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When reading the newspapers one cannot help but notice the numerous articles regarding juvenile delinquency. It is not unusual to see a newspaper headline condemning modern day adolescents as “tough punks, roughnecks”, and ENGINEERING WEEKEND ALSO INCLUDES the like. The fact that in the same community where this so-caIled “tough punk” is doing his dirt there happens to be FRANKFURTER FROLICS, WATER ATHLETICS many young people doing useful work with the Y.M.C.A., Y.W.C.A., Boy Scouts and other social service groups goes and SEMI-FORMAL “SEA-SIDE ‘61” unnoticed. It seems the good that people do is secondary, By Pete Kent the dance will be “Seaside points and two regularity as news worthy material, compared to the unlawful, violent Awards and trophies points along the route which and immoral. Arrangements for the 61”. will be presented at the will register the entrants “Seaside ‘61 Weekend” are When citicizing the teen-ager, parents and critics need now in full swing and there dance. Dance tickets will be arrival time. Points will be a scape-goat. The present day scape-goat . . . television! and no corsages will be given for arriving late or indications that it could $3.00 They are attempting to convince the public that TV has are supplied. early at these checkpoints. be one of our best orgies. an irresponsible and deplorable influence on adolescent To make this weekend a The idea is to travel at the The Friday night “Frankminds. The exploitation of violence, crime, sex, degradation as many students as speed given in the instrucFrolic” is still in the success and immorality is blamed for the delinquency and de- furter possible are urged to particitions in order to be on time. early stage of planning but bauchery of our youth. pate in all phases of preparaThe total time for the rally we are hoping to hold it at tion of course participashould not exceed three and It would appear that adults are simply digging up a Three Bridges. Students are tion. and Let’s make it a weekend one-half hours overall. respectfully requested to re- to remember. scape-goat to blame for their own lack of responsibility, We would like to acknowfrain from removing objects ignorance and weakness. While using the influence of TV ledge the help received from as the excuse for the behaviour of their children they seem that are not nailed down. By Tom Gravelle the Grand Valley Car Club to forget how simple it is to turn the TV set off if it is The price of the Frolic will Since this is the first who are laying out the route having such an adverse effect. Instead of criticizing, these be 50~. per couple. be held by the and handling some of the The Motor Rally has re- motor rally ofto Waterloo’s “public minded” critics would do far more good if they did En- details for us. Our thanks something to alleviate juvenile delinquency, instead of just ceived much attention which University Society, we are must also go out to ORR makes Tom Gravelle both gineering talking rubbish. LTD. for happy and busy. We have striving to make sure that it AUTOMOBILES a trophy for I am sure the overall percentage of adolescents leading received a considerable am- is successful. It should prove contributing this event. They have also useful healthy lives far outweighs the number residing at ount of assistance from the an interesting and entertaintest of driving ability and entered a ear to be driven by juvenile hall. Grand Valley Car Club in ing skill. Paul Janzen and Rick Hamorganizing this rally for navigating The route will be approxiilton. which the Weekend Com- mately 80 miles in length, We wish all entrants the mittee is sincerely grateful. n l n over a cross section of roads best of luck and hope everyThe G.V.C.C. is also taking may be found on most one can find their way back! To anyone attending this to quiet study without social care of the check points and that Southern Ontario road maps. for the water sports events university, where dormitories inclinations (professors) this the starting area. Under this There will be three check- and the dance. kind of direction the event are as yet a gleam in the is the perfect place. Dean’s eye, the Landlady is has to be a success. The Next, and exactly opposite RULES OF Ti=iE RALLY Society is a well known personality is the “B. B.” type. You Engineering that figures prominently in can’t help but find her, awarding individual trophies least one member of the crew must be a member of daily life. She’s a member of acquiring a suntan on her for the winners and Orr 1. At the student body, faculty, or staff of the U. of W. the vanishing race of hardy front lawn and wearing a Automobiles Ltd. of Kitchener have donated a chal- 2. The driver must have a valid provincial driver’s licence. pioneers, whose courage and Bikini which, by appearance, strength of convictions (pri- may have been styled by lenge trophy. of P. L. & P. D. insurance must be shown before marily) know no bounds. She Johnson & Johnson. If you Four Wells will be the 3. Proof entering. has to be, in order to survive, can make yourself heard over scene of the aqua sports and 4. All contestants must fill out and sign a Waiver and as most of us will shame- Fifi, the screeching French frolics part of the program. Indemnity Agreement on the day of the Rally. facedly admit. There are poodle, or if she manages to Teams for the various events many types, the three most console her in a sugary should be entered on a year 5. Only two persons are a lowed in a car. prominent of which we will Southern drawl, you might basis. The year awarded the 6. Anyone drinking during this event, or exceeding any attempt to describe below. persuade her to gyrate ahead most points in competition posted speed limit, or running afoul of the law, will be will be presented with a First, and most common, of you into the boudoir. instantly disqualified, spat upon, and cast mto the is the “Warden” type. You You’ll find it to be reason- Challenge Trophy. This troouter darkness. ’ immediately recognize her ably well furnished (for an phy it is hoped, will be kept in the display cabinet of the 7. Drivers should make sure that their ear is topped up domain by the six-foot, cem- ex-G. I. that is), but position ent-embedded piked fence and cleanliness leave a little common room and competed with oil and petrol, as well as having the spare tyre that surrounds it. If you are to be desired. She’ll immed- for each year. Entry blanks checked. brave enough to venture iately inform you that you’ll for the various events will be through the gate and agile find it nice and quiet there, made available as soon as enough to avoid the vice-like since they have no children possible. Admission to four jaws of the brute guarding and her husband’s job (poor wells will be by ticket which the well-kept lawns, your daaah-ling) keeps him out of will be available at the Eng. ring will be answered by a town so-o-o much! You’ll be Sot. offices in the near future. rattling of keys and creaking permitted access to all con- One unique suggestion came of bolts and winches as her veniences here, but you’ll in on one of the forms that heavy oaken slab opens suf- have to be especially nice to students were asked to fill in ficiently wide to permit a full Fifi (Poor dear! She gets so some days ago. It was sugscrutiny by her sharp, om- frightened of strange men). gested that we drain Four niscient eye, and a mild rush This type of accommodation Wells and fill it with alcohol. After serious consideration of stale air. If you have heart is suitable only for the intelenough to enquire about the lectually-inclined, however, we had to discard this sugadvertised room, she may as numerous disruptions are gestion because of the evap(after you have removed likely to occur in the course oration problem. However, your shoes, of course), per- of an evening’s study. But if any other feasible suggestions will be considered to mit you a glimpse of the ;;;di;fpen to be a biology Inner Sanctum. You will add to the enjoyment of the find the room to be spotlessly Last, but not least, is the day. clean and well furnished, but “Glubbdubdrib” * type, with To finish off the weekend whom most of us have been our regularly featured Dance with an oversized keyhole for ventilation purposes. It acquainted at .one time or will be held in Seagram’s another. She’ll be sitting Gym. The music for the is generally in a* position Measure of Change where all comings and goings pensively, her back to a full occasion will be supplied by l It’s a measure of how times can accidentally be observed. sink of dishes, a butt bang- Trev. Bennett and his Band. changed when governIf you decide to accept it, ling from the corner of her Trev and his boys did a is the key to have mouth, and screaming interwonderful job last term and all Gullibility ment budgets talk of univershe’ll immediately produce, adventures. The greensity students’ taxable income in quadruplicate, a finelymittantly at her four pre- we can expect a repeat per- horn is the ultimate victor printed document containing school children cavorting formance. The gym will be in everything; it is he that -Not many years ago the decorated but not to the gets the most out of life. only income students had a set of rules, rivalling in about her. You will hardly extent of past occasions due was what came from home. length the Declaration of be inside the door, when she G. K. Chesterton Now they are businessmen. Independence, which in effect will begin extolling the past, to the shortage of time for Contd. on Page 2 it nullifies. For those inclined Contd on Page 2 preparation. The theme for -Ottawa Joubzaf ,




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AN ANGRY YOUNG MANHAS COMEANDGONE David Gauthier, lecturer in Philosophy at U of T, last Thursday tried to sell us on the idea of nuclear disarmament for Canada. He based his argument on the following points : 1. In order to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons, Canada would be in a more influential position to prevent this spread if she refused to accept nuclear weapons herself. 2. The possiblity of nu&lear war becomes geometrically greater with respect to the number of counties in possession and /or in control of nuclear weapons. That is, more suspicion is created, and the possibility of an accident or a “madman” in control is greater. .3. Accepting weapons from the U.S. under their control would make us appear as a military satellite in, many foreign eyes. To many we are already an economic satellite of the U.S. s4. At this time it would be hopeless to expect that the Utiited States would reduce her nuclear armament and since she already has an overkill capacity factor of five, Canada’s responsibility lies in the positive task of creating world peace. 5. Canada’s resources are better spent in strengthening conventional forces which would be at the U.N.‘s disposal, and in increasing the amount of material and teehnieal aid given to underdeveloped countries. The meeting was interest-

ing in that the discussion period was three times longer than his half h.our talk. Mr. Gauthier seemed to bz able to either rebut or eireumlocute the ideas \ from the audience. The one important question which he failed to answer to my satisfaction was “What would you do if the Russians attacked.” In this respect, I think Gauthier the philosopher and Gauthier the man are two different people. It is hoped that we might obtain a spe+ker who can give a strong e&e for Canada accepting nuclear arms. Any suggestions toward this or any other topic would be welcomed by Prof. K. Piekarski, Mechanical Engineering Dept., or J. Ronbaek, 4B Eleet:ieal, faculty and student representatives respectively of the Discussion Group sponsored by The University of Waterloo Unitarian Club. P.S. To get an idea of what kind of havoc is caused by an unbalance in military and economic policy read “The Staggering Problem” by Robert Coughlan, Life, 28 July, 1961. Jim Ronbaek

THE Published SPRAWLING CITIES Waterloo, by T. A. Rushton

Students at the U of W have the unique opportunity of watching two growing organizations at the same time, the birth of a dynamic new University and the growth of Ontario’s second Metro city. Three eommunities in this region, Kitehener-Waterloo and Breslau, Preston, Hespeler, Galt and the Guelph ~ are roughly same size, and expanding rapidly. These communities are in roughly the same position that Toronto Was 30 years ago, but whereas Toronto dominated its area, no one community can be said to dominate this area. Waterloo - Wellington politicians unfortunately accept the apparently inevitable merging of boundaries and the problems of creating another Metro city in the province. But is this really inevitable? Or really desirable? Some of the richest farmlands in the Province would disappear into this Metro maw, and the end would be a huge urban complex devoid of any green-belt areas. If it is to be stopped it must be stopped now by vigorous provincial government action ~ remedies that will interfere with private property rights, discrimination and the desire of the munieipalities to expand. But is not government the restriction of individual desires for publie good? Why should municipalities be allowed to expand at the expense of pleasant living conditions of its citizens? Municipalities should be allowed to acquire all the fringe lands, squeezing out the leapfrogging speculators and subdividers. Then the municipalities could work together with private enterprise to achieve a controlled orderly growth. Now, one of the biggest problems in the K-W district is the spread of unserviced subdivisions that are going to require sewer and water mains at some time in the future.


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An alternative to munieipal aequi;ition of the land itself is the control over the right to develop the land, with the owners being paid compensation for the restrictions placed on his aetivities. Property taxation can also be a planning tool, for example if the farmer who is not permitted to subdivide is given tax relief, rather than being taxed as a potential subdivider. The municipality itself can take a positive approach to development by providing services in the areas in which ‘it wishes to see building and witholding them from the less desirable sections.



3, 1961


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GOLF The first. round in the match play golf tournament at the Roekway gives the following results: MeGrattan over Dietrich 1 up on the 19th hole 66 Passmore Barkley 3&Z 66 Mueller Messham 6 & 5 46 Noreross Howe 3&Z Campbell “ Hamilton 6 & 5 Long conceded to Rohmer. Pinkerton conceded to Wohlgemut. The second round will be held during the week of July 31, Aug. 4. BASEBALL PRO Team Chem Civil Eng Phys Meeh

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THETHREEFACES SHORT QUOTES The man or woman who OFEVECont’d. concentrates on “things” can present, and future history of her tribe. After you have attempted for half an hour, you will finally succeed in rousing her from her reverie and b&in. like Edmund Hilto’ grovel through lary, mountains of filth and vermin to where the room was ast reported. If you manage to clear the cobwebs, you will be amazed at the variety of room-mates that have staked their claims before you. She will tell you about the last human occupant of this room (good old Charlie) who was seventy-five when he finally succumbed to the ravages of his more vigorous bedfellows. This type- of room is recommended especially to those most strongly in favour of a completely Communistic society. Tony Mueller John Kennedy *Refer to Gulliver’s Travels -Swift.

hardly be trusted to use those “things” for the essential good of mankind. Only those who have guided the development of their spirit as well as their mind qualified to use wisely’ t’he “things” that man’s reason has enabled him to fashion out of nature’s raw materials. E. S. Fields Society needs more than anything else to be reminded that man is, in himself, ultimate value . . . that neither the pressure of events nor the exigencies of diplomacy can warrant the final debasement of man. Art is neither use, nor appointed task; but given human eompulsions, some intellectual stature and great competence it can perhaps bring man back into focus as being of supreme importance. Ben Sahn



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The Waterloo-Wellington district, the Golden Triangle of Ontario, can stop or redirect this cancerous blight if they are really determined to do so. The next few years at the U of W should prove very interesting to those civil Engineering students interested in Municipal Planning to see the outcome of the growth of this district.



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the dance will be “Seaside 61”. Awards and trophies will be presented at the dance. Dance tickets will be $3.00 and no corsages will be supp...