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opportunities for hands-on learning and equip her with a strong foundation for her future career. “My ultimate career goal is to be involved in the rehabilitation and transition of marine mammals from human care back into their natural environments. Furthering my understanding and education regarding the biological and behavioral backgrounds of animals, humans and our environment will lay the groundwork.” Beyond majoring in marine biology, Nash is also working on a minor in psychology, allowing her to participate in the Comparative Cognition and Communication Laboratory through the Department of Psychology. By completing research on the behavioral and cognitive abilities of animals, her scientific understanding has increased as she works alongside animals to observe the choices they make and why. Research ranges from the study of bottlenose dolphins to working with canines at the Humane Society of South Mississippi. “Having a strong background in both biology and psychology will provide me with great assurance in myself and my abilities through concentrated instruction, study and research at USM. I am confident that Southern Miss will provide me with the best education to succeed in both of these fields and allow me to achieve my goals.” In addition to her studies, Nash also volunteers at the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies in Gulfport, a non-profit organization created for public education, conservation and research of marine mammals. This experience is helping expand her interests and education as she assists in the care of bottlenose dolphins, California sea lions and a melon-headed whale currently undergoing rehabilitation. “Growing up watching movies like ‘Free Willy,’ I was captivated by the idea of working with marine mammals. Because of the generous support of donors, I’m finally being given the opportunity to accomplish my lifelong goal at Southern Miss.”

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2017 USM Foundation Impact Report