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JULY 2024

The UK remains an important export market for American craft beer with 7.9% of all exports, the third biggest market outside Canada and the Caribbean. In the UK, American craft beer is available from on-line retailers such as Athletic Brewing or selected national wholesalers.

Date for your Diary

Trade day of London Craft Beer Festival takes place on Friday 9th August providing an opportunity to sample a range of style-diverse, high quality, innovative American craft beers and meet the brewers/ brewery owners who will be flying over from the States to support the activation. A series of talks and tastings will take place throughout the day offering a unique opportunity to discover how stocking American craft beer may benefit your venue.

Chefs and restauranteurs are invited to make use of the free resources available on or


Poppy Range shown


EDEN FURNITURE offer a wide range of outdoor patio, terrace and poolside furniture.

For Summer 2024 we have launched a number of new ranges which are made from gas injected resin which is glass fiber reinforced for extra strength and durability.

Chairs, Armchairs, Stools and Lounge Sets in a range of colours.

In Stock for Immediate Delivery!

Wobbly tables can be a thing of the past thanks to the patented StableTable technology.

STABLETABLE is a unique patented fully automated solution which is hidden with the pillar of the table base allowing the legs to adjust to uneven surfaces.

Available for both indoor and outdoor use in a range of heights, shapes and sizes. Can be supplied as base only or complete with a stylish OnTop 12mm Compact Laminate top.

Chestnut Chair
Chestnut Armchair
Alder Lounge Set


Les Roches has launched a new specialist Postgraduate Diploma in Golf Management from its campus in Marbella, a city renowned as a golf mecca.

Les Roches Marbella, which opened in 1995, hosts thousands of students from over 100 nationalities annually, seeking comprehensive education to develop the skills needed to lead the hospitality industry including in high-end hotels. It is now also set to be a preferred destination for Les Roches students aiming to pursue a career in the golf business.

The golf industry is gaining strength within tourism globally. Spain is ranked among the top destinations worldwide for golf travellers, attracting around 1.2 million tourists annually, contributing over €12 billion. In Spain, on the Costa del Sol, which hosts the highest concentration of golf courses (70) in the country, golf tourism generates around €1.5 billion in annual revenue and creates over 17,000 jobs, according to the Costa del Sol Tourism Board.

Through Les Roches’ newly launched program, starting in September, students will gain a comprehensive understanding of the diverse golf industry in a key location. The study modules will focus on course management, design and maintenance, as well as organising and marketing golf tournaments.

Throughout the course, students will have around 75 hours of practical classes and the opportunity to take a study field trip to Miami, another major hub for the sport that attracts more enthusiasts each year.

Carlos Díez de La Lastra, CEO of Les Roches, said:

“The golf industry is a significant driver for the province of Málaga, both for its appeal and its economic impact and job creation. Last year, it hosted one of the world’s most important and prestigious tournaments, the Solheim Cup, bringing a return of €29.1 million to the city. This is just an example of what’s to come in this industry: the need for professionals to preserve and develop Marbella’s golf offerings. The direction and management of this sport involves analysing and studying everything surrounding it.”

Thanks to its location, students will have access to a wide range of golf-related contacts, from professionals to local and international federations based in Marbella. In fact, the faculty for the Postgraduate Diploma in Golf Management will include some of the most prominent names in the industry, including Gonzalo Sánchez García, Javier Reviriego Boveda, Eugenio Rezola Murua, Emma García and Alicia Garrido.

Gonzalo Sánchez, professional golfer and current golf coach, commented:

“It is estimated that on the Costa del Sol, there are around 84 golf courses within a 150-kilometre radius, many of them located in the grounds of the best hotels. Therefore, Les Roches’ commitment is crucial for students aspiring to be directors of the best hotels to have a professional understanding of what a golf course is and how it is managed.

My career in this sport has allowed me to understand its needs and challenges thoroughly, and I consider it essential to promote training and professionalisation, as it is a sector related not only to hospitality but also to many other important areas such as catering, transport and culture.”

Currently, Les Roches has a global network of over 16,000 alumni in leadership positions in more than 140 countries worldwide. 67% of them secured their first job through contacts made at the school, and 33% successfully started their own businesses. Upon graduation, students receive an average of five job offers from top-level companies, and professionals trained there triple their salary within 12 years of obtaining their degree.

Les Roches is at the forefront of hospitality sector innovation. Its graduates access job opportunities and internships each semester at over 200 leading companies in the hotel, tourism, and luxury sectors, such as Louis Vuitton, Accor Hotels, IHG, The Ritz-Carlton, Soho House & Co, Mandarin Oriental, Marriott International, Silversea, Qatar Airways, and Hublot, and in sports organisations like Formula 1, FIFA, Nike, Netflix, and the International Olympic Committee.

With a 98% employment rate, it attracts the most prominent national and international recruiters each year.

Gonzalo Sanchez Garcia


In today’s fast-paced world, there’s a growing desire to reconnect with nature and embrace wellbeing through tranquil holidays. A gem in the middle of the Indian Ocean, Baros offers the perfect sanctuary for those seeking to rejuvenate their mind, body and soul amidst pristine, powder-white sands, lush jungle canopies and the brilliant blue of a glittering lagoon.


At Baros, guests are invited to embark on a journey of wellbeing, profoundly reconnecting with nature. The warm soul of Baros welcomes guests with gentle, unobtrusive, yet exemplary hospitality, providing a genuine, caring and restful experience.


For a small island, Baros boasts three exemplary restaurants: The Lime Restaurant, Cayenne Grill and The Lighthouse Restaurant. Helmed by exceptional chefs, the culinary artistry here satisfies not only the palate but all of the senses. Indulge in fresh seafood such as tuna, Mahi Mahi and lobster, sustainably sourced from local waters and perfectly complemented by local ingredients including coconut, chilli and fresh produce. With extensive menus offering authentic Maldivian dishes and diverse vegan and vegetarian options, every meal at Baros becomes an extraordinary memory under a twinkling canopy of stars or beside the vast lagoon.



Life on the luxury private island of Baros soothes and calls for both gentle introspection and adventurous exploration. Follow a meandering path to the jungle heart of the island and discover The Serenity Spa. Here, therapists attuned to guests’ needs offer spa experiences designed to transport them to another realm. Enjoy the Serenity Healing experience, beginning with a 45-minute immersive water therapy session in the Baros lagoon, followed by a 90-minute tranquil healing massage incorporating natural ingredients sourced from the island’s lush botanical garden. Reflect in quiet meditation with Trataka, a candle meditation technique, with the soothing sounds of nature as a backdrop.

Once a coconut plantation, Baros preserved the original coconut palms that tower majestically overhead. Beneath a canopy of green lies the Botanical Garden, showcasing the island’s lush and remarkably diverse vegetation. Guests can immerse themselves in the island’s beauty, exploring indigenous flora and rare inclusions. Stroll along idyllic pathways, scanning the QR codes placed alongside the plants to learn about their medicinal properties and cultural significance, or join a guided island walk led by Baros’s knowledgeable staff. The experience is truly immersive, allowing guests to touch and smell the various plants.

Beneath the pristine, blue waters of the Baros lagoon, lies the world-class Baros’s house reef, home to turtles, harmless reef sharks and an exotic array of fish. Exceptional diving and snorkelling opportunities await steps from guests’ private villas. Led by the resident marine biologist, the Marine Centre offers an extensive menu of activities, providing expert insights into the local marine life and ecosystem.

As you enjoy the tranquillity of this island haven, reconnect with yourself, each other and nature.

Leave restored

Baros evokes not just wellness, but a deep sense of wellbeing and serenity. Although the island resort offers a 24/7 gym and healthy, fresh food options, it is the natural surroundings that serve as the true balm. Whether resting with a book under the dappled light of swaying palms, enjoying a transcendent treatment at the Serenity Spa, gliding effortlessly in the turquoise lagoon, or dining under the stars, Baros’s natural setting restores the mind, body and soul.

Visit Baros, the Icon of the Maldives, and experience wellbeing like never before. Visit or contact us directly at or call +960 664 26 72.


• Onirika is an immersive collection designed by awardwinning international interior designer Nina Magon, which combines the unique beauty of stone with Dekton®’s unmatched performance

• The collection is lavish and captivating, bringing a strong feeling of luxury and peace to any space

• Carbon neutral Dekton® is suitable for surfacing requirements within residential and commercial projects – from facades, floors and ceilings, to furniture and worktops – offering limitless interior and exterior design options

The global leader in the production and distribution of innovative and sustainable surfaces for architecture and design, the Cosentino Group, presents Dekton® Onirika. The latest collection from its leading innovative ultracompact brand, it has been designed alongside international interior design powerhouse, Nina Magon, creating a one-of-a-kind surfacing collection.

Inspired by marble patterns and immersive living, the stunning series showcases eight daring and luxe colours: Awake, Lucid, Somnia, Neural, Trance, Vigil, Daze and Morpheus, which embody sustainability, forwardthinking innovations, and timeless elegance. Onirika represents a powerful journey where boundaries between dreams and reality become blurred.

Onirika Neural

Neural combines elegance and structure to bring an overall feeling of wellbeing into a space. With fine, pale veins crossing the marbled pattern, the design creates an eye-catching neural network. It is best suited for bright, neutral spaces with soft textures, light colours, and wooden or metallic accents.

Onirika Lucid / Onirika Morpheus

Lucid displays many shades, reflections, and glints of colour to become an illuminative surface best combined with wood, grey and gold shades, and frosted glass. Morpheus features the same tonality as Lucid, but in Dekton®’s unique Velvet Texture finish.

Onirika Awake

Awake is a re-interpretation of the precious Paonazzo stone. It features thick veins of light greys, exquisite oxide terracotta, and a hint of subtle, inky blues. This iteration pairs beautifully with white, neutral tones, lightwood, and golds of any shade.

Onirika Trance

Trance features warm fine streaks that move between oxides and fade to reddish gold, combining perfectly with reddish oak wood and darker walnut tones. Blue furniture and warm golds bring sleekness to this vibrant colour.

Onirika Somnia

Somnia boasts captivating details of warm oxide browns and whites that merge under a grid of thin lines. It is perfect teamed with warm dark woods, frosted glass and textured metal surfaces such as copper.

Onirika Vigil / Onirika Daze

Vigil recreates the popular Calacatta structure but with thick veins in gradients of light and dark greys, matched with a subtle touch of gold. This is a classic colour that is easy to combine with warm and cold hues, wood, metal and clean concrete. Daze features the same tonality as Vigil, but in Dekton®’s unique Velvet Texture finish.

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One Hundred Shoreditch, East London’s favourite hotel and social hub announces the launch of Kaso, a new rooftop bar and kitchen bringing the best of the East Med to the East End. Opening their doors on Friday 5th July, the new concept will serve as East London’s newest and buzziest hotspot; a destination for Londoners and beyond, offering small plates, cocktails and DJs throughout the week set against the dazzling city skyline, housed within Shoreditch’s most coveted rooftop.

Kaso’s menu was created by Chef Ilknur Celik, with dishes inspired by her upbringing in Istanbul and the melting pot of cultures and flavours that she grew up around. The new menu will feature an array of hot and cold mezzes and small plates including classics like Hummus and Baba Ganoush, along with impressive seasonal seafood dishes such as Grilled Octopus with Samphire and Grilled Mackerel with Corn Bread. Mains offer something for everyone, with standout dishes including Roast Aubergine with Zhoug and Pine Nuts, and Lamb Cutlets with Fig & Pistachio Salsa.

Traditional regional desserts are also on offer, including Muhallebi; Greek mastic, pistachio and rose petals. Ilknur started her career at a Turkish butchery, successfully working her way up through the ranks, before being taken in-house by Soho House Istanbul as Head Chef for their Turkish and Middle.

Eastern-inspired restaurants. An exceptional chef, Ilknur is passionate about flavour, authenticity and sustainability, and brings her experience and flair to her favourite city in the world; London.

Director Jacu Strauss, guests will be welcomed by beautiful floral graphics in the hotel lobby as they head towards the Rooftop. There, a haze of pink marble decor and lush foliage will envelop them to create a space that feels like a private garden in the heart of Shoreditch. The space is home to 50 seated covers, with additional space for 70 guests standing on the terrace, perfect to enjoy Kaso all year round. One Hundred Shoreditch have collaborated with fashion brand House of Sunny to create bespoke uniforms, featuring Kaso’s bright, floral branding in a fun and playful design across t-shirts and aprons.

(For Immediate Release): One Hundred Shoreditch, East London’s favourite hotel and social hub announces the launch of Kaso, a new rooftop bar and kitchen bringing the best of the East Med to the East End Opening their doors on Friday 5th July, the new concept will serve as East London’s newest and buzziest hotspot; a destination for Londoners and beyond, offering small plates, cocktails and DJs throughout the week set against the dazzling city skyline, housed within Shoreditch’s most coveted rooftop

Kaso’s menu was created by Chef Ilknur Celik, with dishes inspired by her upbringing in Istanbul and the melting pot of cultures and flavours that she grew up around The new menu will feature an array of hot and cold mezzes and small plates including classics like Hummus and Baba Ganoush, along with impressive seasonal seafood dishes such as Grilled Octopus with Samphire and Grilled Mackerel with Corn Bread. Mains offer something for everyone, with standout dishes including Roast Aubergine with Zhoug and Pine Nuts, and Lamb Cutlets with Fig & Pistachio Salsa Traditional regional desserts are also on offer, including Muhallebi; Greek mastic, pistachio and rose petals

Kaso’s new Head Bartender, Victor Gervasio, unveils a fresh cocktail list to complement the new dishes, which includes a ‘Margarissa’ with Patrón tequila, harissa, lime and agave, and a signature ‘Kaso Spritz’ with Greek wine, vodka, watermelon scrub and soda. Boozeless options include a Cucumber Cooler and Melonade.

Perched high on the 7th floor at One Hundred Shoreditch’s Rooftop, Kaso boasts stunning panoramic views of London’s skyline. With interiors designed by Lore Group Creative

Head Chef, lIknur Celik, says: “I’m delighted to be working so closely with One Hundred Shoreditch for its new bar and kitchen concept. I’m so excited to be back in London, where I’ll be cooking my favourite food in my favourite neighbourhood. Our small plates are inspired by my Turkish roots and feature some personal family recipes from homewith quality, fresh and seasonal produce at the heart of our menu, alongside delicious, fruity cocktails and a really great vibe on the rooftop, We are excited to re-open our doors in July and welcome our hotel guests, friends and neighbours to Kaso.”

Ilknur started her career at a Turkish butchery, successfully working her way up through the ranks, before being taken in-house by Soho House Istanbul as Head Chef for their Turkish and Middle

Kaso will officially open to the public on Friday 5th July, 2024 from 5pm.

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Photo Credit: Eleonora Boscanelli (excluding first image)
Photo Credit: Eleonora Boscanelli (excluding first image)


The international hotel group, Motel One, has seen continued success in 2022 with nine hotel openings globally. Alongside the opening of Motel One Manchester-St. Peter’s Square in the UK are three openings in Motel One’s home country Germany, two in Austria, one in Spain and a property opening in December in the Netherlands.

The most recent opening is New York City, which officially launched Motel One Group’s new lifestyle brand, The Cloud One Hotels. The new brand is all about experience, individuality and sustainability. The Cloud One Hotels is designed to impart a feeling of freedom and offers the hotel group more flexibility in developing new projects.

The launch comes as the Motel One Group reveals its best quarterly result in the company’s history. The group is committed to resuming pre-pandemic levels of performance and occupancy in its hotels, and continued success postpandemic has allowed for expansion across Europe and beyond. The Q3 financial results show a revenue increase of nearly 40% from pre-Covid (2019) to EUR 202 million.

Stefan Lenze, Co-CEO of Motel One Group, added: “Our new brand is another driver of our expansion. It gives us even more flexibility in terms of our growth, both when taking over existing hotels and when opening up new projects and markets. We were recently able to secure locations in Chicago and Verona.”

Following the global openings and the announcement of the new brand, there are no signs of the group slowing down as they prepare for the openings of further locations, including Mannheim in Germany in addition to their first Irish hotel opening in Dublin early 2023. Furthermore, in the UK, Motel One has secured two new locations in London.

Whilst Motel One continues to expand, sustainability remains firmly a primary priority; as it has been since its commitment to reducing its carbon footprint in 2014. Since then, Motel One has reduced its emissions from overnight stays by 47%. Sustainable operations are also at the heart of The Cloud One Hotels brand.

Taking significant steps towards its goal, all 2,194 rooms across Motel One UK locations are powered by 100% green electricity. In addition to 100% green electricity, the hotel group is implementing measures that go beyond simply enhancing recycling programmes.

Progressive measures include the provision of natural cosmetics free of micro plastics, certification of sustainable buildings, conversion of company fleet to electric vehicles and updating travel guidelines to encourage public transport.

Daniel Müller, Co-CEO of Motel One, said: “Opening Motel One hotels in the UK in 2013 was an obvious next step for our company. With that comes the responsibility to care for the

environment in which we operate, and we’ve always been passionate about powering our hotels through 100% green electricity.

“We’re proud of our sustainability achievements but there is always room for improvement, so we are reviewing new ways to make our operations, guest experience and employee experience more environmentally friendly.”


Retail, hospitality and leisure businesses are charging ahead to install on-site electric vehicle (EV) charge points to decarbonise their commercial fleets and offer charging facilities to the wider public, according to new research, but are battling complex regulations, an inaccessible national grid, and unhelpful planning laws.

Some six million commercial vehicles travel up and down Britain’s roads each year, but today, only 1% of vans, 8% of company cars, and less than 1% of HGVs are electric. Increasing this proportion is a vital part of achieving the Government’s net zero ambition by 2050. Businesses are keen to make the switch and are making significant progress.

A major piece of new research by charge point operator (CPO) Believ finds that almost all (88%) businesses are already installing EV charging infrastructure. Many (57%) plan to double charging capacity by 2028, driven by a desire to electrify company vehicles, reduce CO2 emissions and fulfil their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals.

Most businesses, especially retail, hospitality and leisure businesses, understand the advantage of having their own charging facilities to attract new customers (69%) or use charging revenues to offset any upfront installation costs (72%). But despite this strong motivation they are facing significant hurdles.

Seven out of ten respondents (70%) say projects are delayed by the slow pace, high cost and complexity of working with electricity companies to upgrade the local power supply, and 11% find it a significant barrier. Similarly, for 70% of businesses, navigating inconsistent planning laws across the country is complex and confusing. Over a quarter (27%) struggle to get sufficient support from local councils to overcome these issues, and nearly three-quarters (74%) of businesses say they need specialist help.

If businesses can accelerate the installation of their on-site charge points they would reduce their partial (58%) or total (14%) reliance on the national public infrastructure. Some respondents say sales and delivery vehicles now spend more time charging or travelling to charge points than being used productively and almost one-fifth (17%) were concerned about missing deliveries or meeting deadlines. The additional fuel consumption, vehicle wear and tear and planning to optimise travel routes are also increasing operational costs.

Full Speed Ahead?

Overcoming the Obstacles to Businesses Transitioning to an Electric Future

Believ’s CEO, Guy Bartlett, says greater collaboration between the public and private sectors is needed:

“Businesses are being thwarted by factors where greater collaboration with CPOs would help accelerate the rollout of EV charging infrastructure.

“The best CPOs have the knowledge and expertise many businesses seek about installing charge points and navigating the complexities of planning laws across the country. National and local governments can also help solve many issues that businesses face, such as easing access to the national grid and better targeted funding for national public charging infrastructure to areas that are not commercially viable.

“The national Government’s promises, such as the £70m investment at COP28, however, and the national rapid charging network are yet to be delivered and are needed urgently. It is vital for British businesses, the UK economy and the country’s global competitiveness. We must act now to facilitate sustainable transport and deliver cleaner air for all.”

Full Speed Ahead?

Overcoming the Obstacles to Businesses

Summary: What is delaying the UK’s switch to electric vehicles?

All respondents have plans to install EV charge points on site,

of businesses. 70% struggle with inconsistent planning laws. 31% have completed their plans and 57% are currently installing EV charging infrastructure; most aim to double their charge point numbers by 2028.

Because 14% of businesses are totally reliant and 58% partly reliant on public charging infrastructure.

Distances between charge points are reducing profits for 70% of businesses.

Accessing the power grid frustrates

Some 74% of respondents need specialist help to assess power needs and navigate regulations. 1 2 3 88%

67% lack the expertise to calculate ROI. 67%


Helford based, family run Artisan distillery, Rosemullion, are delighted to announce further awards this year – 4 category winners at World Rum and 3 winners at the Gin Guide Awards, these following their multiple awards at SIP (California) in 2022. This now brings their award tally to 80, making Rosemullion one of the most awarded distilleries in the country. Their winning cycle, which began in 2019, is all the more remarkable for this small but dedicated distillery as it has continually outperformed bigger or more long established brands in doing so well for so long.

The Gin Guide Awards are the world’s largest independent Gin Awards and they lead the Industry with the most rigorous judging process, the most extensive feedback, and with categories that are the most relevant and in touch with industry trends. Widely recognized and highly respected by the trade and consumers across the world, The Gin Guide Awards celebrate and give global recognition to the exceptional products, distilleries and people within the gin industry.

The World Drinks Awards are similarly prestigious – these are global awards selecting the very best in all internationally recognised styles of drinks. Presented by TheDrinksReport. com, the world’s no.1 online resource for drinks professionals, the World Drinks Awards select, reward and promote the world’s best drinks to consumers and trade across the globe.

Rosemullion’s continuing success story owes a lot to the background of its founders Liz and Andy Bradbury – both are chemists with years of past experience in product development and improvement processes such as Kaizen, 6-sigma and TQM. Speaking today, Andy explains why, in his opinion, Rosemullion spirits have been so successful:

“utilizing our experience, we make classic spirits, not sugar flavoured, additive laden spirits, so our Gins purely taste of gin, not ‘fruit shoots’. Similarly, we want our rums to taste of rum and not be hidden by sugars and vanilla etc. To achieve good gin, rum and whisky the foundation is in the fermentation, which provides a firm footing for creating great spirits. We also draw upon our unique surroundings to underscore our provenance – Helford rainwater is used in the fermentation and distillation process, complemented by local Cornish ingredients plus seasonal fruit from our own orchard and vines. We only produce small batches to ensure optimum quality control. We aim always to be the protectors and perfecters of the distillery craft, constantly looking to improve even category winners”.

In addition to the previous factors, Rosemullion also strives to maintain ethical, responsible and sustainable practices. Rosemullion are registered with Cornwall Council’s ‘Made in Cornwall’ scheme – hence they are audited in terms of what they say they do, covering the fermentation, distilling and aging processes carried out on their site. In terms of minimizing their environmental impact they have a rainwater catchment system and minimize their water consumption by recycling their cooling water for use in the fermenters. They also minimize the use of plastic from suppliers and all their own plastic and cardboard waste is sent to recyclers. Finally they pay more for their distribution boxes so they can reuse them.

offer available for all trade orders until 31 August 2024. Please use this code when ordering:

Malta’s Premier Dining Destination Contessa Welcomes New Restaurant Manager

Experienced gastronome Matteo Melcore has been appointed as the new Restaurant Manager at Contessa, the flagship restaurant of The Phoenicia Malta.

Iconic five-star hotel The Phoenicia Malta has named Matteo Melcore as the new Restaurant Manager to lead its flagship restaurant, Contessa.

Reaffirming The Phoenicia Malta’s position as a leading culinary destination in the Mediterranean, Contessa marked a new era for global gastronomy with its launch last year and has already won a Definitively Good Food Award for ‘Top Food’. This reimagined dining venue encompasses the hotel’s popular terrace, transformed into a botanical-gardeninspired conservatory where guests can dine in style under the stars, year-round.

With an illustrious career spanning continents and culinary experiences, Matteo Melcore brings a wealth of expertise,

a deep-seated love for food and hospitality and a lifelong passion for excellence to his new role at Contessa.

His journey into the world of gastronomy began at a young age, shaped by his family’s fish restaurant in the south of Italy and summers spent working alongside his siblings.

After relocating to Rome for his studies in journalism, Matteo continued to fuel his passion for food with weekend work in renowned restaurants. Embarking on a new chapter in London, he rekindled his career in hospitality, working his way through the ranks to become the General Manager of a prestigious fine dining establishment in just under four years. His tenure in London also included a transformative experience at Compass Group, where he collaborated

with culinary luminary Michel Roux before overseeing operations in various international locations, including the Caribbean, through his time with Piccolino Individual Restaurants.

Following his success in London, Matteo ventured back to his roots in Italy and later to the Netherlands, where he contributed his expertise to opening a restaurant, focusing primarily on training and development.

Beyond his professional endeavours, Matteo’s genuine desire to make a positive impact on the community also led to him teaching telecommunications to children with special needs during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Now, as he brings his extensive background and unwavering commitment to excellence to Contessa at The Phoenicia Malta, Matteo is dedicated to elevating Contessa’s reputation even further, ensuring that the team takes immense pride in their association with the restaurant.

“I am here to be part of a story – of a family,” says Matteo. “This restaurant is already prestigious, but I want to make sure that it becomes even more so.”

Food & Beverage Manager, Matteo Biagini, together with the rest of the Contessa and The Phoenicia Malta team, warmly welcome Matteo Melcore and look forward to the exciting culinary journey ahead, under his leadership.

The Phoenicia Malta – historic property, modern luxury

From its prestigious position on the doorstep of Malta’s capital city of Valletta – a UNESCO World Heritage Site – The Phoenicia Malta has redefined five-star luxury hospitality in the heart of the Mediterranean since it first opened its doors in 1947.

Boasting seven acres of landscaped gardens, 132 rooms and suites, an infinity pool, the state-of-the-art Phoenicia Spa & Wellness and several culinary destinations, The Phoenicia Malta is a proud member of The Leading Hotels of the World. The hotel’s selection of unique meeting and event spaces also makes it a coveted location for meetings and conferences, as well as for weddings and events of any size.

The Phoenicia Malta prides itself on delivering the highest level of warm and personalised guest experiences – which is why many The Phoenicia Malta guests return year after year to this, their favourite hotel in the Mediterranean.



Spa travel company welcomes Marc-Andre as new Chief Commercial and Marketing Officer

Leading spa travel company announces the appointment of Marc-Andre Hade as their new Chief Commercial and Marketing Officer. His arrival highlights the market leader’s commitment to promoting the wellness industry and all its constituent parts, delivering crucial and strategic investment in its foundation values as well as building on its success to date by accelerating growth and championing spa businesses.

In 2008, was founded by Abi Selby with the purpose of marketing spas dynamically and with integrity, showing the wide variety of experiences spas have to offer for everybody. Since then, the company has grown from a team of three to more than 60 members of staff, 500 spa partners, over 2,300,000 bookings travelled and continues to grow year on year. Founder, Abi Selby, says: “I am delighted that Marc-Andre has joined us. His attitude and outlook brings a new perspective to the organisation, while his engaged and willing approach makes him a wonderful addition to the team. I am very much looking forward to seeing how he can work with us all to take the business and the talents of all our individuals to the next level for the benefit of ourselves and our impact on the spa sector as a whole.”

Joining the team with extensive experience as Director of Marketing at eBay and Tripadvisor businesses, and with a working knowledge of a variety of global territories including the UK and Europe, Canada and the USA, Hade has more than 15 years’ experience in fast-growth marketplaces. He also has a proven track record in developing high-performing teams, building differentiated and distinctive brands, and implementing growth strategies to scale customer acquisition sustainably.

Marc-Andre says: “It’s a great pleasure to join the team at and to be part of building on the company’s already significant success. They are an inspired and energised group of people, who have built a great brand in an interesting and growing sector. It’s a privilege to be part of their journey, and I am excited to help shape their next steps and accelerate their growth rate.”

Marc-Andre appointed as new Chief Commercial and Marketing Officer.

With more than 11 million website visits in 2023, Spabreaks. com’s marketing reach has been instrumental in helping spas to attract customers since the pandemic, restoring trade and driving new business as well. Hade’s appointment signals the next generation of growth for the company and its spa partners, as well as’s intentions for promoting the value of the spa industry as a whole.


There are over 35 million digital nomads, and they need accessible health care while living outside of their native country. Would you like to talk to the Founder and CEO of a top healthcare app for travellers about an easy way for them to get it?

Jenny Cohen Derfler co-founded Air Doctor to help travellers access health care while abroad, and as CRO works to connect travellers with doctors across 75 countries, with telehealth available in your native language in 84 countries. Air Doctor works to make the customer experience as stressfree as possible, earning a 4.8 star rating on Trustpilot.

Air Doctor can connect travellers to health care providers through their existing insurance policies, and also has a self-pay option so users can access the network of doctors and health care providers without a long-term health insurance policy.

With digital nomads and remote work on the

rise, more people are spending months or even years at a time outside of their native country. Accessing health care can be tricky, to say nothing of finding someone who speaks your language or navigating how to pay when you do.

Air Doctor eases the process, reducing the stress and time it takes to find a provider who can speak your language while providing cashless, contactless payment. Jenny can speak about:

• Why Air Doctor is so convenient for digital nomads, including their work with different large insurance providers such as DR-WALTER that cater policies to digital nomads.

• How to check where your home health insurance does and does not cover, and how to access that care.

• How Air Doctor gives users peace of mind, reducing the stress around accessing health care internationally while putting the user experience first.

How partnerships enable them to provide treatment via at-home (or in hotel) visit, video link, and in clinics and treatment centers all around the world – including the ability to prescribe medicine.


Sommet Education Foundation, set up to offer scholarships for hospitality education to talented individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds and advocate for careers and professions in hospitality, has published new research on the attractiveness of hotel, restaurant and customer experience professions. Here the UK findings are revealed in an article by the Foundation’s Executive Vice-President Anouck Weiss.

The announcement that the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Hospitality and Tourism launched an inquiry into recruitment and retention of staff in hospitality was a welcome development for everyone involved in the UK sector.

Currently there are over 100,000 vacancies in the industry and staff turnover in many hospitality businesses is higher than is sustainable for profitable trading, so the inquiry was set up to explore the reasons behind high vacancy rates, ask what more the sector can do, and then make a series of recommendations to government.

The inquiry, which we can hope will be picked up post-4th July following the General Election, will undoubtedly be supported by other UK industry bodies which have invested much activity in understanding the issues behind the ongoing employment challenge.

HOSPA has a long-running ‘Why I love hospitality’ campaign to support the industry during recruitment challenges and staff retention, and sharing the roles and progression available to those starting out or switching career paths. Meanwhile, at the other end of the spectrum, the Institute of Hospitality recently published a white paper on How can hospitality employers make their workplaces appeal to older workers?

We have also undertaken important work to support understanding around at least one of the questions being asked by the APPG (with UK Hospitality as the Secretariat) in its inquiry: What are the barriers businesses are facing when it comes to recruitment and finding the staff they need?

From my perspective, however, it is important to first recognise that hospitality covers many sectors. It offers inspirational careers in hotel management, culinary and pastry arts, travel, tourism, events and entertainment, luxury and finance.

Yet we wanted to better understand the employment challenges facing hotels, restaurants, travel, tourism, independent, medium-sized and large hotel groups, and high-end retail. So the newly-launched Sommet Education Foundation engaged OpinionWay, a pioneering market research institute, to conduct a comprehensive European survey to identify the key factors that attract and retain talents across these audiences in the hospitality industry. 1,300 young professionals and hospitality HR managers across Europe were interviewed, along with 20 key industry leaders encompassing the broader spectrum of the hospitality sector.

The full findings, which we published in April, can be found here, but the UK-specific data is particularly interesting within the overall global picture and provides valuable insight that may help to inform a response to the employment challenge.

Young professionals in the UK speak out on attractiveness of the professions

Among 200 young professionals aged 18-34 in the UK, 84% said that service professions were attractive (16% not attractive). For the high-end hotel, restaurant and retail sector, 81% reported this was was attractive (19% not attractive) when compared to other sectors in general. Career opportunities, and creativity and innovation (both 45%), and the importance of product, service and knowhow (44%) are the main aspects of this sector they find attractive, the last two higher than any other European country.

When asked what would make them want to join the hotel, catering or high-end retail sector, learning and growth opportunities (38%) brought the greatest response, even more than in other countries, followed by training and professional development opportunities (31%). What seems


more important to them in their work in comparison with respondents from France, Germany, Italy and Spain are career development prospects, and to have the opportunity to learn a lot and to benefit from training (both 58%).

However, half (49%) of UK young professionals who believe the high-end hotel, restaurant and retail sector is attractive report that hierarchical management styles are an issue. 45% would prefer a collaborative management method, and 37% a consultative approach.

Hospitality HR managers outline their recruitment and retention strategies

60 HR managers, and wider managers responsible for people, based in the UK also shared their perspectives in the research – 60% said they are currently experiencing recruitment difficulties within their company, with the main issues being a lack of sufficiently motivated candidates (61%) and a shortage of qualified talent (58%).

However, 80% rated the high-end hotel, catering and retail sector specifically as attractive (20% not attractive) – and to support retention professional development focused on training is the main practice put in place to keep employees (50%). Both this, and development of the customer service culture (37%), feature more than any other European country surveyed. Organisational managers also attach primary

importance to the personal qualities of candidates before even considering technical skills. They recognise the need for high standards in the high-end sector and therefore strive to create suitable and pleasant working conditions to attract and retain candidates.

75% reported that opening professions to diversity/inclusiveness constitutes a response to recruitment and retention issues – and 93% believe that their establishment already promotes this approach, including to refugees, disadvantaged people or those in vulnerable situations.

Opening the door to new talents

Sommet Education Foundation, which includes Accor as its Founding Patron, will now concentrate on tackling the sector’s employment challenges by focusing on two levers of action: advocating for careers and professions in hospitality, and offering scholarships for hospitality education to talented individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds.

By offering scholarships leading to employment, we aim at providing genuinely life-changing opportunities to a new generation of talents and empowering them with the necessary skills to join the thriving hospitality industry.

These are gamechanging times for the Foundation, and our UK-based institution Glion Institute of Higher Education London which is supporting our important mission. Within this collaborative effort, Glion’s Managing Director Frédéric Picard said: “Distinguishing hospitality as a career of choice, and opening minds to growing opportunities in the industry and related sectors, is close to my heart. As part of the Sommet Education group we are looking forward to developing initiatives around the Foundation. We welcome UK hospitality providers to join us on our journey.”

Executive Vice-President Anouck Weiss


In the dynamic hospitality industry, customer support stands as a crucial pillar for achieving excellence and ensuring guest satisfaction. With advancements in technology reshaping the landscape, outsourcing hospitality services to India has gained significant momentum. This trend is driven by India’s technological prowess, cost-effective solutions, and proficient English-speaking workforce. Leading this transformative movement is Cynergy BPO, a distinguished outsourcing advisory firm. The company connects hospitality brands with industry-leading contact centers that specialize in the sector.

Harnessing Technology for Superior Customer Support

Cynergy BPO distinguishes itself by advising on the integration of cutting-edge tech solutions to enhance customer support for companies in the hospitality industry. By facilitating partnerships with India’s top outsourcing providers, the firm ensures that enterprises can access seamless, efficient, and personalized customer experiences.

“Our goal is to guide our clients in integrating the latest technological advancements into their BPO solutions, ensuring that they can deliver exceptional service consistently,” says John Maczynski, CEO of Cynergy BPO.

India’s robust IT infrastructure and innovative tech ecosystem provide a solid foundation for this strategy. The nation’s expertise in areas such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and automation enables the company to advise on solutions that go beyond traditional customer service models. These technologies allow for predictive analytics, personalized guest interactions, and efficient issue resolution, setting new standards in the hospitality sector.

AI and Automation: Transforming Guest Interactions

One of the key technological advancements is the integration of AI and automation in customer care processes. Chatbots and virtual assistants, powered by AI and provided by their network of award-winning contact centers, handle a wide range of guest inquiries, from booking reservations to addressing common issues, providing instant and accurate responses. This not only enhances the guest experience by offering immediate assistance but also frees up human agents to handle more complex and nuanced interactions.

“AI and automation are game-changers in customer support,” explains Ralf Ellspermann, CSO of Cynergy BPO. “They enable our partner contact centers to provide a level of service that is both efficient and highly personalized, meeting the evolving expectations of today’s hotel guests.”

Data-Driven Insights for Proactive Service

Cynergy BPO also emphasizes the use of data-driven insights to proactively address guest needs and preferences. By advising on the analysis of vast amounts of data from various touchpoints, hotels can anticipate guest requirements and tailor their services accordingly. This proactive approach not only improves guest satisfaction but also fosters loyalty and repeat business.

“Data is at the heart of any solid customer support strategy,” notes Maczynski. “It allows our suppliers to understand our clients’ guests better and deliver services that exceed their expectations.”

Ensuring Security and Compliance

In an era where data security is paramount, the advisory firm places a strong emphasis on advising on safeguarding sensitive information and ensuring compliance with international standards. “Protecting our clients’ data is a top priority,” asserts Ellspermann. “We ensure that our partner BPOs adhere to stringent security protocols and regulatory requirements to maintain the trust and confidence of hotel brands and their guests.”

The Synergy of Technology and Hospitality Expertise

The collaboration between Cynergy BPO and India’s premier contact centers highlights the synergy between technological innovation and hospitality expertise. By combining India’s strengths in technology with its tradition of excellent customer service, the company enables hotel brands to enhance their operational efficiency, elevate guest experiences, and maintain their prestigious reputations on a global scale.

Customized Solutions for Diverse Needs

Cynergy BPO understands that each hotel brand has unique needs and operational benchmarks. The firm provides tailored guidance to ensure that all solutions are perfectly aligned with each client’s specific requirements. This customization extends to various aspects of hotel operations, from front-desk management to back-office functions such as finance and HR. By offering bespoke solutions, the firm helps hotels and resorts maintain their unique identity while achieving optimal performance.

Continuous Improvement and Innovation

The firm’s leadership team, armed with over five decades of Fortune 500 outsourcing experience, continually seeks innovative ways to enhance service delivery. It’s advisory services are provided free of charge and come with no obligation, ensuring that clients receive unbiased, top-tier advice without financial pressure. This commitment to continuous improvement ensures that brands can adapt to the ever-evolving hospitality landscape and maintain a competitive edge.

As the hospitality industry continues to evolve, the impact of advanced technology on customer support through strategic outsourcing becomes increasingly evident. Cynergy BPO’s commitment to advising on state-of-the-art solutions positions it as a key player in redefining hospitality standards and reinforcing India’s status as a premier destination for outsourcing excellence.

This partnership exemplifies how the convergence of technology and human touch can revolutionize customer support outsourcing to India, setting new benchmarks in the hospitality industry and ensuring that guests receive unparalleled service at every interaction.


Sybron, a leading UK supplier of cleaning, hygiene and catering products to some of the largest names in hospitality, has launched its first own brand with SyBio, a range of biotechnology-based cleaning products.

Partnering with BioVate Hygienics, Sybron has developed a range that replaces harmful, non-renewable chemicals with adaptive biotechnology that cleans, disinfects and protects.

The SyBio products combine probiotic, enzyme and plant-based ingredients to maximise performance with minimal environmental impact. The range consists of concentrated cleaners, sanitisers and detergents delivered through wallmounted dispensers for optimal dosage control.

“BioVate Hygienics has pioneered biotechnology-based cleaning products and shares our passion and forward thinking for sustainable cleaning and the development of green cleaning methods,” explains sales and marketing director, Sybron, George Mason. “Our objectives are to deliver environmentally friendly products that provide safer applications and improved performance along with reduced costs.

“Our partnership with BioVate Hygienics provides the expertise and innovation to develop an extensive and diverse range. Developing our own range has given us more control to deliver specialist products for every cleaning requirement, as well as the opportunity to offer a superior cleaning performance that is cost effective and with minimal impact on the environment. All products are highly concentrated formulas, which based on costin-use figures provides a 15-20% saving against other ranges.”

SyBio uses plant-based & bio-based surfactants, utilising the latest biotechnology and has 30 times more actives than any other biotechnology-based cleaning range. What is more, using SyBio provides long-term protection. After use, SyBio leaves a layer of good bacteria that protects surfaces against dirt and pathogens for up to 30 days.

“The more you use SyBio, the cleaner and safer your environments become,” explains George. “Using naturallyderived ingredients reduces toxicity compared to traditional chemical-based cleaning products. Using science-based biotechnology increases performance and sustainability across

your cleaning protocol. SyBio’s concentrated formula also brings cost efficiencies along with a huge reduction in plastic.”

Sybron’s biotechnology products are non-hazardous in their ready-to-use format and are UK- manufactured in line with Sybron’s core values of moving traditional cleaning forwards to be more effective, safer and sustainable.

“Our dedicated teams work with customers to offer the best cleaning products specific to their business, including complete installation of dispensers and ongoing support,” concludes George Mason.

For more information go to


Food waste is a global issue that not only affects our food system, but also has negative consequences for our planet’s health. As we become more globally aware of the impact of waste on the planet, it is essential for each of us to recognize the significant role we play in addressing this challenge and preserving our planet’s health.

This year’s Earth 2023 theme, “Invest in Our Planet,” is a powerful call to action for businesses and individuals alike, urging us to put our resources, time, and effort into building a sustainable future. Approximately one-third of all food produced for human consumption is lost or wasted, contributing to deforestation and the depletion of naturalresources. Moreover, food waste is responsible for about 8-10% of global CO2 emissions, exacerbating climate change and its harmful effects.

CEO of Winnow Solutions, a ground-breaking company dedicated to reducing food waste through the power of artificial intelligence, Marc Zornes will be speaking on at the upcoming National Restaurant Association show in Chicago taking place from May 20-23, 2023 about how investing in reducing food waste is investing in our planet’s health.

Under Marc’s leadership, Marc and Winnow Solutions mission is to address the global food waste crisis by developing innovative solutions that empower businesses in the hospitality industry to make informed decisions about their food waste management practices.

Since its launch in 2013, Winnow Solutions has experienced significant growth and success in the United States and around the world with clients including IKEA, Hilton, Compass Group and many others. With its unique AI-driven platform, Winnow Solutions is saving its clients approximately $45 million / year in savings.

Winnow Solutions continues to push the boundaries of innovation in the fight against food waste, inspiring businesses around the world to embrace the potential of AI-driven solutions in creating a more sustainable and equitable future for all.

His powerful TED Talk on the issue, “How AI Can Help Solve the World’s Food Waste Problem,” has garnered widespread attention and praise:

For more information about Winnow Solutions visit their website at

Marc Zornes, CEO - Winnow Solutions

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