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PhD Information Studies

PhD Newsletter Vol. 01 | No. 01

August 2011

A Note from our Director...

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I would like to take this opportunity to welcome our new students to the SOIS PhD program. This is the first issue of our PhD newsletter. It serves as a communication channel for our students and faculty members. Moreover, it will also be used as a recruitment/marketing tool for prospective students or anyone who is interested in our program and trying to gain more knowledge about it.

Note from the PhD Program Director, Dr. Iris Xie Student Milestones

SOIS PhD Students Host The Connections 2011: Discourse & illumination Conference this Past May in Milwaukee

SOIS Welcomes Six New PhD Students to Milwaukee This Fall. Learn More About Them!

Recent Scholarship: PhD Students Publications, Conference Presentations, Service & Awards

Here are some of the PhD program updates: • SOIS PhD surveys of both faculty and PhD students were conducted. Thanks to all students and faculty members who completed the survey. Based on the survey results, a series of initiatives are being and will be taken to enhance the program. Detailed reports of the survey results will be presented at the PhD student orientation on August 23rd, 2011. The SOIS Doctoral Research Award Grant Opportunity (DRAGO) was created to support small equipment purchases, supplies, travel in relation to conducting research, and participant recruitment in order to make research activities possible. The deadline for submission is August 1st this year. Applicants will be notified of the decision by September 1st. Starting from next year, the deadline for submission is May 1st. Most of our new students are the recipients of the Overcoming Barriers to Information Access (B2A) Award from the IMLS grant. Professor Wolfram, who is the principal investigator of the grant, will organize a B2A colloquium presented by SOIS faculty members once per month. The SOIS handbook was updated to reflect the changes and clarifications of SOIS PhD program policy. The SOIS brochure was redesigned to represent the high quality, dynamic nature and flexibility of our program to attract prospective students. This fall, students are able to take the Quantitative Research Methods course offered by Professor Zhang directly through SOIS. In addition, we are in the process of planning more related courses for our students. Please send your comments and suggestions regarding our program to me ( We are in touch and you are in touch.

Student Milestones

School of Information Studies 3210 N. Maryland Ave | Bolton Hall Rm: 510 Milwaukee, WI 53211

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Krystyna Matusiak successfully defended her dissertation and has accepted a job offer as a tenure tracked Assistant Professor at the University of Denver, Morgridge College of Education, Library and Information Science (LIS) Program. Marta Magnuson started a new position as an Instructional Technologist at Carthage College. Suzana Ahmad, Chunsheng Huang, and Soohyung Joo successfully defended their preliminary examinations. Su-yu Lin, Kun Lu, and Marta Magnuson successfully defended their dissertation proposals.

PhD Student Conference - A Great Success!


Jennifer Thiele


he PhD students of SOIS hosted the Great Lakes Information Science Conference, Connections 2011: Discourse & Illumination May 20-21. The conference brought together doctoral students from across the United States and Canada who presented on a wide array of topics. The intimate experience created significant discussion, feedback, and networking opportunities. Mike Eisenberg, Dean Emeritus and Professor of the Information School of the University of Washington, provided a keynote address that focused on the development and future of the information school movement. Eisenberg also hosted a highly praised post-conference professional development workshop.

Special thanks to Jihee Beak, Anthony Hoffmann, and Marta Magnuson for filling in for a few last minute cancellations. As a doctoral student run conference, all of the PhD students served as reviewers for the doubleblind review process. Most importantly, thanks to the planning committee of Wyatt Ditzler, Marta Magnuson, and Ed Benoit. Following the successful conference, the University of British Columbia agreed to host the next Connections Conference, and the conference proceedings will soon be published electronically.


g graduated from UW-Milwaukee with my master’s degree in w Library and Information Studies Li in in 2005. Since that time, I’ve worked as a public library w director, both in a small library and in a county library system. For the past few years, I’ve been working closely with the Marinette County Jail, utilizing technology to give inmates access to library databases and eBooks as tools to pursue their GED while incarcerated. This work resulted in my research interest, which is using technology to increase literacy in information poor areas. In my spare time, I have coached dance both at our local high school and at our community center. I also enjoy running, and finished the 10k Bellin Run for the first time this year. I am married and have three energetic children.

Renee Kapusniak


a am interested in how the user retrieves information in the re environment. This could be llibrary ib when the user is at the library w or o when the user is virtually information from home rretrieving e or a remote/handheld device. I o would research what methods w (technologies) are used and accessed from (technologies the user point of view, plus what technology the library has to help the user retrieve this information: databases, e-books, e-readers, and other retrieval systems including technologies for users with special needs, such as people with disabilities, older users and people who use English as a second language. I enjoy gardening and cooking for family and friends, especially desserts! If you hang around me long enough, you’ll see I have this love for all things chocolate and I like to share the goodies.

SOIS Welcomes New Scholars


Tyler Smith


igital divide has always interested me because of the growing gap between communities that are financial “haves” versus “have-nots”. Digital libraries, are connected to my aforementioned research interest in that with increased reliance on digital collections how do we make them accessible for patrons? Along the same lines, how do we organize collections to meet patron’s needs? Reference through electronic sources is a complementary subject of interest because of the huge demand and use of virtual reference sources and the equally huge demand it puts on the librarians staffing to find way to make these services accessible. I predictably love to read, I watch (and can recite verbatim) the Simpsons and I absolutely love to cook.

Jeannette Robinson


am interested in researching the Organization of Information. More specifically I would like to research Cataloging and Classification systems as they are used in libraries today. I would like to study how relevant cataloging and classification systems are in today’s society. It is my belief that these systems were not created with everyone in mind and I would like to study if there are other systems of organization in other, non-Western societies, i.e. indigenous, African, Asian, etc. I am also interested in discovering if there are better ways of organizing information to make it more relevant to today’s world and connecting the organization of information to other relevant subjects and areas of study. In my spare time I love learning new things, reading/writing, singing, dancing, and long walks on the lake. I am also working on a family genealogy and I love being a mother to Jude.

Adrianna McCleer


y interest in conducting library and information research related to culturally diverse and underserved populations is rooted in my academic experience as a Knowledge River scholar at the University of Arizona School of Information Resources and Library Science. My primary professional experience is in public libraries and I have developed a commitment to improving lives and empowering others by providing and improving access to information. At SOIS, I will focus my research on addressing obstacles related to Information Policy, specifically equity of access to information in multiethnic and multicultural communities and methods of improvement. The three research topics that particularly interest me are digital literacy, health information literacy, and public library and information services to refugee and new immigrant communities around the United States. In my free time, I enjoy running, paper crafts, and bowling.

Tina Jayroe


ne of my research interests lies in bibliometrics. I would b ib llike ik to work on a project that includes learning th about which types of ab models should be applied to data sets in order to uncover distributional characteristics. Another area that I am interested in is metadata (architectures and initiatives). I hope to work on aspects of metadata applications, policies, models, and standards. I enjoy troubleshooting and resolving problems and I work hard at trying to understand people’s information behaviors. I feel happy and challenged when compiling surveys, analyzing evaluations, or sitting with/ interviewing users who are interacting with an information system. In my spare time I walk. I enjoy walking in all types of weather; in the wintertime I have been said to resemble Nanook of the North.

Recent Scholarship

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Awards Benoit, III, E.— Chancellor’s Scholarship (2010-2011), Dean’s Scholarship (20102011), Archival Education and Research Institute Scholarship (2011), & Midwest Archives Conference Student Scholarship (2011). Fox, M.J.—Dean’s Scholarship (20102011), & Chancellor’s Scholarship (2011). Lu, K.—Graduate School Dissertation Fellowship, University of WisconsinMilwaukee (2011). Magnuson, M.L.—Certificate in Online and Blended Teaching, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (2011), & Emerald Outstanding Paper Award, Highly Commended (2010) for Magnuson, M.L. (2009). Electronic women’s grey literature in academic libraries. Collection Building, 28(3). Margaret Kipp & Soohyung Joo —Best Poster Award in the 73rd ASIS&T Annual Meeting. Application of Structural Equation Modelling in Exploring Tag Patterns: A Pilot Study (2010). For complete details on PhD Student Scholarship, please visit the PhD Student profile pages online: students/phd-students.cfm

3210 N. Maryland Ave Bolton Hall Rm: 510 Milwaukee, WI 53211

PhD Student Orientation August 23, 2011 SOIS Bolton Hall Rm: 521

SOIS Student & Alumni Reunion November 2, 2011 Pabst Mansion

PantherFest September 9, 2011 Marcus Amphitheater

Student Research Symposium November 12, 2011 SOIS Silent Auction Scholarship Fundraiser December 1, 2011 UWM Libraries

SOIS Student Fall Welcome Celebration September 15, 2011 UWM Student Union - Fireside Lounge

SOIS Fall Recognition Ceremony December 16, 2011

PantherProwl - Run/Walk for Scholarships October 9, 2011 UWM Campus and Eastside

* Watch for details on the monthly B2A Colloquium Series. Dates and times TBD.

The SOIS PhD Newsletter is published twice a year by the SOIS PhD Student body. Contributions (articles, letters, photos, etc.) are welcomed. Please send updates to the PhD Program Director, Dr. Iris Xie ( EDITORIAL BOARD Ed Benoit III, PhD Student, Chief Editor Tina Jayroe, PhD Student, Editor

Carol Sabbar, PhD Student, Editor Dr. Iris Xie, PhD Program Director

Art Direction & Design: Rebecca Hall & Gabriella Tato Photography: Natalie Puariea & UWM Photographic Services

Doctoral Committee - Spring 2011 Mohammed Aman Margaret Kipp (Chair) Iris Xie PhD Director

Gwat-Yong Lie, Non-voting ex-officio Edward Benoit III, PhD Student Linda Barajas, Admissions Coordinator


Recent Scholarship Chapter & Monograph Publications Al-budaiwi, D. (2011). Freedom of Expression in Kuwait: The Case of Two Kuwaiti Liberal Female Writers. Saarbrücken, Germany: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing. Olson, H.A. & Fox, M.J. (2010). Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak: Deconstructionist, Marxist, feminist, postcolonialist. In Leckie, G.J., Given, L.M., & Buschman, J.E. (Eds.) Critical Theory for Library and Information Science: Exploring the Social from across the Disciplines. Oxford, UK: Libraries Unlimited.

Journal Publications Ajiferuke, I., Lu, K. & Wolfram, D.(2011). Who are the research disciples of an author? Examining publication recitation and oeuvre citation exhausitivity. Journal of Informetrics, 5(2): 292-302. Huang, C. & Lor, P.J. (in press). International activities and relations of national libraries: Report on an exploratory survey. Alexandria: The Journal of National and International Library and Information Issues. Joo, S., & Lee, J. (2011). Measuring the usability of academic digital libraries: Instrument development and validation. The Electronic Library, 29(4). Latham. J.M., & Ditzler, W.E. (2010). Collective effort: The American union and the American public library. Library Trends, 59(1-2): 237-255. Lu, K., Joo. S, & Wolfram, D. (2011). An investigation of web information resource distribution in the field of information science. Cybermetrics, 15(1): 1-6. Magnuson, M. L. (2011). Perceptions of self and the “other”: An analysis of challenges to And Tango Makes Three. School Library Media Research, 14. Mauger, J.J. (in press). Collection management, conceptual anachronisms, and CIPA. The Progressive Librarian. Mu, X. & Lu, K. (2010). Towards effective genomic information retrieval: The impact of query complexity and expansion strategies. Journal of Information Science, 36(2): 194-208. Mu, X., Lu, K. & Ryu, H. (2010). Search strategies on a new health information retrieval system. Online Information Review, 34(3): 440-456.

Xie, I., Benoit, III, E., & Zhang, H. (2010). How do users evaluate individual documents? An analysis of dimensions of evaluation activities. Information Research, 15(4). Xie, I., & Joo. S. (2010). Transitions in search tactics during the web-based search process. Journal of American Society for Information and Science Technology, 61(11): 2188-2205. Xie, I., & Joo. S. (2010). Tales from the field: Search strategies applied in web searching. Future Internet, 2(3):259-281.

Conference Presentations Barry-Kessler, L. (2010). Designing privacy into the internet: 1969-1979. Presented at the School of Information Studies Research Symposium, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Barry-Kessler, L. (2010). Emerging privacy and ethical challenges for libraries in the 2.0 era. Panel discussion at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Choose Privacy Week, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Barry-Kessler, L. (2011). Recipe writing: Copyright, credit, and etiquette. Panel discussion at BlogHer Food ’11, Atlanta, Georgia. Barry-Kessler, L. (2011). Barriers to information access: Did the FCC consider the information ceeds of the LGBTQ community in the new ‘internet neutrality’ regulations? Presented at the International Association for Media and Communications Research Conference, Istanbul, Turkey. Beak, J. (2011). LCSH vs. tags in fiction genres. Presented at the Connections 2011: The Great Lakes Information Science Conference, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Beak, J. (2011). LCSH vs. tags in fiction genres. Presented at the SLIS/SOIS Research Forum, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Beak, J. & Olson, H. (2011). Analysis of metadata schemas for children’s libraries. Presented at the NASKO Conference, Toronto, Canada. Beak, J. & Olson, H. (2011). Comparison of metadata schemas: AACR2+ vs. ICDL’s metadata schema. Presented at the IFLA 2011 Conference, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Information Studies

Benoit, III, E. (2010). Digital librarians’ perceptions of social tagging, its potential use, benefits, and limitations. Presented at the Student Research Symposium 2010, School of Information Studies, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Benoit, III, E. (2010). Tagging to access: Increasing access and reducing costs through integration of social tags and metadata in digital collections. Presented at the Doctoral Forum, 7th International Conference on Conceptions of Library and Information Science, London, England. Benoit, III, E. (2011). Archival preservation and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA): The need for relief action. Presented at the Archival Education and Research Institute, Boston, Massachusetts. Benoit, III, E. (2011). Sub-field visualization: A multidimensional analysis of web 2.0 authors. Presented at the Connections 2011: The Great Lakes Information Science Conference, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Benoit, III, E. (2011). Archival preservation and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA): The need for relief action. Presented at the Midwest Archives Conference, St. Paul, Minnesota. Fox, M.J. (2011). Prototype theory: An alternative concept theory for categorizing sex and gender? Presented at the NASKO Conference, Toronto, Canada (Because it was one of the top-ranked paper, it will also be published in Knowledge Organization). Fox, M.J. & Olson, H.A. (2010). A warning and an antidote: Essentialism and care in a female-intensive profession. Presented at ALISE 2010: Creating a Culture of Collaboration, Gender Issues SIG: Collaborating to Address Gender Issues, Boston, Massachusetts. Hoffmann, A. (2010). I, me, mine: Facebook’s philosophy and personal information as property. Presented at the 11th Annual Association of Internet Researchers Conference, Göteborg, Sweden. Hoffmann, A. (2011). Me, not mine: Facebook, ontic informational beings, and the problem with information as property. Presented at Theorizing the Web Conference, College Park, Maryland.


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Recent Scholarship Conference Presentations Continued

Poster Sessions

Hoffmann, A. (2011). Me, not mine: Facebook, ontic informational beings, and the problem with information as property. Presented at the Connections 2011: The Great Lakes Information Science Conference, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Benoit, III, E. (2010). Publishing with chains: A comparison of publishing agreements in LIS. Poster presented at the 7th International Conference on Conceptions of Library and Information Science, London, England.

Huang, C. (2011). Identifying digital libraries author publication pattern using visualization clustering analysis. Presented at the Connections 2011: The Great Lakes Information Science Conference, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Chen, L. P., Huang, C., & Chang, Y. H. (2011). Digital archives of Taiwan agricultural history during the Japanese colonial period. Poster presentation at the ACM/ IEEE Joint Conference on Digital Libraries, Ottawa, Canada.

Lin, S. (2010). An international and comparative study on institutional repository (IR): Comparing the U.S. and Taiwan. Presented at ALISE 2011 Conference, San Diego, California.

Joo, S. & Huang, C. (2011). System analysis of digital libraries: A practical manual for digital collection development projects. Poster presentation at the 2nd Annual SLIS-SOIS Research Forum, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Magnuson, M. L. (2011). Understanding how objectives transform into outcomes: Activity theory and its use in analyzing web 2.0 assignments in an information literacy instruction course. Presented at the Connections 2011: The Great Lakes Information Science Conference, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Magnuson, M.L. (2011). Aligning technology with learning objectives: Student use of Glogster to summarize and critique academic journal articles. Poster presented at the 2011 SLIS/SOIS Research Forum, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Mauger, J.J., Buchanan, E., & Ess, C. (2011). Internet research ethics: Core challenges, new directions. Panel discussion at the First International Conference of IACAP, University of Aarhus, Denmark.

Magnuson, M.L. (2011). Construction and reflection: Student wiki creation in an information literacy instruction course. Poster presented at the Wisconsin Association of Academic Librarians Annual Conference, Stevens Point, Wisconsin.

Tirilly, P., Lu, K., Mu, X. & Zhao, T. (2011). On modality classification and its use in text-based image retrieval in medical databases. Presented at 9th International Workshop on Content-based Multimedia Indexing(CBMI), Madrid, Spain. Xie, I., Benoit, III, E., & Zhang, H. (2010). How do users evaluate individual documents? An analysis of dimensions of evaluation activities. Presented at the 7th International Conference on Conceptions of Library and Information Science, London, England.

Invited Speaker Barry-Kessler, L. (2010). The ethics of innovation: Navigating privacy, policy, and service issues. Keynote address for the Ethics of Innovation Online Symposium, OCLC & Library Journal.

Other Scholarship

Information Studies

Hoffmann, A. (2010-2011). Quinnipiac University: Introduction to Interactive Communication, & Theories of Interactive Media. Lin, S. (2010-2011). University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee: Introduction to Information Science, & Introduction to Information Resources on the Internet. Magnuson, M.L. (2010-2011). University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee: Information Literacy Instruction, & Information Resources for Research. Sabbar, C. (2010-2011). Carthage College: Introduction to Business and Information Systems.

Professional Service Barry-Kessler, L.—PhD Representative, Research Committee, SOIS (2010-2011). Benoit, III, E.— PhD representative, Doctoral Program Committee, SOIS (20092011), Co-Chair, Connections 2011 Conference Planning Committee (2010-2011), Conference blogger, Midwest Archives Conference (2011), & PhD Representative, Faculty Search & Screen Committee, SOIS (2010-2011). Ditzler, W.E.—PhD Representative, Academic Planning Committee, SOIS (20092010), PhD Representative, Research Committee, SOIS (2009-2010), Co-Chair, Connections 2011 Conference Planning Committee (2010-2011), & PhD Representative, Faculty Search & Screen Committee, SOIS (2010-2011).

Fox, M.J. & Martinez Avila, D. (2011). Intersectionality in Users of Library Knowledge Organization Systems: Lessons Learned from the Misrepresentation of Latina Lesbians. Paper accepted for the ISKO-Spain Conference (Although the paper was accepted, the authors were unable to attend the conference).

Fox, M.J. —Dean of Instruction, Milwaukee Campus, Bryant & Stratton College. Hoffmann, A.—PhD Representative, Faculty Search & Screen Committee, SOIS (2010-2011).

Mauger, J.J. (2011). Invited PhD student at the University of Aarhus. Researching internet filtering as national policy in Denmark.

Lu, K—PhD Representative, Faculty Search & Screen Committee, SOIS (20102011).

Teaching Ditzler, W.E. (2010-2011). Bryant & Stratton College: History and Practice of Information Systems.

Huang, C.—PhD representative, Diversity and Equity Committee, SOIS (2009-2010).

Magnuson, M.L.—Co-Chair, Connections 2011 Conference Planning Committee (2010-2011), PhD Representative, Academic Planning Committee, SOIS (20102011), & Committee Member, ALISE Membership Advisory Committee (2011-2013). Proferes, N.—PhD Representative, Diversity and Equity Committee, SOIS (20102011).


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PhD Newsletter - Spring 2011  

This is the first issue of our PhD newsletter. It serves as a communication channel for our students and faculty members. Moreover, it will...