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Courage Under Fire Veteran Profile Photography Jason Huynh

Text McKenzie Todd

CAPTAIN JIM MCCUBBIN, a Veteran of the U.S. Air Force, holds 97 years of memories in his mind—a spectacle only few can say they have tucked away. That’s 97 years of indescribable moments… a story so compelling, it seems as if it has leapt from the pages of a best-selling novel. This is Jim McCubbin’s story. Jim McCubbin is currently a resident at Renaissance Marquis (3126 Cedartown Hwy, Rome, GA) and has lived there for around eight years. McCubbin was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri, and later moved to Columbia, Missouri to attend college at the University of Missouri. For as long as he could remember, his dream was to fly airplanes, which perhaps encouraged his career choices throughout the rest of his life. Little did he know, his chance to serve his country would see his dream realized. 16


“I was actually in my very last semester of college at the University of Missouri when I was drafted. That was in February… I would have graduated that following June,” recalls McCubbin. “After they drafted me, I was then sent over to a base in San Antonio, Texas where I went through training. I was put into pilot training fairly quickly, as I already had my pilot license as a student,” says McCubbin. During World War II, he was a P51 Mustang fighter pilot and Prisoner of War (POW) in Frankfurt, Germany. When asked what his most vivid memory of his time in uniform was, Jim quickly spit out perhaps one of the most interesting stories I had ever heard in my life. “The thing I remember the most is flying a P51 in combat. That was very interesting,” chuckles McCubbin. “A P51 is a mustang single engine fighter plane, which was very popular during WWII,” explains McCubbin. “I flew the P51 for