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Whether it's a simple room refresh, a fearless remodel or a new build, today's high-end residences are their very best when talented professionals and fine-quality products play key roles in creating a sanctuary that is uniquely yours. Here, an assemblage of Utah's foremost design professionals and purveyors of superior goods share their stories, offerings and insights to help make any space extraordinary.

Daring details and a striking mix of dark and light deliver drama and style to a
Park City bathroom. Design by K. Rocke Interior Design, SLC,


NATURAL STONE AND PORCELAIN floor tiles imbue any space with organic appeal. Durable, easy-to-maintain tiles add beauty, texture and interest.

First established in 2004, husband and wife team Adam and Ashlee Clough, along with business partner Mike Brown, bought the company in 2021. They’ve been importing high-quality tiles that have elevated the style of southern Utah homes ever since.

If you’re looking for unique natural stone, stop by the functional showroom where a team of tile and stone design specialists are available to help you visualize your space. “Our number one goal is

488 W. Buena Vista Blvd., Washington 435-656-1097


service,” says Ashlee Clough, COO. “Our clients get the same personal attention and care whether they’re looking for a backsplash or products for their whole home.”

“We do our own importing and work closely with other vendors who source from the same factories to ensure amazing quality control,” says Adam Clough, CEO. “Our product lines are always evolving.”

That means the options are endless.

“Use beautiful and unique tile as a centerpiece and build your design from there,” suggests Mike Brown, CFO.

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We’re looking for more local businesses to forge new relationships with. We’re a small, family-run business and one of our main goals is looking for ways we can better help support our ever-growing and changing community.


Onyx tiles are making their way into design and they are gorgeous.


We source tile from trendsetting vendors and factories in Italy and Spain. Importing from these countries means we can offer quite a unique selection of tile.

“Do what you love. Don’t design your home for what you think the future buyers will like because they’ll probably make changes regardless. Determine what will make it feel like home for you and do it.”


MANY PEOPLE EXPLORED new hobbies during the pandemic which enhanced their appreciation of fine craftsmanship. So, if you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind heirloom for your home, visit Anthony’s Fine Art & Antiques.

Founded nearly 40 years ago by Anthony Christensen, this antique store—housed in a historic church—deals in stories. You are truly in expert hands. The team was trained in London by Sotheby’s Auction House and founders of the Antiques Roadshow, so they have a keen eye for value and can help identify collectibles, art and antiques.

“We buy European, American and Asian museum-quality fine art, furniture and decorative works by traditional and royal craftspeople from the past



400 years,” says owner Micah Christensen. “We work with people locally and nationally to donate works to museums, universities and important collections around the world.”

Dr. Micah Christensen co-authored the Dictionary of Utah Fine Artists, detailing the work and biographies of 4,500 local painters and sculptors.

“We have perhaps the largest collection of works by historic and important contemporary artists in the state right now,” he says.

“Between the 25,000 square-foot gallery and a 20,000-square-foot warehouse, supply chain issues do not exist for us,” says Christensen. “All of our pieces are here, ready to be installed.”

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We’re discovering more architectural building elements, particularly stained glass from churches on the east coast. Traditional art pieces can be substituted for an accent window. Bonus points if it’s a historical window designed by Tiffany or another known maker.


We rotate our inventory daily. Often, our pieces sell before they even leave the ship from France. Right now, we’re inspired by the French countryside makers working in and near Lyon. And, we are spending more and more time in Barcelona and Valencia, leaders of the art nouveau movement.

E. 200 South, Salt Lake City 801-328-2231
“Fine antiques are more affordable than you imagine. We often sell functional, beautiful, 200-year-old furniture made from French walnut by an artisan for less than something made of particle board and sold under a brand name costs.”


ADD CURB APPEAL with a customized roof from Bartile. “We have more than 700 custom colors, designs and textures, so we can literally create anything,” says Nick Evans, general manager. “If you see something you like, bring us a photo and we’ll make it for you.”

Bartile is a local, family-owned business that’s been perfecting the art of premium roof tiles since 1942. Incombustible, Bartile roof tiles far surpass a class-A fire rating and have a 75-year warranty. Some styles even have a class-4 hail rating.

Want a shake or slate tile that looks like the real thing but will last more than 75 years and

725 N. 1000 West, Centerville



without the fire hazard or maintenance issues? Check out Bartile’s incredible selection. “With our gable options, designers and homeowners can create a true shake or slate roof at a fraction of the price,” says Evans.

In addition to manufacturing the tiles, they also provide expert installation services in Northern Utah. Bartile roof tiles are made locally and designed to withstand Utah’s harsh climate and freeze and thaw cycles. “You can save as much as 200% when you compare the cost of replacing your asphalt roof every 20 years,” says Evans.

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We’re partnering with Powder Watts to help people save a huge chunk on heating cable bills. Powder Watts offers a smart camera that can be mounted on the roof and watch for ice and snow build up, so it keeps your heating cable off until you need it. Some power companies are offering huge rebates to offset installation costs.


The darkest black tile. It’s our top seller. We start with black tile and then add jet black acrylic enamel on top for a dramatic effect. The paint will last 20 years, and the black color-through concrete tile underneath will last another 60 to 70 years.


To add depth and dimension, opt for a multi-colored roof. We take different color batches of tiles and blend them into a really interesting and beautiful palette. We can match clay roofs that have drastic color ranges, so you can create something beautiful, unique and durable—and more affordable.

“Some of the first roofs we installed are still holding up; I have stood on roofs installed in 1942. Our biggest design secret is endurance—that’s why we offer a 75-year warranty.”


FROM THE MINUTE YOU WALK through the doors of a home built by Brian Geer, you recognize that it is special. Geer’s homes intentionally celebrate the breathtaking beauty of each setting—from how the home is situated on a carefully chosen lot to the thoughtful architecture and design elements that optimize views and draw inspiration from natural landscapes.

Master builder of custom luxury homes, Geer creates stunning, welcoming and personal spaces. Every detail reflects the cooperative vision of the homeowner and builder, and is backed by more than 30 years of highly respected quality craftsmanship. Just a few reasons Home Builder Digest voted him

#2 Best Custom Home Builder in Utah.

“I love the collaborative creative process and being partnered with the homeowner for every step,” says Geer. “From walking the lot and talking through the vision, and sitting down with architects and designers, to working through the challenges that inevitably arise, I’m hands-on during every phase of the project.”

Geer built his reputation for building quality homes by being upfront, honest, transparent and trustworthy.

“I stand by my work for years to come,” he says. “I have loyal subcontractors that can be depended on for excellent work.”


detail—from lot selection and how the home is situated on the lot, to the layout, design and materials—should showcase and reflect the inspiring landscapes that make southwest Utah so special.”

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Let the outdoors be your inspiration. It’s all about capitalizing on the views and the natural landscapes. Creating inspiring sight lines and a seamless flow from interior to outdoor living spaces is at the heart of all my home designs.


The availability of innovative materials that are specifically designed to perform well in our desert climate.


Custom homebuilding is fresh by nature, and that’s why it’s all I do. Every project offers a unique creative vision, new set of design goals and opportunities to build something distinct.

2295 Santa Clara Dr., Suite A, Santa Clara 435-656-1185
“Let the beauty of your natural surroundings inspire every element of your design—it’s what drew us here, it’s why we


HAVE YOU BEEN DREAMING about the perfect stone but unable to find it? European Marble & Granite has multiple vendors from whom they purchase, thereby providing an abundance of resources. Visit the showrooms in Salt Lake City and Park City to find your dream stone or let the experts get creative and source it for you.

European Marble & Granite has been a purveyor of the finest tile lines for a quarter of a century. Loyal employees—dedicated to superior services— devote personalized attention to every step of your project, from design and crafting to installation.

2575 S. 600 West, Salt Lake City 801-974-0333

“Visit our showroom in Park City and ask the design services team for advice,” says Kathleen Fuhriman, co-owner.

The Salt Lake City showroom is also an industrial destination with a large slab yard and a cutting and fabrication shop. Designers, homeowners and architects may choose from thousands of stone slabs. The user-friendly Park City showroom is also open to the public and showcases inspiring vignettes with the latest tile offerings. Homeowners can browse natural stone, handmade ceramic tile, durable porcelain tile and stone slab samples.

“Every day, we are inspired by our experienced installers who achieve perfection on the most challenging scenarios. They’ve expertly installed stone cladding on 28-foot-tall fireplace walls and surrounds, 14-foot-long kitchen islands with waterfall end panels, hand-carved stone base and crown features (customized by our talented fabrication artisans), stone walls with recessed panels, countertops with recessed trays, back lit onyx and other magnificent features.”

Ask the Expert WHAT'S AHEAD

We look forward to learning about and incorporating many new technological advances in our industry, while always remembering that we have artisans working here who are the best at hand stone craftsmanship. We appreciate and use the new technologies in stone work around pools, fireplaces, walls, showers and various exterior applications.


Terrific Terrazzo. We carry authentic Terrazzo in both tile and slab for interior as well as exterior installations. Come into one of our showrooms to see in person all the splendid new Terrazzo options available.


Our Livden Terrazzo tile line. The tile is true Terrazzo composition, then color blocking is applied over the Terrazzo using ultraviolet light technology to create artful and interesting designs.




After a period of rediscovering the outside world, we’re remembering what we loved about being home—having a personal sanctuary. For many people, that means revisiting their design style and furnishing choices with a renewed emphasis on cozy relaxation.

Comfort is making a comeback. “As designers and homeowners create spaces that reflect our return to optional and occasional reclusiveness, they’re striking an impressive balance between comfort and elevated luxury,” says Tammy Petty, interior designer. “In many cases, that means more cushions, more curved lines and more plush fabrics. From pillowy sofas to soft headboards, every piece should invite a feeling of tranquility.”

Start by adding sanctuary pieces—furniture and accessories that might be found at a high-end spa. “From coffee tables and counter stools to headboards and hutches, consider incorporating pieces made of natural stones and warm woods to invite that sense of serenity,” says Deb Nielsen interior designer.

Helm furnishes Utah’s finest homes. The careful craftsmanship of these pieces, hand-picked and placed by professional designers, enhances high-end homes while helping homeowners find their unique style. Helm understands and appreciates the value of an experienced, artistic eye and has established a program offering significant benefits to professional designers, decorators and homebuilders across the state.


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It’s becoming more difficult for professional designers and decorators to manage the logistical side of the home furnishings business. Helm will continue to transform the Utah furniture market by offering better ways for trade professionals to source fine furniture for their clients without having to worry about shipping and storage.


We’re excited about the way our new trade program is increasing designers’ access to the world’s finest furniture. More than ever before, we are meeting the needs of professional designers by letting them white label our white-glove services, including full-service shipping, storage and delivery.


We’re seeing a return to formal dining rooms—dedicated spaces where people can entertain and enjoy meals together—adorned with artistic lighting, including chandeliers and art lights, as well as higher-end art pieces.

5253 S. State St., Murray 801-263-1292 @helmhome
“Our secret is in our selection. With direct access to furniture from the best luxury brands— including Baker, Century, Bernhardt, Hickory Chair, Lexington, Massoud and many more—Helm can help anyone find the perfect pieces to fit in a newly decorated room or to fill a whole home.”


ELEANOR RAMIREZ has always had an eye for aesthetics. So, although she started her professional career in the Philippines as a professor of biology, she was drawn to the world of design. When she moved to Utah, she began staging homes and, in 2015, opened Incredible Dwellings and Beyond (IDB). Her goal was to create a design studio that blends passion, comfort and style while staying budget-conscious. Ramirez has been transforming her clients’ spaces ever since.

Incredible Dwellings is a furniture company that offers floral, home staging and interior design services. For Ramirez, a well-designed house can improve many areas of your life. As a woman of color, her fresh approach to design focuses on prioritizing her clients’ needs whether that be functionality, sentimental value or personal style. “I enact transformation through deconstructing, reimagining and repurposing materials that look useless to others,” she says.

1676 S. 700 West, Salt Lake City 801-879-5387


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We’re constantly improving by researching new products, engaging with clients in a better way and acquiring updated design technologies to enhance our workflow. Being able to grow and offer online solutions is huge, especially for our furniture store.


I am a designer with a mission to give back to the community, in particular to single moms, elderly women, women with disabilities or mental health issues and the underprivileged. It’s not easy, but it is very fulfilling and I fully embrace the challenge. It helps me find relevance.


Creating an interesting dialogue between objects and elements in a room. The layering of fabrics and textures, mixed metals, and the old with the new evokes emotion. This decorative conversation elevates the warmth and coziness of a space and helps create interiors with personality. For in the end, intentional design calls for immense imagination.

“As a hiker, I am fortunate to see both the fragility and beauty of our planet. This makes me conscious of my daily actions by minimizing the carbon footprint at IDB and in my personal life. It also inspires me to find something unique, textural, dimensional and unexpected that can make all the difference.”




and emphasis on environmental sustainability have many people tweaking historical materials and concepts to renew them back to their original glory. “Gorgeous old homes are getting modernized,” says Leah Wynn, owner. “And that means either restoring existing elements or using something new that is aligned with the integrity of the original architecture.”

Leah Wynn, with team Anna Ayala, Lance Brimhall and Tara Thomas, can help you creatively identify and define functional spaces and then personalize and beautify them.

For centuries, successful builders and architects have dared to use design elements differently, creat-

ing new standards and opening the door for further evolution. “We are fortunate to live in a time when technology and creativity merge to create more comfortable, functional and creative spaces,” Wynn says. “Inside Out Architecturals provides a variety of materials to create an environment customized for every individual.”

Representing more than 50 unique decorative tile lines, Inside Out Architecturals boasts an intriguing collection of tile options, from one-ofa-kind stones and large-format glass to enduring traditional flooring and historical ornamentals.

“We carry the handiwork of today’s artisans in metal and ceramic tile, glass, leather and dimensional tile that are best described as art,” Wynn explains.

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Patterns are making a comeback. You’ll see patterns everywhere, even on penny tiles. Think wallpaper on tile. Penny tiles with multiple hexagon rings add depth. Also, metallic sheens; glass-mixed mosaics and large-format porcelain tiles with an iridescent sheen all add instant glamor.


Black-and-white checkerboard flooring is all the rage. Starting in the late 1680s, a black-and-white floor made its first splash on the queen’s staircase in Versailles. Since then, this classic, dramatic look has been revisited. Now, it’s back in porcelain tiles.


Show your age: Round, tumbled edges give tiles an aged look, and tumbled brick floor tiles have a rustic appeal. During the Tuscan trend, many people installed travertine stone tiles. As they refresh their homes today, they’re incorporating a warm color palette to blend in with the existing travertine while giving the space a new vibe.

3410 S. 300 West, Salt Lake City 801-487-3274 @insideoutarchitecturals
“All the updated manufacturing processes and new digital printing capabilities let us customize tile in every way imaginable. We can replicate wood, feathers and even add a photo on tile now. We work with local artisans to tailor each project to you—down to the smallest detail."


WE CREATE ORGANIC AND TIMELESS, beautiful and inspiring places for people to live their best lives. We love to make a difference and we love to change lives, one detail at a time.


For more than 25 years, we have enjoyed fulfilling projects, designing and renovating living and work spaces for clients and friends across the country. As an architectural designer, founder Rachelle Johnson creates spaces with intention. “I rework the space to enhance and renew its use,” she says. “We include local artisans and use natural materials wherever possible.”

We work hard at what we do and we have success in helping create new environments where people thrive. Our award-winning group works on a variety of residential, commercial and hospitality projects. “We have a diverse background,” says Liz Jackson,

422 W. 900 South, Greenery Art Space #106, Salt Lake City 801-231-0305


interior designer and project manager. “Holistic planning means we look at the whole picture, not just one part of the equation.”

“We add value by helping clients prioritize what’s important to them,” Johnson explains. “We evaluate needs versus wants and what’s most important in your design aesthetic so you can stay on budget.”

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A focus on creating perfect gathering places for family and friends. We consider who will be using the space—their ages, interests, needs and preferences. More people are planning for generational living, so they want spaces that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.


Including the Danish concept of hygge, or a sense of contentment, into spaces. Because we both have Danish heritage, we intuitively integrate hygge into our work by incorporating restorative energies of comfort, revitalization and warmth.


Customize spaces that meet the needs of a broad age range. We’re looking at longevity; how dynamic family relationships will shift over time and how the space can accommodate a family’s evolution.

“We do everything from architectural and interior design to landscape architecture. With us, it’s a holistic experience. You work with one team to create your sanctuary from architectural drawings and furniture selections to moving in. We see the whole picture and bring it all together seamlessly to maximize the space and bring out its potential.”


FOR UNIQUE HOME DÉCOR, luxurious accessories, and exceptional gifts, visit O.C. Tanner Jeweler’s Home & Lifestyle Department on the third floor of the flagship store in Salt Lake. The Park City location also offers pieces selected for the mountain luxury lifestyle.

Highly curated, there are always new offerings from well-known and recently discovered designers and artisans. “We strive to have unique, elevated pieces you won’t find elsewhere in the area,” says Dixie Merback, Home & Lifestyle buyer. “We follow the latest trends but our transitional items are evergreen and stand the test of time.”

15 S. State Street, Salt Lake City 801-532-3222


O.C. Tanner is proud to feature the distinctive line, Terrafirma Ceramics, based in New York City. For more than 40 years, Terrafirma Ceramics has produced handmade functional American art pottery. Owner and artistic director, artist Ellen Evans designs high-quality works of art for table and home. She creates patterns by painting through textiles and lace using liquid porcelain, so no two pieces are alike. “The warm, natural stoneware shapes with vibrant color porcelain surfaces are perfect for entertaining,” says Merback.

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Elevate at-home entertaining and outdoor dining with handmade tableware by Terrafirma Ceramics. The uniquely beautiful tableware is elegant as well as practical, and it's durable enough for everyday use.


The sense of artistry and originality that hand-made pieces bring to a home. Truly functional pieces of art, Terrafirma Ceramics are kiln-fired at extremely high temperatures. This gives each piece a unique personality; the slight variations in color, texture and surface blushing assure each piece is an original and hand-made.


Terrafirma Ceramics offers a range of shapes and a selection of fresh patterns perfect for entertaining this season. The three new patterns for spring and summer include laurel, wicker and checker. They are charming solo as well as mixed. If you already have a few of the collection's pieces, add these delightful new patterns to enliven your next party.

“Invest in transitional, quality pieces that will always be in style.”



that help people live their best lives is a passion for acclaimed designer Kristin Rocke, owner of K. Rocke Interior Design. “People are so individually expressed in their home environments now,” she says. “I love helping clients infuse their identities into their spaces.”

This Utah-based interior design firm has completed influential interiors across the globe. With an extensive and award-winning list of projects, Rocke has been listed as one of the “Top 10 Interior Designers" by Traditional Home and featured in numerous distinguished publications. “I’ve been doing this craft for a long time,” she says. “I’m really excited about how we’re building on the broad foundation we’ve established over

the years. We’re growing and taking on new challenges in architecture, hard finishes, space planning, locations and material requirements.”

From resorts and restaurants to retail shops and residences, the firm has completed projects coast-to-coast. “Our clients have big personalities and big names; some are celebrities,” says Rocke. “There are so many characters. My team loves to collaborate and constantly find new ways to excel. We keep trying new things: creativity begets creativity.”

Rocke, an NCIDQ Interior Designer, also owns Glass House, a design showroom by appointment. Shop online to find unique items that elevate your home. Browse the site to see what’s hot right now.


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Digital art is gaining traction as a valued medium. How we can communicate spaces digitally is incredible and it’s informing architecture in a way that’s never been possible before. People are so exposed to online content that they’re elevating their expectations of interiors. What people are willing to take on and try on is so cool.


We love fun, dynamic details. Passementerie trim décor elements are so in vogue right now even in modern, minimalist interiors. For example, we’re doing long flapper fringe on a sofa, eyelash welting or tightly constructed leather cording on upholstered goods that are layered in new, unexpected ways. We’re also seeing fresh takes on 1970s, post-expressionist abstracts in textiles.


We do a lot of architectural accent lighting that contours the home in such a way that it feels multi-layered and gives it more depth perception. For example, installing lighting under stairs, multi-floor light fixtures, light troughs in tray ceilings or feature walls and back-lighting stone. When you employ lighting as a contouring tool, it accentuates the best features. It’s like a sculpting highlighter through your home.

E. Highland Drive, Millcreek
"We listen to clients' needs and desires, and have a broad awareness of sources and products. We seamlessly stitch these together with amazing results. I am creative, adaptable and flexible, and that helps me flow through the design process easily and find a way to materialize each client's desire."
801-274-2720 @krockedesign and @glasshouseslc


LOOKING TO REVAMP YOUR HOME or find the perfect gift or accessory? Make sure to visit Right at Home in Park City. Right at Home offers a unique balance of high-end consignment items and new, on-trend accessories and gifts. “We consign classic and well-respected brands like Century, Massoud, Lillian August, Ralph Lauren and Mitchell Gold,” says Tina Pignatelli, co-owner. “Then we layer the store with fun items from Powderhound, Chilewich and Graf Lantz. The result is a one-stop shop.”

Right at Home is owned by sisters Tina Pignatelli and Melissa O’Brien, and staffed by a friendly crew—

1745 Bonanza Drive, Park City 435-658-2111


some of whom have been with the store for 20 years. “We’re always available to provide honest and helpful feedback,” says O’Brien. “We love seeing the creative ways customers use our furniture and accessories.” Upcycling and sustainability are current. “There is a move away from waste, and we are proud to be part of that,” Pignatelli says. With an expanded consignor and buyer base, inventory changes drastically on a daily basis. The store strives to consign only furniture in excellent condition at a variety of price points.

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Consignment shops were the unintended beneficiaries of the supply chain crisis. Rather than ordering something online and hoping it’s what you still want when it finally arrives, come in and see it, touch, sit on it, measure it and experience it before you make a decision.


The mix of consigned and new pieces. We’re committed to bringing novel and exciting products to the shop. We’re so lucky to have incredible consignors that bring unique and varied pieces. The surprise of what might come in the door next is always exciting for us.


With a large influx of new residents from all over the country, appealing to a more geographically diverse set of customers has driven decisions on consignment, but perhaps even more on the new purchasing side. The result is a really fun, eclectic mix.

“Be bold. Switch out the pillows. Buy a fun throw. Change hardware. Paint a piece. If you don’t like it, consign it and start over. Take chances. At a more competitive price point than exclusively new furniture, it’s easier to try something out of your comfort zone.”
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