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WinterSkin withEllaBac hé

ver the winter months your skin will change considerably and you will need to adjust your skincare solution to best address these changes. Cold temperatures outside slow down the blood circulation in your body. As a result your skin does not receive vital nutrients and oxygen for the regeneration process to occur. On the other side, when indoors, your skin loses moisture due to the dry environment created by indoor heating and lack of humidity. When you shift between the cold outside and the warm, dry inside environments the difference is so different and stressful for your skin that your skin naturally cannot balance itself quickly enough. The result on the skin is dryness, dehydration, flakiness, redness and dullness. These changes affect everyone and some skins will suffer more than others.


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1. Rough skin - Exfoliate all over at least once a week, Gommage Délicat is great for the face, neck and décolleté and Loofah Earth Body Polish for the body. It is essential to also use a Moisture Protective that hydrates, repairs and strengthens and protects. Crème Intex is a great preventative cream as well as a rescue remedy for flaky, damaged skin. 2. Redness - Prevent Rosacea flare ups by strengthening the skin with a course of Ampoule Antiase. If you are beyond prevention, calm inflammation and redness with a course of Marin Ampoules. 3. Dehydration - At the first sign of cooler weather, add a hydrating booster, such as Hydra Booster, under your moisture protective, morning and night, to intensively replace lost moisture.

4. Sensitivity - Avoid hot baths or showers, which worsen irritation and keep skin well hydrated with an emollient based moisture protective. Switch to Crème Tomate for the face and Water Source Crème for the body over the winter months to prevent flare ups. 5. Pigmentation - Recommend a course of Radiance C Ampoules and see maximum benefits when used during limited sun exposure. 6. Dry hands - Moisture-Bath Hand Renew is perfect to hydrate, nourish and protect the hands throughout the day and most importantly at night. As tempting as it may be, try not to wash your hands with hot water over the winter months. 1. Gommage Délicat gentle exfoliating gel

1. Crème Intex Intensive recovery cream

5. Radiance C Ampoules

For your opportunity to become a Skincare Expert, the Ella Baché College of Skin & Beauty Therapy is the best way to fast track your career and become a fully qualified Beauty Therapist in just one year, thanks to its 45 years of educational experience and the most highly qualified and experienced teachers. Our graduates enjoy a 98% chance of finding a job within the industry!


And now the Ella Baché College of Skin and Beauty Therapy can offer students VET FEE-HELP, an initiative by the Australia Government. This student loan scheme for the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector is part of the Higher Education Loan Program (HELP) assists students in paying for their education.

Diploma of Beauty Therapy Certificate IV in Beauty Therapy Certificate III in Beauty Services

Credit: Amber Scott, Ella Baché National Training Manager


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