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Science Your guide to the new Waterloo social media guidelines.

Forget the weather, here’s the forecast for television for 2011.

Campus Court fire treated as arson by police Waterloo police launch criminal investigation into fire that occurred last spring

photos by gina racine

Construction has yet to begin on the area where the fire occurred, above and left. Eleonora Meszaros IMPRINT INTERN


aterloo Regional Police confirmed that the fire at Campus Court Plaza last spring is being treated as arson. After receiving a report from the Ontario Fire Marshal’s Office, a criminal investigation was launched late last week. Details in the report are internal and will not be released to the public, according to a spokesperson from the Fire Marshal’s Office.

Nine months after the fire, the case is only now being considered arson. Waterloo Regional Police spokesperson Olaf Heinzel said the delay can be attributed to the amount of time it took the Ontario Fire Marshal’s Office to complete its report. Now that it has been publicly labelled, the criminal investigation currently holds an active status under the jurisdiction of the Fire Marshal’s Office and police. See FIRE, page 3

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Imprint, Friday, January 14, 2011

FIRE: Campus Court blaze now criminal investigation

— Benny Afrouzi, University Vision Centre owner

We are very angry. Close to 100 people have been out of a job. If someone did this, they have absolutely no morals.

Continued from front page

file photos by komal lakhani

In the early hours of the morning on April 22, a fire destroyed several businesses in the Campus Court Plaza on University Avenue. Mel’s Diner (pictured above), a popular student eatery, was one of the six businesses destroyed. Nine months later, police are now officially confirming that the fire is being treated as an arson case.

According to Heinzel, detectives were initially part of the response and investigative work. “At some point after the fire, the Ontario Fire Marshal became the lead agency on this. The direction of our investigation was going to be determined by the Fire Marshal’s report. That’s where we are at now,” he told the media. Campus Court plaza was home to Mel’s Diner, a local favourite, as well as stores and bars. The plaza was located on University Avenue at Philip Street. The fire on April 22, 2010 broke out around 5:30 a.m. and destroyed several businesses, including Tabu and Sugar Mountain. It also caused $2-3 million in damage and put about 100 people out of work. The Centre of Forensic Sciences in Toronto received samples of debris from the site for analysis shortly after the fire. Since the fire, plaza business owners have been hopeful about rebuilding and re-opening their stores. Work on the plaza was supposed to start in December, according to University Vision Centre owner Benny Afrouzi. So far, no work to rebuild has begun. According to Afrouzi, him and other owners are appalled by the news of the criminal investigation. “We are very angry. Close to 100 people have been out of a job. If someone did this, they have absolutely no morals,” he told the media. Owners were hoping to be back to normal operations by May, but due to time delays, the plaza will be lucky if it’s rebuilt and running by June. Mel’s Diner owner Jerry Smith said he was told that he would be back in business at the plaza by September. He also said the criminal investigation won’t change his reconstruction plans for the Universiy Ave. location. “I would hate to think that somebody could just burn down $3 million worth of buildings, and people’s lives, and get away with it,” he told the media. Many University of Waterloo students shared Smith’s feelings. Katrina Snider, a first-year Honours Arts student at the university, said she hopes the investigation will be solved soon. “It’s been such a long time since the fire itself, I only wish they began the investigation sooner,” she said. “It’s crazy to think that it could have been intentional. It happened right near the end of term too, so I just hope it wasn’t a university student.” Snider also expressed some concerns about the destruction of beloved Mel’s Diner, and is hopeful the restaurant will be up and running in the near future. Heinzel told the media that anybody with information about the fire who could assist in speeding up the investigation process should call the Waterloo Regional Police Service immediately or Crimestoppers at 1-800-222-8477.



January council briefs Divyesh Mistry staff reporter

Imprint, Friday, January 14, 2011

Waterloo seeks new rental licensing proposal Eduardo Ramirez

Student Care Health Plan

news assistant

Health insurance provider of many UW students, Student Care, took to council their annual presentation. Feds has been using the company for student health plans since 2005. Student Care presented many fact and figures about student claims at UW. Where the average opt-out at other schools is between 15-19 per cent, at UW only 10 per cent of students opt out. UW also has the highest claims of travel insurance, with a total of $535,000 claimed. Students also claimed $2.5 million in both health and dental care, with 65 per cent of health spent on prescription drugs, followed by practioners like massage therapists and chiropractors.

he City of Waterloo will investigate a program to license the business of renting residential units for the purposes of protecting the health, safety, and welfare of residents in low-rise, residential rental units. Staff tabled the report at the City of Waterloo council on Jan. 10, 2011. It is anticipated that city council will consider a rental licensing bylaw in February after hearing delegations. The City of Waterloo is trying to become the first local city to regulate landlords who rent houses, charging them $1.2 million a year for rental licences. Under the new laws, landlords would be charged fees ranging from $501 to $819 to secure a rental housing licence. Annual renewals would cost $231 to $405. Rentals would be capped at three bedrooms to reduce the impact of large rentals on neighbourhoods. Licenses for lodging houses would be phased out. Landlords could eventually secure licenses for boarding houses, or drop down to three bedrooms. Apartments are not included in the new set of regulations because apartment buildings are built to different standards under the building and fire codes. The city will be holding a series of open houses to inform the com-

Executive Report

President Brad Moggach has been busy creating the groundwork of the portfolio for a fifth Feds executive position. There weren’t many details, other than that the position would involve student affairs, and that he hoped that the details would be ready for the March AGM where it would be voted upon. The need for the position is because the Feds executive feel another position is needed to help balance out the work, with a temporary band-aid solution being the hiring of an executive assistant to help out in the meantime.


munity about the possible regulation changes. Staff will be available to discuss the proposed bylaw and answer any questions. Critics fear that people will be dissuaded from renting out bedrooms and houses because of increased administrative complexities and restrictions. They also see this new regulation as an attack on the momand-pop operation and predict it will lead to a housing shortage for students and families. Arts and Business student Lauren Metlzer rents locally and is one of the many students who will likely be affected by this new bylaw. “I think this is a sneaky move from the Waterloo City Housing agencies that will cause conflicts for students,” she declared. The UW housing office was not available for comment. George Patton, president of the Kitchener-Waterloo Real Estate Board is concerned that the new regulations will negatively affect landlords and their investments. Regulations would require landlords to submit floor, maintenance, and parking plans; provide proof of insurance and tenancy agreements; allow city staff to enter and inspect the units; and comply with codes and bylaws. Landlords could face $350 tickets for violating their licence. Supporters of the new regulation, however, say it will improve property standards and tenant safety. They say decaying rental properties and difficulty enforcing the current licences as reasons to support the proposed bylaw. If this law is approved, Waterloo would be the first local city to license rental homes, following Oshawa, London, and Mississauga.

Azra Premji and Riaz Nathu staff reporters

ETA calls for “permanent truce”

A video released recently by the Basque separatist party ETA showed the group calling for a truce that would be internationally verifiable. The message was received by the Spanish government with scepticism. They said it contained nothing new and has not lived up to government demands for disarmament. ETA’s fight for the independence of the Basque region from Spain has lasted since 1968. The campaign has come at the cost of more than 800 lives over the years. Notable were the bomb attacks at Madrid’s Barajas airport in 2006, which broke off the last peace talks between the government and ETA. Government officials said that ETA is more open to truce talks now since key leadership within the group were jailed in recent years. Furthermore, increased pressure from Batasuna, the political arm of ETA, has been motivated by their plans to partake in local elections this year. Foreign vendors ordered out

Foreign vendors in a market in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, have been given 30 days to wrap up business operations as a result of a new government decision. Government officials have said that foreigners are more than welcome to invest in the country but not as “vendors or shoe-shiners.” The rationale is that these jobs can be handled by local Tanzanians who are currently being undercut in local markets by foreign vendors, in particular, Chinese nationals. The decision comes as the Tanzanian government seeks to institute

economic reforms and position Dar es Salaam as an important importexport hub in East Africa. Deputy Industry and Trade Minister Lazaro Nyalandu said that investors have taken advantage of investment policies by entering the country under the guise of establishing factories and creating jobs, only to engage in local petty trade markets, which take away jobs from the local population. Killing in Arizona

An Arizona man, Jared Lee Loughner, 22, was accused on the weekend of a shooting that left Arizona congresswoman, Gabrielle Giffords, injured and six others dead. The shooting took place at a public constituents meeting and led to Loughner being charged with one count of attempted assassination of a member of Congress, two counts of killing an employee of the federal government, and two counts of attempting to kill a federal employee. Congresswoman Gillfords survived the shooting and this is likely attributed to the prompt medical attention she received. The bullet to Gillfords entered the left side of her brain and left few bone fragments. The physicians that were treating Gillfords in Tucson gave an optimistic update for her chances for survival. Among those who were killed were the federal judge, a congressional aide and a nine-year-old girl. Thirteen people were wounded. President Obama led a moment of silence on Jan. 10. — With files from BBC, Afrique en ligne, The New York Times, and CBC

Keeping you in the know and on the GO Starting Saturday, January 1, 2011*, we’re adding new trips and making some changes to the 25-Waterloo GO Bus service. There will be more westbound trips from Square One GO Bus Terminal on weekdays and new eastbound trips from both the University of Waterloo and Wilfred Laurier University on Thursdays and Fridays. The 2:25 p.m., 4:20, 5:20 and 6:25 eastbound trips from the University of Waterloo will now depart earlier at 2:15, 4:10, 5:10 and 6:15 p.m. There will also be more trips on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays in both directions so be sure to check the new schedule. *On Saturday, January 1, 2011, our service will operate on a holiday schedule.

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Imprint, Friday, January 14, 2011


The University of Waterloo’s official student newspaper

Our volunteers leave for paper-improving conference month photo/video internship at the Miami Herald, and graduated in May 2011 from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism in New York City. The goal is quite simple: network and meet as many people as possible who can help us in achieving our ultimate goal of making this paper the best we possibly can and of course, retain as much information as humanly possible. Whether or not those attending the conference plan a future career in journalism, receiving education on how the media works, how it's changing, and how our lives are changing because of it is beneficial on so many levels. In the meantime, UW, we are also in the midst of starting a new term with new volunteers, hopefully—and that can include some of you. Until next week, enjoy the winter scenery on campus! —With files from

NASH73 :

• is an annual conference hosted by the Canadian University Press (a national, non-profit co-operative); • focuses primarily on writing techniques, design, coverage of issues affecting campus and community, and business and management skills; • encourages networking among peers, student leadership, and initiative amongst students and members of post-secondary journalistic communities; • this year, is hosted at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Montreal from Jan. 12 to Jan. 16.

Alcina Wong

Community Editorial I LOVE YOU,


hether or not any of you will notice, a few chosen volunteers at Imprint will be taking a journey, if you will, to four days of learning that has the potential to forever change your student newspaper. Twelve of us will be making our way to Montreal for the CUP2011 (Canadian University Press), a conference that encompasses student publications from across the country to hear from industry professionals. Each year, CUP organizes a five-night national conference in January, affectionately referred to as NASH. Not only will we be obtaining some very valuable information about the many facets of the newspaper and media industry as a whole, but we will also have our newspaper critiqued by professionals, and listen to some interesting stories told by experienced journalists. One of many on the docket: Charles Mostoller, a 24-year-old photographer, multimedia journalist, and writer. He recently completed a three-


Training hiatus

he Ontario government has rightly decided to propagate the eco-friendly movement by implementing policies that strive to benefit the environment. One of these policies introduced a five cent plastic bag fee to dissuade consumers from using the disposable carriers with the goal of reducing the use of plastic bags 50 per cent by 2012. So far the fee has been attributed to a 80 per cent reduction in the grocery chain Metro, but this is misleading. The reduction in plastic bag use is more of a function of the eco-friendly movement’s impact on consumers. The tax is not nearly high enough to provide an incentive to use alternatives. Socially conscious shoppers are more than willing to spend the one to three dollars to buy the alternative reusable fabric bags, under the guise that it is better for the environment. However, The Wall Street Journal found that just 10 per cent of these heavy-duty bags were actually reused; not to mention that many of these bags have been found to have unacceptable amounts of lead; and, when unwashed after use, often carry Coliform and E. Coli bacteria. With Walmart and other corporations planning on phasing out plastic bags for 50 cent “reusable” bags, it seems the plastic disposable bags will evolve into fabric disposable bags that aren’t any better for the world we live in. In the end, this plastic bag tax is a band-aid solution that does nothing to address the issue: our consumables are not sustainable for the environment.

Next staff meeting: Monday, January 17th, 12:30 p.m. Next board of directors meeting: Friday, January 21st, 1:30pm


assistant eic

Imprint is the official student newspaper of the University of Waterloo. It is an editorially independent newspaper published by Imprint Publications, Waterloo, a corporation without share capital. Imprint is a member of the Ontario Community Newspaper Association (OCNA). Editorial submissions may be considered for publication in any edition of Imprint. Imprint may also reproduce the material commercially in any format or medium as part of the newspaper database, Web site or any other product derived from the newspaper. Those submitting editorial content, including articles, letters, photos and graphics, will grant Imprint first publication rights of their submitted material, and as such, agree not to submit the same work to any other publication or group until such time as the material has been distributed in an issue of Imprint, or Imprint declares their intent not to publish the material. The full text of this agreement is available upon request. Imprint does not guarantee to publish articles, photographs, letters or advertising. Material may not be published, at the discretion of Imprint, if that material is deemed to be libelous or in contravention with Imprint’s policies with reference to our code of ethics and journalistic standards. Imprint is published every Friday during fall and winter terms, and every second Friday during the spring term. Imprint reserves the right to screen, edit and refuse advertising. One copy per customer. Imprint ISSN 0706-7380. Imprint CDN Pub Mail Product Sales Agreement no. 40065122.


very time I hear a customer complaining to their cashier about the fifteen cent charge for plastic bags, I get the uncontrollable urge to punch a baby. I mean, I like kids and all, but the amount of rage I feel at hearing those snarky, cheap, and ultimately unnecessary comments just makes me want to do something rash and ridiculous. Really, what’s the big deal in throwing down a couple nickels in exchange for a bag at the grocery store? With take-home shopping baskets and re-usable bags available at almost every conceivable store in Canada, there is really no excuse or reason to even ask for one. The amount of plastic that ends up in landfills every year (especially bags, which are very difficult to recycle because of the condition of the plastic) is staggering and, quite frankly, very avoidable. And yeah, it’s totally within your right to take a plastic bag at the store, and many stores still offer those bags for free. But I don’t want to hear a single complaint about the rising gas

p r i c e s, o r the steadily decreasing oil supplies worldwide; because the amount of oil that we waste every year on plastic is just plain idiotic. I mean really, the whole point of the charge is to dissuade people from using bags in the first place. So if you’re bitching, the fee is really doing its job. In my humble opinion, I think that plastic bags should be more expensive,because that way maybe people would think twice before wasting away what little oil we have left. I’m not some yuppy duppy environmentalist who thinks that our capitalistic society can just turn on a dime and start hugging trees. I’m just a student who’s sick and tired of people wanting to have their black gold cake and put groceries in it too.

Brent Golem

5¢ 5¢

Production Staff Robert Dziarmaga, Brittany Nychka, Andrew Dodds, Jonathan Ng, Rajul Saleh, Ivan Lui, Jason Day, Stephen Kearse

arts editor

k c u ch

Editorial Staff Assistant Editor, Brent Golem Head Reporter, vacant Lead Proofreader, Mika Ilic Cover Editor, vacant News Editor, Adrienne Raw News Assistant, Eduardo Ramirez Opinion Editor, Anya Lomako Opinion Assistant, Lindsay Simmons Features Editor, Zoe Kim Features Assistant, Michelle Sterba Arts & Entertainment, Caitlin McIntyre Arts Assistant, Paul McGeown Science & Tech Editor, vacant Science & Tech Assistant, Chinye Osamusali Sports & Living Editor, vacant Sports & Living Assistant, Ron Kielstra, Chester Yang Photo Editor, Photo Assistant, Sophie Côté Graphics Editor, Majuratan Sadagopan Graphics Assistant, Krystin Li Web Administrator, Marta Borowska

Caitlin McIntyre

Board of Directors President, Keriece Harris Vice-president, Kevin Boisvert Treasurer, Howard Leung Secretary, Erin Thompson Staff liaison, Patricia Rebello


Editor-in-chief, Gina Racine Advertising & Production Manager, Laurie Tigert-Dumas General Manager, Catherine Bolger Co-op placements, Annie Laufer, David Lehto, Eleonora Meszaros, Julia Peters Intern, Anthony Smyth Sales Assistant, Lana Fell Systems Admin., Ben Waismark Distribution, Ali Saeed Distribution, Amit Chatterjee Volunteer co-ordinator, vacant

Students weigh in whether five cent plastic bag charge should be retained

Friday, January 14, 2011 Vol. 33, No. 22 Student Life Centre, Room 1116 University of Waterloo Waterloo, Ontario N2L 3G1 P: 519.888.4048 F: 519.884.7800

Waterloo challenges you on a daily basis. It doesn’t just feature culture, it breeds it.

am surrounded by people who loathe this city come every end-of-term, their eyes glossed over with memories of a hometown, or spring break’s brush with European class. People paint Waterloo as their ball-and-chain: “just wait until I get to _______ ,” I hear on a weekly basis. To you, my stationary Columbuses, I address this. Waterloo is a city of patchwork. It contains an aging, wine-

connoisseur population fathered by, the Perimeter Institute, RIM, and numerous industrial and financial firms that have propelled the region’s financial stability. Unavoidably, the city also contains 45,000 beer-pong playing, musicblaring post-secondary students, not to mention the population of Conestoga College.

See LOVE, page 6



Imprint, Friday, January 14, 2011


maybe you’re the problem

OPINION SECTION WANTS: - political cartoonists - caricaturists - biased people - controversy - that kid in your SOC 101 class that won’t shut up - your ideas!

Continued from page 5

The clash is reflected in the city’s architecture, which peaks in the stretch between William and Allen Street: it houses a church, a retirement house, and a funeral home, bookmarked by a liquor store on each end. In other words, Waterloo is a city that suspends linearity. It doesn’t confine. It is also a city that can age with you. Taking any 7 GRT bus from Charles Street Terminal, I pass by a store that sells couches costing more than my tuition; I pass by Vincenzo's, a gourmet food store (they have a pickled tuffle display and they sell a wide selection of pâté), which has relocated thrice in its 43-year lifetime. Then I pass Old Goat Books and Words Worth Books, two literature stores with an original ambience; I pass an ancient comic book store and Princess Cinema, which plays offbeat flicks; I pass Different

Strokes and the Stag Shop, where the two social demographics mentioned in the previous paragraph cross paths. I can see how a smaller town might age you, but Waterloo challenges you on a daily basis. It doesn't just feature culture, it breeds it. If this city doesn’t make you fall in love with it, you should leave (it was never mutual, Waterloo's not that into you, anyway). There is little room in this city for people who spend their Saturday afternoons raving about the éclairs in London England, complaining how Waterloo lacks any destinations, museums, and refinement. There is so much life to live in this city, if you're willing. So don't blame this city for your own arrogance—life is short, and it is sweet for those willing to taste it.


Attend info meeting Wednesday, Nov. 19th 12-2pm or 5-6pm in SLC room 1116. Email Opinion Editor Anya Lomako at 24/7

. .because Big Brother is watching you.


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Science & Technology

Imprint, Friday, January 14, 2011

New Waterloo social media guidelines

majuratan sadagopan

Jordan Campbell


staff reporter

aterloo Communications and Public Affairs (CPA) has released a set of guidelines that are meant to be implemented to all social media accounts that are directly linked to Waterloo. The Waterloo Social Media Guidelines (WSMG), which should be considered as a part of the uWaterloo positioning guide, will not infringe upon personal staff or faculty accounts. Anyone wishing to speak for Waterloo in an official way on online social platforms (like Facebook and Twitter) must now complete and submit a “social media brief,” which outlines the individual’s affiliation with the university and the intended purpose of their Waterloo-affiliated account. Established accounts directly involved with the university are

not subject to review, but are expected to adhere to the guidelines. The university must approve of a project in order for it to appear on the official uWaterloo social media list. “While we encourage use of social media to help departments and programs with their efforts, social media isn’t always the best tool to use to achieve your goals. We encourage you to think about your total communications goals, and to take the time to map out how social media will enhance and compliment your other media,” states the site. “It’s about being authentic and honest in how we face the world,” claims the WSMG vision statement. The remainder of the document is a series of general guidelines on maintaining professional social media presences. The focus of all new uWaterloo accounts should be transparency, accuracy, respect, discretion, and confidentiality.




The WSMG encourages approved uWaterloo social media applicants to be completely upfront about their identity, affiliation with the university, and the message they wish to share on their chosen platform. “Never hide your identity for the purpose of promoting uWaterloo through social media.”

“You are more likely to achieve your goals or sway others to your beliefs if you are constructive and respectful while discussing a bad experience or disagreeing with a concept or person.”

Obviously, confidential information about any Waterloo faculty member, student, or the university itself should not be posted online. The WSMG suggests never posting anything that you wouldn’t discuss in a public area. It is also important that accounts comply with university policies. Any individuals’ projects that are approved for the official uWaterloo list that violate these policies will have to face the relevant consequences.


The guidelines suggest being certain that what you post is factually accurate the first time around, and encourage citing links when possible. CPA also offers guidance in the case that account managers encounter a “reputation management situation.”



Join Today!



+ tax*


The WSMG caution potential members of the uWaterloo social media group to be sure that everything they post is absolutely necessary. As many members of this campus can testify to, “there is no such thing as a private social media site.” Once something is posted on the internet, it’s generally there for good.

—With files from communications.

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Science & Technology

Imprint, Friday, January 14, 2011

Movement and Memory Julia Peters imprint intern

Ethical Robot

Ivan Lui

Researchers at the University of Connecticut are developping a robot that uses ethics and can actually “learn.” They are using a machine-learning algorithm for this to operate. The robot would be used in medical fields to provide reminders to patients who refuse to take their medication. Also, if the patient goes into distress, the robot contacts the doctor immediately.

staff reporter

Nokia X2-01

Recently, Nokia launched the Nokia X2-01. The overall layout of the phone emphasizes the keyboard for those who are texting savvy. Nokia X2-01 is also convenient because of the application that integrates Facebook into the device. In addition, the phone is very musicfocused with a media player, FM Radio, and access to the Ovi Music service, for unlimited access to a library of different artists and songs. Blackberry and Amazon MP3

In collaboration with Amazon, Blackberry has diversified many of their options and features. An MP3 application is now available in the Blackberry App World. It enables users to download both on-air and through Wi-Fi. It also includes sharing through BBM, integration of a Blackberry Universal Search, and a full-fledged media library. —With files from University of Connecticut, Nokia Conversations, and Blackberry

Gestures and thought changes

Using hand gestures in speech may be more important than previously considered. At the University of Chicago, Sian Beilock and Susan Goldin-Meadow both combine d research projects together. This combined project showed the importance of how gesture and action affect thought. The study, now published in Psychological Science, has shown that hand gestures can help you explain thoughts being created in your mind. Researchers instructed volunteers to play a game known as Towers of Hanoi, where stacked disks are moved from one peg to another. The researchers took note of how the volunteers explained what they did after the game. In a second attempt at the game, the stacking disks were weighted or reduced in weight, allowing some volunteers to play with just a few fingers while others had to use two hands. Of those volunteers who used one hand, they found themselves having difficulty explaining how the game played out. Since there were invisible changes in their games, the volunteers had a more difficult time figuring out an explanation after these changes were made. “Gesture is a special case of action. You might think it would have less effect because it does not have

a direct impact on the world,” said Goldin-Meadow. She and Beilock think, however, it may actually have a stronger effect because gesturing about an act requires you to represent that act. Both researchers believe that, by using gestures, teachers will be able to better educate students. Where there is action, teachers will be able to show students how these actions come about, said Beilock. According to the research, concepts in mathematics, physics, and chemistry will be better taught if hand gestures are incorporated. gina racine

Prozac helps stroke patients

The sugar pill, a type of placebo, may soon be replaced with Prozac, an anti-depressant also known as fluoxetine. Taking Prozac may help patients who have suffered a stroke recover faster. Patients were able to gain independence from their paralysis after three months of taking the anti-depressant. This study was done on 118 patients in the Lancet Neurology study. It is the largest study known to the medical community so far. Patients who took Prozac were able to move their upper and lower limb in a more smooth fashion than those who did not take the drug. In additon, those who took the anti-depressant were able to function more independently. All the patients who were involved in this study had mobility problems after their stroke.

People are starting to learn the importance of hand gesturing “The positive effect of the drug on motor function of recovering patients suggests that the ... action of SSRIs [Selecitve Serotin Reuptake Inhibitors] provides a new pathway that should be explored further in the treatment of acute ischaemic stroke,” Prof. François Chollet said. “Anti-depressants, such as fluoxetine, can be used to treat stroke patients with depression, which is a common side effect of stroke, so it’s very interesting to see that this already licensed drug could have a dual benefit. However, further research needs to be undertaken before the use of this anti-depressant can be accepted as an effective treatment for improving movement following a stroke.” Blood test could show signs of Alzheimer’s

A new technique for detecting Alzheimer’s disease has been developed by a team at the Florida campus of the Scripps Research Institute. The technique takes thousands of artificial molecules to look for the disease. Researchers hope that this technique, like the one used in detecting lung and pancreatic cancers, can be developed and used. This technique, however, depends the immune system being able to recognize the foreign cells. Proteins on viruses and bacteria are recognized as alien so the body produces antibodies, and the same is true for Alzheimer’s. When testAU student Rabia in Toronto, ON

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ing for this disease, antibodies can be detected. Until now, this has been hard to do. Samples from six patients with Alzheimer’s, six with Parkinson’s disease, and six healthy individuals were taken. Within this sample group size, two patients had shown symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. “This very early research poses a new way of testing blood to diagnose Alzheimer’s, but much more research must be done,” Dr. Simon Ridley, head of research at the Alzheimer’s Research Trust, said. “We need to know how accurate and sensitive the test is; it also needs to be trialled in larger and more diverse groups of people.” While there is still no cure for Alzheimer’s, this test could help people detect the disease earlier. “If this works in Alzheimer’s disease, it suggests it is a pretty general platform that may work for a lot of different diseases. Now we need to put it in the hands of disease experts to tackle diseases where early diagnosis is key,” Prof. Thomas Kodadek, from the Scripps Research Institute, said. “Of course, this kind of simple diagnostic technology would have the biggest effect in diseases where early detection will have a significant effect on therapy, for example in various cancers.” —With files from BBC, Science Daily, and Maclean’s

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Imprint, Friday, January 14, 2011

What’s on the boob tube this year

Gossip Girl

New episodes start airing Jan. 24. As per usual, there is a lot going on. Serena disowns her mother and visits Ben in prison; Dan and Nate keep waiting on Serena to make a decision; Chuck and Blair continue their on-again, off-again romance. Juliette, Jenny, and Vanessa have been “exiled” — will they return?


This year will see the final season of HBO’s hit show Entourage. The season, which will begin in the summer, will feature just six episodes. Fans of Vince, Drama, Turtle, and “E” need not worry; there are talks of an Entourage movie following the series’ conclusion.


Rumoured guest appearances in 2011 include No Country for Old Men star Javier Bardem and Britain’s Got Talent product Susan Boyle. Be sure to look for a super-sized post-Super Bowl episode, featuring Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” The post-Super Bowl episode is being touted as the most expensive in the show’s history.

Big Bang Theory

The show has experienced a breakout year, capped by Golden Globe nominations for Best Television Series — Comedy or Musical, and Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series — Comedy or Musical (Jim Parsons, who plays Sheldon).

How I Met Your Mother

The Office

The show appears to be (nearly) back in form this season, especially after the Christmas episode snowball fight between Jim and Dwight. The show returns from its mid-season hiatus on Jan. 20, when Michael makes one last play for the heart of his beloved HR rep (no, not Toby).

Family Guy

The most exciting Family Guy news has come and gone. Dec. 21 saw the release of It’s a Trap!, the third installment of Family Guy’s popular Star Wars parodies. New episodes began airing last Sunday (Jan. 9).

Vampire Diaries

In the new year, we’ll learn more about werewolves. Their bites were initially thought to be fatal, but Rose appears to have survived one – for now. Viewers will also get a steady diet of Elijah; is he a villain or isn’t he? New episodes return Jan. 27.


The first half of Season 7 saw the introduction of new medical student Martha Masters (played by Amber Tamblyn), who replaced the departed Thirteen. New episodes began Jan. 3, sating hungry House fans who were without new episodes dating back to November.

Pretty Little Liars


The show returns in 2011 after a long hiatus; the mid-season finale aired in August. The girls — Emily, Spencer, Hanna, and Aria — look for information about Alison’s disappearance, but in the process uncover new and threatening secrets.

The Simpsons

What is there to say? Person dies. Team investigates. The killer is apprehended; or not. The show is in the middle of its 11th season, with little in the second half that could possibly top Justin Bieber’s guest spot in September.

The new year began somberly for HIMYM, but expect things to pick up soon. After all, how gloomy can things get when Katy Perry guests as Zoey’s cousin? Hank Moody’s life hit a new low at the end of Season 3. Not only is he in legal trouble, but the revelation of his relationship with Mia might push his relationship with Karen to its breaking point. But, hey, he got his book back. Yes, it’s still on the air. Now in its 22nd season, the show has a lineup of somewhat-promising episodes slated to air in the new year, highlighted by Moe’s Tavern becoming a gay bar.



In Season 4, Chuck and Sarah continue to struggle with communication problems — it’s another case of Harry Potter “I just want to be

normal” syndrome. Still struggling with being a daddy, Volkoff sends Agent Frost to kill their child (who happens to be Chuck) flanked by some assassins of unsavory nature.

True Blood

As a series famous for its weekly cliffhangers, True Blood’s third season left fans aching for more. With Terra’s departure and Sam’s mental break, and with new promo pictures leaking across the internet, it’s obvious that old characters are going to get new roles on the show. With Bill gone the playing field is clear, and all leads point to Eric finally making his move on Sookie.


Hold on to your hats Supernatural fans, because the series starts up again on Jan. 28 and SPOILER ALERT! Sammy’s got his soul back. True to the

Winchester name, the second half of Season 6 promises to start off with a bang and a…dragon? With the title “Like a Virgin,” the 2011 premiere is bound to live up to the show’s hellraising reputation. Caitlin McIntyre arts editor

Paul McGeown assistant arts

Doctor Who

Matt Smith is holding his own as the 11th Doctor, and after an impressive Christmas special, the series is due for a new season in the coming spring. With decades of questions building behind it, Smith’s second season promises to give fans some startling answers, including the truth behind the character River Song.

Jersey Shore

The season premiere of Jersey Shore launched on Jan. 6 and, surprisingly, the show is Angelina free this time. Instead, new girl Deena has hit the scene. Despite the change in line-up, fans should still be prepared for more of the drama, T-shirt time, and GTL that they know and love.

Sonia lee

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Imprint, Friday, January 14, 2011

Movie Review


Does it feel fresh? (pt. 1)


courtesy blast-o-rama

Tron: Legacy

Joseph Kosinski


or those of you who have not experienced Tron: Legacy, I encourage you to buy a ticket as soon as you can get your hands on one. Before I go any further with my enthusiasm, I am aware that the label of a film being 3D is often repulsive. Although this film has 3D content, the majority of the film was shot in 2D. Thus, leaving just the right amount of 3D before any cheesy “reach out and touch” effects kick in. For many, Tron is not a new concept. The film Tron: Legacy is a sequel to the 1982 film directed by Steven Lisberger and is also known in its video game format. The original cast of the original Tron includes Jeff Bridges as Kevin Flynn, a hacker who gets abducted into the world of a computer. Tron: Legacy’s plot differentiates with the addition of Sam Flynn, son of Kevin Flynn. Tron: Legacy follows the stubborn, yet devilishly attractive, Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund). In the film his father (Jeff Bridges) is an incredibly successful video game company owner who mysteriously goes missing. After Sam’s abandonment, he grows into a rebellious adolescent refusing to have anything to do with his father’s company. On the night that Sam decides to visit his father’s old office, he stumbles upon some unfamiliar equipment that ends up transporting him into the digital grid that his father created. From this point on Sam is determined to figure out more about where he is and see whether or not his father

exists in the grid. He learns quickly that the grid is under a dictatorship led by a program named Clu (also played by Jeff Bridges). It becomes apparent that it won’t be easy to survive in this world, especially for the son of Clu’s nemesis. All the music in the film was done by Daft Punk, and that alone is enough to describe the sensational tone set for the duration of the film. That, combined with the thrilling amount of action and constant curiousity of what’s coming next, I found it difficult to contain my excitement. And if the action isn’t enough to get you intrigued, it is without a doubt that Sam Flynn’s love interest Quorra (Olivia Wilde) will. In today’s society, it is difficult to imagine our world without technological devices attached to us every waking moment. But in the grid, everything is so advanced you can’t help but sit and stare in awe of such an outstanding world. The graphics involved in creating every detail are impressive, including watching the forms of transportation evolve from what looks like a thick, metal stick into full vehicles. The graphics for this particular section of the movie felt reminiscent of the graphics used for the transformations in both Transformers films. In conclusion, you truly should go view Tron: Legacy. You do not have to be familiar with the 1982 version of Tron or the video game in order to understand the plot. And let’s be honest here, with actors like Garrett Hedlund and Olivia Wilde, why would you want to be looking anywhere else?

— Julia Peters


Thursday, January 20, 2011 BOMBSHELTER PUB Doors at 7 pm, Show at 8 pm

Play 10 rounds of Dirty Bingo for $20 and win some dirty prizes! NOTE: Adult language will be used and many may find this offensive.

f you watch movies weekly, or maybe bi-weekly, or often enough to begin to get bored of them, then welcome to my life because gaming is slowly becoming boring. Yes, I just said that. Not that I am becoming bored of shooting you in the face, then thrusting my imaginary hips into you, oh no. What I meant by becoming bored was that I was getting bored of the repetition. Every game being made that’s not indie nowadays is slowly becoming a formulated idea. To the point where the game is like a horribly cooked pasta sauce. There’s just too much water, and not enough tomato. Come on, what’s the matter with you? Well, let us use the first-person shooter (FPS) example today. See, Medal of Honor was the first game (series) that came out with a real FPS style. You are Private SaveTheDay, and no one else is as skilled as you. You know where to shoot the enemy (in the head), where the flags are (over there), and most importantly, you have to live (or load the game). You are special amongst your allies, and you love to kill. Nothing excites your mouse waggling or your joystick stroking as much as being able to go over that next hill, and kill those baddies. Eventually, more games came out that followed this style. Strictly speaking, the Call of Duty series. Now I know CoD and MoH weren’t the first FPS games out there, but hear me out. The reason why I specifically chose these games was because of their eventual failure. See CoD and MoH are both like that spaghetti you cooked last

Krystin Li

Friday. The first step to making this pasta would be to gather up recently-graduated computer science students and put them into labour camps, err, I mean studios. Then you find poor English graduates, and tell them to write, hoping that one of them will be creative, adding that zing to your pasta sauce. Now when you put the two together, the product that comes out is great. Not only do you taste the difference, but you also want more. More I say! So what happens? Well, knowing my readers and the wonderful bunch that you are, you decided to water down the pasta sauce. Sure, you can always just boil up more pasta, but making the sauce was messy and took a long time. You don’t want

to do that all over again. So you need to make more pasta sauce, but without the effort; it’s time to water things down. That’s exactly what happened to CoD and MoH. Both these series started out from World War I, and went all the way to “modern day conflicts.” Both of them also take a time warp; sometimes we’re in Vietnam, while other times we’re shooting some Japanese guy. Eventually, however, the studios that produced these games ran out of ideas. Medal of Honor is clearly the best example here, seeing as how the latest one was so bad, that not even Electronic Arts was willing to talk about it. Games that started out good will never stay good. Why? Well, find out next time.

   


Arts & Entertainment

Imprint, Friday, January 14, 2011

Music Review

The Murder Plans Good Omens Dean Watson at Gallery Studios


he world needs more bands like The Murder Plans. Bands that are continuously searching for a new sound without making our ears bleed from the horrifying music (or lack thereof) we’ve all been exposed to on the radio these past few years (Ke$ha, I’m talking to you). These four dudes from Ottawa have been a solid group since forming in 2007, attracting a large following and playing sold out shows to dedicated fans around Canada. It’s no surprise that their highly anticipated full-length album, Good Omens, has been such a hit on the

Canadian Indie scene. Imagine the love-child of The Talking Heads and The Constantines, sprinkled with the brooding tone of HIM circa 2001, and you get a good idea of what these guys sound like. I’m willing to bet that your idea actually does no justice to the mellow and reflective tone generated by these good-hearted Canadian guys . Inspired by the nation’s capital, the lyrics on the album are drawn from what they call “the magic of the city.” Listening along to the entire album, it’s easy to get caught up in the magic they manage to create. Step aside, Potter & Co. Seriously. Good Omens is a reminder of the musical integrity that still exists in some nooks and crannies of the music industry. Opening with “Someday I Won’t,” the album is home to more than a handful of melodic tunes. The throaty vocals of lead singer Connor McGuire and the graceful instrumentals from the rest of the band create a truly unique listening experience. Every time I listen to their music, it’s like they’re right in the room with me. Personal favourites from this album include “A Minefield” and “Electric Lights,” songs which slow the album down a little for a bit of a breather.

Both tracks have a steady rhythm to help hold a listener’s attention, the former of which includes a piano to lighten an otherwise heavy tone. Honestly, if a famous band managed to release “A Minefield,” it would probably be a huge hit just because of the lyrical content: packed with witty wordplay and a seemingly endless count of metaphors. The guys also manage to show off their comical side with “Napoleon,” an ironic song that hilariously reflects on the ways in which people respond to the rumours and gossip they hear about themselves. Highly amusing and highly accurate, it proves that the band has a lighter side and can poke a little fun at themselves. “Halfway House” provides the album with a sombre finish, wrapping it up perfectly with a simple sound, rendering extensive and over-excessive showcasing of musical talents unnecessary. It is refined throughout, with equal parts of heavy hitting and easy-going songs. Good Omens is not just an album, it’s an experience. So bust out those iTunes gift cards and start shopping for The Murder Plans.

— Eleonora Meszaros

Daft Punk Tron: Legacy Soundtrack Disney


o are there any thoughts on the Tron: Legacy movie? I haven’t seen it yet, but judging from the trailers — and most importantly the soundtrack — you need to see this movie when you’re tripping balls. But why see the movie when you can just get the soundtrack? Composed by Daft Punk, this elec(Tron)ic orchestra of techno beats is probably their best piece of work so far and possibly the best piece of DJ music ever. Out of all the electronically constructed music I have ever heard, this goes straight to the top, and beyond even that, if it were possible. I wasn’t exactly sure if I liked Daft Punk before I listened to this. And now I love them. I’m not a musical expert by a long shot, and there are way too many different genres of electronic

University of Ottawa

music. After a bit of research, I’ve discovered that Daft Punk is under some variation of house. But if you are already a Daft Punk die-hard, then this is not news. What might be news, however, is the score they composed for Tron: Legacy. This is no lie, but the first two seconds of the track “Derezzed” made me think happy thoughts, followed by the best rush of goose bumps I’ve had in years. I would describe this score as mesmerising. I’ve never come across anything quite like it, which makes it all the more amazing. It’s not the kind of music that needs to get in your face for attention, but does so because of the unique rhythm. There are 24 of these songs, each unique in their own way. Since Tron: Legacy is set inside a computer game, why wouldn’t the soundtrack be as well? Listening to this soundtrack makes me feel nostalgic for the old video game sounds. The bleeps and bloops of games from Atari and NES are reconstructed to create a bizarre mix of modern electric music. I would recommend listening to this. If you took that piece of advice, take what I’m about to say very seriously. Full volume, full bass. I’m not kidding. Side-effects of properly listening to this music include impaired hearing, laziness, and sleepiness. Be fully prepared. But if you feel that your hearing will come in handy sometime in the future, I would just watch the movie. — David Lehto

Faculty of Arts

Master of

Information Studies • Extensive career opportunities in information services, communications, new technologies and many other areas • Bilingual program open to graduates holding a four-year bachelor’s degree or equivalent in any discipline • Two areas of specialization: Information Policy / Management of Information Services • Three formats: course-based / courses and CO-OP work term / courses plus thesis

Information Studies: building networks, shaping the future. Information:


January 3 - 31, 2011 Rotunda Gallery presents — Exhibition: Age of Enlightenment by Stephanie Vagh. Artist’s reception will be held on January 6, 5 to 7 pm, 200 King St. W, Kitchener. Sunday, January 16, 2011 Ballroom and Latin Dance lessons — lessons and demos will be given by the UW Ballroom Dance Club. No experience or partner necessary. 5 pm, PAC Blue Activity Area. Free admission. For registration/info, visit or email Tuesday, January 18, 2011 Canadian Federaton of University Women, K-W Speaker Meeting: Norm DeBoer from Waterloo Regional Police will discuss “Protecting Yourself from Fraud and Identity Theft” from 7:15 to 9:30 p.m. at First United Church, King and William Streets. All welcome! Thursday, January 20, 2011 Shirley’s Dirty Bingo — “one of the top 12 reasons to stay in T.O.” Doors open at 7 p.m., show at 8 p.m., Bombshelter, SLC. Note: Adult language will be used and may offend many. Tuesday, January 25, 2011 Volunteer/Internship Fair — Come out and meet representatives from a variety of local agencies to find out about volunteering opportunities in various fields, including administrative work, event planning/fundraising, marketing, boards and committees, special events and recreation. 11:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., SLC Great Hall. Friday, January 28, 2011 Community Conversation Series Event — presenter, Liz Weaver, Tamarack Institute of Community Engagement, will highlight the successes/challenges of Vibrant Communities Canada, based on an 8 year evaluation. Free admission. 11:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., Victoria Park Pavillion, Kitchener. Register by emailing

VOLUNTEERING Shadow volunteers needed to be paired with new international students for winter, 2011. Show them around, help them socialize and make their stay at Waterloo more enjoyable. Make great friends and learn a new culture. Please apply at (under “about ISO”). Volunteer with a child at their school and help improve their self-esteem and confidence. Call Canadian Mental Health at 519-744-7645, ext. 229. City of Waterloo has volunteer opportunities. For info call 519-888-6478 or volunteer. The Distress Centre needs volunteers to provide confidential, supportive listening on our crisis and distress lines. Complete training provided. Call 519-744-7645, ext. 300. Volunteer Action Centre, 519-742-8610 /, for all your volunteering needs! Volunteers needed – The English Tutor program is in constant need of volunteers to tutor international students. Volunteering is an essential part of student life at UW. Apply online at

ANNOUNCEMENTS Nominations are requested for the following undergraduate seats on Senate: Faculty Seats: One student elected by/from the full-time undergraduate students in the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences, term May 1, 2011 to April 30, 2013. One student elected by/ from the full-time undergraduate students in the Faculty of Engineering, term May 1, 2011 to April 30, 2013. One student elected by/ from the full-time undergraduate students in the Faculty of Mathematics, term May 1, 2011 to April 30, 2013. At-large Seat: One student elected by/from the full-time undergraduate

WANTED IMPRINT The University of Waterloo’s official student newspaper


February 28, 2011 to March 29, 2012 The Editor-in-Chief is responsible for the daily operation of UW’s student newspaper. They set a vision and direction for the paper in terms of design, format and content that is consistent with Imprint’s policy ; manage and evaluate a diverse volunteer staff ; facilitate regular meetings ; troubleshoot and facilitate conflict resolution ; oversee 16 workstations, Unix/Linux networks and Imprint’s website. The Editor-in-Chief will ensure the print-topress quality of all content. Proven managerial, organization skills, editing, layout and design skills, familiarity with Adobe CS4, photo editing packages and Unix/Linux networks makes you an ideal candidate. Volunteer management and web design experience are definite assets. Salary range $28,000 to $35,000. Applicants are required to provide cover letter, resume and portfolio of relevant work to: Imprint Publications, Waterloo Attention: Hiring Committee University of Waterloo Student Life Centre, room 1116 200 University Ave., W., Waterloo, ON N2L 3G1


Imprint, Friday, January 14, 2011

students, term May 1, 2011 to April 30, 2013. The nomination form is at At least 5 nominators are required in each case. Completed forms should be submitted to the Chief Returning Officer, Secretariat, NH 3060, no later than 3:30 pm on Friday, January 14, 2011. Elections, if necessary, will coincide with the Federation of Students elections. For more information about Senate and its committees/councils, visit www. htm. Distinguished Teacher Award nomination deadline is Friday, February 4, 2011. Amit and Meena Chakma Award for Exceptional Teaching by a Student nomination deadline is Friday, February 11, 2011. More info under Awards at http://cte. Exchanges for Undergraduates and Graduates - 2011/2012 academic years: Ontario to RhoneAlpes, France, Ontario to Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany. Scholarships available. Application deadline is Jan. 21. Ontario to Micefa, Paris, France. Application deadline is Mar. 14. For info and application forms, please contact Maria Lango, International Programs, Waterloo International, Needles Hall, Room 1113, or by email at


2011 February 19: UpTown Waterloo Ice Dogs Festival March 10-12: UpTown Comedy Festival May: UpTown Waterloo Jazz Fundraiser June 18: UpTown Country July 15-17: UpTown Waterloo Jazz Festival August 25-28: Waterloo Busker Carnival September 11: UpTown Dining October 9: 29th Annual Pancake Breakfast October 9: 32nd Annual Great Oktoberfest Barrel Race October 11: Thanksgiving Day Parade For more information about the above events call 519-885-1921 or email or

STUDENT AWARDS & FINANCIAL AID January 2011 OSAP will be available for pick up by appointment ONLY in the Tatham Centre from January 4 - 21. Go to for appointment times. Students with other provincial loan certificates do not require an appointment. All general inquiries can continue to be dealt with at the Student Awards & Financial Aid Office, 2nd floor of Needles Hall. SIN card and valid, government issued photo are required for all loan pick up and authorization, as well as in person general inquiries. Go to for a full listing of scholarships and awards, as well as important deadlines.

CAREER SERVICES WORKSHOPS Saturday, January 15 Medical School Standard Interviews — Provides information on how the interview process works as well as strategies for improving your interview performance. This workshop will be held by Danny Mendelson, a fourth-year medical student at the University of Western Ontario. 12:30 - 3:00 pm, TC 2218. Monday, January 17 Writing CVs and Cover Letters — Interested in a career in academia or research? This workshop shows you how to prepare an effective curriculum vitae and cover letter. 12:00 - 1:30 pm, TC 2218. Tuesday, January 18 Thinking about an International Experience? — Dreaming of going abroad to study or work? Come and find out what you can do to make your dream a reality, find the right information, decide where to go, and how to make the most of your international experience. Information on the Global Experience Certificate and Beyond Borders program will be included. 2:00 - 3:30 pm, TC 1208. International Work Term Procedures — Learn about the documents and procedures necessary to get a co-op credit for your international work experience. Get an update on current interna-

tional co-op initiatives. 3:30 - 4:30 pm, TC 1208. Wednesday, January 19 Business Etiquette and Professionalism — Proper etiquette is crucial to a successful job search and to your career. This workshop covers dining etiquette, appropriate behaviour at interviews, employer receptions, and other networking activities. 10:30 am - 12:00 pm, TC 1208. Big Guide to Working and Living Overseas — Learn how to use the comprehensive online guide to the global workplace. This workshop helps build global career skills, gain practical tips to build your international credentials, and better understand work strategies. The Big Guide can be found online at 12:30 - 1:30 pm, TC 1208. Exploring Your Personality Type Part I — Attend the first session to learn about your personality, preferences for learning, and decisionmaking. In the second session, discover how to apply your personality type to potential careers. Note: there is a fee to participate in this workshop, payable at the Centre for Career Action. 2:30 - 4:00 pm, TC 1112. Part II of this session will be held on January 26, 2:30 - 4:00 pm, TC 1112. Thursday, January 20 Career Exploration and Decision Making — This session will increase your understanding of the career decision-making process and put you in a better position to make appropriate careers choices. 2:30 - 4:30 pm, TC 1112. Interview Skills: Preparing for Questions — Learn how to improve your performance in the job interview by viewing and discussing taped excerpts of actual interviews. 2:30 - 4:00 pm, TC 2218. This workshop will also be held on January 25, 2:30 - 4:00 pm, TC 2218. Friday, January 21 CIDA: Successful International Internships — Robert Rankin will discuss his internship in the Grenadines and give suggestions on how to improve your chances of being selected for an international project. 2:00 - 4:30 pm, St. Paul’s UC. Interview Skills: Selling Your Skills — In order to receive that job offer, you must prove your skills in the interview. This is an opportunity to practice and improve. 2:30 - 4:30 pm, TC 2218. This workshop will also be held on January 27, 2:30 - 4:30 pm, TC 2218. Monday, January 24 Career Interest Assessment — Find out how your interests relate to specific career opportunities. Note: there is a fee to participate in this workshop, payable at the Centre for Career Action prior to the session. 2 - 4 pm, TC 1112.

Classified HOUSING Student rental properties are available for rent close to UW. Clean, upgraded detached houses, townhouses, apartments and true loft space rentals available on many nearby streets including Lester, Sunview, University, and Hazel. Rentals to suit all group size from 1 to 13+. Many start dates available. Please contact Hoffaco Property Management — (preferred) or 519-885-7910. One roommate wanted. $600/month all inclusive. Ensuite laundry, a minute from Fairview Mall and Ixpress route. Email or call 519-588-4847, ask for Laura Grafton.

HELP WANTED Extend-A-Family part-time positions – providing in-home and community support to individuals with developmental/physical challenges in a variety of programs. Providers will be reliable, energetic and committed. $12.48/hour to start. If interested, please contact Recruitment at 519741-0190, ext 238 or via e-mail at joy@eafwr. Web – Weekend counsellors and relief staff to work in homes for individuals with developmental challenges. Minimum eight-month commitment. Paid positions. Send resume to Human Resources, K-W Habilitation Services, 108 Sydney Street, Kitchener, ON, N2G 3V2. Are you interested in supporting individuals with disabilities in Waterloo Region? The CHAP (Community Helpers for Active Participation) Program is part of The CHAP Program is looking for individuals who are able to provide safe, stimulating and recreational support both in-home and in the community. For more info call 519-741-0190, ext 289 or or www.respiteservices. com/waterloo.


Imprint, Friday, January 14, 2011

The influenza pandemic and the flu shot What you might not know about the influenza virus and how the flu shot really protects you David Lehto imprint intern


hichever way you look at it, the flu is a problem. A mortality rate of 0.01 per cent is not too bad, but as it sweeps across the earth like a blanket, at least a few thousand deaths are inevitable. So it’s a good thing that we have flu shots. In 2009, the US manufactured 170 million doses of the swine flu vaccine, but just over half of them were actually used within the country. Why was the amount of vaccines needed so grossly overestimated? It would not matter if we could use the same vaccines in the future, but since the flu is always changing, the vaccine must also be continuously adjusted to protect patients effectively. Thus, our health companies are currently sitting on billions of dollars worth of useless vaccines. Dr. Tom Jefferson, of the nonprofit organization Cochrane, has found some interesting information regarding the influenza virus that shows how it could be misinterpreted as more dangerous than it actually is. According to his findings, the virus is only responsible for seven to 15 per cent of episodes during flu season. There are another 200

Majuratan Sadagopan

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OXFORD SEMINARS 1-800-269-6719/416-924-3240

agents that the flu accounts for but the world believes it is influenza because the symptoms are so similar and physicians cannot tell the difference without special tests. If this is the case, how did it become the “pandemic” that it did? Though it was worse than the average flu, it caused nowhere near the devastation that people predicted. When it came around, 1.6 million came down with the virus, and only about 0.01 per cent of those died. Jefferson says that governments, experts, and the public need to stop confusing the influenza virus with other similar illnesses. This confusion greatly magnifies the threat of the influenza and causes a lot of unnecessary panic. He goes on to say that if there are any national and international surveillance systems that notice the efficiency of flu shots, they choose to ignore it because they don’t believe the system is geared for it. Jefferson also observed that a large portion of the people who get the flu shot are those that are concerned about their health and are already relatively healthy. Thus, their immune system is strong enough to fight off most of the viruses anyway and they really take it for the extra seven to 15 per cent protection.

Pharmaceutical companies such as GlaxoSmithKline, Baxter, and Sanofi Pasteur manufacture mass amounts of these vaccines, but they are only for the influenza, not influenza-like illnesses. It is not a bad idea, but the problem is that these influenza vaccines insinuate that they minimize the effects of all influenza-like illnesses. Ruth Kropf, the supervisor of the University of Waterloo’s Health Services, recommends that everybody gets the flu shot. Some people are highly resistant to the virus, but a surprising amount of people fall into the high risk category. The elderly, infants, individuals with weak immune systems, individuals with various other illnesses, and anyone who comes into contact with the above on a regular basis are particularly vulnerable. If you are a very healthy person between the ages of six and 60 and you don’t come into contact with people outside this bracket, you are not quite high risk, but it would not hurt to get the shot anyway. Remember, though, that we cannot prevent the sickness altogether, the shots can improve the chances of not getting the flu. Ultimately it is up to you to decide if you want the extra protection.



Imprint, Friday, January 14, 2011

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U.S.A. Drivers and motorists got quite the surprise on a Connecticut highway earlier this week when an older man went cruising with his electric wheelchair. Driving in the breakdown lane of Interstate 95 last Thursday, the unidentified man was driving along in a cozy coat and sunglasses while cars and trucks sped along past him. Connecticut State Police said they didn’t see the man, otherwise they would have pulled him over to prevent him from driving on the highway in his wheelchair again. Courtesy Metro uk

Ramjit Raghav, 94, seen here with his wife and newborn child, has become the world’s oldest father. Eleonora Meszaros imprint intern

Zoe Kim features editor

Michelle Sterba features assistant

INDIA The world’s oldest dad has had to halt his sex life at the age of 94 to care for his newborn child. Ramjit Raghav, from northern India, has decided to place priority on raising his first child instead of having routine sex with his wife, Shankuntala Devi, 52, three times a night. “I enjoy sex with my wife. I think it’s very important for a husband and wife to have sex regularly. When she asks I will go on all night but for the sake of my child I’ve put aside our needs for now,” he said. Raghav has taken the

world record for world’s oldest dad from Indian farmer Nanu Ram Jogi, who had his 21st child at the age of 90 in 2007. POLAND A drunk driver was pulled over earlier this week and was found housing a goat in the passenger seat of his car. The driver, 54, was pulled over by police and found to be three times over the legal drinking limit. When asked for his reason behind driving intoxicated, the man motioned to the goat beside him and told the police, “I’m escorting the goat home from a date, officer.” Earlier that day, the man had visited a nearby farm in Kretzyn to help his lonely goat mate with a female goat on the farm. To avoid awkwardness, he had taken shots of vodka with the farm owner.

On Jan. 7, two sisters were released from Central Mississippi Correctional Facility in Pearl on the condition that one donate a kidney to the other. The sisters, Gladys and Jamie Scott, were serving life sentences after an $11 armed robbery. The pair were convicted in 1993 after robbing two men, who were driving them to a nightclub, at gunpoint. Supporters flocked to see the sisters released from the punishment that civil rights activists claim far exceeded the crime. Gladys, 36, is to donate a kidney to her sick sister Jamie, 38, who requires dialysis. “We are not bitter. We never would have made it through 16 years behind bars if we were full of hate,” Gladys Scott said. Jamie Scott’s kidney dialysis treatment, according to Barbour, chairman of the Republican Governor’s Association, was a financial burden on the state and one of the reasons for the sisters’ release. Two women called the police upon finding a bag of explosive

vibrators in their apartment. The women, identified as Q.P and P.R, are roommates of Terry Allen Lester, the creator of the weaponized sex-toys. The 37-year-old Minnesota man let slip to his roommates that he intended to give one of the vibrators to an ex-girlfriend as a Christmas gift and have it explode when he pulled the trigger. Three vibrators were found in the bag, though only one was explosive. Enough evidence was found to assume that Lester planned on making the other two explosive as well. On Jan. 9, 18-year-old Jesse Ray Steward, of New Port Richey, had caused about $300 worth of damage to a police patrol car after taking several bites out of the vinyl cruiser’s seat. After he was arrested on a burglary charge, Pasco’s County Sheriff ’s Office deputy was taking Stewart to the Land O’ Lakes Jail when the young man tore through the seat with his teeth, exposing the fluffy filling. Deputies had arrested Stewart after he broke into a couple of cars. They found him running around the area intoxicated. The deputy had pulled over to call for assistance in restraining Stewart when he began hitting his head on the window between the seats. Currently, he is being held on charges of auto burglary, resisting arrest without violence, and criminal mischief, with bail set at $10,000.

28, was shot by a stray .22 calibre bullet while meandering through Naples. The bullet became lodged in his nasal passage after going through the right side of his head, behind his eye socket. Sangermano was taken to a hospital in an ambulance shortly after midnight with no visible serious damage. While waiting to be seen by doctors, he sneezed the bullet out through his nose and returned home upon his release. — With files from Metro UK, MSNBC, The Sun UK, Ottawa Sun and The Telegraph

ITALY An Italian man who was shot in the head on New Year’s Eve is now recovering after sneezing out the bullet. Darco Sangermano,

courtesy inetgiant

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Imprint, Friday, January 14, 2011

Strong showing at Toronto meet

S h l o m o D u n yo breaks his own varsity record


a nifty pass at the blueline; he fired high on Guelph goalie Andrew Loverock. Midway through the period, with the Warriors forechecking hard, Guelph defenseman Mark Pawlowski tripped while retrieving the puck in the corner and coughed it up to Veysey. He made a hard and accurate crossice pass to the trailing Josh Schappert who one-timed the puck home for his ninth goal of the season. With just two minutes left in the period and the Warriors again on the powerplay, a clear attempt by the Guelph penalty killer managed to find Edward Gale, who broke in all alone on Hartigan, forcing him to make a difficult save.

ello soccer and sports fans. For months now I have been wondering why Imprint did not have a regular column about the world of soccer and its news. Eventually, I decided to take matters into my own hands, and I am excited to announce that I will be writing a weekly column about all things soccer. While I may change it up to another event or sport on a rare basis, this column will be your weekly soccer dose on my personal opinion and analysis about the game. I hope you enjoy it and you are always welcome to provide me with any feedback you may have. As a referee for the intramural soccer league, I always come across two types of soccer enthusiasts: ones who support the English sides and the others who support Real Madrid or Barcelona. I know what you are thinking. You are wondering why I did not substitute Real Madrid or Barcelona with simply “Spanish sides?” It is perhaps due to the fact that I did not want to classify an entire league with just two teams, whereas Waterloo encompasses supporters from more than just two clubs from the English Premier League. This is for good reason as well. Simply put, I find the EPL a much more attractive and pulsating league than their Spanish counterparts, which leads to larger audiences and a better brand of football. Now Spanish supporters will immediately jump to the fact that there is more to the Spanish League than just Real Madrid and Barcelona, and will point to teams such as Valencia and Villareal. True, there are some other decent teams in the Spanish League, but the fact is that for the last two decades, there has only been four occasions where Real Madrid or Barcelona did not end up as Spanish champions. Chances are that for the next couple of years, this trend will continue as these two teams are unstoppable, to the point where some bookies have stopped taking bets on who will end up as La Liga winners. Contrast this to the EPL, where five or six teams start every season with the real possibility of winning the English crown.

See SLUMP, page 18

See LINE-UP, page 18

Chester Yang sports & living assistant


he Warriors traveled to Toronto for the Sharon Anderson track meet this past weekend for their first meet of 2011. Men’s 60 metre varsity record holder Shlomo Dunyo broke his own varsity record of 6.89 seconds in the preliminaries, but was hindered by a poor start and placed third in the event. His teammates, Luke Govia and Kofi Kwarko-Fosu, placed fourth and sixth respectively. Govia and Dunyo also finished strong in the 300-metre event, placing second and third respectively with times of 36.56 and 36.68 seconds. Another Warrior, Oliver Grant, narrowly missed the podium by finishing fifth with a time of 36.93 seconds. He repeated the performance in the 600-metre event with another fifth place finish, which made him the highest placing Warrior at the event. On the women’s side, rookies Naomi Lance and Anna Antczak performed well, finishing fourth and sixth respectively in the 60 metre hurdles with times of 9.82 and 9.89 seconds.

La Liga versus EPL

courtesy UW athletics

The Warriors had a great first meet of the track season as six individuals earned medals. In the long-distance events, team captain Kelly-Lynne Spettigue made the OUA standard after finishing the women’s 3000-metre with a time of 10:41:52. Charly Allan secured bronze for the Warriors in the men’s 3000-metre with his time of 8:38:01. His teammate, Justin Spalvieri, also did well, finishing seventh overall in the event.

The Warriors also managed to attain two podium finishes in the jumping events. Brandon Potter placed third in the men’s triple jump with a 12.72 metre jump, while team captain Nancy Spreitzer placed third in the women’s triple jump with an effort of 10.58 metres. Finally, rookie Marian AgyeiGyamera took bronze in the women’s

shot put event with a throw of 9.91 metres, setting a new personal best by almost half a metre. The Warriors will now travel to Windsor to attend the Cam Am Track Classic held at the University of Windsor on Jan. 14 and 15.

Warriors drop pair to extend losing streak the Warriors were unable to break into the zone which allowed Guelph’s shifty penalty killers to steal the puck he Waterloo Warriors kicked and generated multiple short-handed off their new year in disap- rushes of their own. The momentum shift from the pointing fashion, dropping back-to-back decisions this past penalty kill allowed Guelph to control weekend to extend their losing streak the tempo for the rest of the period, as the Warriors took three consecutive to three. penalties of their own. Waterloo 1, Guelph 2 As time expired on the final Futility on the powerplay was the penalty, Guelph forward Kris Belan story of this game, as both teams found himself alone to the left of combined to go 0-for-13 with the man Warriors netminder Keaton Hartiadvantage while giving up multiple gan, forcing him to commit early. short-handed chances in this penalty- He managed to squeeze the puck through the maze of legs in front of filled affair on Saturday night. The Warriors opened the game the net to find the wide-open Thomas playing their style of aggressive Kiriakou who made no mistake. The forechecking, leading to the first goal gave Guelph the 1–0 lead at the intermission. Guelph penalty. On the powerplay, banner_ad_v6.qxd:Layout 1 1/10/11 3:00 PM Page 1 Chester Yang sports & living assistant


The Warriors came out in the second period like a team possessed. They forechecked hard and hit everything in sight. The aggression took a turn for the worse when Thomas Cardiff hit Gryphon defenseman Nathane Martine from behind. Martine laid on the ice for several moments before being helped to the dressing room; he did not return for the rest of the game. Cardiff was assessed a major and a misconduct, and the Warriors were forced to kill a five-minute major penalty. The Warriors managed to kill the penalty with good positioning and active stickwork, even generating a great chance to equalize the game when forward Mike Veysey sprung defenseman Kyle Sonnenburg with

























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Imprint, Friday, January 14, 2011

New year brings winning record Warrior basketball starts off year with close call against Brock Namish Modi staff reporter


he Waterloo Warriors men’s basketball team started 2011 successfully. Waterloo opened up their post-holiday schedule on Wednesday, Jan. 5, with a 90-89 victory over the Brock Badgers. Brock came out firing with a 15-6 lead; its biggest lead of the game was 12 points. Waterloo improved its play drastically in the second quarter, eventually squaring the game at 35. Waterloo led the game at the half by a score of 39-37. The second half was a shootout as both teams’ scores exceeded 50 points, with Waterloo having a field goal percentage above 50 per cent in the half. Cam McIntyre hit a crucial free throw with three seconds remaining to stretch their lead to four points and put the game out of reach. McIntyre led all scorers with 38 points and three assists. Brendan Smith added 15 points and was a beast on the boards adding 13 rebounds. Alan Goodhoofd added 12 points, while Wayne Bridge added 10. Goodhoofd was also strong on the boards with eight rebounds. Luke Kieswetter distributed the ball well with six assists. The Badgers were led by Andrew Kraus, who had 21 points. Mark Gibson added 20, while Mike Cruickshank had 19 points. Kraus also led the team on the boards with 10 rebounds. Cruickshank also added three assists. The victory pushed the Warriors above .500 with a 5-4 record. Waterloo was pounded in their second game of the week. The Laurier Golden Hawks went to work in this one, beating the Warriors 114-82. This was the first time Waterloo had given up the century mark in approximately 10 years. Laurier came firing out of the gates and scored a whopping 39 points in the first quarter and led the Warriors by a score of 39-24. The second half did not narrow the gap much for Waterloo as Laurier entered halftime with a 14-point lead. McIntyre led Waterloo in scoring once again with 25 points. Goodhoofd added a double-double with 19 points and 10 rebounds. Jordan Hannah also had an impressive game with 11 points, two rebounds, and one assist.

courtesy UW athletics

Outside hitter Joanna Meltzer goes up for a spike against the Guelph Gryphons Women’s Hockey Queen’s 3, Waterloo 0

courtesy UW athletics

Forward Zach Angelini (#24) fights for a basket in a tough loss to Laurier. The Goldenhawks had five scorers in double digits in the game. They were led by Patrick Donnelly with 32 points, 15 rebounds, and seven assists. Kale Harrison added 19 points,while Maxwell Allin had 18 points and six assists. Matthew Buckley and Kyle Enright each added ten points to round out the top five. Laurier was dynamite from the three point line with 16 threes. The loss dropped Waterloo to 5-5. They travelled to Guelph on Wednesday Jan. 12 to play the Gryphons. Waterloo sits sixth in the OUA West Division.

Three game slump can be broken against UOIT Continued from page 17

The rebound, unfortunately, found Gale’s stick and he potted it on the second try, snapping it opposite corner from an awkward side angle to regain the one-goal lead. Guelph played the entire third period to perfection, dumping the puck deep and sending only one forechecker while clogging up its blueline to seal the victory. Hartigan was outstanding in net with 36 saves, including several tough saves where he offered no rebound to the opposition. Loverock was also solid in his end, with 24 saves of his own. York 4, Waterloo 1

In a rare Sunday evening game, the York Lions stymied the Warriors offense again en route to a 4–1 victory. In net, both Justin Leclerc and Lions’ goaltender Travis Rolheiser opened the game making several difficult saves to preserve the tie. With two minutes left in the first period, a shot by York defenseman Matt Thomson was tipped by Jesse Grespan in front of the net to put the Lions up by one at the break. Waterloo tied the game early in the second period when Blake Chartier eluded a Lions’ defender and snapped a

shot high that beat Rolheiser on the glove side. The tie was short-lived, however, as the Lions went ahead after Rob Labute finished a perfect cross-crease pass from rookie Ben Rubin with a chip shot to Leclerc’s glove side. Lions forward Jaskirat Gill then iced the game for the Lions, scoring two goals in the third period including a toe drag that beat the Warriors’ defender on the first goal. Leclerc made 32 saves in net in the loss, while Rolheiser finished with 18. Team captain Ray had his 12-game point streak snapped after being held scoreless this past weekend. The Warriors have been outshot in all three losses by an average of 15 shots per game and have never held the lead in any of them. The team will be looking to break the streak against two visiting foes this weekend: UOIT comes to town on Friday night at 7:30 p.m., while crosstown rival Laurier will be visiting the CIF on Saturday night at 7:30 p.m. for their third tilt this season. The Warriors have not yet faced UOIT this year, but were 1–2 against them last season. Meanwhile, they have won both their games against the Goldenhawks this season, so the visitors will certainly be motivated.

THE LINE-UP: English Premier League provides better brands and football action Continued from page 17

Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United, and now Tottenham and Manchester City are not only forces in England, but in Europe as well. Recent seasons have proven that the EPL championship goes down right to the wire and is unpredictable week after week. Add the fact that five out of the last six Champion League Finals have involved English sides, and it is an impressive resume for any league. It is true that Barcelona is probably the best team in the world, having destroyed English sides in

the last couple of seasons, but one or two teams do not make an entire league. One of my biggest problems with La Liga is that there is a huge difference in the quality of teams, and I have made hundreds of dollars betting on a Barcelona win over a minnow team as it is almost a sure thing. The EPL, however, sees major upsets very often. A team placed at the bottom half of the standings can still beat the first place team. There is never a sure thing in the EPL. El Classico always bring millions of viewers around the world, but the EPL can boast clashes such as

Manchester United vs. Liverpool, Chelsea vs. Arsenal, or Arsenal vs. Tottenham, all watched by millions. Big game clashes like these are a regular occurrence. For now, La Liga has a lot of work to do to catch up with the EPL in terms of league competitiveness and fan base. If my mother, who has zero aptitude for sport, suddenly wanted to watch some soccer, it would be the likes of Fernando Torres, Frank Lampard, and Wayne Rooney that I would be telling her to look out for, week in and week out.

Elizabeth Kench provided all the offense that Queen’s would need to shut out the Warriors 3-0 on Saturday afternoon. Kench opened the scoring four minutes into the game, assisted by Becky Conroy. The Warriors ran into penalty trouble in the second with four straight penalties, but Warriors goaltender Martina Michaud was tremendous in net, making 15 saves in the period and keeping the score respectable despite the team being outshot 16-2. Kench sealed the win six minutes into the third period with her fifth goal of the season. Conroy drew her third assist on the night as the Golden Gaels took the valuable two points to move into a fifth-place tie with Windsor. Karissa Savage made 17 saves en route to the shutout, while Michaud was outstanding with 41 saves. Waterloo 4, UOIT 3 (SO)

Martina Michaud continued her strong play on Sunday afternoon as the Warriors downed the UOIT Ridgebacks in dramatic fashion: 4-3 by way of the shootout. Waterloo opened the scoring late in the first with a goal from Brittany Holland on the powerplay, but defenseman Violette Long evened the score for the Ridgebacks just three minutes later. The tie lasted for all of 13 seconds, as the Warriors took the lead again off Ona Mezenberg’s third goal of the season to send the Warriors up by one after the first period of play. The 2-1 score stayed that way until midway in the third, when UOIT defenseman Melissa Berney tallied her first of the season to knot the game at twos. The Warriors took their third lead of the game with five minutes left in the game when Lindsey Ceaser scored unassisted for her third of the season. With just a minute left in the game, a hand on the puck in the crease during a scramble gave UOIT a penalty shot. The Ridgebacks’ leading scorer Jill Morillo, made no mistake, making a few nifty moves and sliding the backhand past Michaud to send the game to overtime. After a scoreless overtime, the teams advanced to the shootout where Michaud stonewalled all three shooters that she faced. Meanwhile, Holland made a nifty deke of her own, backhanding the winner past the UOIT netminder Jessica Larabie. Larabie made 33 saves in the game, while Michaud was equally capable with 30 saves of her own. Waterloo will host the OUA-leading Laurier on Sunday, Jan. 16 at the CIF, with puck drop scheduled for 2 p.m. Women’s Volleyball Waterloo 0, Guelph 3 Waterloo 0, McMaster 3

The Warriors dropped a pair of games in straight sets at home this past weekend, falling to both the Guelph Gryphons and the McMaster Marauders. Despite some gutsy play from the Warriors, the second-place Gryphons were able to take the first set 25-21. The Warriors stepped up in the second set, matching Guelph kill for kill until the end where they were edged 25-23. The tight loss took a toll on the team as Guelph cruised to the 25-13 straight sets victory. On Saturday, the Warriors hosted the division-leading McMaster, and again were close in the first set, losing 25-21. The second set saw the Warriors play the Marauders even more closely, edging them in total attempts 53-42. However, the Marauders stepped up with the game tied at 23, taking the next two serves and the set 25-23. The Warriors refused to quit in the third set, keeping it close until McMaster pulled away at the end for the 25-21 victory. The Warriors travel to Kingston this weekend for a match against Queen’s and RMC on Jan. 15 and 16 respectively. Men’s Volleyball Waterloo 0, Guelph 3 Waterloo 3, McMaster 1

Waterloo struggled in the opening set and could not find its pace against the powerful Guelph Gryphons last Friday night. After dropping the first set 25-16, the Warriors found their game in the second by stepping up their presence at the net. The move proved effective, but Guelph demonstrated its own offensive prowess by taking the second and third sets 25-22 and 25-24. On Saturday, the Warriors showed a much more competitive side of themselves by taking down the tenth-ranked McMaster in four sets. After dropping the first set 25-23, the Warriors were able to bounce back by taking the next three sets to give them a crucial two points, keeping them in the playoff hunt. The team now sits at 4-8 and is four points behind Laurier for the final playoff spot. The team will travel to Kingston with the women’s team this weekend to face off against the Queen’s Golden Gaels and the RMC Paladins.

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Imprint, Friday, January 14, 2011





What is your stance on Jersey Shore’s G.T.L.? By Julia Peters and Nora Meszaros

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Imprint, Friday, January 14, 2011





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iPad Waterloo police launch criminal investigation into fire that occurred last spring Grand Prize: Second Place: Poster F riday , J anuary...

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