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And my knees are better at predicting the weather than the guy on TV.

much harder to arrange than 2. Of course, everybody living in the same house helps.

Tweeting or Facebooking? Yes. Indeed. You bet. Both. But it’s frustrating. Finally figure out MySpace and it’s over. “Soooo 2007.” That’s why I know Facebook is doomed. Because I’m on it. And my aunt is on it. No, no. My Aunt.

Do you have a favorite comedian? Yes, Leonard Alfred Schneider.

What publications/websites do you read to get all your topical information? Politico. NY Times. San Francisco Chronicle. ABC’s What are your thoughts on The Note. USA Today. The former NBA star turned poli- Examiner. The Week. tician Mayor Kevin Johnson? Go KJ. Keep those Kings in What do you think of Sacrathe 916. mento? Love the Sacratomato. Rand Paul. Could live there in a minute He’s no Ron Paul. if it weren’t for a little thing you call August. Me and triJerry Brown. ple digits- not a match- the Was governor at the age of 36. board goes back. An inveterAnd again at 72. So we’re going ate fog lover. to have to go through this every 36 years. He’ll be 108, just a Where was your first onstage head in a jar, but running again experience? on the platform of “experience.” Can’t remember. But I do know that at the age of 5, my mother The Royal baby. says I asked her where I could Feel bad for Harry who go to go to school to learn to dropped to 4th in line of suc- become a comedian. And have cession. 3 accidents are just so been at it ever since.


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