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"Welcome Roof" tent

The inflatable touch

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Ultra-light : less than 15 Kg

No noise !

The n째1 of the inflatable advertizing tent

Our solutions for :

- Exceptional lightness : between 10 to 18kg.

Outdoor activities

- Extreme performances : designed to resist to harsh climatic conditions, it is certified by the French office of control for big tops, tents and structures (BVCTS) to withstand winds up to 70km/h.

Marketing and communication campaigns Promotional shows Sporting and cultural events

- Handy: transportable in a backpack. - Easy to setup and fold: inflation/deflation in 5 minutes by only one person. - Eco-friendly : without permanent blower.


PVC reinforcements

FR n° 0205788 EU n° 1504432 USA n°755255B2

Elastic polyuréthane waterproof and shock-resistant The APS technology (Airtight Pressure Stability) combines the rigidity of the Dacron with the waterproofness of the polyuréthane bladder. When inflated to 0.3 bar our system offers a lightness and an exceptional rigidity.

The sewings of the bladder are sealed with 8 layers including a technical self-adhesive reinforcement ( insigna). These sewings are combiend with a nylon thread and take the form of a sandwich, whose resistance is maximal. Thus, the tube is able to withstand the inflating pressure.

The Dacron (or 3D Comp) is used for the making of the tube structure. It is a multiaxial fabric composite of 145 gr/m² which is able to withstand to every constraints, no matter the directions.

The RipStop Skin is much lighter fabric than the Dacron. Easily to manipulate, light to carry, it combines resistance and ease of use.

The French office of control for big tops for tents and structures ( BVCTS) certifies that the Vision One tents can withstand winds up to 70km/h ( with shroud anchorage).Thus, our tents are perfectly appropriated to all kinds of conditions you can encounter during your meetings and events: urban, beach, mountains, etc. TENT


Standard colors:


Tent L Tent L + 4 faces Tent XL Tent XL + 4 faces

Available colors on demand :


For shading off and photography rending


For quality printings

Thermal-welded insigna

For printing in small quantities


Eco-friendly The totem does no requires any power supply for its setup and fold whcih makes it an easy-to-use and travelling tool but above all an eco-friendly solution.Unlike the traditionnal infatable totems, this one has a limited impact on the environment.

A wide range of accessories for an optimum use of your structures: Manual pump, 220 volts pump, 12 volts pump, rigging, ballast bag, backpack, stakes snow/beach,mixed stakes, electric pump on battery...


The inflatable touch le


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ght i l g a Ultr han 5 K t less

No noise !

Inventor of the inflatable airtight advertizing totem

Our solutions for Outdoor activities Marketing and communication campaigns Benchmarking Sporting and cultural events

- Exceptional lightness : from 1,5 to 3,5 kg. - Extreme performances: bending but not breaking, the totem resists to winds up to 70km/h and to harsh climatic conditions, (tested on the glacier of the two Alps in France and on the beach of the Camargue, South of France ). - Handy : transportable in a backpack. - Easy to setup and fold : inflatable in 2 min with an electric pump. - Eco-friendly: respects the environnement (no electric air-fan, no CO2 emission).

TECHNOLOGY PVC reinforcements

DIMENSIONS Elastic polyurethane waterproof and resistant The APS (Airtight Pressure Stability) technology combines the rigidity of the Dacron and the airtightness of the polyuérthane bladder. chambre à air polyuréthane. Inflated at 0,3 bar, our system enables exceptionnal lightnessand stiffness.

The Dacron (or 3D Comp) is used for the making of the structures of the bladder. It is a multi-axial composite fabric of 145 gr/m² able to withstand all the constraints, regardless their directions.

The bladder sewings are closed with 8 layers of cloth including a layer of a technical adhesive reinforcements in insignia.These sewings are associated with a nylon thread, giving a sandwich aspect that endows the sewing with a maximal resistance. Thus, the sewing can contain the volume increase due to the inflation pressure.

2 .0 m

3 .0 m

4 m

0 .6 m

0 .6 m

0 .6 m

1 .5 kg

2 .3 kg

3.5 k g


Thermal-welded printing



For now on, our totems are equipped with a zipper: you can slide one essential ballast for an optimum stability of the totem.

For the shading off and photos renderings

For logos/lettering in single or several colors

Thanks to their flat bottoms , the Vision One totems represent a true innovation.



Eco-friendly Vision one's totem does not requires any power supply, either for setup or fold. This makes of it an easy communication display as well as an eco-friendly solution. Unlike air-fan inflatable traditionnal totems, Vision One's totems have a restricted impact on the environment.

A wide range of accessories for an optimum use of your structure: Electrical pump on battery, 220 volt pump , 12 volt pump, external fixings, ballasting, etc.

Air Puffy: inflatable seats

The inflatable touch


Easily movable



Air Puffy The new light, resistant, aesthetic generation of seats without eletrical blower will dress-up with style your stand as well as your terraces, balcony, gardens and swimming pool rims.

- Resistant : anti-UV treatment, water-repellent, it resists to swimming pool splash, humidity and mildew. - Stable : a ballast is guaranteed by a integrated reserve to fill in with water , no risk that it would fly away. - Mobile: bended, it holds in a small box for a practical tyding up. - Pratical : entirely removable and machine washable to 30째C. - Confortable : no rigid element will impede your well-being. - Customizable : possibility to affix your logo directly on the inflatable seat.

The inflatable seats are using the same technology than our tents with the same inflation accessories. Fully integrated with your stand and arising people’s curiosity , they constitute original supports of communication. They also form aesthetic seats, convivial and resistant for your terraces and gardens. Available colors :


Puffy S


Packaging inflated

25x25x10 cm 55x25 cm


1,3 kg


1,3 kg


Puffy M



42x42x15 cm

4,3 kg


4,3 kg


125x95 cm

Puffy XXL



25x25x10 cm

1,5 kg




80x30 cm



42x42x15 cm

6,4 kg

160x35 cm

6,4 kg

Air pack : your 100% promotional inflatable stand Enjoy complete, inflatable and light promotional stand: choose the Air pack !

The Air pack includes : 1x Welcome roof tent L , 2x inflatable totems 3m et 4x inflatable seats Air Puffy : 1x pear, 2x puffy S, 1x puffy XXL. Everything is transportable in only 2 backpacks !

Extend Tube and connectent 2013 news

With only one extension , add up to 13m² of covered area

The extension is composed of two inflatable tubes. It can be easily fixed on the tent with velcros and zippers.

Available in 3 sizes : L, XL et L-XL

Tent L + L extension

Tent XL + XL extension

Tent XL + L-XL extension

Customizing options Welcome Roof tent Lateral sidewall

Door side

Side equipped with 2 zippers cursors, it can be closed at mid-height and is fully removable on every side of the tent.

Window sidewall

Lateral side equipped with 2 additional zippers forming a closable and windable door.

Crystal side

Lateral side equipped for the top part with translucent PVC . Two kinds of standard windows and possibility of tailor-made ones.

Fully in translucent PVC with Dacron cross at the center to facilitate folding and not weaken the PVC.

Double roof


Connexion side zipping to the tent -instead of a lateral side- can link together two tents by a tunnel. Possibility to link a tent L with a XL one.

Removable cap added up over the roof to fully personnalize the roof. Easy to setup on the rings, it allows you to enjoy a removable visual.

Extend tube Accessory combined with a connectent to double your covered aera on the ground and create a overhang toward external to bring shadow and rain protection for your stand.

Printing Several types of printing are available to personnalize products granting a full customization that will match your wishes.

l a t gi


For shading off effects and photo rendering

For low-detailed printings in large quantity

al-welde m er




creening s lk

For low printing in small quantity

Accessories Luggages Backpack Indispensable accessory and provided with L/XL Welcome Roof tents, the backpack allows you to carry your module with the greatest facility. Dimensions : 80 x 40 x 40 cm Ballast bag

Accessories bag Bag for the transport of accessories. Dimensions : 40 x 30 x 30 cm

This bag is used to maintain the tents on rough surfaces such as bitumen or stone. A fixation system is provided at the tent's feet. Dimensions : 40 x 40 cm

Pumps Manual "double side" pump

Electric pump 12V./450L

Bi-directional manual pump with aluminum tube. Usable in all circumstances.

12 Volts electric pump. Can be plugged into the cigar lighter or into the car battery. Light and easy to carry.

- flow rate : 400 L/min.

- flow rate : 450 L/min.

220V./1600L electric pump

12V./1000L electric pump

220 Volts electric pump. Requires a power supply. Very fast inflation.

12 volts high speed electric pump. Can be plugged on cigar lighter or car battery. Light and easy to carry. Very fast inflation.

- flow rate : 1600 L/min.

- flow rate : 1000 L/min.

Electric pump 220V./2500L max. flow rate

Electric pump with rechargeable battery

220V. electric pump maximum flow rate. Requires a power supply.

12 Volt eletric pump. On battery, it can be recharged on power supply or 12 volts.Light and easy to carry.

- flow rate: 2500 L/min.

- flow rate : 450 L/min.

Fixings Soft ground fixings

Fixing strap

2 sizes available, used to fix modules in sand or snow.

Used as a loop to fix feet of the tent or the totem on the ground.


Hard floors fixings Used to fix the tent on hard floors: ground, grass, ect.

Used to maintain the feet of the tent or the totem on the ground. Indispensable in case of winds up to 50km.

Maintenance Bladder Polyurethane tube put in the feet of the tent or the totem. Easy to replace.

V1-group Vision One

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Vision One Catalog  

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