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WHAT IS THE UWM FOUNDATION AND HOW DOES IT WORK? Ms. Anne M. Malletti Ms. Shirley A. Metcalfe Ms. Barbara Michaels Robert A. Miller Robert D. Moser Sherman Moore, Jr. Mrs. Shirley L. Mueller Ms. Pamela A. Nelson-Martin Ms. Barbara N. Pittman Mrs. Mary Lynn Oliver John Y. Olson Rogers Onick Mr. and Mrs. Dennis M. Pelzek Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Ptacek Mr. and Mrs. William A. Pohlmann Dr. David Pritchard and Ms. Kathleen Rogers Russel R. Prust Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Rasmussen Ms. Donna L. Rehbeck Mrs. Janice M. Reed Ms. Maria S. Rodriguez

Ms. Mary L. Roepke Ronald L. Rogers Mr. David J. Ross Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Roth Mr. and Mrs. Tony J. Rufer Terry L. Schubert Anne P. Schulz Ms. Julie A. Seguin Ms. Deborah L. Semrad Ms. Joan E. Simuncak Ms. Maureen M. Sinkter Dr. Sheila K. Feay-Shaw and Dr. Steven Shaw Mr. and Mrs. Mark B. Shumow Mr. and Mrs. William Sinclair, Jr. Mr. and Ms. Gordon K. Skare Jeffrey T. Stemper Mrs, Carole Starck Ms. Sally A. Stock Mr. and Ms. George Stone Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan P. Stolz Ms. Audrey J. Strnad Gary L. Strealy

Martin J. Strecher Ms. Ms. Marianne K. Thompson Bonnie M. Thomson and Jeffrey J. Jones David Tomczyk Ms. Susan K. Umbaugh Mrs. Karen A. Vande Sande Mr. and Mrs. Gerald T. Vigue Mr. James I. Walczak Ms. Linda R. Walker Beth Waschow Ms. Sharon E. Wegner Ms. Mary D. Weinlein Mr. and Mrs. David A. Winter Clarence (Jim Wudi) Ms. Marcia G. Zientek Dr. Dennis C. Zuelke * Members of Chancellor’s Society for donations of $1,000 or more to the SOE and/or the University.

CHAPMAN SOCIETY Many donors plan gifts to the School of Education beyond current donations. Here are the donors, members of the Chapman Society, who have made such gifts to the School of Education to date. A number have chosen to remain anonymous. Edith M. Andersen Roberta T. Anderson Ray W.G. Bayley Hazel C. Bayley Ralph H. Bielenberg Barbara J. Boseker Sandra L. Brehl Robert A. Burke Hilma Chris Dikander Margaret H. Ferris David and Cathy Gawlik Howard W. Gorler Eleanor Greenfield and Dr. Sidney Greenfield Karleen B. Haberichter Carol A. Hacker Marguerite D. Hambling

Adeline H. Hartung Grace M. Iacolucci Julia A. Ihlenfeldt Helen W. Korpi Marsha M. Krueger Evelyn A. Krueger Robert Kuehneisen Norbert G. La Combe Augusta G. Leeb Hope and Robert Longwell-Grice Irena Macek Henry A. Maksimowicz Isabelle K. Mathews Ruth C. Mundschau Steve Phan Chester A. Raasch

Ann Starr Raskin Lorie Rieden Emily Kachel Robertson Russell D. Robinson Judith S. Salinsky Jeannette Seloover Johnson and R. Douglas Johnson Magdalene A. Singer Jennie D. Steinberg Amy P. Tessmer-Boening Diane L. Thieme June S. Vrsata Joseph F. and Marion L. Ward Beth Waschow Clarence M. and Phyllis Ann Wudi Sandra W. and Gary R. Yakes


gets questions from donors and potential donors about how their money will be used and managed. Money donated to the university is managed by the UWM Foundation, a tax-exempt organization, founded in 1974, which is separate from the university and has its own mission statement. The foundation’s mission is to support the educational, literary and scientific endeavors of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee by receiving, managing and distributing gifts to benefit the university’s students, faculty, programs and community. UWM has a dual mission of being a top-tier research university while making sure that all students have access to a college education. The foundation supports this mission through gifts from generous donors. The foundation manages the money that donors give and makes sure it’s used according to the donors’ wishes. For instance, a donor can give a gift to the UWM Foundation and ask that it go specifically to the School of Education. Donors can further designate their gift for a specific scholarship fund, program or other need. Or they can give it with no restrictions. In addition, the UWM Foundation provides leadership, oversight and direction to its affiliated corporations, the UWM Real Estate Foundation and the UWM Research Foundation. These corporations create new university facilities to support student life, research, academics and regional economic development, and provide new sources of revenue from research commercialization and entrepreneurial activities. The UWM Foundation can only support UWM,, and the funds cannot be given to any other nonprofit organization. Basically, the foundation is like the bank that holds the philanthropic dollars given by donors for the benefit of UWM.

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School of Education | EdLine | 2019  

EdLine is the annual publication for alumni and other supporters of the UWM School of Education. Each issue highlights the work of faculty,...

School of Education | EdLine | 2019  

EdLine is the annual publication for alumni and other supporters of the UWM School of Education. Each issue highlights the work of faculty,...