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UNLIMITED PRESS RELEASE DISTRIBUTION SERVICE CHANGES THE WAY YOU DO BUSINESS For some companies, staying at the top of their industry is easier than others. Those companies are the power players of the business world and they already make billions of dollars every year. If, however, your business doesn't have private box seats to every home game in every sport, you can still be very successful when it comes to promoting your business. One of the very best ways to do that is to issue a press release. Press release have long been valued as promotional tools because they work. They help disseminate news about your business quickly and to a large number of people. The bad news, however, is that those benefits don't come cheap. Often, it can cost up to $400 to distribute just a single release. That's too expensive for many small to mid-size businesses, so what are those companies to do? No, they aren't locked out of the benefits of press release distribution. On the contrary! Social media marketing company has created a new unlimited press release distribution service that makes the process affordable and accessible to just about every business. The company's CEO, Leon Hill, says that: "There are other services which claim to do what we do, however all of those only distribute releases to online sources. Not only do we do the same, we also send all our releases to our massive media list of over 560,000 contacts. There is simply nothing else like what we offer in the world." Several of's customers have already received several million extra visitors to their sites since the service's launch just one month ago. Those are some pretty remarkable numbers, no?'s unlimited press release distribution is making some serious waves in the business world. So, what's the price for this new unlimited press release distribution service? For online-only distribution, the cost is just $9. For online distribution plus media exposure, which will cost just $267. Included in both packages are 30 days to distribute as many releases as you can. Check out the company's website for more information: or you can contact the company through the contact form on your website.

Unlimited Press Release Distribution Services Changes The Way You Do Business