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Dear Readers,

letter from the editor Editorial Office 356 Shriver Center Oxford, OH 45056 Circulation 2,000 copies Contact Printer: The Merten Co.

It’s the time of year when we’re all getting a bit stir crazy; an Oxford spring day is exactly what we need. Luckily for us, it’s been a pretty mild winter, which has allowed for our wild escapades to continue throughout the winter months...except for the ice storms that turned us all into professional ice skaters as we trudged uptown in far-from-sensible shoes. If you’ve been too afraid to venture into the fashion wilderness, now’s your chance! From color blocking to faux fur to vibrant makeup, it’s the perfect time to update your look and stand out. Gentlemen, don’t think we’ve forgotten about you. This season, make it all about stepping out of your comfort zone by taking notes from our Men’s Section. But just because you’re trying these new looks doesn’t mean you need to become barbaric. Take some advice from Kristen O’Connell on page 24 on how not to be a predator at the bars and from Nicole Theodore on page 30 who tells how to keep it tame (or slightly more tame) during your college years. But, as Bruno, Snoop and Wiz remind us, that’s how it’s supposed to be. We’re in college and living young, wild and free. I hope you enjoy our first online-only issue of Up Magazine. After flipping-- I mean clicking-- through the pages, be sure to browse our newly updated website and blog for a behind-the-scenes look at photo shoots and even more Up content. And if you’re looking for even more fashion, Up Magazine would like to personally invite you to MU Fashion Week. Look for information at the end of this issue for more details about Oxford’s most fashionable week of the year. Love,

Lauren Pax Editor in Chief

PS: I’d like to give a special thanks to the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens, who allowed us to hold a photo shoot literally in their exhibits! Check out the editorial shoot on page 46.

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sessions Trends we are Upsessed with:

Black and white isn’t always bland! Try some black pumps or button up your blouse to the neckline for an edgy twist! From left to right: White Button Down, The Limited, $46.90; Leather Pleated Skirt, BCBG, $168; Necklace, Anthropologie, $200. Houndstooth Shawl, SendTheTrend. com, $29; Black Booties, Michael Antonio, $59; Drop Earrings, TJ Maxx, $30. Polka Dot Blouse, H&M, $24; Jeans, model’s own; Drop Earrings, TJ Maxx, $30.

Neons are a great way to brighten up your mood in the colder months. Don’t be afraid to be bold!

8 winter

From left to right: Yellow Blouse, BCBG, $178; Black Leggings, model’s own; Blue Shoes, Steve Madden, $49. Black Polka Dot Blouse, Nordstrom, $54; Purple Bandage Skirt, BCBG, $138; Drop Earrings, TJ Maxx, $30; Black Heels, model’s own. Pink Blouse, BCBG, $178; Jeans, model’s own; Watch, Michael Kors, $275; Drop Earrings, TJ Maxx, $30; Sequin Loafer, Nordstrom, $45

photography by mercedes williams styled by lauren flaherty and lauren kiggins From left to right: Yellow Sweater, Juniper, $26; Black Pleated Leather Skirt, BCBG, $168; Shoes, Forever 21, $14; Necklace, TJ Maxx, $35. Black Leather Jacket, BCBG, $398; Black Jeans, model’s own; Gold Watch, Michael Kors, $250; Headband, Nordstrom, $38; Black Booties, Michael Antonio, $59. Gold Sequined Blazer, Calvin Klein, $100; Black Dress, Forever 21, $19; Drop Earrings, TJ Maxx, $30.

Take a chance! Spice up your night outfit with a daring metallic piece.

Add some flavor and spunk to your attire with a chunky sweaterwith a mini or maxi skirt.

From left to right: Peacoat, J Crew, $258; Jeans, model’s own; Riding Boot, Ralph Lauren, $229; Cheetah Beret, H&M, $12 Faux Mink Vest, Nordstrom, $98; Black Booties, Michael Antonio, $59; Pearl earrings, model’s own; Gem Cuff, Forever 21, $6. Tan Mid Skirt, Juniper, $36.50; Black Blazer, H&M, $24.95; Necklace, Aldo, $30; Gold Platform Shoe, Hallelu, $49.

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WildBeauty: written by anna kane photography by liz haering styled by LG Mezher and Loren Canby

How to Tame the Runway, While Stil Being Queen of the (Beauty) Jungle

{Made Up} Cat Liner. Red Lips. Smokey Eye. While all of these looks are classics, sometimes even the most classic beauty look needs to take a walk on the wild side. Instead of taking drastic measures to update your go-to style, find your inspiration in the Spring/Summer runways. Some of these looks are fierce and maybe even fiercely frightening, but remember that any look can be tamed to your own comfort level.

12 winter

There is only one way to achieve this effortlessly sexy look: falsies. Think this look is best left to Las Vegas Showgirls? Think again, they can instantly transform your face—especially if you are lacking in the eyelash department. We recommend cutting the eyelash strip into two parts and only use the inner half on the outer part of your lid.

Hello Eyelashes! Hello Eyelashes!

What keeps this look fun and flirty is the use of neutrals on the rest of the face. Dust a shadow close to your skin color all over the lid and then blend a deeper taupe only into your crease. Finish the eye with a swipe of black gel liner to blend the false eyelashes into your natural lash line. Complete the look with a light dusting of bronzer near the temples.

Three in one

Three in one

I wouldn’t have believed someone if they had told me that the chicest look for Spring/Summer 2012 would be to bleach your eyebrows, wear matte black shadow and red lipstick. But then Yves Saint Laurent did that exact look for their runway show! While this complete look may need to be left to the professionals, the everyday girl could easily separate this look into three bold ones. Remember ladies, your face is sliced into thirds: your eyes, cheeks and lips. For the most successful looks, choose two out of the three to highlight.

Finish this intense eye with your choice of a red lip-- remember to apply lip liner to decrease bleeding-- or a more contoured cheek. The possibilities are endless!

The YSL eyes provide a great alternative to the traditional smokey eye. Create this look by pulling a matte black shadow around the shape of your lid, drawing the shadow no higher than your crease and no further out than the end of your orbital bone (aka, your eye socket). To make the black a little more intense, dampen your brush and then apply the shadow. Blend slightly onto your lower lid by using a brown eye pencil to blend onto your lower lash line. If you’re feeling really fancy, blend some concealer onto your eyebrows to “faux lighten” them to focus all the attention on your eyes.

Images from and

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14 winter

Venturing into the uncharted jungle of runway makeup can be scary. Just remember that you are just as fierce as any look you come across—if a crazy eye or an atypical lip color inspires you—try it out, just remember to balance the wild by toning down the rest of your face.

So go forth my little makeup Simbas and become Queens of the Beauty Jungle! Remember seriously the ‘80’s block of bronzer look isn’t cute…


winter 15

All Nighters

Are All Wrong

written by elizabeth kolena

If procrastination is an art form, it is likely that almost all Miami students would be Picassos at one point or another in their college career. This is not to say that everyone here procrastinates, but I’d be lying if I said I had never waited until the last minute to finish an assignment. It seems as though the old “pulling an all-nighter” move is a collegiate rite of passage. Let’s face it, we’re busy people. When having to choose between finishing our tasks and catching some Zzz’s, it’s obvious that sleep will be put on the back burner. However, by depriving our bodies of the sleep they need, they get totally and completely thrown off! A study conducted by Dr. Thacher of St. Lawrence University demonstrated a positive correlation between sleep and students’ GPAs. Hold off on the 3 cups of coffee and B12 vitamins and read about the immediate effects of sleep deprivation before you pull an all-nighter and UPset your mind and body.

zz z z z z zz

16 winter

Decrease in Memory When we sleep, the information that we study and learn during the day is solidified within our long term memory. When we don’t sleep, the information remains in our short term memory and can be easily forgotten. So, take a snooze! It may seem counterintuitive, but you’ll benefit from that catnap in the long run.

Weight Gain

Sleep levels are directly related to the production of two important hormones within our bodies: ghrelin and leptin. When ghrelin is released, we are hungry and we feel full when leptin is released. When we are sleep deprived, we have more ghrelin and less leptin. This sends signals to our brain indicating that we should eat. Aka: the less you sleep, the more you eat…which isn’t the best thing for that spring break diet you’re working on.

Weakened Immune System

During sleep, our bodies produce cytokines, which are responsible for fighting infections. Less sleep means less protection against bacteria, viruses and infections!

z z z z z zz z

So the chances of you being too sick to concentrate on the test you’ve been cramming for is likely if you’re sleep deprived.

Mood Swings

We’ve all been there: Your friend pulls an all-nighter and the next day she’s a complete…witch. Research conducted by a team of University of Pennsylvania professionals indicated that subjects who only received 4.5 hours of sleep per night reported higher levels of stress, anger, sadness and exhaustion. So please, for the sake of your self and others, get a full night’s rest. So next time you have a big test coming up, instead of hitting up King, make time to hit the pillow. Your body (and your grades) will thank you!

z z z zz zz z



Red Bell Peppers:



Dark Chocolate:


Delicious and Nutritious

The omega 3 fatty acids in salmon provide essential nutrition to our hearts. These fatty acids prevent high blood pressure and increase the levels of HDL, the good cholesterol in our systems. HDL transports the bad substances to our livers to be flushed out of our bodies! Nothing fishy about this folks, salmon is a great choice for dinner.

These serve as plant omega-3 fatty acids, giving us the good kind of fat in our bodies to provide insulation and cushioning to protect our hearts, especially walnuts and almonds!

This breakfast food is packed with fiber, which aids in clearing the arteries to the heart so it doesn’t have to work as hard to pump blood through the body.

Aside from being delicious, these fruits are snack size antioxidants, that fight against harmful substances in our bodies. Blueberries have also proven to lower cholesterol by preventing plaque and fats from building up in our arteries. This means they help make a clear pathway for blood, oxygen and nutrients to easily reach the heart.

Popeye knew it and now you do, too! This vegetable is rich in carotenoids and other nutrients that strengthen the artery walls and prevent any harm to them.

These vegetables are rich in vitamin B6 and folic acid, which are both great for your heart! Folic acid assists in the elimination of harmful amino acids from the body while vitamin B6 improves your metabolism. This vegetable kills two birds with one stone by getting rid of the bad stuff and breaking down the good stuff!

Having just one truffle per day lowers your blood pressure! But don’t just grab any old candy bar, be sure that the treat has at least a 70% or higher cocoa content and you are good to go!

Take Heart! written by elizabeth kolena

You can’t live or love without it. The human heart is a beating contradiction: it is the representation of sweet, sappy emotions, yet it is powerful enough to produce enough energy to drive a truck 20 miles each day. In lieu of the month of February we have investigated the best foods to beef up this vital organ.

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18 winter

winter 19

a gentleman’s

wild style

written by zachary workman photography by kennedy cox styled by jeremy smetana

20 winter

All clothing is stylist’s own.


hen one considers the male style canon, it is clear that conservative options tend to be favored. Loud colors, patterns and material are commonly associated with the fairer sex; gentlemen thus favor neutral colors, especially in both business and formal settings. For the most part, men find themselves relegated to a selection of the tried-and-true basics. The navy blazer. White and blue oxford cloth button downs. Simple knitwear. Grey trousers. These pieces all serve their role—and well—for a man in need of versatility for any and all occasion. With that said, however, perhaps it is time for the Miami Man to reevaluate his sartorial decisions and selections. While the aforementioned garments are inherently important and serve as a solid foundation of a wardrobe, once acquired, more unique pieces can be added with ease to construct outfits that yield a smashing result. Featured below are a few variants that, while basic in their form, possess a certain je ne sais quoi which aid in distinguishing them from the next man. The first item of note is the tweed blazer. Tweed, a rough, wool fabric, is a suitable textile for the brisk afternoons of fall football through the bitter chill of the Oxford winter. Present in a variety of colors, the tweed blazer is a unique choice. Furthermore, the jacket arrives in patterns ranging from herringbone to check to houndstooth. The two most prominent names in the tweed industry are Harris Tweed and Donegal. Harris Tweed is hand-woven in Scotland using locally produced wool. Donegal tweed hails from Ireland and is colored utilizing natural dyes such as blackberries and moss. An undoubtedly unique choice, a further advantage of tweed is its ability to withstand years of wear. A well-constructed jacket will last years with proper care, due much to the fabric’s coarse nature. Even with the lifespan of a tweed jacket, most tweed jackets, when purchased new, come at a sizable financial sacrifice. On that note, however, tweed jackets remain a constant presence in thrift and secondhand stores available to you at a highly discounted price yet great value. A second wild option guaranteed to spice up any man’s wardrobe is the addition of blackwatch tartan. Blackwatch is a Scottish tartan characterized by its heavy utilization of black and green. An appropriate choice for both men and women in the colder months, the tartan can be found utilized on everything from jackets to trousers to scarves. In comparison to tweed, a loud pattern such as blackwatch can be difficult to wear with ease. A jacket might be too much of a statement, while a scarf is perhaps too little. Thus the happy medium is a pair of dress trousers. Produced and sold by clothiers ranging from L.L. Bean to Orvis to J. Crew, blackwatch trousers are splendid for holiday parties and other formal events. Best paired with a dark blazer or knit top alongside dress shoes, the trousers add a proper amount of flair without being overbearing. They are subtle yet unique; the darker nature of the pattern permits their presence in dressier situations while still permitting again for a unique twist on a classic look. Finally, the last wild twist arrives in the form of the Fair Isle pattern. Fair Isle, a knitting technique from the Shetland Islands of Scotland, allows for knitwear of unique patterns and colors to be constructed. Commonly found on sweaters,

Images from Jackets from top to bottom: Polo Ralph Lauren, Polo Ralph Lauren, and Phineas Cole.

winter 21

the Fair Isle technique encompasses a series of repeating patterns built together in order to form a unique sweater pattern. In wintertime, most gentlemen favor solid color knits. Whether they be navy, grey, or black, a sweater or cardigan choice is hardly ever the discussion point of one’s outfit. Nevertheless a sweater of the Fair Isle varietyis the recipient of much attention. Its colorful, unique pattern construction serves as a wonderful juxtaposition to a snowy landscape and grey skies. It is unique in the sense it is both recognized though unexpected—in essence, it is appropriate, though vastly undervalued. Present in a variety of price points, as well, a Fair Isle knit can be found from such retailers as L.L. Bean, Brooks Brothers, and Land’s End, appropriate in every occasion from lounging around your fraternity house to enjoying a drink at your favorite Uptown watering hole. The choices previously presented showcase an easy, accessible way for the Miami Man to differentiate himself from his peers. Each choice is a proper progression from the initial standards of menswear and represents the varying ways in which the Miami Man can make his wardrobe more versatile in every situation of his life in Oxford. While the staples have their place, these unique purchases do as well, and are a good starting point to incorporate a touch of wild into your ensemble.

22 winter

Aberdeen Fair Isle sweater, J Crew, $98.00; Blackwatch Tartan Hoodie, Polo Ralph Lauren, $99.99. Images from and

winter 23


written by kristen o’connell photography by marissa fisco styled by brooke katchman

predators &cougars of miami there is another


To those of you who feel it is appropriate to conduct yourself like a pedophile-in-training or a divorcee seeking out youthful affairs: there is another way. If the majority of your behavior causes your friends to make fun of you for acting sinister, please heed the following advice. Because the truth of the matter is, no one likes a creeper.



DO NOT sneak up behind a girl and start dancing with her. Her friends will mouth he’s gross and pull her away.

DO NOT attend Welcome Week events for incoming freshmen (ie., Backyard Bash). You will love the attention until someone invites you to a late night at Dodds hall.

DO confront a girl face-to-face and let your intentions be known. That way, she can decide whether or not you are gross and respond accordingly. DO NOT flirt with a girl in the 100-level class you’re taking spring semester senior year. The class may be easy but freshmen are not. DO crush on a girl in your Senior Capstone. DO NOT offer to buy a girl a drink and then purchase a mind probe, trashcan or water tower. It suggests that you have bad intentions… DO buy her a drink that is not composed of more than three shots. DO NOT confuse your inebriated confidence with game. What you perceive to be ‘catching her eye’, she perceives to be leering. DO maintain a low level of intoxication so you can be sure your ‘eyeing’ is just that. DO NOT respond to flirtatious attempts by the girls’ corridor RA. She will lose her job and you will lose the respect of your peers. DO maintain a professional distance from all RAs.

24 winter

DO hit up the 21+ bars to ensure that the people you encounter have at least been at Miami long enough to obtain a working fake ID. DO NOT invite your freshman brother’s friends to parties when he’s not there. It sends the wrong message in every possible way. DO hang out with the older brothers of these freshmen, whether fraternal or actually related. DO NOT stalk your secret crush on Twitter and show up at the same locations as him every night. He may catch on. DO ask for his number and plan to meet up with him somewhere. DO NOT dress promiscuously on Dad’s Weekend in the hopes of picking up an older man. Try to keep in mind that he is here visiting his child. DO make a good impression on Dad’s Weekend so they keep you in mind when suggesting girlfriends to their sons. DO NOT pursue a relationship with a townie. DO avoid them at all costs.

DO NOT use these pick-up lines Women: -“I could be your mistake tonight.” Men: -“Do you have a keg in your pants? Cause I’d like to tap that.” -“Great legs. What time do they open?” -“Can I buy you a drink or do you just want the money? DO follow my advice. You don’t need a pick up line.

winter 25


George Clooney Taught Me. written by victor fisher

Image from

Eights months after George Clooney made waves on Miami’s Campus, Oxford began preparing for the premiere of The Ides of March. In this political drama—devoid of explosive action and scenic grandeur—the characters are the only eye candy. Set in the last desperate clutches of winter that Ohioans know all too well, The Ides of March is an unwitting tutorial on how young, professional guys can look cool but stay warm during our own, real-world presidential primary season. At the end of February, when it becomes so tempting to ignore everything but sweatpants, George Clooney and Ryan Gosling show us how to bring the heat to beat the winter chill. 26 winter

The best winter fabrics are heavy and dark. It may seem obvious, but leave linen and cotton at home. Instead, reach for navy, gray, or brown in a wool blend. If you’re daring, check out what dark green does for you. Tweed, a style of rough wool, is not only weatherappropriate, but also a staple of winter style. J. Crew is especially in tune with both seasonal necessity and modern flair, and they maintain something infallibly classic. Check out their website for moderately priced off-the-rack suiting options (and don’t forget to see a tailor!). When you want to look suave, but not conspicuous in the winter, avoid loud colors. Take a hint from Ryan Gosling—his pale blue shirt and dark green repp tie make a distinct pair that doesn’t rebel against the palette of the season. Stick to understated colors and simple patterns such as repp, simple polka dots or modest tartan, but don’t be afraid to experiment with wintery textures. Wool and hefty silk are your best choices. Additionally, avoid the super-skinny fad. A one-inch tie may work for Russell Brand, but it won’t get you far outside of the tabloids. The 2 3/4 to 3-inch range is timeless and looks professional without being overbearing. Whatever you do, stay away from four-inch printed ties; this is not the ’80s, and you are not on Sportscenter. When you take to the streets in February and March, the most visible part of your outfit is your coat. Instead of pulling on your North Face, stand out from the crowd with a rakish, slim-fit overcoat. Wool is the only real choice against that unforgiving Ohio wind, but feel free to check out a range of colors and textures. Whether double-breasted or

single-breasted, navy or black, herringbone or houndstooth, an overcoat is an indispensable piece of outerwear. Additionally, overcoats are designed to fit over and look good with a blazer, so they’re a must-have for those who suit up for work. Look for modern, slim varieties from the likes of J. Crew, Asos, and Schott’s. Now that you’ve locked down your suit and coat, you need to start thinking about accessories. Unlike the summer variety, winter accessories make a world of difference when it comes to comfort. If you ever want to take your hands out of your pockets before April,

When you take to the streets in the winter, the most visible part of your outfit is your coat. Instead of pulling on your North Face, stand out from the crowd with a slimfit overcoat. you’ll need a pair of sturdy leather gloves. You can find a reasonably priced pair at Banana Republic, and if real leather’s not your thing, check out H&M for something a little cheaper. If you’re the person for whom “business” and “pleasure” are synonymous with “iPhone,” head over to Etre’s website to read about their “Fivepoint” gloves, which make exposing your frigid fingers during a round of Angry Birds a thing of the past. With your body and fingers well insulated, what do you do about your head? If you’re rocking the high-and-tight or a similarly simple

haircut, invest in a good trapper hat. More refined than a beanie and far warmer, trapper hats (also known as Ushanka) have been a Russian standard for centuries— and they know about cold. Trapper hats come in both fur and faux-fur varieties and can be found nearly anywhere that sells winter clothing. Nike ACG makes an especially cozy faux-fur model. While trapper hats are warm and stylish, they’re no good if they crush your meticulously maintained, George Clooney coif. Try a pair of simple, manly earmuffs from a reputable outfitter like L.L. Bean. Aside from preventing hat-hair, they seal your ears off from the bitter wind and stow away more easily than a hat. Overcoats and gloves and suits are expensive, and you won’t build the perfect winter wardrobe overnight. However, even at their most elegant or sophisticated, wool and leather are durable and a good investment will last you for years. With that in mind, don’t shop a “look” or a “fashion.” Mainstays of your wardrobe, like a wool coat or an impeccable tie shouldn’t be purchased because they’re “in.” Instead, look to Clooney and Gosling. Their outfits in The Ides of March are classic and timeless with few affectations or trends, and they still knock every suit, tie and coat combo out of the park. Here’s what Clooney taught me, and what you should take away too: if you want your winter business wardrobe to be both fresh and sophisticated, stick to the classics. While it’s okay—and always encouraged—to add your own personal flair, maintaining a closet full of well-fitted, time-honored pieces will keep you warm, keep you stylish, and keep you turning heads through the general election and beyond.

winter 27

28 winter

winter 29

Where the Things Are

written by nicole theodore photography by mercedes williams styled by claire churchwell

How to tame it down in college. 30 winter

To be or not to be wild in college? That is a question that constantly emerges in all of us during the best and freest, four years of our lives. Within the college lifestyle, there are so many chances to let go of our inhibitions and explore all sorts of experiences before we enter “the real world.” However, isn’t there a fine line that should be drawn between being free and behaving almost like animals? College allows us the chance to let go and make mistakes, but I can’t be the only one to notice that the way some behave while drinking is past the point of exploring our true identity and just acting senseless. The fine memory I have of spending $80 at the Woods and over drafting on shots, could easily go under the “what was I honestly thinking?” category that many of us have a file cabinet full of. My dad made sure to reiterate that mistake about 12 hours later. There are some mistakes we make that can be fixed --I now leave my credit card at home when I go out-- but how we dress and act in public while under the influence speaks volumes to those around you, regardless of who you really are. Yes, some would respond saying they don’t care what others think about them, but when the skirt of someone you know is showing way more than leg or the guy you sit next to in finance is laying on the ground outside Pachinkos, that statement only goes so far. As I said, these can be the best four years of our lives, but it’s also the time we build who we are as individuals and find our place in the world. If we show the people around us that we don’t care about what we do out and our actions are reckless to the point of mortal embarrassment –which will inevitable be posted on Facebook-- that image will carry come to define you…even if you’re a respectable person the rest of the time. We all make mistakes, but it’s how we learn from them that matter. So if you want to prevent being that guy/girl again, here is some advice on common intoxicated mistakes and how to prevent them:

Number one mistake: Your texts and conversations from the evening should be featured on Texts From Last Night. I can’t even count how many times I have woken up feeling a little groggy with my hair looking like a hot mess, open up my texts from the night before and think… oh, great. Texts may only be 140 characters long, but those 140 characters can be just as embarrassing as that voicemail you don’t remember leaving. “I have sent and said my share of embarrassing things, and almost every time I regret it the next day,” says Danielle Mattison a junior at Miami. Prevent it: Before you send a text or say something out loud, actively stop and think, “Would I say this sober?” or “Will I regret saying this tomorrow?” We never want to live life with regret, so making a conscious effort to do this when out to prevent saying things we don’t mean or wouldn’t normally say at all. Also, if your mom calls you at three in the afternoon on a Saturday while you’re day drinking, DON’T ANSWER. Because telling her you’re talking weird because you are so hungry and going to dinner…. at three in the afternoon…doesn’t make sense and leads to a weird conversation the next day. (Yes, I’ve lived and learned). Damage Control: It may feel like the end of the world when you realize you said something the night before that you never in your life wanted to say, but dwelling over it isn’t going to fix it or make it better. Remember to apologize if something you said offended someone. Even if they don’t accept it, at least you put in the effort. Honesty is always the best policy and owning up to something you said at least shows you do care and that it is not who you really are. “I said something really mean to my friend sophomore year of college, and I just tried to avoid it because I was embarrassed. It made the situation way worse,” says senior Madelyn Wysne.

What about the texts you’ve sent professing your love to the guy you have been crushing on? There is only really one way to fix this: play it off and make fun of the situation. One of my housemates (who wishes to remain anonymous) had this quick fix to save her drunken come-on: “One time I sent a text to a guy I liked saying ‘come over and dougie with me’, which in my language means, ‘come over because you’re hot.’ Completely horrified, I decided to text him the next day saying something about how I just really love dancing and I was joking, and we both laughed about it. No harm done, and he never knew my real motive,” she recalls. So don’t freak when you realize you said something dumb/ mortifying. Realize you can fix the situation with apologies or humor and then don’t repeat it again! #2 Mistake: Don’t be someone you are not when under the influence No one wants to hear the next day, “Wow, I guess I really didn’t know you,” from your best friend or boyfriend when you did something completely out of character. Being able to have fun doesn’t mean distancing your self from who you truly are. It should just enhance it. “I blacked out on New Year’s Eve down in New Orleans and lost my wallet and brand new iPhone. My parents were so disappointed and surprised about this behavior because they had just bought me that for my birthday and saw me now as completely irresponsible,” says senior Alexander Gross. Disappointing people, especially parents, can be one of the worst feelings. Getting to the point where possessions are no longer valuable enough to keep control of can show people around you that you are careless and not in control of what you’re doing. Prevent it: In order to keep yourself from being a totally different person when out, you have to develop a strong sense of self and never let situations get

winter 31

the best of you. If you aren’t the scandalous someone hooking up with a different person every night, then simply do not become that girl or guy because that’s what other people are doing. What happened to one anonymous Miami student is something she says is way out of her character: “I hooked up with a guy because my friend went home with his friend. I woke up and regretted it the next day completely because I would have never normally done that. I just felt almost obligated to,” she remembers. Damage Control: If something happens that is out of your character, the most important thing to remember is to learn from it instead of letting the situation turn you into someone you are not or someone you don’t want to be. #3 Mistake: Repeating mistakes you swore you wouldn’t do again I am not sure how many times I have sworn I wouldn’t call Jimmy Johns at 5 a.m. trying to figure out why they aren’t personally opened for me….but that may be one of my smallest mistakes I’ve repeated while intoxicated. What is worse than a mistake happening once is letting it happen twice. It could be as small as me calling Jimmy Johns every weekend, to someone hooking up with an ex, or getting to the point of puking while being carried home. “Every time I get to be uncomfortably drunk I swear I am not going to do it again because it is embarrassing, and I always feel so bad the next day. But then next thing I know I am getting that drunk again in a couple weeks or a month and repeating it,” says Mattison. Prevent it: It is so easy to repeat a mistake, and yet it can be easy to not let it happen. Let’s say for example your ex might be the same party as you and you don’t want to hook up with him again. One thing to do is to tell yourself sober that you won’t! Repeat that

32 winter

statement throughout the night, constantly reminding the angel on your shoulder that he is the correct one to listen to. If you are hesitant about doing something, it most likely that means you shouldn’t be doing it. Another way to prevent a mistake from reoccurring is to think about the consequences the next day and how you don’t want to experience them again. If you know how bad it hurts hooking up with your ex, remember that feeling when you are contemplating about the second time. Damage Control: What is good about mistakes --and even repeating them-- is the fact that it shows you what your limits are by making you aware you have gone beyond them. Junior Madilyn Maruna says she eventually learned her limits and will not be making the same mistakes again. “Making mistakes while I have been out, and sometimes repeating them, has taught me about who I am and what I will not do anymore. Even if I learned the hard way with getting in trouble or being embarrassed of my behavior, it ultimately made me change that bad behavior,” she says. We are all a little wild deep down; just show it in positive and constructive ways. Being wild and free is the best feeling in the world, and we as college students can truly embody this and capture it. But how you use it is the true task. Taming down unreasonable behavior that you wouldn’t normally approve of isn’t losing your freedom or making you less fun. Rather, it is just making you someone that people can respect, while having a blast at the same time. Keep these tips in mind and you’ll own every situation while out at night with ease, and even be proud of yourself when you wake up… however groggily, the next morning.

“How we dress and act in public while under the influence speaks volumes”

From left to right: Pants, AG Adriano Goldschmied; Sequined ankle leggings, Saks Fifth Avenue, $225; Blazer, Forever 21, model’s own; Earrings, stylist’s own. Sequin dress, Parker; Beaded cami dress, Saks Fifth Avenue, $308; Shoes, Tory Burch, model's own; Earrings, Sanity, $12; Watch, stylist's own. Fur vest, Juicy Couture, stylist's own; Pants, Seven for all mankind, The Skinny Snake-Print Jeans, Saks Fifth Avenue, $225; Shoes, Miu Miu, stylist's own; Tank, Anthropologie, $24; Watch, Michael Kors, $280, Saks Fifth Avenue.

winter 33

Leotard, American Apparel; Leather Pants, H&M, $24.95; Shoes, model’s own; Acid Wash Jeans, H&M, $19.95. All other clothing and accessories, stylist’s own.


WILD &FREE From blocks away you can hear the music throbbing, the people screaming, and a crowd laughing- the party has started. Inside the 50-year-old house, the 40 or so people can barely move thanks to limited space and sticky beer floors.

into the fridge. He reaches into the silver contraption, pulls out two semi-cold Natural Lights, and tosses them over four girls heads, landing ever so perfectly, in the lap of the recipient who is trying to ‘work his game’ on a young girl in a short mini skirt.

“Yo Bro, pass me another beer!” A floppy, brown-haired guy hollers across the room to a boy in a blue button up shirt gazing distantly

Welcome to college.

34 winter

We’ve all been there. Beer cans spilling, girls laughing, boys

written by jen heuerman photography by gabrielle steffel styled by maudie banta and alexis macino

fighting, music playing too loud, people taking too many shots- the college party. We’re young, why not party hard? However, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, about 70 percent of the overall alcohol consumed is through binge drinking at -you guessed it- the college party. And, while in the moment, chugging the last can of the 36 pack may make

York Child Study Center Survey, 85 percent of undergraduates felt stress on a daily basis. This stress is leading students to search even harder for freedom. But there has to be another way to maintain this liberty outside of bonging beers. Believe it or not, there is.

Here are 10 tips to living a young, wild and free life, minus the alcohol binges. If you’re a girl, have a girl’s night: get super dressed up and go out with just the girls! Sip girly drinks, talk gossip and make a pact that no girl goes home with a boy.

Organize your life: use a planner, your iPhone calendar app, your computer’s sticky notes, whatever. Just make sure it gets used. Staying organized will help you stay on top of things and reduce stress. Don’t find yourself in someone else’s bed every night: maintain your independence, whether you’re in a serious relationship or just having fun hooking up with randos, don’t forget where your own bed is and use it. Cherish your friends: don’t get too consumed finding your independence that you forget your real friends. Whether they’re at school or at home, friends can be the best support. Don’t let anything hold you back: if you’re going to be wild, be wild. Don’t let others’ opinions stop you from diving into a bush because it looks fun. Let loose. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes: you’re going to make them. So don’t let the fear of it happening hold you back from trying something. Sleep in: Five years from now, when you have to get up early just to make it to work on time, you’ll really regret not sleeping in during your college years.

you feel like “hot stuff,” the truth is there are almost 2,000 alcohol related deaths among college students between the ages of 18 and 24.

Have no regrets: if you think even for a second that you’ll regret not doing something- do it.

“Everyone is so consumed with going out and having a good time,” Miami University sophomore Kat Klein said. “The idea of being young and free is all anyone thinks about.” College is an awkward time for a lot of students. We’re not quite in the real world but we’re not living at home anymore, leaving many kids struggling to figure out their lives. Young adults attending universities across the country are constantly looking for ways to become more independent- from their parents, from high school, from ex-relationships- these people are searching for freedom. Because of this search for freedom, many put themselves under an extreme amount of stress. Whether it’s the big O-Chem test, trying to fit in, trying to find a job or internship, or keeping in touch with friends from home, stress is everywhere on campus. According to a 2009 New

You’re only young once, live in the moment.

If you’re a boy, have a boy’s night: go get a reasonable amount of beer, watch the game, talk sports and make a pact that tonight you’re sticking together. Find a stress reliever: work out, read for pleasure, take a spin or yoga class at the Rec, or join a club. Whatever it is, make sure it’s something YOU enjoy. Do your homework: don’t let yourself get behind in school. The further behind you get, the more stress you will face.

winter 35



photography by kennedy cox styled by allison hartnett and lauren paulson

36 winter

Orange Skirt, H&M, $29.00; Cream Blouse, Forever 21, $19.00; Leopard Heels, Target, $25.00; Tights, J Crew; Grey Skirt, BCBG, $60.00; Rose pink blouse, stylist’s own; Grey fur vest, Nordstrom; Brown fur vest, Nordstrom; Grey Shoes, stylist’s own; Necklace, stylist’s own; Fur infinity scarf, Urban Outfitters, $40.00; Leather Skirt, Nordstrom.

Faux fur vests are the key to spicing up any outfit. Add a bold necklace to make the ultimate fashion-forward statement. Pair one with your favorite skirt to winterize the look. Its ability to transform your closet is endless. Wear faux fur as a scarf to accent any outfit. Perfect for class, shopping or dinner, this accessory will be sure to cause heads to turn. Mix up patterns and colors with fur to create a fierce look. Neutral fur pieces make a color mixture look brilliant, not accidental. Adding a touch of fur will not only gives your outfit a chic update with the perfect amount of texture, but it also adds a warm cozy layer for your long walks to class.

winter 37

WILD DATES written by sally stearns


adventurous dates for couples at Miami

Dating is exciting. It allows you to dress up, have a night on the town and get close to someone that could potentially lead to something more. Whether you just started dating or you are going on three years, it is crucial to add variety to dates to keep a relationship fresh and exciting. In the small town of Oxford, with limited things to do, Miami students may think going to dinner at La Mia or taking a walk around Western Campus are the only options. Think again! Here are wild ideas on how to make the most average date truly magical.

DATE METER The dates that are the wildest…and the ones that are just tame.


Skydiving. Skydiving in Cincinnati says their company will let you sky dive with an

expert and prepare you for the best skydiving experience. Nothing says wild like free- falling out of an airplane.

Next Flight, Please. Go to the nearest train station/airport and ask for the next flight out. The spontaneity would have both of your adrenalines rushing- and you’ll never know where you’ll end up!

The Newport Aquarium. It’s just across the river from Cincinnati and is open daily. You and your significant other can get in touch with the underwater wildlife. You can also make a game out of naming creatures from cute penguins to scary sharks. Mystery Dinner. Drive somewhere unknown and have a dinner at an unfamiliar restaurant or select an ethnic restaurant neither of you have tried before. To up the wild factor, give a fake name if there’s a waitlist. Game Night. Invite other couples over and have a poker night. Get in character and dress in old Hollywood clothes and serve appetizers and cocktails. Backwards Date. Start with the movie and end with dinner to spice things up. This spin on the classic date night will be just the perfect added spark to the night. Dinner and a movie. This may be unoriginal, but it’s a go-to that will most likely go down in history as the most timeless of dates. Any who doesn’t love cozying up to your date in a dark theater?


38 winter


Image from Creative Commons.

Campus Couple Consensus:

Real life Miami Couples told us why spicing up their date nights is important.

Couple 1: Seniors Brian Bell and Brooke Bonner

What he says: "I would love to take my Brooke skydiving. It’s a date that shows how adventurous one can be as well as be an exciting experience for both people. I have already considered this experience as a possible date, but all I have to do now is convince Brooke that she won't die if we do it." What she says: “I, on the other hand, would be hesitant to try skydiving. I am terrified of heights, skydiving would not be something I would find fun. However, I think with Brian falling with me, I would be more inclined to try it. Brian convinces me to be adventurous.”

Couple 2: Juniors Karl DeBoer and Betsy Mccarthy

What he says: “A getaway to the aquarium in Cincinnati is the ideal escape for any couple. The aquarium is great for a couple in any stage of their relationship, whether it's their first date or if they have been dating for a while. This not only provides light entertainment for the afternoon, but also allows the guy to take his date out to one of the many restaurants for the evening to change things up.” What she says: “I would definitely like to go to the aquarium on a date with Karl. We would be able to get out of Oxford for the day and have a nice dinner in Cincinnati that same night.”

Couple 3: Sophomores Johnny Beebe and Maria Richart

What he says: “I also love to travel, and I really enjoy going new places and seeing different things. If the next flight ended up being to the middle of nowhere, that would be okay, too. Part of the fun would be trying to find cool things to do in a boring place where there probably isn't usually a whole lot of excitement.” What she says: “Traveling to somewhere unknown is on my bucket list! Getting to travel with Johnny would be really fun, not to mention that it would be fun to see where we would end up. There’s nothing like a little spontaneity to keep things interesting.

Couple 4: Senior Derrick Creque and sophomore Abigail Bond

What he says: "I usually get hungry half way through a movie, so it'd be really great to have dinner afterwards. Plus, this way we can eat after the dinner rush." What she says: "I think a backwards date would be great because it would provide us with something interesting to talk about during dinner. Usually when the movie's over that means the dates over, but this way we get to extend the night!" Any couple can take these ideas and use them to change things up. But don’t limit yourself to our ideas. Creativity is key and can show your significant other a lot about your personality and who you really are. Letting your date see the spontaneous side of you can help him or her see you in a brand new light, promising more dates to come.

Dating is such a limitless experience and after all, we only live once! winter 39

Miami students await that

time of year they can be fun, flirty and totally free unlike any other holiday break. Yes, spring break is that week-long vacation that creates new friends, memories and even larger holes in that checking account. Spring break can be peaceful, yet wild and relaxing yet full of activities. If you

In the U.S: Panama City, FL Daytona, FL South Beach, Miami, FL Key West, FL South Padre Island, TX Las Vegas, NV Gulf Shores, AL

1. Cancun

“It barely ever rains in Cancun, and you can always escape back to one of the many awesome hotels if you want a change of scenery. The clubs and bars are way different here, not just your regular top 40 hits remixed, but every kind of music you’d want to really let loose to and have fun with all your friends. I started going sophomore year of high school and I’ve been going back every other year since then. I’m definitely going back even more in the future!” - Courtney Suverkrup, junior

Wet n’ Wild

Spring Break 2012 written by oriana pawlyk

search around for the ‘hot spots,’ every year the same destinations seem to pop up... With all these options, how can you possibly choose where to go? All these places have the potential to be wild if you make room for those spontaneous moments, but if you’re looking for destinations with a wild reputation look no further! 40 winter

Outside the U.S:

Cancun, Mexico Acapulco, Mexico Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Mazatlan, Mexico Negril, Jamaica Punta Cana, Dominican Republic Cruise to the Bahamas Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

They say Cancun is a “hotel party”. With over 100 hotels to choose from, all of which fill up because it is the largest spring break party, Cancun brings in at least 200,000 students a year. Cancun not only has dozens upon dozens of nightclubs, but also poolside bars equipped with water slides and live music that can sustain all your partying desires. Sick of the beach? Sightseeing includes Jungle Tours, the Wet ‘n’ Wild Water Park, the Snorkel Tour and swimming with dolphins. You may even have an occasional run-in with celebrities at DJ-ed day parties on the beach!

2. Yacht Week 3. Panama City 4. Cruises “I’ve always wanted to go on Yacht Week as many of my friends from back home do almost every year. They say the experience is so surreal, literally living on a gorgeous yacht all week with your friends, docking at each island and doing whatever you please, and just jumping into the bright blue Caribbean Sea to snorkel or swim whenever you want. It’s the definition of paradise.” - Caroline Gray, senior

This may cost you a pretty penny, but Yacht Week looks like the trip of a lifetime.You may plan to cruise theMediterranean during the summer months, but for spring break, the British Virgins Islands should be marked on your calendar. You can rent anywhere from 20-40 yachts, bring along 200-400 friends and off you go sailing the islands of the Caribbean. Stop at the restaurants and shops of each island before going sightseeing at the coastal, sandy beaches. You’ll find magnificent caves you can sail through and a sea full of rainbow colored fish and coral.

“I always get super excited driving down from Oxford to PC with a bunch of my friends. Two years ago, even though it rained a lot, we made new friends from other schools all across the country and made the most of it. There’s so much to do, and even though we only have a week and may not do it all, it’s the best when you can experience Panama spring break with great friends, old and new.” - Emma Kate Freatman, senior

“No matter if you go on this cruise or any other type of cruise down south, you’ll have a blast. I went on a similar cruise but we docked at different destinations, not just one, where I got to get up in the morning and lay out on deck, gamble and swim in the pool. It’s always nice to be on a cruise because your spring break is a non-stop travel experience so you can never be bored and you’ll always see something new, beautiful and surprising!” - Jordan Jukiewicz, senior

Dubbed the ‘wildest spot’ in the states, Panama City may have similar features to other destinations but it has the atmosphere of a beach party in one main coastal attraction. Banana boat rides, jet skiing and parasailing could be on your agenda, but students venture to PC because it’s affordable with hot clubs, bars, concerts and lazy days on the beach. Want to be a bit more adventurous? Take a boat ride or kayak in West Bay to see some of Florida’s wildlife, go to one of the beach wineries, or even take a helicopter ride. There are endless possibilities in Panama City. Plus, you don’t need a passport.

Cruises are always a great way to be with friends and see the many things in one trip. With this cruise, you make your way on a non-stop three-hour cruise to Freeport, Grand Bahama Island. The cruise starts out in Ft. Lauderdale Fla. During the three-hour cruise you can pass the time in the casino’s bar until you make it to the island. There, you will spend four nights at the Wyndham Viva Fortuna hotel with white sandy beaches and a great view of the clear, blue water. If you don’t want to hang poolside, take a few smaller trips out to snorkel and deep-sea fish.

winter 41

The Ins and Outs of Being Cruelty-Free

written by nicole theodore

Consumers are surrounded by so many brands that it is easy to forget that what you purchase could be harming someone or something. In fact, there may be a hidden dark truth behind those products we carelessly throw in our shopping bags. Animal testing and killing for fur and other by-products is far from being a taboo subject. Though some of us would like to ignore that this goes on, it is a real thing that we support when buying brands and products that participate in it and do not seek alternatives to testing their products. This could be anything from shoes to makeup to shampoo. Just because you can’t stop a brand from doing this act all at once, you can still educate yourself about how these products are made. Don’t feel ashamed if you have some of these brands’ products already lying around because you can change what brand you buy

42 winter

next time. Here are some facts, companies, products and other useful information about animal testing. Being eco and animal friendly takes such little time out of our lives but can save the lives of countless animals. fur and Leather: Worst of { Real } the Worst About 50 million animals are killed every year for use in the fashion industry, mainly for their fur and animal hide. These methods of killing and collecting the skins or hides of animals is often done through gassing, electrocution and neck breaking, according to Born Free USA, an animal rights organization. Though these are gruesome and unfortunate details about the fur industry, there is good news. The amount of awareness of these practices has increased over the last 10 years with hundreds of laws passed against trapping animals in over 70 different countries around the world.

However, some fashion designers think using fur is an acceptable practice. One is Karl Lagerfeld, a Chanel Designer who was quoted about the use of fur in an article for The Los Angeles Times, "In a meat-eating world, wearing leather for shoes and clothes and even handbags, the discussion of fur is childish.” Though many of us are not vegetarians and eat meat on a daily basis, it is ultimately up to you to decide if this irony makes it okay to buy fur. If you want to avoid real fur, check out designs by BCBG, Roberto Cavalli, Anna Sui, Marc Jacobs, Badgley Mishka, Yves Saint Laurent, Michael Kors, Gucci, and DKNY. However, fur does have its advantages. Not only does it completely insulate you from cold unlike faux fur, but it also keeps snow from melting and refreezing on it, something important if the wearer is outdoors. Faux fur also takes a significant more amount of time to break down in the environment than real fur because of the materials that make it up. fur and non-leather { Faux goods: Better alternative! } On the bright side (yes there is one to this rather dark topic, I promise!) there is now an immense amount of companies and brands that are against real fur and leather. Many companies and brands now recognize the demand for products that are faux fur and non-leather. More importantly, designer brands do not have to sacrifice style in order to protect animals. Kate Spade offers non-leather purses and other non-leather accessories, as well as Nine West (who doesn’t go crazy over their shoes?). Think of all the cows and even kangaroos you could be helping by buying non-leather products.

There are some serious advantages to buying faux fur besides saving animals as well. Faux fur and leather often looks identical to real fur lasts longer. It is immune to moths unlike real fur and does not deteriorate or have to be put in special conditions to preserve. So, faux fur gives you the look without the fuss and non leather accessories resist wear and tear. American Apparel, Lucky Brand, Ralph Lauren, Guess?, The North Face and Juicy Couture are just a few well-known designers that have pledged to be cruelty free. The fact that faux fur is easily attainable is also a major reason why designers opt for the synthetic version. All in all, the decision to buy real or fake fur and leather all comes down to how you will feel at the end of the purchase.

Products that test on { Beauty } Animals: Worse Clothing isn’t the only place to watch out for animal cruelty. With an array of different beauty products and brands, it can be easy to overlook what these companies stand for in terms of animal testing. Remember it’s simple and easy to look at the back of the label where most companies will have a statement regarding animal testing. If you are unsure or cannot find a label, check out the PETA website for an A-Z list of almost every company’s stance on animal testing. Testing beauty products on animals forces them to swallow chemicals at the risk of being poisoned, often leading the animal to go blind. Almay, Estee Lauder, Pur Minerals, Burt’s Bees, Clinique, OPI, and Urban Decay all stand firm on never testing their products on animals. These

products can be found in drug stores as well as Sephora and Ulta. In addition, there are many benefits to choosing brands and companies that pledge non-cruelty testing on animals, or even not testing on animals at all. They can be healthier and better to use, according to the brand OCC Makeup, a vegan makeup company priding itself in its organic, cruelty-free makeup line. Various makeup with animal additives or ingredients tend to make skin more allergenic and reactive according to OCC Makeup. Most of us wouldn’t want a red puffy face on a first date now would we? If you are worried about the price of switching makeup or health products to a more animalfriendly alternative, there is a great brand in every drug store that not only makes you look gorgeous for any occasion, but it doesn’t break the bank account. I recommend Physician’s Formula. Their products provide an easy way to not only use animal-free testing products, but to also better the look and feel of your skin. Because of its natural ingredients and lack of hard minerals, it actually improves the complexion of your face over time. They have everything from mascara to concealer to bronzer as well as face primer and lotion. Don’t let the sad facts of what goes in the fur industry and animal testing world get you down. There is always a bright side to a negative. We can be the change by not participating in this process. As consumers it is as simple as switching to products and brands that respect and protect the rights of animals. We promise, wearing clothing and makeup that makes you feel and look good while knowing you’re helping animals will be a great confidence boost.

winter 43

the next step

fashion brands that save wildlife

written by bridget vis

So, I admit it: I’m a vegan, tree hugger, and animal lover, who can’t help but indulge in any brand labeled “ecofriendly,” “cruelty-free,” or adorned with the “1 percent For the Planet” label. I’m pleased to say that the number of fashion labels dedicating themselves to the call to save wildlife has exploded in the past few years as the reality of species extinction and inhumane animal practices has become almost too great to ignore. Here are some awesome brands that make my herbivore heart happy.

Best brand you’ve never heard of: Wildlife Works

It’s not just your adventures in your Patagonia that are wild. Patagonia’s efforts toward wildlife preservation are pretty wild for such a major fashion powerhouse. Their mission statement emphasizes building the best product while causing no unnecessary harm to the environment and pursuing solutions to the current environmental crisis.

Straight from the Rukinga Sanctuary in Kenya, Wildlife Works is an innovative-and ultra chic- fashion brand that stands up to its namesake. Wildlife Works’ mission is to harness the power of the global consumer to create sustainable solutions for wildlife conservation. To do this they give consumers the opportunity to purchase garments with the sales going directly to benefit endangered and threatened animal species around the world. Wildlife Works doesn’t leave fashionistas like myself waiting. Their organicmeets-modern jackets, tees, and scarves for both men and women feature vibrant prints inspired by the traditional clothing of the local African tribes.

What they do:

What they do:

Best major brand: Patagonia

-Common Waters Campaign: aims to balance human water usage with the needs of animals and the environment. To do this Patagonia is examining how much water it consumes in the production of its products, brainstorming ways to curb that amount and encouraging others to do the same. - Wild Salmon Jerky initiative: focused on finding alternative solutions to the horrible salmon-farming industry, which pollutes the environment, creates inhumane conditions for salmon breeding, and encourages overfishing. Patagonia will soon sell wild salmon jerky (I know unheard of for a fashion company) utilizing sustainable salmon farming practices in order to set an example of how salmon industries can be more environmentally friendly in their practices. - Wild Trout Initiative: endeavors to prevent against the extinction of endangered trout species as a result of habitat destruction and overfishing by raising money and awareness of the issue. Patagonia created and sold t-shirts displaying artwork by James Prosek, a trout-lover and author of many trout-related books, that has raised over $420,000 since 2005. -1 percent For the Planet: Patagonia has been a member of this business alliance since 1985. As the name implies, all allied businesses donate 1 percent of their sales to preservation and restoration of the environment. -Creating a national park in Patagonia: partners with Conservación Patagonia to create a giant national park in the Patagonian region of Chile and Argentina to make 650,000 acres of protected lands for wildlife. Many of Patagonia’s employees have traveled down to South America to assist in digging up fence posts, removing nonnative plant species and rolling up wire. -Sustainable Wool Program: partners with Argentine companies who produce wool use methods that do not destroy the natural grasslands from overgrazing by their sheep. Patagonia has committed to sourcing their wool for these organizations to encourage more companies to think about using wool from sheep that are taken care of responsibly. If you’d like to learn more, check out http://www.patagonia. com/us/environmentalism for more information.

44 winter

-Rukinga Wildlife Sanctuary: their first project created a wildlife reserve in Kenya that has become the center of their operations. The 500,000-acre Kasigau Corridor REDD Project provides a wildlife corridor between the Tsavo East and West National Parks from the proceeds of their clothing campaigns. -New job opportunities: they provide alternative jobs to local people who have previously relied on illegal poaching to make a living. Almost every employer from the cotton pickers to the sewers are from local villages. In addition, they hire over 70 park rangers to protect their sanctuary and to teach villagers the importance of wildlife conservation. -REDD Program: aims to reduce the world’s greenhouse gas emissions from the deforestation of tropical rainforests by rural communities who destroy these natural wildlife habitats for farmland. Wildlife Works partnered with the UN-backed REDD (Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation) program in 1997. Since then they have worked to combat the destruction of wildlife’s habitat by implementing educational programs, creating jobs through eco-friendly product production, promoting eco-tourism, and supporting sustainable farming and replanting programs. -Reintroduce animal species: bring native elephants and lions along with other species back into the Rukinga sanctuary. Wildlife Works has already been discovered by celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and Charlize Theron. If you want to join them in the fight to save wildlife go to http://www.

Best High Fashion Label: Stella McCartney Stella McCartney may be my favorite label. McCartney is doing what every major fashion designer strives to do- push the boundaries of fashion and stand out from everyone else. The difference is McCartney does it without using leather or other animal by-products, while taking steps to protect the environment in the process. McCartney is a lifelong vegetarian. She was raised on a farm where she developed a strong connection to her animals and the land she helped

Images from,, and

work. In a world where celebrity designers claim to want to help the environment and protect wildlife’s welfare, McCartney actually does with her eco-friendly touches that exude luxury. Check out her organic denim skinny jeans or her aviator sunglasses made of castor-oil seeds and citric acid as seen in January’s Elle. I especially love her collaborative work with adidas, which also has organic products such as the Yoga Yoga Organic Hoodie and Stella McCartney Organic Cotton Cap.

What she’s doing:

-No leather or animal bi-products: Besides killing animals, meat and leather production are major contributors to global warming. According to McCartney’s website, 18 percent of all manmade greenhouse gases come from the methane that cows produce, transportation is only 15 percent, and factories that produce leather or fur products use 20 times more energy than factories that use natural fibers. Clothing made from animal by-products also require chemicals that poison the groundwater that wildlife drink and pollute the environment that animals live in. -Ethical production: aims to use many organic textiles like organic cotton and low-impact dyes that have all the feel of high fashion garments without the pollution that comes with most designers’ production methods. She also is considering trying to source fabrics as locally as possible to lower the carbon emissions of transportation costs. -Clean energy: The first question McCartney asks when opening a new store is about power. All of Stella McCartney UK stores, offices and studios are powered by a company called Ecotricity that invests the money costumers spend on electricity into clean forms of power. They also only book taxis in the UK through a hybrid vehicle company to lower their carbon emission. -Carbon neutral: The official Stella McCartney Ltd. is a certified carbon neutral company, which means it offsets its carbon footprint with other efforts that rebuild parts of the ecosystem. Stella offsets its CO2 production with initiatives that include reforestation projects in Tanzania, landfill management in Columbia and hydropower projects in Guatemala. -Biodegradable bags: All of Stella McCartney shipping bags are biodegradable to prevent against polluting the environment. The bags are made from corn and designed to decompose naturally after one year. Can’t wait to hear more about the daughter of the former Beatle? Go to stellas-world/green-me. If you’d like to find your own favorite eco-friendly and wildlife-saving brands, check out the blogs and

winter 45

photography by meaghan wylly and kelsey novonty styled by meredith fossett and leah reitz

46 winter

winter 47

48 winter

winter 49

50 winter

winter 51

52 winter

Camel leggings/pants, Juniper, $19.88 (on sale); White Dress, Juniper, $78.50; Tan wrap dress, Juniper, $59.50; Tan and Brown Dress, Juniper, $30.80; Sequin dress, B. Darlin, Dillards, $70; Brown fur vest, Buffalo, Nordstrom, $99.85; Navy Blazer, J Crew, $198. Long navy skirt, Line and Dot, stylist’s own; Striped navy blouse, Mink Pink, stylist’s own; Cream bandage skirt, BCBG, stylist’s own; Animal print blouse, Ann Taylor Loft, stylist’s own; Gold shirt, H&M, $17.95.

winter 53

written by alex mcnulty

Into the


Do the winter blues and unbearably cold weather make you stir crazy? Or does sitting in the same old classroom day after day staring out the windows at another barren Oxford winter have you counting down the days until you jet off somewhere warm and fabulous for Spring Break? This season, instead of catching a cold, it’s time to catch the travel bug! Those dreary winter days can become significantly brighter by beginning to peruse study abroad locations and options. These programs will not only give a Miamian something to look forward to during the winter months of Oxford, but could be the opportunity of a lifetime. In addition to drastically altering your physical surroundings, this program could be a great

54 winter

addition to your resume. This experience could be the key factor that separates you from the graduating masses to your future employer. One drawback to the program is that you do, unfortunately, have to vacate the comfort of your dorm into the frigid winter air-- and yes, leave your Snuggie behind-- to attend one of the Study Abroad 101 information sessions. Following the sessions, students can set up an appointment with one of the advisors in the office to start making dreams become a reality. It’s critical to establish which semester or summer session you would like to participate in. Study abroad advisor Sarah McNitt

had some excellent suggestions for students who are looking for a more adventurous program. She recommended a variety of landscapes spanning from East Africa to China. 1. East Africa: In this alluring location, students work closely on directed field research with wild animals in Kenya and Tanzania. This East Africa program focuses on wildlife management studies and public health. This is an incredibly hands-on program. In fact, one of the projects students work on is the impact of land and water scarcity on humans and wildlife. If this strikes a chord for you, indulge your eyes at: 2. Australia: McNitt says that it is illegal for tourists to hold koalas in New South Wales, located in Australia. If this puts a damper on plans you had to study abroad in Australia, fear not, because there is another amazing program in Queensland that allows you to cuddle up with the koalas. If you have any desire to pick up an Aussie accent (or boyfriend) it’s worth further investigation! 3. China: After seeing Kung Fu Panda did you have a desire to hang with some pandas? Well, even if you don’t share my strange desire, Chengdu, China offers a program where you can take a trip to a panda reserve while learning about the second most important global economy! This city is referenced as “the city in heaven” and the economic, cultural and political center of Southwest China. Students spend time at the Wolong Nature Reserve, roughly 40 km northwest of Chengdu. Hua Mei, the first giant panda born in the Western Hemisphere since 1990, lives at this reserve (like that isn’t reason enough to sign up for the trip)! For a chance to meet her and have an amazing experience in a place where the past is fused with the present check out: Students in the hot seat: While the above options seem über appealing, we wanted to hear from people who actually participated in study abroad programs. We asked some

of Miami’s own to share their memories. Costa Rica: The first student I spoke with was Corrylee Drozda, a senior international studies and Spanish double major. Corrylee studied abroad in Costa Rica and lived in an urban area that was surrounded by mountains, vegetation and exotic birds. What was the biggest difference in culture you experienced? Corrylee: The concept of time. In Costa Rica, everything is far more relaxed than in the United States. Costa Ricans (“Ticos”) take the time in the middle of the day to eat lunch with family and friends and then they always take a break for coffee at about 4:00 p.m. While I definitely was annoyed with this lifestyle at times, it is now one of the things that I miss most about Costa Rica. I loved the ability to just stop what I was doing during the day and sit down with my host family to visit with one another and relax. Who would you say was the most interesting person you encountered while abroad? Corrylee: I would have to say my host mom, or my mama Tica. She is an incredibly, strong, independent, caring and optimistic woman despite the adversity she has faced. She reminds me a lot of my own mom. What made you choose Costa Rica? Corrylee: Since I am a Spanish major, I obviously knew that I would study in a Spanishspeaking country. I then decided that I wanted to spend my semester somewhere in Central America because the language and the cultures of the Latin American countries closest to the United States will correspond most closely to the Latinos that I hope to interact with in my future career. Also, Costa Rica has a unique status as a demilitarized and stable democracy in an unstable region. What is one of the funniest things that happened to you while you were abroad? Corrylee: It wasn’t funny at the time, but I went to a group of Panama’s islands with one of

my friends for a weekend and everything that could have gone wrong went wrong. After having a terrible weekend, we were finally on our way back to Costa Rica. But when we stopped in a town close to the border, I realized that I didn’t have my passport. After freaking out, my friend realized that the people at our hostel never gave it back to me from check-in. It’s a long story, but I somehow thought that I would be able to get across the border with copies of my visa and have the hostel mail me the passport. Not surprisingly, it didn’t work and we had to go all the way back to the island where I finally got my passport. It was awful then, but I love telling the story now.

Zealand through the Outdoor Pursuit Center at Miami’s Recreation Center. During her time there she travelled into the cities and spent time in the country hiking up mountains and through rainforests. There was never a typical day and they always had their bags packed for the day in preparation for whatever may come their way.

Is there anything that shocked you about Costa Rica? Corrylee: The strong presence of American culture from every kind of fast food restaurant to certain words and expressions to movies. I was really surprised and kind of disappointed at first, but the local culture is still way stronger than the influence of American culture.

What came as the biggest culture shock to you? Laura: How environmentally conscience they are. They will sometimes kill certain wildlife just to keep their ecosystems the same. Also they are so respectful of the land. Their beautiful land is what they pride themselves on.

What’s next on your list of places to travel? Corrylee: South America! I think that I am going to Italy after I graduate, but I would love to do a trip through Peru, Argentina and Chile some time before I go to law school. What was their wildlife like? Corrylee: Amazing! Costa Rica is known for its national parks and incredible biodiversity. There are tons of different types of birds, butterflies, humming birds, frogs, snakes and lizards. I saw all of four types of monkeys and also a few sloths. What was the craziest thing you saw someone wear? Corrylee: Remember all of those scrunchies and big hair clips of the 90s? Well, those are super popular for women in Costa Rica. They can pull them off because their hair is so thick, but I don’t think the look would work out well for me. New Zealand: The second student I talked with was Laura Meyer, a sophomore marketing major. Last summer she participated in the Outdoor Leadership class in New

What was the wildest adventure you went on? Laura: I would say it was either glacier climbing or when we hiked the ridge in Nelson Lakes where you look to your right and you look to your left and it is straight down!

What was the craziest or most interesting food you ate? Laura: I ate a fruit native to the island that is call a Feijoa and it kind of tastes like a sweet tart. What was something you wish we had that New Zealand has? Laura: Just the respect that they have for everything and everyone. We really surprised the locals that we weren't rowdy Americans. What was the most out there thing you saw someone wear? Laura: An 80-year-old woman at a club wearing a sparkly wig. She was dancing her heart out! South Africa: Next, I spoke with Elizabeth Martinez, who is a senior psychology major and criminology minor. She spent her time abroad with some unique critters in Durban, South Africa and learned some local phrases in Zulu, their primary language. Were you nervous about anything going abroad? Elizabeth: I was honestly not nervous about going to South Africa at all, but I was more nervous about the type of people I would be studying abroad with and if I would make any friends!

winter 55

Luckily, only super cool people study abroad in South Africa and I definitely made lasting friendships. What was the most exciting thing you did or saw while abroad? Elizabeth: The most exciting thing I did while abroad was renting a car with some of my girlfriends and deciding to ride along the coast of South Africa to Capetown. The most exciting part: running out gas at 2:30 a.m. in the middle of the countryside. The nearest gas station we had passed was about and hour and half behind us. Luckily the South African police were on the road and they were able to help us. What was the food like? Elizabeth: The food was amazing in Durban! There is a heavy Indian influence in Durban so most days I would eat rotis or chicken curry for lunch. Where else did you travel? Elizabeth: I traveled to Capetown, St. Lucia, Pietemertizburg and other places in South Africa. What was most shocking to you about the culture abroad? Elizabeth: most shocking thing was how acceptable it was for students to racially segregate themselves at school. The fact that racism is still openly acknowledged and not actively fought was unsettling. It was so disappointing to see that even 10 years after apartheid, people in South Africa are still racist. Prague: I also had the pleasure of heckling Kim Berke, a junior management and organizations major, with questions. Kim just returned to Oxford from Prague and went to seven other countries during her time overseas. What was the best part about being in Prague? Kim: The best part about being in Prague was definitely the unbelievable architecture. Walking to class and being surrounded by old, beautiful buildings was something I never got over! I also loved getting the chance to live in a foreign country with a group of college students I had never met before. The experience as a whole was

56 winter

so amazing and the beautiful city of Prague just made it that much better! What was the most adventuresome thing you did while you were there? Kim: A group of us decided to rent a cabin in the Czech countryside to get out of the city for a weekend. We found a homeowner online who rents his house out to tourists and he offered to pick us up at the train station and drive us to his cabin. I don't think we really thought about how sketchy/dangerous it actually could have been. A group of college students heading to a cabin in the middle of nowhere in the Czech Republic had front page headlines written all over it! We were smart though and went with a large group of boys and girls and made sure to tell everyone exactly where we were going before we left. It ended up being such an amazing weekend but no one in the area spoke any English! I would recommend to anyone studying abroad to be adventurous and experience the country outside of the tourist areas. Where else did you travel to during your time abroad? Kim: My roommates (We had nine in one apartment!) and I traveled almost every weekend to places all around Europe. We didn’t have class on Fridays, which made traveling easy. We also took a day trip to Kutna Hora, which is a small town in the Czech Republic. We also went to: Denmark, Poland, Hungary, Austria, Italy, The Netherlands and England. Why did you select to study in Prague? Kim: Prague is definitely off the beaten path but to me is the most under-rated city. They call it the Amsterdam of the East, which I had no idea until after I got there! I barely did any research on Prague and mostly decided to go because I had heard great things about it and it was not your common study abroad location. It was absolutely amazing though! What was your favorite city you went to? Kim: Budapest was one of my favorite places that I went to! When we were there, the weather was amazing and we spent a day

at one of Budapest’s infamous bath houses! I know it sounds weird but I promise it’s not what you’re imagining. It’s more like a resort full of every size pools, hot tubs and saunas you can imagine! There are so many of them and they are all different sizes and temperatures. There truly is a pool for everyone! When it’s rainy or cold out, the inside of the building is full of pools and hot tubs as well. It was so great to spend the day there and experience one of the local charms Budapest has to offer! Did anything abroad remind you of Miami? Kim: In Budapest they have these bars called Ruins Pubs. They are bars that are built in old dilapidated buildings (literally ruins) and they are so cool! In Prague we found some awesome locals bars. One called Lucerna has 80's/90's night on Fridays. It reminded me of 90's night at Brick! A unique way to ring in 2012 Nick Huber, President of Miami’s student body and a senior finance major, spent his New Year’s eve in Argentina with fellow Miami students. I don’t know about the rest of you, but his celebration definitely put my New Year’s to shame! What were your original thoughts when you signed up for the trip? Nick: Initially I signed up for the trip because I had never been to South America. After I started taking the pre-trip course associated with the experience, I grew more and more excited about the opportunity to disconnect from technology and reflect on life. Outdoor Leadership in Argentina turned out to be unbelievably fulfilling from a cultural, physical, and educational perspective. Where did you stay? Nick: When in Buenos Aires, we stayed in a hostel in the Palermo district. Throughout the rest of the trip we stayed in hostels in El Calafate and in tents in the Andes Mountains in Patagonia. The hostels were awesome because they allowed us to meet people from all across the world while keeping ourselves and our possessions safe. After this trip, I

have friends in Argentina, Bavaria and Israel who I plan to keep in touch with. If you had to choose a favorite memory or experience while in Argentina what would it be and why? Nick: My favorite memory from the trip was standing on Mt. Fitz Roy (the highest peak on the Patagonia brand logo) looking at El Lago de los Tres. El Lago de los Tres is a glacial lake with some of the purest water one could naturally find. The lake was beautiful, but it was also amazing to turn around and see the lush green valley that we had come from. It was rewarding to see how high we had climbed and to see the beauty that made the hike worthwhile. What is some advice you would give to someone looking to study abroad or do a trip like yours? Nick: When studying abroad, the most important thing to remember is to interact with the local people. You will learn more from personal interaction with the locals than any textbook, television special or teacher. Also, sleep as little as possible--you want to take advantage of every moment you have! How do the Argentines celebrate New Year’s? Nick: When the class entered the party in Buenos Aires that was hosted for us, we all wrote down

our resolutions on pieces of card stock. At midnight, the hostess of the party released white balloons with the resolutions attached to them, and we all cheered as they rose up and faded into the Argentine moon. UPcoming Summer Ventures Now that we’ve spoken with students who are study abroad pros, we wanted to talk with a student who is planning a future trip abroad. Katelyn Burke, a sophomore special education major is excited to live overseas in a few short months. What are you most looking forward to in regards to your study abroad experience this summer? Katelyn: I'm most looking forward to meeting new people that I can be friends with for the rest of college here at Miami as well as become even closer with my Kappa sisters that are going on the trip. Since I've never been to Europe, I cannot wait to see all of the sights and learn first hand about the culture in all of the countries our trip will be visiting. Seeing the Eiffel tower and Mountains in Switzerland are some of my dreams and I can't believe they are going to be a reality. What classes will you be taking? Katelyn: This trip is a multi-site business trip that is open to all majors, so I'll be trying something new for my global credits and

taking two business classesSpecial Topics in Accounting and Special Topics in Commercial Law. Where will this trip take you? Katelyn: This is a multi-site trip so it gives us the opportunity to go to tons of cool places! It starts in London, then we are going to Paris, Munich, Lauterbrunnen (Switzerland), Barcelona and ends with a weeklong sailing trip through the Greek Isles. I think I am most excited to see the mountains in Switzerland because I know they'll be beautiful. How did you find the program? Katlyn: I heard about the program because a lot of juniors and seniors I know have gone on it and have highly recommended it. Two Miami business professors are in charge of it and have done the program for many years. I also thought it was unique because of the sailing trip at the end. I won’t get back too late in the summer so I can still work or have an internship. Now that we’ve explored many possibilities, it’s time for you to get out of that cozy blanket and explore the opportunities that are unique to the college experience. So go out there, do your research, and go on the trip of a lifetime while getting college credit.

All images provided by students interviewd.

winter 57



Dangerous? close encounters with oxford’s wildlife written by mary kate linehan

Oxford’s large stray cat population is pretty obvious. It is difficult to walk to class from off-campus and NOT have a run in with a frisky feline. In 2009, a graduate student was bit when she encountered one by her house in December. When she tried to pet it she was bitten through her coat and skin! This incidence is one officials think can be avoided and thus decrease the number of attacks on Oxford citizens and Miami University students. Animal Control Officer Wayne Phillips explained that the cat attacks usually only occur if the cats are touched or approached, so avoiding them can prevent the attacks. Phillips also explained that touching any kind of strange animals, especially those without ID tags or collars, puts people at risk for an attack.

58 winter

But stray cats aren’t the only animals to worry about in this small Ohio town. Marshall Beckwith, a Miami senior was attacked by a dog while hanging out at his friend’s house one day. While enjoying themselves on a front porch, a dog strolled up to the yard. The dog had a collar on it and seemed scared, Beckwith said. While petting the dog and trying to lure it with food and water, Beckwith was bitten in the face. “When it happened, I didn’t really realize the dog had attacked me.” Beckwith said, “I have always had dogs growing up and they were always friendly and I just figured this dog would be friendly too. Well it wasn’t and it bit my chin and cheeks.” Senior Adam Shockery was attacked by a deer while on his way to class.

“I was walking to class when a deer suddenly ran out of no where and straight into me. I don’t think it was trying to hurt me, but that it was more confused in being in a crowded place on campus,” Shockery said. Senior class members of the fraternity Beta Theta Pi also said that when they lived in their fraternity house their sophomore year, a raccoon resided in the attic of the house and they named it “Fratcoon”.

Whether the animal is a cat, dog, deer, or even an albino skunk, it is very apparent that wild animals are prevalent around the city of Oxford and taking precaution is essential to safety. If anyone does encounter a wild animal or is attacked by one of these animals, seek immediate attention from McCullough-Hyde Hospital and/or call Oxford Police/Animal Control to report the attack.

Another student senior Tate Doolittle mentioned that an albino skunk lived underneath the front porch of his house his junior year, but he didn’t appreciate the wild creature quite like the Betas. “Every time we would come home from being out Uptown, we would be scared to death that the skunk would spray us.” Doolittle explained.

All images from Creative Commons.

winter 59

meet the editors get to know the faces and minds behind Miami’s Only Fashion Magazine

Fashion Director

Meredith Fossett

photography by kelsey novonty 60 winter

Business Manager Jocelyn Zadzi

Marketing Director Kelsey Olsen

Men’s Director

Zachary Workman

Asst. Fashion Director

Lauren Paulson

Editor -inChief

Lauren Pax

Asst. Business Manager Sarah Macheca

Blog Editor

Jen Heuerman

Layout Editor

Reid Groth

Art Director Jeremy Smetana

Photo Editor

Meaghan Wylly


Meredith Miller

Copy Editor

Bridget Vis

Copy Editor

Jenni Wiener

winter 61

lauren pax editor in chief

Major/Minor: Journalism, Organizational Communication Year: Senior Up Staff member since: 2009 Favorite Up project: We’re still in the process, but definitely planning Fashion Week. It will be a week-long event like none before! Favorite item in your closet: My shoes. All of them. I have a bit of a shoe obsession. Why you love Up Magazine: I love how passionate and creative everyone is and how dedicated they all are to making the best magazine possible every time. I’m so thankful for my staff! Future goals: My dream job is to become an Editor in Chief for a women’s magazine, fashion magazine or health magazine.

62 winter

jen heuerman blog editor

Major/Minor: Spanish, Journalism major, Latin American Studies minor Year: Junior Up Staff member since: 2009 Favorite Up project: Cheezies vs. Remnants article Favorite item in your closet: Definitely my green sweater. Such a classic, but I can wear it with everything. Why you love Up Magazine: We’re a group of hardworking folks who are passionate about writing, fashion, art, photography, and design- the cool stuff. I love watching this passion from everyone go into the work that they do. Future goals: My dream job would be writing/editing/ designing at a magazine who, like Up, is passionate, creative, cultural and devoted to their work.

kelsey olsen

marketing director Major/Minor: Marketing major, Interactive Media Studies minor Year: Junior Up Staff member since: 2009 Favorite Up project: Fashion Week! It’s been a long time coming and I cannot wait to see the turn out. Favorite item in your closet: Definitely my Sam Edelman riding boots. I wear them ALL the time. Why you love Up Magazine: I am so proud of the fact that we are completely student run and I never cease to be impressed by my fellow exec and staff members that take amazing photos, style looks I lust after and put together an extremely professional looking publication— all while balancing a full credit hour schedule! Future goals: An exact title is hard to pinpoint because there are many aspects I enjoy but I would love to be working for a publication or blog in digital sales and/or marketing coming up with creative ways to integrate advertisers and the brand.

winter 63

meredith fossett fashion director

Major/Minor: Mass Communication Year: Senior Up Staff member since: 2009 Favorite Up project: Every single photo shoot. Favorite item in your closet: Are you kidding? My wardrobe is a black hole. I couldn’t possibly pick just one favorite item. Why you love Up Magazine: I love the people, the creativity and everything about Up Magazine. I love that my passion and visions can come alive in print. Future goals: I hope to be moving to New York City in May. I would ultimately love to work for a magazine or for a fashion public relations firm. Or, whoever will pay me to work...

64 winter

zachary workman men's director

Major/Minor: Economics, French Year: Senior Up Staff member since: 2010 Favorite Up project: The assembly for our most recent issue. Though it took considerable time and effort on the part of the staff, the bar was raised for future issues in a fantastic way. Favorite item in your closet: My Polo Ralph Lauren dog “critter” sweater. I received it as a gift from a friend who reads my menswear blog and it has served as quite the conversation starter. Why you love Up Magazine: The bond I have developed in my year-plus of working as on the editorial staff ... hanging out with gorgeous girls multiple times per week doesn’t hurt, either. Future goals: “I want to become immortal and then die.” -Parvulesco, Breathless (1960).

winter 65

bridget vis copy editor

Major/Minor: Journalism, International studies major, Spanish minor Year: Junior Up Staff member since: September 2009 Favorite Up project: Every time I get to work with the writers and help give them ideas and craft amazing stories. Favorite item in your closet: My Love is the New Black vegan TOMS Why you love Up Magazine: Because it is the greatest student publication, produced by the coolest people. I feel like Miami would not be the same for me without it. Future goals: To work for a magazine and write stories that impact people…and save the world.

jenni wiener copy editor

Major/Minor: Journalism, International Studies major, Spanish minor Year: Senior Up Staff member since: August 2009 Favorite Up project: I love having the meetings with all the writers where we brainstorm ideas Favorite item in your closet: These super cute black heels that are so comfortable Why you love Up Magazine: It’s so unique to Miami and I think everyone on staff does a fabulous job. The magazine could be professional and everyone loves it! I’m always so proud when it comes out. Future goals: I hope to be a traveling news or entertainment reporter for a major television network.

66 winter

reid groth

layout director Major/Minor: Graphic Design major, Art History minor Year: 4th year (5th year to go) Up Staff member since: 2010 Favorite Up project: I love putting together every layout. It’s really rewarding to see it all come together every time. Favorite item in your closet: Floral scarf from London Why you love Up Magazine: Its combining two of my favorite things fashion and design! Future goals: Creative director for a fashion magazine

winter 67

jeremy smetana art director

Major/Minor: Graphic Design major, French minor Year: Junior Up Staff member since: Fall 2009 Favorite Up project: Makeup that Rocks, Fall 2010 Favorite item in your closet: My cardigan collection. Why you love Up Magazine: It is a creative group of people making a great publication. I have made some great friends and had some fun times. Future goals: I would like to live in a city and work for a graphic design firm or magazine publication.

68 winter

meaghan wylly photo editor

Major/Minor: Fine Art (Photography) Year: Senior Up Staff member since: Fall 2010 Favorite Up project: Cincinnati Zoo photo shoot Favorite item in your closet: Black Blazer from the Loft Why you love Up Magazine: It’s relatable to our student body and incorporates subjects that interest me besides fashion (art, music, entertainment, etc). Future goals: I’d like to find a job where I can incorporate my passion for photography, hopefully an editor’s position in a magazine.

winter 69

photography by meaghan wylly

70 winter

SUPPLIES - fabric - scissors - fasteners - ribbon or chain - fabric glue - needle and thread - beads or buttons (optional) -

DIRECTIONS 1. Cut or tear a strip of fabric 1” wide (tear it for a shabby look). The length of your strip will determine how large or small your flower is. I use about 22” long for smaller flowers, 44” inches (width of fabric) for large, and about 60” for extra large. How loosely or tightly you wrap your fabric will also determine the size. 2. For the center of your rosette, tie a knot in one end of your strip. 3. Dab a little fabric glue on the knot. A little goes a long way. 4. Hold the knot with one hand and twist the strip with the other. As you twist, turn the knot, wrapping the fabric around it. Every 1/4 to 1/2 turn, dab a little more fabric glue to hold it together. 5. Continue twisting, turning, and gluing. Play around with how tightly or loosely you wrap to see what you like best. 6. When you get to the end, leave a short tail. 7. Cover the bottom of the rosette with more fabric glue, then press the tail down on it. This will ensure your rose really stays together. 8. Measure your ribbon to fit your wrist. 9. Either use hot glue or needle and thread to attach the fasteners to each end of the ribbon Optional: Add a cute button to the ends to hide the fastener 10. Sew or hot glue your rosettes onto you ribbon.

Project from

winter 71

photographed by lisa gehring

street style

michelle rowley, sophomore

zach drago, junior

72 winter

claire kunesh, grad student chloe hines, senior

brooke warren, junior

erin hecht, sophomore

winter 73

We Dare You photography by jeremy smetana styled by allison hartnett and jeremy smetana

Color-blocking goes to the extreme on Spring 2012 runways. Head-to-toe hues were seen at Matthew Williamson and Mulberry. Try it with a headband or chunky jewelry to complete the look!

74 winter

Headband, American Apparel; Turtleneck, Gap; Necklace, J. Crew; Sweater, J. Crew; pants, Divided by H&M, $19.95; shoes, model’s own .

winter 75


76 winter

Monday, Feb. 20th

MU Fashion Week Launch Party @ The Woods


kick off fashion week with music by DJ Streb

Tuesday, Feb. 21st Do-It-Yourself Event @ Shriver MPR-B


Stud your worn down heels or bring a tee shirt to watermark

Wednesday, Feb. 22nd Trunk Show

@ Oxford Community Arts Center (at College & High St.)


Check out offerings from nearby boutiques, on-campus vendors and up and coming designers

Thursday, Feb. 23rd Industry Speaker

Alexa Conkey— Assistant Buyer, Saks Fifth Avenue @ Shriver MPR-C


Learn about breaking into the industry from a fashion insider

Friday, Feb. 24th

MU Club of Fashion Design Fashion Show @ Millett Hall Tickets, $10

Doors open—6pm, Show—7pm

Fashion show finale showcasing full collections made by MUCFD designers

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