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Nestled in the heart of one of Atlanta’s most esteemed Buckhead neighborhoods, Peachtree Hills Place is a luxury 55+ community that caters to discerning adults who love croquet and other fine amenities.

At the heart of our community, you’ll find two immaculately manicured, regulation-sized natural turfgrass lawns that serve as the central hub for The Peachtree Hills Place Croquet Club.

If you envision an active lifestyle, fine dining in an elegant clubhouse, unparalleled service, and the opportunity to don your whites every day of the week, schedule your personal visit today.

Love Croquet? You’re in the Right Place. For more information please visit PEACHTREEHILLSPLACE.COM or call 404.467.4900 229 Peachtree Hills Avenue NE, Atlanta, GA 30305 Proud to be a Development Partner and Sponsor of the USCA Golf Croquet Nationals
Established in 2019, The Peachtree Hills Place Croquet Club is proud to be an official member of the prestigious United States Croquet Association.

Spring Season Loaded with Croquet

Recently I had the pleasure of attending some events that underlined the enjoyment, fun and wide appeal of croquet as a game for all ages.

Firstly, the 39th Annapolis Cup, which is an annual challenge between the United States Navy Academy and St. John’s College, both located in the idyllic City of Annapolis. Distinguished representatives included Nora Demleitner, President of St. John’s College, Annapolis; Vice Admiral Sean Buck, Superintendent of the US Naval Academy; and Annapolis Mayor Gavin Buckley. This event has developed over the years into a tradition with a significant following and strong local interest. An indication of the appeal is that attendance has been limited to approximately 5,000 spectators. The mix of croquet, spring weather and a fun festive garden party vibe can be viewed at https://vimeo.com/820994957.

Secondly, the inaugural USCA Georgia Cup, which was hosted by Peachtree Hills Place in Buckhead, Atlanta. The event was a gathering of Georgia club teams from Lenbrook, Carrol County, Jekyll Island and Peachtree Hills Place Croquet Club. A mix of experienced and relatively new players attended and the participants ranged in age from late 20s to 80s. In the final club match, Carroll County Croquet Players bested the Jekyll Island Croquet Club (three games to one), however, the real winner was the growing croquet community in Georgia. The assembled club team members enjoyed meeting new players and camaraderie typical of croquet across the U.S. While these events were happening, they provided bookends for the 2023 USCA Association Croquet National Championship played at the National Croquet Center in West Palm Beach, Fla. These events contrasted playing surfaces from manicured greensward to long grass, elite-level experience to relatively new skill levels and participation from all genders and ages. Such is the broad range of croquet as a game for all.

The USCA has been making concerted efforts to provide resources at a local club level to meet the wide range and contrast in play across the country. The Education Committee has initiated a USCA Club Designated Coach Program for American Six Wicket play and recent changes have been made to the Golf Croquet Instructor Certification Process.

The USCA recently launched CroquetNow, a game tracking, handicap and ranking system available to every member through their USCA memberships. It provides a fun way to track improvement, record games and view past results, handicaps and rankings within your club, district, region and nationally, in both singles and doubles, in all the main types of croquet (AC, GC, A6W, 9W). If you have not explored this system I encourage you to do so.

Thank you for your support of the USCA through your membership. Let’s keep the ball rolling!

Damon Bidencope

Proud USCA Member / USCA President President@croquetamerica.com / www.croquetamerica.com

USCA Management Committee

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Second Vice President

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Florida Bill Simmons floridarvp@uscroquet.com

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USCA STAFF Office Manager Ursula Peck membership@uscroquet.com

Tournament & Schools

Johnny Mitchell tournament@uscroquet.com New Membership Coordinator Stephanie Lutge croquetoffice@uscroquet.com

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Four Schools Battle at 2023 Collegiate National Championships

The 2023 USCA Collegiate National Championships, held over the April 22-23 weekend at the Merion Cricket Club in Haverford, Penn., featured two days of temperatures in the upper 70s and partly cloudy skies. The rain held off on Saturday until play was over for the 38 players participating in the championship representing four different colleges.

The golf croquet tournament remained the most popular segment, featuring 15 doubles teams, but this year also saw the return of an American Six Wicket rules tournament with four doubles teams. Saturday was a full round-robin for the American Six Wicket players, who would all make it to Sunday. The GC players had six, hour-long games with 10 players able to advance to the next day. At what must have been a strange hour for many of the college students, there were two play-in games for the GC tournament at 8:00 a.m. on Sunday. The seventh seed faced the 10 seed and the eighth seed faced the nine seed. After that, it was a strict single-elimination quarterfinal. Oklahoma Wesleyan University continued its recent dominance in golf croquet game, sending three of its teams to the semifinals with one team from the United States Naval Academy completing the final four.

Future naval officers Johnny Colbert and Carson Knight put up a brave front, keeping up with Alix Worley and Vanesa Fernandez from OKWU all the way to a 4-4 tie at the eighth hoop, but it was then that they saw their chances slip slowly

away. Worley/Fernandez sent their ships a-sailing with the next three hoops to set up an all-OKWU final after lunch.

In this final, it's worth noting that both Worley and opponent Stanley Fisher wore USA jackets, having recently represented the U.S. in the WCF Under-21 World Golf Championships in New Zealand. Another tight game saw Fisher and partner Leina Casimir take home the hardware and OKWU the team trophy.

In the American Six Wicket event, there were three teams from St. John’s College and one from the Naval Academy, setting up a rematch of the Annapolis Cup from the previous week, won by the Johnnies 3 games to 2. The Academy got its revenge as Gio Macaluso and Quentin Zimmer beat Caden Marshall and Joe Bennet 15-13 in the finals, featuring a last-turn 30-yard hit-in on the line from Zimmer.

At the trophy ceremony, both Tom Balding and Michael Albert spoke to the students about what croquet can look like after college and how the USCA can help them continue to play.

Thanks as always to the Merion Cricket Club and its excellent Athletic Director, Whitney Thain, for continuing to host such a special event for our colleges!

6 | www.croquetamerica.com
Photo by Tricia Agabiti.
Rebecca Peterson, 978.844.3204 rebeccapeterson@michaelsaunders.com Hans Peterson , REALTOR® 978.929.9000 hanspeterson@michaelsaunders.com PO Box 208 | 420 E Railroad Ave | Boca Grande, FL 33921 HansPeterson.MichaelSaunders.com Proudly supporting community croquet across Southwest Florida BocaGrandeCroquet.com Join us for an island tradition @ Boca Grande Community Center Visit our website or contact us for information on when and where to play! Hosted in partnership with the Friends of Boca Grande and Lee County Parks & Recreation Venice | Boca Grande | Sarasota Nowhere but here.

Three US Players Participate in the WCF U21 Championship

The 2023 WCF Under 21 Golf Croquet World Championship took place February 8-12, 2023, in New Zealand, with Blake Fields, Stanley Fischer and Alix Worley all representing the U.S. in the event. USCA Vice President Michael Albert made the trip to New Zealand and participated in the following Q&A on the experience.

What was your role in traveling to the event and how did you get involved?

My wife Karen and I both traveled to Mt. Maunganui, New Zealand, this past February to accompany Blake Fields (16) who had earned the number three ranking spot in the tournament. We have known Fields and played with him since he was 10. As the First Vice President of the USCA, I was also representing the U.S. organization during the event.

Can you tell us a bit about how the players were selected and/or recruited?

Players are selected first by their WCF ranking. A certain number of players earn a place on the team this way. The balance of the tournament roster is completed through selections of promising players from member countries. Each of these countries has one or two picks based on several criteria. The USCA has two.

Two years ago the USCA, in conjunction with Jeff Soo, decided to initiate a High Performance and Talent Development program to find and develop players showing promising levels of skill and a desire to improve. I reached out to members of the croquet

8 | www.croquetamerica.com theclubhouse

community and raised enough through voluntary contributions to fund this new coaching platform. We staged six training events ranging from two to four days last year across the country. Players selected to participate had their expenses and housing covered by the new fund and the coaches donated their time.

One of the early participants was the collegiate team from Oklahoma Wesleyan University. Several of their players exhibited a strong desire to improve and compete at a higher level. After working with them a couple of times, two of their players, Alix Worley and Stanley Fisher, were selected to fill our two member spots.

We are continuing with our mission of developing programs at the collegiate level. The USCA has dedicated specific funds in 2023 to further the growth of the sport at participating colleges and universities. Part of the funds are allocated for equipment and the rest are for coaching.

Did the USCA cover any expenses for the three players?

The USCA was able to cover the entry fees and some of the expenses for the trip. The airfare for all three of the players was paid from the USCA’s Lee Olsen Fund as well as most of the accommodation rental. The LOF exists to offset travel expenses and uniforms for the players representing the USCA in international team events. It also provides uniforms for players traveling abroad to play internationally and when there are funds available it is used to provide funding for international youth events.

How was the event overall and can you comment on the performance of the three players?

Overall the event was run very professionally by members of Croquet New Zealand with a lot of experience organizing and producing world events. There were 32 players from six countries, New Zealand, Australia, England, Spain, USA and Egypt.

Fields went into the tournament ranked number three. This can be a bit misleading as the New Zealand players use a local handicapping system for most of their tournaments and only play a couple of WCF-ranking events a year. This system allows them to have very low handicaps that don’t match up with their WCF d-grades. I found their play to be much better than their WCF rankings would have you believe. The way the draw worked out, Fields ended up matched against the #2 ranked player (Egypt) in the quarterfinal round.

He lost that match and went into the Shield to play off for fourth and fifth place.

Fisher and Worley are relatively new players and did not have a lot of tournament experience. They went into the event in New Zealand in the two bottom spaces. They did, however, play exceptionally well and won several games. They were able to take a number of their competitors to a tiebreaker before losing. Every


The 2023 USCA 9W National Championship will be held August 23-26, 2023, in Denver, Colo. USCA 9W rules will be in effect. For further information please contact: Ron Eccles at 720-937-2056 or coloradocroquet@gmail.com.


NEW RCO: The Hong Kong Croquet Association (HKCA) has been officially recognized by the WCF as a Recognized Croquet Organization (RCO). Tom Ingram, the WCF's contact in Hong Kong, has been working closely with the HKCA and local authorities to formalize and approve the association. The HKCA currently has two clubs, the Hong Kong Cricket Club and the Hong Kong Club, with a total of 42 playing members. Learn more about the HKCA at www.hkcroquet.com.

MEXICO UPGRADE REQUEST: Mexico has requested an upgrade to an Associate level WCF membership. The upgrade is subject to a WCF Council Vote, but the case for an upgrade looks strong. Croquet Mexico has expanded to two clubs. They have recently built a fantastic new clubhouse at their base in Valle de Guadalupe, which is in the heart of Mexico Wine Country on the Baja California. Learn more about Croquet Mexico at www.croquet.mx.

SPAIN MOVES UP: The Spanish Croquet Federation continues to grow and after surpassing the 2,000 member tier has now upgraded to the maximum eight-vote WCF membership. Learn more about the Spanish Croquet Federation at www.fecroquet.es.

WCF EVENTS ON DECK: The 2023 AC World Championship will be held July 15-23, 2023, in London, England. The 2023 GC Women’s World Championship will take place in Sussex, England, August 7-14, 2023. The Golf Croquet Over 50s World Championship will take place in Bunbury, Western Australia, between October 14-21. This will be the last Over 50s event following a recent decision to change the minimum age to 60 for future events.

www.croquetamerica.com | 9

day I saw their confidence and skills improve and they made friends from around the globe who I expect will be part of their lives for many years going forward.

Thanks to one of the best live streams to date, fans across the world were well aware of the incoming “cyclone.” Can you tell us about how that impacted the event for you and the U.S. players and I suppose overall as well? Did it cause any travel issues?

Tropical Cyclone Gabrielle was threatening on Friday so, after consulting with numerous people present, the officials decided to move the semifinals forward from Saturday morning to Friday afternoon. The matches were moving along quite well at that point and we managed to get through the extra round and still finish basically on time Friday. Saturday morning, as the outer bands of the storm were moving onshore, the winds were gusting to 25 and 30 mph with temperatures in the low 60s and intermittent rain. The Shield and the finals began in these conditions. Fields played against Levi Franks in the shield and Franks prevailed placing fourth in the tournament. The best-of-five Finals match continued as the weather deteriorated

further. Rain squalls came through with increasing regularity and intensity. The conditions were some of the most challenging I have witnessed but the two contenders gamely played on in spite of it being the first time the Egyptian player had experienced playing in rain or cold like this. Each of the games was competitive and exciting with stunning cross-court shots in spite of the conditions. Aston Wade (England) finally won the match in the fourth game.

Quite a few of the players already eliminated from the tournament elected to head to the airport in the hope of getting out before the storm hit. This affected the final awards banquet attendance with nearly half of the field leaving early. We elected to stay and head out to Auckland on Sunday morning even though our flight to Dallas had already been canceled. We had been rebooked for a flight Monday afternoon which we thought was optimistic but off we went to a hotel at the airport in Auckland. Surprisingly, the Monday flight was indeed there and waiting to take off and we left only 24 hours later than planned. Many of the other teams were delayed for several more days before finally getting away to their respective homes.

Can you give us your final takeaway from the event?

Karen and I were absolutely delighted and honored to be able to attend this event. The young players we met from around the world impressed me more than I might have imagined with their on-court skills and their off-court poise. I know I did not have the same level of self-confidence these players demonstrated each and every day. I am proud to be associated with a sport that produces people of this caliber and look forward to following their careers in the future.


Round 1

Te Kiri King (NZL) over Nathan Bullen (NZL): 7-2, 7-4

Aly Elzainy (EGY) over Joshua Winter (NZL): 7-2, 7-5

Aston Wade (ENG) over Myles Duggan (NZL): 7-4, 7-2

Levi Franks (NZL) over Callum McKinnon (NZL): 7-5, 7-3

Fawzy Helmy (EGY) over Jana Mohamed Saaid (EGY): 7-2, 7-2

Blake Fields (USA) over Michael Lauer (NZL): 7-1, 7-3

Paul Kaiser (NZL) over Robbie Spooner (NZL): 7-2, 7-5

Joel Steele (NZL) over Timothy Wright (AUS): 7-3, 6-7, 7-2


Te Kiri King (NZL) over Aly Elzainy (EGY): 7-4, 7-3

Aston Wade (ENG) over Levi Franks (NZL): 7-6, 7-4

Fawzy Helmy (EGY) over Blake Fields (USA): 7-5, 7-2

Joel Steele (NZL) over Paul Kaiser (NZL): 7-3, 7-4


Aston Wade (ENG) over Te Kiri King (NZL): 6-7, 7-6, 7-6

Fawzy Helmy (EGY) over Joel Steele (NZL): 7-3, 6-7, 7-4


Aston Wade (ENG) over Fawzy Helmy (EGY): 7-4, 7-4, 5-7, 7-6

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STAN PATMOR: 1936-2023

Stan Patmor, 86, pub owner, restauranteur, croquet aficionado and good friend, passed away on February 13, 2023. Stan grew up in Phoenix but graduated high school in Portland, Ore. He then enlisted in the U.S. Navy, where his considerable intellectual gifts placed him in an intelligence unit that often manned a ship in the South Pacific, intercepting electronic communications from America’s adversaries during the dark days of the Cold War. Post-Navy, Stan returned to Phoenix and began his lifelong love of plants and landscape design.

In 1962, at the height of the popularity of coffee houses with folk music, Stan and a business partner/folk singer opened his coffee house, The Mews. The Mews was successful, but Stan wanted his own place with a beer and wine license, so he opened The Blue Goat across the patio from The Mews. As the folk singing era and coffee houses waned, The Blue Goat prospered. The Mews was absorbed into The Blue Goat, which became legendary in the Valley of the Sun. One of his favorite nearby restaurants became increasingly popular and his wait times for a table and food got longer. In Stan’s mind, the only proper thing to do was open his own restaurant. In fact, he designed and opened two in Scottsdale: the Bombay Bicycle Club and the Salt Cellar (a seafood establishment built completely underground). Both became rather iconic, and the Salt Cellar still operates. He eventually sold both establishments and returned to landscape architecture and design and, of course, croquet. Stan’s backyard croquet court was where the Arizona Croquet Club was founded in 1975. He became more involved in croquet and traveled to new clubs in the west, teaching and helping organize tournaments. All the high-quality croquet equipment was made overseas, which was expensive and costly to ship. Stan started “Arizona Croquet Mallets,” selling less expensive locally manufactured quality mallets and equipment. In 1986, Stan was instrumental in starting the


George Blake Green Gables Croquet Club

Ron Davidson National Croquet Club

Sheldon Farber .......... Hammock Dunes Croquet Association

Kevin Grant ............................................. The Moorings Club

Ann Keefe Gasparilla Inn Mallet Club

Stan Patmor Arizona Croquet Club & US Hall of Fame

first International Croquet Singles Championship hosted by Sonoma-Cutrer Vineyards in Windsor, Calif. In 1987, Stan helped found the American Croquet Association to promote the play of the Association Laws croquet. In 1987, Stan also organized the first American Croquet Association U.S. Open Championship held at Sonoma-Cutrer annually until 1990. In 1991, that annual tourney moved to the Mission Hills Croquet Club in Rancho Mirage, Calif., where it is still held. For his decades of dedication to the sport of croquet, Stan was inducted into the United States Croquet Association Hall of Fame in 1995 along with W. Ellery McClatchy, Archie Burchfield and Captain Forrest Tucker. That was one interesting night.

It is difficult to overstate the significance of Stan’s contributions to croquet. And it would take far too much space to list them all here. In those early, heady days of the Arizona Croquet Club, Stan mentored, encouraged and bantered with each one of the Arizona players who dominated the USA croquet scene for several years. Nothing made him happier than a novice who progressed and passed Stan in playing ability. He was a generous man. The semiannual pro-am tournaments hosted at his court were epic (and episodic). He also had one of the most diverse, interesting home libraries I have seen. Only Charlie Smith’s has awed me more. His rule was simple: take any book you want; return it when you want; don’t take another until you do. He could, and often did, orate for hours on nearly any topic you could choose. I found him endlessly interesting, kind yet cranky at times and, most of all, fun. He made a huge difference in my life. I will miss him.

(Much of this material was derived from Stan’s obituary, penned by Jim Hermann.)

12 | www.croquetamerica.com


The Croquet Association (of England) will host the 2023 Golf Croquet Women's World Championship for the Clarke Trophy at the Sussex County Croquet Club, August 7-14, 2023. Good Luck to U.S. players Cheryl Bromley and Helen Covington and alternates Debbie Davidoff and Bev Cardo.

www.croquetamerica.com | 13 www.WhiteTieCroquet.com (415) 203-2794 IN THE SUN, RAIN, HEAT OR CHILL WHITE TIE HAS YOU COVERED!



Randy Cardo

Sixth Consecutive Year


Jodie Rugart

American Six Wicket Grand Prix Winner-Female


Matt Griffith


Cheryl Bromley


Matthew Essick


Loretta Cooper


Matthew Essick

Second consecutive year


Helen Covington

Top Ranked Female


Green Gables Croquet Club

Spring Lake, New Jersey


John Goldener & the SCCC Team

100% USCA Club Membership, expansion of existing court area and addition of a seventh court


Oklahoma Wesleyan University

Winners of the 2022 USCA Collegiate Tournament


Steve Fisher

Active role in promoting and coaching croquet

/ / / /
Jodie Rugart Loretta Cooper
14 | www.croquetamerica.com
Cheryl Bromley


Lassiter Family & Kathy Killmon

Joined USCA in 2021 and in 2022 built 4 courts.


Blake Fields

Third Seed U21 GC World Championships


Mark Claff

Sarasota County Croquet Club


Lorelei Robertson


Vanesa Fernandez


Alix Worley


Shane Hettler


Jennifer Joseph

In recognition and grateful appreciation for your involvement in the USCA and the sport of croquet.

Tom Cooper for the Green Gables Croquet Club John Goldener Jennifer Joseph Matt Griffith Mark Claff
www.croquetamerica.com | 15
Helen Covington



Russell Dilley

Contributions in the Midwest Region and the contribution of the YouTube channel


Lakewood Club

Fairhope, Ala.


Wendell Thompson

Long standing college coaching and contributions to croquet


Sara Low

Editor – “the Croquet Break”


Michael Albert

Financial donation to the Lee Olsen Fund and the High Performance and Talent Development Program


Russell Dilley

Contribution of croquet content, development of the rdilley USCA

YouTube Channel and production of the USCA You Tube Channel


Stuart Price

Support for videography in Tulsa and Central Oklahoma


Martie Ekstrom


Loretta Cooper

/ / / /
Martie Ekstrom Loretta Cooper
16 | www.croquetamerica.com
Betty Crisler


Betty Crisler

Recognizing excellence and passion in croquet education


David Isaacs

Outstanding professional, financial and executive leadership provided for the benefit of all current and future members of the USCA

Honorable Mention


Richard Ricciardi


Belleair Country Club Croquet

Chesapeake Bay Croquet

Green Gables Croquet Club (GGCC)

Peachtree Hills Place


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David Isaacs


CertificateS of Achievement

Karen Connery Albert

Support for croquet development and contributions to the High Performance and Talent Development Program

Rich Curtis

Outstanding volunteer contributions and counsel

Lynda Sudderberg

Thomas Balding

Coordination of collegiate croquet programs

Micah Beck

Outstanding support at the USCA National Collegiate Championships

Justin Berbig

Outstanding support at the USCA National Collegiate Championships

Tom and Bonnie Bown

Contributions to the High Performance and Talent Development Program

Cheryl Bromley

Outstanding efforts in the promotion and development of GC

Rich & Corky Dell

Contributions to the High Performance and Talent Development Program

Outstanding volunteer contributions to further the sport of croquet.

Linda Fuchs and Highlands Falls CC Team

For outstanding tournament support at the 2022 GC Nationals

Kathie Gamble

Outstanding tournament manager/ coordinator, 2022 USCA GC Nationals — Cashiers/Highlands

Lois and Howard Holdsclaw

Annual donations to the USCA

2022 Peyton Ballenger Award (American Six Wicket National Champion) Priscilla Flowers
/ / / /
18 | www.croquetamerica.com

Brian Hovis

Videography for the USCA YouTube Channel

Adrienne and Jochen Lucke

Financial support to the 2022 USCA GC Nationals, the Lee Olsen Fund and the High Performance and Talent Development Program

Paul Neubecker

Videography for the USCA YouTube Channel

Freear Pollard

Annual donations to USCA

Stuart Price

Outstanding support and enthusiasm for the game of croquet

SandyJames Staff

Outstanding service during USCA Tournaments and Schools

Jeff Soo

Excellence as tournament director — 2022 USCA GC Nationals

Margo Stinson

Annual donations to Lee Olsen

Yen Sullivan

Tournament photography

Whitney Thain

Outstanding support at the USCA National Collegiate Championships

Mike Weimerskirch

Annual donations to Lee Olsen Fund

Scott Reiser

Event coordination for USCA Tournaments and Schools at the National Croquet Center

Barbara and Tom O’Laughlin

Annual donations to USCA

Patti and Dave Phillips

Outstanding support of croquet in Celebration, Florida

Carla Rueck

Outstanding volunteer effort and service to the sport of croquet

www.croquetamerica.com | 19

AC’s Best Battle in Florida

The Association Croquet Nationals was a docu-drama like no other. The field of 30 players included several national champions, previous and future national team members and three current members of the MacRobertson Shield team. The setting was the National Croquet Center in West Palm Beach, Florida, for eight long days that started on Saturday, April 15.

This tournament brings out extraordinary personalities. Jim Bast, a member of the national team who competed against John Jacques back in 1857, played with his partner Johnny Osborn, MIA for the last year or two, who played brilliantly and looks as good as ever. There was Ron “One is Enough” Eccles who always shoots Hoop 1 from 18 feet so he can earn at least one point. There was Steve “Taco Truck” Morgan, Leo “I’m a nice person” McBride and the list goes on and on.

And the vernacular … ask the status of a game and you get, “He’s for peg and box”? Or the curious inquiry of “Wasn’t that an accidental grievous?” When it was mentioned that a player scored a 26tp, we heard someone say there’s plenty of toilet paper in the bathroom. To an outsider, it’s hard to tell what’s going on. Even croquet players who are familiar with American rules and golf croquet are not quite sure what these players are up to. But up to it they were, asking to play games until dark, before the 8:30 a.m. start and right up until their planes left without them.

The results … in Championship Flight, 11 doubles teams participated and singles had three blocks of seven players each. First Flight had four doubles teams and one block of seven singles players.

2023 USCA AC National Championship West Palm Beach, Florida | April 16-22, 2023
20 | www.croquetamerica.com
Singles finalists Zack Watson and Matthew Essick Chris Smith
www.croquetamerica.com | 21
Lynda Sudderberg and Arlene Parker

Sunday and Monday were doubles play exclusively. In the Championship Flight, the knockout draw was two of three matches. The team of Matthew Essick and Kyle Maloof were able to upset the reigning champs, Sherif Abdelwahab and Stephen Morgan. It was Essick/Maloof’s first national doubles championship together.

In First Flight, after many block games and a double elimination ladder, the team of Sandy Knuth and Lynda Sudderberg managed to outlast Loretta Cooper and Steve Mednik for the title.

The singles got underway Tuesday afternoon and continued until Saturday. The three blocks of seven contained the most stacked group of players you ever want to meet in a national championship. It was like getting through the easy part of “American Ninja Warrior” and then facing the vertical ladder.

When the block play was completed, the 15 surviving players entered into a two-of-three knockout ladder. So, it was noon on Thursday, after strict seeding by consulting director Stuart Lawrence and input of many players, when the contest really got started. Tubing appeared (many thanks to Ruth Summers). The lawn was cut and rolled, the hoops tightened to contact and play was ready to start.

In the championship flight, Brian Cumming took fourth, Tom Balding claimed third place and the final had Zack Watson against reigning champion Matthew Essick. When the smoke cleared, Essick had won two games to one (26tp-1, 10-26, 26-3).

In First Flight, Randy Reid was third and the final was contested by Lynda Sudderberg and Arlene Parker. It should be noted that Parker agreed to a single-match final when she had the option of playing a second game if she were to lose. And she did come in runner-up to Sudderberg in a great match. Congratulations ladies.

With the weather cooperating from beginning to end, the NCC staff providing lovely food and beverage service and the players cooperating nicely, the event was completed. Many thanks to the USCA staff of Johnny Mitchell and Ursula Peck, head referee and consulting director Stuart Lawrence with a nod to Jeff Soo for help in the formatting. Additionally, we would like to thank Brian Hovis for his fine video work on many of the matches during the tournament.

Matthew Essick has won the AC singles title in three of the last four years Stuart Lawrence (center) won the Plate
22 | www.croquetamerica.com
Championship Doubles finalists Stephen Morgan, Sherif Abdelwahab, Matthew Essick and Kyle Maloof



01. Matthew Essick

02. Zack Watson

03. Thomas Balding

04. Brian Cumming

05. Shane Hettler




01. Matthew Essick/Kyle Maloof

02. Stephen Morgan/Sherif Abdelwahab

03. Stuart Lawrence/Shane Hettler

03. Brian Cumming/Doug Grimsley

05. Steve Scalpone/Ron Eccles

05. Thomas Balding/Danny Huneycutt

05. Leo McBride/Gene Raymond

05. Chris Barley/Macey White

09. Matt Smith/Matt Griffith

09. Jim Bast/John Osborn


01. Lynda Sudderberg

02. Arlene Parker

03. Randy Reid

04. Sandra Knuth

05. Michael Todorovitch

06. Jeff Morrison

07. Christine Smith


01. Lynda Sudderberg/Sandra Knuth

02. Loretta Cooper/Steve Mednick

03. Jeff Morrison/Randy Reid

03. Arlene Parker/Chris Smith

Here you can.

Our beautifully manicured, regulation croquet lawn is just one of the many reasons why engaged seniors are choosing Lenbrook, located in the heart of Atlanta's dynamic Buckhead community. Give us a call to learn how you can

Experience the Lenbrook Di erence

09. Matt
09. Doug
05. Stephen
05. Chris
05. Kyle Maloof 09. Leo McBride 09. Danny Huneycutt 09. Sherif Abdelwahab 09. Steve Scalpone
Grimsley 09.
Lawrence 16. Gene Raymond 16. Macey White
16. Thomas Cooper 16. Jim Bast
16. Ron Eccles
16. Matt Griffith
www.croquetamerica.com | 23

No Problem for Houston

2023 USCA Club Teams 6W West Palm Beach, Florida | March 16-19, 2023
The Houston
Association claimed the 2023 Division 1 USCA Club Teams title 24 | www.croquetamerica.com

Croquet Week is always a busy time for the USCA, but “Week” might be a misnomer when it is all said and done. With a lineup of croquet schools, a Golf Croquet Tournament, the USCA Annual Meeting, Awards Dinner and culminating with the USCA’s Club Teams Tournament, it is almost two weeks of events. The annual Club Teams event has always been considered one of the more fun events on the USCA calendar and, with a lineup of 100 players, this year was no exception.

www.croquetamerica.com | 25

Championship, First Flight and Second Flight were each played as cross blocks of six to allow the maximum number of games within each flight. The Third Flight was composed of two blocks of seven. This allowed for each flight to have six games in block play and everyone made it to the playoff ladder.

Block play began on Thursday as did the fun. In the spirit of our departed Commish Les Kelly, Karen Heckman organized fun and games Thursday evening with the traditional activity of “shoot the wicket and hit the bottle of rum” that Kelly oversaw in his many years of bringing a little of the St. Croix and the Bombay Club experience to Florida. The evening was topped off with a pizza party with the pizza generously donated by David Isaacs, Karen Heckman and an anonymous donor. Speaking of donations, we would also like to acknowledge the very generous donation from Freear Pollard, which helped lower the cost of the tournament for all. The Friday night reception was donated and hosted by Randy and Bev Cardo along with Carla Rueck. All of this was instrumental in making this event successful. St. Patrick’s Day has also been a popular element to Club Teams and this year was no exception with players donning their best St. Paddy’s green, which is always a fun diversion from the normal “croquet whites.”

Championship Flight block play was competitive except for the teams of Danny Huneycutt/Jodie Rugart and John Brown/Bob Pulitzer who went undefeated with Brown/Pulitzer coming out on top due to net points. Surprisingly, Bob Van Tassell/Dick Sullivan, who were the lowest-handicapped duo and last year’s winners, finished third overall in block play. None of this really mattered except for seeding purposes in the playoff ladder where Van Tassell/Sullivan began their run to the finals eliminating both Huneycutt/Rugart and Brown/Pulitzer. On the other side of the ladder, the team of David Isaacs/Templeton Peck rolled through the ladder in a similar fashion to make it to the final game. When it was all said and done, Van Tassell/Sullivan repeated their victory to claim the title for the second year in a row.

In First Flight, the competition was just as fierce with Jeff Morrison/Yen Sullivan going undefeated in block play and the teams of Vickie Johnston/Jeanne Branthover and Larry Lynch/ Karen Heckman finishing with only one loss in the block. The Morrison/Sullivan team continued their winning ways through the ladder and remained undefeated to get to the final game. On the other side of the ladder, Lynch/Heckman fought their way to the final game meeting Johnston/Branthover in the semifinals where one team was bound to lose its second game of the tournament. Lynch/Heckman were successful in their run to the finals and didn’t stop there. They proceeded to give Morrison/Sullivan their only loss of the tournament, and it was a costly one. In a close 18-16 victory Lynch/Heckman took the First Flight crown.

Second Flight saw a continuation of the competitive spirit of Club Teams with hard-fought games in block play as well as the playoff ladder. In block play, the teams of Mary Cassidy/Alan Lazarescu, Richard Corey/Melissa Nelson and Eileen Cornacchia/ Allison Worthington each had only one loss with Lin Irey/Priscilla Flowers close on their tail with two losses. As with the other flights, block play was just a prelude to the playoffs for seeding purposes. Everyone performed as expected except for Joe Leary/

First Flight winners Yen Sullivan and Jeff Morrison Championship Flight winners
26 | www.croquetamerica.com
Dick Sullivan and Bob Van Tassell Second Flight winners Boyd Parker and Joe Leary Third Flight winners Kit and Carl Detering Conner and Jane Helms John Young and Doug Moore
www.croquetamerica.com | 27
Mary Craddock and Donna Hamel

Boyd Parker from Houston who entered the playoffs with a 3-3 record but managed to turn it up a notch to not only make it to the finals but also come out victorious over Cassidy/Lazarescu who, up to that point, had only lost one game.

Because Third Flight had 14 teams, it was divided into two blocks of seven. In the first block, Carl and Kit Detering from Houston made it through undefeated with another Houston team, Walter and Mary Cain, close on their heels with only one loss (to the Deterings). In the other block, Tom and Yolande Hadlock from Westhampton led the field with only one loss in block play. When you talk about a close field, this third flight really fits that bill. In all the ladder games, only four games were decided by a margin of five or more points. All the rest were by three or fewer points. By the time everyone made it to the semifinals, three of the four teams were from Houston. In the end, the Deterings proved they came to play as they took the championship victory against the Hadlocks 15-12. They were the only team in the tournament to go undefeated.

After the dust had settled and the flight winners had been decided, it was time to determine who would win the Lyons Trophy for the top club. Clubs are divided into divisions so smaller clubs don’t have to compete against larger clubs for the overall championship and no advantage exists by entering a gaggle of teams in the event. Points are then awarded to teams who finish in the top five of their respective flights. Division 1 is for the larger clubs and this year only two fit the bill. It came down to Houston and Westhampton with Houston winning out for the second straight year. It also really helps to have teams that finish high in each flight as points are awarded to the top five places. Division 2 had Bombay, the Beach Club, Lenox and the National Croquet Club with the National Croquet Club besting the pack. Division 3 was composed of Belleair Country Club (last year’s winner), the Everglades Club, Scissortail Club and West River Wickets who ended up on top.

In retrospect, this year’s event was an overwhelming success. Play was competitive, social events were fun and the camaraderie was amazing. Club Teams will continue to be one of the more enjoyable USCA events to participate in. If you have never played in Club Teams, it is one that you should put on your calendar.


Division 1 – Houston Croquet Association

Division 2 – National Croquet Club

Division 3 – West River Wickets


01. Bob Van Tassell/Dick Sullivan – National Croquet Club

02. Davis Isaacs/Templeton Peck – Bombay Mallet & Wicket Club

03. John Brown/Bob Pulitzer – Houston Croquet Association

03. Arthur Olsen/Kevin Hansley – Westhampton Mallet Club

05. John Young/Doug Moore - Bombay Mallet & Wicket Club

05. Danny Huneycutt/Jodie Rugart – The Beach Club

05. Conner Helms/Jane Helms – Scissortail Croquet Club

05. Mary Rodeberg/Ron Eccles – Lenox Croquet Club

09. Tom Cooper/Randall Roe – Everglades Croquet Club

09. Calvert Chaney/Hal Denton – West River Wickets

09. David Ekstrom/David McCoy – National Croquet Club

DNF Randy Cardo/Beverley Cardo – Westhampton Croquet Club


01. Larry Lynch/Karen Heckman - Bombay Mallet & Wicket Club

02. Jeff Morrison/Yen Sullivan - National Croquet Club

03. George Peterkin/John Craddock - Houston Croquet Association

03. Vickie Johnston/Jeanne Branthover - The Beach Club

05. Lee Hamel/Mark Stamey - Houston Croquet Association

05. Jim Watrous/Frank LaValla - Belleair Country Club

05. Bill Sadowski/Lovejoy Duryea - Westhampton Croquet Club

05. Tom Tribby/Missy Chilton - The Beach Club

09. Liddy Chaney/Rodney Calver - West River Wickets

09. Richard Lummis/Jackie Wallace - Houston Croquet Association

09. John Grabow/David Kepner - Westhampton Croquet Club

09. George Claffey/Rita McNamara - Lenox Croquet Club


01. Joe Leary/Boyd Parker - Houston Croquet Association

02. Mary Cassidy/Alan Lazarescu - Westhampton Croquet Club

03. Eileen Cornacchia/Allison Worthington - The Beach Club

03. Lin Irey/Priscilla Flowers - National Croquet Club

05. Don Chapoton/Mary Jo Chapoton - Houston Croquet Association

05. Richard Corey/Melissa Nelson - Westhampton Croquet Club

05. Georgia Carter/Mary Craddock - Houston Croquet Association

05. Jennifer Loving/Jeff Scholz - The Beach Club

09. Jeanette Hodgkins/Donald Kent - Belleair Country Club

09. Linda Grady/Rosemarie Maccario - National Croquet Club

09. Anne Licursi/Freear Pollard - Westhampton Croquet Club

09. Sonia Alexandra/Jane Pflug - National Croquet Club


01. Carl Detering/Kit Detering - Houston Croquet Association

02. Tom Hadlock/Yolande Hadlock - Westhampton Croquet Club

03. Walker Cain/Mary Cain - Houston Croquet Association

03. Bass Wallace/Carmela Lummis - Houston Croquet Association

05. Patricia Peterkin/Donna Hamel - Houston Croquet Association

05. Linda Gutherie/Peter Gutherie – West River Wickets

05. Lynn LeBlanc/Flavia Logie – Bombay Mallet & Wicket Club

05. John Bannister/Carol Bannister – National Croquet Club

09. David Beccia/Jessica Beccia - Westhampton Croquet Club

09. Kathleen Lomas/Lynn Lomas - Westhampton Croquet Club

09. Ken Heim/Hilary Michaels – Lenox Croquet Club

09. Barbara Ann Busch/Nancy Hunt – Belleair Country Club

09. Jeanette Tribby/Sally Ohrstrom – The Beach Club

09. Maude Carter/Mathilde Hoefer – Houston Croquet Association

28 | www.croquetamerica.com

National Croquet Day is June 3rd.

Let’s Get the Party Started!

National Croquet Day is the perfect time to introduce your club to potential new members through a well-planned Croquet party or event.

A photo IS worth 1,000 words, and awards will be given out for the best theme ideas, number of attendees, creativity, etc. We will be publishing the photos in the Croquet News and on social media.

In addition, this year we are introducing CroquetNow, an app for your phone or computer that will allow you to have regular games affect your handicap if desired. More information is available on the USCA website, www.croquetamerica.com

The Club that logs the most games on the CroquetNow app from June 3rd to June 11th will claim a top prize. You and your fellow club members will want to get ready, get set and play because the prize will be well worth it.

We are excited about the impact National Croquet Day will continue to have on our community, while we keep these 5 focuses in mind:

1.Foster relationships by building community.

2.Support participation through organizational excellence.

3.Commit to growth through diversity and inclusion.

4.Develop and enjoy the sport through education.

5.Promote croquet as a lifelong activity and healthy lifestyle.

•For more information, please go to the USCA website: www.croquetamerica.com

•Or email, marketing@uscroquet.com

•Croquet Day merchandise is available at: uscaproshop.ourproshop.com


England’s Dodge Takes Croquet Week GC Title

It was an amazing three days of golf croquet as 49 players descended upon the National Croquet Center for the annual USCA Croquet Week Tournament. Players came from around the US, Toronto, Canada and Bath, England. Coach Steve Fisher and four of his female players from the Oklahoma Wesleyan University Croquet team also made the trip to participate.

Players were divided into three flights for block play with the top four finishers from each block advancing into the knockout in their respective divisions. The remaining players moved into the plate and once the knockouts began, players were given one more “life” in the bowl and consolation playoffs.

The championship semifinals produced two of the most thrilling matches in the tournament. With strong finishes coming out of the blocks for the four players, the first match featured Tamer Hatata and Harry Dodge. Both gentlemen displayed world-class shot-making with Dodge taking the first of three games in a tiebreaker, 7-6. Hatata fired back taking the second game 7-5, and it was a close finish with Dodge capturing the third game 7-5 to punch his ticket into the final.

Meanwhile, in the other semifinal, the husband-wife duo of Randy and Beverley Cardo battled a close best-of-three game match displaying stellar shooting. Randy managed to edge past Bev with a 7-5, 6-7, 7-5 victory to take on England’s Harry Dodge in the final.

The final kept the crowd entranced as they watched from the veranda witnessing amazing hoop shooting and clearing at long distances. Dodge rose to the occasion and finished with top honors with a 7-2, 7-3 victory over Cardo.

In First Flight, both Earle Mauldin and Bill Simmons had strong showings in block play. En route to the finals, Mauldin dispatched Richard Corey 10-5 and Simmons got past Ivo Dentchev in a close 10-9 game. Mauldin kept up his steady play in the final and took home the win against Simmons 10-8 to capture his second tournament title in four months.

In Second Flight, Jim Sansalone had to get past his wife Nancy in a 7-6 semifinal game while Tim Williams faced off against Jodie Payne in the other semi. Williams snagged a 7-2 victory to meet Sansalone in the Second Flight Final. The final went the distance to the “hook,” and it was Williams who scored the 13th hoop to claim the 7-6 victory. This was only the second sanctioned GC tournament for Sansalone and the first for Williams.

2023 USCA
Croquet Week Golf Croquet Tournament West Palm Beach, Florida | March 10-12, 2023
30 | www.croquetamerica.com
Geraldine McCauley and nine-year-old phenom Simon Dentchev captured the essence of our sport as they faced off in the opening match



01. Harry Dodge

02. Randy Cardo

03. Tamer Hatata

03. Beverley Cardo

05. Debbie Davidoff (Bowl Winner)

06. David Mccoy

07. Tate Russack

07. Cami Russack

09. David Ekstrom (Plate Winner)

10. Laura Hendrick

11. Kendall Hendrick

11. Bruce Hindin

13. Alex Galasso (Consolation Winner)

14. James Creasey

15. Jeff Morrison

15. Brian Brittain


01. Earle Mauldin

02. Bill Simmons

03. Ivo Dentchev

03. Richard Corey

05. Caryl Firth (Bowl Winner)

06. Cori Campbell

07. Tom Lindley

07. Alix Worley

09. Mary Galasso (Plate Winner)

10. Pam Groh

11. Geri O’Neill

11. Trudy Crowetz

13. Elizabeth Randall (Consolation Winner)

14. Mike Tevlin

15. Suzanne Turner

15. Vanesa Fernandez


01. Timothy Williams

02. Jim Sansalone

03. Jay Carey

03. Jodie Payne

05. John Strasser (Bowl Winner)

06. Rick Hayes

07. Nancy Sansalone

07. Leina Casimir

09. Geraldine McCauley (Plate Winner)

10. Steve Fisher

11. Franck Meunier

11. Simon Dentchev

13. Sarah Persons (Consolation Winner)

14. Bess Gallanis

15. Thomas Wilson

15. Jim Forbes

15. Cedric Vogel

Championship Winner Harry Dodge and finalist Randy Cardo First Flight Winner Earle Mauldin and finalist Bill Simmons
www.croquetamerica.com | 31
Second Flight and finalist Jim Sansalone with winner Timothy Williams

Florida GC Regional Grows to 64 Players

Golf Croquet has been making a huge impact on croquet over the past couple of years, and this year’s Florida Golf Croquet Regional was no exception. With a field of 64 players, the 2023 event was the largest Florida GC Regional thus far. With such a large field, one can only expect a few problems. With one withdrawal two days before the start, the tournament director scrambled to find a replacement. Then three more withdrawals occurred the day

before. With scheduling problems on the horizon, help was on the way. Major kudos go to Nancy Sansalone for helping fill those spots.

However, the issues didn’t stop there. On the first morning, a couple of championship players lobbied for untimed games. After discussions and appeals were made to management, the schedule was revised to allow untimed games for the championship flight. Additionally, the semifinals and the finals in the championship were changed to best-of-three. Once that was sorted out, it was time for the games to begin.

The tournament began with doubles, which were designed to be completed in one day. Doubles were divided into two flights and several closely contested games were in both. Each flight was a knockout ladder with the losing teams in the first round of play dropping into a consolation ladder, guaranteeing each team at least two games before being eliminated. Teams were seeded according to their combined grades. In First Flight, after battling their way through the ladder, it was the third seed Kendall and Laura Hendrick and the fourth seed Bruce Hindin and Neill Trimble that met in the finals with Hindin/Trimble coming out on top with a close 7-6 victory. Trimble happened to be one of the substitute players when Hindin’s partner fell ill just prior to the start, but I think Hindin was happy with the result.

In Championship Flight, it was the top-seeded father and son team of David and Kyle Maloof versus the second-seeded duo of Ahab Dincer and Tamer Hatata in the finals. Dincer is the brother of Sherif Abdelwahab, who was the pro at the National Croquet Center and a champion in his own right. Because of the untimed best-of-three format, play had to be moved under the lights to court three. Both semifinals and finals went to three games, which resulted in a very long day that finally finished at 9:00 p.m. with the Maloofs coming out on top.

2023 USCA Florida Regional GC Championship West Palm Beach, Florida | January 26-29, 2023
32 | www.croquetamerica.com
John Joseph
www.croquetamerica.com | 33
First Flight winner Steve Tasker and finalist Bruce Hindin

Singles began on Friday with three flights of blocks of eight. Dincer had to withdraw before the games began due to an injured wrist from the previous day’s play. Because each block only played six of the seven other players, the other players in his block were able to get six games in by playing the game they would not have played if Dincer had played.

In Second Flight, Larry Lynch, Scott Spoerl, Ryan Eberlein and Robert Smothers all went through block play with only one loss. In each block, the top four players would make it to the playoff ladder, and the difference in playing level between the top four second flight players was very close, making for a competitive flight.  Ladder play was also close with several hard-fought games with the exception of Spoerl, who won the semifinals in a 7-2 victory over his wife Jan and then another 7-2 victory in the finals over Lynch.

First Flight was just as competitive with Hindin, Kendall Hendrick and Steve Tasker all coming out of the block with just one loss. Tasker and Hendrick met up in the semifinals and with Tasker claiming a 7-5 win to advance to the final. Hindin had to go to the fishhook for a 7-6 win over Devin Burress to get a berth in the final. The championship game went to the 12th hoop with Tasker taking the First Flight Singles title with a 7-5 score.

Championship Flight had several top-ranked players, and it was evident in their play. With some amazing clearing shots and difficult hoop shots, there was little doubt that this was a

true championship flight. Jim Jamison was impressive being the only undefeated player in block play in any flight while David Maloof, Jim Teel, Billy Harper, Alex Galasso, Kent Lovvorn and Brian Lozano made it through the blocks with only one loss. The competition was fierce with many action-packed games, but, in the end, it was the Maloofs in the finals. Proof the branch doesn’t fall far from the tree, David, who has been a strong competitor for many years, taught his son Kyle well. Maybe too well as Kyle bested his father in two games 7-5, 7-2.

In the end, it was a good event with competitive play. Out of 192 singles block games, only two didn’t go to seven points. The fervor for golf croquet is evident in the large turnout of players and the intensity of play. It is safe to say golf croquet is here to stay, and all the players were already looking toward the next tournament. Thanks to everyone who lent a helping hand to make this event the success that it was and thanks to Bill Simmons, the Florida RVP.

Nancy Sansalone First Flight Doubles finalists Laura and Kendall Hendrick
34 | www.croquetamerica.com
Second Flight winner Scott Spoerl





01. David Maloof/Kyle Maloof

02. Ahab Dincer/Tamer Hatata

03. Brian Lozano/Rick Zazueta

03. Kent Lovvorn/Dallas Denny

05. Jim Jamison/Billie Ray

05. Leo McBride/John Warlick

05. Helen Covington/Marc Stearns

05. Jim Teel/Gary Gamble

09. Bo Prillaman/Jim Podraza

10. Sandra Knuth/Devin Burress

11. Amr Hamdy/James Creasey

11. Alex Galasso/Priscilla Flowers

13. Debbie Davidoff/Earle Mauldin

13. Dennis Leddy/John Wight

13. Billy Harper/Bill Simmons

13. David McCoy/Hal Denton




01. Bruce Hindin/Neill Trimble

02. Kendall Hendrick/Laura Hendrick

03. Jeff Morrison/Steve Jackson

03. Lynda Bjorklund/Kathie Gamble

05. Susie Day/Susu Day

05. Jim Sansalone/Nancy Sansalone

05. Jane Grandusky/Jane Smith

05. Sam Collins/Ryan Eberlein

09. Larry Lynch/John Grout

10. Caryl Firth/Barbara Jamison

11. Scott Spoerl/Jan Spoerl

11. Tate Russack/Cami Russack

13. Gay Cinque/David Scott

13. Steve Tasker/Whitney Miller

13. John Joseph/Jennifer Joseph

13. Jim Forbes/Robert Smothers

01. Kyle Maloof 02. David Maloof 03. Billy Harper 03. Brian Lozano 05. Jim Jamison 05. Kent Lovvorn 05. Rick Zazueta 05. Jim Teel 09. Debbie Davidoff 09. Marc Stearns 09. Jim Podraza 09. Tamer Hatata 09. Billie Ray 09. Alex Galasso 09. Jeff Morrison 09. Dennis Leddy 17. James Creasey 17. Hal Denton 17. Bo Prillaman 17. Steve Jackson 21. John Warlick 21. Helen Covington 21. Cami Russack 21. Leo McBride 21. John Wight 26. Dallas Denny 26. Sandra Knuth 26. Gary Gamble 26. Tate Russack 30. David McCoy 30. Amr Hamdy DNF. Ahab Dincer
03. Kendall Hendrick 05. Kathie Gamble 05. Barbara Jamison 05. Laura Hendrick 05. Sam Collins 09. Bill Simmons 09. Lynda Bjorklund 09. Caryl Firth 09. Earle Mauldin 13. Anne Carr 13. John Joseph 15. Susie Day DNF. Priscilla Flowers
01. Steve Tasker
Bruce Hindin
Devin Burress
01. Scott Spoerl 02. Larry Lynch 03. Ryan Eberlein 03. Jan Spoerl 05. Jennifer Joseph 05. Susu Day 05. David Scott 05. Robert Smothers 09. Nancy Sansalone 09. John Grout
Lynn Foley
Jim Sansalone
Gay Cinque
Bob Smith
Whitney Miller 15. Jim Forbes
www.croquetamerica.com | 35

John Warlick

Age: 74

Home base: West Palm Beach, Florida

Home club: National Croquet Club

Grip: Standard


Dave Trimmer Kevlar mallet 11.5” head, 2” high and 2 3/8” wide with a 36” carbon fiber Airline shaft. The mallet head has composite faces with a total weight of 2 lb.13 oz.

Years playing croquet:

Most of my life. My first recollection is playing backyard (nine wicket) around five years old at a Fourth of July picnic in Balboa Park, San Diego.

Favorite croquet venue:

Of course, the National Croquet Center is so great. I really like all the outstanding clubs and courts around Cashiers, N.C. It is so beautiful and peaceful there. The Warlick family were among the first settlers in central North Carolina just before 1750.

Favorite tournament:

USCA Club Teams. I have been lucky to have been on many Bombay and NCC winning club teams. I first played in the 1994 tourney at the PGA and won fourth flight with Bernie “The Attorney” Pattie.

How did you get into the game:

I first played American Six-Wicket in 1989 in a Bombay Croquet Club doubles tournament next to the beach at Duggan’s Reef in St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands.

Croquet highlights/tourney wins:

Happily, I have had more than my share of tournament victories. Inaugural tournament wins such as the West Indies Invitational 6W and the John’s Island 6W are memorable. I’ve managed Florida Regional wins in 6W singles, 9W singles and doubles and in GC doubles (some multiple). I have had nine National Nine Wicket Doubles Championship wins. Representing croquet players as the Florida Regional VP and NCC Club President for two terms each was an honor. I’m also a nine-wicket instructor and former or current certified regional referee and instructor in 6W and golf croquet.

Do you play other sports?

Chess (I have been fortunate to have played in seven Chess Olympiads). I used to run track.

Favorite sports teams?

University of Texas teams and the Dallas Cowboys.

Pop culture favorites:

TV: “Survivor;” Movie: “Run Silent, Run Deep;” Book: “The Little Engine That Could” (a good read); Musicians: Roy Orbison, Anna Gabriel and Nana Mouskouri.

What is the best thing the USCA has done for croquet?

The USCA has helped organize clubs and promote tournaments all over the United States. I have played at so many terrific clubs and met such great people from all over the country,

What is the USCA’s greatest weakness?

In recent years, I feel the USCA has fallen short in their support for nine wicket croquet. Supposedly more than four million backyard croquet players are in the U.S. This is where our future members and the youth we need in croquet can be found and nurtured.

What would you like to see happen in the sport over the next 10 years?

I am hopeful that more appreciation for, and focus on, backyard croquet will encourage the youth (as well as others) in the U.S. to get more involved in croquet and see it as a lifetime sport. I expect that golf croquet will continue to expand around many more golf clubs and grow nationally.

What have you learned from croquet?

Croquet is an outstanding sport that can be played throughout one’s lifetime. So many interesting individuals are sharing one commonality of enjoying this beautiful outdoor sport. Most players have some competitive aspect to their personality. Croquet and the USCA allow for players to be as competitive as they like while still allowing others to enjoy fun play and camaraderie. It is a sport where you can make lifelong friends and travel to such lovely venues. I am still trying to learn to slow my backswing.

Quick croquet tip:

Practice, practice, practice. Generally, keep your head down and follow through. No matter what — have fun and enjoy the day!

36 | www.croquetamerica.com
OPPOSITE PAGE (LOWER RIGHT): John and Gail Warlick
www.croquetamerica.com | 37

Out and About

Abbreviations used: blUe, Red, blacK, Y

In the last issue, we looked at the opening stalemate when all balls are clean and for #2. The only way to break the stalemate is to play aggressively — attack or attempt a two-ball break. These are risky plays for most intermediate players. We looked at a couple of attack patterns that carry less risk, but they are still aggressive and challenging plays. Fortunately, a third way exists. The stalemate is always a threat when all balls are clean and are for the same wicket. Avoid those conditions and you prevent the stalemate. You can do this easily by keeping one or both of your balls out of the game.

Except at the championship level, the out-game more often happens by accident than by design; many players shun it. You don’t have to love the out-game, but you will have to play it sometimes, so you should at least try to understand its main lines of play.

The “Chernobyl” is the original out-game opening, devised by Garth Eliassen in 1986. After the first three balls have played in, Y plays to close position (or into the jaws) at #1. This is a classic opening, so you’ve probably seen it even if you haven’t played it yourself. It’s more of an advanced opening, though, and can still lead to a stalemate, so we’ll skip over it for now.

The Chernobyl is a good example of one type of out-game , in which one side has both its balls in the game. We’ll focus on the second type of out-game: neither side has both balls in. Usually, this means each side has one ball in and one ball out. I’ll call this the “2/2” opening.

The classic 2/2 opening has one ball blocking and clearing shots to prevent an opponent ball from scoring #1. Out-balls can’t make roquets, so this half of the game is essentially a two-ball version of golf croquet. The other half is, of course, a two-ball version of the normal game. With no partner ball available to roquet, the players advance by taking scoring position and sometimes by shooting at the opponent ball.

This opens a wide range of low-risk plays. You can’t go partner-dead when your partner is an out-ball, and you can’t give up a three- or four-ball break when with only two inballs. Most of the time you are free to take position at your wicket. Even if your opponent then hits you, it probably doesn’t cost you much.

This would be rather boring if not for how the two halves of the game interact. It might seem like two separate games, but usually one or both out-balls are a threat to enter the game. The tactics of the in-balls depend on the positions of the out-balls and vice versa. For the two out-balls, it is not just about controlling or scoring the wicket, it is also about seeing the most to gain by entering the game. If your partner ball is losing the “in-game,” you probably want to bring your own ball in sooner rather than later. But if you have the lead, you may prefer to keep the out-game going longer. It is most important to look for the chance of a three-ball break: an out-ball scoring #1 and either picking up an immediate break or setting one for partner.

The best chance of creating a 2/2 opening is to block #1 with U. R then has many options: jump, half-jump, clear U, promote U through #1, take close position behind U or hang back where K can’t clear it far. As in golf croquet, subtle differences in each ball’s position can have a big effect on the tactical balance. It may take several turns for any ball to enter the game, but this is usually followed quickly by one of the opponent balls.

Figure 1 shows a typical 2/2 position with U and R battling at #1. Y has taken off from K and finished its turn by taking good position at #4. What would you do with U? Come up with your own answer before reading on.

The game appears balanced, Y having a slight advantage over K but U having better control at #1. U’s advantage outweighs Y’s, though. If U scores #1 well enough to have an unhampered continuation shot, it can easily play between K and #3 to set K for a break. Or, more aggressively, it can shoot at Y. If U hits, it can roll Y to #3 while attempting to get a rush on K to #2. If that works, it is an immediate three-ball break for U. If U doesn’t get position for a rush, it can simply play near K, setting K for its own three-ball break while keeping U alive on partner. R would have to run #1 from a very difficult position and then make a long hit-in to disrupt that play.

If the colors were transposed (U and R swapped, K and Y swapped, R to play), RY would not present the same doublethreat, because of the rotation: R can’t set Y for a three-ball

38 | www.croquetamerica.com
let’stalk tactics

break because K plays next. In a 2/2 opening, the rotational advantage goes to the side that precedes the opponent in each half of the game. That is, if U and R are in the same half of the game, you would rather be UK; if U and Y are in the same half, you would rather be RY.

The 2/2 opening is especially good in a high/low doubles game. The stronger partner should always be the ball that stays out of the game. If you are the low-handicap player on your side and your low-handicap opponent enters the game with U, have your partner attempt to play into the jaws with R. (If I am playing high/low doubles, I never enter the game until my partner is already in.) If you win the toss, have your partner attempt to play into the jaws with U.

If you are an intermediate player and you dread the stalemate at #2, try the 2/2 opening. It gets the game going right away, it’s fun and unpredictable and it gets you scoring points without having to worry about partner-ball deadness.

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www.croquetamerica.com | 39
FIGURE 1: U and R for #1, K for #3, Y for #4 and dead on K. U to play.
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Are You “Over-Cooking” Your Stop-Shot?

A stop-shot is a useful and satisfying stroke in the game of golf croquet. However, have you ever had a great situation with your striker ball 6 to 12 inches from the opponent ball in good position to execute a stop-shot and finish in front of the hoop, only to be frustrated when your striker ball careens out of control after contacting the opponent ball?

This may be caused by trying to do too much, i.e., “over-cooking” your striker ball by hitting with too much pace and enthusiasm. It’s thrilling to be able to send one’s opponent out of bounds, but keep in mind you don’t need to send the opponent ball 10 feet beyond the boundary line. You only need to send it far enough to break the plane of the line for the ball to be out of bounds.

ball away. Do this multiple times until you master the “feel” of how much pace is needed.

Next, position the striker ball 3 to 4 inches from an opponent ball and do the same exercise. With the balls closer together, it is important to be able to stop your mallet and not cause a double tap. Vary the speed of your stop-shot until you find a comfortable pace to accomplish your objective. Note the smallest distance the balls can be apart where you feel comfortable and you are able to execute a proper stop-shot without committing a fault.

Drill #2: Promote and Snuggle

This is a fun drill that can be added to your warm-up routine. Designate one ball as your striker ball and the other ball as your partner ball. Hit a gentle stop-shot to promote your partner ball a medium distance of 10 to 12 feet. Then, hit your striker ball again and try to make it stop right near the partner ball without touching it, i.e., snuggle up to it. This drill is a great way to practice setting tight blocks as it accomplishes both a controlled stop-shot and a placement/blocking shot.

Bonus: How to Inform Your Opponent in a Social Game that They’ve Committed a Double Tap

Secondly, to control your striker ball, your focus should be on your mallet making contact with the center of your ball and aiming to hit the center of the opponent’s ball. Center-to-center contact best transfers the energy from one ball to the other and allows you to control your striker ball. Naturally, enough space needs to be between the balls so as not to commit a double tap.

Below are two drills to try during your next practice session.

Drill #1: Stop Shots to the Boundary (This drill can be done using just two balls)

Set up your striker ball 6 to 8 inches from an opponent ball near a corner hoop. Go through your pre-shot routine and hit a stop-shot with the intention of sending the opponent ball to land just a few inches beyond the boundary line. You may be surprised at how little effort is needed to send the opponent

All too often I hear stories of players being harshly told by their opponents that they are not permitted to hit a particular shot as it will surely be a fault. Obviously, if you are in a tournament game, raise your mallet and ask a referee to watch the shot. However, in a social game, you’ll have to work this out with your opponent. Here is one suggestion that might help maintain your friendship for future games: Allow your opponent to take their shot, then use the result as a friendly learning opportunity.

From your own experience, you might say something to the effect of, “I’ve previously hit a shot just like that when the balls were just an inch apart during a tournament when a referee was watching the shot. Because the striker ball rolled on with the opponent ball and did not split apart 90 degrees, it was called a double tap. So, the shot you just hit would more than likely be called a fault.”

Or, maybe you’ve watched YouTube slow-motion videos on the topic and can give them a more scientific explanation.

Perhaps you give them one freebie as a gentle warning but let them know you will be watching those types of shots more closely going forward. Check out Rule 15.2 for more information.

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Sarasota County CC AC Open

March 30 – April 2, 2023

Sarasota County Croquet Club

Venice, Florida

Championship Flight

01. Brian Cumming

02. Doug Grimsley

03. Stuart Lawrence

03. Leo McBride

05. Matt Griffith

05. Gene Raymond

05. Lynda Sudderberg

05. David Druitt

09. Hans Peterson

09. Michael Todorovich

First Flight

01. Arthur Olsen

02. Rick Alderson

03. Roger Vorraber

03. Christof Weihs

05. Christine Smith

05. Robert Gannon

Sarasota County Croquet Club 6W Singles Club Championship

March 10-12, 2023

Sarasota County Croquet Club

Venice, Florida

Championship Flight

01. Matt Griffith

02. Lynda Sudderberg

02. Bob Worrell

02. Neil Houghton

02. Donald Parker

06. Gene Raymond

First Flight

01. Roger Vorraber

02. Ellie Griffith

02. Bob Gelineau

04. James Watrous

05. Ken Deason

Second Flight

01. Bob Taber

02. George Quallich

02. George Claffey

02. Mervyn Harvey

05. Christof Weihs

05. Lester Taufen

05. Karen Weihs

06. Linda Taber

Third Flight

01. Sandra Cornes

02. Alexander Feinstein

03. Nona McGinnis

03. Debbie Martin

03. Toni Marie Gelineau

03. Christopher Darton

03. Pauline Harvey

06. Rick Alderson

06. Christine Smith

06. Rusty Rose

08. Amy Bothwell Featuring

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the ‘

event results

Blaine Davis Invitational

March 2-5, 2023

Gasparilla Mallet Club

Boca Grande, Florida



Second Flight

01. Jim Watrous

02. Pauline Harvey

03. George Pendleton

03. Karen Weihs

05. Rita McNamara

05. Debbie Martin

07. Alexander Feinstein

08. Mary Galasso

08. George Claffey

Third Flight

01. Joe Fairbanks

02. Walt Janitz

03. Sandy Janitz

04. Lee Richardson

05. Susan Helton

05. Kathleen Rivers-Carroll

Steuber Invitational

February 15-19, 2023

National Croquet Center

West Palm Beach, Florida

Golf Croquet

Championship Flight

01. Billy Harper

02. Tamer Hatata

03. Adam Barr

04. Mohammad Kamal

05. Hassan Raqem

06. James Creasey

07. Bo Prillaman

08. Alex Galasso

09. Tate Russack

10. Leo McBride

11. Ned Sperry

12. Conrad Rugart

John Joseph

07. Paul Panaccione

08. Louise Cardellina

08. Robert Carroll

Mission Hills Invitational

February 21-25, 2023

Mission Hills Country Club

Rancho Mirage, California

Handicap Doubles

01. Bill Sullivan/Nick Gray

02. Donna Dixon/Conner Helms

03. Jane Helms/Patrick Sweeney

03. Ron Eccles/Mary Rodeberg

05. Bess Hayes/Richard Hayes

Championship Flight Singles

Sarasota County CC GC Shootout

February 24-26, 2023

County Croquet

01. Peter Bach

02. Paul Bennett

03. Conner Helms

04. Steve Scalpone

05. Donna Dixon

05. Patrick Sweeney

07. Mary Rodeberg

First Flight Singles

01. Ron Eccles 02. Nick Gray 03. Bill Sullivan 04. Jane Helms 05. Myron McCumber

05. Richard Hayes 07. Bess Hayes

First Flight

01. Chris Olsen

02. Chris Morris

03. Kendall Hendrick

04. Robert Turner

05. Tom Lindley

06. Cami Russack

07. Mary Galasso

08. Laura Hendrick

09. Morna Steninger

10. Holly Sperry

11. Gay Cinque

12. Ying Benns

American 6W

Championship Flight

01. Randy Cardo

02. Macey White

03. Danny Huneycutt

03. David Ekstrom

05. Michael Todorovich

05. Loretta Cooper

05. Jeff Morrison

05. Jodie Rugart

09. Bev Cardo

09. Arthur Olsen

09. David McCoy

09. Ron Eccles

09. Rich Curtis

09. Mike Gibbons

09. Preston Stuart

17. Norris Settlemyre

18. Tom Hughes

42 | www.croquetamerica.com
01. Matt
02. Arthur Olsen 03. Oakley Johnson 04. Donald Parker 05. Lynda Sudderberg 05. Dan O'Connell 07. Bob Worrell 07. Tyler Thomas
First Flight 01. Stephen Grassbaugh 02. Jan Fisher 03. Dennis Leddy
Steve Zoric
Ted Welsh
Christine Smith
Jeanette Hodgkins Second Flight 01. George Claffey
Jean Henry
Linda Grady
Ann Leddy
Steve Brink
Jennifer Joseph
Linda O'Connell 07. Laurien Trowell
05. Sandra Cornes 05. Graydon Bell 08. Alex Galasso 09. Roger Vorraber
01. Scott Spoerl 02. Christine Smith 03. Bill Simmons 03. Sally Mills 03. Rick Alderson 03. Jan Spoerl 07. Gillian Merritt 08. Robert Merritt 09. Virginia Combs
Club Venice, Florida Championship Flight 01. Christof Weihs 02. Adam Barr
J. Billie Ray
Bob Gelineau
Mervyn Harvey
First Flight


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Championship Doubles (Waterford)

01. David Ekstrom

02. Loretta Cooper

03. Bev Cardo

04. Norris Settlemyre

05. Brian Zindel

06. Ron Eccles

07. Mark Ski

08. Lynda Sudderberg

09. Courtney Green

10. Jeff Morrison

11. Jodie Rugart

12. Rich Curtis

13. Arthur Olsen

14. David McCoy

15. Sally McGrath

16. Randy Cardo

First Flight Doubles (Waterford)

01. Sonia Alexandra

02. John McGrath

03. Kathleen Green

04. Missy Chilton

05. Jan Fisher

06. John Steninger

07. Alex Galasso

08. David Kepner

09. Freear Pollard

10. Danna Huneycutt

11. Jeffery Cohen

12. Alan Lazarescu

13. Claudia Parks

www.croquetamerica.com | 43
Mark Ski
Danna Huneycutt
Missy Chilton
First Flight 01. Courtney Green 02. Randy Reid 03. Larry Lynch 03. John
05. Stuart Price 05. David Kepner 05. Brian Zindel 05. Stephen Grassbaugh 09.
09. Sally
Second Flight
01. Sonia Alexandra
02. John McGrath 03. Kathleen Green 04. Freear Pollard 05. Jeffery
06. Claudia Parks
©2023 Jiminy Wicket Cliveden House The Gravetye Manor 700yr old Hever Castle

event results

Sarasota County CC Club

Doubles Championship

February 10-12, 2023

Sarasota County Croquet Club

Venice, Florida

Championship Flight

01. Webster Bull/Gene Raymond

02. Matt Griffith/Robert (Bob) Worrell

03. Neil Houghton/Russ Cuccia

03. Arthur Olsen/Walt Janitz

First Flight

01. Ellie Griffith/Roger Vorraber

02. Michael Kukla/Rusty Rose

02. Ken Deason/Dean Ricci

04. Rick Alderson/Christof (Chris) Weihs

04. Kathleen Rivers-Carroll/George Quallich

06. Brand Shank/Lori Matway

Second Flight

01. Bob Gelineau/John Goldener

02. Lee Anderson/Rita McNamara

02. Sandy Janitz/Christine (Chris) Smith

04. John Ayers/Arlene Stevens

05. Karen Weihs/Shirley Ricci

06. Lester Taufen/Katie Bull

07. Camelia Monteforte/Nona McGinnis

07. Robert (Bob) Merritt/Gillian Merritt

Third Flight

01. Linda Orff/Sandra Cornes

02. Robert (Bob) Taber/Linda Taber

03. Debbie Martin/Kathie Hart

04. Linda Kemerer/Maria Petrola

2023 Stewart Jackson Beach Club Invitational

February 1-5, 2023

Beach Club & NCC

Palm Beach, Florida

Championship Flight

01. Randy Cardo

02. David Isaacs

03. Bob Van Tassell

03. Jodie Rugart

05. Chris Patmore

05. Mark Fields 05. Conner Helms

05. Bev Cardo

09. David Ekstrom

09. Tom Cooper

09. John Brown

09. Rodney Lassiter

09. Conrad Rugart

09. David McCoy

09. Preston Stuart

09. Calvert Chaney

17. Alexander Muradian

18. Tim Bitting

18. Missy Ramey

18. Donna Dixon

21. Kevin Hansley

21. Linda Trifone

23. Thom Hughes

23. Mary Rodeberg

23. Stuart Price

DNF Dick Sullivan

First Flight

01. Ron Eccles

02. Mark Ski

03. Randy Reid

03. John Grabow

05. Jeanne Branthover

05. Patrick Foy

05. Richard Carlson

05. Sally McGrath

09. Patricia Spratt

09. George Peterkin

09. Stuart Baker

Second Flight

01. Carl Archiniaco

02. David Trigiani

03. Danna Huneycutt

03. Yvette Donato-Selby


44 | www.croquetamerica.com
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02. Danna Huneycutt

02. Dick Brickley

03. George Peterkin

03. Carl Archiniaco

03. David Trigiani

03. David Kepner

09. Stuart Baker

10. John Grabow

11. Joseph Moore

12. Sally McGrath

Second Flight Doubles (Waterford)

01. John Craddock

01. George Claffey

02. Jan Fisher

02. Mary Craddock 03. Jane Helms

03. Jane Casey

03. John McGrath

03. Eileen Cornacchia

09. Lovejoy Duryea

10. Anne Carr

11. Kelso Sutton

12. Jeff Scholz

Third Flight Doubles (Waterford)

01. Richard Hayes

01. Allison Worthington

02. Georgia Carter

02. Sally Ohrstrom

03. Randall Roe

03. Patricia Peterkin

03. Jessica Beccia

03. Claudia Parks

09. Connie Walsh

10. William Sullivan

11. Mary Anne Mathys

12. David Beccia

2023 Sarasota County CC Jones Invitational

January 26-29, 2023

Sarasota County Croquet Club Venice, Florida

Championship A Flight

01. David Ekstrom

02. Gene Raymond

03. Lynda Sudderberg

04. Neil Houghton

04. Brett Stovall

06. Matt Griffith

06. Rodney Lassiter

08. Robert Worrell

09. Arthur Olsen

DNF Richard Sullivan

Championship B Flight

01. Brian Hovis

02. Linda Trifone

03. Oakley Johnson

04. Mary Rodeberg

05. Ron Eccles

05. Walt Janitz

07. Brian Zindel

07. Stephen Grassbaugh

09. Deborah Millican

First Flight

01. Ellie Griffith

02. Sally McGrath

03. Rick Alderson

04. Roger Vorraber

05. Steve Zoric

05. Ron Millican

07. Ken Deason

07. Yen Sullivan

Second Flight

01. Cecil Creasey

02. Christine Smith

03. Sandy Janitz

04. Janet Fisher

05. Rusty Rose

05. Jeanette Hodgkins

www.croquetamerica.com | 45 05.
05. Karen
05. David Kepner Third Flight 01. John
02. Jeff Scholz 03. Anne Carr 03. George Claffey 05. Jan Fisher 05. Lovejoy Duryea 05. Jane Casey 05. John McGrath Fourth Flight 01. Georgia Carter 02. David
03. Patricia
03. Richard Hayes 05. Mary
05. William Sullivan 05. Maggie Kirkbride 05. Allison
09. Randall Roe 09. Claudia Parks Championship Doubles (Waterford) 01. David
01. Linda Trifone 02. Rodney Lassiter 02. Kevin Hansley 03. David Ekstrom 03. Tom Cooper 03. Mary Rodeberg 03. Don Eccles 05. Tim Bitting 05. John Brown 05. David McCoy 05. Calvert Chaney 07. Randy Cardo 07. Jodie Rugart 07. Missy Ramey 07. Mark Ski 09. Dick Sullivan 09. Conner Helms 09. Donna Dixon 09. Alexander Muradian 11. Bob Van Tassell 11. Mark Fields 11. Stuart Price 11. Patricia Spratt
Chris Patmore 13. Bev Cardo
Preston Stuart
Joseph Moore 05. Dick Brickley
Richard Carlson
Karen Heckman
First Flight Doubles (Waterford) 01.
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event results

09. Mary Hennelly

10. Jan Spoerl

11. Gay Cinque

11. Diana Robinson

13. Mary Ellen Gumerson

13. Mary Churchill

13. Candra Seley

16. Marianne Davidson

17. Sarah Persons

18. Tina Day

19. Patricia Richmond

20. Shelley Laird

21. Linda Carpenter

22. Sheila Peterson

23. Carla Tourtellotte

24. Pamela Wilson

Second Flight

01. Vickie Johnston

02. Cori Campbell

03. Karen Heckman

04. Barbara O'Laughlin

05. Alix Worley

06. Jane Louise Smith

07. Cathy Long

07. Lynn Foley

09. Nancy Sansalone

10. Betsy Berry

11. Jan Loftis

11. Jane Grandusky

NCC Club 6W Singles

January 13-15, 2023 National Croquet Center

West Palm Beach, Florida

Championship Flight

01. Bob Van Tassell

02. David Ekstrom

03. Randy Cardo

03. Mike Gibbons

05. Preston Stuart

05. Norris Settlemyre

05. Mike Todorovich

05. Calvert Chaney

09. Lynda Sudderberg

09. Bill Trower

09. Jodie Rugart

12. Bev Cardo

12. Kevin Hansley

13. Leo McBride

13. David McCoy

DNF Johnny Mitchell

First Flight

01. Jeff Morrison

02. Lucas Van Alen

03. Larry Lynch

03. Randy Reid

05. Stuart Price

06. Missy Ramey

06. Mark Ski

08. Stephen Grassbaugh

Second Flight

01. Bill Sadowski

02. Kat Robinson

03. Jan Fisher

03. David Kepner

05. Anne Carr

06. Chris Morris

06. Jeff Scholz

08. Tom O'Laughlin

Third Flight

01. Steven Mednick

02. Nigel Billingham

03. Priscilla Flowers

03. Barbara O'Laughlin

05. John Bannister

2023 Sarasota County CC Club

Handicap Adjuster

January 11-12, 2023

Sarasota County Croquet Club

Venice, Florida

Breaksters (Hdcp 9-10)

01. Dean Ricci

02. Linda Orff

03. Jim McLaughlin

04. Alex Feinstein

05. Sandra Cornes

Hoopsters (Hdcp 10)

01. Michael Marsh

02. Kevin Gralton

03. Nona McGinnis

04. Shirley Ricci

05. Steven Walden

Wicketeers (Hdcp 11+)

01. Toni Marie Gelineau

02. Cindy Duranko

03. Kathie Hart

04. Rick Brace

05. Lynn Brace

06. Howard Russell

46 | www.croquetamerica.com
02. George Quallich 03. Chris Weihs 04. John McGrath 05. George Claffey 05. Karen Weihs Fourth Flight 01. Mark Klein 02. Cynthia Chess 03. Alex Feinstein 04. Jeffery Cohen 05. Susan Creasey 05. Barbara Wolf
Women's GC Open January 19-22, 2023 National Croquet Center West Palm Beach, Florida Championship Flight 01. Bev Cardo 02. Ellen
03. Debbie
03. Cheryl Bromley 05. Priscilla Flowers 06. Laura Hendrick 07. Lynda Bjorklund 08. Jodie Rugart 09. Anne Killilea 10. Cami Russack 11. Lois Clay
Vicky Naranjo
Pam Groh
Suzanne Turner
Caryl Firth
Kathie Gamble
Karen Connery-Albert 21. Jeanne Branthover 22. Mary Galasso 23. Barbara Jamison 23. Lynn Epstein First Flight 01. Vanesa Fernandez 02. Lorie Tarver 03. Amy Hempt 04. Ellen O'Brien 05. MaryCarol Stearns 06. Trudy Crowetz 07. Karen Weihs 07. Kathleen Brown
Spradling 13.
Griffith 17. Lisa

2023 Desert Classic

January 9-14, 2023

Mission Hills Country Club

Rancho Mirage, California

Championship Flight





Sarasota County CC Holiday Invitational

December 16-18, 2022

Sarasota County Croquet Club

Venice, Florida

Championship Flight

01. Adam Lassiter 02. Macey White

03. Gene Raymond 03. David Ekstrom

05. John Donohue

05. Mark Masselink 05. Don Parker 05. Brett Stovall

First Flight

01. Brian Zindel

02. Jim Watrous

03. Jeanette Hodgkins

03. Christine Smith

05. Nancy Crouch

05. Roger Vorraber

05. Ken Deason

05. Oakley Johnson

Second Flight

01. Christof Weihs

02. Jon Ayers

03. George Quallich

03. Les Taufen

05. Karen Weihs

05. George Claffey

05. Jim McLaughlin

Third Flight Singles

01. Mark Klein

02. Bill Simmons

03. Mary Anne Taufen

03. Hillary Lassiter

05. Alex Feinstein

05. Barbara Rees-Wolf

05. Jeffery Cohen

05. Debbie Martin


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www.croquetamerica.com | 47
Sweeney 02. Paul
03. Steve Scalpone 04. Rich Lamm 05. Peter Bach 06. Martyn Selman 07. Gene Raymond 08. Karl-Heinz Kempfer
06. Tracey
08. Barbara
01. Ron Eccles 02. Curtis Toops 03. Donna
Mary Rodeberg 05. Nick Gray
Bill Sullivan
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48 | www.croquetamerica.com 2023 GC OVERALL GP STANDINGS # Player Singles Doubles Total 01 Kyle Maloof 2598 1440 4038 02 Tamer Hatata 2488 973 3461 03 David Maloof 1842 1440 3282 04 Billy Harper 2636 183 2819 05 Debbie Davidoff 2339 183 2522 06 Brian Lozano 1564 791 2355 07 Kent Lovvorn 1295 791 2086 08 Rick Zazueta 1295 791 2086 09 Beverley Cardo 2040 0 2040 10 Billie Ray 1317 599 1916 11 Jim Jamison 1295 599 1894 12 Jim Teel 1295 599 1894 13 Alex Galasso 1501 272 1773 14 Laura Hendrick 1225 511 1736 15 Cami Russack 1505 143 1648 16 Bruce Hindin 856 756 1612 17 Marc Stearns 1012 599 1611 18 Kendall Hendrick 1047 511 1558 19 Jeff Morrison 1106 415 1521 20 Harry Dodge 1407 0 1407 21 Jim Podraza 1012 368 1380 22 James Creasey 1096 272 1368 23 Earle Mauldin 1103 183 1286 24 Bo Prillaman 907 368 1275 25 Bill Simmons 1038 183 1221 26 Scott Spoerl 1059 143 1202 27 Leo McBride 597 599 1196 28 Dennis Leddy 1012 183 1195 29 Lynda Bjorklund 732 415 1147 30 John Warlick 456 599 1055 31 Helen Covington 456 599 1055 32 Steve Jackson 627 415 1042 33 Dallas Denny 249 791 1040 34 Tate Russack 896 143 1039 35 Ahab Dincer 0 973 973 36 Steve Tasker 873 96 969 37 Adam Barr 957 0 957 38 Randy Cardo 951 0 951 39 Caryl Firth 772 168 940 40 Kathie Gamble 520 415 935 Total players: 172. Updated 3/16/2023. 2023 AC OVERALL GP STANDINGS # Player Singles Doubles Total 01 Patrick Sweeney 678 0 678 02 Paul Bennett 420 0 420 03 Steve Scalpone 312 0 312 04 Ron Eccles 261 0 261 05 Rich Lamm 242 0 242 06 Peter Bach 187 0 187 07 Curtis Toops 162 0 162 08 Martyn Selman 140 0 140 09 Donna Dixon 120 0 120 10 Gene Raymond 97 0 97 11 Mary Rodeberg 93 0 93 12 Nick Gray 72 0 72 13 Karl-Heinz Kempfer 57 0 57 14 Tracey Roche 54 0 54 15 Bill Sullivan 37 0 37 16 Barbara Wills 22 0 22 Total players: 16. 2/15/2023.
# Player Singles Doubles Total 01 David Ekstrom 9300 4750 14050 02 Robert Van Tassell 6400 5300 11700 03 Randy Cardo 10200 1170 11370 04 David Isaacs 3400 7500 10900 05 Matthew Griffith 6100 800 6900 06 Jodie Rugart 4700 2090 6790 07 Ronald L. Eccles 2438 3970 6408 08 Richard Sullivan 400 5500 5900 09 Kevin Hansley 500 5350 5850 10 Arthur Olsen 2600 3020 5620 11 Conner L. Helms 3600 1450 5050 12 Beverley Cardo 2600 2200 4800 13 Mary Rodeberg 1730 2950 4680 14 John O. Brown 900 3750 4650 15 Linda Trifone 1050 3600 4650 16 Gene Raymond 2400 2000 4400 17 Lynda P. Sudderberg 3700 680 4380 18 Rodney Lassiter 1400 2800 4200 19 Templeton Peck 0 3900 3900 20 Loretta Cooper 1300 2550 3850 21 Calvert Chaney 2000 1500 3500 22 Danny Huneycutt 2400 1050 3450 23 Jeff Morrison 2200 998 3198 24 David McCoy 1500 1670 3170 25 Thomas Cooper 900 2200 3100 26 Norris Settlemyre 1300 1700 3000 27 Macey W. White 3000 0 3000 28 Michael Gibbons 2600 0 2600 29 Preston Stuart 2400 200 2600 30 Robert Pulitzer 0 2550 2550 31 Michael Todorovich 2400 0 2400 32 Donna Dixon 1930 400 2330 33 Mark Ski 860 1380 2240 34 Mark Fields 1900 200 2100 35 Chris Patmore 1900 200 2100 36 Webster Bull 0 2000 2000 37 Neil Houghton 1600 300 1900 38 Jane C. Helms 707 1104 1811 39 Bob Worrell 1000 800 1800 40 Oakley Johnson 1795 0 1795 41 Tim Bitting 400 1200 1600 42 Ellie Griffith 1070 416 1486 43 Donald C. Parker 1400 0 1400 44 Randy W. Reid 1400 0 1400 45 Larry A. Lynch 725 638 1363 46 Courtney Green 850 510 1360 47 Brian Zindel 303 1020 1323 48 Brian D. Hovis 1275 0 1275 49 Nicholas Gray 1262 0 1262 50 William Sullivan 1250 4 1254 51 Roger Vorraber 800 416 1216 52 Peter Bach 1190 0 1190 53 Missy Ramey 490 700 1190 54 Patrick Sweeney 1190 0 1190 55 Karen Heckman 38 1054 1092 56 Douglas P. Moore 0 1050 1050 57 John Young III 0 1050 1050 58 Paul T. Bennett 1020 0 1020 59 Brett Stovall 1000 0 1000 60 Sally McGrath 700 202 902 Total players: 246. Updated 4/10/2023.



www.croquetamerica.com | 49
# Player Singles Doubles Total 01 Jodie Rugart 4700 2090 6790 02 Beverley Cardo 2600 2200 4800 03 Mary Rodeberg 1730 2950 4680 04 Linda Trifone 1050 3600 4650 05 Lynda P. Sudderberg 3700 680 4380 06 Loretta Cooper 1300 2550 3850 07 Donna Dixon 1930 400 2330 08 Jane C. Helms 707 1104 1811 09 Ellie Griffith 1070 416 1486 10 Courtney Green 850 510 1360 11 Missy Ramey 490 700 1190 12 Karen Heckman 38 1054 1092 13 Sally McGrath 700 202 902 14 Janet K. Fisher 473 174 647 15 Yen Sullivan 50 488 538 16 Bess Gallanis 519 0 519 17 Danna Huneycutt 175 236 411 18 Christine Smith 218 144 362 19 Vickie Johnston 0 319 319 20 Missy Chilton 50 215 265 21 Patricia Spratt 60 200 260 22 Sonia Alexandra 78 170 248 23 Sandy Janitz 72 144 216 24 Mary Craddock 15 173 188 25 Rita McNamara 0 182 182 26 Allison C Worthington 15 167 182 27 Kat Robertson 180 0 180 28 Georgia Carter 102 75 177 29 Mary Cassidy 0 176 176 30 Lovejoy R. Duryea 27 149 176 31 Eileen Cornacchia 0 169 169 32 Anne Carr 144 18 162 33 Priscilla M. Flowers 12 115 127 34 Yvette Donato Selby 125 0 125 35 Lin Irey 0 115 115 36 Sandra Cornes 51 60 111 37 Kathleen Green 24 84 108 38 Linda P. Orff 36 60 96 39 Jean Henry 90 0 90 40 Karen M. Weihs 36 54 90 41 Deborah Millican 85 0 85 42 Jane Casey 27 54 81 43 Kit Detering 0 81 81 44 Patricia Peterkin 45 32 77 45 Arlene Stevens 0 72 72 46 Linda Grady 54 14 68 47 Jeanette Hodgkins 50 14 64 48 Yolande Hadlock 0 63 63 49 C. Shirley Ricci 6 54 60 50 Toni Marie Gelineau 50 0 50 51 Kathleen Carroll 0 48 48 52 Mary Jo Chapoton 0 47 47 53 Jennifer Loving 0 47 47 54 Melissa M. Nelson 0 47 47 55 Nona McGinnis 28 18 46 56 Marjorie Cain 0 43 43 57 Carmela Lummis 0 43 43 58 Liddy Chaney 0 38 38 59 Freear Pollard 12 26 38 60 Jackie Wallace 0 38 38 Total players: 102. Updated 4/10/2023. 2023
# Player Singles Doubles Total 01 Debbie Davidoff 2339 183 2522 02 Beverley Cardo 2040 0 2040 03 Laura Hendrick 1225 511 1736 04 Cami Russack 1505 143 1648 05 Lynda Bjorklund 732 415 1147 06 Helen Covington 456 599 1055 07 Caryl Firth 772 168 940 08 Kathie Gamble 520 415 935 09 Janalyn Spoerl 778 143 921 10 Priscilla Flowers 630 272 902 11 Ellen Nielsen 884 0 884 12 Cheryl Bromley 741 0 741 13 Nancy Sansalone 419 315 734 14 Barbara Jamison 418 168 586 15 Sandra Knuth 249 319 568 16 Susu Day 249 315 564 17 Pam Groh 513 0 513 18 Mary Galasso 506 0 506 19 Lorie Tarver 497 0 497 20 Trudy Crowetz 476 0 476 21 Karen Weihs 475 0 475 22 Jodie Rugart 472 0 472 23 Vickie Johnston 465 0 465 24 Alix Worley 459 0 459 25 Jane Smith 144 315 459 26 Anne Killilea 438 0 438 27 Gay Cinque 340 96 436 28 Susie Day 111 315 426 29 Suzanne Turner 377 0 377 30 Lois Clay 376 0 376 31 Vicky Naranjo 376 0 376 32 Jane Grandusky 42 315 357 33 Jennifer Joseph 249 96 345 34 MaryCarol Stearns 336 0 336 35 Ellie Griffith 318 0 318 36 Suzanne Spradling 318 0 318 37 Jodie Payne 303 0 303 38 Christine Smith 290 0 290 39 Kathleen Brown 286 0 286 40 Pauline Harvey 249 0 249 41 Karen Heckman 241 0 241 42 Lynn Foley 234 0 234 43 Sally Mills 220 0 220 44 Diana Robinson 211 0 211 45 Lisa Maloney 209 0 209 46 Barbara O'Laughlin 201 0 201 47 Sarah Persons 199 0 199 48 Sandra Cornes 194 0 194 49 Leina Casimir 186 0 186 50 Mary Ellen Gumerson 179 0 179 Total players: 84. Updated 3/16/2023. 2023 AC WOMEN'S GP STANDINGS # Player Singles Doubles Total 01 Donna Dixon 120 0 120 02 Mary Rodeberg 93 0 93 03 Tracey Roche 54 0 54 04 Barbara Wills 22 0 22 Total players: 4. 2/15/2023.


Rancho Mirage –

Mission Hills Croquet Club

Lucia Bell

John Durantini

Valerie Durantini

Mike Humphries

Ted Kalmon

Topaz Kalmon

Connie Linton

Susan Mardell

Debra Stern

Stanley Stern

Rohnert Park –

Sonoma Croquet Club

Diana Cecala


Denver – Denver Country Club

Gillette Hansen


Greenwich –

Greenwich Croquet Club

Laurence Allen

Adam Gunnerson


Boca Grande –

Gasparilla Inn Mallet Club

Bob Charlebois

Meghan Charlebois

Ron Drake

Betsy Drake

James Griesemer

Bonita Springs – Bonita Bay Club

Cindi Cooper

Joey Cooper

Madeleine d'Ambrosio

Sheila George

Raymond George Jr

Mike Hoggatt

Edward Kane

Michael Kolowich

William Kuhn

Alice Lehman

Delray Beach – St. Andrews Club

Ann Heilakka

Mary Jo Orsinger

Victor Orsinger

Martha Perry

Key Largo – Ocean Reef Club

Hannah Fleckenstein

Lake Wales –

Mountain Lake Croquet Club

Eugenie Birch

Lili Geehr

Naples –

Naples Croquet Club of Florida

Cara Blazier

Kenneth Blazier

Naples – Wilderness Country Club

Michael Fach

Nancy Kane

Ocean Ridge – At Large Member

Nancy Kirby

Palm Beach – Everglades Club, Inc.

Larry Flick

Maryam Flick

John Johnson

Sharon Lynch

Jim Lynch

Pamalee Murphy

John Niblack

Gil Walsh

Pam Williams

Palm Beach – The Beach Club

Sally Ohrstrom

Palm Coast –Grand Haven Croquet Club

Jackie Hamm

John Hamm

Elaine Murphy

Podduturu Reddy

P. Vijaya Reddy

Art Turcotte

Palm Coast –Hammock Dunes Croquet Association

Yadlapalli Brahmananda

Maggie Ferguson

Ponte Vedra Beach –

The Plantation of Ponte Vedra

Maggie Mignone

Ellen O'Brien

Venice –Sarasota County Croquet Club

Jose Benjumea

James Carlin

Theresa Chick

Cynthia Christenson

Jason Collins

Nancy Loosbrock

Steve Loosbrock

Paul Panaccione

Vero Beach –

John's Island Croquet Club

John Dillon

Vero Beach – Oak Harbor Club

Ted Fuller

West Palm Beach –

National Croquet Club

Kevin Alvarez

Helena Drori

Galo Emerson Jr.

Rhonda Gordon

Stan Green

Seifried Gundi

John Hooper

Geoffrey Johnson

Linda Koch-Hunt

Steve Laciak

Judy Ann Lang

Virginia Laytham

Linda Munn

John Niblack

Ruth Salkin

Nicholas Sander

Nancy Sander

Douglas Simmons

Elizabeth Thiele

Jacob Turner

Diane Wren


Atlanta – At Large Member

Walter Maynard

McDonough – At Large Member

Daniel Kilpatrick


Chicago – Chicago Croquet Club

Laura Baxley

Barbara Pearce


Fredonia – At Large Member

Jacob Green


Baton Rouge –Red Stick Croquet Club

Marguerite Hawking


Annapolis –

The United States Naval Academy

Jason Nguyen

Galesville – West River Wickets

Marie Richardson

Charles Worden

Silver Spring – At Large Member

Francisco Echeverria

Takoma Park – At Large Member

Jack Bevington

Evan Muir

Bryan Robinette

Isaiah Winger

Caleb Winger


Sandwich –

The Sandwich Croquet Club

Robert Bennink JR


Stillwater – At Large Member

John Bergman

Gloria Sell


Parkville –

Kactus Creek Croquet Club

Jake Walter

St. Louis – At Large Member

Ann Behm

Mat Turner


Sea Girt –Green Gables Croquet Club

Patricia Agabiti


Atlanta Athletic Club | Johns Creek, Georgia

Colorado Croquet | Denver, Colorado

Sylvan Hills Middle School | Little Rock, Arkansas


Buffalo – Buffalo Croquet Club

Margo Davis

New York –

New York Croquet Club

Enrique Castellon-Davis

Rochester –

Rochester Croquet Club

Denise Ireland

Southampton –

Meadow Club of Southampton

Laurence Allen


Belvidere –

Albemarle Croquet Club @ Doodle Hill

Jennifer Falchi

Russell Lassiter

Cashiers – Cedar Creek Club

Simon Dentchev

Highlands –

Highlands Falls Croquet Association

Melissa Cabe

Highlands –

Highlands Strikers Croquet Club

Lynn DeVault

Pinehurst – Pinehurst Croquet Club

Peter Humphrey

Kate Humphrey

Aline Lafferty

John Lafferty

Southport – The Clubs at St James

Elaine Smith

Robert Smith


Bartlesville –Oklahoma Wesleyan University

Cori Campbell

Leina Casimir


Aiken – At Large Member

John Harte

Sylvia Harte

Aiken –Green Boundary Croquet Club

Amy Hempt

Charleston – Bishop Gadsden

George Hartley

Cynthia Hartley

Okatie –Spring Island Croquet Club

Anne Clark

Tom Clark

Oktie – Spring Island Croquet Club

Jacqueline Cannon

Sam Cannon


Dallas – At Large Member

Kathy Bolton


Christiansted –

Bombay Mallet & Wicket Croquet Club

Elizabeth Armstrong

Norma Jean Brent

Diane Buska

James Gutierrez

Nancy Hasoon

Ann Nagel


Vernon – At Large Member

Bettina Buehler


Hartfield –Chesapeake Bay Croquet Club

David Bundy



Mission – At Large Member

Michael Kernaghan


Toronto – At Large Member

Elizabeth Randell

Mike Tevlin


At Large Member

Harry Dodge

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05/26/23 - 05/21/23

Northeast AC Regional Championship | AC

Lenox Croquet Club | Lenox, MA

Stuart Lawrence | 646-483-3000 | plus26tp@gmail.com

05/31/23 - 06/04/23

Berkshire Invitational | US

Lenox Croquet Club | Lenox, MA

David R Ekstrom | 413-230-6122 | dekstrom2023@outlook.com


06/03/23 - 06/03/23

National Croquet Day | Multi-Rules

At your Club

Thomas Cooper | 609-306-7669 | tom@coopergroupnj.com

06/08/23 - 06/11/23

NC Open AC | AC

Albemarle Croquet Club | Belvidere, NC

Mike Taylor | 910-986-3343 | mrtaylor1022@gmail.com

06/15/23 - 06/18/23

Woodlawn Invitational 6W | US

Woodlawn Croquet Program | Ellsworth, ME

Perry A Mattson | 207-667-9335 | newburyneckshore@gmail.com

06/22/23 - 06/25/23

ScissorTail Oklahoma Championship | US

Oklahoma City Golf and Country Club | Nichols Hills, OK

Suzanne Spradling | 405-590-7264 | sshawsprad@cox.net

06/23/23 - 06/25/23

New York State GC Tournament | GC

New York Croquet Club @ Central Park | New York City, NY

Peter W Timmins | 646-642-6601 | peterwtimmins@yahoo.com

06/23/23 - 06/25/23

Greenwich Invitational | US

Bruce Park | Greenwich, CT

Bill Miller | 203-530-6788 | billmiller8@snet.net

06/29/23 - 07/02/23

Chesapeake Bay Croquet Festival GC | GC

Chesapeake Bay Croquet Club | Hartfield, VA

Macey W. White | 804-694-9771 | maceywhite@gmail.com

06/29/23 - 07/02/23

Rockfish GC | GC

Chesapeake Bay Croquet Club | Hartfield, VA

Macey W. White | 804-694-9771 | maceywhite@gmail.com


07/10/23 - 07/13/23

WCF AC World Championship Qualifier

Sussex County Croquet Club | Sussex

Johnny Mitchell | 561-478-0760 | tournament@uscroquet.com

07/11/23 - 07/14/23

Meadow Club Invitational 6W | US

The Meadow Club | Southampton, NY

Vickie Johnston | 561-848-7489 | vejohnston@gmail.com

| www.croquetamerica.com

07/15/23 - 07/23/23

WCF AC World Championship | AC

Hurlingham and multiple clubs | London

Johnny Mitchell | 561-478-0760 | tournament@uscroquet.com

07/20/23 - 07/23/23

Western Regional 6W Championship | US

King City Civic Center | Portland, OR

Johnny Mitchell | 561-478-0760 | tournament@uscroquet.com


08/02/23 - 08/04/23

The Prosser Cup GC | GC

Ocean House | Watch Hill, RI

Patricia K Spratt | 860-227-7297 | psprattct@aol.com

08/03/23 - 08/06/23

Westhampton Invitational | US

Westhampton Mallet Club | Westhampton, NY

Randy Cardo | 631-902-5678 | randy.cardo@gmail.com

08/07/23 - 08/14/23

WCF Women’s GC World Championship | GC

Sussex County Croquet Club | West Sussex, England

08/10/23 - 08/13/23

Woodlawn Vacationland GC Inviitational | GC

Woodlawn Museum & Gardens, Ellsworth, ME

Timothy McCormick | 207-329-5343 | tmccorm1@gmail.com

08/11/23 - 08/13/23

Rochester Invitational | US

Rochester Croquet Club | Rochester, NY

Sue E Sherer | 585-474-3753 | sue.e.sherer@gmail.com

08/17/23 - 08/20/23

Buffalo 7th Annual 6W Invitational | US

Delaware Park | Buffalo, NY

Robert Gannon | 716-432-1500 | thehangmen@msn.com

08/24/23 - 08/27/23

Western Regional AC Championship | AC

West Point Grey | Vancouver, BC

Johnny Mitchell | 561-478-0760 | tournament@uscroquet.com

08/25/23 - 08/27/23

MidAtlantic Regional 6W Championship | US

Green Gables Croquet Club | Sea Girt, NJ

Johnny Mitchell | 561-478-0760 | tournament@uscroquet.com


09/06/23 - 09/10/23

Woodlawn Big Lobster 6W/9W | US & 9W

Woodlawn Croquet Program | Ellsworth, ME

Perry A Mattson | 207-667-9335 | newburyneckshore@gmail.com

09/06/23 - 09/09/23

The Little Rhody | US

Ocean House | Watch Hill, RI

Patricia K Spratt | 860-227-7297 | psprattct@aol.com


09/07/23 - 09/10/23

SE Regional GC Championship | GC

Albemarie Croquet Club | Belvidere, NC

Johnny Mitchell | 561-478-0760 | tournament@uscroquet.com

09/14/23 - 09/17/23

Blue Crab 6W | US

Chesapeake Bay Croquet Club | Hartfield, VA

Macey W. White | 804-694-9771 | maceywhite@gmail.com

09/14/23 - 09/17/23

Osborn Cup 6W | US

New York Croquet Club @ Central Park | New York City, NY

Peter W Timmins | 646-642-6601 | peterwtimmins@yahoo.com

09/18/23 - 09/24/23

USCA National GC Championship | GC

Chesapeake Bay Croquet Club | Hartfield, VA

Johnny Mitchell | 561-478-0760 | tournament@uscroquet.com

09/23/23 - 09/24/23

Merion Cricket Club 6W & GC Ivitational | US & GC

Merion Cricket Club | Haverford, PA

09/27/23 - 10/01/23

Pinehurst Invitational 6W | US

Pinehurst Country Club | Pinehurst, NC

Elaine Moody | 910-986-3164 | halliburton_2@msn.com

09/28/23 - 10/01/23

Cape Cod Invitational | US

Sandwich Croquet Club | Sandwich, MA

Jean M Lynch | 508-444-6983 | jlynch8488@gmail.com


10/08/23 - 10/14/23

USCA National American 6W Championship | US

National Croquet Center | West Palm Beach, FL

Johnny Mitchell | 561-478-0760 | tournament@uscroquet.com

10/14/23 - 10/21/23

WCF GC Over 50 World Championship | AC

Moorabinda Croquet Club & Bunbury Tennis Club | WA

Johnny Mitchell | 561-478-0760 | tournament@uscroquet.com

10/17/23 - 10/18/23

USCA GC School | GC

National Croquet Center | West Palm Beach, FL

Johnny Mitchell | 561-478-0760 | tournament@uscroquet.com

10/18/23 - 10/22/23

Country Club of Jackson 6W Invitational | US

Country Club of Jackson | Jackson, MS

Mark Fields | 601-918-2704 | mfields5@gmail.com

10/19/23 - 10/22/23

NC State Singles Championship 6W & AC | US & AC

Bald Head Island Croquet Club | Bald Head Island, NC

Mike Taylor | 910-986-3343 | mrtaylor1022@gmail.com

10/20/23 - 10/22/23

National Croquet Club GC Singles | GC

National Croquet Center | West Palm Beach, FL

Priscilla M Flowers | 828-421-3543 | pmflowers375@gmail.com

10/21/23 - 10/24/23

Big Oyster GC | GC

Chesapeake Bay Croquet Club | Hartfield, VA

Macey W. White | 804-694-9771 | maceywhite@gmail.com

10/24/23 - 10/25/23

Association Laws Croquet School | AC

National Croquet Center | West Palm Beach, FL

Johnny Mitchell | 561-478-0760 | tournament@uscroquet.com

10/26/23 - 10/29/23

Women’s Friendship Cup GC | GC

Chesapeake Bay Croquet Club | Hartfield, VA

Macey W. White | 804-694-9771 | maceywhite@gmail.com

10/26/23 - 10/29/23

USCA Selection Eights AC | AC

National Croquet Center | West Palm Beach, FL

Johnny Mitchell | 561-478-0760 | tournament@uscroquet.com

10/31/23 - 11/02/23

USCA American 6W School | US

National Croquet Center | West Palm Beach, FL

Johnny Mitchell | 561-478-0760 | tournament@uscroquet.com


11/02/23 - 11/05/23

Ponte Vedra Seahorse Tournament | GC

Ponte Vedra Croquet Club | Ponte Vedra, FL

Marc H Stearns | 904-273-2694 | mstearns2@bellsouth.net

11/02/23 - 11/05/23

West Indies Invitational 6W | US

Tennis Club of St Croix | St Croix, USVI

Douglas P Moore | 646-322-1742 | douglaspmoore@gmail.com

11/02/23 - 11/05/23

Houston Invitational 6W & GC | US & GC

Memorial Park Croquet Lawns | Houston, TX

Stuart Coco | 713-628-5704 | stuartwcoco@gmail.com

Sales Associate 2000 PGA Blvd, # 2100 Palm Beach Gardens FL 33408 m 518.524.5658 | o 561.210.7766 kathleen.chace@corcoran.com www.corcoran.com

In Memorium: Pat Chace Supper & Papa Fred Supper

www.croquetamerica.com | 53
Kathleen F. Chace


November (continued)

11/07/23 - 11/12/23

Solomon Trophy and President’s Matches | AC

Sarasota County Croquet Club | Venice, FL

Johnny Mitchell | 561-478-0760 | tournament@uscroquet.com

11/08/23 - 11/12/23

USCA Seniors Masters 6W | US

National Croquet Center | West Palm Beach, FL

Johnny Mitchell | 561-478-0760 | tournament@uscroquet.com

11/14/23 - 11/18/23

US Open AC | AC

Sarasota County Croquet Club | Venice, FL

Doug Grimsley | 703-591-0813 | dgrimsley37@aol.com


12/01/23 - 12/03/23

USCA GC Club Teams | GC

Sarasota County Croquet Club | Venice, FL

Johnny Mitchell | 561-478-0760 | tournament@uscroquet.com

12/05/23 - 12/09/23

Pacific Cup AC | AC

Mission Hills Country Club | Rancho Mirage, CA

Patrick Sweeney | 503-452-2191 | sweeney@503law.com

12/06/23 - 12/07/23

USCA GC School | GC

National Croquet Center | West Palm Beach, FL

Johnny Mitchell | 561-478-0760 | tournament@uscroquet.com

12/08/23 - 12/10/23

National Croquet Club 6W Doubles | US

National Croquet Center | West Palm Beach, FL

Timothy McCormick | 207-329-5343 | tmccorm1@gmail.com 2024


01/12/24 - 01/14/24

National Croquet Club 6W Singles | US

National Croquet Center | West Palm Beach, FL

Timothy McCormick | 207-329-5343 | tmccorm1@gmail.com

01/18/24 - 01/21/24

Women’s GC Open | GC

National Croquet Center | West Palm Beach, FL

Priscilla M Flowers | 828-421-3543 | pmflowers375@gmail.com


02/01/24 - 02/02/24

Snowbirds & Flamingos GC | GC

National Croquet Center | West Palm Beach, FL

Priscilla M Flowers | 828-421-3543 | pmflowers375@gmail.com

02/12/24 - 02/18/24

USCA National GC Championship | GC

Mission Hills Country Club | Rancho Mirage, CA

Johnny Mitchell | 561-478-0760 | tournament@uscroquet.com


03/08/24 - 03/10/24

USCA Croquet Week GC | GC

National Croquet Center | West Palm Beach, FL

Johnny Mitchell | 561-478-0760 | tournament@uscroquet.com

03/14/24 - 03/17/24

USCA Club Teams 6W | US

National Croquet Center | West Palm Beach, FL

Johnny Mitchell | 561-478-0760 | tournament@uscroquet.com

03/31/24 - 04/02/24

National Croquet Club GC Doubles | GC

National Croquet Center | West Palm Beach, FL

Priscilla M Flowers | 828-421-3543 | pmflowers375@gmail.com


04/10/24 - 04/14/23

USCA GC Eights | GC

Sarasota County Croquet Club | Venice, FL

Johnny Mitchell | 561-478-0760 | tournament@uscroquet.com


05/01/24 - 05/05/24

Southeast 6W Regional | US

Pinehurst Country Club | Pinehurst, NC

Johnny Mitchell | 561-478-0760 | tournament@uscroquet.com


09/17/24 - 09/21/24

USCA Selection Eights AC | AC

Chesapeake Bay Croquet Club | Hartfield, VA

Johnny Mitchell | 561-478-0760 | tournament@uscroquet.com


11/06/24 - 11/10/24

USCA Seniors Masters 6W | US

National Croquet Center | West Palm Beach, FL

Johnny Mitchell | 561-478-0760 | tournament@uscroquet.com


12/06/24 - 12/08/24

USCA GC Club Teams | GC

National Croquet Center | West Palm Beach, FL

Johnny Mitchell | 561-478-0760 | tournament@uscroquet.com

54 | www.croquetamerica.com


Our schools are taught by top USCA certified instructors who are qualified and experienced players selected by our staff because of their croquet expertise and ability to communicate to those who wish to learn to play the game correctly. Students will have the opportunity to play croquet in a structured environment. Classes are small (8:1 or less student to teacher ratio) and are tailored to the specific playing levels of the participants. The elements of croquet are explained and demonstrated in detail. We strive to have similarly skilled players in a particular group, however, there may be times due to demand that we have a diverse group of skills. In these cases, the instructor will give each student proper attention specific to their skill level.











» 5 hours/day of on-court instruction

» Use of equipment

» Official Rulebook (New A6W or GC members) USCA Shot-making Manual (1st time A6W)

United States Croquet Association

700 Florida Mango Rd, West Palm Beach, FL. 33406 561.478.0760


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Oakley Woods Croquet

The new ultimate in precision and performance... mallets, balls, wickets, accessories, videos

2-piece travel shaft mallet

• easily fits in a suitcase • assembles effortlessly in seconds • no tools needed

• alignment pin keeps ever ything in perfect position

bent shaft mallet

• ergonomic design

• reduces hyper-extension of wrist joints

• allows for relaxed grip

• single or double bend for different grip styles

• bigger back swing for greater control

Gryphon Predator
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