The Battered Suitcase Autumn 2011

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Larry O. Dean Larry O. Dean was born and raised in Flint, Michigan. He attended the University of Michigan, where he won three Hopwood Awards, and Murray State University. His most recent chapbooks are About the Author (Mindmade Books, 2011) and abbrev (Beard of Bees, 2011). Selected magazine publications include The Berkeley Poetry Review, Passages North, Big Bridge, Keyhole, and OCHO. Also a critically-acclaimed songwriter, Dean has numerous CD releases to his credit, including Fables in Slang (2001) with Post Office, Gentrification Is Theft (2002) with The Me Decade, and Fun with a Purpose (2009) with The Injured Parties.

Beth Feels Blessed To Be Alive Following A Near-Death Experience Beth feels blessed to be alive following a near-death experience — that is, until she realizes that she must protect a mother and her daughter from mobsters in order to get into heaven. Who knew fashion could be dangerous to anything beyond your credit card balance?

Daniel Is A Reluctant Killer Daniel is a reluctant killer and teams up with the trigger-happy Colleen. Battling a sense of uselessness and embracing her nurturing nature, she adopts juvenile delinquent Wesley.

Hank Is Midwestern, Christian And Corn-Fed Hank is Midwestern, Christian and corn-fed; Rebecca’s a sophisticated Jewish city girl. He returns from the grave to take her back.

Left Orphaned By An Accident Left orphaned by an accident, and shamelessly pursuing handsome French teacher Mr. Powell, 18-year-old Jesse is pumped to start her first year of college. Will the two be able to save their relationship? Tune in!

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