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Office of Continuing Education 400 University Drive Fond du Lac, WI 54935-2950

One-Day Conference Saturday, November 2, 2013 19 Exciting Workshops Up-cycled Fashion Contest College Student Panel Parents’ Workshops Special Catered Luncheon

Conference Location This conference will be held at the University of Wisconsin – Fond du Lac Campus located at 400 University Drive, Fond du Lac, WI 54935.

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Date & Time This conference will start at 9 a.m. on Saturday, November 2, 2013 with an opening session followed by two workshops, a very special luncheon and an afternoon workshop. The event ends promptly at 3 p.m.

Enrollment Procedure Be sure to complete the workshop preference portion of the registration card. There are limited seats in each workshop and enrollment is first-come, first-serve. Workshop assignments are final. Confirmation of enrollment, indicating workshop placement, will be mailed to participants after October 21.

Diamond ($3000) Sponsor • Northeastern Wisconsin Area Health Education Center (NEWAHEC) Ruby ($1500) Sponsor • Michels Corporation

Sapphire ($1000) Sponsor • Grande Cheese • John Deere • Oshkosh Corporation • American Association of University Women (AAUW)

Registration Fees The non-refundable registration fee for the conference is $25, payable at the time of registration, and includes two morning workshops, snack break, lunch, one afternoon workshop, T-shirt and goodie bag. UW-Fond du Lac Continuing Education, Marian University and Moraine Park Technical College Foundations offer scholarships for girls demonstrating financial need. Please indicate on the registration form if you qualify for the 2013-14 free/reduced lunch programs at your school AND enclose a copy of the Parent Notification of Eligibility form from your school district or lunch service provider.


Increase awareness of careers in math and science. • Understand how to pursue a career in math or science. • Develop confidence that math and science careers are open to you. • Raise awareness of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. • Interact with female role models in math and science fields.

Win a VISA Gift Card! GEMS Up-cycled Fashion Contest - Create an up-cycled fashion item to bring on the day of the conference. Items will be voted on during lunch and the winners will be announced at the end of the day. Check out our Pinterest board for inspiration at Official entry forms will be mailed with your workshop confirmation or visit for contest details and entry form.

Scholarship Opportunity A $550 scholarship is available to a former GEMS conference participant having declared a STEM major at Marian University, Moraine Park Technical College or UW-Fond du Lac. For more information go to

Congratulations! Congratulations to the GEMS 2012 Scholarship winner, Emily Chaltry of Fond du Lac. Emily is attending UW-Fond du Lac pursuing a degree in science.

Opal ($500) Sponsor • National Exchange Bank & Trust In collaboration with: • Fond du Lac Public Library • Girls Scouts of Manitou Council • UW Extension - Fond du Lac County

PARENT Sessions (no fee) 9:30 to 10:45 a.m. Really! It’s Time to Start Thinking about College! Presenters: Jill Bangart, Student Affairs Coordinator, UW-Fond du Lac - Marcus Wiegert, Admissions Counselor, Marian University This workshop is a winner each and every year! Get some key tips and tools to help your daughter build the skills in preparation to be college bound. Being prepared means thinking about how to pick the appropriate high school classes, how to explore college options, how to pay for college and more. The time to start thinking about the future is now! 11 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. Navigating the Teenage Years – Addressing Behaviors, Freedoms and Consequences Presenter: Jackie Block, MFT, LMFT, LCSW, Marriage and Family Therapist, Agnesian HealthCare This session will address developmental issues related to the teenage years, including guidelines for parents to help foster positive communication and implement encouragement of healthy behaviors, as well as tips and tools to apply learning experiences and consequences when things go wrong. 1:30 to 2:45 p.m. Being Prepared: What You Need to Know Now to Be Successful Later Presenter: Jennifer Wagner, K-12 Relations Associate, Moraine Park Technical College - Todd Arft, Counselor, Ripon Middle School Check out the Wisconsin Career Pathways web site for free, explore WISCareers, and see other options that will help give you and your daughter ideas of what she’ll need to do to be ahead of the game in her chosen field! Also, do you know the difference between Advanced Placement courses, Advanced Standing and Transcripted Credit? Do you know what possibilities your school has for earning college credits? Learn what options your daughter has in high school that will earn her college credits at little to no cost to you! Know what your daughter can be doing now to help prepare for high school and college, and what to watch for along the way.

Girls Agenda

9 a.m. .................................................Registration and Check-in 9:20 to 9:30 a.m. ...............................Organize for Session 1 9:30 to 10:35 a.m. .............................Session 1 10:35 to 10:45 a.m. ..........................Snack Break and Organize for Session 2 10:45 to 11:50 a.m. ..........................Session 2 11:50 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. ....................Lunch, Up-cycled Fashion Contest, College Student Panel 1:30 to 1:40 p.m. ...............................Organize for Session 3 1:40 to 2:45 p.m. ...............................Session 3 2:45 to 3 p.m. ....................................Closing Session and Dismissal

Sessions for Girls Who’s Doing the Heavy Lifting? Presenter: Keena Spencer-Dobson, Society of Women Engineers-WI President Do you wonder about the strength of water? Hydro lifts use water to do heavy lifting in everyday items such as cars, boats and equipment. During this workshop learn about them by building and testing your own hydro lift! Forensic Anthropology and Human Bones Presenter: William T Whitehead, Senior Lecturer, University of Wisconsin Physical anthropologists use human bones to identify sex, age, geographic origin and many other traits from unidentified human remains. Law enforcement officials, coroners, archaeologists, historians, and many other types of professionals use these techniques to study human remains. With the assistance of a female college student this workshop will demonstrate the techniques used to identify human bones. Students will then perform basic identifications on real and cast human bones. Rock on Make-Up! Presenter: Kristen Waas, Michels Corporation; Nikki Davis, Owner, Serendipity Salon Color me clueless! Did you know that a powdered make-up foundation can contain as many as five different minerals? Handle the natural rocks and minerals that are used in make-up while learning about cost, how to make your own cosmetics at home and how to apply the make-up. Cooking with Chemistry! Presenter: Abbey Rosen, Associate Professor of Chemistry, Marian University Do your parents tell you to stop playing with your food? Well, in this workshop, we want you to play with your food! How can adding the properties of heat, acid or whipping change the chemistry of the food we eat? Learn the chemistry in cooking as you prepare different foods for sampling.

Shimmies to Engineering Presenter: Thuy Tong, Engineering Analyst, John Deere Co. What is the basis of sound and vibration? How is sound and vibration applied to our daily lives and in the working world? Have fun learning how to understand and control sound and vibration with the use of hip scarves used in belly dancing! Nurse In Action Presenter: Louann Biddick, APNP, Agnesian Work & Wellness, Agnesian HealthCare Years ago nurses wore white stockings, shoes and dresses, and even wore caps on their heads. Ever wonder what a day in the life of a nurse is like now? Experience a bit of modern day nursing. With technology and gadgets galore to assist in their field, nursing is more exciting now than ever. See the workings of a crash cart, participate in AED demonstrations, learn about APGAR scoring in a nursery and work out IV drip calculations among other nursing tasks. Hook up an EKG monitor, utilize a breath alcohol audiometer and see what it is like to give a shot (not get one) with an injection pad. This class isn’t for the faint of heart. Of these CSI workshops, take one, two or all three! Presenter: Stephanie L Hoffman, Assistant Professor of Forensic Sciences, Marian University Crime Scene Investigation: Calculating Blood Alcohol Concentration - Session One only You will learn how alcohol physically affects the body and mind, as well as how mathematical formulas can be used to determine an individual’s blood alcohol concentration (BAC). Hypothetical scenarios will be presented and you will have to determine suspects’ BAC, the number of alcoholic beverages consumed, as well as the time of consumption. Crime Scene Investigation: Fingerprint Recovery and Analysis - Session Two only You will learn about the different types of fingerprints and patterns, as well as a few recognition, documentation, recovery and analysis techniques. Mock crime scenes will be set-up, and you will have to determine who is responsible for the crime by dusting evidence for prints and comparing them to known exemplars. Crime Scene Investigation: Bloodstain Pattern Analysis - Session Three only You will learn how basic trigonometry and the physics of motion can be used to interpret bloodstain patterns. Mock crime scenes will be set-up, and you will measure bloodstains and utilize mathematical formulas to determine their angle of impact.

Designing with Sand Presenter: Abbey Rosen, Associate Professor of Chemistry, Marian University; Student Assistant: Science and Math Association Combine design, engineering, and physics as you learn the behavior of interacting fluids or solids under pressure by making a Hele-Shaw cell with sand. You’ll learn about how the shape and size of materials affect their flow and ultimately your design with sand.

Robot Invasion Presenter: Joanna Skluzacek, Cooperative Extension, University of Wisconsin Learn the basics of programming LEGO Mindstorm NXT Robots to complete a series of obstacle courses. The goal is to demonstrate creativity, innovation and critical thinking skills in solving problems. Specifically, you will observe how the robot performs, question why the robot performed as it did and troubleshoot the computer program using the information gathered.

What is a Healthy Stream? Presenter: Trish Strohfeldt, Biology Professor, University of Wisconsin Put on our waders and grab your nets! During this course, weather permitting, you will head out to a nearby stream or pond that Trish is monitoring to sample the macro invertebrates that inhabit the water and use their presence to determine how healthy the stream ecosystem is. You will learn how to sample the stream and calculate its biotic index. If inclement weather, Trish will bring the stream indoors to you!

Learn-A-Lot, Eat-A-Lot Presenter: Janeah Schwarz, Registered Dietitian, Agnesian HealthCare Learn about the science behind a recipe and put these principles into practice by preparing and sampling some delectable treats. What can over stirring do to brownies? What can a Roux do for you? Test your nutrition know-how and explore the role of a dietitian. What are the proper portions for foods? Why should I eat healthy? How do you read a food label? If you love to have fun, get messy, and learn all at this same time, then this is the workshop for you! This is a two-hour session that will be offered in the morning only. You better hurry and register ‘cause this one fills fast!

Prescription for Fun! Presenter: Katie Reinke, PharmD, Inpatient Pharmacy, Agnesian HealthCare Learn the daily happenings of a pharmacy and what goes into making medications. Discover how some medications work in the body and how pharmacists help people stay safe. Get to be a pharmacist for the day while making some perfectly pleasant potions and practice filling some “sweet treat” prescriptions. Web Designers of the Future Presenter: Jennifer Anderson, Instructor, Campbellport School District Showcase your interests and talents by creating an on-line website or portfolio using the world of technology. You will be able to embed videos and links while letting your creative side flow. Please bring a USB/flash drive if you want to add your own pictures or videos to your web site project. On Target Presenter: Judy Schieble, Elementary Chairperson, Rockets for Schools Great Lakes Spaceport Education Foundation, Sheboygan Students will work in cooperate groups to follow the engineering design process of modifying a simple device that will carry an object down a zip line and drop it on a target. They will test their system and improve their system based on test results. The group will be able to brainstorm, test, evaluate and redesign their devices to improve accuracy. They will describe how the object moved after it was ejected - trajectory. The students will relate their system to Newton’s First Law of an object in motion continues in a straight line unless acted upon by a force. Each group of students will show the rest of the students how they came up with their design and what changes they made to improve their accuracy to land the object on the target.

Plastic Madness Presenter: Dr. Angelika Henke, Elementastic Science, LLC In this hands-on workshop, you can explore the impressive world of plastics and make some yourself! You will learn about the history of plastic, the different kinds, current challenges by the plastic in our world and opportunities for a better future. We will make “Slime” and other things, while learning about the science behind it all. Little Pig, Little Pig, Let Me In! Presenter: Teresa Wadzinski, PM, Eppstein Uhen Architects; Laura Gilbert, PE, Muermann Engineering, LLC; Theresa Lehman, Director Sustainable Services, Miron Construction Co. Design and build a house…for a pig? Sure! You will be given a scenario for a pig that lives somewhere in the United States. Be an architect, engineer and construction company all in one to design, build and test a house you make for your pig with everyday household items that will be provided for you. See how well your design functions. Could it withstand an earthquake, hurricane or other climatic weather conditions? Awards given for the best aesthetics, functionality, ingenuity, stability and more! ‘24’ Presenter: Qinghua Luo, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Marian University Celebrate the 25th anniversary of the popular game called 24! In this workshop use process and pattern skills to work in a fun challenging way playing the game of 24! Enjoy the powerful, engaging and fascinating world of mathematics as you challenge your brain to mental math, leaving the calculators behind. You’ll have so much fun you’ll forget your learning math skills to follow you a lifetime! As with every great game there will be prizes awarded!

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Gems Brochure 2013