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Interdisciplinary (B.A.) The goal of this major is to enable students to combine two or more academic disciplines into a coherent program that meets specific career objectives. Requirements: In addition to meeting the University's liberal arts core requirements for the Bachelor of Arts degree, students must complete approximately 36 semester hours of coursework in an individually tailored program that combines two or more academic concentrations. Students who are interested in pursuing an interdisciplinary degree must first consult with their advisor or an area chairperson in one of the proposed disciplines. Students must then write a detailed proposal stating: (1) the career goals that the interdisciplinary major is intended to achieve; (2) the specific learning and skill objectives needed to realize the career goals; (3) the proposed courses in two or more disciplines that are required to accomplish the learning and skill objectives; and (4) the names of the faculty members who will assist in advising the student in the proposed academic disciplines. The proposal should be signed by the advising faculty, the chairpersons of the areas involved, the Associate Academic Dean, and the student. A proposal for an interdisciplinary major is then filed with the Registrar and becomes the student’s intended course of study. It may be revised with the approval of the appropriate faculty members. Interdisciplinary proposals are normally filed during a student’s junior year. The following limitations and requirements apply to all interdisciplinary majors at the University (except the pre-seminary interdisciplinary major): (1) at the time of filing a proposal, a student must have a minimum GPA of 2.5; (2) a proposal may not be approved until the student has completed 32 semester hours; (3) a student who has completed more than 96 semester hours may not file a proposal for an interdisciplinary major; (4) no course may count toward an interdisciplinary major if the grade is lower than a “C.” Students interested in the pre-seminary interdisciplinary major should see the program described in Theology and Philosophy in the Bachelor's Degree Programs section.




2015-2017 USF Academic Catalog  

2015-2017 academic catalog for the University of Sioux Falls.