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WELCOME FROM THE OFFICE OF RESIDENCE LIFE Living on campus at UW-Green Bay will enrich your university experience and impact the rest of your life. In fact, research shows that students who live on campus are more likely to adjust quickly to college, become involved in campus life, develop life-long friendships, enjoy their university experience, earn good grades, and graduate. We believe this will be true for you too! This booklet contains important information about living on campus, how to apply for housing, and who to contact with any questions you may have. Please save this booklet for your future reference. We look forward to seeing you on campus soon!

YOUR ON-CAMPUS LIVING EXPERIENCE UW-Green Bay provides safe, affordable, conveniently located, and well-maintained housing on campus. Our housing accommodations include residence hall rooms, as well as apartments with both shared and private bedrooms. Regardless of where you live on campus, all of our housing accommodations include the following services and amenities: • Housing available 365 days per year • 24 hour per day building security • ID card plus PIN access to your room or apartment • Private bathroom and carpeting in every room and apartment • Beds, dressers, desks, and desk chairs • High speed Internet access including WiFi • High definition cable television service • Access to public phone service • Laundry facilities • Convenient parking • Community Center with equiment check-out • Meeting rooms and mailroom


RESIDENCE HALL LIVING The majority of our new freshmen live in one of our 11 residence halls, which are co-ed and each room is shared by two students of the same gender. All rooms are completely furnished and offer students a private bathroom and shower.


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APARTMENT LIVING The majority of our upper-class students live in apartments, which are completely furnished and offer kitchens, living rooms, and bathrooms.

Apartments with Shared Bedrooms Our apartments with shared bedrooms are located in nine buildings numbered 3312-3334 and offer housing for students in four-student, two-bedroom suites. A limited number of efficiency and one-bedroom/two-student apartments available.


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Apartments with Private Bedrooms Our apartments with private bedrooms are located in six buildings, and offer housing for students in four-student, four-bedroom suites for added privacy. A limited number of five-student, three-student, and two-student apartments are available.


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TOP 10 REASONS TO LIVE ON CAMPUS 1. Roommates Having a roommate is one of the best things about living on campus. Many lifelong friendships have started as roommates at college!

2. Resident Assistants (RAs) Another one of the best things about living on campus is having a RA. RAs are upper-class students who live on campus, and their role is to help you achieve the living learning experience!

3. Social and Recreational Activities There’s always something happening on campus! From concerts, dances and comedians to intramural sports, student government and student organizations – there’s something for everyone!

4. Community Center The Residence Life Community Center offers a place to meet other students, study and participate in social activities! It also offers an information desk, student mailroom and computer service center.


5. Around the Clock & Around the Calendar Service Campus housing is open 365 days per year. Plus staff is available to serve you during the evening, weekend and holiday hours too.

6. Convenience Living on campus means living right where you study, work and recreate; alleviating time consuming and costly commuting expenses!

7. Safety and Security The campus is served around the clock by Public Safety Officers. The officers monitor the academic buildings, housing facilities, parking lots, and grounds to ensure your safety.

8. Affordability Living on campus is cheaper than commuting from off campus! Your on-campus housing cost includes all utilities, cable television service, Internet access, security services, and more.

9. Employment Opportunities Working on campus saves commuting time and expense! Also, your campus employer will be supportive of your academics.

10. Academic Success Many students who live on campus earn higher grades and graduate at higher rates than their peers who live elsewhere. Remember, your academic success is our top priority!


WHAT OUR RESIDENTS SAY ABOUT LIVING ON CAMPUS Every year the Office of Residence Life conducts an online resident satisfaction survey. The survey includes over 80 questions designed to assess resident satisfaction with housing facilities, programs, services, climate, and staff. Year after year, our residents report high levels of satisfaction with their residential experience at UW-Green Bay.

“When I came here and lived on campus, it was an amazing experience. Living on campus really helped me develop into the person I have become today.” - Matt


“I owe a lot of my personal development to living on campus. I also met some of my best friends during my first year on campus.” - Lindy

WHEN YOU CHOOSE A CAMPUS, YOU’RE CHOOSING A COMMUNITY TOO The Green Bay community is a great place to live! In fact, Green Bay is the trade, transportation and cultural heart of Northeastern Wisconsin. Major attractions include NFL football and the University’s Weidner Center for the Performing Arts – a 2,000 seat concert hall which brings nationally known performers to campus. UW-Green Bay is situated on a scenic 700 acre site overlooking the waters of Green Bay, and it includes a nine-hole golf course and a beautiful arboretum with walking and jogging trails throughout. Prime resort and outdoor recreation areas surround the region’s growing metropolitan area of over 200,000.


YOUR ON-CAMPUS DINING EXPERIENCE Students who live on campus eat many of their meals and buy some of their groceries at the University Union! Students use their Campus ID Card to purchase food, groceries, goods, and services with their Dining Points and Pass Points. A campus Dining Plan is required for students living in our residence hall rooms; and it is optional for students living in our apartment style accommodations. Students living in our residence hall rooms will be able to select their preferred Dining Plan option via our Residence Life Online Express Check-in process. Dining Plans are declining balance accounts, where the “Point” or dollar amount is equal to the Dining Plan selected. Dining Points may be used in an “a la carte” style in our campus restaurants and convenience store. Students may also purchase Pass Points in a prepaid declining balance account. Unlike Dining Points, Pass Points may be used to purchase non-food related goods and services wherever cash is accepted on campus. For example, Pass Points can be used for doing your laundry or making purchases at the Phoenix Bookstore. Additional information about campus dining services and Point Plans is available at

APPLY NOW If you hope to live on campus, please apply early for housing as space is limited and in much demand. You will receive your UW-Green Bay Network Account information upon admittance to the University. You will need your Network Account Username and Password to apply for housing online.

To apply for Housing, follow these instructions: 1. Go to: 2. Click on “Admitted Students” 3. Select “New Freshmen”, “Transfer Student/Re-entry”, “International”, or “Non-Degree Seeking” 4. Click on “Apply for Housing” 5. Then simply follow the log on and step-by-step instructions Your initial password is the first letter of your last name (capitalized), followed by the # sign, followed by your 9-digit Campus ID number (example: J#123456789). It is important that you keep your account password private, as anyone with this information can access your personal and confidential records. If you wish to change your password or are unable to access your account, go to the Student Password Reset option on the Login page.

STAYING IN TOUCH WITH ONE ANOTHER BEFORE YOU MOVE IN! Your University email account will be used for important communication throughout the housing contract, room assignment and pre-check-in processes. In other words, email notifications and Web applications will be our primary form of communication with you until you arrive on campus. If you do not have Internet access to apply for housing online; if you have special ADA accommodation needs; and/or if you have questions related to applying online, please call the Office of Residence Life at 920-465-2040 during the hours of 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM on Monday through Friday. Additional information regarding living on campus, including current housing rates, is available at

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Living On Campus  
Living On Campus