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TABLE of CONTENTS I. GLOBAL VISION a. Founder / Director b. Mission Statement c. Past & Future II. BUSINESS MODEL a. Revenue Split b. Financial Projections III. SAMPLE SCHEDULES Class Programming a. Aerial Fitness Model b. Community Class Model c. Intensive Training Model IV. CLASS DESCRIPTIONS Structure & Curriculum V. DEPARTMENT DIVISIONS a. RECREATIONAL (Community Classes) b. PROFESSIONAL TRAINING (PTP / Intensive) c. KATANA FLIGHT FOUNDATION (Kids Classes) VI. SAMPLE GRAPHICS & PROMO MATERIALS a. Workshops b. Classes c. Intensive VII. SUMMARY

MISSION 2021 – GLOBAL ACADEMIC PROGRAM Katana Katana Flight Flight Foundation Foundation international education and empowerment through seven schools,as well as

SEVENSCHOOLS MOVEMENT Yoga, Dance & Circus Arts Theology, Meditation & Martial Arts History, Language & Literature Graphics, FASHION, & Fine Art Herbolagy, Homeopathy & Healing Innovation, Creation, Systems, Management, Marketing & Development


SEANNA SHARPE is an internationally acclaimed Aerial Artist, Performer, and Director, working across the world to create a new model in business with an emphasis on Entertainment, Education, and Entrepreneurship through powerful performances as well as teaching over 3000 students worldwide how to fly.


URBAN CIRCUS INTERNATIONAL is a social enterprise and cutting-edge creative company offering Aerial Arts Education, Production, and Performance. Working in conjunction with Katana Flight Foundation, we strive to offer the highest standard of artistry, innovation, and sustainability, transforming the world through flight.


Founded in 2012 in New York City, Urban Circus was the first school in America to offer FDE-approved certification in Aerial Arts Performance, Production, and Education. Now based in Lebanon, our mission is to open 7 schools around the world by 2021, including programs in Serbia, Bangladesh, and Zimbabwe.


Based on a belief in social entrepreneurship and an “all boats can rise” approach to the market, Urban Circus partners with dozens of Dance Studios, Circus Schools, Public Programs, NGOs, Theatrical Venues, and sustainably creative companies with a vision for a better future - together.


11:00 - 12:00 Stretch & Flex OR Handbalancing Basic 12:00 - 1:00 INTRO to SILKS - Climbs & Wraps 1:00 - 2:00 *** Lunch Break*** 2:00 - 3:00 “SWING of THINGS” - Intro to CLOUD 3:00 - 4:00 “CIRCLE of LIFE” - Intro to LYRA 4:00 - 5:00 Circus Circuit OR Partnering on Air

COST: $40 / Class, $120 / Full Workshop

“CIRCUS CIRCUIT” - Abs of Steel vvAERIAL FITNESS (studios & gyms)* *(no rigging required) 11:00 -12:30 - Stretch & Flex (contortion) 12:30 - 1:30 - Handbalancing Basics 1:30 - 3:00 *** Lunch Break*** 3:00 - 4:00 - Acro DUO / Partnering 4:00 - 5:00 - Circus Circuit (conditioning)

“WINGS of DESIRE” - Fly Higher INTENSIVE TRAINING (semi-pro / pro) DAY 1 (Friday) 6:00 - 9:00pm - FLY HIGHER - Aerial Vocabulary DAY 2 (Saturday) 11:00-1:00 - Stretch & Flex (contortion & conditioning) 1:00 - 2:00 “Smooth Silks” - stylizations & transitions 2:00 - 3:00 *** Lunch Break*** 4:00 - 5:00 - “Lyracality” - Aerial DANCE w/ Lyra/hoop DAY 3 (Sunday) 1:00 - 3:00 - Creative Choreography 3:00-5:00 - Performance Quality & Act Development 7:30 - STUDENT SHOWCASE

III. SAMPLE SCHEDULES - CLASSES Schedules and class offerings range from custom-tailored specialty packages (ex, after-school programs for kids, aerial fitness for gyms, professional training programming for fully rigged circus facilities, etc)

IV. CLASS DESCRIPTIONS SILKS I Brand new to aerial acrobatics? Always wanted to learn how fly? Want to climb, wrap, drop, flip, and dance on silks / tissu / aerial fabric? Or maybe your an experienced beginner looking to continue to strengthen yourself and work on the basic techniques, or a teacher looking for new ways to work? Well Silks I is the perfect class for you! Learn all kinds of basic climbs, knots, drops, and tricks in this beginner level silks class.

SILKS II Silks II is an intermediate to advanced silks class perfect for experienced aerialists who are looking to learn new tricks and train old ones, on aerial silks. Students will learn sequences developed directly from the Urban Circus NYC curriculum; advanced move sets such as variations on basic climbs (e.g. monkey fruit, fancy sara, tin soldier climbs) in addition to advanced variations of single and double foot wrap sequences.

ADVANCED SILKS Advanced Silks is a Level III silks class that teaches advanced silk techniques - drops, tricks, flips, and sequences. Students will learn advanced curriculum devloped by Urban Circus NYC and Aeon Aerial Arts, and will learn moves such as complex climbs and descents ,as well as perfecting technique, developing performance pieces, learning smooth transitions, descents, slides, advanced movements, and creative choreographies.

CREATIVE CHOREOGRAPHY Learn how to combine vocabulary to create original sequences, acts and pieces, including elements of form, stylization, story, and musicality. Breaking down components to create new movements, creative choreography allows advanced students to explore innovative techniques, even branching out into specialty Urban Circus Apparati such as Aerial Triangle, Aerial Chandalier, Icosohedron, Strings, Aerial DNA, and many more.

IV. CLASS DESCRIPTIONS LYRA Also known as Circeaux, Aerial Ring, or Lyra, it is one of the hardest of all apparati, because of the shape, material, and range of movement . Usually performed spinning, the metal circle is the perfect palette on which to showcase elegant movement, long lines, flexibility, and graceful extensions; learn to create beautiful choreographies and sequences ideal for dancers and gymnasts. LYRA is open to all levels with approval of instructor.

pictured: Megan Hornaday

CLOUD SWING Swing, Twist, and Fly with Ease - Cloud Swing is a beginner to advanced level class that focuses on sequences and conditioning on a Cloud Swing apparatus. Similar to Hammock, a Cloud Swing hangs from two separate points, allowing students to learn swinging/dynamic movements, as well as the execution of static sequences. Students will learn moves such as pretzels, knee drops, ankle hangs, fish bellies, and mermaids.

ROPE / SPANISH WEB Spanish Web / Rope, also known as corde lisse, is an intermediate level aerial class that focuses on sequences and tricks on static and spinning rope, blending dynamic movements with highspeed spins, tricks, and drops. Students will learn how to perform in the air while spinning at high speeds, playing the rope for its combination of pliant and resistent possibilities, as well as how to spin other aerialists in the air and create full acts.

SEXY CIRCUS Developed by UCNYC graduate Trixie Pop, Sexy Circus looks beyond burlesque to an empowered and infinite exploration of sexual liberation without commercial exploitation. Designed to help students feel great within their bodies as well as inspiring diverse and creative dance choreographies, this class combines classical dance with modern, gymnastic, and theatrical forms to create an innovative sensuality in movement.

pictured: Trixie Pop

IV. CLASS DESCRIPTIONS HANDBALANCING BASICS Strengthen and lengthen the body towards correct alignment while building the core power and flexibility to acheive a proper handstand - basics include hollow bodies, ab workouts, flexibility basics, wrist and shoulder mobility to prepare the body for balance, as well as excercises on the ground and against the wall to correct posture and practice positions in a secure envirements. Advanced students spotted towards press handstands.

STRETCH & FLEX Inspired by the Hybrid Movement Companys revolutionary strengthening and flexibility class, “No Pain No Gain”, STRETCH & FLEX is a fusion of gymnastics, circus, yoga and ballet foundations designed to expand and sustain the body’s ability to advance across movements. Working the specifics of splits, backbends, balance, and alignment for conditioning and contortion, S&F is our most vital class for the advanced student.

CIRCUS CIRCUIT Build the strength and power for dynamic movement with this high-charged circuit conditioning class, merging martial arts movements with cross-fit style rounds of lunges, crunches, squats, rolls, and ab workouts. Excercise the entire body while building the muscles and alignment to protect the joints from injury, strengthening shoulders, wrists, legs, knees, and back while building the power and fitness for strength and excellence in circus.

KIDFLY - KIDS CLASSES Open to all levels, KIDFLY teaches kids that the sky ISN’T the limit! Anything is possible when you learn how to fly! Kids have fun learing aerial as well as how to be responsible and present. Children are taught with a strong emphasis on safety, learning ground skills and strengthening exercises, as well as basic vocabulary on Silks, Trapeze, Lyra, and Cloud Swing. Katana is Always donation based - all children deserve the chance to Fly.

IV. CLASS DESCRIPTIONS AERIAL BASICS Aerial Basics is an introductory/beginner level class that teaches students an array of different sequences and skills on multiples types of apparatus’. This class is great for students who want to get their feet wet on different apparatus or stretch or strength train. Apparatus’ include cloud swing, lyra, silks, trapeze, hammock, and ropes, giving first-time flyers the chance to get a taste of everything while learning basic grips, climbs, and aerial exercises.

AERIAL OM / SKY YOGA Bring together earth and sky while strengthening and opening your body, mind, and soul by developing a consistent practice in Aerial. Perfect for the absolute beginner to build the body for aerial, or for the advanced aerialist seeking to restore and release, Aerial Yoga combines inversions and variations of cloud swing combined with asana flow, breathwork, and meditation - in and out of the hammock. Open to all levels.

ACRO DUO Learn how to create beautiful and original choreographies combining ballet partnering foundations with tango-inspired elements, acrobatics, and duo adagio movements for absolutely unique acro duos. Students will learn everything from proper form while basing and flying to an extensive range of vocabulary and movements, as well as partner massage, performance quality, musicality, and transitions to develop a perfect partnership.

AERIAL DUO Offering exclusive Aerial partnering techniques across apparatus, including Rope, Silks, Cloud Swing, Trapeze, and Lyra, Duo Techniques will include basing and flying, mirroring, and safety and communication for developing partnerships. Apparatus and vocabulary may vary from basic basing in the cross-back straddle to advanced ankle hangs, hand-to-hand, acroduo and spinning / circles. Instructor approval or previous experience required


The Urban Circus Recreational Program is a community class schedule open to a wide range of skill levels, making Aerial and Circus Arts accessible to a cross-marketing demographic of fitness enthusiasts, dancers, gymnasts, and anyone else who always wanted a chance to fly. Open to all levels, Community Classes provide an important bridge between the professional and the public, including opportunities for serious students to realize that they want to pursue a path in Circus, raising awareness of activities including classes, workshops, and shows.



The professional training program is an Intensive track offering students university level academic and physical movement training owards a career in Aerial Arts. The first company in the United States to be certified by the Federal Department of Education, Urban Circus NYC offers 2-yr degrees in Aerial Arts Education, Performance, and Production, allowing serious students the chance to pursue a career in Circus Arts with an emphasis on industry standards, professional development, and sustainable skill expansion across movement disciplines, as well as creating acts, choreographies, and performances on all apparatus.



Katana Flight Foundation Aerial, Dance, and Circus Arts to Underprivileged Children, teaching empowKATANA was founded with the conviction that all children deserve a chance to lock their potential to change their lives - and their world.


Saturday July 19 Aerial Workshops WITH

SEANNA SHARPE at Union Square Studio

10:00 am - 12:00 pm Creative Cloud Learn pieces from the Cloud Swing Curriculum of Urban Circus NYC, including wraps, twists, drops, and smooth sequences that build towards choreography with creative stylization and powerful performance quality

3:00 pm - 5:00 pm Aerial Duo Partnering on Air includes essential principles of basing and flying as well as mirroring - learn how to create an elegant act for two!

a. WORKSHOPS, cont. Workshops are an excellent format for comunicating maximum amounts of information in a short time span, and can be structured as for absolute beginners open to all levels or as intensive workshops designed for more developed schools. Advanced courses may culminate in a student showcase, act / piece, or aerial project.

b. CLASSES Full class schedules are designed to accomodate all levels from the absolute beginner to the advanced aerialist, including integrating teacher training and assisting hours for professional / intensive students building experience while helping recreational students “learn the ropes”!

c. INTENSIVE The Urban Circus Professional Training Program (also known as “Intensive”) is a Certified educational academy model with over 300 pages of curriculum, information, and promotional materials - for more information, email urbancircusnyc@gmail.com with subject “INTENSIVE”. ex:

II.i. BUSINESS MODEL - REVENUE SPLIT As a Global Company, Urban Circus International employs multiple models for sustainable, profitable, and collaborative development each model is adaptable based on the specific relationship, venue, space, needs, management, and operating costs, and can be customized both for independent projects and ongoing partnerships.




For ongoing classes and full schedules integrating the three models, profit split is:

For workshops, UC offers two models profit split or payment, including all expenses.

Privates may be offered as a collaborative service or added as an hourly rental.

20% Studio / Venue 30% UC (Company) 10% Expenses 40% Instructor (OR hourly, $30-$120)

20% Studio / Venue 50% Instructor 30% Company *** OR *** Pay Direct (DAY RATES) $500 Half Day (Local) $750 Full Day (Local) $2500 for 3 days (Intl)

$20 Rental (Studio) $70 Instructor (Pay) $30 Company (Cut)

*note: in ALL cases where studio pays ALL expenses (equipment, PR, etc) Studio keeps 30% of Profit, *or* pays hourly and keeps all.

(If Day Rates are Paid, Studio keeps 100% Profit)

*based on $120 / hr*

*** OR ***

REVENUE SPLIT: 20% Studio 80% Company

*note: Privates are $120 / hr, or $90/ea w/ 6-pack

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