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Deborah, Colorado “The selection of colors and styles and sizes was amazing. The prices were very reasonable and I am very pleased with my purchase.�


Marlene, Illinois “I wanted to let you know I received the curtains. They are hung and look just as beautiful as the last ones we bought. Thank you for helping me and making sure they arrived on time.”


Pinch Pleated Drapes provide timeless elegance and sophistication. The top of the drapery is accented with tight uniform pleats. The pleats are spaced at even intervals to control the fullness of the drape. They are weighted at the bottom seams and corners. The weights even, smooth pleating, and a clean, crisp appearance. Pinch Pleated Drapes are hung using hooks/pins or ring clips. They open and close with ease; typically using a traverse (i.e. cord/baton) pull rod. These rods are great for extra wide window enclosures. They can also be hung in a more modern fashion on a stationary decorative rod using ring clips attached to the top of the drape. Pinch Pleated Drapes are the most popular style for decades due to their versatility and the dramatic effect they make on a room’s décor. They also offer superior natural insulation. The energy efficiency is the result of the additional airspace between the pleats. All drapes are fan-folded to maintain their crisp pleats during shipping so that they hang beautifully right out of the box.

Martin, California “EASY ....EASY ....EASY and a BARGAIN - I suggest you get a fabric sample... they’re FREE! It was easy to find exactly what I was looking for and they had a great selection. I had a hard time finding pinch pleated drapes online at an affordable price and they had exactly what I was looking for....Can’t wait for my drapes to arrive! I’M SO EXCITED!”


Tab Top Drapes and Curtains produce a simple, elegant, designer appearance. Whether the décor is country with a scattering of antiques or the clean simple lines of Scandinavian design, these popular drapes will add appeal to any room. Tab Tops hang freely from evenly spaced loops sewn and reinforced into the top of the curtains. There are no rings, clips, or hooks needed. A stationary rod easily slips through the tabs allowing the drapes to softly gather while showcasing decorative rod and finials. Because of their design, Tab Tops require manually opening and closing. Therefore, they are typically used in situations where they will not be drawn frequently. Weights at the bottom seams and corners ensure they hang evenly and provide a crisp, serene look. Panels can even be contrasted by blending different colors and fabrics to add dimension and style to match any room’s personality.

Janet, Iowa “LOVE*LOVE*LOVE MY DRAPES!!! These came packaged perfectly, they hang beautifully,  and look fabulous, even better than I imagined, and I’m 1000% happy.  I only wish I knew of this company when I bought my drapes for the other room a couple years ago.  Factory Direct Drapes is hands down the best in my house.  I can’t thank you enough. Ill be buying more.  KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!”


Grommet Top Drapes offer a stylish and trendy appearance to compliment your dĂŠcor. The top of the drapery is accented with functional heavy-duty circular silver or brass grommets. The grommets also serve to showcase a clean, decorative rod, and finials. A stationary rod glides through the grommets spreading the drapery evenly along the rod and allowing them to manually open and close with ease. Once installed, the weight of the fabric allows the curtain to fall into subtle rounded folds or pleats. Unlike pinch pleated draperies, grommet draperies continue the pleating all the way to the top of the drapery hem. This style draws your attention upward toward the ceiling and gives a great visual appeal to any room.

James, Arizona “Great selection of fabrics, modern styles, got samples in the mail of all fabrics I was interested in, and very easy to order.�


Clip Top Drapes and Curtains provide a stunning and modern alternative to conventional traversing drapery. They also add a tranquil and casual feel to the décor. The top of the drapery is formed with a light stiffening material which provides body along with a sturdy place to attach evenly spaced ring clips. Ring Clips (sold separately) consists of a metal loop with a small spring-loaded clip. The clip attaches to the top of the drapes while a stationary rod glides through the rings allowing the full beauty of a decorative rod to stand out. The amount of body and fullness can be controlled by the ring clips spacing which creates a soft and billowing cup between clips. Since this style of drapery must be manually drawn, it is best suited for stationary applications. However, a functional baton can be added for easier opening and closing.

Kristine, Idaho “I received my draperies last week, much sooner than I expected them. They are exactly as ordered except better. Several years ago I had draperies custom made for another home, and these are just as nice and one eighth the price.  Thank you so much!!  You have a customer for life, and I’ll recommend you to everyone I know.”


Pocket Top Drapes and Curtains exhibit a simple and fashionable expression of style. The top of the drapery contains a pocket for a stationary decorative or café rod to be thread through. The fullness and body are controlled and distributed by pushing the fabric together on the rod. A pocket top lays flat for an informal, but, tailored appearance. The simplicity of this type makes it one of the easiest styles of windows treatments to install with no additional hooks or pins required. Sheer Pocket Top Drapes are a perfect solution for controlling light and privacy when used with French Doors and smaller windows. They can also serve to and enhance the visual interest of a room by giving it a crisp, clean, contemporary feel. The versatility of decorative appeal combined with functionality makes these draperies a popular style for a wide variety of applications.

Richard, Missouri “I just wanted to say thank you concerning our recent order. You have a good selection, a great web site; the drapes arrived made correctly per our specification, and are a great value.  We will be placing additional orders with you in the future and recommending you to our friends.”


Ruffle Pocket Top Drapes and Curtains have a wonderfully elegant and romantic feel. A rod sleeve or pocket near the top of the drapery accommodates a stationary decorative or café rod. The one inch ruffle directly above the pocket offers a sophisticated flare that draws your attention upwards. The drapery can lay flat for a simplistic appearance. It can also gather on the rod to provide both style and body. There are no hooks or pins needed which makes the drapery very easy to hang. This curtain is best suited for stationary applications. Light, airy, sheer fabrics give texture and depth to light filtering through a window. Conversely, heavier and thicker fabrics bring out the light blocking and insulating value.

Lari, Florida “Your drapes are beautiful. I finally hung them and they are worth every penny and MORE.  Would you like me to take photos and share them with you so that others can see how beautiful they really are?  They are beautifully.  Your quality is unsurpassed and great for my place on the beach.”


Tie Top Drapes and Curtains create a casual and relaxed atmosphere with their uniquely simplistic style. Strong strips of fabric are sewn and reinforced into the top of the drapery. As the name of this style implies, the drapery is literally tied to a stationary decorative rod. The ties tend to add a delicate, but, informal and comfortable feel to your room. Tie top drapes draw attention to the top of drape while showcasing and accenting a decorative rod or the window trim. Your imagination is the only limit to the variety of innovative applications such as a master bed canopy or room divider. This style is appropriate for stationary applications where the draperies are opened and closed less frequently.

Susan, Manitoba “I received my drapes early this week and they are exactly what I had envisioned. I was very impressed with the quality of service that you provided. The product and shipping were also excellent.  I will be sure to refer your company to all of my friends and family in the future.  Thanks again for all of your patience.”






Susan, North Carolina “The valance is beautiful! We are so impressed with the quality of the product and the care taken in its construction and packing. Thank you for your wonderful service.”


Factory Direct Drapes™

Order Worksheet

PO Box 1143 Union City, CA 94587 p. 866.713.7273 f. 510.489.7733

Style:_____________________ Fabric:_______________________ Lining Type “Select One”: None Standard Blackout/Insulated Quantity:_____



Valance Style:_____________________ Rod Style:________________________ Tie Backs:________________________ Pillows:__________________________

Pair or Panel


PO Box 1143 Union City, CA 94587 p. 866.713.7273 f. 510.489.7733


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