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Edition 2: Spring 2013

The Houston Fill

The official utsd ASDA newsletter Inside this Edition

Welcome to the second UTSD ASDA Newsletter! With a new year upon us, there are many new events and socials for us to tell you about. As you read through the article, you will learn about the recent District Colorado Meeting and even a little about the DS1 Gross Anatomy course!

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As always, we encourage feedback and, if you would like to write an article for future newsletters then please contact us.

ASDA Dodgeball………...P. 5

Finally, thank you for all of the support from the staff and students at UT Houston School of Dentistry!

Recipe of the Week……….P.6

Skiing and networking at the District 9 Meeting

Kelsey Edmondson A few of the ASDA officers went to Breckenridge, Colorado Feb 710 for the ASDA District 9 meeting. We met with representatives from OU, University of Colorado, UTHSC-SA, and Baylor, the other schools in D9. The weekend was full of meetings and getting to know each other, all while enjoying Breckenridge to boot. I think it’s safe to say we’ve all caught another case of ASDA Fever.

Most of the attendees arrived

mighty fine, and there are some other

Thursday evening, trickling in as flights

very busy and successful ASDA chapters

arrived and our wonderful hosts from the

in our district. Dinner Friday was

University of Colorado chauffeured us

sponsored by Heartland Dental. After

the 2 hour drive to the lodge that would

dinner, we listened to some great

serve as our weekend home. Friday

lectures by national ASDA vice presidents

morning and afternoon we were on our

Ben Youel (UIC) and Alex Barton

own to meet and ski with the other

(Virginia Commonwealth University) on

District 9 members. After getting to

developing your ASDA chapter’s brand

know several of them, I’d say D9 is

and involving your local pre-dental

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Save the Date 3/1 - UTHSC SIC Volunteer Event with Houston Food Bank 3/22 - Project Saving Smiles Volunteer Day 3/28 ASDA Vendor Fair 4/27 - Healthy Kids Day with the YMCA TBA - Star of Hope Volunteer event

Spring 2013, Edition 2

organization, respectively. Then we

meeting and Dr. Dulde told us about

heard from Taylor Koren (Legislative

transitioning from student to dentist

Liaison - Baylor) on the current

and how to manage your finances in

involvement of ASDA in legislative

the meantime. Both Dr. Salierno (New

advocacy and government affairs. Later

York) and Dr. Dulde (Wisconsin) run

in the evening we had a social hour with

successful practices and have made it

Dr. Clint Herzog, DDS of FLOSS,

through the student-dentist transition

despite his ER-worthy injuries from a

to come out on top. Check out

rough day on the slopes. Despite heavy

snow all day Saturday we gathered for

<> or

dinner sponsored by Medical Protective.

Dr. Dulde’s blog

Do you know the difference between

<> to read up

occurrence and claims-made insurance?

on some of the information they

I’d be lying if I said I did, but Austin

shared at the meeting. We then heard

Holler from MedPro is there to answer

testimonials from new dentists with

this and all of our other questions when

Pacific Dental on their experience with

these kind of questions arise. Dinner was

the company. Saturday night’s

followed by some incredibly entertaining

meetings concluded with a reception

and informative lectures by dentists Dr.

sponsored by Aspen Dental.

Chris Salierno, DDS of the Curious Dentist blog and Dr. Ryan Dulde, DDS, former ASDA president. Dr. Salierno taught us the key features of a successful

UTSD ASDA has lots of improvements in the works and we’re bringing some great ideas home! In addition to the more structured meetings and lectures, we had the opportunity to exchange ideas with the officers of the other D9 chapters. The weekend went off without a hitch (other than a slightly delayed flight home) and we returned Sunday, exhausted, but with full notebooks of how to build up our chapter and make ASDA more enjoyable for all of its members. Look forward to some new and exciting events for ASDA very soon!


The Houston fill

The University of Texas School of Dentistry American Student Dental Association Officers President: Sam Carrell ‘14

Spring 2013, Edition 2


Letter from the president Sam Carrell ‘14

President-elect: Katie Sowa ‘15 Immediate Past President: Hannah Ye ‘13 First-year Delegate: J. Graham Reed ‘16 Treasurers: Grant Glauser ‘13 & Hunter Owen ‘15 Historian: Khushbu Patel ‘14 Outreach Coordinators: Kelly Beckham ‘13, Lindsey Minor ‘13 Assistant Outreach Coordinators: Tim Woernley ‘14, Kelsey Edmonson ‘15, Shivani Patel ‘16 Legislative Liason: Coleman Meadows ‘13 Assistant Legislative Liasons: Bryce Gates ‘14, Kyle Hale ‘16 Events/Meetings Coordinator: Aaron Menchaca ‘14 & Andrew Smith ‘15 Assistant Events/Meetings Coordinator: Marisa McKee ‘16 Pre-Dental Coordinators: Iliana Saavedra ‘15, Paola Salazar ‘16 Publication Editors: Laura Nelson ‘16 & Macey Cartrite ‘16 SPEA Liason: Nathalie Dunwoody ‘13 Website Manager: Andre Ngyuen ‘15

American Student Dental Association Executive Committee President: Colleen Greene, Harvard ‘13 Vice Presdient: Ben Youel, Illinois ‘13 Vice President: Alex Barton, Virginia ‘13 District 9 Trustee: Seth Brooks, Oklahoma ‘14

Welcome to the second edition of the Houston Fill! We're delighted to con tinue using this newsletter as a way to broa dcast ASDA's voice to the entire UTSD fam ily. We aim to supplement the national pub lications, ASDA News and Mouth, in order to keep you aware of what's going on at bot h a national and local level within ASDA. This past November nearly 400 dental students from around the country, in cluding six UTSD students, convened in Ch icago for ASDA's first-ever National Leader ship Conference. At this meeting officers n etwork with other dental students to build professional relationships and gather new id eas to take home to their local ASDA chapt ers. Dozens of presenters provide informati ve lectures and discussion sessions on a wid e variety of topics, including organized dent istry, leadership and management, career pl anning and political advocacy. These session s provide educational opportunities to atten dees that supplement dental school, encour aging students to become not only great cli nicians but leaders in their schools and com munities. All presentations given at NLC ar e available online ( f or each of you to review at your leisure. W e had a terrific time and can't wait to send more UTSD leaders to Chicago this fall! In early March a total of twelve ASDA at UTSD officers will attend Annual Session in Atlanta. Annual Session is a four day event held each spring in different cities and is when much of the business of the nat ional organization takes place. At ASDA's H ouse of Delegates, the body which sets the a ssociation's policies each year by voting on r esolutions and referenda, UTSD will be rep resented by two voting delegates: myself an d Katie Sowa. To ensure a successful new y ear, at Annual Session the House also elects a new executive committee and speaker of the House. Attendees are also exposed to n

ew developments in dentistry at an exhibit fair with over 75 vendors and research poster sessio ns. After all the hard work of the organization i s completed, students celebrate with the red-ca rpet-style Gold Crown Awards and the Preside nt's Gala, a formal dinner dance. All twelve UT SD attendees are excited to experience a busy, informative and fun-filled week in Atlanta and anticipate bringing back great ideas to impleme nt here in Houston! As ASDA members, all UTSD stude nts have much to look forward to this spring. On Thursday, March 28 we will be holding our annual vendor fair right here in the Cooley Co nference Center! So far dozens of vendors have registered to visit with UTSD students and sha re with us their knowledge, products and servi ces. As in past years, we will be serving snacks and refreshments, including a keg, and will hav e a raffle with dozens of prizes. We hope to see you all there! Soon after, on April 11, we will have our annual family picnic. This annual even t allows us to celebrate the end of a terrific yea r with the entire ASDA/UTSD family. Stay tun ed for more details. I hope you find this newsletter infor mative and engaging. If you have any questions or ideas for ASDA, or if you're interested in get ting involved with the organization, feel free to speak to any of your ASDA at UTSD officers! Best wishes, Samuel Carrell, c/o 2014


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UTSD Movember By Bryce Gates This past November brought in a new perspective in men’s moustache abilities at the University of Texas School of Dentistry. The efforts of Moustache Movember or just Movember, was to raise awareness of Mens Health Month. Movember is an organized international movement that is responsible for the sprouting of moustaches on thousands of men’s faces, in the US and around the world. With their Mo's, these men raise vital awareness and funds for men's health issues, specifically prostate and testicular cancer initiatives. Mo Bros effectively become walking, talking billboards for the 30 days of November. Through their actions and words they raise awareness by prompting private and public conversation around the often ignored issue of men’s health. Just a few weeks prior to Movember we had the time capsule opening which seemingly leaked a blast from the past of facial hair fashion from decades ago. In rolled again the era of the moustache at the UTDB/SD. Well at least for the month. UTSD ASDA and Psi

Omega Dental Fraternity chapters

amount for shaving of the faculty

teamed up to fight for the cause by

came in for Dr. Frey’s jolly St. Nick

organizing a public straight edge razor

beard. Dr. Kimberly Rouna was the

shaving. The bold men donating their

highest single contributor. In

face to the cause were, Dean Velenza,

conjunction with her generous

Dr. Kenneth Abromavich, and Dr.

donation she also shared a story of a

Gary Frey. This job was entrusted to

close friend who had suffered and

the professionally licensed straight edge

survived prostate cancer, reminding

razor operators of Houston’s elegant

us that the support and funds do make

Gentelmens Barber Shop, Shave. In a

a real difference when it comes to

matter of a lunch hour these iconic

research for prevention and

bearded and goateed figures of UTSD


were shaved down to a moustache for Movember. The spectacle caught the attention of Meredith Raine, UTHealth Media Relations, who was able to alert the local channel 9 NewsFix interest. Subsequently an entertaining bit of UTSD ended up on the evening news. More importantly the event

This first annual Movember was able to positively enrich tradition of philanthropy at UTSD. It is our greater hopes and ambitions to next year include participation from the other schools of the UTHealth system. The Movember movement was able to successfully achieve its

was able to raise over $1,400. This

goals of raising donations and

number was an accumulation that

awareness, but the true test of its

ranged from students donating loose

achievements will be measured in the

change to faculty making larger

support of Men’s Health for future

contributions. The highest auction

years to come.


The Houston fill


ASDA Dodgeball Laura Nelson

About 10 groups signed

We’ve all seen the classic

up, all with creative team names of

movie entitled “Dodgeball: A True

course, and competed for positions

Underdog Story”. Comedic actors

in the winning and losing brackets.

such as Vince Vaughn and Ben Stiller dress up in spandex and battle for the

members of the opposing team while

The sport lasted either for three

ultimate win. Although the sport

trying not to get hit by balls yourself.

full games or until 11 minutes had

makes for good laughs, it also enticed

The hardest part of the game, in my

passed. Through many rounds of

many ASDA members and UTSD

opinion, was trying to launch light-

double elimination, a final team

students to a night full of sweat and

weight plastic balls towards the other

had out dodged the rest. Kevin

lots of running around.

team. As you can guess, many balls

Baethge, Colt Riley, Bryce Gates,

were caught in the air, which requires

Jimmy Le, Jennifer Ge, and Rachel

the player who threw the ball to exit

Speck won the tournament and

the game. The sport did help to relieve

received Starbucks gift cards for

some academic pressures for a few

their efforts. The team members

hours and many people sat on the

celebrated and took photos at the

sidelines to enjoy Rice Crispy Treats,

end of the games. Hopefully next

Fruit Snacks, and Gatorades.

year will provide even more fun

The annual ASDA Dodgeball tournament was held at the REC tennis courts this past February 2013. The large turnout was met with fierce competition as teams whirled plastic balls over the tennis nets. The premise of the game: knock out

and rivalry!

Lunch and Learns March 5th - Heartland Dental Care March 6th- TDA Financial Services Insurance Program March 12th - Medical Protective March 27th- Pacific Dental Services


The Houston fill

Spring 2013, Edition 2

Recipe of the Month â&#x20AC;&#x153;Chicken Fajita Sizzling Salad with Cilantro Line Vinaigretteâ&#x20AC;? Ingredients: 12oz chicken breasts, cut into strips 1/2 onion, thinly sliced 1 zucchini, cut into sticks or 1 green bell pepper, sliced 1 Tablespoon canola or vegetable oil, divided 6 cups chopped romaine lettuce 1 tomato, cut into wedges 1/2 avocado, chopped Marinade: juice of 1/2 lime 1/4 cup cilantro 2 Tablespoons canola or vegetable oil 1 Tablespoon red wine vinegar 1 garlic clove salt & pepper

Directions: 1. 2. 3. 4.

Combine ingredients for Cilantro-Lime Vinaigrette in a food processor or blender then process until smooth. Set aside. Heat 1/2 Tablespoon oil in a large cast iron pot or skillet, or heavy-bottomed skillet on high. Carefully add in one layer of chicken on the bottom and cook for 1 minute undisturbed. Heat until cooked through, about another minute or two. Remove chicken to a plate and set aside. Heat remaining 1/2 Tablespoon oil in pot then add onions and zucchini (or bell pepper, if using.) Cook for 1 minute, undisturbed, then stir and saute until tender, about another minute. Add chicken back into the pot then stir to combine. Divide lettuce, tomatoes, and avocado between two plates then top with cooked chicen. Drizzle with Cilantro-Lime Vinaigrette.

Credits: Iowa Girl Eats

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