Urbanite LLC

Baltimore, US

Urbanite is a free, four-color monthly magazine about cities and city life as seen through the distinctive lens of Baltimore. Each issue revolves around a central theme and uses a range of perspectives, voices, and devices to illuminate aspects of urban living and connect the city to larger issues nationwide, and beyond. Urbanite seeks to explore the bigger questions: Why? What's next? Urbanite works to draw from Baltimore's pool of writers, photographers, artists, and illustrators. While the majority of our freelance submissions come from regional contributors, Urbanite does publish national and international writers who can speak to issues relevant to Baltimore and cities in general. We are interested in your ideas for stories as well as photo and illustration opportunities. We invite you to contact us: 2002 Clipper Park Road, Suite 400 Baltimore, Maryland 21211 o 410.243.2050 f 410.243.2115 Info: bellee@urbanitebaltimore.com