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Book Reviews and Notices catalog is, of course, on the 96 photographs included in the exhibition at the Nicolaysen Art Museum in Casper. They were selected from some 10,000 photographs of 450 ranches taken by J u d i t h Sandoval during 1984-86. Sandoval interviewed some 800 individuals in researching Wyoming's historic ranches, and each published photograph is accompanied by an informative and detailed text. The ranch buildings are an important part of America's vernacular architecture. They reflect an astounding variety and capture the charm of a little-known portion of the West. Effective Emergency Response: The Salt Lake Valley Floods of 1983, 1984, and 1985.


HOWARD ROSEN. (Chicago: Public

Works Historical Society, 1986. ii + 58 pp. Paper.) This is the first in a projected series of retrospective reports to be prepared by the Public Works Historical Society with support from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. The reports are designed to assist public officials by analyzing public emergencies and outlining the lessons learned. Of special interest in this report is the brief account of the transformation of the Salt Lake County public works agencies from a fragmented, spoils system to a single department with engineering and management professionals

303 in charge. This enabled the county to respond effectively to the flood emergencies. The publication also includes a capsule history of flooding in the Salt Lake Valley.

Chompin' at the Bit. By DiCK WESTWOOD. (Scottsdale, Ariz.: Author, 1986. vii -I- 161 pp. Paper.) Westwood, a retired mink rancher, has written a vivid and readable memoir of his boyhood in Moab, Utah. (His grandfather's career as sheriff and ferry operator in Grand County was examined in the winter 1987 issue of Utah Historical Quarterly.) Entertaining in themselves. Westwood's experiences offer many details of daily life in southeastern Utah. Copies of the book may be obtained by writing the author in care of Westwood Enterprises, 5302 North 79th Place, Scottsdale, AZ 85253.

The California Trail Yesterday and Today: A Pictorial Journey along the California Trail. By WILLIAM E . HILL. (Boulder, Colo.: Pruett Publishing Co., 1986. X + 188 pp. $24.95.) This large format publication combines a history of the trail, accounts of travelers, and then and now photographs and sketches of the trail which was used by some 200,000 California immigrants between 1841 and 1860.

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Utah Historical Quarterly, Volume 55, Number 3, 1987  

Utah Historical Quarterly, Volume 55, Number 3, 1987  

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