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Urban Devil is a naughty but kinda-hearted little devil. Being able to mess around and pull pranks on people, having booze and devil rock are the reasons that he is attracted to the human world. He likes to pull prank and trick on bad person, however he often screwed it up and failed to do so with his crap lousy devil power, also, Urban Devil is the lead vocal and rhythm guitarist in The What The Devil punk rock band, and that rock fans so crazy & love his unrestrained gig performance style on the stage. Urban Devil is an indie punk rock designer brand IP. Established in 2012, inspired by wacky things, monsters, punk rock and a friendly devil with dummy head. Urban Devil just keeps going on a journey of hardcore alternative rock, bring happiness & craziness to our urban life. Founder, Creator, Artist & Designer by PEPPERJERRY© Urban Devil® and all related characters and elements© & PEPPERJERRY© © 2024 Urban Devil Copyright © Urban Devil 2012-2024. All Rights Reserved. Urban Devil® IG: ​