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Coya Launches World’s First Bottled Pisco Infusion

September 2023: Industry News, Hotel Openings, Luxury Furniture, Technology, Lighting...
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September 2023 To speak to a member of the team, please call 020 805 09659 or email The perfect finish to any bathroom To make life easier, we give many of our taps and showers a flawless contemporary chrome finish. No need for chemicals. Just a quick wipe with a wet cloth and you’re done. Brilliant. FORCHROME S O TITNAILLIRB LLEWSTCELFER NO Y O U TURNTOBRISTAN 3895 Hotelier and Hospitality AW.indd 1 13/09/2019 15:45 5 6 16 MUSIC Plays an Important Role in Guest Experience The global hospitality industry is raving about Prolitec ambient scent technology NEW | COYA LAUNCHES WORLD’S FIRST BOTTLED PISCO INFUSION



Debra chair shown below with solid ash tabletop


EDEN FURNITURE offer a wide range of upholstered chairs, armchairs, sofas and footstools for lounge, dining and bedroom areas.

Traditional made furniture with solid beech frames finished in a choice of frame colours and any fabric for upholstery.

Wobbly tables can be a thing of the past thanks to the patented StableTable technology.

STABLETABLE is a unique patented fully automated solution which is hidden with the pillar of the table base allowing the legs to adjust to uneven surfaces.

Available for both indoor and outdoor use in a range of heights, shapes and sizes. Can be supplied as base only or complete with a stylish OnTop 12mm Compact Laminate top.

Clipsham Stowmarket Bohemia Plaza Malmo Lotti

MUSIC Plays an Important Role in Guest Experience

Music is as important to a guest experience as the design, aesthetics and amenities in its ability to evoke emotion, built loyalty and enhance ROI. The soundtrack to your hotel should greet guests at every turn in the hospitality experience. And not just any music – daily playlists should complement the architecture and reflect the unique essence of your brand.

Entering a classically designed hotel, for example, guests may move through an opulent entrance with classical piano notes in the air. Whereas boutique hotels play more modern, eclectic grooves.

Industry research tells us that 79% of guests will notice the music being played. It sets the stage for a cohesive brand experience in the bar, restaurants, pool, spa, gym, business conference spaces and shops. Together these sensory touchpoints create a unique experience rooted in emotion, memory and loyalty.

Finding your soundtrack can feel as familiar as building your personal playlists. Playing music from a consumer service, however, isn’t copyright compliant or licensed for a hospitality business, and doing so can expose you to legal risk. B2B music streaming platforms, like the leading option Soundtrack Your Brand, offer commercially licensed music on a global scale for an affordable monthly subscription.

Soundtrack’s technology allows for brand-fit playlists that can be curated for each area of the

operation through a single interface, making the implementation of such unique curation realistic. Brands can customize “spa” or “fitness center” lists and keep them consistent among all their properties, giving users consistent experiences.

Music curation can happen in a number of ways, including by artist, genre, mood, other business favorites, regional music and more. Soundtrack’s 90-million-track catalog offers pre-scheduled and on-demand options. Deployment is simple from a computer or hardware player; it even integrates into the locations’ existing sound system.

Hoteliers can map what was playing when the lobby bar had its best night and align that data with guest stays, conventions or other events to track how music’s power to influence behavior and purchase affected the business and then replicate it through centralized playlists across all locations. Some brands will choose to customize playlists based on specific market demographics. Soundtrack’s user experience gives you both choices.

Many brands know music is an experience enhancer and can change the entire feeling in a physical space. But those who adopt the correct platform recognize the benefit of state-of-the-art technology and will gain true loyalty, engagement and ROI.

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The global hospitality industry is raving about Prolitec ambient scent technology

The hospitality industry has always strived to provide the ultimate guest experience. And with the help of the world’s leading ambient scent company, Prolitec, we are closer than we think. In fact, the solution is right under our noses.

These top hospitality brands share how Prolitec’s AirQ scent diffusion services impact their businesses.

Make a Great First Impression

Rutger Blom, General Manager of Mercure Hotel Central in Den Haag in the Netherlands, says Prolitec fragrances welcome his guests with an impressive first impression.

“It gives the first impression of the hotel,” Blom said. “You can have the most clean hotel in the world, but if the smell is not good or there isn’t any smell, guests can’t have a first impression.”

The guest’s journey should be front-of-mind.

“It’s not just the staff, it’s not just the building, but it’s the experience that’s makes a difference,” Blom says.

Keep it Hassle Free

Floris Licht, General Manager of the Doubletree by Hilton Amsterdam Central Station in the Netherlands, explains how Prolitec’s certified technicians are the key to creating an effortless experience for hotel managers and staff.

“As a hotel, it’s always very important that whatever solution we go for is always as hassle free as possible,” Licht said.

Prolitec systems are fully programmable, with easy remote monitoring, so Licht can tend to his guests while they enjoy effortless scent experiences.

“My team was very enthusiastic from the moment we started working with it, and we’ve also received a lot of positive feedback from guests,” Licht said.

Provide Scents of Clean

Derek Morrison, General Manager at the Hilton Madison Monona Terrace Hotel in Madison, WI., wanted to create a reassuring sense of clean in his hotel.

Working with the Prolitec fragrance team, Morrison selected a scent with notes of ripe grapefruit and orange, with fruity peach and red berry to add a fresh feel throughout the space.

“The scent does give off a clean smell, but yet not an overpowering scent of bleach or ammonia or anything like that. It’s comforting and warm,” Morrison explains.

Be Part of the Brand

Lauren Myers, Director of Sales with Provenance Hotels, Hotel Max in Seattle, WA., uses Prolitec scent to distinguish the hotel as a brand.

“We wanted something that was unique, something that was identifiable with Hotel Max and something that really represented the experience that we wanted guests to receive when they stay with us,” Myers said.

Myers said the experience has been nothing short of great.

“I’m just proud to have this partnership with Prolitec.”

Sign inside lobby of the Mercure Hotel Central in Den Haag in the Netherlands. Picture taken by Mike Jorgenson on 6/27/23 AQ580 installed at the SkyLounge inside Doubletree by Hilton Amsterdam Central Station in the Netherlands. Picture taken by Mike Jorgenson on 6/25/23

Can classical music really stop late-night antisocial behaviour?

A McDonald’s branch in Wrexham has experienced disruption, intimidation and assaults on staff and other customers. Its solution is to belt out classical music from 5pm.

Studies show that in more up-market venues, classical music primes product-relevant knowledge, which leads to more fluent cognitive processing of the experience. When elements of the environment are aligned, we’re more likely to have a liking for that venue.

But McDonald’s doesn’t exactly fit the mould and that’s the point. By playing classical music in a fastfood chain, it may deter people due to the seemingly inappropriateness of what we’re hearing.

It’s also worked on the London Underground.

Set up in 2007, the initiative showed results within 18 months;

robberies dropped by 33%, assaults on staff were down 25%, and vandalism was down by 37%.

When surveyed, 700 commuters “overwhelmingly agreed that hearing classical music made them feel happy, less stressed and relaxed”, so the impact isn’t just on crime.

We’re used to hearing classical music in relaxing situations, like being at the symphony, or in a meditative video. So, when we hear it, we’re taken to those spaces in our head, and it changes our behaviour.

Music can also have the opposite effect. As a form of ‘hostile architecture’, a luxury venue in Florida began playing a playlist of annoyingly catchy children’s songs - including “Baby Shark” on loop all night to deter homeless people.

It’s clear that music is being used to tackle unwanted behaviour. Its

real-life application and results show that when used correctly it can encourage specific behaviours. Rather than inherent qualities of a style of music, the differing perceptions - repellent or soothing - is based strongly on the individual. And the same is true for brands and their customers.

Startle works with hospitality brands that understand the importance of a great customer experience, using music, data and behavioural science to create atmospheres uniquely designed around their business and brand objectives. With our specialist expertise, technical know-how, and best-in-class support, our customers are able to scale their perfected atmospheres to achieve consistency across all of their locations. In doing so, they are optimising their customer experience for immediate commercial gain and valuable long-term impact.

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Antisocial behaviour is an issue across the country. But could music hold the key to curbing it?


From hidden cocktail gems to charming dive bars, checking out the new local hot spot is always a fun experience. It’s a crucial part of immersing ourselves in a city.

Yet, there’s an undeniable allure that people keep returning to - the Hotel Bar.

For those seeking accommodation, having an exceptional bar right at your doorstep is an added convenience that can’t be overlooked. Hotel bars also retain their classic role as a sanctuary in times of chaos – dependable havens where one can retreat from the urban commotion and find solace. They offer travelers a multipurpose space; a reliable spot to relax and unwind or a welcoming space to connect with new faces.

In recent times they’ve transcended being mere stopovers for business travelers or exclusive retreats for guests, morphing into destinations in their own right.

With my experience at Unalome Interior, specializing in luxury hospitality interior design, I offer insights into transforming your hotel bar. These tips and tricks go beyond creating a mere area – we excel at crafting a destination, alluring not just guests, but also the local community.

Dim the lights

Lighting holds huge significance in the hotel bar – it’s key for setting the mood. Customers want a unique vibe when dining out or staying overnight. Go for a relaxed vibe with soft lighting. Avoid super bright lights, for example stunning lighting fixtures like the Unalome Interior’s wicker Ishvara Standing Lamp or retro table lamps with warm-colored bulbs.

A popular interior trend is bars and restaurants blanketed with shades of red. Incorporating LED or neon lights and signs can add a bold and dramatic element to your hotel bar’s interior design. Red is often associated with passion, energy, and warmth. When combining LED lights, you can create dynamic and visually appealing lighting effects that contribute to the overall ambiance.

Work and play

Hotel bar furniture selection should encompass the vibe and personality of your hotel. Incroporate a range of seating from comfortable lounge chairs and stylish barstools to classic tables and chairs.

Also, take into account the rise in business travelers who are seeking out a space to seamlessly integrate work and relaxation. A table can effortlessly transition from being a spot to unwind with a drink to functioning as a dedicated workspace.

Furniture for the future

Bars inherently exude a vibrant atmosphere, necessitating furniture that can endure and remain resilient over time. Opting for sustainable items not only introduces a distinctive element to your bar but also ensures greater durability. You want to have the reassurance that your furniture will withstand any accidental spills.

Each piece of furniture from Unalome Interior is built with ethically sources materials and comes with a traceable supply chain, offering transparency at every stage. When selecting furniture for your bar, prioritize obtaining nothing but the utmost quality.

In the ever-evolving landscape of hospitality, the resurgence of hotel bars stands as a timeless magnet. Beyond mere convenience, these bars emanate a classic allure, providing havens of solace and connection. Today, they’ve evolved into destinations of their own, bridging communities and travelers alike. With insights from Unalome Interior’s luxury hospitality interior design, crafting such spaces involves a nuanced balance of ambient lighting, adaptable furniture, and sustainability – creating not just areas, but captivating destinations.

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Chain vs Boutique Hotels: Which Is Best?

When it comes to choosing accommodation for a holiday or business trip, one of the key decisions travellers face is whether to stay at a chain hotel or opt for a boutique hotel experience.

Each type of hotel has its own distinct advantages and appeal, catering to different preferences and needs. In this article, we will explore the characteristics and benefits of both chain and boutique hotels in London and further afield, allowing you to make an informed decision and find the perfect lodging for your next adventure.

What Is A Chain Hotel?

Chain hotels, as the name suggests, belong to a larger corporation or brand and operate under a standardised set of guidelines and protocols. They are known for their consistent quality, uniformity, and extensive amenities.

Benefits of Chain Hotels Reliability

One of the primary advantages of staying at a chain hotel is the reliability it offers. Whether you are in a bustling city or a remote location, you can expect a certain level of service and comfort that is consistent across all the properties within the chain. This reliability can be especially comforting for frequent travellers who value familiarity and a seamless experience.

Wide Range of Facilities

Chain hotels often have a wide range of facilities and services to cater to the needs of their guests. From fitness centres and swimming pools to on-site restaurants and business centres, these hotels are equipped to provide a variety of conveniences under one roof. For individuals travelling for work or families looking for a hassle-free stay, chain hotels can be an excellent choice, offering convenience and accessibility.

What Is A Boutique Hotel?

On the other hand, boutique hotels represent a more intimate and personalised accommodation option. Unlike their chain counterparts, boutique hotels are independently owned and operated, allowing them to offer a unique and individualised experience. These hotels are often situated in charming or historic buildings, with each room having its own distinctive design and decor. This attention to detail creates a sense of character and charm that can be missing in larger chain hotels.

Benefits of Boutique Hotels Culture

An advantage of boutique hotels is their emphasis on local culture and authenticity. These hotels often collaborate with local artisans, artists, and designers to showcase the unique heritage and flavour of the destination. From locally sourced cuisine to curated art displays, boutique hotels provide a glimpse into the local culture, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the essence of the location they are visiting.

Customer Service

Boutique hotels pride themselves on providing excellent customer service. With a smaller number of rooms and staff, boutique hotels can offer a more personalised and attentive experience. From personalised welcome notes to staff who remember your preferences, you can expect a level of service that goes above and beyond. This aspect of boutique hotels is particularly appealing to travellers who seek a more intimate and customised experience during their stay.

How To Decide Between A Chain And Boutique Hotel

While both chain and boutique hotels have their distinct advantages, the choice ultimately depends on individual preferences and requirements. If you value consistency, extensive amenities, and a seamless experience, a chain hotel might be the best fit for you. On the other hand, if you seek a more intimate, personalised experience with attention to detail and a connection to the local culture, a boutique hotel should be at the top of your list.

Take Into Account The Purpose Of Your Trip

When considering your decision, it's important to take into account the purpose of your trip. If you are travelling for business and require quick access to a range of services, a chain hotel might be more suitable. Their widespread presence in popular business districts and access to business facilities make them a convenient choice for corporate travellers.

However, if you are planning a romantic getaway or a leisurely holiday as part of some time off or even as part of an employee benefits scheme offered by your company, a boutique hotel can provide the perfect ambiance and create lasting memories. Their unique charm and attention to detail can elevate your experience and add an extra touch of luxury and indulgence to your stay.

Consider Your Budget

Budget is another factor to consider when choosing between chain and boutique hotels. Chain hotels often offer competitive pricing and loyalty programs, making them more cost-effective for travellers on a tight budget.

On the other hand, boutique hotels tend to be more expensive due to their limited number of rooms and personalised services. However, the elevated experience and attention to detail may justify the higher price tag for those seeking a truly special and memorable stay.

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Flight Club reaches new heights in partnership with Sybron

How partnership synergy hits the cleaning Bullseye every day


Flight Club and its cleaning and hygiene partner Sybron, celebrated their first year of partnership in March 2023. As Flight Club’s parent company, Red Engine, renews its contract with Sybron, significant benefits have been identified from their collaboration including 15% cost savings, zero stress, and 100% confidence!

The first contract which was signed in March 2022 was fully mobilised in under four weeks. After the three month ‘honeymoon period’, there was no dip in the levels of service from Sybron, something which can be prevalent in many new supplier relationships. Indeed, both the purchasing manager and venue managers of Flight Club, are delighted that all it takes is just one call or email to Sybron and any issue is resolved swiftly and efficiently.

The challenge

Flight Club opened the oche at its first social darts venue in Shoreditch in 2015 with its focus on bringing joy, fun and quality time to its patrons. Today, Flight Club has grown to 13 venues across the UK, with two more planned by 2023 year-end.

When David Piazzani joined Red Engine as Purchasing Manager in October 2021, it quickly became apparent that one of his first tasks was to review the supply of consumables for cleaning and hygiene at the Flight Club sites.

“The then supplier of all the cleaning, hygiene and ancillary products caused me and our Flight Club managers a lot of stress and anxiety every day,” explains David.

“With no after-sales service and a poor response to issues and problems, we started to look for a company we could develop a real partnership with. We knew that there must be a better supplier out there with more sustainable solutions, plus the attention to detail, proactive approach and willingness to be a real business partner to us.”

The solution

When David met Sybron he knew immediately that they were the right partner and in March 2022 both companies began a relationship that still, one year on, astonishes the Flight Club team with its level of service and proactive approach to every day needs.

Hygiene Service Partner, Sybron, provides products such as cleaning and disinfectants, hand towels and toilet paper, as well as janitorial supplies including sponges, mops and brooms to all the Flight Club venues.

However, it is the Sybron ethos of differentiation through a seamless service that has delivered the bullseye for Flight Club.

“Being a buyer can sometimes be very frustrating because everyone offers you the same thing over and over again,” explains David. “Sybron take a completely different approach.”

10 Hotelier & Hospitality Design
Sybron provides hygiene supplies across all Flight Club venues with a seamless service

The Sybron approach

• Regular communication with an open and honest dialogue.

• Sybron deals directly with venue managers, ‘I don’t have to be the middle-man’ says David.

• Problems and issues are dealt with swiftly and efficiently.

Cases in point!

• In 2022 the Bloomsbury Flight Club in central London had a random council and risk assessment. The manager immediately emailed Sybron, who replied within 30 minutes and provided all the additional information requested by the inspector.

• In December 2022 the Bloomsbury Flight Club site had all its sanitary bins unexpectedly removed by the previous contractor, leaving no facilities for that day. Within a few hours of being alerted to the problem Sybron had delivered, set up and installed bins ready for use, so there was no disruption of service.

Sybron has a pro-active approach to managing our account.

The team is consistently taking initiative and provides alternatives if there is a spike in price or a supply issue.

Sybron finds the best product, explains why it is better and what the environmental benefit is – they don’t just provide a catalogue and ask you to choose.

The Sybron approach is to engage with staff to plan and avoid problems before they happen.

They do not wait for busy managers to call them with urgent supply issues.

“Usually, Sybron has presented us with the solution before the problem arises,” explains David. “That’s because Sybron is totally aligned and integrated with our business. This gives me and the Flight Club team the confidence that someone is thinking on our behalf.

“Having a partner that understands the nature of our business means that I don’t have to repeat or re-explain anything. We discuss it once and it is done.”

The results

As a result of its partnership with Sybron Flight Club bagged a cost saving of 15% across all its sites.

But as David says: “We have saved a lot of money, but to me the cost is secondary to the service. A good price is pointless without the service. Sybron delivers zero stress and the fact that I have 100% confidence is equally valuable.

“When I find a partner like Sybron, it makes my life easy. Now they are completely symbiotic with us in terms of growth and are completely integrated into our operations for the opening of a new venue. I am not even a part of

it anymore, it just happens automatically. I don’t have to be the middle-man as with many suppliers. It is a dream partnership.”

Our customers are our partners

“Of course, service is a big part of our business,” explains Brad, director of operations at Sybron. “We are completely focused on both solving any problems promptly, but also on working to make sure there are no glitches or setbacks in the first place.

“That has always been our take on business. We see every contract as a joint partnership where we help both businesses move forward and grow. That does not happen by being reactive, so we differentiate ourselves by a wholly proactive and integrated approach.

“It is thanks to our team that we have created the synergy with Flight Club, particularly our colleagues in the office and our drivers. Our ethos resonates across the whole company – our customers are our partners, and they have a name rather than a number.”

Sustainable growth

Flight Club has doubled its estate for venues in over three years and by the end of 2023 will have 15 locations, including the first site to open in Scotland.

“With such massive growth, some things can get a bit lost. The partnership with Sybron has enabled us to meet our environmental goals to switch to eco cleaning products,” explains David.

“Moving such a big ship over to using solely sustainable products is not something that can happen overnight. However, thanks to its proactive attitude and breadth of product range, Sybron is working with us to reach our aim – to move to all eco-cleaning and hygiene solutions by the end of 2023.”

Forward together

“We see this partnership as a joint venture. Long term, we would like to consolidate more and create more fluidity with Sybron that will allow us to grow. Their seamless service gives us the platform to achieve this. All our teams have total confidence in Sybron.

“For me, it is something I don’t even think about anymore,” concludes David. “As a Purchasing Manager, Sybron is at the back of my mind, which is the best place to be if you are a supplier.”

“Looking ahead, maintaining a top-class service gets harder as you grow, so more efficiencies are required,” adds Brad. “Our business has a strict growth strategy to ensure we maintain continuity of supply. We continually aim not just to be a box-mover, but to maintain a seamless service and be a real partner to our customers.”

For more information go to

On-brand interiors at German Doner Kebab

James Latham provides UK’s fastestgrowing fast food chain with HIMACS to boost visual appeal across sites nationwide.

James Latham, one of the UK’s leading independent materials distributors, has recently collaborated with German Doner Kebab (GDK), supplying over 1,000 sheets of HIMACS Cima and Orange for the fit-out of multiple UK sites.

As GDK expands its presence rapidly, with the ambition to become one of the top three fast-food chains globally, having a simple, easily recognised brand identity is key. With a distinctive black and orange palette, ensuring visual consistency across its UK sites was crucial to attain customer familiarity and brand loyalty.

To ensure this degree of uniformity was guaranteed, GDK commissioned on of the UK’s best-known boutique fabricators, Paradigm Woodworking Specialists, for the project due to its well-known reputation in the casual dining sector.

Material choice would be crucial given the busy kitchen and dining environment. Yes, the surfaces specified needed to be visually appealing, but also robust, hygienic and easy to clean, able to withstand strong detergents.

Approaching James Latham, its expert solid surfaces team was quick to recommend HIMACS, the multi-award-winning solid surface, to the fabricator, which embraced the decision to use the material with enthusiasm.

12mm Cima was chosen from a wide array of possibilities within the range. A dark, moody colour, Cima is part of the ‘Volcanic’ collection and evokes the look of black granite to achieve an on-brand contemporary, and sophisticated look.

Paradigm machined and installed the Cima in a variety of applications within the eateries’ interiors, including worktops, booth cappings, and condiment areas.

That’s not all, to add the distinctive orange flourish so synonymous with GDK’s identity, Paradigm also chose the vibrant, 12mm HIMACS Orange as an accent in some of the larger establishments. Running along the floor, as a guide for customers, this striking design element added visual appeal in high-traffic areas, whilst serving the practical purpose of bringing customers to the till.

Used in combination with natural stone, wood, and leather, also demonstrated how HIMACS is able to assimilate and complement other specified materials to create highly-attractive interiors.

Due to the scale of the order, the project was not without its challenges, particularly from a logistical perspective. With work commencing during the height of the Pandemic, bringing 1,000 sheets of HIMACS from its point of manufacture in South Korea to the UK was a monumental task.

12 Hotelier & Hospitality Design

However, James Latham’s unrivalled knowledge, experience, and well-establish port facilities meant they were seamlessly able to build up the required stock. This was done in a phased way, eliminating potential shortages and responding to ad hoc requests from GDK’s project team when new jobs came online.

Commenting on the project and selection process, Stephen Redgrave, Director at Paradigm Woodworking Specialists, says, “HIMACS is an incredible material to work with, especially as it’s malleable and can be thermoformed to obtain interesting curves and shapes. The end results perfectly showcase its ability to enhance interiors and, as it can be easily cut to size, installed seamlessly, even in the tightest of spaces. It also played a crucial role in achieving the on-brand brief stipulated by the client, especially HIMACS Orange which is a near-perfect match for the colour used in GDK’s logo. Proof of success has been in the expansion of both ours and James Latham’s relationship with the brand, helping to deliver exceptional spaces as more projects come online.”

Orange is also available in 12mm thickness, with a matt finish, but can also be polished to achieve a gloss look. Stocked nationwide by James Latham, pricing is calculated according to quantity on project-by-project basis.

Available in a 12mm thickness, HIMACS Cima has a coarse grain style, and a satin surface finish. HIMACS

To find out more about HIMACS Cima click here. To find out more about James Latham and its extensive collection of HIMACS solid surfaces click here To find out more about Paradigm Woodworking Specialists click here

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He concludes, “James Latham helped us at every step of the journey, and its solid surfaces team’s advice and consultancy throughout was second to none.”

I Ching Radiator awarded the Best of the Best at Red Dot Design Awards

The distinction “Red Dot” has become established internationally as one of the most sought-after seals of quality for good design and now the I Ching has joined this exclusive group of innovative products to receive one.

The I Ching is a radiator like no other, appearing more like a piece of art and making a bold design statement. It’s minimalist, simplistic form hides a complex technical component and it’s 24 volt low voltage with transformer kit makes it safe even when positioned in wet areas, such as above a bath or in a walk-in shower.

Nick Duggan, MD at The Radiator Centre comments, ‘The I Ching is a really innovative and flexible product so I wasn’t surprised when it won. It’s not like anything we’ve seen before in terms of its streamlined appearance, having no wires or technical components visible, despite the advanced technology it has. It can also be operated by a digital, wireless thermostat which can be programmed for a week, helping to manage energy consumption.’

Depending on the space available customers can choose to install anything between one and five of the heating panels which come in four different lengths and can be hung vertically or horizontally, to create a totally unique design.

The Radiator Centre.

01727 840344

I Ching, the stainless steel heated towel rail designed by Elisa Ossinoa and available from The Radiator Centre, has captured the attention of the 43 judges at this year’s Red Dot Design Awards.  Beating thousands of entries from over 60 countries, it won an award in the Product Design section and in the most prestigious category: the Best of the Best.
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Bringing the Passion of Peru to the World with the New COYA Macerado

COYA, the immersive Latin American luxury lifestyle group, has today launched the world’s first bottled Passion Fruit Pisco infusion, COYA Macerado. Now available to buy in the UK from Amathus, priced at £41.50, the blend is laced with fruity, floral notes, infused with an authentic passion fruit pulp to offer an honest Pisco full of fragrant flavour.

Crafted in collaboration with Pisco 1615 – the brand’s long term distillery partner - the COYA Macerado offers a new and unique take on the original Pisco. Delivering a delicate freshness, this global first is an exciting addition to COYA’s already diverse selection of cocktails and infused Pisco blends, allowing bartenders to re-think classics and for fans of COYA to re-create their favourite cocktail experience at home.

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18 Hotelier & Hospitality Design

After clebrating its 10th anniversary last year, COYA has grown to become synonymous with unique, handcrafted pisco infusions and creative cocktails. While some cocktails have been carefully curated for each COYA location around the globe, their passion fruit pisco sour continues to remain the most popular on the menu. It was this discovery along with Peru being the world’s top exporter of maracuya - or passion fruit - that prompted COYA to collaborate with their lifelong partners Pisco 1615 to produce a first-of-its kind pisco infusion in a passion fruit flavor.

After a trip to Peru, COYA’s Corporate Bar Manager, Sany Bacsi and Bar Managers from each COYA venue worked alongside the 1615 Pisco team to take part in several taste tests during the yearly harvest - the Vendimia, where ripe grapes are picked for Pisco production. Sany Bacsi comments “we’re so proud to have created the world’s first bottled infused Pisco, celebrating our signature and most popular homemade infusion – passion fruit. Working alongside 1615’s master distiller we have brought a new level of attention to the entire pisco category and the COYA 1615 Macerado is something that no other pisco brand has achieved – a perfectly balanced macerado, bottled and available to purchase globally”

Raul Otero Roose of 1615 Distillery adds “the COYA 1615 Macerado not only marks a world first, but also celebrates our 10 year partnership with COYA. The launch of the Macerado flawlessly encompasses what we both stand for - innovation, quality and surprise and we can’t wait to see what’s next.

A first for the industry, the new product allows fans of COYA and the Pisco category itself, to re-create the legendary Pisco Sour or a Chilcano at home, bringing a slice of the famous COYA Pisco Bar experience to their dining rooms. Bartenders around the world can also purchase the innovative product, allowing them to re-think their classics and create high quality, passion fruit cocktails without the need for purees or sugary liqueurs.

“Creating a Macerado seemed like a natural next step for COYA” says Yannis Stanisere, COYA Global COO “after launching COYA MUSIC, our in-house record label and the recent launch of our ultra-lounge ‘chanca by COYA’ the Macerado reaffirms our positioning as a luxury lifestyle brand”

The new COYA 1615 Macerado is available for guests to try at all Coya venues including COYA Mayfair and COYA City as well as restaurants in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Marbella, Barcelona, Monaco, Paris, and Mykonos. The new blend is available to purchase now from Amathus.

The Pisco Infusion is available to buy from Amathus, priced at £41.50 To learn more about COYA, visit

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