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/'55#)'616*')4#&7#6'5 Congratulations on the successful completion of your studies at The University of Texas at Dallas! We’re proud of you! When you enrolled at UT Dallas, you undoubtedly expected to take the traditional walk across the stage in your graduation regalia while your family and friends cheered from the stands. Unfortunately, the global health crisis has caused significant disruption to life as we know it. We are so very disappointed that your final months at UT Dallas didn’t include the usual fanfare that surrounds commencement. Please know that our pride in your accomplishments is undiminished, and we will find a way to commemorate this important milestone in person on our beautiful campus. While the pandemic has taken much from our world, this fact remains unchanged: we wish for each of you a fulfilling and rewarding future. You are our legacy. The very reputation of UT Dallas will be defined by you, as it has been by the accomplished graduates who have come before you. Thank you for choosing UT Dallas for your studies, thank you for all that you contributed to our university during your studies, and, once again... Congratulations, Class of 2020!

Richard C. Benson President Eugene McDermott Distinguished University Chair of Leadership

Inga H. Musselman Provost Cecil H. Green Distinguished Chair of Academic Leadership

%106'065 Pages

UNIVERSITY ADMINISTRATION . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6-7 CANDIDATE AND RECIPIENT LISTINGS School of Arts and Humanities . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9-11 School of Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13-15 School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17-24 School of Economic, Political and Policy Sciences . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27-31 Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 33-48 School of Interdisciplinary Studies . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 51-52 Naveen Jindal School of Management . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 55-76 School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 79-86

CANDIDATES FOR DEGREES WITH LATIN HONORS . . . . . . . . . . . .88-97 CANDIDATES FOR DEGREES WITH MAJOR HONORS . . . . . . . . . . .98-99 COLLEGIUM V HONORS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 100-101 COMMENCEMENT SYMBOLS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 102-103 UT DALLAS ALMA MATER . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 104 ANNOUNCEMENTS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 105-106 !"#$%&'()'*+%,(-.*#-$%."/%-*+/$%(0%,*-1#1*./$%0('%1/)'//$%*-1%"(-('$%*.%% .#+/%(0%&234#,*.#(-5%6-,42$#(-%#-%."/%&'()'*+%1(/$%-(.%,(-$.#.2./%% /7#1/-,/%(0%,(+&4/.#(-%(0%1/)'//$%('%"(-('$5


#&/+0+564#6+8'1((+%'45 Richard C. Benson, PhD PRESIDENT

Inga H. Musselman, PhD


Kyle D. Edgington, PhD


George W. Fair, PhD


Frank Feagans, MS


Gene Fitch, EdD


Calvin Jamison, EdD


Rafael O. Martín, MEM, MBA


Joseph J. Pancrazio, PhD


Terry A. Pankratz, MBA


Amanda Rockow, MA


John Walls, MA


! 6


&'#05 Nils Roemer, PhD (interim)


Anne Balsamo, PhD


Steven L. Small, PhD, MD


Jennifer S. Holmes, PhD


Stephanie G. Adams, PhD


George W. Fair, PhD


Hasan Pirkul, PhD


A. Dean Sherry, PhD (interim)


Jessica C. Murphy, PhD


Juan E. Gonzรกlez, PhD


Edward J. Harpham, PhD


Ellen Safley, PhD LIBRARIES

Amanda Smith, EdD STUDENTS



5%*11.1(#465#0&*7/#0+6+'5 %#0&+&#6'5(14$#%*'.145&')4''5 BACHELOR OF ARTS IN HISTORICAL STUDIES

Jonathan Esau Molengraf Priscilla Munoz Adrianna Marie Roy Yoojin Yoon Alexander Yibin Zhu

Erik Sochandiravoth Siv

BACHELOR OF ARTS IN HISTORY Janey Barron Brandie Marie Buford John Hanger Cakerice Herve Victor Debure Jackson Howard Delange Thomas Luke Farrell Philip Allan Fitch Nicholas Jeremiah Giorgio Jack Harris Hamilton Lucas Philllip Helton Mark Clinton Hensel Benjamin Joseph Jandro Alina Lopez Ananya Malik Mackenzie Jo McCullough William Benton McGinnis Ethan Joshua Meeks

BACHELOR OF ARTS IN LITERATURE Audrey Marie Dedrick Crystal Faye Delaughter Joann Sarah Joseph Emily Grace Kedslie Sahar Sharaaz Khan Alexis Victoria De Montfort Shepherd Emily Elizabeth Simmons Makaela Marie Zarate




Joseph Louis Garza Corey Michael McCartt Charles Thomas Novotny William Truong

Jeremiah Michael Goossen



Christopher Travis Fogel

Mya Renee Adams Katherine I. Borgne Macy M. Bunkelman Nathan Mark Davidson Matthew Steven Devoll Mackenzie Ryann Flynn Nicholas Jordan Garnand Jo Hyun Jang Ji-Won Kim Douglas Richard Laman Ritasha Maity Roberto Carlos Mendoza Sydney Ann Kelly Oke Henry Tam Pham Parveen Zehra Ravjani Rebekah Marie Rodriguez Aaron Kirk Roe Raylee Faythe Stearman

BACHELOR OF ARTS IN LITERARY STUDIES Nathan Harris Allen Donald Robert Bloom Christian T. Bremer Marisol Ann Ciovacco Alicia Danielle Collinsworth Rebekah Anne Crawford Taylor Carol Donnelson April Suzette Finch Meredith Leigh Frey Lindsey Jordan Fulton Madalyn Jane Gathright Mary Schocken Hall Natalie Claire Hurlbert Mahlon Chandler Miller #



Kaley Patricia Sutton Erin Nicole Volesky Rickey Darnelle Wax Candice Ziyao Zhang

Haoran Jiang

%#0&+&#6'5(14/#56'45&')4''5 MASTER OF ARTS IN HISTORY


Eric Peter Fackler

Elizabeth Rosanne Brooks Nathan Thomas Camp David Dernier So Young Koo Jessica Paige Lynn Bridget Jade Menard Emily Margaret Walker

MASTER OF ARTS IN HUMANITIES Major in Aesthetic Studies Kassiopia Raquel Jackson

MASTER OF ARTS IN HUMANITIES Major in Studies in Literature


Sarah Sue Johnson Ellen Jeanette Klimpel

Teresa Nicosia Mayo

&1%614#.&')4''4'%+2+'065 DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN HUMANITIES Aesthetic Studies Kimberly A. Greenough-Hodges Professor: Thomas Riccio Dissertation: Haitian Vodou: Pwen in Ritual Practice Jacquelyn Delin McDonald Professor: Richard Brettell Dissertation: Modeling Fame: A Closer Look at the Work of Elisabet Ney Fatemeh Tashakori Professors: Richard Brettell Charles Bambach Dissertation: The Invisible Foreigner: European Women as the Eroticized Other in Later Iranian Art

DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN HUMANITIES History of Ideas Kerry Goldmann Professor: Natalie Ring Dissertation: Owning the Revolutionary Stage: How Black Theatres Embodied the Black Power Movement Sahalie Saecker Hashim Professor: Daniel Wickberg Dissertation: Swedenborg in the Early American Republic: Popular and Intellectual Responses to the Doctrines of Emanuel Swedenborg, 1784 - 1817

$ 10

Shawn Varghese Professor: Daniel Wickberg Dissertation: From Every Tribe, Tongue, and Nation: The Role of Dallas Theological Seminary in the Shaping of African American Evangelicalism John Patrick Williams Professor: David Patterson Dissertation: Grant’s Third Charge: A Tale of Scapegoating, Atonement and Affirmation During the Era of Reconstruction (1863 -1877)

DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN HUMANITIES Kent Lewis Boyer Professor: Charles Hatfield Dissertation: Subverting Propriety: The Intimate, Habitable Poetics of Frank O’Hara Thomasina A. Hickmann Professor: Pamela Gossin Dissertation: Ann Radcliffe and Jane Austen: From Romance to Realism

DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN LITERATURE Eman Bahjat Al-Habashneh Professors: Erin Smith Shilyh Warren Dissertation: A Relentless Quest for Identity: Hyphenation and Accent at the Crossroads of Film and American Literature, 1970 - Present

DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN VISUAL AND PERFORMING ARTS Michael Glyn Schraeder Professor: Thomas Riccio Dissertation: Bumpkins, Barbarians, Misfits, and Marginalized: A White Trash Tetralogy



5%*11.1(#4656'%*01.1); #0&'/'4)+0)%1//70+%#6+10 %#0&+&#6'5(14$#%*'.145&')4''5 BACHELOR OF ARTS IN ARTS AND TECHNOLOGY

Bria Jene’ Jones Austin Jacob Kay Bennett John Kerbow Alan Kathiya Khamsouk Alexander David Krach Mason Alexander Kuhn Julie Hyun La Alan Lam Thomas Dale Lampe Akira Ariano Lear Casey Qin Wei Lee Grace Lee Taylor Marie Lemons Veronica Alexis Liu Isamary Luna Joseph Lorenzo Agaran Mallari Kylie Storm Taylor Manon Ryan Michael Marrie Leslie Katie McCracken Matthew Brown McGregor Codie Ariel McKneely Eric Martin Mendoza Cody James Mescal Chiamaka Leslie Mgboji Abigail Sadler Moore Oscar Thomas Muldrow Luke P. Murphy Amir Naqi Jennifer M. Newhard Faisal Parvez Gabrielle Elena Perez Jonathan James Perry Abigail Grace Pickle Brooke Kaleolani Pina Samuel Bruce Price Alexandria Brooke Ramirez Noah J. Reynolds Jacob Andrew Rice John Willis Rose Tye Kenan Sellars Neil Anthony Sheliga Chad Michael Simpson Owen Michael Skorcz Joshua Todd Slezak Kaitlin Marie Smith Zaria Lenai Steele Alisha Erin Stepp Sarah Caitlin Streety

Mariam H. Ahmed Cameron Jude Alimurka Austen Jake Applegate William S. Athas Andrew James Belgard Ashlin Xamiel Thorne Bell Sarah Marie Bergs Sarah Jean Besserer Hannah Kaitlin Biggs Jeremy Michael Bogucki Mary Grace Braden Brandon Gray Coleman Elizabeth Ann Collins Hilario Corpus Alex Kale Crossley Jonathan Lionel Davila Oscar Arturo Delgado Lisa Nicole Desper Antonio Manuel Diaz Allison Nicole Dombek Miguel Angel Dominguez Matthew Louis Drott Lauren Elaine Dutton Zachary Taylor Enmon Valerie J. Enriquez Fernando Isaac Fuentes Ismael Fernando Fuentes Colin Blake Fulmer West Aragorn Garcia Amanda Reann Garrison Olinda Araceli Garry Nicholas Dane Geldert Christopher James Gibbs Sean Patrick Goodman Jorge Francisco Guerrero Jonathan Adrian Guidry John Alexander Halbert Antonio Emilio Herrera Roberto Hidalgo-Padron Patrick Lawrence Howard Abigail Elizabeth Hrbacek Ying-Jung Hsiang Pei Li Hsueh Joseph James Jacklin Jory Ray Johnson & 13

Inez Ariana Tapia Rachel Hiu-Wan Tse Clayton G. Valdez Katie Vu Avery Blane Watson Christian Wayne Webster Jacob T. Whaling Luke Ryan Wise Mariah K. Wood Meredith Adams Wood Wulan Xu Nicholas James Yarbro

Holly Cheyenne Green Paul Michael Hinderliter Moushumi Rabiyah Hossain Xavier Fukui Huang Daniel John Huddleston Emily Marie Huffman Joshua Tyler Hutchison Anthony Julian Inga Zurabi Javakhadze Autumn Bianca Jennings Nagaris Traion Johnson Nana Angela Johnson Derian Lance Joplin Bradford Eberhard Knowles Daniel Bohn-Soo Koo Sushma Kurukuri Jake Austin Luedecke Sean Matthews Rebecca Shea McGough Patrick E. Meek Sarah L. Mitchell Alphonse Muse Gyu Tae Oh Andrew Jonathan Onorato Ogechukwu Ngozi Ottih Deborah Hae Jin Park Marissa Ann Patterson Alvaro Alexis Pena Shelby L. Perez Allan Viet Phan Gillian Rae Phillips Jose Quinones Alonzo Quintero Dylan Noah Ratliff Emily Elizabeth Ray Pablo Hafid Reyes Lynel Krishen Shakyaver Nazaha Aslam Sherule Courtney Carilee Smith Jamie J. Son Maritza Gabrielle Soriano Corrina Elizabeth Spurlin Adam Carter Stone Joshua Travis Streety Mei Yi Tan Sara Elizabeth Tanner Alyssa Nicole Tao Tichenor Maria Jesus Tizon Ana Stephanie Tovar Jacob Tien-Dat Tran Paulina Trevino Briana Mackenzie Tully Adam Frederick Uthoff Isis Vences



BACHELOR OF ARTS IN ARTS, TECHNOLOGY, AND EMERGING COMMUNICATION Taryn Michelle Allen Yasmeen Nizar Almasri Nathaniel Storm Alvarez Madison Noelle Armstrong Taylor B. Bazhaw Marissa Kay Beckman Kara Marie Bocklage Mathew Cory Bryant Paola Hernandez Bravo Dallas Wesley Camp Janie Carreno Xinyi Chen Elizabeth Ashley Cobb Kyrie Michelle Collier April Monique Cruz Jennifer Cruz Jaden Dora Curreri Tyler Christopher Czuchaj Omar Alejandro Davila Kylie Brianne Davis Michelle Stephanie Edgar Logan Matthew Eubanks Kyle Brandon Femath Marvin Edward Fuxa Alondra Gamino Han Na Gi '(



Joy Chrysta Wallnau Austin Marquis Williams Vanessa Wong Amy A. Yanger

Siobhan Mei-Ning Carmody Delaney Elise Conroy Yoary Braulio Gonzalez Noor Thamer Hummadi Bristol Samantha Lovoy Ryan Joshua Ong Nicholas Provenghi Zoha Rehman Alexander Kraig Reich Erick Salazar Torres




Brandon Leifheit William Alexander Remington

Ivey Breanna Barr Elizabeth Ann Fuchs

&1%614#.&')4''4'%+2+'065 DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN ARTS, TECHNOLOGY, AND EMERGING COMMUNICATION Cenk Koknar Professors: Josef Nguyen Monica Evans Dissertation: Negotiating the Right Way to Play Video Games Yvan Calvin Tina Professors: Roger Malina Yannick Butel Dissertation: Artificial Theaters: Staging Life in the Age of Biotechnology and Artificial Intelligence



5%*11.1($'*#8+14#. #0&$4#+05%+'0%'5 %#0&+&#6'5(14$#%*'.145&')4''5 BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN CHILD LEARNING AND DEVELOPMENT

Rebekah Marie Rodriguez Samantha Pereira Da Silva Michelle Elizabeth Toledo

Mallory McDonald Ayliffe Nety Duenas Arisha Danielle Harrison Hunter Logan James Sharidyn Lyn’A Kelton Narden Nady Khalil Christine Cho Kim Taylor Ann Lindley Jordan Mariah Logan Maria Juana Maldonado Cristina Ines Martin Kayla Ann Miller Anthony Joseph Monroe Yahaira Rubi Monzon Madeline Jayne Owens Sarah Trisha Pinto Victoria Rae Reid Kim Tran Trinh Mattie Geovonna Watts Halle Briana Williams Linda Effie Williams Damali Gabrielle Wilson-Kindred Seongmin Yeon




BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN NEUROSCIENCE Rahma Asker Ahmed Muhammad Ayman Aishat Benjamin O. Akande Ahmed Alhaque Maha Ali Laila Alkassar Maurice Paige Cardona Altuve Catarina Alves Nisha Anbu Elisa Marie Andrews Jesmine Desiree Bailon Argente Rabehah Ahmed Asdi Emily Anne Ausburn Rajni K. Badhan Marjorie Angelica Balaguer Sara Anne Baltz Milad Barmak Nolan Harrison Bensur Hayley Allison Binder Vaibhav Reddy Bommareddy Alyssa Jennifer Boudreau Mark Eligiusz Bourne Zachary Scott Bynum Cansu Cansever Julia Trang Cao

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN CHILD LEARNING AND DEVELOPMENT AND PSYCHOLOGY Leslie Paola Castanon Mary Gwendalynn LaBorde Ana Elena Ablanedo Morales Cecilia Anais Williams

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN COGNITIVE SCIENCE Rachel Arano Jonathan Maxwell Boehm Leah Mary Chandy Emily Chen Elizabeth Yuyuan Ding Vlera Isufi Malvika Balagopal Kumar Kevin Luther Pennington Gauresh Ramakrishna Hannah Faye Ramirez ')


Mansi Chauhan Pranati Chitta Jennifer Stephanie Derma Alishia Dsouza Hunter Todd Edwards Kendra Abieyuwa Egharevba Venkata Srujan Esanakarra Gisselt Estrada Livia Ann George Sandra S. Girgis Ann-Cathrin Victoria Guertler Sarah Elizabeth Hafer Bilaal Syed Hassan Shachi Ramesh Hegde William Harrison Hicks Vy Ai Hoang Nathan Patrick Holland Zachary Noah Hunter Deryck Hien-Trung Huynh Azan Ibrahim Chijindu Michael Iheanacho Rabab Shahid Isa Agam Brahmadi Jagota Nisha Sarah John Daksh Kapoor Caleb Isaac Kasner Savreet Kaur Umaimah Kazi Neha Khuntia Shravya Reddy Kichena Sandaru Manavi Thila Jayanetti Koralalage Bryant Jong Lee Isabel Antonia Magana Hamza Mansoor Malick Elise Kinsey McClelland Marissa E. Meraz Sahar Mian Christopher Abanoub Mikhael Cyril Maged Mina Anushah Mirza Abdullah Areeb Mohammed Ameen Mohammed Lilia Zhibek Morgan Hannan Abdul Mulla Manasa Sai Muppirala Emily Claire Murphy Abhijit Sunil Nair Devi Saraswathi Nair Karen Anais Ngantcha Ndjomo Brian Phuc Huu Thuy Nguyen Manogna Nuthi Malissa Smiley Owen Elise Pariseau Maya Rose Parks

Ethan Anil Patel Ravi Paresh Patel Teodora Teodor Petkova Tony Phan Nathaniel Adrian Pierce Nicole Marie Pillai Arthi Prabhakar Nikhita Prabhakar Merin Prince Omid Parviz Rahmanian Parul Rai Rahul Rajesh Praneeka K. Muthu Raman Vyom Manish Raval Raval K. Reddy Steven Thomas Robinson Olivia Sandra Rodriguez Mustafa Mazen Saed Arko Dipto Saha Frank J. Salazar Tejaswini Seelam Vidur H. Shah Christine Mai Shedd Alexis Victoria De Montfort Shepherd Amogh Singhal Valerie Rae Smith Simmone Marie Spielmann Neha Srinivasan Boyun Sul Isaiah Christopher Swann Akeaf Syed Raashi Sandeep Thakkar Emma K. Tharp Abigail Ann Thomas Muriel Paige Thornton Roshan Bastian Tom Priyanka Vayalali Rashmi Venkatesh Chloe Lynn Denise Verhaeghe Smriti Verma Nga Kieu Vu Danni Yang Juy Yusuf Umamah Mohammed Zaki




Miranda M. Dunn Tiara Monay Hines John Paul Quinonez Marina Zaki Zaki

Darreyl Debaron Landry Kendra Dawn Litchfield Luan Duy Luu William Edward Marcinko Jenna Nicole Martin Nathaniel Adam Mattingly Kaitlin Amanda Methven Margaret Ayres Mickelsen Peter Griffith Mills Anthony Joseph Monroe Karthik Pranav Murali Nadia Musse Nicholas Adam Naehritz Shauna Brooke Nance Cora Lynn Nelson Josephine Kristi Ngun Alexandria Bonet Nolan Sue Youn Oh Michael Chidi Okechukwu Uriah Malon Omamalin Oluwatobi Eromosele Osidele Luv Chuni Sunder Patel Meera Bharat Patel Jacob Fletcher Pearlman Jacob Presley Perron Sarmed Pervaiz Maria Eduarda Portella Sai Nikitha Prattipati Lauren Elizabeth Read Eva Lucie Recoussine Ethan James Reid Olivia Danielle Robles Alanis Roman-Rivera William Lee Royal Clarisse Sanchez Sneha Sannabhadti Meagan Gayle Saturniewicz Tafari Jevan Scott Aesha Sanjay Shah Forrest Parker Smith Roger Juan Solorzano Ashlyn Brooke Southerland Snigdha Srivastava Mia Joelle Sustek Elizabeth Jane Taylor Antonia Juliana Tegeler Megan Nicole Theros Stephanie Tovar Nikki Tran Vartika Varshney Victoria Ashley Weade Jacob Nathaniel Webb Holly Weckman Sara Noor Yasin


BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN PSYCHOLOGY Deborah Eriadura Adetunji Taifoor Ahmad Sara Syed Ahmed Tahmena Akter Yazan Mir Muhammad Al-Amin Sabeeh Ali Anjum Mina Ashfour Michelle Belgi Augustine Ehsan Mohammad Azzami Kennedy Michelle Balzen Michelle Rose Bassil Rohan Pardha Batlanki Haris Bilal Julianna Elisabeth Briscoe Kayla Gwendolyn Caouette Kristine Leakheina Chau Lexi Amorray Coronado Antonio Paolo Santa Cruz Brandon Currie Nisreen Cynthia Dais Tu Anh Dao John Paul Davidson Nidhi J. Desai Mauricio Antonio Diaz Dannah Bilal Diebas Victoria Ferguson Krystal Nicole Fox Cindy Anne Franklin Patrick Bryce Frazier Maria Fernanda Fregoso Princess Diomira Gabice Marisa Jenia Ghavidel Aliayah Rose Himelfarb Aamenah Hossam Hmimy Asma Hussain Imran Haider Jafri Aiza Hameed Kahlun Eden Mary Ann Kasprak Nina Neelufar Kehtarnavaz Shannon Courtney Kennedy Soha Nadeem Khan



Fabiha Tasneem Yousuf Hamza Tariq Zaheer

Ariel Alexis Barrera Ayesha Beg Ariana Marie Bustamante Carly Ann Cates Fabiola Romero Cortez Kristiana Mariah Cruz Connie Dargali Kiersten Julia Dunn Joel Xavier Ewing Yana Farmanyan Cecilia Fernandez Emma Grace Freeman Isabel Kate Goldvarg Angelica Brianna Gonzales Chelsea Anne Gross Maya Hebbur Connie Ho Pamela Ibarra Keylin Victoria Thomas Jones Noor Gheni Kadhim James Feng Kuang Mukail Lassissi Amber Israela Lopez Jordan Lienne Lueck Riya Parag Mahajani Pertunia Makhafola Christine Dian Mantchev Guadalupe Martinez David Lindsey McCullough Abigail Grace McDowell Robert Patrick Myers Johnny Nguyen Abbigaile Madeline Oppenheimer Anna Sarai Polk-Tyler Swarna Radhakrishnan Syeda Raiya Eurika Rajbanshi Amarissa Mina Reyes Raley Zoe Cecil Randle Bonnie Lee Ratliff Sarah Ziaur Rehman Paige Michaela Richmond Khushali Roy Daniela Sandoval-Parra Sarah Ahmed Shaikh Priscilla Esmeralda Simental-Lopez Ameer Hyder Soomro Malika Tbaini Joycelyn Brigett Torres Kimberly Carol Tovan Danielle Nicole Vaughn Juliana Azheli Velazquez Ashley Nicole Vollmar Everett Matthew Wenzel

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN PSYCHOLOGY AND CHILD LEARNING AND DEVELOPMENT Annette Amoasa Addo-Yobo Spandana Venkata Lakshmi Akkaraju Kate Jenna Hall Berinhout Iqra Zaheer Butt Ziyah Michelle Compton Natashaa Adil Dalal Andrew Austin Dalley Kevin Diep Ushnaha Ejaz Martha Ofelia Gallegos Roxana Sanchez Gamez Iyana Renee Gregory Areefa Fatimah Hingora Madad Ibrahim Hana Anwar Ishaq Nancy Elizabeth Jaramillo Nabihah Khan Mariam Jose Kurian Brianna Monique Lewis Xinnan Li Ashmal Naveed Alexis Sabrina Parker Jack A. Partain Michelle Ann Philip Taqwa Mohamed Ramadan Erendira Adilene Ramirez Rachel Christine Robertson David Rocha Katherine Santibanez Yenisse Garcia Saucedo Sydney Claire Schreiner Jason Allen Shirey Andrea Stephanie Sierra Leila Anais Kerekes Simmons Robel Seyfe Tamru Jennifer Torres Alejandra Sossa Usuga Elizabeth Valdez John Henry Whalen

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN SPEECH-LANGUAGE PATHOLOGY AND AUDIOLOGY Sukaina Fatima Abidi Tania Almonte Maryam Omar Asaad Naziat Iqbal Ayushe '" 20


Franchesca Nicole Genty Rebecka Nicole Cupo Lucky Erika Dawn Milligan Erika Otero

Jasmine Amezcua Mary Namasiku Falkenberg



Bhargavi Bhaskar Tess Constable Rami Dakka Namrata Das Andrew P. Denton Christopher Matthew Driskill Jeetesh Jeevan Garsund Jennifer June Good Aakanksha Milind Gurjar Afroza Binte Hai Joseph Hansberry Mohamad-Mustafa Nassif Hariri Joshua Hoover Jia Hu Lisa Nicholle Illgen Gauri Joshi Aishwarya Sri Kandakumar Danielle Marie Kelly Aaron Kruse Brandon Taylor Lane Clarissa Marie Lenz Kathy L. Lindquist Kathrine Makovec Christopher Eugene Mclamb Tina Melamed Mashal Noor Uchenna Queen Onyems Megan Nicole Ortiz Max Harrison Parker Vikram Teja Pentakota Cristobal Kubli Perusquia Maisha Razzaque Evan Russum Khadija Saifullah Emma Cecilia Segoviano Derek Dean Sommer Kirthana Sukumaran Andrew Sun Thouseef Syed Reyanne Maurene West Travis Owen Wolf Hao Zhong

Amelia Compton Abernathy Sara Catherine Aguilar Kirstin Leigh Allison Megan Elizabeth Almond Allie Kirsten Ardoin Cydney Cheyenne Bell Dominique Berry Morgan Bolton Allison Claire Brockette Caroline Brown Sarah Mary Jane Carey Brooke Carter Caroline Clarke Lauren Kathryn Craven Sarah Michelle Cruse Marie Odette Delaplace Taylor Duggan Haley Mckenna Forrest Lindsay Fowler Hannah Kristine Gleason Kirby Lynn Hampton Deborah Grace Hayhurst Alexis Brianne Hernandez Sundas Hilal Pamela Jo Hildebrand Madison Haley Houston Rachel Jean Iacobucci Andrea Christine Javellana Kaley Kreidler Elise Lahoud Christina Layton Jennie Hannah Levy Olivia Michelle Loegering Anna Louise Lyons Marcella Megan Maceo Caitlin Ann McClintock Megan Paulina Mcrae Pratyusha Neha Medikonda Nishani Modi Caitlyn Nicole Neudeck Haley Tucker Norment Rekha Pillai '#


Erinn Elizabeth Hill Marisol Huerta Manasi Satish Mokashi Claire Montgomery Mia Sruthy Philip Olga Alejandra Reyes Annais Margaret Rivera

Savannah Lynn Pillow Sonali Poudel Mitzi Puebla Kristin Machelle Pustejovsky Fajhr Qureshi Lauren Redfearn Caroline Grace Reinhardt Ryan Reitmeyer Emily Wilson Sellers Jacqueline Silva Molly Gunn Smeltzer Rachel Stiller Emilia Sudduth Brian Raymond Taruc Allison Shealy Thomas Linh Tran Carolina Crystal Uzquiano Jillian Kathleen Waldron Emily Anne White Lauren Wolking

MASTER OF SCIENCE IN PSYCHOLOGICAL SCIENCES Anusheh Turab Ali Kathryn Ann Austin Bailey A. Balloun Virgilio Jose Gonzenbach Checa Ariel Marie Decoteau Kathryn Anne Forbes Samantha Helfers Marcus Hjalber Kaiya Hughes Jensen Taylor Kidd Frances Kathryn Elizabeth King Idalia Veronica Maciel Adrianna Martin Kennedy Ariel Millward Ruhama Tollossa Brianna Michelle Turney Joseph Vilches

MASTER OF SCIENCE IN HUMAN DEVELOPMENT AND EARLY CHILDHOOD DISORDERS Alexandra Hope Bales Emma Brandon Victoria Cox Karen Kim Ampongan Fernandez

&1%614#.&')4''4'%+2+'065 DOCTOR OF AUDIOLOGY Logan Honea Bonadio Professor: Linda Thibodeau Hannah Jane Calhoun Professor: Andrea Warner-Czyz Preethi Codanda Chengappa Professor: Ross Roeser Aubrey Cathleen Ewing Professor: Carol Cokely Stephanie Leann Fowler Professors: Carol Cokely Andrea Warner-Czyz Amanda Frost Professor: Carol Cokely Eliza Granade Professor: Edward Lobarinas '$ 22

Mary Allen Maddie Professor: Jackie Clark Naileen Abdul Momin Professors: Carol Cokely Colleen LePrell Jared Poland Professor: Jackie Clark Cristina Paola Reddy Professors: Carol Cokely Amy L. Remsberg Professor: Jackie Clark Akhilandeshwari Sivaswami Professors: Ross Roeser Linda Thibodeau Sarah Margaret Willis Professor: Carol Cokely Tess Alexandra Zaccardi Professor: Colleen LePrell

DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN COGNITION AND NEUROSCIENCE Maria Anna Boylan Professor: Kristen Kennedy Dissertation: Characterization of BOLD Variability Across the Adult Lifespan: Influence of Dopamine and Structural Integrity Yuefeng Huang Professors: Sven Vanneste John Hart Dissertation: Investigating the Functional Role of Medial Prefrontal Cortex During Memory Retrieval Using High-Definition Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation Aarron Justin Phensy Professor: Sven Kroener Dissertation: Oxidative Stress, Mitochondria, and Schizophrenia: Redox Systems Mediate Cognitive and Cellular Deficits in an Animal Model of Nmdar-Hypofunction Stephanie Irene Shiers Professor: Theodore Price Dissertation: The Impact of Chronic Pain on the Medial Prefrontal Cortex: Mechanisms and Treatments Monroe P. Turner Professor: Bart Rypma Dissertation: Bolder than BOLD: Changes in Neurophysiologic Underpinnings of fMRI Signal with Age and Task Demand '%


DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN PSYCHOLOGICAL SCIENCES Kaitlyn Patricia Burnell Professors: Marion Underwood Robert Ackerman Dissertation: Adolescents’ Social Comparison on Instagram: An Eye-Tracking Study Olivia Smith Professor: Jackie Nelson Dissertation: Marital Interactions and Parent-Child Conflict: The Moderating Role of Coparenting Courtney Terry Professors: Robert Ackerman Jackie Nelson Dissertation: Mothers’ and Fathers’ Coparenting: Structure, Stability, and Relations with Family Functioning

'& 24

5%*11.1('%101/+%21.+6+%#. #0&21.+%;5%+'0%'5 %#0&+&#6'5(14$#%*'.145&')4''5 BACHELOR OF ARTS IN CRIMINOLOGY

Zoha Ali Rizvi Thomas Edward Roberts Samuel Paul Schmidt Ahmet Sehic

Collin Wayne Anderson Sara Arsovska Aisha H. Bawany Makyia Penae Caraway Caitlin Elizabeth Carroll Alexis Dawn Cox Dulce Cristobal Blake Robert DiValerio Vanessa Gloria Flores Scott James Frazier Alexis Gil Garza Giovanna Aracely Gonzalez Haylie M. Gore Keith Hooper Peyton Corbett Hutchinson Maleeha I. Kazi Jack Marlyn Meeks Chase Austin Meissner Cristal Mena Thomas Connor Millikin Hiba Esam Mobarak Alicia Maria Molina Enrico De Lara Murcia Eruel Go Pepito Tanya Peralta Alyssa Jewel Porter Lyric Skye Ramsey Simone Vy Sanborn Garrett Jospeh Schneider Jarod Curtis Seaton Hyun Oh Shin Joshua Sung Alexis Renee Tarkowski Ayissa Natalia Wong

BACHELOR OF ARTS IN INTERNATIONAL POLITICAL ECONOMY Cameron Shane Benavides Anthony Joseph DelGiorno Cameron Michael Olney Barbara Lorenzo Di Castro Pimenta Raul Rodriguez Sarah Kathryn Whipple

BACHELOR OF ARTS IN POLITICAL SCIENCE Hala Adnan Abdelqader Cienna P. Alam David Alan Amsler Monica Arreola Zayd Fouad Bensellam April Rose Boyd Nolan Campbell Brill Jesus Enriquez Nathan Leon Charles Farmer Ashley Marie Feistner Noah Vladimir Gittner Abbas Haratizadeh Ibrahim Hasan Charles Davis Hernandez Kathryn Louise Higgins Umul Baneen Lalee Julia Anne Leary Jocelyn Joanna Guerrero Lemus Rebecca Anne Liewer Clayton Henry Cole Lynn Reagan Isabella Madsen Yemane Teketele Mekasha Amy Quynh Anh Nguyen Andrew Hobbes Njo Astha Paudyal Hayden Jeffrey Purl Ian Ruiz Payal Chandrahas Sampat Alexis Ortiz Sanchez Jacqueline Sandoval


BACHELOR OF ARTS IN ECONOMICS Roland Yao Agbota Alexander Joesph Ashmore Christopher Andrew Bailey Jack Chambless Foster Tara Lono )(



Areeb Ahmed Siddiqui Miranda Grace Smith Samantha Joy Smith Sara Jessica Sameh Tamimi Joel E. Thomas Rhea Varghese Audrey Kay Wilbanks Shahin Matthew Zangeneh

Henry Lucien Schneider

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN GEOSPATIAL INFORMATION SCIENCES Theodore Albert Felber Jorge Luis Robles Zachary Foxworth Soules Quocthao Anthony D. Tran



BACHELOR OF ARTS IN SOCIOLOGY Debbie K. Branch Adam Moubarak Chaibainou Nicholas Duc-Khai Dang Devin Tiffani Le Angelica Cecilia Monreal Melissa Ann Nunez Nicolas A. Pena Kayden Adair Pierce-Hubbard Valeria Salinas-Lopez

Samee Ahmad Dean Awkal Naresh Bhusal Ming Yin Ronald Chan Kacey Addison Manlove Maria De Lourdes Bretherton Moncada Christopher Leopold Wright



Fazal Ahmed Fatima Azhar Nicole Anne Brown Nourhan F. Chabayta Audrey Joanna Cook Benjamin A. Dillon Alfi Elizabeth Joseph Sarah Khan Bol Deng Malual Angel Cristhian Simon Sara Mina Tahir Vicente Avila Torres Aspen Capriel Wilkins Madison Taylor Young

Jack Colt Boyd Connor Michael Brucker James Richard Collins Joshua James Evers Christopher Fierro John Walter Gerwig John Daniel Gilbert Travis Ryan Johnston Yifan Lu Jessica Stephanie Riziki Muhokolo Devika Nair Garon Joseph Noureddine Benjamin Nathaniel Franklin Ruiz Areeb Ahmed Siddiqui Abigail Violet Spitzer Jimmy Tran Sylvester James Vredenburg Rehma Wadood Vaughan William White Braxton Dale Wyatt


)' 28

%#0&+&#6'5(14/#56'45&')4''5 MASTER OF ARTS IN POLITICAL SCIENCE

Sydney Reuter Meagan Elizabeth Robbins

Jean Smith Celiscar Samuel Harrison Kiewra Hanna Shin

MASTER OF SCIENCE IN ECONOMICS James Ayoor Daves Lilly Faith Kirby-Rivera Christopher Wayne McGarry Brad Nathan Hien Thu Nguyen Jeremy Michael Petosa Adarsha Piya Thatcher J. Reisman Jack Gibson Sollows Teng Wang Xiaoxia Wang

MASTER OF ARTS IN POLITICAL SCIENCE Legislative Studies Joel Matthew Montfort

MASTER OF PUBLIC AFFAIRS Rebecca Carter Gregory Allen Conn David Cortinas Brandy Coty Jason Elliot Cutrone Travis Andrew Green Carolyne Chepkorir Koech Clay Robert Mansell Quincy Teresa Sinele Rebecca Sue Wiser

MASTER OF SCIENCE IN GEOSPATIAL INFORMATION SCIENCES Amanuel Amare Abuhay Jingnan Bi Stephanie Clark Nathan Alan Fleischman Olubiyi Oduyale



Boreum Jung Jasmine Rae Latiolais Victoria Elizabeth Morales

Naomi Mulugeta Marissa Carol Padilla Joseph Wu



Katherine Marie Wilds


Lauren Kay Finkbeiner Blake Matthew Hoffman Kira Leighann Lowe Katherine Rose Pollack Rita Mary Savill Mariya Sergei Siliankina Frederic Hill Traylor

Tiffany Min Chu Caroline Annie Dang Magaly Guerra Tatianna J. Harrell Ellen James Repeta



&1%614#.&')4''4'%+2+'065 DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN CRIMINOLOGY Jennifer Michele Laprade Professor: Alex Piquero Dissertation: Examining the Relationship Between Prosecutor Characteristics and Court Outcomes

DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN ECONOMICS Zhengyang Chen Professor: Victor Valcarcel Dissertation: Essays on Monetary Policy: Measurement and Transmission William Dalton Jackson Professor: Donald Hicks Dissertation: Tight Oil Production Technology Effects On the U.S. Petroleum Industry’s Vertical Integration Wukki Kim Professor: Todd Sandler Dissertation: Four Essays on Defense and Peace Economics


Xiao Li

Professor: Yongwan Chun Dissertation: Negative Spatial Autocorrelation and Its Impacts on Georeferenced Data Analysis: With Case Studies of Cancer Incidents Professor: Fang Qiu Dissertation: Automatic Building Footprint Generation from Airborne Lidar Point Cloud

DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN POLITICAL SCIENCE Yahve Gallegos Professor: Paul Diehl Dissertation: Carrot Or Stick? Examining the Effect of Judicial Independence and Repression on Authoritarian Regime Stability and Leader Survival Blake Matthew Hoffman Professors: Harold Clarke Marianne Stewart Dissertation: Immigration Enforcement and Leader Image: President Trump and Support for ICE

DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN PUBLIC AFFAIRS Romeo Abraham Professors: Evgenia Gorina Doug Goodman Dissertation: Fiscal Effects of Natural Disasters

)* 30

Varaidzo Zvobgo Professor: Meghna Sabharwal Dissertation: Investigating the Impact of Organizational Resilience and Turnover in U.S. Local Governments: The Mediating Effects of Strategic Human Resources Management Practices

DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN PUBLIC POLICY AND POLITICAL ECONOMY Jingnan Bi Professor: Richard Scotch Dissertation: Child Social Capital and Health: The Protective and Promotive Effects of Social Capital on Child Health in Fragile Families Cory Karl Carr Professors: Brian Berry Jonas Bunte Dissertation: Are Active Labor Market Policies Reducing Youth Unemployment in the European Union? Sayeeda Jamilah Professor: Brian Berry Dissertation: Values, Public Service, and Political Engagement: Muslim Americans and Their Institutions of Secondary Education



'4+-,1055105%*11.1('0)+0''4+0) #0&%1/276'45%+'0%' %#0&+&#6'5(14$#%*'.145&')4''5 BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING

Ian Ross McDonald Delia Maame Bemah Appiah Mensah Michael Aaron Momany Alejandro Enriquez Moncayo Ahmad Riad Mourad Mark Andrew Nauman Thomas Tue Kim Nguyen Patrick Nolan Ondrusek Fernando Ortega Reynaldo Ortiz Aditya Rajesh Patel Jacob M. Petty Sruthi N. Rajanala Sarvesh Ramachandran Amogh Raghuram Rao Jacey Roy Vinay Mohan Roy Ayah Layth Al Rubaye Ankita Ramesh Rugi Benjamin Thomas Russell Kyle Albert Searles Ankita Shankar Cally Soh Angeloh Mari Stout Yashaswee Tamrakar Wilson Tanjaya Richard Nghia Quoc Thai Kishan Kiran Thomala Varsha Thomas Heather Elizabeth Vanderpool Jose Manuel Luna Vargas Chase Preston Wight Joel M. Wright

Alaa A. Abouseif Ashleigh Itohan Abusomwan David Akinfolarin Adeyeye Dante Armando Agostino Tommaso Damiano Agostino Benjamin Lee Allsup Luke Daniel Anderson Ijeoma Cynthia Anumnu Jana Sahar Aridi Alondra Arroyo Anthony Martin Belli Nikhil Shankar Bhumireddy Eric Michael Busch Odalis Jaslyn Cartagena Kayla Renee Caughlin Collin Russell Chandler Sarah Elizabeth Cheeran Ryan Patrick Compton Frederick Cossio Sabin Afroz Coulter Kristine Deguzman Riley Elson Dickson Peter Jinyue Dong Lea Simone Elias Joseph David Epperson Alikhan Barket Fidai Matthew Scott Gerescher Kelvin Alexander Graham Michael Guy Hippleheuser Ana Alicia Horbovetz Navaporn Ming Intharuck Jenna T. Jezierski Kathleen Mary Joseph Nathaniel John Joseph Ahmed Omer Khalfe Ali Khalil Aqdas Khan Zaryaab Nasir Khan Alireza Nazari Khanamiri Daanish Hussain Khazi-Syed Aya Khedr Farzan Khoshravan Naseem Knaish Carlos Ricardo Leon Trevor Pakawat Madden

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN COMPUTER ENGINEERING Rajeev Alladi Ezra Dale Anderson Venkata Sai Yaso Vishnu Teja Bapanapalli Joseph Noll Barbeau Samuel W. Beaty Elizabeth Ann Beisert Daniel Justin Booher Roger Chan Iyad Alam Chishtie Jawad Gani Chowdhury Mutasim Ahmad Chowdhury )"



Michael Christopher Dannunzio Bryan Delara Ruinan Ding Sean Vincent Duckworth Alex Espinoza Yu Feng Noah S. Fuselier Shreyas Raghu Ganesh David Lee Garvin Nicholas Andrew Tolentino Inocencio Sumyia Islam Adam Tyler Jennings Henry Minki Kim Gabriel Goetten Klaar Aaryan L.N. Kothapalli Dylan Anthony Kreth Dang M. La Kevin Tri Lam Jose Lamuno Hibah Zehra Lateef Tony Le Daniel Octavio Melendez Nathaniel Thomas Musial Aditya Narayan Christopher Hoang Minh Nguyen Elvis Nguyen Huy Duc Nguyen Mai-Thy Nguyen Cooper A. Omundson Artur Anarovich Pachachura Robin Andrace Pantalion Jusung Park Divya Ajay Patel Hemraj Polavaram Vi Dai Quan Daniel Martin Camarillo Rodriguez Michael Logan Romack-Dennison Nathan Christopher Ah Sam Joe Joe Samuel Carl Edward Schneider Margey K. Shah Saurabh Nitin Shah Patrick Ryan Short Lalith Reddy Sibbala Nuhash Ahmed Syed Khoi Dang Tran Ted Thanh Tran Mithil Prakashkumar Viradia

Yaritza Guadalupe Chan

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN COMPUTER SCIENCE Jan-Felix Felipe Abellera Robert Carlton Adams Priscilla Giffty Adomako Rezwan Jwaza Ahmed Pranav Ajithkumar Kermit Lee Alexander II Shahzad S. Ansari Taha Arshad Vrushali Ashok Asar Mohammad Muneeb Aslam Navin Tom Augustine Nihar Jayendra Babaria Shireen Shivani Bahadur Bahram Bahramjavidi Kyle Dean Bailey Michael Jace Baker Gabriel Balanov Brandon Michael Barnes Meghna Basu Seth Anthony Bedford Brian Daniel Bell Abinash Bhattarai Gabriel Bibbs Martin James Boerwinkle Travis Michael Bonneau Tennessee Christopher Bonner Sree Jignash Reddy Bonthu Cem Berk Bozkus Clayton Allen Breckel Joseph Matthew Bryant Eric David Busch Thommy Huu Cao Dylan Scott Capece Kayla Jo Carroll Kevin Matthew Castanho Omar Cecenas Kevin Chang Eric Vincent Chen Jin Chen Qinglin Chen Tze Yang Chen Jacob Alexander Cherry Somrach Chheng Yu Hsin Chiang Crystal Chongphakdee Ubaid Ilyas Choudhry



Maisha Nusrat Choudhury Nimesh Jitendra Chudasama Seth McKay Condie Oscar Contreras Dylan Andrew Cooledge Jacob Randall Corey Thomas Matthew Crain Daniel Scott Crawford Rishi Kiran Varma Dandu Khoa Tae Dang Joel Cooper Daniels Toan Duy Dao Krupali Shailesh Dedhia Getenet Demsie Nisarg Pritesh Desai Phillip Edward Desjardins Anthony Khuong Dinh Evan Michael Diver John Elliott Dixon Poria Ebrahimi Thads Michael Guirnela Egar Micaelan Thomas Eger Mohamed Amin El-Malah Ryan Scott Evans Victoria Elizabeth Evans Danielle Virginia Faris Luis David Flores Joel Tom Francis Jules Theo Francois Harmohan Singh Gahlla Samantha Lucia Gant Harvey Wu Gao Naman Garg Hector Samuel Garza Gerard Donlin Geer Shawn George Kynsee Shane Gesch Yonatan Mehabaw Getahun Sushith Ghanta Seth Thomas Giovanetti Daniel J. Glass Anna Nikolayevna Glazkova Michelle Lynn Godwin Reyna Estefania Rangel Gonzalez Michael Warren Goolsbey Erin Marie Gordon Ben Worden Grawe Najee Grey Sina Ryan Hadizad Christopher Dennis Hahn Christopher James Hamilton Walter Chi Yuan Han Kevin Gerard Hardy Tina Harter

Samuel Rashad Hasan Cody Robert Hatfield Warren R. He Tyler Christian Heald Ashley Nicole Hendricks James Andrew Herd Benjamin Keaton Hickey Matthew G. Hicks Jacob C. Hill Weston Winston Ho Huy Duc Hoang Brian N. Hoch William Jeffrey Hood Andrew John Hosang Ryan Patrick Hosford Jia Woei Hsing Matthew Yung-En Huang Andrew Scott Hudson Jeffrey Jenaid Imam Uttam S. Indukuri Yuuki Zachary Ishimaru Samia Islam Akito Ito Charles Bell Jackson Feba Mariyam Jacob Paul Dusty Jacobo Taha Mohammed Jalali Immanuel Christopher John William Tofting Johnson Riya Joshi Taaha Kamal Sohieb Aiman Kandeel Sean Michael Ritschard Kennedy Michael Karl Kern Alina Khan Asad-Ullah Muhammed Khan Inara R. Kherani Shah Rukh Amanullah Khimani Hyeoncheol Kim Jisoo Kim Jonathan Kim Keegan Michael Kimbrell Mitchell Alexander Knopf Sarah Chan Kolanowski Pavithran Konda Siang Swee Kong Mathew Abraham Koshy Shlok Kothari Siddharth Kumar Matthew Thomas Kunjummen Mukund Mohan Kuntimad Brian Vo Lai Kye Alexander Laliberte Qingyu Lan )$


James Tracy Landry David John Lanius Caleb Christopher Lawrence Cooper Fulton Le Thomas Calloway Lea Anthony Christian Leeber Austin Harrison Leung Kalyb Michael James Levesque Tomer Levi Paul Levitt Ruihao Li Songyang Li Michael Lin Major Liu Sihan Liu Wei-An Liu Yanjie Liu Arami Guerra De La Llera Kota Naga Tejaswi Lnu Benjamin Marc London Yunshi Lu Carson John Lutterloh Vishal Reddy Madipadga Youssef Amin Mahmoud Supachai Jackson Main Daniel Martin Mains Sarina Jiawen Mak Jocelyn Cecilia Malanco Sivaram Mandava Zion Jeang Mantey Matthew Garrett McMillian Antonio Reuben Mendiola Devin Joshua Mensah William Calvin Moffett Marcus Jevad Mohammadi Navya Sai Monga Julie Victoria Moravits Marie Rachel Moravits Dante Alfredo Moreno Sasipreetam Morsa Allen Schaeffer Mumford Rangina Murad Carey Michael Murphey Marco Antonio Myers Kaushik Nadimpalli Steven Michael Nall Bharani Nammi Nikhil Chowdary Nannapaneni Karl Maritana Nava Ashlesha Abhijit Nesarikar Matthew August Nevle Enoch Wesley Ng An Hoai Ngoc Nguyen Kevin Nguyen

Minh Tri Hoang Nguyen Nathan Minhquoc Nguyen Kristie Kim Niemiec Ashwin Nishad Matthew Thomas Norkiewicz John Daniel Novosel Marcus Alexander Nuyda Chandler Hargrove Palmer Luis Jaime Partida Dhruvi Vinaykumar Patel Jay Shaileshkumar Patel Nikesh Sandip Patel Vimal Suresh Patel Matthew Paul Pablo Javier Sarquis Peillard Madeline L. Peterson Noah Benjamin Peterson Thai Nam Phung Madison Ava Pickering Zachary Joseph Pillman Antti Ville Oskari Pirhonen Kenneth Chin Poh Grant Edward Poquiz Lauren Avery Potersnak Sanjay Poudel Austin James Prochaska Jonathan Andrew Prukop Hasnain Feroz Punjwani Tien Quang Nisha Rajesh Vishal Rajesh Seth Andrew Raley Rahul Ramesh Sanketh Peech Reddy Julian Andres Reyes Dylan Alexander Rice Antonio Luis Rios Emanuel Rios Evelyn Eliana Roldan William Spencer Ryder Arnulfo Vidana Salas Hepson Manuel Sanchez Kristofer Ryan Sanchez Cameron Hampton Sapp Aneesh Pullela Saripalli Faaris Jari Sattar Kairo Sauceda Jake Richard Schroder Brent Lee Seitz Kevin Jayesh Shah Khalid Ahmed Shaik Lei Shen Jihoon Shin William Parnell Shipes )%


Ritika Shrivastava Tanner James Sievert Swamynathan Singaravelu Bikram Singh Parijat Singh Kion Larry Smith Jonathan Castles Snead III Rahul Prakash Sonwalkar* Alexa Elizabeth Stephens Sean Michael Sullivan Danielle Monica Sutter Cole S. Swingholm Zubyr Husn Syd Steven Ta Janet Tang Justin Zhuoning Tang Ravi Tata Aren Berk Taylan Christopher Paul Te Poele Abhishek Venkata Sai Thurlapati Anthony Tomsio Kevin Khai Tran Daniel Jacob Treichel Duy Nhat Truong William Truong Yvon Randolph Sonwa Tsaju Jackson Wyatt Turner Collin Brian Vaille Erik Lee Van Slyke Zoraida Vences Jacob Isaac Villarreal Natalya Vinogradskaya Aditya Atchuth Ram Viswanatham Quoc Dat Van Vo Ryan Allan Vowell Lan Vu Tung Duc Vu Jaibhopalreddy Vumma John Edward Walton Henry Hengyeh Wang Maytanee Matthew Wethington Jonathan Scott White Grant Michael Williams Preston Douglas Wintermute Thomas Russell Wolf Jared Ian Wolff Connor Fox Woltz Evelyn Leong Wong Henry Keane Wu Frank Jyh Yih Yang Haiqing Yang Xizhen Yang Joonsung Yoon Yune-Shim June Yuek

Churong Zhang Daniel Zhang Jack Spencer Zumwalt



BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Omar Abdurahman Yohannes Itana Adeba Daniel Thomas Arrant Raziel Arroyo-Meza Yonatan Girma Asrat James Anthony Barnes Viren Surendra Bhosale Christian Daniel Blanton Ian Gregory Borgen Wesley Hayden Brigner Yao Tao Caivin Cai Jeremy Evan Chaney Cho Chen Christian Miled Cortes Daniel Ferrari Del Nero Stephen Daniel Dillard Tyler Christopher Eley Ethan F. Ellis Mekuanent Getachew Eyasu Raul Alejandro Favela Michael Anthony Frost Robert Steven Gantt Toby Simon Krakauer Ganz Kyle Francine Amba-An Gaspar Sean Christopher Gibson Douglas Hunter Gordon Joshua Edward Gue Arslan Gul Simran Habib Soumaya Hajji Robert Charles Heemann Elizabeth Maureen Higgins Joseph Holroyd William Wayne Hopkins Tiancheng Hu Kenneth Thien Khoi Huynh Mina A. Iskander )&



Kunal Jain Wonjung Joo Woosung Jung Mahir Mannan Kaheri Jonathan Regis Kamgue Yosias Zewdie Kassaye Jibreel Rayan Khromachou Colton Allen Kokenes Dumindu Teekshana Jayanetti Koralalage Sayan Kuanyshbekov Victor Le Jasmine Lee Valerie Liao Francisco Eduardo Lopez Shourov Leroy Malaker Audrey Marquis Travis Cooper McKinney Kevin Lee Mogilnicki Misael Mondragon-Lopez Kasra Nasiripour Andrew Hoang Ngo Angie Nguyen Khang Trong Nguyen Kristen Minh-Thu Nguyen Selena Trang Nguyen Mohamed Ismail Nur Kevin Macy Ong Milan Ghanshyambhai Parekh Rahulkumar Ghanshyambhai Parekh Aashay Nirmal Patel Miten Bharat Patel Jeffrey Dunn Patton Brent Nathaniel Powell Samir Akhtar Rahi Bradley Steven Ritschel Justin Anthony Russo Eric James Sanders Nicholas Pappas Sanders Michael Alexander Saul Vikash Kumar Sharma Reynu Shivshankar Shirali Timothy Daniel Sinon-Allas Austin Jacob Snyder Miguel Solis Nathan Eli Solorzano Matthew Nicolas Stark Justin Yanara Thlang Troy Anthony Toledo Jayson P. Vanmarter Antonne Mikhail Villaflores Richard Alexander Willis Jacob Thomas Wilson Leonardo Zamarripa

Brighton Alexander Hill Nicole Marie Preisler




Ahmed Aboutaleb Anupam Adhikari Ibrahim Yunis Ali Jay Jaehyeong An Benjamin James Wallis Andriot Jeronimo Sebastian Arrangoiz Arriola Arya Ayden Ayati-Ghaffari Niklas Tepper Bacon Rodrigo Balmaceda Leonardo James Barajas Thomas J. Bennett Brandon Kory Boren Rodolfo Butanda Jorge Carrasco Diego Castano Duong Kinh Chau Jin Chen Jet Anthony Ortiz Chong Wahee Ahmed Chowdhury Jonathan Jvon Cipriani Jasmine L. Copeland Matthew Jack Danna Caleb Michael Daves Eric Vincent Davis Reem Dawelbeit Napat Dawkrajai Sebastian Vazquez De Alba Teresa De Jesus De Alba Todd Stephen Deetjen Christopher Joseph Diaz Frezer Getie Diress Darryl Andrew Drake Iyke Jude Ejimakor Aly Adham El Sharkawy Jamie Lauren Eriksson Jose Alfredo Escobar Jr. Madison Taylor Facchini Ashkan Farzad Jose Julian Yepez Ferrel Rebecca Varghese Finney Aakash Gadh Alexander Gamez Rohit Gattamaraju Caleb Matthew Giese Katia Asnath Naomi Gounou Michael Christopher Guerra

Noemi Guevara-Velazquez Carlos Enrique Morin Guzman Aman Rashid Hafeez Amir Haghiri Austin David Hain Nadim Hakim Cody Gray Hargus Logan Beecher Harless Sara Frances Hartke Aldair Hernandez Christian Hernandez Jose Pedro Hernandez Johnathan Manuel Horta Arya Ahmed Hussein Jason Lee Hustad Mohammed Jawad Ul Islam Shanika Ann Jacob Alexander Joseph Jacovetty Max Austin Kasmir Shaariq Sikander Kazani Ali Reza Ali Khan Raheema Khan Tristan Charles Kilkenny Jason Orion Kwan Joe Anthony Lopez Cesar Ramon Lopez-Maldonado Kevin Azael Maciel Anna Marie Malueg Dorothy Lyou Mantle Steven Samuel Marks Alex Lorenze Martinez Nelson Jose Martinez Chase Nickolas McDaniel Matthew Weston McKeever Benjamin Micah Medeiros Eduardo Antonio Medina Henry Medina Karthik Meyyappan John Casales Morris Mihir Nadig Nadig Aparna Priya Nagarajan Andrew Phi Nguyen Minh-Dang Doan Nguyen Jonathan Leland Nickel Jude Ikechukwu Nwaiwu John Peter Scott Okrafka Arath Paneet Charlton Hok Pang Sneha Peri Jacob Daniel Perkins Hung Gia Pham Muamer Amir Pilav Madeline Claire Powers Charles Martin Price

Timothy Wayne Puckett Felipe Puentes Nicholas David Purdum Niloy Rahman Sailesh Rajagopalan Carlos Gustavo Ramirez Claudia Ramirez Oscar Raymundo Bryson James Rector Kendall Steven Rehn Luis Javier Puente Reyna Jacob John Rockefeller Josiah Mark Rohne Katherine Annette Roldan Kenneth Dewayne Roszell Tarek Hani Salama Osvaldo Samuel Sanchez Christian Thomas Schafer Xiang Alfred Sealey Shahrzad Shahabi Carter Steven Smith Samantha Elizabeth Smith Ferris Guntur Soesilo Peter Thomas Stafford Greta Perpetua Suchy Saurya Sukharamwala Eric N. Sullivan Ryan Daniel Tottori Mario Alberto Trevino Morgan Taylor Tubb Nolan Thomas Walker John Joseph Walsh Benjamin William Weldon Matthew Earl White Paul Joseph Williams Logan Wade Williamson Kelifa Samuel Workneh Caleb James Yale Josef Pierre Zippi

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN SOFTWARE ENGINEERING Srikesh Ajaykumar Violette Basel Allahham Rahaf Alnakkar Oswaldo Antonio Argueta Ken Asawa Alya Abu Assaf Braden Douglas Baikauskas Clifton Paul Braddock Chase A. Burrell Pedro Luis Carvajal Robbie Abel Castillo Wajeeh I. Chaudhry *' 39

Ning Kevin Chen Luke Cleburne Corley Kevin Dang Adrian Magbanua Dizon Minh Binh Duong Erik A. Fraim Kunaal J. Gaglani Nikhil Gupta Brenden C. Harper Dinsefa Jemal Hassen Mark David Hewitt Akib Hossain Zain Gregoire Husain Jeff Sam Huynh Neda Khakpour Aman Amirali Khoja Nicholas Veasna Kiv Ashish Lamichhane John Bailey Lasater II Jonathan Myles Lawrence Angel Arribas Lopez Tasnim Mahmud Abdulaziz Mohammed Mawi Ross Logan McNew Hera Memon Bradley Allen Mickow

Sagar Babu Moozhikulam David Joseph Moran Annabelle Naby Arun Vikram Palaniappan Daniel Jun Park Brandon Mathew Pike Minah Popal Ricardo Jair Ramirez Alexis Mendoza Rico Sabreen Al Rufaiee Ismael S. Al Sabea Rohan Kozhikunnathu Samuel Mayher Sandhu Keyur Suresh Savjani Lathwahandi Diyohan Sanjay De Silva Barrett George Simmons Saran Sundararajan Yugesh Taksari Joshua R. Thompson Christopher Hai Tran Samarth Tuli Logan Matthew Westbrook Corbin Patrick Westkaemper Justin Amen Yim Dong Zhao



Alejandro Abraham Madhuri Adhikari Manasvini Ammanamanchi Rahul Atmaramani Akhil Bhimireddy Nikhil Vishwas Divekar Mathew Jacob Kulsoom Javed Anusha Devi Tensingh Rajan Thanga Kani Ketki Suresh Khapare David Anderson Lloyd Harrison Healy Maritato Emma Jane Neuendorff Christopher Khanhtuan Nguyen Richa Himanshu Patel Muskan Pawar Kavita Raman Saurabh Vikas Raut Emma Reznick Chetna Bhavani Rudrapatna Siva Saket Sripada Chaitra Milan Telang Jose Aldair Vargas

Lohith Aswathappa Arpitha Agrahara Chandrasekhara Shubham Rajesh Gore Edward Hong Mihir Abhay Joshi Guanghong Li Harshil Hiten Malavia Anirudh Mehrotra Pooja Bennaghatta Narayanaswamy Gaurav Naresh Vivek Nagalapura Ravindra Rohit Sreekumar Xuyang Tang Tanya Mohan Tukade Karthik Reddy Vudagandla

MASTER OF SCIENCE IN COMPUTER SCIENCE Nazmiye Ceren Abay Sahith Reddy Adudodla Prakhar Agarwal Nalini Aggarwal *) 40

Neha Aggarwal Richa Agrawal Samarth Pravesh Agrawal Shruti Agrawal Ricardo Isaac Alanis Giri Prasad Allumalla Preethika Anand Abdullah Mohammad Ansari Syed Ahrar Anwar Amin Shoukat Arab Lakshay Arora Aniket Ashok Nayen Atluri Vasavi Sruthi Atluri Sri Jignash Reddy Atturu Stephen McLane Ballenger Abhisek Banerjee Shraddha Hiralal Bang Swapnil Bansal Grant Charles Barbee Praneeth Kumar Baru Sankalp Sanjay Bhandari Achyut Arun Bhandiwad Mayank Vijaykumar Bhatia Akhil Bitra Hanumantha Rao Boddapati Beryl Mario Shairu Joseph Anto Bose Manas Mahesh Bundele Vishwanath D. C. Ariel Marie Capps Akanksha Ishwar Chand Namratha Satish Chandran Navya Hirebidanur Chandrashekara Hao-Ting Chang Sai Ram Chappidi Axat Kamleshkumar Chaudhari Anki Chauhan Ko-Chen Chen Yinglue Chen Yin Che Chien Swapna Chintapalli Sreeram Chittela Jeel Sudhirbhai Christian Jonathan Bradley Creech Sushant Singh Dahiya Hanxuan Dai Tuhin T. Das Nirmohi Rakshitbhai Dave Patrick Edwin Dayton Jiajun Deng Marcus Wenda Deng Khushboo Sanjivkumar Desai Pranjal Shahajirao Deshmukh Ruchita Laxmikant Deshmukh

Kaustubh Raghavendrarao Deshpande Kautil Reddy Desireddy Abhilasha Chandrakant Devkar Ayush Dobhal Viral Pradip Doshi Balnur Duisenbayeva Nathan Louis Elderbroom Harichandana Epuri Anirudh Erabelly Courtney Taylor Erbes Gina Rodgers Fossati Xuan Fu Melissa Diane Fulfer Ajit Vithal Gaikwad Aishwarya Gandham Shobhana Ganesh Poonam Ravishekhar Gillurkar Jiten Girdhar Mithil Vijay Gotarne Patrick Liam Grady Sampath Grandhi Shuyang Gu Xinjie Gu Divya Gummadapu Mugdha Gupta Ayesha Narayan Gurnani Prachi Rajendra Hagwane Ganesh Bhargav Chittoor Haribabu John Gregory Hatch Guanghao He Anish Hegde Arjun Gurudatta Hegde Colin Michael Hill Tristan Dorian Hill Sukruti Puranam Hosudurg Alan Huang Binglin Huang Shaikh Mohammed Israil Nymisha Jahagirdar Harshel Jain Shobhit Jain Yash Hemant Jain Abhishek Paresh Jajal Meet Kanaiya Jhatakia Bo Jin Rhiannon S. Jones Dhwanika Vibhu Joshi Pratik Kamath Karan Yashwant Kanani Akhila Kancharana Pranav Shyam Kanse Karan Nayankumar Kapadia Sri Chaitra Kareddy Bhavya Kashetty **


Vagdevi Kasina Rutuja Narendra Kaushike Sagar Dattaram Kawthankar Venkata Sai Praneeth Varma Keerthipati Piyush Ray Khalya Venkata Sai Rohith Kilambi Dehu Kong Maleeha Shabeer Koul Andry Thomas Kozhikkadan Radhika Ravindranath Kulkarni Sanket Prakash Kulkarni Jayashree Sankar Kumar Krishan Kumar Vedant Kumar Vinit Kumar Sravya Kurra Meghna Kurup Anthony Reilley Lawn Byunghee Lee Mengxiao Li Yao Li Xiang Lin Yu Chuan Lin Zifei Ling Hengbo Liu Tianyi Liu Zhenghang Liu Haoran Lou Wenjuan Luan Wei Luo Yiheng Ma Arun Babu Madhavan Akshay Maganti Fenny Mahajan Torsha Majumder Hemant Malik Brandon Marzik Amith Kumar Matapady Mithul Mathivanan Meghna Mathur Viraj Dipak Mavani Amol Mavuduru Maitreyee Abhijit Mhasakar Behzad Mirkhanzadeh Ch Muhammad Talal Muneer Siva Sai Kumar Mupparaju Navaneetha Krishnan Muralidaran Sneha Ramachandran Nair Manik Narang Sathyaraj Natesan Dawson Sheldon Valerian Nazareth Cuong Phu Ngo Bao Chi Nguyen Zachary Oliver Oldham

Aarya Vardhan Reddy Paakaala Logan Scott Padon Fangzhou Pan Pallavi Pandey Mingyao Pang Rishika Parashar Sai Vivek Parupudi Karthik Pasagada Shailaja Shrishail Patangi Hardik Patel Hemali Amitkumar Patel Ishani Harshadkumar Patel Kashyap Jagdishbhai Patel Pratik Nitinkumar Patel Sachi Rajendra Patel Sagar Bhupendrabhai Patel Vishalkumar Ashokbhai Patel Aniket Dinanath Pathak Pawan Dasharath Patil Ethan David Pattie Nikhil Avinash Peshwe Gil Popilski Divya Porwal Bharat Kumar Reddy Pothireddy Neha Milind Prabhune Abhijeet Anoopkumar Prasad Jyotsna Prasad Manisha Prasad Pratidhi Pratyasha Rashmi Priya Shahreen Shahjahan Psyche Esha Hiteshkumar Punjabi Rutuj Ravindra Puranik Phanindra Pydisetty Akash Bhupatbhai Radadiya Vishwa Krishnan Radhakrishnan Sharanya Bhat Thonsay Raghavendra Nicolette Elaine Railsback Anugreh Raina Priyanka Rajpal Vinyas Raju Vishal Chandar Ramachandran Praveen Ramani Akshay Ramesh Tanu Rampal Yeshwant Vinodkumar Ranka Preethi Phutane Srinivasa Rao Sai Srikar Ravipati Kanika Rawat Syed Abbas Raza Rizvi Eric Joseph Rogers Kumar Rohit Venkata Santosh Nihit Varma Sagi Lina Saha *!


Siddhartha Sahai Chakriramoj Sandireddy Jenila Rakesh Sanghvi Sameer Kedarnath Sant Arunachalam Saravanan Prateek Sarna Swathy Priya Sathishbarani Manoj Seeram Rinkle Chandrakant Seth Meet Shah Parva Ketan Shah Priyank Kamlesh Shah Rushabh Manoj Shah Vishal Jayeshkumar Shah Nima Shahbazi Chirag Shahi Divya Sharma Nimish Sharma Abhishek Halugudde Shivappa Aditya Singh Ajay Singh Baljeet Singh Thingom Bishal Singha Sravya Singireddy Pallavi Sinha Elijah Hunter Snow Zihe Song Naresh Lakshmi Sornapudi Soumya Sourav Jackie Carey Spence Sreekrishna Sridhar Venkatakrishnan Srinivasaraj David D. Stenson Pooja Suman Sweta Suman Ravi Teja Talari Prit Vijaybhai Thakkar Kannan Thayumanavar Brandon An-Khang Tran Divya Tyagi Saumya Saroop Upadhyay Suraj Raghavendra Vadvadgi Anant Vaibhav Shrey Shailesh Vakharia Kevin Christopher Vanhorn Vinayakasai Vasudev Vineet Vats Hemanth Velaga Nishitha Vellalachervu Harsh Verma Nikita Vispute Angad Vittal Scott Chase Waggener Bingwei Wang

Hongzheng Wang Seong Ioi Wang Shih-Han Wang Shuang Wang Maxwell Alan Weinzierl Zhouxiang Wu Chang Xie Xiaoyang Xu Zhengyang Xu Arjit Yadav Yongliang Yang Karttik Reddy Yellu Hima Sagar Sai Prasad Yemineni Xieqin You Dylan Sidarta Yu Lin Yu Yash Ashokbhai Zalavadia Kaiyuan Zhang Qifan Zhang Shen Zhang Yujian Zhang Dishi Zheng Zimo Zhou Xiaojie Zhu Zehong Zhuang

MASTER OF SCIENCE IN ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Eric Afyouni Benjamin Lee Amey Akhil Amirineni Ayush Arunachalam Sahithi Attili William Dishron Cardle Rishita Chandra Pritish Chatterjee Akash Neel Dey Jinchi Duan Satwik Dutta Hung-Yu Feng Gaurav Rajesh Gadre Vignesh Ganesan Jiayi Guo Utsav Gupta Minsheng Han Vidyasagar Chandrakant Hatgine Casey Ryan Hopper Vishnu Varadhan Janardhanan Jaewon Jang Aditya Nitin Jogalekar Divya Kanmanthareddy Sindhuja Kommaraju Ujjwal Kumar *"


Christos Iosif Makrides Richard Clifford Malnory Zhiqi Mao Udit Hitesh Mehta Ashley Michelle Myles Darshan Palani Vivek Jitendra Panchal Jaykumar Rashmikant Patel Aravindan Nallappa Ravi Vishnu Prasadh Sugumar Aasav Kantilal Sureja Preston Tidwell Thong Chi Truong Ankur Shirish Vaishampayan Christian Anthony Vieira Piyush Bhagwatrao Warhade Tyler Jake Wettstein Christopher Whitworth

Lavanya Kumaran Prathiba Loganathan Muhammad Salik Mallick Phani Satya Meher Sameera Mangipudi Dinesh Marvathu Justin Reeves McMillan Abhishek Chandra Mouli Goutham Kumarasamy Murugesan Kalpana Priyanka Nallamothula Sindhu Narayanaswamy Sergio Miguel Orjuela Jinkyu Park Kashyap Patel Bhavana Pooja Perumal Shaochen Qin Caushik Rajesh Rachana Ravichandar Gaurav Arvind Sawant Shreyas S. Shastry Haibo Shi Kyle Scott Smithson Kavitha Sunder Abhishek Nitin Tambat Jason Thai Het Pranav Trivedi Jobby John Varghese Yan Wang Song Yin

MASTER OF SCIENCE IN SOFTWARE ENGINEERING Vatsal Vipulbhai Batavia Hassan Ali Hafiz Nikhita Rama Karkera Harish Kaza Kiranmai Nagaprasad Seemakurthi Heta Ketankumar Shah Veronica Josephine Von Bose



Yutika Ravindra Badhe Ava Khosravi

Luay Abdeljaber Osatohanme Efeturi Aigbomian Kishan Kameswar Anivilla Jacob Calvary Bias Andres Blanco Temesxgn Gebrehiwet Gabriel Ruben Grinffiel Srikanth Gurrapu Darya Akhavan Kharazi Senthil Kumar Prem Kumar Kevin Lie Timothy S. McGuire Rakesh Anasosalu Nagaraju Samsom Solomon Negash Adam Newell Udai Pabla Gurpreet Gary Singh A. K. M. Saleh Sultan

MASTER OF SCIENCE IN MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Keaton Bryce Adcock Dhanush Ashok Christopher Charles Cavalier John Michael Chesser Vishnu Vardhan Damacharla Chintan Jayeshbhai Dani Nachiket Nitin Degaonkar Benjamin John Ditlevson Anita Kirit Dodia Robert Michael Donofrio Shikang Fang Reid Daniel Goins Olusola Paul Jegede Apurv Kabra Ryan Christopher Little





Sahil Bagwe Sophia Michelle Delpak Durvesh Sunil Golvankar Yonatan Adugna Kawo Shashank Kumar Elizabeth Ann Labra Nicole Xiu Maly Ikembuchi Obuchimere Okoli Shivani Raiyani Philip Ryan Samsky

Sourik Dhua Vidhiyalukshmi Gnanapandithan Niranjan Kamble Prakash Vijaya Lakshmi Palepu Sambridhi

&1%614#.&')4''4'%+2+'065 DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING Rahul Atmaramani Professor: Shalini Prasad Dissertation: Development of an In Vitro Phenotypic Assay for Screening Chronic Pain Therapeutics Mahdieh Kazemimoghadam Professor: Nicholas Fey Dissertation: Machine Learning Interventions for Continuous Classification of Complex and Non-Steady-State Locomotion of Able-Bodied Subjects Under Varying Anticipatory States and in Individuals with Parkinson’s Disease Kevin Hao Su Lam Professor: David Schmidtke Dissertation: Development of Novel Aligned Collagen Fibril Coated Substrates for Mimicking Corneal Tissue Structures Allison Stiller Professor: Joseph Pancrazio Dissertation: Softening Intracortical Recording Devices for Improved Biomechanical Interactions at the Brain-Device Interface

DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN COMPUTER ENGINEERING Shanthi Vellingiri Professors: Balakrishnan Prabhakaran Ryan McMahan Dissertation: Assessment of QoE and Learning Effectiveness in Collaborative Mixed Reality Environments

DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN COMPUTER SCIENCE Maryam Bahojb Imani Professors: Latifur Khan Bhavani Thuraisingham Dissertation: Design and Development of Scalable Analytics Frameworks with Applications in Blockchain Smart Contract Security and Political News Mining



Devendra Singh Dhami Professor: Sriraam Natarajan Dissertation: Effective Learning with Heterogenous, Noisy, Multi-Relational Healthcare Data Masoud Ghaffarinia Professor: Kevin Hamlen Dissertation: Automated Binary Software Attack Surface Reduction Smita Ghosh Professor: Weili Wu Dissertation: Optimization Problems for Maximizing Influence in Social Networks Shuyang Gu Professor: Weili Wu Dissertation: Influence Optimization Problems in Social Networks Baokun He Professor: Haim Schweitzer Dissertation: Algorithms for Robust Data Analysis Chao Li

Professor: Xiaohu Guo Dissertation: Real-time 3D Reconstruction of Dynamic Scenes

Ramon Manuel Martinez Maldonado Professor: Sanda Harabagiu Dissertation: Deep Learning of Clinical Relation Identification in Health Narratives Raul Quinonez Tirado Professor: Bhavani Thuraisingham Dissertation: Securing Autonomous Vehicles with Robust Physical Invariants Farhad Shakerin Professor: Gopal Gupta Dissertation: Logic-based Approaches in Explainable AI and Natural Language Understanding Xiaoyu Wang Professor: Kang Zhang Dissertation: A Grammatical Framework for the Generation and Verification of Tractable Designs Xiaoyang Xu Professor: Kevin Hamlen Dissertation: Native Software Security Hardening in the Real World: Compatibility, Modularity, Expressiveness, and Performance

DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Mahmoud Esam Abdelgelil Professor: Hlaing Minn Dissertation: Interference Cancellation and Distortion Compensation in Non-Linear Regime Fahimeh Bahmaninezhad Professor: John Hansen Dissertation: Advancements in Domain Adaptation for Speaker Recognition and Effective Speaker De-Identification Javad Birjandtalab Golkhatm Professor: Mehrdad Nourani Dissertation: Algorithms for EEG-Based Monitoring of Epileptic Seizures *%


Carlos A. Caicedo-Narvaez Professor: Babak Fahimi Dissertation: Just-In-Time Detection of Stator Short Circuit Faults in Electric Machines Yingping Chen Professor: Dongsheng Brian Ma Dissertation: Gan-Based DC-DC Conversion Achieving High Reliability, Low EMI and Balanced System Performance Lei Fang

Professor: Rashaunda Henderson Dissertation: Study of Orbital Angular Momentum Radio Beams Based on Uniform Circular Antenna Array

Dong Han Professor: Hlaing Minn Dissertation: Resource Allocation and Performance Analysis for Next Generation Wireless Communication and Radio Astronomy Systems Noha Helal Professor: Aria Nosratinia Dissertation: Resolvability and Strong Secrecy for the Multiple Access Channel with Cooperation Keith Valdez Hernandez Professors: Lawrence Overzet Matthew Goeckner Dissertation: Phase Resolved Optical Emission Spectroscopic Measurements and Results of Pulsed Capacitively Coupled Radiofrequency Discharges Through Argon and Tetrafluoromethane-Argon Alex Press Professors: Lawrence Overzet Matthew Goeckner Dissertation: Electrical Measurements of Capacitively Coupled Pulsed Power Plasmas Gaurav Rajavendra Reddy Professor: Yiorgos Makris Dissertation: Machine Learning-Based Hotspot Detection: Fallacies, Pitfalls and Marching Orders Fei Yang

Professor: Bilal Akin Dissertation: Reliability Evaluation and Condition Monitoring of Wide Bandgap Devices

Muhammet Emin Yanik Professor: Murat Torlak Dissertation: Millimeter-Wave Imaging Using MIMO-SAR Techniques Hanqi Zhu Professors: Robert Gregg Babak Fahimi Dissertation: Design of A Highly Backdrivable, Powered Lower Limb Orthosis for Improved Human Interaction

DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN MATERIALS SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING Ava Khosravi Professor: Robert Wallace Dissertation: Surface and Interface Investigation of Novel Materials for Future Applications in Logic and Memory Devices *&


Harrison Kim Professors: Jiyoung Kim Amy Walker Dissertation: From Material Understanding to Volatile Threshold Switches Using Crystalline Zinc Oxide: Selector Device for X-Point Memory Application Maria Isabel Pintor Monroy Professor: Manuel Quevedo-Lopez Dissertation: Wide Bandgap Oxides Materials and Devices for Radiation Sensing Arul Vigneswar Ravichandran Professors: Jiyoung Kim Chadwin Young Dissertation: Evaluation and Integration of Graphene Field Effect Devices Qingxiao Wang Professors: Moon Kim Robert Wallace Dissertation: In Situ Characterization of Phase Transition and Defect Dynamics in Molybdenum Ditelluride

DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN MECHANICAL ENGINEERING David Paul Allen Professors: Robert Gregg Walter Voit Dissertation: Design Principles for Using Dielectric Elastomer Transducers in Actuation Systems Toby Brent Elery Professors: Robert Gregg Yonas Tadesse Dissertation: Design and Implications of a Robotic Prosthetic Leg with Low-Impedance Actuation Peiyuan Kang Professor: Zhenpeng Qin Dissertation: Photoinactivation of Proteins by Molecular Hyperthermia Adolfo Lozano Professor: Fatemeh Hassanipour Dissertation: A Computational Thermal Model of Breast Cancer Validated by Clinical Data Sadeq Malakooti Professor: Hongbing Lu Dissertation: Scalable Synthesis and Dynamic Mechanical Characterization of Multifunctional Polymer Aerogels Yang Wang Professor: Dong Qian Dissertation: Multi-scale Modeling and Simulation of Fibrous Nano- and Bio- Materials Lu Zhan

Professor: Giacomo Iungo Dissertation: Lidar Measurements of Wakes Generated by Utility-Scale Wind Turbines and Data-Driven Optimization of Wind-Turbine Wake Models



5%*11.1(+06'4&+5%+2.+0#4;567&+'5 %#0&+&#6'5(14$#%*'.145&')4''5 BACHELOR OF ARTS IN AMERICAN STUDIES

Nicholas Evan Simons Billy W. Smith Priya Aminidhan Thakkar Estephane Trevino Maura Gabrielle Vaglia Antonio Valdez Andrew Le Vo Joshua Michael Welsh Tanner Dawson Woods Evan Benjamin Zeller Kulsoom Zulqarnain

Maryam Abdul Ali Alhakim Sheri Lee Cochran Jessica Lauren Patterson Hosanna Yemiru

BACHELOR OF ARTS IN INTERDISCIPLINARY STUDIES Maram Mustafa Albar Natalia Algarate Sumer Sami Aljabari Lizeth Ruby Alvarez Darshan Amin Alan David Anguiano Aashika Ashok Kathrine F. Bearden Samta Sandip Bhakta Rachel Faye Booth Molly Kathryn Brinkley Aamana Mansur Nazir Burney Hans Karl Burwitz Patrick Thomas Crues Kristopher Carl Davis Madeline Claire Farahani Richard Evaristo Flores Israel David Flores-Arbolay Sierra Ashley Ford Pavel Alejandro Garcia Jorge Armando Garcia-Gallegos Jesenia J. Griger Amy Castillo Hernandez Lizet Hernandez Madeleine Vivian Hope Hudson Shantell L. Jones Sahiti Kaja Keely Monroe Keeney Anna Meng Leon Ruby Mendoza Abigail E. Miller Grace Thuy Tien Nguyen Leslie Michael Ondrey Makenzy Marie Perez Rhett Weston Pippard Jasmine Joy Robinson Firdaus Sameera Emad Gazi Sharif Clarissa Michelle Sifuentez

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN HEALTHCARE STUDIES Hakima Abdikadir Hanna Yekoyesew Abuhay Rukaiya Akhtar Zarin Nuwar Akhter Assad Alshami Ayman Alshami Samreen Fatima Asghar Antonette Uwoghiren Atori Kirandeep Bal Hope Isabelle Barber Adrienna DeVonne Bell-Yruegas Dianna Michelle Black Dylan Marie Brinkman Denielle Dones Briones Daniel Sebastian Cabrero Ellen Ya-Yuan Chang Fabiola Chavez Amy C. Cheng Whitney Ifesinachi Chinwuba Hyun Seung Choi Darin Jahan Choudhury Catherine Ngoc Han Chu Ryan Bashir Daneshjou Cynthia Dang Monisha Dhanasekar Yalyn Dominguez-Sanchez Aya Khalid Elshatali Mika Allyssa Alagar Esquillo Fariya Nikhat Fatima Lawrence Wing Fung Megan Payal Gandhi Dongwoo Gu Pamela Dixie Gutierrez Shiza Salman Haroon !'


Anole Musa Hebo Alexis Oghenekwve Idjagboro Nageen Irfan Niha Rosheen Irfan Hanaa Mohamed Issa Alisha Miriam Itty Ryah Amir Jabin Gladys Marie Jarquin Aleena Mariam Jose Morad Kanan Mwaffaq Sami Kashlan Nimra Unsa Khan Anna Summer Lagmark Lisa Mai Le Truc Phuong Le Corban William Lee Jessica Jeanna Lee Megan Giganan Limsiaco Jocelyne Lua Sindy Yulissa Pineda Luna Veronica Consista Lugtu Aminah Awlia Maghrebi Sarah Raed Makhamreh Alison Nicole Mathers Marcus Daniel Mathew Umar Kassim Mendha Maria Cecilia Munoz Vishal Mynampally Ardalan Naghian Madeleine Sahar Nagle Anthony Dat Nguyen Kaitlyn Thi Nguyen Kimberly Ngoc Tram Nguyen Nicholas V. Nguyen Tien Ngoc Nguyen Jihyun Oh Allissa Claire Pannek Jeong Ben Park Alex Andrea Parks Riya Champak Patel

Umar Majid Qureshi Benjamin R. Rail Shahriar Shawn Ramezani Monika Rajeshkumar Rana Shayan Ravanassa Amogh Damidi Reddy Yareli Rojas Kimberly Jeanette Rosal Kaylee Lin Sandling Mohid Shahab Zainab Siddiqui Neima Sobhi Erick Ruben Sorto Sakari Aki Spivey Devina Anandi Surujdin Maribel C. Tobias Samuel David Todd Rebecca Thu Tran Jessica Dieu Truong Beulah Thankam Varghese Carmen Christine Vaz Wyeth Johann Villanueva Tuong Van Julie Hoang Vo Patrick Nicholas Whitehead Martha Alzamora Willis Meredith Logan Wogalter Wen Cheng Yu Jeet Paresh Zalavadia Alissar Zammam

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN INTERDISCIPLINARY STUDIES Sarah Cecilia Butler Rebecca Lynn Delizza Jordan Nichole Dunham Blaine Nathaniel Engberg Tommy Fabyan Selena Marie Herrera Alfredo Enrique Kaegi

%#0&+&#6'5(14/#56'45&')4''5 MASTER OF ARTS IN INTERDISCIPLINARY STUDIES Scott Randall Crues Rayshona Gwynne’ McPhaul Lucille Evans Reddic



0#8''0,+0&#. 5%*11.1(/#0#)'/'06 %#0&+&#6'5(14$#%*'.145&')4''5 BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN ACCOUNTING

Katie Doleh Jimmy Joseph Elakodical Gabriel Fareed Envani Adam Christian Escamilla Valeria Fermin Laura Patricia Flores Derek Joseph Frendo Esperanza Garcia Gerardo Elias Garcia Henry Garcia Rubia Adelina Portillo Giron Oscar Gonzalez David Francis Gutschenritter Nicole K. Hajek Samuel Estol Harrison Denise Hernandez Noe Christian Herr-Perez Gracia Miamba Herrera Colton Garrett Hervey Haley Allese Hopkins Shania A. Hosseini Brandon Loc Hua Elijah David Hubley Nicholas Hudtwalcker Jisha John Gari Ahomose Vargas Juan Curran Richmond Kelly Eun Sean Kim Yeji Kim Andrew Alfred Kitson Rose Elena Koeninger Joshua S. Kurian Duaa M. Lafi Bawm Lang My-Duyen Tran Le Nash Quinten Leonard Anran Li Rachel Ann Liedtke Juezhu Liu Pradeep Lohani Yaneth Lopez James Maclean Lyttle Maria G. Macias Carl Paul Madison Devanand Anil Mangru Francisco Javier Marquez Andrew Roderick Matheson Edgar Hugo Vazquez Mauricio

Omar Haroon Abdoh Joshua Anil Abraham Bader K. Abuarja Andrew Ronaldo Adrian Karla Aguinaga Junaina Al Ani Israa Ali Saleh Alradwan Robert Ian Anderson Oluwapelumi Shola Balogun Delmi Evelin Barrientos Konnor Bass Rebecca Cone Bennett Keerthy Benny Evelyn Renee Bixby Audorey Marie Blakeslee James Charles Brown Matthew Lawson Brown Adam Coleman Cain Alondra Guadalupe Caldera Kevin Cao Oscar Cardona Ruben Recio Cascon Alexander Anthony Cavanaugh Laura Lee Cavanaugh Daniel Alejandro Cedillo Calvillo Faizan Wazirali Chagani Jacoby M. Chalk Joanne Teresa Chang Sneha Chaturvedi Joselyn Eyadira Casas Chavarria Thomas Wei-Hau Cheng Kyle Chung-Ye Cheung Yuri Ann Choi Ishta Minakshi Chuckaree Antonin Farhi Cilange John David Cledera Teresa Alex Coello Aidan Bryce Collins Rocio Cruz Frances Beaflor Tronzon Dagohoy Thao Hua Minh Dang Ami H. Desai Caroline Grace Dillard Tony Tuan Thanh Do !*


Sarah Elizabeth Maxon Kaitlin Elizabeth McCluskey Michele Renee Morris Alyssa Demi Munoz-Vella Bailey Austin Murphy Riley Huu Nguyen Trinh Hoai Nguyen Tuan Minh Nguyen Roberto Olivera Eugene Ong Veronica Mercedes Ortega Stephani Pargas Kasey Sypris Parmentier Priyal Tushar Patel Michelle Diem-Ha Pham Huy Quoc Phan Patricia Gomez Pimentel Alex Jose Posas Weiwei Qin Jose Alberto Ramirez Syed Ali Abbas Raza Zan Rehman Bartosz Konrad Rejniak Harrison Richard Reno Stephanie Elizabeth Rivera Clark Leslie Roberts Thanyaporn Ruffin Vicente Mercado Ruiz Viridiana Salgado Connie Kan San John Alexander Schaefer Dallin Comstock Schmidt Jake Schomburg Matthew Clark Scott Maria Serratos Kajal Mehul Shah Syed Saad Shahabuddin Elric Bennett Sharber Pardeep Singh Nurudeen Olamide Solabi Yusra Khalid Soomro Marquise Emanuel Sorrell Christopher John Stevens Gustavo Miralrio Tamayo William Robert Tann Kristy Felix Thomas Manna Mary Thomas Joshua Matthew Garcia Tolibas Melanie Marie McCord Torres Joseph Emanuel Tredeau Tara Amanda Tucker Victor Manuel Velasco Ashwin Sandy Verma Emily Minh Vo

Khoa Huu Phuong Vo Tran Ngoc Vo Ryan Tyler Wade Zhiyu Wang Kaci Williams Laura Nicole Wise Tina Yari Mandy Yeh Jiyeon Yoo Guillermo Abraham Zapata David Hai-En Zhang Andrew Tiger Zheng




BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Syed Kamran Ahmad Ruth Stephanie Alotaibi Sally Yaser Amarneh Lilia Valeria Arroyo Mason Riley Beitter Janira Lisette Benitez-Rios Minhal Abbas Bhojani Taylor Oliver Talmadge Bloom Karim Ben Moez Bouraoui Caleb Erech Brock Grace Ellen Brown Vivian Cheng Sandi Francine Collier Stephanie Pauline Colmenero Trey D. Connally Cody Jared Cross Bailee R. Davis Selmanur Yagmur Demir Jeremy Craig Durant Natalie Durocher Christian Alexandre Duvall Alisha Cristina Elhassan !!


Kelly E. Estrada Mckinsey Renee Everett Qihang Fang Tanner Michael Ferguson Madison Taylor Foster Anahi Garza Erika Paige Gribbin Kalkidan Ayele Guililat Redeat A. Guililat Lydia Jazmin Guizar Jessica Lynn Hendrix Michael Nehemiah Heredia Lindsey Marie Holt Charles T. Hooper Ngoc Phuong Ha Huynh Summer Rayne Johnson Elizabeth Ann Keeler Michael Patrick Kelly Steven James Kos Huong Quynh Nguyen Le Allen J. Lee Hyun Ji Lee Cameron Collins Lundberg Jonathan Casey Lyons Tasnia Mahmud Jake Edward Malley Matthew Austin Marino Tanya Guadalupe Alvarez Martinez Griffin Adair Mavis Berkley Katelyn McFarlin Valeria Enid Medero Eric Men Natasha Meymand Logan Nicole Moore Nancy Jane Morris Abdel Kareem Nafal Jasmin Margaret Nguyen Erik Nunez Karlin S. Oei Tyler R. Parrish Puja Patel Daniel D. Patrick Dollan Nguyen Pham Michelle Elizabeth Post Naveen Jason Punyamurthy Roberto Reyes Amanda Victoria Richards Ravi Atul Roy Daisy Saldana Kimberly Sandoval-Camarillo Timothy Clayton Sauer Vrunda Jigish Shah Robert Hope Shoemake Myrthe Eva Karlijn Simons

Tyler James Sims Ronaq Singh Emily Claire Skannal Dana Jeanne Soape Madeline Paulina Soong Janette Soto Marina Franziska Strasser Noemi Terrazas Stephanie To Hal Edwin Todd Caleb Dalton Trotter Tae Ho Um Brenda Martinez Valencia Pler Wah Ruixin Weng Jessica Renea White Janette Yanez Jhansi Yarakaraju


BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN FINANCE Daniel Alberto Abchi Melisa Hayde Martinez Aguilar Rayaan Akbar Syed H. Akhtar Noura Ashley Alabbas Demario Dion Allen Maria Yaquelin Gomez Alonso Andrew Lee Alston Ibrahim Sohail Alvi Brooke Adrianna Avila Fahad Syed Awais Alex Amir Ayatollahi Reuben Banerjee Nathan David Baum Jakob Tristan Bishop Greeshma Reddy Burri Lyrick Andrew Aguirre Catajan Kaleb Andrew Chatmon Rutendo E. Chimunda Payden C. Clayman Igor Colombelli-Goncalves Raphael Colombelli-Goncalves Yasasvyi Dandamudi Anni Dang Sohan Sachin Date Harpreet Singh Dhaliwal Maximilian Joshua Dier Matthew Thomas Duell !"


Rawan Awni Eldisi Jacqueline Diane Floyd Ian Zachary Fritz Ze Lin Fu John Donato Gabriel Akshay Gadodia Quentin Hurst Gillespie Cordette Caroline Gillis Darshak Manishkumar Gondalia Christian Michael Guerin Ornela Gusic Rachel Elizabeth Halbert Jarrod Kyle Halicki Robert Blake Hardin Christopher William Hebden Renee Lynn Hutchins Sarah Nasir Ishaque Shivam Jaiswal Joshua Rohit Jesudass Zachary Michael Johnson Vinod Luis Kataria Sohail Mohammed Khan Soman Imran Khan Hayden Pierce King Andrew Payton Kiser Jeremy Jean-Michel Klein Ren Koiy Lap In Leong Jared Kenneth Lindsey Nazanin Ashley Mahdvar Jessica L. Marquis Melyssa Michelle Martinez Deepa Marwaha Benjamin Mathew Noah Mathews Aizik Scott McFarland Enrique Medina Zahra Shirin Merchant Cameron Amir Meshki Ahmad Mohammad Blake Arthur Moore Mohamad Rajeh Naser Vi Anh Ngo Kavi Nigam* Diana C. Nunez Chad Jeffrey Oldenburg Similoluwa Opeyemi Oyefeso Maanasa Pamganamamula Homero Perez Andy Hoang Pham Madni Polani Jamie Truong Quach Hensay Qualah-Gonowolo Atif Ahmed Qureshi

Abdulah Rahman Rahmani Pawandeep Rai Divya Rajendran Jorge Emilio Ramirez Rivera Alejandro Rangel Sarah Grace Relton Jose Abdiel Rios Kimberly Lissette Ruano Payal Chandrahas Sampat Paloma Sanchez Jacob Aaron Kane Sandler Zack Wynn Scataglia Nicholas James Shadel Vivek N. Sinha John Joonsoo So Williams Moises Sorto Niveditha Sai Srinivasa Christina Jayasri Sundar Singh Blake Austin Toler Elizabeth Truc-Ngoc Tran Katryna Vy Tran Michael Vera Jenna Elizabeth Villarreal Annie Nguyen Vo Travis Christian Webb Syed Kumail Hasnain Zaidi Xulin Alex Zhang

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN FINANCE AND ACCOUNTING Mukunda Prahaladha Chintalapudi Prabhjot Kaur Sangha

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN FINANCE AND ECONOMICS Zain Ahmed Jivisha Bhupen Chouksey Sesha Philomena Dasari Ardi Isufaj Luke Alexander Lessig Cynthia Liu Kiersten Nicole Morales Rony David Nehring Michael James Sessions Titas Stremavicius Jason Lam Tran Alexis Ashley Villarreal




Maria Sungah Kim Ankita Kumar Sarah Grace Larue Richard Henrik Lodstrom Grace Lou Adrian Arman Mati Parissa Mehdi Audrey Marie Moxley Helana Khaled Nafal Wajeeha Naqvi Tyler Ngouy Van Y. Nguyen Anya Nigam Laxmiveena Gayatri Pariti Astha Pradeep Patel Chandani Patel Rolando Eusebio Perez Jr. Vedehi Vikrant Poddar Harshita Pomalapally Alondra Romo Prasana Dhansukh Ruxmohan Aaron Samadzada Sarah Ahmed Shaikh Sumaiyyah Sharief Sristi Sinha Sneha Manoj Sutaria Hanaa Gilani Syed Zar Begum Tirmizey Karla Paola Campos Ugarte Antonio Michael Ventrella Jessica Nicole Vlasek Stephanie Amanda White Ruoting Zhao

Hailey Helia Alaghemand Maria Margarita Bermudez Artem Ermishin Amanda Marie Feller Esbeidy Flores Caitlyn Elizabeth Franklin Katrina Rae Garcia Sebastian Antonio Hermoza Chi Wei Jan Koltain Edward-Oye Leszcynski Diane Hoa Ly Catherine Tram Anh Ngo Monica Marie Pacovsky Jennifer Santibanez Vathsalya Senapathi Kathryn Park Slaughter Megan Marie Clark Tchen Yassine Znaidi


BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN HEALTHCARE MANAGEMENT Ifrah Rashid Abrar Cameron Symree Abueva Nehreen Ahmed Saba Ahmed Ramsha Alamgir Suvarna Priya Atluri Rhea Shewak Bachani Absera Erko Balcha Victoria Marie Beemer Deloris Konadu Boateng Eric Hong-Hahn Bynum Anna N. Chung Luis Enrique Cubas Christy Tram Duong Watson Eiadkaew Annette Osaro Ero Rida Fatima Matthew Justin Gainey Kevin George Susan Andreina Gonzales-Matthews Nada I. Hashim Cristina Hernandez Jillian Lee Janak Reema Kassira Alehae Khan

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN HEALTHCARE MANAGEMENT AND BIOLOGY Saad Muhammad Obaid Pranav Man Pradhan Ali Abbas Raza Adreanna Anh Thai


BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Monica Eloisa Aguirre Shriya Bahri Marah Stephanie Berry Ujjval Krishna Bhatt !$


Mia Borovcanin Jeremy Brennan Juan Diego Chaparro Leena Ehab Elyian Noor Faris Candice Thuy Duong Ha Marily Hernandez Melisa G. Ibanes Hernandez David Jason Isles Haylee Brianne Keisler Katherine Elizabeth Kersey Carolyn Leon Melanie Lo Imaan Pasha Emily Perez Emma Rose Riley Sydney Ai Torrey Priscilla Marie Villanueva Jennifer J. Whitson Daniel Woo

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND SYSTEMS Patrick Thomas Abakanowicz Joseph Sunil Abraham Nawal Munib Ahmed Aabid Ajanee Rafay Irfan Ali Ahmed Abid Amanullah Bhavishya Amati Santiago Enrique Gonzalez Angarita Lizbeth Alejandra Gonzalez Armendariz Tejasvee Aurovatsa Dan Mihail Barbu Hemdeep Virendra Bavda Tanvi Biyani Maxence Alain Brette Travis W. Burns Cannon Lee Burton Blake Alexander Butler Eli Angel Cantu Mariela Cedillo Zephaniah Tejas Chekelea Albert Y. Chen Jason Hoi Man Cheng Meghana Choudari Michelle Yaoying Chow Wa Chu Gabriel Angelo Cobarrubias Audra Phillips Crow Linda Dien Dalton Molin Ding

Domonic Truong Dinh Emily N. Esch William David Evans Ayesha Mahmud Farid Ricardo P. Gomez Paul Sheridan Grant Bipan Gurung Sheila Bridgette Gutierrez Saleena Habibi Melissa Ashley Haertling Serena Rajesh Hingoranee Joshua Adolph Holmes Darren Dallas Huang Austin Taylor Hubbard Rhea Nandish Hulikantimath Miller Ia Nikita Jacob Vandhana Jeevaraj Steve Varghese John Kritagya Raj Joshi Patrick Alexander Jule Kamish Ashiqali Kabani Richard Kang Sriram Rajiv Reddy Karri Zunafar Saria Khan Sahithi Rao Kuruchelapati Rahil Nadir Lalani Cody Lam John Patrick Lavery Andy Quang Le Minh T. Le Sophie Esther Leuzinger Brittany Marie Lewis Brian Li Jebin Mathew Luke Leena Ma Waleed Husam Mahdawi Hamza Mallick Uneeb Altaf Mendha Lauren Elizabeth Michels Seokwon Min Maleeha Azam Mohiuddin Carolina Adriana Munoz Omar Essam Murad Sai Akhil Mutyala Duaa Nadeem Faraaz Ahmed Nadeem Bhoomi Chetan Naik Shivam Arjun Nayar Peter Neang Chau Nguyen Nguyen Quoc Khoi Nguyen Thai-Hoa Nguyen !% 60


Thien Luke Nguyen Samuel Preston Nunn Tanjim Osman Devanshi Sanjaykumar Padsala Dipa Sanjay Panchall Ancelmo Antonio Parada-Mejia Kishan A. Patel Jacob Dylan Paullus Puneeth Reddy Pothireddy Adelaide Quaye Jeff Ronald Quispe Dero Ayoub Qumri Nadia Rahman Ryan Lane Ramsey Juan Andres Realpozo Noelle Marie Rivera Donald Lee Rowe Alexander Dean Rowlett Reuben Jacob Rusk Abdul Tawab Salehzada Cristian Sanchez Siddharth Sankar Naga Amulya Chandra Saridey Luis Manuel Saucedo Ahmad Suhail Sawalhi Brigitte Sarah Schultz Sarah Shakil Sarah Hassan Siddiqui Yalliniyal Sivaprakash Divya Meena Solaiappan Elizabeth Y. Song Jayden Sun Leeann Nicole Swiggett Nabiha Salwa Syed Alexander Jinwoo Tak Sandy Trinh Tang Vinh Duc Tang Reece William Taplin Vaishnavi Tirumani Shane Tyler Tjiong Sylvia Cao Tran Alex Wade Tripp Sarah Hiu-Yan Tse Sergei Vandalov Preetha Venkatesh Trinity Lindi Vincent Minh Quoc Vo Kelley Stacy Wang Jiani Wen Alden Kingsley Werner Yingpei Wu Yezheng Zheng Catherine Murphy Ziegler

John Gabriel Catral



BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN MARKETING Curtis Hunter Allen Matilde Antognelli Jo-Annie Yan Yan Au Juveriya Naazlee Baig Ibrahim Ali Ballout Ayon Banerjee Albraq Ismate Barazi Sharon Elizabeth Beyzer Naoufel Boualaoui Tina Lynn Cao Lindsay Nicole Caudill Logan Renee Cave Althea Ugochinyerem Charles Riley Dean Cole Chase Mitchel Denton Aimee Tuongvy Diep Eric Nam Dinh Vivek Dodda Farhan Amin Dossani Ishan Mallik Dutt Jessica Sorya Eam Itzel Estrada Juan Jose Resendiz Fabila Kristine Ylor Paz Fajardo Kaitlyn Marissa Finch Savannah Samantha Finch Megan Kathleen Flatley Ximena Monroy Garcia David Ghirmay Antonio Rubio Guerrero Allyson Elizabeth Hagen Ethan Joseph Hart Matthew Bunna Hong Devika Raghu Iyer !&



Fadi Imad Kato Suen Hee Kim Kang Kyuk Ko Jackson Cole Koenig Hai Ngoc La Hayden Chase Leal Mayte Marquez Alyssa D. Martindale Tyler Christian McClain Varsha Mynampally Farah Nashat Hoang T. Nguyen Ivy Nguyen Peter Luong Nguyen Nkechinyerem Okehi Ashley Caroline Ortega Jin Hyeon Park Zeeshan Parupia Sejal Minesh Patil Karina Brielle Perales Alejandro Huerta Perez Brooke Cecile Pickett Amber L. Quach Seth Abram Rich Gabriela Rivero George William Rixey Justin Nicholas Robbins Cynthia Marie Rodriguez Emily Ann Rogers Marbella Salinas Farha Sajid Shaikh Rohan Shetty Justin Junsup Shin Rebecca Shi-Jian-An Sollars Lauren Rene Sparger Ashley Shili Tay Pratiksha Vikas Tonpe Maximiliano Torrescano Kristie Khanh Tran Rachel Hiu-Wan Tse Hithen Vasanjee April Dorothea Vaughan Seth Thomas Villasana William Tiongco Viloria Chris Hee-Won Yang

Raj Suresh Ramolia

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT Cassandra Marene Arayata Swaroopa Birudala Michael Robert Bobo Uma Kameswari Chavali Ping Lam Cheung Julia Elizabeth Cocco Barreca Doland Durand Abdelrahman Mohamed Elagami Kavya Ganesh Parimala Gangaraj Chris Thomas Garrett Ali Jalaludin Jiwani Xiaofan Kang Fraser Earnan Kidd Trenton James King Grace Li Anushka Arun Limaye Ruhaama Mahmood William Howell McKiernan Hikari Nakatani Karan Sai Nalamada Hang Thi Kim Nguyen Thanh Kim Phung Nguyen Robert Alexander Perez William Putra Pribadi Amin Kara Rajani Anushka Rastogi Surya Raviraj Bobby Terrell Mi’Kala Nichole Thaphina Laura Valentina Sacristan Vasquez Harshini Vivekanandan Brashanda Rene Walker Pierce Dalton Walter Zihao Zheng



Kimberly Minh Landry

Anabel Marie Herrera



%#0&+&#6'5(14/#56'45&')4''5 MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION

Aminat Muibi Sneha Murugan Guhan Murugesan Kemon Neal Mintsa Ange Ngaruko Lilly Nguyen Jennifer Lynne Olbeter Prakash Pattaiyan Sai Nath Prabhala Rahul Ravichandran Martin Riojas Jr. Gary Thomas Satler Ryan Savino Sameh Sayfo Jeffrey Nicholas Shirley Shashank Shrivastava Sarvjeet Singh Corey Wayne Smith Klein Smith Vincent Snow Sundar Sreenivasan Cherry Srivastava Hamza Tahir William Patrick Thompson Isakuni Yongkook Tokito Michelle Nicole Toro Jennifer Tracy Andy Quang Tran Christopher Tran Gautam Vaidyalingasarma Jimmie Charles Webster Benjamin Wiesner Charles Joseph Wilson III

Mohit Agarwal Shubham Agarwal Omer Jamil Almohsen Alison Ayrea Daniel Bryan Batey Robert Brandon Buchanan William Castillo Sai Revanth Chandupatla Heng Jui Chang Han Chieu Emily Fon-Shue Chin Pranesh Sunil Chitre Izumi Colquitt Yen Hoang Dang Matthew Delagi Karishma Jitendra Desai Cody Bentler Deserrano Princeton Tiger Douangdara Nathan Andrew Farabee Tahniyat Farooqi Marc Benjamin Forestier Fern Marusuwan Foo Michelle Lanae Gomez Grant Matthew Gooding Jordan Drew Hawkes Allison Hawks Long Tuan Hoang Michelle Holliday Graham Impey Albert Karam Tarun Mohan Khelani Yeunhee Kim Benjamin Robert Knaus Ankitsingh Omprakashsingh Kshatriya Aparaajitha Kumar Mayank Kumar Jeremy Laurin-Steinbrenner Richard Lee Justin Leone Joseph Garrett Lima Yang Liu Jun Ma David Mahan Patrick Male Andrew Matsil Zachary Mauricio Boris Bruno Kresevic Minaya Vaishnavi Ashok Mohod

MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Executive Programs Vadiraja Achutharao Ashley Dyan Agan Nasir Ali Amanda Arnold Amit Banga Tyonn Santina Barbera Carlos Barboza Filoshia Barrow Teodora Cristina Botez, M.D. Edson Sherwood Brown Delali Kwame Buatsi, M.D. Marisa Calder Meredith McCoy Carter "' 63

Vincent Anthony Catullo Thomas R. Cooke Hugo Humberto Cuellar-Saenz, M.D. Halina Davis Zachary Davis Shubhada Dhoble Jonique Danielle Everline Adam Deitrich Fairbourn Deborah Flynn Varun Gadhok Travis Grisso Ryan Hays Deborah Hogg Analisa Hood Danny Hood Jessica Hook Erica Howard-Dunn Neena A. John Annie Jojy Kyung Hee Jung Sharada Kandakur Sonali Kaul Inessa Khaline Wendy K. Knight Jimmy Jahang Koo Shaun Michael Lee Xiao Liu John Lohrey Leonardo Lujan Marifel Malacara Bradley Scott Marino, M.D. Ellen Matzkin Alejandro Maya Steven Allen Wayne McCraney Jr. Steffon McKinley Kyle Anthony Milberger Bryan Shelt Miles Laura J. Minafee Heather Lee Mishra Padmanabh Mishra Michael Thomas Morookian Gerald E. Muela Karthik Nandula Claudia Paola Ortiz Adolfo Ortuzar Prathima Peachera Vanessa Ann Powell Ashwin Prakash Trapti Puranik Loretta Ragsdale Benjamin Vincent Richard Reed Robinson Christopher William Rutherford Sangita Sethuram

Hung-Ying Shih Christopher D. Sims Desiree Spencer Pranavi Sreeramoju Michelle Andrea Straughan-Harvey Trevor Sutton Irfan Taj Dianna Jeanette Tankersley Cheryl Arnette Thompson Janel Ellyne Thompson Mitali Trivedi Juan Villarreal Jerry Watson Adele Weaver Pepper Wedgewood Sean I. Weldon Kaner Ying Luis Zabala Ana Luisa Zamorano Wei Zhao

MASTER OF SCIENCE IN ACCOUNTING Olivia Anne Adams Olamiposi Olugbowa Ajayi Tala Mahmoud Albanna Veronica Balderas Diana Banda Hayden Norman Maxwe Becker Claire Winfree Bing Josh Andrew Blandford Kristen Irene Bonner Caroline K. Bruner Joseph Parker Bryant Allison Nicole Buehler Brittney Sun Cabell Charles Yuju Chen Jiayuan Chen Tiffany Kaiyun Chen Yi-Chuan Chen David Christensen Mark Jachin Christian Alba Emilia Jimenez Colina Jason Randy Danser Mengyang Liu Davila Zachary Alan DeCamp Jesus A. Delgado Andrea Nicole Denney Amanda Victoria Dettmer Rachel Wilder DeVey Li Du Timothy D. Durnin Sheeva Faghih ") 64

Xiaowei Feng Shang Gao Michael Scott Garner Elzbeth Aolani Gonzalez Mengzhen Liu Goodman Jasmin Maria Hakeem Justin Alan Hale Miyuki Harashima Charles Harris Shuangjiang He Yadira Hicken Michael Glenn Higgins Quynh Minh Ngan Hoang Chenyang Hu Andrew Mark John Jenson Mi Ji Annie Jiang Tara Suzanne Johnson Kai Kang Julian Tomasovich Kasten Zachary Marshall Keeter Sunem Marie Kelly Sidney Ojiambo Khasacha Olivia Beth Kleiner Katherine Koonce Taphenes Koroma Aparaajitha Kumar Stephanie Jane Lamb Angela Thuy Le Thuy-Nhi Tran Le Michael Joseph Lehman Tianming Li Cassidy Renae Lietha James Keith Lincoln Kuang-Hsuan Liu Tallen Jiang Lu Jinfang Ma Kezia Ann Mathai John Richie McCaskill Kathryne Lowe McDougal Rachel Grace McKenna Yelian Pirriane Merrheime Mevo Matthew R. Miller Joshua Jeremy Mills Machelle Minhas Vidyalakshmi Mohanraj Khadija Moten Shelby Rose Murphy Annie Nhi Minh Nguyen Myhanh Thi Nguyen Thang Duc Nguyen Stephanie Renee Nimmo Belinda Araceli Nunez Matthew Alexander Pandolfo

Arish Khushrooh Pardiwalla Darshan T. Patel Kishan Dharmesh Patel Victoria Evelyn Pena My Tra Pham Jermaine Zhi Xuan Phua Sheila Leah Pulukuri Shuo Qian Shipeng Qin Jingjing Que Heidi Lynn Raymond Kathryn S. Rector Ruy Reiter Rachel Martin Scruggs Yannis Shafi Cara Nicole Shapiro Brandi Michelle Smithey Schyleur Youjin Song Allison Nicole Stephens Tonya Christine Strahler Andrew Sullano Dae Wi Tak Yi Tang Alen Thomas Brittany Nicole Thomas Colby Scott Thompson Tina Reinhard Thompson Turner Norman Thompson Tiffany Phung Thu Ryan William Townsend Nghi Truc Tran Thanh Thi Tam Tran Vy Thanh Tran Andrew Trigg Thien-Tam Tue Van Rutvick Velaga Arianda Estefania Mendiola Vicente Alison Khanh Vo Quincy Vo David Nataneal Volosen Alan Minh-Duc Wang Jin Wang Mengyao Wang Yang Wang Yaoyu Wang Yue Wang Ravin Mazel Wilson Angie M. Wong Genie Elizabeth Wood Ting-Ju Wu Mingzhao Xia Yan Xu Jun Yang Sally Zhang "*


Wenru Zhang Xueruo Zhang Yu Zhang Sophia Wenyin Zheng Yan Zhou Ziyan Zhou

Himaja Barla Mitali Bharali Chitrakshi Bhardwaj Shilpa Parameshwara Bhat Aayushi Bhattacharya Harshul Saleem Bijani Bhaskar Birla Pavan Kumar Boinapalli Brittany Brooks Anil Venkata Bulusu Chaoyu Cai Shivanjali Chamoli Chin Kuei Chang Namratha Channabasavaiah I-Ting Chao Ketki Chaudhary Akanksha Chauhan Kunal Chauhan Akhil Chelikani Chuang Chen Kaiwei Chen Min-Hui Chen Ping Chen Xi Chen Xiaomeng Chen Yunlin Chen Shih-Yen Cheng Siming Cheng Oshin Vilas Chetule Uday Kumar Reddy Chinthakunta Patrick Yeong-Ling Chou Dongwook Chun Rishabh Daga Aditya Nitin Dandekar Krishna Ganesh Darakh Anindita Das Gowri Dath Yuan Deng Neerja Anil Deogaonkar Gurpreet Dhanjal Sanya Dhoundiyal Sai Rahul Dhulipalla Prasanna Gopala Doddaballapura Rohit Doddapaneni Jiexuan Du Amitesh Enugala Oghenekome Peace Enwenezi Mona Eslamijam Yi Fan Tiantian Fang Nathan Andrew Farabee Karthick Ganesan Adithya Ganesh Meghana Gangarapu

MASTER OF SCIENCE IN ACCOUNTING Executive Programs Ruth Haley Blackburn Yiqi Chen Hao Chong Yunyun Fan Mason Trent Holley Pei-Ning Hsu Cheng Lu Jiayu Lu Qingyuan Mao Meesha Alexis Mobley Andrew Prescott Ruchira Sanghi Lu Shang Tongfei Sui Ruipeng Sun Max Shiyao Tang Zihan Wang Yuanhan Xu Guohan Yin Yujie Zeng Junhan Zhang Kai Zheng Benchen Zhu

MASTER OF SCIENCE IN BUSINESS ANALYTICS Shivank Agarwal Manish Kumar Aggarwal Mudit Agrawal Tanay Agrawal Neha Ahlawat Preeti Naresh Ajwani Siril Sai Alpuri Ajinkya Shrikant Ambike Aashish Jain Mandya Anilkumar Vikram Arikath Rachit Arora Arvindh Arul Anirudh Ashok Aishwarya Badlani Sai Pratheek Banda Sruthi Bandarupalli Pooja Nitin Banthia "!


Sneha Bangalore Ganjam Dinesh Venkata Ganta Yue-Ting Gao Saket Garg Shivank Garg Nidhisha Gattani Sneha Liza George Venkata Subramanian Gopalakrishnan Pavan Sai Krishna Choudary Gorantla Akshay Grover Prithvi Gude Sandeep Kiran Gudla Deepak Gunasekaran Pavithra Gunasekaran Ahmet Berk Gungor Akash Gupta Chandra Moli Gupta Maneesh Gupta Nitansh Gupta Pratik Gupta Shashwat Gupta Rohit Suhas Gurjar Akanksha Guruprasad Seungwoo Han Shubha Hanuman Jin He Neetesh Hegde Elizabeth D. Ho Yi-Ju Ho Zhixiu Hou Jen-Hsin Huang Kelly Hung Yu Yang Hung Haw-Jan Hwang Mahesh Murali Iyer Nisha Ramesh Iyer Kunal Jagdale Archita Jain Ishan Jain Mohit Jain Tanmay Jain Mohana Krishna Jaladi Ashima Jalali Jayanth Jayaraman Dingxin Ji Jiaxing Ji Tony S. John Zechun Ju Sanchita Kaamra Dinesh Rao Kakulamari Aneesh Anand Kamat Namrata Ramesh Kamthe Spandhan Kumar Reddy Kancham Venkata Sai Raghav Kandarpa

Christelle Tshiela Kankolongo Albert Karam Anusha Karasala Nikhil Kumar Kasham Ghazalpreet Kaur Harkirat Kaur Josh Kelley Minakshi Kesarwani Laxmi Supriya Ketireddy Richa Naresh Kewalramani Al Ameerah Khan Abhishek Khanna Samarth Khare Rhythm Khurana Dong In Kim Nikitha Kodathala Lavanya Botlaguduru Kolhapuri Gaurav Bhaveshkumar Kothari Mayank Koul Aswin Krishnamoorthy Yuting Kuang Manas Kukreja Monica Manohar Kulkarni Samuel Craig Kullmer Bhavnita Naresh Kumar Mayank Kumar Monica Kumar Navarurh Kumar Aravind Kuniamuthur Kaliappan Vu Van Anh Le Ga Hyun Lee Hsin Yen Lee Ruizhe Li Shiyou Li Xinhai Li Zecheng Liang Kuan Fen Liao Wei-Ting Liao Yi Ying Lin Johnny Ling Liting Liu Tong Liu Yun-Han Liu Kai Cheng Lo Ankita Anilkumar Lodhavia Lidya Lulseged Xuan Luo Khushboo Madan Priyash Maini Lakshay Malhotra Megan Malisani Yeswanth Chowdary Malladi Sindhu Bindiganavalae Manjunath Nishant Mathew "" 67

Kartish Mathivanan Suchit Mathur Adrian Cadena Medina Ashish Mehra* Deep Mehra Jinyu Min Pragati Mishra Raagni Mittukolu Sanika Sameer Moghe Gayathri Muraleedharan Varun Muralidharan Shubham Murari Eduardo Murillo Arjun Srinivasa Murthy Sneha Murugan Vigneash Rajagopal Muthukrishnan Nithin Sreedharan Nair Sujith Nair Shubhankar Nanda Vishakha Nangia Harish Narang Mandeep Singh Narang Aashesh Vontivillu Nareshchand Sameeta Vijay Narkar Paridhi Nath Abhijeet Nayak Hung Xuan Nguyen Huyen Thi Ngoc Nguyen Nhat Linh Nguyen Vinutan Nidamanuru Sriharshith Reddy Nimmala Aneesa Noorani Abishek Gisoji Ogadram Abhishek Ohri Adelaide Mawunya Onyameamah Ashok Raj Kochupurackal Aravindaksha Pan Yiming Pan Dhruv Nalin Panchal Raunak Pandey Anushka Vinayak Pandhare Hothal Vimalbhai Patel Jainik Somabhai Patel Jimit Patel Sanjana Nitin Patil Suhas Patil Sweta Patra Lanhui Peng Sri Kalyan Pesala My Tra Pham Trang Thuy Pham Drishya Pillai Venkata Narasimha Durga Rao Pottella Meghana Koteshwara Prahlad Aditi Prakash

William Prudich Maruthi Nandan Pulletikurthi Zhijun Qiu Archana Rafeeq Varun Raghavendra Mihir Raikar Ankit Ajay Kumar Raina Abhinandan Mohan Raj Shruti Rajani Sudharsana Rajasekaran Sushmitha Kallur Raju Teenaz Ralhan Arvind Shankar Raman Zeeshaan Altaf Ramani Shivani Ramdas Aditi Ashok Rane Sandeep Pradeepkumar Rani Idrees Shabbir Rasheed Vikrant Dev Rathore Vijay Ravi Manavi Rawat Madhusudan Rudresh Mohit Sanjay Sahasrabudhe Sthitapragyan Sahoo Vignesvar Kuttappalayam Sakthivel Balaji Vishal Teja Salady Abhinav Saluja Hari Prakash Partha Sarathy Vishnu Sathyan Manish Rao Sathyanarayana Nihit Rajendra Save Anjana Sebastian Priya Bipin Selarka Rohith Daya Selvarajan Anurag Sethi Bhavin Atulbhai Shah Dhairya Manish Shah Nirlep Shah Ramiz Raja Shaik Siddhartha Shankar Pratik Shanu Ashish Sharma Ayushi Sharma Iekansh Sharma Mudit Sharma Priyanshu Sharma Pulkit Sharma Ritu Sharma Meenakshi Shastri Lingfei Shen Liqiang Shen Siddarth Basavanneppa Sheshagiri Seung Ah Shin Abinitha Shivakumar "# 68

Dhanvini Kujugoodu Shivakumar Prithvi Shivashankar Ammrutha Shridharan Anshumali Shrivastava Vaibhav Shrivastava Manish Anilkumar Shukla Waleed Ahmad Sial Amanjit Singh Vinay Kumar Singh Saicharan Sirangi Gowtham Sivashanmugam Juwon Song Shutian Song Kshitij Soni Siddhu Raj Chandrasekaran Soundararajan Sambit Sourav Vikas Srikanth Varadharajan Hayagreeva Srinivasan Ashley Lauren Stephenson Cheng Hui Su Ramakrishna Subburaman Deepa Subramanian Yasmin Sultana Varun Konnencherry Suresh Arjitkumar Sureshkumar Osman Asharuddin Syed Vishal Taneja Yiju Tao Anirudha Tatavarthy Eshaan Anirudha Thakar Manan Rajesh Thanawala Roshiny Thomas Zhenyuan Tian Chau Thi Ngoc Tran Quan Trung Tran Hardil Trivedi Vikalp Upadhyay Gautam Vaidyalingasarma Amey Kiran Vanmali Atulkumar Maheshkumar Varma Prarthna Vasudevamurthy Anupriya Vats Narayanan Vengadesan Sidheswar Venkatachalapathi Vidhya Venkatraman Diya Venugopal Vishal Verma Tanmayi Vetukuri Rohanjit Singh Virdi Vy Quang Vuong Shri Chaitanya Ravi Vyas Yu Jen Wang Sushant Wavhal Yu Ching Wong

Chia-Ming Wu Penghui Wu Ting-Ju Wu Runtao Xue Kunal Yadav Nikanshi Yadav Sunny Vasantrao Yadav Luo Yang Zexian Yang Zhijia Yang Jiyun Yao Shujun Ye Jindong Yu Chun Yuan Leilei Zhang Yu Zhang Zihao Zhang Hanqing Zhao Kuo Zhen Hui Zhi Qiurui Zhou Yizun Zhou

MASTER OF SCIENCE IN BUSINESS ANALYTICS Executive Programs Hao Chong Siting Du Zhixiu Hou Pei-Ning Hsu Huaqing Li Sihan Li Yuxi Li Cheng Lu Jinfang Ma Meesha Alexis Mobley Ruchira Sanghi Chaoqun Tu Anqi Wang Yujie Zeng Anna Zhang Junhan Zhang Zhijun Zhu

MASTER OF SCIENCE IN ENERGY MANAGEMENT Balajii Gobi Dhanasekar Shreyas Rajesh Meher Laura Damis Pacheco Karmani Harshadkumar Rajput Tarun Saxena Ayush Thanvi Daeyul Yoon "$ 69


Wenpeng Yin Theodore Yu Yijun Yu Tong Yuan Ge Zhang Weibin Zhang Yingying Zhang Yuying Zhang Jingyi Zhao Hui Zhi

Adebimpe Safiat Oludayo Abiru Hajar Abdullah Aleisa Badr Ahmed A. Alshoshan Amani Mohammed A. Althunayyan David Attila Berczes Kyle Reese Carrington Chien Fan Chen Shaoteng Chen Joel Chipley Po Ting Chou Anwita Chowdhury Joseph Elliott Yuanyuan Fang Matthew Furrow Grant Matthew Gooding Ayushi Gupta Shreya Ashish Hajare Noah Edward Harness Yi-Ju Ho Handeng Hua Qirui Huang Salman Jasim Justine Diette Jones Shalaka Manish Kandarkar Bohan Li Yun Li Xuehao Liang Brenda Limon Ting Lu Varda Malhotra Andrew Matsil Boris Bruno Kresevic Minaya Ondrila Mondal Mintsa Ange Ngaruko Chi Minh Nguyen Ndackyssa Oyima-Antseleve Rutuja Patil Benjamin Rufus Philips Ruy Reiter Zaid Reshamwala Alexander Pearce Roy Nishtha Sah Jake Schoenleb Harsh Kamlesh Shah Pin Tsen Shih Corey Wayne Smith Jasmine Solis Joseph Ray Southwell Shravan Vijalapuram Shaoteng Wang Fan Wu


MASTER OF SCIENCE IN HEALTHCARE LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT Fatimah Al-Baki Zaina Alzaim John Daniel Caskey Jovelyn Castellanos Emily Fon-Shue Chin Yen Hoang Dang Karishma Jitendra Desai Amine Dirare Tahniyat Farooqi Michelle Lanae Gomez Kimberly Breanne Goodland Hoang My Ho Jerril P. Jacob Jonathan Sabu Joseph Ali Kazmi Mohamad Hassan Kobrosly Flor A. Lopez Zachary Mauricio Maharukh Modi Michael Nguyen Anish Atulkumar Patel Shaan Patel Christopher Brandon Prado Shriti Shah Vincent Snow Asmait Solomon Hamza Tahir Blessey Miriam Varughese Caroline Aston Wilson

"% 70


Sagar Chouksey Vignesh Coumarane Revati Purushottam Dalvi Jayraj Mehulkumar Dave Rocky Dayaramani Ruijie Deng Pranav Devdas Karthik Raghav Dhakshanamoorthy Girish Ram Chinnakavanam Dhayalan Anirudha Girish Dhekne Mitali Yogesh Dholakia Aditya Dhongade Sara Siraj Dhuka Xiaoyi Dong Ananda Kiran Doppalapudi Snehasis Dutta Felix Hally Egedigwe Luis Humberto Velarde Esenarro Farhin Faiz Bhavika Harsukh Faldu Fern Marusuwan Foo Kristy Lynn Forsthoff Micah H. Foster Virajita Gaddam Nidhi Gahlawat Mohini Raghunath Gaikwad Poojitha Rao Gandra Uthsaha Ramesh Gante Rohan Mukund Ganu Xin Gao Bhavesh Gehani Zuri Giang Ruchi Dhananjay Gokhale Mary Ridhima Golamari Nikita Vilas Gorathe John Walter Gray Jihong Guan Abhishek Guha Priya Srinivas Gundevaina Akshat Gupta Aslesha Gupta Divya Gupta Tanmay Gupta Vardhan Surya Keerthi Guraza Gautam Gururani Yadullah Haider Travis Drew Hartford Anuj Hatwal Liushengqi He Shuangjiang He David Hoffmann Chenyang Hu Tabrez Hussain Anshul Jadhav

Banu Arslan Bradford Lacy Jorge Alberto Marrero, M.D. Usha Naga Peri, M.D. Sarika Persad Fabian Robles Cindy Schwartz, M.D. Michael Sills, M.D. Peter Harold Spooner, M.D. Meredith Stegall

MASTER OF SCIENCE IN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND MANAGEMENT Shriya Agarwal Pulkit Agrawal Sheraaz Soheil Ahmed Srisai Vikash Akkineni Diana Francisco Almeida Abdulrahman Alrubaiya Amal Kochath Anil Armeen Aramoon Ahnaful Arephin Roja Ashok Varqa Shams Azimi Rahul Bafna Somen Bag Garima Bajaj Mayuresh Bakshi Sivesh Balaji Kirthana Balasubramanian Elad Joseph Banai Atharva Rajendra Bendre Mayuri Sunil Bhadane Shubham Bhan Kunal Bhatewara Ameya Dilip Bhave Siddhi Rajendra Bhosale Kamini Malhari Bokefode Sanjana Buchala Kanika Chaudhary Vaibhav Chavan Vishal Laxman Chekkala Qianyi Chen Sri Sai Vivek Cherukuri Vinay Manideep Cheviti Akash Chilakalapally Kavi Bharathi Chinnathambi Pranesh Sunil Chitre "&


Shrikant Shrirang Jadhav Sukruta Jadhav Raahul Jagadeesan Arpit Kumar Jain Hemang Jalali Rashique Jamil Casey Jensen Greeshma Cici Joseph Nishant Shirish Joshi Priyanka Anand Joshi Sampada Rajendra Kale Sneha Dipen Kalita Bharath Subba Reddy Pratap Kandula Vishnu Kumar Ramiya Kannan Prateek Kapoor Rohit Kapoor Chinmay Sunil Karandikar Abhaas Katiyal Kanav Kaushal Aarushi Kaushik Tarun Mohan Khelani Ravi Kiran Koppichetti Taphenes Koroma Shubham Kothari Yujie Fan Kozak Bhavani Krishnakumar Beyzanur Kucuk Nisha Kulhari Aniket Sunil Kulkarni Akshatha Chandra Kumar Ankitha Suresh Kumar Prince Kumar Tushar Kumar Rajashree Sanjay Kumkar Zamaan Nasruddin Lakhani Zhu Lei Tianming Li Santhosh Loganathan Ashwin Praveen Lokkur Jun Ma Khushboo Madan Paulina Mahajan Seema Malhotra Victor Tiger Mao William Marty Shruti Mathur Pradnya Prakash Mehendale Krish Dhirendra Mehta Sahir Harish Mehta Utsav Kamalbhai Mehta Hao Mei Dilip Venkatesh Merala Suraj Arvind Mhetre Shubhi Mishra

Dhaval Mistry Vidhi Unmesh Mistry Kanchan Mittal Neha Mohanram Flavia Teixeira De Moraes Pranali Subhash More Amruta Atul Mujumdar Venkata Sarath Chandra Muktevi Pradeep Munikrishnan Anand Muraleedharan Swathy Muralidharan Amit Mutgi Sai Ramakrishna Muthireddy Bharathi Muthukrishnan Jagadesh Varma Nadimpalli Rakshitha Venkataramana Nagananda Tejus Pathi Nagaraj Gautham Sai Madala Rajagopala Naidu Khyati Nama Harsh Nandan Neethu Narayanan Rushikesh Madhavrao Narhare John Nguyen Mai Nguyen Saniya Ashok Niphade Larry P. Otero Saran Padmakar Naveen Kumar Palaniappan Avinav Pandey Rishi Pandey Damini Pandita Boney Kamal Parikh Youngju Park Chinmay Dilip Parkar Arth Patel Rushikesh Suryakant Patel Setu Balvantkumar Patel Vighnesh Rajesh Pathare Saurav Pati Abhishek Patil Akash Rajendrakumar Patil Chaitali Ashok Patil Namrata Ulhas Patil Nikita Nitin Patil Prakash Pattaiyan Nicholas Alexander Petropoulos Vineetkumar Rameshchandra Pillai Aditya Sandeep Pitroda Monisha Prakash Prithika Guhan Prithipal Vikas Mysore Purushotham Vivek Tirumala Puttaparthi Tanvi Sidharth Raddi Anu Rai #(


Sudhir Rai Sukanth Rajan Parth Rajgor Vishakha Prakash Rajput Gautam Ramasamy Ragavi Sankaran Rameshbabu Anika Rana Aditya Narendra Rao Yashvardhan Kishore Kumar Rathi Ashwin Rathore Yugesh Ravi Siri Chandana Reddy Reddy Reddy Manvi Rohilla Nishant Rukmangad Saiyma Saher Sajid Andrew Cole Saraber Manoj Saravanan Amey Sudam Saste Shriya Mahendra Saste Ayyappa Reddy Satti Sail Saurabh Varun Saxena Akshatkumar Hiteshkumar Shah Heta Rajesh Shah Viraj Milesh Shah Sameeksha Sharma Vivek Sharma Gandhali Prashant Sheode Aishwarya Shetty Priyank Mukund Shinde Sumod Ravindra Shinde Sugirda Shivan Aditya Shivshankar Pragati Shrivastava Warutantika Shukla Ayush Kumar Singh Madhulika Singh Rohan Singh Tajinder Singh Vamika Singh Ankit Singhai Aldrin Leroy D Souza Madhumadhi Sivarama Subramonian Adithya Subramanian Deeksha Sudhakar Yifei Sun Akshay Dashrath Sunka Sowmya Suresh Karan Syal Siddique Ansaaruddin Syed Janhavi Tandon Sanya Tandon

Qin Tang Shailesh Singh Thakur Kevin Krupa Thomas Samvit Tiku Sanchita Sandeep Tipnis Hung Tuan Tran Micah Tran Shrinal Mehul Turakhia Manya Umamahesh Shrisha Haridas Vanga Anubha Vashistha Rathnaguru Venkatachalapathy Bhratesh Verma Rounak Verma Deepa Vivek Nooka Sai Vikram Kumar Vunduru Jagruti Jangal Wagh Yang Wang Yimeng Wang Nidhi Wanjare Ryan Edward Wanner Revati Warikallamath Shubham Milind Worlikar Ailu Wu Nikhil Dinesh Yajaman Xin Yang Harshavardhan Yarlagadda Jahnavi Yedavilli Neelima Yeddula Vaishnavi Yellutla* Xinchao Zhang Yu Zhang Yuxian Zhang Yijia Zhao Yibo Zhou Ziyan Zhou


MASTER OF SCIENCE IN INTERNATIONAL MANAGEMENT STUDIES Jose Ernesto Carranza Matthew Henry Kelly Christian Leech Alayna Grace Thomas




Yi-Hsuan Tseng Aashritha Sagar Veesamsetty Xiangyu Wang Lu Xu Yan Xu Zhe Zhang Yujia Zhou

Mohammed Abdullah Faris Kevin Guerrero Brandi Eleanor Hawkins Jamie Nicholson


MASTER OF SCIENCE IN MANAGEMENT SCIENCE Satyak Adlakha Mohit Agarwal Samriddhi Agrawal Amee Jayesh Bhatt Karan Bharat Bhatt Hui-Chin Chang Harshitha Chavan Han Cheng Vyomi Ritesh Chheda* Shrutik Ganesh Dode Sameera Epari Ryan Patrick Fritton Wonseok Go Rui Guo Shannon Kanishka Wildon Hannibal Smruti Viswanath Iyer Anagha John Kai Kang Kyuri Kim Naga Venkatalakshmi Annapurnaumadevi Kopparthi Harikrushna Jitendra Kotadiya Ankitsingh Omprakashsingh Kshatriya Hao-Yu Lin Jessica Lea Morrow Ahmed Hassan Mostafa Aminat Muibi Poojitha Pradeep Justin Karl Preibisius Prathibha Ramakrishna Harsh Kamlesh Shah Nikhil Shah Radhika Sharma Shivani Sharma Stuti Lokesh Sharma Prathamesh Ranjankumar Shinde Mahdi Shirvin Shivani Shreyas Minu Shridhar Shambhavi Singh Sundar Sreenivasan Divyashree Srinivasa Hashir Ali Syed

John Allen William Eric Fergueson Charles Joseph Prichard Teresa Marie Thurtle Angel Alberto Torres

MASTER OF SCIENCE IN MARKETING Sylvia L. F. Beasley Xuan Chen Yen-Fu Chen Makayla Annelizabeth Forsberg Hailey N. Hollas Ching-Wu Huang Tzu-Luen Huang Smruti Viswanath Iyer Amal Saleem Khan Hsin Yen Lee Erhao Liang Fengyuan Liu Elva Andrea Chavez Martinez Philip Scott Miller III Travis Thompson Mueller Catherine Carolyn Rash Kelly Marie Rhoades Darya Tarassova Haonan Zhang Zhengyue Zhang

MASTER OF SCIENCE IN SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT Shubham Agarwal Rafeef Abdulmajeed S. Alobaid Norah Abdulaziz A. Alshahrani Shantanu Arora Shubhangini Behl Abhishek Ravindra Bhalerao Eric Boudon Robert Brandon Buchanan Dorothy Bui Junwoo Cha Sai Revanth Chandupatla #)


Heng Jui Chang Yuhang Chen Zhengfei Chen Aishwarya Cherukuri Weiching Chiu Ming-Yueh Chu Izumi Colquitt Mayrena Cuartas Aastha Dadheech Saikiran Damera Kunyang Dang Shatarupa Das Xi Deng Jingxuan Fan Ashley Faith Francis Romit Gandhi Abhishek Gehlot Sasank Godavarthi Mark Arnold Grace Raman Hora Ju Fen Hsiao Jiacheng Huang Sandesh Jain Heba Jamal Akshay Bhalchandra Jantre Arutselvan Pappathi Jeevagan Dhivya Priyaa Jegannathan Vineet Job Neha Sarah Jose Vaishnavi Joshi Akshay Kalyan Hrushikesh Vijay Khadsare Naga Navya Kondeti Rohan Y. Korde Vivek Ramakrishna Kotikalapudi Adarsh Shivalingappa Kubsad Rohan Narasimha Kulkarni Adithya Manoj Kumar Anil Kumar Yash Lambhate Tingran Lan Richard Lee Changpei Li Hongye Li Yining Li Yitian Li Yung-Yi Lo Xiaoxuan Ma Vijay Kumar Mallavarapu Aakarsh Kamlesh Mehta Vaishnavi Ashok Mohod Guhan Murugesan Athira Ravindran Nair

Ankit Patidar Po Yang Pei Athishta Jeyaraj Prabhakaran Sai Nath Prabhala Nikhil Ranjit Prabhu Aditya Puranik Ruijie Qi Renjini Rajan Mustafa Shabbir Rajkotwala Kuldeep Rajpal* Goutham Ranganathan Aravind Ravindran Nishaat Vazir Rupani Mansi Sachdeva Aditya Saini Mikhil Rajesh Sanghvi Sri Vishnu Selvaraj Arun Sengottaiyan Anushree Sharma Gourav Sharma Harish Chandrakant Shetty Shashank Shrivastava Diksha Diwa Singh Nishant Singh Sonali Singha Subhanshu Somani Shelly Stalvey Shishir Pavan Bhargav Gopinatham Venkata Subrahman Luis Ernesto Sucre Parth Supekar Mehak Surana Yanhui Tan Pooja Tiwari Jennifer Tracy Khanh Nghi Tran Tri Tran Vaishali Turaga Ramaswamy Vaidyanathan Anuraag Vikram Ming Wang Shuoshuo Wang Yi-Cheng Wang Kai Xu Khushboo Yadav Meilan Yan Minxiang Yao Abhishek Yawalkar Luolan Yin Jialiang Zhang Xiwen Zhang




Bertrand Irakoze Nkurunziza Omon Rex Okiei Pejman Solymanzadeh Ruchira Thorat Samuel Onyeabor Uchechukwu Hsiuan-Ting Wang

Donald Austin Florence Major Michael Lewis Ike Anthony Mogbana Hesam Movahed

&1%614#.&')4''4'%+2+'065 DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN MANAGEMENT SCIENCE Leila Hosseini Professor: Vijay Mookerjee Dissertation: Economic and Operational Considerations in Cloud Computing Devendra Kale Professors: Gil Sadka Rebecca Files Dissertation: Role of Minority Shareholders in Private Companies Sameer Mehta Professors: Vijay Mookerjee Milind Dawande Dissertation: Monetization of High-Technology Products and Services Hui Wang Professor: Harold Zhang Dissertation: Essays on Household and Corporate Finance Xiaolu Zhou Professors: William Cready Ningzhong Li Dissertation: The Public as Corporate Stakeholder: Evidence from Toxic Release and Financial Reporting



5%*11.1(0#674#.5%+'0%'5 #0&/#6*'/#6+%5 %#0&+&#6'5(14$#%*'.145&')4''5 BACHELOR OF ARTS IN BIOLOGY


Roma Nitin Ahuja Nadeen Awad Justin Quimpo Balarbar Michelle Callahan Megan Josephine Conlin Elizabeth Carol Contreras Darlene Terese DeVries Afra Fathima Arnold Joshua Hight Jacqueline Nicole Jones Vasisht Karri Abigail Day Leonardo Maritza Martinez Asad Ali Mehkri Jeremiah Edward Mendoza Batler Momanyi Mogaka Anahí Muñiz Hong Thu Nguyen Blessing Odebiyi Siva Ram Paladugu Maanne Denice G. Papa Shaina Anuj Patel Crystal Nguyen Phan Bhargava Kaluvapalle Reddy Juan Francisco Silva Riquelme Makkapan Sanongkun Harjot Singh Sekhon Sayed Mehrdad Hosseini Teshnizi Michelle Vy Thieu Ashley Mar Zayas Heather Zoukari

Robert Secheli


Fizza Abbas Kathrine Jean Culhane Amy Elizabeth Kunz Noah Sampson Morrow Star Chidiofu Nze Abigail Nicole Plump Truc Minh Thai Matthew Luis Vazquez

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN ACTUARIAL SCIENCE Jason T. Baker Eric Tin-Rui Chen Patrick Joseph Chida Gunnar Russeau Chollar Jacob Makuyu Chweya Michael James Conn Benjamin Codey Cotton Kara Lee Gonzalez Jordan R. Jackson Ryan Preston Jones Kelsey Mckenna Leigh Mosaab Samir Mohammed Antony Thomas Moyalan Eylon Nakar William John Ringhofer Alyssa Brooke Simpson Victoria Yunjie Sun Fareeha Asim Usman Kristen Marie York



Isabella Anh-Thu Thi Tran

BACHELOR OF ARTS IN CHEMISTRY Trevor Michael-Roman Doyle Mackenzie Anne Martin Laurel Ann Paul



Abdulmanan Abid Ashley Tran Andrew John Wesley Calhoun

Brian T. Le Minh-Huy Nguyen Tran #"


Cammilika Arielle Calibo Jocelyn Chavez Zachary David Chroust Eliezer Andrew Diaz Patience Chidinma Akobundu Ehiogu Anna Kathryn Fiedler Alfonso Flores Jennifer Anne Foster Kaivalya Gudooru Ruchira Gundlapally Heather Lynn Hansen Maria Valentina Harmjanz Kenneth Huang Mataa Zehra Husain Alejandro Juarez Kinnari Mihir Karia Hamza Lalami Chance William Lander Bryanna Lynn Legrand Breya Paige Ludwig Vikram Jeet Mahajan Anthony Mastracci IV Shannon Mary Mathis Stephen Q. Mitchell Hana Hamid Moosa Nakleh Ibrahim Mseeh Zacharias Awedew Mulat Vishruth Mullapudi Jisu Na Victoria Margaret Neumann An Thuc Nguyen Rachel Thuy Tien Nguyen Priscilla Ibukunoluwa Okanlawon Hiram Chetankumar Patel Rahi Nainesh Patel Joshua Taylor Plank Cesar Alexis Reyes Danielle Nicole Robertson Samuel Glenn Robinson Lesly Rosas Monica Mariah Sheth Zhan Shi Preston Yeap Tang Nathan Khoi Thai Adam John Timmerman Sabrina Mimi Tran Jillian Berkley Via Mrunmayee Wadekar Adele Caroline Wallace Xudong Wang Jonathan Yi-Herng Wei Amy Lauren Whitaker Samad Yousuf




BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN BIOCHEMISTRY AND NEUROSCIENCE Shuaib Mohammed Arab Vishal Vardhan Bandaru Jahnavi Sai Vishnubhotla

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN BIOLOGY Rajya Laxmi Adhikari Albert Charles Aickareth Niklesh Akula Nour Hassan Al-Ahmad Assiya Rahma Allen Siddhant Uday Ankolekar Ashley Nicole Ballard Amna Ijaz Bashir Batool Ikram Bawa Brooke Ellen Bayer Levi Robert Beeks Fatemeh Behnia Chun Rong Berglund Neil Bhamoo Amisha Bhardwaj Max Eric Bogart Elizabeth Marie Brann Alyssa Ann Briggs Austin Phillip Brown Aditi Gajanan Chakradeo Jordan Chen Fiona Vinod Cherian Joshua Yewah Chow Anny Loan Dang Rohit De Taylor Anne Dillard Christopher Huy Duc Doan Amanda Maria D’Souza Aakaash Duggal Jiliane Kate Magboo Dumaoal Brian Forrest Duong Ali Eghbali ## 80

Maya Malak Eldin Ogheneruona Lorenta Eruvwetere Reethika Gade Angela Samantha Galvan Frank Garcia Benjamin Ghaffar Yalda Ghorbani Cristy Gonzalez Sriharika Reddy Gottipolu Nishani Mindy Gowcaran Nisha Dinesh Gupta Kenya Elisa Guzman Malak Hameed Carter Louis Haynes Keenan Iyad Horani Emma Yunju Hsieh Tooba Syeda Husain Jenifer Huynh Esther Shinae Hwang Mira Kamal Ibrahim Seema Iyengar Abdulkader Anas Jamal Hope Eryn Jensen Ayoung Jo Julia John Jacy Kay Jordan Joanna Rachel Joseph Naomi Tshiya Kabangu Arpit Kamal Prathima Kandukuri Ipek Eda Karaoglu Arshpreet Kaur Megan Lynn Khong Matthew Tai Khuong Sriram Sunder Kidambi Christi Kim Peter Insung Kim Christopher Shong Kung Sanjit Sai Lanka Jordan Manalese Lapuz David Le Hong An Nguyen Le Stephanie Helen Liem Christian Alexander Lopez Raul Eder Lopez Cynthia Yuanyuan Ma Farhin Hossain Maisha Rohan Paul Mallick Nyssa Angelika Markham Kalena Delamar Mauga Darby Paige McAdams Kathryn Elizabeth McKean Maia Alyissa McLeroy Diana Dennis- Yelena Gerardino Medina

Pushti Harshal Mehta Ciaira Mae Meliones Ritika Menon Lucas Stone Merritt Wesley Miaw Sandra Maria Mihail Aakash D. Mistry Samuel Moedjianto Zuhair Jameel Mohammed Praneeth Moturi Kelsey Elizabeth Mullins Premini Nagesh Surya Laxmi Namboodiri Nirvikalpa Natarajan Shruti A. G. Natarajan Minh-Long Alex Ngo Allison Nguyen Jaimee Bao-Anh Nguyen Joshua Chau Nguyen My Thuy Song Nguyen Nhu Quynh Nguyen Phuoc Ngoc Nguyen Thuy Thi Thanh Nguyen Vivian Hoang Nguyen Bethany Abigail Nottingham Jillian Mari Dinglasan Ochoa Ola Chimidiuto Onuoha Natalie Denise Delcid Ortiz Hirshal Ketan Pandya Amoolya Paruchuri Amnit Parvaga Amisha Patel Dharak Bipinchandra Patel Parth Anil Patel Riddhi Jitu Patel Shivani Sanjay Patel Yamini S. Penikalapati Brian Nhat Tien Pham Mai-Phuong Thu Pham Sakina Aziz Plumber Venkata Dheeraj Ponakala Matthew William Pratt Patrick James Ramirez Valeria Ruth Ramirez Christine Angelina Ramjee Jacob Matthew Rappazzo Sanjana Ravi Reza Razvi Alma Delia Renteria Chase Holden Ribordy Mariam Kaiser Rizvi Matthew Taylor Robbins Angel Michelle Roberson Maddox William Robinson #$



Veronica Roitberg Sarah Samuel Zheyar Jamal Seyan Kiran Shafi Rafay Syed Shah Saloni Shah Ishani Sharma Shivani Sharma Kiana Thuy Tien Shirmanesh Reyhan Avir Sinha Boston Palmer Smith Arianna Sobhi Lydia Sobhi Aniruth Srinivasaraghavan Jeremiah Daemien Stone Katherine Chinyu Sun Rachel E. Szopa Shaniqua Lavette Talley Rithwik Terala Jenny Nhi Thai Liza Susan Tharakan Hibaa Luqman Thayyil Melissa M. Thornton Hrishita Tiwari Christopher Thien Quang Tran James Luan Tran Yun-Yee Tsang Pooja Tunikipati Gowrish Vaka Rebeca Sarah Volosen Vian Hoang Vuong Saleem Ahmad Wakil Vanesse Wang Ali Raza Wazir Tiffany Rona Yang Smera Yeruva Brianna Liberty Young Ameen Khan Zazay Sadiq Khan Zazay Sania Zeito

Joshua F. Edward Bouton Lakeisha Dent Tate Thomas Farmer Connor Joseph Finken Jacalyn Elisabeth Holman Shawn Ross Kennedy Yash Syed Khaleque Caden Carlisle Maydew Tanya Y. Mejia Albert Najera Hong Phuc Pham Tristan Charles Smith Jacqueline Trevizo May Vorarath


BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN GEOSCIENCES Josaiah Trevor Hartog Clayton Alexander Koop Brittain Reed Marshall Alessandra Mara Sealander Derek Joseph Thompson Carson Michael Tunnell

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN MATHEMATICS Estelle-Olivia Aka-Elloh Gregory Paul Avari Brian Daniel Bell Larce Eduardo Blake Randi Renee Brown Ciara Margaret Callanan Christian Eduardo Castillo Melanie Mariby Chavez Katelyn Renee Clark Irasema Idalia Cruz-Lopez Darwin Estacio David Jacob Eric Davis Rogelio Desiderio Benjamin Lee Dobson Justin Dawson Echols Daniel Joseph Emge Jackson Edward Forner Gen Hosonuma Suhyun Im

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN BIOLOGY AND HEALTHCARE MANAGEMENT Kirubell Aklilu Nikhit Sai Chimalakonda Sanjana Janumpally Kovida Koneru Neal Ronakkumar Patel Priyesh Prakash Patel



Yeeun Jeon Marvin Broderick Johnson Faiza Rayhan Khan Nolan King Alec Brendan Knutson Allison Brooke Manchee Joshua Willard Marsh Samantha Lissette Montoya Arjun K. Moola Eric Stephen Murphy Vincent Hoang-Khang Nguyen Aaron Brooks Parker Brandon Osiel Salazar Rosales Soumya Rudraraju Alec Salas Destiny Salcido Haijin Seo Mallory Elaine Sharp Alex R. Taylor Kyle Lawrence Tupper William J. Viloudaki Keith Allen Wanser Kaleb Tyler Warneke Nicole Hyeonhwa Wooton

Kumail Khalfan Amy Mai Le Caden Carlisle Maydew Ocean Sloane Pearl Miller Amber Nguyen Vasileios Papakis Raina Rahman Peter Papacostas Tracy Gabrielle Maureen Vragel Cori Anne Weaver


BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN PHYSICS Aaron Barbosa Juan Carlos Zuniga Castro David Gerardo Chaparro Lucas John Eddy Derian Matthew Golden Kevin Alberto Gonzalez Ian Charles Grey David Klaus Hammer Bojana Ivanic Rafael Augusto Josh Rashad Kadado Nolan King Patrick Joseph Koch Benjamin Sterling Lunday Aleksey Sergeyevych Mohov James Orlando Mulhern Gareth Alexander Ofenstein Raj Prakash Patel Daniel Peirano Petit Benjamin Rubanov Chelsea Sanchez


BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN MOLECULAR BIOLOGY Tiffany Noel Boone Crystal Chairez Emily Eng Li Chwa Harshini Cormaty Mark De Los Santos Mason Andrew Galliver Namratha Kandru



Jody Martin

Vamshi Enishetty Seungwon Jung Hailey Pacheco



Haley Morgan Arroyo Cecilia Ruth Bentley Baily Graves Hale

Amra Dhabalia Ashok Darlene Devries Samantha Caitlin Manning #&


Jeremy Abraham Mathews Supraja Vasanthy Mohan Anahi Muniz Jinru Shi Qin Zhou

Ujwal Madhavapeddi Joseph Luis Melendez Aleksandr Milogorodskii Abdoulaye Thiam Huan Zhang



Mirabella Alfaro Jonathan Rene Carey Morgan Elayne D’Ambra Akash Vinubhai Karkar Dalton Everett Moore

Vandita Dattatraya Bhat Maria Del Carmen Chacon Castro Venkatesh Dagupati Gayatri Kolluri Bhavatharini Udhayakumar Kavya Veera



Baowen Li Kierstin Page

Daniel Anable Nikhil Uday Dhale Ruchika Dhawan Bharana Ashen Fernando Fatimah Fayez A. Habis Baily Graves Hale Chinthak Murali Cristhian Jose Angel Garcia Quintero Angel Enoc Romero Evangelos Stoikos Ken David Suura Alan Paul Zanders

MASTER OF SCIENCE IN GEOSCIENCES Yassine Adoum Jideofor Winston Anyanwu Evan Andrew Cedor David Paul Graham Lauren Jessica Phillips Muhammad Hassan Quddusi Wendy Samantha Schwertner Vishal Singh Kathryn Warren Yuqi Yin

MASTER OF SCIENCE IN STATISTICS Taylor Ryan Braly Rhonda Lorraine Bush Miles Douglas Colquitt Guocun Huang Rajapaksha Mudalige Dhanushka Sampath Rajapaksha Patrick Atward Thompson Hanzhi Wang Pin Xu Yicheng Zhang

MASTER OF SCIENCE IN MATHEMATICS Mehdi Akhavan Samson Babatunde Folarin Yue Gong Buddhika Chathuranga Bandara Jayawardana Rajendra K. C. Khatri Md Arafat H. Khan John Michael Kneen Eunmi Ko



&1%614#.&')4''4'%+2+'065 DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN CHEMISTRY Galappaththi Gur De Silva Professor: Bruce Novak Dissertation: Synthesis of Helical Polycarbodimides and Their Properties Kyle William Murray Professor: Sheena D’Arcy Dissertation: Analysis of Enzyme Dynamics in Kynureninase Through Hydrogen-Deuterium Exchange Mass Spectrometry

DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN GEOSCIENCES Ahmad Boskabadi Professor: Robert Stern Dissertation: Carbonate Alteration of Ophiolitic Rocks: Sources of Fluids, Conditions of Alteration, and Element Mobility Diluni Ayeshika W. Hetti Pathirannehelage Professor: Robert Stern Dissertation: Comprehensive Analysis of Global Mid Ocean Ridge and Mariana Convergent Margin Hydrothermal Systems Tectonics, Fluid Chemistry and Vent Biota Michelle Iris Rodriguez Professor: Carlos Aiken Dissertation: Utilization of 3D Photorealistic Virtual Models of Outcrop Geology and Implementation of Customized Graphic User Interfaces Jidong Yang Professor: Hejun Zhu Dissertation: Seismic Modeling, Imaging and Inversion in Viscoacoustic Media

DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN MATHEMATICS Ivan Gudoshnikov Professor: Oleg Makarenkov Dissertation: On the Stability of Moreau’s Sweeping Process with Applications to Networks of Elastoplastic Springs

DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN MOLECULAR AND CELL BIOLOGY Nymisha Avadhanam Professor: Juan Gonzalez Dissertation: Control of Iron Regulation and Uptake by the ExpR/Sin Quorum Sensing Systems in Sinorhizobium Meliloti Vandita Dattatraya Bhat Professor: Zachary Campbell Dissertation: RNA Control by Protein Complexes in Germline Stem Cells Poorva Gautam Ghosh Professor: Li Zhang Dissertation: Role of Heme in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Growth and Tumor Vascular Oxygenation

$' 85

Michael Lee Neugent Professors: Kelli Palmer Nicole De Nisco Dissertation: Discovery and Targeting of Strict Glucose Reliance in Lung Squamous Cell Carcinoma and Taxonomic and Genomic Ecology of Recurrent Urinary Tract Infection Prithwijit Sarkar Professor: Sheena D’Arcy Dissertation: Characterizing Interactions Between NAP1 and Its Binding Partners Dinesh Keran Sivakolundu Professors: Bart Rypma Stephen Spiro Dissertation: Physiologic Characterization of Multiple Sclerosis and its Clinical Implications


Professor: Lunjin Chen Dissertation: Propagation and Excitation of Equatorial Electrostatic and Electromagnetic Emissions In the Magnetosphere

Xiaoyuan Liu Professor: Bing Lv Dissertation: Superconductivity, Magnetism and Topological Properties of Several Quasi-1D Materials

$) 86


%#0&+&#6'5(14&')4''5 9+6*.#6+0*10145 Students graduating with Latin Honors have enrolled and successfully completed a minimum of 45 undergraduate hours at UT Dallas. Each Latin Honors level requires a minimum grade point average (GPA) to be attained over all course work taken at UT Dallas.

Summa cum laude: The grade point average that represents the top 5 percent of all graduates in a particular school is considered the threshold for awarding summa cum laude honors.

Magna cum laude: The grade point average that represents the next 10 percent of all graduates in a particular school is considered the threshold for awarding magna cum laude honors.

Cum laude: The grade point average that represents the next 15 percent of all graduates in a particular school is considered the threshold for awarding cum laude honors.

%#0&+&#6'5(14&')4''59+6*.#6+0*10145 CUM LAUDE Nathan David Baum Aisha H. Bawany Samuel W. Beaty Seth Anthony Bedford Victoria Marie Beemer Cameron Shane Benavides Keerthy Benny Chun Rong Berglund Sarah Marie Bergs Maria Margarita Bermudez Samta Sandip Bhakta Haris Bilal Hayley Allison Binder Evelyn Renee Bixby Audorey Marie Blakeslee Brandie Marie Buford Chase A. Burrell Eric David Busch Tina Lynn Cao Oscar Cardona Caitlin Elizabeth Carroll Ming Yin Ronald Chan Jeremy Evan Chaney Juan Diego Chaparro Sarah Elizabeth Cheeran Andy Yixin Chen Jordan Chen Iyad Alam Chishtie Crystal Chongphakdee

Fizza Abbas Hala Adnan Abdelqader Rajya Laxmi Adhikari Priscilla Giffty Adomako Andrew Ronaldo Adrian Monica Eloisa Aguirre Samee Ahmad Spandana Venkata Lakshmi Akkaraju Cienna P. Alam Ibrahim Yunis Ali Assiya Rahma Allen Taryn Michelle Allen Yasmeen Nizar Almasri Rahaf Alnakkar Ahmed Abid Amanullah Nisha Anbu Robert Ian Anderson Matilde Antognelli Austen Jake Applegate Shuaib Mohammed Arab Jana Sahar Aridi Madison Noelle Armstrong Jeronimo Sebastian Arrangoiz Arriola Daniel Thomas Arrant Ken Asawa Michelle Belgi Augustine Christopher Andrew Bailey Delmi Evelin Barrientos Michelle Rose Bassil $! 88

Wa Chu Ishta Minakshi Chuckaree Marisol Ann Ciovacco Elizabeth Ashley Cobb Julia Elizabeth Cocco Teresa Alex Coello Brandon Gray Coleman Aidan Bryce Collins Christian Miled Cortes Thomas Matthew Crain Audra Phillips Crow Patrick Thomas Crues Jaden Dora Curreri Khoa Tae Dang Francisco Daniel Toan Duy Dao Caleb Michael Daves Jacob Eric Davis Kylie Brianne Davis Herve Victor Debure Krupali Shailesh Dedhia Bryan Delara Oscar Arturo Delgado Anthony Joseph DelGiorno Harpreet Singh Dhaliwal Antonio Manuel Diaz Dannah Bilal Diebas Aimee Tuongvy Diep Stephen Daniel Dillard Taylor Anne Dillard Benjamin A. Dillon Elizabeth Yuyuan Ding Christopher Huy Duc Doan Benjamin Lee Dobson Katie Doleh Nety Duenas Aakaash Duggal Miranda M. Dunn Minh Binh Duong Lucas John Eddy Abdelrahman Mohamed Elagami Gabriel Fareed Envani Joseph David Epperson Jamie Lauren Eriksson Emily N. Esch Mika Allyssa Alagar Esquillo Ryan Scott Evans Joshua James Evers Joel Xavier Ewing Ayesha Mahmud Farid Danielle Virginia Faris Yana Farmanyan Ashkan Farzad Yu Feng

Megan Kathleen Flatley Esbeidy Flores Luis David Flores Jacqueline Diane Floyd Christopher Travis Fogel Sierra Ashley Ford Ze Lin Fu Akshay Gadodia Alondra Gamino Parimala Gangaraj Toby Simon Krakauer Ganz Gerardo Elias Garcia Nicholas Jordan Garnand Chris Thomas Garrett Joseph Louis Garza Sean Christopher Gibson Cordette Caroline Gillis Reyna Estefania Rangel Gonzalez Michael Warren Goolsbey Chelsea Anne Gross Dongwoo Gu Ruchira Gundlapally David Francis Gutschenritter Melissa Ashley Haertling John Alexander Halbert Robert Blake Hardin Arisha Danielle Harrison Samuel Estol Harrison Ibrahim Hasan Nada I. Hashim Tyler Christian Heald Elizabeth Maureen Higgins Arnold Joshua Hight Vy Ai Hoang Danika Elizabeth Hollis Haley Allese Hopkins Johnathan Manuel Horta Ryan Patrick Hosford Brandon Loc Hua Matthew Yung-En Huang Zachary Noah Hunter Mataa Zehra Husain Tooba Syeda Husain Zain Gregoire Husain Renee Lynn Hutchins Esther Shinae Hwang Azan Ibrahim Madad Ibrahim Chijindu Michael Iheanacho Nicholas Andrew Tolentino Inocencio Nageen Irfan Niha Rosheen Irfan Mohammed Jawad Ul Islam Sumyia Islam $" 89

Akito Ito Seema Iyengar Joseph James Jacklin Charles Bell Jackson Imran Haider Jafri Kunal Jain Abdulkader Anas Jamal Benjamin Joseph Jandro Nancy Elizabeth Jaramillo Autumn Bianca Jennings Yeeun Jeon Ayoung Jo Chase Kay Johnson Summer Rayne Johnson Zachary Michael Johnson Aleena Mariam Jose Woosung Jung Kamish Ashiqali Kabani Rashad Kadado Arpit Kamal Sohieb Aiman Kandeel Prathima Kandukuri Shelbye Leigh Karr Vasisht Karri Yosias Zewdie Kassaye Yash Syed Khaleque Kumail Khalfan Narden Nady Khalil Alina Khan Aya Khedr Fraser Earnan Kidd Keegan Michael Kimbrell Andrew Alfred Kitson Patrick Joseph Koch Amy Elizabeth Kunz Mariam Jose Kurian Hai Ngoc La Duaa M. Lafi Umul Baneen Lalee Qingyu Lan Chance William Lander Bawm Lang Cooper Fulton Le Devin Tiffani Le Julia Anne Leary Casey Qin Wei Lee Bryanna Lynn Legrand Nash Quinten Leonard Koltain Edward-Oye Leszcynski Paul Levitt Kendra Dawn Litchfield Major Liu Tara Lono Angel Arribas Lopez

Yaneth Lopez Bristol Samantha Lovoy Breya Paige Ludwig Benjamin Sterling Lunday Diane Hoa Ly Vishal Reddy Madipadga Riya Parag Mahajani Ritasha Maity Hamza Mansoor Malick Ananya Malik Zion Jeang Mantey Samantha An Manuel Alex Lorenze Martinez Deepa Marwaha Adrian Arman Mati Darby Paige McAdams Chase Nickolas McDaniel Abigail Grace McDowell William Benton McGinnis Delia Maame Bemah Appiah Mensah Kaitlin Amanda Methven Wesley Miaw Cyril Maged Mina Gustavo Miralrio Tamayo Anushah Mirza Samuel Moedjianto Angelica Cecilia Monreal Anthony Joseph Monroe Yahaira Rubi Monzon Sasipreetam Morsa Antony Thomas Moyalan Jessica Stephanie Riziki Muhokolo Hannan Abdul Mulla Allen Schaeffer Mumford Shivam Arjun Nayar Rony David Nehring Minh-Long Alex Ngo An Thuc Nguyen Brian Phuc Huu Thuy Nguyen Chau Nguyen Jaimee Bao-Anh Nguyen Khang Trong Nguyen Kimberly Ngoc Tram Nguyen Minh-Dang Doan Nguyen Nathan Minhquoc Nguyen Peter Luong Nguyen Phuoc Ngoc Nguyen Rachel Thuy Tien Nguyen Riley Huu Nguyen Thien Luke Nguyen Trinh Hoai Nguyen Vivian Hoang Nguyen Alexandria Bonet Nolan Bethany Abigail Nottingham $# 90

Priscilla Ibukunoluwa Okanlawon Kevin Macy Ong Tanjim Osman Similoluwa Opeyemi Oyefeso Monica Marie Pacovsky Maanasa Pamganamamula Robin Andrace Pantalion Ancelmo Antonio Parada-Mejia Elise Pariseau Deborah Hae Jin Park Jack A. Partain Dharak Bipinchandra Patel Luv Chuni Sunder Patel Miten Bharat Patel Priyesh Prakash Patel Raj Prakash Patel Riddhi Jitu Patel Jacob Dylan Paullus Nicolas A. Pena Yamini S. Penikalapati Robert Alexander Perez Hong Phuc Pham Michelle Ann Philip Madison Ava Pickering Muamer Amir Pilav Abigail Nicole Plump Minah Popal Grant Edward Poquiz Maria Eduarda Portella Alyssa Jewel Porter Pranav Man Pradhan Samuel Bruce Price Nicholas David Purdum Hayden Jeffrey Purl Jose Quinones Erick Alexander Quintanilla Dero Ayoub Qumri Raina Rahman Omid Parviz Rahmanian Amin Kara Rajani Nisha Rajesh Sarvesh Ramachandran Gauresh Ramakrishna Monika Rajeshkumar Rana Zoe Cecil Randle Alejandro Rangel Amogh Damidi Reddy Raval K. Reddy Sanketh Peech Reddy Zan Rehman Alma Delia Renteria Alexis Mendoza Rico Emanuel Rios Bradley Steven Ritschel

Mariam Kaiser Rizvi Jasmine Joy Robinson David Rocha Jacob John Rockefeller Rebekah Marie Rodriguez Adrianna Marie Roy Thanyaporn Ruffin Justin Anthony Russo William Spencer Ryder Payal Chandrahas Sampat Mayher Sandhu Kaylee Lin Sandling Kimberly Sandoval-Camarillo Prabhjot Kaur Sangha Cameron Hampton Sapp Kairo Sauceda Luis Manuel Saucedo Mathew Thomas Schadegg Matthew Clark Scott Gaurav Sethi Zheyar Jamal Seyan Saurabh Nitin Shah Vidur H. Shah Syed Saad Shahabuddin Sarah Ahmed Shaikh Lynel Krishen Shakyaver Mallory Elaine Sharp Neil Anthony Sheliga Monica Mariah Sheth Ritika Shrivastava Emily Elizabeth Simmons Myrthe Eva Karlijn Simons Amogh Singhal Sristi Sinha Vivek N. Sinha Carter Steven Smith Samantha Joy Smith Austin Jacob Snyder Rebecca Shi-Jian-An Sollars Katerin Soe Flores Solorzano Rahul Prakash Sonwalkar Neha Srinivasan Aniruth Srinivasaraghavan Matthew Nicolas Stark Zaria Lenai Steele Sarah Caitlin Streety Isaiah Christopher Swann Preston Yeap Tang William Robert Tann Sara Elizabeth Tanner Alexis Renee Tarkowski Sayed Mehrdad Hosseini Teshnizi Jenny Nhi Thai Nathan Khoi Thai $$


Rebeca Sarah Volosen Sylvester James Vredenburg Katie Vu Lan Vu Tung Duc Vu Jaibhopalreddy Vumma Zhiyu Wang Ali Raza Wazir Victoria Ashley Weade Jonathan Yi-Herng Wei Joshua Michael Welsh Jiani Wen Maytanee Matthew Wethington John Henry Whalen Stephanie Amanda White Audrey Kay Wilbanks Preston Douglas Wintermute Ayissa Natalia Wong Evelyn Leong Wong Daniel Woo Braxton Dale Wyatt Seongmin Yeon Jiyeon Yoo Juy Yusuf Makaela Marie Zarate Sania Zeito Andrew Tiger Zheng

Raashi Sandeep Thakkar Liza Susan Tharakan Justin Yanara Thlang Joshua R. Thompson Adam John Timmerman Vaishnavi Tirumani Jennifer Torres Elizabeth Truc-Ngoc Tran Rebecca Thu Tran Sabrina Mimi Tran Ted Thanh Tran Jaykumar Subhashchandra Trivedi Yun-Yee Tsang Sarah Hiu-Yan Tse Kyle Lawrence Tupper Karla Paola Campos Ugarte Brenda Martinez Valencia Erik Lee Van Slyke Heather Elizabeth Vanderpool Priyanka Vayalali Zoraida Vences Preetha Venkatesh Rashmi Venkatesh Chloe Lynn Denise Verhaeghe Harshini Vivekanandan Jessica Nicole Vlasek Daryl Elliot Vogel

MAGNA CUM LAUDE Juveriya Naazlee Baig Gabriel Balanov Ibrahim Ali Ballout Oluwapelumi Shola Balogun Kennedy Michelle Balzen Ayon Banerjee Aaron Barbosa Brandon Michael Barnes Brooke Ellen Bayer Elizabeth Ann Beisert Sarah Jean Besserer Sharon Elizabeth Beyzer Hannah Kaitlin Biggs Andrew James Blodgett Jeremy Michael Bogucki Vaibhav Reddy Bommareddy Rachel Faye Booth Katherine I. Borgne April Rose Boyd Maxence Alain Brette Matthew Lawson Brown Nicole Anne Brown Macy M. Bunkelman Naomi Rochelle Burnette

Jan-Felix Felipe Abellera Tommaso Damiano Agostino Nehreen Ahmed Rahma Asker Ahmed Sara Syed Ahmed Muhammad Ayman Aishat Aabid Ajanee Zarin Nuwar Akhter Niklesh Akula Israa Ali Cameron Jude Alimurka Laila Alkassar Luke Daniel Anderson Ashley Tran Andrew Sabeeh Ali Anjum Hibah Ansari Cassandra Marene Arayata Raziel Arroyo-Meza Sara Arsovska Mina Ashfour Arya Ayden Ayati-Ghaffari Naziat Iqbal Ayushe Fatima Azhar Shireen Shivani Bahadur $%


Adam Coleman Cain Makyia Penae Caraway Kayla Jo Carroll Ruben Recio Cascon Kevin Matthew Castanho Faizan Wazirali Chagani Leah Mary Chandy Joanne Teresa Chang David Gerardo Chaparro Duong Kinh Chau Albert Y. Chen Cho Chen Ning Kevin Chen Yu Hsin Chiang Jet Anthony Ortiz Chong Michelle Yaoying Chow Zachary David Chroust Igor Colombelli-Goncalves Raphael Colombelli-Goncalves Ryan Patrick Compton Benjamin Codey Cotton Daniel Scott Crawford Frances Beaflor Tronzon Dagohoy Yasasvyi Dandamudi Ryan Bashir Daneshjou Anny Loan Dang Cynthia Dang Kevin Dang Tara Darabadey Sesha Philomena Dasari Teresa De Jesus De Alba Mark De Los Santos Audrey Marie Dedrick Joella Genesis Degollado Daniel Ferrari Del Nero Jennifer Stephanie Derma Lisa Nicole Desper Riley Elson Dickson Maximilian Joshua Dier Jordan Nichole Dunham Kiersten Julia Dunn Michelle Stephanie Edgar Micaelan Thomas Eger Kendra Abieyuwa Egharevba Logan Matthew Eubanks William David Evans Madison Taylor Facchini Thomas Luke Farrell Afra Fathima Amanda Marie Feller Kyle Brandon Femath Alikhan Barket Fidai Kaitlyn Marissa Finch Rebecca Varghese Finney

Emma Grace Freeman Derek Joseph Frendo Fernando Isaac Fuentes Noah S. Fuselier Alexander Gamez Samantha Lucia Gant Naman Garg Madalyn Jane Gathright Kevin George Livia Ann George John Walter Gerwig Marisa Jenia Ghavidel Han Na Gi Darshak Manishkumar Gondalia Cristy Gonzalez Jeremiah Michael Goossen Douglas Hunter Gordon Sriharika Reddy Gottipolu Kelvin Alexander Graham Ben Worden Grawe Nisha Dinesh Gupta Bipan Gurung Sheila Bridgette Gutierrez Sara Frances Hartke Nicholas David Hausmann Maya Hebbur Lucas Philllip Helton Jacob C. Hill Michael Guy Hippleheuser Keith Hooper Keenan Iyad Horani Emma Yunju Hsieh Daniel John Huddleston Emily Marie Huffman Natalie Claire Hurlbert Asma Hussain Deryck Hien-Trung Huynh Yuuki Zachary Ishimaru Samia Islam David Jason Isles Bojana Ivanic Ryah Amir Jabin Sanjana Janumpally Joshua Rohit Jesudass Nisha Sarah John Nana Angela Johnson William Tofting Johnson Travis Ryan Johnston Kathleen Mary Joseph Riya Joshi Mahir Mannan Kaheri Aiza Hameed Kahlun Taaha Kamal Savreet Kaur $&


Keely Monroe Keeney Curran Richmond Kelly Sean Michael Ritschard Kennedy Katherine Elizabeth Kersey Alehae Khan Alireza Nazari Khanamiri Farzan Khoshravan Tristan Charles Kilkenny Eun Sean Kim Yeji Kim Nolan King Andrew Payton Kiser Daniel Bohn-Soo Koo Mathew Abraham Koshy Shlok Kothari Dylan Anthony Kreth Ashish Lamichhane Thomas Calloway Lea Akira Ariano Lear Bryant Jong Lee Corban William Lee Hyun Ji Lee Jasmine Lee Stephanie Helen Liem Anushka Arun Limaye Cynthia Liu Christian Alexander Lopez Joe Anthony Lopez Vikram Jeet Mahajan Sarah Raed Makhamreh Allison Brooke Manchee Kacey Addison Manlove Christine Dian Mantchev Jessica L. Marquis Joshua Willard Marsh Sean Matthews Nathaniel Adam Mattingly Caden Carlisle Maydew Asad Ali Mehkri Ruby Mendoza Lucas Stone Merritt Cameron Amir Meshki Abigail E. Miller Kayla Ann Miller Aakash D. Mistry Hiba Esam Mobarak Abdullah Areeb Mohammed Ameen Mohammed Marie Rachel Moravits Nancy Jane Morris Praneeth Moturi Vishruth Mullapudi Kelsey Elizabeth Mullins Nathaniel Thomas Musial

Devika Nair Surya Laxmi Namboodiri Nirvikalpa Natarajan Ashlesha Abhijit Nesarikar Amber Nguyen Christopher Hoang Minh Nguyen Elvis Nguyen Ivy Nguyen Johnny Nguyen Thanh Kim Phung Nguyen Ashwin Nishad Garon Joseph Noureddine Gareth Alexander Ofenstein Roberto Olivera Erika Otero Malissa Smiley Owen Artur Anarovich Pachachura Maya Rose Parks Chandani Patel Jacob Fletcher Pearlman Alejandro Huerta Perez Jacob Daniel Perkins Jonathan James Perry Michelle Diem-Ha Pham Tony Phan Gillian Rae Phillips Abigail Grace Pickle Barbara Lorenzo Di Castro Pimenta Joshua Taylor Plank Vedehi Vikrant Poddar Anna Sarai Polk-Tyler Nikhita Prabhakar Nicole Marie Preisler Charles Martin Price Weiwei Qin Parul Rai Syeda Raiya Rahul Rajesh Taqwa Mohamed Ramadan Erendira Adilene Ramirez Hannah Faye Ramirez Ryan Lane Ramsey Jacob Matthew Rappazzo Bonnie Lee Ratliff Vyom Manish Raval Shayan Ravanassa Sarah Ziaur Rehman Julian Andres Reyes Juan Francisco Silva Riquelme Noelle Marie Rivera Rachel Christine Robertson Aaron Kirk Roe Josiah Mark Rohne Michael Logan Romack-Dennison %(


Jacey Roy Khushali Roy Ankita Ramesh Rugi Arko Dipto Saha Destiny Salcido Tyler Austin Sanders Siddharth Sankar Yenisse Garcia Saucedo Jessica Elizabeth Saywell Carl Edward Schneider Jarod Curtis Seaton Kajal Mehul Shah Alexis Victoria De Montfort Shepherd Glenn Hulon Sherard Nazaha Aslam Sherule Andrea Stephanie Sierra Swamynathan Singaravelu Kathryn Park Slaughter Forrest Parker Smith Miranda Grace Smith Samantha Elizabeth Smith Valerie Rae Smith Dana Jeanne Soape Neima Sobhi Jamie J. Son Niveditha Sai Srinivasa Christina Jayasri Sundar Singh Yashaswee Tamrakar Mei Yi Tan Adreanna Anh Thai Emma K. Tharp Hibaa Luqman Thayyil Varsha Thomas Melissa M. Thornton Stephanie To Blake Austin Toler Melanie Marie McCord Torres Jason Lam Tran

Jimmy Tran Rachel Hiu-Wan Tse Adam Frederick Uthoff Collin Brian Vaille Ashwin Sandy Verma Smriti Verma Jacob Isaac Villarreal Trinity Lindi Vincent Emily Minh Vo Khoa Huu Phuong Vo Quoc Dat Van Vo Erin Nicole Volesky Ryan Tyler Wade Saleem Ahmad Wakil Nolan Thomas Walker Joy Chrysta Wallnau Xudong Wang Mattie Geovonna Watts Logan Matthew Westbrook Sarah Kathryn Whipple Jonathan Scott White Laura Nicole Wise Jared Ian Wolff Kelifa Samuel Workneh Yingpei Wu Haiqing Yang Amy A. Yanger Tina Yari Madison Taylor Young Wen Cheng Yu Davis Zackaria Syed Kumail Hasnain Zaidi Alissar Zammam Daniel Zhang Ruoting Zhao Alexander Yibin Zhu Yassine Znaidi

SUMMA CUM LAUDE Meghna Basu Fatemeh Behnia Brian Daniel Bell Thomas J. Bennett Dianna Michelle Black Travis Michael Bonneau Mia Borovcanin Mark Eligiusz Bourne Alyssa Ann Briggs Wesley Hayden Brigner Daniel Sebastian Cabrero Yao Tao Caivin Cai Siobhan Mei-Ning Carmody

Daniel Alberto Abchi Melisa Hayde Martinez Aguilar Nawal Munib Ahmed Roma Nitin Ahuja Rukaiya Akhtar Maryam Abdul Ali Alhakim Samantha Mackenzie Alleman Benjamin Lee Allsup Jay Jaehyeong An Ezra Dale Anderson Elisa Marie Andrews Rhea Shewak Bachani Amna Ijaz Bashir %'


Lyrick Andrew Aguirre Catajan Kayla Renee Caughlin Sneha Chaturvedi Wajeeh I. Chaudhry Jin Chen Maisha Nusrat Choudhury Emily Eng Li Chwa Kyrie Michelle Collier Elizabeth Ann Collins Isadora Caroline Comens Seth McKay Condie Oscar Contreras Audrey Joanna Cook Natashaa Adil Dalal Rohit De Crystal Faye Delaughter Caroline Grace Dillard Anthony Khuong Dinh John Elliott Dixon Allison Nicole Dombek Maya Malak Eldin Alisha Cristina Elhassan Venkata Srujan Esanakarra Gisselt Estrada Madeline Claire Farahani Noor Faris Fariya Nikhat Fatima Victoria Ferguson Anna Kathryn Fiedler Israel David Flores-Arbolay Mackenzie Ryann Flynn Jackson Edward Forner Jennifer Anne Foster Ismael Fernando Fuentes Lirit Fuksman Olinda Araceli Garry Michelle Lynn Godwin Kaivalya Gudooru Ann-Cathrin Victoria Guertler Nikhil Gupta Christopher Dennis Hahn Rachel Elizabeth Halbert Walter Chi Yuan Han Logan Beecher Harless Maria Valentina Harmjanz Bilaal Syed Hassan Marily Hernandez William Harrison Hicks Brighton Alexander Hill Matthew Bunna Hong Tiancheng Hu Xavier Fukui Huang Mira Kamal Ibrahim Rabab Shahid Isa

Hope Eryn Jensen Steve Varghese John Kinnari Mihir Karia Caleb Isaac Kasner Emily Grace Kedslie Haylee Brianne Keisler Michael Patrick Kelly Daanish Hussain Khazi-Syed Megan Lynn Khong Neha Khuntia Shravya Reddy Kichena Alec Brendan Knutson Kang Kyuk Ko Zachary Alexander Kolodny Siang Swee Kong Christopher Shong Kung Darreyl Debaron Landry My-Duyen Tran Le Valerie Liao Rachel Ann Liedtke Jared Kenneth Lindsey Jordan Mariah Logan Jake Austin Luedecke Carson John Lutterloh Hamza Mallick Dorothy Lyou Mantle William Edward Marcinko Matthew Austin Marino Cristina Ines Martin Shannon Mary Mathis Kaitlin Elizabeth McCluskey Berkley Katelyn McFarlin Benjamin Micah Medeiros Margaret Ayres Mickelsen Sandra Maria Mihail Kevin Lee Mogilnicki Zuhair Jameel Mohammed Maleeha Azam Mohiuddin Navya Sai Monga Kiersten Nicole Morales Julie Victoria Moravits Carolina Adriana Munoz Manasa Sai Muppirala Ardalan Naghian Bhoomi Chetan Naik Eylon Nakar Shruti A. G. Natarajan Amy Quynh Anh Nguyen Angie Nguyen Kristen Minh-Thu Nguyen Marcus Alexander Nuyda Jihyun Oh Abbigaile Madeline Oppenheimer Jeong Ben Park %)


Kasey Sypris Parmentier Amisha Patel Homero Perez Teodora Teodor Petkova Patricia Gomez Pimentel Rhett Weston Pippard Sakina Aziz Plumber Sai Nikitha Prattipati Jamie Truong Quach Benjamin R. Rail Vishal Rajesh Shahriar Shawn Ramezani Sanjana Ravi Bryson James Rector Harrison Richard Reno Chase Holden Ribordy Amanda Victoria Richards Paige Michaela Richmond William John Ringhofer Stephanie Elizabeth Rivera Donald Lee Rowe Abdul Tawab Salehzada Valeria Salinas-Lopez Sarah Samuel Eric James Sanders Jacob Aaron Kane Sandler Antonio Paolo Santa Cruz Aneesh Pullela Saripalli Michael Alexander Saul John Alexander Schaefer Henry Lucien Schneider

Kyle Albert Searles Tejaswini Seelam Christine Mai Shedd Areeb Ahmed Siddiqui Zainab Siddiqui Joshua Todd Slezak Arianna Sobhi Lydia Sobhi Divya Meena Solaiappan Lauren Rene Sparger Marina Franziska Strasser Yugesh Taksari Alex R. Taylor Rithwik Terala Michelle Vy Thieu Manna Mary Thomas Roshan Bastian Tom Pratiksha Vikas Tonpe Christopher Thien Quang Tran James Luan Tran Joseph Emanuel Tredeau Elizabeth Valdez Jayson P. Vanmarter Henry Hengyeh Wang Brian Zhiyuan Wei Benjamin William Weldon Ruixin Weng Paul Joseph Williams Richard Alexander Willis Danni Yang



%#0&+&#6'5(14&')4''5 9+6*/#,14*10145 To earn Major Honors in their disciplines, students must meet criteria set by the faculty within their school. Each program provides two levels of recognition: Honors and Distinction. Student must have completed a minimum amount of coursework at UT Dallas to be recognized with Major Honors.

%#0&+&#6'5(14&')4''59+6*/#,14*10145 MAJOR HONORS WITH DISTINCTION Dean Awkal Samee Ahmad Kinnari Mihir Karia Sandra Maria Mihail

Zuhair Jameel Mohammed Shruti A. G. Natarajan Sakina Aziz Plumber William John Ringhofer

MAJOR HONORS Fizza Abbas Rukaiya Akhtar Spandana Venkata Lakshmi Akkaraju Maryam Abdul Ali Alhakim Hibah Ansari Cassandra Marene Arayata Kennedy Michelle Balzen Keerthy Benny Dianna Michelle Black Daniel Sebastian Cabrero Siobhan Mei-Ning Carmody Sneha Chaturvedi Jacob Alexander Cherry Yu Hsin Chiang Julia Elizabeth Cocco Kyrie Michelle Collier Isadora Caroline Comens Benjamin Codey Cotton Thomas Matthew Crain Frances Beaflor Tronzon Dagohoy Joel Cooper Daniels Mark De Los Santos Herve Victor Debure Audrey Marie Dedrick Crystal Faye Delaughter Maximilian Joshua Dier Michelle Stephanie Edgar Fariya Nikhat Fatima Ashley Marie Feistner Mackenzie Ryann Flynn Alondra Gamino Samantha Lucia Gant Joseph Louis Garza Ben Worden Grawe Christopher Dennis Hahn Rachel Elizabeth Halbert

Tyler Christian Heald Charles T. Hooper Haley Allese Hopkins Emily Marie Huffman Rabab Shahid Isa Yuuki Zachary Ishimaru Shelbye Leigh Karr Emily Grace Kedslie Curran Richmond Kelly Sean Michael Ritschard Kennedy Yash Syed Khaleque Alehae Khan Alina Khan Ji-Won Kim Mathew Abraham Koshy Dylan Anthony Kreth Siddharth Kumar Matthew Thomas Kunjummen Bryanna Lynn Legrand Anushka Arun Limaye Cynthia Liu Ananya Malik Jessica L. Marquis Joshua Willard Marsh Deepa Marwaha Caden Carlisle Maydew Cameron Amir Meshki Margaret Ayres Mickelsen Samuel Moedjianto Anthony Joseph Monroe Kiersten Nicole Morales Sasipreetam Morsa Ardalan Naghian Ashlesha Abhijit Nesarikar Amber Nguyen Jeong Ben Park %!


Niveditha Sai Srinivasa Raylee Faythe Stearman Sean Patrick Sullivan Christina Jayasri Sundar Singh Justin Zhuoning Tang Alex R. Taylor Adreanna Anh Thai Nathan Khoi Thai Pratiksha Vikas Tonpe Jaykumar Subhashchandra Trivedi William Truong Rachel Hiu-Wan Tse Sarah Hiu-Yan Tse Preetha Venkatesh Jacob Isaac Villarreal Harshini Vivekanandan Daryl Elliot Vogel Henry Hengyeh Wang Jonathan Scott White Tina Yari Makaela Marie Zarate Daniel Zhang

Jack A. Partain Hong Phuc Pham Abigail Nicole Plump Pranav Man Pradhan Sai Nikitha Prattipati Samuel Bruce Price Erick Alexander Quintanilla Benjamin R. Rail Nisha Rajesh Shahriar Shawn Ramezani Noelle Marie Rivera Rebekah Marie Rodriguez Aaron Kirk Roe Prabhjot Kaur Sangha Antonio Paolo Santa Cruz Payal Chandrahas Sampat Cameron Hampton Sapp Aneesh Pullela Saripalli Jessica Elizabeth Saywell Mathew Thomas Schadegg Gaurav Sethi Kajal Mehul Shah Nazaha Aslam Sherule



%1..')+7/8*10145 A student graduating with the distinction of Collegium V Honors has completed at least 24 hours of honors level coursework at UT Dallas, has presented a senior capstone project and has graduated with at least a 3.5 cumulative GPA. Samee Ahmad Spandana Venkata Lakshmi Akkaraju Kermit Lee Alexander Samantha Mackenzie Alleman Benjamin Lee Allsup Luke Daniel Anderson Delia Maame Bemah Appiah Mensah Nadeen Awad Sara Anne Baltz Brooke Ellen Bayer Fatemeh Behnia Brian Daniel Bell Thomas J Bennett Mark Eligiusz Bourne Wesley Hayden Brigner Macy M Bunkelman Jordan Chen Emily Eng Li Chwa Isadora Caroline Comens Christian Miled Cortes Thomas Matthew Crain Natashaa Adil Dalal Joel Cooper Daniels Mark De Los Santos Alexis Victoria De Montfort Shepherd Rohit De Elizabeth Yuyuan Ding Allison Nicole Dombek Micaelan Thomas Eger Kendra Abieyuwa Egharevba Maya Malak Eldin Venkata Srujan Esanakarra Joel Xavier Ewing Afra Fathima Fariya Nikhat Fatima Anna Kathryn Fiedler Mackenzie Ryann Flynn Jennifer Anne Foster Lirit Fuksman Samantha Lucia Gant Naman Garg Livia Ann George Seth Thomas Giovanetti Sandra S Girgis Kevin Alberto Gonzalez Kaivalya Gudooru

Ann-Cathrin Victoria Guertler Nisha Dinesh Gupta Melissa Ashley Haertling John Alexander Halbert Logan Beecher Harless Maria Valentina Harmjanz Sara Frances Hartke Tiancheng Hu Chijindu Michael Iheanacho Nicholas Andrew Tolentino Inocencio Bojana Ivanic Imran Haider Jafri Ayoung Jo Marvin Broderick Johnson Kathleen Mary Joseph Prathima Kandukuri Kinnari Mihir Karia Sean Michael Ritschard Kennedy Daanish Hussain Khazi-Syed Megan Lynn Khong Neha Khuntia Shravya Reddy Kichena Tristan Charles Kilkenny Dylan Anthony Kreth Malvika Balagopal Kumar Siddharth Kumar Christopher Shong Kung Matthew Thomas Kunjummen John Bailey Lasater Anushka Arun Limaye Veronica Alexis Liu Benjamin Sterling Lunday Carson John Lutterloh Cynthia Yuanyuan Ma Vikram Jeet Mahajan Sarina Jiawen Mak Ananya Malik Kacey Addison Manlove Christine Dian Mantchev Dorothy Lyou Mantle Joshua Willard Marsh Sandra Maria Mihail Zuhair Jameel Mohammed Navya Sai Monga Anthony Joseph Monroe Vishruth Mullapudi %# 100

Kelsey Elizabeth Mullins Manasa Sai Muppirala Nathaniel Thomas Musial Premini Nagesh Surya Laxmi Namboodiri Shruti Ag Natarajan Ashlesha Abhijit Nesarikar Christopher H Nguyen Kevin Macy Ong Malissa Smiley Owen Artur Anarovich Pachachura Maya Rose Parks Amoolya Paruchuri Amisha Patel Shaina Anuj Patel Yamini S Penikalapati Jonathan James Perry Michelle Ann Philip Joshua Taylor Plank Sakina Aziz Plumber Abigail Nicole Plump Pranav Man Pradhan Sai Nikitha Prattipati Nicole Marie Preisler Parul Rai Nisha Rajesh Vishal Rajesh Alexandria Brooke Ramirez Vyom Manish Raval Sanjana Ravi Bradley Steven Ritschel Noelle Marie Rivera Veronica Roitberg Benjamin Rubanov Ankita Ramesh Rugi Payal Chandrahas Sampat

Sarah Samuel Glenn Hulon Sherard Areeb Ahmed Siddiqui Amogh Singhal Neha Srinivasan Aniruth Srinivasaraghavan Katherine Chinyu Sun Christina Jayasri Sundar Singh Isaiah Christopher Swann Yashaswee Tamrakar Hibaa Luqman Thayyil Michelle Vy Thieu Melissa M Thornton Muriel Paige Thornton Hrishita Tiwari Christopher Thien Quang Tran Yun-Yee Tsang Pooja Tunikipati Vartika Varshney Rashmi Venkatesh Smriti Verma Jacob Isaac Villarreal Trinity Lindi Vincent Daryl Elliot Vogel Nga Kieu Vu Ryan Tyler Wade Ali Raza Wazir Brian Zhiyuan Wei Benjamin William Weldon Sarah Kathryn Whipple Jonathan Scott White Stephanie Amanda White Audrey Kay Wilbanks Paul Joseph Williams Richard Alexander Willis Danni Yang

%$ 101

%1//'0%'/'065;/$1.5 Academic symbols date to the Middle Ages and include the mace, chain of office, academic regalia and gonfalons.

6*'%'4'/10+#./#%' The mace is a ceremonial staff of authority that administrators and faculty at universities worldwide carry at the head of academic processions. Traditionally made of wood and clad with metal, the mace was originally a weapon of war used to knock an enemy from his horse or crush his armor. The mace evolved into a symbol of peaceful leadership and kings encrusted them with jewels and precious metals. The UT Dallas mace was handcrafted from wood from the 600-year-old Treaty Oak tree in Austin, which is said to have shaded Stephen F. Austin as he signed the first boundary agreement between American Indians and settlers in 1824. The tree was also said to be the last of a grove of live oaks where Native Americans once held feasts and religious ceremonies. The 4-foot, 10-pound mace includes a sterling silver University seal surrounding a wafer embedded with Texas Instruments microchips, which represent the company’s role in the founding of the University. A steel band in the headpiece and the metal foot of the staff are fashioned from a scientific instrument designed by the UT Dallas Space Sciences Institute and flown aboard the Space Shuttle Endeavor in September 1995. The mace stands in the president’s office when not in use.

%*#+01(1((+%' The UT Dallas chain of office is the traditional symbol used to signify the responsibilities and authority of the University president. The links of the chain are engraved with the names of the presidents of the University above a large medallion in the form of the University seal. The seal of The University of Texas at Dallas has as its central feature a shield that is divided into two fields, the upper and the lower. In the lower field are the historic wreath — the right half of which is an olive branch, the left half a live oak branch — and the star of the Great Seal of the State of Texas. In the upper field is an open book, a fitting symbol for an institution of learning. The shield rests in a circle and contains the motto “Disciplina Praesidium Civitatis.” The motto is the late Dr. Edwin W. Fay’s terse Latin rendering of the famous quotation from Mirabeau B. Lamar: “Cultivated mind is the guardian genius of democracy.” Around the disk is a larger one, bearing the words “The University of Texas at Dallas.”

%% 102

#%#&'/+%4')#.+# Students in the medieval universities of Paris, Bologna, Oxford and Cambridge organized into guilds and gradually their costumes of flowing robes became distinctive for Bachelors (apprentices) of Arts, masters (teachers) and doctors (teachers who had completed postgraduate studies). The academic hood worn by today’s master’s and doctoral students derives from the medieval cloak worn over the gown. The color on the outside trim of the hood indicates the degree earned; the colors on the hood lining area those of the university granting the degree. The academic cap was a later development, first conferred as a symbol of the master’s degree. Some caps were stiff, some soft; some were square, some found with a tuft. The tassel of today is an elaboration of the tuft. Round caps are still used by some institutions. The square mortar board style originated at Oxford. In the United States, the Intercollegiate Code has taken the Oxford costume and standardized academic regalia. The master’s gown has long, pointed sleeves; the doctoral gown has closed sleeves with three bars of velvet on each and velvet facing. Six colors of tassels are worn by UT Dallas graduates. The white tassel is worn by those receiving the Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts; the golden tassel is worn by those receiving the Bachelor of Science and Master of Science; the drab tassel is worn by those receiving the Master of Business Administration; the peacock blue tassel is worn by those receiving the Master of Public Affairs; the brown tassel is worn by those receiving the Master of Fine Arts; and the gold tassel is reserved for Doctors and Presidents.

)10(#.105 The gonfalons — or college banners — add a wonderful element of color and pageantry to The University of Texas at Dallas commencement and convocation ceremonies. The gonfalon is a long banner that is suspended from a crossbar. The name derives from medieval Italy, where “gonfalone” was the name given to a community meeting in Florence. Each neighborhood had its own flag and coat of arms and the word gonfalon eventually came to be associated with the flag. All gonfalons have in common several elements that symbolize the unified mission of the University. Among these common elements are the school colors, green and orange. The color orange represents The University of Texas System and is derived from the burnt orange UT Austin, the first UT school. In the world of academia, the orange color symbolizes engineering. UT Dallas’ green color stems from the green olive and oak branches that are represented in the UT Dallas seal. Olive branches symbolize peace, and oak branches symbolize strength and endurance.

%& 103


Music by Robert Xavier Rodriguez Words by Bill Dunn and Neely Reynolds

76&#..#514#0)'#0&)4''0 (170&'458+5+10#4;&4'#/ 61+0(.#/'6*'5%*1.#45*'#46 .+)*6+0)2#6*9#;56*417)*6*'&#44'#%*+0)176(41/'#46*6152#%' 5'48+0)#..6*'*7/#04#%' ,1+0'&#510'+070+6; #./#/#6'476&

&( 104

9'.%1/'616*'76&#..#5 #.7/0+%1//70+6; Your graduation from The University of Texas at Dallas is a celebration of years of hard work and incredible achievement. Congratulations on all that you have accomplished! Let me be the first to welcome you to our alumni community of more than 113,000 worldwide. As you prepare to take on the exciting new opportunities open to you as a graduate of this great institution, all of us at the University look forward to seeing what you will do in the future. We hope that you will remain connected to UT Dallas and invite you to officially become a member of the UT Dallas Alumni Association. As an Alumni Association member, you can keep up-to-date with your fellow Comets through our online alumni directory and continue to enjoy use of the UT Dallas Career Center, Activity Center and Eugene McDermott Library. Members also receive special perks and discounts at the UTD Bookstore, Tech Store and local businesses, among other benefits. Visit alumni.utdallas.edu to learn more and stay “joined as one” with your fellow Comets. I wish you the best of luck as you begin this next chapter in your lives.

Kyle D. Edgington PhD’13 Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations

&' 105

The entire Comet community wants to celebrate with you! Wherever you are, show us how you celebrated your graduation by posting your memories and photos with #utdgrad on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. See the Class of Spring 2020 collection on Tagboard at utd.edu/t/129

Stay connected to UT Dallas. Make sure to include UT Dallas in your LinkedIn profile to stay connected to your alma mater and to your fellow alumni. Please visit alumni.utdallas.edu

In honor of your graduation and our 50th anniversary, give your first alumni gift of $50 and receive a Legacy Lane brick to leave your mark on campus forever. All gifts can be designated to support what you love at UT Dallas. Please visit giving.utdallas.edu/legacylane

utdallas.edu/graduation &) 106

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Commencement May - 2020 - The University of Texas at Dallas  

The official program of The University of Texas at Dallas spring 2020 graduation ceremony.

Commencement May - 2020 - The University of Texas at Dallas  

The official program of The University of Texas at Dallas spring 2020 graduation ceremony.

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