfred tel. 335 6814400 Ortisei - str. Cuca 47 (luxury car and mini-van) Kostner Emil tel. +39 335 6385556, +39 0471 797461 Ortisei - str. Sobosch 61 (luxury car, mini-van and bus), fax 0471 1880428 Simon Taxi & Busservice tel. 335 265512 Ortisei - str. SocrĂŤp 3 (mini-van and bus), fax 0471 799005

OTHER TAXI DRIVERS Comploi Stefan - S. Cristina tel. 335 6325444, Demetz Leo - Ortisei tel. 335 8410330, Insam Antonio - S. Cristina tel. 335 6062340, Insam Robert - Selva Gardena tel. 338 3000581, Moroder Ivan - Ortisei tel. & fax 0471 796096, 335 8045222 Taxi Service - S. Cristina tel. 334 8221166, W&W Taxibusservice - Ortisei tel. 338 6123771, 0471 792086


w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t

Alidosi Taxi & Bus Service tel. +39 335 6530800, +39 0471 797097 Ortisei - str. MĂŤisules 74 (luxury car, mini-van and bus), fax 0471 798463, since 1978


Coach tours (summer only) Some destinations suggested by the local coach operators: • Dolomites Grand Tour: a tour amid the “Pale Mountains” - Sella, Pordoi and Falzarego Passes, Cortina d’Ampezzo, Lake Misurina with Tre Cime di Lavaredo in the background, Dobbiaco and Brunico.

w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t

• Merano and Wine route: discover the medieval centre of the renowned spa city and its ancient arcades, or visit the gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle. Journey along the South Tyrolean Wine Road. • Lake Garda: take a tour around the largest Italian lake in the Alps. Thanks to the mild climate, Mediterranean plants flourish on its shores. The tour includes a visit to two picturesque villages, Malcesine and Riva. • Venice: visit the world famous lagoon city, take a walk through its narrow lanes and alleys and over its hundreds of bridges. Visit St. Mark’s Square and its ancient architecture. • Innsbruck: visit the capital of Tyrol, a high mountain paradise. A guided tour of the city is included. Information and reservations at the Tourist Offices.

Camper & caravan sites In Val Gardena there are no campings. You can park your camper for several days in the car parks Plan de Gralba and Ruacia (summer and winter) or in the car park near the Ciampinoi chairlift (only winter). Please note that these aren’t equipped for campers. The nearest camp sites are in Colfosco, Canazei, Chiusa and S. Costantino/Siusi (20 km from Val Gardena). 70


Car parks

S. Cristina: Car park Center Iman on the left of the roundabout Car park valley station Monte Pana - private Car park behind the gymnasium Car park Praplan Car park Mulin da Coi Car park Town Hall Square Car park opposite Hotel Posta Car park Center Iman Car park of Hotel Dosses Car park in front of Alpenhotel Plaza Car park Center Iman on the right of the roundabout Car park Col Raiser private Car park Hotel Cendevaves Car park Monte Pana Selva Gardena: Car park Sportstadion Car park Isgla Car park Plan de Gralba Car park Culture house Car park Plan-Taiadices Car park town hall-library Car park elementary school Car park Sportstadion Car park Ruacia-Maciaconi Car park Ciampinëi-Tennis Car park Hotel Ingram-Bar Edda Car park Industrial area Car park Speckkeller Car park Culture house Car park Piazza Car park Continental Car park Saslong Car park Col Raiser Car park Plan de Gralba Car park Frates Car park Isgla Car park Ciampinoi Car park Passo Sella Car park Dantercëpies Car park Central Parking Stella Car park Passo Gardena Parkgarage Nives Car park Vallunga Car park Ski School

with parking disk chargeable chargeable chargeable chargeable chargeable chargeable chargeable chargeable

H/15 F/11 G/12 H/12 H/12 H/14 E/13 H/14 F/13



free only by using the lift free free free with parking disk with parking disk with parking disk with parking disk with parking disk chargeable

N/7 K/6 M/1 B/3 M/6 N/7 P/7 P/6 P/6 O/7

chargeable chargeable chargeable

T/2 J/11 K/11

free only summer free only summer free only summer free only bus free only summer and bus with parking disk with parking disk with parking disk with parking disk with parking disk with parking disk with parking disk with parking disk chargeable chargeable chargeable chargeable chargeable chargeable chargeable chargeable chargeable chargeable chargeable chargeable chargeable chargeable chargeable chargeable

F/16 L/20 O/16 G/14 N/21 G/16 G/16 F/16 F/1 K/19 N/22 O/22 K/20 G/14 G/1 G/20 G/2 A/4 O/16 E/20 L/20 I/18 G/21 I/19 G/15 B/22 I/19


w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t

Ortisei: Car park Fever Garage Stazion Posta Central Parking Car park Setil Garage Mont Sëuc Car park + Garage Mar Dolomit Car park + Garage Seceda Car park Tresval Garage Pana

CAR SERVICES w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t

Car services GARAGES AND BREAKDOWN SERVICES • Auto Boschservice Ploner N/22 tel. 0471 794093, 335 7560273 Selva G., str. Plan 26 - car mechanic • Auto Demetz Raimund & Co. LCP E/5 tel. 0471 792188, 335 6440012 S. Cristina, str. Mulin da Coi 19 - car mechanic, roadside assistance • Auto Egon J/1 tel. 0471 781214, 335 6756131 Ortisei/Roncadizza, str. Pineies 11 - mechanical service centre • Auto Rungger F/1 tel. 0471 797095 Ortisei, Pontives 7 - Garage, tyre service, reparations • Autoservice Cisles S/2 tel. 0471 793305, 338 7573150 S. Cristina, str. Cisles 167 - garage/repairs, towing-service, tyre service • Autoservice Kerschbaumer H. & Co. C/5 tel. 0471 797082 S. Pietro in Valle 49 - car mechanic, car electrician, towing service • Autoservice Nocker N/22 tel. 0471 795278 Selva Gardena, str. Plan 31 - car repair shop, tyres, towing service • Car Body Gardena F/1 tel. 0471 796803 Ortisei, Pontives 1 - Car body - rent a car, breakdown assistance • Motor Vehicle Workshop Longhi N/23 tel. 0471 794404 Selva G., str. Plan 61 - towing-service, repairs, electric motorcar equipment • Perathoner Walter F/6 tel. 0471 797402, 335 7787517 Ortisei, str. Nevel 148 - Ford, towing-service

RENT-A-car • Auto Demetz Raimund & Co. LCP E/5 tel. 0471 792188, 335 6440012 S. Cristina, str. Mulin da Coi 19 • Autoservice Cisles S/2 tel. 0471 793305, 338 7573150 S. Cristina, str. Cisles 167 • Car Body Gardena F/1 tel. 0471 796803 Ortisei, Pontives 1 - Rent a car - car wash self service 24h

PETROL STATION • New gas station AGIP str. Tresval 80 - Ortisei J/18


tel. 0471 798633


Banks Ortisei Cassa Raiffeisen Selva Gardena/Ortisei branch Rezia Square 73/A tel. 0471 796250 G/13 Mon.-Fri.: 8 a.m. - 1 p.m. and Mon., Tue., Wed. and Fri. 2.30 - 4.30 p.m., Thu. 5 - 7 p.m. Cassa Raiffeisen Castelrotto/Ortisei branch str. Vidalong 1 tel. 0471 711800 H/13 Mon.-Fri.: 8.05 a.m. - 12.55 p.m. and 2.45 - 4.15 p.m. H/2

Cassa di Risparmio/Südtiroler Sparkasse str. Rezia 79 tel. 0471 783711 G/13 Mon.-Fri.: 8.05 a.m. - 12.55 p.m. and 2.45 - 4.15 p.m. Banca Popolare/Volksbank Piazza S. Durich 3 tel. 0471 944330 F/12 Mon.-Fri.: 8.05 a.m. - 12.55 p.m. and 2.45 - 4.25 p.m. Banca di Trento e Bolzano str. Rezia 37 tel. 0471 796262 G/13 Mon.-Fri.: 8.05 a.m. - 12.55 p.m. and 2.35 - 4.15 p.m S. Cristina Cassa Raiffeisen Selva Gardena/S. Cristina branch Town Hall Square tel. 0471 793060 M/6 Mon.-Fri.: 8 a.m. - 1 p.m. and Mon., Tue., Wed. and Fri. 2.30 - 4.30 p.m., Thu. 5 - 7 p.m. cash point also at Restaurant Maciaconi Cassa di Risparmio/Südtiroler Sparkasse str. Dursan 57 tel. 0471 793386 N/7 Mon.-Fri.: 8.05 a.m. - 12.55 p.m. and 2.45 - 4.15 p.m. Banca di Trento e Bolzano str. Dursan 40 tel. 0471 793171 Mon.-Fri.: 8.05 a.m. - 12.55 p.m. and 2.35 - 4.15 p.m.


Selva Gardena Cassa Raiffeisen Selva Gardena str. Mëisules 211 tel. 0471 772020 H/17 Mon.-Fri.: 8 a.m. - 1 p.m. and Mon., Tue., Wed. and Fri. 2.30 - 4.30 p.m., Thu. 5 - 7 p.m. cash points also at the Ski & Snowboard School Selva and at Hotel Nives Cassa di Risparmio/Südtiroler Sparkasse str. Mëisules 286 tel. 0471 772611 J/19 Mon.-Fri.: 8.05 a.m. - 12.55 p.m. and 2.45 - 4.15 p.m. Banca Popolare/Volksbank str. Mëisules 155/A tel. 0471 944000 G/15 Mon.-Fri.: 8.05 a.m. - 12.55 p.m. and 2.45 - 4.25 p.m. 73

w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t

Cassa Raiffeisen Castelrotto/Roncadizza branch str. Arnaria 1/A tel. 0471 711811 Mon.-Fri.: 8.05 a.m. - 12.55 p.m. and 2.45 - 4.15 p.m.


Telephone and Post

w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t

TELEPHONE All the public telephones accept Italian phone cards (5,00 Euro). The Ortisei, S. Cristina and Selva Gardena Post Offices sell also international phone cards.

International dialling codes:

Austria France Great Britain Netherlands Switzerland Russia

0043 0033 0044 0031 0041 007

Belgium Germany Luxembourg Spain USA Sweden

0032 0049 00352 0034 001 0046

Dialling codes for Italy from abroad: Europe Russia USA

0039 81039 01139

The local dialling code for Val Gardena is 0471.

Post Offices

Open: Mon. - Fri. 8 a.m. - 1.30 p.m., Sat. 8 a.m. - 12.30 p.m. Selva Gardena S. Cristina Ortisei

Cultural Centre Town Hall Square Stetteneck Square

tel. 0471 795168 tel. 0471 792113 tel. 0471 796221

N.B. There are no public telephones in Italian post offices. Postal charges

Letters up to 20 gr. and postcards

Italy Europe America, Asia, Africa Oceania 74

0,60 Euro 0,75 Euro 1,60 Euro 2,00 Euro


emergency medical service for visitors from Christmas to Easter and from end of June to mid of September Medical Service for Val Gardena, str. Purger 14, in the fire-brigade building in Ortisei (tel. 0471 797785) daily 4 - 7 p.m., and in Selva Gardena at the building on the Nives Square (tel. 0471 794266), daily 9 a.m. noon. For a house call, tel. 0471 794266. Visit in the medical surgery: 40 Euro. Home round: 60 Euro. Only the “medical service for visitors” is capable and ready to handle the eventual examination, treatment and medical prescription covered by health insurance, both for nationals and those from abroad. Should you choose to see a doctor privately visits, prescription, examination and treatment as well as medicines must be paid direct.


tel. 118

Carabinieri EMERGENCY

tel. 112


tel. 113


tel. 115


tel. 118

HOSPITAL Bressanone: 30-35 km

tel. 0472 812111

HOSPITAL Bolzano: 35-40 km

tel. 0471 908111


tel. 0471 200198


w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t

Medical Services



Dolomiti Sportclinic G/7 Ortisei, str. Purger 181 tel. 0471 086000 Winter: daily from 9 a.m. - 7 p.m. Summer: Mon. - Fri. Medical practice for orthopedics, sports traumatologie and trauma surgery, vertebral spine orthopedics, joint surgery, foot surgery, sports medicine, physiotherapy, digital X-ray, 3D CT-scan, 3D/4D Ultrasound and MRI.

w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t

• Dr. Aba Fallaha (around the clock) Selva - str. Nives (Aaritz Gallery) tel. 0471 794111, 333 9593131 During season: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m., I/18 off season: 9 - 12 a.m. and 3 - 5 p.m. X-ray and sonography only in Selva. • Dr. Raphael Insam tel. 0471 797369 Ortisei - str. Promeneda 1/1b (near swimming pool) H/13 Mon.-Fri. 8.30 - 11 a.m. and 4 - 5 p.m., closed Thursday afternoon. • Dr. Valentin Tröbinger (near the Ski School) I/19 Selva - str. Dantercëpies 2/A tel. 0471 773073, 335 6844944 Mon.-Thu. 8 - 11.30 a.m., Mon. also 4 - 6 p.m. and Fri. 2 - 4 p.m. or on reservation . Winter: Mon.-Fri. open the whole day from 8 a.m. General medicine, traumatology and neurology.

• Dr. Aba Fallaha (around the clock) Ortisei - str. Trebinger 18 tel. 333 9593131 Mon.-Fri. 7.45 - 8.15 a.m. I/15 S. Cristina - str. Dursan 69 tel. 333 9593131 Mon.-Fri. 8.30 - 8.45 a.m. (near to the ski pass office) O/6 • Dr. Simon Kostner - Dr. Cordula Weber Ortisei - str. Trebinger 10 Mon.-Fri. 8.30 - 11 a.m. Selva - str. Nives 45 Mon.-Thu. 4 - 5 p.m.

tel. 0471 798626, 347 2297492 H/15 tel. 0471 794002, 347 2297492 H/18

• Dr. Giuliano Piccoliori S. Cristina - str. Chemun 7 tel. 0471 792282, 348 3301004 Mon.-Fri. 9 a.m. - noon, Tue. and Thu. also 4.30 - 6.30 p.m. M/6

Paediatricians • Dr. Elisabeth Delago Salcher

G/13 Ortisei - str. Rezia 94 tel. & fax 0471 786202 or 338 6370757 reservation required, 24 h assistance by phone ´ • Dr. Vesna Murganic O/6 S. Cristina - str. Dursan 37/2 tel. 0471 790258, 347 0353518 Mon. & Thu. 2 - 5.30 p.m., Tue. & Wed. 8.30 a.m. - noon, Fri. 8.30 - 11.30 a.m. reservation desired, for emergency 24h get on the phone


• Dr. M. Attar Ortisei - str. Trebinger 18 Mon., Wed., Fri.: 11 - 12 a.m. and 3 - 7 p.m.

H/15 tel. 0471 798479

• Dr. Rosanna Ragucci and Dr. Marco Stringari G/13 Ortisei - str. Rezia 41 tel. 0471 786075 Mon.-Fri.: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., Tue. 8 a.m. - noon, 1.30 p.m. - 7 p.m.



• Dr. Pietro Rigotti H/14 Ortisei - str. Rezia 237 tel. 0471 798077 Mon.-Fri.: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m., Sat. and Sun. if emergency G/11 tel. 0471 797466

• Dr. Piergiorgio Testa G/11 Ortisei - str. Purger 33/b tel. 0471 786112 Mon. and Thu.: 1 - 9 p.m. tel. 348 2340224 (emergency only) Tue., Wed. and Fri.: 8.30 a.m. - noon, 1 - 5 p.m. One Saturday a month orthodontics. Advice and treatment of beauty-medicine by Dr. Ezio Costa. • Dr. Christoph Winkler H/13 Ortisei - str. Promeneda 1 tel. 0471 786534, 0471 781468 Mon., Tue. and Wed.: 8 a.m. - 2 p.m., Thu. and Fri. by arrangemement

Chemists • Dolomiti Dr. Berdou Selva - str. Mëisules 246

I/17 tel. 0471 795142

• •

St. Elisabeth S. Cristina - str. Chemun 5

M/6 tel. 0471 792106

Sella Ortisei - Rezia Square 73/b

G/13 tel. 0471 796125

Calling out of opening hours only with urgent prescription (L. P. Nr. 61 of 29/12/1976)


w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t

• Dr. Norbert Stuflesser Ortisei - str. Petlin 9 Mon.-Fri.: 8 a.m. - 12.30 p.m.

MEDICAL SERVICES w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t

Physiotherapists/Massages • Helmuth Foppa Ortisei - str. Rezia 82 Physiotherapy, solarium, hay-bath

G/13 tel. 0471 798455

• • •

L/6 tel. 0471 792128

Lukas Perathoner S. Cristina - str. Chemun 17 Phisiotherapy and massages

Ivan Peristi - Dolomiti Sportclinic G/7 Ortisei - str. Purger 181 tel. 0471 086000 Orthopaedic manipulative therapist, sports physiotherapist, massages Irene Tedeschi H/14 Ortisei tel. 333 2368085 at the public swimming pool “mardolomit” in str. Promeneda 2 Massage and anti stress

VetERINARY • Schrott dott. Kathrin Fiè, via del Paese 12 (small animals and horses)

tel. 333 6234313

• Weissteiner dott. Evelyn Bressanone, via Plose 23 (for cats and dogs)

tel. 0472 832266


MARKETS - TOILETS - every Friday in Ortisei (str. Stazion and Church Square) - every Thursday in Selva Gardena from mid of June to mid of September and from mid of December to mid of April (in winter not regularly, Town Hall Square) - every Wednesday in S. Cristina (Town Hall Square), smaller in winter Moreover: - in Ortisei: 10th April, 9th July, 21st September and 15th October in the pedestrian area and S. Antonio Square - in S. Cristina: 1st April, 3rd June, 22nd October and 12th December - in Selva Gardena: 19th May - in Bolzano: every Saturday - in Bressanone: every Monday - in Merano: every Friday - artisans market in S. Cristina: in July + August Tuesday evening

Public Conveniences • Ortisei: in the Cultural Center (F/12), str. Rezia 1 (entrance from Stetteneck Square) • S. Cristina: in the Town Hall (M/6 - Fri. afternoon, Sat. and Sun. closed) and on the Church Square (K/5) • Selva Gardena: on the Town Hall Square (G/16) and at Garage Col da Mulin (J/18) 79

w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t



Internet Visit our website for information about activities, sport opportunities, timetables and opening hours, events and highlights. Details on temperature, snow and weather conditions and avalanche warnings are updated daily. The website features a photo gallery and an online booking tool.

w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t

Internet Surfpoints in Val Gardena:


Ortisei: Hotel Hartmann, str. Rezia 308 0471 774450 I/18 Ski & Snowboard School, str. Rezia 75/a (only summer) 0471 796153 G/13 0471 777600 F/12 Tourist Office, str. Rezia 1 (also Infopoint) S. Cristina: Chipware, str. Dursan 29 Smart Restaurant Blue, str. Palua 40

0471 792405 O/6 0471 774444 H/5

Selva Gardena: Café Aaritz, str. Mëisules 231 Hotel Acadia, str. Puez 24 Tourist Office, str. Mëisules 213 (also Infopoint)

0471 795155 I/18 0471 774444 F/17 0471 777900 H/17

Val Gardena Online Shop Choose and buy products from Val Gardena online. You will find a wide range of guides, maps and gifts, and have the opportunity of purchasing videos and tickets for local events.


iGuide Val Gardena Thanks to your audioguide you’ll be able to explore and discover lush meadows, leafy forests and the Dolomites themselves. Visitors can discover Val Gardena at their own pace and time through a walk of around 90 minutes around Val Gardena. In this way timing, pace and the order in which you choose to see the different sights are left completely to you! Get your Val Gardena iGuide in German, Italian and English at the Val Gardena Tourist Offices for half a day for free.

Val Gardena Web TV Tourist information on TV. We inform you about Val Gardena easily on a special channel, visible at the Tourist Offices, in some hotels and at some lift stations. Have a look for the most important information, news and special appointments, weather forecast, pictures and panoramic videos from our web-cams and meteo-data in real.

Real Time Livecams Located in various locations in Val Gardena, on the mountains and in the valley, several real time live cams and webcams give you panoramic images and weather information in real time. You can have a look at all the web-cams and meteo stations on the official website of Val Gardena, on the Val Gardena Web TV and in the Val Gardena App. 81


The official Apple and Android APP to discover and experience Val Gardena, which you can use both in the valley and at home for your holiday planning. The APP offers among other things a search function to check the availability of accommodation, a list with all events, news, weather information inclusive of real-time data, webcams, a list of the open cableways, lifts and runs, and a picture and video gallery of Val Gardena.

w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t

Val Gardena App

HISTORY w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t

History The early history of the Dolomite region is still widely unknown. The first human settlements date back to 6000 B.C. Findings from “Plan de Frea” confirm that hunters used to live there in the summer, and the excavations carried out in “Col de Flam” testify to a permanent settlement dating back to 400 B.C. Later Rhaetians - whose origins remain unknown - settled in the tributary alpine valleys. In 15 B.C. the area was conquered by the Roman commander Drusus. The name Val Gardena is mentioned for the first time in 999 A.D., in a document mentioning “Forestum ad Gredine” (Val Gardena woodland) being handed over to Bishop Gottschalk from the Freising Abbey. Communication had always been difficult, but in 1856 the Val Gardena road was opened and a new era began for the whole area. The Val Gardena Railway Committee, chaired by Josef Riffesser, put forward a plan to build a railway line at the beginning of the 20th century, but this did not occur until 1915 when it was needed to deliver supplies to the Austrian troops on the Dolomite front. It took just 4 ½ months to build a 31 km narrow gauge railway line which was inaugurated on 6 February 1916. After the end of the war, the steam trains continued to be crucial for moving people and goods and, in fact, more and more tourists were attracted to the area by this means of transport until the rail line was decommissioned in 1960. Today, the former railway line path, “la ferata”, from Ortisei to Selva via S. Cristina is a reminder of that eventful era and affords stunning views of the surrounding mountains.


LANGUAGE The very heart of the Ladin culture is its language. Ladin belongs to the Romance language family and has been influenced both by Rhaetic and German. Ladin was probably already spoken in Val Gardena during the first century A.D. The local variety is similar to Romansh, the language spoken in Grisons, the Swiss canton. Connections with other varieties spoken in the neighbouring valleys (Val Badia, Val di Fassa, Livinallongo and Ampezzo) are also evident. Ladin was influenced by both Latin and German, assimilating the pleasant sounds of the first and integrating many words from the second. Nonetheless, it survived in the tributary valleys, and today Ladin is the first language of most Val Gardena inhabitants. Survival of the Ladin language is supported by local radio and TV broadcasts, publications and various cultural activities, and it is also taught as a compulsory subject in schools.

Some Ladin expressions: Bon dì = Good morning Bona sëira = Good evening Co es’a inuem? = What’s your name? De gra = Thank you Assudëi = Good bye


w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t


ARTS & CRAFT w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t

Arts and craft The wood-carving tradition in Val Gardena started around 1600, when families would gather together during the long winter evenings and carve tools, religious images and toys to sell at the forthcoming spring markets. By the late 18th century, wood-carving had become a significant economic sector. Specific vocational schools were set up and a new modern industry was created. The work of the local sculptors even began to be acknowledged abroad. Their art continued to develop and new carving methods were adopted which led to the creation of an innovative and original craftsmanship with unrivalled quality and tradition. Enjoy the living traditions of Val Gardena, when the exhibition of nativity scenes, the Christmas Market in S. Cristina and the yearly Snow and Ice Sculpture Competition take place. Handicraft demonstrations and displays are frequently held in Val Gardena, such as the Sculpture Exhibition UNIKA (23-26 August 2012).

Permanent exhibition UNIKA: In Roncadizza (Str. Arnaria 9), 45 artists of the group UNIKA, display their works in a gallery of about 500 m2, where you can also observe a sculptor or a painter at work. The exhibition is open from Monday to Saturday (from 10 to 12 a.m. and 2 to 7 p.m.), entrance is free of charge. Park possibilities. For further information phone 339 1792227.


ARTS & CRAFT Since 2000, the world’s largest nativity scene has been displayed in the Iman Sports Centre in S. Cristina. The project is being carried out by a group of 18 sculptors. It was initiated in 1998 with the first statue being that of the Holy Mary with Baby Jesus. Creativity, sensibility, sense of art and skill fostered the idea: St. Joseph, the Magi, a shepherd, a donkey, three sheep, an Angel and a camel are now part of the scene, and the family continues to grow year after year.

Antique decoration DIGART-STUFLESSER EGON Ortisei-Digon 18 I/5 Wood carvers Ortisei BERNARDI WILLI & CO. ind. zone Pontives 29 LEO MORODER SCULPTURES str. Trebinger 16 Monte maestro str. Rumanon 80 MORODER CARL-CONRAD str. Rezia 198 RABANSER EDMUND str. Sobosch 51/53 SENONER WILHELM Ortisei-Arnaria 9/1 S. Cristina COMPLOI THOMAS str. Mulin d’Odum 9 demetz karl - demi art str. Palua 10 Demetz sonia str. Gherdëina 41/C KASSLATTER ULRICH str. Plesdinaz 68 LISE di Livio Senoner str. Gherdëina 17 NOGLER EMANUEL str. Chemun 22 Selva Gardena LARDSCHNEIDER IVAN str. Larciunëi 6 Mussner ANDREA str. Mëisules 313 Perathoner Roland str. Col da Lech 20 RUNGGALDIER HELMUTH str. Mëisules 4 SENONER HUGO str. La Sëlva 54 Wooden sculpture production and export ANRI ART LTD Selva-Plan da Tieja 67

tel. 0471 796033

F/1 H/15 G/8 H/14 D/13 H/3

0471 797615 0471 796497 0471 796778 0471 796187 0471 796846 0471 797830

G/6 H/5 H/6 N/3 H/6 M/6

0471 793723 0471 793468 335 7077332 0471 793071 0471 793595 0471 793016

E/18 G/19 F/13 E/7 G/7

0471 342204 0471 795414 333 7202828 0471 795421 0471 794646

D/4 0471 792233 85

w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t

Art Gallery ART 52 is a 330 m2 exhibition hall located in the Ortisei Culture House. It houses a display of works by 52 local sculptors and painters, and provides contact details for persons interested in purchasing any of the artworks. A melting pot of styles bears witness to the distinguished craftsmanship tradition which has developed over four centuries. Open daily from 9 a.m to 10 p.m. Free entrance.

HANDICRAFT w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t

Handicraft Building contractor WELPONER GOTTHARD Ortisei-Bulla 18 A/1

tel. 0471 797522

Carpenters Ortisei LA PLANA-DEMETZ GUIDO str. Rezia 282 S. Cristina TAVELLA FRANCO str. Dursan 8 TIRUST str. Plesdinaz 56 Selva Gardena DEMETZ ANTON str. Plan 16 Mick Hermann str. La Poza 32 PERATHONER HARALD & J. str. Plan 36 Senoner Karl str. Dantercëpies 76 ZUMPRAFUX str. Frëina 10

0471 795215 0471 795292 0471 773222 0471 794070 335 8339302

H/16 0471 798137 M/7 338 5305150 P/3 0471 793747 N/21 E/8 P/22 E/20 J/18

Coffee-roasting establishment Cafè dolomit Ortisei-Purger 181

G/7 0471 796835

Electricians ELEKTRO DEMETZ RAINER S. Cristina-Iman 6 PERISTI MORITZ Ortisei-Rezia 219

N/6 0471 793243 G/14 0471 797251

Orthopaedic shoemaker Pitscheider ROMAN

Selva-Mëisules 20/1

P/8 0471 794504


Selva-Plan 30

O/22 0471 794285

Pastry shop PASTRY SHOP PERATHONER S. Cristina-Mulin da Coi

E/5 0471 790535

Plumbers HOFER group S.R.l. S. Cristina-Plan da la Sia 9 HOFER group Detail shop Selva-Mëisules 200

I/6 0471 793445 I/16 0471 795243

Shoemaker/Shoe repairer PITSCHEIDER KLAUS Selva-Mëisules 182

H/16 0471 795163


M/9 0471 793399


S. Cristina-Pana 15


Various services Advertising and Graphic design AIDEA DESIGN S. Cristina-Mulin da Coi E/5 DIMO DESIGN Ortisei-Mureda 165 E/5 moroder simon Ortisei-Rumanon 41 G/9 PENTAGON S. Cristina-Mulin da Coi E/5

tel. 0471 790096 338 4704634 0471 798103 0471 790052

Beauty Salons/Solarium Ortisei ANAIS BEAUTY FARM Hotel Gardena, Vidalong 3 H/13 DOLASILLA Vital Center Hotel Adler, Rezia 7 F/13 FIt 181 - Fitness & Wellness str. Purger 181 G/7 THERESIA’S Beauty&Wellness Cavallino Bianco Family Spa G/12 Selva Gardena ESTHETIC STUDIO GabI str. Mëisules 189 H/16

0471 798082 0471 775000 0471 797006 0471 783333

Business consultant NESTICÒ Senoner Dr. Ivo Selva-Plan 48

O/22 0471 794189

Car transporter OBERHOLLENZER VINZENZ Selva-Plan 36

N/22 0471 795577

Customer care for russian guests and translating MORODER MONIKA Ortisei-Scurcià 54

E/10 0471 798646

w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t

0471 795413

Dry cleaner‘s LAVASECCO MORODER Ortisei-Rezia 153 G/14 0471 796352 Embroidery and printing NS-LOgoshop

Selva-Mëisules 20

F/8 339 6302128


Ortisei-Rezia 41 Selva-La Poza 14

G/13 0471 797604 D/9 335 6084716

Fruits & Vegetables en gros PARDATSCHER BRUNO Selva-Plan 36a

O/23 0471 794545

Funeral Services VAL GARDENA

S. Cristina-Cisles 135

R/3 0471 793660


Selva-Mëisules 66

G/12 0471 794427


str. Sneton2/B str. Purger 181 str. Rezia 39 str. Vidalong 6

F/12 G/7 G/13 H/13

str. Mëisules 121/A str. Nives 51

G/14 0471 795498 H/19 0471 794488

Helicopter Service ELIKOS

Ortisei-ind. zone

333 3809800 0471 797006 0471 786434 0471 796236

335 7880149


VARIOUS SERVICES w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t

Internet GARDENANET SNC S. Cristina-Dursan 37 O/6 INTERNET SERVICE Ortisei-Sneton 17 F/12 PC-HELP Ortisei-Praruf 104 G/4 WEB2NET Ortisei-Val d’Anna 1 F/13

tel. 0471 790007 0471 786480 0471 1885100 0471 797139

Luggage Transport Service INSAM EXPRESS Ortisei-Trebinger 18

H/15 335 5900971

Photographer KOSTNER PHOTOGRAPHY Ortisei-Doss 1

D/13 335 6614210

Printing business TYPAK

H/4 0471 796772

Ortisei-Arnaria 9

Security and protection, hotel accessoires SOMMAVILLA GEORG Ortisei-Trebinger 15

H/15 335 8410160

Snow making machines Demetz Roland DEMAC Selva-Plan 79

O/23 0471 794355

Tour Operators/Guides GARDENA PRESTIGE Kasslatter Carla DR. MORODER LIDIA

Ortisei-Rezia 87 G/13 349 7302629 Ortisei-Pontives 36/a F/1 335 7567529 Ortisei-Ronc 4 338 4928763

Travel agency RaETIA TOURS

Ortisei-Rezia 123

G/14 0471 798500

Wine - Beverages engros Riffeser OTTO & CO.

Selva-Mëisules 49

E/11 0471 795159


TRADITIONS AND THEIR COSTUMES Everyday life in Val Gardena is imbued with ancient traditions. Customs and celebrations take place all year round: as their original meaning often risks oblivion, retrieving and keeping them alive is crucial. Together with the Ladin language and craftsmanship, the local folk costume is at the very heart of Val Gardena culture. Its lavish decorations make it one of the most beautiful costumes in the Alps; the costume is particularly important as it identifies the social status of the person wearing it. The most beautiful costumes are worn during weddings. On such occasions, not only do they indicate the wearer’s social status, but also his/ her specific role. In the Ladin language, the grandparents of a wedded couple are called nëinesc: grandmother (ava) and grandfather (nëine). Grandparents were distinguished in their dress sense by wearing white woollen berets called cazina; apart from this, their clothing resembled that of others of their age. Grandmothers usually wear a petticoat by the name of carsetl dala pinta, with very large sleeves buttoned low on the wrist: padded and loose to the elbow and then tight above the elbow; a Damascus silk apron (gurmel fosch da ondes) covers the black skirt with numerous folds (sciossa). Grandfathers wear a shirt (ciamëija), a silk handkerchief worn around their neck (fazuel de sëida) and a gilet (camesëul de sëida): just like any other man of the area, they wear leather trousers (brea de pel). The long mantel which he carries with him is called bagana: you can 89

w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t

Traditions and their costumes

TRADITIONS AND THEIR COSTUMES w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t

also see the silk handkerchief around his neck at the back, thanks to a cut in the cloth of the mantel. The ciauzei dal lac are typical male shoes with laces. More information about Val Gardena customs and traditions can be found in a book entitled “Usanzes de Gherdëina”, available at the Tourist Office in S. Cristina.


• Union di Ladins de Gherdëina & LADIN LIBRARY “BIBLIOTECH LADINA” Ortisei, str. Rezia 83, ”Cësa di Ladins“, Information and books on the Ladin culture and language.

Mon.-Tue. 4-6 p.m., Wed., Thu., Fri. 10-12 a.m.

• Istitut Ladin Micurà de Rü (also Library) Selva Gardena, str. Nives 16/4, opening hours library:

tel. 0471 794268 fax 0471 794531

Mon.-Fri. 8 a.m. - 12.30 a.m., & 2 - 8 p.m. Sun. 10 - 12 a.m.

• lia mostra d’ert URTIJËI - Library specializing in art books Ortisei, str. Rezia 102, S. Antonio Square tel. 0471 796046, opening hours Mon. 4 - 7 p.m. Tue. 4 - 7 p.m., 8 - 10 p.m. Wed. 9 a.m. - noon, 4 - 7 p.m. Thu. 9 a.m. - noon, 8 - 10 p.m. • “Oswald von Wolkenstein” Library Selva Gardena, str. Nives 16/3, opening hours:

Mon.-Fri. 2.30 - 6.30 p.m. Tue., Wed. and Thu. also 9 - 11.30 a.m. Sun. 10 - 12 a.m.

• “San Durich” LibrarY, Ortisei, Piazza S. Durich 9 opening hours:

tel. 0471 772181

tel. & fax 0471 797814

Mon. 3 - 7 p.m., Tue. & Fri. 9 a.m. - noon, 3 - 7 p.m. Wed. 9 a.m. - noon, 3 - 7 p.m. Thu. 9 a.m. - noon, 4 - 7 p.m. Sat. 9 a.m. - noon Sun. 10 a.m. - noon.

• “Tresl Gruber” Library S. Cristina, Church Square, opening hours: Tue. 3 - 6 p.m. Wed. 8.30 - 11.30 a.m. and 3 - 6 p.m. and in July & August also 7.30 - 9.30 p.m. Thu. 8.30 - 11.30 a.m. and 3 - 6 p.m. Fri. 3 - 6 p.m. Sat. 7.30 - 9 p.m. Sun. 9.45 - 11.30 a.m.

tel. 0471 790016


w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t

opening hours:

tel. 0471 796870 fax 0471 781570


The cultural scene and libraries

MUSEUM GHERDËINA w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t

Museum Gherdëina The Val Gardena Museum in the centre of the Ladin village Ortisei shows unique collections that take the visitor on a fascinating journey through the natural and cultural history of this special mountain valley located in the heart of the Dolomites. The history covered comprises the period from the geological genesis of the Dolomites about 200 million years ago and the archaeological finds of the oldest human settlements in the Val Gardena area to the legendary life of the mountaineer and filmmaker Luis Trenker (1892-1990). A remarkable collection of religious and secular sculptures as well as charming wooden toys attest Val Gardena’s great artistic tradition since the 17th century. In addition, the art section is enriched by paintings of Josef Moroder Lusenberg (1846-1939) and other local painters. Two very extraordinary exhibits are the richly illustrated Lenten cloth of the Saint James’ Church above Ortisei (around 1620) and the very impressive original crucifix of Sëurasas (1932). The new multimedia exhibition “Bierjun 1490. A Secret Passion” shows the tiny bedroom from the Bierjun farmhouse near Ortisei, in which very rare red chalk drawings from the Late Middle Ages were discovered: the delicate drawings on the wooden walls are shown through a “digital window”. The large map of ancient houses at the entrance of the museum and the exhibition boards in the garden provide insight into the current situation of Val Gardena’s rural cultural landscape. Special offers and events on the web:

OPENING HOURS - Ortisei, via Rezia 83, Tel. 0471 797554 26.12.11 - 08.01.12: 31.12.11, 01.01.12: 09.01. - 31.03.12: 20.05. - 31.10.12: 01.07. - 31.08.12:

daily 10 - 12 a.m., 2 - 5 p.m. closed Tue.-Fri. 10 - 12 a.m., 2 - 5 p.m. Mon.-Fri. 10 - 12 a.m. and 2 - 6 p.m. Mon.-Sat. 10 - 12 a.m. and 2 - 6 p.m.

Minerals: The mineral collector Alfons Moroder from Ortisei is happy to open his exhibition to visitors and personally provide any extra information on minerals. For details call: +39 0471 796553. 92


What did our grandparents play with? Come and discover some of Barbie’s ancestors in our exhibition of wooden toys.

Bierjun. 1490 ... Discover the secret of a small bedchamber from the late Middle Ages.

Have you ever actually seen an Ichtyosaurus? Take the opportunity to see the proof of triassic marine life

Can you imagine what hunting was like 9000 years ago in a mountain region? You will never know, ... unless you come and visit the Val Gardena Museum!

Volcanoes and coral reef in the Dolomites? Have a walk through our geological past and you’ll discover it!

“The Lost Son” (filmed in part in N.Y.) and “Mountains in Flames” are two films that symbolize the Dolomites. Legendary Luis Trenker is remembered in a very special exhibition. 93

w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t

Val Gardena’s claim to fame is their handcrafted wooden sculptures. Among the works of art you also find the Sëurasas cruzifix.

ALTO ADIGE MUSEUMS w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t

Alto Adige museums The Ladin Museum Ladin C´iastel de Tor / Val Badia Tor 65, 39030 San Martino in Badia • • tel. 0474 524020 • fax 0474 524263 Opening hours: 26.12.2011-Easter Wed., Thu. & Fri. 2 - 6 p.m. Easter-31.10.2012 Tue. to Sat. 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. & Sun. 2 - 6 p.m, in July also on Mon. 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. Past and present of the Ladin-speaking valleys in the Dolomites: Val Badia, Val Gardena, Val di Fassa, Livinallongo and Ampezzo. New: Museum Ladin Ursus Ladinicus in S. Cassiano. The Provincial Museum of Archeology / Bolzano Via Museo 43, 39100 Bolzano • tel. 0471 320100 • fax 0471 320122 Opening hours: Tue. to Sun. 10 a.m. - 5.30 p.m. July, August and December also on Monday Until the end of 2012 the museum hosts the special exhibition “Ötzi20 - 20 years from Ötzi’s discovery”. Castel Presule-Schloss Prösels / Fiè Presule 21, 39050 Fiè allo Sciliar • tel. 0471 601062 Guided tours: May + October from Sun. to Fri. 11 a.m., 2 p.m. and 3 p.m., June + September from Sun. to Fri. 11 a.m., 2 p.m., 3 p.m. and 4 p.m., July + August from Sun. to Fri. 10 a.m., 11 a.m., 3 p.m., 4 p.m. and 5 p.m. A 16th century castle houses a collection of 19th century weapons, the “Ca’ de Bezzi” painting collection, 19th and 20th century paintings and drawings and the temporary pottery exhibition “...finff maiolica schaln...”. Novacella Augustinian Abbey Via Abbazia 1, 39040 Varna-Novacella/Bressanone • tel. 0472 836189 Accessible by guided tour only A valuable collection of manuscripts is kept in the library. The picture gallery features Gothic paintings on board by Friedrich Pacher, Marx Reichlich, Andreas Haller. Touriseum – the Provincial Museum of Tourism in the Castle Trauttmansdorff / Merano Str. San Valentino 51 a, 39012 Merano • tel. 0473 270172 • fax 0473 277665 Opening hours: 01.04.-31.10.2012 daily 9 a.m. - 7 p.m., 01.11.-15.11.2012 daily 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. 94

An 11th-16th century castle houses a collection of furniture and artwork from different historical periods. The Museum of Castles displays a wide range of castle models. Provincial Museum of customs and costumes / Brunico Residenza Mair am Hof Via Duca Teodone 24, 39031 Teodone-Brunico tel. 0474 552087 Opening hours: Easter Monday-31.10.2012 Tue.-Sat. 9.30 a.m. - 5.30 p.m., Sun. and festivities 2.00 - 6.00 p.m., August: Mon.-Sat. 9.30 a.m. - 6.30 p.m., Sun. and festivities 2.00 - 7.00 p.m. Open-air museum featuring a manor house (where popular sacred and secular artwork, furniture and textiles are displayed), a tavern and an outdoor area with farms, mills, granaries and objects used in daily life. MMM Firmian / Bolzano Via Sigmundskron 53, 39100 Bolzano tel. 0471 631 264 Opening hours: 04.03.-18.11.2012 Fri. to Wed. 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. The centrepiece of Reinhold Messner’s museums is to be found on the Firmiano Castle, where paintings, sculptures and relics tell about the special meaning of man’s encounter with the mountains. Museion of modern and contemporary art / Bolzano Dantestreet 6, 39100 Bolzano • tel. 0471 223 411 • Opening hours: Tue. to Sun. 10.00 a.m. - 06.00 p.m., Thu. 10.00 a.m. - 10.00 p.m., closed on 25.12.2011 and 01.01.2012, 24 + 31.12.2011 10.00 a.m. - 3.00 p.m. Every Thursday: free admission to all exhibition rooms from 05.00 p.m. - 10.00 p.m. 7.00 p.m.: free guided tour The exhibition programme of the Museion revolves around two main themes: the Museion collection and an exciting mix of temporary exhibitions. 95


Castel Forte / Ponte Gardena Via Castello 7, 39040 Ponte Gardena tel. 0471 654401 Guided tours: Easter - end of October from Tue. to Sun. 11 a.m., 2 p.m. and 3 p.m., July + August also 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.

w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t

The Museum of Tourism is housed in the Trauttmansdorff Castle, surrounded by a botanical garden. It displays 200 years of tourism history in South Tyrol.

THE GREAT WAR MUSEUMS w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t SKIBUS

Lagazuoi, 5 Torri, Tre Sassi, Sasso di Stria The Great War Museums Summer Open Air Museums: free of charge and accessible also by lifts. Lifts and Museum Tre Sassi Fort: free of charge for children up to 6 years. Winter The Great War ski–tour runs around Col di Lana, the mountain which stands as the symbol of the 1st World War. Emplacements of the Great War are visible while skiing at Lagazuoi and 5 Torri. Way back to Val Gardena along the Armentarola. New: brand new 2-seater chairlift in the 5 Torri area - reach the Averau mountain refuge in only 5 minutes with the “Alpe Potor Nuvolau�. Museum Tre Sassi Fort Tel. (+39) 0436 861112 Mob. (+39) 3474970781 Mob. (+39) 340 3586791 Chair Lift 5 Torri Tel/fax: (+39) 0436 4010 Cable Car Falzarego Lagazuoi Tel/fax: (+39) 0436 867301 INFO: Lagazuoi 5 Torri Turismo Tel. (+39) 0436 2863 -



CHURCH SERVICES * Selva Gardena Saturdays: 6.00 p.m. Sundays & festival days: 9.30 a.m. (15.04.-23.09.) 10.00 a.m. (04.12.-08.04.) 11.00 a.m. (15.07.-26.08.) 6.00 p.m. (04.12.-08.04. and 17.06.-23.09.) Weekdays (Mon.-Thu.): 7.15 a.m. (July/August 7.30 a.m. & 6.30 p.m.) Fridays: 5 p.m. (July/August 7.30 a.m. & 6.30 p.m.) * S. Cristina Saturdays: 8 p.m. Sundays & festival days: 9 a.m., 10.30 a.m. (until 14.01. and from 01.04.) 9.30 a.m. (15.01.-25.03.) 6 p.m. (25.12.-08.01. and 15.01.-25.03.) 6.30 p.m. (22.07.-26.08.) Mon.-Thu. 8 a.m. Fridays: 8 p.m. Ortisei Sundays & festival days: 9 a.m., 10.30 a.m. Evening mass: Sat. and Sun.: 6.30 p.m. Weekdays: Sept.-June: 8.30 a.m. July/August: 8.30 a.m., 6.30 p.m. Bulla Saturday: 5 p.m. Sunday: 8 a.m. Roncadizza Saturday: 8 p.m. Sunday: 10 a.m. The churches are open all day from 7.30 in the morning to about 7 o’clock in the evening.

* The times listed are subject to change, as a new order of service is currently being worked out. 97

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Catholic church services

THE SIGHTS w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t

The sights Churches and chapels San Giacomo’s Church San Giacomo’s Church, dedicated to the patron saint of pilgrims and travellers, is traditionally known as the oldest church in Val Gardena: its origins date back to the 12th century. It is located right above Ortisei, along the ancient path, “Troi Paian”, and can only be reached on foot. A beautiful circular walk connects S. Cristina (Plesdinaz) with the church. The current overall appearance is Gothic, and the inside is part Gothic and part Baroque. The church features remarkable frescoes (late 15th century) in the presbytery. Wall paintings from the 16th century, illustrating the legend of San Giacomo (St. James), decorate the area near the pulpit. The local wood-carving tradition is represented in the main altar. Around 1750 the Vinazer-Pescosta brothers decorated it with spiral columns, gilded images of ancient church leaders, apostles and angels. The current sculptures and artwork on the main altar are replicas made by local carvers. The originals are on display at the Val Gardena Museum in Ortisei. Opening times: 02.07.-14.09.2012 Mon., Tue. and Thu. 10.30 a.m. - noon, Wed. and Fri. 10.30 a.m. - noon and 3.30 - 5 p.m.. More information at the Tourist Office Ortisei.

“Santa Maria ad Nives” - Selva Gardena Parish Church The 19th century Neo-Gothic nave was dismantled in 1988 and replaced by an 8-sided building. The chancel and the main altar painting by Lucas Cranach date back to 1670. In 1503 Wilhelm von Wolkenstein had a chapel dedicated to the Virgin Mary built on this spot. It became a major pilgrimage destination, and was subsequently enlarged. The outer wall of the sacristy still bears a Von Wolkenstein coat of arms made of granite. 98


Memorial Chapel to Mountain Victims The chapel was built in the Selva’s graveyard to commemorate all mountaineers who die in the Dolomites in Val Gardena. Their names are engraved in a large copper book.

Gardena Pass Chapel The chapel was built by the local “Alpini” groups and it is dedicated to their patron saint, St. Maurice. It was inaugurated in Spring 2004.

S. Cristina Parish Church A chapel dedicated to Santa Cristina existed here probably at the end of the 12th century. A Romanesque church was mentioned in a papal document in 1342. The bell tower walls, up to the roof eaves, date back to that period. The church was extensively altered and enlarged: the choir is in the Gothic style, and a polygonal ossuary was added in the 16th century. The main altar (1690, Vinazer dynasty of sculptors) is worth a visit. The bronze statue of St. Philomena by Dominik Mahlknecht, once in the ossuary, is now in the main square of S. Cristina. 99

w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t

St. Sylvester’s Chapel in Vallunga - Selva Gardena This tiny, charming place of silence and meditation was dedicated to the patron saint of cattle. 300 year-old frescoes illustrating the history of Jesus’ life were uncovered during restoration work in 1993.

THE SIGHTS w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t

Ortisei Parish Church Two aisles were added to the late Baroque building at the beginning of the 20th century. This remarkable church is decorated with several paintings, carvings, statues and images (among which a statue of St. Ulrich by Ludwig Moroder and the altar painting depicting the “Adoration of the Magi” by Josef Moroder-Lusenberg).

St. Anna’s Chapel A small church built at the beginning of the 15th century in the Ortisei’s graveyard. It features a noteworthy portal and several ancient gravestones and memorials.

St. Anthony’s Chapel Photographers love the turrets of this plain building erected in 1673 on the main square in Ortisei. It features an altar painting depicting St. Anthony from Padua, by the Swiss painter Melchior Paul von Deschwanden.

Bulla Parish Church The beautiful Romanesque church, dedicated to St. Leonard, was built around the 13th century. Its main altar dates back to the 18th century.

The Holy Cross Chapel, built in 1755 in Rasciesa di Fuori (over 2200 m) is also worth a visit.


THE SIGHTS Fischburg Castle - Castel Gardena The castle was built between 1622 and 1641 by Engelhard Dietrich von Wolkenstein-Trostburg. It is located between Selva and S. Cristina and was used as a summer and hunting lodge. In 1863, Count Leopold von Wolkenstein-Trostburg granted the castle to S. Cristina municipality to transform it into an almshouse. The castle has been owned by the Franchetti Barons since 1926, and it is currently closed to the public.

Wolkenstein Castle A steep path starts near the “Carabinieri� training centre in Vallunga (Selva) and heads up to the castle ruins. Built at the beginning of the 13th century, it collapsed in 1525 and has never been rebuilt. It has been owned by the Wolkenstein family since the 14th century. Oswald von Wolkenstein, a famous minstrel and poet born in South Tyrol between 1376 and 1387, died in Merano in 1445, probably spent his summers in the castle. 101

w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t


THE SIGHTS w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t

Stetteneck Castle In the summer of 2000, in Val d’Anna in Ortisei on the so-called Pincan hill at the foot of the Balest mountain, remains of a wall from the 13th century were discovered. The researches revealed that it must be the ruins of the Stetteneck Castle, which was nominated only once in a document of 1324. Thus, only little information about it exists. Adelheid, daughter of Knight Gebhard von Stetteneck, was probably the last owner of the castle. The excavations are still in progress. Among the present finds are also the remains of a Romanesque portal. Stetteneck Castle, situated at the ancient trade route Troi Paian, is believed to be the castle of a renowned robber baron mentioned in a local legend by Karl Felix Wolff. The lord of the castle extorted heavy tolls from passing merchants or held them for ransom in the dungeon. At the time, legend had it that a virgin had been walled up in the castle foundations: if another virgin were to die in the castle, the whole building would collapse. One day the Lord’s granddaughter was seriously injured while attempting to set some prisoners free. All the servants and prisoners fled from the castle for fear of it collapsing, but the Lord remained at the side of his dying grandchild while the building fell down around them. The ruin cannot be visited at the moment.


Purger Memorial The monument is near the church square in Ortisei. It was built in memory of Johann Baptist Purger (1805 - 1872), the mayor who fought for the construction of the Val Gardena Road from Ponte Gardena to Ortisei.


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Emilio Comici Memorial The carved-wood monument in memory of the famous mountaineer is found under the “Parëi de Ciampac” rock wall, in Vallunga, where Comici fell to his death in 1940. He made over 200 first ascents in the Dolomites, he was the director of the ski school in Selva and town mayor between 1938 and 1940.


Luis Trenker Memorial The monument is located along the path named after him. It is dedicated to “Bera Luis”, the famous local actor, director, writer and passionate mountaineer who successfully conveyed his love for the mountains to his vast audience.

More sights

A spherical equatorial sundial with a diameter of 2 metres is positioned at Monte Pana. Made of iron, brass and gold, it is positioned on top of a 10-ton porphyry plinth. It indicates the true solar time for S. Cristina and 60 more cities around the world. It also shows the Central European Time, the current sign of the zodiac, equinoxes, solstices and seasons.

A musical clock is set into the façade of the “Sartëur” house in Selva. Every day at 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. (5 p.m. in winter), nine valuable bells play different tunes. Four wood-carved medieval statues appear as the music starts. The paintings on the wall depict the craftsmen who used to work in the area, which was once called “Ghetun”.


THE SIGHTS w w w . v a l g a r d e n a . i t

The old mills in Bulla, right above Ortisei, were built in the 18th and 19th century. The Zaramin mill is abandoned, but the Rumanon mill was restored in 1999 and the Droch mill in 2010. They are now fully operational. Visitors can join a guided tour and learn more about the mills and the ancient local lifestyle. More information is available at the Tourist Office in Ortisei. Geotrail Bulla Along the geological trail between the Passo PinĂŤi and Bulla, you can find interesting information panels explaining the evolution of the world-renowned Dolomites. The path leads through geological highlights on the margin of the UNESCO world heritage site and offers fantastic panoramic views on the mountains of Val Gardena. Walking time: 2-2.5 hours Difference in altitude: 150 m


Plenty of indoor activities are available for you to enjoy yet another aspect of Val Gardena. You can take a coach tour in summer, indulge in relaxing, feel-good treatments at the local spas, play indoor sports or visit:

What if it rains?

What if it rains?

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• Val Gardena Museum (see page 92) • Val Gardena Churches and Chapels (see page 98) • The exhibitions at UNIKA and ART52 galleries (see page 84) • The local libraries (see page 91) • More of the region’s museums (see page 94) • Interesting cities in South Tyrol: Chiusa, Bolzano, Bressanone, Merano, Brunico, Vipiteno. All connected by a convenient public transport network. Indoor sports: • Fitness centre (see page 61) • Billiards (see page 61) • Bowling (see page 61) • Ice skating (see page 62) • Climbing wall (see page 61) • Sauna (see page 63) • Swimming pool (see page 64) • Tennis (see page 64)




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Tourist Offices INFO VAL GARDENA tel. 0471 777 777 Mon.-Sat. 08.00 a.m.-7.00 p.m. Internet and actual vacant room list: ORTISEI Mon.-Sat.: Sun.:

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In November the office is closed on Sundays.

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In April, May, October and November the office is closed on Sundays.

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Holiday guide & events - Val Gardena Summer 2012  
Holiday guide & events - Val Gardena Summer 2012  

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