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I Can’t Help Falling in Love Trends&Traditions with Holly Lynch


ack in the spring, we spent time in this column sharing all the wonderful things about spring weddings, and I confessed that my favorite time of year for a wedding vacillates between spring and autumn. Spring is full of energy and renewal; fall is bursting with richness and warmth. So, as promised, part two of the series: a list of all the wonderful reasons why a wedding in the autumn is spectacular!






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The obvious reason – color! Like spring, the fall season is ripe with amazing colors. Golden yellows, deep oranges, and rich reds rule, but pair them with a silvery sage green or a rich chocolate brown, and you have fall color paradise. Mix any fall color with my favorite metallic tone, copper. Copper doesn’t get nearly as much publicity as silver or gold, but with its perfect blend of bronze and gold tones, this metal suits the mood of a crisp autumn evening perfectly. And, what better way to serve a Kentucky Mule than in a traditional copper mug? (Forget Moscow Mules – we’re in the South!)


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Fire. At the risk of sounding like a duo of crass cartoon characters, fire is awesome. Yes, fire is also scary. But at a wedding, in a controlled and safe manner, the sparkle from a little flame is mesmerizing. Maybe your venue will let you have a bonfire and make s’mores. Or perhaps you leave for your honeymoon through an arch of sparklers. If you’re lucky and your budget allows, you could be driving down a spectacular long driveway with ground-level fireworks exploding as you pass in a fancy car (like the ending of “My Best Friend’s Wedding”). At a minimum, light some candles on your tables to create a little extra drama, and use candles at different heights and sizes to sparkle in the cool night air. Better yet, put some copper candle holders out and combine two great autumn trends! Now that we’ve discussed s’mores, we may as well dive into all wonderful food options for the fall. As a carb lover, the fall season lends itself to all the rich and comforting flavors we crave during the hot summer. Fall foods have spices we don’t use all year, simply because they pair better with foods we eat during cooler months, like cloves or fennel. A lush menu for an autumn wedding might include a belly-filling bounty of game, root vegetables and potatoes, six different ways. Gone are the light salads. Bring on the baked fruit pies and warm bread pudding. Cinnamon. While everyone is going all crazy for pumpkin flavors added to everything from coffee to meatloaf, I’m all about some cinnamon. The fall air makes me want the spiciness of cinnamon in coffee, ice cream and even mixed with chocolate. Don’t get me wrong – I love pumpkin pie and pumpkin bread, but I don’t have the burning need to flavor my coffee with pumpkin. But cinnamon and coffee – now that’s a treat we can put together. At fall weddings, particularly as the fall finally gives up the heat of summer and reaches into the chill of November, a coffee bar is a nice addition to a wedding, complete with cinnamon sticks!