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POWELL (COACH) (jI'OI'~1' 1:. 1'0'1'1'11 ('a III I' 10 11", <'ollp/.w of )Iim's Irom Hie!' Lnst itute, whl'l"l' hI' playl'd Iour ~'I'ar,' (If Ioorhall before I-:!'adnating. With t\\"o )"('<lI'H c'o;lt'hin~ c>xpl']'i('lI('e behind him, he took over the ~1'l'I'IH'loIt alii! most ramshnckle ('am the )1i1lP8 has eyer been confrouted wi t h. a II II ]l1'0c1111'('1] t hi' hl'loIt I-\qu:Hl that has worn the Orange aud Vi'hite of t lu- .\J ilH',' ill 1II'1lI.\" yeat ..路.

COO EY (STUDE T MANAGER) ])al1 ('OOllP,\', 111il-\,'l'a1"s "Student' :\[a11<1g-el', performed ill this capucil~t, n,' III' hus ill .111 other st'lwol .u-tivities, to the best of his .ibil ity. It wa,' a diff'Ivnlt tusk, hilt nail (lid it, and did it well; often looking after till' iull'l'l','ts of ill(' Il'am and till' school to tilt' detl'i1lll'llt of his own. DrLl1 will truly hI' miss('I] al JlilU's next ."(',11'. 'Ye wixh him well,

HAYNIE (CAPTAIN) J[alll":O; t hirrl ,\'c'al' wit h till' :\Iilll'x proved that tlios芦 who proplu-aied gn'a t Ih iIl~N f'or h iru \\'1'1'1' right iJl their estimation. Ifavnie has proved him "plf a g-nod had,fil'ld mall and we are aorry that he does not expect to return next year.

}'((fJe Pift!f,onc

Flow Sheet 1925  

Year Book of the College of Mines and Metallurgy, University of Texas