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Aggie· Club Plans llill-and-Dalers Blocked Kick Paves Way For For Big Informal Sart Grinds Over Maine, 7-0 Victory Over Rhody X-Country Course Annual Dance to Be Held Nov. Locals Outplay Invaders but Lack Scoring Punch I

Blocking a kick in Rhode Island's generals hip and the lacking of fast

teritory last Saturday, th e University In pre p arati o n for the cr oss-coun- of Mai n e marc hed to a we ll earned -try season, Coach Tootell's harriers victory here at Kingst on . One of the .•a re beginning to polish up their spik es a nd press th eir running pants gr eatest crowds in t h e histo ry of t h e into shape. '.Ch e first call for h ill- institution w itnessed t he light Rhody and-·dalees w ho will attempt . to : eleven meet with a series of unfortub rea k the gTeat " B ob " Strong 's rec - nate p lays th at presented the Pine ords vvas .<riven last Thursday and a State invaders w ith a surprising vic_ to ry. 'l'he con test was rather d rab , ·large gToup of men reported. owi n g m a in ly to the p oor w eather C oach F.-ed Too tell has worked out prevailing . . a definite traini ng system for h is ·<athletes and in the month that is left The two elevens p layed heady ball ·before t he first m eet the boys s ho u ld during th e fir st half, in which ses~ be in good shape. Cap t. Dring of th e sion neither w as successful in t hreat),(-c ountry team is b u sy scouting ening the other's goal line. The · ball for new varsity rnaterial and . fr om wagged up a n d down t he f ield, fea t he reports he, is h aving good success. t ured with many long punts a nd T here ar e but two le ttet· m e n left aerial a ttacks. Fifteen yai·ds in o ne on the sq uad-Dring and Benny pe nalty a ide d Rhody c ons iderably. .Fin e. These two boys showed their . It was at the outset of the third 1 stuff last season and can be c o unted quarter t hat Ken Bro wn's b oot was on to r e.peat. Both have been tr~in - l b loc k ed and covered by B lack, .I'ne· all sun'm" ~ ' er· a rld are r'tl p.e'. rf. ect I flashy- right · end. ·. The -- pigskin was· c on dition . Beside<'< t\v'O me n 'soon carried the remaining 30 yards . . t h ere are sevoral other ''e , , tei'ails w ho fo r a to uchdo wn by Bu zz e ll. will offer plenty of competitio n. Rhode Island then staged a hard "D une " Smith is round ing up into ·fight to regain this lead, but poo r t rim and most of last year's F res h man team are out for varsity h onors. Pyk osz. ~zulilc Dave 1:-'ine, .Jo hn( Continu e d on page 4 )

Orchestra Dance

fi rst of October.

T his was the Cols p onsored by

the Sta te Co llege Concen Orchestra. The pz·oceeds of this affair will · be u se d towards the purc h a s ing of g o ld . keys, which w ill be awarded to the .members of the orchestt·a at· the ·.close of the year , The d a nce w'as sch eduled to begin 8 o'clock, b u t long before that ho u r th e hall b eg·an to f ill up. Promptly a t 8 the College Jazz Ten broke into t h e strains of the open~ ing fox t r ot . T h is did not dismay the .many pleasure seek e r s, and in a few .n1inutes the f l oor was covered with d ancers. Fro m t h e fir s t num b e r to -the closing w'altz a t 1 0 :3 0 ther e was .a continuous m ob on the flooT. At l east one hundr ed c oup les were p res.ent to spe nd a n en joyable evening, .so that the Benefit Dance was a complete s uccess, financia lly and .socially. The orchestt·a fu rn ishing the m u.sic was a novelty, a s there w ere ( Continued on page 4 )

The Aggie Club. started t he old war-ho rse g·oi ng at their first meeting of the year, last Wednesday eveSmith , newly elected n ing. "Dun'' P resid ent o f th e Club op ened the g et t og ether w ith a few remarks of w e lcome. t o the new Freshmen m e mbers. 1che plan s, pr inc ip les and procedures of th e Club were outlined. The Club discussed the p ossibility of sending a Cat tle .Judg ing T eam at the Nati onal Show held in Chicago next Fall, under t he directio n of Prof. Ladd. Further deta ils will be tak en up at a later date.


. Keaney's char ges from rea h zrng t he rr dreams . A few times th e local warriors came . . . . I1 w1thm striking distance of the go a l, bu t eithe r a poor pass or a fr ustrated 'line pl u nge went to naught. Captain Lamo rea u and Dickey were the m ainstays on th e Maine team. B oth C aptain Barber and "Beany" ViTar de playe d thei.- usual fine game, prev enti ng· ma ny of the P ine Tree Staters from gaining at their drives. Draghetti. Rhode I sland's star back fie ld m an . was forced to leav~ the ;;ame toward th e end after having worked hard ·all afternoon. Kelly Towns end received r epeated cheers for his p lucky stand in preventing vario us drives th ro ug h the line. This flash y .Junior prom ises to develop into a star. T he game n ot only m arked the debu . t of_ __t he_ :'Y~ite and B lue _at _ its -home field , but also the display of

The main business of the evening was the Aggie Bawl, and pr eparatio n s have already commenced regarding this affair: The Aggie Club v oted to ho ld the dance on Monday, November 1st; ~h is date will prove popular, (Continued on Page

Juniors-Hold First Class Meeting Of the Year

the new stan ds . These bleac he rs. have met wi th "'ide approval , and Saturday's a ttendance pr·omises to have I( '!lf l(l f l l l l... ll

Yearling Gridders R. 0. T. C. Plans for Rounding Into Form Bigger Army Band

Last Year's Officials Re-appointed; Class Hats Proposed; S. Andahl Chosen Student Council Member

Fundamentals, Passing, Team Unit Allows Senior and Junior Play Chief Objects in Daily "Civies'' to Participate Practice Accor ding to Direc t or E . Ho lland,

Wedn esday evening, and elected its

The Ju n ior

Class reorganiz e d last

leader s for the ensuing year. Gerald 'rhe " Frosh" f ootball squad are h av- leader· of the R. I. State R . 0. T . C . Faunce, C lass President for the past inz th eir daily w or·kouts under the b and, this organizatio n is h is most two y ears'' was· agai n ·chosen a ·s head ~ coaching of Fred Tootell. Instead of vital i nterest in the army unit at the of the class of 1928. Miss Elsa Gram-

:Music Furnished py Our Own Jazz Teartts,· Enthusiastic Coupies Jazz-tim __e_T_r_eats

.lege Orc h estra so cial,

end~ . _: r,eve nted


Gay Mob at Col~ege

' Th f ' b. . e •rst 1g d a n c e of t he year was .he ld at L ip pitt Hall last Fr id ay, t)1.e

1st; · Preparations Have Been Put in Order for Big Drive

Townsend Stars

'Twelve Experienced Men Out; Last Year's "Frosh" Form Part of Squad

decreasing · in size, as in past

i th e Freshme n 1

cand id a t es

year s, c ollege.


He c a ~ well afford to

be 1 e lsbach received the class



t h e proud of the band, for the first re- v ic e preside nt ; "Sp eed" Randall was


t ea~, gather strength, and


riow more than sixty. C oach Tootell is ings of an excellent music unit this received the

number h earsal shows that we have the mak- c hosen as secre tary, while W. Gannon

rap i dly r ou nding u p his g.-een rnatel'ial into shap e for the opening g ame w i th Rogers Hig h, t he 1 6th of Octobe r·. The boys are finding college fo o tb all to be a lit tle s tiff er t han the 1 j high school brand , but they are bearf ipg up ad mirab ly under· the grind . I Two h o urs a d ay w ith "Toot" on deck gives th e "Frosh" someth ing to think 1 about. Line plunging, tackling, and passin g ~r e on ly a s m a ll p a r t of t he daily schedule, and in a fe w days, the b oys will h ave a chance to show the ir s tuff i n s crimmage wi th the Var sity. Coach Too tell is dis covering daily, men who oug ht to make good, and there are at least twenty l etter m en from various high schools in this region w ho are out to make the squad. The coach plan s t o g ive every man a fair chance, as it is not weight he is after but fig hting spirit. A high sc hool r e putation means nothing at (Continued on page 4)

year . T uesday a fternoon , the first cali for band practice was issu ed a n d about fort y men reported at Lippitt H all. Elisha Ho.lland, fo r .. the third successive year , was band ma~ter . I;-Ie was ass isted by Sergeant D. Nevi.ns, dr1Jm majot· fot· the ensuing yeat· .. Sergeant Lind say, of t he a r my s t aff, w a s in charge and iss ued the l n ents. This year m at·ks an innovation in the org·an iza tion , due to th e fact t hat j uniors and se niors. will be i n cluded i n the band roster . Hitherto only t he fi.-st t wo cl asses were regu lar members of th e offic.ial R. 0. · T . C. band, but a new ruling Will permit any etudent to become a m e mber. Credit for the work will b e giv e n, and it is probable that band ·wor k in the advanced course w .ill be optional w ith physical t raining. Many upper c lassmen have already chosen the b a nd o ption. L a s t year the R . o. T, c. ba nd w as (Continued on Page 3)

p osition of


'Miss Lillian Bl:-t.nding was unanimously elected as assistant treas urer of t he junior class . . lfenry Barney, chairma,n of t he dance committee, sugested that a Fidance c omm ittee, sugg ested that a Ficlass to bandle all financ ial affairs of the junior c lass activ ities. His moI t i.on was l ost, however, and th~ c lass vo t ed t hat all money matters be left in the hands of the treasurer. This wi ll ins u re g reater efficien cy and bett er results . The question of junior hats was discussed, but owing to the lateness of the hour, no action was done. The class voted to delay definite action until t he next meeting, w hich will be held sh ortly . . A vac ancy on the Student Council app ear e d , as Del C leary, j unior member of the Student Council did not return this year. Samuel Enghdol was e l ected to fill this position on the Council.


THE BEACON, KINGSTON, R. I. THURSDAY, OCT. 7, 1926 v is ite d Kingsto n to see th e "light but scrappy " team p lay so hard!

THE BEACON off ic la ) pu bli cat ion of

W ith our student body in a few more mass rneetings to practice our . . ll d h ld fa v o rrte ye 8 an songs, , we s ou not be a st o nished to see our results become surprising. If the Army Band can b e pr ese nt at a ll me etings and games, K ingston w i ll be c ome quite Str·r·!{i· ng to\''n. T he tean' r's fighting ·' ., ha rd a gainst all k inds of unfortunate


Publi s h ed

weekly by the stu dents R. I. St:tte College


Our College Dances

The play-period s y ste m which was


u s ed for the first time i n the football d a n ces o f th e game betwee n B r o wn an d Boston stat e. University last y ear was t ri e d o u t dr e dsagain last w e ek wh e n t h e T erriers T he met Bowdoin C o lle ge Maine. The period s

at Bru nswick, from were cut

vario u s fo rmal and costume·· · t at R h ode I s land St a e are some·· greatest s ocia l features in the ~ They a r e a ttended by hu n- . a motley crowd, indeed-.

fi r st b ig event i s du e to be· t h fi t k f N h ad dur i n g e 1r s wee o ovem- . b er w hen t he "Far mers, " otherwise· .. ref erre d to a s t he Aggies, a r e going:--

of b reaks and a little more spirited forty plays t o th irt y , a s t he periods to h ave their night. c h eerin g from the entire student body are usually s h ort er in th e first game well a tteRded danc e .

w ill m a ke up for these odds. And T e r ms of Subscr ipti on man y of t hese folks can detain their OnE' year m a dvance . . $2.00 . . Si n g le cop ies . . . .05 Prondence tnp for the 5. 00 p. m . Sign ed s tatements ])" mted w h en space train! T h i nk rt over foll{s.- vV. G . M. perm its . Res ponsibility for sa m e not ' a8sumed by t h e paper. --------Sub scnber s w h o do not receive th eir pgper regula rly a r e req.uestecl to notify th e Busin ess Manager .


"H1" There"

No t ice o f Entry A ccepta n ce fo r mail ing at sp ecial rat e po sta ge provided f or in Section 1103, Act of October 3, 1917, Authorized J a nuary 13 , ] 919. Me m be r of the Ea ster n Interco ll eg iate Newspa pe r Assoc iat ion Editor-in- Chief

F r e shmen , you may n o t

k now il

of the season. T h is game settled the

It is


very ··

At t he "Aggi e Bawl " the eds a n d".'

the co -eds dre ss a Ia H alloween Night ... the T hese fair maidens w ho h ave l ong -Brown contest la s t year as t o y earned to be dress e d ·in their gra m-.. merits of the syste m. rna~ s chool dresses, kid socks, a nd' nake d .knees, w ill be out with BEL LS:: The following a rticle a ppeared in ON ! The questio n amongs t the sheil{S:c. the Syracus e D a ily Orang e " H ow about t h os e sheik: no w is: At a busine ss m eetin g of t h e c lass b o b s ?" O f course, t he M isses Elsie.. of 193 0, th e preside nt of t he Senior Co leman and "Bi ela" C urtis may dress''· Council at Syracuse U n iv ersity em - as schoo l boys. p hasized two i m po rta nt facts which T h e youths, o n t h e o t her hand, eve n c a re essential to a smooth running g o one better. Th ese bo y s d ress in university . Th e first w a s that there t heir worst · cloth e s -j ust like t heir .... is to be no hazing b y unde rgraduates, f a thers d o. One f e llow will have over--. and second tha t all s tudents a r e ex- aEe: whic h would m ost likely tear if·· p e cted to r e fr ai n fr o m sm o king i n or he attempts the H arv a rd Ho p w ith .. n ear the buil dings. Th ey a r e also re- i his mind on Prexy, and his eyes o n · quest e d no t t o s nw lte on t he campus. I gir ls . Oth er s are a t tired i n T om Mix:· Mr . C ook explained th a t hazing, pan ts, Boob McN u tt, or anyo ne o f ·· 1 which form erly w a s a part of most these Ho o liga n suit s. c ollege rituals , now is b a nn e d by t he T h e " S ophs " m a k e merry about· university authorities . He sai d that ten days before th e visit of Sa nta. .• argument whic h d evelo p e d after

b ut o n e of the most res p eded t r a cli ti o ns at Rhode I slan d Sta t e Co lie[?;G is the friendliness and so ciability of its s tu den ts. vVe are a small group, acqu a int anc es are easily made, and A lb ert L . H iller , ' 27 there ar e no strangers amon g us. Managi~ Edit or W h e neve r you pass or meet a student Walte r T . S m ith , '27 you don't know, act friendly . And t his B usiness M a nager spirit of friendship can b e shown in R usse l A. Eckloff , ' 27 no b e ter way than in responding to N e ws Staff t he call of. " H i " o r " H e llo ." You Will B enjam i n F ine, '28-Camp u s notice that a ll upper classm e n g reet C har l es T . Mille r , '28-'-At h l etics Ber n ice Grieves, '2 7-Interc oll egiate eac h other on the campus, wheth e r or not they have met before. '.rhus, G e o rg e H. Alexander, '27-Feat ure Freshmen, it is up to you to accept Mildred L. Th om pson, ' 27-Co - e d t oo many und esir abl e r e sults occu rred Claus. Des irous t o sh o w good ol d: .. ou r tra d i tions and act likewise. No from the prac tice o f this pro c edure. s t. Nicho las w h at g ood boy s t hey · News Board matte r w ho you are , or what you In regard t o sm o king it was ex- hav e been , thes e wall -:ftowers invest :. Ethe l D . Hay , '27 M a urice H. Conn, ' 28 w e r e in yo ur home town, you are plained that t h e use of " the weed " a bcut f o ur do llm-s f o r a Coll egian, J an M . Wall~er , '28 o nly a F reshman here, and only one could not b e p rohi b i ted on the cam- "Tux" , g et a ticket and then spend•' L illi a n Blanding, '28 a tom in the unit of hundreds. Lets , pus due to th e f a c t th a t visito rs fre - four sl eeple s s n ig hts to decide if Betty-D a vid F ine, '29 g e t into the spirit of this institution, quent the gr; o unds v e ry often . is b ette r t h a n Hel e n or Grace. The , William M o hnay, '29 Mildred Wine, '2 9 gir ls, o n t he oth e r hand , are out. b ecome a part of it. And s ee how Arthur z. Srn ith, '2 9 m u ch m ore you will e n joy college , Coach Robinson of Boston Univer - strong-unless the "imp orted lassies"· life .. The next tjme you pass an upper sity is busy try ing to g e t the "tr ial don't r un h igh . Th e co -ed s have al- c lassman, or unknown Freshman, horse" idea out of the minds of the w a ys kid . th e b oys that t heir gownsc, I around the campus have a pleasant Terriers. T h e ex- B rown ment o r , ac - were bough t in \.he city, but Freshmen,,: I s .a college student measured by "Hello" ready for h im or her . cording to Austen L a ke of the Bos- ev er yo ne has b een h ired for the n i ghU his d ishone sty? ton Transcript, wants to drive the Th e a rmy and its gang celebrates.; College has been barely opened for MAINE 7, R. I. 0 thought home that Dartmouth, West just befo re ou r faculty throws out a.. Point, Yale and Ho ly Cross are just hundre d or so unfortunates at thth· three weeks, wt,en we at·e a m azed (Con tinued from page 1) the stepping stones to a place in mid -year h o use c l eaning. The "Mil-with the multitude of announcements . Kingston become a footba ll center gridiron sun. itary Ball" is th is great affair! Cap-.. of lost artic l es. There is a general un- within the next few years. " Y ou can make up your m inds,'' tain H a mmo nd a nd Carter , their aides.;c rest amongst us students who keep The lineup: Rhodelsland (0) he t old a little group o·f player s t hat and officer s , are t h e stars of the night .... wide great earnest t o h old Maine ( 7) le Donald gathered around him previo u s to T h e hall is decked with flags and coJ-.. on to; our l; g,s, Dozens of fe l - Na11nigan le It Warde o pening practice, "that we are going ors of our n a tio n . It is at this fe ature.,. I~ws h a ve reported the missing of M innutti It lg Barber (C) after each game to win, not merely that so m .e th r ee hundred smacker s ;;. books, watches, slickers, and other Dickey lg c Conroy t o hold the. score d own. You' ll find g o f:o r t })e c l:lst of an orchestra! mls,ce.Ua.neous articles. At that gait, Simon c And, yeah. T h e girls shine somer g Gannon wheu yo-u me:et these teams that they w.ltat little will be possessed by next Dickson rg n igbtr They own what they call the.. rt Meade may be a . little better equipp,ed , bttt J\lne? Lamoreau (C) rt re Priestley inside that equipment their hearts Pan - H ellenic-a n organization for, of-· Wh ile there is some likelih ood that .B.lack re qb Hurwitz beat the same Number (}f pulsations al!ld by t:he girls. Thts spring dance>-· misplacements h ave occurred with 'Hobbs qb per minute as yo u rs and their bones. is like a il o:the.r functio•n:s, held at.. ll;l. Brown careless folks, it remains dulilious Falls.on lh and muscles are no more sturdy than L i ppitt. Each <!lo -e d can choose at .. " " . Buzzell rh rh Draghetti I · that. scores· s.h· ou 1'-' 1os.e .,e 1'ong1ngs _so. yours are . We are not going to be fellow for that night. It is empha-fb Townsend h 1 t h · Sylvester fb <Jili!~ck~.- Recently a fres man os. lS 'trial horses' for anybody." siz.e d that no gir l can stag. Ther&.watcb .. AHe.r: a general alarm h a C! Score b y periods: are palms,, flower s, colo rs and lights ... 0 0 7 0- 7 I The Senior class at Pro-yidence Col- The chaperones are present-).;)ut a... been sent arou nd , a janitor f ound the M a ine 0 0 0 watch beneath a radiator. Last sum- Rhode Island O- O lege now numbers 96, it was an- glarin g electric light faces them a llt mer a student missed his slicker. He Touchdown-Buzzell. Goa.! \;tfter nounced at t he office of the dean this night. (This is the night when thed:~t!ll. ~ortunate1y, meet the innocent touclJ,down (drop kick)--,Sylvester . noon. T he to t al enrollment at the boys know with whom they rcate.) feU0rw> whose exctlSe was: ''] thought Substitutions: Maine- Beaker for college is tl40 . The enrollment in May and ·its Junior Week is t lt.&it was my fraternity brother's, so I Dickey, Dickey for Beaker. R h ode courses at teh pre- medical schools th ing of the college yea'r.' The Jun-wwe it tn the rain." True as the Island---'M,~gQlJ.ll. for Priestley, Stev- was announced as 86, the largest ior Prom is. held along wit h "op.en... statement could have been, such ens . f\J•r.~~~ ·R'irialdcr· :ro·r: Donald, e v er. house." The sheiks who can afford:·. J.il111tctic·e should not be encouraged. Reed for Hur witz, Walker for Gan---fifty bucks on a "gal" , invite t heirIt h as b~en requested by various nO'il, Gratton for Draghetti, Blake for ·T he Geology departrnen.•t of PriRce- friend's. The girls are m ade to be-..


Our Welfare





d issatisfi ed fellows that Dr. <·Edwards sh o ul d take a hand in the matter . While n o ne is being accused of being a sneak-thief, there should be some action whereby a drastic action would

,Townsend., DeBtw.c i for Walker, Swift for DeBucci, Epstein · for Hurwitz, Knowles for Swift. Referee-Spencer Scott, Michigan. Umpire-A! Ferrier, Dartmouth.

preve nt a stude nt from wearing or Head linesm'a n-Boyson, B rown. · taking his friend's ( ?) possessions Time of periods-10-mmute quart ers. without having a t first asked him. . T he presence of the stands at Satu r d a y ' s football game was gratifying, indeed. Never has such a mob witnessed a n opening game here. in K ingston. ]n fa;et , the cheering was so u n ifi ed that it has appeared the stu den t body of Rhody was d oubl ed . E ven scores of cars· had

At Assembly Preocy said that all automobiles at the college must be registered-that must include some of the t h i ngs we see running around lately. I Sugegstion to Prexy: We want all bicycles and scooters registered ~!so.


ton. Univ. ersity g..ave what . is bet~eved to be t h e first university course 011 "wheels'' last s-ummer. A party o:ll pro.fesso:rs and und·ergraduates trav~ elled about ten thousand miles· ion a pullrn;a,n ear in order to make a thoTough study of the geology and

the natural resouvces. of the States.

lieve t h at they are the " Queen of" Sheba.''' They eat, sleep and drink. (ginger a l e). T h e boys have "lime,.. women an d so n g.' ' T h e Seniors end their school dayso::, wr'th a d·an' ·c e the fi·nal night of the- term 1'n June . The mothers,. who ex- -

United' pect to see the presentation of the-..

sheepskins, are told that the "funeral"'' Following the example set by Har- co m es o n Mond ay. The aged parent s:;. vard University a few weeks ago, the bel'ieve th a t a c o llege is a place where-.. factulty of' Yale University has an- ~ c h ildren learn of Socrates, Shakenounced that after a certain rank in . speare a n d E arl Carroll. But, ah, they· .. scholarship has been attain e d by. are stunned·. It is nothi ng else t h an,__ member s of the s·e ni or class, they a n institu ti o n for t h e further teach-may attend l ectures a nd· classes at i ngs of the 0 har leston, Collegiate and!:. their own discretion . Tango!





Assembly Notes

Speakerless Many Present at Military Club Doings Mass E. E.'s First Meeting

P r esid e nt Howard E d wards o pen ed t he fir s t assemb ly of t he yea r with T h e R ho d e I s land State C ollege t he remark that he would t r y to ·t s peak lou d e no ugh , so t hat h is vo ice b ran c h o f the A. I. E'· E' · h e ld 1 s would ca rry over the e ntire hall. firs t m eeting of the year in Prof . Anderso n' s lec ture room , Oct. 1. Geo r ~e After a s h or.c r eli gious ser vic e , h e o s p ok e of students b e ing ex pell ed f ro m E ddy p resided a t t h e meeting , w hich t he co llege o n aec ount of f ailu re in r eally ac t ed as an a g ent to reas t h eh· stu di es. T h ese r e marks sho ul d sembl e t he c lub o f last year. T h is branc h of the A . I. E. E . had b e of es p ec ia l interes t t o th e new m en. never h a d a wri t ten c onstituti on ·and P1·esident Edwa rd s to ld h ow student s a t t he firs t m eeting t he prospe c ts of com e to h im and say that it would one WE)re d iscussed. A suggestion b rea k their parents' h earts if t h ey w e r e exp e lled . The preside n t remind - was made by th e p arent asso ciation r egar di ng this point a nd i mmediat ely ed t.he s t u dent body that it was th ei r a cted upo n by t he l oca l bran ch. To· d u ty to th i nk of th ese things before any such ca lamity befell t hem. He a id t he R hode Island e rs in fr a ming p unctuated t h is p a rt of h is ad dr ess t heir con s tit u tion t h e national organwi th well c h nsen quo:ations from t he izati on se n t do w n a model one a ft er Bible. w h ic h th e locals may fas h ion theirs . T his bra nc h soc iety is foster e d b y He t hen took. the opport u nity o f the Ame 1· 1·ca n Inst ,·tutl·o n o f E' l ect rica l co ngratulating the t eam for t h e ir Engineers , a n organization wholly for

The Officers' Club of the R. 0 . 'I'.

C. , h eld

t h e ir fi r st m eet in g of the The s econd mass m eeti ng of this y ear Tuesday aft ernoon, Sept. 28 , at year h e ld in Lipp itt Hall on Thursda y, Sept. 30 , in prepara tion for the Maine t he Military Rooms . I mp ortant b usigame , was marked by as gr eat e nthu si- ness w as transact ed and it is p ositiv e• a s m as was dis played at t h e firs t meet- that t h e club is heading fo r a ver y ing . s uccessf u l y ear. The show of spir it was a ided by the The Military Ball , which a pp ear s-. b and, whose harm ony, if no t a lways : 0 be one of the grea test s ocia l fea tquite p e rfect, was v ery voluminous. T he band was handicap ped by absence ures of th e schoo l year, was bo o ke ~ of s everal d a y-stu den t membe rs and f or Friday, Feb . 25 . Plans are n O'\!.,. when th ese a re present, i mpro v e d r e - u n derway to mak e th is a ffa ir b y far · su lts will b e obtained .

greater than any other in recen t year s •.

No speeches w ere m a de , the halfhour program co nsisting solely .o f c h ee rs, led b y th e in defatigable H. eaton; and band selecti ons, directed by D e l Nevins, who, in t he abs ence of

The off icers f or t he co mi ng y ear were then elect ed . James Hols t on w a s named pr esident u n anim ou sly. The vice president wa.s Wilhelm .J ohnson. N oel S mi t h was elected s ecretary and Fred Hammett the treasurer . W ith s uch an ab le S(el ection of offic ers , the, Officers' C lub r;r omises t o have g reat activities, especially s pealzers of n a -·· tiona! note .

Don Kinzie , also l ed th e s inging.

s p len d i d work on Sat urday aga inst advan cement of ele ctrical e ngine e ring. Brown . He Ra:ct, hu m orous ly , t h at '.rhe presid e nt o f th e R. I. S . C. divb ecaus e our t eam \Va s lighter t h an isi o n fo r th is year is George Eddy, B r own's we should h ave bee n m or e t he secr e tary, C. F . Easte1·brooks, and g entl e ( ? ) w ith t hem in th e extrem e the councelor, Pr of ess or A nderson. T h e c l u b inten ds to bring the enh ea t and not cause them t o lo se ex::;ine erin g students togeth er in an efcess w eig ht . T h e asserr..bly hour shou.ld lake as f o r t t o cr eate a genui n e inter est in engi n eeri n g . At t he m eeting s all sorts m u ch r eq uirem ent a s a n y oth er class exer cises, for it is the on ly place th a t of ne wly - mad e advances are discussed . t h e preside nt ca n meet t he s t ud e nt 'vVith t h e students interes ted in th e b o d y a s a whcle. President E d w ards f e els certain t hat i f thi s ex e r c is e w ere with d r awn the college wo uld lose a grea t ,d eal of it s un ity a nd s p ir it . Alth ough the coll e ge f unds a r e very lo w t h is y ear and we wiH be unable to get any ou ts ide speaker for the assemb ly ex e r cis es. T h is p eri o d will n ot b e devoid of inte rest b y a n y m eans, f or Presi de nt Edwar d s will speak to t h e stud e nts about matters o f current in t_e r est . . I f_ we d o not listen t o t h e m it will b e o u r o w n fault and n ot that o f the presid e nt . The subj ect f or next week's d isc ussi on is the World Deb t. T h e pr~si d ent v ery ki n d ly informed the n ew m e n that lt will n ot pay t o cut assembly u n less they are lit erary gen uis es a n d lik e to w r it e 2000word themes.

The Tale of a Mouse

Th e moonlight sifted t hroug h t he p a nes R. 0. T. C. PLANS Th e world w a s millry w h ite, And drea ms wer e flo ati n g to and fro (Continued from Pag e l ) I n the s tillness of t he nig ht. given a sp e cia.l reco mmen d a tion b y th e i n s pecting officers f rom W ashingA g hastly gra veya rd silence ton, D . C. A s w e have th e same b a nd' Now lay upon th e house t h is y ear, and in a d ditio n a re reinwork it is m uch easie r to keep pac e And through t he creaky building f orced by more t h an a, score of f reshwit h th e r a pid a dvanceme nts being There ventur e d f orth a m o u s e . m en, t h e t eam s ho u l d m eet with evenm a d e i n the e l e c tl·ica l world . greate r su cce8'1!. Th e R. 0. T . C. band A ll e ngine ering students are cor- H e wande'r ed h e re and wand e r e d w ill als o s erve a s the offi c ta l college· d iall y inv it e d to a ttend th e bi-weel{]y there ' b ar,d, and will p lay a t a ll th e f ootball·· me eting s w hich wi ll tak e place in I n search of food to e;tt. ga.m es, a s w e ll a s at oth er activities . A Professo r Anders o n' s lecl m·e r oom in At last a senior's trunk he s pied; special open ait concert was rendered L ip pitt Build ing. The day of th e Ins id e he saw a treat. last year, and it is p r obab l e t hat thi!! m e e ti ngs will soon be s e t at some I will be rep eated, a s weU as sliveral in~ , t im e con v e nient to a ll. H e nibbled first , then , getti n g . bold door concer t s. He chewed, as though i n fear On Thurs day e vening t he b artd as Th a t if he didn't eat it all CAMPUS CUTS . ,siS't ed a t m .e _m ass .m eetiirg, _arousing · - --·---·-- I-Iis-·friend·s Trrigl1t soon appear. By W. G . M. interest for the M a ill e footba ll g a me .. s· 1 t 1, t f · n1c e as · wee { s an nou nc em en · 0 · N ext day all Mouse-Town \ V'as a stir , T h e band cer tainly m ad e a h it, a nd d' h t'l1'ea.fter no mass meeting wiH be the los t van ity case, an extraor m ary Fio r Mister Mouse had died . , co mplete with out o n e. Under ])el'l i la>·ge number of girls have attempted , Old D octor Rat examined hbn , to recover their " f ace:" S-ince n o n e Th en shook his head and siglu ·d. i N eiiins, who a cted a s · b a n d master, ca me a n ywher e n ear d esc ribin g thiS l song l eader , and m a st lir of cerem o rtieS>, Fra nk Kresge articl e, i t hasn't been He studied every vein an d- chord ·the l1and h e l'plid t o fill the hall With r eturned yet. m ttsic. Mitn y who have h ear d t l'ie And after quite a pause BrC>wn b a n a play a re of the opinio fi He slowly blinke d and then An Irishman tells us this story: 'that t h e :R. ~ , State group has it a 1t noun ce d , 'l'wo Scotclrmen had a bet to see "Diabet es was the cause ." over the :Brown team. We cerfainfy who could stay beneath the water . are t here i n p ep and s pir it -a nd size. the longest. According to our in·The ba n d helped out the cheering secJm·Inant, nei.lfiber came up. That very day a seni or rose An d swore by th e stars ab ov e 'tion, a nd gave p l enty of punch t o t he :Bowd oin, we are to ld, takes great To kill the mguse tha t ate t he note :singing. T h e band d id m a ke one break;,. p r ide in having such names as Milton He'd written to h is love . however: Nevins a n nounced that there and Sha kespf>are w i th in t heir i ncom~B.. C . K. · wo·u l d be a c ompetition between the ing "frosh" class. However, "Rhody" men a n d t h e eo•eds t & S'ee who could can boast of such literary distinctions mak;e t he most noise---the song was as Sc ot t,. Sha w and Brown. :the ' ' R.I. Cheer Song." The men sang

. I I


P r esident E dward s sp oke of o u r college tradi tio ns and asked the peo ple who have a u tomobil es to registe-r them a t tbe c oll ege office and to drive ver y carefu lly on the Ct)!lege grt~utrds . The president t hen r ead our co n tract with th e co ll ege. He · especially stressed 'the p oi n t on rn.e U.S'e or ltqUors. When t h e cont r act is b roken n o t only i'S" t h e' J'Jr o·h ii!Jiti<li,P la>W broken, but the f undame n t a l o f all law iS' broken, the sanc tity of contract. The· ... ::fil·st, 8;€Compan,i ed by tbe terld:fic v-vl• P rexy •s t ex t a t a ssem b l Y w a"" : ,...,.. llrohibftion law was made by t h e peo• .,.,Hot stuff ," cried the bather a s he .o., 1 n ot w is e in thine own eyes"~iH~ · ume -of a 4'().- p,isee • D!lilld~e:r :IW ell}scalded his hand. :ille and as long a s t he peopl e ·flo not ---F reshman way up b ack t l'iough t eds h ave a s yet ~applied ft~r ll>dmiss-i on with draw ict, th e la w sh&illd be o b eyed. Ou.t• students want to know for "Prexy didn't lik 'l to hav-e t he gi:t'ts t a.s a band - member. H was the eoTo be fair to th e state, students of r·o]l their e·y· es. · eds' tur n n ext, "and' 'the. ·ba.nd swung ,w h at c o11ege D, r . P. o tter h. as carth is college s hould get a s m u ch aS' ried water. He knows well that Persona lly, we don' t m in d - a"S · t ong·: tne girls into the op·ening strain-an d tlossible out 'OI f he course for the saturday's w o'l'k was very imas it's o nly t heir eyes t h a t they roll. , JYUddenly , to a m~tt~opp~d. The ·constate s:pet;~. d s from $1800 to $2 000 on' pressiv-e. Another "Fro s h " who was hard of :fusio,n w a s pitifut lnde~d, but tire v!Lle ach man t hat a ttends this college. hearing thought the text was "])rink 't.tnt daUglrlel's' o:I' Rh ody called' tn e The a sslim b ly exercise was c losed by The :bana na p·eel is not t h e only t o me only with thine eyes." , bluff and fi t!l'Shed Up strong· with()U.t the s-inging of t h e "Alma Mater.'' S'ig :n of a faiL He was sure or it w h en Prexy :: tlHi ::tf<f ot Bt'MS'. 1'1\.e genetal vet dieti Business Advice spoke .about the evils of drinking. hbwever , was th a t between the" me~ When you m a ke a m istak e f orget Dea r Bin: li ~&'.li co~ed&, t h e band captured the lau,it a n d go on · to the next job. Ddfi't While Pt'of. Churchill's Now that Octo b in" is her e we''ll n&w · rei§ tor· the evening. , putter aro und a il d a y ad ding a lot of Fr~~ch History a ssignment, I came h ave to hang u p this sig n each morn- ,. acr oss the nam e of Mlle. Pompadour. ing: "Good-b y Se ptember Mor n !" ' f inishing t o uch es. Qui~ So Ca n you t ell m e If she had anyt hing ' O n e w oul d think t hat th ey were He Knew Her t o do with the invention of stacomb? Famous Last \Vords a lw a ys r ich. Wife-Ah , if we on ly k n ew what A "Frosh." "Le1ls bQw our hea.ds toget!bei'!' Well, th er e 's noth ing one can ge~ the future has in store f o r us. A nswer- Yes, sh e smeared it on t he accustomed t o more q uickly thad H ub- Well , d on't !'worr y, dear. knife when Ro·l9esp fere was gumoCome and Learn the Way luxury. W h atever it is you will get it a t a tined .


Fine Sayings

bargai,~ .

Minn esota paper: "The Devn h:'is H aving had a.ll t h a t r ain in Kings-~ a ll kinds of agencies pointing the Eyes Front ton last week, we are made to ask road to destruction. '.rhere is only Take care of the to m or rows and t h ose sta u nch anti- prohib itionists if one sure guide t o t h e r oa d. Come t o the yesterda ys will take care of t h is isn't the wettest state in the the Presbyterian Sunda y Sc hol and t fle m !'<P. ] VP!'I.. Unio n . 1 l et us stu d y tog ether."


Just So 'Twixt 'a sailor a nd a. jewe ler The diffe r e n ce is, says Wells, That one of them sells watches, And the other watches cells.



Concert Orchestra R$ 0. T. C. to Have Begins Rehearsals ]Jig Unit This Year


GAY MOB AT DANCE (Continued from Page really two





gether. Between the two there was a The Collep-e Concert Or c h estra held regular battle of music, and there th ei r fi r s t reh earsal last Wednesday .ing weat h er which · p revailed, the _R. was no hesitation between numb er s. 0 . •r. G . u nit at Rhode Island Stat"> w s atur d'ay N'Jg ht IJ~ aw k 8 · I-I ~ II · P· r o f essor B r own College t urn ed out at two o'clock fo'r Rus ... inketis' m· g h t at ·L'1PP 1'tt w a s co nductor and t h e team g ot o ff the first d r i ll of the school calendar. did most of the jazzing and t h ey were augm ented by Dell Nevins a nd to a fly ing start. T he o rchestr a Is T his yea r the unit is the largest that his Terrible Three. The roster of m uplanning to h old these rehearsa'l s has ever bee n organiz ed at the co l- sicians included '\Vinketis, Dow, weekly, the pieces to be practi ced Willi' lege, and by the lookS of the husky G luckman a nd Morally, violins; Nev· · f reshmen in khaki, who turned out be t·ende red a t assemblies every Mon - a lo ng w it h the Sophomores and ad - ins, Irons and ' Fine, sax ophones and clarinets; Townse nd and . Tabor, day . vanced course men, it shou ld develop banjos; Foster, t1·ombone; Goldstein The ·f irst rehearsal bro ught out all i nto one of the finest units ever had 'and Keach , piano ; Tennant and Me of last year' s veterans, a n d in addi- h ere . It is most certainly hoped that C loskey , drums . The above certainly t io n , quit e a f ew Freshm en. T h ere it w ill r oun d into a smooth working rep1·es ent the jazz element at Rhod e 11 e b e f 0 r e the annual IqJa and tl1e boys s ho wed it. is s ti.ll Vie nty of r oom f or a ddi tio n al m a c h i ~ 11 d· St>·t·e • ., in spectio n next spring, for it is not The chaperones were Coach Fr ed m u s icians, e s p ecially in t h e vio lin and conc eivable to s lip back after the fine Tootell and Mrs. 'I'ootell. P ;· of. Brown st1·i ng s ec tion. A b out fi fteen p layers record made by last year's unit. It was in charge of the function, with 1 reported , and as many more are ex- will cert a inly mean work if the unit I M F' . . d A . t t M'a . anager 1 1ne an ss1s an npected to s h ow up at the next prac- is t o improve o n that record. ager 'I'albot his a ble helpers. There This y ear there are four compan- ·1 tice session. A college that is t h e have been numerous reques ts to have size of R ho de I sland State should ies inst ead of three, plus the band, this affail· rep eated, a nd plans are which is composed of about thirty- I a lready being mad e for another Orhave an o rchestra of at least forty five n 1e n. There are a large number c h estra Dance. n1usicia ns, and from repo r ts circulat- of advanc ed course men signed up .i ng arou nd the campus t h ere are fo r d r i ll, there being twenty-three YEARLING GRIDDERS Senio rs a lone . T h is means that there t h at ma ny in t h e band its elf. w ill be p le n ty of c ompetition for the So me of t he n u m b ers t h at w ere vari ous assig n ments as officers of the (Con tin ue cl from P>:tge l l reh ears ed l ast week wer e "Appl e B i os- unit, wh ich will i mprove the quality college-it is up to th e boys th emselves to show th e ir wares. som Selections" by Mar ker; " Loh.e n- of the organization.


grin O p era" by Mendelsson ; "Surprise Symp h ony" by Haydn, anP, marches by So usa , Hall and Gluckman. -Popular selectio ns, as well as light c lassica! nu mbers were also practiced and Prof. Brown was well satisfied with the r esu lts . 'I'he fo llowing is the i nstrum e n tatio n prese nt at the first rehearsal: P r of . Brown leader and p ian ist; Tal bot, G l uc kman , Morally, Catudal, Mokray and Daw, violins; D. F ine, ,Morgan , clarinets ; B. F ine, flut e a nd piccolo; Swift,_ Beans, Russell; cornets; Davis, trombone; Wir ketis, base viol. The foll owing instruments .should als o be incl ud ed in the orchest1·a and anyone w ho is capab le of playing these sh ould rep ort to M a n ager Fine: Bassoo n, ab oe , English horn , French h orn , cello, Vio la , d r u m s, t ympan i and, merim bap hone. \ V'it h 't h ese instru ments, in ad diti o n to those already :l·egis t erecl, w e should be abl e to develop a symphony orchest r a at Rhode Island Stat e . Watch the bulletin b oards for rehearsal anno uncernents--{)ne every' week- a surprise in store f or those wb.o atten d reheat·sals·. Collected a Fee

Permanent officers have not been selected yet, and it is not expected t h at t he permanent assignments will be made within three weeks. The temporary officers of the opening dri ll were as fo llows: Major, George .E. _Eddy ; A djutant, VVhitaker; Captai ns, Leigh, Van Valhenburg, Brightman, H olt ; Lieutenan ts, Christopher, Smith H amill, H iller, Martin Ech!off, Or r and P riestly. - - - - - - - --

We Have With Us

G. H. A.



1Consider the co - ed Cornelia, Conservative and sedate. Came to us in Se pte mber .

Stud ie d e arly an d late. When mid -semesters' were over Her scholastic ho n ors were c learConsult the C o lege Register, You 'll find that she's still h ere. Now consider the co-ed Coral, A n 1amma who loved to love .Gave a wonderful course in petting With any old moo n above! But missemester s'-damn 'em Gave no honors f o r kissin g. Consult t h e College Reg iste r Coral 's a m ong the missin g! Now the only moral I know of To th is sad tale I've s lung, Is-trust not the second :~emester, YouthStep-while the College year's young!

HILL-AND-DALERS RUN (Cont!r. u ed fnom p age 1) ston and Willard of last year's crew are stepping around th e five - m ile stretc h every day. Ot h ers who will give the b oys plenty of fight are Winketis , Tommy Miner, Anderson and Kinney. The loss of Bob Miner, star two - m iler of last year's Freshman tea m , will be felt. He will be out the entire season, . due t o 'an accident in which he hurt h is leg. On the who le, the o utlook is fair ly promising, a n d Coach Tootell is quit e optim istic. A call f or F reshmen cand idates for t h e 193 0 squad wi ll s oo n be issue d a nd it is hoped t h at a great n umber will report.

- -- After a wo years' absence Geology is with us once m ore. It is now being taught by Prof. H. Emery, and is AGGIE CLUB PLANS g iven as a two credit course, one of the elective. Professor Emery has Confessibn (C ontinued from Page 1 ) taught this subject at the University At a dinner in Washington a dipas the following day is a college holi- of New Hampshire, and his opening l omat said t o the season's belle, "Yott day.

• the course at Rhode Island has Ag·g·ie Bawl will be informal proved very interesting among the year, as usual , with special scientificially inclined stu dents. p rizes to be given for rube costumes. The h all will be decorated to repre Don't . you think it would be a ·good sent a f a r m yard scene, and w ill, be idea to have my face lifted? made realistic t hr ough the kind coClean of[. my de ar, if you cou ld operati on of t h e dairy barn. Dough get another. nuts and cider will be so ld as in __, __ _ fo rmer years, a nd everything is be - I never loved a d ear gazelle, ing prepared to make this Bawl one A parrot, pup or aught like that; of the best functio n s of the year . The reason won't t ake long to tell, The ticket price will be two dollars They won' t a llow 'em in o u r nat. and fifty cents per co u ple, which of c ourse will meet wi~h popular ap proval. The committees i n charge of this


Burglar--Ta l k a b ou t h ard luck. I b r o tce into a lawye r 's ho use last' d a n c e a r e-: D eco r a tion-Ian Walker, night an ' he got the drop on me an' H . Knowles a n d A . Wo r dell. MusicChar les H eaton. a dvised me to get out. Finance and ·programes-~. HarPal-Hu h' Yer got off dead. easy. rington, B. Brightman. Burglar E a sy nothing! He Refreshments - D. F in e a nd B. charged me $10 for advice . : Fine. Patrons and Scotch Patronesses- G. I see y ou keep an owl. Faunce. Yes , it 's a Scotch owl; it says: F loor -0. Eric k son. ~mon " a-fter- ever y hoot. L igh t s A. H opkins. 4


So m e of the boys who are showing up well at this early stage are MeHugh, Demersian, Slavitky, Bober, Kappe lman, Corrigan and Wansker. Many others are getting in fine trim, and will soon be r eady for the opener. - -·---- - - - -



ravish all hearts . You make a f r esh co nquest every week." " Y es," she · rep lied, then added with, a sigh, "and I'd give a ll my slaves fo r one master ."

Our Bored Juveniles Governess (finishing story)-Arid so they were marr ied and lived happily ever after. 'i'h e t·e·! Isn't that lovely·? Modern· Child-Oh, yes, •very nice; but I'd ra ther· h ave the thrill of a divorce .

Collegiate Clothes

Freshpten Wanted

Browning King & Co.

for t he News and Business Staffs of THE BEACON Candidates Apply

Providence, R. L

L. VAUGHN CO./. Established 1847 of .SASH, DOORS, BLINDS, AND BUILDERS' FINISH 1153-1155 Westminster Street ~lanufacturers

at Room 16 Eas't Hall Any Noon Hour

RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE HOWARD EDWARDS, President Agriculture, Applied Science, Business Administration, Engineering (Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Mechanical), Home Economics Entrance Requirements: Fifteen Units of High Schoool Work

Expenses for Year, estimated at $400

For further information, address The Registrar, Kingston, Rhode Island

Beacon v21 is3 10071926  
Beacon v21 is3 10071926