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888-4048 Friday July 15, 1994 Volume 17, Number 6

mourn UW now offers Students lost OHIP degree in w women’s studies

ISSN 0706-7380

by Sandy Atwd Imprint staff




by Dave

ue to a steady increase in interest in women’s studies, Waterloo now joins WLU, York and many other North American universities by offering a bachelor of arts degree with a major in women’s studies. Up until now, it has only been possible to receive a diploma in women’s studies, or complete a women’s studies option. To receive the three-year major in women’s studies, students must select courses from various faculties that are approved by the women’s studies advisory board, and also courses that are offered directly through the women’s studies department. Harriet Lyons, director of the UW women’s studies department stated that due to the fact that women’s studies have become more and more popular, the women’s studies advisory board had little trouble convinc-


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mphoto by Scott Imprint

Draper staff


n June 30, 1994 all foreign studentsstudying at Ontario universities and colleges, lost their coverage under the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP). A funeral procession was organized to mourn the loss of OHIP coverage. The procession was led by Atsushi Yamada, who is the co-chair of the Ad-hoc Committee on Student OHIP.

by Scott Draper I

Starting at the Graduate House on the UW campus, about 20 demonstrators marched through the campus to Needles Hall. A&-reaching Needles Hall, a eulogy was said and they burned the giant Ontario Health Card they had carried through the processlon. Approximately 900 at Waterloo and 27 000 students in Ontario are affected by the new policy. Before the legislation, foreign students were entitled to full benefits under OHIP.

Uofl newspaper sued for libel

Board of Directors President Vice President SecreataryITreasurer Director-at-Large

ing administrators tht it would be a major bonus for the university to let students get a degree in women’s studies. Lyons joined UW’s anthropology department in 1941, and was largely responsible for the new program, along with the women’s studies advisory board. Lyons stated that students who would major in women’s studies have a variety of options available to them after they graduate. In addition to working in a variety of academic areas such as teaching and going on to graduate work (both York University and Simon Fraser University offer Masters programs in women’s studies) students could also work for organizations such as Anselma House and the YWCA. Individuals interested in pursuing a general bachelor of arts degree with a major in women’s studies should contact the women’s studies office at ext. 6886, or talk to professor Lyons at ext.


Bryson staff


former candidate for the students’ council presi ency at the University of Toronto has launched a libel suit against a UolT campusnewspaper after losing the election. Sarah Niles has alleged The Nayspapev defamed her charac-

ter by publishing an article and two letters which, she claims, damaged her reputation, causing studentsto not vote for her. Niles is claiming $1.3 million in damages. Niles’ statement of claim, filed by her lawyers June2, names five individuals, including one of her presidential opponents, The Newspaper, and both of The

publisher an4 printer as defendants. Nifes claims the five people co-wrote an anonymous letter which appeared in a March issue cf The Newspaper. An article based on the letter and a second letter subsequently appeared. The statedauthor of the second letter, Osgoode Hall law student Erfa Alani, has denied au-


Ancillary fees under control by Lisa Imprint


Sutton staff

Aer lengthy negotiations with the Ontario Under graduate Student Alliance (OUSA), Minister of Education and Training Dave Cooke has released the final details of a policy which will give student groups the authority to reject or approve further increases in ancillary fees. “This is precisely what we need to ensure that these fees are managed in a sensible way, not used to compensate for finding shortfalls generally, with no regard to the ability of students to pay,” said Justin Thompson, President of the of the University Students’ Council at the Univer-

sity of Western Ontario. “OUSA has been very outspoken in our opposition to ancillary fees. We are delighted that the Minister has acted upon our concerns,” said Thompson. The Minister announced a freeze on ancillary fees on March 23. Since the freeze, ministry officials have been engaged in consultation with studentsabandoned university administrators to determine how the new policy would be implemented. With this new policy, the ministry has released guidelines which require each university to develop a “protocol” with its student governments to determine how fee increases will be approved in the titure. The guidelines nowplace the

responsibility for further fee increasesin the hands of students, giving each institution the latitude to determine the exact form of student approval required. Students pay hundreds of dollars in ancillary fees which typically cover the costs of student activities and groups. “The Ministry Guidelines represent a workable compromise to an escalating problem,” said Michael Bums, who representedOUSA in the consultation process. “Students will taketheir new reqmnsibility



making decisions about fees in the context of the services provided, the rising costs of education generally and the state of provincial studentaid programs.”

thorship, however. “I had nothing to do with writing the letters,” said Alani in an interview with another campus paper, The Varsi@. Alani also claimed her name was used without her knowledge. The second letter stated Alani wrote both letters but was afraid to put her name to the first. Former Newspaper co-editor Julie Rezvani and former columnist Shinan Govani, also named in the suit, said they are preparing responses to the claim, but Rezvani wouldn’t comment on the case, Govani also denies authorship of the letters. “It is an entirely erroneous [allegation] and obviously the product of someone’s over expanded imagination,” Govani told The Varsity. Niles’ claim also names another former co-editor, Brad Smith, and one of Niles’ opponents, Andrea Madho, as defendants. Both Niles and Madho lost the election to a third candidate. The Akwspaper is a publication of PIanet Publications Inc. CanWeb Printing was also named in the suit as The News-

puper’s pi-it&x-

CanWeb is also Imprint’s printer. c with files from The Varsity




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Imprint, Friday, July 15, 1994

I to I a.m.


he University of Water loo’s observatory will be open to the public to view an astronomical event when comet fragments collide with Jupiter, likely causing the release of kinetic energy equivalent to the detonation of several thousand nuclear bombs. During the period of July 15 to 22, the individual fragments of the comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 will collide with Jupiter. The comet broke into roughly 20 fragments during the last close passage near Jupiter and these pieces are now bound in the gravitational field of the Jovian planet. Such large objects colliding into a planet have never been

observed before and each impact is expected to result in a large release of kinetic energy. The extent and duration of the local disruption to the Jovian cloud structure is not well known

and predictions range forom minor peturbations to planet-wide wave patterns lasting several weeks, UW’s Physics department reports. The large impacts will occur

on the night side of Jupiter just slightly behind the day-night terminator, however Jupiter’s rapid rotation will bring each impact site into view in less than an hour. Only a small number of collisions will happen when Jupiter is well positioned for viewing here on earth. Those times are Saturday, July 16, at about 11: 10 pm, and Sunday, July 17, at about lo:40 pm. During the following week, however, disruptions in Jupiter’s cloud structure may be visible. UW’s observatory, located atop the Physics building will be open to the public on July 16 from lo:30 pm to 11:30 pm, and July 17 from 10 pm to 11 pm. During the week of July 18 to 22, the observatory will be open from 9130 pm to 10:30pm.

Taking Children Seriously HEAD NORTH for HOT DEALS MAZDA

by Sandy Atwal Imprint staff



By special arrangement

with a chartered

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Play the Subway

Dream Game.


any of us take for granted the fact that children are far too immature and irresponsible to have real rights granted’ to them. We don’t even think about the possibili ty of treating them as WC treat adults; giving them responsibility and letting them make their own decisions about their own lives. This’situation isn’t so cut and dry for Sarah Lawrence. Lawrence, a B.Sc. from the University of London is the editor of the journal Tukiing Children Seriously. She is also director of the British home-education group, Education Otherwise, and is on its legal team. Last Wednesday, she spoke to students and faculty as part of the Philosophy Department’s regular colloquium series. Arguing from a basic epis-

What Chuck by Lisa Imprint

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temological stance, Lawrence argues that children should be regarded as full and free beings, and as a result are entitled to equal treatment under the law. Law-

Sarah Lawrence: and mother! rence’s political gument


speech was less a call for action as much as an aron principle.

Lawrence argues that parents who do not try to reason with their children and explain things to them are setting a bad example because they are using dogmatism rather than reason to settle a dispute. Her position is that those who wish to discriminate on the basis of age, do so arbitrarily, and defenders of parental authority over children do so merely on the basis of age without really appealing to a question of competence. She also states that contemporary education is a stifling experience, and that real “learning” is best done through experience (shades of Rousseau!) Despite her Summerhillesque approach to education, Lawrence is a proud libertarian, whose work has garnered her some attention in her native Britain. If her work on children’s rights is any indication, she may soon be a well-known name in academic circles.

do Shakespeare and D have in common?

Sutton staff

new English Literature course covering authors #as diverse as Sha’kespeare, Malcom X and Public Enemy will be taught by UW Professor Fraser Easton this fall. The new two-hundred level course, ColoCAsrn and Impriulism in Literature is an intro- * duction to selected texts in English about race, colonialism, and imperialism in the 1800s and from 1950 to the present. According to Professor Easton the course is being initiated for three reasons: there is a growing body of scholarly work

dealing with post colonial literature, there are no english literature classes at UW that deal with race relations and colonialization, and because he has personal interest in the subject matter. The class will examine how literary and other conventions serve in the making of modern racial identities, especially in conjunction with european colonialism and imperialism. The course should appeal to students interested in exploring how racist ideology IS transmitted, and to.anyone wishing to examine the role of colonialism and imperialism in english literature. Writers will include one-time slaves Phillis Weatley and

Olaudah Equiano, Nobel prize winners Derek Walcott and Toni Morrison, Canadian writer Michael Ondaanje and British writers William Shakespeare and Aphra Behn. The autobiography of Malcom X will be examined, and films will include “Kanehsatake: 270 Years of Resistance”, “Sammy and Rosie Get Laid.” Public Enemy and other rap music will also be explored. Professor Fraser Easton complctcd his unClergraduzW studies at the University of British Columbia, and his doctoral degree at Princeton. He has been teaching at Waterloo for two years.


Imprint, Friday, July 15, 1994



design celebrates silver anniversarv

from the UW News Bureau


litical implications. “From the outset we stressed methodology, with a focus on workshop-type courses and problem solving,” says Prof. Keith Hipel, chair of the department. “Students select an area to specialize in during their third and fourth years.” Hipel adds that the depart-

Also, the department’s faculty members are keenly interested in the new environmental engineering program, particularly in the application of problem-solving methodology to environmental issues. At the graduate studies level, there has been significant systems design research in environmental engineering.

neering. As an indication of the growth in interest in international studies at UW there are now five levels of both Japanese and Chinese language courses available to UW students, and three of Korean, all available through Renison College, a UW affiliate. Among many recent accomplishments of the department are: the distinguished teaching award won by Prof. Kishmul Hahn (preE$ :,A: vious winners, Profs. Koncay ber is involved Huseyin and Ed Jemigan); the in environ I continued success of the Shad program, which every ~~~~-r~~~~Valley summer attracts top-notch high ing i&pact as- school students to the campus for sessment, data challenging experiences; and the prediction, conference on campus last sumconflict reso- mer in honour of the world-relution and energy systems. Hipel also

eptember will mark the 25th anniversary of the start of the undergraduate program of the University of Waterloo’s systems design engineering department. Today, the department has 20 faculty, almost 100 graduate students, and about 300 undergraduates. By last spring’s convo“TheShad VuZkyconferences emphasize cation, heId in our interest in futurescholars, and it is late May, about 1,200 BA.Sc, grutiJjlingthatmanyufthesebrightyuung 250 masters’ and 90 PhD depeople, alluf whom come here under grees have been industrialsponsorship, enrul in our awarded to systerns design enprugram laterun. ” gineering students. The department came into expects being in 1968, growing out of a ment intends to continue with its greater interest in international design institute, and a graduate current work, while always striv- studies. Since late 1987, the deprogram offered since 1965 by ing to improve. “Above all, we partment has been involved in an the then-department of design. want to be alert to the new direc- exchange program with Japan’s Since the beginning, the fo- tions in which tomorrow’s students Tottori University. Students go cus has been on basic core sub- may wish to go.” to Japan to study and for workjects (mathematics, sciences, enHe anticipates increased stu- term experience while Japanese gineering design among them) dent interest in a systems approach students come to UW. and the application of them to a in areas such as environmental Also, the department’s facvariety of systems problems engineering, decision support sys- ulty are involved in the Canadanot only technological problems terns, pattern analysis and machine China Management Education but also others with environmenintelligence, ergonomics and de- Program headed by Prof. David tal, socio-economic and even poc&ion technologies. Pei, retired from Chemical Engi-

UW Campus f’rom the UW News Bureau

New Program seeks to prevent violence against women Programs to avert abuse against women and girls will be developed locally by the Waterloo Region Community Education Committee to Prevent Violence Against Women. The $300, 000 project involves local agencies and institutions, including the University of Waterloo. The five-year project, funded by the Ministry of Education and Training, will focus on high school students and other young women deemed to be at risk of violence. Organizations involved in the local project include 20 community agencies, the University of Waterloo, Wilfred Laurier University as well as the two local school boards. The program aims to help young people challenge their attitudes and behaviour in relationships regarding communication and violence. They will be shown how to differentiate between healthy and unhealthy choices in sexual


Canadian Nobel Prize winner to speak at UW John

Nobel prize winner Professor Polanyi will be the Hagey


Lecturer at the University of Waterloo in the coming academic year. Polanyi, a chemistry professor at the University of Toronto, is a collaborator with several UW faculty members through his participation in the Network of Centres of Excellence in Molecular and Interfacial Dynamics. His work in physical chemistry continues to receive intemational prai se_ The Hagey Lectures will take place next January 17 and 18. Polanyi’s student lecture, *‘The Molecular Dance in Chemical Reaction,” is to focus on his research. His Hagey speech, “Research in Jeopardy: Some Thoughts Concerning Science Policy,” is to address questions such as the status of Canada’s scientific research and the role of the government in maintaining the high standards of Canadian science and bringing it to world attention.

the University of Waterloo’s applied studies co-op program, along with one year of study at a francophone university. She will spend next year at the University of Quebec in Chicoutimi. “The thought of being immersed in this completely French milieu is exciting,” Kerr says. The Queen Elizabeth Silver Jubilee Endowment Fund for Study in a Second Official Language Award Program aims to encourage young Canadians who wish to improve their proficiency and pursue full-time studies at a Canadian university fi.mctioning in that language.







FAX (519) 884-8861

Striving for excellence has made MKSsoftware tools a must for developers everywhere. MKsToolkit, created by University of Waterloo alumni, has an installed base of over 100 thousand users. MKsmakes its powerful software expertise available to developers and corporations in North America.

for new and talented qualifications:

Strong knowledge of Windows, UNIX, Visual Basic, Microsoft C++, Borland C++, OWL, Netware or OOP Strong analysis, design & implementation skills Broad knowledge of operating systems and environments, and Windows/DOS experience As a member of our team you will enjoy an attractive salary and excelient benefits. If you are looking for a fast paced challenging environment, we’re looking for you. Submit your resume in complete confidence to Human Resources todav.

UW geographers . receive m

Echelle Kerr, a second-year University of St. Jerome’s Colone of the six Queen Elizabeth Silver Jubilee scholarships in Canada. The $5 000 award will be provided to Kerr, a student in the French teaching specialization of

The Unny conference attests quality of the research within the department. It was a major international conference with top people from all over the world attending, and with 250 research papers presented - to be published in a four-volume work in the future. to the

MA3 is continually looking individuals with the following

University of Waterloo Professor Bruce Mitchell, geography, has won the Canadian Association of Geographers’ 1994 Award for Scholarly Distinction. The award for scholarly distinction is given to recognize outstanding research in the field of geography. Also, University of Waterloo geography Professor Gordon

St. Jerome’s College student wins prestigious scholarship


nowned systems design engineering faculty member, the late Prof. T. E. Unny. “I see a link between these three,” Hipel comments. “The Shad Valley conferences emphasize our interest in future scholars, and it is gratifying that many of these bright young people, all of whom come here under industrial sponsorship, enrol in our program later on.”





of WaEnvironmany efforts on behalf of the heritage resources of the Grand River were acknowledged. Regional Municipality terloo 1994 Regional mental Award. Nelson’s

1 BEAUTIFUL BEECHWOOD 8 CHARMER Could this be YOU? Superb Beechwood location, unique design, newer decor in soft greys, finished ret room, 3 baths, community pool, fireplace, central air, lots

of extras.



Imprint, Friday, July 15, 1994

Shadowyguideson ashadOwycampus by Tammy Gaber special to Imprint Crime-wise, the past two weeks have been pretty slow not that you would find anyone complaining about it at the University of Waterloo Police department. Four warnings and five provincial offence notices were handed out regarding infractions of the Liquor Licence Act. All were issued during the first day of the Orientation x-ctreat (for frosh leaders getting ready for frosh..) on July 8th. The five charges issued were regarding the possession of open liquor and the consumption of liquor in places other than a campus residcncc. Each fine is for $105. The Saturday of

this retreat was much quieter. The Engineering computer lab and Math and Computer building have reported the theft of internal computer parts. Math and Computer estimates the loss to be worth about $4200. Also, in the past two weeks there have been five calls for an ambulance. All calls were regarding the loss of feeling in lower extremities, and fainting. The calls were reported from Engineering, Math & Computer, the Computer lab, and the villages. It is suspected that the cause of these incidents were probably heat related combined with exhaustion Too much studying in these summer months might just hurt you.


special to Imprint


he International Student Office is implementing a Student Hosts and Designates of Waterloo (SHADOW) program for new international students coming to the University of Waterloo this fall. The program works by pairing up an international student with a volunteer student who has been at the University of Waterloo for at least one year. Shadows act as resource persons, helping international students on a one to one basis with regard to information and services available at UW and in the


n the last few issues of the Imprint, you have noticed some articles and stories on the topic of sexual harassment. Just so you don’t forget that it is real and that it exists on our campus, here’s another article. Throughout the last couple of months, regular meeting of the Undergraduate Working Group on Sexual Harassment have been taking place. Not only are we concerned about the prevalence of this problem in our society and on this campus, but we are also concerned that students choices are not being heard when it comes to decision and policy making. Never has a door been so blatantly shut in my face than when I have approached upper administration about my concerns. The fact remains that students’ voices

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Carleton proposes to raise admittance standards


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of sexual needed

are quite weak in the university system. It seems kind of odd, doesn’t it? The majority of people at this institution are students, yet we are so infrequently involved in policy making. Keeping in mind that these

“never has a door been so blatanly shut in my face I’ are our two have decided meeting with zations and uw. If people ask us, then After meeting

familiar with the UW campus and community. Some of the benefits of becoming a Shadow are that it is an ideal opportunity for students interested in joining exchange and study abroad programs to learn more about a particular country before leaving Canada, for practicing language skills in exchange for tutoring English, and to learn about other cultures that may result in life-long friendships with people from other countries. Students interested in volunteering to be a Shadow can fill out an application form available at the International Student Office and the Turnkey desk. For more information call x28 14.

main concerns, we to hold a number of a number of organiindividuals around won’t come to us to we’ll go to them! with deans, com-

mi ttees, student groups and offices on campus, we have concluded that there needs to be much more discussion on the issue of sexual harassment including recommendations, ideas and concerns. We would like to see a wide array of participants. Knowledge of the topic and point of view are not important. It is your opinions, feelings and input that we are looking for. Don’t be left out of the decision making process! The forum will be taking place on Wednesday, July 20 at 1:30 - 3:30 p.m. in the Davis Centre Library, room 1568, If you have any questions or concerns, please call x6305. If you are unable to attend and/or you would like a copy of the working paper of the group’s recommendations, drop by the Fed office or call. please don’t hesitate. This is far too serious an issue.

Canadacampusbriefs by Usa Sutton Imprint staff



community. Some of the things a Shadow can do with an international student to help ease the transitional period during the first month at the University are: search for accommodation; open a bank account; shop for appropriate clothing for the winter season; show how to use the transit system; and most importantly, offer support and friendship. The International Student Office is currently recruiting volunteer Shadows for the beginning of September. We are looking for responsible individuals who have good communication and interpersonal skills, concern for others, and are

More discussion harassment by Xarh Danitajs special to Imprint

Our new S-R


BA program. Out of a total of 3,125 BA students only 525 had an incoming average of 75 per cent or higher in the 1993-94 year. with j&s frum The Gazette

UNB Prof back to work Carleton University has begun the first stages of raising arts A University of New Brunsand social science acceptance averages from 60 to 70 per cent in wick professor that indecently asan attempt to improve the school’s saulted a young girl is back to work after serving eight months reputation. in prison. The descision to raise admisCharles Waddell, an economsion averages comes as a result of ics professor was sentenced in analysis of stude;lt statistics. court to fourteen In 1993 Carleton’s Bachelor’ ’ provincial months in prison with a one-year of Arts program admitted 1,680 probation on August 27, 1993. students with averages under 70 after cmly sewing per cent, Fifty-three per cent of - He was paroled eight months. these students didn’t complete Although there have been their program requirements at the several reported objections to his end of first year. return, the university is legally The plan to raise admission bound to employ Waddell because standards will only apply to the

of the collective bargining agreement the school has with fqculty. with jks from The Gazette

Kraft Dinner loves you With the help of Queen’s University business students, Krafi has compiled a list of students’ favourite Kraft Dinner recipes for an upcoming advertising campaign. Two Queen’s students canvassed students for their ideas in promoting Kraft Dinner to a new generation of students. The two compiled their findings and Krafi decided to run a recipe contest. Other


IV promote


orange fun food included a giant pool of &-aft Dinner which students would dive into. with files from University Affairs


Imprint, Friday, July 15, 1994





A-hitchhiker’s guid~e to- the Internet Y

esterday I was sitting in front of my PC browsing through a bookstore in Nova Scotia. Then I checked out the commentary on Thursday night’s episode of the Simpsons. I watched some short parachuting movies and before I dragged myself away from my ever-glowing monitor. I went to Illinois to check out Jon’s humour page - he has a great list of things to do during a final exam. No, I’m not on drugs. Unless of course you consider the Internet to be a drug - which is probably quite arguable. Frankly, the first time I browsed the Internet, I was completely shocked. I hadn’t realized how far technology could take me, and I had no idea how much information and entertainment was available to me through my modem. For those who are unfamiliar with Internet, it is a network which connects millions of computers all over the world and allows communication and file transfers between them using a variety of different software. If you haven’t really experienced multi-media yet, dive into the net and prepare to be amazed. It’s composed of graphics, audio, video and more. It’s not just cool effects, it’s an incredible amount of information that you have access to for free. You don’t even have to worry about overdue dates. To give you an idea of the benefits of Internet for university students, I have done a little information surfing in three areas

by JeE FWcetta and Trash Mumby

of study which are available at UW: biology, environmental science, and psychology. Of course, all work and no play makes us look good in the eyes of our parents, so I also kept an eye out for entertainment. There’s a multi-media page that I take a look at every two weeks or so that tells me about the new stuff that has recently been added to the graphical side of the Internet - the World Wide Web. The page is called the Mosaic What’s New Page. Mosaic is a really cool Internet browsing software. So I checked out the ‘What’s New’ page for this article and have listed a few applicable sites: There’s a new experimental World Wide Web (WWW) server from the Psychology Department at the University of Rochester, containing information about courses, faculty and research going on there. For any biology students studying proteins and using the Hbond analysis software HBPLUS, there is now a WWW server to support the software. It answers to frequently asked questions and more. The Australian Environmental Resources Information Network (ERIN) WWW server is online and includes a series entitled “Biodiversity and Its Value.” A new WWW server offered by the Cognitive Science Program at Indiana University is available, with information about cognitive science research and the program offered at IU. A new WWW server from the Information Centre for the Environment at the University of California includes pages on Long-

Life at a new school can be a bit overwhelming for recent high school graduates. This can be particularily true for Frosh that live off-campus. With this in mind, the PALS Off-Campus Dons program (POD) is being implemented for this fall. PODS are upper year students who are willing to share the wealth of knowledge they have amassed on their journey to upper year status with first year students, Many Frosh are often too distressed over the “spin cycle,” to have the time to learn about- all that UW has to offer. A POD’s

from simple and laughable concerns about personal hygiene and laundry soap to more serious personal ones. It is important to note that as wonderful as they are, PODS are not professionals. A good POD is mature, reliable, shows initiative and has good communication skills. PODS must also have a keen interest in helping fellow students. There will be periodic get togethers and weekly phone contact...just to chat. PODS must be prepared to invest their time and effort. The leadership and communication experience gained by being a POD can be an excellent stepping stone to other positions on and offcampus, such as a residence Don or




is to provide,


demand, the aforementioned knowlege to the student in hopes of making their first year as enjoyable and smooth as possible. A POD may be approached for a variety of issues ranging


Applications are the FED offlce in CC have any questions, Cole a call at extension formation can also be uw.general.

available at 235. If you give Julie 2780. Inobtained @

term Man

Ecological Research and and the Biosphere. I have to insert a personal thank you right here to everyone who is reading this article: I wrote this for you, but while checking out the What’s New page I came across the best WWW server that I could ever hope for -- my favourite group, Nine Inch Nails, now has an ‘unofficial’ site, with graphics of all their CD covers, audio clips of some of their songs, concert dates, and more! Very, very impressive! (Thank-you!) Remember, these are resources that have been added to the ‘Net in the two weeks before I wrote this article...there are tons of new web sites being added daily. The World Wide Web has existed for a few years,..just try to imagine how much stuff is available by now! Almost everyone is at least familiar with the concept of email, so I won’t go into how cool it can be to talk to your friends on the other side of the world whenever you want to (without paying longdistance bills), but there is a part of email known as ‘Mservs that can be usefil and tin. Listservs are subject related emails sent out to subscribers containing postings from people all over the world interested in the same topic. I’m not going to talk about listservs, instead, I’ll talk about a related Internet activity When you read newsgroups.

newsgroup postings, you read individual comments concerning the topic of the newsgroup. There are thousands of different newsgroups which you can join and post your own messages to, I’ve listed some interesting ones below (the names should be relatively descriptive and unambiguous): -bionet.microbiology -sci.environment -alt.psychology.personality -bit.listserv.ozone So, as you can see, there’s really something for everyone. All you have to do is create your own list of newsgroups, and you’ll be put in contact with people all over the world who share your interests. These people include other students, professors, specialists, professionals and more. All you have to do is gain access to the Internet; unfortu- nately, it’s not as easy as it sounds. The university offers access, but most accounts are characterbased, so you miss out on all the graphics, audio and other multimedia aspects. The problem with this is a that a large part of the Internet, the World Wide Web, can’t be accessed unless you have

a graphical interface. Waterloo offers graphical access in some cases, but for now it may be easier to go to a commercial Internet provider such as Hookup Communications, a firm that provides access for the Waterloo region. The prices vary according to how much time you plan to spend online, but they are fairly reasonable, especially if you can split the cost with room-mates, family or friends. So go surf, and create your own world wide web. Enjoy yourself, knowing how to use the Internet isn’t just fun it’s a useful skill. If you have any questions or would like to know the exact Internet addresses for any of the resources I’ve mentioned, just contact me at or If you don’t have email access, but want to contact me Professor Randall in the English Department will pass any messages on to me.

Mine Latulipe is u second year Applied Studies Economics student. She contributed 3 chapters to the book Teach Yu~rself The Internet: Around The World in 21 Days by Nejl Randall (tu be released in early July by PrenticeHall), and will be contributing to u smaller Internet Handbook for release later this year.




wmwmmmmmmmmmTHREE GREAT LOCATIONS 160 University Ave. W (Next to U of W)


615 Davenport Road (Northfield & Davenport)

94 Bridgeport Rd. E (Weber & Bridgeport)




‘T-E basis of our govemmenk being the opinion of thepeople, the veryfirst object should be to k-pep that right; and were it zeft to me tothide whether we should have government withmft nezmpapefs or newspapers without government, I should not h&state to prefer the htter.” - Thomas Je$@rsun


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r mng Line @ by Sandy


Imprint staff


am well aware of how much columnists are hated. It’s an occupational hazard. If you’re voicing your opinion, some people are going to take issue with what you say, and this is, at least sometimes, a breeding ground Forsometype of debate. There’s nothing wrong rNiththat. This seems to be a passing trend, howzver, as any glance at recent newspapers will :estify. Good and great columnists present Information on a piece of legislation or a Norld event say, and comment on it in an enlightened, educated way. Recently how:ver, this role has been usurped by the layman’s philosopher: individuals who try to use anecdotal examples in their own lives to crack some weak jokes in place of actually using their brains. (Said columns are always accom?anied by self-ingratiating photos -- god forDid their words should stand alone.) For example, take Linwood Barclay, a columnist for The Toronto Star. His article sntitled “The old rotary dial was so simple” (The Toronto Star, Monday July 11) is a deplorable attempt at humour, describing how he can’t understand modern telephones. . . “There was way more than the usual number of buttons on them. These looked like the control panels from the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station.” Bon mot! Very witty Mr. Barclay! Like the control panels from the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station! Get it? Because it was so complicated! Putting aside the question of how Mr. Barclay came to write a column in the Toronto Starwithout knowing how to use a telephone, )ne needs to question why Barclay should :ven think anybody would ever care about his :rouble with modem appliances in the first slate. It’s not just that he’s talking about his 3wn life, it’s that his life is so obviously boring.

This problem of such inane commentaries extends from the largest to the smallest papers. Scott Piatkowsi’s embittered weekly column in the Waterloo Chronicle is a whiny piece of trash that blames the Tories for everything that’s wrong with Canada. Some may remember Mr. Piatkowski as the local NDP candidate in the recent Federal election. Evidently Scott never learned the lesson of being a gracious loser. Personally, I blame Andy Rooney. His weekly meanderings down what’s left of his memory on 60 Minutes resemble nothing so much as Grandpa Simpson. Whether he’s going on about postage stamps or parking meters,Rooney’s attempts to make pithy little observations about modern life come across like a tired old man afraid of change. There are, however, still some good colllmnists left. Michael Coren’s bi-weekly collmn in the Globe’s Arts + section is almost always excellent, and of course Lewis H. Lapham’s editorial in Harper’s is journalism at it’s finest. But, these writers are slowly Deingoverridden by lowest common denominators posing as writers. What these aforementioned good writers realize is that a newspaper is a communication medium, and to write in one and reach other people is a privilege; and to spend that time boring






is to

Forfeitall rights to that privilege. We can only hope that the minds being trained in today’s universities will have something more interzsting to communicate to other people than the inane chatter of their own pathetic lives.




la vista,

efore I flip my calendar from August to September, there’s one thing I have to do: get the hell out of this province. Now, don’t misunderstand me. I love Ontario. I grew up here, went to school here, and made friends here. I owe Ontario (and Canada) a great debt - they handed me a secondary education and paid for 80% of my post-secondary schooling. I’m not leaving Ontario because I’m tired of being stuck in one culture. I’m not leaving Ontario because I’d like to live in Australia. I’m not leaving Ontario because I can’t abide the stench of Hamilton. I am leaving Ontario because its govemment is morally and ethically bankrupt. I refer, of course, to the New Democrats’ employment equity law, which the NDP rammed through the legislature last December and which comes into effect September 1, The law is morally reprehensible and an ethical travesty. I will not support, in any way, the government that enacted the law. Hiring or promoting a person on any basis except personal merit is wrong. That’s why centuries of discrimination against women and visible minorities was wrong. That’s why employment equity is wrong. In short, the law requires companies with more than 50 employees to examine their workforces and report how many of their employees fall into the four “designated” groups: women, visible minorities, the disabled, and aboriginal peoples. After company X decides how many of its employees belong to the “designated groups,” it must poll its community and determine Ihe community’s racial, ethnic, and gender make-up. Company X must then engineer its workforce to reflect, down to the percentage point, the race, ethnic& gender, and physical ability of the community in which it does business. If its community contains 1% disabled persons, then I% of company X’S employees must be disabled persons. NO exceptions. Company X must also reflect the com-

munity’s make-up “in all occupational categories,” which means that if 6% of company X’s community are aboriginal, then 6% of company X’s Vice Presidents must also be aboriginals. No exceptions. quota n. 1.the proportional share or part of a whole that is due from, due to, or allocated to a person or group. The Collins



The NDP says that employment equity is not quota hiring. Bullshit. There has never been a plainer example of quota hiring than employment equity. Employment equity enforces percentages,which translate into numbers. Which translate into serious problems. If there are not enough aboriginals in company X’s community qualified to be a Vice President, company X will have one of two options: import a qualified individual from some other community, thereby depriving that community of a qualified aboriginal, or hire an unqualified individual from its own community as Vice President. Either way, some company, somewhere, will be forced, by law, to hire an unqualified person since the number of qualified aboriginals is fmite. The law makes no provision for a contingency in which not enough qualified individuals in one of the four designated groups exist, Hire to quota, or face a tribunal and a $50,000 fine. It’s the law. Since women make up about 50% of most communities, company X must fill half of all senior management positions with women. No exceptions. Women who exit the workplace to have children can return in one or six or twenty years and stand a potentially greater chance of promotion to senior management than someone who has stayed in the workplace sharpening skills and gaining experience for the same amount of time. The law makes no allowance for merit. Hire to quota or face a

tribunal and a fine. It’s the law. Ironically, the office of the employment equity commissioner may be first to face an employment equity tribunal. A report issued by the commissioner herself unequivocally indicates that no able-bodied white males are employed in the office. Hmmm. I was sure I saw at least SOme white men walking around in Toronto the last time I was there. In the past, employers discriminated against women, visible minorities, and the disabled. They did this out of stupidity and short-sightedness. Now, employers will discriminate against anyone who is not a woman, a visible minority, an aboriginal, or a disabled person. They will do this because it is the law. Legally enforced discrimination. Urn, well .. . goodbye. I’m not arrogant enough to assume that my departure will visit any significant harm upon the provincial government. They’ll lose a couple of grand in tax revenue. So what? Neither will they miss my skills or potential contributions. Merit has no place in their plan for the future of the province anyway. Harm will come to the NDP government, however, when whole corporations pick up stakes and move somewhere else. These companies probably won’t relocate out of any senseof moral duty. They will, however, see that quota hiring is an economic time bomb. If corporations cannot, under Ontario law, hire and promote people on merit alone, they will move someplace where they kzn. When this exodus occurs, all Ontarians will suffer. Farewell, Ontario. I hope to see you soon, and in better moral shape than you are now. Jeffkey Jeflrey hprint certain

L. mar

Millar is a furmer president of Publicatiuns. He is not currently where k$ resides, or with whn.


Letters to the Editor

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Damn you litterbugs to hell! To the Editor, It is just before midnight on Canada Day and the children are finally in bed asleep. As a mature part-time student, I am well aware of the time constraints under which any spring term student survives. Even so, many students volunteered to host this year’s Canada Day celebrations, putting in long hours for little reward with even smaller thanks from many in the commu-

nity. Well, as a parent of three children and a happy participant in the

celebrations, I would like to thank publicly

al1 of the people involved

in making this past Canada Day’s festivities a hugely enjoyable success. From the kile flying to the baseball “speed” throwing, from the model airplanes and helicopters to the remote control car races, from the live stage bands to the kids’ karaoke singing, from the games museum to the medieval battlers, from the kids’ olympics to the puppet show, from the candles lit to the fireworks exploding, it was delightfully varied and thoroughly enjoyed by all. Unfortunately, many in the community left a mountain of garbage behind. All day long I watched the students, those both working and playing, faithfully putting their refuse in the numerous containers provided conveniently throughout the grounds. The real offenders were the families, both children, and adult, who seemed not to care for the environment nor for the students who would later have to clean up. On behalf of these thoughtless families I apologize. On their behalf, I thank those who did the clean UP* Gord Dunbar Waterloo


Meetings! Committees! Fruitful Discussions! Tu the Editor, I appreciate the opportunity to comment on the column by Katherine Hay in the Friday, June 3 issue of the Imprint, “Co-op Students Complain of Sexual Harassment.” I acknowledge that harassment in any form is a serious issue and must be dealt with. Readers should know that since February 1994 a Committee has been meeting to deal with the issue of sexual harassment involving cooperative education students. This Committee was set up through the department’s initiative and is chaired by myself. To date, the Committee has had five meetings. It is in the process of drafting out a set of procedures for distribution to Co-ordinators and students about how to deal with incidents of sexual harassment in the co-op work environment. As you can appreciate this is not an easy issue and is somewhat different from the on campus harassment procedures in as much as a third party, i.e. ,the employers, are involved. To date the discussions have been very fruitful and we are hopeful that policies and procedures will be available for wider discussion within the next couple of months. As chairman of PACER (Provost’ s Advisory Committee on Equal Rights), I am quite sensitive to the issue of equal rights and discriminatory actions within our society and particularly within the University community. I-Iarassment by whatever form is a serious issue in today’s society and it is our responsibility as individuals, and as well as members of the University Community to deal with harassment in-

cidents quickly and to the satisfaction of the person being harassed. We look forward to receiving further input and finalizing the actual procedures in the next short w bile. Bruce Lumsden Director, Co-operative and Career Services

FIX32 Markets, Free Minds To the editor, I am getting sick and tired of all the “Manufacturing Consent” theories being thrown around. The latest such Chomsky take-off was the article “Manufacturing Consent: Political Correctness and the Mass Media” in the June 30, 1994 issue of the Imprint. The basic-point of that article, from what I understood, was that the world will soon become much more dangerous because a few Conrad Black types will control all of the media and then nobody will be able to read anything other than what the coporate types want them to read. This could even endanger democracy. Because of this danger, the CRTC must make sure that companies like Rogers do not take over more parts of the communications network. This argument reminds me of predictions from the 1950s and 1960s that capitalism will inevitably lead to a state in which a few IBM and GM sized companies will effectively control the world. One such theorist apparently predicted that in 20 or so years countries such as France won’t exist. Well, France is still alive and kicking (though not in the World Cup) while IBM and GM have had to sustain some large losses and lay off tens of thousands of people. What happened? Basically, 1BM and GM could not supply the customers with all of their needs. The Japanese cars ate up GM’s market share (subject to tariffs and other considerations) and a whole host of computer companies gobbled up IBM’s. Similarily, if Conrad Black’s papers do not supply the people with the type of information that they need and want, somebody else will. This sounds somewhat simplistic, but it works. In the early 1970’s, I believe, some newspaper people decided that the Toronto market needed a newsaper like the Sun, hence the Sun exists. There was a niche in the market for a certain type of newspaper, and they filled it. Thus, if the owners of all of the major Toronto papers decide that all of their columnists and editorials will only print Black’s ideas and knock everything else, sooner or later somebody will start a more objective newspaper. That is why most major

Come on down to CC140 and fight for the cause!



Trade, but still published the opinions of a pro Free Trade columnist in its business section. It is not through a blueprint, a CRTC type of organization, or through any other centrally planned method that,we can be sure that, in the future, we will continue to have many sources or news and information. If there is a strong enough need for it, somebody will fill it. Chomsky could, arrogantly, scream all he wants about some mythical “secular priesthood” denying him the platforms that he wants. However, the basic fact is that most Americans do not care about what he says. If enough people cared about what self-proclaimed “free-spirits” have to say, they would get decent exposure in the mainstream media. They are free to publish and sell all that they want (barring some grey areas such as hate literature.) However, they can’t expect the government to somehow force their opinions down people’s throats. Even if in the future, all of Canada’s major papers will only publish a narrow range of viewpoints, people will be perfectly free to read U.S. and international papers, magazines and books. Now, and in the foreseeable future, computer networks containing news and opinions will become cheaper and more accessible. Rogers, or any other company, will not be able to control all of the information that goes through all of the computer networks anymore than GM can control all of the cars on the road (and setting up an automobile assembly line is a lot more capital intensive than hooking up a computer network.) In fact,

Orwell’s 1984 predictions will become more and more unfeasible as more and more people have access to the “information superhighway.” Computer technology, and cheaper printing technology, lend themselves much more easily to decentralization (ie. not controlled by a few major decision makers) of information than do large printing presses. If the centralized, huge printing presses did not kill free expression, computer technology certainly won’t, The author is unduly worried about Democracy being endangered by the corporate types in Canada. In the past 10 or so years, countries ranging from South Africa to the formerU.S.S.R.havebecomemuch more democratic. Since Orwell’s 1984 was written, newspapers and magazines have become much more diverse in both content and style, much more information is inexpensively available through television, computer technology has provided yet another source of information and opinions, and people can more easily and inexpensively visit libraries and bookstores. More importantly, more of the world than ever lives under a political system in which free expression is tolerated. Regardless of how the CRTC reacts to the Rogers situation, the mythical “shadow of tyranny” won’t limit anybody’s access to free expression in this country. Don’t bother the CRTC about this. You are better off watching Cheers reruns and letting the media run itself.

Ishay Friedman B.A.Sc

by Couckuyt, Green, Lippert, Nesbitt, Spacek


papers withdifferent political sfants. In fact, most of the major Toronto newspapers carry both left and right wing opinion pieces (if such terms are not outdated.) The Toronto Star was adamantly opposed to Free

The Vengeful Blind



It is a mistaketo

assume that atheists have a faith in science that is analogous to the faith that theists place in their respective god(s). Being an atheist does not entail the worship of the scientific method or of individual scientists as a substitute for a belief in a supreme being. Unlike the immutable TRUTH which religions offer in the dusty old tomeson which they are based, science offers truths which illuminate only parts of the physical world atany given time. Scientific theories can be shown to contain truths which may be subject to qualification and further development in light of new theories and continued investigation. Individual scientific theories can also be proven to be false without compromising the validity of the scientific method. In fact, it is the validity of the scientific method which allows us to weed out those theories which are false. So what does this give us? Good science encourages and demands the examination and reexamination of scientific truths and allows for innovation and change. Good theology attempts to show that religious truths are just as true today as they were hundreds upon hundreds of years ago. It is no surprise that science and theology have clashed in the past; just ask Galileo, just ask Darwin. The scientific method does not become less credible when we replace an old empirical “fact” with a new one. If, upon viewing several sunrises and sunsets, we come to the believe that the sun revolves the earth, we do so on the basis of hypothesis and observations which seem to bear out our theory. However, upon further observation taking new evidence into account, such as the tendency for ships to disappear over the horizon, we may revise our theory until we conclude that the earth orbits the sun. In both cases the conclusibns could be rational so long as they fit with the

available empirical evidence. Any scientist worth his salt will not ignore new evidence and so long as this is done he is able to form a more accurate picture of the world. The theologian,however,hasa strong interestin ignoring any evidencewhich contradictshis

picture of the world. If he believes that the sun revolves around the world because it says so according to holy religious doctrine, any challenge to part ofthis doctrine threatens the integrity of the whole. If a body of knowledge is held as sacred then any threat to part of this body compromisesthe sacrednessof the whole. This is not to say that religion always remains stagnant. Religious doctrine does changein light of new empirical evidence, though very slowly. When faced with new evidencethat seems to contradict religious doctrine, theologians first go through a period of denial iabelling the offending contradiction “heresy” then, after a period of much debate, a reinterpretation of the original sacred truths “demonstrating” that there is no contradiction and that the sacredtruths are stiil sacred after all. In this way one can accept new scientific discoveries and keep his religion as well. This can also lead to a split within a faith that resultsin two or more factions each claiming to be the true defenders of that particular faith. This explains Christians who accept evolutionary theory and who see no conflict with this and their religious beliefs. It also explains those stubborn fundamentalist types who refuse to have evolution&y theory taught to school children. To deny or question the claims of individual scientists is often prudent, to deny the scientific method is to deny your senses and your reason. To deny the claims of theologians is heresyand to deny religion and god altogether is blasphemy, Science is a tool, religion is a restraint.

Imprint, Friday, July 15,1994

“Do they consider the Q&an (with care)? Had it been from other than ALLAH would surely have found therein much discrepancy.” [translation of the meaning of the Qur’anic verse 4:82]

(GOD), they

THE WORD OF GOD (1) by Sameh special

E. Rehan to Imprint

THE BIBLE -p-Z The Bible is a collection of books written by different people at different times The authors of most of the Bible’s books are UNKNOWN. In the Bible, a human being is the speaker. Sometimes he quotes GOD (Leviticus); sometimes he gives us the words of another human being (Nehemiah); sometimes he tells us his version of what happened a long time ago (Esther); sometimes he informs us about his own ideas and thoughts (Corinthians); and sometimes he changes his mind about what he wrote earlier (e.g. Paul corrected the information he gave in Corinthians 1: 14 later on in the same

chapter). The two oldest Bibles in existence

today, the Codex Sinaiticus and the Codex Vaticanus (both written about 320 years after Christ) do NOT have the above sections.

THE QUR’AN B-E GOD alone is the author of the Q&an. The entire Book is a long quotation from GOD. No human writer tells us what GOD said; GOD tells us HIMSELF. Sometimes GOD tells us about what certain humans said; sometimes GOD tells us about past history and teaches us a lesson from it. Even then GOD is the speaker telling us first hand what HE witnessed, “The revelation of the Scripture is from ALLAH, the MIGHTY, the WISE.” [Qur’an 45:2] There is only one version of the Qur’an. It contains NO additions to the original scripture revealed 1400 years ago. Nothing added; nothing taken away. Two of the original manuscripts OFthe Qur’an still exist today; one is in Istanbul and the other is in Tashkent. Both of these are identical in content with the Qur’an available all over the world today.

In conclusion, if you believe in GOD, then it might be a good idea to examine both the Bible and the Qur’an by yourself to see if the claims presented in this column are true or false.

For more informatiofi about Christianity and Islam, you can attend a dialogue that will be held at 7:OOpmon Friday July I5,1994 in the Kitchener Memorial Auditorium. The subject of this dialogue is ‘Christianity or Islam - which has the solution to the world’s problems?‘. Dr. William Klassen, a Professor at St.Paul’s ColiegeofUW, will represent Christianity while Mr. Ahmed Deedat, a Muslim scholar and expert on the Bible from South Africa, will represent Islam. For a ticket, please call l-800-265-6368. For a copy of The Qur’an or for more information about Islam, please call (5 19)725-4283 or send an e-mail to

WIN! WIN! WINI $100.00



AT VENDINGMAMINES LOCATED IN TtlE FOLLOWINGBUILDINGS: Every time you make a purchase using your Value Plus Card at a Vending Machine your name is automatically entered in our draw to win $100.00 on your Value Plus Card, Contest starts Wednesday, I July 13,1994 and ends July 27,i994; The draw will be held on July 28, 1994. For complete details call ext, 2751, + No purchase necessary. Ballots may be picked up at the Value Plus Card Office in the Commissary EMding. One ballot per visit per day.


bb b






Escobar Maradona by Tim



t is with a raging disposition that T write the following lines. Two things have happened that have turned this World Cup into a pathetic display of hypocrisy. Here is a song Colombian fans sing on the way to their games. “I go to the consul in Bogota and he asks me, ‘What are you taking to the US?’ I say, ‘My wallet and a big bag.’ He says, ‘What is the bag for? I say, ‘The bag is to bring the cup home. But now the bag is empty and filled with tears.” As the chorus dies a Colombian translator says: “We sing this song to show the world that Colombia is not’ only about drugs, its also about soccer.” How ironic when one week later Andres Escobar is literally blown away in the streets of Colombia A sadistic, vicious, inhuman act has occurred. A soccer player has been shot dead - and for what? Because some reptiles in the Colombian drug community felt that Andres Escobar, a Colombian defender, scored on his own net intentionally, during a qualifying game against the U.S. Escobar, 26, died upon arrival at a local hospital after receiving about 6 bullets to his body, according to a police spokesman. Escobar who played for Medellin National

was leaving a restaurant with a woman in the eastern neighbourhood of Las Palmas (in Medellin) when he got into an argument with a group of men over the own goal against the U.S. The men then repeatedly shot Escobar before escaping in two jeeps. The woman was not hurt. According to the spokesman police had been dispatched to guard the houses of other team members who lived in Medellin (bout 150 miles northeast of Bogota). He also said that the shooting was probably related to various death threats received by team coach Francisco Maturana and midfielder Gabriel Gomez before the U.S. game. He then added that drug traffickers allegedly made huge bets in favour of the team and might have wanted to take revenge. The team had defenetely disappointed millions of Colombians with its poor performance in the international tournament. The team had been hailed as one of the best in the World Cup. Many, including the legendary Pele, had picked Colombia to win the Cup, but the Colombians lost their first two games

dusted busted

to Romania, 3-1, on June 18 and then to the U.S., 2- 1, on June 22, when Escobar scored the accidental goal. It goes without saying that this was a major shock to all fans and non fans accross the globe. “We were appalled at the news,” FIFA president Joao Havelange said. “Everybody at FIFA is deeply shocked.” Diego Aftermath Maybe it’s just my naivete - I don’t know. But I always believed that soccer was one of the few sports left in this world that had some integrity left to it, I guess maybe I

This is the way I feel when I think about the suspension levied against Diego Maradona. Maradona was accused of taking stimulants that would enhance his performance, and as a result was kicked out of the tournament. Originally he was said to have taken a cocktail of five drugs, then it was narrowed down to stimulants found in his diet pills, now reports are surfacing that its a byproduct found in his vegetarian diet which consisted mainly of broccoli. I’ve heard and seen some major bullshit in my life but this has got to rate at the top of the heap. It’s really funny how everything

Escobar, 26, died upon arrival at a local hospital after receiving about 6 bullets to his body according to a police spokesman.


just wanted

to believe that. I know that there are certain matches whose outcomes are fixed. Either a team or some of its players took a payoff, or like in the Columbian’s case there were death threats imposed. There are many tactics that can be employed to get a desired result.


:z’r$uztinthe *

Had the tournament been left to proceed on its own accord, Italy would have met Argentina in the second round. I don’t think there is anyone that can honestly say that Italy would have stood a chance against Argentina the way they were playing. Argentina looked so dominant in its first two games that I, along with many other soccer aficionados felt that Argentina would win its third cup. Not only does Maradona make

Update by Tim Imprint


Laslavic sports


ith Argentina and Colom bia out of the tournament the only South American team left is Brazil.Gone are the likes of Maradona, Caniggia, up and comer Batistuta, and instead we are left with the likes of ball hogs Romario and Bebeto who would rather put their team in jeopardy than pass to each other; and then when they do decide to pass they can’t score, or just barely squeak out one measly goal. We also have to put up with Gar-Baggio, who also can’t score unless he’s three feet off-side (the quarterfinal game against Spain *comes to mind), or has a penalty shot. Even then the ball has to go in off the post. Well

Heads ended

up: Romario in a l-l tie.






it out


an air





an early exit, but Cameroon, a pretty good team in their own right get clobbered by Russia 6- 1. Yes the referee did have a hand in Cameroon losing, so its hard to say whether the game was bought, or just poorly refereed. However, Cameroon were experiencing financial problems which makes me wonder. Now, Cameroon loses and Italy advances. Argentina falls without their leader and the tournament takes on a whole new dimension. I don’t care about Maradona either way, but this is just too fishy for me to swallow. Especially when on day one he’s to be suspended for life, then one week later FIFA president Joao Havelange says that a lifetime ban would be unfair. On top of that it’s now not his fault but his doctors who should have been making out more detailed reports. Add to that the fact that the stimulants are now no longer performance enhancing drugs but byproducts of his vegetarian diet, cfound in broccoli no less. I mean which is it did he do something wrong or was he set up? The thing that really irks me about all this is that the public, especially the North American public which hasn’t been exposed to World Cup competition on such a plane before, has been robbed of seeing some of the best soccer that has graced this world. Argentina would haie provided this.






; have to give them credit for getting the job done because they will meet in the final, this Sunday, in Pasadena, at 3:30 p.m. TSN/ABC will be televising this game live.

One big surprise of this tour+ ment has been Bulgaria, a group pf relatively unknown players that make their living either in the Spanish league (Hristo Stoichkov), br the Bundesliga (Jordan Letchkov). Letchkov is the balding dude tbt scored that beautiful header to p& Bulgaria up 2-1 against Germany. Kudos to Bulgaria for knocking mt the reigning cup champions. Gkrmany was a pretty decent team, but just like Italy they had some breaks along the way and went further th$m t they really deserved to. It’s now come down to t3o teams, and as I see it two contragting styles of play. The Italians pl/ly a press and run in the first half, qd pull out your rosary and hope ayd pray we have enough energy left for the second half. The heat ,is going to be Italy’s biggest enem& They have played two tough gamts withone





a gru&\-

ling quarterfinal match against Spain; where one of their defenders (Tassoti) has been suspended eight games for injuring a Spanish continued

to page 12

SPORTS Brazil continued


is Tim’s pick of the week page 11

player. There also appears to be some dissension in the Italian corner between their coach Arrigo Sacchi and none other than Roberto Baggio. Gar-Baggio wants the team to play a more Brazilian style. He’s been quoted as saying that “Brazil doesn’t run as much as we do, they let the ball do the running for them.” Sacchi on the other hand wishes the team would follow his tactics to the letter. Brazil are the true keepers of soccer’s soul. What more can I tell you about these guys. ‘As much as

Imprint, Friday, July 15,1994

The Road to the Final

Leonardo that will miss the final game. He was suspended for the nasty foul he committed when elbowing Tab Ramos of the U.S. in the second round. There is a style of soccer emerging that threatens to engulf freedom of play and imagination. It’s referred to in Europe as “gymnasium soccer”. It’s personified by the likes of the United States, South Korea, and even to some extent the Italians with their constant running. The last time Brazil were victorious in the World Cup was 1970. In every touf-nament since that time they have had a team capable of reaching the final. This year they


2 I Italy~~-


1----___ Bulgaria 2 J --~hb;i~;ce / _ JULY

----~ JULY-9

Brazil’s of play

I, andcountlessothers like this team they really have a way of driving us nuts. When you watch them piay it’s like watching eleven Barishnykovs dance. The duo of Romario and Bcbeto have the ability of dissecting any defence to the point where they would leave them in tears, yet because of personal differences they try to do too much alone. Brazil is definitely going to be more in-tune to the heat in Pasadena, but they too have a key player in

Dunga relieving

sends the

the ball pressure




Holland 2 _-I-_~ -----____ Brazil 3

Dunea comes throuh: into the Swedish zone his own team.


1 (JuLyii)


back on

have the players, perhaps more so than at any other time, the trick will be to find the right mix. Let us then pray for failure by the lesser team so that Brazil can win. If there is to be any soul found in the game of soccer it’s primarily in Brazil. Whether in winning or losing they have always played with a spontaneous rhythm that has no equal. That is why we await their performance with excitement, and anxiety.

and now the end is near,

Huzzah Campus by Sue Campus

Ambrosia Ret Co-ordinator


s the Spring 1994 draws to an end, CR would like to recognize and extend thanks to many people who have made the term a success. Its the enthusiasm and spirit of the UW students, both participants and leaders, that make terms like this so much fun. CR thanks you all I would personally like to extend enormous thanks to Jane Varley for her hours of help and support and her endless patience, not to mention her friendship. Thank you, Paul Klose, for

backing me up a11 the way in self defense

and for making the class so much fun!! Thanks to the participants of Self Defense (Tuesday night) -- it’s



for Ret!

been the best term so far and all of you made it fun. Thanks also goes out to the student assistants, and club executive for their cooperation. Tammy Webster wishes to thank the following people: thanks, Lynn Schugardt, for rescuing me Tom many times; thanks, Kieswetter, for your guidance through my years at Waterloo; thank you. Jane Varley, for your patience

and ideas; thank you Sally Kemp,

for being a great role madel; thanks all skating instructors including

Susan, Trudy, Sandra, Darren, Tracey, Nancy and Barry for putting up with my demands;

thanks to all

the people who have helped me make CR successful,



Jason and everyone in the Tote room.

If 1 forgot anyone... Jason Taylor would

Sorry! ! like to

thank the following people for their work in their respective areas: Gloria Elliot for her work as Convenor of THREE hockey leagues and for Co- Chairing

CRAC; Glen MC bryde as Ice Hockey RK;



as Basketball RIC; Mark



Baseball UIC; thanks to Clint and Rich, the ARIC’s. Todd Barges, the Administrative Fitness Coordinatior

would like to thank Lisa


for her

work asan Instructor and to all the Fitness Team Leaders.

Students, faculty, staff & other members of the UW community are invited to participate in the upcoming Fed. of Students’FRISBEE GOLF TOURNAMENT” to be held the afternoon of Friday, July Z/94. To register and more info contact the Academic Affairs CVfice at ext. 2340 or by e-mail at fedacadawatservl . HERE’S



Congratulations and $250. go to Mark Ng. Many thanks to all who entered the contest. Submissions will be returned by mail to everyone.

Does gender discrimination exist at UW? by Jan Narvcson and Judy Wubnig Department of Philosophy special to Imprint


he Report entitled “THE STATUS OF WOMEN AT THE UNIVERSITY OF WATERLOO: 1993” proposes what would amount, at the upper limit, to an extensive remaking of the University, the curriculum, the ways courses are taught, and the way individuals at the University students, faculty, staff, and visitors - should be treated, following lines laid out by the CAUT Status of Women Committee (see the annual supplements of the CAUT Bulletin) and the recent Framework Regarding Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination in Ontario Universities issued by the Minister of Education and Training in October. In our judgment, this is a biasedreport in method and promotes bias at the root of educational policy and practice. Considerations of sex and race, especially, are emphasized and a decidedly preferential mode of treatment prescribed on

their basis. In some respects,

the report would turn education into indoctrination and propaganda, and at the extreme, would encourage the use of police state methods, complete with encouragement of informers and invoking of substantial punishments both in education and in dealing with personnel disputes. The fundamental assumption 3f the Report is that the Status of Women at the University of Water100 is quite awful - that there is rampant unjustifiable discrimination against women because oftheir sex, both as students and as em3loyees, and that it is a dangerous place for women. In addition, it is generally implied that the faculty are ignoramuses about the English language and their special disciplines, that neither the University of Waterloo nor any other university has ever provided a good education, and that all adults, except for the authors of the Report and enforcers of the policies they propose, need to be “educated” about how to behave I even how to run their family lives and bring up their children. The usual presupposition, that :hey and the enforcers are omniszient, so that they can determine 3ias in curriculum and course conlent - and of course do so better than .he faculty responsible for them - is Fequired to make it “work”, and that Iresupposition is no less preposter3~s in this case than in any others. The Report relies solely on re30r-t~ which argue from these aswnptions and makes no reference :O reports which rebut any of them - even those about employment practices, such as those of Andrew

Irvine (“Jack & Jill and employment equity”), which has already been sent to those concerned, and of Grant Brown (“Discrimination in hiring: the statistical evidence,”

1993)). The Report makes no less than 13 0 recommendat ions, eleven requiring direct funds, not including the resources diverted from

tation: “The Commission [on Canadian Studies, Association of Colleges and Universities of Canada] recommends.. .that universities and colleges approach the problems involved in correcting the current in-

terIoo with a mandate to work towards increasing the number of women academics at UW.” This Report purports to be opposed to bias and to be proposing measures against it, yet it is utterly biased even in the most elementary sense of not taking

account these opposing views. Until this fundamental assumption of the Report can bejustified, it is a nonstarter.

academic activities to studies; committees, etc.(lb,ld, 5, 9, llb, 13b, 17a, 25a, 26, 42a, 42b) eleven requiring authoritarian methods of enforcement (12b, 12c, 13a, 13b, 15,19a, 19b,

There those who pose that the job of versities



Regarding Pre-

treatment of women in higher education...” (T.H.B. Symons and J.E. Page, in “TO Know Ourselves” (198412 11). U of W officials and all concemed should be acquainted with the report by Andrew Irvine of UBC (“Jack & Jill and employment equity”), which goes into the situation via Statistics Canada, and that of Grant Brown (“Discrimination in hiring: the statistical evidence,” equitable Canadian

G. Davis,


The Report

opens with a quo-

into in


1993). These reports conclusively establish that there IS NO such alleged “inequitable treatment of women in Canadian higher education”





Report says that “Two years after the above words were written, the Advisory Council on Academic Human Resources (ACAHR) was established at the University of Wa-

society we live in. Is that the intention of this If so, on what


We who are here assume of education, to take whatever individual students come to us, by their own choice, and to do our best to increase their knowledge in the various areas they came to study, and also to make contributions ourselves to those areas. We are not pseudopolitical representatives engaged in pseudo-political discussions with other pseudopolitical representatives (students). Whether

that this is an institution

UW ofjciuls and all concerned should be acquainted with the work of Jack Irvine and Grant Brown. Their reports conclusively establish that there lLY NO such alleged “irtequitubde treatment of women in C-Azadian higher education ” needing rectifying*

cational Equity and Its Intellectual Baggage: CAUT Bulletin Supplement On The Status of Women.”


numbers disproportionate to their presence in graduate schools on some philosophical ground having to do with reconstituting the

and 24 and 28.) from Framework vention of Harassment and Discrimination in Ontario Universities; seven for the creation of new positions and committees (4a, 6, 7, 25a, 39d, 48c, 49) thirteen for “education” of students and sometimes staff and faculty (2c, 3b, 13a, 20a, 26,27a 27b, 27c, 27d, 33a) andtwo for political activity (47a, 47b). One whole section, “F. Safety” seems to be within the area of expertise of the Security department. These comments follow the order of the sections in the Report. Included as supplementary material are articles by Grant Brown, “Discrimination in hiring: the statistical evidence,” 1993, by Doreen Kimura, “Commentary on the Report of the Fifth -Canadian Conference ofWomen in Engineering, Science and Technology, York University, August 1992,” by Joseph Novak, Comments about the Framework Regarding Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination in Ontario Universities issued by the Minister of Education and Train-

it is uni-



20b, 21,22c, 20,

ing, and by Philip


are sup-

our society ought to be very

different from what it is, of course, is a subject which can be considered by intelligent people and which, by the way, is considered extensively by them. (I note that none of the authors has any academic training in the philosophical study of ethics, by the way. The very possibility that the assumptions on which the

rcpor-tis baaed,

both normative


factual, might be false or at least disputable, seems nowhere to be recognized.) Some of us are, indeed, very much of the opinion that it should

be very different from what it is: but it is our role as academics to try to assemble good reasons for ouropinions, to examine the alternatives carefully, and explain them to students and whoever else. It is surely not the role of the University in particular to tryto take command in such a social change. Nor does the proposedpoli tical and social change

make any sense. Philosopher Philip CT. Davis, discussing the kind of proposals in the Report, goes much further, saying that they are totalitarian in conception and based on the view that there is no objective truth. One of us would be perfectly happy to go into this at length, since it is precisely his area of academic interest, but first things should be first. This report certainly appears to be based on a false premise. Has there been any fresh evidence to show that Irvine and Brown are wrong? The SOW report refers to “a report by Drakich, Smith, Stewart, Fox and Griffith entitled the “Status of Women in Ontario Universities”, which “placed the University of Waterloo in the category of “em-

ployment equity retarded universities”, on the ground that “It is also the university with the lowest percentage of women faculty in Ontario”; its authors went on to talk about “whether systemic gender inequity can be effectively addressed.” In a letter to the Gazette [May 41, Ed TeRaa has pointed out that this remark is completelydisingenuous: since the U of W has a far higher proportion of subjects of study that are very unpopular with women, it is no reflection whatever on any inequitable practice by the University that the situation should be as it is. If you instead look in the usual subjects in which women are well represented, U of W is not particularly out of line. Yet the Report showsno recognition whatsoever of this obviou.sly very relevant fact. No doubt they are of the opinion that the fact that there are few women in engineering or the “hard” sciences is itself a function of previous societal brain-washing and discrimination. They are entitled to their opinion, if so. But it is obviously a totally different thing to say that from saying that the University is “employment equity retarded”. Such a charge plainly impIies that the University is culpable in its employment practices in this respect. That is simply not true and in no remote way supported by the facts. The view that it should also be re-doing the entire social framework of our country with a view

to oqu&zing

the in&dcnco


women and men in theoretical physics or electrical engineering is a totally different matter. To confuse continued

to page 15


Friday, July 15,1994




the supposed situation. Consider a counsel and assist these students”, of Affirmative Action for Women. obvious and central concerns of the few of the specific recommenda- who is going to pay the bills? Again, We would also make a general ob- field. But to mandate from above the two is utterly irresponsible. Yet tions of this committee: the writers either assume a pie-inservation about such recommenda- that the University, as a University, there it is in the Report. (1) “On-campus child care the-sky level of funding or they are tions as that groups should ‘be needs to offer extensive academic When the authors of SOW go services with: drop-in capability, recommending that restricted aca- fomned” to do things like “meeting training in women’s concerns is to on to point out that “Waterloo has extended and weekend hours; demic bds should be devoted to approximately once a month to dis- raise the spectre, again, of extrajust attained the provincial average enough spacesfor faculty, staff and nonacademic purposes. This is ob- cuss issues of concern and to proacademic motivation for what of 1980”, they take no account of students; subsidies for both gradu- jectionable. vide mutual support.” The comshould be academic programs. It is the aforementioned facts, instead ate and undergraduate students in The Report proposes (4 and 5) ment is: Well, go ahead! Why does of particular interest that the Comtreating the development as if it need; a family this &cur in a mittee seems to think that this proindicated lack of reasonable housing composed requirement holds as rnych “progress”. But in fact, what it plex for women in Mathematics, Engineering, and shows is that U of W, like so many with dependents; Science asin the humanities - again, support universities, has been stringently and without any shred of academic juspracticing “Affnmative action” for group for single tification whatsoever. Instead, the these two years; the numbers hired parents” The report again relies on a general sense claim that a Uniare already much out of proportion that somehow women have been to the incidence of women actually versity not providgetting a raw deal, and that measreaching full qualification in the ing all those things ures like this are therefore just obfields concerned at the times the is thereby guilty of viously the way to respond. It is not hiring took place. inequity is fatuous. so: evidence of an unbiased kind is (Note that the Report continuOn the contrary: a limits of others’ needed, and the way to respond to ally discussesthe education of indi- University expendrights. There is no inequities is always to restore or viduals in pseudo-political talk of ing money that is need and no justifiinstitute equity - not to try to coun“representation” and tacitly attacks supposed to be spent cation for imposing terbalance it with an equal and opthe individual. Students, faculty, on academic pursuits on University budg- posite inequity. and staff do not “represent” anyone on things of that deets to provide extra Whether there should, as the but themselves; they are not cho- scription‘ is guilty of support for these ac- report proposes, be “both a general sen to “represent” anyone, unlike irresponsibility. We are and honours degree available in members of Parliament.) not a kindergarten or Women’s Studies at UW, as is the day-care facility: we ar case at many other Canadian uniA. SUPPORT SERWCES University. versities” is an interesting quesMuch of the report is concerned Consider, for example, thi tion. The prior question is whether with matters that raise a related proposal: women’s studies is, really, a “field”. question: should a University con(I b) “Additional day care It is, right now, easy for students in fine itself to the work of universibursaries should be made availmany subjectsto specialize in works ties? Or should it offer subsidized able to both full-time and part- by or about women in one respect day-care and many other kinds of time undergraduate and graduate or another. Any such work needs to facilities to aportion of its faculties, students”. To give bursaries for this the interests of certain extra-aca- be undertaken under the restricon alleged grounds of inequitable purpose is to take money away from demic special-inter&t groups tions of the disciplines of the acadother students. Now, each departtreatment? Some academic women should have priority over the pur- emy, however. For example, no one have children to worry about, but it ment does its best to attract the best there posesof the University’s budget as as can study women’s roles in literadoes not follow that the University students it can, utilizing its teach& shouldbe a such. Again, that is completely un- ture without knowing a much wider should make extraordinary efforts ing budget to maximize the qualiq, Women’s Centre to provGe provide mate- reasonable. swath of the relevant kinds of litof its graduate student body. That rials and services of interest .Q to accommodate them. In particuPerhaps arecommendation like erature, or undertake any sociologilar, it does not follow that the Unithe University in general should women. It does not, however, pro“(9) Equality in athletics [e.g.,] cal or economic study without versity should be subsidizing serv- specify, across the board, that bur- pose any suchCentre for Men. More equal budgets for men’s and wom- knowing statistics, the elements of ices to them that every family eve- saries be made available for this importantly, the university already en’s sports; equal access to, and economic analysis, and so on. A rywhere, in or out of academia, particular purpose is to propose a provides “materials and services of time in, sports facilities; women’s women’s study degree which connonacademic nonacademic rationale rationale for student interest” to all, men and women, ,preferences in sports taken into ac- si stedwholly of studying the works must concern itself with. There is no ground for trans- support, independently of its aca- who want to pursue learning. What count” may seem to have a bit more of feminists, for instance, without ferring funds intended for academic demic rationale. That is not reason- special services is a Women’s Cen- academic justification. But surely benefit of these background disciable. Or consider this one: tre supposed to provide that have this is a situation where supply and plines, would be useful only for purposes to such purposes. Any servicesof that kind provided within (2) “Encouragement of male anything to do with the functions of demand are the relevant variables. irresponsible politicking, not for the University should do so on a professors and Sports are not study. . are-. academic cost-recovering basis. Why should lecturers to purIn a way, oneofthe most sympWhy should this ur any ur;ziversity be - ~~$r~~~~~ tomatic of the Report’s concerns is this or any university be paying sue their childattention to the special demands rearing responsithis one: (18) “Initiatives, includvoiced by the report, calling for the bilities”. These paying attentiun tu the special demands ~e~a;~~~C~~~~ ing wide publicity of available proexpenditure of funds, time and en- things are the reare to be provided, grams, to encourage women to envoked by the report, calling fur the ergy on promoting the goal of a sponsibilities of they should be ter and complete degrees in non“Woman-Friendly University,” if families; it is not expenditure funds,- time and energy provided on the traditional fields”, mentioning basis of interest - ‘*Outreach programs to encourage it is defined as it is in the report: “a the mandate of a and, it seemsto us, young girls to study science”, etc. place where every woman feels University to in- : oni prumuting the goal of a “Wumun tervene in the Now here again, the question comfortable in living, studying, is: Why? The assumption of the working and playing; a place where domestic area, Friendly University? ‘I The university is $‘,~~~!,r~i -priate &d-relevant report, we gather, is that little girls she can reach her fill academic and any more than nut un institution fur Viving, ” (to take an excharges to the ushave somehow been treated “unpersonal potential”? The university, however, is not an institution ample from a em There is NO fairly” in the (recent) past. This is “pluyiflg, ‘I or fulfilling “persortul for “living,” “playing,” or fulfilling currently Politirather dubious, for one thing. More puten tiul, ” btit une the pursuit importantly, the claim that there are “personal potential,” but one for cally Correct women and men, “fields in which [females] have hisarea of concern) the pursuit of learning learning or between any There is no goodreason to think than in the sextorically been underrepresented” li other division of makes an assumption for which, that women cannot reach their aca- lives of its fac4 ulty or students. To take atiother : a university? If any of the propos- the student or staffbody, should be again, no actual evidence is pro-. demic potential here at the University of Waterloo, nor that there is PC area: plenty of families here are, als had any academic function, then considered a special goal for the vided: that there is nothing about any special reason why they should say, Muslim, Hindu, and from other they would ha$e to be equally pro- University to be promoting in this being female as such that has any “feel less comfortable” than any- backgrounds. Is U of W to presume vided for me?:’ The only function regard. Nor - to repeat - is there any bearing on probability of successattempt at justification in the re- ful engagement, or even interest, in one else. Over my own thirty years to tell them that their customs are that the Rep gives for a Womany given field. Now what the en’s Centre is” T ‘b be a base for poli- p** at this University, I have had aca- all wrong, and we, the enlightened Report assumesabout this could be demic and social relations to many modem University, are going to tics - not educa@ - and politics of true, of course. But it also could be one persuasion, “feminist.” The B. CURRICULUM women and have seenno particular lecture them about these matters? In similar vein is the RECOMfalse. The point is that it is not a Similarly, the idea of University should not be funding reason to think that as a class they matter for a priori theorizing, and it MENDATION that (3) a “parental leave policy for political groups but promoting were badly “treated”. (17a) “There should be at least is pretty outrageous to base signifiIt also must be pointed out that undergraduate and graduate stu- learning of academic subjects. cant public policies, with potenThe Report says that we al- another half-time appointmentisedents” isprobably unnecessaryfrom what makes a person comfortable condment to Women’s Studies, tially adverseeffectson many, many any strictly academic point of view. ready have an Advisor, Chair is highly variable with individuals. ACAHR (an author of the Report) preferably to someone in a Faculty people, on such a priori theories: There are no doubt plenty of un- A department that makes no allowAgain, what does “representaon campus who “has a small budget other than Arts in order to emphacomfortable men on campus aswell, ance for and shows no “flexibility size the interdisciplinary nature of tion” have to do with education? but it is unclear that we should be and consideration for studentswith to be used to bring prominent The very expression implies that women speakers to campus and to the field: as soon as finances allow, child-rearing responsibilities” runs subsidizing efforts to resolve their a danger of losing those students, assist women faculty members at- Women’s Studies should have a education is really politics, rather personal problems either. Yet the tend scholarly conferences”. But if minimum of 1.5 FTEs”. It is, of than what it is: education. And that report simply assumes that these and departments do not want to lose course, always a difficult matter for is an assumption that has no place things are so - it does not attempt to good students. It is unclear that a these conferences are genuinely in the University. a department to decide just which scholarly, they would be justified “general policy” is needed on the provide a clear rationale for its assertions - and then goes on to point. If “a Resource Person should on academic grounds. As it is, it way it should try to direct its acanext week. demand all sorts of things to rectify be available in every Faculty to appears that this isjust one more bit demic resources, above the most To be continued continued


page 14





Engines Sizzle Slovvburning endured. Shirtless drummer Robert Watkins hit the skins with a ferocity that maintained the throbbing beat of songs like the “Dreaming” and thk all-out thrash of “Shumer”. On stage Slowburn’s performance took on a Nir-

13 Engines with Slowburn Wednesday, June 28

Phil’s Bar and Grill by Chris






to Fire


an o

vana quality, in part due to the excessenergy exhibited by guitarist and lead vocalist Cliff very once in a while an opening act Boyd. The entire set was comprised of with it. Instead 13 Engines erabbed will surprise you with some fantastic melodic songs chock full of spicy bass courmusic or an incredible live show. To tesy of Harvey Windsor and of frolicking place Slowbum’s opening slot for 13 Enguitar licks from Charles Boname. The exgines in either category would only be underception to all this was “Shuffler” which is I Unfortunately, the intensity of stating the Vancouver band’s superb peralmost the companion piece to Cobain’s hard Slowburn was not matched by Toformance. hitting “Stay ronto’s 13 Engines. The studio sucSlowburn had Away”. Stylis- cessof A Blur To Me Now and Pertically though, petuaEMotion Machine where proven live show and the west coast quartet is closer sic to offer. The to fellow Canadian bands Sloan and hHead. dry stage performance. Critchley Slowburn delivand company seemed dead on stage. ered the crowd There was no life in their performfavourite ance. “Whatever” in As 13 Engines opened with the fine fashion, crowd favourite “Bred In The Bone” The 13 Engines that couldn’t crowd pleas- Burnid up the airwaves. sounding much the crowd joyously bounced around antly off guard. better live than to the sonic onslaught. Soon after radio camp. The inability of 13 Engines to have an There was a distinctive quality to the on the less than adequate production on favourites “Smoke and Ashes” and “More” exciting stage persona made it a tistrating music that emanated from the cramped quarSparked. As the westcoastersbelted out this were offered to the crowd. It was from that show to watch. ters on stage. Part wall of guitar noise, part particular song, one that CFNY has recently point on that the night began to drag. 13 Great material alone just doesn’t cut it cleverly crafied pop, each song kept attention been giving a lot of airplay, it brought to mind * Engines looked like they were just going live. Eventually 13 Engines broke out of keenly focused on stage. Slowbum enthusi- early Teenage Fanclub. Other riotable tunes, through the motions. They were in desperate their shell to play a fine version of “Unconastically romped through material from their “Frenzy” and “Fall All Over,” continued in need of some sort of stage presence. Uninscious” that showcased what they are actudebut independent release Sparked. This up the vein set by the previous songs and spired rock blasted from the speakers only to ally capable of. Unfortunately the revived and coming band exuded an intensity that showcased more of Slowbum’s interesting be spruced up occasionally with a spine tin- version of the band came a little too late. 13 was easily transferred to the crowd on the mixes of power guitar and sweet melody. gling number like the evil and forebbding Engines just need to learn how to convey all With an intense live show already achieved, “Golden Age”. dance floor. With the first Chords of their technical skill and musicianship, which For a relatively new band, the members Slowburn ignited the crowd. This group of “Saviour” I3 Engines briefly came alive but is so evident in their studio endeavours, to a soon returned to their slumbering set. of Slowbum have developed quite a power- talented musicians is one to watch for. live setting. With the intensity of the Slowbum perThere is a vast array of talent and song ful stage presence. This is partly due to the In this respect they could take a lesson extensive cross-Canada touring the band has formance already burned into the minds of writing skill to be found in the 13 Engines from Slowbum.


Peaceful The Eagles CNE Grandstand Monday, July

in fine form. with their greatest hit of all time, “Hotel California,” which was recieved by the crowd with ear-shattering screams and risingto the occasion to welcome theses The Eagles opened


by Pat Merlihaa Imprint staff he intentions of the recent reunion by the Eagles may be questionable, but Monday evening brought back memories of days gone by for the near-capacity crowd+&+&~ CNE. This show marked the

T only &@&&$$dafe


on the band’s


tour a&?% years %l%a&~~~~:~ti~L,,, . F~rkingpy~r.+uqg&~re tiosX+Q to $65 to $sS wasn’~~,~~~~~le~~~~.:~efans @ listen an&may& c&6&~; $i@@& of ~*e $oys of summer oP’yesteryea?T*&Onef’.‘.i@$8 such a diehard that s~~~~~~~~~t~~.l~~~ hal~ay through the first set, and left .3 tunes later when her water broke. (It was a boy.) Glenn Frey’s “HeIZ freezing over” quote about a reunion a couple of years ago hails as the banner of the tour; for some it just enforces the fact that this is one of the biggest, shameless money grabs by classic rock dinosaurs. Hell froze over, past differences were set aside, and the late great tunes were heard

retro-rockers to town. Despite the circumstances of the reunion Don Glenn


The “one-hit” reunion show is questionas the boys have already done some studio work for a new album, not to mention their Eagles Unplugged scheduled to be the very last MTV Unplugged. Either they’re going for the high almighty buck inone shot,

Henley. Ifthis is any indication of the album, don’t buy it. This song is a repetitive piece of crap, which is surprising because Henley is by far the best songwriter in the group. The second set consisted of a “solo-off’ rather than a reunited Eagles show doing - _ Eagles tunes. Henley played “Heart of the Matter,” “The Boys of Summer,” “Dirty

a desperate attempt at forcing

the second set including “Tequila Sunrise,” “Heartache Tonight,” “Desperado”, and fi-




Henley, Frey, Joe

old -&016 and ~----QL-- -‘- d?-55:

.f :::“c,> + :$ &g<, $+,+* c&&d. The %&fi%?~ sonmi&ere fron$heir


1 b CI b p c 1 ;w


,,,x+... By:,&,



“Victim ~~~~~. T: “New Ki~~~~~wn,” I...&a*%..>.,‘>y y.2: :::$,q+& _I,_;p&. + “Wasted Time,” ans”a’Pretty?+&&&Q$ll in a Row .”


sound of the 70’s have long left that

into band members that era. It keeps to their country roots, as is the new album that Glenn Frey promised to onlookers. The other new song, “Get Over It,” was introduced in their final set sung by Don


the evening

with “Take

it Easy.”

The crowd obviously wasn’t there for the glitter or glamour of a light show, special affects, or extravagant stage antics. If they were,they missed Pink Floyd by a week. The audience was there to listen to the music, and music they got.


There is a town South Ontario Crosby, Stills and Nash with Fleetwood Mac appearirrg at Kingswood Music Theatre

Saturday, July 23 by Chris Imprint

Aldworth staff


rosby, Stills and Nash have stood the test of time. It is twenty five years since the sweet vocal harmonies of the trio graced the stage at Woodstock, that mecca of the hippie generation. Twenty five years since the David, Stephen and Graham penned the memorable acoustic ballads of “Suite: Judy Blue Eyes”, “Marrakesh Express” and “Guinevere”. In order to celebrate the formation of CSN, so many years ago, they have once


again joined forces to treat the massesto their brand of musical poetry and hippie mysticism. Saturday July 23 at the Kingswood music theatre at Paramount Canada’s Wonderland Crosby, Stills and Nash will be spinning their tales of peace and sorrow accompanied by their own distinct brand of drifiy atmospheric accompaniment. The classic songs of “Find The Cost Of Freedom” and “Almost Cut My Hair” are sure to fill the aif at Kingswood. With such special vocal harmonies and magnificent guitar playing by the this class act this is one show you will not want to miss. Also joining Crosby; Stills and Nash will be the talents of Fleetwood Mac. With two bands of this statureon one stagethis will definitely be one night to remember.

Imprint, Friday, July 15,1994






of Canadians

The Rhinos Phil ‘s Bar and Grill

Wednesday, July 6 by Elaine &cord special to Imprint


hil’s was “A Fantastic Place to Be” on July 6 as The Rhinos delivered a characteristically great show. As usual, their performance was tight and their wit and high energy charmed the audience. They combined some old favourites with a good number of new songs which

Life,! will be on their upcoming CD. The audience was fairly young becuase it was an all-ages show which may be why there was reluctance to let loose on the dance floor. The crowd chose to stand still on the dance floor and just gawk at the band. However, The Rhinos managed to warm up even this slow crowd with their funky grooves. By the end of the evening Phil’s was the site of an enthusiastic celebration of life. The sound of The Rhinos has evolved since their last album “fishing in the fountain of youth” and if the new tunes they tried out on the crowd at Phil’s are any a year. indication, their next CD is going to be excellent. As part of their encore they brought up guest vocalist Paul Macleod to jam on a couple Beastie Boys songs and a Grandmaster Flash rap classic. Part of what makes the band interesting to see live is their love of improvisation and experimentation. They never hesitate to try something new and seem to genuinely enjoy performing. I think they have as much fun on the stage as their audiences have watching them. Their show at Phil’s was no exception as their upbeat and off-beat style made for a most enjoyable evening.

Healed in the name of Squirm! 4MB Ram 1.44 MB Floppy 420 MB Hard Drive SVEA Colour Monitor Mini Tower Case

Squirm Lee ‘s Palace Tuesday, June 28

MW 486 DX/40 . .. $I,375900

MW 486 DX2/66 ... $1,475.00

by Cauole Theriault special to Imprint


n Saturday, still recovering Canada’s 127th, I 4 MB Ram ‘-d . ‘I We repair & upgrade checked out a relatively new but imI..A most makes of PC 1.44 MB FDD pressive band that started the night’s entertainment at Lee’s Palace in Toronto. Squirm 212 MB l-lard Drive &.&;I NOVELL Networking is an undeniably fun, tuneful group that have Panasonic Double Speed CD-ROM I :r the ability to attract and maintain the interest Sound Blaster 16 bit sound card of any audience. Stereo Speaker Lead singer Elaine Secord’s upbeat perMicrophone sonality, complimented with her sometimes powerful, sometimes hushed voice quickly SVGA Coluur Monitor silenced the bar’s casual repartee. Her genuMini-Tower Case ATI ? 9.2int.Fax Mode. .$I 73.00 ine smile and funky dance moves assured the $23.00 IBM Joystick crowd of her innate love of the band’s music. 486 DX40 ., , $1,689.00 Canon BJ-ZOOE~:::.~ $370.00 Ian Torres, bass strummer and vocalist, amused the audience in his normal comical 486 DX2l66 .. . $1,789.00 ~~~~~r"2"~~~~"Ta,::~~ way with his unusual senseofhumour. Torres, either contorted in some unimaginable posiththuppy lx - -__ _ tion or showing off his newly acquired nipple ring, upheld the fin atmosphere in the bar. Too slow? . . . Out of memory? . . . Insufficient bird disk space? . . BJ Everheart, responsible for keyboards and trumpet, added an unique feel to their sound--one too seldom heard in bands today* Unfortunately, the “Faith-Healing Vet” (which is always a well-received due to its energetic beat) is the only tune where Everheart gets to impress the audience with his trumpet-playing. Guitarist, Steve Halvorson, had a quiet but undenied presence on stage as did Barren Evans, the drummer. All members’ personalities were incorporated equally into the music, allowing their listeners to appreciate it from numerous perUPGRADE PRICES INCLUDEMOTHERBOARD, EKC, ,....v -.. i” -1 m CACHE 8 MICROPROCESSOR. spectives. II a !! ALL486M/B KM LOCAL BUS Their openink song “Frantic” immediately lifted the quiet mood of the audience into one of high energy and light-spirits. The artists’ musical talent was obvious as was the amount of time they must devote to the band



I only




in order to produce such a polished sound. Squirm has intelligent lyrics and, unlike many of today’s upcoming bands, tends less to croon about personal bullshit or about how disgusting our society has become. Instead, the lyrics range from the glorification of the repressed Lilith Crane from Cheers to the realization that having a key doesn’t mean there is a door it will unlock. Yet another tune worth mentioning, “Pockettil of Dreams”, won them the CFNY new music search contest in 1991. This is a band worth checking out. Rumour


ha& it that




entit1edHEN.U will be out before their next gig which is on July 20th at Wilf s (Laurier’s pub). Expect a few laughs, an energetic crowd, and above all, some great tunes.




Four lovers and a mutinv

Imprint, Friday, July 15,1994

Fast times at UW High Summer



directed by Roman Polanski by Doug Mann special to Imprint


oman Polanski’s Bitter Moun struck me as a case of The Tenant meets The useidm Adventure. The scenario was like this: terribly correct and terribly boring upper middle-class English couple Nigel (Hugh Grant) and Fiona (Kristen Scott Thomas) meet the adventuresome French temptress Mimi (Emmanuelle Siegner) and the equally adventuresome but unfortunatelyconfined-to-a-wheelchair American Oscar (PerterCoyote) aboardaMediterraneancruise ship. Oscar used to be a failed writer, but now he’s just a failed human being. Mimi used to be a dancer, but now she’s into tight skirts and makeup. Polanski tells the story of Oscar and Mimi’s troubled times together by way of a series of flashbacks stitched together by Oscar unburdening himself over smokes and drinks to Nigel in this private cabin. Nigel is at first frightfully disgusted by the whole thing, but becomes more and more intrigued when he becomes aware of the possibility of taking the lovely Mimi to bet with b!essing of the paralyzed Oscar. Oscar waves his tale with the grumpy eloquence of a Yankee Chaucer soused on whisky and self-loathing. He tells of the magic of his first meeting with Mimi on the

number 96 bus in the heart of romantic Paris. Their early passions, their forays into kinkyville (including such love-aids as a cassette of animal noises and a pig-mask for Oscar), and the crumbling of their amour, when Qscar in true bastard fashion decides it’s time to call it quits even after Mimi’s strident objections. After a brief departure, Mimi begs to move back into the apartment, and Oscar relents. He proceeds to play the prick, doing every malevolent thing he can to drive her away. He finally ditches her on a plane to Martinique, and loses himself in the frivolous sensuality of Paris. But he’s blinsided by a truck and put in hospital, where Mimi shows up one day, pulling him out of bed and breaking something vital. Then comes the wheelchair and marriage (yes, Mimi decides she will get revenge by becoming Oscar’s wife). The climatic scene comes at the shipboard New Year’s Party, where Mimi fends of the advances of both a lusty Italian passenger and the more inept Nigel, only to wind up in the sack with Fiona, in a sunrise ending (oh well, you probably didn’t want to see the film anyways) worth of O.Henry. In the end, one can only sympathize with Nigel’s shout to the waters raging over the side of the ship: “FUCKING HELL!“. Polanski’s characters in Bitter Moon share various positions on a sliding scale of pathetic-ness. I suppose that’s what makes the film interesting. And it certainly was. But in my mind, they were all a bunch of tossers.


Upstage Pruductions Davis Gentre 1351 University of Wuterloo July 7-9, I4- 16 by Elaine Sccord special to Imprint


t’s summer and it’s time for friends and fun. Summer Recreation is a comedy in two acts which focuses on 8 group of ten friends as they spend a long weekend together and gain new insights into their relationships. The play was light humouredand filled with entertaining gut-wrenching laughs. The cast’s performance was energetic and judging by the audience response the play was well-recieved making a good time for all in attendance. Summer Recreation was written by Jonathan Aiken over a period of five years. Jonathan is a third year computer science student here at the University of Waterloo. He also directed the show and acts (sleeps) as Brian, a narcoleptic. The play is “loosely based on observations of the human dating condition [he] has made through high school and university.“. The show was sponsored by Upstage Productions, a University of Waterloo organization dedicated to promoting drama on campus by providing members of the uni-

Soul Ray Brown


Tup 0’ the Senator Tuesday,

June 28

by Tobias MacArthur special to Imprint


Used LP3 Plus tw

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items outside during SIOEWAM SALE!

Friday, July 15 .. . 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. Saturday, July 14 .a. 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. lvIuII.‘vY~u.





loam to IOom

ne of the highlights of the Toronto Jazz Festival this year was the appearance of legendary bassist Ray Brown and his trio for a six night stint at the Senator, one of Toronto’s premier Jazz clubs. 1 caught the trio, consisting of drummer Jeff Hamilton and the young and talented Benny Green on piano on a rainy Tuesday playing their second show in as many nights to a full house (of mostly yuppie lawyertypes discussing Zen buddhism with their cocktails in between sets). Looking back on it, at $15 a ticket and $10 for 2 beers, I shouldn’t have been so surprised. But, despite (or possibly in spite of) the crowd, Brown & Co. managed to deliver a very cool performance. With their most recent album Black Orpheus currently on the Jazz charts, the trio was with no shortage of material to play. They opened the set with the enigmatically titled “Classical NG With a Little Grease in the Middle”, beginning with a lyrical piano part at a moderate tempo accompanied only by a smooth, bowed bass and ending in a wore upbeat swing with all three players fully involved. In fact, this was to set the tone for the rest of the night, with the band alternating between slow ballads (“My Foolish “Isn’t This a Lovely Day?“) and Heart”, much faster digs such as “Jabba”, “Barn Barn Barn” (no, not the Flinstones’ version), and the ever- popular, all-American tune “Take Me Out to the Ballpark”, a sort ofmini-tribute

versity community with funds, advice and space. In the play, the characters spend a weekend at a cottage owned by the Hannon family. Herein lies a casting problem: Peter and Shane Hannon are twin brothers but oddly enough, one of them has a British accent. This was a bit hard to swallow, as was the fact that they still live at home and have to get permission from “Mom” to do anything despite the fact that they both look like they’re in their thirties. There is a wide range of personalities among the characters, and some of them are definitely more believable than others. I realize this play was supposed to be a farce and ‘the ditzy Diane was good for a few laughs. Karen Smith did her best to bring Diane to life, but NO ONE is that stupid. Paul Antonio was good as the resident slime and I really liked Benjamin Robins, who put in quite a credible performance as Cecil -- he seemed the most life-like with his depictions of a real guy experiencing real emotions. The play didn’t come off without a hitch but it was opening night after all, and the cast made a valiant effort. Overall, it was an evening of good-natured fun which the audience tilly enjoyed. If you’re looking for an amusing romp in the “grand old style of British farce” this is the play for you.

Man to the Jays having won the World Series last year, as Brown so jovially pointed out. It was in large part owing to Brown’s incredible personality and sense of humour that this show was so enjoyable. He joked around with the audience and told personal anecdotes and stories between songs with an ease and lack of pretension that made it seem natural, as is seldom the case with most rock concerts where the stories are often, if not always, contrived. The definite highlight of this show was the near seven minute bass solo by Brown which was never boring and could not even be diminished by the poor yuppie at the back who just happened to be talking into his cellphone at the time, before being “hushed”, “hmmmphed” and generally put in his place by his fellow yuppie colleagues. OK, maybe it was just a little, but that didn’t stop Brown from displaying the inventiveness, virtuosity and ultimately,soul which he has no doubt accumulated throughout the years having played with such historical jazz luminaries as Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Dizzy Gillespie and Oscar Peterson, not to mention once being married to Ella Fitzgerald. The trio closed the set with “a piece written for a gentleman”’ the not well-known piano player Finius (Finus down South) Newborne, titled appropriately “Finus Can Be” and with that ended a very memorable evening on a note of class. However, not before this reviewer was able to snare an autograph from one of the few livmg jazz greats remaining. As a final note to any Elvis Costello fans out there, you would be well-advised to check the liner notes to “King ofAmerica”. Costello, no doubt, knew a legend when he met one.

by Pat Merlihan Imprint staff If you haven’t yet heard, this is a concept album. Ifthatisn’t enough information to form opinions then I’ll let you in on what the concept is. This story is based on a three part comic book scrics based on Alice Cooper’s character and tel Is a story ofa kid, Steven, who finds life boring. He stumbles into a carnival and is invited in by the showman. This is where the first song “Sideshow” comes in. The next song, “Nothing’s Free,” has Steven cntering this evil carnival and I’m sure the song title will gives you the idea. The carnival show begins with the glories of money in “Lost In America” which will probably go down as the absolute worst song of the decade. It’s actually the first single from the album, which makes it even more pathetic. “Bad Place Alone” talks about the glories of drugs and being in a

by Lisa Imprint

Sutton staff

You know those things you inadvertainly scream when you drop something heavy on your toe? Maggie Estep has taken these prolific statements and baked them into her new ready-serve al bumNo h40r~1 Mister Nice Girl which is oven-scorching hot. Anyone familiar with the rare spoken word recordings and performances of Karen Findley will be pleased to know that Maggie will also cut through your thirst. Featured with her band I Love Everybody, Maggie’s performance teeters between scream and spoken word. Although the catchy music of I Love Everybody could easily stand on its own, her lyrics give her an edge over more traditional, but

gang and “You’re My Temptation” sings of the glories ofsex; these songs are portrayed in the carnival show that young Steven has reluctantly fallen victim to. Soon Steven realizes that everything about the carnival is evil and wrong. This notion is depicted in “Stolen Prayer”, co-written with Soundgarden’sChris Cornell which is actually an alright slower acoustic tune. Chris Cornell also writes the “Unholy War” which is a pretty lame attempt to continue Steven’s saga of now having to come up against the evil Showman at the carnival. “Lullaby”plays evil mind games with Steven in his sleep and “It’s Me” affirms Stcvcn that he is doing the right thing by just saying “‘NO.” So the very next day innocent Steven burns down the camival in “Cleansed By Fire.” . Being a sarcastic shit on this review is not necessary because anybody can just look at the concept, look at who is trying to sell this concept and then remember great hit albums like Hey S~~op3 and Trash. Alice Cooper has come from inciting rebellion in youth of the 60’s and 70’s to a pussy of the 90’s. What is even more pathetic is that the liner notes state that “The Last Temptation comic books will be available at comic book stores everywhere and are essential companion pieces to this Alice Cooper Album.” I’d like to calmly ask “What fucking moron couldn’t figure out this two cent evangelism spooge without the help of a shitty comic book! ! !” This sucks. Enough said.

equally talented, spoken word performers like Meryn Caddell. Only Maggie can describe the horror of having a “TV drilling holes in her head, pouring in deodorant and diet shakes, acouple ofgame show hosts and the bus to Jim Morrison that someone ripped off from his grave in Paris.” Go figure. No More Mister* Nice Girl includes sixteen titled enticingly tracks including: “The stupid jerk I’m obsessed with,” “Pee Lady” and “Sex goddess of the Western Hemisphere.” Scvera1 tracks on No More Mister Nice Girl begin with some of Maggie’s insightful and humorous introductions. The most delightful feature about the album however, is the accompanying foldout which details the entertaining inspiration for each track. No More Mister Nice Girl is definitely an album worth checking out. Maggie Estep is a talented performer who will remind you when times are bad, that life could always be worse.

KISS anthem, encore song, and band motto “I Wanna Rock and Roll AI1 Nite and Party Every Day” into a camp-fire sing-a-long song? Well that’s exactly what Toad the by Joe special

Presutti to the


This is the best tribute CD to date. It includes a wide range of musicians from all walks of music life such as Garth Brooks, Anthrax and Japanese superstar Yoshiki from the band X. According to Gene Simmons, the groups were encouraged to perform their favourite KISS song however they liked and that’s just what everyone did. The CD kicks off with Lenny Kravitz’s 70’s-styled version of “Deuce”. He is accompanied by Stevie Wonder on the harmonica and the two of them explode together to produce a funky, Sly and the Family Stone-like remake. If you heard the song without knowing it was a KISS tune, it would be hard to convince you that it was. How can a band convert the

Wet Sprocket have done. This is a great mellow version of a song that was never meant to be anything but loud. Shandi’s Addiction, made up

by Sandy Atwal Imprint staff

While “From the Gut” and “Target” may be neat little hardcore nuggets from the band’s early days, their inclusion preclude the appcarante of tracks like “Flip Your Wig” or “Could You Be the One.” Also, the inclusion oftwo non-

Neatly bookending Husker Du’s career with a second live album, Warner Bros. has decided that there’s been enough of a mourning period, and now’s the time to cash in on Sugar’s success. Hence the release of a rather hefty live compilation of Husker Du’s last North American tour (including dates from Montreal and Toronto), rccorded literally months before they broke up. Clocking in at seventy-six minutes and fifty-four seconds, the twenty four tracks are truly comprehensive, covering every album the trio released. Of course, the question arises, is this really necessary?

Husker tracks, Mould’s “Ain’t No Water In The Well” and Hart’s “Now That You Know Me” seems to indicate a record company that’s a little too eager to please. The Hart track was released on his excellent solo album Intolerance and the Deacon, and Roger Taylor. Ronson and Joe Eilliot team up vocally on “Don’t Look Down”, a track reeking of energy. David Bowie’s version of “Like A Roll-

by Bill special

Sharp to Imprint

Nearest we can tell from this album, Mick Ronson was a very talented concert and session guitarist who died of cancer. This album is a tribute to his talents, mixing his heavy, eighties pop rock guitar with the vocal talents of the likes of David Bowie, John (Cougar) Mellencamp, the Pretenders’ Chrissie Hynde, and Dcf Leppard’s Joe Elliot. Also ofmusical note on this album are the instrumental talents ofleppard’s Phil Cohen as well as the surviving members of Queen: Brian May, John

ing Stone’, is definitely different. Mick’s bluesy guitars in “Life’s A River” take John Mellencamp’s vocals in a pop-rock direction not seen since his sadly missed “John

of members of Tool, Rage Against the Machine and Faith No More, sound great together in their underground version of “Calling Doctor Love”. This track is yet another track on the CD that sounds very different from the original, Maynard James Keenan (vocalist from Tool) and Tom Morello (guitarist from Rage) give this tune industrial strength power. These two musicians should work together more often. Anthrax are trying to convince their fans that they are the cover tune gods. After recording a practically identical version of the Beastie Boys’ “Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun” on the Beavis and Butthead Experience, they turn around and redo “She” forKiss A4y Ass as if they were KISS themselves. Other artists featured include the Gin Blossoms, Dinosaur Jr., Lemonheads, and the Mighty Mighty Bosstones. I could say something about every song on the disc but I won’t. Instead, do yourself a favour and pick it up. Mould track was probably best left in the vaults. All that aside, however, as a scattershot attempt to please everyone, the album does a decent job. The live versions here as often add to the originals (“Divide and Conquer,” “Girl Who Lives On Heaven Hill”) as not (“Standing In The Rain.“) Here and there, however, the versions arc sufficiently different, such as the riveting “Powerlines,” that makes this live album a worthy addition to their canon. The best aspect of live recordings such as this one, is that they pretty much replace your bootlegs right away. The performances here are everything a live show should be - energetic, frenetic, eclectic and most of all they’re nostalgic. Whatever reason Hart and Mould had for breaking up (oh, and Norton too) is now moot, and fortunately, we have albums like Tlze Living End to take our mind off such disturbing thoughts. Cougar” days. Ronson’s true talents are honed to a fine shine for the tracks, “You and Me” and “Midnight Love”, where Mick’s name is the only one to be found. He plays Everything! Well, not at the same time, but still! Both tracks are solely instrumental, from the hispanic acoustic guitars in “You and Me” to the Floydlike melodies of “Midnight Love.” The final track, a live version of David Bowie’s “All the Young Dudes”, is a fitting final note for a posthumous tribute album, since it was recorded St the - .. - Freddie . Mcrs cury Tribute Concert In London. You don’t often know what you’ve got ‘till it’s gone. Mick Ronson will be sadly missed in the music industry.


by Lisa Imprint

Sutton staff

The 1ongawaitedrcturnofLush is upon us. More than two years after Qooky established Lush as a brash, powerful band, Split, their

new twelve-track collection is undoubtably some of their strongest. most melodic work to date. All of the songs on @lit were either written by the screamingred-locked Miki Berenyi, or guitarist Emma Anderson. It’s interesting to note that most of the tracks have underlying themes. @lit is defini tly an album that recountstales of relationships gone wrong and child hood. The first single

the alis an exotic mixfrom

bum, “Hypocrite”, ture of Miki’s crooning vocals and Lush ’ s distinct



Ever! more enticing than “Hypo-

“Kiss Chase,” which provide Splitwith its listen-abilitv. Above all “Light From a Dead Star” is Lush’s trophy track. Starting with simply


by Sandy Atwal Imprint staff

In many ways, Lush are 4AD. Ethereal vocals, guitars that sound


like they were recorded on mars, and erratic song structures. Lyrically, Lush follow labelmates such as The Cocteau Twins and This Mortal Coil, making full use of words such as“mumble mumble” and “ooh-ah, ooh-ah.”

innocent sounding voice, the music and her vocals build up to a haunting, riviting end. L u s h

Now, now, don’t get too upset. Lush are alright, I like them, but it’s hard to really get behind a band like Lush, when their best work is still only “good. !’ “Hypocrite,” probably the best track from Lush’s new release, is a fine track, but not great. It’s indicative of the entire album in that it manages

to make


nod your

head to the beat, but is quickly forgettable. Even though their name is synonymous with “critical darlings” still have a little ways to go to prove themselves.


fey sound might

go over big in England, but they’ve some work to do over here.

hooked up with producer Mike Hedges,


known for his work on the Beautiful South’s first two albums, as well as early releases from the Cure like “Seventeen Seconds” and “Faith.” The end result of Hedge’s work with Lush is the straightforward

live sound which distinguishes Split their previous al bum Spooky. Lush haveput together another solid album which which will re-establish themselves among other competitive modern bands.


t by Ken Imprint

Imprint, Friday, July 15,1994

Listen for “ClownStrike,” and

Bryson staff

If Elvis Costello had a brutal youth, he has certainly overcome some of it, turning out as highly a successfulmusical career ashe has. With his most recent recording$mtal Youth, he has returned to his musical youth by hooking up with the members of his old band, the

three tracks are all within the first six songs,simply becausethe music fades to “more of the same” by


The resulting fifteen songs not be perfect, but nor can they be termed brutal. While they lack the immediacy and energy that made Costello popular fifteen years ago, they constitute a healthy may

recovery from Elvis’ acute case of tedium, marked by last year’s string quarteted The Juliet Letters. Brutd Youth sounds like an Elvis Costello record, with his cut-

by Sandy Atwal Imprint staff

By now, most, if not all, of the alternative/mainstream recognizes “Slack Motherfucker” as classic ro&. I t’s a song to be ranked up there with *‘Should IStay, or Should I Go” and “Boredom” as an integral part of being young and listening to music in the post-punk era. And while it’s true that singles like “Slack Motherfucker” and “Tossing Seeds” made Superchunk’s reputation of playing fast, punky, Buzzcocks-influenced singles, that seem to be receding f&her and further into the past. On the lkbuth, while still full of chunky goodness in the form of singles, veered slightly towards

I ting vocal style and weathered pop sensibilities adding an air of familiarity to the album. Granted, there are no songs comparable to “Pump it up,” “Alison,” or even “Veronica”

more of an album format - a trend that’s tilly realized on “Foolish.” Apparently fuelled by the break-up of lead singer Mac MacCaughn and bassist Laura Ballance,%&sh is as close to a fully fledged album as Superchunk are every likely to produce. Both stylistically and lyrically, Foolish

thing, thenBrutal Youth will more than satisfy. If, how-

your albums, dig out yo& vinyl copy of jl4y Aim is True and you’ll really be satisfied. Elvis has lost his angry young man approach and his melancholy old man look is just beginning.

The band have become more polished over the ages,but no less ferverent in their desire to play fun, original power-pop. It’s hard to come to this conelusion, however, without listening to this album quite a few times. The opener, “Like A Fool” is so slow that it takes a few tracks to get back into the groove of the album. Many reviews ofthis album moaned a changing Superchunk, and lamented the fact that they had changed. At first, I might have been inclined to agree with them, but it’s clear after several listens that this is still Superchunk at their best. ‘The First Part” however, is as strong a single as the band has ever released, and others like “Driveway and to Drive’way” “Waterwings” make this a truly great album. In an age where

manages to be both lesspunky, but just as forceful as their early releases.


few of the really popular bands like Stone Temple Pilots are any good, it’s relieving that Superchunk are still at the top of their form.












MI l o


University Heights Secondary School needs volunteer tutors to work one-toone with students at upgrading their basic skills in mathematics. If interested contact David Carter (885-0800). Soft contact lens wearers required to participate in a IO minute study. If you were initially fitted with contact lenses between January, 1988 and June 30, 1993, and are using either Opti-Free or Aosept care systems, please call the Centre for Contact Lens Research (Opt Rm. 207) at ext. 4742. Non lens wearers also required for control group. Renumeration provided.

Announcements ‘B


Ukrainian Students’ Club - YES, USC is alive and well at UW! For event or club info check our bulletin board outside MC 3001 (Math Lounge) or call Martin at 19051430-3015. On Monday, March 7,1994 Bell Canada presented Sharon Flood,VPUA and M.J. Gepilano with a cheque for $1,000 to help support the PALS program. For more info call Federation of Students 888-4042. Spring and Golf season is here!. With the Lung Association’s 1994 LUNG GOLF CARDS book you can golf at our area’s finest golf courses. The cost of the card is $45 and the value is over $230. Call the Lung Association at 8868100 for more info. United Nations Club-Attend International Model UN Conferences at Harvard, Princeton, etc. Must sign-up now for Fall and Winter. Leave message for Martin Kuchirka at Federation of Students Office. At an awards ceremony at the Joseph Schnieder Haus Museum, on May 23rd, 1994, they announced the recipients of their Edna Staebler Research Fellowship - Hildi Froese Tiessen and Paul Tiessen. The award application deadline is September 19, 4994. For info call 742-7752. The Off-Campus Housing Off ice located on the roof of the Village I Complex is open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday, and IO:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on Saturdays, June 18 through August 27. The Student Alumni Association of UW has planted a tree and placed a plaque in front of the tree for the class of 1994. It has come to our attention that the post and plaque were stolen on May 28. If anyone knows where the post, or culprit is, please inform the Student Alumni Association at 888-4626. K-W Chamber Music July/August Concerts: July 16 - K-W Chamber Orchestra Flayers; Sydney Bulman-Fleming, July 17 - KWCMS Young Musicians’ Summer Workshop Concert, July 23 Penderecki Quartet. For information phone 886-1673 or go to 57 Young St West, Waterloo.




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Resume Writing 10:30-l I:30 NH 1020 Letter Writing 11:30-l 2:30 NH 1020


HOURS I SPRING & SUMMER HOURS: Exceptions to regular hours will be DOSted at the entrance to each Librarv. bana Porter Library: May 2 to Aug. 13. Mon. to Thurs. 8-I I ; Fri. 8-10 ; Sat. 1110 ; Sun. 1 I-I 1. Info Service Main Desk Mon. to Fri. 10-5. DavisCentreLibrary: May2toAug. 13. Mon. to Thurs. 8midnight ; Fri, 8-l I ; Sat. 11-l 1 ; Sun. 1 l-midnight. Kitchener Public Library is closed at all locations on Sunday, May 22 & Monday, May 23. (Victoria Day) Summer Hours: June1 to August 31; MondayThursday-9:SOam to 8:30pm. Friday9:30am to 5:OOpm. Saturday-9:OOam to 5:OOpm. Sunday-CLOSED.

EVERY SUNDAY Radio Arab Carlo, The Arabic Program on CKMS 100.3 FM. Sunday at 4:30 p.m., music and news from all around the Middle East, with your host Firas Johnny Abedrabbo. Call us during the program for your requests at 884-2567. EVERY MONDAY The Outers Club meets at 7 p.m. in the ES Courtyard. Join in our exciting activities, or plan your own. Activities include hiking, backpacking, canoeing and kayaking. For information on uocomino events. call our club hotline at UW ext. 5825. EVERY WEDNESDAY Amnesty International. Write a letter, save a life. Weekly meetings at 7:30 p.m. ES-1 Rm. 353 Feel Orally Expressive? Come to UW House of Debates. You can improve your public speaking skills, more importantly, you get to go on free trips to other Universities. Physics 313 at 5:30. 886-8128. GLLOW (Gay and Lesbian Liberation of Waterloo) will be holding a new weekly “Coming Out Discussion Group” at 7:30 p.m. in ML 104. Call 884-4569 for more information. GLLOW holds GLLOWNight (formerly Coffeehouse). 9 p.m. HH 378. Everyone welcome to these informal social evenings+ For more information call the GLLOW phoneline 884-4569. EVERY THURSDAY Jewish Student Association - Bagel Brunch at II:30 - I :30 p.m. in MC 4067. Come out and nash on bagels! The Womyn’s Centre holds collective meetings every at 3 p.m. in CC rm. 217. All interested-women welcome. For details call x3457 or drop by the Centre.



Chinese Christian Fellowship invites you to our weekly meetings at 7:30 p.m. in MC 4063. Please contact Chun Lianq at 725-4595 for more information.

Applications for the following scholarships are being accepted during the Spring term. Refer to Section 4 of the Undergraduate Calendar for further criteria. Application forms are available in the Student Awards Office, 2nd Floor, Needles Hall. ALL FACULTIES: Douglas T. Wright Award -available to all who have participated in an international work placement or a UW international study program. Students to apply upon return to full-time study at UW. Deadline: October 15 each year. Douglas T. Wright Experience in .Japan Award - available to all who have participated in a work placement in Japan or a UW Japan study program. Students to apply upon return to full-time study at UW. Deadline: October 15 each year. Tom York Memorial Award - available to all for short fiction - not essays. Deadline; December 31 each year. FACULTY OF APPLtED HEALTH SCIENCES: Mark Forster Memorial Scholarship available to 3rd or 4th year Kinesiology. Deadline: January I995. FACULTY OF ENGINEERING: Canadian Posture and Seating Centre Scholarship - available to all. Deadline: October I4, 1994

Tuesday, July 19, 1994 GLLOW Discussion Group discusses “l-lomophobia and Stereotypes about Us”. 7:30 p.m. ML 104. All lesbians, bisexuals, transgendered people, gays and other supportive people welcome. Details 884-4569.




Self Assessment1 0:30-l I:30 NH IO30 Job Search 2:30-4:00 NH 1020

Tuesday, Interview lntenriew



Skills I 10:30-l 2:OO NH 1020 Skills II 2:30-4:30 NH 1020




Resume Critiquing 11:‘30-I :30 NH 1020 Networking 2:30-3:30 NH 1020

* PrincessCinema * Waterloo Taxi * Schlotzsky’s * Microway Computers * UW Fed. of Students * Dr. Disc * MKS Inc. * Waterloo North Mazda * Data Corn * UW Food Services * FastbreaksRestaurant * Gino’s * Harvey’s * PC Factory * East Side Mario’s * ReMax Solid Gold

Thursday, Jul. 21, 1994 Come tie-dye in the Campus Centre. 1 I :OO - 4:O0. All welcome, bring something of your own, we supply the dye! Sponsored by your friendly Turnkeys.

Tuesday, July 26, 1994 Waterloo





Myalgic ti-Ieir


Encephaldmyelitis and



Centre, King and Allen St., Waterloo.


Assoc. invites chronic fatigue meeting, 7-S p-m- at The Adult Information 623-3207.

GLLOW Discussion Group discusses “Role-Playing in Relationships, Sexual and Otherwise”. 7:30 p.m* ML 104. All lesbians, bisexuals, transgendered people, gays and other supportive people welcome. Details 884-4569.

Upstairs and Basement 3 Wrm. apts. Both with bathroom, kitchen and living room. Fullv licenced. Partlv furnished. plenty of iarking. G@at Idcation! Call Shawn 746-6564. House For Rent - refurnished - 5 bdrm. Very close to school & all amenities Dutch Boy, Valdis, Jumbo Video, Tim Horton’s,




Beechwood home, 15”minute walk to university/amenities. Elegant 2-story, 4bedroom air-conditioned house w/furnished common areas, 2-kitchens, family room, rec. room, 2-bathrooms, deck w/B8Q, swimmina r>ool, and tennis courts. Large roor& ‘available 375/mo. inclusive. Contact Rob 886-5749.


Store. das heat (cheap bills), washer, aas dtver, large driveway, backyard, iatio. $285. Cdl Steve 746-4347. Exceptional Shared Accomodation P.Eng. on educational leave from work, looking for 2-housemates to share my

Two guitarists and keyboard player seek bassist, drummer and vocalist for sami-serious, bluesy but electic band. Call Ron 570-3137.



4 MB Ram

340 MB Hard Disk 3.5” Floppy Drive

4 MB /I20



imdows included ’

300 kblsec transfer






~320 msec avg. access

0X2/50 210 MB HDD


120 MB TAPEBACKUP p--‘---iii--









n AT LAST.,,


$2000 6OMHz Pentium


4 MB Ram 42Q MB Hard Disk 3.5’” Floppy Drive S3 Windows Accelerator w/l MB


$1999”” WATERLOO






ONLY 210M5<14 msec, IDE, Conner/West.Digital 340 <14msec, IDE ConnerMlesternDigital



170 UNIVERSITY AVE. W. 519-746-4565 FAX 519-746-6673



41 S-%!o-oi’49


mM4$24999 FROMS31 gw

MB 44 msec, IDE, Conner/West.Digital


540 MB 4 3 msec, IDE, Mador#est. Digital





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