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A Farewell to an Adopted Nation


Nothing Held Back


Exposing Africa

76 Industry Spotlight: Pablo Durana




“Vagabundo Magazine strives to shed light on the road less travelled and those willing to blaze their own”

info Getting High in Tajikistan contributor Editor-in-Chief: Brendan van Son

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Diving in the Rockies


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A farewell to an


nation by Bonnie Etherington ( @bonniejoy89 )

Diving in

the rockies

by Brendan van Son ( @brendanvanson ) photographed by Brendan van Son and Nathan D'Heer

exposing africa Photography by willi dolder

a feature by Tiffany W端est ( @tiffanywuest )


In Brazilian Portuguese the word “Vagabundo” is not known to be a positive one. The word refers to a person who is homeless, broke, and likely lives and travels aimlessly. However, at Vagabundo Magazine we don’t think being a Vagabundo is such a bad thing. For us, a Vagabundo is someone who doesn’t travel by the same rules as everyone else, doesn’t stick to the main paths provided by the world, and someone who, well, wanders but with a purpose. A Vagabundo knows exactly what they are doing, they know exactly where they are, they simply don’t know where they are going. Vagabundos all over the world push the travel world by exploring new places, rediscovering old places, and blazing paths to the world unknown.

Are you a Vagabundo? Join us in our exploration of the world.


Nothing held back Remembering Taylor Booth

a feature by Jo Magpie ( @jo_magpie )

Years before I left home with a backpack twice my size and a general idea about hitchhiking the world, I read Taylor's posts on hithchiking forums. His Internet name was xNothingxHeldxBackx.

Taylor had been studying in Australia for three years. By twenty, he'd already chalked up 5,000km hitchhiking Finland to Spain, and New Zealand tip-to-tip. When his studies ended in 2007, Taylor hitched around Australia and flew home to Canada for his final visit, before flying to South Africa.



Getting high in


by William Wolf ( @willtravellife )

a feature by Alexandra Kahn

Industry spotlight

Pablo durana

During college, Pablo Durana received a scholarship which enabled him to travel, by bicycle with his older sister and a small video camera, across the minority back roads of China to document the lives of the people he encountered. Covering over 2,700 miles during their four-month trek, they visited places that cars and buses could never access. For Pablo, the trip was life changing, and helped him decide his future career path. Pablo loves storytelling and has been fortunate enough to find his dream job. He tells me, “I can see myself doing this my entire life.�

Extreme Eats: Chicken Feet in Malaysia



Extreme Eats: Chicken Feet in Malaysia

Extreme Eats: chicken feet in malaysia by Marco Ferrarese ( @monkeyrockworld )

"C'mon, try."

A dozen tiny legs truncated just above their joints float in thick, dark gravy. The nails have been cut off, but sprouts of dead fingers blossom from the end of their legs. As I keep staring at my uninviting dinner, I wonder how low a man can go to impress a pretty Malaysian girl.



Off turkey's beaten path


by Zachary Kuehner @zacharykuehner ) photography by Katheryn LeBlanc

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