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qualities of nicotine because we offer juices with zero nicotine concentrations,” he explains. “At the same time you can get rid of thousands of chemicals you might not know are even in the cigarettes you smoke.” At Summit Mist Vapors, Callaway continues to look for ways to provide a safer alternative to smoking and he believes in taking steps to keep his products on the cutting edge of the industry. “We chose not to mix juices in house. From a sanitary standpoint, without a few hundred thousand dollars, we are not able to able to have the adequate clean room necessary to produce a high level juice,” he says. “So, we contract laboratories with graduated chemists and master food practitioners who are experiences and certified.

They also use FDA-certified pharmaceutical ingredients. It is all organic or high level ingredients. We don’t just go with the cheapest one because you get what you pay for. It also lasts longer and burns slower. “There have been a few ingredients found to be carcinogenic, which still pale in comparison to any tobacco product, but the cool thing about the vaping industry that product is immediately pulled to keep the industry as safe as possible all the time,” Callaway adds. “All of our juices have had the ingredients found to be potentially harmful removed from them. However, there have been over 100,000 tests done on e-cigarettes, and so far, they have determined they are at least one-one thousandth as dangerous as a cigarette

can be,” he explains. He has plans to host public discussions where he is able to bring together providers of e-cigarette products, putting some of the myths floating around his products to bed. For those smokers who are pinching pennies, Callaway is also happy to report most smokers can expect to spend up to a quarter of the money they once used for cigarettes. A welcome boost to the bottom line is certainly helpful. He shares the experience of one of his customers who was faced with the harsh realities of smoking when he was diagnosed with the early stages of COPD. After vaping for about a year, leaving smoking nearly three packs a day for 50 years behind, his lungs have begun to return to normal functioning according to his doctor. The Summit Mist Vapors owner even convinced his mother, who wheezed and experienced complications while sleeping, to try the vapes. She, too, has felt the positive effects of switching to the electronic alternative, as she no longer experiences the breathing issues stemming from her cigarette smoking habit. Roughly 80 percent of folks who come through his door find a way stop smoking, according to Callaway, and for some the habit is too hard to quit. He suggests incorporating the e-cigarette into a long-term plan, with advice from a physician or cessation counselor, if you are having difficulty quitting. And since the places where smoking anything at all are dwindling every day, he has developed an environment that is welcoming to those who want to vape. His lounge is has a bar, complete with comfy stools, where customers are welcome to sit and try out the newest flavors available. And he has plans to invite local bands, poets or anyone who needs a place to stretch their creative wings a place to perform. Low-sitting leather chairs invite patrons for a seat in the rear of the shop. Furthermore, it’s nice to leave the building smelling of butterscotch or bubblegum, and not the stale stench of ashtrays. A valid ID proving you are at least 18 years of age is also required to protect the younger citizens, keeping the business on the legal side of all laws and ordinances. “I want it to be a positive place that is welcoming, where you don’t feel the need to buy something because you have been here three hours,” Callaway laughs. “Loitering is encouraged.” Maybe we can all appreciate his clearing the air with a little Vaping 101. V  VV

For more information about e-cigarettes call Summit Mist Vapors at 706-331-9824 or like them on Facebook for special deals and new stock. 32 v3 magazine

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